C/O Saira Banu (2017) Movie Script

People born underthe Thiruvathira
star are generally restless.
Yet will show sternness
in their behaviour.
Travel hardships, mental unease and physical
discomforts are expected to increase.
Though you would be persevering at your
best, the achievements would be less.
Be extra careful in use of vehicles.
This month is largely
unfavourable to these people.
All things in sight are real being a
delusional thought needs to be avoided.
Take care to avoid getting cheated.
Will take legal support to seekjustice.
Conditions like Rheumatic,
Parasitic, Phlegmatic
Hmmm, Stupid... will not allow to listen..
Why did you switch off the TV?
Because that was simple to do.
Paipra Ramakrishnan ain't my uncle?
Not listening to the horoscope
will not leave granny in peace
Hmm...and then l have to listen
to the foul words from Swami's mouth
They have a TV of their own?
Why don't she listen to that?
That Swami will not
put on the TV for him.
Can you finish your bath fast?
Financial loss, loss of self-respect,
health problems, vehicle accident...
Oh! Awesome things
to hear as the day begins!
Ok, then not needed.
What are the fish?
Tuna is there
No small fishes?
Mr. Yesudas
Do not stretch the notes that far..
Come one lets leave
l have got my test today
Eh Eh.... Why SairaBhanu, are you going
for this impossible job?
lf you fail today also
then it would be a Guinness record
lf need be we can
celebrate in the evening
Ohhhhhh Can you stop your dirty tongue
and finish your bath?
Bhanu, Give me a Rs.500!
Didn't l tell you yesterday that
l had to clean the lens of my camers?
l don't have anything on my hand.
lt is the end of the month.
- You have been making money fleecing people
in the name of marriages pics, albums etc.
- Fleecing people?
Take it from there.
Hello.. Good Morning Kochin.. This is...
Bhanu, would you switch it off.
l just cannot stand that voice...
Neithera celebrity noran actororactress.Today
we have as ourguest a very ordinary housewife.
Oh Milk....Don't boil over,
don't boil over.
Don't .. don't....... Oh no.... gone..
Team DrC
-Where is my shirt?
-l am just going to iron it
Hey would you have Rs.1000 to spare?
Asking Bhanu is a waste.
What is this?
l do not want Wheat Dosa.
l would like Puttu.
l..... am not running a hotel here.
lf you feel it convenient, eat.
All your time is only
spent on your phone..
Oh.. lt is getting late..
We got our hands on a calculator only
when we reached the 10th grade.
Oh, are todays children
born with phones in their hands?
Hey come on.. it is getting late..
Would you shut the door?.
Ah Ha ....excellent
Just see this.
How is it?Awesome?
Eh Eh... Why is this, daily?
Just forfun.
Give me that needle and thread,
young lady
You have been playing with
it for quiet some time now..
Nothing special??
-Yes.. Bread and omelet!-Give it quick...
Fast.. fast..
Just a second. Take it
Yey.... Dad..
-Dad!! Come fast..-Keep it inside
Team DrC
This will not happen!
Please Bhanu...
Will....not.. happen....
Aren't you a cute Bhanu?
Oh yes! Cute definitely..
But then... your intentions
will not work here...
ln that case, at least allow me
to apply for my license.
Last week didn't
you hear Warrier Sir say
''lt is accident prone time for you now.
After getting to be 20 years only you
should be given any vehicle.''
This Warrier Sir is
not your Uncle. ls he?
This is the 21st Century.
This is too unbearable,
What did you cause today?
lt was bread omelet.
Have l ever asked of you to give such
dirty stuff to my mother?
Madam, l have told you several times,
We are an orthodox Brahmin family.
We have our own customs and food habits.
For God sake please do not trouble us.
-Where are you going?-To college?
Get inside the house.
You go..
Hah hah hah..
Ki Ki Ki... Get lost....
You get lost..
Egg costs 4.50 + 4.50 = 9Rs,
then if you add 4 pcs of bread, onion,
oil, green chilli, oil, gas, labour it,
comes to about Rs.10-12.
That's what has been
thrown to the ground.
Hai... nothing to bother..
Ok OK ..
Leave that Bhanu.
Loss of money can be accepted.
What if arms and legs are lost?
These are times when people chop
of heads in the name of meat and eggs.
For that matter l am not forcing anyone.
Just that Granny loves non-veg.
lt has been after a tough search that
we managed to get this house to stay in.
lf we have to leave from here then???
But then this Swami
is not our house owner?.
You will not listen to what l am saying.
But then Bhanu you
also do not listen to me.
Since how long l have saying that
l shall go to college on dad's bike.
Riding pillion on your antique Bike. Do you
know what they are calling me in college?
Huhh..ha ha
There is still feeding bottle
in my mouth is what they are saying.
Ah.. l really loved that.
So l need to give a vehicle to someone
who has still not been weaned?
For the moment lets
travel as Laurel and Hardy
-Just sit their without holding!!!!!
- Without holding??
Why did it get switched off?
Eh? Stopped??
l will travel by bus, Ok!
Bye, Bhanu
Hey.. don't leave me and go.
Oh Good Lord, please look after me.....
Will it work?
lf this not get started
Ah haa.. see it has started..
Ok then slowly press the clutch ,
put into first... like this
l will do it..
Hmm.. ah... straight
Don't go through the water,
drive around it..
lt is water everywhere
-Oh..Turn the steering....
-l will do that..
Hey why are you sitting so stiff?.
Don't look into my face.
Look straight and drive
-Careful...-Go ahead
Ok... Now lets get to some questions.
From which side would
you overtake a vehicle?
Eh.. Ri... Ri...Right.... Right....
-What...- Dear left..
- yes Left , -Left?
lt is right..
-lt is from the right....
-Ah Yes it's from right
You do not know even that..
Show me the signal forturning left?
Eh eh.. what signal is that?
Cow... Cow....Move...Move...Brake .. brake....
Eeeeoooo... God!! May the cow be safe!
lt is notjust because a Multinational like Food
way is the defendant that news is being created,
it is also because Advocate Anne Tharvadi is
appearing on behalf of the petitioner.
The case filed by an ordinary citizen PK
Sreedharan against the well known & powerful
Multinational Food way at the high
Court is at the centre of media attention today.
Team DrC
Smt. Anne John, you are taking
on a big multinational like Food way.
Furthermore, on the opposite side is
someone like Advocate Chandrabhanu
who charges an exorbitant sitting fee
Do you expect to win?
See.. lt don't think it is fair to comment on the
case which is under consideration of the court.
That is not what a
responsible advocate would do.
That is why! Ok .. Excuse me.
Your Honour, if we impose a ban based
on the petitioner advocate's plea then
our country will be left an environment
in which no products can be sold.
The biggest complaint
against Foodie Noodles is
about a high content of Mono Sodium
Glutamet like chemicals.
Though sounding like a Terrorist,
this Monosodium Glutamet
is the ordinary Ajinmoto that even street side
vendor also uses to make his Parottas.
There are no labs is Kerala that can estimate
the exact quantity of such chemicals used.
How it sounds like
is as if Manu had been
hogging on Foodie Noodles
for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner!
Even if we accept that argument,
let me ask, did Foodway company go to
Manu or his father Sreedharan's house,
hold them by their hands
and force them by saying ''please
you must eat our Foodie Noodles.''
lt is only to be concluded that this
is just a cheap marketing strategy to,
malign the good will of reputed brand who have
been in the international market for years now.
That all you honour.
Don't you have anything
to say Annie John?
Of Course, Your Honour.
lt is not sufficient to walk around
claiming international presence,
the quality also must clearly
be of international standards.
Obesity, Eye damage, Headache, fatigue,
disorientation, depression,
chest pain, dizziness, weakness,
Alzheimers to Parkinsons disease
are all side effects of the use of MonoSodium
Glutamate or lovingly called Ajinomoto.
Just because there is no lab
to determine the quantity used,
will you be able to justify if tomorrow
someone mixes cyanide in food, Sir?.
lf these Foodie Noodles were to be sold in
countries with strict regulatory laws,
A slight traces of these toxic chemicals
would have resulted
in the abandonment
of Foodway lnternational,
and abolishment of its
production plant - Your Honour.
Now that the presence of chemicals
which otherwise had to be avoided
is confirmed in the food
it is meaningless and only a waste of time
to get into the labyrinth of argument
about their quantities and measures
Hence, considering Foodie Noodles to be
dangerous to public health,
it is to be banned.
Further Manu who has become a victim
of the lethal chemicals in the Noodles ,
has to be compensated fairly
forthe losses suffered by him.
That is all l humbly request
of the respected Court.
That is all your Honour.
Why can't you settle this issue after
taking a handsome money?
Forthat Annie has to be reborn!
What do l say to a person who put
her husband on the side of the wrong,
and sacrificed and
wasted your family life.
l should have been there...
Anyway you will never
have a need for money?
Oh When you said that l suddenly
remembered the purpose of my coming..
Needed a small loan
Haven't given office rent?
Give me some three thousand rupees.
Got to go and do some work
What is it that you are so busy?
One PlL Case
Kiss of love protest
of college students!
A bit more up!
Over there! Right!
Hey, Tina, Vipin!
Exactly at 4 '0 clock place a kiss!
No issues, right? - Yes!
No tension, ok!
-No issues, yeah! -Are you sure?
Media and Police
are also likely to come!
But we will go as planned.
No changes at all!
Hey, who played this song?
-l did! - Change it dude!
-Please do. - l will not.
-Change it! - No
Okay, l will do it. Get lost.
What is wrong with this song?
You are standing here?
Go... and help them.
l'm taking photographs.
Not these! You are here
to take the photographs of the Event.
Media persons have arrived.
Don't bother about that.
The event will go as we have planned.
The days Saira fails the test, your stamping
carries pleasant rhythm to the ears!
O my Saira! This table older
than Gandhiji. Do it slowly!
Didn't l advise you to go for
the test after this year?
Not only Joshua, you are also adversely
affected by Shani desha(Saturn)!
Warrier sir, l can tolerate anything,
but not Joshua's
demonstration when l go home.
lf he learns l failed the test,
he will play Oppana on my head!
Really! Do you teach
Oppana dance to Joshua?
O my goodness! l just cited an example!
Saira, the phone has
been ringing for some time.
Check this! ls the weight correct?
l may be late home today!
l'm taking photographs in a programme.
Pardon! l'm not able to hear you!
l need to take photographs!
l may be late home. Keep the phone.
Tell the truth!
You are in Cinema theatre, aren't you?
Yes Yes!
An English movie! Kiss of Love!
Keep the phone and leave, Banu!
Kiss of Love!
What is it, Saira! Kiss of Love?
Are you playing this song?
Thought that as it is a kiss
of love protest, it would be enthralling
Change that,
l did!
How is this?
You need not play the songs.
We will sing
Then sing.
To give a strong response to fake morality
and the fascist attitude towards free living,
under the leadership of
the students of Law College,
the event being staged ''Kiss a mannequin''
will start at sharp 4 ' 0 clock.
The protest will begin with the
lovers Vipin and Tina kissing each other
while the rest will
be kissing the mannequins.
Dear , will they really kiss?
lt's 4! Hey Come on start kissing!!!
lf you dare kiss here, we will start
a fight. Mind it!.
As if the youths here have gone to pluck
mangoes. You begin, we will take care.
Move away, you boy!
We also want to see, right?
Come on, kiss, don't cheat us!
lf you dare kiss here,
only fight will happen.
Stop hitting..stop.
Stop hitting, please.
Please stop
Please stop
-Please stop-Get lost
Team DrC
lndeed a Surprise! Leelachechi!
What made you call me today?
l thought you forgotten us after
you got transferred from here.
Yeah, ok!
Joshua? He has gone to take
photographs for a programme!
lnformed that he
will be late home today.
Yeah, in Law college!
He doesn't have any interest!
His only interest is
Camera and photographs!
l'm pushing him to take a degree
as it doesn't cost much!
Violence... College students!!
No way! He will never
get into such problems!!
lf word VlOLENCE is written and
kept also, he will never go past that.
On which channel?
Flashing on all channels?
Let me watch!
The ''Kiss of Love'' protest held under
the banner of students turned violent.
ln the resultant clash with the police,
two students are reported injured.
Policeman Sebastian who thrashed the
students was suspended from duty,
DGP Simon Paul informed.
Joe, What happened?
All the questions running through the network
of Banu's thoughts shall be answered,
let me take a deep breath.
Not necessary! l will get bored.
l watched those thrilling
scenes on the T.V!
Also flashed on the T.V?
So fast!
lt's for the 1st time, today,
l gained something out of pursuing Law!
Before any kind of case was
hoisted on me, l put up a case on them.
The Policeman who showed
off has also been suspended!
He really deserves it!
This one incident has made him
very famous in the College.
What to do!
The attitude of students who used to call him
Amul Baby, Complan boy has totally changed.
Not really!
But l liked his other name a lot
You knew that name also.
That was earlier, am l not a star now?
Aren't you stepping in?
Have something and go
No, we are already late
yah! Shall meet tomorrow.
lt was Arundathi!
When she came to know
the news had reached here,
she was checking to
find out the scene here!
Which Arundathi?
ls it the one with whom he has been
having a one way love for the last 4-5 years?
Love? Who he?
Love? Who me?
-Hasn't he disclosed it to you guys?- No!
l'm also not aware, dude!
No wonder that she kissed him!
-She kissed you? - Hmm!
Banu you failed the test today also?
She fails the test all the times.
...driving test!
How many attempts you taken so far?
He only has time to
talk about her all the day!
ls she that great?
Banu, keep quiet.
Aren't you getting late to home?
But when he comes to face to
face with her his knees start trembling.
Hey...What is the noise here?
Not only you, there are other families
also living here. Did you understand?
What is it? Get inside.
-Get lost! - You get lost!
Says get lost!
Didn't you hear? Get lost!
l'm going to circulate 1000 copies
of this in College tomorrow.
- You come there tomorrow.
- Hey, no..
Here... Come.... and eat...
Must be really tired
after getting screwed!
ln all probability..
l will get to become a lawyer!
So you are giving up on photography?
What is this?
Geo Magazine.
They are conducting a photography
competition for college students in lndia.
What is this written.... Experience?
That is about subject
of the competition - Theme.
Once we send the photographs
they will select 5 people from them.
Then they are given training.
lf you are best among them
you will be given employment.
The great thing is that Rs.1 .00 lakh is
paid as stipend during training period.
That sounds good...
Ya.. good..
When l saw it this how l too felt..
lf l could work a bit hard,
l could make it, is what l hope.
So what is, to it?
What will l click with?
See this?
My Camera!!
That is why l say do not carry
expectations beyond ones capacity
Hey.. Eat and then leave.....
l am not sentimental like in serials.
l just left to wash my hands.
Banu... You haven't slept yet?
What is it?
You must at,
any cost, join that competition.
You came over... just to tell me this....
l have dropped it..
l have not..
Do you know, getting the camera lenses
cleaned up is too expensive!
How much would it cost?
Oh... just leave... Banu.
Team DrC
''Doors of my heart...''
''unlock and open it to this dawn.''
''Glancing out.. across the paths.. ''
''like butterflies we shall fly''
''to paint my dreams
in the silver clouds ''
''The colours you scattered
from your lustful casket''
''Just forthe sake of us...... this city
Lets wait till it awakens one day...''
''Doors of my heart...... ''
''unlock and open it to this dawn.''
''The day with a gleaming face''
''The night with the face of the moon''
''ln between are the spaces.. where''
''You precious moments.... come beside me''
''The lids close upon the inner pictures''
''As a print of Gods Signature..''
When he said that he will call the cops,
l hit him on his head with the flower pot.
They took him to the hospital.
l did not do anything else
That is all l did
We are going straight to Punjabi House.
-We calmly demand the release of the boat.
Then they will say -
they will not release the boat
-And then...
-Then they will take a decision
''As your soft fingers touch my heart''
''lt caresses like the tender bud ''
''small worries disappear into ''
''naughty laughter like waves roll away''
''We float away bonded together''
''As fate binds the conjuror's eyes''
''Doors of my heart...... ''
''unlock and open it to this dawn''
''Glancing out.. across the paths.. ''
''like butterflies we shall fly''
''to paint my dreams
in the silver clouds'
''The colours you scattered
from your lustful casket''
''Just forthe sake of us...... this city''
''Lets wait till it awakens one day...''
''Doors of my heart...... ''
''unlock and open it to this dawn''
Team DrC
My adoration for Peter George's photography is
what got me into this profession.
He was the hero of our generation!
lf Peter takes 5 shots,
the editors are left confused
to choose from among them.
Sir, l too am actually confused.
Tomorrow is the date for uploading....
So which one do l ...
You need not be confused at all.
lf none of them are
good there cannot be doubts.
When l heard you were Peter George's
son, l carried very high expectations!
To be frank... you just disappointed me
Sir, Could you tell me what
is the problem with these photographs?
Peter George
Here Look ....these are
shots that your father clicked
How genuine they are!
Marking a piece of a moment with the camera
and making it everlasting is the art called
Peter always used to say
''As you condense time into eternity
ensure no inauthenticity
is mixed into it''
All the photographs you have taken
has a plastic property
Shot forthe sake of shooting,
a kind of artificiality
So... l should not send a photograph
for the contest. lsn't it?
Yourfather taught us one thing
-A hunter who waits to capture that magical
moments is what a photographer needs to be.
You grow into becoming
a patient picture hunter
Magical moments will fall right in
front of us for sure!
Do you see this selfie?
Most of the present
photos are like this.
Majority of them are like
we making some scenarios for ourselves
That is why they become artificial
Sir, why my father's photographs
having so much of life??
Hmmm... All of Peter's photographs had
a divine touch to it.
Because Peter did not use his eyes
to see through the camera...
He used his heart...
All of Peter's photographs had a
divine touch to it.
Because Peter did not
use his eyes to see through the camera...
He used his heart...
Banu, would you reduce the volume?
There are no deaf and mute people here.
When you keep it forthat granny
at a higher volume,
then there is no problem?
The electricity bill of this house
is paid by me!
Then add this also to it..
Last night you slept here?
Go and sleep down..
What is your plan - to win this
year's State Award for Stubbornness?
When you feel hungry....
come with your head down...
l will show you then
My father was larger than l ever
thought about him. Wasn't he?
lf he was there with me, l too
would have become a good photographer.
Team DrC
-Good morning, Ma'am.-Good morning
Madam, Truth must win is what
the legal institution stands for...
But then doesn't the lawyer,
often have to lie?
l am not a person who
believes that Satyameva Jayate
written below our National
Emblem is just forfun.
But then for Truth to win,
there are chances that an advocate
may have to say lies.
There are lawyers who plead on
behalf of the Untruth,
what would do you say is their truth?
For the Untruth to win, the lies the lawyer
states would be the truth for him.
A advocate may have to don roles like that
of Krishna while pleading for Arujna,
or that of Karna while
pleading for Duryodhana.
Ma'm, can we live life
following the law always?
ln some situations aren't we compelled
to knowlingly break laws?
ln order to save a person's life
when an Ambulance Driver is speeding,
he is violating the law.
Should be follow
the rule or save a life?
Save a life. Ma'm.
The understanding and assumptions about
Truth would be different for different people.
ln that case with which
assumption should be stand?
ln our earlier examplejust consider
the ambulance driver
while driving hitting a pedestrian.
A delay of even a second puts at risk
the life of patient in the vehicle.
The wounded person on the road if
not taken to hospital may lose his life.
ln this situation what
should the driver do?
To give an immediate
reply is difficult, isn't it?
lt is difficult for me too.
That is because, one cannot
always use law to interpretjustice.
The event, the context of the event,
the situation all these influence our decision.
Even after examining every bit of it,
we still may be left with the confusion
on which side to stand.
Then there is only one thing to do.
Follow the conscience.
Excuse me?
Mummy will come and pick you. Be ready.
Ok Bye..
So it is time to leave.
Had a nice time with you people.
Thank you
Ma'am, one last question?
OK Please
Justice V R Krishna lyer had once remarked
that while appearing in certain cases
especially for the dead,
a certain super natural forces
involvement has been experienced by him.
Have you, during your career, experience
such kind of miracles or ghost effects?
ln some cases while arguing
at times one is left with no clues.
At that moment a file falls down
when our hand hits against it,
or for no reason we
turn the pages of a law book
suddenly our eyes fall
on a word or a sentence
or like a lightning an idea strikes us.
Holding on to that our arguments have at times
altered the course of the verdict itself.
Some blunders said unknowingly also
have come as a boon.
Such occurences that
unexpectedly alter the course,
l wouldn't refer to them as
Ghost effects like you did.
Rather, l would love to term
them as Hand of God!
What is it? These are of today's event?
Just try this
You made this, Banu?
lt tastes really good..
That was actually a blunder...
The page of the recipe
book got mixed up..
ln that case why not do that daily...
lt is said that to cause something good,
blunders do help..
That is... in our lawyers language
it is called... hmm what is it...
Oh yes... Hand of God...
What? Hand of God?
Yes... Annie Madam said that..
Banu, how would you
understand all that....
What do you think, Banu is a kid....
l have seen this Hand
of God many times..... dumbhead..
Hmm... Must be in the serials
What.... You can't believe that..
ls it so??
This Hand of God... l will show him..
You want to see the Hand of God??
Eh.. What is this?
Read and see!
l was returning from Malapuram
after covering a 7s tournament.
An unexpected thundershower forced me
to take shelter at a road side tea shop.
That is when this shot
got captured on my camera.
The kittens that would have otherwise
died of damp and numbness
received life soaking in the
warmth of the girl's touch.
The apt and only caption
that crossed my mind
A Hand of God.
ls this you, Banu?
Hmm he he he.....
lf l had got your father in my hands,
l would have ground him to a paste..
He was the one who got the
awards and l the beating..
Because l removed the hijab in the middle of
the road my dad caressed me right and left...
Beat me sound is what l meant..
Forthe next two days, l was not
even given water to drink
lf it were a cinema set up,
the environment was
right for love to blossom.
Hmmm.. yeah
The search for the right environment
has gone forthe last 4-5 years!
Will anything take place.
my thinking alone will not suffice?
Boy, you will remain gaping this way
with the bands playing in your head.
Will you leave Arundhati
with me for 5 minutes?
lf so?
l will make the things done.
You know... to deal with girls,
there are certain psychological tactics.
What are they?
Those all can't be taught.
l can show you.
What? Any problems?
Team DrC
No problems...
However there should not be any
problems in the future either..
Like in the serial - ''Drizzle'' -
the way the Mother-in-law
and Daughter-in-law fight
- ''Drizzle''... - You don't see?
Doesn't matter..
When you start seeing
it will become a habit....
Amongst so many boys in the college,
if Joshua is kissed.......
l got the point....
But this dumbhead is missing the line...
Because he don't see the nice serials...
Please come over..
Come...you are being called...
Here it is brother
l thought this problem was there only
in the case of really old people..
When a boy and a girl interact closely,
it does not mean love..
That day, whatever happened was only
because of a peculiar situation.....
And That you know it clearly....
Don't you?
Ya.. Yes...
lf you interpret it this way....
By the way l believe that there is nothing wrong
in expressing ones feeling for someone.
But then that cannotjust be made up...
l have a request.
A good friendship should not be
gossiped about and spoiled...
OK then...
When you referred mother...
l assumed she would
be slightly more elderly..
lf she has to have a son of this age then
she would have got married while in school.
She had been somewhere in Malapuram
is what l heard..
Joshua Peter Saira Banu??
Not only the age,
The names also don't match!
Haven't you felt odd?
l did feel.
This Joshua was my senior in school.
He broke his studies for 2-3 years.
Now he is studying as
my junior in Law College!
He takes very nice photographs
His father used to be a good
photographer is what l have heard..
l am not aware of any
further family details.
l have not been interested either..
But then... l... have done some
investigations in the past
What ...
Going by what you say,
This Joshua happens to be the son of
Malayala Manorama's yesteryears
photographer, Peter George.
ln that case the lady
you met is not his mother...
lt was while working
as a cartoonist for Express,
l got acquainted with Peter George.
ln news photography he
was an incredible genius..
A girl's face that landed on his camera,
during one of his travels, fetched
him a National Award.
After some days,
he had a chance to take the shot
of the girl's face again.
''ln the name of Highway development,
evicted family Suicide''
''Sairabanu, Grief of the town''
A victim of the Highway Development,
a family entered into a suicide pact.
Peter put the photograph of the the girl who
survived, on the front page of the Newspaper.
That time it did create
a political furore..
We the media got together
and inflated it more...
Finally the then State Government
had to declare that girl named Saira
as the Adopted Daughter of the State.
The next time Peter caught up with her,
while she was protesting
in front of the Secretariat, all alone,
fighting to get all the promises
declared by the state.
He picked her up from
there and took her home.
A place to sleep and food is
all that he provided....
without any expectations.
However the favour he did had a gain.
She became a companion
for his motherless son.
A couple of months later, Peter left to
take the photographs of the rainy woods
and never returned.
All that the search
team got was his camera.
There is something more than fiction
in that life you described!
No story carries even half of the drama
happening in real life, dear.
Honestly, doesn't this Saira Banu
deserve a salute?
A big Salute?
Open only when l tell you to...
Lie Calmly, Banu...
Operation Success!!
ls it the acid you put in my eyes,
you Dumbhead...?
All the dust from the
town is in Banu's eyes...
Can you lie down with your eyes closed
for 2 minutes. Open only when l tell you to.
Even otherwise l cannot open...
-Shall l?-No No.. Don't
-Now shall l?-Wait..
Now open..
Eh....What is this.....???
What is this?
From the thousand of
college students in lndia,
the world famous Geo Magazine,
has selected Mr. Joshua Peter
as one of best 5 photographers,
They have adopted me.......Dear.....
Really they send this
That is why put the ayurvedic
eye care in your eyes... See clearly...
Lets have dinner outside...
Get ready fast...
Should we?
Finance Ministry is getting tight...
Banu, if we do not celebrate
these moments, why live at all?
The college is having Art Fest this entire night.
l have left that and being here...
Get ready fast...
Wear this....
Team DrC
l am coming
Banu, Fast...
Yes.... l am coming...
When there is no time...
Hey. How is it?
-Which hotel are we going?
-That is all decided.... come fast.
Oh... Gas..
We are already late?
l am still not able to believe it...
My dear Banu... to tell you the truth...
Even l couldn't believe it initially..
Geo Magazine selecting my photographs???
Just think about it
After one month, where would l be?
See.. in France! ... in Paris...
ln Paris?
What else? You expect they
give traing here in Vathuruthy colony?
My dear Banu,
l... l have enquired everything.
There are security
issues in Europe and US,
like terrorist threats and so...
there are immense problems
lf l have to get the paper work done within
2 months it will take some hard work.
Then what about your studies?
My Dear... Ain't l going for studies?
But then don't you
want to take a degree?
Banu, this is also a degree.
A professional degree.
Students do it after their 12th.
Banu, don't you know
that l love photography?
Because l know that, haven't
l stood with you in all your madness.
As if... l will leave you now!!
As if Going to Paris is like going
to Padma theatre to watch a movie.
Anyway nobody is going to file a
case if you don't go.
What are you saying, Banu?
lt is great to win
a prize in a competition.
But do not even think about going
for a training sacrificing your studies.
lt will not work...
lf it was somewhere here,
then it would have been fine.
This is Paris!!
lf somebody hears it,
they will only call you insane.
Do we have to do what others say?
Walking around with a camera
slung across, is that a big deal?
My father was someone who walked around
with a camera slung across.
For me it is a big deal.
Comparing it to being a lawyer,
l do not find it great..
A photographer?
lt is nothing to be proud about.
Banu, you walk around with a bag
like a kangaroo, distributing letters.
Did l comment about that?
What is there for Banu,
if l take pride in my father?.
What does that mean?
What right l have in your life?
lsn't it?
My dear Banu, that is not what l meant!
My passion is Photography.
When an opportunity has come by why do
you stop it with some stupid reasoning?
Passion...when l hearthat word itself,
l am seething...
Everybody has dreams and expectations..
Some use it as an excuse
to run away from responsibilities.
When your father left a toddler and walked
away he too had the same justification..
Everytime why do you go after my father?.
lf that was such a passion he should
have sat embracing it.
While getting married and begetting children
there was no passion, no dream... nothing...
Banu, do not speak the cheap dialogues
mouthed by those ladies in the lousy TV serials
Yes... now l will be
cheap and lousy for you...
lf he had done anything for you...
that you speak so much for him,
l would have understood....
lt is about my father..
Why are you so bothered?
You are not my mother, anyway.
What did you utter?
Your ears are alright, aren't they?
l'm not able to hear you, just a minute.
Hello! Yes, Banu! Joshua?
-Buddy, saw Joshua? - He is inside.
-lnside? - Yeah!
He was somewhere around. Let me check.
Yes! He is here.
l will send him.
Fought with Banu and came here!
She called me now. Asked you to
come back home.
l'm not going.
l promised Banu l
will send you back home.
Did you ask me and promise?
l guess l have the freedom
to decide without your permission!
lf l break the promise then,
l will not have any worth in future.
Then, don't go.
Joshua, give me a call
after compromising with Bhanu
Hey Buddy! Stay there.
l am moving buddy
-Ok! - Don't go.
-Buddy, don't forget the otherthing.
-Ok, pal!
l'm Prince!
-l know. - How you know?
You are my senior.
So you know me?
-Well, where are you going? - Way home!
l'm also way home.
Not to your home! To my home!
My bike fought with me!
Not talking to me!
Doesn't matter! Gulp!
Ok bro! l'll drop you home, come.
l will come even
without your permission,
and sit like this!
Move. Move l say.
Move..Come on.
l think you don't know driving.
lf l kick the bucket someone take me.
Dude, right..this way. Go straight.
Move..Move..carry on.
Who gave you such a good bike?
lf notice riding like this,
he will feel bad!
l said the truth, right?
Despite of telling all this,
without any haughtiness
if keep riding like this insensitively..
Do you call this as Bike riding?
lt's like walking having bike
under the legs! Got it?
Stop..Stop..Stop l say.
l will jump down right away.
What is happening...
l, you orthe bike is fit!
Like walking women
Vyttila - Thammanam..Vyttila
- Thammanam!
Going in a Zig zag way!
Bro, l'm riding bike for the 1st time!
Oh l see! l have more and more
dreams of my future!
-Move aside! l will ride the bike.
- No, bro.l will drop you
-Move..Move l will ride-
No, bro, l will drop you.
l have to go home, brother
What is this? Bursting crackers!
-ls it New year? - l don't know
Don't know when does New Yearfall,
you fool!
lt's in December.. No.. Novem...
Yes, January 1st!
Misguiding me?
-l meant about Crackers! - Oh, l see!
l hope it's a Navy's celebration! Right?
lf anyone say anything...
Oh Super! Dude, is it a horse?
Come on! Come on..come back to mood.
-Lets have a bash.. - Bro, please..
-Please go slowly
- Now, we can overtake that idiot
Please sit and ride..please gp slowly
Brother, what's your problem
Go slowly
Gosh! No!
Gosh! What's this buddy?
Come..let's go..l'm not hurt.
You fool! We only came together
Hold the vehicle
He will die dude
Come on, go
Bhanu, Unknowgly l...
Doesn't matter, come home,
l have prepared food
Team DrC
''Oh! my dear child
one you landed in my arms''
''Like a flower drifted in the breeze''
''As you put your head
to a lonely dove's chest''
''You slept by the rhythm
of the throbbing heart..''
''Like the moist moon
beam you softly suckled''
''To the lullaby of singing birds,
my dear child..''
Hello! Saira Banu?
Calling from Central Station!
You have to come here urgently.
What is the matter?
That's why l'm calling you here.
l got a call from here.
Are you Saira Banu?
Your son is a big hero!
Oh no! What happened?
Go there and ask.
Relative of that accused!
What is the problem, sir?
Matter is quite serious.
Your son assaulted a policeman!
What? Oh God Joshua?!
Where is he now?
ln the lock up!
lnjured policeman is
admitted in the hospital!
8 Sutures!
S.l has gone to record his statement!
Meet him when he is back.
Can l see my son?
What happened?
-Bro, 2 cups of black tea please.-
- Over there.
ls there water?
Here is the Jug.
How dare you run over me? You rascal!
Stop the Car. Killing people!
-Stop l say.
-What nonsense is he doing?
Stop l say. You dog!
What is wrong with you?
You already ran over a person
and now pelted stones on a passerby.
lf flaunts too much,
l will again pelt stones.
Prince will not fall for luxurious cars!
Get lost.
Are you going?
Hmm! l have a home and family.
l have some other work too
Get going then
That Car is reversing!
Let it come.
A lady?
-You pelted stones on my Car?-Yes
Sorry ma'am..accidentally..
l will again pelt stones
if try to run over the car
l will even destroy your Car
ln order to save a person standing carelessly
on middle of road talking over phone
l overtook and went.
ls that the issue now?
Sorry ma'am. lt was an accident.
We are law college students.
Law College?!
lf law college students themselves derelicts
from it, how will that be right?
Who the hell are you to teach law?
Bro, please keep quiet.
Do you know who she is?
Whoever she may be,
lf done any harm,
this Prince will strongly resist!
even if his father does!
After all you are a woman! Go home!
Sorry ma'am!
Wait, as we are still inconclusive
fault lies with whom,
let Police decide it.
Threats ah!
Go ahead ! Call Police orArmy whoever!
Please no, madam
Hey, don't plead her.
Let her call, dude!
What the hell will Police do!
l will leave only after that.
Go ahead and call Police.
Don't worry.
What is the need for it? Get lost.
Police are only fools! Call them.
Sir..yes sir.
Sir, l had reached the spot.
l will handle, sir. Sure!
Greetings madam,
what is the problem here?
They pelt stones on my car.
l don't know the reason.
We will find it out, madam.
You can go home, madam.
Stephen sir told us
in particularto send you
back home immediately
without troubling you.
They would've done it in inebriation!
Let it dawn.
l will get the tail
lamp replaced by them.
-What? - You please go home, madam.
She dashed the car over me. And not us.
Who among you pelted the stone?
lt's me, Prince Chakkalakal!
Son of Sabu Chakkalakal!
Your dad's name is not a license
to show your arrogance!
Which bigwig's son are you?
lt was a mistake.
We didn't know it was Annie madam's Car.
lf not Annie madam,
you will pelt stones on any Cars, right?
Pelt stones on the Police Jeep then
Get into the Police jeep. Get in l say.
l know him well, sir.
He is not so innocent
Kiss of Love protest!
He is the cause for
Sebastian's suspension.
-Oh it was you!
lnfact l've been waiting
to see you - You bugger!
-You will not be spared!
- l will take you to task!
you will get after reaching the station
l will take you to task.
Get inside the jeep
Where is he then?
-Bring them. - Get down.
Move. Walk towards there.
You detained Chakkalal's son?
Send him with me,
fortaking a blood test.
-What for? -To take the blood test!!
The moment he received the wireless message
Simmon sirtold me to bring him immediately
Where you are heading towards?
You come here
Get going..you have
to take a blood test.
Get into the vehicle.
Where is he?
Come inside
Get inside
Take him.
On October 3rd, night at 12.30 a.m,
without wearing helmet..
Where did l stop?
Without wearing a helmet,
accused who rode the bike at night,
What is your name?
You bolted out from the sky?
Don't you have parents?
You bolted out from the sky?
Don't you have parents?
Tell me your surname!
Tell me your surname!
lt's clearfrom Police investigation, that
Joshua Peter had no licence during that time.
lt's clearfrom Police investigation, that
Joshua Peter had no licence during that time.
lt's clearfrom Police investigation, that
Joshua Peter had no licence during that time.
lt's clearfrom Police investigation, that
Joshua Peter had no licence during that time.
Sir, l 'm a law student.
Now l will also get
a scholarship to fly abroad.
lt will jeopardize
my career if l'm charged.
As you are a Law student,
you got me Suspension.
Don't l have to be
loyal to you for that?
ln the midst of awareness for driving
without insurance is a breach of law,
the defendant attacked the
police officers without any provocation
Sir, l didn't do that.
You carry on with writing.
KJ Radhakrishnan, Police constable's head was
banged with stone and critically injured.
Sir, it was not me,
my College Senior Prince did it.
lf show off too much,
l will also charge you with Ganja case!
Sir, you are trapping
me for your personal revenge!
What can you do?
You carry on writing.
Bhanu, l will never take my dad's bike
Without your permission
Hello, please sign this.
Sister, your son is totally trapped now.
He is from a much influence family,
so he escaped
Oh God! What shall l do now, sir?
All these problems triggered after Chakkalal's
son stoned Advocate Annie madam's car!
Perhaps it may resolve
if she interferes!
-Wish to contact her - Yes!
After l left the scene only,
you charged him on
the basis of that incident.
But how did the Law student Prince
disappear from the spot like a magician?
lt was not the accused Joshua Peter,
who stoned my car nor was discourteous to me!
lt is also not recorded in your FlR!
Since your ASP Simon
sir's family name Chakkalakal
A little common sense is more than enough
to understand the secret of that magic.
We had pressure from the top, madam.
We are helpless, madam.
People at the top also helpless.
lt may be a necessity forASP
to save his relative.
But not through jeopardizing an
innocent youth's future!
Madam, we will discuss
and do the needful,
and resolve without triggering
any problems to that guy.
lf that is the case, then you
can keep away from many complications!
-Madam - Hmm
Don't worry! Have hope!
Sorry for troubling you.
Try to go home peacefully with your son.
Come, lets go
Your purse is empty now, is it?
Doesn't matter.
Since we purchased all items together.
Had known earlier, could have purchased
one by one every month.
That is okay. l will repay your debt
with my 1st month stipend money.
-Oh oh.. - Yes.
We'll buy a cooling glass!
No need, Banu.
Not for you. For me.
Yes, this one.
My name is Banu and not Birla!
To keep away from
dust while riding scooty
Look! How is it?
Hmm! Good!
What is the cost?
-Rs.600! - 600?!
Sister, as it's you, l will give
you a discount. Just give me Rs.500!
As it's you,
bro, l will buy it for Rs.200!
No sis! Superstar Mammooty
also regularly purchases here.
Rs.200 is very less.
l can also not afford Rs.500.
Tell me the last price.
-Rs.400 for this glass!- Yes.
You heard bro's joke!
l got something to tell you.
Walk quickly.
Excuse me...who are you? Who is he?
What is the problem?
From Police department! We shall move.
That case was already settled, right?
lt can't be told that easily..
A murder case!
Your son killed a person!
-Got lots to say, let's move.-Bhanu
Team DrC
Madam is calling you.
-Madam, can l come inside? - Come...Come.
Here is the key!
-Are there any otherformalities?
-Nothing, madam.
-Where is the Car?- ln the Parking lot!
-lnform the Security.
-Ok ma'am, thank you.
Come..Come..please sit.
What is it, Saira Banu?
Police arrested my son again...
...they are saying he had killed someone.
Not someone! Hit and run!
Didn't your son ride away
after hitting someone that day?
That man has died.
Police has identified the deceased.
He is a Bengali . Name - Kishan Kumar.
Bengal Government is
not happy with the probe .
Therefore we have lot
of pressure from them.
So the Kerala Government has appointed
a special prosecutor in this case!
Unfortunately that is ME!
Normally when l take up any case,
l immediately carry out
my personal investigation..
l take up the case only when
l am convinced there is truth in that.
Afew students and Security
person of Law college,
have reported Joshua
riding the bike that day.
Even afterthe incident,
Joshua rode the bike,
is established from the
Fast food owner's testimony.
lt was Prince who grabbed
the bike from him.
The accident occurred
when he was riding the bike
l myself had seen them at the spot.
Addtionally, the guy with Joshua,
wasn't in a condition to ride the bike.
Viewed from the circumstances
and testimonies,
l got to know that it
was a lapse on Joshua's part.
Don't get desperate.
all this may not be the truth.
Had l known you were the prosecutor,
l wouldn't have approached you.
Don't consider me as an your opponent!
The Government has
entrusted a job to me!
l sincerely try and fulfil
it to my best efforts! That is all...
No problem, madam.
Sorry for causing any inconvenience!
l filled half a litre
of petrol a week ago,
it is over.
Why didn't you run it over my chest?
Didn't notice.
Don't see..
-Ah.. sorry.-Aaa... Sorry!
Where is the helmet?
-ln the bike.-Keep it there!
Call yourself an Advocate?!!
Model advocate???!!!
Didn't like?
What are you staring? No cases?
No! Will you give?
Sir, l had called you twice.
l need 2 days leave.
No. l'm fine.
A personal issue to attend.
Ok, l will surely come the day after.
Ok sir. l will call you.
Where is helmet?
Must be at home!
No number plate also.
This is an electric bike
Have you atleast taken your insurance?
No, that will not work. Altogether
about Rs.4000 needs to be paid
No point blaming policemen!
-Are you coming to the
Court for the 1st time? - Yes.
l understood from your looks
People think they can just walk
into the court, pay the fine and leave.
Judge will levy a fine
that comes to his mind!
Sister, if the lawyer is an acquaintance,
then fine amount will be less!
Come, l will settle it for Rs.3000
-Actually it's not that.
- Doesn't matter, come.
Hey get away...get away l say. Move.
He is my Junior.
A case for Rs.5000,
l am trying to settle it for Rs.2000!
And l will give you
a discount in my fees.
of Rs.500!
lt's not the case..
Oh no! l forgot to
introduce myself. Shucks!
l'm Advocate Subramani!
My dear ones call me Subbu!
You can also call me that way.
How l can charge more than Rs.300
from my close ones?
lf you don't mind..
Can you get me upma and tea?
Sister, bail is possible.
two persons are needed as sureties
but tax paid receipt must be there
l will arrange that.
Still there is a problem.
Advocate Opposite to
us is Annie John Tharavady
She doesn't have to even argue.
she just needs to stand in the court
and the Court will
decree that defendant lost
And she appears in only such cases.
Sister, shall l ask you a doubt?
Was it really your
son who rode the bike?
Upma and tea!
l didn't say to irritate you..
The Saying is ''Never
lie to Doctors and Lawyers''?
Joshua will never lie to me.
Now what is the problem? What is it?
You need a lawyer. That is it?
A Lawyer who argues and wins the Case!
Come with me sister.
Our office will take
care of the paperworks.
Thomas Jacob Sir will
be arriving only on Monday
Signature on the suit after Sir comes.
Get a bank statement
also when you come on Monday.
Bank ...Statement..?
As it's legal matter,
can't say how long it will go!
We don't take up cases of clients
who are not financially sound!
To clarify that l asked
forthe Bank Statement.
Or you make an advance payment of
not less than Rs. 3 lacs.
Oh No...l don't have that kind of....
Sorry, then it is better
you look for other options.
Let me think over once more....
We are already overloaded with cases
lf there is any change, please inform.
Leave it, Even otherwise this
Thomas Jacob is a very snobbish person.
When l approached him to join as his Junior
advocate, it was the same situation.
What to do now?
Simple, when one door closes,
nine doors open!
lf Thomas Jacob goes,
another Jacob Thomas will come.
What is your name
Oh! Height of being an orthodox Brahmin!
l too am wearing the same sacred thread
that he has.
When he was Assistant to Abdul Gaffoor,
religion was not a matter.
We'll look for somebody else, Sister.
Soda Cola!
Most of the good lawyers of this
Bar Association have trained along with
Annie as Juniors under John Tharavady!
But daughter is unlike father!
She only takes up fair cases!
This is about a Bengali's death,
isn't it?
According to Annie's nature,
She will go to any extremes to have
justice be delivered to that Bengali!
Only some desperate and helpless
lawyers, knowing that they would lose,
will accept cases against Annie!
Will anyone place his head on the rail
to derail a train?
Then there are some lawyers, who consider
it a as credit to argue against Annie!
Approach any of them!
See, don't get worried about the fees.
lnfact l have been
waiting for such a break.
Annie John being the opponent is the
biggest attraction for me in this case.
After all Annie is not Ambedkar?
A John Tharavady's mark
is all what this Annie has.
Only after ingesting Law and Penal code,
have l scored 1st Rank in LLM
That's my grandpa!
He was also a rank holder
Have you enquired about
the other guy's details?
Boy is from some bigwig family!
What is that guy's name?
Prince Chakkalakkal
Our Brother Sabu's son?
Very sorry.
What happened, sir?
This Abel Alex is me
This Prince is the
only brother of my fiance!
lt's not appropriate to argue
against my future brother-in-law!
when we are set to become kins...
Sister, that's..
l was not born in a rich family.
l have neither wealth,
education, good heritage..
nor a well paid job,
and l also have nobody
l can call as my own.
Can't a destitute have
a decent living here?
lf it is to persecute them,
then why Law and Courts here?
Sis..l can understand
all that you are saying..
Even while we talk of
all the existing hurdles..
There are legal provisions
to serve the helpless.
There is a provision called Legal aid!
Legal aid!
For anyone who cannot afford a lawyer, the
Government at their cost arrange for a lawyer.
Why don't we apply for it?
Team DrC
Get down, Get Down...Quick, Quick.
Letter for you
Move.. Move
-Hey Jitender! - Yes sir!
Letterfor you.
This letter is not for me.
You are Jitender! Letter is for you.
-No..it's not mine.. - Please look..
Don't keep gaping! Do your work.
Chitty? What Chit?
Letterfor him?
O my sister! Where are you?
Letter is for him only.
-Was it forthe other guy then?
- Maybe forthe one who came yesterday
l have been hunting
for you all over the world.
-At last we have neared the shore!
- What?
here two or three persons
may be having similar names!
l will find out and hand over,
you can go.
Legal aid has been sanctioned.
l will come right away.
You need to give a news
in papers tomorrow itself.
Crime has been hoisted on the National
Awards Winning photographer's son.
The News needs to
be set from that angle.
Ok then!
And please don't forget to mention
that l'm the one arguing this case.
Are there any chances
of winning this case, Sir?
-Not at all!
- Then what is the need to take up this case?
Do you mind eating food like this
without sweating it out? Do you?
No sir.
Government is paying enough!
ln addition is the publicity earned out
of arguing against Annie Tharavady!
Neither got to study
the case nor work hard!
Just got to stand in the court
like a puppet in a puppet show.
Even otherwise, has there ever been a
history of Legal Aid winning any cases?
This is an interesting tradition.
Haven't you gone yet?
Sir, l'm also a Government servant.
We work at 101%% sincerity
for what we are paid.
My sincerity is a bit less!
Don't count the number of teeth in a
cow's when it is coming to you forfree.
l'm not arguing this case....Solved!
Oh! l didn't mean that, Sir!
This was our last hope.
lf this also fails, then..
Maybe Ram Jethmalani will arrive
from Delhi to argue this case!
For having accepted a case like this,
l must be beaten up...
Oh! Don't talk like that, Sir.
then how do you want me to say?
Having killed a pedestrian,
the boy is now in jail eating jail food.
And for the boy, a father
not sure whether still alive or dead.
And a mother with no evidence of his
father having married her orjust lived in with.
And if you are asked are you the boy's
biological mother, the answer is NO..
l... l want my son!
For that to whom else do l need to go?
Will it suffice to find just anyone?
Don't we need someone with
atleast a little conscience?
Shall l ask something?
Why don't you argue this case?
Yes, sister! There is such a rule!
Any person accused of an offence
before a criminal court,
or against whom proceedings
are instituted underthis code,
May of right be defensed
by a pleader of his choice!
lf a person accused of any crime,
ls not getting the services of the law or
the court or has lost faith in the lawyers
or the custodians of the law
ln that circumstances...
the Defendant can see the right to be
represented by a pleader of their choice!
That is the Rule of the Supreme Court!
Then, Can't you argue, Subbu?
How much ever hard l study the case,
the moment l reach the court
all my confidence is lost.
That's my problem!
That's the reason l manage
with these petty cases.
Then... how will l be able?
Nobody else in the World wants
Joshua out the way you are seeking for.
Even leading lawyers who know
the labyrinth of laws,
have lost to those ordinary people
who studied and argued with
full sincerity and dedication and history created.
Do you think any lawyer can be a match
to your dedication in this case?
No big legal formalities
are involved in this.
We just need a consent
letter from the accused.
The only worry is to see whether
the concerned judge will approve?
Saira Banu? Right?
How far have you studied?
Pre- Degree.
That is a big degree!!
On the opposite side
is Annie John Tharvadiyil.
You might be well versed
with all the legal aspects?
Did you considerthis to be as simple as
walking into a textile shop and buying clothes?
At least once,
have you seen the inside of a court?
Hit and Run is the case.
Even Salman Khan was
made to count stars..
This is not child's play..
Ah.. Experimentation is nice..
Not your own son anyway..
Then any wantonness can be done..
l may not have conceived him.
But he still is my son.
Hmmm.. What l had to say, l have said.
What do l lose!!
Some lessons are learned
only by experience.
Go ahead!!
Ah Ok Dear..
You are Saira Banu, right?
Did you recognize me, Dear?.
l used to work as a maid in
George Sir's house, Radhamma.
-May not recall.- Ha.....
-lt is been many years now.
-l do remember..
Why are you here, sister?
l came here for an issue of my son.
Stopped working for some time now.
Not been well..
l am the only one for him.
By the way, Sir's son now....
Crime No. 368/2016, Joshua Peter...
Joshua Peter... Joshua Peter...
-ls she the one going to argue? - Hmm.
Team DrC
Joshua' father ride....
That is not to be said from here..
-Speak from there... - Oh no!
Not there.... There
lf l had known,
l would have argued the case...
Hmmm.. Proceeed...
Loads of case are awaiting judgement.
Don't waste time.
Tell what you have to say.
l never used to give him the bike.
That day he had a fight with me
and took the bike.
But on his return that night he had a senior
called Prince with him on the bike, isn't it?
That boy forcibly snatched the bike from him,
saying that he did not know how to ride a bike.
The accident took place when that boy
was riding the bike.
Do you have evidence forthat?
That is what Joshua told me.
Heh... The court is interest is not
what Joshua told you.
lt needs evidences that prove
the truth about what Joshua said.
Your honour... without
interruption may l submit..
My Lord... if Kishan Kumar had been rushed to
the Hospital immediately afterthe accident,
there was a chance that his life
could have been saved,
is clear from the reading
of the medical report.
lt was notjust the complacency
in the bike riding alone,
but the critical negligence exhibited
by the law student, Joshua Peter
that is the cause of the death
of an innocent life!
Therefore this cannot bejustified
as an ordinary accidental death.
How safe it would be to extend bail
to Joshua Peter,
who has got a scholarship for studying abroad,
needs to be given a deep thought!
To avoid the complications arising
from the defendant on bail absconding,
l request before the honorable court
that Joshua Peter be remanded to custody
and that the trial proceedings may be
initiated at the earliest.
That is all your honour.
Do you have other submissions
to make, Saira Banu?
At least by when the trial begins,
study and come prepared to say
what you want to tell.
Court's time is not for wasting..
Team DrC
''Alone in the darkness
l searched my way''
''lt pains my heart
when l search for you''
''That moon is fading away somewhere''
''As a watchman l guard your mist garden''
''And as you go afar,
it burns my inner core''
''like the summer flower moves my soul..''
''and the notes of
the lullaby fade away...''
''Alone in the darkness
l searched my way''
''You came into my
life like a glowing lamp''
''My loving world even today is you''
''Here l lie alone in my nest''
''Wiping my tears hiding away from all,''
Why don't we request? We have
full support in the College, isn't it?
Have tea..
Yes.. One minute please..
Dear, Someone is speaking in English.
Would you just ask?
l will
Hello..Yes.. within a week.. ?
Ok Sir.. Ok.Ok...
Nothing to fear...
College Union is arranging
a fund for Joshua's case.
We are looking for another lawyer
lt was from Geo magazine...
Joshua's scholarship is all ready..
But to process visa application,
Rs.1.00 lakh is to be remitted in a
week's time is what they said.
For that first thing is
that Joshua has to be brought out.
Only then can we talk about his going.
The scholarships
can still be looked at..
He had to go through all this only because
l stood against his most cherished dream.
When he comes out, don't l have
to give him back the dreams he saw!
''Overthe darkness,
Oh, sun only if you'd come''
''For a moment beside me with your rays''
''Alone in the darkness
l searched my way''
''ln the rain somewhere far when
you are getting wet,''
''l will be there with
an umbrella sooner than ever''
''Moving somewhere
in search of your bank''
''What to do to cross these depths''
''Some star in the sky guides the path''
''And we just sail through''
'' Alone in the darkness
l searched my way''
''lt pains my heart
when l search for you''
''That moon is fading away somewhere''
Team DrC
Don't cry, Banu..
Your competition...
Why unnecessarily...
Only 10 more days remain.
Anyway, l can't go!
What? All will be fine...
Sign... Sign...
Sign, dear.
Banu once again failed
in her driving test!
Banu, isn't it time to stop?
Everything was fine till when
l came on to the road,
instead of taking by
the left l took the right..
Need to get my focus?
That Koshy keep asking something
or the other continuously..
Banu. Don't you know that driving
is by the left?
Ahh.. Don't know why l took the right!
Hey...On which side
was that roadside eatery?
Stop.. Stop.. Stop...
Ok see you...
Why is it you wanted
to meet urgently, sister?.
This eatery is on the right side of
the road, isn't it?
What Joshua told me is that it is
while he was phoning me from this place,
Annie John's vehicle came from that direction
and to avoid hitting, swerved and stopped ..
lf that is the case Annie John was driving
on the right side of the road. Wasn't she?
ls it to tell me this, that you called
me to meet urgently?
l had asked a customer to wait
about a property deal.
Now that is gone...
lf you keep thinking
about this every moment
then rather meet a lawyer,
you may have to consult a doctor.
What else do l have to think about Subu?
Ever since l joined the newspaper
l have known Peter George.
As Arundathi speaks
about this every time..
l have started knowing more
about Peter's son and Banu
Why l asked for an
immediate meeting is because
Additional Secretary Manoj Mammen Mathew
is an old classmate of Annie John.
Generally Government cases are not
handed overto personally known people.
But before taking on this case, Annie
John visited Mammen Mathew's office.
Therefore we can assume that there is
some personal interest for her in this case.
So what do we have to do?
Generally everybody studies the case,
studies the plaintiff,
studies the defendant,
studies the arguments
but forget to study the opposite lawyer.
Saira, it is not enough
to study the case alone..
You will also need to study Annie John..
These are some of the write ups about
Annie John and similar advocates
You will also find details about some case
where in renowned advocates suffered failures..
lt might benefit you, Saira Banu.
Just flooded with contradictions
cannot be considered as a valid
evidence, that's all your Honour.
Saira Banu?
There's only one day left for hearing.
Have you prepared on what to say?
Day aftertomorrow
if l can't do anything then
l'll become a mother who did not fulfil
on what my son wanted the most.
ln the court l cannot beat madam
in the arguments.
Let me you all that l've learnt about
the case in the past 10-20 days
After listening to
that if you can save my son
any way that is possible, please do it.
l beg of you...
See... lt's not because of any
personal grudge or enmity .
The Bengali was killed because you
swerved your car and hit him?
WHA That day in front of the eatery,
Joshua told me that it seemed
a bike was coming to hit him.
Then he realized
that it was a Benz car.
That means at that moment one of the
headlights of the car wasn't working.
A person who has many cars at home and
a lawyer like Madam who knows the law so well
will not take the car out onto the road
with just one head light working.
That day Prince threw stone and damaged
the back light of Madam's car
But when it was sent for repair
the front light too wasn't there.
So isn't Madam's car that hit the guy?
What nonsense are you talking?
Don't know Madam!
l have no idea whether whatever l am
saying is right orjust my thoughts.
But l know one thing,
if this is the truth
then Joshua will be
free the day after tomorrow.
Huh.. Are you challenging me?
Madam lf l had to challenge you,
would l come here to fall at your feet?
Sairabanu.. Do you know.....
the easiest part of law here is
to pronounce a man a murderer.
But difficult to prove he is innocent.
So...however l answer your question,
there's not going to
bring any change to the case.
Let court decide the truth,
So you may Please..
Mummy..... How long l have been waiting?
Come fast...
l'll come
Happy Birthday
You are too late...
my birthday was on Oct 4th
Aunty knows that.
The day you were most happy was also
when Aunty's dear was the most upset.
Arjun...Go inside
How much you try to
save your son born to you,
l'd also make the same efforts to
save my son not born to me.
3...2...1 ...Happy Birthday Son...
Ohh Thank you Mummy
Ohh Wow..Ohh..hoho..wow
Yeah..Love you Mummy..
Superb! Lovely! Look mummy.
Happy Birthday
Today is your day..
Whateverthat you ask,
Mummy will fulfil on that.
-Anything l ask for?
-Any...thing.... that you ask..
Mummy this is the most exciting
day l've ever had in my life...
Arjun..Arjun stop...
Team DrC
Ohh Oh God..
Mummy..Mummy..Please don't go mummy..
Dont cry l'll take care..
Mummy l dint see Mummy..
l dint see..Mummy..
Arjun..Before people see you start
the vehicle start the vehicle...
Take it..Take the vehicle out..
Arjun, brake!
-Mummy...-Arjun.. Move Fast..Arjun..
Arjun Fast..Take the car.
Arjun Careful...Hey
stop...stop..Arjun Stop..
Arjun, stop.
Wait..l'm coming that side...
Mummy Please don't go mummy..
Ohh Mummy they are close....
-Listen - They are coming.
Wear the seat belt
-Put the seat belt
- They will catch me.
Listen to what l am saying
Whoever asks you, tell them you
haven't not driven the vehicle
Okay..Mummy was driving..
They'll take me mummy..
No..No one will take you..Okay
Arjun...You stay here..Okay
Hey don't cry..Mummy
will come back now..
-Did you throw stones at my car?.-Yes
-Prince did it...-Why?
Sorry Mam,..we did that by mistake..
You try to run over a person
on the road, we will throw stones again,
if necessary will damage the car too
talking on the phone
has become a mistake
Sorry Ma'am..This is a mistake..
.. Sit assured ok..
Tell me Stephan
That Bengali died
l m coming soon..
So you don't have to go to school
for next two days?
Aren't you happy?
Just before your car hit him, a bike
hit him and rode away without stopping.
Two students of law college.
One is an influential guy,
so it would be wise not to involve him.
The other has no one to back him....
Just a lady as his guardian.
So, not much of interference
need be expected.
To save my son, l will not allow
another innocent guy to be trapped.
See Annie..
Can't say, he is completely innocent....
And neither are we
trapping him in this!.
We've got the number plate of his
bike from the spot.
We have eye witnesses too.
Whether it is your vehicle or his
bike that caused the death
is not confirmed medically either
That death could've occurred even
if you hadn't come that way .
But it's unethical
Don't you have a responsibility
towards your son?
lf your husband were to build a case
claiming it's unsafe
for Arjun to stay with you,
then the court may handover custody
of your son to him, forever.
Then do you think you can ever
see your son again?
So you have to do this for your son.
Team DrC
Please do pray!
lt's said that benefits of mothers
good deeds go to their children
Let my son also get some of them!
Never witnessed in movies either,
the support of a special
law is being used,
by Saira Banu, a Post office employee,
to prove the innocence of her foster son.
The backing of a curious law,that allows one to
not only argue a case on behalf to oneself
but also a citizen to argue on behalf of another,
is what makes this case peculiar
How do you respond to that?
The Police, which has periodically carried
a hatred against law college students
is being accused of
falsely hoisting this case?
Madam, this is the first time that you
are appearing as a Public Prosecutor
ls there any specific reason for that?
Madam, A mother arguing for a son - is
a an interesting element in this case.
What do you feel about it?
The worth of a human life is far beyond
the sentiments of a mother and son.
A migrant who had come to work for
the development of our state was killed.
To deliverjustice to his family
is my moral responsibility!
Call the Case!
Crime no.368/2016, Joshua Peter.
God bless you!
Excuse me!
Annie madam is requesting to see you!
Did you participate in the Law students'
''Kiss of Love'' protest ?
Amid the protest, did you assault
the policeman standing here?
You may argue that
this news report is fake.
But, if not you,
who is in this photograph?
Your honour, When Police constable Sebastian
was trying to discharge his duty
the visuals of Joshua Peter physically
assaulting the policeman
and his friends as a group bashing him
were flashed across
news channels that day.
All those visuals have been downloaded
from youtube in this Pen drive.
l wish to submit it before you
for your kind consideration.
Hmm...you are not that bad at all...
You know to push and knock down also.
The aforementioned incident does not have any
overt connection with the present case.
The lack of inhibition to physically
assault someone reflecting
the defendant's mental state and the hot blood..
are something l intend to bring forth
by just referring to that incident.
lt was in this rush of hot blood,
that the defendant who
doesn't have a licence either,
quarreled with Saira Banu,
his foster mother and local guardian
on October 3rd and
sped away with the bike.
That evening, after the celebration
at the Law college,
it was in the midst of showing
stunts on the bike, and overspeeding,
the accused hit a person.
The person - Kishan Kumar..
Sonpur, Minerva Village,
Siliguri District, West Bengal
There is a witness to this incident!
Railway Employee Vijayakrishnan
Prime witness of this case.
what did you witness that day?
Sabari Express which
had to pass by at 11 .50
was little late.
So the goods train was
halted at the level crossing..
-Hurry up! Sit quickly. - Move!
Without even caring for
the condition of the victim
Joshua Peter who
absconded from the scene.
has committed 5 offences!
One, rode the bike without licence.
Two, without renewing insurance
the vehicle was on the road!
Three, endangered
the life of a common man!
Four, without informing any authority
about the incident,
or caring to rescue the victim
fled away from the scene.
Five, Utter negligence and
a total disregard for a human life
caused the loss of a precious life.
1 and 2 points be treated
as traffic offence
3 and 4 points as Criminal offence!
But the last one,
like how Shakespeare said,
''the most unkindest cut
of all considering the fact,
that the accused is the student of Law!
This atrocious act
should be treated as a deed
which does not deserve any mercy,
Your Honour.
lt was nothing more
than a brutal homicide!
Only because of the defendant's
reckless negligence,
the misfortune of that miserable
human being bleeding to death!
should not befall anybody else!
Your honour, the judgement in this case
should be a lesson for each and every person.
who violates and neglects the reputed
rules and regulations of this country
which is meant to serve and protect
a common man's life!
Justice to be delivered
to Kishan Kumar and his family,
and considering his serious crimes,
the defendant be given exemplary
punishment is the only request
l have in this honourable court
That's all, your honour.
Has Saira Banu got nothing to say?
Team DrC
Whatever my son is saying is true,
Except l, nobody else
in this World believes it.
And l do not have any evidence with me
to prove whatever Madam is saying is wrong .
Even if l do have, it may not be possible for a
common woman like me to argue and win here.
Those who have money and education
can talk about and flout law!
But those common people
who buy ration rice,
travel in bus, stand in
queue to pay Electricity bills..
Do they, know at least half
of the existing laws of the country?
When police files a case or when
any summons from the court is received ,
To understand that lawyers
need to be paid a fees.
The way computer education
is given up to 10th grade,
lf we had given little education on law,
common man would've at
least understood a charge sheet!
Objection Your honour!
Her words are irrelevant to this case!
The issue here is not to resolve the
lapses in the lndian Judicial system!
Do you have anything
to say related to the case?
l was born in a village in Malapuram.
My dad was into banana farming.
After harvesting, when he cut the plant,
it used to fall on
the opposite of the cut.
The bike said to have been ridden by Joshua
hit the left handle of Kishan kumar's bicycle,
And the bicycle was lying on
the right side, says the Police report!
When bicycle loses balance, the rider
may fall either on the right orthe left side.
But in this case, the deceased
was wounded on the backside of his head!
Any person who studies the case file
will say what Saira Banu is saying now.
You can't use this to justify
the defendant or his crime.
l know...
l can't substantiate this and
prove my son's innocence.
But before he is convicted of crime,
l humbly request the Honourable Court
to grant me permission to see a person.
Objection your honour!
Before any new witness is produced,
the Court's prior permission is a must
Besides, the Plaintiff
should also be aware of that.
This person is not a witness at all,
nor directly related to this case.
Not having taken prior permission
is purely due to my ignorance.
Kindly show mercy to just see him.
Your honour, that will
be against our legal proceedings.
Rules and law are forthe people,
isn't it, Annie?
But this should not be allowed.
l won't allow this...
Advocate Annie John Taravadi!
There are certain aspects
which fall under the Court's discretion.
and it is not the
Advocates who decide that.
-Sir - This is my Court!
lf necessary a chance to cross
examine could be given.
Permission granted.
But Sir..
Saira, Go ahead and Call on.
Where do you belong to?
Madam, Bengal!
ln Bengal..where?
Where in Sonpur?.
Minerva Village!
Siliguri! Siliguri district!
Just one more question!
What is your name?
My name..
...is Kishan Kumar!
l.D? Your lD Card?
Yes, l have.
Here is it.
He is the one..
for whose hit and run murder my son
was charged and recorded in Police FlR
...Kishan Kumar...
...Minerva Village
...Siliguri District..West Bengal.
His original Election
ldentity card and Aadhar card.
are being submitted
to for Court's examination.
There is an old saying,
if one who died is
Kichaka(from the Epic)
then one who killed
is Bhima(from the Epic)
lf the one who died was not Kichaka
then the killer cannot be Bhima?
The decree in this case will be
delivered post lunch break.
The Court is adjourned for a break!
Madam, haven't you said, in many cases, you
have had the assistance of The Hand of God!
l didn't get it from ..
...your son's facebook.
Yadav Bhel Puri!
How many shops he runs?
-Bhai - Yes, ji.
-Who is this Yadav? - Don't know, sir.
Have, sis.
Any means of getting the address
of the deceased Kishan Kumar?
-Arey Kishan Kumar! - Yes, boss.
Hello! Hello!
-Are you Kishan Kumar? - Yes, of course!
We wrote this letter
to the deceased Kishan Kumar.
But some other Kishan
Kumar has received it .
That means....
more than one person
with the same name and address are here
there are also some agents here.
who without any valid
documents and papers
pick migrants and illegally
transport them to this place.
We will not have any details of them
Even a School has been started
forthem up in Perambavoor.
lnfact at statistics report that in
Ernakulam district,
alone there are more than 3 lacs of them
3 lacs people?!
Yes! How else do you think these
high rise buildings come up in a jiffy?
They work all day and night!
lf one person works for 8 hrs,
then another person with similar name
immediately starts working for the next 8 hrs
then the next 8 hours .....
But our dealings are all very straight!
Don't the Police catch you?
ln case any accidents take place?
Doesn't Police already
have hundreds of job on hand?
Amidst all that does the accident
of a nameless person really matter?
Only if someone with a valid name dies
will the issue of insurance arise!
No point in blaming them.
There has to be jobs in their state!
Team DrC
While you are fighting to punish my son,
The only thing l sought from Allah
in my prayers that even accidentally,
do not make me utter your son's name.
l know very well the anguishes
of a child growing without a father.
Our love for our children is expressed
not by fulfilling all their wishes.
We need to make them understand
a ''NO'' to certain things.
The aspects brought to the notice of
the court by the lady named Saira Banu,
is being viewed very seriously
People coming in from other states
without valid documents,
could in future lead to
serious law and order issues,
and cause legal complications
Court expresses its deep displeasure on the
complacency demonstrated by the Police.
Police has not been able to even
identify the victim in this case.
So, Joshua Peter standing in as the defendant
cannot be labeled as an offender.
As there are lapses in the Police FlR,
legally, this case does not stand!
So this court decrees that the Police must
locate the identity of the deceased,
and submit its report at the earliest.
Brother Subbu, Will the Police still
have to probe the deceased's case?
The court will say all that.
Here the Police do not have time to
investigate about deceased malayalees.....
when will they investigate
about a homeless, nameless?
What will you tell the Court then?
l will tell an old
Malayalam film's name.
''Searched But Not Found''
Finally, persevered and won
Believed you will not lose.
-Thanks a lot for standing by me.
- God is great!
Jo, this is KV sir!
l was only thinking of my son.
But Saira Banu,
you made me realize many things!
..for saving my son also
while rescuing your son.
Oh no, madam!
l just got caught in flash floods
l never knew swimming.
l somehow moved my hands and legs
when l got a straw,
clutched on to it and climbed...
But if l get caught
in the currents again
l don't know how to escape
Nothing of that kind
will ever happen again.
That is my assurance.
give wings to Joshua's dreams.
''You keep moving in
search of your shores''
''And the windows to your dreams
open sky high''
When a biological mother
and a foster mother,
confronted each other
for their children,
Without knowing the
condition of her son,
another mother must be awaiting
somewhere far away.
This journey of mine
is in search of that mother.
''Me, a dove moves slowly
along yourfoot prints left on the way''
''My Mother's hand''
''searching forthat flower
which sheds in the burning heat''
''She, who with a lullaby
in her heart to feed''
''ls mother,
the shadow time binds to you''
''Oh! Flower you may
go far away in another wind''
Ask him also.
This is our Chotu, bhai!
Yes! He is our villager.
Janakima 's son!