Cocaine Wars (1985) Movie Script

- What happened, Klausmann?
I got a message in Miami
to catch a ride back with Cliff,
- Why?
- You know why, Rikki.
You've been stealing from me,
You've taken a cut off
every shipment
for the last six months!
- That's bullshit, Reyes!
You know it is.
- Finish it!
- You lying son of a bi..!
- Come on,
do something!
- I will.
Real soon, now.
- That's enough.
I want to talk to you
first thing in the morning.
- Yeah, you owe me money, Reyes!
- Get to work!
- Get to work!
- There won't be an election.
- I hope.
- Still, with Marcelo stirring
up the students and workers,
there's bound to be strikes,
- And the generals will
have to step in.
- When the army takes over,
you'll need my cooperation.
Otherwise, your problems
are only beginning.
- I can take care of my
own problems.
You remember that.
- And you remember this,
Las Palmas is my territory.
- But you are on my
territory now, Lujan!
One word from me and
you are dead!
Your corpse will
fertilize the coca crop!
It will save us some horse shit.
Put the damn thing out!
Do you want to blow
us all to hell?
We will discuss this further
at the polo game, Mario, hmm?
- Of course, Gonzalo.
That is the way
gentlemen do business.
- How are you, Cliff?
- You owe me for the last
shipment, Reyes.
100 grand.
- How would you like
to make twice that much
in a few hours?
Marcelo Villalba.
A big mouth leader of
the Social Party.
He writes for a newspaper,
a little rag called El Diario.
A troublemaker.
- Yeah?
So what?
- You're going to kill him.
- I don't think so.
- I'm ordering you.
- I fly for you, Reyes!
That's it.
Why don't you call Klausmann,
he's your trained
Doberman Pinscher.
- You don't have a choice.
I've got your plane.
- Oh, I'll get my plane.
And I'm also gonna get
all the money you owe me.
- And how do you
propose to do that?
- You just keep right on
fucking with me, Reyes,
and you'll find out.
- For this paste,
90 a kilo.
- Lujan pays 100.
- Forget Lujan, 90 a kilo.
- No sense in wasting
the trip, I'll take it.
- Smart boy!
- People who sell to Lujan,
accidents happen to them.
- You're an accident,
my friend.
You can ask your mother.
Cliff, how're they hanging?
- What are you doing here?
- Rikki wasn't
ripping Reyes off.
You were, you and your pal,
When Reyes got suspicious,
you framed Rikki for the job.
Give me a ride to Urubamba?
- Yeah, well, hop in.
- If he talks to Reyes,
you and I are dead!
Get to Urubamba.
- I take care of the bastard.
- He knows you.
You find Miguel, give him 5000.
- And what about Bailey?
- Get going, I will take
care of Bailey.
Oswaldo, Oswaldo!
- Cliff, keep your pecker dry.
- Muchas gracias, senora.
- Take my Rolex, best
price anywhere.
- I got flake or rock,
take your pick.
- Jorge, come on!
- Hey, Gringo, look.
- No thanks.
- Cliff!
- Hey, Kenny.
- How you doin'?
- Still flying for big bills.
- Still flying.
- Que tal, Cliff?
- Bien.
- How goes it, amigo?
- Remember those two
packages I gave you?
- Sure.
- I'm gonna need 'em.
- I'll fetch 'em
before you leave.
Goddammit, Cliff, that
window cost me 200 bucks,
special order!
What am I supposed
to do with it?
- Make it into a lamp.
Picked the wrong mean
son of a bitch!
I don't like it when
people point guns at me.
Makes me a little crazy.
- Hey Ace, buy a girl a drink?
- What are you doing here?
- What about that drink?
- Yeah.
Kinda thirsty.
- Yes?
- I'm surprised you even
bothered to look me up.
- Don't flatter yourself, Ace.
I've been here five
weeks already.
I'm on a story, six parts.
- Coke.
- Good guess.
So, you still working for
Reyes, congratulations.
You must be very rich by now.
- Yeah, I get by.
- Maybe you can get me
an interview with him.
- He and I
aren't exactly
on the best of terms
at the moment.
As a matter of fact, he
just sent me a message.
I sent it back.
Come on, I need a lift
into Las Palmas.
- I gotta talk to some
people first.
- Fine by me.
- Ah, take it easy, Ace.
Call me.
- Yeah.
Maybe I will.
- Keep moving.
- I never run over a good
looking broad.
It's against my religion.
- Give us a lift?
- I'll give ya a lift!
- Move this shitcan!
- Gimme the money!
Don't even think
about saying it!
I hate it when guys say,
"What money?"
- You are a stupid
son of a bitch.
- So long, sucker!
- What is it?
- It's an old family heirloom.
- Move it, out!
- Franco, put this stuff
somewhere safe for me,
you know what I mean?
- Mm, mas o menos.
- Mas o menos!
Suddenly, it all becomes
crystal clear, ey?
- I give you the leader
of the Social Party,
Marcelo Villarba!
- The government of
the Social Party
will be a government
of the people,
and the first act of
our government
will be to stop
those responsible
for the exploitation
of the people!
They allow the corrupters,
the parasite,
the bloodsuckers!
But we do not fear to
speak their names.
Gonzalo Reyes!
Gonzalo Reyes, a man who
has sold the very good name,
the very soul of our nation
for a handful of cocaine
and a fistful of dollars!
Mario Esujer Lujan!
Mario Lujan, who auctions
off of the laws of our nation
to the highest bidder!
Mario Lujan, our valiant
Chief of the National Police!
We will make some federal
constables move!
We will exterminate the
knightly generals,
the coke leaders!
The germs that feed on our
nation's pride!
- Out, get out, come on!
Come on, quit it, get
out from there!
Come on, woof woof!
Come on, come on you!
Move it!
- Marcelo!
- Forget it!
- Turn!
It won't go well for you
if Lujan's people find me here.
- Just keep still.
- Oh, maybe expecting
somebody else?
So, this is where an American
reporter lives in Las Palmas.
- Si.
- Very nice!
- This is Marcelo.
- Yeah, I know, I heard
his speech this evening.
- And?
- You didn't get very far.
- Maybe another time, you have
a chance to hear the rest.
- Maybe.
- Take care, Marcelo.
- Perhaps we'll see
each other again.
- All right.
Senor Reyes?
It was Wilhelm on the phone.
He shadowed Cliff to
a house in Las Palmas.
10 minutes after Cliff
went in, Marcelo came out.
- Cliff!
The double-crossing
son of a bitch!
What the hell is he
trying to pull?
- He's crazy, and there
is only one cure
for that sort of craziness.
- Marcelo is a friend.
He's one of the good guys.
- I thought all you reporters
were supposed to be neutral.
- Captain Coke!
- You know I don't have
to take this anymore.
- Sit down.
Sit down, you're giving
me a stiff neck.
Dear old Cliff.
I got it in Caracas off some
kid in the street, two bucks.
I wonder where he stole it from.
I thought you'd like it.
- I keep it because it
helps me remember.
- You played so tough back then.
You didn't need anybody.
- I needed you.
Just never could seem to
find the words to tell you.
- Uh-huh.
- Still the same old Cliff?
- That's the problem.
- Yeah.
You may never
see me again.
- I loved you, Cliff, I just
despise what you're doing.
I still do.
What happened?
- Somebody took a wrong turn.
- Wilhelm is dead.
- Goddammit!
- I was wrong!
- ...hmm?
- And make it right!
- Miami.
- Yes, Cliff, get me
Mario, would ya?
Listen, they had Rikki killed!
Yeah, that's right, so
you think you can get him
on the damn phone?
Thank you!
Frank, now, Frank,
I need to,
what, what are you talkin'
about, Frank?
Frank, for, for Christ's sake,
I got it stickin' out, and
you wanna break it off!
You, well, Frank, I'm
the one that's down here!
Eh, Frank, Frank, would
you listen to me first.
Frank, I'm in too deep,
it's goin' down now!
- It's set, 20 minutes.
- Great, where?
- I'll let you know
when we get there.
But here's ground rule
number one, Ace,
I get first shot at the story.
First shot!
There's Marcelo now.
- Yeah.
- Are you all right?
- Hmm?
Oh yeah, yeah.
Did I tell you that
Reyes offered me
200,000 bucks to kill that guy?
Let's go.
- Marcelo.
- Hello.
- How would you like to
nail Reyes to the wall?
- I'd like that very much.
- Merry Christmas.
- What is it?
- A list of Reyes'
partners in Miami.
A few of the Cubanos, and so on.
- Let me see.
- Names, dates, places, mierda!
Where did you get this?
- Oh, I collected
it in my spare time.
Every young boy needs a hobby.
- There's enough evidence here
to put this man away!
Reyes will have no customers.
- Reyes will need no
customers, Reyes'll be dead.
These men don't fool around!
- Are you giving this to me?
- No, no, no-no-no-no.
This is my insurance policy.
As long as I've got it, he
can't afford to kill me.
What you get is a story.
- What about me?
- All right, uh, Marcelo,
I think you should have--
- What about me?
- Janet, look, this thing
is not over yet.
When I get through with
these papers,
you can have 'em.
Do anything you want to them.
Write your goddamn story!
But until I give you
the green light,
it's my game, my court,
and my rules.
You got it?
- Are you finished?
- Yeah.
- I'm in.
- Marcelo?
- What do you want me to do?
- Uh, here, print that on
the front page
of your newspaper tomorrow.
I'll take it from there.
Adolfo, how are you doing?
- Cliff, aw!
Cliff, you never asked for me,
- No one's asked for
you since 1962, Chica!
- You slut!
- At your service, from
five to five.
- It's a new floor show, Cliff.
How do you like it?
- Great, me gusta.
You, uh, have a little accident,
did ya?
- Well, it was no accident.
- No, no thanks. Bailey,
don't you think you're getting
a little bit too old
for this line of work?
Maybe you oughta quit,
move back to the States.
- You're late!
You little creep!
- Oh, my darling!
- I hope you brought
me something!
- So how's your, uh,
your buddy Lujan doing?
- Lujan's been firing up
the army boys,
and they wanna run the
whole shebang.
- Why don't you give them
a call for me?
- Aw, you creep!
Stand up!
Come on!
- I like to see a girl
who enjoys her work.
Cliff, I got a few bad
habits, but I ain't dumb.
I know what happened with Rikki.
That information is
cheap in this town.
I got a feeling there's a,
there's a shitstorm coming down.
Huh, I don't wanna get
caught in the middle.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I oughta quit.
- Maybe I can help you out.
- Bring me the telephone, Chica.
- Dial this, chico.
- That's the best telephone
booth in Las Palmas!
- Miami, International Press.
Si, gracias.
- Your men find what was
left of Wilhem last night?
- What do you
know about that?
- Oh, not much,
tried to kill me.
I wouldn't let him.
- You know I could arrest
you for murder?
- Yeah, but you wouldn't
do that to me.
I'm afraid you'll kiss me
on both cheeks
and award me the
Croix de Guerre.
How'd you like to put
Reyes in a hole
he'll never climb out of?
- Lenny, listen to me now.
This is totally embargoed
until I give you the word.
Do you hear me?
- Why would you help me?
- For the money,
'cause I'm holding an auction,
and you're gonna wanna bid.
- Could I?
- Oh, yeah.
You'll know the first thing
in the morning, my friend.
I'll be in touch.
Yeah, get him on the phone,
would ya?
Listen, you know who this is,
so just get him on the
damn phone, all right?
A-ha, Reyes!
You know, I've been
feeling a little bad
about our relationship lately.
We don't seem to be
getting along,
so I decided to send you
a little love letter.
That's right.
Why don't you take a look
at the cover of El
Diario tomorrow.
- Cliff?
- Hmm?
- Why did you fly for Reyes?
- Uh, researching my
- Oh, yeah, what's it called?
- God Is My Copilot.
- You owe me some answers.
Cliff, what are you doing?
- My job.
You remember when Rikki and I
bought into that air
taxi service?
- Sure.
And Gonzalo Reyes Jr. was
one of your regular charters.
I thought--
- You thought that I was
suckin' up to the kid
so that I could make
some real money
flying coke for his old man,
- You're DEA.
- You're right, undercover.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Because you never asked me.
Come on, Janet!
You know I couldn't tell you.
- What happens now?
- Well, according to the agency,
nothing happens now.
I've been pulled off the case
until after the elections.
- Oh, there won't be
any elections.
Lujan will see to that.
- Not if I can see to
Lujan first.
- This is just like
Marcelo said.
They sit around playing politics
and Reyes keeps sucking
his country dry.
- He's filling our
country full of shit.
- He's got to be stopped.
- Stopped, hell, he's
gotta be destroyed.
Looks like I'm elected.
- Got my vote.
- Hmm.
You know, uh, I wasn't
quite finished with that.
- Yeah, you were.
- You goddamn bastard!
- Cliff, it's Senor Reyes.
- Yeah, well, tell him to
hold his water.
- Just a moment, Mr. Reyes.
Just a moment, please.
- Franco, here, I want
you to put this
back to bed for me, okay?
- We should talk this over,
Reasonably, like men.
- Like men?
What I want you to keep in mind,
is that I set myself
up a deadfall.
Anything happens to me, you're
gonna be swimmin' in shit!
- Cliff, don't do anything
we'll both regret.
Can you come out?
Two o'clock.
- Okay, I'll meet you
at two o'clock.
- Yes, that's fine.
- Yes, Cliff, of course.
Very interesting!
Six o'clock this evening.
Yes, yes, I'll be in touch.
Ruiz, stakeout the men
across the street
from the Boulevard Hotel.
I want to know as soon as
the Americano Cliff goes out.
- Yes, my general.
- Come out!
- Uh-uh, no fighting in
front of my place.
It scares the customers.
You keep giving me guns, Cliff.
Maybe I ought to open a
shop on the side.
- Why don't you just make
it into another lamp?
Klausmann's afraid I'm
gonna tell Reyes
he was ripping him off.
- Maybe you should set
his mind at ease.
- Fine.
- All right, now!
Get closer.
All right, Klausmann!
It's all right, Reyes
is expecting me.
Open up.
- Who is she?
- My Aunt Irene from Odessa.
I promised her I'd show her
the sights, now come on!
- Smartass, huh?
- It's over!
Who are you?
- My name is Janet Meade,
Senor Reyes.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm a reporter,
International Press.
I'd like to speak with you
about certain--
- La camera!
- Wait a minute, Senor Reyes,
I'm here for a
legitimate interview.
- You want an interview?
- Si.
- Okay, interview Rosita,
she was Miss San Pedro 1983.
- Goddamn reporters, huh?
Oh, by the way,
I killed Klausmann
on the way over here,
I hope you don't mind.
So how's Gonzalo Junior doing?
Is he still knockin' up gringas
at the University of Miami?
- Leave my son out of this.
- All right, all right.
I just thought that, uh,
maybe Maranetti's men
might wanna look him up.
- What do you want?
- I want my plane and
the money you owe me.
- Ah, 100,000?
- No, that was before.
The price has gone
up since then.
See, your boys have had two
shots at me already, Reyes.
Then there's Rikki, I
kind of like the idea
of his folks getting a
little something, you know?
Let's say, uh, two
million dollars.
- I don't have that kind
of cash on hand.
- Bullshit, Reyes.
A little friendly advice,
don't fuck with me right now.
I got you by the short hairs,
and I'm about to start pluckin'.
- How can I be sure that you--
- You can't.
- All right.
All right.
One of my men will meet
you with the money--
- I'll tell you when,
and I'll tell you where.
- Cliff?
- That's right, yeah, listen,
I wish to report a crime.
- Really?
- Yeah!
Somebody broke into my
hotel room at the Boulevard.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, it's an awful mess.
All of my clean shirts
got wrinkled.
Did you find what you
want, you son of a bitch?
- It doesn't cost
anything to try.
- Well, my friend,
you see,
that's where you're wrong.
Reyes already bid two million,
but I'm raising the price
'cause you pissed me off.
- Ah, come on, Cliff!
- How about 2.5?
- Cliff, that's
getting too expensive.
- Tough shit!
Listen, you get it up by
eight o'clock,
or you're gonna miss the
chance of a lifetime.
- Oh , I knew you
would come back to me!
- Where's Bailey, Lola?
- He'll be back.
A drink?
- Yeah, fine, fine.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lola, forget the drink.
Turn that up.
- This special report from Miami
courtesy of USA Network News.
- Drug Enforcement
Administration agents
today raided this building,
arresting five men and seizing
nearly 500 pounds of cocaine
worth an estimated $7 million.
Kathy Heron in West Palm Beach--
- Come on, keep it down,
would ya?
- This is the home
of Carlo Maranetti,
the Cuban mafia boss
arrested this afternoon--
- Silencio!
- Has moved a
copyrighted story
by correspondent Janet Meade--
- Oh, Lenny, you son of a bitch!
- Maranetti to Gonzalo Reyes,
alleged to be the largest
exporter in South America.
- Dammit, Janet!
- Cliff!
- Lola, when Bailey gets back,
I want you to tell him
to stay put and straight
till he hears from me,
all right?
- Cliff, look out!
- When we didn't find
the stuff in your room,
I figured Marcelo had
it after all.
I was wrong, nobody's perfect.
Let's go!
If you won't tell me
where those papers are,
then I'll enjoy finding out!
- Fuck you.
- Taxi!
- Get up!
- Vamos!
- Okay, once more.
Where are those papers?
- I forget.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
- Where's Hernando?
- I don't know.
- Perhaps this will
help your memory.
- Hernando!
Gringo Bailey, do you
know where I can find him?
- Come with me.
- Ah, no, another way.
- Yes.
- Stupid asshole!
- Can you understand me?
- Yes.
- Look at this.
Cliff, I give up,
I'm going to kill you.
or die.
- I'll talk.
Drop it!
Take those cuffs off.
Tell him!
You tell him or I swear to
Christ I'll break it right off!
- Do as he says!
- Come here, come on!
Now turn around.
Get out!
- Is this is the way that you
call a taxi in your country?
- Sure, sure, when?
When for God, ho!
He just walked in,
thanks for calling, kid.
- Hey, look, we gotta talk.
- Did you have an accident?
- This was no accident.
- Que pasa?
- Sorry, Lola.
- Oh, Cliff, uh, are
you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I just
need to use your room
for a couple of minutes, okay?
- Sure, sure, just a
few minutes, huh?
- Rapido, rapido!
- His friend, uh, Hernando,
Gomez has got Janet.
I'm sorry, Cliff.
- Shit!
- No.
- Marcelo, I want
you to stay here
at least till tomorrow morning.
Keep an eye on him, would ya,
Franco at the Boulevard's
got my package
with all the stuff on Reyes.
Go ahead and take it, Marcelo,
it's yours.
Pick it up for him, would ya,
- Sure, Cliff.
- But Janet is in danger!
- Don't you think I know that?
Reyes ain't in the mood
to make no deals now.
There's only one way she's gonna
get out of this thing alive.
- What are you going to do?
- Inside that package,
Bailey, is an envelope.
It's got your name on it.
It's also got enough money
to get you out of Las Palmas.
I'm gonna need your pickup.
- It's in the alley, you
can use the back door.
- Thanks.
Anything else?
- Yes.
Good luck, my friend,
and thanks.
- Yeah.
- I'll see ya in the States.
- Maybe we'll have lunch.
El Gringo Bailey.
- Sure.
- And the other
package in there,
I want you to make sure
that he gets it, all right?
Here, him and nobody else.
- Right.
- Get me an outside line.
- Yes, Cliff.
- Yeah, I got what you want.
- And I've got
what you want, Cliff.
- Listen, you just
tell me when and where.
- At the refinery in two hours.
Tonight's shipment, it
goes out on schedule.
- I haven't finished
working on my plane.
- Take Cliff's plane, he
won't need it.
- You know what you are,
don't you?
- Yeah,
the winner.
- That old family heirloom, huh?
Thanks, Dad, I owe you one.
- You bastard!
- Sorry.
All set?
- As soon as I'm loaded up.
- Hey, you!
How much longer?
- Enrique, what's the problem?
- Gomez!
- Cliff, he killed Enrique.
- Just find the son of a bitch.
- He's somewhere around here!
Turn off those goddamn lights!
$10,000 to the man who
shoot him down!
- Cliff,
I know you can hear me!
You've got three minutes
to show yourself
or you and the bitch
can rot in hell!
- Come and get me, asshole!
- Kill him!
- Go get him!
- Good evening.
We're gonna play a little game.
You repeat everything I
say, and I won't kill you.
Listen up.
Go on, listen up!
- Listen up!
- I found him.
- I found him!
- Everyone come here.
- Everyone come here!
- Vamos!
- Come on!
Vamos, vamos!
- I lied.
- $100,000, Gomez, for
you kill him.
- That's a lot of money.
Well, you won't be able
to collect it.
- Drop your gun!
Drop it!
- All right, now you
shoot anything that moves.
Come on!
- It's not gonna work!
- Like hell it's not!
- You look like shit.