Code 37 (2011) Movie Script

We are therefore proud
that Superintendent Hannah Maes
revealed this dangerous plot.
You probably remember the confusion
after the shooting, when Hannah Maes
was hunted
by her own colleagues.
A misunderstanding
that almost ended tragically.
Today we honour Superintendent Hannah Maes
for courage and self-sacrifice. I thank you.
Thank you.
Neighbour, I'm a fan, aren't I?
Daughter... I'm very proud of you.
Do you dedicate this medal
to your late mother?
Her mother, on a day like this...
would have had only one wish.
That Hannah here, fully
enjoy her acheivement.
There you go.
You can keep track of that for a week.
- You can kiss it all you want.
- You can't do that to a man.
I have to work. Come on...
He's had a blow to the head.
So a blunt metal object,
he turns around...
Against his head.
He's going down, he's falling.
- He broke his fingers.
- How?
The unsub puts his hands here,
right under that roller shutter.
That's fully automatic.
Just one push on the button.
I'm sorry...
- Fuck me!
- You OK?
He's still alive.
All right, little one.
- Were there any eyewitnesses?
- No.
When everyone arrived here,
the unsub was long gone.
They do have this here.
found on the ground.
- Daniel Devucht. Is that the one... ?
- Author who won the Golden Owl.
- For that booklet. She for me.
- Are there any security cameras here?
Here? I don't think so.
Come on, let's go to the hospital.
- Hela, what about us?
- You can watch a movie in the meantime.
Mr. Devucht?
Chief Inspector Maes, vice squad.
My colleague Degroof. Can we
ask you a few questions?
- Go ahead.
- What were you doing in that cinema?
What does a grown man do
in a sex cinema?
I had linear equations to solve.
Honey, that's not polite, is it?
Daniel does research for a book
that he's writing.
One of his characters is a hooker.
He writes about things that other
people don't even dare talk about.
- Did you seen the culprit?
- No, no.
- What about the girl?
- I've come across in the Sin.
The Sin? Is that the Sin City,
the discotheque?
Can you describe her,
or did you not look at her face?
- She was a redhead.
- A redhead?
With a birthmark.
A little one, not a pancake.
The Sin City and that sex cinema
are both owned by the same guy.
The guy's name is Vincent Manteau.
- Who?
- Vincent Manteau.
I know him.
He'd do a lot for it, wouldn't he?
for his book?
Yeah, everything, actually.
He'll do anything for it.
What about you? Can you live with it
that he's going to a whore?
This has nothing to do with a whore,
but with Daniel when he was little.
He's been through a lot,
and he writes about it. About emotions.
- He goes where the stories call.
- That wasn't my question.
- I asked you what you think of it.
- That was my answer.
Besides, we had a deal.
Only a handjob, that's it.
Yesterday evening in Ghent the controversial
Chief Inspector Hannah Maes was honored
In the presence of the press
and the mayor.
Today we honor Hannah Maes for courage
and self-sacrifice. Thank you.
Hannah Maes and her father,
the judge Robert Maes,
Were a few years ago
The victim of a brutal robbery
where the wife of the judge
was raped.
- Enough with the circle jerking.
- What about my close-up?
- You actually have a big head on TV.
- Yeah, it's out of proportion?
No, just fat.
Yeah... His parents were arrested several times
for domestic violence.
Placed at 11.
Raised in institutions, so to speak.
Now lives together
with a certain Elise Taelman.
- Lab?
- Haven't been able to do much.
They didn't find anything that matches
the weapon which struck Devucht.
The floor is only cleaned once a week.
Half of Ghent's DNA is stuck to it.
We've got to find that hooker
that was with Daniel Devucht.
Do you inquire in the Quarter
d'Amour? And take the little one with you.
Bob... then we go to Sin City, and
have a little chat with Vincent Manteau.
You know him, don't you?
Or wasn't I supposed to say that?
- Have you been here before?
- A little while ago. At my first communion.
It's really her hair.
Brechtje, grab her, eh?
And you can have a laugh with that, both of you.
That lamp can be at least 1.5 meters higher.
All right, come on, and the wind's blowing through her hair.
Okay, Jurgen, that light
can have at least 80% more.
Hi, neighbour.
Mannekes, take five minutes.
What are you doing here?
- What am I doing here? What are you doing here?
- Me? Fighting with that light.
Photoshoot of the bar staff.
What about you?
- What do you think?
- Working?
Bon, do you know where I'm going
can find the owner?
- In the back of his office.
- There?
- Looking for prints?
- Research for my book.
Don't trip over your tongue.
- Are you going to assist me?
- Are you serious?
You can light up from below. To her.
Okay, guys, start up again.
Jurgen, that's not 80%, pal.
Hold them tight, you like each other.
That may be a smile.
Not from you, Bob.
- So, it went well yesterday?
- Yeah, I just had some fuss with drunks.
No problem.
Voil, see you tonight.
Thank you, Vince.
Bye, honey. Looking for someone?
Vincent Manteau.
Vince! That door.
Nice ass.
Mr. Manteau?
Hi, I'm Detective Chief Inspector Maes.
Vice Squad.
Hi, Vincent.
- How long has it been?
- Long.
- Fifteen years.
- Something like that, yeah.
Avoriaz, right?
Hannah "black slope" Maes. During the day
we couldn't get you from the slats,
and not out of the bar at night.
And now a cop in Vice...
- And a well-known local hero of Ghent. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You've changed, too. From ski
monitor to manager of a club
and a sex cinema.
But you're here to talk about Daniel Devucht, aren't you?
It's too bad.
He's my favorite writer.
Pretty much...
the night mayor of Ghent.
- Do you know him personally?
- What's personally mean?
He works here as a regular performer.
I pay him every week, yes.
Apparently there was a hooker
with him last night.
A redhead with a birthmark
right above the lip.
Rose Devliegher, probably.
My niece.
Your niece is a prostitute.
- You think that's perfectly normal?
- I offered her a job behind the bar,
- She wouldn't.
- And why not?
- Where does she live?
- Bibliotheekstraat 10.
There you go, the first results.
Looks good.
- Yeah, what is it?
- Police. May we come in for a moment?
- Rose Devliegher?
- She's not at home.
- Then where is she?
- In class.
- And who are you?
- Phaedra.
- Phaedra what?
- Devliegher.
- Sister of?
- Yeah.
- How old are you?
- None of your business.
- What?
- How old are you?
- Fourteen.
- Is that Rose?
- Yeah, why?
- Where are your parents?
Mommy's dead.
I've never had a daddy.
What are you here for, anyway?
I think Rose right about now,
has Business Administration.
And you're late for school.
Big mouth.
Hey, Business Administration...
Is that to invest your sex money?
Vice detectives.
- Everybody's working to make ends meet.
- Not everyone prostitutes themselves.
- What's this about?
- Daniel Devucht is a customer of yours?
He was attacked yesterday.
He was a trick yesterday, wasn't he?
A handjob?
And after that, what happened?
See anything?
No, I was in the Sin by then.
- Maybe it was your pimp.
- I don't have one, okay?
Say, we went to see your sister.
What about Phaedra?
- She doesn't know you're prostituting yourself?
- No, and I want to keep it that way.
- I'm her guardian, okay?
- Yeah, she said she doesn't have a father.
Yeah, she never saw that one. He went
run off when our mommy was pregnant.
And when exactly did your mama die?
- Three months ago. Cancer.
- Are you coming?
Yeah... I have to go to class.
Oh, my God, she's busy.
Student, whore and guardian.
Multitasking, right?
- Hey, farmer!
- Hey, did you see that?
Here, Bobby Boy. A little culture.
- What's that?
- Here you go.
Devotion, Devotion, Devotion.
Here... For Elise.
Say, Charles, did they know Rose now?
in the Quartier d'Amour?
They saw her around. Student whores.
Amateurs stealing their customers.
Take Kevin to the Sin City tonight.
to find out if she has a pimp.
- Undercover for some broken fingers?
- For student prostitution, huh?
Hannah, Charles in the Sin?
They'll never let them in there.
You'll find a way. Yeah?
Then do something. Do something!
Right here.
To myself.
The day after tomorrow, I'll start working again.
Where's the party?
- Here's the party.
- Koen...
- Hi, Robert.
- Good on time.
As always.
Voil, please. If you could just
suffer to have a good glass of wine.
- That's top-notch.
- Thank you.
- Trouble?
- Yeah, the wood's a little too damp.
Just keep the fire going, okay?
And my private life... want to take care of it now, too?
No. I think Koen's a great guy.
Damn it!
- Your neighbor's not the most convenient one either.
- I didn't invite him.
Hannah, learn how to enjoy yourself.
And promise me that once and for all,
you'll finally stop that private investigation of yours.
- Trouble?
- No, it's already burning.
The meat can get on, I guess.
Allez, Charles. Come on.
What are you wearing, Charles?
Is that from your first communion?
Laugh at someone else.
Hi, what are you doing?
Does your mama know you're out?
- We'd like to go inside...
- I'm sure you do.
- Daddy's here, too.
- Here, mate.
Thank you very much. Go ahead.
And be good, huh?
the whole fucking society
full of wrangling and tearing
With its laws and commandments
His stick behind the door
Because I only live for the weekend.
what I'm waiting for all week long
To the sex and to the drugs.
and on the eternally young night.
I want to dance, I want to dance
With all women shansen,
Only image and without sound,
I want to go, I want to go, I want to go, I want to go and I want to go.
a baxter full of whisky
Put a pussy on my syringe
If you want to order a chick here, you have to...
you're with your best friend out there.
Let's go with the goat.
Go outside and ask a girl.
Why do I have to do that?
- I'm out-t-t, aren't I?
- Did you have a little fun?
- If I'm looking for a girl...
Are you looking for a pussy? Do you want
A pussy? For example, I've got...
Smart pussies.
A sophomore in psychology.
- Aftercare included.
- Really?
Fifty for a snog,
a hundred and fifty for the pussy.
Can I think about that for a second?
You're not gonna come out of your mind.
Then the blood is in the wrong head.
The pimp, that turns out to be the bouncer
at Sin. Do we pick them up?
You'll blow your cover. Bob and I
will lift that one in the morning.
Ah yes... ? Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow then, eh?
Hacking software, to decode,
Where can you get that?
- Hacking? Nowhere, that's illegal.
- Can you get that?
- It can be done...
- Do it. And shut up.
What are you doing here?
- Are you following me?
- Come with me.
- I'm gonna show you my dream.
- Your dream?
I'm gonna go here.
start a new discotheque.
- Then you have some work to do.
- Come on, let's go.
There you go.
- Good, good, good.
- It's only lit up in the dark.
As long as it's light,
then why do you come here?
The silence. The fewer souls,
the more joy.
Says the guy who's here
to open a discotheque.
There's no silence without noise.
And do you have a name yet?
Linda's Palace.
Anyway, something like that.
Something about Linda, anyway.
- Is that an old flame, or what?
- My sister.
The... the mama
of Rose and Phaedra? I'm sorry.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Most people don't need
to think before answering that.
No, but in my family you can't
start questioning everything.
Anyone who hesitates misses a lot of opportunities.
Says the man from Avoriaz
who missed his chance.
Do you want to get me, or what?
That's not for us.
Someone call the traffic police.
- So early and so funny.
- Yeah, that's how we are.
- Fingerprints?
- No, wiped.
They're still looking for DNA and clothing fibers.
He was the one who
was offering the girls.
First a customer, then a pimp...
Could be the same culprit.
- And little one, scored last night?
- With a college girl, or what?
Daniel Devucht, who scores here.
With an interesting performance.
- How is that possible, with two broken hands?
- Yeah, some kind of circus act.
Search the car, I'll be right back.
Man, that stinks in here.
Did he shit in his pants?
Let him through.
- Did you know he was a pimp?
- No.
Did you see anything suspicious yesterday?
Ramses was clearing a couple of drunks
out onto the street when I left.
And where did you go after that?
Linda's Palace.
- Right.
- Right here.
It was in the glove compartment.
I feel exactly like fourteen years ago.
Minerva, Ligier,
Isuzu, Charon, Viotti...
- Those are girls, aren't they?
- Not by a long shot, car brands.
And there's numbers behind it,
almost all of which have been crossed out.
I think those car brands are
for girls' names.
And those figures are income.
Ramses' bookkeeping.
Minerva, two days ago. DV 50.
Fifty euros? That's a jerk, isn't it?
Ramses said that at the door yesterday.
- DV, that's Devucht.
- Devotion.
Then Rose is "Minerva". And she's lying,
because she did have a pimp.
DV, DV, DV, DV... five times DV.
And not just for 50 euros.
Your working name is Minerva.
and Ramses was your pimp.
- So what?
- So what? Why are you lying?
This is a murder investigation.
Which other girls worked for Ramses?
- Who are they?
- I don't know. Ramses took care of everything.
- Yeah, how much did he get for that?
- Fifty percent.
Your night work, your studies, support your sister...
- How can you keep it up?
- Time management.
Doesn't it get a bit too much?
You really don't know anything, do you?
What do I need to know?
Tell me about it.
I have to go to my next class.
It's this way.
You can't just come walking in.
We're working here, alright?
The mug blown up by the drink
God forbid to know which rotten bitch
...there's next to me right now.
About which of the three whores
Is that a chapter?
Three? No, one. He's with one whore.
with my approval.
- Five times.
- I'm sorry?
He's been jerked off twice.
by Rose for 50 euros,
and he also has
three times 150 euros.
That won't just be
with the hand.
Whose book is it?
Can I see?
Daniel, who owns the book?
- Daniel, is that what it says here?
- Sweetie...
I think I'm gonna take these people,
and talk privately.
So two times Minerva, two times
Charon and once Ligier.
Can you at least
describe it?
There was a blonde,
who spoke Dutch.
Dutch? What about the other one, Ligier?
A little one, is that possible? Not too big.
Guys, it was night.
I get all kinds of things, I drink with them.
I don't know. Do you want me to
make up a description?
- I don't know.
- In depth research.
What happens now, huh?
What do you think now?
- What have we got?
- Right here. Long blonde.
Found on the front seat
from Ramses' car.
Maybe a hooker that's had enough of
being treated like a car.
If it was a hooker. Elise, the woman
from Devucht, also has long blonde hair.
And here, in that book of yours...
Dedicated to Elise.
He describes how he dragged her
up out of the gutter, re-educates,
and also constantly humiliates her.
Elise Taelman, why would she
kill that bouncer?
She wants her writer for herself and
that Ramses delivers whores all the time.
You think she knows that?
He's going out every night.
and she doesn't know anything?
Where were you last night?
- In my bed.
- Can Daniel confirm that?
No, he didn't get home until morning.
Too bad, huh?
You knew, didn't you? From all those whores.
- No.
- You didn't?
No, I didn't. I trusted Daniel.
You've been through a lot with him.
All those humiliations as a woman?
You want a child and he laughs at you.
He's gonna put you through a whole chapter.
Chapter 6:
Writers don't change Pampers.
That's a book, fiction.
My husband is a writer.
Literature, you ever heard of it?
The reader reads what he wants to read,
Of course.
So you have no alibi for the murder of
Ramses, if I have understood correctly?
- So can we take a DNA sample?
- Look, I had nothing to do with this.
Then you shouldn't be afraid, should you?
Open your mouth.
- Does that hurt?
- That depends.
If you're good,
I'll only put it in your mouth.
Hannah, I'd like to leave a little early
to get myself ready. Kevin and I...
Yeah, right here.
Possible suspects in the case.
- But that's Struelens and Dewindt.
- You know that one?
Yeah... Not that woman.
But that's Erwin Struelens,
CEO of Delco Dredging.
And that's Peter Dewindt,
director of Flanders Carpets.
- And what's the connection?
- I don't know.
They've both had
a lawsuit on their plates.
- But I don't think that those...
- Are they stuck?
I think they've been acquitted.
But I don't think that's gonna make anything
with Daniel Devucht and Ramses.
You wanted to ask me something
about Kevin and... ?
Kevin and I want to go back to the Sin
- for the real name of those girls.
- Must be taking pictures, huh?
I won't forget.
- That key is for emergencies.
- I know, but it's an emergency.
I've only been there with your father
the whole time. Where did you go?
Not now.
What are you doing?
Are you busy again?
- Koen, I really don't have time. Come on, let's go.
- No time...
You only have time for me if it suits you
You're always busy with...
Come on, you asked me
to trust you. I trust you.
But I don't really feel
like you trust me.
Let me help you.
I want to help you.
You can't help me.
I have to do this alone.
Okay. One question.
What am I to you?
My neighbour.
Legal files
Struelens and Dewindt, please.
Maes, Section Vice...
Daughter of Robert Maes?
Yeah. Why?
Is it worth it?
to take those files?
What do you mean?
It was your father who
presided over those two trials.
- What are you doing here?
- Supporting you. Your first day at work.
It's too late, isn't it?
- So, what kind of case was it?
- A CEO who dumped garbage.
Teirlinck. Mrs. Marleen Teirlinck.
And you've been strict,
yet righteous?
- I didn't get a chance.
- Why not?
Lack of evidence.
- And why is that?
- Fire in the police archive.
And what was Vermaelen
doing here, anyway?
He was called as a witness.
What do you think? Coffee?
- What's the matter?
- Miss has been brought in.
- And this isn't a school report, you know.
- Okay, let them come up.
- Caught in the school toilets...
- The Principal has it in for me.
- In the process of providing oral sex...
- I gave my love a blowjob.
To a fellow student.
Do you always ask 50 euros for that?
That's prostitution, isn't it?
- So?
- Girl, you're 14 years old.
Okay, we're on our way.
- Your sister's here.
- Another sermon.
Come on, let's go.
In case you want to have a chat.
No sermon.
Ok, she's getting away with a PV.
and a school suspension.
But next time
it's juvenile court
and for all intents and purposes directly
to an institution. Do you understand?
Allez, she's there.
Why do you do that?
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Why do you do that?
You do that too, don't you?
That's not true.
Do you think I'm blind, or what?
I'll see you around, though.
That's something else, okay?
I have to do that, okay?
You had that job with Uncle Vincent.
Phaedra, that's not what this is about.
You're 14. I don't want you to...
- You have nothing to say to me.
- Next time it's an institution.
You're not my mother.
I'm sorry.
We've found out that Phaedra
gives blowjobs at school.
You've got to be kidding me.
They're not going to lock her up, are they?
That's up to the juvenile court.
That girl's got an urgent need.
She needs some help, huh?
- Why don't you talk to her?
- I wouldn't know what to say.
By the way, Linda had asked me
to take care of them. I promised.
But Rose is completely shielding Phaedra.
- Yeah. Why anyway?
- Their father's guilt.
Rudy. He's barely ever mentioned.
I don't know what Linda got her life into.
and that of his daughters.
Do you know why he left?
Dads, huh?
You don't have to take an exam for it,
And to be uncle?
Hannah, come on. I know you're here.
It's the first time I've come here.
I'm in the mood for a slippery nipple.
That's a drink. A cocktail.
Hey, did you work for Ramses?
Why are you so interested in
Ramses? Are you gay or something?
Handjob. Blowjob...
You old fat bastard.
What are you up to?
It's exciting, isn't it?
I can't do that...
Ramses was based on the appearance
or by origin.
Cara clearly has Italian roots.
And Elke, that's a Dutch one.
There was a person who knew her.
Only Elke has blond hair.
- And Elke had sex with Devucht.
- It's in Ramses' booklet.
Elise. Elise... don't forget.
- That DNA test, is that in yet?
- Yeah. Negative. No match.
- Any arrests for questioning?
- Yeah.
135 euros for expenses,
and there's no fucking receipt in here.
If you don't treat those girls,
they don't say anything.
- So what? Charles only has 56 euros.
-The little one doesn't treat herself to Spa Bruis.
Come on, kid. Working.
Sure you want to wait for the DNA test
to confess?
That I gave Ramses a turn
in his car? I'll admit it.
- And you also had sex with Devucht?
- Yeah. So... ?
No, I'm just wondering why
a beautiful, young, intelligent girl
- is just throwing herself away?
- It's not just any old thing, is it?
Shall I tell you something?
- I'm all ears.
- If a guy's really horny,
he's as helpless as a puppy.
Just before he comes,
you can do whatever you want with him.
That's right, isn't it?
It's not what you think.
Going undercover doesn't mean
follow your dick.
It doesn't mean you get a
blowjob from a suspect!
I couldn't do anything else. What was I supposed to do?
say "I'm a cop"?
What is it, quarrel in class?
Our little one shot his load
at Vermaelen's expense.
- Hats off, youngster.
- Stay out of this!
Hannah, no one has to know
anything about this, right?
- I'll get you off the case.
- What?
Easy Hannah, isn't that
going a bit overboard?
You're friends too, aren't you?
with that guy from the Sin City?
- What does that have to do with anything?
- Nothing, I just said that.
- That has nothing to do with it.
- Here, type in the PVs.
And when you go to your
bed tonight kneel down and pray
that you haven't been suspended.
Cause if that guy gets Elke a lawyer,
then you're on your own.
- You're gonna drop me now?
- Make up your mind.
There have been so many times I've
kept my mouth shut about your stunts.
- That's what you're gonna do now?
- I'll follow the book.
You always do what you want.
Your illegal software.
Downloaded especially for you.
All right, all right, all right. Good, good... Good job, chief.
Come on, Charles. We're gonna puke.
Mark Vermaelen here,
Problems with the Teirlinck case.
We need you.
- I'm staying out of it, Mark.
- You have to, Robert.
You know what can happen.
I don't open my mouth
for less than 50 euros.
- Come on, let's go.
- No.
Did you see anything?
Did you see if it was a man
or a woman?
Aren't you afraid, so alone
in a graveyard, in the dark?
I come here often.
Now I see where you got your looks.
Beautiful woman.
She wasn't sick there yet.
Before she died,
she called me and Rose separately.
And she said she was sorry
that I've never had a dad.
Is your mommy alive?
Have you called your sister yet?
- She's not answering.
Probably at work.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
Who's gonna do something like that?
Someone who wants to hurt Rose?
First a client, then her pimp,
now her sister.
- Yeah, and why?
- Maybe she's hiding something.
- Do you know maybe... ?
- No.
Wait, we're gonna clean that first
with disinfective. Don't touch it. Don't.
- Take good care of her.
- Yeah.
Merci, huh.
Can't we just
start over again?
From where?
Go ahead. It might be important.
You are connected to...
Son of a bitch!
What was that for?
Aggressive fool!
No, let go of me. Let go of me, boy.
Fucking cop. I didn't do anything.
Bob, it's Hannah. I know you're angry.
with me, but you have to help me.
Koen, a writer has been molested,
A doorman was murdered...
Now is not the time to be
in the Sin City being silly.
I know, I know. It's just stupid.
It's personal.
You've been in here long enough.
A PV for disorderly conduct
and let it go.
And straight home, huh?
- I'll try.
- Thank you.
- What was that all about?
- That's private.
- As private as that movie of yours?
Sex with a person involved?
How stupid can you be, anyway?
Here you are. Twelve journalists have
called me. In the middle of the night.
Everybody's seen you getting busy.
This mess of yours is a conflict of interest.
Your service weapon.
You know Internal Affairs
is going to start the procedure.
I already know that procedure.
I'm going back to my bed.
Good morning. Superintendent Maes,
who recently received an award,
has been alleged to have had a personal
relationship with a witness in her current case
An internal investigation has been initiated
And Hannah Maes has been
suspended with immediate effect.
And by the weight of the club
make a nice swing. Go ahead.
Did you put that movie on the Internet?
That's a nice welcome, no good morning?
Of course not. Why should I?
Then who did?
One of your staff, perhaps?
I'll have it looked into.
That boyfriend of yours
does have a solid right hook.
Does it hurt?
Phaedra... Goddamn it.
- You Ok? Really?
- Yeah.
Why didn't you have her
brought home?
Because she didn't want to be alone.
Any excuse is good enough
to be with my uncle.
- You were going to take care of her.
- You don't have to get involved.
Or haven't you broken enough yet,
- Come on, let's go.
- No.
What? What are you gonna do?
I thought you were suspended.
You leave us alone now,
or I'll call a real cop.
One who can keep her pants on.
How do you rate her?
I don't. I don't estimate it.
I've barely spoken to her.
You describe her in your book.
Rose is her sister's guardian.
I didn't even know she had a sister.
She's a lot younger.
She's fourteen.
She doesn't look like fourteen, does she?
They don't look alike.
But... men.
I'm forgetting my book.
Elke's DNA test: perfect match.
- Pick her up again?
- Sure. Sure.
What's her motive? She has admitted
that Ramses fucked her.
And we didn't find anything. No
fingerprints, no one's seen her.
And when she says that a certain
Kevin Desmet, you know him...
paid her to give a good blowjob.
We can close the place down.
That's that.
I'm briefing the press that, in the interest of it.
of the investigation, we can't release any information.
- Mark...
- Shut up and type, you.
- We're wrong here, men.
- We? There is no we.
Kevin, can you do a background check
of Rose Devliegher?
Hannah, you're suspended.
Why won't she get help? Why
Does she encourage her sister all the time?
Something's not right in that family.
She's hiding something.
She's hiding something, yes.
And she's not the only one.
Why do you need illegal software?
What did I say?
She doesn't trust us.
Taxi to the Botanical Garden?
- No.
- Did you see that video? Seen it?
- Yeah.
- That was a stupidity.
- Robert, she's gone too far.
Maybe, but she is
your best strength.
And Vincent, that was a childhood sin.
A calf's love.
If that goes to court... That's
enough to bring down the case.
Yeah, I know that.
But Vincent is a witness.
A witness, not a suspect.
Come on, Mark, drop the suspension.
You have to give her another chance.
Robert, listen...
I'll see what I can do.
Yeah, thanks. Yeah, I'll pass it on.
Hannah has three police files
requested in the archive.
Vice business?
- No, absolutely not.
And the day before yesterday she was checking
computer files of old lawsuits.
- That's what I'm saying. Behind our backs.
- Wait. What files?
We're gonna find out right away.
I'll get the doubles.
Are you okay?
I have troubles.
- With who?
- With everyone.
Come with me to my office.
It'll be fun.
We know everything.
- What do you know, Charles?
- Let's go back in time.
1993. Four months
for the Struelens trial.
Your father is appointed judge.
He acquits Mr. Struelens.
And here, 2000.
Three months before the Dewindt trial.
Your mother's being raped.
Your father acquits Peter Dewindt.
What's your daddy doing?
Is he being blackmailed?
Is that what you're investigating?
Hannah, we want to help you,
but you have to want our help.
Yeah, or we're wasting our time here, aren't we?
In 1993, before the
appointment of my father,
promotes a completely unknown BOBer,
all of a sudden to become a commissioner.
And now court records show
that that BOBer's
Is the one who ordered...
that the accused
in these three lawsuits... acquitted.
He had evidence falsified
or simply disappear.
And that BOBer...
is Mark Vermaelen.
The Commissioner?
What do we have now?
hanging from our balls?
Thank you for notifying me.
- Suicide?
- According to the doctor, around 2:00 a.m. tonight.
With his hands in the iron? Certain
that Elise didn't help him?
She went to sleep at midnight, she's fine.
And found him in the morning.
- Is she home?
- Yeah. Hannah...
Officially, you're still suspended.
- Friends' visit.
- Private? I can't stop that.
Hi, Elise.
I don't get it.
He'd just finished his book.
Why kill himself now?
Ligier was a delicious piece of innocence.
A Lolita.
And without knowing it and without wanting it.
I became what I hated most.
He did the sister
of that whore.
Phaedra is Ligier?
Sure. Sure. Ligier, that's not a full-fledged
car. And Phaedra is still a child.
A full-fledged whore, though,
like her sister. Already.
Rudy Devliegher, their father.
Find him, now.
He left years ago, didn't he?
Maybe he found out
what those two were doing.
If that's the case, then that father wants
of course, to protect his daughters.
And then take Devour, that pimp
kill that customer, get rid of him.
Classic case.
Father stands up for daughters.
Trouble. Finding Rudy,
That's not necessary anymore.
- Where is he?
- Dead as a doornail.
- What?
- He was a homeless person.
Frozen to death. Buried by the PCSW.
No one is ever buried
without the family knowing about it, huh?
Charles, follow.
- What the... What about Vermaelen and... ?
- And your father?
For now.
Commissioner Vermaelen.
The Teirlinck file, please.
Thank you.
When are you bringing
those other files back?
Other files?
- Struelens and Dewindt.
Who borrowed it?
Chief Inspector Maes.
- He stopped by again.
- When?
Four years ago. But Mommy
didn't want him to see us.
- Why didn't you ever tell me?
- You were too young to understand.
We've been to the PCSW.
These were your father's possessions.
That's you, isn't it? Looks like...
Isn't it?
What I'm wondering is this.
Why does a father run off
when he knows his wife's pregnant?
And why does he have a picture of his
eldest daughter and not his youngest?
You have to stop now, okay?
You can't do that.
Your momma talked to each of you
just before she died.
What did she say to you?
She was sorry that I never
had a daddy.
What about you?
Did she say that Phaedra was your half-sister?
That Rudy is your daddy,
- but not Phaedra's?
- Is that true?
- Phaedra, they want to split us up.
- Who's my daddy?
- It's not my secret.
- Whose is it?
He's ashamed of me.
He let me down.
He sees it differently, I think.
He just wanted to protect you.
What about Rose?
Why didn't she ever say anything?
Because she promised
to your mama.
That movie on the internet
he just put it up himself.
You got way too close.
I'm her father.
I did what I had to do.
And what a father. But then again...
You don't have to take an exam for that, do you?
I loved your mother.
And now it's up to you.
Thanks, eh.
- Hello, it's Hannah.
- Mark here. We need to talk urgently.
In the Kremlin, in an hour. Okay.
When Mom and I, in '93.
had just bought this house,
my practice began to shrink.
Things weren't going well.
We were about to
to lose the house.
And then I met Mark Vermaelen.
Young, ambitious,
and with good contacts at the lodge.
And before I knew it, I became
an examining magistrate.
And Vermaelen wanted something back.
The Struelens case.
And in 2000?
Vermaelen wanted me to...
acquit Dewindt.
So Mommy was raped...
to make you do it.
And you just let it happen?
What could I do, Hannah? What could I do?
I didn't have a goddamn choice!
You always have a choice.
- Come on, Hannah.
You betrayed her.
You used her.
You son of a bitch, I hate you!
I hate you.
On your knees.
On your knees!
You just abused her.
You abused her.
I should kill you.
Look at me.
Did Mark order my mother's rape?
Did Mark order it?
He's just expecting me.
Wait for my signal.
He's not here.
Is there someone there?
Charles, you watch him.
I have no excuse.
But you're my only friend.
You deserve better.