Coast (2021) Movie Script

[mellow acoustic guitar ]
[Dave] Hey, just think, Abby,
you're never gonna have to come
back to this town again.
[girls laughing]
- [Kat] Abby, this is crazy.
- [Kristi] [laughing] Yeah.
I think you should
disinfect it first.
[woman] Hey, where
the fuck is the beer?!
I know you brought it.
Come on, just
tell me where it is!
It is really going to hurt.
Stop freaking her out!
Are you fuckin' ready?
[laughing] Yeah.
[Kristi] One...
[Abby] Ah, ow!
Oh, wow.
Oh my God, does it hurt?
Mm, yeah.
Hell yes.
You need
something more permanent.
This is, like, not... [sirens]
["Shrapnel" by Ednaswap ]
Quick, take the bottle.
They took
apart our cradle
We stepped out
onto thin air...
I never dreamed it
would take this long...
To realize I'd been there
Me in the middle
Me in the middle
I got myself in
the water...
Washed my
wings of the oil
I couldn't breathe, I
just baked for days...
[panting] We need to
remove ourselves...
from this farm...
My father is going to kill me!
Like I always say...
if you don't take
chances in this life,
you're already dead.
[pee streaming]
Where did you meet her?
[Abby] At the park last week.
She's from LA.
Pretty cool, huh?
- [man] Hey!
- [gasps]
Get off my land!
You're on my land.
[Abby] We gotta
run, we gotta run!
Tell that to the Indians.
[rifle cocks]
Oh, really?
Well, go ahead and
kill your youth,
I don't care!
Right here, I'm a big bullseye!
I don't care,
he can shoot me.
[Abby] I'm really sorry.
[Kristi] We're
all you have left!
I can't help it,
I'm not listening
There is
something I'm not giving
I'm not talking,
you're not listening
I'm not talking,
you're not listening
[phone ringing]
[Debora on machine] Hi,
we're not here right now,
but we'll call you back if
you leave your name and number.
Thanks, bye!
[Blake over phone] Deb?
I know you're there.
How many times do I
have to... [beep]
[Debora] Ugh!
[dreamy rock music ]
[indistinct TV chatter]
[man on TV] We have Amber
Dominguez from the Gold Coast
4-H Club here to share a little
about what she's learning.
[Amber on TV] We prepared for
her arrival by building the pen
[Abby] Why do you even
watch the local news?
Aren't you gonna be late?
You should quit smoking.
It gives you cancer.
[man on TV] So what do you
like most about your experience
raising a lamb for the fair?
[Amber on TV] I like the
experience of managing money and
budgeting and...
I'm gonna need your help
for my Hometown History paper.
Later today.
Is Kat sleeping
over this weekend?
Yeah, but you're probably gonna
have to lie to her dad again.
Oh, you know I hate doing that.
Yeah, but they'd freak if they
knew you were working nights.
You guys are smart.
I trust you.
Notice anything
different about me?
Yeah, they're huge, Abby.
I pierced my nose.
Is Dad gonna be coming
by to pick up his stuff?
Just asking so I'm not here.
You know, you're gonna have
to see him sooner or later.
You don't.
[Debora] That's different.
But Mom...
[Debora] Abby!
Please let me sleep?
I'm gonna go, then.
Love you.
[Debora] Love you.
[car honking]
Hey, hooker!
[speaking Spanish].
[Abby] [giggles]
Oh my God, wait, wait, wait.
You pierced your nose?
[Abby] [giggles]
How does it look?
It looks like shit.
[laughing] It looks like shit.
You going to work already?
Ugh, it's inventory, kill me.
Oh, hey, come by work today?
- Please?
- Maybe.
[Chris] Maybe?
You're lame.
- All right, hold on.
- [Abby] Okay.
- Okay, see ya.
- [Chris] See ya.
[cool grungy beat ]
[Kat] Did you mom look at it?
[Abby] Stop it.
[Kat] Why didn't you
just go get it done?
DIY, Kat!
I can't afford to have
people do things for me.
So, my dad's trying to force
me to join an Ag-Ed internship.
So why don't you just tell
him you don't wanna do it?
[scoffs] Right, 'cause that's
always worked well with him.
Hey, virgins.
Oh, hey, it's you.
- Hey.
- [Cheryl] Hey, guys.
I thought I smelled cow shit.
I was supposed to
register today,
but this place blows.
- I call ditch day.
- I'm in.
- Abby!
- What?
Let's all go.
You know I can't go, and Mr.
Sosa's gonna ask where you are.
Don't you have to be
registered to ditch?
I... I can't ditch today.
Yeah, me either.
My father's threatening to send
me to school in Japan if I don't
make honor roll this year.
Your dad's from Japan?
No, he went to
high school here.
He's never even been to Japan.
Do you need help to register?
Aww, so cute.
Okay, let's go.
I'm gonna have a party...
[school bell rings]
and we've gotta
spread the word...
except the shit-kicker.
Well, I'm going to class.
[upbeat music ]
[Chris] Will you
bitches hurry up?
You're gonna get me fired.
[Kristi] Oh, relax.
This party will
change your life.
Mm, I'm sorry, I don't
hang out with teenagers.
You're still a teenager.
Oh, customers.
[Abby] So, where are
your parents gonna be?
campin' out for the races.
Yeah, Karen and Stepdude...
take that... are always gone.
Pops is pissed about it.
I'll probably move back
to LA, live with him.
You just got here.
You can come
visit me this summer.
And warning: you won't
want to come back here.
[Chris] 20 dollars.
[Kristi] Best
party of your life.
[scoffs] Don't... don't mind her.
Jesus, this town needs us.
Yeah, that's for you.
Are there any other
cool people here?
Okay, I can't get
inside your brain.
Greatest album of all time.
It changed everything about me.
Well, does he know this?
[Abby] I don't know.
Well, does he know this?
I think he deserves to know
that this is your favorite.
["Something I Learned Today"
by Husker D plays in store ]
[laughing] Come on!
[Abby] Something
I learned today
Black and white
is always gray
Looking through
the windowpane
I'm not inside your
brain, your brain
Something I learned today
Yield to the right of way
Stopping at a
four-way sign
Someone else's
rules, not mine
Not mine
Something I learned today
Never look straight
in the sun's rays
Letting all the...
[music cuts off]
You're amazing.
Yeah, you.
[Dave] You're a performer.
Have you ever,
uh... have you ever,
uh, performed in
front of people before?
Does 7th grade choir count?
What are you
doing in this town?
Oh, no.
Why are you here?
No, I asked you first.
Betty took a shit on
our way to a gig in SLO.
It'll take a few
days to fix so...
here we are.
And just in time.
Party tonight.
[Kristi] What's your number?
[Dave] I don't have a phone.
I tossed it out the
window on the way up here.
It's a long story.
- Classic.
- Party?
At 7:30?
I'm so in.
'Kay, we'll be there.
All right, we
gotta go get ready.
Well, what good is
living if you never let
Yourself be seen?
Let yourself be seen
See through...
[Olivia] [groaning] Please!
Can you get this
thing outta my arm?
[Debora] I would
reconsider that.
I don't need it, I...
I saw your liver
enzyme test came back.
Th... th... there's
nothing wrong with my liver.
That's not what the matter is.
I think we should wait until
the test results come back.
Can you just get
this out of my arm?!
Hey, I need you to
cooperate a little, okay?
Just a little.
I just need to get outta
here and go home and...
I know.
But, well, we need to work on
lowering your blood pressure
down a little bit, okay?
Can you at least open the
blinds so maybe I can see the
[Debora] Better?
[dog barking]
I can't get you
out of my head
I can't get you
out of my head
Got that fire
in our feeling
And I can't get
you out of my head
I can't get you out of my
[chatter in Spanish]
Yeah, you can take some
for your mama tonight.
They're gonna love them!
You know I hate albondigas.
Papacito, I
didn't made it for you,
I made it for Abby
because she loves them.
- [speaking Spanish].
- She's here everyday.
Oy, just in time.
Go to the table.
Andale, mami.
[speaking Spanish].
And help me take
in the chilitos.
Where are the tortillas?
Can somebody help me
bring in the tortillas?
Yeah, I got it.
[Mrs. Acosta] Gracias, Abby.
Thank you, mamita.
is that an earring
on your nose, loca?
Yes, sir.
[Ann] Guess what.
ROP is placing me in
the bank next week.
I'll be working
right next to Mom.
Okay, well done,
mija, that's good.
Good, I'm glad to hear that.
[Mrs. and Mr.
Acosta speaking Spanish]
I'm gonna love
you forever, woman.
[Mrs. Acosta] [laughs] Me too.
Katita, did you ask about
summer internship today?
[Ann] You gotta hurry.
Everyone in Ag-Ed
applies for those spots.
[Kat] I will!
Dad, uh...
I need Nana's help for my
Hometown History project paper.
Yeah, we'll go
over there tomorrow.
Abby, are you sure your mom
doesn't mind having Katita
staying over again?
Of course.
She loves having Kat over.
So Abby, what is your
Hometown History paper about?
I know you girls
better do something.
You guys better start
thinking about jobs.
If I hadn't joined Ag-Ed,
I'd be a picker like abuelo.
You know, they don't give
out those foreman jobs just to
How are you gonna get a
job looking like that?
[raucous rock music ]
[Chris] Lesbian!
[Kat] [laughing] No!
What do you think?
You know, no boy is ever
gonna want you now, right?
Like I care.
You care.
[laughing] No, she doesn't.
Hey, is that your dad's
crap in those boxes outside?
[Kat] So she just put all your
dad's stuff out there and didn't
even tell him?
[Chris] Do Deb and I need
to have a little girls' talk?
Left all the negativity behind,
every city I would grind
Push the
product, push the line
Flip the whop and
flip the price
Push the weight
like exercise...
[Chris] Oh my
God, where is she?
I can feel myself aging.
Did you know
Cassie had her baby?
I just saw her today.
I heard.
Maybe we should go visit.
[sighs] Why?
She's an idiot.
Her life is over.
I'd never do that.
Not with that hair.
I can't even imagine what
I'd do if I got pregnant.
Probably just get married
or something, I guess.
Right, and get stuck in this
stupid town with some stupid guy
and just work forever,
for the rest of your life.
Ooh, depressing, much?
[Abby] There she
is, there she is!
Hurry, go!
Your hair...
I love it, it's so cool!
This nut...
[raucous rock music ]
What's your story, huh?
You're married?
You don't wear a ring...
but you sure wear
the burden of a man.
Oh, come on, I've been poked and
prodded here for two days now.
I'm the one dying.
You've gotta give me something.
You're not dying.
I'm getting divorced.
- Is it that obvious?
- Well...
Can you get my bag
out of the closet?
It's in the bottom there.
Thank you.
Here, here.
[Debora] What is this?
Well, there's a little
market right around the corner.
You gonna hop out and
get us something sweet?
[chuckling] Oh, you're funny...
You know I can't do that.
You should learn to lighten up.
And not always
play by the rules.
I never would've gotten anywhere
in business if I didn't break
the rules from time to time.
That's right, businesswoman.
We got those nurseries
out on Black Road...
and all those
farms west of Simas.
You said "we."
- Are you married?
- [Olivia] Yeah.
Where is he?
He's dead, thank God.
How about you and
this non-husband?
You got kids?
She's 16.
Same age that I had her.
- Ah.
- [Debora] Can't believe it.
Yeah, I had my
daughter when I was 17.
You wanna kick that apple
farm from the tree, right?
[both laugh]
[Debora] Uh, yeah,
yes, yes, you do.
Um, I'm lucky.
Abby, she's nothing like me.
Mm-hm, yeah, right.
[amp buzzing and cheering]
Good evening, ladies
and not-so-gentlemen!
I'm about to blow your tiny,
little minds with the best shit
you've ever
heard: Pinata Jones!
[band playing "Dirty" by ALOKE ]
Tell me
That you're
Tell you
That I'm
Oh, please
Tell me...
That you're
So I
Tell you
That I'm
Well, don't
Tell me
That you're...
Oh, hey, you got somewhere
you need to be right now?
Where are you going?
Are you able to stay?
- Whatever.
- [laughs]
Tell me!
That you're!
Tell me!
That you're!
[cheers and applause]
- You scared the crap out of me!
- You scared me!
[Kat] What are
you doing in there?
A weird, creepy mohawk
boy is following me.
A boy is following you?
Yes. [laughs]
[Dave] There you are.
- I like it.
- [giggles]
You guys were...
um, great tonight.
Oh, no, we, uh...
we're still trying
to find our sound.
We're aiming for a cross
between Bowie and Bad Brains,
but I don't know.
So, like...
Ziggy Stardust falls
down a flight of stairs?
I'm impressed.
That's exactly it.
I just listen to old music.
I think you guys
have your own sound.
I promise I don't bite.
I'm not know for
my promises but...
Have you thought
at all about, um...
what we were talking about?
Oh, singing?
Singing, performing.
There you are!
Come on, let's go.
Come on, we gotta go outside.
- There's food.
- All right, one minute.
Let's go, though.
Come on.
Have you ever, um...
loved something or...
somebody so much
that you can't breathe,
you can't...
live without them?
I want another beer.
What's in here?
- Tig.
- [Tig] Yeah?
Can I have a minute?
Can we have a minute?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Seriously, there's, uh...
there's nothing else like it.
You know, it's, uh...
it's better than sex.
[Tig] Dave...
[knocking] come on.
Let's go, come on, man.
That's what it's like.
Performing, it's... it's...
like breathing.
You should try it some time.
And if I'm right, and you
like it as much as I think you
[raucous chatter]
[Kristi] [laughing] Tig, stop.
[Luis] Listen,
we're going to New York,
we're going to Boston,
we're going to Chicago...
- Mm.
- [Luis] And Milwaukee?
Don't forget about Minnesota.
[Kat] Are you gonna pick us up
for the Grunion Run tomorrow?
Oh, no, you're gonna have to
find another sucker to take you
because I am not missing Harry
Styles on SNL tomorrow night.
Is that tomorrow?
I can't believe you like him.
Do not just me
for being a Styler.
I'll cut you.
You know, guys, I
don't know about you,
but I am sick of these
fascist scumbag politicians.
- Oh, God.
- Seriously!
They just want us to
sit down and shut up.
They don't care about us.
They don't care about you,
they don't care about you,
they don't care about you,
and you guys are all asleep.
- [Luis] What about me?
- [Dave] And you need to wake up.
- Seriously!
- [Luis] Sit down, drama queen!
It's resistance to
oppression, not aggression.
Okay, but... but honestly,
your band's, like, really good.
I... I'm not just saying that.
- I've seen a lot of bands.
- [Luis] Don't fill his head up.
- [laughing] What?
- He doesn't need it.
Listen to her.
Seriously, don't
fill his head up.
She's a smart girl.
[woman] What can
I get you guys?
[Chris] I'll
order for everybody.
I think we'll have 15
coffees, 15 french fries,
and 15 sides of ranch, please.
- We have menudo.
- [Laura] Abby.
- Perfect.
- [Laura] Abby.
- What?
- I have to go.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm actually
kinda wanting to go too.
Oh, thank you.
That's cow guts, by the way.
[Tig] What?
It's actually made from the
muscle wall of the first three
chambers of the cow's stomach.
[Kristi] Where are we?
[Laura] Abby.
I have to go.
All right, everybody
go potty, all right?
The bus is leaving.
Come on, let's go!
- [Abby] Hey.
- Well, did you like it?
- What?
- We are leaving.
Where are you going?
What is up with
these goody-two-shoes?
They're cool, you
just don't know them yet.
- Okay.
- Anyway, 'kay, bye.
No, no, no, no!
[Ned] It's meticulum. [laughs]
So you like him.
Like who?
[Abby] No one.
[Debora] A boy?
Is Kat cooking for herself?
[Abby] No, she's
cooking for both of us.
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone chiming]
Um, I'm actually
not that hungry.
I have to go work on my
project with my dad so...
I'll text you later.
Bye, Deb.
[cell phone chiming]
Do you want this?
I'm gonna go to bed.
[cell phone chiming]
And call your dad, tell him
to come pick up his shit.
No, you call him!
Abby, just talk to him for me.
["Happy House" by Siouxsie
and the Banshees plays ]
This is the happy house
We're happy here
in the happy house
Oh, this is fun
We come to play
In the happy house
["Never Talking to You
Again" by Husker D plays ]
There are things
I'd like to say
But I'm never
talking to you again
There's things I'd
like to phrase some way
But I'm never
talking to you again
- I'm never talking...
- [Debora] Abby!
I'm never talking to you
Trying to talk to you
'Zen Arcade' is my life!
[Debora] What
does that even mean?!
- Turn it down!
- No!
Hey, turn it down!
This is oppression!
And I'm never
talking to you again!
Do you guys think
Dave will be there?
He's supposed to be, why?
I'm just wondering.
Apparently, he gave
this girl Erica crabs.
They didn't even do it,
they just sat in the hot tub
You cannot get crabs like that!
- [gasps] Oh my God!
- [gasps] Oh my God!
[Kristi] Shit.
We need to take
her to the hospital.
Well, how does it look?
Uh, hardcore.
Let's go drink.
[squeals] Come on. [laughs]
- [Luis] Hey, girls.
- Yeah?
[Luis] You guys
want some beers?
- [Kristi] Heck yeah, man.
- [Luis] All right.
Whoa, what the
hell happened to you?
I got punched.
[scoffs] Yeah, right.
[Kristi] Yeah.
You should see the other guy.
You know, I think you
should get me one first.
You know, I got blood
all over my flannel...
[Tig] No, how about she waits?
Waiting is not one
of my strong suits.
- [Tig] You want one?
- [Kristi] Yes, definitely.
This fire is dying.
What use are you guys?
I mean, honestly.
[Tig] For one, I
gave you a beer.
[Kristi] I know, but
you're being very slow about it.
There's a trick to this:
you gotta get it in the right
- Hey.
- Hey.
I would like one.
- I know you would.
- Okay.
- That's why I'm opening one.
- Okay.
Oh, do you want a drink?
Oh, no, I don't... I don't
really like to drink that much.
Do you wanna walk?
You and me?
What, you don't trust me?
Come on.
Where are they going?
[Abby] My dad used to bring me
to these as a kid all the time.
You need a flashlight.
Your dad used to bring
you to wash fish do it?
- [Abby] [laughs]
- That's...
That was some
father-daughter time?
My dad used to take me to bars.
Not in the bar, obviously.
He'd make me wait in the car.
You know,
father-son bonding shit.
[Abby] Hm.
does he like your band?
Oh, he died a
couple of years ago.
Oh God, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
Yeah, I remember...
at his funeral, everybody was
talking about what a great guy
- he was.
- [Abby] Yeah?
He was a drunk asshole.
My mom kinda...
checked out after
that, so I split.
I haven't been back since.
[Abby] So you left home?
[Abby] How old were you?
My dad's gone, too.
[Dave] When did he die?
He didn't.
My dad got a woman
at work pregnant.
I guess he loves her.
At least that's
what he told my mom.
Honestly, I'm never
talking to him again.
I told him I...
wished he was dead.
Never told anyone
that part, though.
Come on.
Come on.
- [Abby] [groans]
- [Dave] Come on.
[Abby] [laughs]
[Dave] Hey, uh...
I heard about this open
mic night thing and I,
uh... I got an idea.
[Abby] For you?
Well, you know, we could really
use someone like you on the
stage with us.
If we got in a boat...
and we just...
went out until we hit land,
where do you think we'd end up?
How cool is that?
I'm going.
To China?
Where do you wanna go?
I don't know, nowhere.
Oh, come on.
You must wanna go somewhere.
Abby on Abbey Road?
Come on, let's go.
We'll ditch the van, we'll fly.
We'll fly out to
London, Manchester,
and then...
we'll go to China.
It might look a little
more like Bakersfield,
Hemet, and the
middle of America but...
That's how you
change the world:
one shitty little
town at a time.
Music can do that.
We should probably go back.
[Dave] Let me go first.
[laughing] Careful.
- [giggles]
- Come here.
Come here.
Oh, my shoe got soaked!
My shoe got wet.
Here, come sit here.
Come sit.
You can't have wet shoes.
You'll get a cold.
[Abby] [laughs]
[Dave] Yeah.
You'll freeze to death.
Yeah, better.
He doesn't talk about it
much, but for a long time...
my grandfather worked
the strawberry fields.
It's okay,
Kathleen, take your time.
My grandfather worked
the strawberry fields,
even slept out there at night,
all to save money to bring my
abuela and my mom to the US.
Now, we try to pay back his
sacrifices by working hard and
doing our part to contribute
to our town and the community.
"They do not know my name, but
they will know of my hard work,"
and this, beautiful people,
is what the great Cesar Chavez
fought so hard for.
Farm workers are an integral
part of how our great country
Kathleen, beautiful and
fascinating family history.
Thank you.
And why do we tell our
stories and learn about history?
[class] Because those who
forget the past are condemned to
- relive it.
- Yes.
[school bell rings]
Everyone except Abby is excused.
What a real treat to
have you in class today.
Am I being punished?
You know, I don't
believe in punishment.
I just thought we would
have lunch together today.
Did you bring any lunch?
No one eats lunch at lunch.
Really, now?
I grow this myself, you know?
Here you go.
So, how's your
paper coming along?
I see.
Well, maybe you'll get inspired
on our Hometown field trip.
What am I
supposed to write about?
You can write
about your own story,
your family's, or...
what do you love
most about living here?
Do you like reggae?
["My Hometown" by David
Robinson plays from computer ]
Come on, everyone
And listen...
Watch this.
To the song
I don't know why...
What's he singing about?
[Abby] I don't know.
Yes, you do.
Come on!
And live in love
and harmony...
- Love?
- [Mr. Sosa] Yes!
Love, yes.
My brothers can see...
Reach, reach, reach.
What else?
What else?
Come on!
Where he's from?
[Mr. Sosa] Mm-hm.
So, just how he
feels about stuff?
And that's no different
than what I'm asking you to do.
I have nothing to say.
[music stops]
Now, I don't believe that...
and neither do you.
[music plays again ]
Come on, yes!
Come on, Abby.
Let's do it this time, come on.
You can do it, come on.
Just feel the music.
Oh yeah, oh
yeah, oh yeah...
Can I go now?
Raising livestock teaches
you how to be responsible for
something other than yourself.
Um, it also teaches you how to
properly manage your financial
records, like
profits, income, expenses,
and not to mention that spending
a whole entire week at...
What are you doing?
Nothing, just listening.
What the hell are
we still doing here?
Let's go!
Have you even registered yet?
Mm, maybe Monday.
I might have to go back to LA.
My pops is pissed I
haven't come back yet.
- I can't... I can't ditch.
- Yes, you can!
[Laura] Come on!
[funky electronic music ]
[Kristi] Shoes.
Oh my God!
[Abby] Oh my gosh.
[Kat] I remember when your
dad used to bring us here.
He would always let us
drive that old truck.
Well, we couldn't even
reach the pedals but...
he always let us do
whatever we wanted.
Yeah, whatever.
Why haven't you ever told me
what happened between you and
Oh, I didn't?
Did you kiss him?
I mean, what about the crabs?
Oh my God, he
doesn't have crabs! [laughs]
You know he's leaving, Abby.
[Kristi] Come on,
bitches, let's go!
Get up!
Come on!
Come on, let's go.
[Kristi] Come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, come on!
[Abby] I'm gonna catch you!
I'm so close!
[laughter and
indistinct shouting]
[microwave beeps]
[humming softly ]
What the hell, Deb?
You in there?
[mellow acoustic guitar ]
Hey, honey.
I'm sorry.
[doorbell rings]
[Kristi] Abby!
What... what are you doing?
You're not even ready yet?
So cool!
Yep, Karen and Stepdude are
gone for the next two nights,
so this baby is all mine.
So they just let you borrow it?
[Pancho and the Wizards
performs "Buzzard (Melted)" ]
[Abby] [laughing] Oh my God.
- Can we go?
- [Kristi] Yeah, let's go!
- Is this it?
- [Kristi] Let's go!
Oh my...
I'm going in.
Let's do it, yeah!
[cheers and applause]
[Hayley and the Crushers
performs "Jaywalking" ]
Oh, no, I'm good.
- Really?
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no.
[laughing] Oh...
[Laura] Ew, gross!
Excuse me, I'll be in hiding.
[Kristi] Stage-diving.
Yeah, no, I
stage-dove, the sea parted,
and just... bam.
- And no one caught you.
- No, no one...
God, she's such a liar.
- Who?
- Kristi.
She's such a liar.
No, she's not.
[sighs] Can we please
not do this right now?
[Dog Party performs "Whoa" ]
I'm serious, come on.
- Come on!
- No, no, no, no.
- No?
- I can't, I can't, I can't.
We'll play
whatever song you want!
I don't even... I... I
don't know anything!
Thank you!
We're Dog Party, and stick
around for Pinata Jones.
There's an open
mic night coming up.
You're gonna play that with us.
And you can do this!
You're gonna love it.
- You gotta go.
- Okay, I'm gonna go on.
Think about it!
[cheers and applause]
[instruments sound-checking]
Hey, we're Pinata Jones.
[cheers and applause]
Thanks for hanging around.
[Pinata Jones
performs "Problem Child" ]
You call me problem
child but I ain't got no
Problems I can see
You say I'm messin' up
and breakin' bottles
And now,
you're fixin' me
I'm gonna take you down
'til you got nothin'
Left to teach
And we can paint the
town with all the freedom
You hid underneath
So gimme what
I want, want
Gimme everything so I
don't need nothin' at all
Gimme what I want, want
I been needin' someone
Someone who don't
make me feel small
Gimme what I want, want
Gimme everything so I
don't need nothin' at all
Gimme what I want, want
I been needin' someone
Someone who
don't make me feel
Feel your lips on
Your lips upon my
I feel your lips
Your kiss upon my
I feel your lips
Your lips upon my face
Your lips upon my face
[cheers and applause]
Hey, why are you out here?
Uh, I'm looking for Laura.
She's not answering her phone
and I... and I can't find her
I'm sure she's fine.
Can we please just go back
in and talk to the band?
Come on.
You mean talk to Dave.
So you're picking him
over your friends now?
No, I'm just saying
we know Laura, okay?
What's up?
We can't find Laura.
Ugh, that goody-two-shoes
probably went home to study.
She's fine.
Hey guys, have you seen Laura?
No, I haven't seen her, sorry.
[phone ringing]
[Kristi] Oh!
Wow, what do ya know?
[Kat] Laura!
- Come on.
- What?!
I can take us home.
Wow, you really do get around.
He gets around.
[Abby] Come on, you can
just drop her off at home.
Come on, I really
want you to come back.
Are you joking?!
Look at her!
Okay, you know what?
I don't even know
who you are right now.
You could stay here
with your new friends.
Kat, don't get pissed at me.
- Fine.
- [Kristi] Abby, come on!
I'll text you later.
Drive safe.
Let's go.
- What's the...
- [Luis] The intro.
I don't know the intro.
[strumming ]
What's the chord, though?
That's it. [laughs]
[Luis] We need the synth.
[whistling melody ]
What kind of synth is that?
Start it.
When routine bite...
[Luis] When
routine bites hard
When routine bites hard
And ambitions are low
[both] And
resentment rides high
But emotions won't grow
And we're
changing our ways
Taking different roads
[all] Love, love will
tear us apart again
Love, love will
tear us apart again
Why didn't you have more kids?
I'm sorry, I'm not
pushin', just dying.
You're not dying.
I don't know.
Everything just got so hard.
I hear you.
But you can say it.
I mean, maybe you just
didn't even want more kids.
He wanted more.
And now, he's...
he's going to.
Ah, there it is.
Now you're telling
yourself the truth.
I need to get you back in.
Divorce would be the best
thing that ever happened to you.
[Debora] I don't know
about that. [chuckles]
I don't buy bullshit
and neither should you.
I'll deal how I want to deal.
Why don't you live
how you want to live?
You weep, you mope.
You don't change anything.
You don't know me.
I know.
I know, I'm awful.
Take me back to my room.
[Abby] [giggles]
So how about the
open mic night?
I don't know!
Come on, you're gonna be great!
Why are you doing this?
Doing what?
Isn't it obvious?
I like you!
You're like a clam!
Like a clam, you know?
With... with a pearl!
You open it up and there's
something beautiful inside.
It's an oyster!
An oyster!
An oyster has pearls!
I'm an idiot!
[Debora] Come on.
[Debora] All right, lay back.
[Olivia] [whispering] Debora?
Will you do something for me?
Will you take
that plant with you?
Take it home?
I couldn't.
My daughter, she doesn't even
call me and just has a plant
sent to me from my own nursery?
[Debora] Really, I couldn't.
I can't, uh,
really grow anything.
[Olivia] You take it.
Plant it.
Just do me a favor:
get it out of here.
- [Dave] This is your house, huh?
- [Abby] Mm-hm.
[Dave] This your tree?
- Yeah, I... I own it, actually.
- Oh, cool.
Oh my God.
I have to be up in two hours.
How's stuff
going with your dad?
Kiss her again!
It's not.
He came over and I hid.
You hid?
He's an asshole.
Look, I'm... I'm not gonna
tell you what you should do.
Then don't.
You're tough, all right?
I sometimes think about all the
things I wish I said to my dad.
- [Tig] Kiss the girl!
- [Kristi] [laughs]
And sometimes, I
even say them out loud,
like he can hear me.
I know it's bad, but us guys,
we don't always use our brains.
So I'm learning.
How about your mom?
She's gonna be
home really soon.
[Tig] That's my sister!
Yeah, get it!
I should go.
- Come on, Dave!
- [Dave] Bye.
[Kristi] Come back!
[Dave] You guys are
really blowing my cool.
Will I see you?
Come on tour with us.
- Whoo!
- [Kristi] Yeah, come!
[Dave] I'm serious!
[Mr. Sosa] Gather 'round.
Have a seat.
[girl] What are we
doing at a church?
I have asked your wonderful
classmate Laura Nakashima to
read part of her paper here.
- Laura?
- Fine.
In 1945, this church
became the home of displaced
Japanese-Americans after being
released from camps during the
This church gave
them shelter and food.
A number of families
were forced to live here,
since everything they owned
was taken away from them.
One of those families
was my grandfather's.
[Mr. Sosa] Isn't that
just fascinating?! [laughs]
You're way too
excited about this.
And why do we tell our
stories and learn about history?
[class] Because those who
forget the past are condemned to
relive it.
[whispering] I can't
remember what I did last night.
[boy] Uh, could
we, uh, walk around?
[Mr. Sosa] Yes, please!
Respectfully, people.
You never told us that your
families were in the camp.
Why should I have to tell you?
Your parents grew up here too.
Everybody's stupid
parents grew up in this town,
So, I've been thinking
about the open mic tonight.
Can't, I have taiko practice.
That's the
Japanese drumming, right?
But tonight?
You guys have to come.
Why don't you understand?
I know my parents, my life,
is just some joke to you,
but I have other things
that are expected of me, Abby.
Yeah, but Dave asked me.
You don't even care!
I... I do.
[Kat] Furukawa?
Your parents worked that farm?
So, our families actually
worked the same farm, then.
Yeah, cool.
Still mad at you, though.
Okay, everyone,
this way, please.
This way.
Come on!
You're gonna love this story.
The local mission sponsored a
rescue operation to save the
southern Channel Islands'
remaining Native American
population, although did we
know they wanted to be rescued?
During the
rescue, a storm arose!
And realizing the
imminent danger,
the ship left, leaving one
person... a young Juana Maria...
It took 18 years and several
expeditions back to the island
to try and find her.
Eventually, they were successful
in bringing her to the mainland.
The sad part is she died
from illness seven weeks later.
But that's just one
version of the story!
[laughing] Oh man, I love this.
Some say she actually
boarded the first ship...
and, realizing her
child had been left behind,
dove overboard!
She swam back to the island
knowing she would be left
Amazing, isn't it?!
A mother willing to give
up everything for her child.
And who doesn't love romantic
stories, huh? [chuckles]
[Kat] Are you mad at
me about something?
[Abby] Oh my God,
it's huge. [laughs]
Sure, laugh away.
This is the last time you'll
be seeing me outside of class.
Because of a hickey?
No, because my parents found me
on the front doorway sleeping in
a pile of vomit!
I can't believe
you left me there.
Well, how was I
supposed to know?!
I just...
You're the one who ran up
and rang your own doorbell!
How was I supposed to know that
they wouldn't open the door?!
I ran away!
I just can't believe you let
that guy suck on your neck like
- that.
- I feel sick.
[laughing] It's funny!
You're such an ass!
[Mr. Sosa] Yeah, strawberries!
Like how do you know which
ones are ready to be picked?
Did you like the
Lone Woman story?
To think she lived alone for
years on that island peacefully,
until she was rescued.
She only died because she
stayed to save her stupid kid.
And he died, anyways.
You didn't tell that
part of the story.
She could've saved herself.
And who knows how long she would
have lived if man just left her
Men mess up everything.
I see.
[Cheryl] Isn't it crazy?
Farmers will have to feed
nine billion people in 2015.
"Feed the nine."
I heard about that.
I mean, I know you guys, like,
worked on farms and helped raise
animals and stuff.
Well, yeah, I know
you think it's not cool.
No, I just...
I wanna know more.
We also do a lot of
community service events,
and it's just awesome to belong,
to have a support system and...
What are you talking about?
Do you have to wear
that jacket everywhere?
Jealous much?
[car horn honks]
When did Kristi get here?
- [Abby] Kristi, let's go!
- [Kristi] Okay.
Kristi, right now!
[cell phone rings]
You're supposed to
use this stuff, right?
Chris, come on.
Do I look like I know
anything about gardening?
Help me!
Okay, all right, you're
totally stressing me out.
Why are you even
doing this anyways?
Maybe I'll
really love gardening.
What do I ever do besides work?
Not much lately.
[cell phone chiming]
[Debora] Seriously.
What do you do?
Besides mothering
that brat you birthed?
you care for the neighborhood
ill repute when his own family's
disgraced by him.
[Debora] You can
still move in, you know.
[scoffs] And live
in this pig sty?
- [laughs]
- No, no, thank you.
Actually, you know what?
There is something that
you can do right now.
[Chris] Cook.
[Debora] Cook.
[speaking Spanish], come on!
[Debora] I'll get right to it.
Don't let it die.
[Kristi] There's supposed to be
a liquor store up here that'll
sell to us.
What the hell were you
and Cheryl talking about?
[Kat] Why does it matter?
I'm just...
I'm so over it.
I was talking to
Cheryl because...
I took the Ag-Ed
internship and...
I'm thinking about
joining the FFA.
Are you kidding?
You're becoming one of them?!
I'm not becoming
one of anything!
You're becoming
an aggie asshole!
You're such a sell-out!
You're the one who's turning
into some stupid Kristi clone!
At least I'm not turning into
some loser who gets stuck in
this stupid shit town
like everybody else.
That's what I can never get!
Why do you always say that?!
What is so bad
about being here?!
Look around!
You're not better
than anybody else here!
Fuck you, Kat.
How am I gonna get
to this open mic now?
Are you serious?!
What is your problem?!
[Kat] Do you have any idea
how much trouble I'm in?!
[Kristi] Fuck her, right?
You want a strawberry?
[clears throat] What's
cookin', good-lookin'?
[man] License, insurance,
and registration, please?
[Kristi] Hm, yeah.
You know, I think I, um,
left it at home, actually.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Mr. Acosta] Kathleen!
[man] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, [speaking Spanish]?
[Mr. Acosta] Identification?
That's my daughter.
[Mrs. Acosta] And
we speak English.
[man] Okay, so don't
let me ask you again.
- Can I see some identification?
- [Kat] Dad!
Perfect, now you got my
whole family in trouble.
[Abby] Who's in trouble?
My dad, Abby!
The cops can't do that, okay?
They're not gonna take him in.
[laughing] Oh shit,
your dad's illegal?
- [Mrs. Acosta] Kat, vamanos!
- [Mr. Acosta] Kathleen, now!
We are so over!
[man] Okay.
Kristi Lewis, Abby Evans, it
looks like we can't get a hold
of either of your parents.
[Abby] You're here?
Why didn't you
answer the phone?!
What happened?
I... I turned it off!
There was an incident with
your daughter and her friends
involving a stolen car.
[music plays from
record player ]
I'm letting her
off with a warning.
[Debora] Lower that!
You stole a car?!
I didn't steal it,
it was Stepdude's.
[Abby] Never mind!
[Debora] Someone
could have gotten hurt!
Am I supposed to
ground you now?!
I want someone to ground you.
- I'm sorry, what did you say?
- Nothing!
Okay, I... I heard you.
[Chris] Help, the
kitchen's on fire!
Stop, stop.
Hey, we are not done talking!
So now you wanna talk?
[smoke alarm rings]
Whatever, I'm going out.
[Debora] Hey, the cops
just brought you home.
Where the hell do you
think you're going?
- Out!
- Abby!
I'm going out with Dave, okay?
There's an open mic tonight.
So there's a guy.
You're singing?
Why didn't you
tell me any of this?
Who are you?
Who are you?!
I'm figuring it out!
Is that okay with you?
It's a little late to
be figuring things out.
you get to wear what you want,
you get to listen to what you
want, you get to
go where you want,
because I couldn't.
It really is just about you.
You're not going anywhere.
You know what?
From now on, I want you to
tell me everywhere you're going!
[Abby] Okay.
[Debora] All the time!
We are not done yet, Abby!
I want you to come to my
work tonight because we need to
finish this talk!
[Chris] Ugh.
You idiots!
You know, you're
both exactly the same!
[man] Woohoo!
- [Dave] You ready?
- No.
[Kristi] Come on!
[Dave] Hey, give us a
second, give us a second.
No, come on!
[Dave] One second, one second.
What's wrong?
You know the song,
don't be nervous.
No, it's not that, it's my mom.
Let's go.
Okay, but...
can we please stop at
my mom's work first?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
[Debora] Right?
Stealing a car, being
brought home by an officer.
I... I never did that.
- I never did that!
- No.
I just, like, I
can't with her right now.
Hey, do you know
where my mom is?
Oh, hey.
- Yeah, she's in 3118.
- Thanks.
You know, sometimes,
I... I think and I'm like,
"If I could go back and
make a different choice,
maybe I wouldn't be
a mother right now,"
you know?
Well, maybe I
wouldn't choose you either.
Hey, Abby?
No, no, Abby?
- The second time.
- Yeah?
You have to make
sure to slide up.
[Tig] Don't tell me
how to play the bass!
Hey, I'm coming with you.
- [Dave] You wanna come?
- Yeah.
- [Dave] Really?
- [Abby] Mm-hm.
- Well...
- [giggles]
[Dave] You guys,
time to celebrate!
Abby, we're gonna pave the way.
We're gonna pave the
way for something big,
something innovative.
You sure about this?
Coming on tour with us,
that's what you want?
I'm sure.
[Tig] We're not gonna
get there in time, man.
[Luis] Well,
whose fault is that?
[Tig] Not my fault this time.
[Luis] Well, for
the first time.
[Tig] True.
She's going to hate me forever.
[chuckling] No.
I didn't mean it.
I was just venting.
I know you were.
What am I even doing?
Oh, you're just being a mother.
Nobody tells you what a
shitty job it actually is.
I'm getting out
of here tomorrow.
[groaning] Ow.
I don't know about that.
Let her make her
own decisions...
this time.
You think?
You love her.
That's enough.
Is that what
happened with your daughter?
That's a longer story.
You got me thinking.
No reason I shouldn't pick
up the phone and call her.
Then she'll come
back home, right?
My love, whoa
Come back to
me, come back
And whoa
And oh, dear heart
Where have you gone?
Thank you, everyone.
[cheers and applause]
[Debora] Chris!
Hey, uh, Abby's not home.
Can... can you help me find her?
Absolutely not.
- C... come on, please.
- I... I...
- Please.
- No.
- Please.
- No!
[Tig] Yo, where's Dave?
[Luis] Dude, I don't know.
Typical Dave.
- [Kat] Hey.
- Hey.
I thought you
had taiko practice.
I know but...
[chuckles] Abby.
[Kristi] Well, yeah, I
mean, I think we're...
Doesn't it give
you that kind of song...
- No.
- Yes.
- It freaks me out.
- [giggles]
Oh, shit.
[cheers and applause]
[Luis] We're on.
[Dave] All right.
- "Love Will Tear Us Apart."
- [Tig] Where have you been, man?
[clears throat]
[Dave] Okay.
[band plays "Love Will Tear
Us Apart" by Joy Division ]
Stop, stop, stop!
I... I'm sorry, can we just...
Can we start over?
Play from the verse.
- Verse.
- Sorry.
Come on, you can do this.
Try it again without the intro.
Come on, Abby.
[band plays "Love Will Tear
Us Apart" by Joy Division ]
- [Debora] Abby!
- I'll get her, wait, just...
I don't wanna hear
it right now, Chris.
- Did I even say anything?
- [man] Hey, dude, watch it.
Sorry about that.
Look at this faggot.
- Haha, yeah, yeah, look at me.
- [man] [laughs]
Whoa, stop, Abby.
- Who cares?
- [Abby] I care.
No, you know what they
say doesn't matter, right?
[Abby] It matters to me!
No, Abby, what
matters is... stop!
[laughing] Look at this!
Abby, what matters is
what I know to be true.
[man] You gonna protect
your little faggot friend?
- Abby, d...
- [Chris] Abby, what are you...
[man] Go head and try.
Put it down.
[train horn blaring]
[moody electronic music ]
[emotional acoustic music ]
What are you doing up so early?
You look like shit.
You're just getting home?
[laughs] Damn!
I bet that was fun.
[sighs] You live here now?
Yeah, my mom kicked me out
so I'm living with my aunt.
Hey, come inside and meet Jax.
I like your nose piercing.
[baby cries]
This is Jax.
I'm sorry I haven't
called or visited.
It's okay.
I'd rather be raging too.
[baby cries]
Can you believe it?
[whispering] Here.
There, bubby.
Me, a mom?
I miss hanging
out with you guys.
[Abby] Yeah, um, I gotta go.
Wait, stay.
- Here.
- [Abby] Oh...
[Cassie] Look, I, uh...
Check this out.
I got this thing now called
WIC where they just give me free
That's cool, right?
At least I don't
have to go to school.
Well, then, what
are you gonna do now?
[baby cries]
I don't know, my aunt, uh, she
has a part-time job down at Food
You know, she's been there
for, like... [baby shrieks]
20 years, so she
thinks she can get me a job.
- You know?
- [Abby] Yeah.
You know?
[softly] Hey, do
you want your paci?
[baby shrieks]
It's okay.
["Happy House" by Siouxsie
and the Banshees playing ]
This is...
[Debora] God, I love this.
You remember when
I gave it to you?
We used to listen to it all
the time together when you were
Um, no.
You're going somewhere?
[Abby] Why do you have these?
What am I supposed to do?
This is all my fault, right?
You know...
I didn't mean what
I said yesterday.
It doesn't matter.
I'm leaving.
I can't be stuck here.
I... I need... I need
to get out of here.
I hate this place!
And I hate everybody in it.
Then, uh, you're
gonna need more stuff.
What are you doing?
I love you.
I want you to be happy,
whatever that means for you.
Make a choice for your life.
I made a choice at your age too.
And I don't regret it.
You can always come back home.
please let her come back.
Do you really believe that
story about the Lone Woman?
She jumped off a ship
just to save her kid?
Are you kidding me?
All romantic notions aside, a
mother's love is incomparable.
Why, you been thinking about it?
A little.
I noticed your bag.
Were you going somewhere?
You know, you and I
are a lot alike, Abby.
We're both natural-born rebels.
That kind of
restlessness never dies.
It's not a bad thing.
Did you know I was
16 when I came here?
I left for a little, went
to school up in Berkeley.
So why did you come back here?
You know, we were
trying to change things...
and then, I got involved
with some questionable people.
I guess you can
say I lost my way.
But even rebels need a
place to come home to.
When you lose your
way... and you will...
there is really only one place
where you kind find yourself.
[Abby] Is there still
room for me in the van?
Abby, that makes me so happy.
It didn't mean anything and...
I'm an idiot.
You are.
Everything I ever
said to you was real.
Just don't talk to me.
There was no one around
There was no
one there but me
I was staring
out a window
I was standing by the sea
I'm glad you came.
So what about seeing your dad?
Um, I haven't heard from
my dad since I was seven.
Hey, just think, Abby, you're
never gonna have to come back to
this shithole town again.
Place fuckin' stinks.
[mellow acoustic guitar ]
Stop the van.
[Dave] Abby, wait.
Don't go!
- I thought you liked me.
- [Abby] I did.
But I can't go with you.
You know, you're amazing.
Yeah, I know.
[uplifting synth music ]
This assignment was supposed to
be my Hometown History essay...
but I'm gonna record it
because I have something to say.
I've lived in this same house
in the same town with the exact
same friends my whole life.
But for some reason, I've always
felt like I didn't belong,
like I was different.
I... I always wanted out.
But now, I'm not even
sure I know what that means.
I thought that being
brave meant leaving,
but staying and facing things...
that takes guts.
Don't walk away
Now, everything has changed.
And I don't know
what's gonna happen,
and that's okay...
'cause what I do
still have is a lot.
I know I won't
stay here forever,
and maybe some day, I'll go to
London or China or some place
like that.
But for now, this
is where I belong.
And no matter what happens, I
know I can always come back home
You once asked what is my
favorite thing about living
Well, now, I'm gonna tell you.
Oh, we're such dorks,
we're definitely related.
I didn't turn
on the light
I didn't turn
on the light
Yeah, there was
something inside me
Didn't know where to hide
I didn't know where
to go, so you say
Every time we go, she's
got mosquitos in her faces
Whippin' out those
braces in the fat shoe laces
Looking back at lion's teeth
You know he'll
never chase us
'Cause that's not
what our fate is
Yeah, that's not
what our fate is
Oh, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah
Nah, no
Please wake me up
Please wake me up
I'm out of luck
Please wake me up
I didn't turn
on the light
I didn't turn
on the light
Yeah, there was
something inside me
Didn't know where to hide
I didn't know where
to go, so you say
I didn't turn
on the light
I didn't turn
on the light
Yeah, there was
something inside me
Didn't know where to hide
I didn't know where
to go, so you say
Oh, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah
Nah, no