Close Enemies (2018) Movie Script

Show your hands!
Hands in the air!
Shut the fuck up!
Watch out!
Shut the fuck...
- Don't touch me!
- Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
No laptops, no phones.
Where are your phones?
Marc! We need to get the hell out of
Get the cars.
We're bringing the targets out.
I don't speak Arabic, asshole.
Keep it up! Be accurate.
Accurate, there you go. Stay on him.
Ivan, keep it up. Stay on him.
Do not lose him!
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey. Hold on, hold on.
- Go ahead. Kick it with your right.
- Hello?
- Yeah, we got back last night.
- Harder! Harder!
- You want the same as last time?
- Kick it again.
Go. Go ahead!
Let's meet tomorrow,
usual place and time? All right?
Go ahead.
Now with your left foot.
- Kick it!
- Bye.
Come on. Come on!
Hey, hey! There!
- Left foot.
- Yeah?
- Harder! Go, go!
- Chill.
- We're here.
- Kick it.
What's up?
Kick it, Ivan.
With your left foot, come on.
- Sir, you can't play here.
- What?
- You can't play here.
- Me, Manu and the kid.
- Why not? A quick game.
- Sir.
- The field's right there.
- You want the ball!
Hold on a sec, he's riling up cops.
Hang on.
Hey, Manu, drop it.
- Let it go. Come on.
- Don't stay here, sir.
- I told you to...
- There's no time for a game.
Maybe next time. Thanks for the welcome!
You were going to take the kid's ball?
Cheap-ass Didier Deschamps.
- Why are you arguing with them?
- Who was it?
- Sarkisian. He'll take 30 keys.
- Yeah?
- How you doing? How's it going, bro?
- You all right?
- You good?
- Cool, and you?
Hey, man.
- You good?
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Nouri is one lucky guy! Whoa!
Imrane, look at this beauty.
- He's coming out! He's coming out now!
- Whoo!
Nice change from bearded dudes!
He's looking well.
- How's it going, amigo?
- How are you?
- Yeah.
- All you guys.
It's so good to see you.
- He's holding up.
- He's so handsome!
- You okay?
- You guys okay?
You good, my friend?
- Good to see you, man.
- Thanks.
Nouri, how you doing, bro?
- You good?
- Hamdoullah, brother.
- Hey, it's not a funeral!
- Yeah!
- He's put on weight.
- Yeah. He put on weight.
- He's a chubby guy.
- Okay, fatty?
- I hear business is good for you?
- Yeah. Pretty good.
- Back from Portugal yesterday?
- Yeah.
I may have some clients for you.
First, we eat.
Raji's organizing
a party for you.
Come on,
get in the cars! Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's hit it!
Get going!
Let's meet at Uncle Raji's!
Ivan, come here!
- These are homemade!
- Ivan!
Let's go!
Hey, Nouri! Nouri!
Bring him here.
I need to go back to Conakry.
We need to handle the transport
between Tangiers and Conakry ourselves.
I spoke to cousin Rdouane this morning.
He's already asking for more money.
He'll get greedy. He's busting my balls.
We chose him because we were in a hurry.
- No, you were.
- Okay. I was in a
hurry. I'm not anymore.
We have to take over, Manu.
Transport from Conakry is bleeding us
- Four grand per kilo of blow...
- Hey!
Got anyone less greedy than your cousin?
No idea. He says he needs it
to pay everyone off.
That's probably true. I know
how those hicks back home work.
But I don't give a shit, it's too much.
You know what we should do? Go by sea.
Avoid Morocco altogether,
go straight from Guinea to Portugal.
That way, it would save us two grand...
- Two thousand euros per key.
- Yeah, but it's riskier.
Not necessarily.
You said the opposite just last month.
Last month,
I didn't know they'd try to screw us.
Drop me off at the next exit.
I've got an errand to run.
I'll come over
before the party, okay?
Go on, repeat that. "Habibi..."
- Habibi.
- No. "Habibi hamdoulilah."
- Habibi hamdoulilah.
- Yeah, that's it.
Habibi Hamdoulilah. "Wallah?"
Hold on, Ivan. Hold on.
Give this to Mom. Okay?
Go ahead, ring it.
- Ouch!
- Ouch!
- You're very late.
- Sorry.
- Take off your coat, sweetie.
- So, what did you see?
We changed plans.
We played soccer.
- Where were you?
- Here and there. We
saw a buddy of mine.
We did stuff.
- Okay, so you hung out with Imrane.
- Was it fun or not?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- I left 50 messages.
- I know.
- And?
- Here.
Cut it out!
See you soon.
- Wallah, wallah.
- Wallah.
Go for the pass!
- What's the word?
- They're buying.
When will they buy? It's been
trips already. How many do you need?
No idea.
Don't fuck me over, Imrane.
The point's not to help you
launch your business.
On my mother's life,
I swear I'm doing the best I can.
I had to set it up super fast.
I don't know.
They're waiting to see how it goes.
- I'm not the only one dealing.
- Lower the price.
They'll smell a rat.
I get nothing as it is.
If they don't buy this time,
we're gonna have to arrest you.
We can't cover you much longer
if you don't bring us the Reyes Gang.
They'll buy, I'm telling you.
Call them back.
And look like a moron? They'll call me.
I hope so, for your sake, bro.
Pass it here!
- How's it going, guys?
- You good?
- Wait up.
- Hold on.
- You good?
- Salaam.
How's it going, guys?
Smells good.
- Just hanging.
- You good?
- Okay, princess?
- Hi, there.
- You good?
- Yeah. Great.
- Want some tea?
- No, I'm okay.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
- Hey! Give me a kiss.
- No.
No fucking kiss?
Stop cursing in front of my kid,
for fuck's sake!
- Yacine!
- I'm working.
- Working?
- Yeah?
Gimme a kiss.
I'm sure you're watching videos.
- No.
- Yeah, right.
- What are you watching?
- I told you I'm working.
- Gimme a kiss.
- Are you nuts?
- Gimme a kiss!
- Damn it.
And tidy up this damn mess, man!
What's all this?
I don't get
any kisses either.
- No respect.
- No, that's over.
- See you.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Keep growing and I'll smash your face
- Stop growing.
- Come on. Move it.
You all right? You seem tense.
Manu, we've got 60 keys of coke
and no call from Reyes.
It's okay, we'll find other buyers.
I'll relax when we sell it.
Shit. We have to drop by Ikken's.
Want an eighth, bro? Answer me!
- Fucker.
- He doesn't smoke.
Ikken, there are a couple of jerks
dealing outside.
Get rid of them
before they attract the cops.
- I already told them.
- Get rid of them.
The coke's in the hideout
in the 16th.
Get the lidocaine.
Omar's cutting it tonight.
- Delivery's tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Help Ikken out first
with the two little shits outside.
Let's go.
- Nouri, not missing the slammer?
- No.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Try the cake.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
And Mohamed says,
"On my sign, I wrote, 'My wife's ill,
my daughter's in hospital,
my baby needs milk.' And I got nothing.
No coin to be made in the metro."
"That's bullshit," Ahmed says.
"Look what I got in two days."
He opens a huge bag,
full of ten-euro bills.
Mohamed is stunned. "Shit!
The Gauls treat you well!"
"I was unfair.
I thought they hated us."
Then he asks,
"What did you write on your sign?"
"Easy. I wrote, 'I only need
ten more euros to go back to Morocco.'"
Here, ten euros.
- Want me gone?
- No. No, never! Never!
Thieves, every last one of them!
That's France for you.
They say they give you stuff,
but they always take everything back.
If he'd written "Algeria," everyone
would have dropped 100-euro bills.
Wanna meet her?
Okay. See you then, man.
- What's up?
- Nothing. Everything's fine.
- Who was it?
- Curro Reyes.
- For the 60?
- Yeah, man.
- Told you so!
- Damn straight!
So what was the call?
Yeah. It's Curro.
Your cousin still coming over
this weekend?
- Wanna meet her?
- I'd like that.
- As we said?
- Okay.
- Deal. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow?
- See you then, man.
- Bye.
- Curro Reyes. He's coming out.
He's leaving the garage.
An evening smoke.
Did he see us?
No way. You can't see anything
from the street.
We'll get them.
You're not asleep?
It's late.
I left you some food.
I thought I'd be back earlier.
- You had a good day?
- Mmm.
Sleep, beautiful.
See you in the morning.
- Good night, Dad.
- Good night.
You think you're on holiday
or something?
Shit. I'll be right there.
- Hello? Life treating you good?
- Yeah.
Same place as last time.
In 15, 20 minutes.
- Got it.
- Bye.
Omar. For cutting it.
Cool, bro.
I'll be in touch for the next batch.
Fouad will drive you home.
- Don't worry. As soon as they leave,
- Sounds good.
- How many?
- Twenty, bro.
All right.
We do Carminatti first.
- Yeah?
- All clear.
Got it. All clear, go.
So tell me about last night.
Who did you score with?
- No one.
- Thomas Mller, or...
Nothing happened.
They wept when you left.
She looked like Thomas Mller.
You jerk.
I can't take you anywhere.
But that club's wild, man.
- When's Sarkisian?
- This evening.
- And Reyes?
- At 4:00 a.m.
Curro will call to say where.
Where do we meet Carminatti?
The usual place. Relax.
Imrane, drive! Drive! Go!
For God's sake, Manu. Call first.
Hey, Manuel.
What's wrong?
Stop that. Stop it.
Come here, baby.
- What's wrong with Dad?
- It's nothing, sweetheart. Hmm?
Dad's a little sad, that's all.
It'll pass.
Don't open the door
for a couple of days. All right?
Not to any strangers. Please?
What happened, Manuel?
Don't worry, it's going to be fine.
Just keep the door locked.
- Are you okay? Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hello?
- Driss Boustani?
- Rmi Ruffo, from Homicide. Good
- Good morning.
I'm calling about Imrane Mogalia.
You knew him
from your work in Narcs, right?
- Who are you again?
- Rmi Ruffo, Homicide.
Fernandez Group.
What about Imrane Mogalia?
He was just shot dead.
Bad news?
- It's him?
- Yeah.
Do you know this one?
We know who did it?
No. It looks like a hit.
He's involved in one of your cases?
- Does his wife know?
- No.
- I can tell her if you want.
- Okay.
I'll let Fernandez know.
The hood was cold when we got here.
They hadn't driven far.
Driss? What's up? It's been ages.
Ages, yeah.
No! No! No!
Please, no!
Please, no.
No, please!
What happened?
Did the cops kill him?
- No.
- Tell me!
It wasn't the cops.
What do I tell the kids?
Tell me, what can I say? Huh?
Answer me! Just get out!
Get the hell out of here! Get out!
You had us worried.
Okay, you can go up.
Go ahead!
What a game!
No, what was that?
Was it the Reyes Gang? Did they do it?
I don't know. I really hope not.
Was Imrane Mogalia too chatty?
Not his style.
- No one here knows.
- What now?
No idea. Keep using the taps.
Find out if they busted us.
I think I know
where to get some more intel.
I really hope it wasn't them. If it was,
we have to cover our asses.
Two dead on a protection deal.
That's hard to explain.
Let's wait for Homicide to come to us.
We do nothing.
Wait and see what they find.
Let me know what you find out.
- So, what's new?
- Nothing.
It's like nothing happened, for them.
They're playing dead.
Drop the gun.
Drop it!
What the hell are you doing, man?
Drop it! Fucking drop it!
Move. Keep moving. Go, go, go.
Turn around. Turn around.
- Did you rat us out?
- What the fuck? No!
Did you?
- Why are you here, then?
- Why the fuck are you here?
- Why are you here?
- Stop. On my mother's life, stop.
Back off! Back off!
- Answer me. Tell me!
- Back off!
Why are you here?
I heard the gunfire.
I went down an hour later.
I saw Imrane and Sergio, both dead.
They're fucking dead, man!
The street was crawling with pigs.
I didn't know what to do,
where to go,
so I came back up to hide.
I spent the night here with the dope.
So what happened?
Two guys were waiting for us.
- Who the fuck was it?
- We'll find out.
What now?
Let's get the goods back to the hood.
There's too much heat on us here;
best to hit it.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Imrane Mogalia was your snitch?
How long?
Just for this deal.
Do you know this gang?
- It's not a gang.
- What, then?
There are no gangs left in Paris.
Not with guys from the projects anyway.
But they work together.
They do jobs. They follow the money.
Hold-ups, weed, coke.
Whatever turns a profit. They're
They understand it's a market
Okay, but you do know these guys?
Most of them.
This guy. He's the cousin, Nouri. Right?
We're tracking his phone.
Nouri deals hash for a man called Raji.
But we're talking coke, here.
That's different.
Do you know who killed him?
The competition, I guess.
Who's that?
A lot of people.
And the Reyes Gang, who are they?
Imrane Mogalia
called one of their garages.
They're Gypsies. Big shots.
We'll question Curro Reyes tomorrow.
Any other questions?
No. Not for now,
but that'll probably change.
Who knew about the apartment?
Imrane. Sergio.
You and me. That's all.
It was a brand-new safe house.
- And Omar?
- No.
He only came that night.
He had no phone. Didn't know where he
It's not him. I let him go.
Did you guys clash with anyone recently?
Imrane beat up two guys in Portugal
for being useless.
They're losers. They didn't do this.
They couldn't have known
about the drop-off, anyway.
So it's Imrane,
Sergio, you or me.
I'd be gone if it was me.
Then let's check out the guy
we were delivering to. Carminatti.
Curro Reyes' questioning is not
No more investigating from Homicide
for the time being.
I know. Thanks.
We found these at his place. Want them?
Sure. Thanks.
You guys were friends?
We grew up in the same neighborhood.
Very different from yours.
But it didn't make us friends.
I've been told to drop the case.
I'm a bit surprised.
- What are you asking?
- What were you doing with Imrane?
Surprised I'm from the projects?
That's why they put me in the Narcs.
Thanks for the photos.
Hey, chief. Another coffee, please.
I'm surprised they let you deal with
You cover for them, and then
stop everything when things go south.
I'll be back.
Wait! Rmi!
You're saying I'm crooked?
I'm trying to cover my ass?
- I'm clean, man.
- Why tell me that?
Because I need you.
Keep me posted on your investigation.
Hello? I'm still at the caf.
Be right there.
Why not ask Fernandez?
We don't get along, Fernandez and I.
I want to know who you suspect
and who you question.
- Why?
- To bring down the Reyes Gang.
And for Imrane.
The Reyes case is totally fabricated?
That's how it works.
Homicide shows up after the crime.
We have to be there as it happens.
We've gotta do some dirty work.
That's the way it is.
Why would I say yes?
You need me to solve the case.
I know their network, how they work,
like the back of my hand.
You're a smart guy.
I give you this, and two years from now
you're group leader. Looking good.
Imrane was a good guy. I'm not ashamed
to say it. He was working for us.
And I swear I wanna know who did him in.
If he died because of me,
I'll face the music.
So, Carminatti?
I think he's hiding.
He hasn't been to his club today
or yesterday.
We gotta find him.
Everyone's talking about you.
Saying you iced Imrane...
to keep the cash and the goods.
- Fuck this.
- Imrane was shot point-blank.
No wonder people are talking.
They're saying the same shit about me.
They want to blame us. To put this on
Find Carminatti.
I'll see Imrane's folks tomorrow.
Don't do that, man.
What the fuck are you doing here?
I knew you'd come this way.
Drop the piece.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Drop it.
I don't talk to cops. Get lost.
- Do you know who the shooter was?
- What do you care?
You need me. I've heard the rumors.
I know you didn't do it.
I want to find out who did.
You always said we'd die young.
Happy now? You were right. Now fuck off.
- Imrane was working with me.
- Yeah, right. Cut the crap.
I know when he went to Conakry,
how much drugs he bought,
which hotel he stayed at.
The Intercontinental.
You want the address of the house
you stayed in in Portugal
waiting for the goods, or should I stop?
Imrane was no snitch.
You followed us, tapped our phones.
Customs got him a year ago
on your Amsterdam deal.
He came and begged me for help.
- Bullshit.
- What do you think?
You'd all sell your mothers
to save your skins.
Imrane, you and everyone else.
You trying to give me a life lesson,
you piece of shit?
- No lessons. I'm offering a deal.
- Forget it.
Imrane was about to deliver some coke
to the Reyes Gang. They had agreed.
- I need to know what went wrong.
- Can't help you.
- Never heard of no Reyes.
- "Never heard of no Reyes."
Without me, you're a dead man.
No, you're dead if you come back here.
The shit you two got up to,
hidden behind the couch.
Remember? "If you stain the couch..."
"...I'll skin your asses
to fix the leather.
'Cause it cost me
an arm and a leg."
Was anything special going on?
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
- A drink, Uncle Raji?
- Yes, please, son.
- Were you with him?
- Yeah.
How did it go down?
Two guys on a scooter. They did Imrane
and Sergio. I got out before I got hit.
Who was it?
I didn't see them.
No idea?
No. It could be anyone.
They took 20 kilos of coke.
- Do you know anything?
- No.
- But you heard the rumors?
- It's my duty to know all the rumors.
I don't know who killed Imrane.
All right? Or who's trying to frame me.
Trust me, you always find out in the
Raji, what are you saying?
People always end up talking. Bragging.
Imrane will be avenged. Sooner or later.
He's my blood. My family.
Find out who shot him.
It's the only way to kill the rumors.
That's the plan.
Don't worry, son. Don't worry.
And him?
The old guy with Nouri?
The Raji I told you about.
An old-school dealer.
Low profile. No mobile phone.
Always under the radar.
He's the boss.
He gives advice, settles family
And the others?
Cousins, neighbors. I don't know them
They're visiting the family.
Yacine, where's your mom?
Yacine. Do you know where your mom is?
You holding up?
Yeah. But the kids don't get it.
- He was a good dad.
- I know.
Yacine is so angry.
I don't know what to tell him, what to
I don't know how to talk to him.
Imrane meant so much to him.
He gave me this. Just in case.
Take it.
- Are Raji and the others helping you?
- Yeah.
They're helping, but...
I feel like I'm in jail.
They're watching me, what I do,
what I say. If I cry or not.
They're judging me.
Imrane never judged me.
I knew what you guys were doing,
but I didn't care.
He took care of us.
He did the best he could.
He gave us a good life.
What a fucking mess.
Have you seen Driss?
- He broke the news to me.
- Before that.
Why do you ask?
I don't know.
I'm just trying to understand.
Nobody's trusting anyone.
Even Raji doesn't trust me.
I trust you. Okay?
I swear I'll avenge him.
- You want to die, too?
- Don't say that.
- Do you?
- Don't say that.
- I'll be back, okay?
- Yeah.
Do you know this one?
His name's Manuel Marco.
He's from the hood.
Imrane was his friend.
He used to work for Raji. Why do you
His prints were in the car.
He has a record: assault, robbery.
Going back years.
Prints don't mean
he was there on that morning.
What is he doing?
Saying hi.
Did you think you were being stealthy?
Anything else on him?
No, but we'd like to bring him in.
I don't think he'll show his face.
You only see those who want to be seen.
Any family?
He has no dad,
and I think his mom is dead.
- Where can I find him?
- I'll ask around.
You'd best be going. Now.
- Piss off, motherfucker!
- Fuck off!
- Son of a bitch!
- Fuck off!
- Piece of shit!
- Fucking bastard!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Thank you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I saw the video.
- What video?
- Julie showed me.
Head of Narcotics,
Ccile Marciano...
- So cool. Everyone's seen it.
- ...325 kilos of cannabis resin
for a market value of 2.3 million euros.
That's a huge haul, right?
After seven months
of investigation,
the Narcotics squad managed to...
Are you proud?
Three hundred and twenty-five kilos
is a good haul, yeah.
We did a good job.
- Are you proud?
- Totally.
We need to talk. Can I come in?
Quiet. My daughter's asleep.
How do you know where I live?
What have you got on the shooters?
Got any footage? Prints?
Only your prints.
I have to find those guys.
They're coming after me.
I'll do anything you ask,
but we gotta find them.
Take Imrane's place.
Go through with the Reyes deal.
I'll protect the drop-off.
I'll wait to pick them up
so no one suspects you.
Me, I'll feed you intel from the case.
And clear you for the coke.
What if the Reyes Gang killed Imrane
for talking to the cops?
Then they won't buy shit from you,
and you're fucked.
Pray it's not them.
All right.
I'll go through with the deal.
But I'm keeping the money.
And you give me the shooters' names.
I'll call you. You'll have my number.
Call the Reyes Gang.
- Did anyone see you?
- No, don't worry.
- You wanted to see me?
- Mmm.
How come you're the one
who told me Imrane was dead?
I didn't want it to come from a
The cops asked about you.
About us.
Why is everybody talking about you?
What were you two up to?
I need to know, Driss.
And Manuel?
What about him?
People are saying weird stuff about him.
Like he can't be trusted,
not to talk to him.
Who's saying that?
Everyone and no one in particular.
I don't know where it came from.
Manuel always loved you like a brother.
After you left, for years
he didn't let anyone bad-mouth you.
He thought you'd be back.
Help him, please.
- Promise me.
- Okay, you have my word.
I hope you didn't fuck up, Driss.
Coming out! Someone's coming out!
It's Carminatti.
Come on, grab him!
Get him! Come on!
Come on, over here.
Help! Let go of me! Let go!
- Help!
- Shut the fuck up!
Who did you talk to? Huh?
I don't
want to talk to you.
Who was it?
Look at me, you son of a bitch.
Who did you tell about our meeting? Huh?
Who knew about the delivery?
Nothing to say, you fuck?
- Nothing to say?
- Manu, wait!
Son of a bitch!
Man! For fuck's sake! Fuck this!
Fucking hell! Hold on.
His phone. Go!
Hurry, man! Come on!
There's Imrane's call.
Two days ago, at 7:32 a.m.
At 7:33 a.m., outgoing call.
See? I knew Carminatti talked.
The person
you're calling is not available...
- Who is it?
- No idea.
- What now?
- Keep your head down.
I'll be in touch.
- What's up?
- Trace this number for me.
- Did you call Reyes?
- ID the number and I will.
Anything new?
A guy called Carminatti was found dead.
He had been in touch with Imrane.
Does it ring a bell?
Who was he? Client? Supplier?
A client.
Looks like the whole
network's getting iced.
Any news on Manuel Marco?
- Why?
- Word on the street is
he's the one wiping the network out.
A neighbor saw someone who looks like
coming out of the building
where Carminatti was killed.
- Is he a credible witness?
- No.
When shown a photo,
he couldn't confirm it was Marco.
I think everybody's wrong.
- Well?
- It's a fucking mess.
The whole force is after you.
Homicide will pick you up, not Narcs.
They're coming tomorrow.
They know where you live.
- I don't care. I don't live at home.
- You have to be there.
You have until then
to find yourself an alibi...
for Imrane and Carminatti's deaths.
What the fuck are you doing, Manuel?
If you happen to have a hoodie
with a couple of stains on it,
toss it out.
They don't have much on you.
They know you and Imrane were friends
and worked together.
They have footage of you
coming back from Portugal. That's it.
Zero evidence for Carminatti.
Play along and you should be fine.
If you're not there, you know it
going on the run.
I'm not going.
Then I can't help you.
You're wanted
for killing Imrane and Carminatti.
And for dealing cocaine.
Police! Show me your hands!
- Turn around! Do it!
- Chill out, I'm unarmed.
Don't move!
Don't try to resist.
I'm unarmed!
- Any weapons here?
- No.
Knock yourself out.
- Do you know why we're here?
- No.
We're arresting you on suspicion
of murdering Imrane Mogalia.
Can I put on some clothes?
What did you do
after Portugal?
- I came back to Paris.
- Alone?
Anyone at your place?
- You don't have an alibi.
- If I was guilty, I'd have one made up.
For most people, not having an alibi
doesn't scream "innocent."
I went to see my ex. My son's mother.
Hmm. What's her name?
Her name's Manon. Manon Quercia.
Really? What a great alibi.
- He stayed for dinner?
- Yes.
- What did you have?
- I don't remember.
The kid ate first.
Then Manuel stayed.
I thought you split up.
We did.
- But he stayed?
- Yes.
He's a lucky guy.
Does it happen a lot?
- No.
- He's been grilling her for an hour.
She won't crack.
False testimonies
are punished severely, you know.
I'm telling the truth.
Are you sure?
Think hard.
It's not too late to change your mind.
Manuel has lied a lot.
I should know.
But he's not lying now.
I was with him that night.
All night.
He left around noon the next day.
- Yeah?
- Take the tunnel, you'll see me.
You were right, they let me go.
What a mess.
- You ID the number?
- Yeah.
A burner phone, paid cash in Pigalle...
with a fake ID and fake address.
It's still on, showing up in Bagnolet,
intersection of Romainville and Juin.
She's a great girl.
Manon, right?
Was Imrane a snitch,
or did you corner him?
The truth. Look at me.
I made sure he got caught.
Then offered to help.
- Why?
- Stop that!
I'm in Narcs. That's what I do.
It's my job. Now, let go. Now!
Let go of me.
You're a piece of shit.
A fucking piece of shit.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hello.
You shouldn't have come. He's here.
Let me come in.
- Hi, Dad.
- Why are you here?
For work.
You'll only cause trouble for us.
Let me come in.
What do you want?
It hasn't changed here.
I wanted to see you.
You have. Now you can go back to Paris.
You don't even know where I live.
We put this up together, remember?
I always found it ugly.
I hated the sight of it.
And now I miss it.
I'll come to see you
on Sunday.
It's okay.
Let's check out the bar.
Don't move. Shut up!
Shut the fuck up, I said!
Which door's yours? Which one?
That one there!
- Anyone home?
- No.
Open it.
- Come on, open it!
- I am!
Get up. Get up, asshole.
Look. Look at me. Recognize me?
- No, I don't know who you are!
- How about Imrane?
Think hard before answering.
You know Imrane?
Okay, the coke's gone.
But there's cash in the freezer.
- In a bag. Take it.
- Get it.
- You can have it.
- Calm down, now. Shut up!
Shut up.
Listen to me.
- Did Carminatti tip you off?
- What?
Carminatti. Who are you?
- Who are you? Your name.
- Jean-Marc Furlan.
Jean-Marc Furlan?
Did you get Carminatti to sell us out?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
Did you threaten him?
- Huh? Did you, motherfucker?
- I paid him off!
Why did you do it?
I heard I could snatch 20 kilos of coke
from two guys
dealing with Carminatti
in the 16th arrondissement.
If I plugged them in their car,
the coke was mine.
- I just did what I was told.
- Who did you hear that from? A name!
- Who told you? Tell me.
- I don't know.
- Answer!
- Tell me!
- I'll blow your fucking brains out!
- No!
If I tell you, I'm dead.
Same if you don't. Give me his name.
I can take you
to where he lives.
For the last time,
what's his fucking name?
Okay! All right. Nouri.
- What?
- His name's Nouri!
- What did you say?
- Nouri! He works for Raji.
Stop lying, you fucker!
It was him, I swear. I met him in
His name's Nouri!
- I can show you where he lives.
- He's lying.
Furlan, look at me. Look at me.
- I'm not lying.
- Why are you lying?
Why are you lying to us? You know
you're lying! Why are you fucking lying?
- If you lie, we'll kill your family!
- Don't! No!
- Asshole.
- Waste him.
- Come on, waste him.
- No! I'm not lying.
No, no, no. Let's go.
Let's get outta here.
- Want me to do it?
- I said let's go!
- What the fuck? What are we doing, man?
- Are you deaf? Let's get out!
I'll explain. Come on.
He killed Imrane.
Why didn't you waste him?
I don't get it.
- He'll rat on us for sure. For sure.
- To who? Raji?
If he does, he's dead.
I'll rat him out to Raji.
Not the other way around.
You're going to Raji?
I need more time, man.
We're dead, man. Fucking dead. We're
Fucking done.
- Get out.
- What?
Get out. Take the cash.
It's not your problem.
It's between me and Raji.
If you disappear now, you can make it.
But go, now.
Don't you tell anyone...
anyone that we saw Furlan. Got it?
Go on.
Can I come in, please?
It was Raji.
Raji had Imrane killed.
My son's godfather.
He loved Imrane.
Why did he do it?
I see it every day.
Brothers, friends, killing each other
over drugs, money, whatever.
It never makes any sense.
Do you know anything?
Did Rdouane, Imrane's cousin,
work with you?
Found dead in Tangiers a few days ago.
One bullet in the back of the head.
A colleague from Moroccan customs
He was surprised,
since Rdouane worked for Raji.
Were you bringing the coke
in through Morocco?
- Yeah.
- With Raji's hash?
We didn't want to know.
We subcontracted.
Maybe, but Raji must have known.
He's well-protected over there.
But only for hash, not coke.
He must have freaked out.
Without protection,
his whole business collapses.
I think he pretended not to know.
He punished Rdouane, then you.
Basically, he cleared himself.
Imrane wanted to move too fast.
And I didn't see anything coming.
I pushed him to go too fast.
I pressured him.
What will you do now?
What everybody does. Save my own ass.
Why did you join Narcs?
You missed us?
Or you had a score to settle with us?
It was the only place where my mug
was an asset, not an issue.
I'm bringing Raji down for killing
Morocco might help.
If you want to leave, do the Reyes deal.
Or what?
Or my colleagues from Narcs will get
I won't be able to help you.
I'm not saying this for me. It's for
At best, you'll get Nouri. But never
It's Manuel.
I've found them.
Who was it?
Jean-Marc Furlan, tipped off
by Carminatti, a guy we sold to.
We iced him already.
Not the other one,
but I swear I'll find him.
Thank you, Manuel.
We'll take care of it.
- I owe you.
- You owe me nothing.
Imrane was like a brother. I'll do it.
It's not your job.
Attacking you means attacking me.
But thank you.
If you need anything, come to me.
Nothing. I'm out.
I'll settle things and split.
- Why?
- It's not the same without Imrane.
So come and work with me, son.
- I need guys like you.
- I'm sick of this life.
I understand.
And remember, whatever happens,
this is your home. Got it?
- Curro?
- Yeah.
It's Manuel.
Sorry I haven't been in touch,
- but something came up.
- Yeah. We heard.
I'm still up for it
if you guys are.
I don't know, man.
Your friend made too much noise.
But it's not her fault.
And it's settled.
- I'm not sure.
- How about ten percent off?
Or fifteen?
Or we can drop it.
- I'll call with the details.
- Okay, fine.
You know Homicide likes Raji
for Imrane's murder?
What did you tell them exactly?
What I believe. Raji had Imrane iced
to protect his business in Morocco.
So what? Damn it, Driss!
Do you really believe
you're helping anyone?
Do you think Raji's replacement
will be better?
- They'll be worse.
- Impossible.
You're losing your cool, Driss.
You're too involved.
You picked me because I'm involved.
- Don't blame me now.
- We're backing off Reyes.
Four dead is enough. We don't want a
We arrest Manuel Marco en route
to the drop-off and call it quits.
- I can't do that.
- It'll end badly.
If it does, I'll take the rap.
Say I protected childhood friends,
you didn't know.
I got a snitch killed, you didn't know.
- But don't make me arrest Manuel Marco.
- Or what?
- Or I'll warn him.
- If it backfires, you'll go to prison.
Here they come.
- They just got here.
- Reyes?
Their guys. Park behind them.
We'll be watching the whole deal.
We're nearby.
They're taking him.
Heading your way. Follow them.
I don't like this.
Where are they?
Driving to some warehouses.
Forget it. We're pulling out.
Get out!
Continue on foot to catch them in the
It's too risky.
If we step in, we lose the Reyes Gang.
Wait for the others.
- Let me call for backup!
- No time!
Okay, he's not bugged.
Okay. Get the bags.
- On your knees.
- What the fuck?
- Kneel, or I waste you.
- I'm clean, man!
Not according to Raji.
Turn around. On your knees!
- What?
- Turn around, or eat a bullet!
What are you talking about?
- From Raji, for Imrane.
- Police! Freeze!
Drop the gun!
- Fucking rat!
- Drop it!
Police! Don't move!
Lower your gun!
Stop! Police!
Spread your legs!
Hands off, you fucking pig! Asshole!
- Don't move!
- Come on!
- Drop that!
- Now!
Hands on your fucking head!
Don't move.
Stay where you are.
You motherfucker, I'll kill you.
- Come on!
- Shut up.
- What's that?
- Fuck you! Don't move.
Driss, you okay?
- What?
- Shut the fuck up.
- Motherfucker!
- Don't move!
Manuel, stop.
- Or what?
- I said stop!
Is that how it is?
Go ahead, shoot. I'm dead anyway!
I'm sorry.
Are you sorry, you filth?
You get off toying with people,
gaining their trust and fucking them
- Let me help.
- Can't you see I'm fucked?
Raji, Reyes, they all want me dead.
We're taking care of Raji.
Let us arrest you,
and Reyes won't suspect you.
I'll see to it that you don't get
more than five years, out in two.
Once out, you'll owe nothing to no one.
Listen to me! I'll talk to the judge.
I'll explain I set up Imrane
and you took over.
Why would you?
Why would you?
I'm sorry, Manuel.
I'm sorry.
Okay. I need time to hide my money.
And tell Manon.
You need time. Got it.
They'll come for you
tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. Now go.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I couldn't catch him.
Got their phones? We'll get them.
- Rmi, it's Driss.
- Hi.
- I need a favor.
- Okay.
Go to Manuel's girl, 18 rue de
- To arrest her?
- No, don't do anything.
Just call me when he leaves.
It's so late. You'll wake Ivan.
Can I come in?
Thank you for helping with the cops.
I wanted to tell you I won't be here...
I won't be able to see Ivan for a while.
Where are you going?
Let me in.
I wanted you to know.
Tell him I miss him, will you?
Stop it. Don't!
Stop it, Manuel.
What's with you?
Stop it.
- You're so stupid, Manuel.
- I know.
Stop it.
I can't.
I can't do it anymore.
I love you.
- The team's ready?
- We're ready.
In five minutes, we move in.
- Hello?
- Seen him?
I saw him go in, not come out.
I've gone up. He's not there anymore.
Did he just screw us?
Check his place and call me back.
You've reached
the voice mail...
In position.
Driss, what the hell?
- Police!
- On the ground!
You've reached
the voice mail...
Don't move.
I had nothing against you or Imrane.
I wanted to protect our family.
And I destroyed it.
- I know you're going to kill me.
- Shut up.
I understand.
But you'll always be my son.
I love you, Manuel.
I love you.
Drop it, Manuel. Drop it.