Cocaine Cowboys (2006) Movie Script

They call them
the Cocaine Cowboys.
Yesterday they attacked
Dadeland Mall
and they executed two Latins males
in the Crown liquor store.
There was an exchange of fire bewteen the two groups.
The broken glass and liqour bottles flying.
The shooting continued out.
Two men,
murdered in a hail of gun fire.
Victims of the antidrug fight in Miami.
The one that escaped had a machine gun.
They have to stop this.
What are they going to do about it?
What can they going to do about it?
People from Florida wonder
where they will attack now
the Cocaine Cowboys.
My name is Jon Roberts.
I was born in New York and I got involved
with some Italian from New York
that they were part of a family of the mafia.
We open 4 or 5 night clubs
of great fame
and he/she went us very well.
February 17 1970
One day the police came.
Not we knew why they came.
They told us
that they found our partner
in the freeway of Long Island.
They had murdered it and he/she had
eleven bullet holes.
Who Io that happened knows.
The best thing that was happened
in that moment
it was to take away from that tangle.
So I moved here
and I began in the business of the cocaine.
Trafficker of cocaine
It distributed cocaine for value
of more than 2000 million dollars
for the poster of Medellan.
The city in Miami was very calm
and it was a very pleasant place where to live.
Before 1956,
the shift at night of the police
he/she had a patrol one
to patrol an area
of the size of Rhode Island.
In that Miami was then, the south,
it was as Alabama.
Not there was money here.
Not there were buildings
and the center was lonely.
In Miami Beach had bigger people
the time passing in rockers
waiting to the death.
The life was very different here, then.
It is for this reason that Miami is exactly for you.
In the 60s and 70s Miami flourished
as vacation dstination.
To Sunshine.
To Sunshine.
To Sunshine. Channel 4 News.
Sun and amusement in the beach,
the palms.
Miami is a center of transport
and he/she has easy access with
all the modalities of transport.
At the end of the 70s,
South American immigrants' thousands
legal and illegal Ilegaron to Miami.
The Latin American influence
he/she gives an unique flavor to Miami.
Miami had settled down
as a place
where the Spanish-speakers
they could prosper.
Miami was always
a place half pirate,
ferociously independent,
where one never pled
for the law and the order.
As a virgin city.
I am a boy from Florida of the South.
Old one of the few ones born here.
I was devoted to the import.
Trafficker of drugs
It transported more than 38 tons
of cocaine of Colombia to EE UU
It digs deep
and you will see the traffickers of weapons,
to the smugglers of rum,
you will find the marijuana,
the Cuban immigrants,
and lastly, the cocaine.
There is always something entering to the city.
Florida of the South is the destination
of EE nearer UU
for the South American traffickers.
- It was very open, then.
- It was very open.
Kilometer after kilometer
of costs without patrolling,
where they can leave
the drug without being seen.
When Ilegu, in the 70s,
all entered drug in Florida.
The Antidrug Agency believes
that 95% of the marijuana
that it enters in EE UU,
he/she enters for Florida of the South.
My friend died in his deposit.
He/she had 900 kg of marijuana.
That made it was to go and to take off it.
Not he/she knew anybody in the business,
so I gave the half to somebody
and the other one to somebody more,
and Io divided with them.
If you won 10.000 dollars to the anus,
he/she went you very well.
If you won 20.000 dollars,
he/she went you better than well.
I won as 165.000 dollars.
It is as the salary of 8 years.
And I told myself: "This is very pretty,
he/she has to have something more. It was very easy."
You arrived with your boat Ileno,
you robbed in the jetty
and Io discharged. Nobody said anything.
Let us say that they didn't watch over the frontier.
To the present rhythm, according to
some economists,
the biggest industry
it could be soon the traffic of drugs.
You went out with your boat
and you found bales
of marijuana floating.
Let us say, the square traditional fish.
The Colombians realized
that they had a mine of gold,
and when they sent
all this marijuana, they also sent
some kilos of coca.
At the beginning it was a little...
Because it was very expensive.
They entered her in a valise...
And it was not noticed this way so much.
It was quoted extremely expensive.
By the middle of the 70, the experience
of the Antidrug Agency it was low.
The office didn't treat matters of cocaine.
Not we have a problem
in the national environment
given the great number
of people that consumes cocaine.
Yes it is a serious problem
for a certain minority.
I met a Cuban in Hialeah
that you Ilamaba Albert Sanpedro.
Most of the Cubans
Io got everything
of the Colombians because, obviously,
them Io controlled everything.
In the traffic of drugs,
the organizations
they are allied with the Colombians.
The Colombians care the drug
and the Cubans distribute it.
Albert gave me 100 grams
and I had about four days.
Then I went and him Ilevaba the money.
Then he/she gave me other 100 grams
and I believe that he/she used to pay him/her near...
about 800 each 30 grams, there for the 70.
Not it was of great quality,
but many didn't know the difference.
They saw those big stones and they thought:
"This yes that is good" and my clients
they were not people
as people he/she imagined,
they were not people of the street.
If somebody had cocaine,
he/she had to be an airline pilot.
Real estate agents.
Grant a doctorate, lawyers.
He/she had doctors and lawyers.
Somebody that could pay it.
They were the weekend warriors.
During the week they didn't make anything,
but from Friday at night
until Sunday, they consumed.
And each one showed up to a friend.
And I passed this way of 120 grams
at 240, until the 500 grams,
and in one month he/she was selling
maybe 2, 3 kilos per week
to the doctors and their friends.
When Ilegu from New York,
he/she had 650 dollars in the pocket
and then it won 20.000,
30.000 dollars per week
in this business.
A friend from New York
it had developed
a great business in California,
in San Francisco's bay.
He/she sold Oakland Raiders,
he/she sold Grateful Dead.
He/she knew a stewardess that worked
for National Airlines.
So we sent the coca with the stewardess.
She went of here to San Francisco
and we sent to any place
from 5 to 10 kilos per week.
I won
a lot of money, was close
of the 200.000 to 300.000 dollars
and I began to know types--
Mercury Morris,
player of Dolphins,
who went to the jail,
so it is not secret.
Merc is a fallen angel
of the sport machine of Miami.
Former Dolphins, Don Reese
and Randy Crowder
they were also arrested
in a transaction of cocaine.
I remember the week of Super Bowl,
when Dallas faced here Pittsburgh.
Two nights before
he/she had to the regular leading
of Pittsburgh Steelers
sat down in my house.
"We go, we go,
damages the coca, damages the coca."
Not we have opportunity
of enjoying the festejos
and of the parties
because we have touches of it is.
They left to have a good time and Io made to big Io.
We go, Steelers, we go
Not they have idea of
with what these types were drugged.
"? Van to play this Sunday?"
"Yes, and we will win."
They played and they won,
it didn't affect them.
The offensive line
he/she made an excellent work.
The popularity began to grow,
and all those that before
they consumed marijuana,
now they consumed cocaine.
We continue with the marijuana
until Ileg the moment
in that there was too much
and one could not sell.
But one was not able to
to get enough cocaine.
I looked like each other that the best way
it was to be devoted to transport it.
You don't buy it, you don't sell it,
you don't consume it, alone you care her.
The Colombians offered us a sum
with the one that we were
more than of agreement.
3000 dollars for piece,
or a kilo in your terms.
They wanted to move about 400 at least,
so we were and in the first trip,
they paid us 1,2 million dollars.
It was enough to get excited.
He/she hears, let us maybe stay
in the business a time.
People with which tried
he/she had limited supplies
and while, people to which sold him/her
it expanded their business.
I could no longer get enough.
A type requested me 15 kilos
or 20, or 25 kilos,
and alone he/she could give him/her 15 or 10,
and it was money
that it left my pocket.
He/she could sell 100 kilos
per week with easiness.
I was lucky.
I believe that in 1979
I met a girl.
I Flew to Miami
and I worked in a session
of pictures with a girl.
He/she told me that he/she wanted
that he/she knew somebody.
My friend hooked me with her,
he was a lawyer.
I went out with a beautiful girl,
that it was model of Ford.
To the 3 months of knowing Jon
it was my birthday
and I entered to the garage and there was a new Porsche.
It Was a Porsche Targa Career.
He/she had a great monkey above,
a red monkey, on behalf of him.
Him ours was as a vortex.
We were very in love.
We were...
They counted me
that he/she had discos in Manhattan.
We begin to leave
and she saw that I won't work.
If he/she wanted to go to New York, there he/she went,
and she had curiosity.
I am a person
very direct, so you Io counted.
"I am devoted to this."
"If you don't want to see me more, it is well."
He/she told me that he/she had a friend
that he/she was a pilot
and that he/she worked for the Colombians.
The type shows up,
you Ilama Mickey Munday
and it is an uncultured type of Florida
that all its life lived here.
The type didn't please well.
The first time that Io saw, it managed
a black Mercedes of two doors.
It was very obvious that trafficked with drugs.
Mickey Munday transported
with a lot of success
For years for this people.
It was extravagant, he/she resembled somebody
with who I didn't want to involve me.
I say... ?Do they remind the series MacGyver?
I is that type.
He/she made incredible things.
It was an astute type,
but I didn't like their cars.
For me, it was seen as all the other ones
of that business.
My business overcame that of the Cubans
and it was a necessity
to find a Colombian
that it could provide
the big quantities
that he/she needed.
He/she told me: I can connect you.
"You Ilevar with the Colombians
"and they will give you Io that you want."
He/she had heard many histories of those,
so I told him/her
that me Ilevara when he/she wanted.
We went until Sunny Isles, Florida.
We enter in a house
where there were 5 or 6 Colombians,
and they were armed,
armed until the teeth.
They had guns, machine guns,
all stopped ones were
and there I realized that the type was serious.
They went seriously, because people
it is not stopped this way.
I knew to this type
that it doesn't measure more than 1,60 or 1,62 m.
He/she shows up and he/she says: "Me Ilamo Rafa.
"I can give you
"Io that you want, old. If you have money,
"I will advance you twice as much
"of Io that you have brought."
Then I request him/her
that it shows me a little.
Me Ileva to another room, presses on a button
and a wall opens up.
Never in my life he/she had seen so much cocaine,
hidden behind a wall.
I said: " I believe that you can help me.
"Give me one day to join the money
"and I will return."
The following day, there was an American.
I me Io presents
and he/she tells me that he/she is their godfather.
"Not I am a lot in the city,
"but when you need something,
he is the suitable one,
"he/she will take care of you and...
"don't worry, he is 100% of trusting."
The man that presented me
he/she was Max Mermelstein.
Jon introduced me to Max.
I believed that Max, in that then,
he/she was a good person,
a person of trusting.
Max seemed a good type.
At least Io seemed.
At the beginning, Max gave me
75, 100 kilos per week.
With the time he/she saw that I went seriously
and that this was given every week.
When you pay
a million dollars per week,
suddenly he/she is formed...
a knot among people.
Max wanted me to take charge of the business,
to go to Colombia, to fix the trips.
"If Io divides with me,
you will make much more money
"and you can continue
providing who you want."
And Max sent me to Colombia.
This is the municipality Envigado of Medelln.
It is where the bosses of the cocaine meet.
I met with Rafa
and I showed up
to people with the one that worked.
Let us say that we knew
to the elite of the business
of the drug of Colombia.
They Were Ochoa and...
- Pablo Escobar.
- People of the one that... was read in the books.
- Carlos Lehder.
And me, a boy from New York,
that he/she never thought that this could pass him/her.
They pretended to have
an enormous office with computers
and with 40 secretaries, but they were a group
of vague, a group of street hoodlums
that they were lucky.
Let us put it in a way
in that the Americans
they can understand it.
Here they are accustomed
to the Italian and the mafia.
The Colombians have his Io.
It is a mafia,
but it is the Colombian mafia.
Alone I knew to a family
in that time.
The family era of Medelln.
The family Ochoa
it was a family
of very respected farmers,
with a lot of influence
in their native city of Medelln, Colombia.
And of course,
they have the captain, and to the head, the boss.
A lot of people want to believe
that Pablo Escobar was the king of the cocaine.
Because that Io believes,
but the true king was Ochoa.
And it was not Fabito, the poor person, but the old one.
The old one was the silent man
that he/she never went to the jail
and who controlled Escobar.
Fabio Ochoa, patriarch of the family Ochoa
of the poster of Medelln.
It is said that they created
an insurance of transport
for the traffic of cocaine in Colombia.
Rafa was as a lieutenant,
and it almost controlled each kilo of coca
that he/she entered in this country.
Through people from Medelln,
Rafa knew Io that entered and he/she knew
who you Io Ilevaba
and how much it won for each one.
And he/she made them win... I cannot believe it.
Millions are not enough,
he/she made them win
more than millions to this people.
Not there was nobody above of him
in the poster of Medelln in this country.
He/she had many soldiers,
as the soldiers of the mafia
that they worked for him.
Some sold drug,
others imposed the force.
He/she had accountants, lawyers.
In their opinion?these types
the Horsemen of the Cocaine are not?
Of course that not.
I had of everything in this country,
and it was a well formed group.
Not they are different people
those that send the merchandise,
it is an organization,
the poster of Medelln.
The federal ones accuse
to the poster of controlling the 80%
of the cocaine that enters EE UU.
The authorities say:
"These three men
"they manage a more violent organization
"and similar of powerful
that the mafia in EE UU."
For my experience
with the mafia of New York
and with the Colombians,
the Colombians
they made much more money
in much less time
of the one that the mafia never sounded to make.
They had farms,
Ilamaban properties, Ilenas
of cocaine,
because they constantly took place.
They had to types
that they chewed leaves the whole night.
They worked in the factories
chewing the leaves.
These types worked without stopping.
And there there is not industry.
They were earned a living harvesting this.
These farmers and poor workers
they received a lot of money to make this.
It was an entire process,
as if it was a factory.
We worked with radios of short wave,
we didn't use the telephones
as you leave in the movies.
"Does he/she hear?how do the things go in Colombia?
"I need 600 kilos."
No, it was not this way.
We had antennas that came out of the floor
and Ilegaban to the 25 meters high.
In a certain schedule
they fastened the short wave,
we fastened the radios
and we communicated this way.
At this hour in Miami
in a band of short wave
that most cannot syntonize,
Ilegan the coded instructions
from a transmitter
in Medelln, Colombia,
of the members of the organization
more big of the world
of the traffic of drugs.
The livestock is clever,
the livestock is clever.
At 8 o'clock on the dot.
At 8 o'clock for first o'clock.
We fixed this way the trips,
and the Colombians hired us.
I made the arrangements
and they said: We "have 1000 kilos,
"it passes to look for them."
On the mountains,
slipping for the valley,
this way nobody would see us.
We never had landing problems
or of take off.
Everything was paid there,
the government worked with them
and there we sent the airplane.
The Colombians didn't have...
Io that made didn't know.
99% of the runways
they were of powder, of grass,
people that worked there.
It is hence that we had own team.
When Ilegabas there
you saw the destroyed airplanes,
that would not happen to us.
The airplane landed, and it spent the night.
You landed and they asked you:
"? Do you want to stay or do you want a woman?
"If you want my sister, you will have it.
"? Do you want something of taking?".
"Yes, I want to take and to return to the airplane
"and to fly 12 hours drunkard. Clear.
"The woman doesn't sound bad."
The following thing was the load.
There are two ways to return from there.
Flying, one can return
for the east of Cuba that is shorter,
or one can return for the side west.
If he/she had much combustible
the side west was the best
because all Io that happened,
he/she came from Bahamas.
If they were patrolling,
there it would be where they would be.
One would go where the action is.
So we came western,
nobody would think there of you.
Apparently, the strict surveillance
and bigger security
in the coast this of Florida,
he/she makes that the smugglers
go to the coast west
to make their connections.
We appeared in the coast
on Marco Island,
we flew to Georgia,
we gave the turn and we returned.
It seemed that we went toward the south.
Nobody that came from north to south
he/she made anything illegal.
Ilevar 62.000 cadavers was been able to
in an airplane in EE UU
because I don't know how many airplanes
there is at the same time in the air,
but there is not control.
You can land
in a small airport
because there are not policemen in each airport
that they ask what Ilevas in the airplane.
We made as that we went
to one of the local airports,
but we made an approach
and we went to the west.
We buy properties in Lakeland.
We build two tracks
and a couple of barns
that in fact they were hangars.
They seemed barns.
And when you opened the door of the hayloft
you saw that it was adapted
to the line of an airplane.
It managed a car
of about 8 years of antiquity...
and we loaded him/her 300 packages.
We put suspension to the car
so that he/she didn't collapse
and we used a crane to tow it.
We had created
a company of tows
and we buy a gas station
and a garage in Miami.
The type of the crane
he/she had a work order.
The driver, obviously,
Io that happened knew,
but we told him/her: "If they stop you
"and they open the cajuela, you don't know anything."
If you manage the car it is difficult not to know
Io that there is in the cajuela,
but that of the crane would not know.
Not you know, they hired you to tow it.
It hooked it and he/she left.
He/she leaves that you Ileven the car,
but they cannot stop
because you have the order.
We went in caravan,
with two or three cars.
One went to the front
observing, and one went behind.
They entered to Miami, and we made that
during 7 years without having any problem.
It was one of the advantages of Lakeland.
They always stopped people
that he/she went toward the north,
but it was never known
that they stopped them if they went toward the south.
Mickey and the other ones
they made air launchings.
I built myself a small navy.
We decide to make it of Colombia
to Bahamas
and there to throw it to the boats.
They threw buoys
to know
with accuracy where the load was,
because there was a frequency
that it sent the sign with the location.
The console of the mean opened up,
they made holes in the mean of the boat
and you Ilenaban.
And it was brought inside the boats.
The great problem
it was the packing of the product,
that it was a fiasco
because the Colombians,
so wonderful in the organization,
Io ruined in two trips.
There was filtration of salted water
and that killed to the coca.
The salted water is the enemy of the coca.
Mickey was determined
in that could stop the filtration
and he/she told them how to wrap them.
I sent them recordings, I sent them pictures,
step for step, of how to make it.
One won't tell to a Colombian
how anything to make.
Mickey could pass it speaking
that the Colombians
they won't make Io that tell them.
My boys will look for the packages
and when they returned
they were not wrapped up.
They were as always.
And Io tossed to the garbage,
more than the half it didn't serve
and they lost millions of dollars
because they didn't know how to wrap it.
For their stupidity, the water harmed.
And they were bothered with me.
But they could not accuse me,
it was their problem.
"He/she hears, it is your problem."
Not he/she went until the third trip
that he/she gave result.
And it worked, and it worked.
He/she sometimes entered for the front door.
The front door
it was the entrance in Haulover.
Ilambamos this way.
Not you said that Ilegabas for Haulover.
So you said the front door.
It is a code class.
In Haulover Inlet rented a department
in the floor 12 of the northeast corner
Ilamada Harbour House,
that he/she has a spectacular view
of the bay.
I put to a youth,
I paid him/her so that he/she lived there,
I paid for the department.
When we took a trip
she had a couple of binocular
and clear, a radio.
We find all
the possible frequencies
against the competition.
The Customs of EE UU,
the marine local patrol car.
We would know if they were listening.
Once I came home in boat.
It was sometimes
with the boys in the front door
or in the department.
This time, it was in the boat
speaking with my friends
in the department.
Who Io will say,
people of Customs appeared
and of the Coastal Watch
armed with rifles M16.
Not I believe that they looked for us,
but they were revising boats.
!And I am in a loaded boat!
But when stopping to my side
the motor of the boat ago:
!bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!
I tell him/her: "God, sounds awful."
And he/she tells me: It has been this way" "for one day.
!Oh, God!
He/she gives the turn, he/she doesn't go away neither 30 meters
and there is kind of a... !bum!
I believed that it had shot the rifle
and... it grabbed the wave exactly.
The piston is shot of the motor
and it jumps in the wave.
As if they threw a stone.
A great Ilama comes out of side
that it illuminates everything.
"!That I leave a ray!"
They call for the radio but nobody responds.
They had modern teams
and I worried about them.
"? Do they want that the tow?"
I threw them a rope,
they were gone up to the boat
and I towed the Coastal Watch
and to the Customs of EE UU, but the boat
he/she had loaded about 350, 400 kilos.
The youth of the department
he/she said that alone me...
any other one had entered in panic
and jumped by the overboard.
Of there we went until
the entrance of the port of Maule Lake,
where he/she had rented several quays.
The following day Ilegaba my crane
with a work order and a triler.
My business was to four blocks.
We put the boat there, we went from behind,
we opened the compartment
and we loaded the cars.
They gave the whole merchandise to me.
He/she had several hiding places in Miami.
It used common people,
hard-working people that needed the money.
It was about finding
to somebody in a decent neighborhood
that it didn't consume drugs,
because I made a couple of errors.
He/she found holes in the kilos
as if they put a jackstraw
and it seemed that a rat was the culprit.
Not it was in one, but in five different
and it maybe lacked
one or two grams of each one.
It parked in the garage
to take out the product.
Each house had a garage,
because they were many kilos
entering and leaving
and it could not discharge them in the street.
It counted it, I made sure
that everything was.
And Io made by day.
He/she never worked at night.
Each product had a mark.
300 had bicycles
and 200 had glasses.
Each one went to a certain group.
He/she had three, four...
four different groups.
They went with the cars
to restoring Denny's, for example
or to Uncle Tom's Ribs
and the one that managed entered to the place
and he/she gave him/her Ilaves
to the Colombian there inside.
They were always Colombian.
They had brought to their own one
people to sell it here.
It never happened
Io that showed the stupidity of i Mlaml Vlce /i
where they stopped the cars
with weapons and everything.
"Allow me to see Io that there is in the cajuela,
"Io will revise, I will make tests
and you Io will return."
Not it works this way.
They were controlled by the other ones.
Not it was that they had option,
you same Ilevaban
it was garbage or it was good,
you Ilevaban.
He/she gave them to him
to wholesalers.
The wholesalers Io divided
in 25, 50, 75, Io that was...
that their retailers wanted.
I remember that the kilo cost 40.000,
50.000 dollars
in the street for then.
They paid us to transport the kilos.
I believe that they paid us
3500 dollars the kilo.
To make sure
that they gave us the money
alone we gave the half,
and they put the money in the cajuela,
and when they returned us the car
he/she gave them the rest of the product.
We are about maintaining
to all far from all
and there was not this way way to rake him.
One of my fears was that those
that you Io gave
to five different retailers,
that they caught one
and that for not wanting to go to the jail,
he/she began to sing,
and he/she could tell them:
"This is the main type,
"follow it and he will bring them to me."
Rafa counted that he/she had to kill to a type
because Io caught and it will accuse them.
I heard strange histories,
so I tried
of never to need help.
To them they gave them the car,
they didn't know from where he/she came,
you already know, it is alone a car.
You never returned the car
where you had the coca, because you didn't want
to have the money
and the drugs in the same place.
The money stayed
in one of the hiding places.
He/she participated my of the money
and he/she kept the rest,
because he/she had to send
the money to Ochoa and Escobar.
Then we worked
with Noriega in Panama.
The country of General Noriega
it is a meca for the laundry of money.
We put the money in our airplane
and we flew up to where it was
people of Noriega.
It allowed them to use the airport
for the landings.
We never sent an airplane
with less than ten millions.
Limitless quantities of money enter
and they leave the country without any requirement.
The laundry of money is not a crime.
The army took the money,
Io Ilevaban to the bank,
and we were partners in the bank with Noriega.
They opened the bills, you had a bill
and for Io that you wanted
you gave a check.
Many times he/she made a treatment.
Instead of paying me cash,
of the 500 kilos
they gave me 100 for me
and he/she could sell it to 25.000 dollars.
While Ilegaban the loads, it revised them
and it took out the best,
because they were not same,
and it put them here and there.
Max and I finish
making about 750.000,
1.000.000 dollars for trip.
Max told me that he used to make
250.000 alone for the transport.
I was not only wet
when it could have been been at home,
but rather he/she was soaked
and it won more three times per week.
The drugs were in all sides.
All consumed cocaine.
I remember that was in the 80... !ugh!
The cocaine was in fashion.
It was something to show off.
You went to any side...
it could not leave to any side
without entering to the bathroom and...
When you entered to the bathroom, there was always
somebody aspiring a line.
You heard that he/she closed the door of the bathrooms
and you heard them aspire.
All entered something in the nose.
You saw to types
to leave the bathroom of the girls.
There were places where the tables
they were tapas of mirrors.
The waiters helped
to the clients to mill the coca.
In a time in Miami,
in the traffic accidents,
that they were common accidents,
3, 4 or 5 people sometimes left the car
that they ran in all addresses.
And they found cocaine
and you arm in the car.
They stopped to a car and they found
30 handbags Ilenos with more than 900 kilos
of cocaine, with a purity of the 90 to 95%.
While the hauls
and the seizures continue,
there is more cocaine
in Florida of the South that never before.
We were of having cases
of a kilo or two of cocaine
to 1000 kilos that it is a ton,
to 5000 kilos that are 10 tons.
During a period of five years
I presided over the trial of the case "the biggest
quantity of cocaine in the history"
some ten times.
Each case was bigger than the previous one
and it imposed a new record.
In general, when the prices lower
it is a good news.
The exception is the prices
of offer of the cocaine.
They were millions of dollars in drugs
that they fell of the sky.
One day a shepherd was giving a sermon
in a church of the south
and he/she was speaking against the drugs
and half million of dollars in cocaine
they cross the roof
because the airplane that Io was rushing
it left course
and it was pursued
for an airplane of the customs.
The price of the white illegal powder
he/she fell 50% in both
last years in Florida.
!My God! There were people from Cali,
another poster of Barranquilla.
You began to multiply the cocaine
that he/she entered to the country.
The connection Miami-Colombia
it is 80% of the 20.000 millions
annual of the business of the cocaine.
Miami is one of the main branches
of Io that Ilamamos Cocaine, S.To.
Florida is flooded of cocaine.
- It was in all sides.
- It was in all sides.
- It was in all sides.
- Clubs, restaurants.
It was in all sides.
The elitist drug is now of labor class.
People common worker
he/she believes that it is as the beer.
One of each ten workers
it is drugged in the work.
People Io Ilevaba in the neck,
non Io hid.
Nobody was about hiding it.
Undoubtedly I proved it, of course,
but I could never understand
what... why they liked.
It is very intense, I cannot describe it.
It is really well Io.
People one went mad.
Alone in Dade County,
the lethal overdoses
they increased more than 88% in the last anus.
He/she makes 15 years,
an annual death for cocaine
it was not very common.
The deaths for cocaine
they have increased at two per week.
People began to smoke it.
The studies indicate that most
he/she has begun to smoke the drug.
? Did you come to smoke cocaine?
And not the crack, but in their basic form,
because that Ileg before the crack.
He/she transformed into furor.
They locked in the houses and they smoked.
I was awake four and a half days,
without stopping, without to eat neither to sleep.
Non Io understood, but he/she requested: "Make it."
For me it was a business,
and the more Io made,
more money won.
I arrived here with about 800 dollars.
It was Io that had to my name.
He/she had about 25 or 26 years.
When I began in the business
it used the department
of my grandfather in South Beach.
He/she had kilos there
and I will never forget
the first time that he/she saw them.
He/she said: ?" What is this?".
I counted him/her
and he/she told me: "Not I can understand it."
I responded: ?"You can understand
"that I am winning 50.000 a week?".
Once I told him/her:
"I will no longer use your house.
"I will pay to somebody."
"? How? Not make that, non Io makes."
And I told him/her:
"Not it cares, now I have a million."
And he said: "Not you have a million dollars."
"I have a million, I will pay to somebody
"to put this in their house.
"I no longer need to make you this to you."
Then, a million for me
it was a lot of money.
It was the first million that won.
It was a lot of money,
but after that...
By the middle of the 70
the American economy
it was in chaos state.
The financial supplement of the i Mlaml Herald /i
he/she spoke of a recession
national that was in march.
There was a lot of unemployment,
people lost her houses,
the real estate market
it was disappearing.
The traffic of drugs
it is affecting the economy
in Florida of the South.
But in Miami
there were not houses to buy.
They could not be gotten
enough Rolex of gold
to supply to the market.
In the first 6 months of 1977,
the sales retailers in Miami
Ilegaron to the 10.000 millions.
Not there are recession signs.
Florida of the South stayed well
that many other parts of the country.
Here armored cars were sold
for hundred of thousands of dollars.
Ferraris neither Mercedes were not gotten.
Certain agencies of automobiles
they said that they have cars
enough it stops less than one month.
They still admit in advance payments,
although the deliveries will be delayed.
All went to the business of the drugs.
The drugs and the money
they go of the hand in Florida.
It is a business retailer
of 7000 millions to the anus,
that is near 12.000 dollars
for each house in Dade County.
If it looks for in their wallet in Miami
and it takes out a note and Io it analyzes
he/she will find cocaine in him.
The earnings of the gentlemen of the drug
they made that the local economy
it resisted the recession.
Every day, he/she spills money
in the economy of the coca.
They buy houses,
bounce, cars.
He/she Had a Porsche I Upset,
a Mercedes, then
the 6.9 were in fashion.
We discuss once.
We get angry. He/she requested me something
and not you Io wanted to give.
I came closer and Io slapped.
It pursues me for the entrance
and we grab two Mercedes
and we destroy them.
Jon took out a he/she arms and it shot to the car
to inclination... beside my head.
!I made that somebody you Ilevara
and it destroyed them!
We demolished both vehicles.
The following day I was laughing.
We destroy many things.
Skies, were cars
for value of 100.000 dollars.
There was a company
that you Ilamaba I.P. Evans Mercedes.
He/she had types like Max, Rafael,
two or three employees of Rafael,
that they bought
about 8 or 10 Mercedes to the anus
of Mercedes' concessionaire
with a check of Panama.
? Who does buy 8 or 10 Mercedes to the anus?
Then, they didn't care it.
He/she entered and they told me:
"? How it is, Sr. Roberts?
"? What does he/she need this week?".
"I need the 6.9 of there."
"Well?does he like it in black?"
"Yes, he doesn't care the color.
"And I need a van for their girlfriend."
And he/she gave him/her a check.
It was not even a box check.
He/she knew to the type in the concessionaire,
it was alone a check of a Panamanian bank
and I list, he/she had the car.
Very little it is made
to stop the propagation
of the economy of the cocaine.
All wanted money then.
Not it is strange that a Latin
spend 20.000 dollars or more
in all kinds of goods.
The best thing for the merchant
it is that he/she pays him/her cash.
Although the merchants in Florida
they don't consume drugs,
it is said that they can
to be addicted to the money of the drug.
We Buy a Cessna Conquest.
We pay 980.000 dollars,
cash? what do they count me?
Attempt it at some time.
Neither they blinked.
They believe to know
from where the money comes,
but they won't be desagradecidos.
They never blinked.
Not ask, don't speak,
he/she takes the money and veto.
They didn't care a carajo.
The sale of cocaine and marijuana in Miami
it generates so much money
that the smugglers
they don't have where to keep it.
Not they understand, he/she had
bags of garbage in the garden
with 700.000 dollars,
a million in each bag,
buried. Not he/she had another place.
I used to keep it in the food of the horse.
I remember to look for the food of the horse
and to find money in the bag.
Nobody questioned anything,
because to my neighbor
he/she gave 10 kilos a week.
The neighborhood of Earth of the King
it was a ruin when we move.
To the neighbor of in front he/she gave him/her
20 kilos a week,
this way what he took care.
All wanted money
and suddenly, all had money.
The whole neighborhood.
You wear out about 100.000 dollars of more
and it is well. Jon was that good.
Not it cared. Not it is that
he/she didn't have enough money.
? How could that be?
? How could that be?
He/she had three boats in the back patio,
two pumas, two lionesses
living in my house.
He/she had a helicopter in the back patio.
He/she used to go in helicopter to the careers.
All the other ones went in car.
He/she landed to see run to my horses
during one hour and he/she returned home.
He/she had, 40, 50 horses in that time.
Skies, he/she had excellent horses.
? Io that costs know
to feed them one month?
50.000 to the alone month to feed them.
The cost didn't care
because Io had in the pocket.
People left party.
Suddenly there were dozens
of night clubs
of first that you/they were inaugurated.
He/she already makes years that didn't open up
a night club
in Miami Beach.
The Jockey Club, Turnberry,
Palm Bay Club, Cricket Club.
But the best of all was
The Mutiny, in Coconut Grove.
It was exclusively for the traffickers.
If you were in that business, you had the money.
You could entertain
to people abundantly.
We used to go to the restaurants...
to have dinner to Arturo's or Palm
or to Joe's Stone Crab.
The Forge
it was then the best restaurant.
They gave us the fourth bottom in The Forge
and we closed the room.
And we could spend
20.000 dollars in one night
and to destroy the walls.
We gave them the money
so that Io that we broke fixed.
It was an I waste, the money was not anything.
Jon liked to go
to the bars of nudes.
Not it was anything to spend 5000 dollars
in a striptease club.
Not we speak of one night,
but of three or four a week.
He/she told to my friends:
"? Do you see that girl?
"I guarantee you that I can
to make that he/she goes to bed with you."
I said: "Not there is way
"that he/she wants to go to bed with me."
He/she asked him/her: ?" How much you want
"to go to bed with this type?".
"Non Io will make."
"?Will non Io make? I give you 500."
"Non Io will make."
"I give you 1000."
"?Will non Io make? I give you 2000."
At the end, they stopped to resist.
2000, 3000 dollars. "I will make it."
And the type started to tremble,
they could not understand how Io achieved.
Although Miami has changed, I still believe
that all had a price.
All Io has.
They are few those that not.
You could begin with Noriega in Panama
and to lower until
the administrators of the city,
to the police.
If they stopped somebody
and they had 50 kilos, they were offered a tip.
One maybe is not able to
coimear to a policeman with 20 dollars
or with 50 or 100, but there were hundred
of thousands of dollars.
Tell them that in one hour you will have
Io that they want cash.
Half million,
three million rooms.
But you should leave with the coca.
He/she almost always gave result.
He/she knew a lieutenant
that Bay worked in North Village.
I came closer one day and I told him/her:
"I want to discharge some boats
"behind police's department
"?do you believe that there will be problems?".
And he/she said: He/she "looks, we will use two patrol.
"Put it in the cajuelas
"and Ilevaremos to where you want."
We accuse four mayors
most sentenced by corruption.
We were very powerful
and we had a lot of money.
?There are places where they have more power
- that the government?
- Hey... Unfortunately,
I believe that it is certain.
I was member of the republican circle.
Howard Baker sent me a letter:
"Send me the contribution
and you can come to Washington."
AIl was, with the senators
and the fat fish
and neither one of them asked me
neither to what I was devoted in Miami.
They accepted me
because I made a great contribution
to the Republican party.
It was in that circle and I told myself:
"I made all this with the drugs
"and Io made with alone that."
The traffic of cocaine and the money
almost they ruin the morality
of this community.
Millions of dollars cash
they support to a net of banks of drugs.
?Have you done a city with so many banks?
?You will tell me that that class exists
of industry and businesses here?
That makes the government suspect
it is that the last anus
the banks of Florida of the South
you Ilevaron 6000 million dollars extra
of the savers.
The presidents of the banks
they counted money during days.
?Is Landmark a bank of the coca?
Definitively not.
The banks invested
in machines accountants of money.
For lack of space,
the banks Io surrendered
to the Federal Reserve.
A bank of this size deposits
near 12 million dollars to the anus
in the Federal Reserve.
The last anus, the Continental-National
it deposited 600 million dollars
? He/she means
that this bank is not legal?
Here the money is counted
of the Federal Reserve in Miami.
The last anus, the Federal Reserve of here
it generated a surplus of effective
of 5000 millions,
more money than all
the other banks of Federal Reserve
of the whole country.
To Miami it can describe it
as the general barracks of the exterior
for the laundry of money
of the Colombians.
I bought properties for all sides.
There are thousands of properties
that they are worth more than 1000 million dollars
that they were bought with illegal money
in Florida of the South.
A couple of houses.
A navy.
The property where my business was.
We buy departments.
Many deposits.
We buy 190 hectares
of earth in Tampa.
A real estate great business.
We buy one of the buildings
to transform it into a radio room.
Four hundred hectares in Central Florida.
The traffickers bought 8, 10, 15 houses.
In a place in the south of Miami,
he/she was owner of almost the whole neighborhood.
He/she had 24 million dollars
in properties.
One day I will work
and I enter to the Interstate one 95,
the one that gives me a beautiful view
of the center of Miami.
"He/she looks at that", and we count
22 cranes for the construction
that they were seen in the horizon.
"I wonder how much
of that money it is of the drugs."
!Skies! ? How much did I spend?
There was so much money that once he/she entered
you could no longer destroy.
Maybe Io that I kept in the bank...
at least 50 million dollars.
Thousands of millions will have financed
much of the development
and of the construction in Miami.
But it was spotted money of blood.
I center commercial Dadeland
July 11 1979 - 14.28 hours
1979 were the anus
in that the things became serious.
Dadeland was the moment definitorio.
The first shooting in the war of the cocaine.
The shooting happened at 14.30 o'clock
when two Latins entered to a liquor store
in the side west of the commercial center.
Two or three Latins followed them more
and there the shooting began.
We knew immediately
that it was another shooting
among Colombian for drug.
Two people have died
and others are wounded.
Inside the liquor store, a Colombian
and another no-Cuban Latin
suspects of traffic of drugs
they lie in a puddle of blood.
I was running until there and I said:
"I am of the i Mlaml Herald, /i
?do Io that happened here know?".
The policemen were in shock state.
Never in my life I saw...
hey... such a quantity of...
hey... ?how to say it?
In 1979, I spent two years in homicide.
But this went further on
of Io that anyone
it could have imagined.
There were glasses and wastes for all sides.
There were bullet cases
in the wall, the floor,
in the shelf, it seemed
a shooting of the old west.
The aggressor shot
for the whole parking lot.
? Io that happened them saw
when it finished the shooting?
- They left running.
- ?Where?
Not I know, I was running.
The innocent pedestrians
they looked for refuge,
the cars were riddled
with metralletas,
the tanks of gasoline
they spilled their content.
There were two scenes, the main scene
where they were
the bodies, in the liquor store,
and the secondary scene,
to the one that you/they assigned me
it is the one that you Ilam
the van of war.
They found a van
to the north of the commercial center.
With the open door and the lit motor.
It was a van Ford Econoline 1979
transformed into armed people's transport.
It was the machine of the death.
He/she had steel reinforced to the sides.
The windows were taken out
to be able to shoot.
He/she Said Happy "Supplying Hour"
in the side.
We find 14 different weapons.
These murderers
they were as the glasses descartables
clever to discard.
They shot a he/she arms
until it was empty,
they threw it and they took another.
There was of everything, shotguns,
carbines, MAC-10, an Uzi,
several guns, ammunition for all.
I believe that the van of the war
it was the decisive moment
where the police
he/she realized to Io that faced
and how overcome they were.
? What he/she tells him/her the quantity of armament
in that van?
Well... that they are very armed
and that... they are prepared to give battle.
The bullets flew for all sides.
The total bill was of 86 bullets
that they were shot of all the weapons.
Skies, I don't know...
I don't know how many times they shot them.
They had so many bullet wounds
that it was me impossible
to determine the exact number of shots.
We made the pursuit standard,
the van
it was registered with a false name.
The weapons bought them
with false names.
We went to the addresses
but they had already escaped.
It was the Colombian typical case.
Not us Ilev to any side.
The police registered the neighborhood
during more than one hour,
but they didn't find suspicious.
I told myself: "Another open" slope.
That means a case without solving
because so far
we have not been successful
in closing the Colombian murder.
We have a new phenomenon,
this violence doesn't have precedent.
The sophistication didn't have precedent.
I believe that it was the first case
where there was a shooting
in a public place in the mean of the day
when people happened over there.
After that, it frequently happened.
It was the principle of a war,
the war of the cocaine.
The detectives of homicides
they say that Miami is
in the mean of a war
among drug traffickers
Colombian and Cuban.
Miami was changing.
The Colombians
they were tossing to the Cubans.
There was a lot of noise
to share the market.
One of the reasons of the violence
it was due to the competitive factions.
And the violence converted Miami
in the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
This Way Ilaman, the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
Ilaman the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
This of the Horsemen of the Cocaine,
they were people from Medelln.
The calculations say that they are 100.000
the Colombian illegal residents
that they live and they work
for the traffic of drugs in Florida.
They went after their objective,
they killed the wife, to the maid.
"If there is a dog there, Io will kill."
"If there is a bird, Io I will kill,
"if there is a pececito, Io I will kill."
If a girl Ilamaba
to the door to sell cookies,
they also killed her.
Stopped people there, children.
They killed anyone.
They killed visible anyone.
Jess Hernndez,
a machine gun discharge
Io destroyed in its car
in a street converged at noon.
Machine gun fire.
And then I heard the one...
An Iluvia of bullets Ilen the department,
a sign of identity
of the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
In the freeways, the tolls, the national one 1,
in some residential streets.
Red Mustang went toward to the north
in the avenue 107.
The green sedan stopped
beside the driver and he/she opened fire.
The tools of the death,
you arm automatic and shotguns.
This is Io that you leave in television,
that doesn't leave in the real life.
The witnesses said
that it was a war zone.
To the style i Mlaml Vlce, /i but without the cameras.
But this was the real life,
it was happening.
They killed over there at five,
three over there.
A calm area of Kendall
it was the scenario of a slaughter.
They were six bodies
in an elegant house.
The police says that it is the worst
case of multiple murder
in the history of the city.
It is believed that the massacre
it is related with the drugs.
We speak of slaughters that in this time
they would have journalistic covering
of all the television channels.
That level of violence was to newspaper
and the local means,
because we were saturated of it,
they said: "Ah, another double" homicide.
"Ah, another triple homicide."
It was common that we were
jumping of a scene from the crime to another.
He/she had to have more than four deads
so that it was important.
I remember five murders
that they happened one night.
They happened eight murders
in Dade in the last 48 hours.
You never knew when you will trip
with another body.
Miami looked like each other
to the slaughter of San Valentine's Day
of the 20s in Chicago.
Gnsteres managing for the streets
stopped of side
with their machine guns Thompson.45
tirotendose in Chicago in the 30s.
What happens here
he/she would make that Chicago,
in the days of the dry law
it seemed a picnic
of a Sunday school.
One of the policemen said
that he/she resembled Dodge City.
It seemed the Distant West then in that.
But he/she made a mistake, because Dodge City
it was never as violent as Io it was Miami.
Miami in the 80s were considered
the most dangerous place in the earth.
The city of the murder was Detroit,
then Atlanta, and now Miami.
In 1976, 104 murders were investigated.
The first seven months of 1979
they were the bloodiest
in the history of Florida of the South.
There were 573 homicides in 1980.
1981 will break another record
of murders in Miami.
I believe that there will be more than 600 murders
for anus ends.
While the traffic of drugs prospers,
the average of homicides
in Dade it will continue ascending.
The crime in Miami ascended and the tourism lowered.
In spite of the pessimism
that people predict,
we predict that we will have
more arrivals of tourists
in the area of Miami
for the summer
of Io that we had the passed anus,
that it was an exceptional anus.
For Fidel Castro it was the equivalent one
to a genocide act.
Of a single time, it liberated Cuba
of thousands and thousands of undesirable.
It emptied the jails, it tossed to the vagrants
of the streets of Havana.
Murderers, thieves, perverts,
prostitutes, slowed, discapacitados,
all joined
and they were sent Mariel Harbor
and of there in boats in address to Miami.
Fidel Castro declared openly:
"I threw of the chain of the bathrooms
of Cuba on EE UU."
And he/she bounced of it.
A ship came out toward EE UU
every 5 minutes,
Ilegaban without nuisances day and night.
It was something common in Florida of the South.
Shootings, dead people
and most of the time, the murderers
they are those that came from Cuba in 1980.
As consequence, the rate
of murders it was duplicated.
It was as if there is
correspondent an army invader
so that it violated, he/she stole
and it set on fire the city.
And it is Io that are making.
I assault serious, violations, robberies.
In little time,
we had bodies in the floor.
We had to heap them.
It was a shame.
There have been so many murders
in Miami lately
that a refrigerated truck is in use
for the office of the forensic surgeon of Dade
to keep the bodies.
They had fixed to rent it
to Burger King,
that he/she has the central office here.
It was very angry.
The martian have invaded us.
These types are unhinged.
To anybody it seemed to care him/her Io that happened
in the streets of Miami. For that reason I spoke.
they are not even human.
They are animal... not even animals,
that it is an insult to the animal Kingdom.
Not there were law neither order.
We all carry weapons. My wife,
my two children.
They will see that I have a loaded shotgun
And we will shoot somebody.
I never traveled
for the county of Dade without being armed.
Not there is doubt on it.
I always had a he/she arms,
he/she didn't sleep well without her
especially in Miami of that time.
Edna Buchanan said in television
that it carries two weapons
and that all should make it.
Merret Steirheim,
then administrator of the county,
and the commissaries were furious,
so I was person it doesn't burnish for a while.
Miami was literally
being come below.
But the police help non Ilegara
due to lack
of personal in the department.
The federal agencies
they admit to be paralyzed
for the lack of men, money and resources.
The department of police of Miami
it left frantically to look for personal.
More policemen in the street
they will help to revert this tendency.
They used to have parameters.
Not to never have consumed drug
to be police.
They reduced it
to in the last 10 years
and that didn't work.
"In the last five years."
They didn't reach even this way.
Lastly, Io reduced
to the last two years.
And Ilegaron to a point
in that hired them
if they didn't consume in that moment.
That was
in the biggest crisis of police corruption
from the days of Serpico in New York.
The whole class of the academy of that anus
it finished in prison or dead.
They are already three the officials
that they arrested this weekend.
Today's arrests was given
while other seven
they are in accused trial
of stealing to the drug dealers
and of selling the drugs themselves.
The Policemen of the Cocaine
they have been accused of conspiracy,
traffic of drugs and organized crime.
The result, impacting...
40 policemen and former policemen
arrested or suspended
in the last two years.
Sixteen suspended
in the last two weeks.
And that is not everything.
At least 30 more policemen
they will be suspended.
The hand of the law failed in Florida of the South.
Then stop to work
and let us abandon the streets.
We are committed
seriously and we will recapture
the control of the streets another time.
The system of justice doesn't work here.
I suggest that we revise the whole concept.
CENTAC 26 entered in operations
in December of the 81.
There were 25 organizations previous CENTAC
in all EE UU.
CENTAC means
"Tactical Central" Unit.
Our main objective
he/she went to unite to homicides
with the division of drugs.
They had connections
with the Antidrug Agency, with the FBI.
We were fighting
with criminal's type
with who we had not fought before.
The instructions
that I gave they were very simple.
In difficult times,
they take difficult measures.
You could use any method
to take out somebody of the streets.
We will come undone of them
imprisoning them
or killing them.
It was a dedicated unit
to be more active than it reactivates.
It was a different way to make the work
and it was necessary then
due to the criminal's nature,
so much with the Colombians
as with the Cubans
that they came from Mariel.
Miami seems to be had
transformed into the Lost Paradise.
In the autumn-winter of 1981
the article i Paradise Perdldo /i
it left in the magazine i Tlme.
The magazine i Tlme /i it squashed Miami.
The article of 9 pages
it was focused in Miami
as the problematic center of drugs,
crimes and refugees.
The politicians in Miami and in Dade County
they became crazy when Io saw.
The first question is:
"?Is it safe to visit Miami Beach?".
- ? What would he/she tell them?
- Again I tell them
that unless they come to traffic drugs,
it will be so sure here as Io it would be
in any part of the world,
included their own city.
We were divided worlds between two.
The capital of the sun and the amusement...
and the capital of the murder.
That era the idea of the article...
Ios criminals won
and we lost.
I Was Born in Cali, Colombia.
I arrived to EE UU in 1969.
I Grew in Chicago,
it was mechanical with my dad.
I worked for General Motors, there I learned
how to open cars.
Even young, they knew me
as one of the best
thieves of cars in Chicago,
and then, after the 80s,
it was known to be assassin for the poster.
He/she admitted their participation in 29 murders
during Guerra of the Cocaine.
It is suspicious of other 12 murders.
I joined with a group of types.
We stole cars
and we sold them to the desguazaderos
for 200 or 500 dollars each car.
We used to steal 5 or 6 per night.
We were three.
We made good money.
Better than working with dad.
He/she came from a good family,
he/she had Io that needed.
Not he/she needed to steal cars
but it was for the money and for the enthusiasm
of entering in the car of somebody
and then to sell it.
August of 1980
Restoring Tropicana.
We used to go
there for the public phone.
AIl us Ilamaban.
We used it as office.
He/she took a specific place
where it parked
and nobody more Io used.
I arrive one morning,
and there was a parked car.
I asked to the waiter
of who it was. He/she said:
"Of a fat fish of Miami."
I told him/her that I cared
of who a carajo was.
He/she wanted to move the car, so me Io Ilev.
The following morning
we were in the restaurant...
and three Colombians entered
asking for Riverita.
"I am looking for it
because my car was stolen."
"I am the type that you look for, I am Rivi."
"You stole me the car
and I want that me Io returns."
"Not you Io will return.
"Give me 500 dollars because now it is mine.
"You parked where you didn't should."
He/she began to laugh and he/she told me:
"Yes that have eggs?do you know?".
I said: I "listened that before."
And he said: ?" What will you make?".
"It is simple. 500 to recover it."
He/she paid me, Ilaves takes out and he/she opens the cajuela.
Ilena of weapons was.
Revolvers, automatic guns.
And he/she asks me if he/she had gone to Florida.
"Yes, with my dad."
"?Do you have relatives there?"
"Yes, about six."
He/she asked me if Ilevarlo could Miami.
"Clear?will you pay me?"
He/she said that he/she would give me 5000 dollars.
I told him/her that it was well.
To Ilegar, he/she said that he/she had some businesses,
maybe we could work for him
and to make more money
if we stayed there.
"?To make what?"
He/she said: To "give drug
"and to pick up the money.
"Maybe to sell marijuana
from time to time."
The pay was good, 1000 dollars per day.
The first time that we work was
with people of the business of the drug.
But he/she didn't have intentions of killing people.
It was this way later, but...
Weeks later
we were in Jacaranda,
a night Colombian club in Miami.
Thin he/she comes closer and he/she asks me:
"?Are you our supplier?".
He/she tells me: He/she "hears, you should leave
"because we will give a blow here.
"Those of that table,
"the six Colombians
that they are laughing and taking liquor
"we will liquidate them. To all."
I thanked him/her the.
I asked him/her go to warn to my boys,
except to Vanegas, the Black one,
because it was drugging.
We tell him/her Black because it was very dark.
It was black Colombian.
I went to the bathroom and I warned him/her.
"We have to leave,
they will kill somebody."
But I didn't tell him/her to who.
It asked me him to give him/her
a moment and I came out.
Then Vanegas went to that same table
and he/she told them that they left,
because it will have a shooting.
It ruined the blow, it was an accident.
He/she knew one of them
so alone he/she tried to protect their friend.
I was out, Vanegas came out.
Behind Vanegas,
all pushed to leave.
Thin Ilega in its moto, was angry.
"You Io ruined everything
"and it should not have warned them."
I said: ?"Of what do you speak?".
"You warned them, they didn't know,
"and the only ones that Io knew
"they were you. You."
I told him/her that yes,
that I warned to my boys.
I said: He/she "waits, I will speak with Black."
I asked him/her if it had warned them.
"I told to one of them of the shooting,
"but he/she didn't know that it was that table."
I told him/her that we were in problems.
I returned and I told him/her that Io had made
but that it was an accident.
He/she told me that it was in problems
with their boss,
and that the boss wanted to know me.
"Tell to your boss that was an accident."
"Not he/she wants to hear that,
"alone you", he/she told me.
"The boss wants to know you.
"It is that or you are in problems."
We get into the car and I tell him/her:
"Won't they kill me?no?".
I responded: "Not I know,
I don't guarantee you anything, old."
We had ruined it.
We speak of killing six people.
You already know, these types are not cowardly.
He/she asked me if he/she had a he/she arms
and I told him/her that yes.
But he/she had two.
He/she had one of back
in the left leg.
We went until Holiday Inn
in the freeway 95.
I look and I see to four types leave the car.
I asked: ?" Are they?".
"Yes, but there is more to your left."
I looked and there were four more than the other side.
I came closer to the oldest type.
"?Are You Rivi?"
"Yes", I told him/her.
"They come with me."
We get into the car
and in the back seat there was a lady.
She gave the orders.
She spoke,
nobody said,
Io that she said made.
Their husband was ahead.
Not he/she opened the mouth.
He/she didn't ask me questions.
Alone she spoke,
saying me what to make.
She is the one that has the power.
A woman is speaking this way to me
and he/she should have said him/her
that he/she left to the shit,
but I thought: "No, not."
He/she asked me if it was the one that there was
wornout the blow.
"In certain way yes", I told him/her.
He/she told me: Months "ago
that we are looking for them
"and it is the first time that we see" them.
And me Io had ruined.
He/she tells me: I will tell "you what to make.
Find them
"and kill them for me.
We will be this way by hand.
"The two siblings" interest me.
To the other ones four will kill them
to be sat down in the table.
"?lban to kill to other 4 to liquidate at 2?"
He/she told me that he/she made this way the things.
"To liquidate to the whole table.
To come undone of all."
I was surprised that.
I say, he/she spoke of murdering as...
I asked him/her him to give me one week
and that he/she would find them.
"When you find them, Ilmame.
"I will give you 50.000 dollars for each one."
When I returned I asked questions to Thin.
"? Who is this lady?"
He/she tells me: He/she Is "the Godmother."
"? Do you want to be more than the Godmother?"
He/she said that he/she knew it of Colombia
and that it was very dangerous.
"If you don't complete, it will order you to kill."
She was the biggest in that time.
He/she was the Godmother of the traffic of cocaine.
I return to the hotel,
and I count the boys.
Vanegas was there, and I told them
that we were in serious problems.
"If we don't find them
we will have to release ourselves,
"because they will look for us...
"this way me Io noticed."
he/she says that he/she can
to find the one bigger than them.
"It is all Io that we need, to one."
Through him, we find to the other one.
I told him/her that Io Ilamara to the search
and that it fixed an encounter that night.
"We will kidnap him
"and Io will give to this people."
We call, nobody answered.
On the following day, same Io.
To the third day they didn't answer
and it was losing the hope.
To the fourth day, they answer.
We are in being
in Ramada Inn.
We told him/her that we had weapons
and explosive to sell.
But when Ileg to the hotel,
Io made with its son of 15 years.
Not we had the boy.
Vanegas was intelligent
and you Io Ilev to the car.
If we would not have to have ourselves him Ilevado.
He/she speaks with Vanegas, he/she laughs.
I am hidden,
and when Vanegas opens the cajuela
I leave and I put him/her the weapon in the ribs.
I tell him/her: I was looking for" "you.
"I don't owe you anything, he/she tells me.
"No. Somebody more it looks for you.
"There is a lady looking for you.
"You Ilama Griselda Blanco."
"That fat dog, I don't owe him/her anything", he/she says.
Cumbamba kicked him/her the face
and it removed him/her the teeth.
"It shows respect for the lady.
"Tell it to him when you see it,
we work for her."
It became pale. He/she added: You will see "it
"in a couple of hours."
There it began to tremble.
One hour later Ilegan and you Io Ilevan.
The following day I am at home at 16.00 o'clock.
She enters in my house,
he/she enters as if it was the owner.
My wife was cooking.
And he/she says: "I love the fish."
He/she was eating
while I was how Io killed--
Io cut in pieces--
everything while we had dinner.
I said: ?"Did it shoot him/her?".
He/she said: "Yes, I shot him/her...
"and Cumbamba Io cut,
"Io put in a box
and Io wrapped for gift
"with a monkey, and Io we leave
"to some blocks of here, in the freeway."
I said: ?"In my neighborhood?".
"Yes, he/she said.
"We went toward the south to come to visit one another
"and we saw that it was
a good place to throw it."
I looked at it and I asked him/her if he/she joked.
And he/she said: "No, it is seriously."
I said: ?" Does Io always make?".
He/she said that yes that he liked it.
He likes us to cut people
and that we throw this way them.
Griselda Blanco grew with his mother
in Medelln, they were very poor.
He/she was a prostitute.
Their criminal life began as pickpocket
and then they moved to New York.
There he/she entered in the business of the drug.
I heard their name for the first time
at the end of 1973.
In the confidential information
she appeared like a threat
for EE UU.
Their business grew.
He/she was a Colombian important trafficker.
Rafa and Griselda were friends of the childhood.
For that reason Rafa gave him/her everything.
By the middle of the 70, they accused her
in a case of cocaine
very big in New York,
maybe the biggest in that moment,
and after that he/she escaped and he/she escaped.
He/she put on in search and it captures.
The track lost him/her
from the moment of the accusation
until they transferred me to Miami.
Not we know
with certainty when it was in Miami.
Maybe in the 78, non Io knew
because he/she was a fugitive.
But we knew that it was dealing.
In the Latin deep culture, it is not common
that a woman is
the head of their own organization,
so I suppose
that he/she will have been an evil woman.
Griselda should prove the Colombians
that it was worthwhile to maintain
the businesses with her.
He liked people to fear it.
And they feared it.
People were him/her so afraid
that their reputation
it preceded it where it was.
I made the error
of not knowing who was at the beginning.
I met her in the department of Rafa,
I adored the Latins,
and I asked to Rafa who was.
And Rafa told me
that I could not go to bed with her.
I asked why not and he/she told me:
"If you go to bed with her,
I will have to kill her."
Then I asked to Max
who she was.
And he/she began to be
all those histories.
It was hypochondriac.
Quite decadent.
A Ferrari was bought
for Christmas for 80.000 dollars.
It collected wealth.
Their gifts of Christmas
they were always expensive.
Eva Pern ring...
jewels and other things.
It consumed and it abused of the drugs.
He/she was also lesbian.
Worse than the movies.
Not even i Mlaml Vlce /i
it was so extravagant.
He/she had bigger three children.
To last Io Ilamaron
Michael Corleone Seplveda
Io that is incredible.
Their murders!skies!
Ilamaban the Black Widow
because he/she had murdered
to a couple of husbands,
or he/she had made them kill.
It cut them literally the throat
after going to bed with them.
Not I know how many times Io made.
"Non Io will make because Rafa will tell him/her
"you already know--" and Max said:
"He/she will give same" Io.
It could be annoying
one night and if you sleep with her
it will cut you the throat. ? What will it happen?
There will be a war.
She was worse than anyone man
involved in this.
The first homicide of fame
in that was involved, it was in Dadeland.
There people of Griselda
he/she entered to the liquor store and it flew him/her the head.
Good, half of her.
Of course, it was in July of 1979.
I believe that he died for a swig.
That was Io that established it
as the more violent well-known trafficker.
AIl began the wars of the cocaine.
And we begin to see more homicides.
The paper of Griselda Blanco
it was very prominent
in Io that Ilamamos
the Wars of the Cocaine.
He/she murdered many Colombians and Cuban
to obtain their position in the life.
Wherever that they go
Ilevan their special mark of savagery.
This well-known woman as the Godmother...
it was the responsible one
of most of the murders
happened in Florida of the South in those days.
In the years 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982
she murdered in Dade County.
Griselda Blanco was...
the angel of the death.
Not I know about any organization
to the one that are attributed so many murders
as to Griselda. Non Io knows.
It could be for simple things.
If it was in a restaurant
the previous night...
As when we were
to The Peroz in the beach.
He/she could be eating
and the owner gave him/her problems or something like that.
There was an enormous type,
he/she began to speak pavadas.
And he/she spent of alive with her.
And she says: "To the shit with the owner,
"I will destroy him/her the business."
And we left.
Some types passed in motorcycles
they occurred turn
and they began to shoot
to those that waited
to enter to the place.
And then Io lead Ilenaron
fair in the door.
They were about accusing me
but it was outside of the city.
He/she will have entered with mistaken people.
Riverita became
in the main assassin of Griselda.
It was always with me and other three.
- He/she had an army with her.
- A cast of mischievous.
Their people were... almost as of movie.
- He/she Had Paco.
- Paco Seplveda.
Diego Seplveda. Toto.
Carlos Vanegas. Alonso Ayala.
A panda of scruffy.
As the gang that didn't shoot well.
Uber, Guillermo, Velsquez.
Alone they killed people.
Monteco, Diego Escobar.
Oscar Mario.
Brave Jaime.
They were bodyguard and assassins.
They lived off this.
Some are farmaceutas,
other trash cans,
and these they were murderous.
It was all Io that made.
Dog Castro was his main assassin.
For me it was one of the best
that Griselda had.
It is a legend,
it always caught their man.
Osvaldo, son of Griselda.
Then he/she had 15 years.
He/she wanted to live quick.
It carried weapons and all that.
It moved 300 and 400 kilos of cocaine per month.
Everything orchestrated by their mother.
He/she wanted to be similar to Don Corleone,
he/she wanted to act as him, and Io made this way.
He/she had cockerel attitude, due to their mother.
It was in the club night Faces
with their friends and their girlfriend.
Dog lived close.
And Osvaldo thought:
"I will stay here,
"in the house of Dog."
It managed the car until the entrance
almost until the door, skidding
and making noise.
Then Dog came out.
And he/she told him/her that he/she left.
He/she told him/her that if it didn't allow him/her to spend the night
it would count their mother.
And Dog told him/her:
"I care a carajo.
"I care a carajo your mom,
"tell to your mom that leaves to the shit."
Dog Io kicked in the ass and he/she told him/her
that he/she entered in the car
and that he/she left.
"Tell to your mom that I kicked your ass."
The boy returned and it counted his mom.
One of the things with her was
that one could not play their children.
Not it cared who was,
the person would die.
There was always somebody he/she made something bad.
If Io made or not, it was reason so that her
he/she had problems with them.
That Ilam takes a long time to the house.
"Tell him/her that we are in war,
"that he/she is no longer my friend, he/she is my enemy.
"So if Io sees, shoot him/her."
Rivi and their people were in that area.
Not it will be easy, because he was good.
If we make a mistake, Io loses
or he/she murders us.
Rivi, the driver
and another gunman went in a van.
I will make the shots.
He/she had a M16.
I tell to the driver: "Come closer,
"of window to window,
"and I will shoot for the door."
He/she knew that if he/she opened the door
in movement, he would realize.
He/she knew all the tricks.
Dog opened the door of the garage,
it left toward the street 168
and then it rotated toward the national one 1.
In the national one 1 had a traffic light
at some 800m of distance.
We had a lot of time.
It is here where they
to reach Dog, to put on in parallel,
going to the west. Them to the left,
Dog to the right.
I took the machine gun
and I shot to the wheels
trying to fly them.
It lost the control of the car
and almost it collides with a wall,
but Io controlled.
He/she returned to the road.
In that moment they came closer
to the national one 1.
There we were, near the red light.
There was a gas station to the right.
When coming closer to the national one 1
Dog cuts for the gas station,
they go enough express,
he/she leaves to the north for the national one 1,
and there it loses to the type that shot him/her.
We look for for all sides, non Io saw.
We left and we said:
"We ruin" it.
Griselda me Ilama the following day.
And he/she says: They "murdered their son.
"He/she was sleeping in the back part
"and the bullets crossed the cajuela
"and they gave him/her in the head."
I told him/her that non Io saw,
because of having him fact
we had never played that car.
He/she told me: It asked "me him to tell you
"that it will catch you, because he/she saw" you.
I told him/her that it was well.
Dog was a federal fugitive.
It was wrapped in the traffic
and there was an arrest order
of the Antidrug Agency.
For that reason he/she didn't go
to denounce the fact to the police.
He/she returned to their house,
it put to the baby in the bathtub.
Ilen of ice
Io could preserve this way the whole afternoon.
I and their wife
the whole afternoon Ilorando happened
with the baby in the bathtub.
The following day, Ilamaron to the police
to warn us where the body to find.
These are Ilamadas that Jess made
to the room of complaints.
I have just left the body without life
"of the baby that you/they killed yesterday.
"Excuse, yesterday some bandits
"in a white van
"they shot me with a machine gun
"and the boy was seated and Io killed
"in the avenue Seventh and the street 53.
"The boy's body that you/they killed yesterday,
"the bandits."
This is the mosque
where they left
the body of Johnnie Castro.
Dog looked for the church
where they had confirmed
to Johnnie months before.
Not he/she could find it
and this was Io better than it got.
He/she found this mosque
in the same neighborhood.
The boy was wrapped in a sheet.
There were three roses in their hands.
A rose for each anus of life,
and I believe that a passport.
Here it is.
He/she knew that they needed the passport
to prove who was.
He/she was born March 10 1979,
so he/she almost had three years...
almost three years.
We realized that it was Colombian
for the passport, etc.
We call the sergeant Singleton,
of CENTAC and to their people.
We knew that it was
Griselda Blanco and their people.
We obtained the name of Riverita,
but he/she swims in short,
not even a picture
that he/she says: "This is the one that we look for."
Anything of that.
I don't remember another case
where they killed a boy.
To small Johnnie Castro
Io killed to be close
of their father, a looked for Colombian
for some of the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
I was a policeman beginner.
He/she made less than an anus that was there
and my son had
almost the same age then.
People ask me
if it bothers me to see the bodies.
Never, except for this case.
That hit me very hard
because he/she had children of that age.
He/she was an innocent, innocent baby.
Griselda said: "To the carajo,
"at least we gave" him/her.
Io not even complained.
To her... he didn't care anything.
Although the Colombians were wild
in the way in that you/they made the things,
she made them in a stupid way.
But it bothered a lot of people,
not alone in EE UU,
but to people in Colombia.
All said
that she was outside of control
and that it would ruin the business of all.
Ochoa told him/her that alone it killed
to those involved,
and that he/she avoided to murder to innocent.
The only thing that I remember
it is that the Colombians wanted
that she stayed far from Miami.
He/she received a lot of pressure of the other ones.
"To the carajo with them.
"Here Io that I want make.
"If they don't like that come me to look for."
This way noms.
He/she heard conversations in Spanish with Rafa
because I was in the house.
"!Prostitute's daughter!
"!Another time makes me same Io!
?Now what I will make?"
He/she knew that him Ilamara to Colombia
and he/she would ask them
what he/she should make, but this woman
he/she always survived, because it
to have died a lot of time before,
And of turn to the work.
he/she transformed into their favorite assassin.
As if it was security.
As if it was the boss of security.
Nobody knew where he/she lived but me.
Many of the meetings
they were in the house of Rafa, of Max.
In fact, I met Max in their house.
I was there with Griselda.
Starting from there, I never liked it.
He/she told to Griselda
that it didn't trust the damned one.
"Not I trust him." I told him/her:
"If you don't go away,
"he will put you in the jail.
"Next time that Io sees, Io kills."
But him you Io counted Rafa
and they returned with men
to make sure
that anything passes Max.
"He/she takes care of Max, he/she is my godfather."
"To the carajo with Max,
I will kill to the damned one."
"?Will you kill me?", he/she told me.
"Not now, yes later."
It was necessary to respect to the type, because he/she came
threatening, Ileno of weapons,
with that whole people.
It is about a type...
anyone that enters with a retinue
it is somebody important.
Non Ilamaba the attention, you know.
He/she had a house in Palm Beach
another in San Agustn and two in Chicago.
He/she had many cars.
He/she bought them to my fiancs also.
My wife, a couple of fiancs.
In this life... it is necessary to have a couple.
What wanted, Io that I liked,
Io saw in the street and Io he/she bought.
Not he/she had to worry about the price.
Not I know, type world of the show...
That thing type.
It was an attractive type that he/she spoke English
and he/she had a lot of charisma.
It is one of the reasons
for those that he/she pleased him/her well.
I grew here.
Not I crossed the water
and I began... and they put me in the street.
Although it was maybe similar of bad and he/she murdered
to more than anyone of the other ones.
I am of good family,
but I grew in the street
in Chicago.
I was a bad boy from the beginning.
An assassin of cold blood.
The truth is that I didn't fall well,
because he/she used to bounce...
about people that had murdered.
Once I lowered the window
and I shot him/her with a MAC-11
in the face.
Not I want to hear: "Ah, murdered to this type
"here, there...".
I will murder anyone in EE UU
or in Europe, or where they send me, Io will make.
Not I want to hear their bounces on that.
Of those that UU worked in EE,
it was the best.
It was disconcerting, somehow
because he was this woman's assassin
or Io that is that it was.
During the years 82 and 84,
he was who she used
exclusively for their murders.
My reputation was
that if it was behind you, it would catch you.
If you escape, I will catch you.
If there was a debt to get paid,
he took charge of charging it.
Many clients said
that they were late
and she told them: "If you don't come tomorrow,
"Rivi will go for you."
"No, non Io sends."
Alfredo Lorenzo
he/she was client of Griselda Blanco.
Griselda ordered me him to give him/her
5 kilos of cocaine.
Then they were 50.000 dollars each one,
at 250 each 30 grams.
They gave him/her cocaine in consignment.
Io made this way Griselda.
"? How many days do you need to pay me?"
"One week."
"I will give you two weeks."
When the two weeks passed,
he/she no longer wanted the money,
but the person's life.
To Rivi Io sent to charge the debt.
I went to their house to look for the money.
And alone he/she gave me excuses.
"Tell him/her that he/she gives me more credit
"and I will return him/her the money."
I didn't tell him/her anything, the type gave me pity.
Rivi realized that Lorenzo
it played with him.
So you Io informed Griselda.
He/she told me: Io that you should make" "already know.
Their destination was written.
With Griselda, if you didn't pay, you died.
Until the mafia he/she would have
a class of code of honor.
The Italian would be about solving
how to recover the money.
Maybe later, they would give him/her a beating
but three weeks later it would heal.
When Colombian Ilegaron,
the beatings finished.
Those Latins of hot blood
they don't think first.
First act and they think later.
Although they murdered to the whole family
then there they would think:
"Skies, I finish of...
"? How will I recover the money?".
And it is too much afternoon to recover it.
Not it is for the money,
but to send a message.
"Don't swindle me, don't enter with me,
"because I will kill you or I will make them to kill you."
He/she said: "Kill them."
And him Io made.
Miguel was to my right,
Oscar Murillo, Born,
to the left, and I hit the door.
Alfredo opens the door
and when Io ago
I put him/her the weapon in the ribs.
It points out him/her that he/she doesn't make noise.
I ask him/her for the wife.
He/she said that he/she was cooking.
I went until her and he/she tells me:
"Not I know Io what it happens,
"but I ask him/her him not to hurt my children."
Three children, two daughters, a son.
I believe that the daughters had 6 and 4 years.
And the son was a baby.
I said: "No, I won't hurt your children."
Griselda had told me that he/she murdered them.
I supposed that single Io would kill him.
He/she spoke with her and I heard two shots,
a couple... Io that happened knew.
Miguel had killed Alfredo.
I requested to Oscar that watched over her,
that he/she would return.
I went to the other room.
I asked to Miguel if it was made,
and he/she told me that yes.
When we were speaking, I heard a scream
and then I heard a metralleta.
I returned to the room
and he told me: "She was about being thrown above."
Oscar had shot him/her
10, 15 times in the chest
and she continued alive, making...
some strange noises,
it left him/her blood of the mouth,
he/she was dying.
I grabbed Miguel's weapon,
a.380 with muffler and I shot him/her
twice in the head
so that he/she stopped to suffer.
I told them that we left.
But Griselda said it to Miguel
that it was necessary to kill all.
I asked him/her of what he/she spoke.
"Alone they are the children."
And he/she tells me that he/she will murder the children.
I told him/her that non Io made.
"She told me
"that they are worth extra,
"so I will win myself the money."
I told him/her that it would not kill the children.
And he/she leaves in address to the children.
I took out my weapon and I told him/her
that you outside of the house.
Miguel became crazy:
"We have to kill the girl."
I said: "No, coarse.
"It is hour of leaving of here."
I had to take out them to gun tip.
Alfredo and Griselda Lorenzo
they were opposing dead
in June of 1982 in their house.
It was a modest house
in the area of Rhodes.
In 1982 it had returned to CENTAC.
I received Nelson's Ilamada Andrew,
that he/she was a detective
of homicides of Miami.
The bodies were in different rooms,
and who made the homicide
he/she left the children in the house
with their dead parents. They found
to the girls and the boy
playing with the body
bloodstained of the mother
inside the house.
They paid us and I explained to him/her.
I told him/her that there were not
murdered the children.
He/she got angry and he/she said:
"The order was to kill all."
When she says all, they are all.
I told him/her that he/she had made the decision
of not killing them.
"Because they are babies."
After Johnnie Castro,
when they killed the boy,
I believe that he/she got used after it.
You already know, to murder children.
He liked to be in war.
He/she spoke every day of it.
We have to catch to such and to which,
we have to eliminate it.
It was... it was something that she enjoyed.
He/she went to the war with Paco Meja,
who was their assassin years behind.
It seems to be that it swindled her
and he/she put on for their bill.
And he/she declared the war to Griselda.
Official of homicides
they discovered weeks ago
that a great load
of cocaine valued in millions
that he/she came from Colombia, never Ileg.
The police says that he/she went to New York.
That is one of the things
that he/she didn't forget neither he/she forgave.
I go to New York to kill all
those that worked for Paco Meja.
It broke all the rules there.
I spoke with a person that told me:
"There will be a bathroom of blood."
Of those that kept the drug,
to the assassins. We kill at 11.
Eleven people. Mm.
In less than 24 hours.
They should have been 12,
but I allowed to escape to one.
The detectives
they are in contact with New York
to investigate the similarities
among this blow
in the area of New York
and the murders for drug
here in Florida of the South.
The war began.
Griselda took the first step.
We are in the commercial center America.
In 1981 you Ilamaba Bread-American.
We arrive and I put the cars
where he/she wanted them.
This is the scene of the homicide
of Octavio Meja,
Paco's father.
When Meja left the commercial center...
Io ambushed.
They shot him/her several times,
different marksmen.
A lot of people were angry,
because he was not part
of the war between Paco and Griselda.
Many got angry with Griselda.
It became more enemy, but he didn't care.
He liked that.
Not he/she knew that Paco, his son, was there.
It was in the car
when their father entered to the center.
It was angry because non Io saw.
It will catch it otherwise.
They happened to us the fact that he/she had a house
in Killian Parkway. Griselda tells me:
"Not you will wander this time?no?".
"No, I will fly the house."
He/she said: ?" What are you saying?".
"I will put a bomb,
I will kill all", I said.
I got 200 cartridges of dynamite.
The explosion was tremendous.
Him first that it flew it was the roof.
The house one came below.
The neighbors wondered
what it had ruined
the neighborhood's cars.
The windows were broken.
He/she wanted to hear the good news
that they found somebody.
It turned out to be that I missed it.
The house was empty.
It was more a skirmish
in the conflict Griselda Blanco-Meja.
Two weeks later, found out
that Paco Meja
it was in a flight to Miami
and it was alone. Griselda says:
"We will catch it in the airport.
"You Io will make." Of under the table it takes out
a bayonet of 40 cm.
"I want that Io mats with this."
He/she wanted that Io stabbed.
"? What is this?
? Do we change style?", I told him/her.
They told him/her "the pig"
and he/she wanted him to die as such.
He/she offered me half million of dollars.
But he/she had to catch it inside.
I told him/her that he/she would not enter to the airport.
"It is a suicide mission.
"Not I make those things."
Max Mermelstein and Riverita
they advised him/her that he/she didn't give that blow.
Not I will enter to the airport
to stab him
because I don't want to go to the jail.
It must be another.
"I already have to other", he/she said.
He/she told me that he/she was Miguel.
Miguel Prez, Miguelito.
Miguelito was as Rivi, but without class.
Miguel told me that if the pay was good
he/she would enter to the White House
and it would kill the president.
This picture took it
soon after of Ilegar
in 1982 in Mariel.
It was one of the most fearful types
that I knew in my career.
It began them to him
to know as the marielitos
the intrepid marielitos.
Physically, it intimidated.
It was bigger
and he/she had more force than Rivi.
It is the type class that one thinks
that it could become crazy suddenly
and that it could leave the neck.
I spoke with Miguel and it accepted.
He/she told me that they would give him/her
250.000 dollars and a house
to catch it in the airport.
I told him/her that if he/she entered,
it won't support it.
Miguelito didn't care it and single Io made.
"The only thing that I will make for you,
"it will be to show you who Paco is."
They knew in what flight it was,
when it arrived.
And Io was waiting.
Well, there Paco came
and Io last that he/she waited
it was that a black Io attacked.
While it left customs
a man comes closer with a bayonet.
Miguel comes from behind
Io grabs with force, Io rises
and Io knifes.
It used the bayonet several times.
I counted 6 or 7 times.
All in the airport
they were with the open mouth.
They were in shock, nobody said anything.
The ribbon to the floor and he/she leaves running.
AIl began to scream.
The police ran
until the place of the incident,
they pointed out them toward where Miguel escaped
and Io caught at once.
One of them approaches Miguel,
that he/she falls to a meter of me
and Miguel looks at me as requesting help
with the eyes.
I denied with the head and I said that not.
Not he/she could make anything.
The policemen came from all sides.
You Io Ilevaron and we leave.
This was too much, because this place,
even then, policemen's Ileno was.
There were policemen in each esplanade.
To attempt something like that
it was a madness, and obviously
it was this way, because Io caught.
It was this way Miguelito,
he didn't care it.
He/she had work to make,
Io that is... to murder,
and him Io ago.
But Paco survived,
and they sentenced Miguel
for murder intent.
I believe that they gave him/her 15 years.
The last time that I saw Miguel was.
I believe that that it was the last exaggeration
of the war Meja-Griselda Blanco.
Griselda Blanco was the catalyst
so that the government
of EE UU recognized
that Miami had serious problems,
that in fact
we were as Dodge City.
It was outside of control.
Crase or not, when one murders people
a lot of pressure of it is received.
You have the hen of the eggs of gold.
?Why to enter with her?
Everything was for blame of the violence.
Not it was for the quantity of drugs,
they didn't have idea of the quantity that Ilegaba.
They formed special groups.
An antidrug group
well-known as CENTAC 26.
These types pursued me...
? Who rays were?
He/she not even knew
who were.
?From where did they come?
The district attorneys wait
to carry out arrests for drugs in the future.
They had chosen Reagan.
We need that the president
he/she comes to Dade County
to speak with the taxi driver's widow
to the one who you/they flew him/her the head.
The wars of the cocaine, the violence,
the homicides, the cover of i Tlme, /i
Ilevaron to the action.
The vice-president's forces Bush
to combat the crime in Florida of the South
they flooded federal agents' Miami.
It is a combined operation with the state,
the local police,
the coastal watch, the customs.
Florida of the South is not able to
to be a refuge for the criminals,
for the organized traffickers of drugs
neither for the murderers to salary.
The rest of the country
bill was giving
that it was not a problem of Miami,
it was a national problem.
This initiative will join our resources
to combat the problem of the drugs
and the crime in Miami.
I sent him/her a telegram
to the president begging him/her
that it puts to the Air base Homestead
in foot of war to intercept, to stop
and to demolish, of being necessary,
the airplanes
secret loaded ships
that they try to enter drug in Florida.
There is a non identified ship
to the west of West End, Great Bahama.
?They can send an airplane
to identify it?
I received authorization
of the government from Colombia
to shoot to their ship.
Expert, 1-6-0, well.
Please, stop.
Tell him/her that he/she stops and Io will make.
They gave him/her. !Be fume, be fume!
The agents say
that the tests confirm
that they have a ton of coca
for value of 31 million dollars,
1000 millions in the street.
The quantity of drugs
confiscated in this area
it ascended to 2500%.
The net weight is
of around 1700 kilos.
It is the biggest seizure
never carried out by the federal government.
He/she would say that it is more 4 times
of Io that we never made.
? He/she means that it is no longer possible
to enter drugs in EE UU?
No, we didn't say that.
? What does he/she mean?
? What is Io that affirms?
Every time will be more difficult.
The good news is that the index of crimes
low control is.
There is a commitment to long scale
on behalf of the citizens, of the government,
of the police and of the tribunals
in giving him/her it battles to the enemy.
!Be quiet, be quiet!
It was really the principle of the end
of the era of the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
The index of murders lowered from 1980.
There was a drop of 50% in the city
and of 30% in the outskirts.
There were too many policemen
and a lot of pressure in television,
so I told to Griselda
that there was a lot of pressure,
that it would be better to leave vacations.
He/she told me that he/she planned to transfer
the operation to California.
"? Do you come with me, Rivi?"
He/she no longer wanted to continue killing,
he/she had a lot of money.
He/she Would Return to Chicago.
In retrospective, we know
that she left around 1984,
when the index of homicides
it lowered clearly.
It was happy of leaving
because it was conscious
of the pressure to my around,
and she didn't want to understand it.
Seeing that the whole organization
he/she had moved to California
and that I am an agent in Miami
I had to convince to my superiors
that it was worthwhile
that he/she investigated a case in California.
He/she knew that it was question of time
before they pursued us.
I said that if at some time it caught it,
he/she would give him/her a kiss in the cheek.
He/she left to California
and their business began there.
Rafa didn't want
to send the product until there,
so she decided
to be made friend of Marta
to get the cocaine.
She was family of Ochoa.
"Not I need Rafa, I can get everything
"this way." Io made this way.
Max tells me: "Not there will be
"coca for a while,
because there are problems.
"Griselda decided that he/she doesn't want to pay
"about 1500 kilos or something like that."
I asked him/her
what he/she had to do with us.
"Ochoa doesn't want to send anything
"until everything gets ready."
Griselda tells me
that he/she wants to kill that dog.
"?To who?"
And he/she answers: "To this dog."
Griselda said that if it killed Marta,
there would not be any test
of if he/she had given the money to Marta or not
and of if Marta
non Io had sent to its family.
I told to Griselda
if he/she made that, it would finish with their business.
Not there would be place
in the world where to hide.
They would look for it for the rest of their life.
But he/she wanted to make it same.
I told him/her that it was not necessary.
It was their exit. "I Will Murder Marta
"and I will say that I gave him/her the money,
"and if they ask me,
"I will tell them that I don't know where
it is because you Io gave to her."
"Griselda? what will you make?", I told him/her.
He/she told me: "Murder it."
As soon as he/she entered and he/she saw Griselda
you Io made above.
"Godmother, Godmother,
? what have I made you?"
Griselda answers: "Anything."
They kidnapped her,
they murdered it and they found it
to the side of the highway.
It was spotted of blood,
you could not kill Marta.
AIl began another war.
That exploited him/her in the hands.
All gave him/her the back.
Even Rafa, their best friend.
I remember that Rafa and the other ones...
The other of the poster.
...they thought of having to kill her.
There was a price for the head of Griselda.
They told him/her that where they saw it,
they will catch it.
Max entered in problems
and it was the principle of the end.
I knew that he/she had a problem.
Not he/she should have smoked, but Io made.
Not he/she thought that they would go behind him.
Max me Ilama and he/she says
that he/she believes that the police Io pursues.
"I will get myself into the car, I will go for walk,
"stay in the cellular one with me."
"Well, Max, I will stay to the telephone."
Max you gets into the car and he/she leaves.
It leaves the entrance and he/she tells me
that they came from all sides.
I knew that low surveillance was.
The cars blocked my exit
and when I realized,
there were 40 weapons aiming me.
End of the conversation.
They arrested him and more Io never saw.
He/she had millions of dollars
buried in bags in my garden.
That night I went out with a lantern
to take out the bags,
because he/she feared that they came.
He/she lived in the area of Everglades.
I jumped in a canoe like with...
I don't know how many...
between 6 and 8 million dollars,
I threw them in the canoe, I rowed to the other side
and I buried them
in the National Park of Everglades
because he/she believed that they came to my house.
But nobody came neither it passed anything.
Nobody believed that there would be problems.
Mickey and the other ones said
that there were not problems
with the last airplane that landed
and that everything seemed to be well.
I told them that we continued
until Io discovered.
Jon said that there was not
I motivate to worry.
We believed that Jon was very intelligent.
September 20 1986
I remember September 20
because he/she could not sleep.
That night in particular
he/she worked with Mickey and their people.
And because he/she could not sleep, I decided to leave
to the radio room that we had
in Miami, to direct to the airplanes.
They were the regular trips, unique unusual Io
that we should have noticed,
it was the silence in the radio
because they knew that we listened everything.
I looked around when I left,
because paranoiac continued for Io of Max,
and I didn't see he/she swims at all.
Everything followed their course.
The airplane landed and I said: Good "other trip,
"I leave home, I feel well."
As soon as it landed
and he/she entered to the barn,
they appeared in helicopter and people
it left armed of all sides.
Lower slowly!the hands in the air!
!Show my hands!
I heard a noise,
it was as if a ray
it had impacted us.
The types that were
in the airplane they escaped.
A truck appeared
to about 100 kms per hour
and they entered for the door.
It was a simultaneous haul,
Tampa and Miami.
Dresses arrived of black
with the masks
and glasses of night vision.
It seemed that we were
of turn in Vietnam.
It was a madness.
I left for the back door.
"?Do I leave to tirotear with you?"
I had a confrontation with one of them...
"!Throw you to the floor and be quiet!"
"Yes, it is well."
They looked at me,
and Io will never forget.
"!Roberts! ? What do you make here?"
I said: Do I "believe that I put the paw?no?".
"Yes, old.
"We would have gone later to your house
"but us Io facilitated."
"Not he/she could sleep, old."
"What pity", he/she said.
We arrive at the police station and I heard in the radio
that there were shootings, and shots.
"!It is the war!"
I said: ?" What does it happen?
?Does he/she have to do with me?".
"It is your airplane, your farm."
There were shots, shootings.
They ran for all sides
shooting the weapons.
"Your friend is shooting us."
Mickey, my friend.
I was about escaping in the airplane.
He/she had a gun of flares
and around
there were tanks of gasoline that we used
to recharge the tank and to release us.
I turned one of them.
Mickey wanted to escape.
It shot the weapon...
I left to the swamp.
I saw the show the whole day.
Not they could find it and Io pursued
in the forest the whole night.
These types became crazy.
This morning, agents of Customs and of the FBI
they began a haul of 12 people
that they helped to transport
almost 9100 kilos of cocaine
toward the country for sea and air
from Colombia.
One of detainees is the fugitive
Michael Munday.
The organization Munday
it transported cocaine
from Colombia
using airplanes in direct flights.
An airplane in combination with boats.
The airplane released the loads in Bahamas.
Not it was their cocaine, neither they sold
cocaine in the streets,
alone they transported it
for another people
and they got paid for the transport.
A hired service.
Those loads were held
to some sophisticated buoys
that they allowed them to find the drug
when the authorities were not close.
This transmits a radio sign
and it also possesses infrared light
that it allows them to see them at night.
This shows advanced Io that were.
Max Mermelstein transformed into the witness
that he/she wanted to speak, among other things
of the murders in Miami.
We will interrogate to this type...
and honestly, at the beginning he/she didn't believe him/her
75% of Io that he/she said,
it was too much disheveled.
Max was sold.
He/she gave our back to all.
And it began to cooperate with them.
You Io said to Jon,
but he/she didn't believe me neither he/she listened to me.
From the beginning,
I told them that Max was weak,
that it would accuse us in some moment
and it is hence that Io wanted to kill,
but they didn't leave me.
The government didn't have idea,
and if it was not for Max Mermelstein...
Not I believe that they had caught us.
It filled the holes.
Not they knew where the farm was,
they didn't know anything about the trips.
Not they knew anything.
He/she made 5 years that we worked.
Max was of the family.
I never believed that he/she would make us that.
They arrived the following day,
they broke the entrance and they confiscated the house.
We could confiscate properties
for value of 130 million dollars
in the area of Florida.
Thirty five horses Fine Step
and 14 hectares of ranch
in Marion County, Florida,
they were also confiscated.
It left in the cover
of the newspapers the following day
and he/she had all above me.
People that wanted to kill me
because they said that Jon owed them money,
people that had their money
and not me Io gave to me.
Max accused Mickey and me.
Not he/she could believe it when I read the positions.
Not I realized that him
in fact he/she worked for the poster.
Not he/she knew that Rafa was in the car...
Not he/she knew anything about that. Not I say
that he/she didn't know anything.
I say that one didn't realize
of big Io that was that
in Io that Jon was put.
You go aboard in a trip
where you make a lot of money
and you are very powerful,
for that reason anything... anything will happen.
I remember the day
that he was sat down on the seat
Ilorando, because he/she had
that to leave Io that loved...
Not I accuse anybody more than to myself.
You leave when it is moment of leaving.
He/she spoke with her and he/she told me
that he was not an informer.
I told him/her: He/she "works for the police,
"I won't come closer to you because you will go to the jail.
But me not."
"They Come to Los Angeles."
"No, I am well where I am", I told him/her.
We locate a house that you/they had rented.
We knew that it was in the house.
We find it and we enter.
I ascended and I found it seated in the bed
reading the Bible. I came closer
with the gun in the hand.
It was startled a lot.
He/she would never believe that it was
a maniac murderess and it forces.
They arrested her in the house.
And I kissed her in the cheek,
as I promised to the agents
many months before.
The police believes that it is responsible
of at least 200 murders...
in one period of more 10 years
of wars for drugs.
Today, an arrest that could demolish
to one of the figures
more notorious criminals from Florida.
Then they arrested their children.
Everything one came below seriously.
Now I take care to myself.
All are in the jail less me.
And they are looking for me.
For that then, him and their siblings
they were in the airport
in a stolen car.
It stops them the police
and they resist to the arrest.
They had cocaine
and they put them low it guards.
I am low it guards from then on.
With the time, the market of the drug
it was disarticulated by the police.
Much of that money
let us say that it disappeared,
and while it was judged,
it sentenced and he/she sent to prison
to the drug dealers, something happened.
The businesses
that they frequented and they supported
they began to melt and to close.
The bank Sunshine State
it is outside of career.
It is alleged that Sunshine State
it was bought with the laundry
of money of the drugs.
All the night clubs melted,
the concessionaires
they left to the bankruptcy,
the jeweler'ses.
The real estate businesses
they are decaying.
That type of businesses
it has suffered too much.
Those crashes
they created new opportunities.
The economy of Miami stayed
with the speculators that won
money with the business of the drugs.
If you had a concessionaire
whose sales were
of 20 millions to 60 millions for anus
during ten years, there you have
500 millions extra
that they are giving turns.
Not it would have been there
if you didn't have the horrors
of the Horsemen of the Cocaine.
The drugs destroy to the community
when it is fought with the street.
When we speak from drugs to the level
that the main drug dealers
they live, they go of vacations
and they buy houses here,
washing the money, etc.,
that improves the economy
of a city or community.
Much of that money
he/she went privately to infrastructures.
Constructions for the value
of 2300 million dollars
you Ilevan to end in the center of Miami.
The general construction
in the center and in Brickell.
The authorities of the center
they say that more constructions
for 1000 million dollars
you Ilevarn to end
in the next ones 6 to 8 months.
Uf, built half of the city.
It built the towers,
the sky-scrapers.
They say that the boom of the construction
it will last the next 10 years.
The drug traffic
it saved Miami in many ways.
If you look to the buildings,
many of them
they were built
or they were paid with money of drugs.
These new constructions represent
25.000 new works
and annual wages for millions.
The new condominiums,
offices and banks
they will add about 20 millions
of more dollars
to the base of taxes of Miami.
While the cocaine entered Miami
and the millions of dollars
they entered in Latin America,
legitimate Miami
he/she realized that it was
the entrance to the rest of America.
The traffic of drugs
it put to Miami in the map.
i Newsweek /i Ilam to Miami
Casablanca of America.
What contrast with Io of 7 years behind.
A thing about the terrible publicity
it is that there was much.
All spoke of Miami.
- Miami.
- Miami.
- Miami.
- To Miami Beach.
- The whole world.
- People said:
"I always wanted to go to Miami,
"?seriously it is this way? The beaches that I see
"and the beautiful women
and the night" clubs.
It Is the Club 1235.
It is the place where
he/she took place the great party
of i Mlaml Vlce /i on Saturday.
We were in television
every Friday
with i Mlaml Vlce.
The histories were based
entirely in the drug traffic.
He/she can that i Mlaml Vlce /i he/she doesn't help
to improve the image of the city,
but he/she makes a lot for the local economy.
Don Johnson and i Mlaml Vlce, /i
To Pacino in i Caracortada.
It was very attractive.
This is Miami, everything is more relaxed.
It was interesting
because when the series came out
they found an abandoned hotel
or a gas station in the beach,
they put lights, they painted them,
they fixed them, they renovated them,
they recorded the scenes there
and they left a renovated place behind.
I believe that they made that a lot of people
he/she saw the possibilities that there was.
At the end of the 80 and principles of the 90
the European industry of the fashion
South discovered Beach,
and behind the models
the European rich visitors come
that they pursued the models.
And we finish receiving to the famous ones.
He/she reminds me to the city Greenwich in 1965
because it is in fashion and it is new.
Then Ilegaron the paparazzi
and they created a phenomenon.
It passed of being a place vacacional
to be the international capital
prosperous of America.
The world began
to converge to Miami and Io we get.
We could have reborned
without so much people died.
He/she could have lived without it.
And a lot of people could live
without the enormous contribution
of money to the community.
There were colateral too many effects.
Not I believe that the economic benefits
they were worth the cost in the society.
I still love more Miami, but the master
by Io that was
before the war of the cocaine.
? What price was it paid by a sky-scraper?
? How much people he/she had to die
for those buildings?
Not it was worthwhile,
too many died hence.
Honestly, Miami
it would not be where it is today
without having lived the horrors
and tragedies of those years.
Today people delight speaking
of how they survived
in Miami in 70 80.
I returned because he/she had to make it.
Not he/she had option.
Jon Roberts left the federal prison
in October of 2000
It Returned to Florida
as condition of their conditional freedom
I will never forget when I left,
I went to a hotel in South Beach
Ilamado The Surfcomber.
The first tomorrow
I got up and I went to the beach.
It was recumbent and a girl leaves the water
and while it leaves
I see that he/she doesn't have the part of up.
They have to understand
that he/she made 11 years that it was in prison.
He/she looked at that naked girl
and non Io could believe, I got scared.
I ran to the hotel and I could not leave
of the room during one day.
"? What did it happen?"
The world had changed.
The city had grown a lot
in those 12 years.
Mickey Munday was a fugitive
during 6 years
until it was arrested by the police
in 1992.
It left prison in December of 1999.
Non Io knows, the times change.
In that time,
we didn't care anything.
Miami was an open city,
totally different.
If you requested me that it killed to such and which
alone you should point out it
and me Io murdered.
It is no longer open,
it is a different city.
Today could not make it.
He/she would make it in a completely different way.
It is a very different city
to the one that the memory.
Many of my acquaintances
they are no longer here.
The friends with those that I grew
they are dead. They killed them.
Rafa Cardona Salazar
it was murdered to shots
in Medelln, Colombia,
December 7 1987.
Soon after of their arrest
in June of 1985,
Max Mermeistein entered in the Program
Federal of Witnesses' Protection.
Their testimony was in the accusation
of the leaders of the poster of Medelln.
The whereabouts of Mermeistein
it continues being an incognito one
and it continues working as witness
remunerated for the government of EE UU.
According to some reports,
he/she has a contract of 3 million dollars.
Griselda Blanco and Jorge "Rivi" Ayala
they were accused of the murder of
Johnny Castro and Alfredo and Grizel Lorenzo.
Rivi avoided the death penalty
consenting to testify against their boss,
Griselda Blanco.
I Went to Miami,
I declared myself guilty of two murders.
Life imprisonment to be
fulfilled simultaneously.
I am here from then on.
As a result
of the information given by Rivi,
there were 14 different homicides
to the organization of Griselda Blanco.
When it occurred turn and he/she began to sing
on all the homicides
and how she had ordered them,
it was completed.
She was our John Gotti,
and Rivi their "Sammy The Bull" Gravano.
The case against Griselda Blanco
it turned out to be a frustration.
Terribly disappointing and useless.
It was declared guilty
of insignificant positions.
We were escaped. I believed that we had it.
What happened was shameful.
Rivi was involved in a scandal
sexual very publicitado
with secretaries of the office
of the attorney of the state of Miami Dade.
Humiliated, the attorney did without of him
as witness against Griselda
and he/she offered him/her a sentence
agreed of conformity.
When we lost Rivi,
we lost the connection
between the assassins and Griselda.
Riverita helped to create
the case and to destroy it.
One of the investigations bombarded
of more significant homicides
that they were made.
During their terror reign,
she made many enemies
here and in Colombia,
and they have not forgotten it.
Certainly not Io forgot with concerning
to Uber and Osvaldo.
The children of Griselda,
Uber and Osvaldo,
they were murdered with machine guns
in Colombia.
The proverb "who kills to iron,
to iron he/she dies" it is very certain
in the business in the one that you/they are.
It is probable that if he/she returned to Colombia,
it would suffer the same luck.
Not there is nobody that deserves
the death penalty more than her.
It should be sentenced to death.
He/she gives me some comfort the fact
that it will be in prison
until the day in that I retire.
Not I know how much more,
but it will be in prison
while it is police.
The sergeant To Singleton retired
of the police body of Miami-Dade
June 30 2003.
Griselda Blanco left the jail
June 6 2004.
The same day that left, they stabbed Rivi
in a jail of Miami.
He/she survived, but he/she refused
to identify their attacker.
June 7 2004,
Griselda was deported Colombia.
Their whereabouts is ignored.
When I moved to Florida
it was in Orlando,
in Disney World, with my children
and he/she spoke with people from Germany.
"My God, they are from Miami."
"? What does he/she have of bad Miami?"
"Skies, murder people every day.
"We look at the news in Europe."
I said: "Yes, yes, it is a dangerous" city.
"Not I will go there of vacations."
My wife looked at me...
if they knew.
What wanted to know was
what it happened with all the money.
The invasion happened before the dawn,
when airplanes of EE UU
they bombarded the barracks
of General Noriega.
It used their position
to sell Panama to the traffickers.
When Noriega fell
we lost through the bank of Panama
about 140 millions among Max, me,
Rafa, Ochoa, Escobar,
all lost a part.
It was this way like we lost a lot.
It was then in the jail
and there was not way to retire the money.
The government you Io Ilev everything.
You Ilevaron all the money.
We went to the cinema
and we lined up during two hours to see
the famous movie i Caracortada, /i
me and other nine types, the ten assassins.
The movie begins
and they try to kill him.
They bring to two Colombians to murder it
and we begin to laugh.
Us Io had killed.
If it happened in the real life,
Io would have murdered.
February 3 2006,
the lawyer Samuel L. Burstyn
it was declared
guilty of obstruction to the justice
after their arrest
in their house in Sunset Island,
valued in 4,8 million dollars.
The district attorneys said
that it acted as lawyer
for a criminal organization
that it cared and it distributed
cocaine and marijuana.
Burstyn faces 20 years prison .
If it is guilty of all the positions,
it will be prisoner 42 months,
he will find difficult their license and it will lose
400.000 dollars cash and in active.