Cobalt Blue (2021) Movie Script

Anuja, hurry up!
Aseem will drop you on the grounds today.
Baba, I need the car keys.
Why did you park under the tree?
Sharada, where's my tea?
Aai, I'm hungry.
Please hurry up with breakfast.
Tanay, wake up!
Why can't he ever wake up on time?
As we speak of The Grapes of Wrath,
which is a very important novel
about the great American migration
Anybody over here
who has experienced migration?
Yes, Tanay.
My father shifted here,
six months before we came to Kerala.
He came to work here as an accountant
with Thomas and Chenetra Spice Exports.
For us, in 1980,
moving from Maharashtra to Kerala
was like moving
from one country to another.
I never imagined that
I would have to leave my hometown.
But one day, suddenly,
there was a call from my father.
What's your hurry?
The children have exams coming up.
And, I'm not sure Appa will be able
to cope with such a long journey.
Why don't we come there after Diwali?
I've had enough of your whining.
It's been over a month now.
You need to leave today.
I can't stay alone any longer.
Please! Think about the children.
If you don't show up in two days,
I'm going to find ways
to deal with my hunger over here.
And I don't mean food.
He hung up.
My mother didn't allow us to go
and tell our friends that we were leaving.
I forgot my favorite blue notebook
at my friend's place.
And, I haven't seen it since.
It's always about what you lose.
What you leave behind.
My mother also told us that
we have the blue sea right by our house.
But, in reality, it's quite far away.
And of course, it's not blue in color.
So as I grew up,
I realized that grown-ups can lie.
And so we can.
And that's why we write.
Fullshirt! When did it happen?
He was fine this morning.
Half an hour ago. Go home. I'll get Anuja.
They are waiting for you.
Tickle his feet.
He's only pretending to be asleep.
Take over.
-Stay on.
Pass it on. Take over.
Go for it!
This is not fair.
She is trying to cut my way.
You tell her now,
or I won't play with this team.
Calm down, Anuja.
Come on, play.
Fullshirt, what are you doing here?
Appa is no more.
Fathu, I have to go.
Please bring my kit back.
Sharada, give me
something sweet to eat today.
Let's take her downstairs.
Aseem, check if the ambulance is here.
You need to come downstairs.
Tanay will handle things.
Baba, come. Let's go.
Tanay, wait here with Ajji.
Appa was cruel.
He really troubled Ajji and Aai.
I saw it happen many times.
He used to beat up Aai.
I'm going to take the room upstairs.
But you already have your own room.
I still have to share a room
with Fullshirt.
I need my own room.
I will walk with you to the crematorium.
Women don't go to the crematorium.
Tanay, go with your father.
Cheta, take us to Cheranallur.
Pablo Neruda!
The room upstairs may finally be mine.
I'll read alone, write alone.
I want to live by myself now.
-What happened?
-I don't know.
She never wanted to marry Appa.
So how is it, that on the same day
Love is a habit.
The habit ends
you die.
It is with profound grief
that we would like to inform you
that last week, my mother and father
passed away on the same day.
They always protected our family
from the strange culture
and customs of Kerala.
Tanay has inherited his flair for writing
from his grandfather.
Aseem is an ace at mathematics,
just like his grandfather.
Anuja's eyes are just like
her grandfather's.
She always reminds me of him.
My wife is an able homemaker,
and is always mindful
of our great traditions.
Mary, why don't you join us
for the film tonight?
Are you crazy?
Fort Kochi is a tiny village.
I would get caught.
Just wear my niqab.
Nobody will know it's you.
Oh, shit! Mary my period
Fathima, let's go.
Fathima, go slower!
We aren't transporting medicines
to a dying man!
It's eggless.
Tell this eggless fairytale to my mother.
Eggs, chicken all are cool with me.
-Nice, no?
-Thanks for the cake.
-I'll leave.
Thank you.
"All I want to say is that
they don't really care about us."
Isn't this cream meant for girls?
My swimming coach told me
to apply it every day.
There's a lot of chlorine in the water.
All the boys use this cream.
Why aren't you wearing your holy thread?
-Let capitalism perish!
-Let capitalism perish!
-Let capitalism perish!
-Let capitalism perish!
Let democracy prevail!
-Long live student unions!
-Let capitalism perish!
-Long live student unions!
-Revolution will win!
Why do you choose to ignore us, Tanay?
Why didn't you come to
the student body meeting?
Look, you're a good writer.
You will help me write speeches.
Come to Anthony's tonight for a beer.
Sorry, I can't make it.
Vishnu, stop bothering him.
Why do you always support him?
Just leave him alone.
Now, many novels and plays
have been adapted into films.
Some films are
as good as their original works.
This one is my favorite, L'Argent,
which means "money."
It's a film directed by Robert Bresson,
originally a novella by Tolstoy
that was called The Forged Coupon.
-Long live student unions!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live student unions!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live--
Can you think of any films
which were originally a play or a book?
Sir, Mathilukal,
by Adoor Gopalkrishnan, sir.
Sir, Lolita, on Nabokov's novel.
Lalitha, have you actually read Lolita?
Maurice, on E.M. Forster's novel.
Here, watch this. Mirror.
You missed it
at the film society screening.
I was hoping to find you there.
You know, I've been asking
my parents for a separate room
for a very, very long time.
The VCR and the TV are in our living room,
so I can't really watch all kinds of films
when the family is around.
-Can I ask you something?
-Of course.
Why do you stay here alone?
Aren't you scared of being alone?
When you're young and you leave home,
you depend on the kindness of strangers.
If you need to
read books or watch films
you must come here.
I will leave now.
Anuja, call your mother.
Fullshirt will get married soon.
He'll need his own room then.
When I was young, girls would go
to the temple to study late at night.
We never had our own rooms.
Anuja, don't mess around!
Help me grind the spices.
Don't call me into the kitchen, Aai.
I can't even tell the difference
between salt and sugar.
-By the way, congrats Tanay.
For what?
She's crazy!
Aai, please let me take the room upstairs.
Even Anuja has her own room.
Your father has decided
to rent the room out to a paying guest.
Paying guest?
Rent it out to a boy or a girl?
The paying guest has to be a boy.
this isn't a very original idea.
You know the Menons next door, right?
When their sons left for Oman,
they had three girls as paying guests.
Lalitha is one of them.
Stop barking, Gorbachev!
Her father chose to poison himself
when the USSR collapsed.
Isn't that a great topic
for my first short story?
I want to write like Chekov, Pushkin,
Tolstoy, Czar Nicholas, Rasputin,
Anna Akhmatova.
I want to write about Russian boys in Goa.
Tanay! Breakfast is ready!
The paying guest has to be a boy.
If we keep a girl, Mrs. Menon will think
we're competing in a warped way.
Pass me the butter.
I don't care if it's a boy or a girl.
Just make sure it isn't a communist.
I love communists.
I love the strikes they do.
Holidays all the time.
No work to do whatsoever.
Grown men happily scurrying about,
playing football all day.
No industry. No development. Green Kerala.
Have you ever heard her
talk about her studies?
You want to make a career out of hockey?
Learn how to cook from Aai.
You can't even make a cup of tea!
Go find yourself a girl who'll cook
and clean up after you in Bombay!
I most definitely will.
I keep sending my poems
to magazines in Bombay.
But everyone sends them back
with a sweet note of thanks.
Now you've gotten used to it.
Whose bike is that?
Will you have tea like mine, or with milk?
However you like it.
So, I see you've met Tanay.
He'll show you the room upstairs.
Which village did you say you were from?
You're from Landour?
Have you ever seen him?
Yes, I even have a photo with him.
Seen who?
-Ruskin Bond.
-Ruskin Bond.
Who is he?
Is he the brother of James Bond?
Listen, breakfast is on us.
But you need to make your own arrangements
for lunch and dinner.
No problem.
We can do your laundry.
Tanay, get the keys from the cupboard
and show him the room.
Shall we?
Go on.
Where did you get that bike?
He can be a bit shy.
He only shows up when he feels like it.
What a strange tortoise
with a mind of its own.
Yes, a strange mind indeed.
Mine, after all.
His father was
India's ambassador to France.
What kind of work does he do?
What is his surname?
I didn't ask.
You let him into our kitchen
without knowing what caste he belongs to?
Listen carefully. If someone asks,
just tell them he's a distant relative.
Nobody in the company should know
that he is a paying guest.
-Here are the keys.
-Thank you.
-Let me know if you need anything.
-I'll do that.
The tortoise has arrived, having carried
all his belongings on his back.
Let me help you.
Who is he?
Do you know him?
Are all of these people
you've photographed your friends?
Put that quizzical look
on your face to rest.
I make lampshades and sell them.
Welcome to my secret garden
Where love is free
Pure ecstasy for you and me
My garden of fantasy
So strip yourself bare
Let's kiss the air
-And dive in where no one would dare
-My mother's favorite fur coat.
-Read between the lines of my body
-I was ten when my father passed away.
-This is our fantasy
-Fifteen when my mother left me too.
No offenses, no defenses
A tale they'll never tell
Heaven disguised as hell
It's a mystery but only for
-The chosen few like me and you
-How are you supposed to have this?
Where the morning dew is cobalt blue
The air in my room lies still,
the smell of me settling in.
But there's room for more.
My heart is filled with hope,
it may explode with restlessness.
But even then I think,
there's room for more.
I look at myself in the mirror,
and I realize
My lips quiver with questions unanswered.
A smile appears with a flicker.
And then they go completely quiet.
The cycle repeats itself.
I need to quench my thirst,
from the lips of another.
Now I'm sure there's room for more.
So many stories left incomplete.
You'll have to see them through my eyes.
Hello! Excuse me!
I think this belongs to one of you?
No need to be so coy.
It's only a bra.
Why are you running away?
Don't act too smart!
Who the hell are you?
-When did you get back?
-This morning.
What are you eating?
Anuja, have you washed your clothes?
What kind of creature
is this Michael Jackson?
Can't even tell if he's a man or a woman.
How was your trek?
We filled up ten gunny bags
with plastic bottles.
Tourists should be banned
from visiting our forests.
Humans will destroy
the entire planet one day.
We should no longer have
the right to reproduce.
We should just stop making babies!
But I'm definitely having kids.
At least three.
It is our duty, after all.
We owe it to our country, right?
So I'll have three, and so will Tanay.
You can skip the whole damn thing!
-No, thank you.
This is Anuja, my daughter.
Should I come up to study?
I also want to go upstairs.
I want to see his room.
-Go away.
Just leave.
Come outside.
What were you doing at that weird place?
You ask too many questions.
"Where did you get that bike?
What were you doing there?
Where did you get this photograph?
Come with me.
All the old spice warehouses in this city
are being converted into art galleries.
I have been called to design that space.
Now, shall we?
Where are we going?
That's another question.
Wanting your love to come into me
Feeling it slow, over this dream
Touch me with a kiss
Now you're above feeling it still
Tell me it's love, tell me it's real
Touch me with a kiss
Feel me on your lips
Because this is where
I want to be
Where it's so sweet
And heavenly
I'm giving you all my, giving you all my
Giving you all my love
All my love
Needing you now to come into me
Feeling it slow, over this dream
Touch me with a kiss
Feel me on your lips
When you're above feeling it still
Tell me it's love, tell me it's real
Touch me with a kiss
Touch me with a kiss
Because this is where
I want to be
Where it's so sweet
And heavenly
I'm giving you all my, giving you all my
Giving you all my love
Giving you all my, giving you all my
Giving you all my love
All my love
You sure have turned that room
into your heavenly abode.
Lucky you! I want to see his room.
So go right ahead.
Why are you bothering me?
Let me go!
Oh, my god! Plastic bottle!
Please stop using plastic bottles.
Drink water from the tap.
Do you know how much plastic--
There! Pick it up!
Maybe you'll get
a couple of environmental awards too.
You can thank me later.
How rude he is.
Handsome, but rude.
Handsome, but rude.
Listen, I need something from you.
Can you help?
I wanted some moisturizer and deodorant.
Do you have both?
Every normal person
always has both these things.
So please give it to me.
And teach me how to use a deodorant.
Please take me upstairs
and show me the room.
He doesn't like
unnecessary traffic upstairs.
And when he isn't home, I study up there.
Anything else?
-That we will discuss after your lecture.
You haven't been home for over a week.
Come, I've got some books for you.
Not today, sir.
Then, when will you come?
Sir, can I let you know?
Bye, sir.
Good morning, sir.
They're like the Secret Service.
They keep an eye on everything.
Here, some sweets for you.
I made them yesterday.
Want to hear some good news?
Aseem is seeing someone.
She's Marathi.
Her caste is the same as ours.
Her father is an admiral in the navy.
We're going to meet their family
this Sunday.
Very good.
Does she work?
She makes candles as a hobby.
That'll be very useful for me.
Now there's just one worry.
We have to find a boy for Anuja.
How can we marry off Aseem
while she's still unmarried?
Are you there?
I'm always afraid that Aai and Baba
will open my notebook and read my poems.
I need a place to hide my poetry.
Is this room upstairs that place?
Or does that place I yearn for
lie inside you?
Where were you all night?
I didn't feel like coming back.
I waited for you all night.
I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Aren't you afraid?
Of what?
Aai, hurry up!
Okay. I'm right here now!
I had to get all these things.
All of you just got into the car.
What are your plans for the future?
Sir, I want to move to Bombay.
There are great opportunities over there.
Eventually, I want to migrate to America.
I don't want to live here.
My company is sending me to California
next year for training.
That's good.
We have a flat in Bombay.
It's at Shivaji Park.
Aseem and Supriya can live there
once they are married.
Thank you, sir.
How lovely!
Is there a zoo at this park?
No. Shivaji Park isn't some garden.
Many prominent prominent
Marathi people live there.
There's a huge, huge ground there.
It's where Sachin Tendulkar learned
how to play cricket.
Really really?
She repeats her adjectives.
Simple simple. Nice nice.
I love this ice cream. Cold cold.
Shut up.
BY TANAY VIDHYADHAR DIXI Pablo! For the first time,
my poetry has been published!
Determine if you are
the road or the destination,
and I will set out towards you.
If you are the road, rough and smooth,
a quilt of light and shadow on you.
Falling and rising,
stretching endless, reasonless.
Then, letting all meaning
of destination fade,
I'll sling a slack of dreams
across your shoulders.
I'll set off with you, hand in hand.
And if you turn out to be the destination,
you are complete in yourself.
Without any worries,
I will set out with you.
Through you, I will find my way to you.
I may find myself lost
and completely anchorless.
But that won't deter me.
Now, it is up to you to decide.
I know I will never look back.
The doors I walk out of
will always remain shut.
Determine if you are
the road or the destination,
and I will set out towards you.
Who are these kids?
Both of them have shown interest in you.
They're from Pune.
They'll be going to work abroad.
So, let them go where they want to.
I'm off to Delhi next year.
I'm going to play in the national team.
Look, it's pretty simple.
Until you are married,
Aseem cannot get married.
Grow out your hair.
And dress like a girl for my engagement.
Aseem, please. Let her decide for herself.
She'll make the right choice.
If you choose him, you'll get to live in
a big sea-facing apartment in New York.
If you choose him,
you'll get to live in California,
in a house bigger than ours.
Just think about it.
Your sons will be American citizens.
When I was in school,
I started writing short stories.
Then, I wrote poetry.
But what I really want to write
is a novel.
A long tale, in which I can find myself.
But it never happens.
Every time I sit down to write
it turns into poetry.
There will be a day
when you will write a novel.
You won't be able to stop yourself.
What would I do without you?
Sir, there's a call for you.
Would it be okay
if I sleep by myself tonight?
Do you not want me here?
This isn't about you.
I just want to be alone tonight.
But why can't I spend the night here?
Anuja ran away with him.
What? Ran away with who?
Aai, Baba, you're linking Aseem's wedding
to mine for no good reason.
I want to make a career playing hockey.
I cannot follow this path
you seemed to have set for me.
I'm not the kind of girl who feels a need
to get married and settle down.
I want to get away from home
for a little while.
Did you know
this was going on between them?
Aseem! Enough of this madness!
Calm down! They couldn't have gotten far!
Let's report this to the police.
No way! Nobody will go to the police.
If word of this gets out,
Supriya will never marry you.
Trust me, Anuja has run off on her own.
He couldn't have run away with her.
Are you his lawyer? Are you?
If he hasn't run away with Anuja,
he'd run away with you?
All these people you've photographed,
did you know them?
I don't know.
I don't know what it means
to know someone.
You're a poet.
So define knowing someone.
Do you know me?
Please eat.
Don't worry about Anuja. She'll be fine.
Not too spicy.
I will keep that in mind.
Aunt Menon, tea?
Careful with that.
-Call from catering.
-Tell them I'll call after ten minutes.
Please, hurry up a bit.
Why do you close your eyes when you kiss?
Do you leave yours open?
Of course.
I like to look at your face.
There are many things I love.
And when I get them all,
I suddenly don't like anything.
What did you feel last night?
When I was kissing you.
I felt a girl.
A girl kissing me.
I walk
with a pebble in my sock.
Where were you?
Come here! Fast!
Anuja, where were you?
Tell me where you were.
Tell us. Where were you?
Just tell me.
Sharada, let's talk to her inside.
Tanay, come with us.
Has he arrived?
He left Pondicherry two days ago.
He didn't say anything to me.
I thought, maybe he had come here.
Where is he?
Maybe he's still on his way.
He'll get here today.
Now, listen to me.
Listen to me very carefully.
Your father is going to put
a lot of restriction on you, Anuja.
You will have to obey all of them.
Just obey! Just obey, and we will see
what we can do after that, okay?
Wait here.
-Here, keep this money.
-Keep this money.
-I can't.
-You will need it.
Look at me!
Once I go out of this room,
you are going to be under house arrest.
Do you understand that?
Money is very important, Anuja.
You can repay it to me.
Once you work, you repay it to me.
Do you understand?
I am not going to let you fail.
I am not going to let this
happen to another person, again.
What do you mean?
I never wanted to be a nun.
Did he force himself on our daughter?
They used to take precautions.
Come with me to the police station.
We'll file rape charges against him.
He never treated me badly.
He used you and ran away.
Don't you want revenge?
He introduced me to my own body.
For the first time, someone
I don't want to file
any complaints against him.
And don't forget, Baba,
I ran away from home because of you.
So then, why did you come back?
He never asked me to grow out my hair.
Nor did he ever tell me to wax.
No! Don't!
My boyfriend left me.
He went away with a girl.
Do you know the girl?
Women take away every man you love.
It happens again and again.
Be prepared.
What are you doing here?
Don't ever come back.
I'm sure you know where he's gone.
I'm sure you would have done
something bad to him.
I love him.
I would never do anything to upset him.
He's the first man I've ever loved.
Whose idea was it to run away from here?
Where did you go to meet each other?
When did you make the time to meet him?
You know, you've been held back
long enough by Aai and Baba.
Come away with me.
Drops of rain say your lover's name
You melt in your lover's gaze
Summer dew is your lover's sweat
You're the glow on your lover's face
Fall asleep in your secret place
But never make plans with your lover
Drink each drop of the time you get
But never make plans with your lover
Say your name in your lover's voice
See yourself with your lover's eyes
Touch yourself the way your lover does
Find yourself in your lover's sighs
Walk hand in hand like you had forever
But never make plans with your lover
Kiss each other like you did all summer
But never make plans with your lover
What are you doing, Aai?
Stand up straight.
This isn't your hockey ground.
Chetan is a nice boy.
He is a friend of Aseem.
He's got a great job in London.
If someone asks where you went,
what will you say?
What will you say?
Germany. For training.
Smile properly!
Yes, nice.
What is he
Come over tonight?
No, sir.
Come on, Tanay!
I know you enjoyed it.
It'll be our secret.
Nobody needs to know.
You and I are criminals in this country.
There may be others like us.
Thousands perhaps! But who knows
What have I done?
You are born this way. You are odd.
In India, you are a criminal.
The church thought so,
so the queen thought so, and the British.
And once they left,
we don't know what we think.
We're still governed by their laws.
You and I are criminals in India.
-Leave me alone.
When I was your age,
I grew up scared and frightened.
I was caught with
an American tourist, in the hotel.
My father agreed,
and our doctor gave me electric shocks
to cure me of this illness.
Six days, electric shocks.
Forget about sex,
it's hard to find friends here in Kochi.
As time goes on and as life goes on,
you long for friendship,
you become lonely.
I'm hungry for friendship, companionship.
We are living in a prison.
Let go of me!
Baba, stop!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Until a boy fancies you,
until you get married
you will not leave this house.
I am writing to apply
for the post of a junior coach
in your prestigious association.
I have played as a midfielder
for the state team of Kerala
for the past three years.
In the 1992-93 inter-state tournament
at Hyderabad,
I had won the best player
of the tournament award.
It would be my honor to join.
I'm not hungry.
She'll come around.
Hunger trumps love, eventually.
Have a seat.
Sit and eat.
Has he lost it too?
No idea.
His sister has returned home.
It's his brother's wedding soon.
He's even got the room upstairs.
And even then
Aai, these artists have their own moods.
What can we do?
A poet has been born in our home.
Go ahead, eat all you can.
From next week, you'll no longer have
the pleasure of your mother's cooking.
I was so worried for you.
I'm okay.
I've not told my parents
you took me to the ground.
Will you post this for me?
What is this?
Hockey Association of India.
If you're sure
I am.
I will.
Aseem! How are you?
I'm doing great. How are you?
Doing well. I really missed you, man.
This is my friend from London.
That's Aseem's friend.
That guy.
They want me to marry him.
Keep it down there.
Aai, what's going on?
Cleaning up that boy's mess.
There's a wedding.
There are so many guests.
Come on! Hurry up!
Okay, okay.
You don't have an address.
No name.
No claim.
No face.
Just charred remains of a past life.
Hallucinations of a shared dream.
Torn pages that belong in no one's book.
Pieces of something broken
but nowhere to keep them.
You walk because there's nothing left
to leave behind.
You have never loved anyone.
When you'll fall in love, you'll realize.
Love makes you stronger.
What are you doing?
Your brother asked us to burn all of this.
I need your help.
You have the literature department's
blank letterheads, right?
I can't tell you that.
It's for something minor.
I'm willing to do
whatever you ask me to do.
Get dressed.
I feel that someday,
those people who create new machines,
those new things like computers,
will create something
that will help people locate each other.
We can meet like-minded people.
Lost souls can be traced.
The Hockey Association of India
They've not written back yet.
I have spoken to Bishop George in Delhi.
His nephew is in the HAI.
He said he'll put in a word.
Tell me something.
If a friendship lasts
only for a few months,
does that make it less important?
Why everything has to be
so permanent and forever
I have been thinking
How long should a relationship survive
for the world to think
that it was a good relationship?
You left as a girl,
and you've come back as a woman.
Madam Sharada!
-Yes, what is it?
There's some good news for him!
Read it.
Congratulations Tanay!
You've been selected
for the International Writing Program.
You begin in Delhi next week.
If Appa was alive,
he would have been so proud of you.
I will have to leave today.
At the conference,
wear the new shirt you got for Diwali.
Where is it?
And tell them to take
a nice photograph of you.
Why have you been so angry with me
ever since I got back?
Whatever it is, I say, "I'm sorry."
You're different from the rest of them.
Ever since we were young,
I always thought that you get me.
Happy journey.
Goodbye, Pablo Neruda.
Sister! Letter for you!
Your letter.
Congratulations! You got it!
It's the position of a coach.
Junior hockey team. Nagaland, Kohima.
They'll give you quarters
and everything, okay?
But, it's not permanent. It's a contract.
You'll have to work your way up.
I don't know how to thank you.
Just leave now. Don't even tell them.
Go there and write.
Don't lose your faith in love, okay?
Fathima will be waiting for you.
Ride like the wind!
Bye, Fathima!
Please return this to my mother.
This hockey stick is my jewelry.
I don't need anything else.
You mad or what? You keep it!
You sell it! You need money!
No, thanks.
Your food is kept on the bike.
Don't forget to eat it!
Everyone thought
a tortoise lived in the pond.
But in reality, there was no tortoise.
I was the tortoise.
I was Pablo Neruda, who swam in the pond.