Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch (2019) Movie Script

Long time no see, everyone!
Without further ado--
Let's toast to the success of Cafe Zero 2,
my new restaurant!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Who would have guessed that Tamaki
had such a flair for business?
The place being named what it is,
I was wondering what he was doing.
Yeah, really.
Hmm, what could the matter be?
Does he need changing?
There's some open space on the second floor.
That's all right.
He's just a little cranky. Aren't you?
Oh, okay. In that case...
Why did you step down as prime minister?
Was your apathy--
This guy here is just fainthearted, you see!
A small-timer!
He's not cut out for that sort of thing!
What is he doing?
Isn't this nice?
It's because we're at peace that we could get
so many of us together like it was nothing.
It is the second year of the Kowa Era.
A year has passed since the treacherous
Emperor Lelouch was killed by Zero.
The world was celebrating
an unprecedented peace,
centered around the reorganized
United Federation of Nations.
This year would come to be known
in later years as the "Miraculous Tomorrow,"
a time in human history
with neither war nor terrorism.
if conflict is one of the fundamental
essences of humanity,
it is safe to say that those days
would inevitably come to an end.
Very well. I will consult with the legislature
to see if the refugees
can be taken in
by the Principality of Britannia.
However, right now, I have no authority
to make governmental decisions.
I will try to accommodate them
as quickly as possible,
It's me. Who are the approaching
Knightmare Frames attached to?
Get the honorary consultant inside!
You can't! This is strictly ceremonial!
It's unarmed!
The float system is disconnected!
This is the only unit
that can move out right now.
I'm just going to buy some time.
- What is this?
- This is supposed to be a demilitarized zone!
They're breaking a whole year
of continuous peace.
The peace that Lelouch left us!
There may be a lot of noise,
but I can take them!
Zero is something special, all right.
Just as big sister prophesied.
Zero, one other unit approaching,
but we have no corresponding data on it.
Got it. I'll capture it and--
If only I had a sandboard...
Ha! Just as big sister prophesied!
What is this doing here?! Oh, no!
I don't have enough thrust!
This is an emergency bulletin.
While inspecting a refugee camp,
Nunnally vi Britannia,
the honorary consultant for WHA,
the World Humanitarian Agency,
along with the chief adviser
for the Black Knights...
Yeah, it's been over a year
since Jeremiah took us in, hasn't it?
I want to thank you for what
you did back then, Shirley.
You were the only one
able to move freely about.
It's just...
Oh, you heard about that from Anya.
There's a gateway left
that Charles hasn't touched.
I think I'll go and check it out.
Why does this world
lead me on
and then shake me off?
Why does the world
harrow up my heart
again and again?
I'm asking you the obvious
I want to feel the warmth
of asking the hard questions
How do I keep moving forward
over ice that is easily shattered?
There you were,
staring at the loose threads of my love
and the scars that I had hidden
But please, don't take my pain away from me
I, Milly Ashford, am currently
in the kingdom of Zilkhstan,
which is well known for being
a nation of warriors.
It has been an impregnable kingdom,
which has repelled all invasions
by larger powers ever since its founding.
The soldiers of Zilkhstan
are well favored for their skills,
and have served as mercenaries
all over the world.
Ninety percent of the nation's
territory is barren land,
and with few resources,
it is no exaggeration to say
that the nation's major export
is soldiers--their military might.
The captain of the Zilkhstani
royal guard has just returned.
I will ask him for a word.
Is this a good idea?
It does call for a public statement.
Regarding the so-called "Puzzlement
in Hashvess" that occurred
at the Hashvess refugee camp earlier,
can you comment on the missing
World Humanitarian Agency workers,
including Honorary Consultant Nunnally?
Unfortunately, I have no new information.
There are five countries, including Zilkhstan,
which have disputed borders in that area,
so the search is not making much headway,
much to our dismay, as well.
The loss of Miss Nunnally,
who has made such a tremendous contribution
to the postwar international peace
is a loss for all mankind
as we look to the future.
It greatly pains our divine, as well.
There, all done.
Would you spread out the sofreh, Lelouch?
You did it before, remember?
Okay, Lelouch.
I'm sure you're hungry, right?
You can eat whatever you like.
Hold on! Calm down!
It's all right!
Take it easy. There's nothing here
to be afraid of. Nothing that can hurt you.
I know. I'll make you some warm milk.
With lots of honey in it.
If it's not here, either...
It doesn't look as though
they've found Lelouch, but still...
The targets have noticed us.
They're dirty, all right.
I'm begging you,
don't drag us into this.
Huh?! Aren't you...?
Kallen? You're as rough as ever,
in more ways than one.
C.C., what are you doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
What are you doing here, of all places?
It has been too long, Miss C.C.
Well, you see, we're here
because Prince Schneizel asked us
to go find the abducted Nunnally and Zero.
He said this country seemed
to be the most likely.
If he came out and
accused them directly,
there'd be a diplomatic dispute
over not having any proof. But now...
Yes. Since they tried to eliminate us,
something appears to be up.
Miss C.C., have you seen the news?
Oh, no, I'm here--
If you're a tourist,
you're out of luck.
You men stand down.
Huh? Are you in charge here?
Isn't this attraction a bit
too hard on the tourists?
I thought it was just right for you
United Federation of Nations dogs.
Heh, then why don't we settle
this question one-on-one?
No. I'm no knight or samurai, you see.
Huh? What is this?
Miss Kallen? What is it?
When did you get there?!
You can't escape!
Miss Kallen! What has come over you?!
Having our adversaries
destroy each other is fitting.
How many brothers do you have?!
Don't tell me...
Let me go, you...!
I knew it. Geass.
Ho, you know about Geass?
I'll have to check into your backgrounds.
You! But you should... dead, is that it?
So that's it. A Geass that allows you
to switch recognition of an individual.
Quite a modest little power, isn't it?
Oh, it's plenty useful on the battlefield.
Hey, give me a hand, you two.
I want to capture this Geass user.
Very well.
What? My Geass didn't work?
It couldn't be...!
You picked on the wrong girl.
I see. Forgive us for having treated you,
a former master, as we did.
We'll be back later.
They're from one of the splinter factions.
C.C., were they from your--
I am no longer with the Order.
V.V. is gone now, and it's unclear
who has the authority--
We can talk later.
Miss C.C., I apologize for bringing you
into this, but right now--
I get it. But...
There's someone with me.
Then I hate to say this,
but they have to leave with us.
Yeah, you're right.
If the police were to find him,
it would pose a problem.
You there, please come with us.
Um, we need to get going.
Master Lelouch?
It's all right, Lelouch! It's all right!
Huh? Is it really...?
Well, you see... this is Lelouch...
and yet not Lelouch.
This is the service center.
The source of the problem was as we expected.
We'd like to salvage two parts for it,
so we need to request your assistance.
Also, we've managed
to acquire a new customer,
and we may need the requiem sheet music.
If you please.
It's possible that Lelouch
once inherited a Code from Charles.
The one that gives him immortality?
Yes. But Lelouch used
his Geass afterward, as well.
What happened when he performed it
without the Code issue being resolved
was the Zero Requiem.
And Shirley got involved after that?
Yeah. She is a private citizen,
unwatched by any side.
I had her bring his body
to the place Jeremiah lined up
without drawing any attention.
After that, I tried to reconstruct
Lelouch in Cs' World.
The reason I can't die is because
I replace any defective body parts
with those constructed in Cs' World.
Like a mirror backup, huh?
Not exactly, but in a general sense,
you can think of it that way.
The problem is,
Lelouch killed God in Cs' World.
Because of that,
I can no longer freely enter Cs' World.
But you just came back
to life earlier, didn't you?
Yeah. There are probably
some parts still left over.
In any case,
Lelouch's mind has gone missing.
Then, who is this person?
The empty vessel of Lelouch's body.
The sorrowful ruin of what he once was.
Is this what Lelouch wanted?!
I still have a promise in place with him.
And so you just went ahead and...?!
I know.
And I won't leave him like this forever.
That's the reason why I came here.
You saw those assassins last night, right?
They used Geass.
There's an organization here in Zilkhstan,
separate from the Geass Order, called Farlaf.
If I use the Aramu Gate,
an access system into Cs' World,
which they control, then there's a chance.
I'm terribly sorry,
but those United Federation
of Nations dogs gave us the slip.
I realize someone got in the way,
but this isn't like you, Qujappat.
She is who she is, after all.
A former master?
Yes. Master V.V.'s predecessor.
Is her arrival at this time a revelation,
or is it an offering?
Regardless of whether
the intruders are Federation spies
or are connected with Geass,
there are only two conceivable objectives
the enemy may have.
This temple, in which you sit, Princess...
...and the Wailing Prison,
located on the Gimsula Plains.
Mm-hmm. The hostages are there.
If the United Federation of Nations
finds any evidence,
the whole region is at risk
of an air strike.
That's it. The old Aramu Gate
is inside the Wailing Prison.
Where's my brother? Where is Shalio?
Still at the prison.
Probably with him, as usual.
Tell him to return at once. You go to
the prison, Shesthaal, to take his place.
Namjala latak.
I, Shesthaal, son of the great Forgnar,
will show the United Federation
of Nations my fighting genes.
Tell me, can you see, Zero?
Or rather, Suzaku Kururugi?
These are the moves you showed off
time and again in Asia and the E.U.
What was your attitude control
at these times?
These moves aren't
in the programming, are they?
And why is it that when
you were using the Albion,
your movement changed midway through?
It wasn't the design, was it?
What about you?
How did you know what moves I would make?
How did you set a trap in the place
I would back into? Was it Geass?
That again? I wish you would finish
answering my questions.
Don't forget that we have Nunnally.
You're more despicable than I thought.
Yeah, I am. I will do anything it takes
to be the world's greatest warrior.
I need pure strength to protect
the ones who are dear to me.
Unadulterated guile,
and sheer perfidy, such as your own.
You wouldn't choose death
except to protect someone.
That's all the data we've figured out so far.
Now, tell me!
Do it to protect Nunnally!
Suzaku Kururugi,
all of your strength shall be mine.
Your Majesty...
Big sister?
Oh well, then.
Once you have all the data saved,
return to the castle.
Namjala latak.
Is something wrong?
Oh, there are more of those lately.
Yes, the energy packs
have been falling short.
General Forgnar is
reaching out to Indonesia,
but everyone is too busy
rebuilding their own lands.
It all comes down to national strength.
We have to make sure this succeeds.
Including big sister's current plan.
Are they gone?
Yeah. Even if they get suspicious
and come back,
we'll be inside the prison by then.
Thanks for coming along
to carry all this stuff.
You're not going to tell us you
didn't have a plan, are you?
Well, sure. I was fixing up something
that didn't involve wearing these outfits.
Does this Aramu Gate
really exist out here?
It used to be a temple.
Looks like it's a prison now, though.
For bandits and ideological
offenders and such.
Dr. Lloyd, we're about to go inside.
If we can access this
Cs' World place from in here,
Lelouch will come back to us, right?
I'm just saying there's a possibility.
Aw, man...
I can't help but consider
what happens if it doesn't work.
We still have a glimmer of hope.
That's enough for now.
Ideological criminals and terrorists.
Hmm? The lower block?
Keep this to yourself, please.
They caused the Order a lot of trouble
and will be executed within a week.
What's with him?
Don't worry about him.
Apparently, he's done too many drugs.
Hey, fresh meat!
What are you guys in for?
Women! Women!
Hey, let's have some fun!
Is that a guy in the middle?!
Let's party! Let's party!
Dr. Lloyd,
we made it below. I'd like to make
our move before the strip search.
How are the cameras coming?
How unfortunate, it's just fine.
I've already replaced it
with a fake image.
It's okay, everyone.
What's okay?
Why, you!
Thank you for showing us in.
- Hey, now...
- Now they've done it.
Heh, idiots.
Hey, you can't get out of here.
It's impossible.
Guards, you seeing this?
Hey, this is a card-key to this place.
It's yours. I'll leave it up to you
what to do with it.
You want us to break out, eh?
This should be good!
Yes! Let's do it!
- I'm gonna kill those bastard guards!
- I hope this buys us a little time.
Miss C.C., is the Aramu Gate on this floor?
No, it's down farther than this.
It used an underground waterway,
so it would be the lowest level.
There would be no reason to destroy it,
so I think the passage is still there.
That's unfortunate.
Huh? A dead end?
Could that thing be the gate?
It's completely submerged
by the groundwater, though.
Which is precisely
why our chances are good--
our chances that the system
is still unused and intact.
I'm grateful to whoever it was
that built this system.
Wow. Where is all this water going?
It's okay. Nothing to be afraid of.
What gives? Don't stare at me like that.
It's as though...
The water volume
from the prison has increased,
so the Ministry of Interior wants us
to check the floodgates.
Hmph, they could have
just told Bitool directly.
There seems to have been an emergency,
and communication protocols are in effect.
I know!
Hmph, they appreciate groundwater
more than they do Knightmare Frames.
C.C., can you take Lelouch?
Yeah. You keep watch over this place.
Leave it to us.
Miss Kallen?
What is it, Sayoko?
I'd like to go check on the riot and
secure what we'll need for our escape.
Please do.
I will return shortly.
Come back to us, Lelouch.
Relax. We're going to put an end to you
being this way this time for sure.
It looks like we made it in.
What's going on here? Why are people's
consciousnesses just staying put?
Is something the matter, Princess Shamna?
No change. Is that attachment
or perhaps absent longing?
I beg your pardon!
So that's why, Charles.
The remnants of your desires
and the wishes you left behind
have created a barrier here.
So we're going to need
Nunnally after all.
Damn it, men, can't you be
a little more civilized about this?!
How many intruders are there?
The thing of it is, Warden,
it looks like it's just the people
we were playing prisoner for.
Huh? That's not nearly enough of them.
Are they plotting something?
All we know is that they went
to the underground floodgate.
Is there anything down there?
Just the temple from before
we relocated here.
They're planning on searching
each floor by turns.
All right, we'll stamp them out on
the bottom floor. Less damage that way.
Relay this to the big elite on the outside.
You mean the honorable and proud
royal guard Captain Shesthaal?
You idiot, don't echo what I say.
Stand by?
Yes, sir. Warden Bitool said that due
to the complex construction of the prison,
they would deal with it themselves.
That glorified bandit...!
Does he think this is
his own little kingdom?
Sayoko, you shouldn't bring
a Knightmare down here.
Oh, actually, we found something
that's bound to shake things up a bit.
But the prisoners are free to do
whatever they want, and...
Yes. They were all on staff here.
They were one step ahead of us.
Got it. I'll buy us some time.
Dr. Lloyd, you've got C.C. and Lelouch.
Huh? I don't know
what you expect me to do.
Well, I suppose this is some rather
fascinating research material.
Heh-heh, this makes our day.
Yeah. Lucky for us,
the upstairs security didn't get them.
You guys weren't here for
that hunt last week, were you?
Thank you so much.
I love me some redheaded women!
Opening fire without saying anything first?
I like your style.
A Ghedo Vakka!
That's not good!
Coming from the lower floor, huh?
I hate to do this,
but I have to take you out.
Control Room, there's risk of a collapse!
We need a rescue team!
Would you guys knock it off?!
Hey, do you read me, Control Room?
No, are they jamming us?
Man! This thing has lousy visibility!
My compliments.
Not bad for being in an unfamiliar machine.
Why, Charles?
Have you become a wedge between worlds,
as a result of Lelouch killing God?
Or is it something else?
No! Over here!
If we shoot any more down here...!
You're right;
we'll probably get buried alive!
- Miss Kallen!
- Over there! Over there!
Don't mess with me, punk!
Whoa there, that's enough. The next one
is a bomb that will blow us both up.
Warden Bitool,
we can't contact the outside.
These guys might have cut us off.
Go take a quick look below you.
Huh? There's nothing there.
That's what bothers me! Get going!
All right.
Now then, what kind of fun
should I have with you, Federation lady--
or no, maybe you're
with the Black Knights?
Lelouch! Where are you, Lelouch?!
Are these souls with nowhere to go,
or Refrain?
Charles, stop holding on!
Let Lelouch go free!
No change.
Tell Shesthaal to respectfully receive
the master if she is there.
She may be of assistance
with the new gateway.
Namjala latak.
No! If this keeps up, his remaining
consciousness will be swallowed up!
Lelouch! We're getting out of here!
You've finally woken up.
What were you doing down here?
Who are you?
You should do your homework
before coming into another man's castle.
Ho, it is you, all right--
the woman our elite told us about.
I hear you're immortal, right?
You know who I am?
A complete Southern Cross!
Should we burn her or dissolve her next?
Hey, break the arms
of those other two right away.
Ho, you've already started healing?
Then why don't you tell me,
what were you doing down here?
If you don't tell me,
I'll destroy these ruins.
This is a dead end, is it?
No, it isn't. That is incorrect.
This reminds me of Narita, C.C.
You got hurt trying to cover for me then, too.
You may not be able to die,
but you shed your blood too readily.
Where did this guy come from?
No way! Are you that treacherous emperor?
No, you couldn't be...
Ah! So that's it!
These guys were hiding you here!
You're in exile?
No, you wouldn't be here, then, would you?
Hey, I don't dislike liars like you.
Well, I do dislike men like yourself,
of inferior character.
Oh, are you really that stupid,
Last Emperor Lelouch--
provoking me while unarmed?
Oh no, I do have a weapon.
A weapon that those directly
under me know all about.
Lelouch vi Britannia commands you
to die, right here, right now.
No, if you don't want to die,
you'll say you're sorry--
Namjala latak.
- Namjala latak.
- Namjala latak.
Hey, has something
happened down there? Hey!
There's a lot more I have to say to you,
but I'm back, C.C.
Yeah. Welcome home, Lelouch.
He's relegating his command? Bitool?
Yes, sir.
He is just the chief bandit, after all.
He senses the danger, and now he's going
to distance himself from it.
Ugh, we don't know what the intruders
are after. Something's up.
Plus, I can't use my Batalalan Du in here.
It's better than messing up
and getting disposed of.
What do we do with the woman?
I'd like to say you can have her
after I've had my fun with her,
but she looks good enough to be a gift
to the king or the princess in the temple.
Take her to the infirmary.
Master Lelouch?
What is it?
Miss Kallen is being taken
to the infirmary.
Probably the facility
on the fourth level. Also...
Command of the investigation is being
turned over to the royal guard.
Royal guard?
Yes. They appear to be
standing by outside.
All right. Then we're switching
the mission to Zebra.
Is there some internal conflict
in this country?
This is a move that suggests
a territorial dispute.
That's because it's ruled
by a brother and sister.
The sister presides over the religious,
the brother over the military.
I don't know more than that, though.
For the love of...
Coming up with an escape plan
before breaking in is fundamental--
Excellency, I've taken over
the system here.
You have? Good work.
Now, as for this floor,
do you know what it's used for?
Excellency, you noticed it, too?
There's only one person left there.
Under the circumstances,
are they going to need to move him out,
or is he too important,
and they can't risk moving him carelessly?
Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, Zero--
I mean, Suzaku Kururugi.
I had the doctor check you out,
but you shouldn't be moving around yet.
As long as you're here,
the enemy has to watch what moves it makes.
In any case, this helps me.
I'll need your help to clear all conditions.
Is it really you?
Go ahead and check me.
You're alive?
So it seems.
It seems?
It seems?! You make it sound
like you're not involved!
Yeah, I suppose I do.
Did you... Did you lie to me again?!
I'm not going to excuse myself.
Do what you must.
Do you know... what I... what everyone...
had to go through?!
Why did you keep it to yourself,
you coward?!
Why?! Why?!
Stop, Suzaku! Suzaku!
Lelouch wanted to stay dead,
but I insisted!
I'm impressed that you were even
able to move in your condition.
Attention, intruders inside the facility.
I am the captain of Shamna,
the Divine's royal guard,
Shesthaal Forgnar.
This prison facility is
completely surrounded.
I repeat, surrender at once.
Evacuation of all prison personnel
is nearly complete.
If you do not contact us
before they finish,
then I can no longer
guarantee your survival.
Also, if the one who was previously
within the Order comes forward,
she will be treated
as a guest of the state.
Guest of the state?
What do they want from you?
Beats me.
We parted ways over 300 years ago.
Who knows what happened
to their founders.
Excellency, I built it around
the Knightmare Frame simulator.
See for yourself.
From the perpetrators?
Yes, sir. What would you like to do?
Doesn't matter. Put them through.
Calling the brazen Shesthaal Forgnar.
Calling the brazen Shesthaal Forgnar.
We are simply tourists.
Remove your ridiculous cordon,
and leave the area immediately.
I don't mind about myself,
but I insist that you take back
your insult toward the Forgnar family.
Ho, who knew that mercenaries could gain
such honor over a scant 120 years?
Why, do accept my apologies.
Even thieves and bandits have their pride.
If you have any smarts, leave now.
If you are a fool, head right on in.
All personnel, prepare for battle.
We'll neutralize them
from ground level on down.
They're going to attack? The fools.
I know, Lelouch.
You really have come back, huh?
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
You can't pilot that ugly
Knightmare in your condition!
I'm all right.
I'm Zero, after all.
I'm the one who has pledged to sacrifice
myself for the sake of the world.
That may be one of your strengths,
but it's also a drawback.
I know. But I don't know of any
other way to undo this failure. So...
My apologies. I'm going to need
your assistance after all.
Lelouch vi Britannia commands you!
Thanks, Sayoko.
I'm just glad I was in time.
We have to go and guard Dr. Lloyd now.
If she truly is a master,
she should be able to withstand this. So...
All personnel, take control of all
floors quickly, in the name of Forgnar!
Namjala latak.
Lelouch, this strategy of yours
can beat them, can't it?
If you do what I told you to do.
I think I know your method
of operating pretty well.
Hmph. Then follow your instructions.
They closed off the entrance.
That was expected.
P-9, continue backing away.
P-2 and B-4, rendezvous with R.
Draw the enemy inside.
All personnel,
continue taking control of each floor!
Madin, maintain your position.
Guard the bridge-laying tank
on its way here from Ablaq Base.
K-1, move into action.
A Ghedo Vakka? Pay it no mind.
It's a decoy to let their soldiers escape.
That's right.
You'll think it's an enemy decoy.
Ridiculous. Is this all you've got?
All right, keep running the enemy down!
Q Team, you have two minutes
to get everything wrapped up.
You're just an incompetent
buffoon who's all talk.
K-1, lure them in.
Captain, the captured Knightmare
fled down to the lower floor.
Good! Press the attack!
The others are sure to be there, too.
Everyone knows that bandits
can't beat a heroic bloodline!
K-1, continue as planned.
I've come for you, Zero.
Zero? If you're thinking of escaping,
then you must know what will happen
to the other hostage.
Captain Shesthaal of the royal guard,
your pride is of no account.
This is checkmate.
No! Father!!
My Sakuradite...!
Kallen? Thank you, too--
Master Lelouch...
What is it?
Are you sure we shouldn't deal
with the other staff members?
Yeah. Turn them loose.
The Geass I cast on them earlier
ended with their cooperation.
Is there something different about you?
Hmm? Good question.
As for what's next, we're going to cross
the border at a village called Lodus--
Yeah, never mind about that.
Lelouch can't very well be
publicly rescued, can he?
Besides, there's something else
I have to do.
Hit the enemy as hard and as fast as I can,
and rescue Nunnally.
Princess, this is Forgnar.
I heard that King Shalio was here.
King Shalio, is it true that my son,
Shesthaal, has died?
Yeah. We just got word
from Bitool, the warden.
Bitool, when did Shesthaal die?
Midday. Around 11:00, I would say.
We had no idea that the enemy
was so formidable.
I see. That makes it more
than six hours, doesn't it?
Big sister?
My king,
please give me your order.
Tell me to hunt down those Federation--
those Black Knight dogs,
and avenge my son!
Your military might is undeniable.
But the enemy may have someone
who possesses Geass.
Princess, we are not even certain
that was a master.
I know! I am just saying
to prepare for the worst.
Yes, Highness. Forgive me.
Big sister, if they do have a Geass...
It's all right. Once I make my prophecy,
we can beat any enemy.
Just as we captured Zero?
Yes. But never mind that;
we have to hurry and complete things here.
This is all because your brother
destroyed the laws of Cs' World.
By using you,
whose wavelength is close to Charles,
the one who failed to change things over,
I will be able to transcend Cs' World.
"United Federation of Nations Headquarters"
Are you sure?
Zilkhstan has abducted Nunnally?
According to the report from Lloyd
and Agent Shinozaki, yes.
Hmph, I wish she'd have used me
instead of the Earl of Pudding.
I know the area.
I want you at my side,
as my technical advisor.
Still, I don't get it.
Why would a country that small
turn the world against them,
when there's no way they can win?
I'm not sure if it has
anything to do with that,
but I received one other troubling report.
Hmm? Something you can't even tell me?
The thing is, it sounds like Geass
is involved, as well.
Does this have to do with why you
called in Shanti and the others?
They're the child prodigies
that you brought together,
so I thought it best
that you tell them yourself.
Sis, I sent that Frame Coat to Pudding.
For the Lancelot?
That unit could be seen as a symbol of tyranny.
Was that wrong?
I thought it would be necessary if Zero is safe.
Of course it's wrong.
Send in another set.
Hmph, if you say so. Shanti?
I thought she would say that,
so I already have it ready.
I hope they don't find out.
We're just over the border, but still...
Princess Cornelia's name is dreaded
in the area. Moreover...
This region makes its living
by stealing and spying.
And they can use Geass, too.
His Excellency sure is a cautious one.
We'll have to find something else
for you to call him sometime.
You're right. It would be bad
if word gets out that he's alive.
The only people who should kill
are those prepared to die themselves.
Which is why I am not the one
who should be messing with the world.
Besides, Lelouch vi Britannia is someone
who abandoned his existence,
along with the rest of the world.
That's why, just this once,
to save Suzaku and rescue Nunnally,
I will become Zero again,
as Lelouch Lamperouge.
Well, this is strange.
I wonder what's happened to C.C.
Prez! How was Zilkhstan?
No good. They gave me
almost no press access. Right?
I'm not sure what happened,
but things got dicey, so we came back.
Oh, that was probably the right call.
How so?
There are rumors on the internet
that foreigners in Zilkhstan
keep getting locked up,
one after the next.
Ah! They say the airports
could be shut down, too!
I thought it sounded far-fetched,
but it looks like the reports
of you being alive were true,
Lelouch. And you, too, Suzaku.
You're on the run from
your pursuers in Zilkhstan,
and managed to make it all the way here
to this village, right on the border.
But Lelouch, I cannot allow you to enter
the United Federation of Nations.
Will you die here or turn back?
Sister, you are mistaken.
I have not fled here;
I came here to join up with you.
Enough of your nonsense!
You are going to die again here.
Just a moment, please!
Are you really Zero?
We've made certain.
It's him, without a doubt.
And just to add to that,
we're witnesses, as well.
Master Lelouch, we received word
from Undersecretary Kannon
that additional Knightmares
would be arriving by air.
I'd like you to all work under my orders
for a mission to recapture Nunnally.
We believe she is being held
at de Mu Base in the capital,
the rock-hewn church at Mefeng,
or somewhere else in the area.
We want to get Nunnally back, as well.
But this country has 12,000 men
enlisted to defend their capital.
We, on the other hand, have about 20,
if you count the civilians.
You can have a special team for the purpose
of field surveys and advance retrieval.
I can't give you more than that.
Which means the enemy
outnumbers us...
About 600-to-1.
Huh? What the hell?!
Zero, we don't have enough supplies!
There's no way!
We're only saving Nunnally.
There's no need to kill all 12,000 of them.
Don't make it sound so easy.
This is the country of warriors,
who once defeated a Britannian army
with limited numbers.
What's more, this is the enemy's land.
They have the geographical advantage.
Our being here at all
right now is dangerous.
We should leave here,
and try the diplomatic route.
And? Do you think
that will go well without me?
Let me ask you again.
After taking the lives of many people,
including Euphie and Dalton,
are you now trying to get us killed, too?
All to fulfill your personal wish?
Please. I need your help.
I can't save Nunnally by myself.
I'm going to need your help, as well.
It's a selfish request.
If we do offer you our help...
...then we will prevail.
Are your words true?
I will not lie to you anymore.
I have no need to.
I don't know about Lelouch,
but I trust Zero.
I once failed to trust Zero completely,
and took some wrong turns.
If I could do it over again,
I wouldn't stray this time.
I'm with Zero! I know the guy
can work miracles, after all!
We may not share a mother,
but Nunnally is unquestionably my sister.
So how do we have any other choice
but to rescue her?
Yes, Your Highness!
All right! So what do you say we have
a party to celebrate the way forward?
- All right, you guys, bring some whiskey!
- We only have canned goods for food, though.
- There should be some White Fang in the #3 container.
- We do have some Britannian Z-rations.
Yes, sir!
We're here to contribute
to the effort as civilians.
Jeremiah Gottwald and Anya Alstreim.
It is a pleasure working with you.
It is... a pleasure.
Do the extra Knightmares
that Kannon sent belong to you?
Yes, to give support to Lelouch.
Welcome. Let's give it our best.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Oh, this is just to thank them
for their help.
Ha! They'd sell out
their country for money?
It's all they can do to survive
doing their own thing.
There's a lot of that going around.
That's right. If I achieve results here,
I can go back to the center.
With a huge budget and tons of power!
You aren't doing this for Suzaku?
Ha-ha, I'm only human.
I understand.
That's the kind of person you are.
Ccile, you really do get
Dr. Lloyd, don't you?
Do I?
Dr. Lloyd?
Uh-oh. Did you not like the taste?
I brewed it using dragon's breath
chili and orange liqueur,
with some starch thrown in
to thicken it up.
What's that smell?
I added some durian for a little zest.
Are you sure you don't want
to talk to Lelouch?
Yeah, you know, I have no idea
what I'd talk to him about anymore.
Best not to assume that you'll see him
again tomorrow like it's nothing.
If you have anything you want
to tell him, don't put it off.
Well, what about you?
You've lived so long, putting things off
is a matter of course, isn't it?
Also, this is from Lady Kaguya.
In case you really were alive, she said.
Is that so?
You know, Ohgi, I wouldn't
have thought you'd come along.
A topographical map of Zilkhstan.
This will be helpful.
Um... Thank you, Zero.
It's thanks to you that the nation
of Japan is what it is now.
Please accept this as my apology.
All of that is in the past.
I'm so glad you're all right, Kururugi.
Huh? Oh... thank you.
Two Zeros, huh?
Just for now.
What do you mean, just for now?
There should only be one Zero.
Such a figure already exceeds
the framework of a limited world.
Ah, I knew you'd be up here,
You looked like you wanted to talk.
There are two things I'd like to say.
The first is that, Lelouch,
now that you're back,
you're the one who should be Zero.
You're Zero now.
I'm just window dressing.
You're the one it should be.
What is it with all of you?
Give up on wishing me back.
How can we think like that
when you're right here in front of us?
I'm only passing through.
I don't know the rules of Cs' World.
I may not still be here tomorrow.
Oh, no...
What was the other thing
you wanted to say? Make it quick.
I have to put the mission together,
and I need you to recover
as much strength as you can.
What is it?
Oh, within this data
I received from Kaguya...
Ah, Ohgi's reception. Everyone got back
together after being apart for so long.
What a pity!
You have our congratulations!
And our condolences!
Are you two both drunk?!
I'm so sorry!
Who would have called it?
Ohgi and Villetta...
It's a good thing
for a man to settle down.
I hope to attend a party
you're the star of sometime.
Huh? Oh, don't be silly--
Ms. Villetta, how does it feel
to be living the Cinderella story?
You can't ask her like that!
Yeah, but come on, you could have thrown
a bigger bash than this, right?!
Oh, there are still--
Allow me to offer my congratulations.
This is Kannon Maldini,
from down at the other end of the table.
Nunnally, the Schwarzwlder
Kirschtorte is delicious.
Ah, you think so?
Don't you think it's rude not
to address her as Lady Nunnally?
Oh, it's all right.
Just "Nunnally" is fine. Right?
This is the world that you saved.
Kaguya, you sneak.
Lelouch, the other thing
I wanted to say to you... that I'm glad you're alive.
Well, it was a pretty rough reunion,
A world without you was a lot more
lonesome than I expected.
Hmm. Thanks for that.
Also, about Nunnally...
I know. That's another reason
why this rescue mission must succeed.
With both of us together,
there's no fight we can't win.
True enough. We'll win for sure.
Let me see your permit.
After that, I need to check your cargo.
The cargo belongs to the Black Knights.
We're going to use them
to blockade the capital.
For the duration of this operation,
you're going to be my men.
What are you, a spy--?!
- Namjala latak.
- Namjala latak.
All right, I will now explain to you your roles
during the Nunnally rescue mission.
You'll go into action at 00:00 hours.
Uprisings will break out
at four bases near the capital.
There will also be radar jamming in place.
The squad centered around Cornelia
will use Knightmares and the like
to keep the enemy off-balance.
Sayoko's team will find the location
where Nunnally is being held
based on the enemy's movements.
Suzaku and Kallen?
Already in position.
Is yours going to work?
It's been a while, but I'll be fine.
I'm more concerned
about this additional armor.
That's something we'll just
have to use and see.
I never thought the day would come
when we'd be chatting like this.
It's time.
Now, make your move,
whoever abducted Nunnally,
you foolish mastermind.
Communications with Ajbeq Base
have been cut off.
No response from the Ginujaya
113th Knightmare Squad.
An uprising?
Or is it the Black Knights?
Big sister, I'll take care
of defending the temple rear.
Be careful.
Until we know who the enemy is...
It's all right. Once I'm inside my Knightmare,
I can move about freely.
Forgnar, you have defense
of the seaward side.
Yes, Majesty.
are you sure we can trust this plan?
Is there any other way?
Namjala latak. I will come through
for you with all that I have.
All right, Jeremiah, in five minutes,
your men will move to the gulf district
and divide the enemy's number.
Mr. Qujappat?
Princess Shamna ordered me
to join the city's guard.
A national state of emergency
has been declared
based on sovereign defense
emergency protocols.
All officers and soldiers, devote every effort
toward securing and maintaining
command and control.
The people for me,
and I for the people.
King Shalio, the advance force
on the Gimsula Plains has been wiped out.
Wiped out?
You had your warning.
If you're still going to keep coming...
Wow. You're getting the hang of it,
aren't you, Suzaku?
That name belongs to a dead man.
I am now...
As far as I'm concerned,
Zero is not just a symbol.
So for you to take on that name... a bit of a problem for me.
Due to electrical supply stability measures,
power to Category 3 and Category 4 facilities
will be cut in 60 seconds.
Wow, the power of Geass is incredible!
We got into the ministry so easily!
I need your report first.
Right. Nina?
Just a moment, please.
Nothing especially stands out
from either ground or air routes.
Anya is covering the sea routes.
The temple! Power and such
is being prioritized to the temple!
The temple? Do they think
they're pulling a fast one?
All right, we capture the king's sister,
Shamna, in the temple,
and hold her hostage.
C.C., if there are any Geass users inside,
you'll deal with them.
Got it.
Princess Shamna, it's too dangerous here!
You must evacuate!
There's no need. Right now,
we must hurry to complete the system.
Surrender, if the name Zero
holds any dread for you.
Impressive. Shalio thought you were
the supposedly dead Suzaku Kururugi,
but you're someone else?
Or are there many of you?
I have no intention of
engaging you in conversation.
My business is with Nunnally alone.
If you surrender, I won't kill you.
Unless you want your country destroyed,
do as I say.
You won't kill me?
Hm-hm, surrender is out of the question.
You don't wish to spare your people?
I'll say it again! Surrender!
I think that woman has a Geass.
I don't know what her power is.
I see.
Six hours ago,
I believe I was right
in the middle of a bath.
Damn you!
My country's warriors
would never lose in a fair fight.
I'll see you later.
Once again, my life has been
reset by six hours.
What is it, big sister?
Just a moment, okay?
Connect me with Forgnar.
You've received another prophecy?
Princess? This is Forgnar.
Listen to me closely.
In six hours--no, a little before that--
there will be an uprising.
An uprising?
There will be Black Knight
Knightmares involved,
so it may be some kind of ploy.
I will give you more details later.
First, have the alert level raised.
Namjala latak.
All will be as you prophesy.
Zero, even if you have the master
on your side, you can never beat me.
I, Shamna, am destined
to relive my life every time I die.
No matter what move you make,
my layers of experience
will rebuild Zilkhstan.
Big sister?
Shalio, the fact that I am
of no help to our nation
and that I must depend upon you,
is something I cannot abide.
You really don't have
to worry about me.
No, the world is wrong.
With the power of my prophecies,
I will correct the world.
Enemy armed forces in Majbeq Station 2
have been eradicated.
Dissidents at Radar Site 3
have been pacified.
Leave it to big sister's prophecy.
But will the fleeing Zero really show up?
Princess, should we issue
an emergency alert?
To make it look like the enemy's plot
is going better than it is.
And uncover the remaining enemies?
An emergency alert
has just been issued.
Please remain indoors.
Repeat, an emergency alert has been issued...
It can't be! Our lord's plan...
...has been anticipated?!
They're lying in wait for us all over!
What do we do, Zero?!
We never should have come here!
The plan has been revealed! But how?!
Hey, the entire area around the temple
has been declared off-limits!
Oh, Excellency...
You see...
Our facility has been put on lockdown.
Who did this?
My entire plan has been seen through.
This country may have tacticians and politicians,
but no one this resourceful.
Oh, no!
The two I used as a diversion
in place of a gun battery!
Having nothing to do
until mission time is--
Ha-ha-ha, they really were here!
The fools! If they want to take me
on in my Batalalan Du, then...
Kallen! Get some distance!
I'll use my PNC--
It's him...
All you have to do is get in close enough
on a long-range Knight Gigafortress.
But in this case...!
Why, you...
I caught you! And now...
Megistos Omega!
This is bad! The weight of this thing
is working against me!
Suzaku! Come in! Kallen!
Oh! Could this be E.C.M.?
What do we do?
We have to retrieve the data, at least.
Let's get out of here.
If Zero's strategy has been anticipated,
then fleeing by air would be
that much more dangerous, right?
Princess, I will return to our leader, then.
Mm-hmm. Tell him that we're
on our way to charge the castle
and create a disturbance.
They knew about this operation?!
Ho, is that unit the "Witch of Britannia"?
Bolvona Forgnar,
the Brown Bulwark himself.
Too slow.
S-Sayoko... wait up...
Ow... my knee...!
Ah, they're here!
I cannot reach Master Zero.
The rest of you, please run down
the shoreline and cross the border.
I'm afraid I can't have that.
Terrorists are to be crucified.
By the way,
do you know who are your allies
and who are your enemies?
Miss Ccile? Miss Ccile!
I'm all right.
I can start the Knightmare...
This situation...!
Reports say that the terrorists'
command unit has been brought down.
Very well.
Did I manage to make it in time?
Yeah. Thanks, Anya.
Good. Jerry would be mad
if anything happened.
Hey, can you get the hatch opened?
Hurry and switch over to mine.
I thought I told you to stay along the border.
Why is the Gekkoei--
Circumstances have changed,
so it was necessary.
Sure, it's not quite finished and meant
to be covert, so its uses are limited--
Who the hell could have so
completely seen through my plan?
Should we gather intel on them?
Or should we pull back first?
That would hang Suzaku, Kallen,
Cornelia, and the others out to dry.
I know!
Come up with a plan, Lelouch.
That is, if you want to get Nunnally back.
It's in motion...
The system that had come to a halt
after the changeover...
Nunnally, because of you,
I can once again enter Cs' World.
Now, where is it?
The source, the provenance,
the origin of man's consciousness!
Make me the first human,
and let us start fresh!
Let me bring Zilkhstan, Shalio,
and our many people
back into this world
in the form that I desire--
Princess Shamna?
You appear to have gone quite deep.
Are you all right?
I can do it.
I'm almost there.
What are the terrorists doing?
We received word from Generalissimo Forgnar
that they were all subdued.
King Shalio does not appear
to have had any trouble, either.
I see. A readjustment, please.
At this point,
I don't mind if Nunnally dies.
- Namjala latak.
- Namjala latak.
So Nunnally is in the temple after all.
But then...
Hey, hurry up with your next orders.
Orders? In the mess we're in?!
Even if I wanted to change the mission,
radio communications are shut down.
Further, even if they knew
about my Geass,
it's impossible for them to have known
what our forces and plans were!
How am I supposed to fight
an opponent like that?!
I can't keep up.
Needle marking... on both arms is out.
The people for me, and I for the people,
will now best Zero!
You can have one of my arms.
But in exchange...!
You buffoon!
That was a transparent move!
Zero, what do I do?!
Zero, your orders!
Zero, I'm having trouble holding the line!
They're ambushing me!
"Black Knights General Staff Headquarters"
This is the first I've heard of it.
There are also reports
that you have had an uprising.
It's a military exercise.
Where is Mr. Shesthaal?
He isn't feeling well.
What about the search
for Miss Nunnally and Zero?!
I believe it's impolite to ask that
of only our nation.
It would be one thing if we had a treaty
with the United Federation of Nations,
but why would the Black Knights
be involved in this matter?
It is suspicious, isn't it?
I'm pinned down. At this rate...
What do we do?
Tell me, what do we do?
Contact Zero, would you?!
What do you want me to tell you?
They're jamming communications.
So this is where you are, my lord.
I have a report.
An emergency alert has been issued
for the area around the capital,
but it appears to have been
a ploy to draw us all inside.
What is our next move?
Next? Next we... Next we...
Give up?
Under the circumstances...
Things are desperate, is that it?
I was the same way.
I was desperate, journeying in search
of even a pinhole of light.
But even so, I never gave up.
I was sure that someday,
I would bring you back, all that time.
And now...
This isn't the you
that I wanted to get back!
I wanted the pompous,
egotistical, overconfident one,
the Lelouch who never, at any time, gave up.
I'm sorry. I didn't...
mean to dump all of this on you.
You can pull out. This is farewell.
What a self-centered woman you are.
All right, C.C.
This enemy possesses a Geass.
A Geass? How do you know?
It's my hypothesis.
Given that assumption,
we'll narrow down what their Geass does.
If we're wrong, we'll just re-think it
from the start again.
Oh, and one other thing...
Rescuing Nunnally is non-negotiable.
We cannot leave that out.
I got you now!
You did it!
But how are we going to contact Zero?
Huh? That's simple, isn't it?
Whichever you like.
Choose one of them and look over it.
That will be our plan from here on.
I get it.
Only I will know the details, right?
- Right. Geass doesn't work on you, after all.
- Zero! Hey, Zero! Zero!! Zero! Zero! Hey, Zero! Zero!!
- The question now is, how do we tell
the others what the first step is?
- Zero! Hey, Zero! Zero!! Zero! Zero! Hey, Zero! Zero!!
What is that?
It's on military and civilian channels.
Zero! It's me! It's me! Tamaki!
We took over an enemy Knightmare, and--
You idiot!
Stop blabbing everything
over enemy channels!
Yeah, but...!
You're hopeless! You're hopeless!
No, you've done well!
We have this available to us!
C.C., hack everything you can.
Got it.
Big sister, I've become the greatest.
Strong enough to protect you.
Attention, everyone!
My name is Zero.
We are now entering
the final phase of the mission.
There's another Zero? Which means...
You really were in that one!
Over a Zilkhstani channel?
But what is the "final" phase?
My name is Zero.
Those of you who stand with me,
we are now entering
the final phase of the mission!
It makes sense. Now the radio
interference doesn't matter.
But what is the "final" stage?
Does he mean the last part of the operation?
Or is it some new strategy?
My lord?
Should we strike back?
So, what is the "final" phase?
It doesn't mean anything.
Though I doubt the enemy will think so.
That's what I'm talking about.
Attack pattern?
Already chosen. But before we do this,
won't our allies be confused by this?
Not a problem. All that's left
is to narrow down the conditions.
Damn you, Zero.
You deliberately announced yourself.
Notify all forces that guarding
the perimeter has top priority.
What is this "final" operation?
I haven't heard a thing about it.
It's a trick.
Doing this should diminish
the enemy's actions for now.
It's an order to take
advantage of that to regroup.
You do remember that my brother
never knows when to quit, right?
Their commander is slow to give up.
Princess Shamna,
message from Generalissimo Forgnar
requesting that you
evacuate to Udunmu Base.
He expects me to run now?
We do not know exactly
how many terrorists there are,
and there was that
announcement earlier.
The Fifth Fleet?
Yes, Highness. If Chief of Staff Schneizel
is joining up with them,
the United Federation of Nations
means business.
Isn't this a little unusual?
Mr. Shesthaal isn't coming on anymore, either.
All right, C.C., you're in command
for the rest of the mission.
All right.
Although you did come up
with this plan in the first place.
CIC to Rook 1: Execute as planned,
focusing on urban areas.
Rook 1, copy.
Why are the terrorists using our channels?
We're hearing their whole plan!
What is it?
Princess Shamna, it's too dangerous here.
Please make your getaway.
This operation is
more important right now.
I cannot allow it to cost you your life.
I will take you to the castle first--
Should I intercept the terrorists'
aerial units first...?
What about the search
for Miss Nunnally and Zero?!
I believe it's impolite to ask that
of only our nation.
It would be one thing if we had a treaty
with the United Federation of Nations,
but why would the Black Knights
be involved in this matter?
Rook 1 to CIC. Enemy forces
are deployed around the target area.
Executing the mission will be difficult.
They even know our infiltration routes?
In that case, our next move...
CIC to Rook 1.
Abort mission. Rendezvous here.
CIC to Bishop 1.
Carry out your assignment.
Very well.
Experience my loyal heart!
Electricity from the power plant
has been cut off.
Princess Shamna, just a moment, please!
They went after the substation.
No time to wait for them to restart.
CIC, they were lying in wait for me.
I am now falling back.
That didn't work either.
I don't know the details of the mission.
Yeah. I'm the only one who knows,
but Geass doesn't work on me.
Which means that the enemy's Geass
isn't the sort that reads
a specific person's thoughts.
Also, whoever possesses the Geass
is someone who can manipulate
the country at will
or someone next to them.
Are you suggesting it's Shalio, the king?
No. He's too fixated on Suzaku.
The princess, Shamna, and Forgnar,
in the castle, are more suspect.
For now, we should engage Aegis mode
and move on to the next plan.
Hmm? Yeah.
Something is off.
Despite this nation having abducted Nunnally,
they haven't made use
of any of her intelligence.
Which would mean that
Nunnally herself is the objective.
But what kind of move is that?
It's as though they don't care
if they lose their country.
Wait, if they achieve their wish,
the country won't be lost? Then...
Hey, they beat us to the punch here, too.
With a cover over the vents,
a gas attack on the temple
will take too much time.
What do we do?
That looks like terribly rushed work.
It looks like the Black Knights
will be striking here in four hours.
What do we do? Order Suzaku and the others
to fall back until the main force--
If we pull back now, they'll just
tighten their defense of Nunnally.
C.C., find out how many hours ago
this work was carried out.
All right.
Now, I've narrowed the enemy's
Geass down to 22 patterns.
Nonetheless, if I run out
of moves first, it's all over.
Seventeen--no, 16...
I still haven't figured it out.
Eight. Good, that eliminates the leads
on Forgnar. Can we still hold out?
Three. No more advisers.
The enemy is Shamna. But still...
Two. It's no use.
I'm all out of moves.
I don't have the conclusive evidence
that will keep Nunnally safe.
The last one is a coin toss.
What a miserable turn of events!
At last, my wish--
You died again, didn't you?
Nunnally, if I connect
one more time, I'm sure...
I won't allow that.
Are you trying to gain access
to Cs' World?
Your face...
You're the treacherous Emperor Lelouch?
I see. So that's what's going on.
Fate is amusing.
To think that I would come face to face here
with the reason
why I had to lay this plan...
Is it true that the Black Knights
will be landing in four hours?
I see.
Shamna, do you know
why I nearly conquered the world?
Who cares?
I'm sure you must know,
since you possess the same Geass as me.
I was surprised. Imagine,
someone having the same Geass as I had.
This is going to take a while.
Would you mind serving us some mint tea?
Oh, not very good at that? I'm sorry.
"The same as mine"? You mean...
Take it easy. There are any number
of ways he could have learned that.
But the fact remains that he
has me cornered to this extent.
Is this the first time
he and I have spoken? Or...?
What's the matter?
You're free to use your Geass.
Well, what will it be, Shamna?
Insolent fool.
Why don't you show me your power first?
Don't kill him!
You must not kill this man!
Good! Now all of the conditions
have been cleared!
You tricked me! You do not have
the same Geass that I do! You coward!
Hmph, what I wanted to know is what
your power was and how to activate it.
You have the power to go back
through time with your death.
Are you using Nunnally to try
to freely choose the time you go back?
Tell me, Lelouch, don't you have
any past that you wish to do over?
With my Geass of unlimited rebirth,
you could change the past.
There would be no need for you
to be branded the treacherous emperor
and forced to leave this world.
If you join forces with me now...
Don't deny me.
Pain, sorrow, regret--
It's because of them that I became who I am.
Do not take my scars from me.
Don't you want a better future?
The future is the sum of many people.
There will be mistakes
and failures, to be sure.
The same is true of this country.
I am...
No, you are not.
You are mistaken, Shamna.
This is not the path
a ruler should go down.
Then what will you do?
Kill me? Me, Shamna?
No. You're going to go to sleep.
Are you sure it's okay
to leave her like this?
From what I read
in the construction orders,
she can go back through time
less than nine hours.
So we're going to blow this place up
ten hours from now.
If she does go back through time
using her Geass,
she'll be asleep and unable to do anything.
What's going on? Why can't I contact big sister?
Where are the prophecies?!
Contact with the temple itself
has been cut off, and--
Something's wrong with the transmission.
The backups are locked out.
Hey, do you read me?!
My name is Zero.
The mission succeeded!
Nunnally is in our hands!
That's a patent lie.
To my allies, retreat from the battle.
The mission succeeded!
You are free to abandon your Knightmares.
All personnel,
coordinate accordingly at once.
This will be your last order from Zero.
Live on. That is everything!
Let's see, attitude control,
attitude control...
Dr. Lloyd, how's the bleeding?
It's stopped.
She just needs a transfusion now.
Blaze luminous, was it called?
Once you run out of energy, you're done for!
Damn that Zero.
It was a disinformation campaign.
All personnel,
apprehend all terrorists in your sectors.
I want them dead or alive!
We will be the ones who prevail!
Guilford, I'm charging the castle,
even if I have to do it alone.
You can't!
I just have to beat them.
If I don't, I'll at least be a decoy.
We will accompany you.
Suit yourselves.
Let's go!
What is going on here?
Big sister, I'm coming back now.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
There! I apologized my brains out,
now let's do this!
Shanti, I'm sorry.
Your Frame Coat is not cut out for a brawl.
Being lighter just means that
your guard isn't as high, either!
That thing has a counter-Knightmare
mode they were hiding?
I can do this.
Hey, Nunnally?
Don't tell me her consciousness
is in Cs' World!
The gateway under the prison
has been destroyed.
We have no choice but to use
the gateway that Shamna built.
I tracked you down, you terrorists!
I'm impressed you managed
to make it this far
in an unarmed Knightmare,
while under my Geass.
However, it ended up
being all for nothing--
Damn it all...
The energy filler...
Witch of Britannia...
I will surround you and crush you.
The only one I want is Forgnar.
She broke through?!
Forgnar! Show me what you're made of!
It's over for you, Forgnar!
If you value your life, stand down!
Attention, all forces: blast the Witch
of Britannia, and me along with her!
I could have done this alone, you know.
I couldn't have that.
Then go over there.
That's where Nunnally is.
What about you?
There's something I need to check.
I need to get back first,
and move your bodies some place safe, too.
I wonder, how much time has passed
since you all left the Order,
Shamna the Divine?
It's nice to meet you, Master C.C.
Did you fail to make it?
Perhaps not.
Mine was originally a look-ahead Geass,
which changed to become
the power it is now.
A result of your reason
becoming corrupted.
Since I couldn't go anywhere,
I embraced a dream.
To remake the world of men.
In my land, fighting is the only thing
that brings in money.
Lelouch's peace backed us against a wall.
Ironic, isn't it? Because of Lelouch,
you will now wander for eternity
between life and death.
What will you do?
I'm willing to send you along.
In here...
In here, I can meet with the lives
of those who were lost for me.
Someday, that will be Shalio.
Shalio, how many times have you
been hurt and lost your life for me?
If that is your desire, I can do nothing,
but don't leave any regrets.
Got it! From this position...!
Hey, Rashid! Samsa! Jos!
Which means that if I bring her down,
more money for me!
My Batalalan Du is second to none
when it comes to hardness!
I can figure out my attack
while I'm withstanding yours!
He's got a problem enemy over there, too.
Big sister! Your prophecy!
How do I beat this guy?!
Even without a prophecy...
for big sister... for the people...
I will fight!
Nagid Shu Mane, one more time.
You can keep up, right, body of mine?!
Hey, are you sure you want
to get this rough with me?!
You're going to wind up
spending all your energy.
Besides, you'll never get through
my armor by just ducking me!
You're right.
That's why I'm going to quit ducking.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, you're strong. Honestly.
Screw this! The prophecy!
What happened to the unbeatable prophecy?!
My... money!
What is that?
I don't know. I can only guess
they're the regrets of lots of people.
I have to at least save you, Nunnally!
I haven't been able to tell you
anything yet, big brother!
Not yet...!
What is this? Is Zero still asleep?
I'm sure he's exhausted.
Wait a little longer.
We're the ones who are exhausted,
after carrying them back here.
What are you doing?
Hurry up and come back.
All the minds who make up this space,
I, Lelouch Lamperouge, command you!
You will...
Y-Yes, big brother?
My Geass is my sin to bear.
Which is why...
Oh, so we're to be saved
by you once again?
Why...? Why...?
Now you will pay for your crime
of snatching away Nunnally
and disrupting the peace!
Crime?! Crime, you say?!
What else does Zilkhstan have
besides fighting?!
Give up. This fight is over.
It's not over! For the sake of big sister,
who bears the weight of this land,
I will become the mightiest warrior!
Is he...?
A stalemate is not the same as a loss!
How many people have suffered
to allow me to maintain my body?
If I lose now,
then for what reason have I...?
Tell me, big sister.
What should I have done?
Big sister, I can see light...
Why? Why can't I reach
Princess Shamna or King Shalio?
Men! What are you waiting for?!
I thought I ordered you to shoot us,
including myself!
Why aren't you shooting?!
Your soldiers know that you,
Bolvona Forgnar,
are Zilkhstan's last bulwark.
Thus ends the prophecy.
We have a news bulletin
concerning the abduction of WHA
Honorary Consultant Nunnally,
otherwise known as the
"Puzzlement in Hashvess."
Early this morning, a special squad led
by General Cornelia succeeded in rescuing her.
The honorary consultant
is said to be unharmed.
It looks like not even
the prophecies of that nation,
which vexed all others,
could work against him.
It looks like the landing by
the Black Knights is getting underway.
Well, now you can get
some proper treatment.
I'm sorry you missed out
on getting the credit.
Oh, no, we might be able to go
to another war-torn region now.
It feels like congratulations are in order.
- What was that?!
- Where is Princess Shamna?!
Big brother! Thank goodness.
What, is he finally awake?
Perfect timing.
Things are incredible outside.
What is this?
You made it back, Lelouch.
See you, Suzaku.
You can have that back.
Like I said, I was only temporary.
I can't stay here.
Big brother...
Hmm? What is it?
I've... I've regretted some things
for a long time.
That I didn't realize your true intentions.
That I ever doubted you.
Don't worry about that.
Big brother,
let's live together!
Once again, like we used to!
You don't have to carry your guilt by yourself.
I'm just as guilty, after all!
Thanks, Nunnally.
You forgot something.
O-Oh, thanks.
What's this? You're leaving all alone?
I can't be a part of any public group,
but I'll stop in every so often.
There are already so many people
fleeing the country.
Tell me, we did the right thing, didn't we?
That... is something history will decide.
All we can do is what we believe
to be right, as best we can.
C.C.! Hey, wait up, C.C.!
You haven't changed at all
in that regard.
It's not that...! You just...
left without... saying anything...
So, what is it?
Did I forget something?
I'm coming... with you...
Huh? What about Nunnally?
Nunnally... Nunnally can live
just fine on her own now.
If I'm around, I'll just be in her way.
Then there are other options, right?
You could go and pay a visit
to Shirley or Kaguya, couldn't you?
I am planning to contact Shirley at some point,
but if I go now, it will cause a huge scene.
Hmph, if you're looking for someone
to wait on you, look somewhere else.
I'm on my way to track down the Geass
fragments that Shamna left behind.
What about you?!
You bring someone back to life without asking,
and now you're neglecting them?
Hmph, such a self-centered woman!
You didn't know that?
Yes, I am self-centered.
Besides, what are you going
to do about your name?
If word gets out,
it's going to be a huge deal.
My name?
Well, taking it from Lelouch Lamperouge,
how does "L.L." sound?
No good?
I heard your voice on endless nights
You pervaded the mornings when I awoke
There were times when I stood paralyzed
by the multitude of things I'd lost
Nonetheless, rising back on my feet
was the promise I made to you
Revive! Everything I've stumbled across
Revive! Lives on within my heartbeat
Revive, revive, revive!
I won't waver anymore
Revive! The feelings that connect us (connect us)
Revive! Ignite a flame that
can't be shaken (can't be shaken)
Revive, revive, revive!
Coming back to life now
Revive! So here you are again today
Revive! I sing this song to you
Revive, revive, revive! An indelible,
eternal Revive
We are one and we are strong!
No one can stop us
We are one and we are strong!
Awakened at last
Oh, here we stand!
Because of our love
Revive! Before these thousands of stars,
Revive! I solemnly pledge to you now
Revive, revive, revive!
I won't waver anymore
Believe me, Revive!
Revive, revive, revive! I've finally realized
Revive! Everything I've stumbled across
Revive! Lives on within my heartbeat
Revive, revive, revive!
Now, stretch out your hand
and Revive for tomorrow
You don't say.
By having Geass, you're able to live.
However, the same power that
allows you to live in the world of men
forces you to live by different
principles than man's.
A different logic.
A different time. A different life.
The king's power may isolate you.
We'll take Geass from those
who don't have the resolve. However,
if they do have the resolve...