Clown (2014) Movie Script

Hey, you guys, you can't
play in there, Jack.
It's dangerous, there's nails and stuff.
Should've dumped them all
of at Chuck E. Cheese
Well, that place is a nightmare.
I hate clowns.
Yeah, well, it's what he wanted.
He's seven.
Well, when I was seven,
I thought clowns were creepy.
Oh, you can tell that to the
clown when he gets here.
Okay, you need a drink.
No, I can't.
Why not?
You're not?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You can't say anything to Kent, okay?
It's a total surprise.
What surprise?
Hey, Dad.
He is... he is coming isn't he?
Yes, he's just running a little late.
Just checking.
Uh, Denise, pour me a
beer there will ya?
Are you kidding?
Is there somebody else
you could sent?
Yes, Sir.
Oh no, it's no problem at all.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
Okay, bye.
Okay. I'm coming, I'm coming.
Hey, honey.
I'm headed out the door.
Is Jack excited?
Yeah, go ahead.
The Party Emporium
people screwed up, and...
there's no clown coming.
I thought you had a backup.
Who double-books a clown?
Listen, just...just hurry up
and get home, okay babe?
Okay, listen, it's... everything is
gonna be fine. I'll be home soon.
Hey everybody.
Where's daddy?
He's gonna miss the clown.
It seems like there was a little
bit of a goof-up, all right?
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
have your attention, please?
He's here!
Gather around, one and all,
for the wacky...
The Wonderful, Dummo,
the clown.
Let's get this party started, huh?
Where is the number one
birthday boy, huh?
We give it up for Jack.
Let's make this
the best birthday ever.
Okay, Jack.
I've gotta go back to the circus,
time for bed.
I know it's you dad.
No, my name is Dummo.
I hear your dad is a
pretty great guy though.
Go, go, go, go!
Oh, God.
I forgot I was a clown.
You were perfect.
Jack loved it.
Where did you find that thing?
Where's the zipper.
It slipped right on.
I have big news for you.
Oh yeah.
Didn't know it was my birthday.
This might be just all to weird
Come on!
Make a little...
make a little clown baby.
- Huh?
- Yeah.
You can go watch TV.
I'm gonna go take a shower first.
You take that thing off,
I'll give you your present.
There better not be clown
marks on the couch, sweety
Yes, still a clown.
What time is it?
I think this wig is stuck.
Yeah, you shouldn't have slept in it maybe
Hey guess what.
The clown is driving
you to school today.
- Cool!
- Yeah, cool!
- No, wait, honey, I have a crew...
- You gotta hurry 'cause Jack's late for school.
- I have a crew waiting for me.
I have to get changed.
Love you.
Love you.
Hurry up and eat, come on.
- Dad, hurry, I'm gonna be late.
- Coming.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Jack, your lunch.
Jack, your lunch.
Thanks, Dummo.
Hey guys, sorry I'm late.
It's uh... It's just tearing the
carpet out on the first floor.
They won't talk about the hard wood.
Who are you?
I'm Kent, the realtor.
I talked... to Miguel. I'm sorry,
are you Miguel?
Why are you dressed like a clown?
You guys have kids?
Aah! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Stupid fucking clown.
Can I use this?
What are you doing in there?
You need some help?
No, no, no, no, no. I got it.
It's a... it's looking great by the way.
This is a bad idea.
Oh, Dad.
What are you doing?
I wanted to surprise to
Jack with a swing set.
You scared the crap out of me.
Well, I wanted to surprise you too.
Dad, Kent was gonna do this.
Yeah, well. Uh...
I'm just trying to help.
Yeah, right. It's freezing.
Let's go inside, I'm making dinner.
Damn instructions are in Chinese.
Hey babe, you just missed Dad.
I thought we were having
family dinner, but...
Jack, just went down. So if wanna go
upstairs you can probably say goodnight.
Shadow, lie down.
You went to work like that?
You don't understand.
I, uh..., I can't get if off.
Why not?
Because I can't.
I've-I broke a handsaw
I cut my wrist open.
And-and I really...
really, really have to pee.
Okay, okay, okay babe.
Kent, just calm down.
Sweetheart, I physically can not get if off.
I've been trying all day.
Okay, so... so it's-it's stuck.
It's suffocating me.
I-I'm serious. This is...
- All right.
- Ow! Ow!
It's not. It doesn't,
it's not gonna come off.
Why-Why are you laughing at me?
So dumb! Now I know why
they call you Dummo.
All right.
Here we go.
Relax, okay?
This is what I do.
And if you're really good
I'll get you a lollipop.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- 1....
- Ow, Ow.
- 2...
- Ow!
O-okay, okay. Okay.
All right.
Alright, I'm just gonna do this.
Are you serious?
Like a bandage, okay?
Shadow, bad dog!
Sweety, what did you do to yourself?
Did you dye your hair?
It's a wig.
No, it's not.
Did you dye and perm your hair?
- I didn't dye my hair. What the...
- Daddy.
Oh, Jack, sweety.
Let's get you to bed, all right, honey?
- C'mon
- What's Shadow eating?
Daddy's okay.
You're just gonna have to
let the adhesive dissolve.
You definitely don't wanna
take any more skin off.
Just take some warm showers.
There wasn't any adhesive,
I'm not an idiot.
Maybe someone is playing a prank on you.
Who would do that?
What happened to your wrist?
Oh, I, uh...
I cut myself.
By accident.
Mr. McCoy, If you need to speak with someone,
we have counselors that can help you.
Funny, uh, no.
You don't understand!
There is something going on.
This-this was a wig
and the white makeup, uh...
What kind of makeup
do you usually use?
I'm not a clown!
Come on Jack, brush your teeth.
Hey Olive, it's Kent.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you check the property files
to see if the Odell place lists
of the previous owner's name?
I think the initials are KC.
O-o-okay, ho... let me uh... give me a second
let me see if I can find...
You know what? I'll...
I'll come in and get it.
- Hey Olive.
- Hey Kent.
- Sorry.
- Ugh.
Son of a bitch.
Still hungry?
Ugh, gross.
I don't know, it looks old.
It smells weird.
Come on, anything else, please?
I don't know, man. We sell Halloween
costumes and cheap stuff, not like that.
Okay, but who does?
There's like a lot, they're in here.
That one.
Uh, I'm calling about uh... a clown costume,
I-I think might belong to you.
It was found in
Martin Karlsson's basement.
Where is Martin?
Oh, uh, I'm sorry. Uh...
Martin Karlsson passed away.
I'm the real estate
agent handling the...
Listen to me, whatever you do...
don't touch that costume.
You understand?
Stay away from it!
Are you still at the house?
I'll be over... as soon as I can.
But don't touch the costume, please!
I'm wearing it.
That's uh... That's fine. Uh...
Be careful! It's old, and fragile.
Uh... it doesn't seem very fragile.
I-I'm actually
having a pretty hard
time getting it off.
Ah, don't worry.
That happens all the time.
The heat from your body can constrict
the moisture trapped in those old fibers,
makes it, uh... hard to get off.
Oh, that-that makes perfect sense.
I thought... I thought I was going crazy.
But we should meet as soon as possible,
can you come to my warehouse?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, yeah,
I-I can get there.
We'll have that thing off in no-time.
Is anyone here?
- Kent.
- Jesus Christ!
I didn't wanna scare you.
Uh, I'm Bert Karlsson.
- Nice to meet you.
- Tea?
Hm... Thank you.
I have been abroad, off and on...
these last couple of years.
I haven't talked to Martin for ages.
Our relationship was...
yeah, complicated.
I'm sorry. I've never met him.
That is a very old, traditional costume
from the Nordic regions.
It was until years later,
it became a... silly character.
The original... clown,
he was not funny at all.
So... tell me, Mr. Karlsson.
How are we going to get
this thing off of me?
Very few people know the true origin
of what we call "the clown."
I can show you here.
It lived up in the mountains,
with a skin white as snow and
the red nose blistered by the cold.
It lured children out of the
villages into it's cave.
Five children...
one child for every month...
of winter.
Over the centuries, the legend of
the Clyne was forgotten.
He became "the Clown."
His white face and red nose
to make people laugh,
to entertain children,
if only they knew.
Why are you showing me this?
So you can understand.
Oh, shit.
No-no, the tea was supposed
to keep you asleep for hours.
I'd go get some more but I
can't risk you getting loose.
What? What?
It's gonna be all right.
Decapitation is the only way
to stop the demon.
Who are you?
Wait, wait, wait!
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
What the fuck?
I'm sorry. I just need...
What the fuck are you doing?
It's not a costume,
it's skin and hair of a demon.
- Honey, call 911.
- Sweety. What?!
Wait, where have you been?
This-this manic tried to kill me.
The guys who's house it was
that had the suit in it.
Look, he thinks I'm a demon.
Honey, we have to go to the cops.
But you have to come
with me 'cause they're
gonna think I'm crazy if
I'm dressed like a...
What's the fuck?
Are you wearing makeup?
Let go of her, Kent.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Walt, I know this seems a little crazy,
a little nuts. But this guy's a maniac.
If this is a joke,
it's not very funny.
It's not a joke.
So what the problem?
Just take off the clown suit, man.
I can't! You think
I'm making this up?
He chopped my neck
with a butcher knife.
Wait, is this blood?
Yes, it's my blood. He chopped
me with a butcher knife.
Who did?
Who the hell is that?
He tried to cut off my head.
He thinks I-I'm turning
into a demon.
Baby, he's crazy. Th-This is his suit.
He did this, all of it.
Just take the fucking thing off.
Oh, Jesus, Dave.
You broke his fucking arm!
Meet me at the police station.
You're going to jail, man.
You are going to jail!
I'm trying to help you.
It's... happening!
What are you doing to me?
Kill... yourself.
Before... ugh...
Hey man, you're okay?
You're okay, man?
Kill yourself...
Kill yourself...
Ms. McCoy?
I'm sorry, what?
Alright, one last question uhm...
Do you remember what he was wearing
the last time you saw him?
Like a...
a long coat and a...
dark hat.
If you hear something, call.
Thank you.
Maybe it's a chemical thing.
You know, he seems like...
Mr. Perfect Dad.
But then, suddenly...
Look, I want you and Jack to come
stay with me for a while.
You gotta think of your family, Meg.
You can't baby him.
You gotta tell Jack
his dad's dangerous.
Alright, I don't have to
listen to this anymore.
- I'm just trying to make it clear that...
- Dad?!
He was scared.
Mom, is this my fault?
No, it's not your fault.
It's no one's fault.
Let's get some sleep.
Good night, doll.
Lights out, fellas, let's go.
Hey, you left your dirty
plate by the fire. Go clean up.
Ah, alright. Yeah.
Don't get lost lard-ass.
Zip-it, Dickenson!
Do you have any food?
All I want is some food.
I've got these...
...who should pick him up,
are me or my emergencies.
So you got my cellphone. And
my dad's first name's Walt, so...
try him too.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Oh hey sweety, come here.
I'm gonna go, okay?
But who's gonna pick you up today?
- You or Denise.
- Mm-hmm.
And if you see Daddy?
Is Daddy bad?
No, no, no, no.
He just, he... has to do some
grown up stuff today.
Okay, but if he comes to pick you up?
Say that the teacher wants to talk to him
and that he should call Mommy.
- And... and that's it.
- Mm-Hmm.
Daddy gonna be home soon, okay?
Bye, doll.
Bye, doll.
Hey honey, it's me.
It's your dad. I'm uh... just wanna
make sure if everything is okay.
If you hear anything,
please give me a call.
Give me a call, okay?
Alright people. Ten
minutes, we're leaving.
Gotta go pee.
Ah, it stinks in here.
Oh, gross. What is that?
Is there anybody in there?
The door is locked.
Just... stay away from me!
Are you a clown?
My name is Robbie,
What's your name?
Wow! You're really hungry.
If you wanna eat...
I got some cookie crisps and...
and... cinnamon toast crunch,
and... chocolate chip
and... chips, and some gumby's
and some beef jerky...
and some cookies, and grilled cheese
and fries with ketchup... and...
Stay away.
Hi, want some cereal?
Mr. Clown?
Mr. Clown?
Mr. Clown?!
He's acting crazy.
I don't know, maybe
it's something he ate?
It's because he ate
Daddy's clown nose?
Oh, Jack stay right here.
Stay here.
Is that Daddy?
Hello, Kent?!
What's going on?
Jack really misses you.
I'm so sorry.
Tell me where you are, t-tell me you're okay.
I can't take this.
I'm sorry.
This-this is the only way.
When is Daddy coming home?
Tonight, Jack. Don't worry.
Daddy is gonna be okay.
Ah, thank you.
It's gonna take you all night.
Are you sure?
Yeah, we'll find him.
Yeah, our last big fight,
I was bawling my eyes out.
Kent was hanging out at
one of his properties.
Heh, what an asshole.
You're building a fun house?
Kent, you're here?
Mr. Clown!
Oh, no!
Don't open the door.
Kent, it's okay.
You don't.
You don't understand.
I just wanna get you home, Kent.
I know something crazy
is happening to you, okay?
I believe you.
Okay?! I believe you.
We're gonna figure
this out together.
Jack needs you.
I need you.
I'm pregnant.
Take me home, please.
I can feel myself changing.
What do you want me to do?
No matter what I say,
you don't let me out.
Promise me.
Promise me.
I promise.
Until we can get you fixed.
Dr. Martin Karlsson
Children's cancer ward.
Do you know who I am?
I just wanna talk to you.
I don't know what happened
between you and my husband,
but I just want him back.
"Where is he?"
I don't know. He, uh...
The police are looking for him.
"Only I can help"
Because this suit.. It does
things to people doesn't it?
"Don't trust him"
How do you get the suit off?
How do you get the suit off?!
How did you get it off?
Who are you?
If you don't want to help me out,
I'll find another way.
- Mam, you can't be in there.
- I'm leaving.
Aww, what's wrong doll?
Are you crying?
Shut up!
You're such a little bitch.
What's wrong?
Don't you wanna look like a clown?
Just like your fag dad.
Fuck, he bit me!
I'm in the basement, buddy.
Daddy, is that you?
Sure is sport, didn't
you miss Daddy?
Mommy said if I saw you,
I had to tell the teacher.
Is she here?
I don't think so.
Good, come downstairs.
I need help.
Mommy said it's okay.
What are you doing down there, Daddy?
Come downstairs. I want to see
my number one birthday boy.
- Meg?
- Yeah.
I was picking Jack up
at school today right?
Yeah, Denise, thanks for that.
No, I mean I'm at the school,
and-and he is not here.
I'm stuck Jack.
I need help.
Were you crying buddy?
Come on now.
You know you can
always talk to Dummo.
At school...
some kids tried
to put paste on my face.
They're always doing that stuff.
Who is?
You know what I did when I was bullied?
I hid, so that they
couldn't find me.
And then after a while,
you know what happened?
They left you alone?
Hey Jack, you know where
the bolt cutters are?
Why'd you leave school?
Don't ever do that to me, okay?
Where's Daddy?
Where is he?
Shit dude, don't kill me!
- Guys, you guys really...
- I'm not camping.
I just want to tell you something.
You guys suck balls.
Yeah, your mom's balls.
Come on, man.
- Duh, look at me. I'm Colton.
- Have you seen me?
Wait, I don't know where it is.
Who gives a shit where
the rocket launcher is?
Oh, shit!
Ha-Ha! Bitch!
Who's gonna need that
rocket launcher bullshit?!
Yeah, rocket launchers are cheap dude!
Rocket launchers are for bitches, man!
Shit, guys, don't kill me.
I stopped listening after
that bullshit you just pulled.
C'mon Colton, how long does
it take to change a tampon?
Guys, I think there's
someone in here.
Probably Master Chief.
Check this out.
Oh man, that reminds me of what I
did to Colton's mom last night.
Mr. McCoy?
- Yo Colton?!
Is Jack here?
- Colton?!
Where are you?
Maybe he's in trouble?
- Why?
We were ditching class and we saw
this kid, Jack, crying on the steps.
- Pussy.
- So Colton made him act like a clown.
And he called his dad a fag.
So Colton took this pint of glue.
And was gonna rub it all on
that little douches face.
Guys, shut up!
Then he grabbed Colton's hand and bit him.
- Oh man
Colton's gonna beat his ass.
Guys, shut up!
You're done man.
Grandpa's excited to see you.
You don't want your
little friend anymore?
Jack, say something.
Jack, come on, we gotta go.
Shadow, what happened to you?
Where is he?
Oh, my God.
Get the hell away from us.
I don't want to hurt you.
You stay away from us.
You killed my fucking dog.
Please, you've gotta help
me find your husband!
Get the fuck out of my house!
Get the fuck out of my house!
It's the detective!
I'm the only one who can
get that costume off.
I found that fucking goddamn
costume by accident.
Hundreds of all costumes
used to come from my shop.
One day, there was a
shipment from Iceland.
With a state stamp or something.
Icelandic Aristocrat
When I opened the crate,
everything was rotted away but...
this costume... It was perfect!
I'd never seen anything like it.
I was about to sell it
to Damascus Circus
but I wanted to put it
to some good use first.
My brother was a doctor...
working with children
with terminal illnesses.
He was always trying
to give them hope, so I thought...
why not cheer 'em up.
When the transformation started,
I asked my brother for help.
He swore he would find a cure.
That's the last thing I remember.
When I woke up, the suit was off.
The curse had been broken.
My brother had given the
demon what it demanded.
He had smuggled out from the hospital
5 children close to death...
One child...
for every month...
of winter.
So that's it?
That's the cure?
I've spent all these years trying to
find a clue how to kill this evil thing.
My brother, never left the house.
Guarding this costume with his life.
I didn't even know that he
had passed away 'til...
your husband called me.
Why didn't you destroy it?
Don't you think we tried?
We tried burning it, we tried
to dissolve it in acid...
Everything, nothing helped.
We couldn't just toss it in the
ocean or bury it, could we?
What if someone else found it?
Even the smallest piece
carries the curse.
You have to cut off it's head.
You can't destroy the costume,
but you can stop the demon.
My husband would never do that.
This here belongs to a
child. 7, 8 years old.
Where did he go, huh?
I don't know, I...
You don't know?
He went to Colton's.
Where's Colton?
He's gotta be stopped.
We have to kill your daddy.
Listen to me, alright Jack?
It's not Daddy. It's not.
It's that suit.
It's making him do bad things.
But no-one is gonna
hurt Daddy, okay?
You tell us there's another way.
Help me catch him.
We'll lock him up.
Continue searching.
Hey buddy. What...!?
Hey sweety, everything okay?
Yeah, I... Dad, I got to go.
I can't get into it all
right now, I'm sorry.
It's just...
I gotta go, Dad.
Be careful.
He could still be in here.
Don't touch anything, okay?
We have to call the police.
Tell them what?
He must've digested him by now.
Spit out the bones.
He couldn't have gone far.
It's seven o'clock on a Thursday.
Where could a clown go?
Where's he not being seen?
Oh, no.
Hey, you can't
go in there like that.
Why not?
You look like an escaped mental patient.
- Listen, you can't trust your husband.
- Don't.
My brother and I, he should...
You don't know him.
You don't know what Kent can...
I wish he had killed me.
- If you love him....
- I know, I'll bring him to you.
I promise.
There's no sign of him.
Ugh, gross. Somebody peed in here.
Greg, Mom says we have to go.
Greg, where are you?
Greg, where are you?
Don't go up there.
There you are.
No. No.
Let go of him!
Run, Greg, run!
Mom, Mom!
- Mom! A clown! Up there!
- What is it honey? What?
Excuse me, what happened?
There's a maniac dressed as a clown
loose in there, get your kids!
Hey, come, come on.
It means he's close.
What's that for?
For protection.
Where am I?
We're here to help you.
I know you're scared.
We're going to find a
way to stop it, okay?
We just have to get you
out of here first.
Karlsson's here, he-he
wants to help you.
Okay, baby?
I remember him, he's crazy.
He's not.
He's gonna make sure
no-one else get's hurt.
Kent, look out!
Kent. No!
Kent, no! He's gonna help you!
Kent, I just.. Let me help you!
I know you're still in there.
Come on, there's gotta be another way.
Bring me a child.
Bring me one more child, and you
can have your husband back.
A child!
I can't. I can't.
Perhaps I'll find another?
What's his name?
Ahh yes...
Find the child and bring him to me.
Bring him to...
to our favorite spot, babe.
I'll be waiting.
Come out with your hands up!
All right, we are coming in!
Police, stay down!
Stay on the ground!
Put your weapon down!
Put it down!
Put it down, motherfucker!
Dad, do you got Jack with you?
Yeah, yes, of course he's with me.
He's fine. Don't worry about him.
He's being awfully quiet,
I'm thinking of taking him home.
No, you can't go home.
Okay, just take Jack,
just take him and you gotta leave.
Is Kent in there, Meg?
What did Kent do?
No, it's not Kent, Dad.
Kent didn't do anything.
You've gotta at least tell me what's
going on, I'm here to help you.
Dad, I have to...
I have to go.
Oh, thank you so much.
Are you looking for your kid?
Uh, no. He's safe.
Police have confirmed that there
have been 2 fatalities so far...
both of them children.
And now we've received confirmation
that the authorities...
do have at least one
suspect in custody.
A 59 years old man
named Herbert Karlsson....
You work at the dentist right?
I mean, I used to go there.
I was at Chris's birthday party and
everything went totally crazy.
And I can't find anybody
and my mom dropped me off...
and I don't know where
she is and I saw you....
and I remember that you
used to be really nice...
even though the dentist
was kinda scary.
You used to call him CrumBum
when he left the room.
Can you drive me home?
I'm scared.
You want a ride home?
Please, I don't know anyone else.
You're so nice.
Sorry I don't know the way.
Oh, that's alright. I know your street
so we'll find your house. Don't worry.
You're so nice.
You know, I...
think if it were my son in trouble I'd
wish someone would help him out so...
Are we here?
Yeah, this is it.
Your home.
This, isn't...
This isn't my house.
This isn't my house!
Hey, it's scary out here.
Unlock it, please!
Please, unlock it, please!
There's someone out here!
Please, please unlock the door!
There's someone out here,
please unlock the door!
Please, unlock it!
Unlock the door, please!
Unlock it, please!
Get in the car.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I'm so-sorry
It's not safe out there!
Hey, hey, wait here.
Dad, call me back! Okay?
Where are you and Jack?
Home at last.
Okay, let's go and have a
little chat with your Dad.
Stay close to Grandpa.
Dad, I told you not to come back here!
Where's Jack?
He's ok, he's up in his room.
Dad, I made-I made a mistake.
Listen, I-I don't know...
what happened.
I don't care what happened.
I just don't want you
implicated in this.
Whatever Kent did, it's okay.
I'm gonna help you, okay?
I'm gonna help you.
What are you talking about?
I'll clean up the blood.
No-one will know.
Baby, you're my little girl.
I love you. I just...
Run, Jack!
Don't watch Jack! Ok?!
We got him!
Help me.
We got him!
Jack, g-go get that book.
The book Daddy found.
And go get more chains.
Don't you wanna help Daddy?
That's not Daddy.
Jack, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.