Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Movie Script

Are we the first?
Are we the first to arrive here?
Is the interpreter with you?
I'm not a professional interpreter.
My occupation is cartography.
I'm a mapmaker.
Can you translate French into English
and English into French?
Yes, I explained to the team leader in
Villa Hermosa.
I'm just a little taken by surprise.
-tes-vous MonsieurLoglin?
-Laughlin, oui.
Oh, Laughlin. Pardon.
They're all there! All of them!
Check for landing marks!
Mr. Lacombe wants the numbers
off the engine blocks!
Number 445529, check!
Approximately 46 gallons
in the right tank!
Tell me something.
What's happening here?
-It's flight number 1 9!
-1 9 what?
It's that training mission from the
naval air station at Fort Lauderdale.
They were doing target runs
on an old hulk.
Who flies crates like these anymore?
No one! These planes were reported
missing in 1 945.
But it looks brand-new!
Where's the pilot?
I don't understand!
Where's the crew?!
How the hell did it get here?!
He says this guy's local.
He was here last night.
He saw it happen.
He says the sun came out last night.
He says it sang to him.
Ernie, keep an eye on that point-out.
He's on 1 22.5.
I'll be right back.
Indianapolis Center, you have any
traffic for Air East 31?
Air East 31 , negative.
The only traffic I have is
a TWA L-1 01 1 in your 6:00 position...
...range 1 5 miles...
...and an Allegheny DC-9 in your 1 2:00
position, 50 miles.
Stand by. I'll take a look at
broadband, over.
Air East 31 has traffic 2:00,
slightly above and descending.
Air East 31 , roger.
I have a primary target
about that position now.
I have no known traffic.
Stand by, I'll check low, over.
Check and see if they know who it is.
Center, Air East 31.
The traffic's not lower than us.
He's 1:00 now,
still above me and descending.
Air East 31 ,
can you say aircraft type?
Negative, Center, no distinct outline.
To tell you the truth,
the target is rather brilliant.
It has the brightest anti-collision
lights I think I've ever seen.
Alternating white to red.
The colors are striking.
Center, this is TWA 517.
Traffic now looks like
extra-bright landing lights.
I thought Air East
had his landing lights on.
It could be a satellite.
I have a primary target now
in your 1 0:00 position...
...five miles, over.
Affirmative, 31.
The traffic is proceeding northeast.
No altitude readout.
Roger, Center. It doesn't appear
he'll be a problem.
He's going to descend
about 1500 feet below me.
Wait a second!
Stand by, one.
Okay, Center, Air East 31.
The traffic has turned.
He's heading formy windshield.
We're turning immediately.
Descend and maintain flight level 31 0.
Break Allegheny,
turn right 30 degrees.
Get on the horn to the 45th Recon Wing
and see what they're testing up there.
Do you have test operations
in restricted area 2508?
Air East 31, roger.
The traffic is luminous and
exhibiting non-ballistic motion.
Roger. Continue descent
at your discretion.
Okay, Center. Descent
at pilot's discretion is approved.
The traffic is approaching head-on,
ultra-bright and really moving.
And right by us! Right now!
Now that was really close.
Air East 31 is out of340....
Ask if they want to report officially.
TWA 51 7, do you want to report a UFO?
TWA 51 7, do you want to report a UFO?
Negative. We don't want to report.
Air East 31 ,
do you wish to report a UFO? Over.
Negative. We don't want
to report one either.
Air East 31 , do you wish to file a
report of any kind? Over.
I wouldn't know what kind
of report to file, Center.
Air East 31 , me neither.
I'll try to track traffic
to destination, over.
Dad, do my problems for me.
I don't have to do your problems for
you. You do your problems for you.
That's why I graduated,
so I don't have to do problems.
I don't understand these fractions.
All right. What's one-third of 60?
That's a fraction.
I don't understand it.
All right, look.
Let's say...
...that this boxcar is 60 feet long.
And one-third is across
this switch here.
And now another train is coming.
How far do you have to move
this boxcar off the track... that the other train
doesn't smash it?
Quickly, Brad, there are thousands
of lives at stake.
Brad, any answer.
Remember last weekend... promised everybody a movie
this weekend?
And you also promised Goofy Golf.
Roy, what is all this stuff
on my table?
I thought I told you
this was for my stuff.
I mean, you can have that table.
I don't want this on my table.
This can cause tetanus!
-What is this?!
-You know what's playing?
The kids have never seen Pinocchio.
You guys have never seen it.
You'll love it.
I don't believe this.
Who wants to go see
some dumb cartoon rated G for kids?
-How old are you?
-You want to be 9?
Then you're gonna see Pinocchio
tomorrow night.
That's a wonderful way
to win over your children.
I'm not serious. I'm just saying
that I grew up with Pinocchio.
And if kids are still kids,
they're gonna eat it up.
Okay, I'm wrong.
I'm Wrong Roy, all right?
Toby! You are close to death!
Come out here!
I'll give you your choice.
I'm not gonna be biased in any way.
You can either play Goofy Golf, which
means a lot of waiting and pushing...
...or you can see Pinocchio...
...which is a lot of furry animals and
magic and a wonderful time.
-Now, let's vote.
All right, everybody to bed!
No way! Dad said we could finish
watching The Ten Commandments!
Roy, that movie is four hours long.
I told them
they'd watch only five commandments.
Hi, Ronnie, it's Earl.
We got a big problem.
I need your old man in the field.
Roy can't drive at night without me.
We're experiencing an overall outage!
Wait, I can't-- Honey!
Jiminy Cricket.
It's Earl on the phone.
Neary. Get into your truck
and report to line N in Tolono.
We're losing power across the grid.
Has the outage hit you yet?
Hey! Lights!
Help! I'm lost.
You're gonna cough up a little
Tolono, right?
Cough up Tolono
on Interstate Highway 90.
A little familiar landmark
of some sort.
-Cornbread Road, south of 20.
Power must have been restored.
Couple hundred neighbors think
it's Saturday night.
Dispatch, this is 411.
Do you want me to disregard
that Tolono call?
You're in the middle of the road,
Can you tell me where Cornbread is?
M-Mary-1 0 through M-Mary-1 2. Okay.
Stoppage in the single circuits
will lead you right to nowhere.
M-Mary-1 0.
Oh, shit!
What do you guys got out there?
I don't believe this!
My God! It's as big as a house!
Shaped like a barn.
This is absolutely crazy.
Just off the Telemark Expressway
and east toward Harper Valley.
Watch out!
Oh, my God! Lady!
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
I didn't see him.
He was in the middle of the road.
Hello! Here!
What's the matter with you?
Barry, come back here!
Ice cream!
This is nuts.
Wait a minute!
What are you guys doing? Hey!
That's Ohio!
That's a quarter!
Jesus, look at those suckers.
They're glued to the road!
Honey, wake up!
Ronnie, wake up!
You're not gonna believe what I saw!
Don't! Not now.
No, listen!
I never would have believed it!
There was this--
In the cab there was this whole--
It went-- It was-- There was a red
whoosh that--
Ike called you.
And McGovern.
They want you to call.
They couldn't reach you.
I turned the radio off.
Don't do that. The phone rang
off the hook.
It woke Sylvia up two times already.
You'd better call them.
You know those pictures in National
Geographic, the aurora borealis?
This is better than that. Come on!
Come on, Ronnie, get up.
-What's wrong?
-Nothing. I don't know.
-Get up!
-Is it an accident?
It's not an accident.
You wanted out of the house, right?
Not at 4:00 in the morning.
Ronnie, I need you
to see something with me.
It's really important.
Okay. All right.
What about the kids?
The kids! I'll get the kids.
Sylvia, we're going on an adventure.
Toby! Brad! Come on! Get up.
It's better than Goofy Golf!
I'm going as fast as I can!
Come on.
Hi, Mrs. Harris.
Roy, there's Mrs. Harris.
There better be a good reason
for this...
...because it doesn't make sense!
All right, Roy, I really think
you've proved your point.
You're sunburned. Look at you.
Honey, what is that?
Roy, what did it look like?
It was like an ice-cream cone.
What flavor?
It was orange.
It wasn't like an ice-cream cone.
It was more like a shell.
Like a taco?
Was it like one of those Sara Lee
moon-shaped cookies?
Those crescent cookies?
Don't you think I'm taking this
really well?
I remember coming to places like
this just to look at each other.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it!
I don't believe it.
It's the Cotopaxi.
-Why is it here?
-Beats the shit out of me.
Is this the bathroom?
This is not your toy to play with
every time I turn around.
He looks like a 50l50 Bar.
All right, out of this house.
All of you. Out of my house.
I'm sorry, but you're
not to play with this!
Get out while I clean up your mess!
Thank you very much.
I found this overnight tanning stuff.
I want you to spray it on half
your face, so it's all one color.
It makes my face look yellow.
What does this remind you of?
Then we'll tell everybody
you fell asleep...
...under the sun lamp
on your right side.
What for?
Dad, can I ask you a question?
Are they for real?
That's what for.
No, they are not for real.
Go outside and have a hot dog, okay?
Ronnie, don't tell him that.
Don't talk about this until you know
what you're talking about.
lf I can't talk about it,
how will I know what's going on?
Mom, I believe in them.
I believe in them too.
No, you don't.
Dad says we do.
No, he does not.
Do you, Roy?
All I want to do is know
what's going on.
Nothing's going on!
It's just one of those things.
Which things? Which things?
-I don't want to hear about this.
-This is very important!
I won't let it lay here.
I'm gonna call somebody!
I'm not listening. I'm not listening.
I saw something last night
that I can't explain.
I saw something last night
I can't explain.
I'm going out there again tonight.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
Do they live on the moon?
They got bases there so at night
they can come through your window.
This isn't a moon burn, goddamn it!
-You came through my window last.
-You hurt me!
-You took all my covers.
-Roy's not like that.
He loves his work. Don't say that!
What did he do?
He was with us all night!
I won't have to go tonight.
He is not like that at all!
Stop yelling at me!
Can't you tell him about this?
I can't believe it.
Roy... got fired.
They didn't even want to talk to you.
Where were the sounds coming from?
Where did these sounds come from?
Tell us, please.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I beg your pardon,
but my English is not good too.
I want to share with you now...
...the breakthrough
that happened in India.
We think it means something.
We think it is important.
To help you learn, I am using the hand
sign created by Zoltn Kodly.
Kodly developed these signs
to teach music to deaf children.
Hi, how are you? You came here too?
Yes. Jillian Guiler.
Roy Neary.
Sorry about what happened.
-Good night!
Look at you.
You got the same burn.
Yeah, but it's better on you.
You got it all over at least.
I gotta tan the other side tonight.
How's the kid? I'm really sorry.
I'll be right back.
Raise your head a bit
and give me a smile.
He's a little young for a record,
don't you think?
I know this sounds crazy, but
ever since yesterday on the road...
...I've been seeing this shape.
In shaving cream and pillows....
Damn it, I know this!
I know what this is.
This means something.
This is important.
Here they come!
Get the camera!
Out of the northwest!
It's like Halloween for grownups.
Trick or treat.
Wait a minute!
The patterns are:
-We received two 1 5-minute broadcasts.
-Non-random signals?
interval, 40 pulses.
Another five-second break,
and 30 pulses.
then a new set of numbers.
-1 04 rapid pulses.
Wait 60 seconds and the
whole doggone thing repeats.
-Where are the signals from?
-The neighborhood.
Light-travel time, roughly 7 seconds.
Well within the plane
of the ecliptic.
Are these non-random signals here, 40,
They should be. We've sent
this combination out for weeks.
All we're getting back
are numbers.
This could mean the India sounds
reached a dead end.
They don't mean a thing.
There's so much we don't know.
How about where the signals originate?
Excuse me.
What letter is 1 04?
Excuse me.
Before I got paid to speak French...
...I used to read maps.
This first number is a longitude.
Two sets of three numbers.
Degrees, minutes and seconds.
The first number has three digits,
and the last two are below 60.
It's not in the right ascension
and declination on the sky.
These have to be Earth coordinates.
There's a globe in the office.
This is what we need.
Maybe there's a release pin
underneath here.
That's a $2500 globe!
What are you doing?
All right, everybody, quiet down!
Hold it down!
The antenna. How dumb!
-Which way's it pointing?
That's Wyoming.
We'll need a geodetic survey map
of Wyoming.
I want it to the square yard.
The Army has a geodetic
survey map of Wyoming.
Oh, my God!
You can come and play now.
You can come and play now.
Come in through the door.
Mom, look! The sun's here!
Oh, my God!
Go away!
Clean everything up!
-Mom, let me listen!
-Wait a minute!
Mom, look!
Come in through the door.
May we have a statement?
The report you gave to the police
was spectacular.
We need it for the 6:00 news.
They got him.
Is it true you're leaving
to look for your son?
-Has there been a ransom note?
-Where will you start looking?
His name is Barry.
Where is your husband now,
Mrs. Guiler?
Are you involved in any
kind of parapsychologies?
Turn around, please. Turn around!
You gave the police a report.
Would you mind repeating it?
Folks, you can go in now. Room 3655.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a flying saucer.
That's the one I saw!
I swear that's the same one!
It's the one I saw!
It's made of pewter, made in Japan...
...and thrown across the lawn
by one of my children.
I wanted to point out that we're
not all ''polished brass'' about this.
And also point out that last year...
...Americans shot more than seven
billion photographs... a record of $6.6 billion
for film equipment and processing.
Now, with all those
shutters clicking...
...where is the indisputable
photographic evidence?
I've been in the news
business for a long time.
We never took a picture
of a plane crash as it happened...
...or an automobile accident
and get it on the 6:00 news.
There are lots of ideas
that would be fun to believe in.
Mental telepathy...
...time travel...
...even Santa Claus.
I know it's no fun to go home and
say, ''Guess what happened today?
I was in the shopping center,
and there was this bright light...
...and I rushed outside...
...and it was an airplane.''
Excuse me, sir.
I didn't want to see this.
I sure wish I had.
For 1 5 years I've been looking...
...for these damn silly lights
in the night sky.
I've never found any.
I'd like to, because
I believe in life elsewhere.
Why don't you admit...
...that the Air Force is conducting
tests in the Foothills area?
It would be easy to say yes to that.
But I'm not going to mislead you.
This is not the case.
I don't know what you saw.
You can't fool us by agreeing with us.
No, come on!
I saw Bigfoot once.
Had a foot on her, 37 inches.
Heel to toe.
Made a sound I would not want
to hear twice in my life.
I believe I've encountered
that gentleman myself.
I was sitting on the porch,
looking through the screen.
I seen this big white dot in the sky.
It turned red and blue and green.
UFOs do not represent a direct
physical threat to national security.
We do not support them,
and we encourage you not to.
Let's get in touch with
the forest service...
...or we'll end up in a wilderness
area with vehicular traffic.
And that's strictly sacred-cow stuff
for those folks in Wyoming.
lf this mission is fully developed...
...I get white knuckles thinking about
what might be ahead for those folks.
Your flight will be at 20:00 hours.
We have a limo that'll take you
to the heliport now.
And transportation will be provided
on the other end.
-I like the flash flood idea.
-Where will you get the water?
We'll tell them one of the reservoirs
is going to burst.
There's not enough water in those
Wait! Contaminated water
affects people, crops, animals.
-Yeah, epidemic.
-What kind of disease?
A plague epidemic.
Nobody will believe a plague.
-Ranching country.
There are a lot of sheep in the hills.
Good, I like that.
-It'll create a panic.
-But it may not evacuate everybody.
There's always some joker
who thinks he's immune.
I need something so scary it'll
clear 300 square miles...
...of every living Christian soul.
Help yourself.
I hate these potatoes.
There's a dead fly in my potatoes.
It's okay.
Well, I guess you've noticed...
...something is a little strange
with Dad.
It's okay, though.
I'm still Dad.
I can't describe it,
what I'm feeling...
...and what I'm thinking.
This means something.
This is important.
That's not right.
It's not right.
That's not right.
What is it?
What is it?!
It's not fair.
Tell me.
Open the door, please.
Open this door!
Open this door!
I don't think I know
what's happening to me.
Look, Roy. What it is,
is family therapy.
I mean, we all go. We all talk.
No one is singled out.
Maybe it's not your fault anyway.
It's waterproof. It still works.
promise me you'll go!
You crybaby! You crybaby!
-You crybaby!
-Get out of here!
Get out!
Come on, you guys.
You crybaby!
-Be quiet!
-Stop it!
I don't understand it!
-Neither do I.
-Get out!
Go to your room and close the door.
I'm really scared.
I want you to help me.
All this bullshit!
It's turning this house upside down!
I just hate you! That's why!
Hold me. put your arms
around me. It'll really help me.
It'll really help me.
Listen! Listen!
Don't you see what's happening?
None of our friends call us anymore!
You're out of work! You don't care!
You're ruining us! You're ruining us!
-Ronnie, just hold on.
Hold on.
Ronnie, open the door now.
Come on.
Well, what do you know?
It's disintegrated.
Happy birthday, you thing from
another world, you.
Thank you!
Well, I guess he's had enough.
Are you going to yell at me?
Everything's fine.
All this stuff is coming down.
It's all gonna be like it was.
That's the last straw!
Now I use my secret weapon!
Roy, I'm sorry about last night.
Roy, what are you doing?
The plants are fine there!
Can you hear me?
Wait! What are you doing?
You're gonna love it!
-What do you mean?
-You'll really love this.
Roy, what are you doing?
Oh, Roy!
My God!
Come on, men!
Dad, after this, can we
throw dirt in my window?
Stop it.
Stop. Stop it.
lf I don't do this, that's when
I'm gonna need a doctor.
What are you doing?
-I got it.
-What are you doing?
I figured it out, that's all.
Will you just listen?
You ever look at something crazy, and
then see it another way and it's not?
No, I haven't.
Come on, Ronnie. Just listen.
-I don't know what you're doing.
-Close your eyes.
Close your eyes and hold your breath,
everything will be really pretty.
You're scaring us now.
Don't be scared. Don't be scared.
I feel really good.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I haven't felt this good in years.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I can feel it.
-Now what else? What else?
-Like this? Like this?
Like this?
Chicken wire.
Whatever you're doing,
it's against the law!
He's putting it back, Mrs. Harris.
I'll pay you for this.
Take it. Take it.
I'm perfectly fine.
Let go of this fence.
Come with me.
Do you want me to hit you?
Let go of that fence!
Toby! Listen to me. Listen to me.
Come on, right now.
We're going.
-I want to stay here!
-Let go of the fence! Come on.
-Where we going?
-Where we going?
-Where are we going?
-Just get in the car.
-Where are we going?
-Quietly, quickly, get in.
Get in there, Toby.
-Dad needs some more help!
-Lock the doors!
Dad needs some more help!
Quiet! Just lock the doors.
Roll up those windows.
Dad needs some more help!
Honey, where you going?
-Where are you going?
Taking the kids to my sister's.
That's crazy.
You're not even dressed.
You said what?
Ronnie, wait!
Ronnie, hold it.
Will you hold it one minute?
What is wrong with me today?
Who is it, please?
It's the mailman. There's a package
for Julie Anderson.
You can just leave it at the door!
I can't do that.
I'm supposed to C.O.D.
And besides... and I have to have
a little talk...
...about Kim.
Like sands through the hourglass... are the Days of Our Lives.
Here comes the king
Here comes the big number one
Budweiser beer
The king is second to none
When you say Bud
The king is coming
Let's hear the call
When you say Bud
You've said it all
When you say Bud
You've said it all
Good evening. At the top of the news
tonight, a rail disaster.
At Devil's Tower, Wyoming...
...a trainload of dangerous
chemical gas went off the rails...
...and forced the widest
area evacuation... the history of these
controversial rail shipments.
Whenever you want me to.
Tomorrow is fine.
I can do other things.
I'm trying to be.
Yes, I am.
The Army and National Guard are
supervising the evacuation.
I am an adult, okay?
Even though there's no such thing.
It was a joke!
--the danger will be over
within 72 hours.
Ronnie, anything you want.
Anything you want, I'll do.
For how long?
All of you?
No. Ronnie, I want to talk
about this in person.
This is not-- We can't talk
about this on the telephone.
Ronnie! Don't hang up!
Just don't--
Devil's Tower, Wyoming was
the first national monument...
...erected in this country by
Theodore Roosevelt in 1915.
Thousands of civilian refugees
are fleeing the area...
...spurred by rumors that the
overturned tanker cars... Walkashi Needles Junction were
filled to capacity with nerve gas.
there have been no fatalities.
--evacuate this area,
which soon...
...will become the ''hot zone,''
depending on the prevailing winds.
This is as close to the disaster
as we've been allowed to get.
--due to a strong prevailing
north-south wind.
Army engineers and the
Wyoming National Guard...
...are making every effort to
contain the leaking toxins...
...and evacuate an area of almost
Everyone is being warned:
Stay out of the area.
Everyone, please,
stay out of the area.
--thousands of others
are homeless.
U.S. Army Materiel Command has
issued these new area restrictions:
All roadways north of Crowheart on
Interstate 25.
All roads leading into the
Grand Tetons west of Meteste.
All multilane undivided
full traffic interchange...
...railroad, local and historic
stage roads south of Cody.
Why aren't there fat lines
instead of these thin ones?
You're going the wrong way!
Turn back around. Back this way.
What's the matter with you?
Yes, sir. Sorry, officer.
It's just a rental, officer.
My fault! My fault!
Starting with the letter ''F,''
as in ''Frank''... the letter ''J'' as in ''Jack''...
...please find your way to the loading
platform for immediate boarding.
You'll be real disappointed
and sorry...
...if you don't have an early warning
system, such as a bird, a gas mask.
Why, even my dog has a gas mask.
And any of you folks are
worth more than a dog.
I don't care where you go,
just get behind the barricade!
Why are we here?
The only way there is across country.
We'll break through the fence.
-Let's go.
-All right, hold on.
The police dragged the river for him.
I told them he wasn't in the river.
He wasn't.
Then they went around to every house
within five miles...
...looking inside backyard
They asked if I'd seen any strangers
in the neighbourhood.
I don't believe it's real.
I don't believe it's real!
It's real.
Let's get down there. Get some gas
and get down in there.
What are those?
Look, I guarantee you.
This whole thing is a put-on.
What do you want?
Get your hands off!
-How are you feeling?
-I feel fine!
According to my birds, the bad air
is from you guys farting around!
-Move them out!
-What's happening?
Where are we going?
Where are you taking her?
Hold it! Why can't we go together?
Watch your step.
We have very little time, Mr. Neary.
This is Mr. Lacombe.
We need answers from you that are
honest, direct and to the point.
Where is Jillian?
Do you realize the danger you
and your friend have risked?
In coming here, you've
exposed yourself to toxic gas.
Well, I'm alive.
We're talking.
This is true, Mr. Neary.
But if the wind blew from
the south instead of the north...
...this conversation would not be
taking place.
There's nothing wrong with the air.
What makes you say that?
I just know.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Go outside and make me a liar.
I want to talk to the man in charge.
Mr. Lacombe is the highest authority.
He isn't even an American.
Mr. Neary, are you an artist
or a painter?
Have you been hearing a persistent
ringing in your ears?
Almost an agreeable ringing?
Having headaches, migraines?
An irritation in your eyes
and your sinuses?
Do you have hives?
Do you have allergies?
And burning on your face
and on your body?
-Yes. Who are you people?
-Look at this.
I got one like it in my living room.
Who are you?
Monsieur Neary, please,
one more question.
Have you recently had
a close encounter?
A close encounter
with something very unusual?
Who are you people?
-These people strangers to you?
-Yeah. Except for her.
And the two of you felt compelled
to be here?
Yeah, you might say that.
-But what did you expect to find?
-An answer.
That's not crazy, is it?
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Is that it?
Is that all you're going to ask me?
I got a couple of thousand
goddamn questions.
I want to speak to someone in charge.
I want to lodge a complaint.
You have no right to make people crazy.
You think I investigate every
Walter Cronkite story there is?
lf this is just nerve gas, how come I
know everything in such detail?
I've never been here before.
How come I know so much?
What the hell is going on
around here?!
Who the hell are you people?!
Is that it?! Answer me!
I didn't come this far to get
taken on any bus ride home!
Five minutes. Five!
We're gonna hold
for a couple of minutes.
You brought 1 2 people to
the decontamination camp...
...instead of the evacuation centre
where they belong. Why?
-Because this means something.
-This means something.
These people have come from
all over their country... a place they've been told
will endanger their lives.
Because somebody could be trying
to subvert this whole operation... sending in fanatics, cultists
and Christ knows what all.
This is a small group of people...
...who have shared a vision in common.
It's still a mystery to me
why they are here.
Even they do not know why.
Don't! You'll be poisoned!
Listen, there's nothing wrong
with the air around here.
The Army's getting us out because
they don't want any witnesses.
lf the Army doesn't want us here,
it's none of our business.
We wanted to see the mountain.
It was a coincidence when I painted it.
You can take it off!
The air here is better
than in Los Angeles.
Listen. How many of you people are
for getting out of here?
I don't know what's happening either.
I must find out.
For every one of these anxious,
anguished people who've come here...
...there must be hundreds more touched
by the vision who never made it here.
Simply because they never watch
the television.
Or perhaps they watched it, but never
made the psychic connection.
It's a coincidence.
It's not scientific.
Listen to me, Major Walsh... is an event sociological.
Wait a minute!
-My name's Neary!
-Larry Butler!
-How are you?
-Okay! You?
-Fine, fine!
-That's good!
Everybody keep their masks on until
you're out of here and out of danger.
Listen, we want to get out of here!
What's the matter with you?
I'll have the rest of them
off the mountain in one hour.
Major, I want you to use infrared...
...and get me a photo analysis of
the northern face.
Yes, sir, it's already been ordered.
Major Walsh, listen.
I don't like to do this. We're in
enough trouble with these cattlemen.
If you can't get these folks
out of the area by 20:00 hours...
...start dusting with EZ-4.
What's EZ-4?
It's a sleep aerosol. Same stuff we
used with the livestock.
Comes out of Riot Control.
They'll sleep for six hours and
wake up with a headache, that's all.
We didn't choose this place.
We didn't choose these people.
They were invited!
They belong here more than we.
I shouldn't have given up jogging.
See that notch in the mountain?
We'll make it in no time.
Here come three more.
The authority in this park...
...has been superseded by
the United States government.
There's a ravine leading straight up.
-It's an easier climb.
-It's no good.
When you get to the top, it's
a 300-foot drop down. Get down!
What do you think it's like
on the other side?
There's a box canyon on the other side
with ravines and trails...
...if you take this incline
to the right.
I never imagined that.
I only painted one side.
-There was no canyon in my doodles.
-Next time, sculpt.
You give us a lot of credit.
That's an hour's climb.
Come on, let's go.
The authority in this park...
...has been superseded by
the United States government.
You are entering a military
...and subject to military law.
Call the bastard.
Bahama, this is pyramid. Over.
Go ahead.
Nothing to report at midstation.
Up ahead there's thousands
of places to hide.
We'll need three times the men
to cover this in one hour.
Get everybody off the northern face,
call the other side...
...and tell them we're gonna dust.
Get down!
You are entering a military
...and subject to military law.
Larry! Larry, come on!
Larry! Don't let them see you!
Get down!
They're just crop-dusting.
Los Angeles!
Don't stop!
Don't look back! Come on, come on!
Hurry! We're only 1 0 feet
from the top.
Just a few more feet! We can
slide down the other side!
Come on, hurry. I'll come down.
Don't come down.
Come on, come on. Come on!
Don't worry. We'll make it.
Come on. Move it. Move your ass!
Come on. Come on, please.
Hold it!
Jump! Jump!
-Do you see that?
-Oh, yes.
Is it on?
Check the speaker system here.
I want this up all the way.
Are you reading me on this one?
How about here?
-Testing. Testing.
-Okay, one, two, three, four.
Testing. Testing.
One, two, three, testing.
Gentlemen, ladies. Take your
positions, please.
This is not a drill.
I repeat, this is not a drill.
Could we have the lights
in the arena down 60%, please?
I don't think we could ask for
a more beautiful evening, do you?
Okay, watch the skies, please.
We now show uncorrelated targets
approaching from the north-northwest.
We're the only ones who know.
The only ones.
You see that?
All ground personnel not
D-class approved...
...please evacuate the center
approach marker.
Audio analysis personnel, behind
the double yellow line.
ITC, stereo, time and resistance.
Auto ready?
Tone interpolation on interlock.
Altitude and tabling.
ARP and interlock now.
Speed set at seven and a half.
All positive functions, standing by.
Go ahead.
Okay. Start with the tone.
Up a full tone.
Down a major third.
Now drop an octave.
-Cool blue.
Up a perfect fifth.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Give me a tone.
-''Re'' to the second.
-Up a full tone.
-''Mi'' to the third.
-Down a major third.
-''Do'' to the first.
-Drop an octave.
''Do'' up a perfect fifth.
''Sol'' to the fifth.
I know that.
Kick that mule!
Let's go!
I'm very happy tonight.
-Thank you.
Not a Merle Haggard, but it was great.
Mr. Lacombe?
What is it? What's happening?
Come on. Come on, let's go.
Keep down.
They're talking way over my head.
Duck, duck!
Photo one.
Fantastic! Keep those reloads coming.
-You want to see better?
-I can see fine.
-We can't stay here.
-I can.
-Because Barry's not here.
I'm just not ready.
I can't stay.
I've gotta get down there.
I know.
This is data control to
all personnel.
We monitor no biologic hazards.
Range safety clear.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
Holy shit.
There is a safety hazard zone...
...extending 25 meters from the ship.
Special teams are exempt and
should be aware of low gravity.
Expect some dizziness,
and look out for a static charge.
All departments at operational
during this phase...
...signify by beeping twice.
lf everything's ready here on
the dark side of the moon... the five tones.
Give her six quavers, then pause.
She sent us four quavers...
...a group of five quavers,
a group of four semiquavers.
All these phrases have
in common are five signals.
-I hope somebody's taking all this down.
-What are we saying to each other?
It seems they're trying to teach us
a basic tonal vocabulary.
It's the first day of school.
Take everything from the lady.
Follow her pattern note for note.
We have a translation airlock
on their audio signal.
We're taking over
this conversation now.
Let's go! Come on!
I am Claude Lacombe.
Frank Taylor...
...Lieutenant, United States
Navy Reserve...
...0641 99.
Lieutenant, welcome home.
This way to debriefing.
Harry Ward Craig...
...Captain, United States Navy...
...043431 .
would you come right this way?
Welcome back, Navy. Welcome back.
-Craig, Harry Ward.
-''Captain, United States Navy...
...043431 1 .''
Disappeared off Chicken Shoals,
flight 1 9.
Matthew Mc Michael, Lieutenant,
United States Naval Reserve...
...090941 1 .
Good to have you back.
Furlow, Otis B...
...Lieutenant J.G.,
United States Navy.
They haven't even aged.
Einstein was right.
Einstein was probably one of them.
Erickson, David A...
...Lieutenant J.G.,
United States Navy...
Henkle, Robert F...
...Lieutenant J.G.,
United States Navy....
Monsieur Neary...
...what do you want?
I just want to know that
it's really happening.
I went up in the air,
and I saw our house.
I saw you going up in the air.
Did you see me running after you?
All right, now we have to talk.
He wants to speak about
Mr. Neary's case.
Swensen, Matthew Daniel...
...reported missing April 1976.
-Are they going away?
Wait a second, wait.
He says these are ordinary people
under extraordinary circumstances.
Delores, Rudolph E...
...reported missing:
December '51, Bisbee...
Monsieur Neary...
...I envy you.
I'm told we can count on your
complete cooperation.
-What's your blood type?
-I don't know.
-What's your birth date?
-December 4th, 1 944.
Have you been inoculated against
smallpox, diphtheria?
Is there any liver disease
in your family?
May the Lord be praised at all times.
May God help us and grant us
a happy journey.
Show us Your ways.
And lead us along Your paths.
God has given you
His angels charge over you.
Grant these pilgrims, we pray,
a happy journey...
...and peaceful days, so that with
Your holy angel as a guide...
...they may safely reach their