Clown Nightmare (2019) Movie Script

So a bunch of weird stuff has been delivered to my house.
Jerry says he has some experiment
that's gonna change everything.
Last time he said that I ended up in Costa Rica.
Mark, Mark.
Did you get my message?
Um, you've been sending a lot of messages.
Check this out.
Check this out.
What is all this stuff you've ordered, anyway?
I've got all this from the Dark Web.
It's all important for my experiment.
This is Dimitri, I've got him from the Dark Web.
I wanna get the secret of time travel.
You mean nuclear material?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I know it's vaguely illegal but it's fine.
We needed it for the experiment.
Heavy atomic material
and we can find it.
Find it, really, plutonium?
I used a couple of fake accounts.
We should be safe.
My name is Jerry Williams.
It is June 24th, 2019.
I have built a time machine,
and because I have built this time machine,
it works on the power of six gigawatts.
I have decided to
go to the 70s and 80s.
What is the most important thing in life, Mark?
Uh, family, love.
No, no, no, money, money!
Retiring on a tropical paradise
with many ladies and alcohol around me
and the only way that can happen, Mark,
is if I have dinero.
Mark, there's, I need another power source
to affect space-time.
I need to do a small satanic ritual,
a small one
to use their paranormal forces in congruence
to what I'm doing here.
Are you sure about this?
That thing's cursed.
That's the idea, Mark.
That's the idea.
You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
All right, little fella, hopefully space-time
will come to us, come to daddy!
Did you feel that?
There was like a shudder or something?
By the powers of,
by the powers of Holmberg,
cursed and in viro,
the spirit of Asova, arise, arise.
Jerry, Jerry, I've done the calculations
and they're all wrong.
Turn it off, now.
Turn it off, Jerry.
Something's gone wrong.
Holy crap, how the heck.
Turn on the lights, turn on the lights.
Sorry, Tucky, I didn't mean to.
I seem to have made a mistake.
I didn't mean to, I really thought I was right.
I messed up.
We should open the garage door
and get all this smoke out of here.
Yeah, can you open the uh, can you open the door, Mark?
Whoa, Mark.
Whoa, what is that?
God, what, what happened?
Jerry, did you do this, Jerry?
Do you think it's a byproduct of the time machine?
Is this part of your ritual?
Do you hear that?
Not sure.
What is that?
I'm not sure.
All right guys, let's get inside.
This is weird, this is weird.
Mark, the power's out.
Oh, did you knock out the power, Jerry?
Must've been something with the machine.
What is that?
I'm not sure.
So, it's gone?
I think so.
What is this, Jerry?
I'm not sure.
This shouldn't be on, the power's off.
Whoa, okay.
I think I made a mistake using black magic and science.
I think so.
Do you hear that?
I think I made a mistake, Mark.
I feel like something's
coming into this world,
and not leaving.
I think I accidentally created a portal,
not a time machine.
I'm not sure.
What's up, Mark?
I wasn't supposed to be here tonight.
Did you know that?
I was gonna go out.
That's why I have this ridiculous outfit on.
Whoa, whoa!
What is that?
I don't know.
Oh, no, no, no, Tucky, let's try talking to it.
Where are you from?
What do you want us to do?
The power's out still, guys.
Yeah, that doesn't, I don't know how that's running.
It shouldn't be.
So it's been a few hours.
Do you guys wanna like just stay the night or what?
I'm not leaving this house, like ever.
Somebody call the police please, call Todd!
I know, we can't call the police, call Todd!
But then Todd's gonna show up and.
We can't call, you're still talking,
we can't call the police 'cause there's some kind of.
If Todd shows up, it's,
he's gonna be bragging us about.
Don't, because please, Todd might show up.
We can't or he would've shown up already, Mark.
I just know he's gonna be super judgy about this.
I mean, I don't know where my phone is.
That's why I can't call the police.
Well, what would you do if you were a clown?
Would you keep like attacking us?
Oh my god!
We did something, but it seems like it's over,
but it's not over.
It's not over.
I think the less we knew the better,
how about that?
Ugh, Jerry, that doesn't even make any sense?
Maybe he was a hallucination, maybe.
What, that doesn't even make sense?
Tucky, do you think time travel's actually possible?
Um, Tucky and Jerry are asleep right now.
I don't know, Jerry always wants to do
some weird experiment at my house,
and I'm just getting sick of it.
I mean, he pays me a lot.
I've gotta bury those clown bodies in the backyard.
I gotta get rid of that evidence
and I feel like Jerry is gonna get me in trouble.
I have to bury those things.
You know my cousin said she met Satan.
True story, she said she saw him at the edge of the forest,
waving at her.
Clown sightings have been reported
all across the central Kentucky area.
More tonight at seven.
You ready, Mark?
We're ready to do some independent films here,
independent films here.
Oh wait, there's Todd.
You okay?
Been working, man.
Working on a damn murder.
Murder investigation?
God damn it, that's my god damn doughnut, you son of a.
Crazy stuff here, man.
Hey, there's Penny.
Hey, I'm doing all right, how are you?
Good, hey, how's it going?
Hi, it's going okay
so, oh, Jerry, it's so good to see you.
Okay, now play time's over, let's make some films.
Ding, dollar and a half, ding.
Is that all it takes?
That's cheap work!
Okay, Mark, can you get that?
I'll get it.
Plant your foot, and kind of,
kind of do what you did earlier.
Okay, I got you, I got you.
When you start, kind of dun-dun-dun, you know.
This is perfect.
No fingers, no fingers.
So Todd, I know you can't talk about it,
but can't you give us any hints
about the murder investigation you're working on?
Mark, turn off the camera.
Turn it off?
Turn it off.
Okay, turning it off.
It's off, right?
Guys, in all serious,
I'm gonna tell you what's going on.
It's what I know, and it's the God's honest truth,
all right?
People here,
they're being murdered by clowns.
Like, legit, like clowns, like circus clowns?
I don't know what kind of clowns they are.
Don't know much about much,
all I can tell right now is they're
just being murdered by clowns.
Jerry, you know.
That was you, man.
Mark, Mark, can you get the hell out of here
for a second.
I'm totally serious about what I said.
Todd, can you come back here?
I need to talk to you for a minute.
It's something important.
All right, folks, I'll be back.
Oh, damn it, not sober enough for this.
God damn it!
Wow, um,
I guess we should go now.
Yeah, probably, yeah, I don't disagree with that.
Dead, man!
It wasn't my fault, look!
Yes, it is your fault, man!
Look, Mark was there, man.
What, don't blame this on me, you fop-doodle!
Whose fucking device was it?
I can't believe this, man.
Come on, look.
People are dead!
I didn't plan on it, man.
Of course you didn't plan it!
You never plan on this shit!
Look, the clowns came in.
They're responsible, man.
I'm sorry, I didn't plan on it, man.
You know what I gotta do, right?
Come on, dude, don't do the rent-a-cop, man.
Gotta do it.
Come on, come on, serious, man.
Let's turn around.
No, come on, man.
Turn around!
Come on, man, this is insane.
Oh, hey, hey, hey.
It's gotta be done, Jerry.
Jerry, just calm down, just calm down.
You guys, seriously, just calm down.
Penny, it's gotta happen.
I gotta take him in.
No, you don't!
People are dead, Penny.
This isn't the first time Jerry's been involved
with a murder though.
Give me a, give me a minute, dude, give me a minute.
Fine, you've got a minute.
Just, you're gonna be okay.
All right, Todd, let's just go upstairs,
let's just leave Jerry here.
Yeah, come on, we gotta go.
I'll see ya upstairs.
There's no way out of here, okay.
Just don't take too long.
Whoa, Todd, there's a clown over here.
There's a clown over here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, put the ball down!
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
No, no, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait,
he's dead, he's gone.
He's still moving.
No, he's gone, like for real, seriously.
I can't believe this.
This is messed up!
Mark, do you see this?
Is that a mask?
I don't know what it is.
Oh god, that's his real face!
That's legit his face.
That's his face!
It's an actual, living clown!
We gotta get rid of this body, man,
we gotta get rid of this clown body.
What do you mean?
We can't get rid of him, I'm a cop.
Are you serious?
I'm a police officer.
Fuck this.
Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, whoa!
Oh god!
Oh god.
'Cause I just killed a fucking clown!
Oh my god.
Let's just, just hide it back here.
Just, be careful.
Jerry, Jerry.
You won't believe what just frickin happened man.
Yeah, okay, so we got a problem.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell is this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mark, oh my god.
Stay back, watch out.
Oh my god, oh my god.
It's like an exact copy of the other one.
Oh my god,
Jerry, Jerry?
What are you doing in there?
I'm watching you fella.
Jerry, what the... is going on?
Jerry, what are you talking about?
I'm the one that opened the gate, man.
I'm the one that killed everybody, man.
This is all my fault, man.
Guess what?
We just killed two clowns
one right there, one upstairs.
Mark, what's he talking about with a gate?
I didn't mean to.
I let Jerry do an experiment in my house.
So you're a part of this?
I mean, not, I mean, I didn't do it.
He did it, it's his fault.
I didn't mean to, man.
He had to do like a satanic ritual.
I didn't mean to, okay?
Look, I didn't mean to kill those people.
I had no idea those clowns were coming in.
It was an experiment, it went bad.
Todd, let's go look outside
and see how many of them are out there.
I'll stay here with Jerry.
I didn't mean to do it, Penny, I swear.
I'm just angry now.
I don't believe you.
Of course, you're Jerry, you'd never
intentionally killed anybody.
All right, so you have the keys right?
Let's go ahead and, god.
Over there, there's another one,
there's another one over there.
How many of them are there?
One, two, five.
I don't.
They're just staying to the forest line, right now.
What are they doing in the forest?
They're like waiting on the edge or something.
Hey guys, look what I found, for real.
Oh yeah, that.
Security camera set-up studio.
Did you actually get that thing set up?
Jerry, do you know the password?
Yeah, Jerry, what's the password for the security cameras?
Maybe we can find something and it'll tell us
what's actually happening to prove
that you didn't do anything.
Turn it on, Jerry.
Butt cheeks.
It's butt cheeks.
The password is butt cheeks.
One T or two.
Oh god, there's a spider.
He committed suicide.
Wow, oh, okay.
Um, they're everywhere.
Good lord.
Is this like happening now?
Yeah, it's in real time.
This is outside that place, right?
Did they just take out a camera?
Um, yeah, that's infested.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, they're disappearing.
I don't even know if I got bullets for all this.
Wait a moment, is this outside around here?
We're surrounded by these clowns.
These are the security cameras
around this building.
Yeah, these clowns are everywhere,
they're coming to clown.
This is crazy.
Well, guess what, butt cheeks, you're leading the way.
Folks, let's get the hell out of here.
I'm going, I'm going, I'm good.
Are those horns and bells?
It's the things, it's the things, I'm out.
We're surrounded, remember?
We gotta get out of here, Mark.
I'm gone.
I'm going to get something real quick.
What are you getting?
They're on the roof.
How many of them are there?
They're coming down the road, they're coming down the road.
Good lord.
We're going to have to barricade this.
There's like hundreds of them,
there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.
How are we going to get out of here?
There's at least bars on the door and windows.
But how are we going to get out?
Come over here, come here.
There's tunnels that connect this building,
connect this building to other buildings.
It's an old leftover from moonshiners.
Take this.
Aside from the garage downstairs.
Take this, I'm going to go back here.
Mark, there's a clown in the window.
I don't know where they are, I mean.
Jerry, they're dead!
They're dead, Penny's dead, Penny's dead!
We need to get out of here.
We need to get out of here now.
Where's Todd?
I don't know!
Oh my god.
There's a clown in here with gas, Jerry.
Holy crap, man!
Todd's in the, Todd's in the tunnels, dude.
Come on.
He's down in the moonshine tunnels.
He's in the moonshine tunnels.
Come on, we gotta haul our ass and get out of here.
The tunnels are back here?
The tunnel's back here.
Let's go.
Okay, I see it, I see it, I see it.
I can't hear you, Mark.
Jerry, do you see anything back there?
I don't know.
I think there's some loose electrical wires down here.
Jerry, I don't know which way to go.
There's several different ways,
there's several different tunnels splitting off here.
Mark, I'm gonna go this way,
I'm gonna go this way.
Mark, have you found anything yet?
Oh, Jerry, there's nothing back here.
Just go the other way.
Shhh, Mark, there's a clown coming.
Come on, come out this way!
Come on, Mark, gonna get you out of here, Mark.
They recognized us.
Where is this place, where are we?
I don't know, I don't know.
I gotta think, I gotta think.
Poor Penny.
Don't even talk about her right now.
My ears are ringing, man.
Where the hell, why the.
My phone isn't working, man.
There's no signal.
Still no signal?
Yeah, there's no signal, nothing.
Watch it, there are spiders
everywhere around here, Jerry.
There is no.
Is there a spider on you?
All right, I know where we are.
Okay, we're near a collapsed area that I know of,
but you're going to have to turn off that camera.
I got stuff put away, like a lot of other cops,
but I don't want a freaking record of where this stuff is
so Mark, that camera's going off.
Do you have like a stockpile
of equipment or something?
Yeah, something like that.
Man, jeez,
what was all that?
Did you see those cheerleaders?
Yeah, yeah, I saw but what the hell was that?
What was that thing?
I mean I've seen some shit, man, but.
Some sort of clown demon, I don't know.
Just wanna say, I'm sorry.
I know I really shouldn't have been that hard on you,
just the other day.
It's okay.
But you know it's my job, you know.
Sometimes I say, it means I got to arrest people.
You know, if I see them doing something wrong and,
which you did, it's just like, I just couldn't let it go.
It was like.
I thought I could do it, man.
I thought I could be somebody.
I messed up.
Messed up is not, that is
an understatement of the freaking century.
What you did was so wrong.
I mean, I just can't believe she died.
I mean, that's.
I really regret that, I mean she was a nice lady.
But she got involved with you.
Hey, what's that?
Yeah, what is that Mark?
It's nothing, it's just,
it's like some camera stuff I got.
Camera something?
Yeah, don't worry about it.
You don't usually carry it in a bag like that,
what is that?
It's not a big deal.
It's kind of embarrassing is all,
I just don't want to talk about it anymore.
Is it your porn collection?
Guess we're pretty far out in the country, huh?
How long have you had this prepping place?
Started a long time ago.
I just needed a place to hide,
and once I had a place to hide, I just thought,
okay, this is good
but it could be better,
I need food, I need water, I need weapons.
Everything just led to more and more,
just not exactly like a hoarder mentality,
just like what's if something like this happens,
I need this, if something like this happens,
I need this to do this.
It just and unfortunately now, my nightmare's come true.
These videos you make.
What is this for exactly?
It's just some crazy stuff that the who can,
audience can check it out,
like oh, you gotta check this stuff out.
Is that why you got that shirt on,
it's like your Astro shirt.
Astrospace hero and it's also a part of
The Doctor Tyranny Terrible Television Universe.
This is a masterpiece.
Great, man.
Not bad.
You don't have Internet, right?
You must keep this on the tablet that it's on, right?
Oh, hey, I didn't see you come in.
Go team!
Mark Hallberg, Holmberg, right, Holmberg?
That's right, I'm Mark Holmberg,
I work with the legendary Jerry Williams.
Jerry Williams, UFO expert.
They also help in video production services.
I make state-of-the-art computer generated video.
This is Officer Burrows, is anybody out there?
Try the radio at my house.
Maybe Tucky's there.
Maybe you can tune the frequency on my house radio.
Yeah, we could try that.
Tucky, Tucky, it's Todd, are you there?
Are you there, Tucky?
Answer me, please.
That's weird.
Okay, um, guys, I'm gonna check outside real quick,
just do like a perimeter check, I'll be right back.
Be careful out there, man.
Dude, be careful, there's clowns out there.
You need anything, gun or anything like that?
Um, actually, I got mine so.
Remember, Jerry, remember before the clowns,
what life was like?
What the, oh.
Didn't we know somebody who went camping out here?
There was some alien situation or UFO.
No, no, no, that was some kids got lost in the woods
and all just made up stories.
But you think aliens are real though right, Jerry?
Yeah, I think they're real,
I think the moon is a spaceship.
So, what if the universe
was like a simulation then?
Do you think that's plausible?
Hey man.
What the hell was that!
Turn off the light.
Go get the fire out.
Shhh, shhhh.
What is that?
What is that noise?
I don't think, I don't wanna look.
I don't wanna.
What is that?
I don't know.
You hear that sound?
It stopped.
I just know I heard.
I can't see anything.
We need to go now.
I feel like we're in danger if we stay out here.
We can't just go.
We can't see in the dark, even with that little thing.
Like, those clowns will kill us in the dark,
we don't know where we are,
we have to have daylight.
Jerry, get some rest.
All right, I tell you,
we'll make better time in the morning.
I'm sorry, girls, I need me in the bathtub now, okay.
This is Todd, calling for Tucky Williams.
Todd to Tucky, are you there?
This is Todd, calling Tucky Williams.
Are you there?
I can't hear you, speak up.
Tucky, Tucky is that really you?
No, I can't hear you.
Guys, guys, Tucky's back!
Hey, Tucky, hey.
I'm gonna step outside, all right.
You'll get a better signal outside?
Hopefully, yeah, come on.
All right, you stop there.
Tucky, come pick us up.
Where are you?
Pick us up at um
the end of Ironstrike Boulevard,
okay, you know that big fence area,
come pick us up there, all right?
Okay, I'll come get you.
All right, all right, I'll see you there, bye.
Guys, she's coming.
Okay, let's go, let's get our stuff, come on.
Get to the car, come on.
Thank you for coming and getting us, Tucky.
Crap, man.
Get us out of here.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll turn it off.
Gotta get out of here.
We just got back from our camping trip
so that was, uh, crazy.
Um, Jerry and Tucky are working on the time machine
so that'll be interesting.
TV, radio, cell phones, all that, like nothing works
so everything's dead.
Um, Todd's cop radio doesn't work at all.
It's completely worthless.
I need to get some sleep.
I can't think straight so.
Wake up, Tucky, wake up.
There's like a big smoke plume in the distance.
There's like a giant fire.
You've been asleep all day.
It's like, there's a big pile,
there's a huge plume of smoke out there.
What time is it?
It's like 6 PM.
Mark, where are those radios at?
I'm not having any communication with anybody.
We brought them in from upstairs,
didn't we, or from?
I don't know there's.
Mark, there's a big plume of smoke out there.
I know, I told you about that, remember?
What's going on?
My freakin' cell phone's not working.
You can see the TV's not working right.
I mean, my car radio, I got no freakin' communication.
Well, we've been working on research all night.
It should be good.
Me and Tucky have been working on connecting
thoughts, magic, and dreams and imagination
through an electronic port of sorts.
It's amazing.
Jerry, can you fix this?
Can you really think you can fix the whole clown situation?
I couldn't have done it without Tucky's help,
but if you actually look
at the complicated numerical sequence here.
Why don't we bypass the second number
and then throw in the third silicon chip?
I agree.
You guys mentioned something about smoke?
What, what's going on?
Smoke's right over there, but I don't know.
We should go back in.
Can we go back in?
Yeah, yeah, let's go.
What's that, what's that?
Hey, there's an alarm going off.
This is a military emergency
for the Central Kentucky region.
Stay indoors and wait for further instructions.
Military emergency for the Kentucky area, man, that's.
I don't know what's going on.
It's crazy.
Go back inside right now.
Run, over here, quick!
There's a clown going in the basement.
Crap, all right, okay.
Is someone out there?
Come on, come on, Mark, let's take care of this.
Whoa, whoa!
That'll teach ya.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jerry, Jerry,
he's got gas, he's got gas.
Don't shoot anymore, you're gonna set it off.
Let's board up these windows.
Hold on, Tucky.
I killed one.
This brings my kill count to two.
I think that's the highest.
What's yours Mark?
Um, like three.
Hold on, I just heard something, hold on.
Hey Mark, Mark, open the door.
There's one out in the yard.
Okay, I'm gonna shoot him!
They're coordinating attacks.
They're trying to burn down the house.
I know, I know.
We've got to put these bodies away.
Move the rug, move the rug,
it's an easier way to move a body.
Um, okay, or don't listen to me.
Wait, guys, guys.
I got
I got in with the station.
Police station?
Yeah, yeah.
You won't believe why I've got this freakin' radio.
Lock the door.
The time machine working.
So I made a mobile version of the temporal dislo-
the time machine, which means we can move it
to a different area where.
You're partly a mechanical engineer
and a time physician so you're fantastic, Tucky.
Time physician?
It works.
Did you make that up?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's jets bombing.
I found it, I found the answer.
I ordered this off the dark web,
and this is it, this is the secret.
This will make the time machine work.
Jerry, what are you talking about?
This will work.
I won't, this won't.
Just stay here, Tucky, just stay here.
All right Mark, hold on.
Just be careful opening the door, be careful.
Just put the tape down, okay.
Holy, holy crap man, oh my gosh.
What happened?
I just killed a freaking clown's what happened,
god damn it.
You said you could fix this thing?
Well, get your stupid time machine,
go get Tucky, get in my car,
and we'll go to the farm.
Give me five-ten minutes.
We don't have ten, go, go!
All right, fine, fine.
Jerry, get the time machine ready.
Mark, open the door, open the door, open the door,
come on.
You're gonna load it up in his car.
Yeah, we've got to.
What's going on?
Haha, I killed it, whoo!
Yeah you did, all right.
Three kills.
Everything's loaded up in the car, correct?
Yeah, right.
Wait, where's Jerry?
I thought he was with you.
Hurry, inside, to the interior, in the middle.
Mark, Mark, Mark!
I gotta see this, guys!
I gotta see this!
What's that, what's going on?
Nuclear fallout zone?
What the hell?
Let's get out of here, guys,
let's get out of here, come on.
We need to get to the farm.
I do have some shelter.
There's no point.
We gotta go, we gotta go to Todd's farm.
No, there's no point.
Y'all wait 'til I honk the horn, okay, stay.
Wait, just hurry up, Todd, come on.
Oh, now you're in a hurry.
Come on, man.
I think I see something going on out there.
I'm not sure.
Hey, help, it's opened.
God damn it, I got bit.
Bit by what?
A freaking clown bit me, all right?
A clown bit you?
Yes, that's what I seens.
Tucky probably have to drive, it'll seem.
All right, Tucky, you're going to have to drive,
let's go.
My car's out there, guys.
That's gonna be tough with me being one-handed.
Seatbelts on?
Watch out, there's a person.
Oh my god.
Bad time to hit someone.
Just hit it, just hit it.
Come on, man.
Calm down all right, calm down.
Just open the lock, come on.
There, there.
It's you!
Yes, it's me, it's my house, you know.
What are you doing here?
Great, clowns on the outside, Kayla's on the inside.
Start barricading the doors, barricading the windows.
Close this place off, all right?
Hey Mark.
Can you get your time machine in there, Jerry?
Yes, yes, yes.
Just go ahead and move it on in.
Just be careful, man.
Mark, shouldn't you be doing something?
I gotta set this up, man.
Let's see what's in this bag.
Daddy's little helper.
We have here
Mama's little helper.
You think you can do anything for this, Jerry?
You think you can fix this, really?
Yep, Tucky's calculations are correct.
This should reverse.
Yeah, of course, they're correct.
It'll be fine, it'll be fine.
I don't know, Mark might have you beat.
He threw a grenade in a tunnel.
Did you?
How many is that?
Actually, I think there was just one following me.
What is that?
There's nothing out there.
Stay there.
Okay, that's not good.
Shhh, shhh, shhh, just be quiet.
Tennessee has been
overrun with clowns.
They are taking over the Midwest.
Kentucky appears to be the origin point.
The big clowns only come out at night.
They look like some kind of alien-clown hybrid.
I've been warning about this possibility for years,
for years, and now, it's a reality.
This is what happens when we take three years out of school.
Clowns will take over America.
All the clowns seem to be attracted to sound.
Stay indoors at night.
Conserve ammunition.
What was that noise?
Kayla, Kayla, bring your shotgun up here!
What is that?
There was something right there.
It was right here.
There was something.
What was that?
It was like some weird creature thing.
I don't know what it was.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell happened?
A clown got in.
You must've let one in or something.
Let one in?
How the hell would I have let one in?
How did it come in?
I don't know.
We've gotta search.
We have to fix the machine, okay?
Kayla, are you all right?
I'm okay.
All right.
Are you sure it's dead?
Where's Jerry?
I don't know.
Mark, we need to fix the machine.
I'll go walk around,
try to find out where this son of a bitch came from.
Okay, Mark, the engine,
Mark, the time machine needs to warm up.
We need to create a cascade of event
that will send a signal back in time
and deactivate the time machine in the past.
Time machine?
Can we go see the dinosaurs?
I mean, Mark?
This may increase paranormal activity.
I'm not sure.
Todd's going crazy.
Mark, I've discovered it.
This will solve everything.
All right, you keep talking about that.
Don't listen to me.
You think that that's the fix for the time machine?
Listen to me, I got this in the dark web.
This tape will take care of everything,
everything will be taken care of, trust me, trust me.
This will make everything right.
This is what turned the machine on.
Jerry, what is this?
What'd you get?
I found this on the dark web.
You have accidentally summoned entities
and mean to reverse the effects,
please apply the simple mathematical formulas
to your engine output.
Here are the correct ritual symbols and phrases to use.
My eyes are doing that thing again.
Remember from earlier.
Oh my god.
What are you doing, Todd?
Jesus Christ!
Is he okay?
What, Mark?
Look, look.
No, no!
Mark, I've figured it out, I've figured it out.
This is what.
Kayla's dead.
I'm sorry.
She got killed by a clown thing.
I'm sorry.
You're serious?
That's bad, I mean that's.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He got in?
He got in?
Oh my god.
Mark, it's almost ready.
We are gonna have so much fun, boys and girls.
We're going to have a hell party.
Mark, don't touch it.
Mark, it's ready.
Tucky, watch out, watch out!
See you in hell!
What happened?
I think it worked.
What worked?
The signal.
Tucky's calculations worked.
Is Tucky okay?
The machine came out in the past.
I've got a freaking headache.
No one seems to remember the clowns.
The time machine fixed everything I guess.
Todd, Jerry, Tucky, and I were the,
exposed to heavy doses of time radiation
so I guess we still remember
the clown nightmare.
I was gonna record everything
and turn it into like a documentary.
Maybe I should put it together and make a movie out of it.
The government paid me and Tucky a bunch of money
for the time machine.
Yep, so it's like nothing ever happened.
Huh, so I got a question though,
if you interfered with the past with the signal,
maybe what you did in the future caused the clown crisis
to begin with.
Don't worry about anomalies with quantum physics,
it'll be fine.
I mean, if you think about it though,
maybe your time travel caused the problem.
Well, it uncaused the problem.