Cocoon (1985) Movie Script

David, are you in bed yet?
DAVID: Yeah, I am.
Okay. Good night.
I love you.
I love you, too.
MAN ON RADIO: We'll have
more news here at your
all memories,
all music station
for St. Petersburg and Tampa
at the top of the hour.
Right now I'd like
to send out congratulations
to Thelma Miller
of Orient Park.
She was our
eighth caller yesterday
and collected $225 on our
big money memories jackpot.
Today, it could be you.
Oh, my.
My goodness.
Look at this.
BEN: Here you go, Alma.
Your little cart.
What a mess.
That'll do it.
And saltines.
Ex-Lax. You got my Ex-Lax.
Here you go, Bernie.
Hope you feel better.
Don't use that stuff.
Use prunes.
I use both.
Rose, I think these
must belong to you.
Thank you. I'm Rose.
Rose Lefkowitz.
I don't believe we've met.
This is Ben, Rose.
How do you do?
She remembers who I am, she remembers
who she is, so we're doing okay.
Come on, Rose.
MARY: That's it.
Poor Rose.
She's really slipping.
BESS: Here we go. And...
Swing them to the left
Then you swing them
to the right
Then you do the twist
with all of your might
Truck on down
Let's go to town
And that's what
we call dancing
Let me hear it.
And that's what
we call dancing
BESS: Hit it.
That's much better.
Come on, ladies. Pick them up.
Very good.
ART: I mean,
I have to share everything.
Girls, that's wonderful.
ART: I saw this, but I fell asleep.
So I don't know how it ends.
(BESS SINGING) Shake your little
shoulders and get on down
Do the Susy-Q
That's good for you
And that's what
we call dancing
Let me hear it.
(WOMEN SINGING) And that's
what we call dancing
Hey, Art. Art.
Come on over here.
I could use
some real men here.
If we see any,
we'll send them over.
Hit it.
Yes, yes.
Here we go. And...
Swing them to the left
You ever going to do
anything about that one?
Already have.
Put it to her?
You're disgusting.
So then you haven't, huh?
I say, "So then you haven't."
Here you go, Pops.
Ben. I said one.
Walk on the wild side.
You boys still
trespassing over there?
Hey, they're not
even melted yet. Wow.
DOCTOR: Okay, let's get
a board under her.
Let's get a pulse,
let's get a blood pressure.
I'll get a line.
No pulse.
NURSE 1: Eighty over 50.
DOCTOR: Keep pumping.
Is there a pulse
or a blood pressure?
Once more.
Everyone off now.
DOCTOR: Is there a pulse?
NURSE 2: No pulse.
Blood pressure?
NURSE 1: No blood pressure.
All right.
Let's call it.
Well, what's the word?
JOE: What's the word on what?
The doctor.
That's what.
You went to the doctor.
Now, what'd he say?
It's a breeze.
Everything's fine.
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait right there.
This is me
you're talking to.
Now, you went to the goddamn doctor.
Now, what did he say?
Doctors don't
know everything.
Well, there is the one
school of thought
that says they don't
know nothing.
ART: Well, gentlemen,
mission accomplished.
Hope the water
isn't too cold.
JOE: You want it
heated, too?
What about a lifeguard?
Well, the marines
have landed.
The navy's in.
Boy, that's cold.
You're right.
Fellows, this is the life.
That'll make your old
ball sac shrivel up.
Well, all in all, that was a
pretty damn crappy day at sea,
wasn't it, boys?
You stink.
Come on, man. It's the
great unknown out there.
Here's half your money.
"Half"? What do you...
What is this "half"?
Bonner, you got my
goddamn money now?
Got it right here.
I got it right here.
I'll be with you
in a second, okay?
'Cause if you ain't got it
now, you're not tying up here.
Look, I don't want to get
rough with you, you know,
but I'm not taking half.
Fine. Give it.
What are you...
Get your hands off.
Just get your ass
off my boat, man.
Just get your
ass off my boat.
You believe this?
And take your embarrassing
beach towel with you.
Guy brings a beach towel.
You believe these tourists?
Guy throws up on the deck, he doesn't
catch one fish, gives me half my money.
I need a brew.
You want something cold?
Untie the boat line.
JACK: No, wait a minute.
Don't untie the boat line.
Here you go, you bloodsucker.
I have nothing to live on.
Nothing. Zip.
Kirk, come on. You're not actually
gonna take all my money, are you?
You're gonna leave me with
five bucks, aren't you, Kirk?
KIRK: Not on your life.
Come on, Kirk. That money
will bring you no pleasure!
I promise you.
Can I have a word...
You just try
and sleep tonight!
I'll sleep like a baby.
We'd like to
rent your boat.
You what?
We'd like to
rent your boat.
We'd like to rent
your boat for 27 days,
if that wouldn't be
too long for you.
No. Yeah.
Yeah? Twenty-seven?
That's my lucky number.
Holy smokes!
Hi. I'm Jack Bonner.
How you doing?
Hi, Jack. I'm Walter.
Hi. Hi, Walter.
Well, come on.
Yeah, take a look around.
Boat sleeps eight,
so you should be
pretty comfortable.
And if you've got a latitude and a
longitude, I can get you there.
And if you don't,
I can still get you there.
We know a great dive spot,
and we have a map.
Great, great.
I guess we can
talk price later.
That door basically
slides back and forth.
It may need some oil.
I haven't dusted in a while,
but I'm gonna do a whole cleanup,
a whole sanitation thing.
You know, if you look
at anything closely enough,
you're bound
to find some flaws.
I'm an experienced
scuba diver
and tour guide,
deep-sea fisherman,
who'll actually
eat tonight. Yes!
In the kitchen.
You're in the kitchen.
And my mother came out on the
porch, and she was screaming...
Give it a rest, Rose.
"You stop
teasing your sister!"
Hiya, Grandpa.
There's the little fellow.
You come right to
the courts, do you?
It's Thursday.
Knows our schedule.
Hello, David.
Hello, David.
He's always here.
Does this kid have
a home or what?
Bernie, his parents are divorced.
His mother works.
Hey, I'm an orphan. Do I go
around asking for breaks?
We're going swimming later. We
have room left for one little boy.
And we might even have
a swimming suit for you.
I got mine on.
The navy could
use men like you.
WOMAN: The property's been tied up in
an estate now for over three years.
And, of course,
they really want to sell.
They're not interested
in a long-term lease.
WALTER: Well, we'd just
like the place for 26 days.
And we'll take it
in "as is" condition.
We're cousins.
We like to vacation
together informally.
As long as there's a swimming
pool, we have everything we need.
WOMAN: $7,500 a month, plus
the pool man and utilities.
We won't be needing
the pool man.
I prefer to do that myself.
They use so much chlorine.
My eyes are very sensitive.
But they're lovely.
Thank you.
ART: The clubhouse
is closed, boys.
JOE: Well, maybe they'd give
us permission to use the pool.
We could offer
to pay something.
ART: Wouldn't be fun
if we had permission.
WALTER: Jack, this is the chart
I was telling you about.
I estimate our position is right
about here, at this point.
I want to get down right
along this fault line.
Just south, right here.
Is this land?
What is this?
This is actually an
underwater configuration map.
It's a heat-sensitive map.
I've seen these.
Yeah, it's a brand-new
The Japanese have this.
Yeah, that's right, Jack. The Japanese.
They developed it.
So the point is to
head directly south
right along this line...
...until we get right here on
the edge of this fault line.
Can you figure that out?
Yeah. Actually,
I've been around here.
Why don't you keep this?
Okay. All right.
Go get some sodas and
sandwiches and stuff.
Thanks, Jack.
DOCTOR: All right.
Let's start with line three.
BEN: "T, O, Z."
DOCTOR: And the next line.
BEN: "L, P, E, O."
Try the next line.
"K, O, C..."
"K, O, C, F, E."
Sir, do you have
another pair of glasses?
I don't need any other
glasses, young man.
These are my glasses.
I can read that fine.
Now you just run the pointer.
All right?
Next line.
Sir, is there anything on
that line you can read?
But, young man, remember, road
signs aren't made that small.
I can read road signs.
I don't think it's fair.
I've driven everything
on wheels all my life.
Never had a mishap.
Shit. How's your girlfriend?
She's not
my girlfriend.
She just followed me
home that one day.
I don't like her
at all.
You don't, huh?
SUSAN: Hi, Dad.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Mom.
Want to go out to dinner?
No Italian food.
Makes me fart.
Okay. I'll go get Mom.
You know, you're gonna have
to make a friend your own age
one of these days.
I don't like
the kids my age.
I like to hang
around you guys.
Sure you like it here.
There's no pressure,
and we baby you.
It's just that a lot more things
bother me than other guys.
They do, do they?
The trouble with you
is you think too much,
and that's when
a guy gets scared.
DAVID: You know, Grandpa,
you're right.
I do get scared a lot.
Nobody likes being scared.
Hey, watch out. Those
dolphins look pretty horny.
This is pretty big.
Yeah, pretty big.
You need a hand?
No. No. Thanks, Jack.
We're doing fine.
Excuse me.
BEN: What the hell is that?
ART: Who cares?
You know what I bet?
I bet they're dope peddlers.
I'll bet they made
a pickup out at sea.
It's possible.
Should we tell somebody?
Well, by golly, if our new
neighbors are gonna do that,
I don't feel a bit bad about
sneaking in their swimming pool
while they're gone.
Do you think it's safe?
What are they gonna do?
Arrest us?
Look at us. We're
three harmless old men.
Yeah, but who knows what
kind of people they are?
You know, I can't remember the
last time I really took a risk.
Ben's right. I'm in.
What the hell.
Look at that.
The water's really warm.
What the hell are those?
Listen to that.
They make me nervous.
If your friend Ben Luckett
decides to jump off
the top of
the Empire State Building,
does that mean that you
have to do it, too?
I have my pride.
I feel great!
Me, too.
You wouldn't bullshit me.
My God,
I'm telling the truth.
Why shouldn't he feel good?
I feel tremendous!
I'm ready to
take on the world!
I'm in the mood for love
Simply because you're near me
You get a load
of this guy?
He'll be chasing them dolls
till his dick rots off.
I'm too old for
that kind of thing.
JOE: Age isn't everything.
No, no.
it's all up here.
Sure, sure.
Not all up there, pal.
Some of it's down here.
Which, by the way,
is hard as a rock.
You, too?
You got a boner, too?
Blue steel.
Cat couldn't scratch it.
I thought I was
the only one.
We're in the mood for love
Simply because we've got one
You tired?
Aren't you?
I'm wide awake.
What's wrong?
Not a thing.
Art. It's so late.
Are you all right?
Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
You may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
Want a piece of candy,
little girl?
MARY: Ben!
Three. Ghost dragon.
Why is everybody
so quiet today?
You're all off in another
world or something.
I was just
thinking to myself.
Me, too.
I was just thinking.
I feel so nice today,
I can't tell you.
Let's go!
Morning. Morning.
Shit. Excuse me.
Do you think there's
cocaine in that pool?
There might be.
What if we OD?
Well, we'll keep an
eye on each other.
I'll watch him. You watch him.
You watch me.
Looks like you got these
things pretty well-covered.
Looks airtight.
Jack, I can't tell you
what's inside there.
You know,
I'm the captain.
Technically speaking, I have
to know what's in there.
Yeah, but what we're doing
is supposed to be a secret.
I took a maritime oath,
a maritime oath
that forbids me
to even reveal
your names to anybody.
All right. I'll tell you, but
you can't let the others know
that I told you anything.
They'd have to
torture me.
Not a lot of torture.
You know, not... But some.
Nerita peloronta.
Nerita peloronta.
What is that?
They're giant snail shells.
They're extremely rare.
We're gonna take them to the
Museum of Ichthyology in Orlando.
Yeah, I've been
planning to go there.
I hear it's a great place,
a lot of fish.
God! God, I think it's broken.
God damn it!
KITTY: Let me help you.
Ice. Get something
cold on it.
Let me just look.
No, no. Don't.
Do not touch it.
I can... I can help you.
No. No, no.
That feels nice.
It's amazing.
Kitty, are you married?
Come on.
Those guys are
so good-looking.
Not Walter, maybe,
You don't have anything going
with one of those young guys?
I'm not involved
with anyone.
You know, we could go out
and do something sometime.
I don't know if that's
such a good idea.
I'm not like the other
women you've known.
That's good news.
You're making me
very curious about you.
Well, what if I trusted you
with something very private?
I can keep a secret.
I won't tell anybody.
Not even our kids.
Look, I don't know
what you're thinking,
but if you're thinking that
I'm just out to nail you,
that's not it at all.
I'd just like to get to
know you as a human being.
Okay. I'll see you in the morning.
All right?
Yeah, I got... I got
some things to do, too.
And they didn't give you any
other medication at all
over at the home, huh?
Not a thing, Doc.
DOCTOR: Well, Joe,
I gotta tell you,
I have never seen anything
like this before in my life.
It's a...
Well, it's a miracle.
It's a complete remission.
I just love to see you
eat your words, Doc.
Want to arm-wrestle?
How about that?
Alma's not gonna believe it.
You got them, huh?
ART: Come on.
Let's go, shall we?
I'm gonna go ahead
and assume goodwill.
I'm gonna assume
mental illness.
I didn't expect it.
It's such a surprise.
I don't know how to do it. I didn't buy it.
It's just beautiful.
Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.
We start our second session
of dancing right now.
And our first tune is a special
arrangement of Dancing in the Dark.
Let's waste no time.
Why don't we dance?
What? Sure.
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.
What am I going
to do with you?
I don't know what
I'm going to do.
Well, you're not
going to dance with me.
That's for sure.
That's for sure.
Happy birthday! Many more!
Thank you.
You're a wonderful dancer.
I think so.
I'm very happy, Bess.
happening so fast.
Are you talking
about last night?
No, no.
Last night was fine.
More than fine.
I was talking in general.
Well, in general, I think
we're having a great time.
Yes, we are.
Will you still love me when
I can't keep up with you?
Of course. I love you now,
and you can't keep up with me.
You are a pain in the ass.
"There's going to be a problem in the
fuel injection system if you let..."
What does this do?
Reduced to a goddamn
Peeping Tom now, Bonner?
It's embarrassing.
Holy shit.
What's the problem, Jack?
She's not normal.
There's something
very abnormal about her.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Son of a bitch!
All right.
Come on! Start! Go!
I've put all kinds of
people on this boat.
All kinds, all races.
Come on.
All nationalities,
all creeds!
I... Oh, my God! I can't
believe it won't start!
Oh, my God.
It's... It's hard to know who
to trust, isn't it, Jack?
Oh, my God! God.
I'm in the water,
far from shore.
It's at night.
They've got my boat. Shit.
Good to see you again, Jack.
Let me give you a hand.
JACK: I don't want your hand.
Come on, Jack.
Get back! Get back!
You get back!
No. Just put...
Put the towel down.
Just put it down
and back away, please.
Jack, I'm sure you're
bothered by what you've seen,
but if you'll just relax...
Well, I don't
want to relax.
Why don't you let us explain?
'Cause I don't want
to know anything.
And if you try to eat my face
off or take over my body,
you're gonna be
very sorry, mister!
You're gonna be
very sorry!
Face-eating, Jack?
I've never heard of that.
Is that some sort of delicacy?
No. Forget I ever
mentioned it.
Are you sure I shouldn't
try it, Jack?
I'm positive.
Walter, Jack is our friend.
Right, Jack?
Friend. Friend!
That's right.
Friend, 100%.
I'm your friend.
That's all I ever wanted to be.
I want to be your friend.
KITTY: Well, we do owe
you an explanation.
No, you don't
owe me anything.
All right. You know,
not even for the boat.
Honestly, it's free.
Jack. Of course we're gonna pay
you for the boat. We're honest.
Of course you're honest.
Did I ever accuse you
of being dishonest?
I accused you of being from another
planet, but an honest planet.
Jack. Jack, sit down.
I don't wanna sit down.
Jack, sit!
Now, Jack, I want you to
listen to me very carefully.
We're Antareans.
We come from
a planet called Antarea.
Yeah, that's what I
pretty much figured.
About 100 centuries ago, we
had an outpost here on Earth,
before the first upheaval.
I think I'm better off
not knowing.
Now, we were able to evacuate
everyone except for my ground crew.
Ground crew?
And now we've
come back for them.
Boy, you know, I thought
I'd been around. I...
Nothing like this has ever
happened to me before.
Jack, you could turn us in, or
perhaps you could do something else
that would make
things difficult for us,
but, believe me, Jack, we will
still get our friends back.
And the only thing
that would happen
is we'd end up renting
someone else's boat.
You know,
I got left behind once.
It was in Coney Island.
I was nine.
It was pretty heavy
for a nine-year-old.
My parents finally
came back for me.
Of course.
And now we've come back.
So that's what you're doing? You're
coming back for your friends?
Jack, this is the most important
thing we've ever done.
You're not gonna hurt me,
are you, Walt?
All we need to do is to get
our friends and leave.
And go...
JACK: Right.
None of this is bad
for America, I guess.
Of course not.
Well, damn it, I'm in!
This is...
This is incredible.
JACK: Right. Now listen, tell me, nothing's
gonna fall off right now, is it?
Come on, Mr. Lefkowitz.
ART: You'll be a new man,
Bernie. Believe me.
Remember, I said... I said I'd look.
Grab there.
I'm not promising
I'll get wet.
Fine. Just look.
By the way, right here is where
a crime is being committed.
Not by me,
because I'm being carried.
Don't you worry, Bernie.
We'll take the fall for you.
Fall, fall.
That's another thing.
I fall, I break my hip,
I can't sue anybody.
It's nice and warm, Bernie.
They're rocks.
What are rocks
doing in a pool?
In an ocean, fine. There I
expect to see plenty of rocks,
but in a pool?
Cowardly, cowardly custard,
can't cut the mustard!
Come on, Bernie!
And it's Joe-Joe
taking the lead.
Come on! Come on!
Come on,
you worn-out old pusses.
Dig, dig, dig, dig!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, fellows!
Fellows! Fellows!
Hey! Somebody's coming!
Get out.
BEN: Let's get the hell out of here.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
BEN: Come on.
Get a move on.
Come on in here.
Out of the way!
Let's move!
Let's move!
Come on! Quick!
BEN: Come on.
Open the fucking door!
Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go!
Let's go!
BERNIE: Come on! Quick!
I begged you not to go.
You've got
to do something.
There are things from
outer space next door.
You gents just keep
sucking on that oxygen,
they'll probably go back
to their own planet.
Get the police, you idiots.
Hey, look.
I'm not calling no cops
because a couple of geezers
saw some people
from outer space.
If my husband said he saw
people from outer space,
they were from outer space!
Get the goddamn police!
Call the police.
They... They must have
concocted this crazy story
to cover themselves.
Spacemen, you say?
That's wonderful.
Well, we'll all be
that old someday.
If we're lucky.
OFFICER: We're gonna shoot on
over to the home there
and straighten
this whole thing out.
Well, I wouldn't
be too hard on them.
Just tell them that
as long as they're
willing to respect our
privacy in the future,
we won't press charges.
We'll keep them on
their side of the fence.
I appreciate it.
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure. Bye-bye.
JOE: Well, I guess we
shouldn't be greedy about it.
We're better off
than before we found it.
ART: Bess said we should take
it to the National Enquirer.
They pay money for
this kind of story.
JOE: I wish I had
the guts to go in.
Well, I wish I never even
knew about this place.
What time is it?
Just after 4:00.
I'm gonna go talk to them.
God damn it.
It's ridiculous.
You're Walter.
Well, I'm not
surprised you're here.
There's something
in that pool out there
that a friend of ours
just has to have.
Matter of fact, there's a few
of us could use a little of it.
Well, we don't care who you
are or where you've been,
what you're doing,
what you're up to.
We sure need that pool.
Look, Ben,
I know you're just trying
to help your people.
Well, I'm trying
to help mine.
No. See, my friend,
Joe Finley, he's got cancer.
I'm trying to
save his life.
I'm trying to save 20 lives,
and I'm running out of time.
Ain't a son of
a bitch in the world
has to know
we're in that pool.
We'll just be a few old farts
puddling around in that pool.
Who's gonna know?
Every 10,000 or 11,000 years or
so, I make a terrible mistake.
The last one was when I
picked what you call Atlantis
as our base here on Earth.
Everyone else said, "Use the North
Pole." I said, "No. Too cold."
Sinking never
occurred to me.
You're gonna let us use
the pool, aren't you?
You won't touch
those cocoons?
No. No. I swear.
Use the pool.
Thank you. Thank you.
I, for one, don't believe
this alien crap at all.
You don't believe
your husband?
Well, I believe Joe.
I believe him,
and I'm scared.
I don't believe it,
and I'm still scared.
I guess I'm just less
gullible than you guys.
Mary, you have your nerve
calling me gullible.
I have more horse sense
than you'll ever have.
Ladies, ladies, let's just
go and see for ourselves.
Come on.
All right.
Let's meet the aliens.
I hate to go visiting
without a plate of cookies,
a box of candy or something.
We're going home.
Will you
cut it out, Bernie?
Well, we have
permission, don't we?
Those people aren't people.
I'm not gonna have
anything to do with them.
Pipe down.
You're playing
with fire over there.
I'm a citizen.
I believe in this country,
and I'm thinking of blowing the
whistle on the whole goddamn deal.
Come on, Rose.
Stop right there.
What? What?
Stop thinking about yourself.
We're doing this for Joe.
Joe? Is Joe above the law?
BEN: Yeah.
Are any of us?
In 1948, Dutch Schultz
walked into my store,
and he said to me...
Dutch Schultz!
Bernie. Bernie, shut up.
Let me tell you
about what Dutch said...
Bernie. Bernie!
If you don't want
to do this for Rose,
if you don't want to do it
for yourself, that's fine,
that's your business.
But if you screw it up
for the rest of us...
Don't threaten me, Joe.
I don't want any
of your threats.
Bernie, please.
Let her come with us
just this once.
No, no. Never.
Rose and I will never
set foot over there again.
Nature dealt us our hand of
cards, and we played them.
Now, at the end of the game,
suddenly you're looking to
reshuffle the deck, huh?
Come on, Rose.
Come on. Let's go.
Anybody have
second thoughts?
Not me.
I'm a citizen, too.
I was in the navy.
I don't see
anything wrong with it.
Then you drive.
I got no license.
Hey, are
your extraterrestrials
gonna make
a personal appearance?
JOE: Hey, Pills.
Come on in.
Hi, Pillsbury.
How you doing, pal?
ART: You'll like Pillsbury.
He's a fine fellow.
All right.
Let's start here.
"P, E, Z, O, L, C, F, T, D."
Sir, what line
are you reading?
The bottom one.
We're in a little
bit of a hurry, okay?
Look, look, look.
We gotta go into the club!
(MAN SINGING) I'm gonna take
you higher than you ever
I'm gonna bring you
closer to the river
I'm gonna touch you
Feel you with a thunder
I'm gonna bring you
closer to my life
You're like gravity
pulling me
Gravity pulling me
There you go!
Gravity pulling me
Pulling me
Mutual affection
Molecular reaction
For every action
There's an opposite reaction
Love and variation
First constellation
Needful simulation
Gravity pulling me
Gravity pulling me
You're like gravity
pulling me
Gravity pulling me
Pulling me
Hey, grandpa!
Look at the old fogey!
Off the floor, grandpa.
Pulling me
Gravity pulling me
You're like gravity
pulling me
Gravity pulling me
Pulling me
I've been to
all of the stars in the sky
And I still can't believe it
Love conquers all
Gravity pulling me
Gravity pulling me
You're like gravity
pulling me
Gravity pulling me
WOMAN ON PA: Any residents
requiring weekend transportation
into St. Petersburg
contact Miss Lerner
in her office by 1:00 today.
Hey! Hey!
I want to talk to you two!
The word on the corridor
is that you dudes
are on to some kind
of rejuvenation.
You know what
I'm talking about.
No, we don't.
We wish we could help you.
Your wife been climbing trees
for a long time?
She climbs one
every once in a while.
Once in a great while.
That's right.
You know, whenever I'm around
you, I feel really good.
Really good.
Do I do that to you?
It happens.
Do you ever want to
do anything about it?
Well, not the way
you think about it.
I mean, I can't.
Well, how does an Antarean
express affection?
We share ourselves.
All right!
Do you want to try it?
It's very fulfilling.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch you?
What's the big deal?
All right. I'm gonna
tell you the truth.
You're not
my first Antarean.
I'm not naming names...
Go to the other
side of the pool.
I hope you're not
gonna take your skin off,
because I really like
skin on a woman.
JACK: If this is foreplay,
I'm a dead man.
Three strikes!
Three strikes!
I knocked them down.
ART: You have
marvelous form.
I've bowled with
a lot of women.
You have a great potential.
You know, you seem like you're
having a grand time. I know I am.
Joe, you'll never bowl
another game like that
as long as you live.
Don't count on it.
I may turn professional.
Yeah, sure.
What's next? What's next?
What's next?
Let's have a party!
ART: A party. I'm for that.
(SINGING) You bring the hot
dog And I'll bring the bun
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at you goddamn people.
I mean, I think this
is a serious mistake.
ART: What are you talking about?
A mistake about what?
Well, you know,
I promised Walter
we'd keep it a secret,
and look at this.
Yeah. Let's not have
too much fun, everybody.
Remember, we're old.
Not for me. I'm gonna
enjoy everything.
You do that.
Where to next, Ben?
Come on. Live a little.
ART: Joe, Joe, Joe.
Let's go home.
Get in, darling.
But I'm not ready
to go home yet.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
JOE: What's happening
Well, I'll go with you, Joe.
No, you go on home.
I may have a drink or two.
Will you keep
that for me?
So, good night,
you worriers.
Boy! Talk about
wet blankets!
Hey, I'll be fine.
I still can't
believe I did that.
I always liked chocolate.
I'll try not to dump
anything on you tonight.
I mean, I can't promise,
but I'll try.
It's the pool.
It's having an effect...
It's not the pool.
It's not the water.
It's not the first time.
Alma, you're overreacting.
I knew. I always knew.
I just pretended to be stupid,
and I guess I really was.
But you're the stupid one.
Because things have
been so good between us.
Nothing's changed, Alma.
Go home, Joe.
Don't make yourself look any more
ridiculous than you already are.
I'm happy you're going to live,
Joe, but I've got to live, too.
Joe. Joe. Try to relax.
Hey. Are you up
for a swim, maybe?
Well, sure.
The pool! The pool!
Can't you think
about anything else?
If you and Rose would just come
with us, you'd feel differently.
We don't want to feel differently.
We like the way we feel.
She needs it, Bernie.
We... We should
discuss this later.
There is nothing
to discuss!
JOE: Because you're
a hardhead, Bernie.
You're the most frightened
man I ever knew.
Christ, I don't have
to listen to you.
If you sit at this table,
you damn well do!
You think you're in such
great shape, Finley?
Your marriage is what's
terminally ill now!
JOE: You really
are an old bastard.
"Old" is right. I don't
want to be young again.
Your life is a mess because
of the fountain of youth!
I don't care how healthy
you think you are!
JOE: Sit down!
We don't want any part
of that goddamn pool house!
You can keep the goddamn
fountain of youth!
No wonder your wife
has no use for you.
I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch!
Joe! Joe!
Joe! Don't! Joe! Joe!
It's next door, isn't it?
It's in that pool
over there, right?
MAN: Get to that pool!
Get out of the way!
What is...
Oh, my God.
What do we do?
Please, out of the pool.
Come on, come on!
Everybody out!
BEN: Come on!
Get out of there!
JOE: We have no
business being here!
Come on! Out of the water!
Get out!
You don't understand.
We're trespassing.
Stop! Everybody out!
You have no right to be here.
You are trespassing here.
Put down the cocoon.
I said put down that cocoon!
Put it down. Put it down.
I'm calling the police.
Get out!
All of you, get out!
All this time to
energize the pool.
Now the life force is completely
drained from the water.
I'm not gonna be able
to bring them back.
ROSE: When Max saw me
in that sweater
with the mouton collar
and the ivory buttons,
he said, "Rose, where the hell
did you get that sweater?"
I stayed mum,
because I knew you stole it.
But you stole it for me.
Max never stole
anything for me,
and never made anything as
beautiful as that mouton collar.
Max couldn't do
anything with his hands,
except when they
were all over me.
And you wouldn't even
kiss my cheek without asking.
Dumping Max was the
smartest move I ever made.
Time for your medicine.
I'll get it.
Here you are.
Rose? Are you asleep?
I'm so sorry.
Can you help me?
I have to do something for her.
She... She...
The pool doesn't
work anymore.
It's too late.
I'll give you
everything I've got.
I'm sorry, Bernie.
I wish I could help you.
It's just too late.
BERNIE: Rosie.
Hello, Ben.
I thought maybe you guys had got
the hell out of here already
after what happened today.
I came by to tell you
I'm sorry, Walter.
I... I know we let you down,
and I'm really sorry.
I had never
experienced the pain
and the grief associated
with death before.
I've never had anyone
close to me who died.
these things out here,
can you take them back with
you on that spaceship?
No. They would never
survive the flight.
Well, can you put them
back in the ocean?
Two are gone now.
Two of my friends are gone.
We don't have the time to get
them all back into the ocean.
We must leave this
place tomorrow.
What if we do it tonight?
We'll help you.
Come on! Bring that one
around here, okay?
Alma, let me give
you a hand with that.
There are a lot more.
Lay this one down outside
and come right back.
Okay. Got it?
JOE: I can't do this alone!
Hey, somebody
give me a hand.
ART: Set it over there.
BEN: Come on! Let's go.
Let's get a hold of this!
WALTER: Our base was sinking.
Time to prepare a passage
for all of us was gone.
These 20 chose to stay behind so
the rest of us could leave safely.
They survived here in the
ocean for 10,000 years.
They can survive again.
How you guys doing?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Fine.
I've been diving.
It's all right.
You have?
I want you all
to consider very carefully
what I'm about to
suggest to you.
You and your friends seem
to want what we've got.
Well, we have room for you.
We have room for you and about
30 more of your friends.
You would be students,
of course, but...
But you'd also be teachers.
And the new civilizations
that we'll be traveling to
will be unlike anything
you've ever known.
But I promise you
you will all lead
productive lives.
We don't know
what "forever" means.
I got a couple of things I...
I need to talk
about with you.
DAVID: Yeah?
I guess me and your grandma
are going away, David.
Where to?
Well, that's not important.
What's important is that
when we get where we're
going, we'll never be sick,
we won't get any older
and we won't ever die.
You're joking me, right?
Would I be able to
visit you and Grandma?
And we wouldn't be able
to visit you, either.
And that kind of bothers me.
I'd never see you again?
When would you go,
if you did?
Soon, my boy. Soon.
And do you know where?
Look up.
Outer space, my lad.
Outer space.
Who's gonna take
you to outer space?
It don't matter.
You wouldn't believe me if I told
you, and I can't tell your mother,
because she'd then know her
old man had snapped his cap.
I wonder if they'll
have fishing holes there.
There's some things they won't have.
They won't have grandsons,
and they won't
have baseball games,
and they won't
have hot dogs,
and they won't have that
kind of stuff. And...
I'm gonna miss them.
All right.
Cast it out there.
I wish we'd get a bite.
If I could catch one
more great, big fish...
You know how much
we love you, don't you?
Of course I do.
I just don't want you
to forget how much we care
no matter what we say or do.
Of course.
Bye, Grandpa.
Goodbye, little man.
Bye, Dad. Bye, Mom.
Stop by next
week sometime, okay?
Be a good boy.
Mind your mom.
You having second thoughts?
So you think it's like Bernie
says, we're cheating nature.
Well, I'll tell
you something.
The way nature's
been treating us,
I don't mind
cheating her a little.
You'll be closing your
account then, Mr. Selwyn?
Yes, I will.
All in $100 bills?
Here you go.
This is for you.
Here. Have fun, have fun, my friends!
Have fun!
Here. Divide it up, girls!
Divide it up! Divide it up!
There you are.
There you are.
Racing with the moon
Hey! Enjoy, enjoy!
Sailing through
the midnight sun
He can come in
for a minute.
They say if we go with
them, we'll live forever.
And that's good.
It's probably gonna take you
an eternity to forgive me.
I'm sorry, Alma.
I guess I've been ridiculous.
I am sorry.
I love you.
You're my whole life.
I want to go.
But if it's a choice of only
six more months here with you,
or living forever
all by myself,
well, I'll take the six
more months here with you.
I don't want
to live forever
if you're not
gonna be with me.
So, you definitely
trust them?
We trust them.
Men should be explorers,
no matter how old they are.
I don't know about anybody
else, but I'm going.
Why the hell not?
We're in.
Are you nervous?
Me? No.
You're sure you
want to do this?
Once I make a decision,
Arthur, I never turn back.
This is a big one.
I know.
MAN ON RADIO: Yeah, it's gonna
be 72 and clear tonight,
a great night to see
that total lunar eclipse.
Check it out.
But don't get
weird on me, people.
Let's go. Let's go.
Get me a glass of water.
MAN ON TV: Look out.
Don't do that!
What is the meaning of this?
David? Staying up
for the eclipse?
You don't seem
too enthusiastic.
Did you and Grandpa
have a fight today?
What did he say to you?
David, I'm very worried
about Grandpa and Grandma.
What did he say to you?
I can't tell you.
They're my parents, David.
You've got to tell me
what he said to you.
He made me promise.
Mom? Dad?
Mom? Dad?
Hey, Bernie. Come on.
You're coming
with us, Bernie?
No. I came to say goodbye.
I just wanted to tell you I hope
you find what you're looking for.
Rose is gone, Bernie.
Why stay?
This is my home.
This is where I belong.
Come on. Go with us.
Bye, Bernie.
Bye, Bernie.
I'm gonna miss you.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on. God...
JACK: Only when I need it, right?
Only when I need it.
I know something is wrong.
They're probably out dancing.
Those folks love to dance.
Could we talk to
one of their friends?
We'll go see Pops.
Will that satisfy you?
Got a little game of
20 questions for you.
I don't know
what's going on here.
Jack, we'd better
take a look down below.
We'd better take
a look down below.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
JACK: Make sure you get the feed line.
Okay? 'Cause it's gotta be...
You got it. Good.
The injector. We've got to make
the injector... It's got...
You got that, too?
Good. Make sure...
You go house to house.
Check the bus stations
and the airports.
This is a serious
situation we got here.
The owner of the facility is
on his way from West Palm,
and he's not happy at all.
Why don't you start by taking a
good look around the grounds first?
Okay, gentlemen?
Okay. Right this way.
Better advise
the commander.
Don't worry, miss.
We'll help you find
your father and mother.
It's right over here.
We're in deep shit.
You know that?
David! David!
MAN: Back this way.
Hey, hey. Whoa!
In case you're wondering...
Silly Putty.
Cast off those lines.
Grandpa, wait for me!
I want to go, too!
BEN: What are you doing here?
Are you all right?
My gosh.
SUSAN: David!
A boat just left the dock.
A lot of old people aboard,
a kid, some in wheelchairs.
We better move on this thing now.
I don't like the looks of it.
You can't go.
Only your grandmother
and me from this outfit.
MAN 1: This is Air 21.
I think I got them below me.
Want me to swoop them? Over.
MAN 2: Roger, Air 21.
You are clear.
MAN 3: Manta III, this is not a request.
This is an order.
You are endangering the lives
of your passengers. Cut your engines.
We are coming alongside
to board your vessel.
Jack. Don't let them
board us.
Nobody's gonna
board this boat.
You just get
your friends here.
Captain, cut your engines.
Captain, this is Lieutenant Spark
of the St. Petersburg police.
You have senior
citizens aboard
who are in no condition
to be out here.
You have a minor aboard without
proper authority from his mother.
We want to question you.
Please, cut your engines now.
We are coming alongside
to board your vessel.
Stand by to be boarded.
David's mother
wants him to
come into the police boat
with her.
David! Come on. Please.
Mom and Dad,
where are you going?
David! You come back here!
SUSAN: David!
Bring it around.
Cut your engines. Cut your
engines and come about.
Man overboard.
Man overboard, gentlemen.
You all right?
I'm okay!
I'm not scared!
Get going!
Let's go!
MAN 3: Maintain
a visual on the Manta.
These people must be nuts.
We're gonna have to
pursue and intercept.
MAN 1:
We just went into fog, Chris.
Rolling out.
Re-check speed selectors.
Full forward. Wheels up.
MAN 2: Speed selectors,
re-check, full forward.
MAN 1 ON RADIO: Where the
hell did this come from?
MAN 2: I don't know.
I can't see a damn thing.
I've never seen it
roll in so fast.
My God!
MAN 1: We get no reading
on radar. Over.
MAN 2: 14X3, we copy.
Have zero visibility.
We're gonna run into each other.
Go ahead.
Roger. Let's shut them down.
This should more than cover
the cost of the boat.
I didn't...
I want to thank you for being a
fine guide and a good friend.
All right.
Now, you drive careful,
See you, Walter.
I guess your
ride's here, huh?
Look, Kitty,
next time you're in town,
I want you to
look me up, okay?
Don't worry, Jack. You'll
know when I'm around.
You don't know how close I
came to buying a ticket.
You'd better go.
Okay. I'm gonna
miss you, Kitty.
I'm really gonna miss you.
May the force be with you!
There can never be an
accounting, in human terms,
for the tragedy at sea
which has taken the lives
of these men and women
in what should have been
the beautiful and peaceful
sunset of their lives.
Do not fear.
Your loved ones
are in safekeeping.
They have moved on to a
higher expression of life,
not life as we know it,
but in the spirit everlasting.
Our loved ones are in good
hands, for now and forevermore.
Join with me now in a
moment of silent prayer.