Cocaine Godmother (2017) Movie Script

[chickens clucking]
[dog barking]
[zipper zips,
belt buckle jingles]
[briefcase closes]
[men speaking Spanish]
[man calls out indistinctly]
[rooster crows]
[dog barks]
[TV playing]
[cocks gun]
[chuckles dryly]
Griselda Blanco.
Her file wouldn't cross my desk
at the D.E.A.
until long after she arrived
in America.
She made it to New York in 1972.
She was small time at first,
a petty criminal...
just trying to make ends meet
for her husband
and her three little boys.
[slicing paper]
Now, it turns out
she was a natural
at counterfeiting passports...
and the local drug dealers
kept her busy,
Especially Alberto Bravo.
[door opens, footsteps approach]
[man]: Let's
have some rum.
[another man chuckles]
Where is the rum?
Ah. She found it.
The boys will be up
in two hours, Carlos.
And you.
Why do you encourage
him, Alberto? Huh?
Ah, it's simple.
Because I get to see you.
Where are the goods?
He doesn't have all day.
These are fantastic.
You only get better, Griselda.
Well, somebody
has to keep food on the table.
Hey, you shut your mouth, woman.
I should get going,
as much as I would love to stay,
but remember...
[both]:...If you ever...
...Want to make real money,
give you a call.
Hilarious, Alberto.
As always.
You should know...
I won't be
one of your mules, Alberto.
Mules are quiet and dumb.
You don't exactly
fit the bill.
farm workers.
smuggling is cosmetic.
What's on the surface.
You look good, you do good, no?
In life.
I suppose.
Use women, pretty women.
Models, even.
Looks good, no?
Do I look like
some poor, uneducated smuggler?
I have a kilo on me right now.
Well, flour,
but you get the idea.
I found these at the pharmacy,
filled them with flour,
sewed them into my bra,
my girdle,
and I put the rest in my heels.
[laughs, incredulous]
You're joking.
We'll get a hotel room
after lunch.
Only to show you.
[chuckles dryly]
You look nice.
What's the occasion?
Why aren't you at work?
I came home early.
Oh. You mean
you were fired again?
Just to be clear,
no wife of mine is running drugs
for Alberto Bravo.
I'm trying
to make money, Carlos,
get us out of this hell hole.
Well, then, you'll
wind up in jail.
I'm already in jail.
I am in charge of this family!
Now, get me a beer.
You did say please.
[cries out]
[grunts intensely]
Get up!
I want you gone
before my boys get home!
And if you ever come back...
You crazy bitch.
Get out!
This woman
is gonna make us rich.
She's amazing...
Let's get a drink.
You're quite a dancer.
Thank you.
I'm Caroline.
What shall we
toast to, Carolina?
The good life.
May we all live the good life.
Look at that face.
A face that deserves
the good life.
Griselda and Alberto
made good partners...
in crime and otherwise.
He had the connections,
she had the ideas...
like a permanent light bulb
above her head.
Every day,
she found new inspiration,
like using senior citizens
to smuggle a few kilos,
they'd never get searched.
The wheelchair was a nice touch.
And she went back to Medelln,
only now she was the one
calling the shots.
She oversaw every single detail.
She teamed up
with a local supplier
who was making
quite a name for himself...
Pablo Escobar.
It was the early days
for both of them,
but the money was pouring in.
Pablo had the coke...
but it was
Griselda's inventiveness
that got it across the border.
Her little boys
had become teenagers.
She moved uptown
to a spacious new apartment.
And to manage all of this,
she had help...
I'm sorry.
I was hoping not to wake you.
It's all right.
So how was Medelln?
It could not have gone better.
You saved me...
Thank you, Carolina.
Honestly, I don't
mind watching them.
I love those boys.
So how were they?
The principal called.
Uber, of course,
has been a dream.
I'm not worried about Uber.
But Dixon's been
skipping class again
and going to the tracks.
[sighs] What is it
with those stupid horses?
And he's been taking bets
from his classmates, so...
One more time,
and he's suspended.
Mm. And Osvaldo?
With so little muscle,
I was hoping for some brain.
The thing about Osvaldo
is he's still failing
sixth-grade math.
No, he's in the eighth grade.
I know.
All their father's genes.
I don't want to hear any more.
All right, well...
[packages crinkle]
What are you doing?
You have people
to do that for you.
The girl never showed,
so I had to do it.
Easy as pie.
No, no, no. Promise me
you'll stop doing that.
I mean it.
I mean, if you go to prison...
I promise.
You may be the only one
that actually cares
about me, Carolina.
That's not true.
I'll always take care of you.
You know that, right?
[Uber]: Mom?
Is that you?
My love...
Why are you awake, my love?
It's not very late.
Oh, it's late.
Let's go back to bed.
You made the honors list again!
I love you so much.
You'll be the first
in our family
to graduate college.
I'm gonna be
the first in our family
to graduate high school.
Say "uncle", bean pole!
Hey! Enough!
He's gonna pass out!
You two... out of my sight!
Have a good day, my love.
You... if I hear
you're at the track today,
I'll choke you myself.
And you?
Ay. Just go.
One more, one more, one more.
What the hell?
Who did this?
Where is it?
Mama, calm down.
It's all here.
Huh? What have I told you
about going behind that fridge?
Where's Uber?
He's at football
practice. He's fine.
Okay, you have
about two seconds.
We figured out th...
It's in the suitcase.
She's supposed
to guess, you idiot.
Knife, please.
the false-bottom suitcase!
Well, shit.
Here's the thing, Mama.
We're not going back to school.
We want to work for you.
Are you insane?
You're kids.
It's a perfect cover.
And since you're
marrying Alberto...
Boys need a father.
A proper one.
It can be a family enterprise.
I escaped Colombia
to come to the United States
so that you and you
could get an education.
Leave that to Uber.
I said no!
Fine. I'll keep up
my side business at school.
And maybe Osvaldo
will learn to read
by the time he graduates.
You don't talk to me like this!
[Griselda clapping]
Shall we see who
is getting married next?
Okay, give me your shoes!
Quick, quick, quick!
This is so exciting!
Quick, quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick.
Okay. Enough, enough.
Close my eyes...
The lucky groom is...
No, no, no, no, no.
Another one.
The lucky groom!
This is the wedding gift
I really wanted.
Now, this is where I come in.
We got wind
there was a new player on scene.
She had dozens
of distribution shops
around the city,
and she was moving
way more product
than we could possibly track.
You sure have been flying
a lot lately, hmm?
Oh, would you look at that?
Here I thought you were selling
Colombian vacuums door to door.
Got at least 50 back there.
50 Ks?
You've certainly been
a busy little bee.
All right, let's save some time.
Although, 50 Ks?
I mean, all you really have
is time, isn't it?
Give me a name.
I don't have a name.
[girl whimpering]
Shh, shh, shh.
You're making
your girlfriend cry.
Por favor deje de.
No una palabra.
[sobbing softly]
Aqui, aqui!
She doesn't know anything,
and even if she did,
she wouldn't tell you.
They'd kill her family.
I'm already a dead man.
Yeah, that you are.
So why don't you
give me something, mm?
I don't want some
low-level bullshit clerk.
I want a real player.
Tell me his name.
They call her La Madrina.
A woman?
[pho rings]
You have to run.
They have Julio!
[shouts] Now!
Hurry! Let's go!
I know! I know!
Alberto! Move it!
The van's ready!
Go! Go, go, go, go!
Let's go. Let's go!
Ready? Let's go.
The woman was smart,
and when I thought I was close,
she was always a step ahead...
heading to another safe house.
She had 'em all over the city.
What are you doing?
Get in.
But-but my apartment.
I mean, are we coming back?
I can't just leave!
Now, listen to me.
I told you
I'd always take care of you.
This is your real family now,
please, Carolina.
- Okay?
- Okay.
The new guy
did well under pressure.
He stuck to the plan.
- Get rid of him.
- He didn't talk.
- He got caught.
- He's in jail.
- Get rid of him!
- All right.
[engine starts]
She vanished.
Maybe I was too close.
They headed to Miami,
where business was booming,
and all that competition
ignited her thirst for blood,
and the ideas just kept coming,
one of her signature moves...
drive-by motorcycle assassins.
Soon enough,
every cartel in the city
wanted her dead.
It was time to step up security,
and she demanded the best.
I hear you might be
looking for a job.
I might.
my employers seem to die a lot.
And you call yourself
head of security?
I apologize.
They insisted on coming.
Mama's little soldiers, huh?
You got this, right?
Don't need me.
That's right.
This is just a courtesy meeting.
Okay, quiet.
I swear to god,
if you say another word...
It's fine.
It's fine.
Let them speak.
Well, seeing as this is
a courtesy meeting...
here's my two cents.
La Madrina isn't the only
family enterprise in town.
And to get to her?
Well, they'll find
you two in your beds
and cut your tongues out,
and you'll never
see them coming.
Let's go, turds.
I hear you have another brother.
You see?
Uber's not interested
in the family business.
I mean, look at him.
He wants the blonde girlfriend
and to be
Mr. All-American.
[sniffing deeply]
[footsteps approaching]
Rudy's here, Mama.
Rudy's here.
For Carolina's birthday
What do you think?
I think you've already
given her, like, five watches.
Good point.
Where's Alberto?
He should be on his way
to Medelln, no?
He must be busy.
Yes... of course.
Those girls certainly
can't pack
their big-boobed chests
with my coca all by themselves,
now, can they?
I can truly say
the pleasure is all mine.
Why, look at that.
Already we agree
on something, Rodolfo.
I prefer Rodolfo.
I have a statistics final.
Where is Susan, my love?
You always study together.
My girlfriend.
Apparently she's been spending
a bit too much time
at the spic drug den.
The "spic drug den"?
Who says this?
Probably her dad.
He likes to run his mouth
after a few scotches.
No big deal.
I gotta go study.
drug den."
Have you ever worked
for a woman before, Rodolfo?
Well, with all due respect...
no one has.
What I need,
what I require
is someone
who knows exactly what to do,
before I even say it.
Then what you need is me.
Make him disappear.
That slut's father.
Maybe this is not the best time
for personal business.
Nobody insults this family.
Calling us spics?
We are Colombians,
for God's sake.
Why are you
still standing there? Huh?
The first order I give you,
your enormous balls shrink?
Consider it done.
had a permanent V.I.P. booth
at the club
where she laundered
some of her cash,
which meant
she had to tolerate
the owner, Gerry,
and his, uh, pink blazer.
- Not tonight, Gerry!
- Wow, whoa, whoa...
I calisten to anything tonight.
Relax, man, it's...
All right. Okay.
We've been waiting for you,
my darling!
Sit down! Now!
I wanted to marry her, Mom!
Did you know about this?
What are you talking about?
She had my girlfriend's dad
Don't you ever speak
such nonsense again!
Now, sit down.
Okay, so...
looks like I just...
I just signed
my own death warrant. Hmm?
This is what it feels like
to be part of a family. Huh?
One big, happy family!
It's a party, isn't it?
Let's have a few drinks!
It's a family!
It's a family party!
We gotta have a toast.
Okay? A toast!
[thumps bottle down]
Bring in the cake!
Happy birthday to you
Come on!
Come on!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Carolina
Happy birthday to you
Uber never forgave her
for what she did,
and quitting school
and joining the business
was his revenge.
He was good at being good,
but even better at being bad.
Shoot your ass! Okay?
That's what I said
if I was going to... win.
That's what I told you
if I was gonna win, all right?
Remember? I told him.
I told him
I'd shoot him right in the face.
The second
I get a three-of-a-kind,
I told him
there was gonna be an ace.
That's what I said, right?
That's what I told you!
Everything I touch
turns to shit.
Even my own sons.
Stop. Stop.
My husband is too busy
screwing bra models in Medelln
to keep a proper eye
on business.
He does half his drops
in broad daylight.
He's weak!
And weak is dangerous!
The D.E.A.
is already too close!
They're all over me
because of him!
Calm down.
Calm down?
Every cartel in this city
is looking to cut off my head!
Huh? Calm down?
I trust no one.
No one!
[smacks bed]
[yells and smacks bed]
You can trust me.
I know that.
I'm sorry.
Try a tiny bit.
Don't worry.
It just makes you more happy,
that's all.
You could use a little happy.
You happy, huh?
Are you happy?
I'm happy.
Look at this guy.
duffle bags full of cash
right to the bank's door.
Oh, the bank didn't mind.
No, no, no.
See, they were very happy
to clean all that dirty money.
Dirty money
builds golf courses...
But it all comes with a price...
people die.
The violence in Miami
just kept escalating.
It didn't bother Griselda
so much.
See, by now,
she was a full-blown
cocaine addict.
This is ridiculous.
You shouldn't
be going to Medelln.
I just want to
learn something, Mama.
To learn?
Then take some motherly advice.
Trust no one in this life.
Not even your wife.
Men are fooled so easily.
Women are like...
They'll pull you into their web
until you're wrapped up so tight
you can no longer breathe.
She sent Rudy ahead to Medelln
to get things ready.
There was
some unfinished business
to deal with.
Welcome to Medelln.
What's Junior doing here?
Don't call me that.
Uber... tough guy now, huh?
I guess we'll find out, huh?
You drive.
[keys jingle]
Can I say this is a bad idea?
Nobody gets in our way, Rodolfo.
Remember that.
[engine starts]
He operates
out of the V.I.P. room.
There's a few bodyguards,
but they won't recognize you
as a blonde...
which, by the way, I like.
Thank you.
I'm going in with her.
It's a viewing expedition only.
You good?
Better when I get a drink.
Where's my gun?
Do you remember
everything I told you?
Ask me that again. Huh?
Fine. Let's go.
[Latin music playing]
[chatter, indistinct]
Hello, husband.
[moaning and panting]
[grunting and groaning]
Hello, darling.
Who are you?
Me? I'm the crazy bitch.
No, my love...
My love, we can talk...
I just want you to be happy.
No, stop, stop it.
Okay, I can explain.
Tell me, rough guess,
how many times
do you think you screwed him?
Six. Why?
Because that's how many times
I'm going to shoot you.
No, no, no.
Griselda, please...
Ay. This was
my favorite blouse.
[cocks gun]
Get in the car!
Pablo Escobar,
now at the height of his game,
as was Griselda,
pulling in $8 million a week.
Truth was,
they needed each other.
He provided, she distributed.
She's beautiful, no?
Hmm. If you don't
count her dick.
[kiss sound]
Don Pablo. Welcome.
Dario. Dario Sepulveda.
La Madrina is expecting you.
Please follow me.
[rowdy chatter]
[people cheering]
This is what I call
a party, hmm?
How is Medelln?
But I'm trying to change that.
Soccer fields in every slum,
new hospitals,
housing for the poor...
I do admire you, Pablo.
Thank you.
I was sorry
to hear about Alberto.
May God rest his soul.
We have a business to protect.
I worry
about you being on your own.
They've been trying
to put a bullet
in me for years, Pablo.
They always fail.
I care for your safety.
Even a cat has only nine lives.
You compare me to a cat, Pablo?
An animal
that licks its own ass?
A lion.
Yes. A lion.
That's better.
It's time to go.
Let's go.
Just me.
You're staying.
I need you here.
To be my eyes...
my ears.
I need a drink.
I can't keep up with you!
Oh, really?
I beg to differ.
Tell me what you want.
Another car?
A horse?
You love horses!
Anything! Anything.
I'll get it.
I just want you.
I'm not leaving this place
until you dance with me.
Always the hostess.
[sighs deeply]
Get us a couple of drinks.
About nine months went by.
Dario found a way
to stick around.
Make up your mind.
This boob or that one.
You'd think
it would be like riding a bike,
[door opens]
Sorry, sorry.
Where have you been?
Traffic was horrible.
I overheard a nurse
talking about his penis.
Oh. It's enormous.
He's a Sepulveda, hmm?
Michael Corleone...
Michael Corleone?
Yes. From The Godfather.
What, you don't like it?
No, I love it.
Al Pacino may not.
Al Pacino, I love him.
[deep breath, sigh]
I could kill for a bump
right now.
you're breastfeeding.
Oh, my Uber.
And I'm back.
So is everything set
for tomorrow?
Got ourselves
a regular war wagon.
Someone care to fill me in?
Don't pout, Rodolfo.
It was my idea.
We're taking out her enemies.
Tch! All of them.
a husband who supports me.
The D.E.A.'s practically
in our backyard.
We agreed this is not
the best time to advertise.
I don't care.
I want all of my enemies
out of this city
once and for all.
What can I say?
She always gets what she wants.
Who's your team?
Paco and Diego.
And Dixon.
No more weakness...
isn't that right, Michael?
Tomorrow, we slit their throats
and feed them
their own testicles.
Any more questions?
Now, Carolina,
take another photo.
Get in, Rodolfo, and smile.
Quick, Carolina.
Say "cheese."
[shutter clicks]
...and driver Juan Hernandez
were gunned down
in what has now been termed...
The Dadeland Massacre
changed everything.
[Reporter]: The recent surge
of drug-related violence...
It turned a sleepy beach town
into a war zone.
People wanted justice.
The heat was on
to nail her for it.
I started
with Mr. Pink Blazer, Gerry,
owner of the club.
You hear that? Hmm?
Broad daylight.
Come on, man.
Give me something
on your best customers.
Tell me more about Rudy.
I can't.
She said she'd
kill my girlfriend.
Oh, well, from what I hear,
she'll do a lot more
than just that.
See, I got you, Gerry.
The laundering alone
will get you 10
in Dade County...
so talk.
I can't. I can't.
You can't?
Your girlfriend...
Maria, right?
Works at that crappy
blues bar down by the water?
Oh, you son of a...
No, no, no.
I get it. I get it.
I do.
You know, I mean...
I'd be worried too...
just thinking about her
leaving late at night.
Tough neighborhood.
All sorts of shit
can go wrong down there.
Too dark...
wrong red...
Too ugly.
Carolina, how could you
let me buy these?
I thought you loved me.
But you always
look pretty to me.
You've been smoking
too many bazukos, huh?
I still want to
look beautiful for him.
he used to be fun.
It never lasts.
I want to have fun.
I won't screw up with Michael.
I can't...
not like with the others.
He's the only thing
I have left...
my baby boy.
Maybe you should fire them.
[laughs] Stop.
Fire them?
I can't fire my babies.
I always try to teach them
right from wrong.
That's what mothers do.
Especially Uber.
Ay, my little Uber.
[pearls clacking]
Call yourself
their mother again...
and I'll strangle you
with these pearls.
[breath catches]
[pearls rattle]
You should see your face.
[laughs] Ay!
I forgive you.
Isn't this nice?
Let's go out.
I feel like
tearing up this town.
Mm, before or after
you smoke more coke, huh?
See what I mean, Carolina?
Huh? No fun at all.
I'm going to bed.
[TV playing quietly]
Let's go out.
I'm fed up of being
cooped up in this house.
Sure. Dancing?
We could go to Casanova's.
No, no. Let's do
something different.
Like... what?
Who owes us money?
I'm just thinking about
the future, my love.
You should find
a respectable girl,
one from a good family.
Mama, is that
what you're worried about?
Like that one from high school.
What was her name?
The blonde.
I saw a picture of her
in the paper.
She married
some football player,
already has two little kids.
They're so adorable,
I could have eaten them up.
So cute!
Where'd you get that,
by the way?
It's very nice.
Oh, you know,
I'm here to collect, Tom.
Collect what?
You owe La Madrina 380 grand.
What are you talking about?
She owes us.
Could that be true?
I don't know.
If you could
just... Wait.
I could show you
the bank statements that...
[gasps intensely]
What the hell, man?
[Tom]: This is how she
takes care of her debts?
You'll rot in hell for this!
It's nothing personal, Tom.
We're just trying
to get the job done.
And brother,
she wants your head too.
No, no. Uber. Uber, no.
Y-You cannot cut my head off.
Can't you just shoot me?
No, I can't just shoot you.
That'd make too much noise.
I got a silencer in the car.
Yes. Yes,
kill me with that.
Fine. We'll use...
We'll use a silencer.
Thank you.
I mean, if my kids wake up
to me without a head...
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.
Your kids are here?
They're sleeping.
They... They didn't see anything.
Tom! We're gonna have
to cancel them, too.
No. Please! No. Please!
We're gonna have to talk
to Madrina
before we do that.
I'm gonna talk
to La Madrina first.
Tom, I'm trying
to do you a favor here.
See this crazy shit?
You want your kids
to turn out like me?
I don't think so.
Sorry, man.
He's got kids upstairs
that are asleep.
Well, he wants us to spare them.
What would you do?
I guess...
I mean, they're just kids.
Do you know
what my favorite thing is
in Godfather II?
"Don't even leave a seed."
Remember that?
Yeah, I think so.
he watches his mom
get killed by, uh...
Don Ciccio,
when he was a boy?
Yes, and Vito escapes, remember?
And when he becomes a man, he...
He stabs Don Ciccio.
And he looks him in the eye
and he tells him that.
"Don't even
leave a seed."
You bitch!
[two gunshots]
The body of Christ.
My baby boy's first communion.
I'm so very proud of you.
Thank you, Mama.
Now you have Jesus
inside of you,
and He will protect you,
just like He protects me.
Yes. Amen.
Sit down, my love.
[celebratory chatter]
My friend.
How are things?
[exhales deeply]
Huh? La Madrina...
driving you nuts again, huh?
She thinks she's Al Capone.
Smoking five bazukos a day,
putting hit lists out
on D.E.A., cops...
Every family wants to ice her.
What do you need, Dario?
To be done!
I did my job.
There's no controlling her
I'm afraid that's not possible.
She moves too much product.
She's indispensable.
She murdered two kids, Pablo.
Which is unfortunate.
She needs to be gone.
You're like a brother to me,
I would do anything for you,
but not this.
I would not
be running for Congress
without her, hmm?
Just keep doing your job.
I don't want a scratch on her.
[engine starts]
Noon on Tuesday,
and "Murderer's Row"
plays video games.
Huh! Great.
Suck it, Dario.
Hey, Papa!
Hey! Here's
my handsome boy!
You have a kiss for your papa?
- Look, look, look.
- Whoa. Whoa, whoa.
What the hell is this?
[older brothers giggling]
That's Mikey's birthday present.
You gave a kid a real gun?
[older brothers cracking up]
Nice work, butt brain.
I couldn't think
of anything else.
Hey, Papa, Papa, can I please
have some ice cream?
Yes, of course.
No, my love.
You've had an ice cream
every day this week.
Where have you been,
the last three days?
You make
a lot of messes, Griselda.
Someone has to mop them up, no?
I pay someone to mop.
Try again.
What is this, huh?
The "Griselda Blanco
Paranoid Hour"?
Have another bazuko.
Watch your mouth, Dario.
[brothers snickering]
Say that again.
Come on!
Do you wanna be a hero,
Come on!
Get him out!
How's the food here?
Five stars.
Do I know you?
I'm D.E.A. Agent Jimmy DiPiero,
and I'm on your wife's hit list.
Hit list?
Well, now, you're on
there too, Dario.
You know, I have been after her
for a very long time.
Way before any of this, uh,
"Godmother" crap.
Then I suggest
that you find a new
line of work, then.
You see, that's why I'm here...
for you
to help me do my job better.
What do you want?
Give her up.
I'm the husband
number three, remember?
[starts laughing]
I have no intentions
of joining the others.
[keeps laughing]
Good. You know,
she's gonna find out about
your little sojourn
down to Medelln.
Then what?
How did you know that?
Listen to me.
I can get him out.
Before he turns out
like his brothers.
You can't.
I can. I can.
And you can start over.
The two of you, in Medelln.
You could have a normal life.
You keep your money.
We don't want it.
You'll be able to afford
all the scotch and sodas
your little heart desires.
It's your only way out of this.
By the way...
cold cuts at a strip club?
Come on, Mikey!
What do you got?
Let's go, man.
You've got the most...
Oh, ho, ho!
Hey, over here.
Over here.
[ice cream truck music playing]
Please, please, please,
can I have some ice cream?
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
Want some ice cream
right now, man?
Please, please, please!
Please can I have
some ice cream?
You want ice cream?
- Yeah.
- What would Mom say, huh?
- Yeah!
- She would say yeah?
Okay, what do we say? Please?
Please? Please!
Okay, all right.
I'll get you some ice cream,
[bills crinkle] Get something
good, too, all right?
Hey. Go... Go with him.
Oh, come on.
The kid barely
gets to go outside.
Let him get some
frickin' ice cream.
All right.
Well, hit this right here.
Ooh! [chuckles]
Remember that guy
that came through one time...
at the house?
Remember those days?
Did you guys
want some ice cream?
[tires squealing]
Michael! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
[Griselda sobbing]
Our baby is gone.
He's gone!
We'll find him.
And God will help us.
[roaring] Shut up!
Shut your mouth!
You stupid worthless
pieces of shit!
You couldn't even keep an eye
on your own flesh and blood?
Get out!
Get out of my sight!
Stop. Stop.
[gently] Stop.
Shh, shh.
We'll turn over every stone
in this town.
And whoever took him...
Listen to me.
Whoever took him...
Will feel 20 bullets
in their back.
I promise.
I'll be in contact
as soon as I can.
This is your fault.
It's been three weeks.
There's a van at the gate.
Calm down.
It's a shipment.
Somebody needs
to keep watching the business.
I have something for her.
Come on, come on, come on.
Go, go, go, go!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
You play amazing, huh?
Thank you, Papa.
I'm so proud of you.
Come on. Let's go.
See you. He's my son.
Four goals!
What's wrong, Papi?
I love you, Michael.
I love you very much.
Always remember that.
Now we're going to play a game.
Papi has to leave,
and you can't go with him.
So you must stay in the car,
look straight ahead...
close your eyes,
cover your ears...
and don't look back.
Hey, little man!
Let's go back home, huh?
[screaming] Carolina!
[door opening]
Oh, I love you so much.
With Michael back
and Carolina gone,
there was just no reason
to stay.
They got the hell out of Miami.
She wasn't there, Gerry.
Vanished. Poof.
So I tell you what.
Look at this, huh. Hmm?
You help me...
you help me.
Understand what it is like
to be a respectable man...
Even if it is for
your last few miserable days
on Earth.
They're laying low
in L.A., okay?
So much
for "laying low in L.A."
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
Boys might as well
have rented a billboard.
Girls, why don't you get out?
Round 'em up.
You know it only took
one phone call
to find you boys?
So how's Mom these days, huh?
Now, I won't waste my time
asking where she is,
because you don't know.
- Of course we do.
- Oh, no, no, no.
No, you don't.
No, she's too smart for that.
I'm guessing you don't even
know her number...
Because she knows
that if I was ever across
from you spineless idiots...
you'd crumble.
I'm guessing
at least your babysitter
knows how to lay low, huh?
[phone rings]
I said no calls.
Yes. Yes, I know.
But there's...
two homeless guys
sniffing around your car, and...
- [door bangs]
- Freeze! Get your hands up!
Get down!
Get down on the ground!
Now! Now!
[Jimmy]: That's right,
I got you,
you son of a bitch.
[coins dropping]
[numbers beeping]
[phone line ringing]
Thank you for calling
the Beverly Hills Suites.
The guest
you are trying to reach
is not available.
[banging at door]
Federal Agents! Open up!
Open up, Griselda!
Go on. Shoot.
[handcuffs rattle, snap]
[door lock buzzes, opens]
[footsteps approach]
You're welcome.
You know, I can't say
that gray is your color,
Gray is nobody's color.
I also, uh...
I brought you these,
the ones you wanted
from your apartment.
Thank you very much.
I suppose
this must be awkward for you,
Oh? How's that?
Well, we've been enemies
for years.
Both out for blood.
Yeah. True.
And here we are...
You seem comfortable.
I'm used to it.
Michael will be taken care of.
Of course he will.
Legally, he goes
to Dario's sister in Miami,
a preschool teacher
who never swears.
Safe and very, very sound.
No leverage there, James.
It's Jimmy.
I prefer James.
Well, why don't we
talk about your pal, Rudy?
[snickers] My driver?
What does he know?
Oh, a lot, apparently.
You see, he's cutting a deal
with the D.A.
right now,
and he is gonna be a witness
for the prosecution, Griselda.
You're screwed,
and so are your boys.
They are gonna
have you stand trial
in Miami.
Why Miami?
Well, for murder.
The only way you get out of this
is in a pine box.
Unless, of course,
you start talking to me.
We are talking.
Tell me
about some of your friends,
friends that matter.
You underestimate me.
You think I fear prison?
I've been in one
since the day I was born.
Keep it.
Consider it a gift.
A gift?
Gifts are for friends.
Are we friends now, James?
You know,
if I didn't know any better,
I would swear
you are flirting with me.
I'm not dead yet.
[faint chuckle]
Rudy found a way
to protect Griselda,
like he always did.
Now, he had quite a plan.
Somehow... it worked.
While other inmates
were apologizing
to their mothers,
well, he was having phone sex
with that pretty secretary
from the D.A.'s office.
It became a major sex scandal.
It was all over the press.
Miami, oh, they were outraged.
Judge had no choice
but to throw his testimony out,
and although Griselda
was responsible
for more than 200 murders,
she only served 10 years
instead of a life sentence,
and after doing her time,
she and her boys
were deported back to Medelln.
Osvaldo was first.
Then Dixon,
and last was Uber,
the only one smart enough
to know it was coming,
and he took his fate
into his own hands.
And so she ended
where she began...
alone in Medelln.
Now, she came back
with more money
than she could ever spend,
but it didn't change a thing.
She was still in a prison
of her own making.
She started alone...
she ended alone.
She lost everything
that really mattered.
She ended up
having the life of an old lady...
watching TV,
taking long walks,
feeling the sun on her face.
I think she liked it.
Finally, it didn't matter
what was around the next corner.
The irony?
She was killed
by her own invention...
motorcycle assassins.
And finally...
she was free.