Closed Curtain (2013) Movie Script

Are you tired?
Come here, Boy.
Good dog!
Here. Come pee here!
Because dogs are impure
in our Islamic society.
they will now
be banned in public
The police will take
drastic measures.
Day 2. Dawn.
The man is asleep.
The dog licks his face.
Don't go outside.
Come here, Boy.
Get inside.
Get inside.
Good dog.
Hello, sir.
Who are you?
We are followed,
but we lost them.
How did you get in?
The door was open.
We had no choice.
- But I closed it.
- I swear it was open.
- Get out!
- But they'll never let us go!
- Get out!
- They're outside!
They're all outside. Look!
- There's no one!
- Some of them tailed us.
There are others on the beach.
- Let's go!
- Where? They've arrested everyone.
- I'm not afraid.
- That's what scares me!
She's soaking wet.
Where are you going?
- Who do you think you are?
- I said she's all wet.
That's not my problem!
- Kick us out.
- Don't!
Kick us out.
She's talking nonsense.
Don't listen to her.
Stay put.
Where are you going now?
- Get out!
- We are not thieves.
- Why take that?
- As a precaution.
Come on out.
Why are you here?
Where's the circuit box?
Answer me.
Why are you here?
Don't act like
it's the first time!
It's so remote here.
I can't believe they came.
They hauled off everyone.
She was with them.
She was crying,
begging them.
She ended up
running into the sea.
They didn't dare follow.
How do I switch off
the light in there?
Or she'll make serious trouble
in your house.
Why are you
talking nonsense?
Answer my questions.
Who sent you here?
Who gave you the keys?
What keys?
Come look over here.
There's no light here.
Check around the other side.
Open up.
Open this door!
Headquarters, squad 4 here.
Go on, I hear you.
We're in front of the house.
There are no lights on
and no signs of the fugitives.
Search around the house.
We already have.
Do you read me?
Yes, one second.
- Come back to the station.
- Copy that.
We're heading back
to the station.
Thank you, sir.
That was good of you.
Please leave now,
both of you.
But why?
- They left.
- They're not the only ones.
We're surrounded.
They confiscated everything we have.
That's not my problem.
I don't want any trouble.
- Where's the phone?
- I don't have one.
- So give me your cell.
- I don't have one either.
I'm sorry, Miss.
Keep her here
until I come pick her up.
I'll make it quick.
Give her dry clothes
so she doesn't catch cold.
And be careful.
She has a knack for suicide.
Young man!
Young man!
I don't want any trouble.
We'll leave
once he comes back.
- Do you have a hair-dryer?
- In the bathroom.
Not that door, the other one.
Over there.
What do you want it for?
For my cell phone.
It fell into the water.
He told you to make sure
I don't kill myself, right?
Where can I dry my clothes?
I'll come get them.
- I'll bring them up.
- No, no!
Don't come up.
I'm busy.
Go inside.
It's pitch black.
Turn on the light at least.
Do it yourself.
Where's your dog?
Who sent you here?
No one did.
I was forced to come.
What for?
No reason.
To kill some time.
No specific purpose?
A purpose?
So you're to blame
for all this?
Hi there.
What do you know
about him?
What everyone does.
What does everyone know?
They killed his mate,
then went after him.
You got in a fight
with one of them,
then took shelter here.
People say you got hurt.
Why would you think it's me?
Thick black curtains
to keep out the light.
You're hiding your dog.
You're scared.
I knew it was you
right away.
Though you don't look
like the picture in the paper.
Shave your head?
Does he know too?
- Who do you mean?
- Your husband.
- My brother, not my husband.
- Either way...
Who's he coming back with?
Like he said...
He's getting a friend with a car
to come pick me up.
That was your plan?
If I am a problem,
let me go like I said.
Come, Boy.
My picture in the paper!
- I said don't come up.
- What about my clothes?
I'll leave once they're dry.
With or without Reza.
I'll tell you when they're dry.
Don't let the fire
burn them.
Hang them yourself.
This is a great hideout.
Too bad about the view.
If it were my place...
What if it were your place?
You'd try to drown yourself
ten times a day.
Do you think your husband...
I mean your brother,
made it all up?
What about the scars
on your wrists?
Just how many times...
did you try cutting them?
Everyone has their reasons.
Tell me the truth.
Who was he?
- Your brother, really?
- Couldn't you tell?
Why did you run away?
Everyone there
wasn't brother and sister.
We were singing
and dancing...
Some of them drank a little.
Carefree and having fun.
What is your job?
You mean "was."
Okay, what was it?
What does it matter?
Are there windows
behind those curtains?
I didn't hang them.
Is it not your house?
No, it's a friend's.
Sometimes I borrow it
to come and work.
And what is your job?
As you said,
what does it matter?
What's upstairs?
You enter the house
claiming that the door was...
wide open.
Then I say don't come up,
but you pitter-patter upstairs
to dry your clothes.
So go see for yourself.
Do you want some water?
Some water, Miss?
What are you up to?
Damn you!
Kill yourself somewhere else!
Why here?
Why make trouble for me?
Don't I have enough trouble?
Isn't my life already hell?
What's got into you?
What trouble?
I was just looking
at the sea.
The view from here
is different.
It's too dark to see.
- What is it you see?
- The sound...
the waves...
the sea breeze.
I wanted to call you
up there.
To watch you kill yourself?
Where's your brother?
He said he'd come quickly! Why me?
If I wanted to die,
there are many ways.
Whey here?
Why tonight,
when I'm not even depressed?
Not depressed?
So why was I put in charge of you?
Get inside!
Get inside now!
You're wasting my time.
I'm watching over you
instead of working!
All you do is blabber on.
Who do you think I am?
An idiot who buys
everything you say?
No more lies!
Why would someone lie
if life and death
are the same to him?
Only scared people lie.
You had a cell.
Why did you say you didn't?
I didn't say it to you
but to that guy
who forced you on me.
- Then he wanted my cell.
- That's besides the point.
Hold on. Quiet!
Why are you so afraid?
I have no explaining to do.
I do have a cell.
I took out the SIM
so it can't be traced.
So it's no longer a cell.
Justifying yourself again.
You're worse off than me.
Imagine I did want to kill myself.
It beats living behind
closed curtains like you.
So go kill yourself.
You don't know me
or anything about me!
Stop fooling yourself!
I wrote tons of reports
on guys like you.
- Suicide is your only way out.
- Hold on there.
What did you say?
So it's you
who wrote that crap about me?
It's you who gave my picture
to the papers?
All of that was you?
Let go of my hand.
I said I stopped working.
Let go of my hand!
Why am I even talking to you?
I should use
a different language.
I was working upstairs
when I heard Boy
scratching at the door.
Suddenly, I realized
I didn't change his litter.
I went into the bathroom
and took it.
I took the litter
and started walking toward the door.
Boy was following me.
We got to the door...
Just a second.
Boy was following me.
I opened the door to go out
but there was too much light.
So I closed it...
and turned off the light.
I shut those two off.
I opened the door to go out
and Boy ran out.
I said:
"Come back, come back."
He came and I shut the door.
I wanted to take the key
but it wasn't in the lock.
It wasn't in the bag either
or in my pocket
I wondered what to do.
Then I had an idea.
I said to Boy: "Come, come."
That door was closed.
And this one was ajar.
I said: "Boy, go inside."
He didn't listen.
I pushed him in
and closed the door.
I started walking back
to the front door.
I opened it, I went out...
I went out
I went down the stairs
to the front yard.
The door was open.
I was facing it.
There was no one.
Impossible. If there were
someone, I'd have seen him.
I changed the litter box.
I shut the door like this...
With my shoulder.
Then I...
Did I shut it?
I did shut it.
But I didn't hear it slam shut.
Did it stay open?
Did they come in then?
But I shut it.
I took the litter box...
I took the litter box...
I put it back in its place
and I went back
to open this door.
No way!
Have you been
in here long, Boy?
When did you go in here?
Didn't you pee just now?
That door was closed.
No... no, I didn't go
toward that door,
Listen, I came out of here.
I was going to that door
to let Boy...
Then I saw them
standing at the door.
That door was open.
This one was closed.
and open.
So when I went in there...
I'd been working upstairs.
Come here, Boy!
Try to find me.
Find me.
Let's go play a little.
When did you get back?
When did you leave?
How did you get in?
What are you doing here again?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
One has to communicate
with you differently.
Where are you going?
What the hell?
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
Who are you?
Where are you going?
Hold on!
Why are you here?
What must I do
not to talk to you anymore?
I get no pleasure communicating
with you, no matter how.
You are desperation itself.
Seeing you dries me up.
What do you want?
I want to be left alone.
Can't you understand?
Please, go away.
I came on a whim.
Now I can't go.
Your presence is a burden for me.
You're hurting me.
I can't write anymore.
You can't stay here!
Is your writing so important?
What does it matter?
I was supposed
to finish last week.
What do you want from me?
You weren't supposed to be here.
- It was supposed to be only you?
- Yes.
If things were okay with you,
I wouldn't be here.
A man, a dog, a villa...
You write it and he shoots it.
Then what?
You think you can capture reality
especially in here?
What is it?
What are you looking at?
- Isn't all this real?
- It's real all right?
Of course it is.
Three miserable thieves
who stole some junk.
Thieves or not,
they were real.
Weren't they?
Yes, but not in they way you think.
Otherwise they'd have taken these.
You can't steal reality.
You don't want to leave?
Why would I?
One of us must go.
- Why?
- Didn't you see?
He opened the curtains.
He wants to stay.
so he'll know what to do.
You should leave.
I was here first.
It doesn't matter
who was here first.
What matters is
who belongs here.
I kicked out the writer
and his dog.
There's only you
and me now.
There's no other way out.
I'm waiting for you.
Follow me.
Mr. Panahi?
- He killed you off.
- What?
He killed you off.
You no longer exist for him.
He can't get rid of me.
So enter his thoughts.
Can you still read his mind?
- No, I can't.
- See if you can still tempt him.
- Is he dead?
- No.
You're the one
who's dead for him.
Mr. Panahi?
Mr. Panahi?
- Hello.
- Hello. Come on in.
- If you say so...
- Come in, I'm all alone.
Mr. Panahi...
last night,
from my side of the lake,
I saw the lights on
in your house.
I told my wife
I would come put on the heat
since it's so cold.
Then I saw
that your windows
were wide open.
I thought you'd forgotten your keys
and came in by the window.
Was there a robbery here?
- A robbery?
- The window's been smashed.
It's the wind.
The wind?
The place has been ransacked.
Should I call the police?
Out of the question.
I don't want any trouble.
It was definitely
a burglary though.
We've never had burglars.
There's a first time
for everything.
Forget it.
No one would come
in broad daylight.
Tahereh gave me this
for your wife.
That's very kind of her.
Can you find me someone
to fix the window?
Sure I can.
No need to tell them
what happened.
- Thanks.
- Just have them come quickly.
- Close the door.
- Okay.
Come have some tea.
Thank you very much.
I just made it.
Thank you.
Here are the new keys
for the gate.
Don't lose them again.
It's very nice of you.
No explaining to do?
Of course not.
No questions asked.
- Nothing about the broken window?
- No, not a word.
And I know
these two guys very well.
My wife is very grateful
for the medicine you brought us.
Drink your tea.
Some sugar?
No, I'm sweet enough
as it is.
Why are you still writing?
It's all over.
What are you doing?
Pick them up all.
But there's no use.
He saw me.
When I looked up,
he was staring at me.
Totally mesmerized.
Now that he's seen me,
I'm back in his thoughts.
He'll let the melancholy of dusk
take him away.
Where did you say, Mr. Panahi?
On the Japanese table.
Why keep on writing?
Who'll make it into a movie?
Take your dog and leave.
You're lying.
When you want to kill yourself,
you don't fix your window.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I wouldn't know
what to do without you.
Whatever the problem
he takes care of it.
He's always here to help me.
Good thing they came
as soon as they could.
- What do I owe you?
- Don't mention it.
Thanks again...
70,000, right?
Here you are.
Thanks a lot.
Have your tea.
- Hello.
- Hello. Sorry to bother you.
Can you call my sister?
- Who?
- My sister.
Why would she be here?
She was at the beach
two nights ago
with our brother
and some friends.
The police caught
some of them.
My brother and sister
hid out here.
My sister stayed
while my brother
went to find a car.
They arrested him too.
I just left the precinct.
I was able to speak
to my brother.
He managed
to give me the address.
- When did this happen?
- Two nights ago.
I got here
early this morning.
And I just left
the police station.
My brother gave me
this address.
He even mentioned
the pool in front.
There must be a mistake.
Come and see for yourself.
We had a very rough night.
My father is at the hospital.
My mother stayed with him.
- We don't want him to find out.
- I understand
but as I told you,
I only got here last night.
I live across the lake
and saw the lights on last night
No one else has the keys.
She can't be here.
I'm sure it's the right address.
No other house looks like this one.
Have you asked the neighbors?
Go check the other houses.
But this is the address
he gave me.
She's not here.
What should I do?
I'd like to be able to help.
Go ask around
the neighborhood.
Could you look
at her picture?
- I've never seen her.
- I don't know...
I don't know what to do.
I've never seen this person.
My father mustn't know.
Go ask around.
Rest assured,
she's not here.
Tell me if I can help.
Sorry to bother you.
Thanks very much.
- Mr. Panahi, can I ask a favor?
- Sure.
A picture of us three
as a souvenir?
Can you take it?
- Where?
- You're the director.
Wherever you like.
- Here?
- Fine.
Let me take one of you two.
Can I put my arm around you?
I'm sorry.
It's a little too risky for me.
Sure, don't worry about it.
- Mr. Panahi...
- Yes.
They stole the rug upstairs.
What does it matter?
It wasn't worth much.
Are you okay?
Sure I am.
The last time you were
here with your friends
the kids saw you
go into the sea,
but there was a storm.
I know...
times are really tough
but it'll get better.
You'll be able to work again.
In the end,
life is but memories.
Bitter memories,
sweet memories...
There's more to life than work.
There are other things too.
Yes... but those things
are foreign to me.
Don't worry.
I closed the door.
I wanted to take the key
so I wouldn't get locked out.
It wasn't there.
I looked in the bag.
It wasn't there.
It wasn't in my pocket either.
Then I had another idea.
I said: "Boy, come here."
This door...
This door was closed.
And this door here
was ajar.
Then I opened the door...
and told Boy to go in.
He wouldn't.
I pushed him
and shut the door.
I shut it
and went back to this door.
I came here...
and opened the door.
He mustn't do that.
Do what?
What is he thinking?
About renovating the house.
You're spoiling me!
Let me help you.
I'll do it.
Go wash your hands.
- How kind of you!
- My pleasure.
What a feast.
Your husband is lucky.
You're a good cook,
with very good taste.
Your wife is a far
better cook than me.
Thank you so much
for the medicine
she gave me.
You're welcome.
- How is your daughter?
- Fine, thank God.
Did they find a cure?
My poor mother lost all
her children except for me.
The same thing
is happening to me.
Only God knows whether
she'll survive this disease.
I hope she will.
It's in our family's genes.
My mother suffered
from it as well.
The curtains are blowing.
Don't you close the windows?
Yes. Why do you ask?
They've been open
for a couple of days.
We thought you forgot to close them.
The wind broke
the glass yesterday.
It's been the case
for a few days now.
I'll close them
from now on.
- Need anything else?
- No, thanks.
- I have to leave.
- Where do you go?