Cocuklar Sana Emanet (2018) Movie Script

-Unchain me, brother. Please.
-Get back!
Get back!
Enjoy it.
Like its your last meal.
Hatice, babys water, please.
Im getting it.
-Here you go, Kerem.
-Thank you.
Kerem, theyre here.
Show them in.
You said hed keep the walls.
I didnt understand.
Its incredible.
Look at the detail.
What do you think?
-Its just what I wanted.
It turned out wonderfully.
Didnt I tell you?
Leave everything to Kerem.
Hell handle it all.
Thats what you told me.
Kerem, its extraordinary.
Thank you.
Im at a loss for words.
Im nearly in tears.
Its so full of life.
Like everythings breathing.
Speaking of which... you go.
A bit of life for you.
Excuse me?
Thats a Kerem signature.
He presents one to all
the homes he decorates.
Ive got one too.
Its something... remind you again and again
thats youre alive, that you exist.
But its hard to care for.
To keep in bloom.
It needs your attention.
A tiny mistake, and youll lose it.
Just like life.
No, Im not letting it...
...get me down.
Well talk tomorrow.
Are you home, dear?
I found the perfect celeriac.
Your favorite.
Doctor Eda...
...says its negative.
Well eat out, then.
We can have celeriac tomorrow.
Why get this upset?
Were not even half way
through the treatment.
I dont understand how...
...when we want a child so badly...
...and all these women...
...keep having babies without
a thought...
...and so many fathers never even
kiss their kids...
...we cant have children.
Its not fair.
Yesim, the worlds not a fair place.
Dont let it upset you so much.
Try to eat your dinner.
You want kids even more than me.
I know that.
Do you have to be so sensible?
Do you have to be so normal?
Dont you feel like rebelling?
By acting so normal... make it more painful for me.
I mean, yell. Break things.
Do something.
Maybe something will change.
Like that?
Lets make a list tomorrow of
our life changes.
Dont worry about it, sir.
Ill clean it up.
Im using your first name.
Like you asked me to.
Im changing the medication
to increase your egg count.
To avoid side effects, we didnt...
-...start with this treatment.
-What side effects?
The same as before, Kerem.
But youll feel it more acutely, Yesim.
Dizziness. Hot flashes.
The same things.
We prescribed Clomifene... support the growth, release...
...and quality of eggs.
But the treatment has failed.
Now were increasing the dosage... more eggs are released...
...and ready for fertilization.
Will this increase the chance of success?
I cant say for certain.
Well try it, Kerem.
Its a long process.
Well take it step by step
and wont lose hope.
Shall we get a coffee?
Were close to that caf you like.
We wont.
Well go to Assos this weekend, then.
-No, no...
You already used your right of refusal.
Assos, Assos, Assos.
Nergis home cooking...
...complete silence, a fireplace...
...our favorite music.
What else can I say?
And it might even rain.
Ah, my old friend.
Youll always be a child.
Your companions love it here.
Ill plant some more.
Youll never get lonely.
Get rid of that card.
Youve got half the deck.
Is somebody waiting for it?
Here, take it.
Yes, Kerem?
-How are you doing, Dervis?
-Fine, just fine.
Same as always.
How are you?
And Yesim?
Were both fine.
-She sends her greetings.
-Give her mine, too.
We were wondering about you.
We havent heard from you.
Nergis said she missed you.
She asked when you were coming.
We talked about that today.
So, youre coming?
Thats great news.
Were leaving early tomorrow morning.
Any problems with the house?
No. Why would there be?
Its all ready for you.
Ill go check again in the morning.
Dont worry about it.
Were going to relax
for a couple of days.
Tell Nergis not to trouble herself.
If she could prepare a dish or two,
thatll be enough for us.
Okay, Kerem.
Leave it to me.
Have a safe trip tomorrow.
Okay, brother.
Do you need anything?
No, son. Just arrive
safe and sound.
-Thats all I want.
-Okay Dervis. Bye.
Slow down, dear.
What did he say?
He says hi.
Ive noticed that...
...the further we get
from Istanbul...
...the happier you get.
Darling, Ill be happy
if you wear your seatbelt.
-Village tomatoes.
Over there.
Okay. Dont worry.
Well get some.
-Theyre from your field, right?
-Yes. Ripe tomatoes.
Theyre beautiful.
Do you want some?
-Hello. Welcome.
Get out of here!
You little bastards!
Do you work here?
Ive got peppers and eggplant.
Theyre nice too.
There he is.
The spy wanted by the FBI. Over.
Roger that, commander. Over.
Hes plotting to destroy the world. Over.
Lets fire the missiles, commander.
Here are the coordinates.
Coordinates received, commander.
Were ready, commander.
Whats going on now?
Stop running away!
Im turning it on.
They smell so good.
Im going to eat one.
Without washing it?
Weve got water.
Do you want one?
Yagiz, this is my favorite pier.
Go out on it.
Is anyone there?
Be quiet. Its coming.
What are you saying, boy?
Excuse me?
Get away from me!
Calm down.
You took out your drip.
Come on. Hold onto me.
Why did you get out bed?
There was a man.
His head was...
He went, shhh.
I went to get water.
He took off his drip.
Dont get upset.
Theres nothing to fear.
Ill handle this.
Mom, there was a boy. A boy.
Theres no boy. Theres nobody.
Let me help you into bed.
Dont worry.
Its the medication.
Hallucinations are normal.
Come on, dear.
Tell me everything you remember.
Dont hold back.
We were going from Istanbul to Assos.
...was going 80 or 90.
Could we do this a little later?
-Well try again when hes calm.
-Thank you.
I was driving to Assos from Istanbul.
Driving about 90.
-It was the afternoon.
-I had my seatbelt on.
I braked hard.
I was coming from the olive grove.
A tree-lined road.
The ruling.
Based on the testimony
and evidence...
...and the fact the defendant...
...was not speeding...
-...defendant to be freed pending trial--
God damn you!
God damn you!
My boys dead.
My boy!
Youre sending me away too soon.
I should stay.
What are you going do all alone?
Mom, youve been here for two months.
Youve got your own life.
Its not that I dont want you.
Leave me on my own for a while.
Ill be all right.
I need time alone.
Okay then.
As you wish.
But if you get depressed,...
...go outside, cry, yell,...
...invite your friends over,
distract yourself.
Being alone is no good.
When we lost your father
I was never alone.
Other people help ease the pain.
In the end, healing comes from inside.
Find whatever it takes to heal,
wherever it is.
Be well.
I promise.
Ill be fine, Mom.
Finish the food in the fridge.
I made stewed vegetables.
I know you like them.
Invite Yagiz over.
Hes a good guy.
Not just because hes your partner.
He stayed with you in the hospital.
All your friends visited.
But Yagiz was different.
He came every day.
He called when he couldnt come.
If only his feet didnt smell.
No joking.
Finish up that food.
Your taxis here.
Your face is so thin.
I miss you so much.
I miss you like crazy.
Go away!
Kerem, its me.
Its me, Yagiz.
Whats the matter?
Are you okay?
I thought you were...
Thought I was what?
If I were a burglar,
would you have killed me?
Berrin called me.
Even if she hadnt,
I would have come.
Im glad I came.
Are you okay?
...look, I know...
...its easy to say...
...but come back to us.
Its not what you think...
Listen to this.
Beer, chips and a movie...
...and if you want...
...a couple matches on Play Station.
But only if you play to win.
Or we could get dressed and go out.
Get some air.
Say something.
Im going to tell you something...
...but you wont believe it.
Thats nuts! Sorry.
Forgive me, but that sounds...
...I mean, what can I say?
Kerem, youre forcing me to use clichs.
Your minds playing tricks on you.
Youre not yourself.
Youre seeing things.
Thats all I can say.
Put yourself in my place.
What would you think?
So what does that make me?
Am I some character in a story...
...who wont believe in ghosts
and ends up dying a painful death?
I knew youd say this.
-Kerem, what we need is some coffee.
-Leave me alone!
Im sober.
I didnt see a ghost, okay?
Ill shut up.
I cant forget her.
Sometimes I wish... could be like in the movies.
If only theyd wipe away
some of the memories.
Take away the pain.
We made each other a promise
back in school.
Before we took on...
...lifes troubles and battles...
...we were going to visit
our grandfathers homeland.
Do you remember?
We, the children of immigrants,...
...were going to swim
in the sea in Dubvrovnik.
Taking nothing but...
...a backpack and a camera.
No matter what.
I said youd back out.
And you said I would.
The fear that the other one
would back out...
...just egged us on more.
Back when we were flat broke...
...and living on beans and rice.
But we were dreaming big, Kerem.
And then what happened?
We became interior designers.
We made money.
We travelled the world, for work!
But we never made it to nearby Dubrovnik.
It was just a dream.
It came to nothing.
Life beat our dreams.
Lets grab our backpacks
and hit the road.
Lets go to Dubrovnik.
Right now!
What do you say to beating life?
Come on!
Im not strong enough.
Im not strong.
Good morning.
Youre busy for this time of morning.
Did you dream about washing dishes?
Have you had coffee?
Shall I get you one?
Leave it. Why bother now?
Shall I get you a coffee?
Yagiz, answer me.
-Whats going on?
You were over there.
Over there?
Im here.
Dont you see me?
Kerem, nobodys over there!
Look, Kerem.
Stop feeling guilty because...
...some kid jumped in front
of your car.
His mother should have...
...taught him better.
Stop blaming yourself, Kerem.
Youll go crazy!
Youll lose it because
some village boy--
I miss you so much.
I miss you like crazy.
Whats going on in this house?
Is his father stalking you, Kerem?
Something weird is going on but... need to get out of that house
before you go nuts.
Go stretch out on a beach chair,
open up a book...
...and dont see anyone for a while.
-Ill get it.
-No, I got it.
Have something to eat before you go.
Its a long trip. Ill go now.
Nergis, hes here.
Kerem, my boy.
Ill get your suitcase.
-Come on in.
-Not now, thanks.
All right then.
Have a safe trip.
Thank you very much.
Come on in.
Its delicious, Nergis.
I feel cleansed.
-Enjoy it.
-Enjoy it.
I was going to make pumpkin...
...but theyre moldy this year.
They dont taste good.
Thats the least of our worries.
We havent touched a thing.
We didnt move anything.
But if youd like...
You were going to quit.
Youre coughing in the morning.
Dervis... is the boys, Atakans,
mother doing?
Shes fine.
Its all been forgotten.
Its fate.
What can you do?
Tell me.
How is she?
She cried and mourned...
...but shes better now.
Its fate.
What can you do?
I wasnt going to say this.
May God forgive me.
That boy was a troublemaker.
The kind who carries a stick.
He clubbed his classmates
over the head.
And thats the least of it.
His teachers all had enough.
He kept missing school.
He kicked Granny Halime
in the leg...
...and brought her to her knees.
She couldnt get up for two hours.
-Her little finger.
-He broke her little finger.
Ill come out and say it.
God forgive me.
That boy was headed for a bad end.
His father beat them both.
Sorry to say it, but that
Kudrets a bastard.
And he was taking something.
If it was alcohol, okay.
But he was taking pills.
Bonzai I think they call it.
Thats what he was taking.
His wifes screams filled the
village square at night.
Can you imagine?
So thats why their boy...
...Atakan turned out that way.
You reap what you sow.
We all consoled Aysun, the wife.
We help her all we can.
People in these parts do that.
-Dont worry.
-Its fate.
...the worst is over.
Look to the future from now on.
Ill pay the blood money
he wants.
Lets have a look at the garden.
Why bring this up now?
Youre going to win the court case.
Ill still pay him off.
Its up to you.
Heres what well do then.
Lay low.
Dont make him angry.
Ill go and find Kudret.
Ill get his bank details.
Ill handle everything and
bring you the receipt.
Here you go.
Theres no need.
What are you doing?
No, not like this.
This money...
No, son.
If you give him this money,
hell just want more.
This is all wrong.
Okay then.
Heres what we do.
I dont trust Kudret.
Ill deposit this money
in his account.
And Ill get some kind of receipt.
Youll win the case anyway.
Hopefully hell leave us alone then.
Im not doing this for them.
Its for the boy.
Oh, son.
Its your conscience, isnt it?
God knows youre innocent.
Youve got nothing to be
ashamed about.
Money wont solve anything.
Im fed up with feeling guilty.
That thing...
...I want that thing to leave me alone!
To stop following me.
What thing?
Dont say Im crazy.
And dont say Im seeing things.
For a while now...
...Ive been seeing that boy.
His ghost.
Or him in different forms.
Not in a dream.
In the middle of the day.
He comes in different forms,
but I know its him.
He found me at the hospital
and then at home.
But I ran away and came here.
Maybe he wont find me here.
I feel it.
Maybe hes here now.
Maybe hes listening to us.
He wont leave me alone.
He wants revenge.
He wants revenge.
I know... dont believe me.
Why wouldnt I?
There are other worlds
not visible to the eye.
Of course I believe that.
Im done. Lets go.
I keep this in my bag.
Ill get another amulet.
If it happens again...
...pray with your heart,
not your lips.
Come on.
Get some rest.
Call me whenever you want.
See you in the morning.
Thanks. Good evening.
I didnt want it.
Kudret did.
To hell with his money.
Dervis, will it bring my boy back?
I dont want it!
Give it back!
That moneys no use to me.
Join us, Kudret.
Anything wrong?
I heard that bastards here.
Sit down, Kudret. Lets talk.
Tell them I said no.
I wont be able to work
for a while longer.
Youre still getting paid, arent you?
So dont worry about it.
Im fine, Mom.
Im reading a book.
Im fine.
Everythings okay.
Dont worry.
No, nothings wrong.
Go to bed.
Im dreaming, arent I?
What does it matter?
Im here with you.
I missed you so much.
Dont go.
I dont want to wake up.
It was a dream, thats all.
What's wrong?
Youre burning up.
Go take a shower
and cool off.
Kerem, what happened?
It wont leave me alone.
It found me here, too.
Dervis is coming.
You can talk to him.
Go take a shower.
Lower the fever.
What happened, son?
Shall I tell Berrin?
No, dont call my mother.
He says he wasnt drinking.
He had a tea.
He was staring at the floor
like hed lost his mind.
It was awful.
And hed been crying.
Shall we take him to Granny Zisan?
Wait. Lets have a talk first.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Have a seat.
I got fresh eggs from Hatice.
She says hi.
Ill make scrambled.
With cheese?
Hows your fever?
I put an aspirin there.
Ill take it.
How did it go?
I talked to Kudret last night.
I took care of the bank this morning.
If it werent for you,
Id lose my mind.
-Thank you.
-Its nothing.
How are they?
Fine. Just fine.
I had some words for Kudret.
I told him...
...that if hes taking the money...
...he should wise up...
...and buy a truck so he can set up...
...his own delivery business.
He said okay.
Well see what he does.
Shall we visit the grave today?
Lets do it.
Have something to eat first.
Lets eat together.
Weve already had breakfast.
But Ill keep you company.
What do you want, kid?
Tell me what you want.
It wasnt my fault.
Nobody could have saved you.
Tell me what you want.
What do you want?
What are you doing?
Thats sinful.
Can he answer from there?
He comes out at night.
Did we come here to argue
with the earth?
Lets get going.
Thats a sin.
Come on.
Listen to me.
Theres a village
up on the mountain.
We call it Cakmaklar.
It had 20-25 houses.
But almost everyone has left.
They all moved.
Its Nergis village.
We moved when I was little.
A woman lives there.
Shes called Granny Zisan.
She never left her village.
She went blind when she was young.
Some say illness caused it.
Others say there was no reason.
And some say their house
was struck by lightning.
Anyway, its all in the past.
After going blind...
...she started seeing things.
Things we dont see.
But she knows us.
We visit her often.
She has a little grandson. mer.
Hes been unfortunate too.
But thats another story.
Granny Zisans hands,...
...face and heart have
healing powers.
She might have a remedy for us.
Shes a healer.
Dozens have blessed her
for helping them.
Those things you told us about...
...those strange things.
Maybe Granny Zisan can help.
No matter what you say... and Nergis are going to
go home and pack a bag.
Well get some food.
Get ready and well leave.
The fresh air will do us good.
Is that everything?
No. There's a few more things.
Get something for the boy.
Chocolate will make him happy.
The people here stay clear of Granny.
They dont like her.
Theres a reason.
They say she has spirits and jinn.
Theyre scared of her.
But they visit when they need her.
When I say jinn...
...Im not talking about evil spirits.
Youll see for yourself.
Whats this?
Rocks and things.
Anyway, were almost there.
Were supposed to call.
Hes out with the sheep.
Does Granny have a cellphone?
mer has one.
She doesnt, of course.
How could you think that?
Sometimes theres no reception.
Youll have to do it
the old-fashioned way.
Lets see if you still
have strong lungs.
Theres no reception.
Uncle Dervis.
Auntie Nergis.
Look how happy he is.
Poor thing. He never sees anyone.
You little lion.
Little lion.
My little lamb.
Your Aunti Nergis adores you.
mer, Im Kerem.
Shake his hand, boy.
Come on. Grannys waiting.
-Lets go.
-Lets go.
-Ill get that.
-No, thats okay.
Come along.
Come on.
Granny Zisan.
Were here, Granny.
Welcome, my dear.
Granny the healer.
Take it.
Let Nergis explain why we came.
Well go in later.
Lets sit down.
I want to tell you something.
Its not used to strangers.
But dont worry.
It wont do anything.
mer, get a hammer.
Lets fix this.
Come on.
Come on, Kerem.
Come inside.
Get real close.
Granny sees with her hands.
Come closer.
Dont be scared.
Give me your face.
Youve been sad.
So sad, poor thing.
Your heart is wounded.
So full of pain.
Poor thing.
Let it all out.
Let it go.
Let go.
I understand.
Of course I do.
I understand.
What followed you here?
Its right over there.
The worst of the worst.
...I wish I had some other things.
But I left home in a hurry.
I brought what I had.
Take it.
Thats a nice car.
Go on, mer. Take it.
Have you got a drivers license?
You do know how to read?
Of course he does.
He went to school for two years.
He couldnt go last year.
But hell go next year.
Hes clever.
Here. Take it.
Dinners ready.
Those beans smell great.
...we can bring the table inside
if you want.
Theres no need.
Come sit down.
Pass me your bowls.
Granny says... chase it away...
...and youll be free,
God willing.
But Granny has a request.
When this is over,
youll agree to her condition...
...without question.
...could you read outside
for a little bit?
Stay by the door.
The thing following you...
...comes from the other side.
Out of that dark place.
Theres a boy?
The boy who made you sad.
That opened a door that
should never be opened.
He haunts you.
He wants revenge.
But he cant enter this house.
He fears me and mine.
My guardians are good.
Dont fear them.
But the creature outside!
It has its eye on you!
I see it.
But it appears to you...
...only when it wants to.
To frighten you.
If you saw it all the time,
you wouldnt get frightened.
Before, it was small.
The more frightened you are,
the bigger it grows.
It feeds on your fear.
Feeds and grows.
You mustnt be afraid.
I know what it wants.
It wants revenge.
But not in this other world.
On the other side.
If it kills you... cant make you join it.
Because it is in hell.
Your soul will travel to the light.
It wont find you there.
So it wants to drive you crazy.
It wants to make you sin.
If you go crazy... will kill us, then yourself.
-I dont--
Then you will pass to the darkness.
Its the darkness that it wants.
It will find you there...
...and cause you to suffer.
Lets all go to bed.
Im very tired.
Its anger tires me.
It feeds on your fear.
Feeds and grows.
You mustnt be afraid.
Thats easy to say.
But I havent got any guardians.
-Wake up. Its an earthquake.
Its an earthquake.
mer, wake up.
Get up.
Up there.
The first one you killed.
It seeks blood for blood.
I told you. It wasnt his fault.
The boy dashed in front of the car.
This is no boy.
It isnt a boy.
Its the one you killed earlier.
His name is Bekir!
I know you, Bekir!
Arent you going to tell us?
Tell us what you did.
Not in front of the boy.
Dont look at me like that.
Its hard to explain.
So hard.
We were living in Emirgan.
Dad had just passed away.
Mom and I were trying to go on.
I had a best friend. Taner.
We lived in the same building.
He helped me through hard times.
Out back was a kind of outbuilding.
Thats where the bastard stayed.
Hed moved to the neighborhood
a couple months earlier.
Out of nowhere.
Like he was running from something.
He kept his head down,
never talked.
Never looked anyone in the eye.
He stayed in the shadows.
But dogs could tell
how rotten he was.
Theyd bark at him.
Hed been in trouble with the law...
...but nothing was ever proven.
Lots of molestation charges.
Thats why he kept drifting.
We learned all that later.
After it happened.
After it was done.
He was a deviant to the core.
He couldnt help it.
Turns out he was after Taner.
It was autumn.
One day...
...Taner went missing.
We were at my aunts'
on the island.
We spent the night.
When we got home, it was like
a bomb had dropped.
Taner went to play arcade games
and never came home.
Nobody knew where he was.
His mother kept asking me.
Like shed lost her mind.
She kept saying I had to tell her
if I knew anything.
I knew
but I couldnt say.
I knew it deep in my heart.
Hed done something to Taner.
The police questioned him, too.
They didnt find anything suspicious.
I could only think about one thing.
How could he go on living... he hadnt done anything?
It wasnt right.
I couldnt believe it.
Something happened that night
while we were at Taners.
I dont know how to explain it.
Some people are there... just the right moment.
For that special moment.
She had the face of an angel.
Her name was Aysegul.
There was an abandoned house
out back.
Nobody ever went there.
Shed seen that man leaving it.
She was scared in that big crowd.
That's why she didnt tell anyone
shed seen Bekir.
He had one of those snow hats.
He was wearing a ski mask.
So Taner wouldnt recognize him.
That man who lives out back.
It was him.
Taner was lying there.
Maybe hed struggled...
...and it was an accident.
But that bastard killed Taner.
I waited.
I tried to put on his shoes.
Like if I managed that...
...everything would go back to normal.
It didnt.
And then...
Now I can say what happened.
Nobody knew what I was doing.
Nobody ever found out.
As though the world stood still,
the whole world went quiet.
I was the only one alive.
As though everyone went quiet
so I could do it.
All I remember... that it was hot
and he was sleeping.
Maybe hed planned
to run away the next day.
To Sisli or to Besiktas.
He seemed to sense me coming.
He turned and looked.
He didnt yell or fight back.
Just looked at me.
I was glad he saw me.
Saw his executioner.
It was the only way
my rage could cool.
Nobody suspected anything.
Nobody cared who killed him.
The police asked a couple questions.
People were indifferent.
Their uncaring side won out.
Dont be upset, Kerem.
Nobody can understand.
You have to live it yourself.
...your phone.
Where have you been, Kerem?
Ive called you 50 times.
Im fine. Dont worry.
Reception is bad here.
Arent you in Assos?
No. I mean, yes.
Were in Cakmaklar village.
What village?
Im fine.
Im with Dervis.
In a mountain village.
What are you doing up there?
Winter sports?
Youre out of your mind.
Kerem, you dont sound well.
Im coming.
No, dont come.
This is a kind of cleansing for me.
Look at it that way.
What are you talking about?
Have you founded a cult?
Kerem, can you hear me?
The connections bad.
Ill call you later.
Hello! Which village?
Why are you yelling?
Granny said...
...he should stay outside tonight...
...or the other one wont come.
She needs him to be the bait.
We have to chain him outside.
-Im going to the outhouse.
They whispered in my ear.
They told me what happened before.
It happened like this.
The dead boy misses
his mother.
He wants to be with her.
He lost his way in the darkness.
He opened a door he shouldnt have.
Bekir rushed out the door.
He followed the boy
and found you here.
Now the boy is terrified.
Terrified of the dark.
God willing, your salvation
will soon come.
I was really little.
They were driving a tractor... a wedding.
That road over there... where they rolled
down the hill.
You were still young.
You werent that upset, were you?
You didnt understand.
Dont you get bored here?
I dont know.
Theres Cano and Granny.
I watch TV.
I gather the sheep and goats
In the evening.
Help me gather my wits.
I think Im losing them.
Youre losing your wits?
Dont laugh.
Theyve taken to each other.
Theres no time left.
Just a little.
I have only a little time.
So we cant make a mistake
this evening.
When I called him by name,
Bekir ran and hid.
We need to bring him back.
The scent of Kerems fear
will lure Bekir.
Kerem has to think were
chaining him for real.
Or he wont be afraid.
He must think its real.
Dervis will have to turn on him.
Theres no other way.
Put a bit in his tea.
The nice thing about the toilet
is its outside.
I just tried it out.
Its nice in good weather...
...but hard in the winter.
Youre used to it.
Are you reading that book?
What page are you on.
-Enjoy your chat.
-Thanks, Nergis.
-Here you go, Kerem.
Do you want one, too?
The middle house was the headmans.
And Hatices family lived up there.
They moved to Assos, too.
We were the only ones left.
I went to first grade
in the other village.
But that school closed, too.
Granny wants me to be in school...
...but I cant leave her alone here.
Ill take that if youre done.
You didnt get any sleep.
Go stretch out inside.
I feel sleepy.
What did I tell you?
Its the fresh air.
Come along.
Sorry. I feel so heavy.
Thats normal.
Am I a bad person?
What did I do to deserve this?
Where are you, Yesim?
Am I dreaming?
Unchain me.
Would you give me my phone?
Would you give me my phone?
Are you out of your mind?
It must be my mother.
Shell worry herself sick.
It wasnt your mother.
Unchain me!
Granny, lets free him.
I feel bad for him.
Its for his own good.
Dont feel bad.
Whyd you chain me?
Because of what I confessed?
Didnt you say I was justified?
That was then.
I was acting.
What else could I do?
Youre a murderer.
I wish you hadnt put
my daughter through school.
And we shouldnt have
accepted your money.
Im going to call the police.
Theyll come and get you.
Dervis, this isnt you talking.
You wouldnt do this.
Whats going on?
Tell me!
Granny went into a trance.
She saw what to do.
If we...
...give you to that demon... will spare our lives.
If not, it will kill us all.
And mer too!
Are you certain?
Maybe shes wrong.
Its between me and that thing.
Shes never been wrong.
We can go somewhere.
A place with people.
-Itll be okay.
Itll follow us.
Are you going to sacrifice me?
You got us into this.
Youll get us out of it!
Theres no such thing.
I created it all in my head.
Did you ever see
the thing haunting me?
Theres no such thing!
You cant fool me.
See it!
The house was shaking last night.
See what?
Were in a village. It was a landslide.
An earthquake.
Youre chaining me over
something you cant even see?
Well why are you scared then?
Okay, theres no problem.
Well wait until morning.
Then Ill call the police.
All right then.
Go away.
Ill wait right here.
Were not leaving.
Were waiting for it to get dark.
Well hand you over.
It should see that.
And when it comes...
...Granny will say she wants
nothing to do with you.
Thats why were waiting.
Then well go.
But well leave you here.
In the dark.
It loves the dark.
Oh, Kerem!
Where are you going?
To get some food.
Night is coming.
As you see.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Just pick a spot.
I dont mean I have to pee.
Like I said,
pick a spot.
Go ahead.
You again?
-Thank you.
How's it going?
Theres a village around here.
-You mean Cakmaklar.
-Thats it. Cakmaklar.
Let me enter it here.
Whats the easiest way to get there?
Why are you going there?
Nobody lives there.
Or are you visiting Granny Zisan?
Im looking for Dervis.
Maybe you know him.
How do I get there?
-It takes an hour from here.
-But its a tricky road.
Follow that street.
-Through town?
-Through town.
When you reach the next village...
This evening... matter what...
...hide here...
...and dont come out.
-All right?
-All right.
My beloved grandson.
-Unchain me, brother. Please.
-Get back!
Get back!
Enjoy it.
Like its your last meal.
Hide quick.
Dont come out.
Dervis, get Cano.
Take me to him.
Its time.
Come on, Cano.
Im here, Granny.
Im calling my guardians.
Theyll hold onto my arms.
My soul will leave me.
My flesh will remain.
Dont be afraid.
And dont interfere.
What are you doing?
Get going!
Hang on!
Dont go, Dad.
Im going to be freed.
Whats going on?
...its Zisan.
You witch.
Its you, isnt it.
You hag.
What are you doing?
Dont go!
What have you done?
Can you hear me?
What should I do now?
Free me.
Unchain me.
Whats Dervis done to you?
Protect mer at least.
That poor boy.
The road going to Cakmaklar.
How do I know?
There must be only one road.
I checked his pulse. Hes alive.
But hes unconscious.
Its coming.
Granny, its coming!
Its coming!
Its coming!
Its hump...
...the boys on its hump.
Whats going on?
Where have I ended up?
Sorry, brother.
An ambulance is on the way.
-Granny, what should we do?
-Dont interfere!
Let Kerem look at it...
...and remember his hatred.
Granny, protect mer!
Granny, protect mer!
Die! Die!
Ill kill you 100 times
if I have to.
You abused all of them?
You who is damned to hell.
Those poor children.
Have you no conscience?
You made their lives
a living hell.
Their souls trapped in darkness.
You dont realize what youve done.
Your heart is black and rotten.
You must realize.
You must see your evil through
another persons heart.
Its the only way.
I'm ready to give my heart.
I'm ready, God.
Hear me, Kerem.
My condition is this:...
...Take care of mer.
I entrust him to you.
Kerem, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Forgive us, Kerem.
We did what Granny asked.
Wake up, Granny.
Wake up, Granny.
Kerem, are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Dervis, what happened here?
Dont be scared.
Theres another life
you can't see.
I'm there.
Life is everywhere, always.
You said life was everywhere.
You were the best thing in my life.
I dont know how many lives
Ill have or in what forms.
But I want you in all of them.
With me in all of them.
Wait for me... another life.
...we will patiently wait
a long time to be reunited.
Ive been entrusted with someone.
Ill wait for him to grow up.
A new beginning.
A new life.
Dervis and Nergis...
...look where we are.
Hows Cano?
Make a video and send it.