Cloudboy (2017) Movie Script

Dad ?
Mister ?
There you go, mister.
Thank you.
A cup for... No, a cup for
number three. A cup for number
three as well.
And a plate on top.
Thank you very much.
Another plate for... No.
Aren't you going to
open that package ?
I'm going to open it. Okay ?
Yes, that's a great
gift from your mother.
Here, plug it in.
Here. I think it's a lasso.
A lasso ?
To catch animals. Read it.
Dear Niilas, I can't
wait to see you.
We're going to have a
great time this summer.
Sunn and Pontus look
forward to meeting you too.
This present is for you.
You'll need it when you get
Hugs and kisses from
the north, your mom.
I'm not going.
Pardon ?
I'm not going.
I can't hear you.
Why now ?
I arranged it with your mother.
Niilas, we've talked about this.
You're going. Period. Understand
Dry this.
No, I'm not going.
Are you okay ? Do you
want to join us ?
I just want to
stay with you.
We're always together.
It'll become boring.
You don't want
that, do you ?
Niilas ?
I really can't find him.
You've made your
point. Let's go home.
I understand what
you're feeling.
You just have to trust me.
It's going to be good for you.
She doesn't even know me. No,
but that's why you should go.
What if it doesn't work ?
What if it does ?
Hm ? Come on, let's go.
We're having cold spaghetti.
Did you pack everything ?
Don't take that.
You can't use it there anyway.
Come here.
You'll be back
before you know it.
Go to bed. I'll
check on you later.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Sweden.
Are you my brother ?
Hello, my name is Juho.
I'm happy you're finally here.
This is your brother Pontus.
Don't be scared, he doesn't
bite. Sunn ? Come say hello.
Pontus's sister Sunn.
Your bonus sister.
He doesn't look
anything like Mom, does he ?
I think so too.
Why isn't it working ?
It's confusing that
the sun's still up.
Welcome to the land
of the midnight sun.
It never gets dark
here in summer.
We're going straight to Daddy's.
He needs help marking the
reindeer calves.
The idea was to go there later,
but the reindeer came early this
Yes. That's more like it.
Hello, Katarina ?
Is Niilas there ? He's
in the back. He can hear you.
Okay. Niilas ? Hello ?
Hey, mister.
You alright ?
Hello, Niilas ?
Niilas ?
Mom, give him the phone.
Gerard, let me give
him the phone. Okay.
Niilas ?
Hello ? Niilas ?
Can you hear
me ? Niilas ?
Are you asleep
already ? Hello ?
Hello ? Hello ? Niilas ?
Hey, mister, if you can hear
me, can you give me any sign of
life ? Hello ?
Mister ? Hello ?
Okay, let's do it that way then.
One tap means yes, two taps
mean no. First question. Are yu
okay ?
Okay, great. Second question:
Are you managing with the
Swedish language ?
Really ? See ? I told
you it would work out.
Can you give the phone
back to Katarina ?
Hello again. Katarina,
is he really okay ?
Why isn't he talking ?
He's just a bit overwhelmed.
Need help ?
All right. Let's go.
You'll get to meet the others.
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
Reaidnu, this is Niilas.
Niilas, Reaidnu is Sunn
and Pontus's dad.
Dad, can I come with you?
No, you go with mom.
You know, there are
thousands of them.
They've spent five days
gathering all the reindeer from
the mountains.
Look there, that's mine. See the
onethere with the white ear and
bent mark ?
It's her calf we're marking.
We start marking tonight.
We'll cut all their ears and
there will be lots of blood all
over the place.
Because we need to know
which calves belong to whom.
Let's go, Pontus.
Come on, I'll teach you how to
lasso. I'm really good at it.
Leave him alone if
he doesn't want to.
Reindeer meat. Do you remember ?
You used to love it.
Niilas ? Niilas ?
Here. It's your turn.
Take it.
This is my brother from Belgium.
It's his first time.
Right ?
Try it on me.
Throw it, throw it, throw it.
Wait. Are you running
all the way to Belgium ?
I don't know about you,
but I want to go home.
Are you okay ?
Are you hurt ?
Pontus, stop that.
We haven't done anything.
Why can't we stay with Dad ?
Put your seatbelt on.
Dad's busy. He has to catch
the reindeer that ran away.
Hey. I thought you were
showing Niilas his room.
Guess which house is ours.
I know it's strange for you,
Niilas. But give it a chance,
you just got here.
You're up.
Are they good ?
All passengers on board with
Juho Airlines. We're flying to
Don't you think he's cute ?
You can hold him if you want.
What are you doing ?
What were you thinking ?
Hey, mister.
How are you ?
Niilas, is everything
okay ? Dad ?
Yes ?
I want to be with you.
Yes, but you're
over there now.
Tell me. Did... Did
something happen ?
Hm ? Are they
nice to you ?
Mister ?
Niilas, open the door.
Talk to me.
Hey ? Niilas ?
Is it the yes no
game again ?
Shouldn't you stop with the
radio silence ? Just tell me
what's wrong.
Mister ?
You'll have to learn to fix
some things yourself. Tell me
what's wrong.
Niilas, please say something.
Mom, can I ?
Sunn, what are you doing ?
Let me.
I know you speak Swedish, you no
longer need to pretend you
So stop behaving like an idiot.
Mom is only trying her best.
She really wants to
be your mom again.
Again ?
Yes, again.
End of file.
Is it your dad ?
Do you miss him ?
Me too.
But mine, of course.
Mom ?
Yes ?
Niilas is stupid.
But I think you're nice anyway.
What ? All fixed.
Pontus, Niilas food!
What's wrong? Why aren't you
eating anything? You love smoked
I prefer the one Mommy makes.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Let's make it higher.
No, not that one.
Use this instead.
Higher, higher, higher.
Higher, higher, higher.
Come on, Niilas.
This is going to be
so cool and great.
Come on. Yup. The last ones too.
Sunn ?
Where is she ?
No idea. She's super fast.
Can I listen ?
The forest.
There you are.
Niilas brought the city.
Do you really like this ?
Wait, I wanna listen.
It's a tram.
And this is a siren.
Wow, that's loud.
All right. Down, and be quiet.
Do you know how to climb ?
Wanna try ?
You need both hands.
I can see really
far from up here.
Higher, higher, higher.
No, wait. Don't climb too high.
Higher, higher.
Yes. I knew you could do it.
Sunn, Pontus,
Niilas lunch!
Let's see who gets there first.
Maybe you'll sleep better. The
midnight sun won't bother you
I want to go home.
Pontus and Sunn have never
climbed as high as you did
You should be proud of yourself.
I want Dad to come get me.
We'll see tomorrow.
Sunn, come here with it.
Mister ?
Dad ?
Mister ?
Sunn, give it to Dad.
I can hear the fish sing.
Can't I keep it just a little
longer ? You can keep Juho if
you want.
Stop it. Or I'll throw
it in the water.
Stop it. Stop it.
You could have asked. You're
like a baby who can't speak.
Mommy's little baby.
Just so you know, mommy is
my mommy, and not yours.
You're just a little
baby without a mom.
Never hit Pontus. No matter what
he did. We don't hit each other.
I'm sick of your behavior.
And I'm sick of you.
You think you're my mom, but
you're not. Hey, Niilas ?
Niilas ?
We hate you.
Niilas ?
Niilas. Niilas.
Niilas, please stop.
Could you hand me that spanner ?
Want me to teach you ?
Picture it before you throw.
Make it happen inside your
head first. Then you throw.
Catch me.
You have to believe
you can do it.
Come on. Catch me.
Catch me.
Catch me.
You were close. You
should practice.
And remember, you have to
believe you can do it before you
throw it.
Hello. Hi there.
This one is for you.
I'm sorry about Juho.
Thank you.
It's a nice one.
But you may keep it.
Because I have Juho.
And now he can fit in my pocket,
and that's very handy.
And this is...Harvey.
Harvey ?
He fits there as well.
Did you find them, Daddy?
I found your calf.
But not the mother.
And I've looked everywhere.
Pontus's reindeer is missing,
the calf's mom.
If we don't find its mom soon,
the calf could die.
Where did you find it ?
By the big waterfall.
But where is the calf now?
Outside, in the corral.
Don't be afraid,
your mother will be back soon.
Bye, bye, I won't be long.
Sunn ?
Sunn ?
Where is the big waterfall?
About half a day's
trip from here. Why ?
Will you come with me ?
For the calf.
For Pontus.
You know the way.
Where are you going ?
We're going to get your
reindeer. You are ?
Sjjjt! Quiet for Mom and Dad.
I promise. We'll find it.
No matter what.
Okay, let's go.
Go home... Go home.
Now what ?
The waterfall makes
too much noise.
We have to get higher.
Can you hear anything ?
Can you hear anything ?
Water. Birds. Bugs.
I want to listen too.
Maybe we should check
the other side of the valley.
I want to go home.
Let me down.
I don't want to anymore.
I don't want to anymore.
Come on, Pontus. Let's go.
What are we actually
doing, Niilas ?
I don't know. I thought
it would work.
That what would work ?
You really thought a reindeer
would listen to a machine ?
Doesn't it ?
What do I know ? I'm not Sami.
You're the reindeer experts
But how will we find
my mother reindeer then ?
I was stupid enough
to believe in you.
Yeah, sure. Run off again.
That's about the only thing
you're good at.
Scanning. Battery low.
Bad signal.
Battery low.
Do you think he'll be coming
back? I don't know...
You were both really behaving
very childish...
Now I lost my reindeer
and my brother...
Do you know he's actually
my brother and not yours?
He's my brother as well. We
both share you as our brother.
You're Niilas's brother because
of Mommy and my brother because
of Daddy.
So in a way Niilas is my brother
as well. Because of you.
Niilas ?
That's my reindeer.
Sunn, you go over there.
I'll go over there.
And Pontus, you stay here.
Okay ?
We're gonna catch the reindeer.
You have to believe
you can do it.
Thank you.
I knew you could do it.
Mommy, mommy !
We have my reindeer.
Hi... Hi.
Can we now promise not to run
away from each other ever again
She recognizes it.
Well done.
Thank you.
Can you imagine yourself
ever coming back here ?
Like on a holiday, for example.
Would you like me to ?
Of course I would.
Hey, how did you do that ?
I just did it.
Well ?
What if I don't want to come
back after the fall holidays ?
Well, I'll probably miss you.
A little bit.
After Christmas ?
I'd miss you.
Well, not really.
And after Easter ?
That's going too far.
I'll come and get you.
I'll lasso you like an elk.
A reindeer. You'll catch me
like a reindeer.
You're the expert.
You can't catch an elk.
No ? I can.