Cockfighter (1974) Movie Script

I learned to fly a plane.
I lost interest in it.
Water skiiing.
I lost interest in it.
But, uh, this is something
you don't conquer.
Anything that can
fight to the death
And not utter a sound, well.
The person that puts the
most and works the hardest
Is supposed to win.
And usually that's
the way it comes out.
The drive in it
is to be the best.
We call it sharpness.
When you can hit that peak.
When that bird is at his
best, then he'll win for you,
Because you make your luck.
I can pick out the best
bird by his conformation,
His bone structure.
But I can't look into his heart
and tell you how game he is.
You know what you said
in your sleep last night?
You said, Randy, you mother.
I'm gonna kick your shit
ass clear across this room.
You remember that?
Who's Randy?
You can't fool me.
If you can talk
when you're asleep,
You can talk when you're awake.
I just want you
to know I know it.
That's some mighty
Sandspur, huh.
Well, what kind of money
we talking about this hack?
What, $100?
I figured on taking you
for at least $1,000.
I'm risking my $200 ace
against you $100 bet.
Uh, I don't know.
I'll tell you what I'll do,
I'll put up another $900
Against your car and trailer.
Even money.
That's the car and
trailer plus the $100, OK?
I'll catch you later.
When I
was doing to Sandspur's bill
Wasn't exactly illegal, but I
didn't feel too proud about it.
Only wanted to boost the betting
odds by making the gamblers
Think that Sandspur's
bill was cracked.
They want this all on Sandspur.
Forget it.
You know I can't get
a four to one bet.
Cracked bill?
Now I don't know who
to bed, you or Burke.
Maybe I'll be able
to get some out.
Five pounds, two ounces, even.
You handling Jack?
No, Ralph's going to handle him.
He's about half pounds
over, you're going
To have to cut away, Frank.
Uh he can have the half pound.
He can have shit, you know
there's no two ounce leeway.
Official SCT hack.
What I meant was, uh, it
don't make no never mind to me.
It makes a difference
to the better, Jack.
Five two, even.
See that, Jack?
He's got a cracked beak.
Well if I'd known he
had a cracked bill
I'd give you some odds.
Who wants to call it?
Tails it is.
That's a short guess.
Set him low and outside there.
What was that?
Burke was a long gaff man,
But I preferred the short heels.
Sandspur was a cutter and all
the best would short gaffs.
I mean David was used to
long, three-inch heels.
By me winning the toss,
I'd given Sandspur
A slight advantage
over little David.
Ladies and gentleman, this is
an extra hack between Mr. Jack
Burke, Burke's Farm, Mr. Frank
Mansfield, Mansfield Farms,
The official southern conference
hack, no time limit, no draw,
Both birds with short gaffs.
Mr. Ralph Hansen will
handle for Mr. Burke.
That's enough.
Get ready.
Get ready.
That broken beak lost your
bird his pecker power, Frank.
The winner is Mr. Burke.
Well, got it all down, Frank,
yours and mine, three to one.
Great Sandspur, game but lame.
You ought to give
up this shit, Frank.
Well, don't look for me in
Milledgeville this year.
I was getting
ready to wash them.
I never heard of anybody so
mean they'd take a family's
Mobile home away from them.
Now, little lady, we made a bet,
You see, and we
shook hands on it.
Nobody shook my hand.
What about me,
what happens to me?
No, I don't know
about that, Frank.
I got, I got me a lady
friend up in Kissimmee.
Uh, little, little David'll meet
Any challenges, any
five two challenges
You want to show against him.
Only put your money where your
mouth is in Milledgeville.
Please take me with you.
Please Frank.
How will I staying
with old Mr. Burke?
He must be 40 years old.
I felt sorry for her in a way.
But I didn't worry about her.
She was pretty and young.
A good lay.
Hell, she'd get by anywhere.
Piss on her and the
horse she rode in on.
That's an old trick
you tried today, Frank.
I've done it myself and I've
gotten away with it, too.
The trick, you see, is not
to cut the groove too deep.
If you cut too deep,
it's liable to cost
You your car and trailer.
Two years ago, this medal
could have been in your hand.
But you had to shoot
your mouth off and lose
The bird you needed to win.
I've got the finest five
pound chicken alive, Jack.
Right here in my hands.
The very finest.
You want to know something, boy?
I am the finest trainer and
conditioner in the whole world.
And my bird here, he can beat
anything you got to show, man.
Hey listen, I'm, I'm getting
tired of listening to you
Brag, Frank, goddammit.
Why don't you put some money
where your mouth is right now.
C'mon, Frank's just talking.
Jack, it's 2 o'clock
in the morning.
No, no, no, no,
wait a minute, he's
Been doing all the god
damn bragging, let's see
A little action now, all right?
No, we're going to
find out right now, OK?
$200, flat out, no odds.
$200? $200 even, OK, give
your money to Lucille.
All right Lucille, keep
the change, sweetie.
You ready?
Do it, let's go.
OK, bill them up.
Get ready.
Hit them!
Jack wins, Frank.
Have you got another
five pound rooster you
Can use in the derby tomorrow?
It's too bad, Frank.
Now you'll have to
withdraw from the derby,
Which means you
ain't got a fighting
Chance for the medal this year.
You got two little
faults, Frank.
You drank too much
and you talk too much.
I ought to keep my mouth shut.
I am.
I'm going to keep my mouth
shut until I win that medal.
I'll tell them to
stick it up their ass.
All those sons of bitches.
It's 5:30.
You gonna sleep all day?
Come on out the yard.
We can have breakfast later.
Except for these battered greys,
White Lightning here's the
only game cock I've got left.
Haven't fought him yet.
Just about everything I've
ever learned about breeding's
Gone into this one.
And when the time comes,
he'll out cock and out shuffle
Every game cock in the South.
If a cock's legs
Hang down in perfect
alignment with his body,
He's a close hitter.
This cock's legs were perfect.
You want this chicken, Frank?
He's yours, then.
For $500.
I know the price
is unreasonable.
But pay me, and
you can take him.
I wouldn't be selling
him if I hadn't promised
Martha I'd quit cock fighting.
He's yours when you
bring the money.
Go out and have some
breakfast, and I'll drive
You down to the bus station.
Where did want to go?
The lease on my Decatur farm
had two more years to run,
And it was all paid up.
But without any
game file and, uh,
Without any funds
to buy any, wasn't
Any point in going out there.
First thing I had to
do was get some money.
You devil.
You would have to catch
me looking like this.
Well, stop grinning like an
ape sit down, I'll feed you.
Coffee's all ready.
You may have lost your voice,
but you can still write.
We haven't heard from
you in six months.
Well if it ain't
the junior bird man.
Welcome home, bubba.
How long you gonna stay?
The, uh, enigmatic
response Frank.
I suspect, uh, you've
come home to collect
That honest debt I owe you?
Too bad, bubba, because I
have a hard time raising $25,
Let alone $2,500.
But it's your house, so,
you're welcome to stay
As long as you like.
Would you like a job, honey?
Uh uh.
my old room was
At the end of the front
hall next to the bathroom.
Nothing had changed
much in two years
Except for all the junk that
had been stored in there.
Things sure have
a way of getting
Out of place after a time.
Frank, you busy?
There's somebody here
to see you, Frank.
And I bet you can't guess who.
At least you could
put your shoes on.
He's on his way.
Still his gentle,
warm-hearted self.
Come on in the kitchen, Randall.
What for?
She's pretty quick on the horn,
is she all right out there?
She's fine.
It's just mama.
It's the nurses' day off, I have
to drop her by Mrs. Roswell's.
When I mentioned your name,
you should have seen her face,
She got all excited.
I know she remembers.
My goodness, what do you
think I am, the welcome wagon?
I haven't seen
you in six months,
And you expect... I don't
know what you expect.
It's hard to get inside
of a stone wall's head.
Francis said there
was a chance you
Might decide to stay this time.
Is there any truth
to that wild rumor?
Joe Lee asked me to marry him.
Got myself a piece of land.
Joe Lee gets me, he's
getting a bargain.
I told him I'd give
him and answer.
You hungry?
Want to get a
hamburger or something?
Was getting kind
of hungry myself.
You remember Frank, he
was one of your favorites.
He was everybody's favorite.
I ever tell you
about Johnny Erwin?
Boy who peed on the
wall in study hall?
Teacher wouldn't let
him go the bathroom.
So he kept raising his
hand, saying, teacher, I
Can't hold it, I ain't kidding.
So finally, she wouldn't
let him go to the bathroom
After 30 minutes,
and he just got
Up, walked back to the
corner, and peed on the wall.
She took him down to
the principal's office,
And Mr. Tomlin says,
son, you are expelled.
And he says, I don't give a
shit, I'mma join the Marines.
He did!
He jumped, he jumped
in his '52 Chevy,
And started out to
San Diego, and then
When he got to New Mexico,
he ran into a bridge post
And killed himself.
He never would have made
Marine, anyway, I maintain.
I think it was suicide.
You know what it proves?
The value of self control.
If he hadn't had to pee,
he'd be alive today.
Just like you and cock fighting.
Something over which you have
absolutely no self control.
I want.
I want to get married
and have children.
I wanna have them here
where we both have roots.
I'm not going to marry
you and live some old game
Cock farm in Decatur.
I'm not going to
wait for you forever.
I waited long enough.
Jake, would you please tell
me what's going on here?
Good morning, Mr. Mansfield,
we're here to move your house.
Frank, what's happening?
What's going on?
What are they doing?
They've come for the house.
Frank sold it.
Well he can't do that.
Can he?
You better call you daddy and
tell him he's having company.
Put it away.
No game cock's worth $500.
I'm sick of game fowl anyway.
Let's go get your rooster.
Those two battered greys
are in fine feather again.
You can have the hen, too.
Can't you wait till Frank
finished his breakfast?
I'm not rushing him.
I can get you a good deal
on a dozen Melhorn blacks,
If you're interested.
I got the wire.
Mr. Omar, he helped me get
the Melhorns last night
From the Express Depot.
White Lightning.
Mighty pretty bird, Mr. Frank.
He's soft now, but
he won't be long.
Those Melhorn blacks
look awfully good, Frank,
But we had to water
them at the station.
The baggage people must be
afraid to water chickens
En route.
This here ace I
don't know about him.
Yeah, I can see his high
spurs, but he's an ace cock.
That is one game chicken.
I guess I'm pretty
good, huh Frank?
Nothing else to do, I reckon.
I don't know, Buford.
That was a $75 rooster
with two wins already.
I'd have pitted him in
the pit first.
He'd be tough all right.
But Mr. Frank, he say when a
bird got high spurs like that,
He miss more than he hits.
When did he tell you that?
There's a lot of things I
don't like about cock fighting,
But it's a business.
You're either in or you're out.
And I'm all the way
into cock fighting.
Frank, you and I
need each other.
Why don't we form a partnership,
just for the season.
Wait, before you answer me,
think it over for a day or two.
If you conditioned and
handled, and I took
Care of the business details.
Well let it go for now.
But bear in mind, I'm
filthy with capital.
Well, no matter what you
decide, why don't you
Come over for dinner tonight.
I'll take that high-spurred
rooster home with me.
Tonight you and
I'll feast on stewed
Melhorn black and dumplings
with a bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse.
Stewed chicken for
two, $37.50 a plate!
Farmer says I gotta get
a young rooster in here
And shake up these hens.
So the old rooster
hears him say that.
Farmer drops a young rooster in
there we're and the old rooster
Says I gotta tell you something
about staying in condition.
He says, c'mon with me.
He says, we're going to run
around this cockhouse about
Three times.
You've gotta stay in
condition if you're
Going to take over this barnyard
and take care of these hens.
He said, I'll show
you something.
Then well she says OK.
He says, now you follow me.
First we'll crow, we'll
wake up the farmer, c'mon.
He says, OK.
So he goes
Like that, and the young one
The farmer wakes up and
he's looking out the window
And the old rooster
keeps raising like that.
He's looking back
over his shoulder
And the young rooster is
six paces behind him, see.
And the old farmer takes one
look, and he picks up a shotgun
And he goes, blam!
And he knocks off
the young rooster.
And he goes, dammit.
That's the third faggot
rooster I had this week.
Whaddya say, Frank?
For the season?
Oh, baby.
You'd better stay out late
tonight because we got
An early start in the morning.
Like people, every game cock
Has to be handled differently.
You know, a chicken's brain's
about the size of a BB,
But within those brains,
there's an infinite variety
Of character and
personality traits.
The game cock is the most
stupid creature on earth,
And the most
intelligent fighter.
I ran the cocks.
The game cock has to fight fast.
And the running
strengthens his legs.
I ran them 20 times
the first day,
30 second, increasing the
number of runs 10 a day
Until they reach 100.
Now he can run like
a striped-ass ape.
Well if all that
doesn't bother him,
He can fight in Times
Square on New Year's Eve.
How you getting along with
Frank since he stopped talking?
I like him better now.
Before his big mouth
lost him the cock
Fight of the end medal?
He was on to my
tail all the time.
Buford do this, Buford do that.
Now he do what he has to
do and I do what I do.
Everything's nice and quiet.
Hit him where it hurts!
He'll never make it now
Get ready.
Kick it up!
Get Ready!
My cock was bored, how
could he be a runner?
A runner's a cock
that runs, Omar.
Pete wins, dammit.
Y'all's cock left the pit.
He was confused.
He wanted to get
back to the pit,
He just forgot where it was.
You heard what the referee said.
Yeah, I heard him.
Mr. Mansfield?
Saw you 52 up on the board.
Our roosters won two
fights this year.
Least the guy I bought him from
Said he won two fights.
I'd like to bet
you $25 even money.
You got yourself a bet, son.
You're going to have
to fight him short heel.
Got a pair?
I ain't got no heels.
Yeah, no problem,
I'll lend you a pair.
Want me to heal them for you?
No, I don't need nobody
to heel them for me,
I heel lots of birds.
This here's and extra hack.
Mr. Mansfield's white
against Junior's grey.
Both birds weigh 5.2,
fighting in short heel.
Bill them up.
That's enough.
Flush your birds.
Flush her one time.
Flush her.
On your score.
Whaddya mean, foul!
You stuck your finger
up that cock's ass!
I was told if you stick
your finger up there
And rub his balls a
little bit, then it
Puts some life in your chicken.
Who told you that?
My daddy did.
When you stick you finger
in a cock's ass like that...
C'mon, now, is it a foul?
With that sharp
fingernail, that's a foul.
That's the way to throw a fight.
Mr. Mansfield, look,
I didn't know that.
I swear I didn't know it
and... and, I apologize to you.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You're blacklisted
from this pit,
And all Southern
conference pits.
How long's the blacklist?
Forever, boy, and
your daddy too.
Oh, right, I owe
you $25, don't I. Uh.
I'll tell you, Mr. Mansfield,
I didn't bring no cash with me.
You know, I was so
sure I was gonna win,
I just left it all at home,
but I got some at home,
And as soon as I get
there, I'm gonna get it,
I'm gonna bring it here
and give it to you.
Oh God damn!
Let go of my chicken!
Dear Mary Elizabeth.
We have got to make
a decision about what
To do with our lives.
Until you've been
to a cock fight,
Or seen me in the cock
pit, we won't ever
Have any understanding.
I'm sending you two tickets to
the Milledgeville tournament
For March the 15th and 16th.
All my love, Frank.
PS you've got to give
me a fighting chance.
Good luck, Mr. Mansfield.
For this last derby fight.
You fellas get ready.
Get ready.
On your lines.
Hit 'em.
Don't suppose you
heard the good news.
Get ready.
On the line Hit 'em.
Remember Dody White?
I married her, Frank.
But the wins.
Frank, she's uh, she's got
the wild idea from somewhere
That you can talk.
And uh, and she's afraid
you're gonna say something
About, uh, you and her.
And, uh, well I know
it's a lot of crap,
But you know how women are.
Mr. Pete Chocolate, the
derby winner, and Jack Burke,
The close second.
Well, anyway, I'll tell
her I talked to you.
Here's the big one you
been waiting on, folks.
Shakes and no weight limits.
You bill 'em up, gentlemen.
I got $25, $20.
I call $25, $20.
I'm on the black chicken.
I'll lay $25, $30
I'll lay it.
You're on.
I'll lay $25, $30.
$25, $30 on the red.
I'll lay $30, $20.
I'll lay $100, $80.
I'll lay $50, $75.
$50, $75 on the black.
$25, $30.
Oh you got 50 on the black,
I got the black rooster.
Hit 'em.
What were the
odds on Mrs. Burke?
Well, if we don't
count out dead chickens,
We're $3,800 ahead on the
derby in the main winnings.
Now, if you want to, we can skip
either Chattanooga or Biloxi,
And spend the extra time
conditioning for Milledgeville.
When the pressure's on,
gentlemen, a promoter's just
Gotta do the best he can.
When the SPCA got
its dander up, why,
The Sheriff just had
to go along with them,
That's all there is to it.
County elections, you see.
But I got next to the city
officials without no trouble.
So instead of fighting
out to the game club, why,
We can stage our little
derby right here in the hotel
Without no trouble.
Just take a feel of this,
this wonderful pit floor.
Why, a, a carpet
like this, all nylon,
Makes a wonderful period.
And you don't have to worry
about damages, neither,
Because that's my look out.
We also got exclusive use
of the service elevator
Out here to bring that cocks
up from the basement garage.
There won't be many
spectators, but you'll
Be able to get any bets
covered because there are
Three really big money men
flying in this afternoon
From Nashville.
Frankly, gentlemen, I...
I've got a question.
What do we with the
dead cocks, Mr. Reed?
That's an excellent
question, Mr. Whipple.
The dead cops will be
stacked in the bathtub.
Any more questions?
Yes sir, what do we
use for the drag pit?
The VIP suite will
be used for the drag.
But the main pit will be
right here in this room
With all the furniture removed.
You can heel in that other
bedroom past the bathroom
That where Mr.
Baradansky's standing.
Any more questions?
Well that's it then.
The fighting starts at
10 AM in the morning.
Mimeograph schedules
will be run off
And slipped under
your doors tonight.
Now if you gentlemen will give
me a list of all your weights,
Why, I'll get started
on the matching.
Yeah, you're right, We could
lose our chickens an array.
But we could get fat off
those Nashville gamblers.
Why don't you take our derby
birds on to Cook's Hollow.
I'll take the other
birds in a truck,
Go to a motel
outside of town, come
Back, do some gambling anyway.
I should have brought
another handkerchief.
When I ask Fred Reed for that
entry fee back, he's gonna cry.
I see on the board, you'd
looking for a 5.2 to fight.
Well, you give away
an ounce, we got
A 5.3 I figure would take him.
Mine, Mr. Mansfield.
Little Joe.
Ever hear tell of Little Joe?
All right, Mr. Mansfield
hadn't fought in this neck
Of the woods in some time, Tom.
Well, he's a six time winner.
Can't fight him here though,
'cause he's crowd shy,
But you come out to
our place, and we
Can give you a private hack.
Tell you what.
I'll give you two to one and,
and you can name the amount.
We ain't gonna...
Little Joe just on $50, uh uh.
And you gave him two to one.
Little Joe can take him, daddy.
You got yourself a bet.
You just follow us on out
whenever you're ready.
Trick, Frank.
People has gotta square of
linoleum in his cockpit.
He rubs rosin on
Little Joe's feet,
And on that slick wax
surface, the other cock
Hasn't got a chance.
I got a chunk of
rosin for you here.
That way at least you start
out even, except that Little
Joe's won at least 16 fights.
Leave the coops here
and come back after it's
All over if you want to.
This is a stick up.
Hands over your heads.
Anybody moves gets
their head blasted off.
You get that chicken?
You get those.
Get out of the pit and
up against the wall.
I'm just gonna say this once
and only once, so pay attention.
When I point this thing at
you, you pull down your pants,
Throw them over
there on that heap,
But not before I tell you to.
Then put your hands
back up over your head.
Keep your tobacco.
I'll hold him for
you, Mr. Mansfield.
Feels just like a baseball.
It was a shame for Little
Joe to kill a pretty
Little chicken like this 'un.
Shush, calm down.
We just about
finished, Mr. Mansfield.
C'mon boy.
May as well let Tom be referee
is that's all right with you.
Let's... let's... let's bill
them a little, Mr. Mansfield.
Oh, that Little Joe,
he likes to fight.
Flush 'em.
Get ready.
You killed Little Joe!
You killed him!
You killed him!
Ah, you didn't have to
hit him so hard, there,
That Little Joe was his pet.
He had a right to be mad,
losing him so quick, like.
I'm, uh, little short
a $1000, Mr. Mansfield,
But I'll give you
$350 now, you've gotta
Take the rest of the game fowl.
We'll go on down to run, you can
pick yourself out six roosters.
Well, most of my
stocke's all greys,
But I've got three Palmettos.
You can't get no better
cutters than Palmettos.
Oh, ten's all the stock I got.
You can't take all 10.
Aw, c'mon there.
You'd best not hold him under
that too long, Mr. Mansfield.
He'll like to get drownded.
The champagne hour!
Let's drink a toast!
To victory at Milledgeville!
I wait, gentlemen.
Light passes this way but once,
notwithstanding the hinders.
And I say, celebrate
a victory twice.
Once before the magic
event, and once afterwards.
A ritual is what it is.
Mystical in it's power to invoke
the gods of lightning victory.
As the top glass fills, it
overflows into the next,
And on down into eternity.
The mystical realm
of the great cock.
A monument.
To all, all American
cock fighters.
A hearty salute.
The Anglo-Polish team of
Mansfield and Baradansky
Salute you.
Into the faith!
Vauxhall awarded the medal to
The man he thought deserved it.
You didn't have to win the
tourny to get the Cockfighter
Of the Year Award.
The senator hadn't
given the award
To anybody in three years.
And it was possible
that he wouldn't
Give the medal again this year.
I didn't think want
to think about it.
Your room will be assigned
to you up at the house.
There's someone mighty
anxious to see you up there.
Well you go ahead,
Frank, I'll unlock.
I've never seen someone so
anxious to see Mr. Middleton.
Ed Middleton?
Frank though you
meant his fiance.
You didn't expect to
see me here did you?
Well I'm not here
as any spectator.
I'm chief referee.
And don't think I won't be
watching every move you make.
You know, I uh, promised
Martha I'd quit,
But Milledgeville only
comes once a year, so she
Slipped my car for a few days.
Say, uh, you've
got a partner now.
I guess I'll have to ask him
how my little white chicken's
Getting along.
C'mon, I'll buy you a drink.
Another thing I
want to know is, how
Come they didn't catch you with
your pants down in Chattanooga?
It looks good, Frank.
You're gonna win the
cockfighter of the year medal.
Oh you don't have
to go downtown.
I'll phone down for the hotel
reservations for Mary Elizabeth
If you want me to.
Hey Frank.
No matter how we
come out tomorrow,
I'll always be grateful to
you for getting me this far.
Talk to you a minute?
Hey pal, let's... let's make
the bet an even $1000 between
Little David and your chickie.
Ed and Pete's OK as long
as we tally the score.
Jack said I had to
apologize to you.
Frank's partner, Senator.
Mr. Baradansky.
Oh yes.
Russian, are you,
Mr. Baradansky?
Uh, no.
You look Russian.
Well anyway, you're in good
hands with Frank Mansfield.
I knew Frank's granddad.
And if you listen to
Frank, Mr. Baradansky,
You'll learn a lot about
the game fowl business.
Isn't that right, Ed?
Frank could teach
us a lot of things,
If he won't have to say them.
That's what I mean.
General Severus, before
he invaded Great Britain,
Made his Roman legion watch
cock fights for three days.
The example was enough.
Dinner is served.
They don't feed game fowl
right in Poland, Mr. Baradansky.
Game cocks can't
fight on raw potatoes.
I'll keep that in mind.
Four generations in
Evanston, he talks to me
Like I just got off the boat.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Southern
Conference tourny.
And we want all of you
to have a good time.
There's only one rule.
Conduct yourselves as
ladies and gentlemen.
Uh, before the
tourny's over, you may
Want to place a small wager.
Know who you bet with, because
there may be internal revenue
Agents in the crowd.
I'll take $100 on the red bill.
One more $100, now get in.
Ready, hit.
Get ready.
Let's go to the drag pit.
Looks like this one's
going to drag on all day.
All right.
Get ready.
I'm referee
in this fight, Mr. Mansfield.
Get ready.
C'mon, grey.
Number five wins.
I commit some kind of a foul?
We're pushing on
the center score.
The first time I wasn't sure.
Nor the second, when
number five whistled.
But the third time
it was obvious.
Didn't you gentlemen
see him push?
Are you arguing
with my decision?
You damn right, I am.
That's a $50 fine.
Anything else?
Will you take a check?
Hey Frank.
We're due in the pit in
less than five minutes.
You wanna handle?
So far, it looks pretty even.
You think we'll win tomorrow?
Well, you wanna raise
the bets two thousand?
If you five us two
to one odds, we will.
David's been on a
country walk all season.
White Lightning here's has
to fight just to qualify.
You asking for odds, Frank?
While the final results of
the tourny are being tabulated,
There'll be an extra hack
between entries four and five.
Both 5.2, Peach.
Both birds are 5.2 and
they'll fight in short heels.
All right, let's fill 'em.
I got $20 on the white!
Get ready.
Get ready.
Get him, red!
Watch that rough handling.
Get ready.
Handle Handle.
Get ready.
Get ready.
One handling the bird only.
Count's going on?
That's what I call a
dead game chicken, Frank.
One for Mr. Mansfield.
I'm picking up, Ed,
my rooster's dead.
Hell they're both
dead, but you're still
Entitled to two more counts.
Oh Jesus.
Get ready.
I'm carrying out.
The winner... Mr. Mansfield.
That's close enough.
I don't want you
to touch me, ever.
I should have watched
you in the ring long ago.
You are not the man
I fell in love with.
Now I know you never were.
I didn't watch those
poor chickens fighting,
I watched your face.
No pity, no love, nothing.
I think that bird has more of a
heart than you ever will have.
He sure as hell has
more of a voice.
Thank you.
If this is your
substitute for a heart,
At least it'll
serve to remind me
What a damn fool I have been.
Hey Frank, Frank.
Did you hear the announcement?
Senator Vauxhall just awarded
you cockfighter of the year!
C'mon, let's hustle.
As your partner, I'm entitled
to a little reflected glory.
Maybe you can sleep
with your medal, Frank.
And eat it all at the same time.
Maybe it'll give you some
comfort in your old age.
Everything all right
between you and her?
She loves me, Omar.
You go collect the winnings,
and I'll go get that medal.