Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) Movie Script

Fire in the hole.
Fire in the hole!
Let's get it, boys.
Always loads easy on payday.
Hi, Daddy. Look at your knee. Daddy,
why don't you wear your knee pad?
Oh, Loretty,
that old shaft's so low,
you wear your knee pads,
you skin your back.
If you don't wear 'em,
you skin your knees.
I'll wear 'em tomorrow
and give my back a turn.
DOOLITTLE: Boys, there ain't no
place this thing can't take me.
There ain't a creek she can't
ford, a gully she can't jump
or a hill she can't climb.
By God, I know a thing
that you can't climb.
That heap of red dog
back yonder.
Oh, hell, buddy,
I can climb that damn mess
in a by-God
New York minute.
MAN 1: Shit!
You boys watch your language
in front of these kids.
All right, does anybody wanna bet me
I can't climb that mess up there?
MAN 2: That great
pile up there?
Hell, yes, buddy!
I can ride up there at the top...
Oh, I'm sorry, little girl. Excuse me.
MAN 3: Never done.
Can't be done.
I got me $25 that says I can do it.
Does anybody wanna bet me?
DOOLITTLE: I'll take all bets.
Okay, come on, kids.
Let's get to the store.
BOTH: Give the company
their money back.
Loretta, come on, honey.
Hi, Ted.
Hey, Carl.
Who's that
soldier boy out there
strutting around
like a banty rooster?
It's old man Red Lynn's
boy. Doolittle.
Come back from the army
acting like a wild heathen.
He'll calm down as soon as they
slap a coal shovel in his hand.
That Sears Roebuck
I ordered come in yet?
Yeah, I'll get it for you.
All right.
Loretty, get you and Herman
a jar of vyannies, honey.
MINER: Get your mule, son.
Hey, Cousin Ted,
come on in here and get in on this bet.
It's a sure thing.
Ol' Doolittle will
never get up there
without rolling over
and killin' himself.
Lord have mercy,
that son of a gun Doolittle
don't know what
quit means, does he?
He sure went to
a lot of trouble
to get on top of
a pile of junk.
Come on, Herman.
BOY 1: Mommy, Daddy's home!
BOY 2: What you got
in that box?
TED: Something special.
Don't open it till we get inside.
Y'all get washed up
before you come in.
Y'all hear your Mama?
Everybody go wash now. Come on.
Lee Dollarhide?
Come on in here, Doo.
I was just about to blast you one.
Old boy down at the store
said you wanted to see me.
Here, take you a sip.
TED: Okay, fellas.
Donald Ray.
Thanks, Daddy.
Jack, well...
Hand that to brother Jack.
Thank you.
CLARA: Take the baby, Jack.
TED: How do they feel, gang?
Peggy got two right feet.
TED: What?
I mean, two right shoes.
TED: I'll be darned. Don't worry.
We'll get 'em changed.
CLARA: How they feel?
BROTHER: Get your hands off. Leave 'em
alone. Leave 'em alone, Donald Ray.
Hey, how come she gets
something extra?
Jack, Loretta's getting to be a woman.
Going on 14.
Women's 'sposed to
have pretty things.
Oh, she ain't no woman.
She ain't nothing but a dad-burned kid.
Well, what are you, Herman?
Remember when
you used to work for me,
sell my goods down at the mine?
Yeah, I remember you used to pay
me a nickel for every jug I sold.
How'd you like to
come back to work for me?
Not for no nickel a jug!
I'm talking about
real money, Doo.
Business is good, you see. I'm selling
more whiskey than I can make.
But I heard you'd
been stealing some
from the boys
over in Greasy Creek.
Oh, just when
I run shy of my own.
I'm fixing to make me another
run on Greasy Creek, Doo.
You got that jeep.
You know how to use a gun
and you can use you a job.
I'll go 50-50 with you.
Doo, if you're born in the
mountains, you got three choices,
coal mine, moonshine
or moving on down the line.
MAN: (SINGING) I'm walkin'
the floor over you
I can't sleep a wink,
that is true
Herman, get your feet off!
Turn the radio off.
We can't afford no new batteries.
You got one of your bad
headaches again, Daddy?
Ted, you want me to mix
you up some medicine?
It don't do no good.
It'll pass.
What you see in
them grounds, Mommy?
TED: Loretty,
take the baby, hon.
I see a woman crying.
Looks to me like a man crying, too.
Who are they?
TED: Loretty.
LORETTA: What are they
crying about, Mommy?
Take the baby out
and rock her, Loretty.
Bad times is a-coming.
Well, we don't need no
fortune-teller to know that.
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun never shines
And I shiver
when the cold wind blows
The longest train
I ever saw
Was on that Georgia line
The purtiest boy
I ever saw
Was on that caboose behind
In the pines...
Good thing you wasn't
still working for him, son.
You'd be laying there
aside him.
I know that, Daddy.
Course if you had have
been working for him,
at least you'd have
been working somewhere.
WOMAN: You're out.
That's all right, sweetheart,
you did fine.
Get up and dance!
Preacher Banks was supposed to be
here to auction off these pies.
And he's sick and I...
I sure can't take no
time to auction no pies.
Besides, if these girls want
to eat pies with a boy,
they'll do it whether
there's an auction or not.
Say, lady, I'll auction
off them pies for you.
You will?
I sure will.
Six bits? Got six bits right there.
Who's gonna bid a dollar?
MAN: I will!
All right, now we got
a dollar right here, now.
It's a dollar one time.
Boys, that's a dollar twice.
That's sold, right there, for a dollar.
Give me that
dollar right there.
Thank you.
All right, you all
got one more pie left.
It's a chocolate pie
here, belong to
Loretta Webb.
Who's gonna bid first?
I bid two bits.
DOOLITTLE: Two bits?
Buddy, that's an insult!
Who's gonna start off with a dollar?
Who'll give me a dollar, now?
I guess I get it, then.
Heck, I'll bid a dollar, buddy.
You're the auctioneer.
You ain't supposed to bid.
Oh, all right, that's a dollar
once, that's a dollar twice...
Hey, a dollar and a dime.
Three dollars.
That ain't fair, he's cheating!
All right,
that's $3 once, $3 twice...
Three and a dime.
Once, twice, sold to
Mr. Doolittle Lynn for $5.
MAN: (SINGING) Play in the
house and play in the sea
And when that
pretty girl turns to me
Swing her high
and swing her low
Swing your partner, do-si-do
Takes that lamb and
takes that squirrel
Takes that pretty
girl round the world
Make a lot of
chocolate pies, Loretta?
Not too many, except this one.
How much salt did
that recipe call for?
You don't put no salt in a chocolate pie.
You just put in sugar and...
Well, you must have got 'em
mixed up, Loretta.
Makes a lot of sense, though.
The salt and sugar's both white.
Well, there ain't no sense in
walking when you can ride. Come on!
I ain't gettin' in that thing.
You ain't never rode
in a car before, have you?
That ain't no car.
Looks like something from Mars.
Mars? Gal, what the hell do
you know about Mars anyway?
I'll bet you ain't never been
past the mouth of this hollow.
Come on now, get in this thing.
I said I ain't gettin'
in it and I ain't!
If you like me so much,
you can walk me home.
Oh, Lord, them pies ain't the only
thing salty about you, are they?
Wait a minute! Wait,
we'll walk it, then. Wait!
You know, the first time
I ever seen you I said,
"Me and that little ol' gal's
gonna get together. "
I saw you, too,
in that little soldier suit.
I thought you looked just
like a little toy soldier.
Hey, now, you listen here, I went
ashore over yonder at D-day plus four
and I stayed in combat until the
day the damn thing was over.
I wasn't no
little ol' toy soldier.
You know what
D-day is, don't you?
Never mind.
Tell you one thing
that army showed me.
There's a whole
big world out yonder.
Showed me I ain't
about to spend my life
buried in no
coal mine, neither.
Ain't no future in it,
not a damn bit.
And that's what I'm interested in,
mainly, course, is the future.
You got any
plans for the future?
Not that I know of.
You sure cuss a lot, don't ya?
Yeah, I do.
Cuss, drink, chase wild women.
What? What are you doing?
I'm gonna kiss you good night.
Ain't you ever been kissed before. Huh?
Hey, Loretta?
I'm gonna bring my jeep up
here and take you for a ride.
You ain't gonna get
that thing up this holler.
There ain't nothing I can't do,
girl, once I set my mind to it.
CLARA: Loretty, honey, take
Peggy Sue in and feed her.
Come on.
Stranger coming!
Stranger coming!
Stranger coming!
CLARA: What is it?
I told you I'd get
this thing up here, gal.
You gotta take
a ride with me now.
Hey, Bill.
BILL: Hey, Doo.
I can't breathe.
I feel like I'm gonna faint.
Well, that's the way you're supposed
to feel when you're in love.
It is?
Where have you been?
Doolittle took me riding.
Doolittle took me riding.
Took you riding?
You just run off.
Didn't ask nobody or nothing.
Run off and worry
everybody to death.
Y'all get to bed.
Go on.
Don't you know he'd
rather cut off his arm
than have to
whip you like that?
What you mean running off
like that with that wild boy?
I love him, Mommy.
You do no such a thing.
Stay away from that
Doolittle Lynn
or I'll give you worse than
what your Daddy did.
I'll go make you up
some salve for your legs.
Loretty, you know I don't like to
boss you, but I got to now, honey.
Daddy, I...
Just let me talk.
Doolittle's been up the
house every day this week.
I don't want him
hanging around no more.
'Cause you ain't got no business
hanging around with him.
You're just a little girl,
he's a grown-up man,
wild as the devil.
I love him, Daddy.
And he's a-wanting me
to marry him.
You ain't even 14 yet.
Y'all ain't knowed
each other a month.
I know. But I love him.
Lord, Lord,
don't do it, Loretty.
Don't throw all
them young years away.
You're my pride, girl.
My shining pride.
I just can't help it.
I can't.
BROTHER 1: Okay.
BROTHER 2: Okay.
ANNOUNCER: Presenting
the Grand Ole Opry.
Let her go, boys.
Get up, Mommy.
Do your squaw dance.
See if we can't get a smile
out of old sourpuss here.
Yeah, come on, Mama.
CHILDREN: Come on, dance.
Come on, Clary.
Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shinin'
Shine on the one that's
gone and left me blue
Blue moon of Kentucky
keep on shinin'
Shine on the one that's
gone and left me blue
It was on a moonlit night
The stars shining bright
They whispered from high
Your love said goodbye
Blue moon of Kentucky
keep on shinin'
Shine on the one that's gone...
DOOLITTLE: I knocked, but I reckon
y'all couldn't hear me outside.
Guess I broke up the party.
Oh, it don't matter.
Come on and sit down.
Okay, come on, Donald Ray.
BROTHER: Mmm. Why don't
you try that one?
Y'all get out of
here or I'm gonna
knock the tar out
of every one of you.
Why? We're
playing checkers.
LORETTA: Jack, go on.
Say, "Please. "
Junior, come on,
take 'em out. Please?
Come on, fellas, let's go.
Pretty please.
Look here at this, Loretty.
My gosh, Doo.
Where'd you get all that?
Mess of paychecks.
I've been saving 'em.
You know what tomorrow is?
It's our anniversary.
Get a little closer.
Herman, I'm gonna kill you!
What were you saying, Doo?
I was saying that tomorrow
is our anniversary.
I figured that'd be a good day
for you and me to get married,
especially since
I got all that money.
Go ask Daddy.
Mr. Webb,
me and Loretta
is fixing to get married
if it's all right with you.
Go ask Clary.
Mrs. Webb, uh, me...
Me and Loretty was thinking
about getting married.
Go ask Ted.
Where's lover boy?
Doolittle, what are you doing?
Hell, Ted said to ask Clary and Clary
said to ask Ted and... I don't know.
Come on and sit down.
Wait'll they go to bed, then
you can catch them together,
else they'll keep you running
back and forth all night long.
Mr. And Mrs. Webb?
I know everything's
happened real fast.
I know she's young, I know
how much y'all love her,
but the deal is
I love her, too.
Just as much as you do.
I growed up real fast,
I seen a lot of the world.
I want you to know
first time I seen that girl
I said, "That's all I'm ever
gonna want out of life. "
And I promise you
I'm gonna break my back
working to make her happy.
I reckon y'all set on it
no matter what we say.
I don't wanna go
against y'all, Mrs. Webb,
but, yes, I'm really set on it.
Two things I want
you to promise me, boy.
Don't you never hit her
and don't take her off
far away from home.
Yes, sir.
I promise you that.
Wilt thou love her,
comfort her,
honor and keep her
in sickness and in health
and forsaking all other,
keep thee only unto her
so long as you both shall live?
I will.
And, Loretta, wilt thou have this
man to be thy wedded husband,
to live together in the
holy estate of matrimony?
Wilt thou love him,
comfort him,
honor and keep him
in sickness and in health
and forsaking all other,
keep thee only unto him
so long as you both shall live?
Yeah, I will.
Who giveth this woman
to be married to this man?
I do.
Please join right hands.
The wedding ring is
an outward and visible sign
of an inward
and spiritual grace
signifying unto all the uniting
of this man and this
woman in holy matrimony.
Do you two have rings?
DOOLITTLE: I ain't got
no ring, Judge.
She'll warm up here
in just a minute.
I got a present
for you from Mama.
Well, go on, get ready
for bed, baby, come on.
Loretta, you ain't supposed to wear
a nightgown over your clothes.
I'm freezing, Doo.
Get on in there and take off
everything, but your nightgown now.
(WHISPERS) Go on, Loretty.
Go on!
Move. Go on, now.
Get off.
Don't do that.
Don't! Doo, no!
It's just a little rough the
first time, Loretty, is all.
Don't worry about that.
Come on, baby.
Don't, Doo. No!
Hush, Loretty.
No, Doo!
No! No.
This stuff's cold.
It's because it froze between
here and the damn restaurant.
You want a hot breakfast,
you got to go with me.
I ain't going in there having
all them people looking at me
knowing what we've
been doing in here.
Hell's bells, Loretta, do
you think this is something
the rest of the world
ain't caught on to yet?
They don't give a damn.
Baby, it's just a little rough
the first time, that's all.
Didn't seem too rough on you.
Well, you better get
used to it, darling,
because that's what
a damn marriage...
I ain't gonna get used to you getting
on me and sweating like an old pig!
You told Daddy you wouldn't hit
me and look at you already.
Well, hell, I'm sorry, Loretta,
but you drove me to it!
Hi, hon.
Look here at this. These
radios are on sale real cheap.
You reckon we could get us one?
Here, you read that.
Then we'll talk radios.
My gosh, Doo, this has
got pictures in it.
Here, dog.
Oh, Loretty, that there book,
that thing's helped millions
of people the world over.
I thought it might
do us a little good.
I can't read this book, Doo. It's got
all 'em great big ol' words in it.
Look at this one. Look.
That dadgum word
is a foot long.
Now, what's a foot-long
word supposed to mean, huh?
Oh, Doo, I don't need no book
to tell me what's wrong.
You just need to be
a little more patient
and gentle with me,
honey, that's all.
I just need a little more time.
Give you a little more time.
Well, let me add up
all these damn things
I'm supposed to give
you some more time on.
You need a little more time
to learn how to cook.
You need a little more time to
learn how to clean the damn house.
Plus you need
a little more time to learn
how to love your man
the way you're supposed to.
Goddamn, is there anything that
you know how to do right now?
Doo, when you gonna get me
that wedding ring?
Stop making that noise.
You sound like an old bear growling.
Where are you going?
Doo, are you leaving?
No, I ain't leaving.
look who's here! Loretta!
LORETTA: Hi. Hi, Peggy.
Hi, Donald.
Look who's here, Dad!
Hi, Mommy.
Doo's thrown me out, Mommy.
Oh, thank the Lord.
Maybe it ain't too late
to save you from
ruining your life.
Loretty, you home!
Hi, Daddy.
I believe married life's
making you fat, girl.
Oh, no.
GIRL: F, O, D...
Ready, Loretta?
The last time I seen you
I was giving you kids
a shot for the measles.
Here you are an old married woman.
How do you like it?
Except me and Doo is separated.
Things happen pretty fast between
you and Doo, don't they?
Hold up there.
Hey, Doolittle, how are you?
Good day, isn't it?
It sure is.
What have you been doing?
No, not a hell of a lot. Working
too goddamn hard. What about you?
Hey, Doolittle Lynn.
Who's that sow
wallowing in your jeep?
What did you call me?
A sow.
That's a woman pig.
Hi, Loretta, I just...
Hey, Loretta!
Hey, Loretta!
I was just fixing to come see you.
Was you gonna bring
your girlfriend with you?
Oh, hell, that don't mean nothing.
She just flagged me down.
I got something
to tell you, girl.
Yeah, I got something
to tell you, too.
Loretta, I am leaving Kentucky.
I'm going out west
to Washington
to get me a job on
a ranch or something.
That damned ol' coal mine's
got me buried alive.
Was you just gonna leave me?
Just long enough to get the
money to send for you.
What makes you think I'd come?
'Cause you're my wife, darling.
I'm your wife! Boy, you better think
of a better reason than that.
There ain't nothing for me
in Kentucky, Loretta.
Except a chest
full of coal dust
and being an old man
time I'm 40.
You ask your daddy.
'Sides that, you got to
come with me, I love you.
You promised Daddy you wouldn't
take me off far from home.
Well, you just have to
make up your mind, darling,
whether or not you're
his daughter or my wife.
Get in. I'll take
you back to the house.
What are you doing
in the bottom anyhow?
I come to see Doc Turner.
You sick?
Yeah, I'm gonna have a baby.
Oh, Lord, Loretta.
You know, darlin', you
might have found something
that you know how to do.
It's from Doo, Daddy!
He sent me the money
to come to Washington.
Well, she's late. Reckon she
might have jumped the tracks.
Oh, Daddy, them things don't do that.
Do they?
They've been known to.
Get up here.
Let's see what you weigh.
Boy, Daddy, this baby's gonna be a
big one, ain't it? You weigh now.
It wouldn't do no good.
I wouldn't know
how much was me,
how much was all that
coal dust I swallowed.
I ain't never
gonna see you again.
Yes, you will, Daddy.
Maybe. But I ain't never gonna
see my little girl again.
Them years has
been robbed from me,
like a thief broke in
and robbed 'em.
As I listen to the words
You are saying
It brings memories
When I was a trusting wife
It wasn't God
Who made honky tonk angels...
Thank you, Betty Sue.
As you said in the words
Of your song
Ernest Ray, your daddy
is gonna wear you out
when he gets home.
...married men
think they're still single
DOOLITTLE: Y'all scared of the rain?
You ain't gonna melt.
Let's go to work, boys.
Come here, boy. Come here.
Come here, my little...
Daddy, Daddy!
How you doing, Bo?
Hello, darlin'.
Come here, baby.
What did you do all day, baby?
Well, I put up 17 quarts
of this apple butter.
And, Doo,
the dadgum sink stopped up.
And I spent half
the morning fixing that.
Jack Benny, stop kicking
him under the table.
Do you hear me?
And then I had that
doctor's appointment.
He said it was a false alarm.
We'd better be a whole lot
more careful next time.
(COUGHING) Let's cover your
mouth when you're coughing.
And then I come home.
Eat, boy.
Betty Sue, you are
not leaving this table
till you finish that,
do you hear me?
You were eating all day.
Sit up there.
Sit up. Come here.
Then I come home
and cooked supper.
And I'm about ready to die.
How was your day?
Hey, Mooney!
Your mama called long
distance from Kentucky today,
said happy anniversary and said why
don't you call her more often.
Much obliged.
Why don't you have a phone
put in sometime, Mooney?
Really don't like telephones.
LORETTA: (SINGING) The captain,
he must have been drinkin'
For he knew that
he had done wrong
He was trying to win the record
When he let the Titanic go down
The children were cryin',
"Dear Mother"
Dear Mother has gone to stay
But maybe it'll
turn to somethin'...
Close your eyes, Cissy.
...that'll raise
the Titanic some day
Do-do di-do-do do-do-do...
(WHISPERS) Baby, I was just thinking,
we got an anniversary coming up,
I was wondering what kind of
anniversary present you wanted.
Well, I ain't got
no wedding ring yet.
Wedding ring? Bullshit.
Oh, bullshit!
Doo! Jack Benny!
Now, go to sleep, Ernest Ray.
You, too, Jack Benny.
Happy anniversary, darlin'.
Yeah, it looks like
you had a happy one.
You know, Doo, most couples spend
their anniversary together.
(GUITAR STRUMS) What's that?
That's your anniversary present, baby.
Happy anniversary.
My anniversary present?
Doo, sometimes I think you got a
washer missing in your brain.
I can't play that thing.
Most people can't without
they learn how first.
You're not too
ignorant to learn, are you?
Hell, if you don't want it,
I'll give it to the kids.
They probably
don't want it either,
so I'll put it in
the kindling box.
Give me that.
What you get me a guitar for?
'Cause I like the way you sing.
Do you really
think I sing good?
(SIGHS) Baby, I know you do.
Can I have a present, too?
(SINGING) Have I told you
lately that I love you?
Have I...
Could I tell you once again
If you boys knock Cissy off
of this porch one more time,
I'll have to whup you.
That's right.
No, no
With all my
Heart and soul how I adore you
Well, darlin',
I'm tellin' you now
You boys stop fighting
and listen to me sing.
This heart would break
in two if you refuse me
I'm no good without you anyhow
Dear, have I told you
lately that I love you?
Well, darlin',
I'm tellin' you now
Hey, darling,
how about Saturday night
let's get us one
of them babysitters
and go honky-tonkin'?
You mean together?
Yeah, (CHUCKLES) Together.
What are you grinning about?
What are you up to?
My Lord.
I'll have one of them beers,
please, plus one Coca-Cola.
How about a dance, darling?
I can't. I'm married.
You must not be too married,
you ain't wearing no ring.
I bet I know what
this is all about.
Oh, dang, you guessed it.
Wait right here,
I'll be right back.
Hey, buddy!
Hey, buddy, come here.
I got something sitting right
on back there at that table...
Come here, darling.
Come here, honey.
I'll be right with you, Hoss.
Excuse me.
What the hell are you doing
running off and hiding like a...
Don't make me get up and sing, Doo.
Please, I'm sick.
Oh, hell, you're not gonna
have to get up there and sing.
That ol' boy wouldn't allow it.
Thank the Lord.
You're gonna have to audition
for 'em in the morning.
I ain't no singer, Doo.
I can't sing for no strangers.
Yes, you can.
I done fixed it up for you.
There ain't no problem.
You didn't ask me nothing about it!
How the hell can I ask you
something about it
if you run off and hide
like a stupid hillbilly?
Don't call me that. I may be
ignorant, but I ain't stupid.
Why do you want me to sing
so much for anyway?
'Cause I'm proud of
you when you sing.
Doo, I'm glad I
make you proud, honey,
but I can't sing in front
of people. I just can't.
Yes, you can, baby.
You're gonna sing for these old
boys in here in the morning,
and next week you're gonna
be up on that stage
singing for
all these people here,
if I have to kick your
ignorant hillbilly ass
every step of the way!
And now, folks, we've got
a special treat for you.
Making her very
first public appearance,
please welcome The Westerneers'
new girl singer,
Miss Loretta Lynn!
There he goes
He's walkin' away
And each step he takes
Brings heartache my way
She's won his heart
I lost him someway
There he goes
He's walkin' away
Oh, if I hadn't cheated
And if I hadn't lied
I'd be the one
Who's walkin' by his side
I love him still
And I guess it shows
The way that I feel
As there he goes
Oh, if I hadn't cheated
And if I hadn't lied
I'd be the one
Who's walkin' by his side
I love him still
And I guess it shows
The way that I feel
As there he goes
WOMAN: Darling,
you were good.
MAN: You got a big voice.
PENN: How'd you
like that, folks?
Would you like to hear the
little lady sing another one?
Doo, they liked me!
Yeah, baby, they loved you.
They loved you.
They gonna love you
a hell of a lot more
if you get up there
and do another one, honey.
Go on, do another one.
Go on.
So fill my glass up to the top
So fill my glass up to the rim
I've lost
everything in this world
And now I'm a honky tonk girl
I done wrote myself a song,
Betty Sue.
Your mama's
a dadgum songwriter.
It's a nice song, Mommy.
Thank you.
DOOLITTLE: Deal is, Loretta, you can sing
in every little honky tonk in the country.
There's thousands doing it
and they ain't getting
nowhere and they never will.
The thing that's gonna give you the
edge is getting yourself a record.
And the next step's even
more important than that
and that's getting people to
play the dad-burned thing,
but right now what you and
me have to worry about...
Listen to your daddy. you making the best
doggone record you can,
it all depends on that,
Boy, Doo,
I didn't know you knew
so much about
the music business.
I don't. I'm just figuring
it out as I go along,
listening to people talk.
It's just got three chords.
All right, honey, what are
you gonna sing for us?
She's gonna do a song that she wrote
herself called Honky Tonk Girl.
Honey, what key's it in?
Y'all just go right
ahead and play along,
and she'll
follow you just fine.
Go ahead and y'all just play.
She does talk,
don't she, partner?
I mean, generally people
that can sing can talk.
Oh, she'll talk up a storm
if she feels like it.
All right.
Y'all settle down
here now and be quiet.
Darling, come over here
and sit on my knee.
You'll have a lot better view, boys.
Sit up here, now.
Sit up big and
listen to your mama.
All right, tape is rolling, we're ready.
Let's go for take one.
Three, four, one.
That's all right, that's all right,
don't worry. We got a lot of tape.
All right, you all, get ready and
set, and we'll go for take two.
Buddy, could you give
us a minute, please?
Well, sure.
Kids, come along with me.
Come here.
I guess we're
leaving now, so...
put that thing back on.
What are you doing in
here with them kids?
Doo? What are you doing?
Darling, I want you to
sing to these babies.
Sing to the babies?
Yes, just like you was at home.
I'll sit there in
that green chair.
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
(SINGING) Ever since you left
me I've done nothin' but wrong
Many nights
I've laid awake and cried
All right, hold it, everybody.
Just hang on a minute.
Let's take a little break and let me
see if I can find a few more pickers.
Man, I can't afford
no more pickers.
I done spent every
last penny I had.
As bad as them two are,
what do you want more for?
No, no, I mean more better.
That little lady sings her hind end off.
(SINGING) Ever since you left
me I've done nothin' but wrong
Many nights
I've laid awake and cried
We were so happy
my heart was in a whirl
Let's go, darlin'. Let's do this
thing now, I ain't got all day.
Wait a minute, I ain't got all
these doodads sewed on yet.
Baby, I got to get to work.
Come on, now.
It's just gonna be your
head and shoulders anyhow.
Get up there in
front of the backdrop.
You mean that bedspread?
Oh, wait a minute, Doo!
I ought to put on some lipstick.
Get back in here. I like you better
natural. Forget the lipstick.
Slip's all rotten.
Sit down there.
Get up on the back
of the chair, babe.
Up on the back of the chair?
Oh, that's gonna be pretty.
That's gonna be pretty.
I don't want you ever
wearing no lipstick,
or makeup or none of
that junk, I don't like it.
It ain't right.
All right, here we go now.
Where do you want me to look?
I want you to look at heaven, baby.
Get out of there, sweetheart, I'm
trying to take your mama's picture.
Get over there
and sit down now.
Thank you, baby.
Beautiful. That's just beautiful.
That's it, babe.
Put the backdrop
back on the bed.
Are you and Daddy going out
again tonight, Mama?
Yes, honey, I've got
to sing over in Lynden.
Can I go with you?
Oh, no, that's a rough old honky tonk.
You can't be going over there.
Did you stay up all
night again, honey?
Yeah, darling,
I'll get me a nap later on.
Well, let me fix
you some breakfast.
No, I'll get me
a bite later on, baby.
I got to go now.
You be ready when I get home.
We gotta drive
all the way to Spokane.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Where's my egg, Mommy?
I'm cooking it as fast
as I can, darling.
MAN: Loretty!
BOY: (LAUGHING) Loretty.
MAN: Loretty!
Long distance!
Your ma's calling from Kentucky!
Emergency, she said.
MAN: Amazing grace,
how sweet it sounds.
Amazing grace
How sweet it sounds
MAN: That saved
a wretch like me.
That saved a wretch
like me
MAN: I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
He come to me, Mommy,
when he died.
I seen him just as plain.
You know, he wanted to be with
you and them grand-young'uns.
MAN: Was blind
but now I see.
Mommy, I shouldn't have left.
I don't guess he ever got over me
taking her off from home, Doc.
You did the right thing,
Doo, leaving here.
Well, anyhow, it's over
and done now, I reckon.
No, it ain't, Doc,
it ain't never gonna be over.
We have already come
Finished widening that trail.
It ain't gonna be so hard
to get up here next time.
Loretta, this ol' mountain top
is gonna be covered in
wildflowers in six weeks' time,
what the hell are you doing
bringing plastic ones up here?
Because they don't die.
The real ones just die.
Like everything else.
Mommy's moving away,
Daddy's gone.
I ain't gonna
have no home left.
You got our home.
Get away from me!
Leave me alone.
Loretta, we gotta
decide something.
Most of them radio stations that
we sent records and pictures to
is right here in
this part of the country.
If we're really
gonna do this thing,
we gotta go see 'em in person and
make sure they play that record.
I already talked to your mama and she
said she'd watch the kids for us.
We gotta move right now,
you understand?
Darlin', if you don't want it,
I ain't gonna make you
do nothing you don't wanna do.
It's your choice.
We'll just go back to what
we was doing, that's all.
I want it.
I said I want it!
Baby, I can't hear you!
I wanna be a singer, Doo!
I want it real bad.
(SOFTLY) I want it real bad.
Jack, you see that little
row of numbers right there?
That tells you how many miles you've
gone, and tell us how far we've been
when we get back here.
I love you. I'll see you
when we come home.
Go with Grandma.
Come on, girl.
Mommy, I love you.
I love you.
Betty Sue, you take care
of the little ones, okay?
Will you mind Grandma? Okay?
Bye, Jack!
Bye, Ernest Ray! Bye-bye.
I left y'all some Tootsie Rolls
in the top drawer, Mommy,
in the bedroom!
Bye, Mommy!
Bye, Mommy!
Come back, Mommy!
DJ ON RADIO: Now here's that number
one hit, Walkin' After Midnight.
Patsy Cline.
That's right, that's WCBL.
Disc jockey name of Bobby Day.
Keep your eyes open for the
transmitter, honey, it's right up here.
The what? Oh.
The transmitter.
I'm always walkin' after midnight
Searching for you
I walked for miles
along the highway
Well, that's just my way
Dadgummit, Doo, wait a minute!
People can see in here.
Hurry up, let's go.
What am I supposed
to say when we get in there?
I don't know what to say.
Don't even think about what you're
supposed to say, just start talking.
Hey, I'm sorry, folks, there's no
visitors allowed in the studio.
Uh... Hi, Bobby.
My name's Loretta Lynn
and I sent you a picture and my
newest record on the Zero label.
Hey, look, no kidding, you can't be
in here while I'm doing a show, okay?
It's a song I wrote myself,
it's called Honky Tonk Girl.
I got the idea...
I got it and I played it
and it just sorta
laid right there.
So thanks for coming in, you all.
Bye-bye, now. Bye-bye.
You're listening to Tri-State
Country with your DJ, Bobby Day
right here till 6:00,
And now here's a word from our
friends down at Hutchins' Hot Pigs.
Tell them all about it, Hutch,
and all of them little piglets.
You played it, huh? You ain't
even took it out of the wrapper.
Do you know how many
do-it-yourself records
I get in here every day?
If I played all of 'em, I wouldn't
have time to play anything else.
Well, why did you lie to us?
Why'd you say
they didn't like us?
Doo worked so hard
to get us this record!
Hey, buddy, get her out of here.
I gotta go back on the air.
I'm sorry, buddy,
there's nothing I can do
once she gets
cranked up like this.
He took the picture, too.
Heck, we got four babies we had
to leave home with my mommy.
We drove all the way here,
spent every last dime we had.
Folks, we got a special treat
for you here today,
a young lady who I predict
is gonna go all the way.
I can't believe it!
I can't believe
you'd do something
so dadgum mean as that!
BOBBY: Tell them
all about yourself, darling.
About myself?
LORETTA ON RADIO: And then I sung it
for Doolittle. That's my husband.
Except everybody else calls
him Mooney on account of
he used to sell moonshine
back in Butcher Holler.
Butcher Holler,
that where me and Doo's
from back in Kentucky.
Anyway, I wrote the song
and Doo heard it,
and he said, "That's about the
prettiest song as I ever heard,
"good as Patsy Cline. "
I said, "Oh, ain't nobody
sings as good as Patsy. "
BOBBY: Well, let's get a listen to it,
folks, brand-new on the Zero label,
Miss Lorene Lynn singing...
...Honky Tonk Girl.
It's Loretta Lynn, not Lorene.
DOOLITTLE: Girl, you sure got
over being bashful fast.
I just done what you said, just
opened my mouth and out it come.
I couldn't even stop.
I didn't have no more notion of
what I was gonna
say than a rabbit.
You keep on being
a rabbit then, darlin'.
Hey, where is the next one?
You want me to watch for
that next transmitter?
Hell, yes, watch out
for that transmitter.
We were so happy my heart was in a...
DJ 1 ON RADIO: WTMT, the voice
of country in Hazard, Kentucky.
LORETTA: We've been seeing all
different parts of the country
and meeting all kinds of people
and Doolittle, he's driving...
DJ 2: WMIT in Middlesboro...
LORETTA: Mama's back in Kentucky
taking care of the four babies.
Bet they're wondering what's
happened to their mama.
DJ 3: Top Ridge, Tennessee...
LORETTA: I had no idea where
singers got songs to sing,
so I thought, "Shoot.
I better just lock myself up in it,
"at least till I get this
music business figured out. "
Come fast through the mail
with a satisfied mind...
Doo, can we send the kids
some suckers or something?
No, baby, we can't afford it.
We ain't got the money.
Here's your baloney, 48 cents.
I'm getting so sick of baloney.
You are? Well, you know what they
say about baloney now, don't you?
Makes you horny.
What's that mean?
Are you so
dad-burned ignorant,
you don't know
what horny means?
No. What does it mean?
Ain't gonna tell you.
Doo, what does it mean?
DJ ON RADIO: With all these months on
the road have you hit Nashville yet?
LORETTA: No, sir,
but I'm dying to.
I'm gonna get on the Grand Ole
Opry, too, just as soon as I can.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you know,
sometimes you gotta pay
a lot of dues to
get on the Opry.
Pay dues?
Well, for most people it takes
years and years of hard work.
from the looks of things,
you're off to
a real good start.
We've been driving so much
I don't even know
where I am half the time.
Oh, it's fun, though, you
know, we sing and talk
and Doo, that's my husband,
he'll get to acting horny.
The more I laugh
the hornier he gets.
Loretta, goddamn!
He'll say,
"Loretta, spread me up
"one of them
baloney sandwiches!"
I don't know where in the
hell you think you are, lady,
but that kind of smut don't go
on in this part of the country.
I didn't know it was dirty.
I thought horny meant cutting
up and acting silly.
Come off that
dumb hillbilly act.
You know, mister,
if you knew Loretta,
you'd know that ain't no act.
Thank you, Doo.
Yeah, well, let me
tell you something.
We're gonna be damn lucky not to
lose our FCC license for this.
And I mean damn lucky!
You know, I'm gonna tell
you something else,
I ain't never playing another record
of yours on this radio station! Never!
Goddamn, Loretta.
Don't you ever stop to think
what the hell you're saying?
LORETTA: You told me not to!
Wait up!
Don't worry about him, kids.
If you're on the charts,
you're gonna get played.
What charts?
(CHUCKLES) You got a hit record.
You don't know that?
That really
isn't an act, is it?
Look here, Cash Box magazine,
came out today.
You're number 14 nationwide.
You really didn't know.
Thank you. Doo!
I love you, Doo.
DJ ON RADIO: For the girl
with roses on her pillow,
here's Patsy Cline's
number one hit, Crazy.
I'm crazy for feeling so lonely
I'm crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue
I knew
You'd love me as long...
Doo? Doo?
That old building sure would
hold a lot of hay, wouldn't it?
This is the
Grand Ole Opry.
You want chocolate or glazed?
The Grand Ole Opry!
What if they won't let me in?
They'd better let us in, I done spent
all the money on these donuts.
Besides that, how are
they gonna keep us out?
We're number 14!
(SINGING) I'm walkin'
the floor over you
I can't sleep a wink,
that is true
I'm hoping and I'm praying as
my heart breaks right in two
Walkin' the floor over you
You left me and you went away
You said that
you'd be back in just a day
Are you Loretta Lynn?
Loretta Lynn?
Loretta Lynn?
Loretta Lynn? Loretta Lynn?
You Loretta Lynn?
I've been calling and calling you.
Now, Mr. Devine says to
put you on Ernest's show.
Now, you go stand right over yonder
and keep your eyes on Ernest.
He'll introduce you if the
show ain't running too long.
What's the matter with you?
I'm scared, Doo.
Scared? Goddamn!
I don't belong here.
You belong here as
much as anybody does.
Now try to quit that
complaining and relax.
I ain't ready.
I ain't paid my dues to be here.
By God, we'll pay
'em later on then.
Where you going?
If there's one thing I can't stand,
Loretta, it's a nervous damn woman.
Don't leave.
I ain't leaving you,
I'm just going to get out there
and get me some fresh air!
I'm walkin' the floor over you
I can't sleep a wink,
that is true
Ain't got no place
in here for drunks.
We don't want
no trouble. Go home.
Thank you all.
Thank you so very
much and welcome
to this portion of
our Grand Ole Opry.
Right now I want you
to meet a little gal
that I feel sure you're
going to love very much.
So, let's give a great
big Grand Ole Opry welcome
to Miss Loretta Lynn!
Get out there.
Well, if you ain't a picker,
what are you?
Got a wife singing on the Opry.
Oh, I see.
You're one of the husbands.
Well, I'm one of
the wives, darling.
See you later.
Hey, hey. How about one fifth
wheel buying another one a drink?
Oh, there she is. She's on
right now, she's on the radio!
Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy,
could you turn the radio up?
...nothing but wrong
Many nights I've
laid awake and cried
We were so happy
My heart was in a whirl
But now I'm a honky tonk girl
MAN: Hey, sweet thing!
Sweet thing!
How's that big ol'
ugly husband of yours?
He's out in the alley trying to
sober up enough to do his show.
Hey, Del, turn
the radio up, will you?
Listen, I'm trying to hear the radio,
you all. Delmar, turn that thing up!
WOMAN: He's got a wife on the Opry.
That's right.
Oh, is that right?
Hell, you got it made, man!
All you gotta do is lay up and count
it as the old lady rakes it in.
Oh, I do my share of the work,
mister. Delmar, turn it up!
Sure you do, Hoss, sure you do.
Hey, listen,
I told you all politely,
I'm trying to hear my
wife sing on the radio.
Oh, is that your job?
I mean, she sings and you listen?
And now I'm a honky tonk girl
I'll be!
Real wonderful, honey,
thank you so much.
Hey, by the way, you think you
might come back next week?
I ain't got
nothing else planned.
(CHUCKLES) She ain't got...
Okay, Loretta Lynn!
She's a doll, I'll tell you.
Thank you, honey.
Doo, did you hear?
They loved me!
Yeah, I heard ya.
And they want me to come back
next week, can you believe it?
I can believe it, baby.
Now what we gotta do next
is to sit down
and plan real careful
what we're gonna do next.
I'm too happy to even
think about that now.
I don't care if I
die tomorrow, Doo,
if I never sing another song, it ain't
never gonna be any better than this.
Did you hurt yourself?
Your jaw's swelling up.
That's just from grinning, baby,
that's from pure happiness.
I fall to pieces
How can I be just your friend?
You want me to act
like we've never kissed
You want me to forget
Pretend we've never met
And I've tried and I've tried
But I haven't yet
You walk by and
I fall to pieces
Friends, this is a number one
hit song by Miss Patsy Cline.
I guess y'all all know
she's over in the hospital
'cause she's been in
a real bad car wreck.
So I wanna
dedicate this song to her.
So, Patsy, if you're listening,
this song is for you.
I fall to pieces
Oh, thank you.
Loretta, Patsy Cline's husband.
Charlie Dick.
Patsy heard you tonight and she
wants you to come and see her.
Can you come?
Doo, this is Charlie Dick,
Patsy Cline's husband.
She heard me.
She was listening in the hospital.
She wants to meet me.
Can we go?
Sure, baby, go ahead. I'll take the
young'uns. Get your mama's guitar.
Are you sure?
Get in the car, baby.
Okay, honey, Mama will be
home soon. Bye-bye.
Bye, Mom.
Patsy Cline was listening?
To me?
Bye-bye, honey.
See you later, Mama!
Hey! Did you bring me
that beer like I...
I keep my straw in the top
drawer, honey, right behind you.
Right behind, top drawer.
It's right in there.
Thank you.
That's the one.
Thank you.
What's the matter
with you? (LAUGHING)
Ain't you ever seen
no glamorous star before?
You ain't mad at me for singing
your song, are you, Patsy?
Sit down.
I'm scared
because people might think you
sing that thing better than I do.
You're stirring
things up in this town.
Hey. How many times
you been on the Opry now?
I've been on 17 straight times.
People wanna know
who you been sleeping with
that you been on so many times.
Who's been saying that?
Gals that have been sleeping with
everybody and still ain't been on yet.
Like who?
Let me put it this way,
take it as a compliment, you
got 'em running scared.
I just can't believe I'm sitting
here, talking to Patsy Cline.
ANNOUNCER: You know,
Patsy Cline has been
hospitalized for
several months now
due to a serious accident.
We are happy to say she is
here tonight to sing for you.
A Grand Ole Opry welcome
for Patsy Cline!
MAN: You're looking
hotter tonight, girl.
(SINGING) Sweet dreams of you
Every night
I go through
Why can't I forget you
And start my life anew?
Instead of having sweet dreams
About you
You don't love me
It's plain...
didn't need any dogs...
WOMAN: Great, Patsy!
MAN: Nice show, Patsy!
What y'all two devils been up to
besides getting into trouble?
Don't answer that.
Delmar, two Co-Colas.
Hey, Patsy, Mooney says he's
gonna take me squirrel hunting.
Oh, now, Charlie Dick, don't
you bring home no squirrels.
When I left Virginia I swore
I'd never eat another
squirrel as long as I live.
I love squirrel meat.
Don't you like squirrel, Patsy?
Of course I do.
I married Charlie, didn't I?
Charlie, you know I love you.
Even if I have to remind
him every now and then
he ain't nothin' but
a damn tax deduction.
That goes for you, too, Doolittle
Lynn, and don't you forget it.
(SINGING) Right from the
start, most every heart
That's ever been broken...
Doo? You all right?
Got you enough books?
Get down from there.
Let me try.
My Lord, Patsy, I hope
we don't get rained out.
(LAUGHS) You don't get rained
out on circuits like these,
you just keep on singing.
Mud, flood, hell or high water.
MAN: Five minutes, Patsy.
Looks like that's it for me.
What else do you wear?
I start out with some liquid makeup
and then I powder that down.
Now, look, Loretta,
you get ready
'cause I'm gonna call you
up after my first song.
MAN: Somebody moving!
What did you do that for?
What have you got on your face?
I just thought I'd try it.
Do you like it?
Hell, no. You know
that I don't like it.
Now get on back there
and take it off.
Hey, now,
wait a minute, by God...
MAN 1: Loretta Lynn!
MAN 2: I'll be darned!
I'm back in baby's arms
How I missed those lovin' arms
I'm back where I belong
Back in baby's arms
Don't know why we quarreled
I'm sorry.
We never did before
Since we found
how much it hurts
I bet we never quarrel anymore
No good.
What do you have to do to win
one of these parrots here?
Two out of three.
One parrot. Let me know
when I run out of money now.
Get away with every parrot you got.
Put them right there under the
guitar against the red trailer.
Come on, let's move it up.
I'm cold, I'm miserable, I'm wet,
I'm gonna lose my voice.
Have you seen Doo?
No, darling.
MAN: The corner and
put that big ol' thing
up against the dashboard.
Take this, will ya?
MAN 2: Anything else
in this here?
MAN 3: Yeah,
I got this right here.
MAN 1: Put them on top.
That's it.
MAN 2: Let's go.
This bus is taking off!
Woman, if you
wanna keep that arm,
you better get it
off my husband.
Who are you telling what?
I don't know who you are.
But I know what you are.
Come on, Doo, if you can walk,
they're gonna leave us.
Well, let me
tell you something,
if you was keeping
your man satisfied,
he wouldn't have to go nowhere else.
Doo, come on, they're
gonna leave without us.
MAN: Loretta, let's go!
Let me get my parrots, baby.
MAN: Loretta!
Thank you.
The hell you getting in such
an uproar about, Loretta?
I wasn't doing nothing.
Yeah, I saw you doing nothing.
Loretta, darlin', I get lonesome
standing around by myself,
I need somebody to talk to.
It didn't look like no talking to me.
I'm warning you, Doo,
I'd better not ever catch you
with trash like that again.
I mean it.
Warning me?
Goddamn, woman, don't you
ever warn me about nothing!
You understand that?
Hear me talking to you?
You hear me talking to you?
(SINGING) Women like you,
they're a dime a dozen
You can buy 'em anywhere
For you to get to him
I'll have to move over
And I'm gonna stand right here
This is the chorus.
It'll be over my dead body
So get out while you can
'Cause you ain't woman enough
to take my man
Where the hell did you
get the idea for that?
Where do you think?
Hey, Charlie!
Wake up, Charlie.
Where the hell you been?
Looks like you have, too.
Get all that crap
off your face, by God,
I had about
enough of this crap.
I like it and it's stayin'.
Where the hell you going?
Hold on a minute, Mooney,
this is my idea.
You don't talk to me like that.
If I wanna wear makeup, I will.
The hell you will. You're gonna do
exactly whatever the hell I tell you.
I'll do just what I want!
Don't you talk to me like that.
Don't you hit me!
Don't you hit me.
I'll whip your butt, girl! Goddamn!
Hey, hey. Come on,
let's get in the car.
Charlie, get in the car and drive.
Loretta, get in the car.
get in that car and drive.
MAN: Oh, that's Patsy Cline.
WOMAN: That's Loretta Lynn!
MAN: Hello, Patsy!
your camera, honey.
Get ready now.
Ain't no chance of gettin' in
that goddamned car, hey, boys?
Oh, my God. Did I do that?
Is it broke?
Aren't you gonna talk?
Baby, what I think I'm gonna
do is get me a job somewhere,
driving a truck
or being a mechanic
or doing something
that I'm good at.
You're good at managing me.
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for you.
Getting here's one thing
and being here's another.
My job's done, baby,
I'll just get me another one.
Doo, if it's gonna
break us up, I'll quit.
Successful people
don't quit, baby.
Got another one of your
headaches, don't you?
Just like your daddy.
Coal dust give
him the headache.
I guess I'm what's
giving 'em to you.
Figured it was about time.
to get to him I'll have to move over
And I'm gonna stand right here
It'll be over my dead body
So get out while you can
'Cause you ain't woman enough
to take my man
I'm pregnant again, Patsy.
Are you sure?
I don't wanna have it.
I've been having
babies since I was 14.
What does Mooney think?
He doesn't know.
Hey, come on, I think you
oughta be happy about this.
I'm tickled.
We're gonna have a baby!
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna give you the biggest
baby shower in Nashville.
Now, I want you to make a list.
Then we'll go shopping.
Hey, you know, I saved all
of my maternity clothes.
In fact, I got
Randy's old things, too.
You're gonna need
all of this, Loretta.
You know, I forgot I had this.
Oh, Patsy.
Can you believe it?
You scared me.
Red's the color
that drives men wild.
Oh, great,
that's just what I need.
Well, you never know
when it'll come in handy.
Hey, listen, anything
you can't find in this box
we're gonna buy
when I get back.
Where are you going?
I got a benefit in Kansas City.
Oh, I didn't know
I threw that thing away.
Maybe I oughta keep that.
Keep it burnin'.
Now look, this'll take
you through your fifth month.
(GASPS) Oh, Patsy, are you
sure you want me to have this?
Oh, yes, darlin', take it.
Take it.
I got something with your name
written on it right here.
I love that.
Oh, Patsy, I got to go.
Doo's waiting for me.
You all right?
All right, now,
I'll call you on Monday.
We'll go shopping.
Anything we can't buy
we'll make.
Anything we can't make,
we'll steal.
Now, you take care of
yourself, all right?
Okay, darling.
Bye-bye, darling.
Thank you, Patsy.
Take care. Now, I'm calling you
first thing Monday, don't forget.
You don't love me
It's plain
I should know
I'll never wear...
DJ ON RADIO: You're listening to a special
memorial tribute to the late Patsy Cline,
tragically killed
early this morning
in a plane crash near
Dyersburg, Tennessee.
She can't be dead.
We was going shopping.
Who am I gonna talk to now?
I got the names for 'em, Doo.
Peggy and Patsy.
Which one is which?
I don't know. (LAUGHS)
I reckon we'll have to wait and
see who grows up to be who.
Well, one thing's for sure,
we're gonna have to get us
a bigger house someplace
soon as you get some rest.
I'm gonna go back to work
just as soon as I can, Doo.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
from world-famous Grand Ole Opry,
make welcome Miss Loretta Lynn.
Well, I like my lovin'
done country style
And this little girl
would walk a country mile
To find her a good ol'
slow-talkin' country boy
I said a country boy
I'm about as
old-fashioned as I can be
And I hope you're
likin' what you see
'Cause if you're lookin' at me
You're lookin' at country
You don't see no city
When you look at me
'Cause the country is all I am
I love runnin' barefooted
through the old cornfields
And I love that country ham
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
make welcome, please,
a young lady with 21 number one
records, Miss Loretta Lynn.
You don't love me
It's plain
I should know
I'll never wear your ring
I should hate you
The whole night through
(SQUEALING) Instead of
having sweet dreams...
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and
gentlemen, please welcome
the number one
country music entertainer,
Miss Loretta Lynn.
LORETTA: (SINGING) You've been
making your brags around town
That you've been
a-lovin' my man
But the man I love
when he picks up trash
He puts it in a garbage can
That's what you look like to me
And what I see's a pity
You better move your feet...
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and
gentlemen, please welcome
the first lady
of country music,
Miss Loretta Lynn.
(SINGING) There ain't no
pipe can settle this fight
Your squaw is on
the warpath tonight
Well, I found out,
a-big brave chief
The game you're
a-hunting for ain't beef
Get off-a my huntin' grounds
Get outta my sight
This a-war dance I'm doin'
means I'm fightin' mad
You don't need no more
of what you've already had...
All I could hear was those
dadgum drums beatin' in my ear.
When you sing, I feel like
you're talking about my life.
I made this for you.
Darlin', thank you, I love it.
You look tired, you okay?
No, this is it. I feel like I've
been on the road... (SHRIEKS)
I got it! I got it!
What did she do to my hair?
She cut it. Let's get on the bus.
That sounds like your mama.
It sure enough is.
There's your mama,
kids, let's go.
Come on.
Hop in that jeep, let's go say
hello to Mama. There she is!
Get in there, baby.
Howdy, Jim.
Hi, Mooney.
How you doing, baby?
I'm fine.
Come here, twin, get out of
there and give me a hug.
My name ain't Twin!
You all get out of that jeep, get
down here and say hello to your mama.
When do you think I'll ever
be able to tell y'all apart?
Probably never.
Wait a minute. I want you to
mind your manners around here
or I'm gonna
whip some hind ends.
Get on over there and help Jim
unload your mama's stuff.
My Lord, Doo, what happened?
Oh, Jack Benny done that. Him and
Ernest Ray was having a little race.
Well, they didn't
get hurt, did they?
No, they've done gone to
Nashville to get another one.
Did you do
something to your hair?
Yeah, this fan cut it for me.
Looks real good.
I'm gonna ask you to do
something for me, honey.
I've been having
them bad headaches again, Doo.
The doctor gave you them pills.
You taking them pills?
I'm taking them, but they
ain't doing no good.
Nothing does.
Maybe you ought
to slow down some.
Yeah, if you slow down,
they forget about you.
Doo, when I go back out on the
road I want you to go with me.
I'm getting rung to
death out there, honey.
I need somebody to take
care of me a little bit.
Hell, you got people fighting
each other to take care of you.
I need you, Doo.
I need somebody
that cares about me.
I need you.
I ain't even gonna bother you.
Don't worry.
It's 1:00 in the morning,
what the hell do you want?
No, Loretta ain't here,
lady, she's on the road.
How the hell did you get
this number, anyway?
Hey, quit that crying, lady.
Quit it and I'll give
Loretta your message.
All right, you liked
her last album a lot.
She loves you, too.
She'll pray for you, too.
Lady, you're gonna
have to quit that crying.
Get yourself some sleep, gonna
be better in the morning,
I guarantee it.
No. No. You didn't
wake me up.
That's right.
There's a lot of lonesome
people in the world.
Good night.
MAN 1: Go get 'em, Loretta.
MAN 2: There she is.
Better step back there.
Would you sign this, honey?
Would you sign this, Loretta?
All right.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
would you make welcome
the first lady
of country music,
Miss Loretta Lynn.
(SINGING) Well, I like my
lovin' done country style
And this little girl
would walk a country mile
To find her a good
ol' slow-talkin'...
Hey, Jim!
What does it look like, boys?
She's looking good tonight.
DAVE: "They say
to have her hair done. "
(SINGING) They say
to have her hair done
Liz flies all the way to France
DAVE: "Jackie's seen
in a discotheque. "
"Jackie is seen
in a discotheque. "
And Jackie's seen in a discotheque
doing a brand-new dance
"The White House
social season. "
"The White House social season
should be glittering and gay. "
Hold it, guys.
You Ain't Woman Enough.
You Ain't Woman Enough.
(SINGING) You come
to tell me somethin'
You say I ought to know
Here's the tape
of her new song.
She has a problem
with the words now.
Would you see she gets it?
ALL: There she is!
MAN: Will you
please move down?
Thank you, move on, now,
keep moving, please.
Doo, what time is it?
Is it time for me to go on yet?
Where have you been?
I was just coming to get you.
Are you ready?
You're supposed to
be taking care of me.
That's what I'm doing.
It's just not clear and we have
to set up the schedule properly.
Honey, you're early, you
got another 10 minutes.
We gotta talk about what you're
gonna do for the Vegas show.
I wanna talk to Doo.
I wanna be with
Doo for a minute.
I can't sing tonight, Doo.
Somebody tell them.
Baby, you've got 10,000 people
sitting out there waiting on you.
Please, Doo.
Baby, they're out
there waiting on you,
now you don't
wanna let 'em down.
Don't tell me about
letting them down,
you don't even
know them people!
Darlin', I don't know
what to tell you.
I swear I don't.
Hell, baby, there ain't
nothing I can tell you.
All I can do is just tell you to get the
hell out there and sing for the folks.
Okay, get me on stage,
I wanna go out there.
Hold it, boys.
Hold it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
would you make welcome
the first lady
of country music,
Miss Loretta Lynn.
I had something I wanted to come
out here and tell y'all tonight.
But, Doo, he don't
want me to say nothing.
But I can tell you.
'Cause you wouldn't be here
if you didn't care about me.
Things is moving
too fast in my life.
Always have.
I mean, one day I was just
a little girl, the next
day I was married,
the next day
I was having babies,
and next day I was out
here singing for y'all.
Patsy was always saying, "Little
girl, you got to run your own life. "
But my life's running me and...
Where's my...
Where's Doo?
Come on, let's go to the bus.
We've got you.
Come on, baby.
DOOLITTLE: Whoa, babies.
Whoa, babies.
Whoa, babies, slow down, now.
Whoa, babies.
I got something
I wanna show you.
Slow down, Doo!
What do you think?
About what?
What are you up to, Doo?
I'm gonna build us
a house right here.
That's a hell of a view,
ain't it?
I picked this particular spot on
account of, well, from right in there
it looks a bit like
Kentucky used to be.
Thought I'd put the bedroom back over
in here in the front of the house
so we can wake up every morning
and look out that
old picture window
and watch the sun come up.
Thought back up here would be a
good place for a breakfast nook.
And then right...
Dadgummit, Doo.
You never asked me nothing
about no new house.
I wanted to surprise you, baby.
Well, stop surprising me.
You never ask me about nothing.
Well, hell, I thought you'd
want a new house, babe.
For the privacy if not for
nothing else, by God.
I ain't said I don't
want no new house.
I just said you ain't asked me
nothing about it. You never do.
You just say, "Hey, baby, here's
the deal, take it or leave it!"
Well, it's driving
me crazy, Doo.
Hell, let's go to the house, let's
call the lawyers and get a divorce.
I'm tired of this bullshit.
I don't want no divorce,
I just want the dadgum bedroom
in the back of the house.
You put the dadgum bedroom in
the front of the house, Doo,
and the sun comes in every morning
at 5:00 and shines in my eyes.
How am I supposed
to get any sleep?
You're not too ignorant to get out
of the bed and walk over here
and pull a set of window
blinds down, are you?
No, and I'm not
too ignorant to know
that the dadgum bedroom don't
belong in the front of the house
where the living
room ought to be.
Stop growling, Doo, you sound
like an old bear or something.
All right,
we'll put the bedroom
in the back of the house,
all right?
Let's not be too hasty, Doo,
maybe we oughta leave the bedroom
in the front of the house,
it's always been there
and it's pretty here.
It's beautiful, darlin'. We'll put the
bedroom in the back of the house
and then we'll put one in
front of the house, too.
Oh, great. Then we'll both
have our own bedroom.
No, I'm gonna be
living in a tree house,
I'm gonna build
right up the hill there.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
back with us once again,
the first lady of country music,
the coal miner's daughter,
Miss Loretta Lynn.
(SINGING) Well, I was born
the coal miner's daughter
In a cabin on a hill
in Butcher Holler
We were poor but we had love
That's the one thing
my daddy made sure of
He shoveled coal
to make a poor man's dollar
Daddy loved and raised eight
kids on a miner's pay
Mommy scrubbed our clothes
on a washboard every day
Why, I've seen
her fingers bleed
To complain there was no need
She'd smile in Mommy's
understanding way
In the summertime
we didn't have shoes to wear
But in the wintertime
we'd all get a brand-new pair
From a mail-order catalogue
Money made from sellin' a hog
Daddy always managed
to get the money somewhere
Yeah, I'm proud to be
a coal miner's daughter
I remember well
the well where I drew water
The work we done was hard
At night we'd sleep
'cause we were tired
I never thought of ever
leavin' Butcher Holler
Well, a lot of things have
changed since way back then
And it's so good to
be back home again
Not much left but the floor
Nothing lives here anymore
'Cept the memories
of a coal miner's daughter
They say to have her hair done
Liz flies all the way to France
And Jackie's seen in a discotheque
doing a brand-new dance
And the White House social season
should be glittering and gay
But here in Topeka
The rain is a-fallin'
The faucet is a-drippin'
and the kids are a-bawlin'
One of the them's a-toddlin'
and one is a-crawlin'
And one's on the way
Ever since you left me
I've done nothing but wrong
Many nights I've
laid awake and cried
We were so happy
my heart was in a whirl
But now I'm a honky tonk girl
You come to tell me somethin'
You say I ought to know
That he don't love me anymore
and I'll have to let him go
You say you're gonna take him
but I don't think you can
'Cause you ain't woman enough
to take my man
Well, I like my lovin'
done country style
And this little girl
would walk a country mile
To find her a good ol'
slow-talking country boy
I said a country boy
I'm about as
old-fashioned as I can be
And I hope you're
likin' what you see
'Cause if you're lookin' at me
You're lookin' at country
Well, you've been
makin' your brags around town
That you've been lovin' my man
But the man I love
when he picks up trash
He puts it in a garbage can
And that's what
you look like to me
And what I see's a pity
You better move your feet
if you don't wanna eat
A meal that's called Fist City
Well, your pet name
for me is "squaw"
When you come home drinkin'
and can barely crawl
And all that lovin' on me
won't make things right
Well, you leave me at home
to keep the tepee clean
And six papooses
to break and wean
Your squaw is on
the warpath tonight
No, don't come home a-drinkin'
With lovin' on your mind
Just stay out there, on the
town and see what you can find
'Cause if you want
that kind of love
Well, you don't
need none of mine
So don't come home a-drinkin'
with lovin' on your mind
No, don't come home a-drinkin'
with lovin' on your mind