Closed School (2019) Movie Script

Yura Shin
You should've saved me.
Closed School
Okay, I'll try.
It's only what I can do.
Raise your glasses!
We haven't hung out in ages.
Mr. Bigshot here doesn't
even call anymore.
My bad.
Did you guys meet up without me?
Not that much.
It's also been a while for me.
You only come when Inseok is here.
That's not true.
Is that so? Whatever you say.
Stop talking crazy.
By the way, Jintae.
I hear you had your own exhibition.
I would've done the same
and ditched friends from school.
I should have done art back then.
Stop flattering me.
I just got lucky.
Jintae was always good at art.
That reminds me.
Let me each give you my card.
Jintae Kim is a hotshot!
it's nice seeing you again.
Yura, I hardly recognized you.
So much prettier since our last.
Thanks, Hyejin.
You haven't changed in ten years.
You think so?
Yura, no kidding.
If I knew you'd be this pretty,
I would've been nicer to you!
Hey! Inseok Choi!
Long time no see.
Why are you so quiet?
Is something on your mind?
Ah, sorry.
I'm just not feeling well today.
Really? Are you okay?
Take it easy.
You should lay off the drinks.
Hey, what's with all the love?
You make me jealous.
I'm just being a good friend.
You don't have to worry.
By the way... Jintae.
I have something to say.
Can we talk in private?
Sure, let's do that.
Do you want to step outside?
Want me to join you?
Yura is a shocker.
What about her?
I mean, she turned out well.
Inseok, don't you agree?
I suppose.
She seems all right.
Ha! Men are all the same.
Jintae, the thing is...
Do you remember Miok?
Uh... who exactly?
Miok. We were in the same class.
Don't you remember?
I'm not sure.
But I tend to struggle with names.
She doesn't ring a bell.
You really don't remember her?
My best friend.
She had short hair.
I think there was
someone like that.
But I'm not sure.
But what about her?
You really don't remember?
Seongho Jang, you bastard!
You'd better watch your mouth.
God damnit.
Hey, did I say something wrong?
What? You son of a bitch!
You're not fooling anyone here.
When you dated Inseok, Miok...
Yura, hold on.
Can we talk about this later?
I think
something went wrong inside.
Hey, you shut your mouth.
I can't breathe.
Yura, give me your hand.
Wow! What's this?
I bought it from a store.
You can have it!
Really? Thanks.
Isn't it pretty?
Yeah, very pretty.
I have the same bracelet!
Miok! You're the best!
You got us matching bracelets?
Friendship bracelets.
Make sure to always wear it.
I will!
Where am I?
You guys, where are we going?
Are you up?
You guys, Yura is up.
Why did you drink so much today?
We said to take it easy.
Yura, you passed out in the car.
We were worried about you.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember getting in here.
Why would you drink that much?
You're a piece of work.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I drank that much.
But guys, where are we headed?
You must have been wasted.
You said you were too drunk
and asked for a ride.
Did I really say that?
Are you feeling okay?
Inseok, it's pretty dark out
so drive carefully.
Yeah, let's listen to some radio.
Holy shit!
There's no radio signal here.
I don't want to.
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, Yura Shin!
What is this place?
What? Where are we?
This place...
A classroom? Is this a school?
What are we doing here?
Ow, my ankle!
What's the matter? You okay?
Why is your ankle swollen?
What happened?
- Ow!
- What are we going to do?
This place...
It looks painful. Can you walk?
- We should call an ambulance.
- Right!
I can't find my cell phone.
Someone call me!
- Where is my phone?
- Jintae?
- It's gone.
- What about you, Inseok?
Nothing is wrong with my hands.
I thought it might hurt to move.
Just trying to help you.
It's not just my phone.
My keys and wallet are also missing.
My car... What's happened to it?
I don't know.
I was sitting in the back seat,
then woke up here.
Yura, what about you?
I can't find mine.
How come nobody has a phone?
Inseok, does it hurt really bad?
What now?
What the hell do you think?
We should take Inseok
to the hospital.
This is bad!
I can't see anything outside.
I don't think anyone even
lives around here!
What now? This won't work.
You sit tight for now.
God, damn it.
Yura, what are you doing?
I think... this is our school.
This is where
our old classroom was.
In that corner.
No, this can't be.
Hey, Jintae.
Isn't this your drawing?
This drawing... it really is mine.
That means this place...
Senior class, Room 7
You guys!
Damn it!
Yura Shin! You got me killed!
Huh? I'm sorry.
You got them?
Yeah, here you go.
Oh, thank you!
Yura Shin, are you kidding me?
I said strawberry milk,
not chocolate.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
Are you just trying to piss me off?
You should cut her some slack.
She probably just forgot.
Damn it, I don't want this!
Hyejin is flipping out again!
Clean this up and get me another.
I'm sorry.
I'll bring the mop right away.
Huh? Your uniform...
Yeah, I have to go.
What are you doing here?
Just sitting around.
Did you have lunch?
Why not?
You shouldn't skip meals.
What happened to your shirt?
This stain?
I was messing around
and spilled it.
Are they bullying you?
No, it's nothing like that.
They play pranks,
but aren't that bad.
Don't worry.
If that's not bullying, what is?
This can't go on.
We should tell the teachers.
I'm really okay.
I'll tell the teachers myself
when it gets too bad.
You let them walk all over you.
Too soft for your own good.
Why are you friends with bullies?
No, they're really good kids.
I don't mind doing them favors
and running errands.
Yura Shin.
Tell me when it gets really tough.
You got that?
I'm here for you, no matter what.
I know.
Thanks, Miok.
But... why are we here?
How did we even get here?
We were all in the car!
Is this some kind of nightmare?
A bad dream?
Shit, I don't think it is.
What should we do?
His ankle is getting worse.
What the hell are we doing here?
That's why I'm freaking out!
Let's get out of here.
Yeah, help me give Inseok a hand.
This place is creepy!
Inseok, grab my hand.
What was that?
Did Yura just leave?
I think so.
I know you're scared.
But we're going to be okay...
Senior class, Room 7
I saw someone over there.
Who? What did you see?
I don't know.
You saw someone other than us?
I don't know what I saw!
Did you see something or not?
Inseok, she seems pretty shook.
No need to be so harsh.
What did you say?
Shouldn't we start looking for Yura?
She must be trembling in the dark.
You can search for her alone.
I don't want to.
What should we do, Inseok?
You guys search for Yura.
I'll have to wait for you here.
Not all of us have to go.
- Then Jintae and I will stay here.
- What?
You and Seongho can go.
What? No! I'm really scared!
Who else could help me walk?
I know, but...
This place freaks me out!
Yeah... I mean!
Can't I stay here with you?
Take a look at yourself.
Think you can take my weight?
Doesn't Jintae make more sense?
I'd better get going then.
Hyejin Song.
Stop your whining and get moving.
We're out of here,
the sooner we can find Yura.
Hyejin, he's right.
I know it's scary
but Seongho is going with you.
Don't worry about Inseok
and hurry back.
Fine then.
Do you think she went that way?
I'm really scared.
Hey... hey!
It's just that...
You think she went up
or downstairs?
I would think down.
I heard they closed the school.
But who knew we'd end up here.
Where the hell did Yura go?
How would I know?
Damn it.
All I know is
we can't leave her here.
Taking her home sure did backfire.
By the way.
Isn't it the first time seeing Yura
after graduation?
Yeah, sounds about right.
No one could get a hold of her.
Do you think
she's messing with us?
No, she's too innocent.
I wouldn't be so sure.
You want to look here first?
- But...
- What's wrong now?
I need to use the bathroom.
You're a real pain in the ass.
Just hurry up.
You have to come with me!
God damnit.
This is shit scary.
Seongho Jang! Are you out there?
You better not mess with me!
You're dead when I get out.
Yura Shin.
Are you in here?
You were here all long?
Hey! Why'd you make me
come all this way?
Stop talking to yourself
and come out.
It's scary as it is, crazy bitch.
Hey! I found Yura...
Hey! Hyejin!
Why is this locked? Hyejin!
What's going on?
Damn it! Hyejin Song!
Who is there?
What is this?
Why are you doing this to me?
What the hell?
What is happening to me?
I can't hear anything!
How dare you insult me!
You whore!
Mi... Miok?
Miok Jung.
Do you take me for a fool?
It's nothing like that.
This rank bitch lost her mind.
How dare you insult me.
- I didn't insult you...
- You whore!
You're in over your head.
Hitting on Inseok like that?
I never did!
Why would I hit on him...
Damn it, you have some nerve!
Then tell me.
Then what were you doing at
the gym the other day?
Did you meet Inseok there or not?
You tell her!
You said she was with him.
I... I...
God damnit.
Yura, we're friends now.
Should friends keep secrets
from each other?
I'm not going to ask again.
Was she with Inseok that night?
Yeah, she was.
You whore!
My ear...
I can't hear from this ear.
You think I even give a shit?
Your filthy blood is everywhere.
What more do you have to say,
you cheap whore!
This bitch is effing crazy!
I'm scared.
I can't hear a thing.
Hyejin, that's enough.
You shut up!
Miok Jung.
If you ever come near me again,
I swear I'll kill you.
One more thing.
If you ever throw yourself
at Inseok again,
I'll make you pay.
You dirty whore.
My... my ear!
I can't hear anything!
Then drill your ear open,
you bitch!
What? I can't hear you.
I can't hear anything!
Then drill your ear open,
you bitch!
Hyejin Song!
Drill your ear open.
Please stop!
Does it still hurt?
Yeah, like hell.
I thought it's going to be okay,
but I'm lightheaded.
And my foot keeps swelling up.
Want to take off your shoe?
No, that would make it worse.
Damn, I need to go to the hospital.
Yeah, we should find Yura...
What was that?
Shit, what now?
You heard that, right?
Yura... Maybe it's Hyejin!
What do you suggest we do?
I should go check on them.
Yeah, go bring them all back.
I'm pretty sure that was Hyejin.
Who else would scream like that?
I won't take long, so wait here.
Okay, hurry back.
Will you be okay alone?
Don't make me say it again.
Just go!
Hey, Hyejin Song!
Yura, why are you here?
What happened?
I was running scared
then I hid in this bathroom.
I tried to come out
when I heard your voices.
But Hyejin started
talking to herself.
And now this...
Yura.... are you okay?
Miok... Miok...
Damn it... Damn it!
That was definitely Miok...
Miok Jung... Damn it!
Did you say Miok?
You saw her, too!
Miok, the girl who killed herself!
Miok who killed herself here...
She was standing right there!
God damnit!
It must have been Miok...
She killed Hyejin!
Seongho, you're not making sense.
How could she
when Miok died ten years ago?
I don't know how, damn it!
It's freezing cold here.
But I won't go back there!
We should find someplace to hide.
Science Lab
How did this get here?
The science teacher is a pervert.
Who dissects frogs these days?
Don't you agree?
Miok, take a look at this.
Hey, it grosses me out, too.
But still!
I was only joking around,
but you screamed!
You kept on putting that frog
in my face.
Is that my fault?
Ah, then I'm not to blame.
Alright, then.
Let's continue our lab session.
Look here, Miok.
What are you doing?
Open wide for me.
Seongho, please don't.
You find it gross, too?
Yeah, it's disgusting and slimy.
But you know what?
People like you disgust me more.
You make me puke.
Why would you hit on a guy
who's already taken?
Pretending to be innocent,
then stabbing people in the back!
You dirty whore!
No... Stop it!
No! Please don't! No!
Damn it!
Why is there a frog here?
You son of a bitch!
You'd better not come any closer!
I'll smash your head to pieces!
We can't stay here.
Let's go...
What is all this?
It hurts... Yura!
Something's crawling inside me!
What is that?!
Take them out... please!
Seongho, here!
What is this?
There is no other way. Hurry!
No... Seongho! No!
Those bastards.
Did they take off without me?
If they're trying to
screw me over...
I'll make damn sure they pay!
Oh, shit!
Where were you...
Yura Shin!
Seongho Jang!
Hyejin Song!
Damn it.
Those bastards really ditched me.
I told you to keep your distance.
Who cares?
Everyone knows we're dating.
I don't like it
when you get clingy like this.
Inseok, are you alright?
Hey! Watch where you're going!
You should do the same.
You want to throw
a drink at me, too?
What did you just say?
- You crazy bitch!
- Hey, that's enough.
My bad.
I should have been careful.
Miok Jung
Okay, then.
You'd better watch it, bitch!
Who are you?
Where'd you come from?
You should answer
when you're asked a question!
What the fuck?!
Ah! What the fuck is going on?!
What's going on?
You know the bracelet you gave me.
I must have left it in the gym.
But they turned off the lights now.
I'm too scared to go alone.
You had me worried there!
Let's go look for it.
Wow, it's pitch black in here.
You remember where you put it?
Over here!
What? Why is he here?
Tell me about it.
After bumping into you
the other day,
I felt bad about what I did.
You okay?
Are you hurt anywhere?
Take your hands off me!
What is this?
Well, I was just...
See you tomorrow.
Let me go! Yura!
Now it's just the two of us.
What are you glaring at me for?
Let me go.
I've got a thing for
proper girls just like you.
You really fascinate me.
Miok, I'll be showing you...
a good time today.
Please don't!
You never said it'd be like this.
All you wanted was to see them.
Can't you stop now?
Everything is over... for good.
Those who did you wrong are dead.
Not everyone.
Stop! Please stop! Please!
Fine, alright!
I'm also to blame, so kill me!
Let this be the end of it!
Yura, are you okay?
Where the hell were you?
Are you hurt anywhere?
I'm just glad I found you.
Were you scared on your own?
I was worried sick.
Hyejin and Seongho...
What the hell happened?
For the past few years,
I've been seeing
and hearing things.
At first,
I thought I was going mad.
I think Miok is behind it.
Yeah... Miok.
Miok Jung.
The one who killed herself.
Do you remember her now?
When you mentioned it at the bar,
I hadn't heard the name
for so long.
So I wasn't sure.
Now I remember.
Yeah... Miok.
It was heartbreaking.
She kept whispering to me.
What did she say?
She asked for help.
To see you guys one last time.
That's why I called everyone out.
I thought
that would be the end of it.
But I kept hearing her whispers.
To get even for what they did!
I had no choice...!
I'm terrified!
I should be the one to die!
Did Miok say anything about me?
Thanks, Jintae.
Don't say that.
You will always have me,
so don't cry.
I can't stand my filthy body.
I wish this were all a dream...
A bad dream...
I can't make sense of anything now.
You shouldn't think like that.
Don't cry.
You did nothing wrong.
This is all that bastard's fault.
There are still good guys
out there.
I'll protect you from now on.
Up until a few days ago,
I couldn't stop
thinking about killing myself.
But after confessing it to you,
I feel very grateful, Jintae.
We stand united against
bullying and violence
Jintae, what are you drawing
every day after class?
You won't even let me see.
It's a secret.
But I'm dying to know!
Why won't you tell me?
I will when I'm done with it.
Then let me guess.
Give me a hint.
Do you know John Hoppner?
No, I've never heard of him.
He was an English painter.
I'm crazy about
one of his paintings.
What kind of painting?
Uh... It's a secret.
Give me one more hint.
Greek mythology.
I haven't read any of them.
Why did you even ask for hints?
I'll show you when I'm finished.
I don't know much about art,
but it's fun listening to you talk.
Wait, my mom will worry
if I'm not home soon.
Can't you stay out later
on Saturdays?
Let me walk you home.
No, I'd feel bad about that.
How about calling your mom?
Then can you stay out longer?
- Can I borrow your phone?
- Sure.
Huh? Where is my phone?
What should we do?
I must have left it
in my art class.
You want to come with me?
Sure, let's go.
Miok, you go ahead first.
I need to use the bathroom.
See if my phone is there.
Okay, don't take long.
How could you do that to her?
Huh? What did you say?
Just now, Miok...
told me about you.
What did she say?
She can't ever forgive you!
I cursed you even in death!
What did I ever do to you?
Tell me... tell me!
You made me cry every day....
But despite all the pain...
Thinking of you makes me laugh!
No... Yura...
Yura... Yura!
Don't say her name!
Yura Shin!
Yu... Yura...
Why did you do it?
What do you mean?
Why did you do that to Miok?
When you make art...
Shouldn't you share it
with others?
That's wrong!
Even if it is wrong!
Some things must be done.
When you've done wrong...
You must pay the price!
I'm sorry...
You guys...
Where are we going?
You must have been wasted.
You said you were too drunk
and asked for a ride.