Closer to the Moon (2014) Movie Script

We're shooting a film.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
Let me explain, it's very
simple. We pretend to rob you.
Get out of the car slowly
with your hands in the air.
Just like you've seen
in the movies.
Come on, come on.
I want you to put
the money in the van.
The money in the van!
Come on, come on.
Show some enthusiasm.
So now we're making
gangster films, are we?
Why not? I'm fed up with movies
about factories and construction sites.
Still, when it comes to action
scenes you can't beat the Americans.
You bastard!
Don't worry, we're just
making a film!
I've never seen anything
like that, have you?
- See you.
- Bye.
Lord, in thy great bounty
screw the Bolsheviks.
Give them every disease
in the world, ruin them.
Burn their houses and send them
back to Moscow. Amen.
Did you, uh, did you hear
any of that?
No, Mr. Moritz, sir. Nothing.
Yeah, good. In my house,
the tenant is deaf.
If he starts to hear,
we raise the rent.
Leave him be, Moritz.
Oh, so what already?
What can I do to him anyway?
He's young, he's down
from the north
his parents are poor,
his future is golden.
One day they'll stick a party-card
in his pocket and boom!
We'll all be at his mercy!
Don't mind him.
He's old and crazy.
That is true.
I bought my mentally handicapped
certificate 10 years ago.
They can't touch me anymore.
Have some potatoes.
It drives me mad
seeing him there all day
with his ear glued
to that rattling old radio.
She's so sweet.
It's called
the "Voice of America"
and it's jammed
by the Bolsheviks.
And guess what I saw
this morning?
A film shoot! On Martyrs' Square,
right outside the canteen.
- They were making a movie.
- What movie?
Action movie, with gangsters,
and cars, and gunfire.
- And dames?
- There was one woman.
She was shooting a machine gun.
- Jean Harlow.
- Sorry?
Jean Harlow, big movie star.
Made some famous films
before the war.
Oh, they don't make films
like that any more.
As if you ever went
to the movies.
I don't need to. I read
the papers, I see the titles.
"The Third Man,"
"The Seventh Seal," "12 Angry Men."
All those numbers
make your head spin!
Uh, th...
"The Cranes Are Flying."
Now, I never knew
they could do that.
"Singing in the Rain," now th... That's
how a cousin of mine died, pneumonia.
"An American in Paris,"
big deal!
Now, if it were Bucharest
instead of Paris
and not alone, but with 10,
no, 20 tank divisions
that I would rush to see.
Here, let me show you something.
Here are some of the films
and stars we had before the war.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, yeah.
Carefully, carefully.
Take this one here first.
Quickly. We don't have all day.
Put these here in the back.
Yeah, these two here.
Good morning, Maestro Flaviu.
Morning, morning.
- What are we shooting today?
- The parade rehearsal.
- What parade?
- The Liberation Day Parade.
Oh, you don't say.
Is it August already?
Do I know you from somewhere?
Do me a favor, will you?
Run over to the shop
around the corner
and buy me a bottle of vodka.
Wait. Wait, wait.
Are you doing anything today?
Well, you are now.
Pour the vodka into this thermos
put it in your pocket and give
it to me whenever I ask for it.
And never ever leave my side.
Off you go then.
Go on, fuck off!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, stop.
Five minute break.
We're finished.
Pack the gear up
and I'll meet you at the van.
What's that lens called?
It's a zoom.
It's the latest thing.
- Three lei to look through it.
- Up yours!
I should charge you
just to stand next to it.
Okay, I'm game.
No, no. There.
Move in.
- Yeah.
- Nice, nice.
Come on.
Look at those knockers.
Sure, scratch your little ass.
Feels good, eh?
Hey, Virgil! The boss wants
to see you. Now.
- Sorry, time's up.
- What..
Come in.
Ah, the young man
we told you about.
Comrade Holban of
the State Security Service.
This is your lucky day, sonny.
The comrades have given
us a mission.
We're going to make a short film
about a rather, special event.
All our cameramen are busy
on the parade right now.
So Maestro Flaviu and I have decided
it was time you took the plunge.
You start
the day after tomorrow.
I... Comrades,
you've made the right decision!
You don't say!
It's a great honor
and... and
and I... I solemnly swear
not to disappoint you.
Hardly a great start.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
You'll need some preparation, given the
rather special nature of the film.
Radoiu Maximilian,
Dorneanu Dumitru, Orodel Razvan
Ristea Yorgu,
and Bercovich Alice
are charged with attacking and robbing,
on August 15th, 1959
a National Bank of Romania car,
while it delivered funds
to the branch located
at Number 13, Martyrs' Square.
Opposite the maternity
hospital at number...
Are these the masks they were
wearing in Martyrs' Square?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Witnesses, do you stand by
the statements
you made during
the investigation?
- Yes.
- Yes.
You think this is funny,
you piece of scum?
You're having a good time?
Comrade prosecutor,
your summation.
On the morning of
the 15th of August, 1959
5 bloodthirsty hyenas were
stalking their prey.
A car belonging to
the National State Bank
delivering 2 million
lei in payroll
for thousands of decent,
hardworking communists.
Armed with pistols
and machine guns
they violently attacked a driver
and a security agent,
both unarmed.
The crowd was thrown
into a state of panic.
Innocent bystanders
were wounded.
Gunshots were heard
in our capital
for the first time
since the war.
And it's no accident that these
Barbarians carried out
their heinous acts
in front of a maternity ward
where our innocent babies bravely
greet their socialist future.
It is obvious that these
criminals were in the pay of
foreign imperialists
and Zionists
and have a deep hatred of our
country's socialist institutions.
The people demand
the harshest sentence
for every one of these
saboteurs and traitors!
The people demand
an example be set!
Comrade judge, the people demand
the execution of
these infamous snakes!
Comrade judge, Honorable Court.
We kindly ask you
to take into consideration
the fact that
the 5 defendants admit
and sincerely regret
their actions.
They are educated people.
Each of them
a respected professional.
I just wanted you to take that
into consideration.
Thank you.
The verdict!
The Military Tribunal of
the People's Republic of Romania
on this day, the 17th day
of August, 1960
decides, the accused,
Radoiu Rosenthal, Maximilian
is found guilty of
conspiring against the state
criminal acts of terror,
armed robbery of public funds.
The court sentences the accused
to death by firing squad.
The accused Bercovich, Alice
is found guilty
of conspiracy against the state,
criminal acts of terror.
The court sentences the accused
to death by firing squad.
Auerbach Dorneanu, Dumitru is found
guilty of conspiracy against the state.
The court sentences the accused
to death by firing squad.
Orvitz Orodel, Razvan is found
guilty of conspiracy against the state
criminal acts of terror
to death by firing squad.
The accused
Feldiman Ristea, Yorgu
is found guilty
of criminal acts of terror
armed robbery of public funds.
The court sentences the accused
to death by firing squad!
I see the accused
are not requesting an appeal
and declare that these sentences
are definitive and irrevocable!
I'm afraid it's a little
early for celebration.
Your job is far from being over.
The comrades from the ministry
have decided..
Oh, thank you, my dear,
you can go now.
Have decided that the trial
will actually be only one scene
in a rather more elaborate film.
You mean it won't be
on the newsreel?
These sleepless nights
are killing me.
I take all kinds of pills,
no effect at all.
Now then, our mission is to make
an educational feature,
a rather special one.
In fact, it will be a detailed
reconstruction of the events
that took place last year,
the robbery, the investigation
and the arrests, I'm giving
each of you a file
that contains all the elements.
What the hell are we doing
in this shithole?
I want to get drunk
in a classy joint
with musicians and ice buckets.
Maestro, I have something
to tell you.
But it must stay
strictly between us two.
Speak up, I can't hear you!
I was here when it happened!
I was a waiter in this canteen.
Congratulations. So what?
So it was nothing like
what Comrade Holban says.
First of all, the gang
made it look like a shoot.
A film shoot, you see?
And no one got hurt.
There were lots of people
and we just stood around here
like idiots enjoying the show
while they loaded the money
into a police van.
The woman fired a machine gun.
I mean, you could have sworn
it was a movie.
What did you say your name was?
Cretin? Clown? You really
haven't got a clue, have you?
What world are you living in?
This is Bucharest, boy. Romania.
We're neighbors of the great
fraternal people.
We don't have hold-ups
like they do in America.
We don't play Dillinger.
Over here, first we arrest
the comrades
who make trouble
and then we assign them a crime.
There never was a hold-up.
I have no idea
what you did or didn't see.
But if I were you,
I'd forget I saw anything.
Careful with the lights.
That's good. Faster please.
Maestro, these comrades
are extras.
Pedestrians, passersby.
We'll put them
wherever you want.
But they're dressed too much
alike, don't you think?
Nah. Well, never mind.
- Good morning.
- Morning, sir.
Get me a strong coffee
and some Aspirin.
- My head is pounding.
- Yes, sir!
Don't salute when you're not
in uniform, you idiot.
And find me the officer
in charge of security.
Have you been in a film
before, comrade lieutenant?
No, comrade captain,
this is the first time.
I see.
The area is completely secured.
All exits are covered.
Listen to me very carefully.
I don't want
any unpleasant surprises
or there will be hell to pay.
Oh, here they come.
10, 9, 8
7, 6, 5
4, 3, 2, 1.
Happy New Year 1959!
Happy New Year, Boris,
you part-timer!
Happy New Year, comrade colonel!
May it bring health and..
Here he comes.
Is he coming this way?
I think he's heading
for the orchestra.
No, no. Wait. He's turning.
Are you sure?
Happy New Year and
best wishes, comrade minister.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Come with me. We need to talk.
Do you really want to do this?
Do what? I don't know
what you mean.
Don't play dumb with me.
She's here.
Crying on my shoulder,
poor child.
Max, we all have
our differences.
You know, we argue today,
we make up tomorrow.
Life moves on with the onward
march of communism, hmm?
So why don't
you two make up and give me
a couple of kids?
'Cause you know what?
I think I could make
a perfect uncle.
Ilya, she's unbearable.
Well, as if I didn't know that.
Yes, she's difficult.
Yes, she's impulsive, yes.
Well, she's my sister, dammit!
But she loves you,
I know she does.
Look, Max, I'm not saying this
as Minister of the Interior
or even as
your brother-in-law...
Can I just say...
Forget about
this divorce business.
So, please. Yeah, I beg you.
I'd even get down on my knees
but that might be
taken the wrong way.
Go to her, ask her to dance.
- Make peace, will you?
- Listen, believe me...
Table. Sonia. Dance. Please.
Let's dance.
- Minister's orders?
- Don't start, Sonia, please.
Let's be friends.
You're such a spineless
weakling. What did he say?
He said, "Long live peace
between nations."
Oh, yeah! He nailed you
with two words, didn't he?
And I bet I know
which ones. Job security.
I thought we declared
a ceasefire.
Why did you come here?
I want to party.
I want to have fun
with my husband.
- Well..
- Max Radoiu, formerly Rosenthal.
Amateur cop,
professional Jew-boy.
Tell me, Rosenthal,
how many Jew-boys
do you think
I've had in my life?
Oh, I have no idea.
But I could tell you a thing
or two about Christian girls.
Oh, yeah?
Want to turn the other cheek?
Happy New Year.
I'll be right back.
- Pascu? Costin?
- Yes, sir!
Take this person to
the nearest police station.
Tell the duty officer I order
him to place her under arrest.
Tell him to put in his report she
attacked a uniformed police officer.
Go now, go.
Oh, oh, alright. Easy, boys.
What are you trying to prove?
One phone call from me, she'll
be out of there in no time.
I know.
But you'll have
to make that call.
Happy New Year, comrade colonel!
Dumi! Your turn.
Oh, I don't know. They... they
invented a cure for cancer?
I've got a better one.
They start World War III.
- Wishful thinking.
- Oh, no! We don't want war.
We're fighting for peace!
Well, that'll be a long fight.
What about you, my little dove?
What do you think is gonna
change the world in 1959?
Nylon tights come to Romania?
Here's one. The Americans
withdraw from Europe.
West Germany is annexed
by East Germany.
Or vice versa?
- Dream on.
- Marilyn Monroe gets divorced.
She divorces more often
than she marries. No.
Gentlemen, I'm afraid your thinking
is a little too earthbound.
How about 1959,
the first man in space?
Good, good, good.
Max, my friend, that's
very sweet of you.
But I'm afraid it's gonna be
another 10 years at least
before there's
a tovarich in space.
The Russians already have
a bitch in orbit.
- Of course, Laika,
the four-legged wet-nosed
heroine of the Soviet people.
Sure, now, they sent
her there alright.
Problem is, Max,
she's still up there.
Problem is we haven't worked out how
to get the damn capsule back to Earth.
But surely they can find some crackpot
to volunteer his life for science?
Wouldn't you volunteer,
if they asked?
Imagine it, the big news of 1959
Dumi Auerbach,
the first Jew deported
into outer space,
one-way trip.
Wouldn't you go? I would.
Sure you would.
During the war
you were getting us all
wound up about
changing the world.
Now that the world has changed for the
worse, you want to go to another planet.
You're a dreamer, Max.
Well, that is part of my charm.
Yes, lollipop,
that's your charm.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Some charm.
Look where it led us all,
Max's charm!
Okay, the years in
the Resistance were fun.
But what about now?
We're spending New Year's Eve
with whores instead of wives.
Hey, watch your language.
Because you taught us
freedom fighters
must be free and now you're
the only one who's married.
And because you're married, and
because of who you're married to
you're the only one
who isn't blacklisted.
You're talking
about Sonia here, right?
Well, I wouldn't envy
him if I were you.
You're right. No wonder he
wants to move to another planet.
That's his revolution.
Let's toast my revolution, huh?
- Your Revolution!
- Revolution.
- The Revolution!
- Revolution!
- Maestro, warm our hearts.
- The Revolution is a whore.
- Everyone agreed?
- Agreed.
Yeah. But the opposite
is also true.
Oh, really?
Did you understand what
the gentleman said?
He said that you are
a revolution.
Not me. My associate maybe.
Are you calling me a revolution?
Hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
You're a little revolution,
you are!
And you screwed us, you bitch.
We were madly in love with you
ready to give our lives for you
at a moment's notice.
You turned out to be
nothing but a cheap slut.
Now, you're going to see what
a real uprising looks like.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
I knew I'd find you here.
Is it really you?
Here's the real event of
1959. Alice has come home!
Rumor was you were partying like
animals and I wanted to see for myself.
Ah-ha! So we're already
the talk of Moscow?
I can't believe it's you!
I know some party hacks that might
accuse the lady of bourgeois elegance.
You, vodka! You, "Kalinka!"
Hey, everybody!
Fidel Castro's taken Havana!
Batista's fled!
They just announced it
on the radio!
Now, there's something
we didn't predict!
- So, Alice..
- Mm-hmm.
What are you going to do?
Uh, I wonder if I could
become an actress
now that I don't have to speak
Russian anymore.
Good idea. We should
all take acting classes.
Why would you do it?
My dear Alice, Wonderland is
not what it used to be.
Especially for us Yids.
Our goyish comrades have
begun a round of spring cleaning
to reinvigorate the Party.
So we should all become actors.
There are plenty of juicy parts
for us Jews to play these days.
Enemies of the state,
aristocrats, speculators.
Why not, big man?
1959, the year we
all become movie stars!
Alright, you fucking scumbags,
we're gonna put you in a film.
You're going to give us
a step-by-step rendering
of your criminal actions
as gangsters and traitors
and after the firing squad
is through with you
we're gonna show the film
across the country.
So that everyone can spit in
your stinking reactionary faces.
These are no ordinary thieves.
You'll be surprised to hear
they were all Party members.
And not recent ones either.
They all joined before the war.
They were active
resistance fighters
that took part in sabotage
missions against the Nazis.
They were heroes then.
After the war they all held important
positions, except the woman
who went to study in
the Soviet Union
and came back with a degree
in political science.
Until the robbery,
the gang leader, Max Radoiu
was head of
criminal investigation
for the
Bucharest Police Department.
Tell me, Rosenthal, how did
a vicious enemy of the people
like you get into
the police department?
I bribed a doorman.
What a degenerate!
Dumitru Dorneanu was a scientist,
an expert in atomic physics
the Romanian representative to the
USSR for the Soviet Space program.
Name and first name.
Prisoner Dorneanu, Dumitru.
Dorneanu, or is it Auerbach?
Tell me, Auerbach, why do you
people always take Romanian names?
Do you really think
you can fool us?
When it's written on your face,
like a sign on a bus. Yid!
Razvan Orodel, born Orvitz,
used to be an important columnist
until his right to a byline was withdrawn,
and he was demoted to a proof-reader.
Pull your trousers down. Now.
Well then, Orvitz, the sign's
not only on your face, is it?
Yorgu Ristea, university
history professor.
Before the robbery,
he had lost his university chair
and was teaching in
a secondary school.
Ah, Feldiman.
I like you, Feldiman,
and here's the proof, eh.
Look how well you done here.
You've fattened right up.
Your belly's as big as my wife's
when she's pregnant!
Oh, who's the happy father?
Tsk tsk.
They're all Jews.
Our film should highlight this
aspect with great finesse.
We are not anti-Semitic..
...but we cannot be indifferent
to the threat of Zionism either.
We will have to use innuendo
and I'll be counting on Maestro
Flaviu's experience for this.
- Hmm?
- Oh, yes, yes. Yes, of course, we... we must be subtle.
I want them to look so smug
and glamorous
that the man on the street will
consider them a personal insult.
Madam, will you allow
me this dance?
Now that you're gonna be
in a film, you'll be famous.
I want to tell my friends I
danced with a movie star.
I'm afraid I'd stomp
on your toes.
What's that, sweetheart?
Well, let's see if you
have any talent.
- Do you know any poetry?
- No.
Now, don't tell me you don't
know a single poem.
Everybody knows at least
one poem by heart.
Right, let's see what
poems you know.
I mean, you're all great
fucking artists, aren't ya?
So get reciting or I'll cut off your
kosher pickled dicks one by one.
All you fucking outlaws, have
I made myself clear?
I want to hear a poem! Now!
5,000 pages in those files and
still one question left unanswered.
Why did they do it?
As the poet says,
"What drove them into battle?"
The Party has driven
us all into battle.
Workers and peasants united at
last, class-struggle sharpens.
We're no longer cattle, we're
communists saying farewell to the past!
Lights out in 2 minutes.
I say we refuse.
What can they do?
Execute us twice?
At least we won't get
Are you thinking about escaping?
If they do decide
to take us outside
the security will be twice
as tight as it is in here.
Let's refuse then.
What do we gain by refusing?
I already told you.
We don't get humiliated.
You're obsessed
with humiliation.
Too bad you don't have
a mirror right now.
You'd be amazed at
how dignified you look.
At least I opened my mouth.
You didn't.
What is this?
Dignity, humiliation,
escapes, violin strings.
Sunshine, comrades.
Fresh air.
Green grass, girls
in summer dresses.
That's what we're talking about.
Sasha, tell the others
the four of us
are taking a few trips outside,
beginning tomorrow.
If they want to send any messages,
they better get writing.
Hey, got any letters?
Write them now.
So, gentlemen, are we ready
for our close-ups?
Can I have a lemonade?
Oh, would you give the lady
your lemonade, please?
Thank you.
Theo, can you go check
on the film stock?
How are you, old chap?
Marcu! Cristescu!
What's going on, boys?
They're putting you
out of pasture?
Let's see.
What have we got?
Hmm. Nationale.
Not bad!
What are you doing?
Are you filming me?
No, I was just preparing.
I was just lining up my...
Don't film me without
my knowing it, okay?
- Of course not. No, I..
- Of course not. Never.
Well, can I take a look?
Oh. Yeah, no, of course.
Put your eye in there.
- I don't see anything.
- Um..
Ah! There's Yorgu!
He's so funny!
This film will be a comedy.
Can I ask you a question?
Am I free tonight? No, I
don't think I'm free tonight.
Did you really rob
that bank car?
You can't believe it, can you?
Neither can I.
Prisoners are not
to touch the camera! Understood?
If... if... if that's the way you start
treating people, pushing them around
well, I'm sorry, I simply cannot
work under these conditions!
I want to go back to my cell!
Maybe my colleagues can accept this kind of
treatment, but as a woman I cannot allow it.
Miss Bercovich, it's my...
What's all the fuss about?
I'm not used to such impudence!
In my milieu...
What's going on?
Has she lost her mind?
I caught her
touching the camera!
Ah, no excuses.
No excuses. Such behavior.
So uncouth,
so rude, inexcusable!
Who upset my star?
Come, come my angel, you mustn't
cry, you'll ruin your makeup.
A great actress must be
strong on the set.
Now calm down and give us
a nice little smile.
Hmm? That's my girl.
She needs to do her makeup.
Okay, that's enough.
Take her back to makeup.
I want to start shooting this
damn movie before nightfall.
Keep your men under control,
Since when have they been
allowed to show initiative?
Are you alright now?
Don't be silly.
I was just marking my territory.
Stand by.
All set.
Mister Flaviu, sir,
we can start now.
Oh, what are we shooting?
The part where
they steal the taxi.
Well, what's happening?
Mister Flaviu.
They shouldn't have given
him the vodka.
Who gave him vodka?
Well, it seems the maestro
is a little tired.
Fortunately the actors
all know their roles.
What's your name?
- Virgil.
- Virgil.
What do you think?
Should we let him sleep,
get to work?
Here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna film the taxi.
It's going to come
down the street.
It's gonna get closer, closer,
and stop just where it is now.
Do you think you can do that?
Get to work.
Scene 4 Take 1.
Here we go.
Rolling and action!
Stop, stop. Cut!
Why are you smiling?
You've got a gun to your head
and you're smiling?
I want to see you
shitting your pants.
Like you've been told to report
to your superior!
Get in the car,
let's do it again.
Scene 4 Take 2.
Go! Go! Go!
No, wait, wait.
Stop! Stop!
What are you morons doing?
Look at the shop window,
not at the taxi!
Marcu, if I catch you looking
at that taxi once more
I'm gonna shove a roll of film
down your throat.
Hear me?
I've never seen such a bunch
of idiots in all my life!
He seems to know
what he's doing.
Let's pray to God he does.
Just an expression.
I'm gonna give you something.
I want you to put them in your
pocket, keep your mouth shut.
- Sorry?
- They are addresses.
Try to find the families,
let them know
their loved ones are alive,
but locked up in Jilava Prison.
Got it?
Everyone ready?
Roll camera.
Scene 4 Take 2.
Now if I see so much as a
hint of a smile,
I'll smack you so hard
you'll never get up again.
That was fun.
Hello? Uh, I'm sorry
to disturb you so late, ma'am.
But I have some very important
news for you.
A close relative of yours wants
you to know
that he is still alive and in
good health, in Jilava Prison.
Yeah, he sends you his love.
You're allowed one call a day.
If you make two, there will be
none tomorrow.
Your choice.
That said, if your intentions
are noble and we can annoy
the Bolshies a bit, there might
be room for negotiation.
Uh, may I ask to whom you were
speaking just now?
- My fianc.
- Fine.
You must ask her over for dinner
one evening
so we can get to know her.
Lovely conversation
you were having too.
"Jilava Prison, important news.
Somebody is still alive!"
You call her madam.
You two must be madly in love.
If Sarah finds out I'm drinking
and smoking, I'm done for.
Now stop lying and tell me
It's complicated. It... it..
Over at the studio,
we're... we're
we're shooting an educational
Sort... sort of a reconstruction
of 5 people
who robbed a bank car
and got away with the money.
The... the Rosenthal gang!
I know all about it.
The Martyrs' Square heist,
last year.
How did you know?
That... that's a classified secret.
Oh, big secret.
The "Voice of America" and
"Radio Free Europe"
have been talking
about it for months.
They can't have.
Oh, yes, they can.
Believe me.
Mr. Zilber, some people
are saying
that there never was a hold-up.
That it was all made up.
That it was a political trick
to get rid of some bad eggs.
Oi, the stuff they fill your
heads with these days.
Now, just listen to me.
There was an armed robbery.
They were going to use
the money to pay
for 10,000 Jews
to leave for Israel.
It's what's called
a Zionist Operation.
And it's a shame that they never
pulled it off.
- This is "Voice of America."
- Ah-hah.
And now we broadcast "Symphony Number 3"
in F major by Johannes Brahms.
- Mr. Zilber?
- What?
If you like listening
to classical music so much
why do you listen to it
on "Voice of America"
with all the static
and the noise?
Why don't you listen to it on
an official station?
On an official station,
my dear boy..
...even Brahms becomes
Thank you.
Un moment.
Nobody touches the food
until we shoot!
What's this?
Is this a joke?
Is this your vision
of bourgeois opulence?
You think we spent the people's
money eating this crap?
Don't make me laugh.
Boys, make mine a chateaubriand
with sauted potatoes.
And I'll have Canard a l'orange.
Grilled swordfish fillet.
Zingara with vegetables.
A little, uh, caviar on toast
And two bottles of Burgundy.
Roll camera.
Scene 2, take 1.
Laugh, talk to each other.
Lunch break!
I won't ask you any questions.
Hey! Come downstairs.
Let's make some calls.
Bercovich Alice,
you're under arrest.
Come on.
Hey. Hey.
You idiot!
You've just ruined the scene.
- But she struggled.
- What? It was perfect.
Very realistic. I thought.
Communist police officers
do not use violence
the way capitalist policemen do.
What will people think?
Stop resisting, hmm?
Just give in.
Scene 3, take 2.
Bercovich Alice,
you're under arrest.
Really? What a surprise?
Just a moment,
I'll go get dressed
and then I'll follow you
comrades wherever you want.
Come on, people,
this is no time for fun!
Let's get this thing over!
There's an officer
from the Securitate here.
He wants to talk to you.
He's waiting downstairs.
Should he take warmer clothing?
A sweater, woolen socks?
- No need.
- Did you hear that?
"No need." That's positive.
Can I ask where we're going?
To pay a visit.
At last!
I thought you'd got lost.
Take your jacket off, Virgil.
It's hot in here.
Do you like the house?
I got it 6 months ago.
Most of the furniture comes from
the former tenant, Max Rosenthal
currently residing
in Jilava Prison.
Come into the study.
Please, sit down.
I've been drinking the stuff all
day, I can't take another drop.
I'm exhausted.
Ever since my wife left
that's Sylvia, my wife..
...I haven't been able to sleep.
No idea why, must be,
um... psychological.
We found these under his bed.
Comrade Holban, I admit,
I'm-I'm so passionate
about my work at the studio.
- I-I forgot...
- Shh.
Don't be afraid.
It's nothing serious.
On the contrary,
I want you to continue
to do little favors for them.
Win their confidence.
I want you to help me
That depends... on what it is
you find confusing.
What made these people turn
into gangsters overnight?
What did they intend to do
with the money?
- Some say that...
- Hmm. What?
That it was
a Zionist conspiracy.
To send Jews to Israel.
Nonsense. Israel buys Jews
with American dollars
not Romanian Lei.
Those files are full of possible
motives we've investigated
each one more ridiculous
than the next.
They wanted to finance
Zionist Jewish families
while they waited
for their passports.
They wanted to leave
the country themselves..
...on a military plane.
They were trying to fund
anti-communist commandos
in the mountains.
It's all rubbish.
A bunch of nutcases plan
a huge stunt like this
for a few stacks of Lei?
Not US dollars, not Pounds
Sterling, not Swiss Francs.
But Lei?
What's this?
- A 100 Lei note
- Very good.
With this piece of paper,
you can just about
fill your refrigerator.
Buy a good meal in a restaurant,
take a taxi somewhere
or pay your rent.
Now, tell me
what you can't do with it?
You can't buy a house.
You can't invest
it in the stock market.
You can't buy a gun,
or leave the country.
5 highly intelligent people
throw themselves in front
of the firing squad.
Why? What for?
Blue toilet paper?
What are you doing?
It's just an advance.
We're gonna work together.
I want to find the sixth.
S-sixth what?
The sixth member of the gang.
But, there were only 5 of them.
There were 6 of them.
5 actually took part
in the robbery.
The sixth was pretending
to film it.
Nobody much bothered about it,
Case closed.
But after a year of
investigation, I have a lead.
A small detail all
the others overlooked.
Alice Bercovich has a son.
12 years old,
raised in the Soviet Union.
He disappeared shortly
before his mother's arrest.
It's vital that we find
young Bercovich.
And that, Comrade Virgil.. where you come in.
We're getting close
to the end of the filming.
Our friends know
what that means.
Their sentence
will soon be carried out.
I have a hunch that the woman
will try to get in touch
with her son one last time.
You've gained their confidence.
That makes you the ideal
They'll give you an address
or a phone number.
And that's how you'll lead us
to young Bercovich.
I suggest we take a break.
It's too hot.
What about panning on the
taxi from the outside?
What's the rush?
We've got days of filming ahead.
Look at them all.
See? Why overdo it?
Break time!
What break?
Why's everybody asleep?
I asked a question.
Why is everybody asleep?
we've just shot a scene.
Like hell you have!
I've been watching for hours
and you've done fuck all!
Why does nobody
follow my orders?
Oh, why am I talking
to a brick wall?
Who's in charge here?
Tell me who's in charge?
- You're in charge.
- I'm in charge?
Well, yes.
Like hell I'm in charge.
I'm a prize idiot,
that's what I am!
All my life I've had to deal
with idiots!
60 years of hell, 40 years
of work, 37 films!
And this is the kind of crap
they make me direct!
Me! The winner of the Jury Prize
at the Kursk Film Festival.
Life is crap!
Somebody call an ambulance.
Give him some air.
No more vod...
No more vodka.
He's choking.
See if there's anything
in his mouth.
Right. Let's get some more
shooting done before night falls.
Comrade Holban.
I think we should call it a day.
Well, I mean,
we've got no director...
So what? With him or without
him, it's all the same.
It seems the cameraman
has gone too.
The boy? Virgil?
What do you mean, "gone?"
Hey! Where's the cameraman?
There's another problem.
One of the prisoners is missing.
No one's missing.
They're all here.
Sound the alarm.
Everybody back in the bus!
- Come on, come on, let's go.
- Quickly. Move, move!
They're going to find you
one way or the other.
It's going to end up badly.
Yeah, and you know what I'm
risking for trying to escape?
Yes... no, sure but...
I'd love if they sentenced
me to a few extra years
but I doubt it'll happen.
I have to see someone.
Will you wait for me?
They can't accuse
you of anything.
I'm armed and I've taken
you hostage.
But if you want to go, go.
Back in the bus!
Leave it!
Look for the cameraman.
Our only chance is that they
left together.
What-what happened?
- I'm fine.
- Why are you crying?
Because I'm weak.
Weaklings cry over nothing.
What shall we do now?
Can we go to your place?
- My place?
- Mmm.
- But..
- Is it far?
- Well, yeah, actually.
- Oh, good.
The walk will do me good.
I have to warn you.
I live with a Jewish couple.
They're pretty old
and quite religious.
That's good news.
They might insist that we
have Sabbath dinner with them.
Ah, I'm going to let you in
on a little secret.
Eating is not my worst
nightmare right now.
And, uh, when have you
planned the wedding for?
Oh, um, well, we're not
in any real hurry.
Maybe next year.
Oh, if you're engaged already
why not get it over
and done with?
Stop nagging them
and let them eat in peace.
Ah, it's great to be young.
To have your whole life
ahead of you.
Yep, now is when
the real fun starts.
Marriage, children.
Work, money troubles.
- Can I pour you some more wine?
- That's enough.
He mustn't drink any alcohol.
Serve your fianc.
Tell me, miss, uh, how come
you're wearing that uniform?
It's the, uh,
Patriot Guard uniform.
Alice is rehearsing
for the Liberation Day parade.
Ah, the Liberation Day?
And are you thinking of becoming
a party member as well?
I've already been
a party member.
Amazing! When?
From 1945 to last year.
Would you like to listen
to some music on the radio?
Since 1945?
But at the end of the war
the party
had less than 1000 members!
And 3 quarters
of them were Jews.
That's why they say the Jews
brought the Bolsheviks to power.
- Are you Jewish?
- Yes.
And the Bolsheviks kicked you
out of the party!
It's a bit
more complicated than that.
Uh, I wouldn't expect
it to be simple.
And did they cut
your hair like that too?
When the Rosenthal gang
attacked that bank car
the Voice of America
said they were all wearing
Patriot Guard uniforms.
And that car parked outside,
a Soviet-built Zis
if I'm not mistaken, copied
from the 1939 Packard model.
Does that belong
to the Patriot Guard too?
Don't worry,
I know how it works.
They won't do anything
before tomorrow morning.
It's only surveillance.
And tomorrow morning?
Tomorrow morning I surrender.
We're shooting the hold-up.
It's my big scene,
for crying out loud.
We used some of these that day.
It is one of those.
You were there?
I was a waiter
in the canteen on the square.
We all thought
it was a real film shoot.
It was so exciting,
I decided to change my job there and then..
I'll-I'll leave you
to go and sleep.
I'll be downstairs
if you need anything.
Come over here.
- Come.
- Where?
I know we're skipping
the bits where we hold hands
walk in the park and recite
poems to each other.
But this is the last
chance I'll have.
No, no no. Please, please,
you-you'll regret it.
I smell.
Don't make any moves.
Just keep an eye on them.
Yes, sir.
I wasn't very good, was I?
No, you were great.
You were great.
But you were so quiet.
Oh, don't worry about that.
That's just one of my quirks.
I first started going out
with the boys during the war.
I was already in the Resistance
and sometimes made love
in conditions that were, uh..
If I made the slightest sound,
it was..
So I trained myself to avoid
any loud displays of pleasure.
I've never seen
you smoke before.
It's not my only first tonight.
Was that your first?
How did it happen?
No, no... the robbery, I mean.
Do you really
want me to tell you?
1959 had got off
to a good start.
And I was back home again,
with my old friends
after 10 years away.
Hey. This is where I live!
- Oh!
- Hey, really?
I had been sent
to Moscow on a scholarship
with a promising future
in political science.
Only it wasn't
so easy to be a student
and to bring up
a child at the same time
alone in a foreign country,
and without the father.
In the meantime,
the party had insisted
that Max acquire a marital
status worthy of his rank
and new social position.
My rebellious anti-bourgeois
ex-lover was now a married man.
Do you remember this gentleman?
See? He's forgotten you.
Are you a captain?
Your daddy's a colonel.
In the following weeks
Max started to take serious
charge of Mirel's education.
He was determined
to win him over.
Mirel Radoiu,
you're under arrest!
Hey, everybody,
I'm going to jail!
I wasn't too happy
with all that play-acting.
I would have preferred
to keep Mirel as far away
from the gang spirit
as possible.
You won't get anything from me.
Well, we'll see about that!
I'll never talk.
Well, when we get to the
rifle range, then you'll talk.
Yeah! Ha ha ha.
But I didn't stand a chance.
It was the most
fascinating world
anyone could offer
a 12-year-old boy.
Very good!
I hit 14 out of 20.
- Hey,
never point a loaded gun at daddy.
You never know when
you might need him.
Besides, he can still give
you a clip around the ear.
Do it again.
One evening,
Max invited us to his house.
He was the only one
to own a television.
Got everything?
Our guest today
is Comrade Dumitru Dorneanu
and space missions' expert.
- Good evening, comrade.
- Good evening.
You're an expert, give 'em hell.
Well, when Lunik 1 was launched
in January of this year
it reached escape velocity of
11.2 kilometers per second..
Per second! Just think!
Yeah, faster
than your police cars.
Which will carry
the, uh, Soviet banner
all the way to the shining
surface, uh, of the moon..
Dinner's ready!
Later, Sonia.
We're listening to Dumi now.
On September 14,
at precisely 7:30 am
Moscow time, uh, just east
of Damaris or Antartus..
Max, please, ask your
guests to come and sit down.
I don't want to have
to reheat dinner.
Yeah, be patient. Come and
listen to the man for a moment.
- Max, for the last time...
- Shh. God! demonstrate
to the whole world that this
is not really
necessary to explode
a nuclear bomb on the surface
of the moon in order to..
Sonia, we were watching
the television.
It was our friend Dumi.
He was talking
about interesting things.
He was talking about
flying to the moon.
Now you're gonna
fly to the moon.
No! You, no, ah. No!
So, who's hungry?
The next day,
Max sent a copy of the divorce application
to his brother-in-law,
the minister.
It wasn't long
before he paid the price.
Very good.
Boris, sit down.
Talk to me.
Not here.
Word is, they're
going to boot you out.
Not right now, a few months..
Wait for you to finish up
the cases you're working on.
I thought you deserved to know.
Do you know who they're
gonna get to replace me?
Congratulations, Boris.
Word of advice, the bottom
left-hand drawer of the desk
it doesn't close properly.
What's that got to do with it?
The idea came on the night
of Dumi's 40th birthday.
We bought him
a little telescope.
Though Max was the one
playing with it.
Look at her.
What a beauty!
Reach out your hand
you can almost touch her.
You poor romantic fool!
There's no place
for that kind of thinking
in our new society, Max.
Don't stare up at the moon,
but down, down at the people.
Look inside
the worker's paradise!
When I am in your arms..
When we walk hand in hand
The world becomes
a wonderland
It's magic
How else can I explain..
Would you stop playing
with that thing for a moment
and come raise a glass to Dumi.
It's magic..
Our boys at work.
Anybody wanna come and see
the revolution in action?
Poor sap. You know him?
Uh. No, not really.
I mean, he's a drunk.
Always in the local bar.
A bit of a big mouth.
The magic..
It reminds me
of my first arrest.
I almost envy him.
When they first nabbed me
away, I was thrilled.
Finally they knew who I was.
A heroic life awaited..
interrogation, detention..
Remember your first time?
"Shoot me now! Shoot me
right here on the street!"
- You were what? 14? 15?
- I was 16 actually.
Now are we gonna drink
to Dumi or not?
To the good old days!
The good old days.
Happy birthday.
Madam, may I have the pleasure?
Oh, my mother always said,
he was a wonderful dancer.
What do I tell myself..
40 years old.
I can't believe it.
You should be writing
your memoirs.
Well, screw you.
You're a fine one to talk!
Prattling on like
some old grandma.
Tell me this, if you're so
nostalgic for the struggle
why aren't you still
out there fighting? Eh?
On what front are we
supposed to fight?
We won, remember?
What would we have done
20 years ago?
Blown up a railway?
Well, that's no good anymore.
That would just feed their
propaganda machine.
"The class enemy within."
Did any of you ever
consider the really hard stuff?
- Like family? Kids?
- Oh.
Come on. Don't be serious.
Sorry, ridiculous idea.
We'd have to hit them
where it hurts.
Show them what fools they are.
And blow up
the People's Congress.
We live in
a crime-free society, right?
No more murderers,
robbers, thieves.
Communism means...
There's nothing worth stealing.
- Yeah.
- No.
Communism means
the right of the people
to walk down the streets
without fear of being robbed.
So what? We should all become
purses snatchers?
No, no, no!
Come on, you think
too small, Yorgu.
Let's hold up the greengrocers.
- Eh, what? Greengrocers?
- Greengrocers.
Did he just say Greengrocers?
- Uh, jewelers then?
- Boys!
Boys! You really
have no class, do you?
You want crime?
Rob a bank.
Which one then?
Well, we only have one,
The National Bank of Romania.
But if you have
another suggestion..
Big man, you're a genius.
I was thinking the Socialist Art Museum,
but a bank..
I don't know.
So we rob the National Bank.
- What the hell does that prove?
- Well, don't you see?
Bank robberies are one
of the evils of capitalism.
They don't happen here.
They can't happen here.
Everyone knows that.
But if they did..
If the impossible happened
in the middle
of all this progress and plenty,
you know what
I might just sit up in my factory and say,
hang on a minute!
It's a bit subtle, isn't it?
Anyway, what do we do
with the money?
Uh, spend it, keep it,
give it to you.
Max, you're a cop.
I mean, seriously, what are the
chances of actually pulling it off?
Almost zero.
You see, I do love
the word almost.
A minute ago, he was talking about
how much he missed being arrested.
Yeah, but nowadays
it's different.
Nowadays if they collar you,
it's good night for 40 years.
So what?
The going got tough and now you want out?
Max, please. I am an old man,
let's not forget.
I'm not really built
for prison food anymore.
So the answer is,
steal over a 100,000.
How is that the answer?
Because thefts of over a 100,000
is punishable by death.
No long prison sentence,
just the bullet in the head.
Well, this is great news, Max.
So not less than 100,000.
It's all or nothing.
Yeah, we'd have to
really humiliate them.
Do it in public,
in front of an audience.
In that case, don't attack
the bank headquarters.
Attack the van that delivers
money to the branches.
- Ah.
- Hmm.
And you said she was stupid.
And if you want a crowd,
you've got to make a show.
We all wanted to become
movie stars, remember?
You are an angel!
Come here, while I kiss you!
We all laid it on thick.
We were showing off like kids.
We hadn't felt so good
together in a long time.
But after a while,
we started to realize that
one of us was actually
taking it all seriously.
We need to do it,
while I'm still head of the department.
That way I can smuggle out weapons,
false papers, everything we need.
Whoa, Max, Max, don't tell
me you're serious about this.
Of course I'm serious,
aren't you?
No, Max. We're joking.
Who's joking?
It's a brilliant idea!
but you just told us
it comes with a guaranteed
death sentence.
So what?
It's worth it!
Say the Nazis had
caught us in '44
do you think we'd
have got out alive?
Did that stop us? No.
And you know what?
If we plan this right,
we've actually got
a 5 to 10 percent chance
of getting away with it.
Oh, great odds.
What's the matter with you?
You looking forward to your retirement?
This isn't even
Russian Roulette.
It's Bolshevik Roulette,
with all 6 bullets in the barrel.
It's about risk.
Guys, come on,
you used to love taking risks!
It's suicide.
We might as well all
just jump off the roof.
That's not a bad idea.
But it's a short flight.
I was just suggesting
a slightly longer one.
Max, are you finished?
Then let's move on
to some serious...
I...think I'd be up for it.
That is, I'd go along with Max.
- You're joking.
- Of course he's not.
You ever heard him joke before?
Dumi, don't encourage him.
No, listen, when they
cancelled my research grant
in the Soviet Union,
I almost slit my wrists.
Yeah, and you know what
I probably should have done it.
Because instead I'm just being
about space missions I should
have been helping organize.
And you know why they cut
your grant, don't you, Dumi?
But at least they're not
putting us in the ovens anymore.
Not yet they're not.
Look it's Dumi's birthday.
He's 40 years old.
I hope he won't be angry with me
if I don't wish him a long life.
20 years ago,
how many of us thought
we'd live into our 40's?
The sheer idea of a long life
back then was a kind of betrayal.
Razvan, what's your best memory
in the last 10 years?
Or can you think of one good
thing since the end of the war?
The day Stalin died?
Oh, shut up.
What else is there for us?
If we pull it off, great.
We're laughing, at them.
If we get caught, sure,
it's the end of the show.
But what an ending?
Who'll drink to that with me?
Purely for the sake
of team spirit.
I'm sorry, I can't play
death with you.
I have your child to raise.
Over the next few days,
things started to move fast.
Write a declaration that
you are so-and-so taxi driver
of such-and-such
a cab, model and number.
Put down the exact details
of where and when
your car was stolen.
Max Rosenthal in a park?
Knock me down with a feather.
It's better if we keep
them here.
My place is too risky.
Sonia keeps turning up
for her stuff
and rifling through everything.
Max. I... I'll store them
here for you.
But don't count
on me for anything else.
What do you mean?
I... I think I'd rather watch
everything from a distance.
I've been thinking it over,
and you see..
I'm a historian.
I'm curious about what's gotta
happen in the years ahead.
I want to be alive to see it.
I'll tell you what's
gonna happen.
You're gonna carry on teaching
fake history to ignorant kids
until you wanna shoot yourself,
that's what's gonna happen.
So make your choice.
Now or later?
Hey, I'm only joking, big man.
Of course if you want out,
you're free to go.
I'm sorry, Max.
How dare you?
Don't get hysterical.
He came here begging
me to count him in.
Of course I said no.
Where is he?
He's locked himself
in the bathroom.
He doesn't want to talk to you.
How did he find out about
the plan? Did you tell him?
The boys were talking about it
when we went to steal the camera.
No, I'm not coming out, go away.
He's only 12 years old.
Can't you just leave him alone?
I would, I swear.
But he's nuts about it.
He knows when and where
it's gonna happen.
He's threatening to come
whether we like it or not.
Max, you have to stop him,
talk him out of it.
He doesn't listen to me anymore.
- Believe me, I've tried.
- Try harder.
You won him over, now he's
also your responsibility.
Look, if you don't stop him
I'll turn you all
over to the police.
Alice Bercovich naming names.
That will be the day.
Well then we'll just leave.
I'll take him away.
- I'm not coming out.
- He won't go.
You... you are a monster.
You want him to go.
You want to make another
Max out of him.
Well, he is my son, after all.
He wants it so much.
Besides, it's already arranged
for 5 people.
It's too late to change now.
And Alice, he's a minor.
Even if they do arrest us,
all they'll do
is make him change schools.
He stays home.
You need five people?
So you changed your mind
after all, huh?
I'm a woman. I'm fickle.
Oh, look who's talking about
changing their mind.
I'll cook something.
Y... you'll all be hungry by noon.
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop.
I'm coming.
Here are the keys
to the filing Cabinet.
The files are all up to date.
What else is there to say?
That it's been a pleasure
working with you.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I put all my personal belongings
in one of our vans
to have them taken home.
- Well, I'll get you a driver.
- No need, Boris.
I'll take care of it. You'll have the
van back in the garage by tomorrow
Good luck with your new life.
You too, Max. With everything
you set out to do.
- Yeah.
- I hope one day we'll get to...
Good day, comrades.
Don't be alarmed,
we're shooting a film.
It's very simple.
Let me explain.
We pretend to rob you.
Get out of the car slowly,
with your hands in the air.
Just like you've seen
in the movies.
- Come on! Come on! Come on!
- But we have to deliver...
- Where's your weapon?
- We're not armed.
I don't believe it.
Those morons let you transport
money without any weapons?
You, put the money in the van.
The money in the van.
Come on, come on. Come on, guys,
show some enthusiasm.
You're being filmed.
You'd think it was their money!
I don't know what put them
in such a bad mood.
- What's your name?
- Viorel.
What's wrong, Viorel?
Aren't you excited to be
in a movie?
Maybe he doesn't like his part?
Well he should have said.
You know what, Viorel.
You can have mine!
What about him? Maybe he wants
to change his part. Ask him.
With pleasure.
Take the money, spare our lives.
Can we stop the clowning
and go home?
Why, I'm just having some fun.
Since when do we have
a real cameraman?
You bastard!
Please. I beg you.
Don't worry!
We're just making a film!
- Down, now!
- Let's go.
Thanks. Here.
Ta-dah. Come on, Viorel.
Forward march.
You've played your parts
very well.
Now get over to the police van.
Not that you were very
talkative, but still.
Right. Left. Right.
No, I want to come with you
and split the money.
Out of the question.
You stay here,
rehearse for the big parade
and don't come back
until it's over.
Left. Right.
Thank you, both
for taking part in a masterpiece
of socialist cinema.
You are free to go. Go!
You traitor! You liar.
- You bastard, you lied to me!
- Stop it. Stop, stop!
- You lied to me.
- It wasn't me.
It wasn't me. I swear. Stop.
Be good. Listen.
I did not lie to you.
I locked him in the house
when I left this morning.
He must have broken a window.
I swear to you,
he came here by himself.
Alice, don't worry for a second
about Mirel.
Even if we're all arrested tomorrow,
nothing's gonna happen to him.
I'll have false papers
made for him.
His address will be secret.
You and I will be the only
two people
who'll know anything about him.
Why are you crying?
That's what I didn't want.
- I didn't..
- What didn't you want?
What do you mean? Tell me!
That's what I didn't want
for Mirel.
I didn't want to have him...
I didn't want for him to
have to hide all his life.
The police investigation
started the next day.
Newspapers never printed a word
but people were whispering
all over town.
We... we became
Romanian Robin Hoods.
And after about two weeks
the Minister of the Interior
ordered the secret police
to take over the case.
Overnight, we were...
We were upgraded
from ordinary brigands
to enemies of the people.
It became a political case.
Meanwhile, we ate at
the Athne Palace every night
we bought lots of clothes
the high life.
So how did they find you?
- Yorgu.
- No, he turned you in?
Not really.
It all started with a phone
he had with another teacher.
They were discussing a couple
of pupils in his class
who were being persecuted
because their parents
were former land-owners.
Yes, but I have to say
and I hope you won't
judge me for this.
They're all hard-working,
highly intelligent students.
No really.
You wouldn't believe the treasures
they have hiding up there
The treasures they have
hiding up there.
That's the sentence
that sent us away.
My neighbor, Comrade Ristea
has a treasure hidden up
in his attic.
Probably gold.
The fun was over.
During the next 24 hours
the Communist Secret Police
made up for a whole month
of inefficiency.
Who was the brilliant leader
of the Great October Revolution?
Last door. Class 3.
A certain, Vladimir Ilyich?
Ring any bells?
Be seated.
Are you Ristea Yorgu,
born Feldiman?
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin,
born Ulianov?
Today we celebrate
a historic day.
To learn more about this
awe-inspiring victory
for the communist heroes
of the Soviet Union
we turn now to our expert in
astro-physics and space missions
Comrade Dumitru Dorneanu.
Believe it or not,
it happened on September 14th.
The day, the Lunik 2 satellite,
landed on the moon.
Max had won his bet.
Um... yes, um..
Good morning.
What are you doing?
These are instructions for you.
Don't read them today.
Wait until the filming is over.
And... if it seems complicated,
then you can discuss it with Mr. Zilber.
I'm sure he'll help you.
Come on, wake up.
We had a lovely night.
But now it's back to work.
Shall we go?
Martyrs' Square, please.
And hurry. We're already late.
There they are.
Come, I want to talk to you.
Sit down.
Now, I want you to write
something very simple.
The address.
What's this?
It's my address.
I mean, Mr. Zilber's.
You're trying to play
smart with me?
Why would I? You know
that's where we spent the night.
Your men were on watch
the whole time.
I want you to give me
the other address.
I don't know any other address.
Believe me! If I did,
I would give it to you.
Virgil, my friend.
You see... how tired I am?
Do you know how many sleepless nights,
I have been having, hmm?
Last night was the fourth.
Why are you doing this to me?
- I'm sorry, I...
- Listen!
I'm in no hurry. I'll give you
the whole day to think about it.
But if you don't comply, you'll
be taken in for questioning.. other officers
with other methods.
You will end up giving the
address just to someone else.
And that would be
very sad for me.
Think of all the time and
effort, I've put in to this.
The young Bercovich
is a key element.
A secret I've told
to no one but you.
Why let any old fool take
the credit for all my work, mm?
Meanwhile, the sun won't wait.
Your assistant will
have to work the camera today.
And... action!
On with you.
Stop! Stop everything.
Get their guns.
Get their guns.
Give me the guns!
- Prisoners back in the van.
- Get away. Move!
Who's our man
in charge of this operation?
Lt. Col. Holban, sir.
Where is he? Find him!
Comrade Holban, sir! Wake up!
The Comrade Minister is here!
Find me somewhere quiet
we can talk.
Hey, you!
Get us some coffee!
Did I interrupt
your nap, comrade?
I beg your pardon.
The exhaustion..
As you're exhausted, we can
offer you an extended holiday!
There's no room in my Ministry
for exhaustion.
I suppose, you were asleep yesterday
as well, when a prisoner got away..
...with a gun in broad daylight!
I've got the report right here.
I've never known
anything like it.
Yes, sir, comrade, but we
have recaptured the fugitive.
After she strolled
around the city all night!
If you will allow me
to inform you of a new element
that has come to light
in the investigation...
What investigation! This case
has already been tried!
We're talking gross negligence
in the line of duty!
- Please, sir...
- Shut your fat-little-mouth.
I want to hear you shut up!
Where's the coffee?
Excuse me, sir,
I'm not actually a waiter.
What are you then?
I'm in charge of the camera.
So go and take
care of your camera.
Now, you pack your bags tonight.
You're exhausted.
So we're sending you off
to get some rest.
In a work camp.
In the mountains.
Lots of fresh air.
Prisoner Radoiu.
Get out.
I want you to know,
all of this was my idea.
All of this.
The film. The shooting.
Well, good for you.
I've always loved movies.
All that will be left of you..
...will be the image
of a traitor and criminal
captured by the men
in my command.
A hundred years from now,
people will see this film and they'll say.. can't have been easy to
build socialism in the early days.
Luckily, there were men
like me around to do it.
How's Sonia?
You don't worry about her.
- She's fine.
- Com-uh, Mr. Minister..
Oh. They've taught you
how to address me properly.
Well, a convict is
no comrade of mine.
I've got a proposition.
Concerns the entire group.
Instead of executing us
with bullets..
...why not send us into space
in a Soviet satellite?
Then we could be of use
to science. Everyone would win.
- Is this some kind of joke?
- No, no, no.
I'm deadly serious.
Why sacrifice dogs?
It would be much smarter
to send humans
because they can
send back observations
and records of everything
they see before they die.
Imagine. We could have a man in
space before the Americans!
Now you listen to me,
you miserable scum!
Anyone sent into space is
a hero of the people.
Dogs or no dogs!
Traitors and saboteurs
are not sent into space.
They are sent before
a firing squad
and their families have
to pay for the bullets!
Now that's enough!
Back to the cells! The party's over!
Everyone back to their cells!
Since when has a prison
become a holiday camp?
You've got enough stuff
to finish the film!
That was fun.
"Dear Virgil..
" you know
where my child lives.
"He will be 13
on August, the 26th.
"In Jewish tradition, that's
the day of his Bar Mitzvah..
"..a ceremony at the synagogue
followed by a party.
"This is how young boys become
accepted as members of the community.
Come on, come on.
- Faster.
- Don't touch me.
"I would dearly like
to find someone trustworthy
"who could organize
this ceremony for Mirel.
"And I would be so happy if you could
do it. With Mr. Zilber's help.
"I'm asking you
to please help me.
"And I want you to know
that you gave me
the last beautiful night
of my life."
As for me,
things turned out differently.
At the last minute
my sentence was commuted
to life imprisonment.
My life was spared because a
few days before the execution
it came out that..
...I was pregnant.
You sigh the song begins
You speak and I hear violins
It's magic
The stars desert the skies
And rush to nestle
in your eyes
It's magic
Without a golden wand
Or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin
When I am in your arms
When we walk hand in hand
The world becomes
a wonderland
It's magic
How else can I explain
Those raindrops
when there is no rain
It's magic
Why do I tell myself
These things that happen
Are all really true
When in my heart I know
The magic is my love for you
It's magic
It's magic
Without a golden wand
Or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin
When I am in your arms
Why do I tell myself
These things that happen
Are all really true
When in my heart I know
The magic is my love
For you