Code 8 (2019) Movie Script

We call on all those
who were born with
special abilities.
Come register your powers
and help make a difference.
Lincoln City,
fastest-growing economy
is opening its doors
to hundreds of
special-ability individuals
to help build the
city of the future.
power-enabled people
were invited to
Lincoln City to help
with manufacturing
and construction.
I suppose,
yes, this was a time
when the usefulness
of those skills
outweighed the
potential dangers.
Nobody knew why
some people had powers,
but as long as they
were effective workers,
it didn't matter.
We were fire
fighters, police officers.
We were doctors,
for heaven's sake.
We used our powers
to help people.
This is automation.
Today's way of manufacturing.
But economically
speaking, over time,
those with powers were
no longer in demand.
Machines could do
what they could do.
are out of work
and more layoffs are expected.
No, no, no, I didn't say
we wouldn't hire
a powered person.
I said we wouldn't hire an
unregistered powered person.
Big difference.
We're talking powered
on LC Radio, 88 FM.
You're on the air.
I can't get a job
cleaning toilets.
It's pretty fucking bad...
Whoa, whoa, you can't
say that on the radio.
The new
highly-addictive street drug
is called Psyke.
deadly narcotic.
America's latest
and most vicious drug.
The main
ingredient in Psyke,
spinal fluid extracted from
individuals with power.
With drug
dealers paying handsomely
for their spinal...
Making tapping illegal
isn't gonna solve anything.
These people already
can't get jobs.
It'll make them more
desperate and more dangerous.
The leader of this
drug ring pleaded guilty...
called "The Trust"
is running a major
Psyke operation.
In many ways,
it is as sophisticated
as a Fortune 500 Company.
Psyke is
seeing a massive spread
into non-powered communities
across the state.
My daughter
is a drug addict!
All eyes are
on the mayor today...
announced a new,
comprehensive power
registration policy.
As pressure mounts
for an outright power...
police departments
are using new technology...
Thermal cameras
so sensitive it detects...
I get scanned
every single day.
Protect your
family from unwanted...
The new fleets of
automated robotic officers
called Guardians...
I can hear these
things flying above my house
all night, it's
fucking terrifying!
They need
to leave us alone.
Fell asleep in
your uniform again.
Oh, yeah.
Guess I'm ready to go to work.
Make you a hot cup of coffee.
Okay, thanks, hon.
So, answer the question.
If you were a vegetable,
what kind of vegetable
would you be?
We're really gonna
do this right now?
We are doing this.
Okay, fine.
A tomato.
A tomato.
It's a fruit and a
vegetable, so it's versatile.
Like me, you know?
I can do different things.
Is that what you're gonna
say if they ask you that?
Tough crowd, okay, how
would you answer it?
I would be an onion.
- An onion.
- Mm-hmm.
Because, they have
so many layers.
And so do I.
It's good.
It's a good thing I'm
the one interviewing,
'cause that is a brutal answer.
Mom, they're getting worse.
They're fine.
Mom, if anything were
to happen to you...
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
I'm not going anywhere.
You don't wanna be late.
Connor Reed?
We be the
ones to run and hide?
They commit the crimes,
let them run and hide.
How about that for an idea?
I don't care if they're
born with powers.
I agree,
they're dangerous.
I'm sick of
them, I'm not afraid to say it.
Get moving.
Tommy, for Christ's
sake, every time.
I got another load coming in 15,
let's go, you're killing me!
You need another one?
I did, an hour ago.
Oh man, I
could really use this.
Yeah, well, life
is about timing, Conner,
and today yours is for shit.
You got another load coming
in 15, truck's pretty full.
I'm only giving you a half day.
I missed an hour.
Take it or leave it,
I'm good either way.
Sup, how'd the job interview go?
Oh, crushed it,
yeah, start Monday,
full benefits, corner office.
Sounds like a dream.
D-1-0-6, arriving
at 162 West Lake.
Three workers spotted out front
Guardians standing by.
10 Alpha 20,
drone support has landed.
You are clear to approach.
This is the LCPD.
All workers are to come
outside for identification.
10 Alpha 20 at 162 West Lake.
You the foreman?
Yes, can I help you?
We got a call about
powers being used.
Uh, it'd be the first time
I heard anything about that.
All right!
Everyone line up.
Let's go!
All right, caps off,
chins to the sky.
Yeah, half of
these guys are enabled.
Anybody with ability
can pack up your shit,
you're done for the day.
You wanna use powers,
get a permit next time.
Yeah, who's got
money for that shit?
I don't know.
Not my problem.
Guy at the
end won't look up.
Hey, asshole.
Hey! Chin up.
He's got a warrant!
Hands away
from your body, now!
Do not move!
Guardians ready to drop.
Turn around!
Now slowly put your
hands behind your back.
Great job, really
making a difference.
What's that?
You got something you wanna say?
Back up!
Back up now!
Yeah, okay, okay.
Everybody, face down
on the pavement, now!
Shots fired at 162 West
Lake, one officer is down.
I need additional ground
units and medical.
Stand by for drop,
maintain 500 feet until cleared
Target is a Psyke
op in apartment 106.
Drug unit says it's one
of Marcus Sutcliffe's.
Visual on target,
ground team coming in.
D-1-1-8, 40
meters, ready to drop.
Cleared to drop.
Guardians are
online at Riverton Towers.
Class four Brawn
with multiple priors
spotted in the building.
Considered armed and dangerous.
Come on.
Clear the hall!
Get back inside, lock your door.
Show your fucking hands!
Get on the fucking ground!
You good?
Check that hall.
Show me your fucking hands!
If it were me I would've
lit your ass up.
I got a room!
Oh, Christ.
We got it.
Eight are
hospitalized after police raid
another Psyke farm in
the lower East Side.
The debate continues
whether those giving
up their spinal fluid
should be treated as
victims or traffickers.
Thanks to the courageous
work of our drug unit,
we are winning the war on Psyke.
While it is easy to celebrate
the success of this operation
we must not forget
that violent cartels
continue to poison
our neighborhoods.
The LCPD have also released
the following video,
of which they've come
to call the Psyke run,
a monthly trip to a facility
where the drug is incinerated.
It's their way of saying,
the more you make,
the more we burn.
Mary, why is this frozen?
This can't keep happening.
Your episodes, or whatever
it is you call this,
it's costing me money,
okay, so from here on out,
this is coming out of
your goddamn paycheck.
Hey, don't talk to
my mom that way.
Connor, hey.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Go wait in the car, honey.
Yeah, go
wait in the car.
What was that?
I'm talking to Mommy, you
should go wait in the car.
You should shut the fuck up.
Connor, stop it.
Stop it!
You need to leave.
Right now.
I'm so sorry, I'll
clean this up.
You, too.
How many times do
I have to tell you,
never show anyone your power?
What about you?
Frozen sauce on the
ground, how'd that happen?
You need to start chemo.
We don't have the money.
I'll sell the truck.
It's not gonna be enough.
Then I'll get more
money, whatever it takes.
You sound exactly
like your father.
Oh my god, please don't
bring him into this.
Well then quit acting like him!
I was five.
I barely remember.
Did you know
that guy yesterday?
I never seen him before.
Me neither.
Here we go, all right.
Get shot, you fucking loser!
- Punk ass bitch.
- You gonna throw and run?
God damn.
What the hell's Lincoln
Power doing here?
Nah, you don't wanna
fuck with them.
Buddy, that's Sutcliffe's crew.
Bunch of Psyke runners.
I need an Electric,
class two at least.
So nobody wants
to get paid today?
All right.
I'm an Electric.
Need 200 up front, though.
Is that so?
Yo, fuck this guy.
Class two.
200 up front.
Get in the van.
He wants
you to put it on.
Fine, just say it, then.
He can't speak, dick.
10 thousand volts, you
better be worth the money.
I'm on a clock,
come on, come on.
Son of a bitch.
Giving up?
Class two?
All right, let's do it.
Maddy, get us six.
New guy, help Freddie.
How you doing?
What the hell's going on here?
Fence was shorted,
got called to fix it.
I'm gonna need to see some ID.
Yeah of course,
we'll be right back.
Just hold it right there,
please. I need some back up...
No, no no no.
What was that?
I didn't see anything.
I'll just go...
My friend's gonna
squash your head.
Get in the fucking dumpster.
You're just gonna
leave him in there?
Yeah, I mean, he has
a flashlight, so.
Let's go, in the van!
All units in zone nine,
got a report of a break
in at Jones Chemical.
Suspects last seen
in a red cargo van
headed east on Short Avenue.
Just pay me out.
Drop me off.
Job's not done.
Sit tight.
Fuck, these
things are everywhere.
1-1-3, no
sign of vehicle.
I need additional
eyes in zone nine.
D-1-0-8, responding,
entering zone nine.
Relax, you'll
scare the new guy.
Start peeling, let's go.
I got a cargo van
heading south on Franklin.
Descending below 100.
Stay calm.
1-1-3, what's the call?
Vehicle doesn't
match description.
Moving on.
Fuck, that was close.
We got it.
Where's Sutcliffe?
Let's go.
You saw the news, right?
It was my farm in Riverton
that got raided two days ago.
I mean, the cops
grabbed all my shit...
You read minds, do you
not, Mr. Sutcliffe?
Read theirs.
Tell me what they're thinking.
She's thinking of different
ways of slitting my throat.
You have one week to pay.
Otherwise we will be forced
to make alternate plans
for ourselves.
And for you.
They have enough hyrdo
to make Psyke for a year.
Who's the new kid?
Connor, this is
Marcus Sutcliffe.
No, no, no, no.
Nia, will you show this
young man around, please?
You and I need to talk.
What do you want?
Nothing, I'm good.
You sure?
It's on Marcus.
Booze, girls.
Nah, just passing through.
Passing through, right.
I can't pay you, not right now.
I've got three drums
in the back of my van.
Head office said that
they are done waiting.
We need money to keep
those wolves at bay.
If we don't get
them something soon,
they are gonna come calling.
And not just for me,
do you understand?
How good is that Electric?
The kid?
Yeah, he's strong, he
doesn't know how strong yet.
Look, I've got a lead
on something real.
Something good.
I need time to work him.
Get on him now.
You do this job for me
and you are right
back where you were.
Right back where I was,
and more.
Get them back.
What about you?
What do you do here?
He needs you.
He needs you now.
I'll see you around.
We got another job coming up.
Make a lot more money
than you made today.
300 bucks.
Consider it a bonus for tonight.
You wanna make more, we'll
see you tomorrow morning.
You got talent.
Don't waste it.
Just get in?
Yeah, got picked
up late for a job.
Wow, didn't know
you were working.
Yeah, uh, it was construction.
Job's behind so the
pay was pretty good.
I went back to the store
today and got my old job back.
Mom, that guy's an asshole.
He is, but we need the money.
I know, I just, I don't
like you working there.
I don't like it either, but
'til that money tree blooms
in the backyard, we don't
have much of a choice.
Yeah, yeah, wouldn't
that be nice.
It's gonna be okay.
I know it doesn't seem
like that right now, but,
it's all gonna work out.
Come on.
I want some more.
What do you want?
I'm out.
Get out.
- Why, we're having...
- Get the fuck out!
Is this what you want?
Come and get it.
No, no.
Come on.
Me first.
No cams but it's
definitely Psyke related.
Why he took the
Hydro, 200 gallons.
Sutcliffe's watering
down his shit that bad
and you know he's hurting.
What else we got?
Guard was attacked
by a TK and a Brawn.
Pyro blew the lock, and
Electric fried the whole fence.
How many Electrics
in town that strong?
Let's see who fits the profile.
I'll work up some names.
So how was your job
It was fine.
It was weird, I don't know.
Pay was good.
You gotta be careful
with those guys.
I know.
Let's do this.
Gentlemen, listen up.
I need a full day, six crew,
two Brawn, two Electric.
Let's go.
Come on, man, what
are you talking about,
you can always use one.
I was good
in the last one.
See you tomorrow.
Not using you, understand?
Come on, man.
I don't know what that means.
He wants your bacon.
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
You know, I'm wondering
why a guy like you
is associating himself with a
group of degenerates like us.
Who you calling degenerates?
Fred, you hear this shit?
You found me.
You got in the van.
I need money.
Could've got in any other truck.
Paid a semi-honest day's work.
They don't pay enough.
For what?
Doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
We need to know who
we're working with.
My mom's sick.
We'll see what you can do.
Let's go.
He says good luck.
See this car?
We need it.
Short the alarm.
What you looking down there
for, car's right here.
What the hell's going on,
I thought there was a job.
Yeah, there is, in three days
we're knocking over a bank,
and you're nowhere near ready.
So until then,
you stick with me,
you do what I do,
and you do as I say.
Short the alarm.
What's my cut of the bank?
Your mother
raised you on her own?
Dad died when I was young.
Safe to assume he was one of us.
Yeah, Electric.
Got shot holding
up a liquor store.
So your mom raised
you without powers
to make sure you
didn't end up like him.
Light it.
And keep it lit.
Come on, man, I just need a
little bit more time, alright?
Not a fucking clock.
Where's the money?
Nobody wants to buy
that hydro shit, man!
You know we built
this city, right?
Ran the mills, we built the
buildings, we built the roads.
Then they brought
in these machines,
not to drive the profit line,
they did it to drive us out.
Because normal people
have always hated us.
They just used to do it
with a smile on their face.
Where's the rest?
- That's what he gave me.
- Did you count it?
I'm just supposed to
count it, right there?
I don't give a fuck
where you count it,
you always count it!
Okay, the guy over there's
the guy who shorted you.
I don't fuck with
Electrics, so you be ready.
How do you wanna
live in this life?
Do what they want us to
do, live by their rules,
hide our powers, fuck that.
You are and always will
be a class five Electric.
I want my money.
Things have changed, man.
The Trust came to me
and they told me
you guys are dead.
This is my territory now, so
why don't you get the fuck...
Get the fuck off.
Be who you are.
And if you see something
that you want, take it.
Mary's not working tonight,
so, if you'll excuse...
Keep focused.
Hold it, Connor.
You okay?
You know that
interview I went for?
They called me back.
You got the job?
I got the job.
You got the job!
If it goes well, you know,
maybe we can get you
in to see someone.
Okay, okay.
Things will work out.
I know.
This one's a class five.
26, no record, still
living at home.
No job, knee deep
in medical bills.
What are you thinking?
Life hits you hard enough,
you're gonna start hitting back.
Seems to me that
certain people do.
Pin his face to the wall.
I can take you here.
Thank you.
Emily, that's a lovely name.
What can I do for you today?
Tell them what you saw.
Two guards
watching our every move,
with SMGs, cameras
in every corner.
And the vault's being controlled
somewhere outside the bank.
It's a two part lock.
First part is combination,
second part is someone
offsite verifying who gets in.
They control the
power to the door,
but you can short
it with a surge.
And trigger the alarm.
Drone's best time
is seven minutes?
We're out of there in five.
I'm all done in aisle three,
do you want me to start
loading in from the back?
No, I'll get someone
else to do that.
But, there is nobody else.
Look, I don't want
any problems, okay?
I'll do it.
Now, on cash advances,
your rate of 19.99%
becomes effective immediately.
A lot of people seen
we can't handle.
Let's go.
You're okay.
on the ground!
Right fucking now!
If you move, we hurt you.
Get to work.
Get the fuck down!
We know who you
are, we know where you live.
Don't fuck around.
We got an alarm
at Lincoln Dominion Bank
in zone seven.
Possible robbery in progress.
D-1-1-2 is four minutes out.
This is not the time
to get forgetful, let's go!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
Okay, you're okay,
deep breaths.
All right?
Deep breaths.
One number at a time.
Then you get to go home.
Get on the
ground, don't move.
What the
Start packing.
Get up!
Where's the
Rest of what?
The 500
thousand dollars
that's supposed to be
in your fucking vault!
They cleared the vault
before the weekend.
Four o'clock today.
robbery in progress.
All units in zone seven
to Lincoln Dominion Bank,
code eight.
20 seconds to target.
We gotta go.
We gotta go,
Back door.
Keep your fucking heads down.
It's over.
Where'd all the
goddamn money go?
This is the police!
Stop where you are
and do not move.
Get down on the ground with
your hands behind your head.
If you do not...
- Connor, do it.
- We'll be shot.
Remote surge.
Get down now,
this is your final warning.
Do it right now,
or we're fucked.
If you do not
comply you will be shot.
- Guardian's ready.
- What's he doing?
He's gonna hit the drone
Deploy, now!
Do it!
Losing control,
engine one is down.
Losing engine three...
Two is going down, I
repeat, two is going down.
Drone down,
drone town!
Drone down.
- All my controls...
- EMP fired at...
Anyone else hearing this?
All units to
Lincoln Dominion Bank.
Suspect is a
high level Electric.
We're 50 kilometers out.
Fuck, fuck,
Where's the rest?
The vault was cleared out.
What the
fuck do you mean?
That's only 50 thousand dollars.
Those pick up times
are on you to know.
Now how the fuck do
we pay back the Trust?
This is 10% of what we wanted.
Okay, so the job's a bust.
Boo fucking hoo.
You cleared the fucking
Tone it down, boy.
Tread very carefully, Garrett.
What the hell!
Get the fuck away from me.
Fucking piece of shit,
get out!
Use your fucking head, figure
out a way to fill this out!
Make sure it's done cleanly.
Talk like that again, it'll
be you going in that van.
Get your hand off me.
Look, I know where
these guys are.
We gotta move on them
before they hit us again.
It's a fucking easy target,
I can hit it tonight.
Oh, Garrett,
you don't seem to get how
fucked we are, do you?
You don't go to
war with The Trust.
We can't take this lying down.
We're gonna lost
our entire business.
It's my business!
Go do what I say.
You okay?
That was fucking insane.
Wasn't the first time
I've had a gun on me.
Going after Marcus I get.
Why go after his girl?
I'm not his girl.
Not like that.
That's not what
I mean, I just...
Give me your arm.
I'm fine, it was nothing.
What are you doing?
Trust me.
Oh, my God.
You're a Healer.
That's why they went after me.
Why do you heal him?
I have my reasons.
For Psyke?
It's not just that.
I'm paying off a debt.
He wants to go.
Don't touch me.
Fucking junkie.
Where'd you get this?
It's overtime at
Don't lie to me!
I called over there, and
they'd never even heard of you.
We need the money.
After everything
I've taught you,
how could you be so stupid?
Mom, I tried it your way,
it doesn't work, okay?
They're not giving us
a chance out there.
You sound just like your father.
So what, at least
he did something.
Hey, at least he was trying,
what do you expect me to do?
You are running out of
time, okay, look at you.
I'm not just gonna sit
around and watch you die.
Mom, Mom, no, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
Mom, please!
It's spreading faster
than we thought.
The tumor's pressing her
brain up against the skull.
That's what's causing her to
lose control of her abilities.
Frankly it's good
that she's here.
She could've been very
dangerous in public.
And it's treatable?
Well, her condition's been
neglected for too long.
If we're gonna beat this, we
need to operate right away.
I'll leave you to
think about it.
Here's the total
for the surgery.
It doesn't include
the recovery room,
which is seven
thousand for the week.
And the anesthesia's
only covered
up to first five
thousand dollars.
Once we get the down payment,
we can move her into pre-op.
If you require a loan,
you'll need to -.
Connor Reed.
I'm Officer Park and
this is Officer Davis.
Got a minute?
Can't say you come from
great stock, Connor.
Your old man wasn't
exactly a model citizen.
Chemical plant up on East Fifth.
Lincoln Dominion Bank.
You know anything
about these robberies?
Word has it you're running
with Garrett Kelton.
He's got a rap sheet
roughly the size of my dick.
So, short and thin?
Garrett Kelton
happens to be working
for the biggest piece
of shit in Lincoln City.
You ever hear
of Marcus Sutcliffe?
We burn more of his Psyke
than any other dealer in LC.
How much we
lighting up next week?
Four million dollars.
Just a matter of time before
that asshole goes down.
Mm-hmm, and everybody
who works for him.
Look, Connor.
We know about your mom.
I know she's sick.
You know you got mixed
up with some bad people.
I'd do the same for my family.
But you gotta give me
something on Sutcliffe.
I can help you.
Do you wanna spend
your Mom's last days
taking it in the ass from
every Brawn in the pen?
Don't talk about my mom.
Ooh, you hear that, Park?
I think he got real
attached to her
ever since we put his
daddy on his back.
There he is, come on,
do something tough guy,
because I would love nothing
more than to bury you
next to your
failure of a father.
I'd double-check that footage.
You got the wrong guy.
All right, let's do it,
let's get back in there,
I'm gonna give him the slip.
I think we let him go.
Sorry, it sounded like
you said let him go.
We gave him our offer.
Yeah, he spit it
back in our face!
All we have is a class five
with shaky surveillance.
DA won't touch it.
Then, we go to his house,
and we make sure that we
find a whole bunch of Psyke,
and we get this done.
You cross that line, Davis,
there's no coming back.
Look, man.
I get you wanna cut
deals and turn informants
and build a case,
I'm all for that,
but don't forget for one second
how dangerous these
people can be.
She's blinding you.
What did you say in there?
We need to see Marcus.
Nah, you don't get to
walk out of a cop shop
and ask for a meeting.
I didn't say shit.
You don't believe me,
I'll see him myself.
About what?
A job.
Look who it is.
Don't blink.
Kid's the real deal.
Kept his mouth shut.
How much pure did the cops
pull off you last month?
Four sleeves.
Four sleeves off you, three
sleeves off the East Side,
two off the South?
We take nine sleeves,
we step it down,
what's that worth on the street?
10 million?
10 million dollars.
And in three days,
these motherfuckers are
gonna incinerate it.
You're gonna hit the Psyke run.
You get the Psyke, I get her.
That's sweet.
Someone has a poor dying Mommy.
We got a deal?
Yeah, we got a deal.
Don't worry, I'll
get her to behave.
One more thing.
What's that?
We're partners.
Do you remember when
I first found you?
You were eating out of a
dumpster like a little
stray dog.
Do you remember that, Garrett?
How I took you in,
I cleaned you up,
and I gave you all the
things you didn't have?
I'm grateful.
But let me explain something.
There's too much territory,
and there's too much product,
to lay it all at the
feet of one person.
We work this together.
We pay off the Trust,
then you and me,
we won't be answering to anyone.
You and me.
You and me.
Okay, Garrett.
You have a deal.
You earned it.
No fly zone starts right
there, Main and 5th.
Then that's where we should go.
This whole thing's going down
right in the middle
of Lincoln City.
Because of the towers, drones
are restricted from downtown.
That means we do this quietly.
The longer it stays that
way, the longer we have,
so nobody pop off.
Truck comes down this street.
We can't do it here,
way too many cameras.
Main Street's gonna be worse.
What if we send it
down there?
When it's at the cutoff,
we're gonna put
Connor in the alley.
We secure the area.
Anyone calls in an attack,
restrictions get lifted,
and they'll be on us in seconds.
We take down the Guardians
and we round up the cops.
Okay, we tie them
up, we get the Psyke,
we get out, we
don't kill anyone.
It's different
this time, Connor.
It doesn't matter.
Nobody has to die.
This truck has four
Guardians on it.
It has 10 times the surge
protection of a drone.
Only way that we make it
work is if we get you close,
you have one shot.
You hit it, and we
have the window.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I
know he's classified,
but he's still
only one Electric.
What's the plan if the
fucking kid misses?
I won't.
He won't.
Guess we're gonna see how
badly he wants to save his mom.
Shit, don't fucking touch me!
Back in a sec.
Hey, can we talk?
Wait, wait wait.
You heal my mom, you can go.
I'm not bringing you back here.
The only reason I matter to
you is because I'm a Healer.
That's all anyone
gives a fuck about
once they see what I can do.
Don't act like
you're any different.
Looking good in
those cuffs, Mikey.
That's what your
wife said last night.
Escort drone in
position, go when ready.
They're on the move.
L to 1-1-8
and 1-0-9 in zone two,
heading northbound on Main.
Copy, we see you.
Escort is half
a click to zone one.
No fly in
effect, do not enter.
Copy that.
30 seconds.
C-1-5, now
entering zone one.
C-1-5 has
entered the no fly zone.
Escort drones, move to
zone three for pickup.
See you boys on the other side.
Drones are off escort.
C-1-5, you're solo
'til zone three.
They're in the no fly.
All right.
Nobody moves until
Conner fries the truck.
Ah, fuck, construction.
Hang a left on 3rd,
we'll go up Liberty.
1-5, why did you turn?
We hit a roadblock.
We're now east
bound on 3rd street.
Copy that.
They're coming to you.
Whoa, whoa, what the hell.
1-5, why
have you stopped?
Some idiot's blocked the road.
Move your ass!
Come on!
The D-1-1-8 has
arrived in zone three.
Stand by for escort.
Move your
vehicle immediately!
Hang on, one minute please!
Clear off the road.
Come on, come on, come on.
Clear the road, or
you will be detained.
Move, now.
Fuck's he doing?
This is your last warning!
What the fuck
is he waiting for?
- Guys...
- Your vehicle.
All right.
You don't move
or you will be shot.
No no, no, hang on.
You're being detained.
Code eight, I
repeat, code eight.
1-5 just went dark,
someone get over there!
D-1-1-8, requesting
clearance of zone one.
I need ground
units in zone one.
1-1-8 is
requesting clearance.
Stand by 1-1-8, no
fly is still in effect.
How long on those ground units?
1-5 under attack, 1-5
under attack, do you copy?
They're burning a hole!
They're coming in, get ready!
Fucking move it!
Fuck this.
1-1-8 is entering zone one,
path cleared to target.
1-1-8 is into the no fly
You got what you wanted, okay?
Just let us go, yeah?
Stay by the car.
I just wanna see my
family again, okay?
I just wanna see my family...
This is the LCPD, drop
your weapons immediately.
Deploying Guardians.
Go, come on, come on!
Four officers
down, I need medical!
All units, looking
for three powered suspects
on foot between
3rd and 2nd Street.
Get in the car, get
in the fucking car.
Okay, come on.
1-0-6 is southbound
on 2nd Street,
no sign of suspects.
Garrett, where am I going?
Hey, hey, look at
me, look at me,
you're gonna be
okay, just hold on.
He needs a hospital, man.
I fucking know that
he needs a hospital.
You gotta go to the hospital.
You are gonna bleed out.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Oh, it's so thick, look at that.
Where are the others?
I have a present for you.
Like it?
Your daddy still owes
me a lot of money,
but maybe I should just
have someone cut him open
and we'll call it even.
Start cutting that out.
What the fuck just happened?
Marcus fucked us.
No, you fucked us.
That's bullshit.
This was your plan, do not
fucking put this on me.
The plan was fine
until you got greedy.
He fucking played you, Garrett.
Now we have nothing.
Where you going?
I've been tracking
this one Electric
across multiple crimes,
he's the only one
who's powerful enough
and desperate enough to pull
something like this off.
Reed is just the pawn.
What makes you so sure?
We interviewed him.
He's not a killer.
You had this
Electric in custody?
Why didn't you charge him?
Because what you know
and what you can prove
are two different things,
sir, so I let him go.
And then what happened?
Look at the fucking board.
That enough evidence for you?
None of this gets out.
This goes south and it's
your heads on the block,
I will make goddamn
sure of that.
Now find the bastards
that did this.
Where's that line of yours now?
Mom, I'm so sorry.
Where were you?
I was just figuring
some things out.
You're gonna be okay,
okay, I can fix this.
You have to stop.
No, there is a way, okay?
You just need to trust me.
You need to let me go.
I can't do that.
Women in uniform.
So when we talk about
imposing a complete power ban,
we're talking about a
public safety issue.
How will that stop
criminals from using them?
They don't care about the law.
A ban affects innocent
people with power, that's it.
Fact is...
Lina, your father's here.
She was a real handful today.
Stuff falling off the
walls and the counter.
The kids at school
are scared of her.
Hi, Dad!
Hey, sweetie.
We'll talk about
this later, okay?
How's the cotton candy?
What's wrong, sweetie?
Are you and mom
gonna give me away?
What makes you think that?
I know some parents do that
when their kid is like me.
Who told you that?
I heard it on the news.
You Officer Park?
Please, just take it.
Daddy, who was that?
He's just a friend,
sweetie, come on.
It's a little too
late for a deal, Connor.
You oughta bring yourself in.
Once this is finished.
I'm not asking you.
If you don't move now,
the Psyke will be gone,
and so will Sutcliffe.
Four cops are dead.
You know, maybe your
partner was right.
I am just another
criminal like my father.
He paid for what he
did and so will I,
but my mom is the only good
thing I've ever had in my life.
I can give you Sutcliffe,
but if that's not
good enough for you
then just fucking shoot me.
If I lose her I got
nothing left anyways.
drones in zone 11
cleared to 500 feet.
1-0-9 are in position.
We have eyes on location.
Multiple bogies spotted
by the entrance.
D-1-0-9, punch in.
Psyke runners have
been going in and out all day,
no sign of Sutcliffe yet.
Call it in!
Better be right about this.
Let's get these fucks!
1-0-8 to tower
two, taking off.
Tower two, you're clear.
1-0-8's in the sky, ground
units on the move.
Nia, come here.
Do it.
Do it.
This is 1-0-8,
30 meters to target.
are clear to drop.
Copy that.
Guardians, coming in.
Guardians are
live on 32nd street.
Show me your fucking hands!
Move, move, move!
Against the wall, right now!
Show them your hands
right fucking now!
At the perimeter
at 34th and 8th.
Area is secure,
ground units in position.
Stand by for breach.
You two, front door.
You, get up, go!
Look out the back!
Get the fucking door!
Connor, now!
Fix me.
For Freddie and Maddy.
Fuck you.
You just heal my mom
and you're free to go.
Connor, it's not that simple.
Why not?
Take what you came here for.
It could kill me.
Save her.
She's beautiful.
Stop, stop, stop.
Hey, I'm here.
I'm here.
There's, uh,
almost a full tank.
It should help you get
wherever you need to go.
I'm sorry for what I did to you.
What about you?
I'm just gonna go in there,
see how to make things right.
For the first time,
City Hall will vote on
an outright power ban
in Lincoln City.
Proponents have pushed
through the bill
since four officers were killed
five weeks ago while
transporting Psyke.
Smile, Park.
Thanks to these brave officers,
who tirelessly put in
good, honest police work,
our streets are cleaner and
safer than they've ever been.
That's double what Marcus owed.
The Trust appreciates
your generosity.
There's still
business to be done.
The cops are leaning on us now,
but demand for Psyke
is higher than ever.
I'll find out if
they're interested.
Hey, Mom.
May not be able to
visit for a while,
but I know you'll be
checking in on me, so,
if you see me drifting, just
give me a little nudge, okay?
Promise I won't freak out.
Love you.