Clouded Yellow, The (1951) Movie Script

Hello, Mac...
Good morning, Sir.
I'll tell Mr Chubb you're here.
Mr Somers is here, Sir.
Yes, Sir...
He'll see you now, Sir.
Well... you managed to get out.
Only just.
So I heard.
You used the emergency route...
I had to... the frontier was blocked.
Besides, I had a bit of trouble.
Let's see, you joined us in 1939...
1940...parachuted into Bavaria...
...captured by the Gestapo...
...interrogated... escaped
with Professor Jacob Werner...
'43...Paris... liaison Darrieux...
Returned Germany...
Led the escape for Professor Karl Cesare
and wife....
In charge counter-espionage U.K....
...and the northern headquarters...
details of mine defences...
Yes... quite a good record...
...until now.
Aren't I allowed one mistake?
I see.
What happens now?
You're where you came in.
You're not a regular.
You would have had to go
sooner or later, anyway.
I used to be a newspaper man, once.
Do you think there'd be any future
in the real life story of the Secret Service?
I should think a very short future,
Major Somers.
Very short.
You've got a little money,
haven't you?
Well, then... forget all this...
Go back to real life again.
How do I start?
Well, to begin with...
you stop carrying a gun.
You're going to miss me. you know.
I'm one of the best men you've got.
"Had" is the operative word, old boy.
You ought to start thinking
about a job for yourself.
Something quiet in the country.
I might be able to help you.
So that you can keep tabs on me!
Something like that... yes.
Oh, that's sad.
Goodbye, Sir.
Goodbye, David.
And thanks.
I suppose you haven't a working knowledge
of Commercial Portuguese?
No...I'm afraid I haven't.
There is one here...
I don't necessarily recommend it...
I just mention it in passing...
Why... is it dangerous?
Well... no... not exactly...
I think I should tell you we have had
the greatest difficulty...
...getting people to even consider it.
What is the job?
Cataloguing butterflies.
Do I have to know anything
about them?
Well... no... the only necessary qualifications...
...seems to be a sound general education,
and an amiable disposition.
You appear to have both,
if I may say so.
Thank you.
But I think I must point out...
...that in our opinion,
there's very little future in it.
Well, I could think about it,
I suppose.
Yes...I'm afraid that's what
they ALL say.
Hello, Willy... have a drink.
Hello, old boy... thanks.
How's the job-hunting?
-Fine...I'm all fixed up...
I'm celebrating.
What'll you have?
2 whiskies please.
Shepley here.
Well, he's fixed up.
Yep... all OK.
Nice quiet family...
Nice quiet place.
Cataloguing butterflies.
I say!..
I'm looking for a house called "White Lodge".
Are you now!?
-Do you know it?
Yeah, I know it.
Well, do you mind telling me
how to get there?
I'll do better than that...
I'll show you.
I'm going there myself.
Why, that's jolly decent of you.
Do you know the Fentons?
No, do you?
Yeah, in a manner of speaking.
What manner would that be?
You'd better ask the Fentons.
Everyone knows me around here.
Well, that'll be your personality,
of course.
Are you the chap that's come to help
with the butterflies?
That's right.
Nice part of the country, this...
...if you stick to butterflies.
"Colias croceus"
"Clouded Yellow"!
Where's Sophie?
Oh, Jess... the light!
You're blocking the light.
Nicholas, do stop for a minute
and listen to me.
I always listen to you, my dear.
I can do almost anything
at the same time...
...and still listen to you.
Nicholas...I'm serious.
Oh, Jess... let's have peace.
Where is Sophie?
Over in the far meadow...
trying to find "Clouded Yellows".
Well, this man who is coming...
this Somers...
He must be warned about her.
Oh, Jessie my dear, that's a bit clumsy...
What's he to be warned about?
After all, he's just a young man
who's coming to stay with us...
...and do a little work.
You know Sophie,
just as well as I do...
But I really don't see
what could happen.
A local young man, I can deal with...
But this is something quite different.
Somebody here... living in the house.
Don't let's start off
imagining things!
I don't like a stranger here...
talking to Sophie...
...asking her questions.
You had no business to arrange it,
without consulting me.
Well, I'm sorry, my dear...
but it's done now.
I'm David Somers.
Makes a nice change to come
round to the front door...
I've brought a couple of rabbits
for you Mrs Fenton.
Take them round to the back, will you?
Anything you say, Mrs Fenton.
How do you do!?
I'm so pleased to meet you.
I think my husband is here...
Nicholas, this is Mr Somers.
How do you do, Sir.
-How are you?
I see you've begun
making friends already...
Hick's quite well known 'round here.
Isn't he dear?
I'll tell Addie to bring your bags
to your room.
I'll show you where to put your car.
Come in... hello sir...
Our Addie has brought up your bags, I see.
Please go on.
Usually she has to be
told things twice...
You must have made
an impression on her.
By the way... there's a bigger room
at the back of the house, if you prefer it...
But this is the one that has the view
of the garden.
This is perfect, thank you, Sir.
Good...Well I hope
you'll be comfortable.
I'm sure I shall.
If you don't mind my saying so...
you hardly seem to be the sort of man that would...
Want to catalogue butterflies?
Well, yes.
Of course you made it quite clear in your letter
that you're not interested in butterflies...
But I can't help wondering
what attracted you to the job.
Your references were really excellent.
They did make it clear to you
that it was only temporary, didn't they?
Yes, they did, Sir.
Well, it's simply that I got rather tired
of people and cities, and...
The thought of 2 or 3 months doing something
quiet and peaceful in the country...
...seemed to me just what I wanted.
Oh yes...I understand.
A convalescence of the mind.
Peace... that's what we all strive for,
don't we?
I well understand.
I hope you'll be happy.
Thank you, Sir.
We're very quiet here...
there's just my wife and myself...
...and my wife's niece.
I feel there's something
I ought to tell you about Sophie.
Your wife's niece?
Yes... we're her guardians.
She's not had a very happy life...
...and you may find her
a little strange in certain respects.
I thought I'd just tell you that...
She's a sweet child,
but she's very highly strung...
...and she isn't always quite reasonable
in the things she says...
But Jess, my wife, understands her.
Now, please don't think too much about it
but I thought I'd let you know.
I'll remember, Sir.
Well, that's that!
Tea will be a little late today...
My wife always goes down to Tapgrove
on Tuesdays and Fridays...
So it'll be 5 o'clock instead of 4.30.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
If there's anything you want...
you will ring, won't you?
I can't promise that Addie will answer the bell,
but it's always worth trying.
5 o'clock downstairs...
I'll see you then.
Fine!..Thank you, Sir.
I'm sorry!
I'm very sorry...I thought
you'd gone down to the village.
I don't...
Who are you?
My name's Somers.
David Somers.
Are you the one who's going to do
the butterflies for Nicholas?
That's right.
You must be Mrs Fenton'd niece.
How do you do?
How do you do?
You play very well, Miss Sophie.
Do I?
Jess hates me to play.
I thought you were Jess,
when you came in.
I see.
Are you a doctor?
Oh, no...I'm not a doctor.
Then you haven't come here
to explain to me...
...that I get things muddled
and wrong?
No... I've come to help
with the butterflies.
That's what Jess said.
Well, it's true.
There WAS a doctor who came here
once before.
Oh, yes?
You think I'm very foolish, don't you?
No! I don't.
They asked me down to tea...
Can you tell me where they have it?
On the terrace.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I disturbed your playing.
Jess is back...
So I couldn't have gone on, anyway.
What a pity.
Mr Somers!
You won't tell Jess
what I said to you, will you?
No... no I won't.
I TOLD you not to come
to this part of the house!
I don't mind WHICH part of the house
I come to.
Why can't I still come to yours?
Because I like it better here.
I like the view!
Get out of here!..
Before I call my husband!
You should have called him
a long time ago...
...if you were going to call him at all.
Oh, Jim... sorry!
I didn't mean to say that.
I didn't... really!
Please... please!
Got any honey to spare?
What are YOU doing here?
Oh, don't be so high and mighty!
Why don't you relax a bit?
Don't you like me?
All the other girls do.
You've no right to BE here.
Go away!
That's not very friendly!
Give me my comb!
Say "please".
No... not friendly enough...
I can't get any honey,
and I can't get friendly...
So I'll keep this.
Is anything the matter?
He's taken my comb.
Is he a friend of yours, too?
I don't know...
He does stupid things.
What's he been up to?
Oh, nothing.
Well, I'll get back to my butterflies.
I should avoid Hick,
if I were you, child.
I do.
How long is Mr Somers
going to stay here?
A month or two.
I like him.
I shouldn't say so.
Not to your aunt.
Oh, I wouldn't...
not to Jess.
I must get another comb.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry...I forgot.
Forgot!..You do it purposely!
No I don't.
-Don't you lie to me!
Oh, Mr Somers...I didn't see you
standing there.
I'm really very sorry.
Sophie... please go.
I expect you think I'm very unkind
to Sophie.
Well, it's none of my business, Mrs Fenton.
But you must be thinking it.
That was her father's music
she was playing.
Her father's?
He was Georges Malraux, the composer.
Didn't he shoot himself and his wife?
She was my sister.
The marriage was hopeless
from the start.
But why the suicide?
He was unbalanced...
He needed someone strong...
that could understand him.
Sophie was only 6 when it happened.
It was dreadful.
You see... she found them.
When Nicholas and I arrived...
she was kneeling by her mother...
She'd bent over her...
There was blood on her hands.
How dreadful!
Mr Somers...
I have to tell you this...
Sophie is like her father...
...and it's very bad for her
to be reminded of the past.
We have to watch her... she gets things
twisted and wrong.
It can be dangerous.
She's right...I do get things muddled.
We ALL get muddled sometimes.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I was hoping I'd see you, Sophie.
I have an apology to make to you.
You mean, about last night?
It wasn't your fault.
No... you once told me that your aunt
wouldn't let you play the piano.
And I didn't believe you.
I'm sorry.
You're very kind.
No... it's not that...
It's that I suddenly realised
how terribly lonely you must be.
You never go out...
nobody ever comes here...
Except Hick.
Yes... but... you haven't really
got any friends, have you?
Or relatives...
Apart from Mr and Mrs Fenton.
When you've always been alone,
you get used to it.
Is that quite true?
No... it isn't.
It's nearly true.
You wouldn't know.
I know what it's like
to be alone.
And I know what despair
can feel like, too.
When even the sun looks grey.
And self-pity is such a dreary thing... despise yourself...
...and wonder if it matters
if you go on living or not.
Yes, I know.
Would you let me help you?
Help me?
I've got you!
No...I can shut you out.
Sophie... where are you?
It's your move.
That's the idea.
Yes, you're really doing a very good job...
Far more quickly that I could.
It's your practical mind.
Now, I started a catalogue 3 times...
But always when I come across
one of my old favourites...
I stop and think how I caught it.
I know... then you're lost.
How well you understand.
You know, you've become
quite a stabilising influence...
...during the weeks
you've been here.
i shall be very sorry
when you have to leave us.
I shall be very sorry, too, Sir...
I've been very happy here.
I'm glad.
Got it!
Silver White... see them all over the place.
Alright... fly away!
Don't you ever get tired
of butterflies?
I get tired of people, first.
Oh, well... of course.
But I've only had 3 weeks of butterflies.
What do you do,
when you get tired of people?
You can't stick pins
through their middles.
I think sometimes I'd like to.
Yes...I know that feeling.
What was that?
I thought I heard something cry out.
Yes... there it is again!
Why did you do that?
It was caught in one of those
beastly spring traps...
It's legs were broken.
Poor little thing.
I hate traps.
Hey... what do you think
you're playing at?
What are you doing
with that rabbit?
How many of those traps
have you got?
About a dozen.
Do you have to use that sort?
I bought 'em cheap.
Any objections?
I'll give you 5 for the lot.
Well... that suits me fine.
I'll take delivery now.
I can't bring 'em now...
I'm meeting someone.
I said "now".
You better get them, Hick.
5 is certainly better
than any girl.
Maybe you got something there!
I'll bring 'em round.
Oh, Hick...
Could I have my comb?
I'll throw it in with the traps.
He's spoilt it.
I don't want it any more.
Nice chap!
He's one of the people
I'd like to throw away.
I'd stick to butterflies,
if I were you.
You see...
Well, he's brought her back.
He's bad for her.
Oh, there you are, Sophie.
Any luck?
No, only Silver White.
I told Hick not to come here.
Well, I have some work to do.
I'm afraid it's my fault, Mrs Fenton...
I've just bought some rabbit traps
from Hick.
Oh... why?
He's sorry for the rabbits.
What are you doing with my knife?
I'll give it back to you later on.
Well I'd better go
and collect the traps.
Mind you only give him 5.
I will.
Oh, Mr Somers...
He'll try and make you
give him more.
I know him.
-So do I.
More tea, Sophie?
But I haven't had any.
You really must remember
what you do, Sophie.
You really must.
I'd better go upstairs and change.
There's no one to impress here.
Have you been with Mr Somers
all the afternoon?
Yes, he likes being with me.
That's because he's kind.
You mustn't take advantage of him, Sophie.
It's nice to have a friend.
But not for you.
It's not safe.
Your father loved your mother...
and you're very like him.
I don't mind.
I want to be like him.
Mr Fenton!
What is it Addie?
It's Hick!
He's dead!
Down by the stables!
There's a knife in his back.
It's horrible...
I saw him lying there...
and I saw the knife...
Who could have done it?
You must have been seeing things...
Somers... go with her like a good fellow
will you, and see what it's all about.
I'll put on a coat.
He's dead, alright.
Better send for the police, Somers.
Come back to the house, Jess.
I'm alright, Nicholas.
We'll all have to remember
where we were when he was killed.
You...I...Addie... and Somers...
She'll have to remember, too.
Alright, Mr Somers,
thank you very much.
Perhaps you'll be good enough
to send in Mis Malraux, now.
Very well, Inspector.
Yes, Mr Somers?
I know that this is none
of my business, Inspector, but...
The girl is likely to be
a bit nervous.
I wouldn't go too much
by appearances, that's all.
That's alright, Mr Somers...
It'll just be the facts that count.
Right...I'll get her.
Yes...I'd like to know something
more about Mr Somers.
I'll bet he's talked to the girl
already this morning...
Still, it can't be helped.
You know these people, Stewart...
What do you think about
Mrs Fenton's evidence?
I think she's trying
to protect the girl, Sir.
You noticed she didn't really
want to tell us...
...about seeing her go out
in the middle of the night.
I think she's too honest not to.
It's beginning to look like
an open and shut case alright.
Sit down, Miss Malraux.
I'd just like to ask you
a few questions.
That is, if you're prepared
to answer them, of course.
I don't know anything.
Last night... did you go out at all?
Yes, Miss Malraux... out.
Out of this house?
Well, yes...I think I did.
Aren't you sure?
Yes, I did go out.
What time would that be?
I don't know...
In the night.
Where did you go to?
To the wood by the church meadow.
Why did you do that?
Was it to meet someone?
You knew this man Hick, didn't you?
Yes, I knew him.
Did you like him?
No, I didn't.
But I didn't kill him.
Was it to meet Hick, that you went out
to the wood, at 3 o'clock this morning?
No... it was to get my comb.
Your comb?!
I left it on the edge of the wood.
Hick had spoilt it,
so I left it there.
And so, in the middle of the night... put on your coat and went out
to get a comb you left in the wood.
Is that it?
Will you show me the comb,
Miss Malraux?
I haven't got it...
I couldn't find it.
Had Hick taken it again?
I get things muddled.
I get things the wrong way round.
You're like Jess...
You're trying to confuse me.
We're not trying to confuse you,
Miss Malraux.
We only want the facts.
But I was angry,
because he took my comb.
Ah, yes... we're back to the comb again,
Miss Malraux.
This comb you went out to look for this morning
and couldn't find...
What exactly was it like?
I brought it from France...
It belonged to my mother.
Yes, but what was it like?
Was it like that, for instance?
Yes, it was.
That's my knife.
That belonged to my mother, too.
I see, Miss Malraux...
That will be all for now,
thank you very much.
I'll have to ask you not to leave the house,
if you don't mind.
I think we shall want you
for questioning a little later on.
They want to see you again, Jess.
What happened?
They think I killed him
just because of my comb...
You told me you couldn't
find it last night.
But I found it.
It was in the wood where you dropped it.
But I couldn't find it...
not in the dark.
I had no light with me.
I didn't think...
It was because of a nightmare I had.
Are you sure?
I think so.
Well, this is one thing
the police won't find.
But they've got your coat...
How did that blood get on it?
I haven't seen my coat...
they took it away.
There's a bloodstain on it.
They found it,
because Jess tried to hide it.
She's tried to hide it?
I remember she came
and took it away.
This morning, after the police came.
She said it had to be cleaned.
David, I'm so frightened!
You will help me, won't you?
Yes... of course I will.
But what you really need
is a lawyer.
I know the very man...
We'll drive up to London
this afternoon.
I can't... the police said I wasn't to leave the house.
Oh, they did, did they?
Oh, that settles that.
Never mind...Listen to me...
I'll tell you what we're going to do.
What's the matter,
why aren't you ready?
I'm not going, David.
Do you want to stay here
and get yourself arrested?
I mustn't run away.
Sophie, if things were different,
you'd be right, but not now...
Don't you realise how strong
the case is against you?
But I didn't kill him!
I know... but someone is trying
to make it look as if you did.
And they're succeeding.
Your aunt, perhaps.
Jess wouldn't do that to me.
Besides, she was trying
to hide the coat.
They found it, just the same.
David, perhaps I did kill him
and now I can't even remember.
Of course you didn't kill him...
you couldn't kill him.
Then who did?
I'm not certain.
But one thing I know...
As long as you're free, the real killer
won't feel safe.
Something more has to happen.
And it's then he killer
makes mistakes.
You mustn't help me...
or you'll be in it, too.
There's no crime in taking someone
to see a lawyer.
Besides, I hate traps.
And I'm getting you out of this one.
I've done it before for people
I didn't even know.
So I can do it for someone I love.
Now don't you argue any more.
Go back to your room
and get your things ready, quickly.
Have you had enough breakfast?
Good... well I think I'll get along now.
Aren't I going with you?
No, Sophie... it's better if I see Chubb alone, first.
It really is better that way.
Have you any money?
Good... now then...
Where shall we meet?..
Do you know the Holborn underground?
I imagine I can find it.
Go to Holborn underground
and wait on the Kings Cross platform until I come.
I'll get there by...10.30.
Holborn underground...
Kings Cross platform.
Goodbye now.
I expected you before this.
I missed my breakfast.
What do you mean?
You've been staying
with a Nicholas Fenton.
"White Lodge", Tapgrove, Hampshire.
So you did keep tabs on me.
I thought Willy was too good to be true.
Do you know Fenton?
Do you know his wife?
And I don't know her niece...
the girl who's wanted for murder.
Where is she, Somers?
What makes you think she did it?
The knife, and the coat and
the cock-and-bull story about a comb.
The nature of the girl.
The aunt's been expecting it...
blames herself for letting it happen.
What are you doing in all this, Somers?
She had the opportunity, too...
Did you forget that, Chubb?
She's off her head... she won't hang...
They'll shut her up.
What's it got to do with you, anyway?
Where did you leave her?
Corner House, Piccadilly...
Do you mind if I go myself?
As you like... the police
will be with you though.
They've been waiting for you
since crack of dawn.
Here... catch...
That's yours... it works now.
There she is... over there in the corner.
Are you coming over?
-No...I'd rather wait outside.
Excuse me, miss... -Hello, boys!
Come on.
They were ahead of
us. -The police? -Yes.
There's a warrant out for your arrest.
I shall have to go to them
-No, Sophie...
There's too much against you.
We've got to get away.
We're going north.
By boat.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
Where do we go
when we get to Newcastle?
Oh...China...South America...
You choose.
You can't go abroad just like that.
You have to have passports
and tickets and things....don't you?
I've got friends...
You'd be surprised at the chums
I've picked up here and there.
People who'll help us?
Yes... people who've helped me before.
There's some clothes in there for you.
I bought them in Oxford St...
I hope they fit.
I think you'd better change into them...
there may be a police description out.
Won't the police be checking
the people getting off the boats?
No... they'll be watching those
leaving the country.
Not those coming in.
The trouble is, Superintendant...
you can never tell with these chaps...
They're trained to look one thing
and think another.
Any idea where he might make for, Sir?
Might be anywhere.
This chap's got contacts
all over the place.
Our men have a free rein...
We don't ask questions.
Yes... he'd have some pretty funny friends,
one way and another.
Yes...I'm afraid you'll have
your work cut out to find him.
If he lasts that long.
He has that girl with him, remember.
Tell you what...I'll lend you someone
who knows the ropes, if you like.
Another agent.
That's very good of you, Sir!
No it isn't...
I'm being good to myself.
I don't want this department
in the news.
If you can get the girl at the same time...
so much the better.
But Somers is our job.
Bring him in.
I see.
He knows half the secrets
of this department...
Did 18 months on counter-espionage
at the end of the war...
Knows more ways in and out of this country
than a carrier pigeon.
He'd make nice reading
for the Sunday papers, wouldn't he?
Yes... very.
This is his history, since I met him...
The answer may be there.
With his experience of the north,
I'd say he'd make for Newcastle.
Two to Jesmond, please.
Get in, Mr Somers... and her...
No arguments... get in!
He's here.
Dear Minna!
I didn't know.
I must be grateful
to be here at all.
I'm very happy you came to us.
It's the last thing I intended to do.
I'm afraid Karl persuaded me.
Karl was right.
Now perhaps we can pay
a little of our debt.
You see...I dared not come back
to Minna without you.
I am Minna...
and this is my husband Karl.
We are friends of Mr Somers.
And we want to be YOUR friend.
We want to help you.
It's good to have friends.
Professor Werner...
Paul Duclas...
Max Reiner...
and Karl and Minna Cesare.
No... just their latest addresses.
Oh... and check up on the trains to Newcastle...
there's a pal.
Good afternoon...
Won't you sit down?
"A gentleman has asked me
to call for the red fox."
Was the fox male or female?
The fox is female.
Will it remain with your friend
on this voyage?
That is the idea.
I'm told there is a good market
in Mexico City.
Mexico City... right....
I'll have to tell my friend what you say.
Now then... when may I
call for the fox?
My daughter will bring it to you tonight.
Kyra is my daughter's name.
Yes... we've met before.
She will meet you down at the old steps,
near the Surtees House.
11 o'clock?
She will be punctual.
The price of the animal will be 150.
Ridiculous price.
You look very tired, my friend.
You should take a holiday.
Me?..Holidays cost money.
Would 100 give you a pleasant weekend
at the seaside?
Perhaps 125?
I'll give it to your daughter.
With your experience,
it should be easy.
It might be easy,
but it will be expensive.
Now... we drew this out...
We thought you might need it.
Minna, I knew you'd do this...
I can't take it.
But you must have money...
where are you going to get it?
There are ways.
And take more risks?
Where would we be,
if we had refused your help?
He gave Karl and me
our freedom...
Now we want to help you...
Don't be silly!
Thank you Minna...
I'll see you get it back.
We can manage...
We don't care about that money.
There's something more important...
We have been talking
to this child...
She's very troubled.
While you were away, I found out
that Karl was a doctor.
He's been trying to help me.
You know Mr Somers...
...that we have had much experience
of persecution.
We know that it's only necessary
when very big lies have to be told...
This girl is suffering from such a lie.
Yes...I think so, too.
But in one part of her mind,
she still knows the truth.
Are you expecting anyone?
No... into the kitchen...
Wait in there.
Thank you, Karl.
Dr Cesare?
My name's Shepley.
I'm trying to find
a friend of yours.
We have only a few friends
in England.
If it were not for this friend,
you wouldn't be in England, now.
Oh...I haven't seen him...
Not for years.
May I come in?
By all means.
I'd like to meet your wife. She
may be able to help us. -Of course.
Minna... we have a visitor.
I want you to understand
that I've nothing to do with the police force.
I'm not looking for the girl.
So you see... if you have helped him...
You may have done him a disservice.
We do not worry...
Wherever he is, Mr Somers
can take care of himself...
...and of her.
Oh, hello, Kyra.
Here you are, big boy...
this'll get you on the boat.
You sail a week tonight
from Liverpool.
What about passports?
Be outside the Hai-Nan Caf
on the same day at 12.30.
There'll be a street-bookie waiting.
You must read from the menu
on the way in...
"Hau yen chau fan bo lau gai."
He'll answer "Yung chau dan."
"Hau yen chau fan bo lau gai"....
Then "Yung chau dan".
Clever boy!
"Butterfly Girl"...
It's a pretty name, isn't it?
Did she do it?
No... but that's difficult to prove.
Poor little thing!
Well... goodbye.
-Goodbye, Kyra... thank you.
They're working very hard,
aren't they?
They've blocked both bridges.
Never mind... we'll take that boat...
Come along... we'll row across.
What about this one?
No... it's too obvious.
That's the baby.
We'll soon fix this.
Nothing's safe, is it?
We'll look after her.
Alright... thank you.
They found the car...
abandoned on the moor.
Gives them a good start.
Not good enough.
You'll see... we'll get 'em!
I'll take this one...
And have you any buns,
or sausage rolls or something?
Sorry sir, the baker doesn't deliver
till 9.30 or so.
How about some apples?
They're good eaters.
Alright then...2lb of apples, please.
That'll be 4/6d.
Hey!..What do you think
you're up to?!
I'm hungry, David... can't we stop here
and have some tea?
You're always hungry.
What about those apples?..
there are still some left in your bag.
I want some tea...I'm sick of apples...
Aren't YOU?
Yes... but I don't think
we'll stop here.
Well, there's nobody in them...
we needn't stay long.
Alright... just this once, then.
Sophie... what were you and Karl
talking about?
I asked him about
getting muddled...
...and whether that did
happen to people.
He asked me a lot of questions, and...
Then he said it did happen
to some people, but...
...not to me.
And then he said there was
something I had forgotten.
That I have to remember...
...and that when I do remember it...
I won't feel muddled any more.
Was it something about
finding your parents dead?
Something else.
Come on... we've got to get our bus.
Hey, Mike!
What's the matter, Eric?
All the way, please.
-2 to Patterdale.
I was looking forward to that tea.
You've left your bag.
No, I've got it here.
No... your handbag!
But I haven't got it?
Yes, you had it at the caf.
Oh, yes...I left it on the chair.
That young man spotted you...
one at the tea place.
What are we going to do?
They'll comb the lakes...
but we can't be here...
We'll cut across to Liverpool.
They got on the Patterdale bus?
About 10 minutes ago?
The main party's gone up the hill
with a wireless van, Sir.
Straight ahead.
-Good... thank you!
We'll give them a minute...
and then we'll double back.
Still hungry?
And scared.
I know.
Put these things into your bag.
We've got to travel light now.
This is rough country...
We daren't use the roads.
Not by daylight.
Well it's theirs alright.
Anything interesting in it?
No... nothing they couldn't have bought
No... there wouldn't be.
We've made 3 rings of police.
This is where we found the bag...
So we know they came through the outer
ring. There's only one way they can go.
To the mountains.
When they do that...
we've got 'em!
He's got out of tighter places
than that.
I believe you want him
to get away!
Well...I'm sounding the tally-ho this time...
But I tell you quite frankly...
I hope I don't get the fox.
They've been sighted
towards Copley's Wood.
It's Jess!
Of course it isn't!
It WAS Jess!
I thought I saw Jess!
No, Sophie... you didn't.
Come on, we've got to get moving.
Alright now?
That wasn't Jess we saw.
I thought it was for a moment...
I was so frightened.
It's because I remembered.
Remembered what?
The last time was when I saw
my mother and father.
Someone was there, with a gun.
I thought you found them first.
That's what Jess said.
She always explained it that way.
She said I had a shock and...
...thought I saw someone.
That's what I remembered
in the woods just now.
I wasn't muddled.
Someone WAS there... with a gun.
Who was it?
Was it Jess?
I don't know...I can't remember.
The night that Hick was killed...
You didn't even see him, did you?
No... but they tried
to make me think I did.
You believe me, don't you?
Yes, Sophie, of course I believe you.
But then, I'm not the police.
Ok Flycatcher...
Message understood... out!
We've had a couple of chaps say
there's no sign of anyone in Copley's Wood, Sir.
Helicopter reports couple seen
near Sourmilk Gill, Sir.
Telephone Keswick...
Tell them to send all mobile reserves
to the bottom of Sourmilk Gill...
...immediately...Priority One!
This must be Sourmilk Gill.
If we follow this waterfall down... takes us to a narrow track
which leads to the main road.
Keswick Section Station here...
Message 1350...
Superintendent requests
all available mobile patrols...
Yes... concentrate north of Sourmilk Gill.
We're trapped... aren't we?
We've just got time to jump for it,
before they see us...
Do you think you can make it?
I can't David... it's too wide.
Alright... never mind.
You see that ledge down there...
Get in there and make yourself
as small as you can.
What are YOU going to do?
I'm going to draw them off.
Give me your raincoat.
After they've gone,
and when it's dark...
...make your way back to the lakeside,
where we got off the bus.
Remember? Wait for me there.
Supposing they catch you?
They won't....I'll come for you...
I promise.
Lakeside... where we got off the bus.
See you tonight.
Be careful!
-I will!
Where's the girl?
She's not here.
Good... she's got away.
Which way?
That's YOUR worry!
Well... we got Somers.
The girl won't be much trouble
on her own.
You'd better move the men to the other side
of the gully, as quick as you can.
Is that wise?
If she got away on that side and
Somers wouldn't leave her behind...
There's no point in a whole lot of men
standing around on this side.
How bad is Somers?
They say he's broken a couple of ribs
and he may have fractured an ankle.
My ribs!
How are your ribs?
Sorry, chum!
Well, get after him... quick... move!
A car... as quick as you can!
Knocked out the policeman
and slugged the driver, I suppose.
I told you!
Oh David...
I was so afraid!
Are you really alright.
Of course I'm alright.
Just worried for you.
I thought I'd have to give myself up.
I'm very glad you didn't.
Because we've got to take things
into our own hands now.
And the first thing is that you've got to
have a talk with Jess.
It'll be alright.
Only on the telephone.
Coming through.
Where are you?
No, I see...
Why are you telephoning?
I need help, Jess.
To get away...
Where are you?
You did very wrong
to run away, Sophie.
You must give yourself up to the police...
mustn't you, Sophie?
No...I need help, Jess.
Things aren't quite the same
any longer.
I don't get muddled any more.
What do you want?
No, that's too much...
I haven't got it.
200...yes... alright.
How can I bring it to you?
No... the post wouldn't be safe.
I'll bring it to you myself.
Alright, Jess... yes... alright...
I'll be at...
5 Coronation Way, Liverpool.
Yes, Coronation...
Thursday afternoon, 3 o'clock.
You won't fail me...
will you, Jess?
No, I won't fail.
Supposing she rings the police.
I don't think she will.
Anyway, it's a chance
we've got to take.
We missed the coach in front!
Hello, Nora!
Anything wrong with Glasgow?
Not sure I like a change, sometimes.
Your room'll cost you a fiver
this time, Somers.
She's hot.
I only want the room
for an hour or two, Nora.
We're expecting a visitor
this afternoon... a lady.
We want a private talk at 3 o'clock.
You understand?
-I do.
It'll still cost you a fiver.
What's the matter... is this stuff
getting more expensive?
I'd like the room ready
in an hour, Nora.
Alright... but watch yourself...
I don't want any trouble.
Nor do we.
What do you feel like?
"Hau yen chau fan bo lau gai"?
"Yung chau dan".
What time does Red Fox run?
And the jockey?
What about passports?
Another 25 nicker.
Foxes are up today.
So are butterflies.
Thank you.
Listen... go on North Atlantic Dock...
Bay 'D'...
Shed opposite a big crane...
Packing case marked with letter 'K'...
Red chalk.
Side opens easy.
Room for 2!
Ship closely watched...
...but captain willing.
Got it?
What was he shouting?
"Scram, Charlie... it's the cops".
Master Fox!
That means you've got to have
your hair cut off.
"Hau yen chau fan bo lau gai"?
This way...
Where are we going?
To have our photographs taken.
Put my coat on.
What about this hair?
She can cut it later.
For the photograph
I will retouch it.
Look straight in the camera.
No smiles... serious please.
Oh, there you are!
Upstairs, first door on the right.
And if you hear me buzz,
it'll mean the boys are back again...
So down the fire escape, quick!
The both of you.
Sophie... my pullover and your slacks...
I'm going out to get you a jacket.
And while I'm away...
cut some of that hair off.
Do I have to?
Yes, Master Fox... you do.
If the police do come and you have to
go down the fire escape...
You know where to go, don't you?
North Atlantic Dock...Bay 'D'...
packing case with red 'K'.
Room for 2.
Bye, Sophie...I won't be long.
I'll take this.
I'm just going out
for a few minutes...
But I'll be back before 3.
You might send some tea up
to the girl, will you?
I will, to be sure.
3rd degree!
It'll be 4th degree if you don't talk.
Now then... what name?
Come on... what name?
Mr and Master Fox.
Master Fox?
The old girl thought you might like
a cup of tea.
I'll put it down here, shall I?
Good morning Mr Crofts.
How's tricks?
Have you got those clothes for me?
I wasn't quite sure of the size.
To fit a boy.
A slim boy.
One of these?
Too big.
Hello, chum!
Doing a spot of shopping
for Master Fox?
Well... shall we push off?
Yes... if you wish.
I shan't ask you where she is.
No... of course not...
Would be a waste of time,
wouldn't it?
Anyway, it's you I'm after.
If the Department did things properly Willy...
you'd have reserved seats for us.
I know old boy...
But then we couldn't absolutely
depend on a chap like you to fill them.
You underestimate yourself.
Oh...I'm a realist.
You ought to have gone
at the station!
Madame... excuse me... let me help you...
Let me take the little fellow...
You come with me...
Let me through, Madam!
-Get your hands off me!
By now, your son has probably
been kidnapped.
Now, we mustn't make a sound child...
We must be very quiet.
Shh... must be quiet.
Don't scream, or I'll have to stop you...
and I don't want to do it that way.
You see...I'm very fond of you.
Where's Jess?
She's waiting for me...
she won't be here.
This is something that I have to do.
It was you who killed my mother.
I remember now.
I saw you.
And then Jess came.
That day in the garden.
YOU killed my mother!
Only because she interfered...
I didn't want to kill HER.
It was HIM!
Jess liked him.
He had to go.
Just as Hick had to go.
I warned Jess,
but she wouldn't take any notice.
I'm the only one she protects.
As long as I have Jess, I'm safe.
I'm sorry, child!
It's locked!
We shan't be disturbed.
-Get in!
'Little Boy Blue' here's getting impatient.
If this is another game of yours...
...I don't think the Department'll be able to help.
Hurry him up, Willy.
Inspector!..Bay 'D'.
Hey!..She's up there!
There she is... let's get her!
No, wait!..
There's your man!
Come on... quick!