CODA (2021) Movie Script

[woman's voice]
Sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah
[ Something's Got a Hold on Me
by Etta James on stereo ]
I get a feeling
That I never, never
Never, never had before
No, no
I just wanna tell you right now that I
[on stereo] I believe
I really do believe that
Something's got a hold on me, yeah
Oh, it must be love
Oh, something's got a hold
On me right now, child
Oh, it must be love
Let me tell you now
I got a feeling I feel so strange
Everything about me
Seems to have changed
[ song continues to play ]
Yeah, oh, it must be love
You know it must be love
[volume increasing]
Let me tell you now
My heart feels heavy
My feet feel light
I shake all over, but I feel all right
I never felt like this before
[man on radio] Angela Rose, do you copy?
-OK, copy.
-You guys coming in?
I never thought it could happen to me
Got me happy when I'm in misery
I never thought it could be this way
Love's sure gone and put a hurt on me
I said, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Hey, hey, yeah
Oh, it must be love
You know it must be love
Oh, you know it walks like love
I see you, Ruby!
I'm cutting off your ice.
I'm not a freaking charity!
It's coming!
How you doing, honey?
Hey, Ruby! I thought you guys
were fishing first ledge.
You done already for the day?
Piece of shit quotas.
Bullshit quotas, right?
What are you gonna give
on those haddock? 2 bucks a pound?
-$2.50. And I'm being generous.
What are you guys getting at auction?
Calm your liver.
Let me worry about numbers.
Sign over here.
What're you gonna
take her lunch money too?
What a dick.
I keep saying, let's sell our own fish.
They tried it down the Cape.
That all went to hell.
So keep bitching. That'll work.
I got to go. Love you, Dad.
Don't forget about the doctor.
And the nets.
I know.
Bye, shit-face.
Bye, twat waffle.
That's good. It's a new one!
Gone and put a hurt on me
I said, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Hey, hey, yeah
Oh, it must be love
You know it must be love
Where the Bill of Rights protected people
from the federal government,
Amendments 13, 14 and 15
protected them
from their state government.
Sadly, there was no amendment
to protect the right to nap.
Ruby... Ruby!
What's wrong?
[bell ringing]
OK, let's re-read.
And we will resume this tomorrow.
You are free to go!
-Guess what!
I did it. I hooked up with Tiny Fingers.
I don't know!
Curiosity got the better of me.
Also, totally wrong!
Despite his tiny little
baby hands, it's...
Yeah, we have to change the nickname.
Do you smell fish?
Well, at least she's not
doing deaf voice anymore.
That's progress.
Hey, Audra!
Good. Just got out of music.
-What do you got now?
So, the goal is to find the elective
that asks the least of you.
Like film club.
Also known as "put your backpack
down and go smoke a bowl."
Plus, Mr. Wabatch is actually
pretty hot, you know?
Like, in a Comic-Con kind of way.
Hi! Choir.
OK, just fill this out.
Are you high?
Shhh! I sing all the time.
OK, you're already socially challenged
enough here, but sure.
If you start, you know, beatboxing
or doing that cup clapping thing,
we're done, yeah?
[ I'm a Hustla by Black Oshin
blaring on stereo ]
I don't need no words
Gave you first and second chances
You won't see no third
Flying down the highway
And that car looks like a blur
Turn it down!
That's just what you deserve
Black out on these haters
I never been a poser
She bragging, saying I date her
It's loud!
You didn't change after fishing.
You stink.
I love rap music.
My whole ass is vibrating.
Just drive!
[ music continues quietly ]
It's definitely itchy as hell.
It itches.
My nuts are on fire.
His, you know...
They're like angry hard little beets.
Covered in barnacles.
I got it!
And your mother's got it even worse.
Like a boiled lobster claw.
Right, well, so the layman's
term for what you both have
is "jock itch."
It's common if you spend
a lot of time in damp clothes,
and it's-- it's easily
transferable via intercourse.
-You guys have jock itch.
-I'll give you an antifungal cream,
but you both have to keep the area dry
and avoid sex for two weeks.
You two need clean underwear.
you're not allowed to do it anymore.
For how long?
Never again.
Done for life.
Two weeks.
-Can't do it.
[grill scraping]
[dishes clattering, barbecue rattling]
[phone chiming]
[ Baby It's True
by Soul Exotics on headphones ]
Take those off. It's rude.
What's rude is how noisy you guys are!
I can't focus.
Go eat.
You know why God made farts smell?
So deaf people could enjoy them too.
Don't slouch. You'll get stuck.
Fifteen bucks, really?
You choose weed, I choose wine.
You don't want her! Swipe left.
None of them smile?
So? She's hot.
When I was modeling...
-Oh, here we go!
Yes! Your mother was the best!
First year I met her,
she won the Yankee Miss Pageant.
"...she won the Yankee
Miss Pageant." Mm-hmm!
Beat all those hearing girls.
She was hotter than all of them.
What about her?
I thought we said no Tinder at the table!
How is music rude but Tinder's okay?
Because Tinder is something
we can all do as a family.
[students chatting, indistinct]
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
No, I did not tell you to sit.
On your feet, my friends. Up, up!
They made my latte with some kind of
disgusting nut milk this morning,
so I'm in a mood.
Hey, come on! Come on!
My name is Bernardo Villalobos.
Berrrnardo. Berrrna--
If you can't roll your Rs,
please, please, don't embarrass yourself,
and just call me Mr. V.
OK, all of you, on this side.
Come on, move! Everyone to this side.
Let's see if you're an alto, a soprano
or just watched too many episodes of Glee.
My birthday was last Tuesday,
so in lieu of gifts,
I will be accepting
the Happy Birthday song.
I do not need an entire meal.
I just want to place your voice.
You, Harry Potter. Come on, let's hear it.
[clears throat]
Happy birthday to you
Shhh! Tenor. Next!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
To you
Happy birth..., Mr. Berrrnardo!
Happy birthday
To you
-Thank you.
-Tenor. Next!
Come on. Yeah, you!
The red shirt.
Bless me with your birthday wishes.
Uh... Forget the words?
No, no, don't look at them.
They're not gonna help you.
Come on!
Oh! Huh...
We have a runner.
Happy birthday
To you
Happy birthday
To you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
To you
The card was declined!
I'll move money around tomorrow.
It's embarrassing!
What do you want me to do?
I gotta pay for ice, fuel.
Maybe we should sell the boat?
And then what?
It's the one thing I know how to do!
-What's going on?
-I don't know.
Yeah, how it is, is I can
barely feed my family.
Yeah, I can't even maintain my boat.
-It's bullshit!
-Listen, just take it easy.
I'm just telling you
what's going on, all right?
The feds are insisting on at-sea monitors.
Observers are gonna come onto your boat
to make sure you're not
breaking any rules.
That's out of our pocket?
So, I gotta pay to have a spy on my boat?
How much is that gonna cost?
It's $800 a day.
$800 a day.
That's more than we make in a day!
Don't tell me. Tell them.
I've known you guys for years. Come on.
We're not making a...
Oh, for Christ's sake! I know it sucks.
Mr. V?
Shhh! Shhh.
I'm meditating.
Two minutes to go.
Do you want me to wait or just--
Most people who are terrified of singing
don't sign up for choir.
Other kids make me nervous.
I used to get made fun of.
I talked funny
when I first started school.
You're the girl with the deaf family?
Everyone but you?
And you sing.
Are you any good?
I don't know.
Why did you run out of my class?
I got scared.
Of what? Other kids?
Or maybe finding out that I'm bad.
Do you know what Bowie said
about Bob Dylan?
"A voice like sand and glue."
There are plenty of pretty voices
with nothing to say.
Do you have something to say?
I think so.
Then I'll see you in class...
-[cell phone: bell chimes]
Thank you! Thank you!
-Please don't!
-No, I really... It might be good for you.
Oh my God!
Do you have a second to call Grandma?
Use the video relay.
It's awkward to talk to an interpreter.
I have a friend over!
Leave her alone. She's with a friend.
Damn, Leo got hot!
What? He can't hear me.
Does he work out or are those,
like, fishing muscles?
OK, stop. You cannot date my brother.
Because for you, dating just means sex,
which I don't even want to think about.
OK, I'm sure he doesn't need
his little sister protecting him.
Can you just go back to trying
to get with teachers?
-It's more entertaining.
-Oh, OK.
[ My Pal Foot Foot
by The Shaggs on stereo ]
What the hell are we listening to?
The Shaggs.
This song is called My Pal Foot Foot.
Wait, wait.
My pal's name is Foot Foot
That's my favorite part, right there.
-Right there.
You find the weirdest shit!
I never find him home
Did you get this in the dollar bin?
Wait, I have a serious question.
What's the sign for, um...
for, "You're really smoking hot"?
What about, "We should totally get it on"?
Is it just, um, this?
Oh my God. No! Stop!
Then show me!
What's up with Gertie?
She just told me she has herpes.
[ Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye ]
[Bernardo] Energy! Energy!
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
I'm falling asleep!
Let's get it on
Guys, sounds like a funeral!
Come on! Hey, hey, hey!
Guys, come on!
You're teenagers!
All you think about is getting it on.
Bob, come here! Come! Get up here.
Come on!
Come on, sing!
I've been really trying
No, no. No, no, no. No.
You're not breathing.
There's no sound without breath,
and none of you are breathing.
Fill your belly.
Fill it up!
Come on, that's not a belly!
This... This is a belly!
Ah! Ha!
OK, follow me, follow me. Do this...
Remember the little dog, big dog exercise?
OK, little dog.
Do it, come on!
Push, push, push, push!
[both panting]
Medium dog!
Big dog!
[low-pitched panting]
You're embarrassed? Really?
Everyone, little dog, big dog!
Come on! And...
[all panting]
Pant! Pant!
Push! Medium dog!
[all panting]
Big dog!
[all panting]
Engage your core!
Blow it out!
Push, push, push, push, push!
Push! Push, push, push!
[low-pitched panting]
Engage your core! Push, push, push!
More, more!
And sing!
I've been really trying, baby
Trying to hold back
This feeling for so long
Now we're talking!
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Come on
Mmm, come on
it's not sand and glue.
[Bernardo] Shoo!
Ruby, Miles...
Uh, come here, come here.
Today, if it's possible.
Thank you.
Um, do you guys know each other?
-Kind of.
I need a duet.
I need a duet for the fall concert.
You're All I Need to Get By.
-You know it?
Know it?
Educate yourself.
We'll work next class.
[ You're All I Need to Get By
by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell ]
- You're all
- Like the sweet morning dew
I need
I took one look at you
To get by
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
You're all...
With my arms open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
- I will go where you lead
- Come on, baby
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You'll be there to push me up the hill
There's no, no looking back for us
We got love sure enough, that's enough
You're all
You're all I need
Uh, 800 for 3.
That's as good as I can go.
But I'll take 'em all, OK? Yeah?
All right.
Dad's out back.
What are you giving him?
Stop. I got this.
I just heard Tony tell McKinney it was 3.
And his shit looks like
it's been baking in the sun.
Come on! It's 3,
or we take our catch back.
Ruby, get out of here. Out of here!
He's ripping you off!
We're out in public!
It's medical.
I don't think being deaf
makes it legal to spark a fatty.
What the hell was that?
I got the price up, didn't I?
I was handling it!
You made me look stupid.
No, you look stupid when Gio throws out
any number he wants
and you can't cross-check it!
You want to fight,
go fight those assholes!
Our family sticks together.
I'd give my left nut to tell them
to go screw themselves.
So do it!
Who's gonna sell our fish?
[ choir vocalizing ]
[ It's Your Thing
by the Isley Brothers ]
Oh, it's your thing
Do what you wanna do
I can't tell you who to sock it to
It's your thing, do what you wanna do
I can't tell you who to sock it to
If you want me to love you
Maybe I will
Believe me woman, it ain't no big deal
Oh, you need love now
Just as bad as I do
Makes me no difference now
Who you give your thing to
Oh, it's your thing
Do what you wanna do
I can't tell you, bop
Who to sock it to
[ vocalizing ]
It's your thing, do what you wanna do
Miles, Ruby, we need to work.
Did you work on the song?
Blow my tiny mind.
[ playing piano ]
Three, and...
[both] You're all I need
To get by
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was--
You did not work on this!
We did.
Just not, like, together.
Dios mio!
It's in the word!
You must DU-ET together!
Face each other.
Come on, face each other!
You're afraid of her.
You're wise.
Come on, he doesn't have piojos.
Guys! This is not
the Pledge of Allegiance!
It's a love song. A love song!
Try to imagine what it's like
to sacrifice everything for another human.
So, again?
Of course, again!
You go first, Miles. OK?
Let's take it from the verse. Ready?
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
With my arms open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
[both] And when I lose my will
You'll be there to push me up the hill
There's no, no looking back for us
We got love sure enough...
Good, good, good. Stop, stop, stop!
Good, good, good.
In the chorus, try the harmony up. Go...
There's no, no looking...
[both] Back for us
-Got it? Good!
I am not angry at this.
Go work and come back.
-All right.
-Thank you.
Oh, try it on the guitar.
OK, I'll work on it.
You can sing.
I mean, you have no control,
but your tone is lovely.
It's my favorite thing.
What are you doing next year?
I don't know.
Working with my dad.
No college?
I'm not good at school.
Miles is auditioning
for Berklee College of Music.
I've been coaching him for his audition.
What? You don't know Berklee?
I've heard of it.
Come on!
I grew up in Mexico City,
and even I knew Berklee.
Abe Laboriel,
the famous bassist, went there.
I did too.
I can't afford school.
They have scholarships.
How do you feel when you sing?
I don't know.
It's hard to explain.
You would need to sight-read
and learn a classical piece.
I need your nights and weekends.
I do not waste my time.
So if I'm offering,
it's because I hear something.
I joined the choir.
I like to sing.
You're a teenager.
If I was blind, would you want to paint?
Why is it always about you?
I'm meeting people. I'm making friends.
You know what?
You should get out in the world too.
We should do a co-op.
Look, there's empty warehouses everywhere.
We could organize a business.
Get the other boats on board.
Who's gonna support us?
We're the deaf guys!
They look at us like we're a joke.
Hey! I'm going to Pratty's
for a brew. Who wants to go?
-I'm in!
-I'm in!
I'm gonna go with them.
You want me to text Ruby?
I'm a grown man!
Come on, kid!
Hooks his arm around the pole...
Bear hugging it.
But when he does, he loses his pants.
They go down to his knees.
No word of a lie!
There he is hanging
with his milky white,
ginger ass hanging out.
He's still thirty feet from the pole!
But of course, he's shit-faced.
I'm good! Crashing into shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh yeah? What is that?
-Get out of my face.
Get out of my face, freak!
Don't, don't!
Take it outside! Take it outside!
Let's get out of here!
Want some, uh, ice for your eye?
Ah! Yeah, yeah.
At least they support you,
right? Your music?
Well, my dad insists
guitar is a waste of time
because it's not a true string instrument.
They suck the fun right out of it.
I'm sorry about all this.
My house is kind of gross.
It's cool.
No way! The Shaggs?
I'm really just here
to steal these ladies.
I can't believe this actually works!
It sounds like shit.
But so does my stereo.
My mom thought it was a waste of money.
It was $2 from Goodwill.
Do they, like...
Do they, like, even get what music is?
My dad really likes
gangster rap 'cause of the bass.
When we were little,
I used to see you guys in town.
Yeah. We were hard to miss.
There was this one time--
I think it was, like, 3rd grade--
uh, you were at the Seaport Grill,
and you were ordering for your parents.
And you were talking to the waiter
like a total baller.
And then you ordered two beers.
I thought it was so cool.
My parents wouldn't even
let me ride the bus by myself.
They're weird.
And they hate each other, so there's that.
So, how should we do this?
Yeah, maybe we should, like,
I don't know, sing to each other.
[ strumming ]
You're all I need
[both] To get by
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
With my arms open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sac--
I-- I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry.
This is super weird.
Uh, OK.
I don't know where to look.
Well, do you want to try,
like, going back to back?
Yeah, please.
All right.
You're all I need
To get by
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
With my arms open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You'll be there to push me up the hill
There's no, no looking back for us
We got love sure enough, that's enough
You're all
All that I need to get by
Like an eagle protects his nest
For you I'll do my best
Stand by you like a tree
And dare anybody to try to move me
Darling, in you I found
Strength when I was torn down
Don't know what's in store
But together we can open any door
Just to do what's good for you
Inspire you...
[loud moaning]
What's that?
[grunting and squealing]
Is that your mom?
Is she OK?
[grunting, bed thumping]
We need to discuss this.
No, we don't.
We had no idea you were home.
The doctor said you're not even
supposed to have sex!
Look at your mother!
How am I supposed to control myself?
Maybe I should-- I should go.
I want to know what your intentions are.
Dad, no.
You two have to use condoms, okay?
Put a helmet on that soldier.
Oh my God! Miles, go!
You guys are the worst!
-Nice to meet you!
-Just-- just please go.
Ugh! I hate you!
Honestly, good for them.
I don't think my mom's
had sex since my dad left.
Actually, that's not true.
Her divorce attorney.
It was so embarrassing.
I can't ever see him again.
I think it's fine.
He's probably already forgotten about it.
It's very cold.
[grunting and moaning]
[students laughing]
Hey, Ruby!
Get away from me!
Wait! I didn't do that, OK?
I didn't tell them.
Yes, you did.
No. No, I didn't. I told Jay, one person.
Come on... We were laughing.
I thought it was funny.
[ Both Sides, Now
by Joni Mitchell on piano ]
- They shake their heads
They say I've changed
While something's lost
But something's gained
In living every day
I've looked at life
No, let it out! Let it out!
- From both sides now
-Don't hold it!
- From...
-Don't hold it!
Ruby, no!
If you're gonna pick Joni Mitchell,
you gotta sing it.
-This is one of the great songs.
-Yeah, I know.
You either find a way to connect to it
or pick a different song.
OK, come on!
Shake your body! Shake it!
Shake your arms. Come on!
Ha! Now, sing back at me.
Mi, mi, mi, mi!
Come on!
Mi, mi, mi, mi!
No, no, you're holding it!
-I'm not!
-Yeah! You're trying to sound pretty!
-I'm not!
-Yes, you are.
Oh, OK.
You said when you started school,
you talked funny.
Funny how?
I talked like a deaf person.
What does a deaf person sound like?
You know.
No, no. I don't know.
I want you to tell me.
Different how?
Like, wrong. Ugly.
"Ugly." OK.
Make an ugly sound for me.
-Come on! Yeah.
You think you were the only kid
who ever got bullied,
who ever had a funny accent?
Look in my eyes!
Push against my hands as hard as you can.
Push, push!
Look at me!
Make the ugliest, grossest sound
you can. Come on!
No! Be a monster!
[both] Ahhhh!
Now sing at me!
I've looked at life
From both sides now
From win and lose
And still somehow
Yes! That's it.
That's it!
That's what I was waiting for. Hey!
Yes! Whoo!
-[woman] Give me a break!
-You guys raise the quotas every year.
There used to be 100 boats in that harbor.
There must be 15 now.
Yeah, what are you doing?
Taking kickbacks from the government?
You want to control the fish, but you
don't know what's going on out there!
That's the point of the monitors!
-Right, a snitch!
-Hey, settle down. Settle down!
Let's be respectful.
We're out there to collect data!
Yeah, well, your data is wrong, OK?
You gotta interpret. I'm lost.
Oh, you've tested?
Yeah! I see what's coming up
in my nets, you asshole.
[crowd laughs]
We understand that the observers
are a financial hardship.
Oh, really?
But it's critical to protect the fishery.
It's John's job to look out for the fish!
And as head of the council,
it's my job to look out for you!
[crowd clamoring]
Like hell it is.
It's not the old days anymore.
Everyone has to make some sacrifices here.
Guys, we're not the enemy here.
"Suck my dick!"
[crowd laughing]
That's from him, not me.
Got a problem, Frank?
"We're tired of this shit, Gio!"
[crowd members] Yeah!
"You don't care if these guys
regulate us to death...
'cause you're the only one
making money here."
[crowd clamoring]
"No one's getting paid
what their catch is worth."
[crowd murmuring]
"My dad fished and his dad.
So I'm gonna fight like hell
to stay out on the water."
[crowd] Yeah!
"Screw yourself!"
"I'm done with the auction."
Oh yeah? What are you gonna do?
"We're gonna sell our own fish."
[crowd members] Yeah.
"Any of you wanna join us?"
Hey, what is this?
"You like giving this asshole
60% of your paycheck?"
[crowd murmuring]
"Bring us your catch,
and we'll double what you're getting now."
[crowd murmuring approval]
Double it?
I have no idea.
It sounded good though, right?
It just came out.
I was in the moment.
How would that even work?
We get customers to sign up.
They buy fish right off the boat.
Do you know how much work that is?
There are so many steps!
I've looked into it.
There's no money for it.
You do our books.
You could work with the other wives.
Those hearing bitches
want nothing to do with me.
Maybe if you didn't call them
"hearing bitches"?
And you! You hate people!
We could finally be part
of this community.
We have our community.
Your deaf friends?
You see them once a month.
What's the problem? It's a great idea!
We can't talk to these people.
[alarm beeping]
[ I Fought the Law
by The Clash on stereo ]
Breaking rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I needed money 'cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won
Get your fresh catch here!
Sign up now,
and get fish right off the boat!
Ocean to your mouth!
I guess my race is run
She's the best girl that I ever had
I fought the law and the law won
Forte. Very loudly, fortissimo.
Softly, piano, very softly, pianissimo.
Ruby, come on! I said I'm sorry.
You're late.
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I left my baby, and it feels so bad
I guess my race is run
She's the best girl that I ever had
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the
Get your ass inside!
I'm sorry. I'm gonna
have to call you back.
Shhh, shhh, shhh!
That's the third time you're late!
It's only 20 minutes!
I don't care if it's one minute!
It shows me that you don't
respect me or my time.
I have a lot going on!
Me too! Me too!
I have a whole life
that has nothing to do with you.
If you waste my time,
I will not work with you.
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
It better not.
It won't.
You gonna avoid me until we graduate?
I wasn't laughing at them
for being deaf, OK?
It was the situation.
Look, I know it's not an excuse,
but it sucks at my house right now,
and you've got this,
like, perfect life, and--
Your parents are madly in love.
They can't keep their hands
off each other.
-And your house is--
My house is disgusting.
It's not, OK? It's a home.
And you all work together and laugh.
And my family's not like that.
And then, I listen to you sing, and...
I just do it 'cause it's expected from me.
You have no idea what it's like
to hear people laugh at your family.
You're right. I don't.
And have to protect them,
'cause they can't hear it, but I can.
I know.
I'm sorry, Ruby. I am.
I'm a dick.
Can I make it up to you? Please!
I'll text you every few minutes
until you agree to hang out with me!
That's psychotic!
OK, I will not do that!
I'm not gonna do that.
These foodie people will eat anything now:
heads, tails, all sorts of garbage.
Next thing you know,
fish dick's gonna be the new delicacy.
Fish don't have dicks.
[phone alarm]
This is your last free batch, kid.
Yeah, I got you.
My fingers are falling off.
I can't fit all these in the car.
We need a truck.
Where are you going?
I have my music practice.
You can't go.
What's this?
The news!
They're doing a story on the family!
I can't.
How are we gonna do the interview?
I can lip read.
You're not going to get all of it!
This is important.
My stuff is important too!
Do it!
I can't!
You want us to fail?
Hi! You must be Jackie Rossi!
Chet Turner!
"Hopefully, people will support us
and will buy their fish here."
That's great!
So, how does this program work?
Basically, the fishermen are
at the mercy of the big guys.
The goal is to sell fish
directly to the people.
Mr. V!
Mr. V!
[ playing classical ]
Is that yours?
I'm sorry.
I want to do this.
I don't think so.
Are you serious?
You have no discipline.
You're late. You're unprepared.
You wouldn't last two days at Berklee.
Out! Go!
Well, it's not like that school
did you any good.
You have, what, 17 years on this planet?
You don't know shit.
You want to know why I'm a teacher?
I'm good at this.
But I can't do my job unless you do yours.
And I certainly don't need
a lesson in failure
from someone who's too afraid to even try.
I've never done anything
without my family before.
I want to go to college.
At Berklee.
Music school.
My teacher's been helping me
with my audition.
College? In Boston?
That city is full of assholes.
So is everywhere.
You can't go now.
We just started the business. With you!
That's all you care about?
Losing your free interpreter?
You're an important part of this.
It's terrible timing.
There will never be a good time.
I can't stay with you
for the rest of my life!
Nobody expects that from you.
have been interpreting my whole life.
This is exhausting.
Singing is what I love.
It's everything.
Did you know about this?
We can't let her go.
It's college.
It's not.
It's music school.
And what if she can't sing?
Maybe she's awful.
She's not awful.
Really? Have you heard her?
I'm worried. What if she fails?
I'm tired.
I don't wanna talk anymore.
What do we do if she gets in?
Then she's gone.
Our baby's gone!
She's not a baby.
She's my baby!
She was never a baby.
Where is Ruby?
She's pissed.
Yeah, but today?
Is that the observer, seriously?
I should make her jump.
I'm Joanne Biles. I'm your at-sea monitor.
I'll be coming out with you today.
Could you help me with...
I don't think I can get across.
It feels like it could be
rough seas today!
Should I throw her overboard?
So, you gonna murder me?
I haven't decided.
No. No, no, no.
Just don't belly flop.
-Come on!
-Are you crazy?
That looks freezing.
Get in!
Incoming! Whoa!
God, it's so cold!
Oh, it went up my nose!
So, um, we good now?
After we do the barge.
Which one's the barge?
Wait, that's, like, 40 feet.
[engine rattling]
Hey, is the engine regularly maintained?
When was the last time
that you had your engine checked?
Yeah, it's loud. That's why I'm asking.
Him too?
Haven't kids, like, died doing this?
It'll definitely flip
your eyelids inside out
and give you the worst
wedgie of your life.
Your legs are gonna start
shaking, like, cartoon style.
So jump fast to save yourself.
Oh, and there's a branch sticking out
about halfway down, so jump out.
You're really selling this.
Is that poison ivy?
Holy shit!
Should we leave a note
in case people think it's a joint suicide?
Nah, let's keep 'em guessing.
Yeah, there's the shaky legs.
One, two...
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Three! Saving myself!
No! Whoo!
-Yeah! That hurt.
[man on radio] Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Fishing vessel Angela Rose. Coast guard.
25 off your starboard quarter.
Channel 16, over.
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Coast guard. 25, E21. 25, E21.
Channel 16. Come in. Over.
[horn blaring]
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Coast guard. 25, E21. 25, E21.
Come in. Over.
[horn blaring]
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Fishing vessel Angela Rose.
Coast guard 25. You are in violation of...
[horn blaring]
You, sir! Sir, stand up!
Drop the pick. Stand up!
Stand up! What's going on here?
Why is no one answering the radio?
[voices drop out]
Nailed it.
-No, no!
Check it out!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah! No!
What happened?
You didn't come to work.
We're done fishing.
They suspended my license.
The observer saw we were deaf
and tipped them off.
Well, they can't do that.
We were just working
and they came to board us. We didn't know.
I told you.
You need a hearing deckhand.
Yeah, that's you!
You were that person!
I can't always be that person!
She's right. We need another guy.
We can't afford it!
If you'd told me you weren't coming,
I'd have figured something out.
But you didn't.
You're seriously blaming me?
Your father was counting on you.
No. Don't put this on me.
It's not my fault.
You failed to obey an order
by federal law enforcement
to board your vessel.
On top of that,
you were operating your vessel
in a negligent and dangerous manner
due to your... disability.
I have no choice but to administer
the minimum fine, which is $1,000,
and an additional penalty of $1,500.
We can't pay that unless
we can get back on the water.
Officer, what do they need
to do to be able to fish again?
You will be required
to have a hearing individual
on board at all times
to answer radios,
hear ship whistles, etcetera.
We will be monitoring you regularly
to make sure you are in compliance.
Do you have that person?
I'll sell the boat.
Take the money we can. That'll be that.
It's fine.
I'll stay.
I'll work with you on the boat.
We can't afford to pay someone else.
And there's nobody that's
gonna know how to sign.
Are you sure?
School can wait.
I already decided.
I'm excited.
Oh, Saint Ruby!
We'll make a shrine to you on the boat.
She's trying to help!
Well, thank God you have her.
[engine starting]
[ quiet music plays ]
Don't kill me.
I bought you a red dress for your concert.
If you don't like it,
you don't have to wear it.
I'm really glad you're staying.
Leo isn't.
It's complicated.
He feels...
left out.
That's crazy.
It's always the three of you
and then me.
I get it.
Do you ever wish I was deaf?
When you were born, at the hospital,
they gave you a hearing test.
And there you were, so tiny and sweet,
with these electrodes all over you.
And I...
prayed that you would be deaf.
When they told us
that you were hearing,
I felt...
My heart sank.
I was worried that we wouldn't connect.
Like me and my mom,
we're not close.
I thought I would fail you.
That being deaf would make me a bad mom.
Don't worry.
You are a bad mom
for so many other reasons.
I know I drive you crazy
with the clothes, the makeup.
But honestly,
I'm happy that you know who you are.
You're brave.
Not like me.
Get lost.
You hiding?
Not very well.
You still mad at me?
You can't fish full-time.
Why not?
Gertie told me
that you can really sing.
That's special.
You can't stay here.
They'll keep looking to you
for everything.
What else am I supposed to do?
Let me do this!
I got this!
I'm the older brother.
And I get treated like a baby.
I haven't been able to do a thing
with Fresh Catch!
Because it all involves
talking to hearing people!
So what? Who cares!
You're so afraid that we'd look stupid.
Let them figure out how to deal
with deaf people!
We're not helpless.
Our family was fine before you were born.
Come on. This is... We're not at Fenway.
OK, guys, you must be ready
to walk onstage in two minutes,
or you're not performing, OK?
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
For those of you who don't know,
I'm Bernardo Villalobos, the choir master.
Can you read his lips?
Most of these kids
call me Mr. V to my face.
Not really.
I don't know what they
call me behind my back.
[audience laughing]
But I'm very proud of this group.
They laughed.
They worked very hard.
So I will shut up now
and let you see your children,
which is what you came for.
[ playing I Got the Music in Me
by the Kiki Dee Band ]
Ain't got no troubles in my life
Ruby looks beautiful.
No foolish dreams to make me cry
You have good taste.
I'm never frightened or worried
I like how her red dress
matches the curtains.
I know I'll always get by
- I heat up
- Heat up
- I cool down
- Cool down
When something gets
In my way, I go round it
Don't let life get me down
She's good.
-She's good.
-No idea.
-No, she said.
I got the music in me
I got the music in me
I got the music in me
They say that life is a circle
But that ain't the way that I found it
I found it
Gonna move in a straight line
[ choir singing Starman by David Bowie ]
I leaned back on my radio
Some cat was laying down
Some rock and roll
"Lotta soul," he said
[ choir vocalizing ]
What's wrong?
My buttons are off.
That weren't no DJ
That was hazy cosmic jive
[ all vocalizing ]
What do you want for dinner?
-I'll have to go to the grocery store.
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'll blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it
'Cause he knows it's all worthwhile
He told me, "Let the children lose it
"Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie"
[ choir vocalizing ]
And now I have a special treat.
Sometimes, you hear a voice, and
it reminds you to keep making music.
First song done, second song done.
Please welcome Miles Patterson
and Ruby Rossi!
You're all I need
To get by
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
With my arms open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead...
[all sound disappears]
[sound rushes back: cheering and clapping]
Go, Ruby!
Ah! Hey, Ruby! That was so lovely!
Great job! Great, great job!
Thank you.
Are these your parents?
Yeah, Frank and Jackie.
And this is my brother, Leo.
This is my teacher, Mr. V. And his family.
Nice to fuck you.
I learned that on YouTube.
What? Isn't that, "Nice to meet you"?
"Meet" is one finger, not two.
See? This is, like, the legs.
No, no, no! I mean...
Oh my God!
It's fine. I get it.
Nice to screw you too.
These are my kind of parents.
Please tell them:
"Their daughter is very talented.
And they're making a terrible mistake
not sending her off to school."
I'll just sign the first part.
I'm meeting Miles at his audition
tomorrow. You still have your slot.
-What is he saying?
-You have to stop.
But thank you.
I'm gonna get some air.
What's up?
Just thinking.
The stars here,
they don't look as good as
they do on the water.
The song you sang tonight.
What was it about?
It was about...
what it is to need another person.
Can you sing it for me?
Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see
You were my destiny
With my arms open wide
Louder. More!
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You'll be there to push me up the hill
There's no
No looking back for us
We got love sure enough
That's enough
You're all
All that I need
To get by
Are we fishing?
You guys, this is ridiculous!
If we're kicking you out,
we're all doing it as a family.
Maybe over there?
I'm gonna park.
Look how they're dressed.
It's so different.
It's fine. You look pretty.
Hey! I'm here for my audition.
OK! What's your name?
Ruby Rossi.
Oh, it looks like you're
about half an hour late.
Are you ready to go?
We roll deep.
I'm sorry. Your family
can't go in with you.
What did she say?
You can't go in.
[ singing opera ]
You came!
Is Mr. V here?
Uh, he just left. I can call him.
I texted him. How did it go?
I choked.
Ruby Rossi?
Hello there!
You are...
Ruby. Ruby Rossi.
OK, Ruby Rossi.
Um, looking at your application,
aside from your involvement
in the school choir
and a very nice letter
from Bernardo Villalobos,
you don't have a lot
of history with music.
I don't under-- Is there a question?
Let's go upstairs.
What is your first song today?
Both Sides, Now by Joni Mitchell.
Do you have your sheet music?
I don't. I forgot.
Do you know that song?
All right. You are just going
to have to sing it a cappella.
Oh, OK.
I can accompany her.
Sorry for interrupting. Hi!
How are you?
I'm Bernardo Villalobos, class of '89.
Nice to see you all.
May I?
I guess so.
Thank you.
What is going on?
[ playing Both Sides, Now ]
Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather can--
[ plays false note ]
Oh, I...
Sorry. My mistake.
Um, can we take it from the top?
[ Bernardo playing Both Sides, Now ]
Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way
But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way
I've looked at clouds
From both sides now
From up and down
And still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds
At all
Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
I've looked at love that way
But now it's just another show
You leave 'em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let 'em know
Don't give yourself away
I've looked at love
From both sides now
From give and take
And still somehow
It's love's illusions I recall
I really don't know love
At all
Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say, "I love you," right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I've looked at life that way
But now old friends
They're acting strange
They shake their heads
They say I've changed
Well, something's lost
But something's gained
In living every day
I've looked at life
From both sides now
From win and lose, and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life
I've looked at life
From both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life
Visit me in Boston?
I don't know.
You know, you're probably gonna
run off with some cello player
who wears a fedora.
Yeah, probably.
All right!
[both] Three, two, one...
[both screaming]
You sure you don't want us to come?
-We can help set up your dorm room?
-No, no! Let's not make this a thing.
Bye-bye, ass monkey.
Bye, shit nugget.
Wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop!