Code Name Banshee (2022) Movie Script

[soft tense music]

- We need to know
what you know.
- It wasn't my op.
I have no intel.
- It wasn't authorized.
- No.

Why'd you call me here?
- Jeremy and Caleb
have disappeared.

As you can see,
they delivered an asset
into the hands of the Russians.

CIA contracted Anthony Greene
and his team to stop them.
- Reads like an ambush.
- Yeah, there was a shootout.
The asset got away.

We need to know everything
that they might have shared.
- What happened
to my father and Caleb?
- Caleb, he fled.
He went underground.
- My father?
- Greene reported that
your father went down,
but he had to remove
any dead and wounded
before anyone else arrived.
- Where's his body?
- I'm assuming
the Russians got him.
Perhaps Caleb came back.
I don't know.
The site was clean
once we arrived back.

As of 1800 hours last night,
their status has
been changed internally.
The CIA has deemed them
as traitors,
and they now have
a bounty on their head.
Their position
with this organization
has been forfeited
And anyone working with them
is now in question.

- Are you suggesting
that I'm a traitor?

- Within time,
I'm sure you can
repair the damage
that's been done by--
[fists slam on table]
Banshee, don't do this.
You're not an
enemy of the state.
- We both know that
Caleb and my father
were loyal
to this organization.
- Well, in light
of this current situation,
I'm not really sure right now.
Don't do this!

- Take my name off your books.
I'm out.
And when I find out
what really happened,
I'll return
for all of you
that left them out there
to fucking die.

[sparse orchestral music]

[police siren wailing]
[car door opens and closes]
- I got control of the cameras.
You're good to go.
In and out,
just like we planned.
There'll be two in the lobby.
[soft suspenseful music]

[suppressed gunfire]
- Any others?
- None visible.
[suppressed gunfire]

Second set of elevators.

And your chariot is on its way.
- There's no way
those guys are Feds.
- Obviously, he knows
there's a price on his head.

[elevator bell chimes]

[suppressed gunshot]
[suppressed gunfire]

[suppressed gunshot]
- [panting]
- What the hell did
this guy do anyway?
- I'm the executioner,
not the judge.
[computer chiming]

- Damn it!
- Kronos?
- One second.
I'm having some
technical difficulty.
- Are they taking it back?
- No, no, no.
Don't worry.
[computer buzzes]
- I need to know.
Am I walking into a trap?
- No, it's just an elevator.
I wouldn't worry.

- Talk to me.
- All right,
there's one small thing.
- There's no such thing
as a small thing.
- I couldn't access
the camera on this floor.
- And?
- Ugh, someone's overriding
my control in the elevator.
[elevator whirring]
[elevator thumps]

[groans softly]
- Do something.
- I can't!

[elevator thumps]

[suppressed gunfire]
[dramatic music]

- Well, well, well.
There she is.
[tense notes]
You still going with that?
- Anthony Greene.
It's been a minute.
You took my kill.
[soft tense music]

You just cost me
a million dollars.
- No.
I didn't cost you a penny,
In fact, I'm going to give
you the credit and the money.
And all you have to do
is hand over your boy Caleb.

- [laughs]
Oh, man,
you're still on that?
It's kind of sad,
don't you think?
- No, uh, I fucking don't.
'Cause every second
that I get closer
to that piece of shit
is a second well spent.

- Five years is kind of a
long time to track someone,
but a revenge killing is a
revenge killing, I guess.
- Uh-huh.

For what he did,
I'm going to take his life.

- Hmm.
We both know he's off the grid.
He's a fucking ghost.
- Yeah, he's a fucking ghost.
That's why you're the perfect
person to track him down.

- If I didn't know
any better,
I would think that
you're too big of a pussy
to take me on one-on-one.
- Oh.
Shut the fuck up.

I ain't come here to play.

Banshee, do some thinking.
'Cause end of the day,
we both know
how this shit's going to end.
Don't we?

- I do.
[steam hissing]
Kronos, open the door!

- Opening elevator doors.

- Go!

- Kronos!
- I'm trying!

Got it.

- Walkie.
She's on her way down.
Do you hear me?
She's on her way down.
Move, move, move.
[dramatic music]

- I take it we're
not getting that 1 million.

- Not now.

- I really needed that money.

Door's about to open.
Are you ready?
- Fucking bring it.

[exhales deeply]
How many?
- Two in the lobby.
Anthony's on the move.
I'm trying to stop him.

[dramatic rock music]

- Kronos, start the car now!
- Done.

- [screaming]
So one person did
all of this to us.
Who was she talking to?
- She called him Kronos.
- Go on this.
I wanna know who he is,
where he is.
I want my hands on him.
Clean this shite up.
[soft dramatic music]

- Well, that was fun, Banshee.
- Dude, I've told you
ten million times
do not call me that.
- How do you know
Anthony Greene?
- He's former Special Forces
who's made it his goal in life
to hunt down people
for the CIA.
- So he's part of
the Collective
and you want him dead?

[bullets impacting]

- He killed someone
who's close to me.
- If he's an assassin,
why does he have so many guys?
- Because he's a fucking pussy,
and he knows I would kill him.

I need you
to find someone for me.
- That's what I'm here for.
- Find Caleb Navvaro.

- Are you serious?
Caleb Navvaro?
That's our target?

- Yes.

- We're talking about
the same Caleb Navvaro?
The one that trained you
and ran black ops?
- That's the one.
- D, there's a thousand people
named Caleb Navvaro.
If Greene couldn't find him,
there's no way I will.
He's been underground
for five years.
And we just lost out
on a whole lot of money.
Can we please just move on
to the next contract?
- We will not have
another shot at Anthony.
- Are you serious?
It's you versus a small army.
- I'm not
letting him win again.

- You've seen the photographs.
Told you he's dead.
Listen, I want our money in my
account by the end of the week.
- Sir?
- No, as usual, it's a million.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, always a pleasure.
- I've a lead on Kronos.
- And?
- Top-rate hacker.
Acts as a middle man
for Banshee.
Apparently, he's been her eyes
and ears for a few years.
- So where is he?
- I don't know yet.
- So find him,
and before sun up.
- All right, let's see what
the CIA has to say.
- If they knew anything,
he'd be dead,
and we would not be
having this conversation.
- Is this about
the traitor thing?
- Amongst other things, yes.
[soft dramatic music]

- The price on this
guy's head is 10 million.
- I know.
- And you didn't kill him.

- You don't understand.
Greene and Caleb are worth
so much fucking more to me
than 10 mil.

- All right.
Would you say you knew
him better than anyone?
- Yes.
[glasses clink]

- He had to slip up
at some point,
shared some kind of info
that could help us.
If you were Caleb,
where would you go?
He's from Chicago.
Would he go back?
- Nah, nah, nah, nah.
No, no, definitely not.
He'd gain too much
attention there.
- Favorite vacation spots,
friends, family,
something, let's--let's work
with something here.

- Wellburg.
Check Wellburg.
[computer chiming]
- Where the hell is Wellburg?
- Jersey.

- All right,
there's a few homes
that were purchased
five years ago.
Some businesses opened up too.
Barb's Hardware.
We have an Italian place.
And there's a bar
named Old Well Tavern.
[fist impacts dashboard]
- That's it, that's it!
Old Well Tavern, that's it.
- Old Well Tavern,
It's owned by Walter Herrero.
Looks like Mr. Herrero
bought the house and bar
about three years ago.
- Mm.
Lay low for two years,
start a new life.
That's fucking him.
Take me there.
- Update the GPS.

[laid-back country music]

- [chuckles]
This is what I call a game.
Players who can actually play.
- It's a rerun, Rick.
- Still.
You know what I'm saying,
Our team can't stay healthy,
and our bullpen sucks.
- Ugh.
I can't see that
changing any time soon.
- [chuckles]
Imagine if we got some decent
pitching like those guys.
- Hmm.
- We'd be a ball club
worth playing against.

Another shot.
What was the, uh, home team
where you come from again?
Laredo, right?
- Nuevo Laredo,
across the river.
- Mm.
Do you run a tavern there too?
- You always drink this much
at 10:00 a.m.?
- [scoffs softly]
[soft suspenseful music]

- Kronos?
[chips crunching]
- I'm here.
- How are you this morning?
- Probably better than you are.
Did you drive all night?
- No, I stopped at some dumpy--
[chips crunching]
Some dumpy...
[chips crunching]
Gee, Kronos, come on, man.
- All right, I'm here.
I'm here.
- Anyway, so I stopped
at some dumpy place,
and I had a shower
and a little bit of sleep.
- Little vacation.
- Shut up.
[computer chiming]
- You're almost there.
- I know.
There's something
I wanna talk to you about.
This is kind of
a personal matter,
so I'm gonna go offline until
I sort things out with Caleb.
- No complaints with me.
I finally get a day off.
- Good to know.
I'll see you on the other side,
my friend.
- Godspeed, Banshee.
- Don't fucking call me that.
- Mmm!
You're a real asshole,
you know that?
The only reason
I keep coming back here
is because my wife's a bitch
and you open early.
- Well, at least you come back.
- [laughing] Yes.
- Yes.
- [sighs]
[tense music]
- Sorry.
- [chuckles weakly]
No, it was my fault.
I'm the one who
should be sorry.
And between me and you,
get your drinks and leave.
The owner is a real crank.
- He's always been that way.
- [chuckles]

[soft dramatic music]

- Anybody else here?
- Mornings are quiet.

There is a latch
right behind you.
You know what to do.

- I assume you want these down?
- Sure.

- Caleb, don't.
- I have to.
[tense music]

And you too.
Just slowly.

That's good.

- It's great to see you too.
- [softly]

- How did you find me?

- You said you were going
to buy this place someday.
- Hmm.
- You were drunk, but...
- What?
- Sincere.
- You remember that?

- I'm not here to kill you.

- Okay.
So what is my price anyway?
4 mil, 5 mil?
- Ten.
- Well, that feels pretty good.
[both chuckle]
- And it's, uh...
it's gonna get collected
if you don't listen to me.

Anthony Greene
is gunning for you.
He, uh, beat me to a job
and ambushed me...
and offered me a mil
to give you up.
- So you gave me up.
- Who do you think I am?
- I haven't seen you
in years, so I don't know.

- And whose fault is that?

I am not gonna let him
get away this time.
[soft dramatic music]
And I can't handle
his army alone.

- It looks like I...
I trained you well.


[birds singing]

[car door closes]

- [gasps softly]

Hey, Suit, don't move!
- Who's the girl
with the black hair?
- She's my daughter.
- Your what?
- Yeah.
Hailey, she's fine.
- Who is she?
- Uh, she's
an old friend from work.
- Are you a hostage?
- No!
Just stop pointing your gun
at our guest, right?
- You have a lot
of explaining to do.
- Yeah.
Well, you know, Hailey,
this is, uh, Delilah.
Delilah, Hailey.
Come on, give me that.
[tense music]
[upbeat music playing
on stereo]
- Get ready to lose
everything you own, Dogmom93.
[computer chiming]

- Don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
- I have nothing left
[computer chiming]
Ah, damn it!
She's good.
- I told you no
Your chance is--
[keyboard key clicks]
[soft tense music]




[tense musical spike]

- Kronos, are there any
guns hidden in here?

We're gonna find
them if there are, so...
make things easier for yourself
and tell us.

- I always keep a revolver
in the pizza box.

- Hmm.

- Kronos.

What a shithole.

So you're a gambler, huh?
That's expensive.
You ever won?
- Not my lucky day.
- Eh.
I wouldn't say that.
So this is how you live, huh?
Computers and fucking plants.

- Plants don't talk back.
[Anthony chuckles]
- Kronos, perhaps over here
would be more comfortable.
- Okay.

- So you know the man I've
been looking for, don't ya?

Well, I got a hunch
that you know exactly where
the fuck he is.
Well, if you don't know where
he is, maybe Banshee does.
And I know for sure
you know where she is.

I'm here
to offer you something.

That there...
is a million dollars.

Now, what's your usual cut?
20% maybe?

Look at the balls on this guy.

Tell him.
- Your real name's
Michael Shea Thomson.
You graduated from MIT with
a degree in computer science
before joining the Department
of Homeland Security,
where you spent
every waking moment
Russian cyberattacks.
That is, until you realized
there's more money
in contracting
and made the switch.
- He knows me.
- Yeah, we know you.
Your mom and dad are dead.
And I can't find
anyone who loves you
that I can terrify and hurt.
do I just kill you and
then find Banshee on my own?
Well, that's kinda handy 'cause
I'm not much of a computer guy.
But these four people
in this room
are very, very good
at hurting people.
And they will
hurt you for hours.

Now, do I have
to keep you alive?
Not at all.
Is it convenient for me?

- I wanna run your contracts.
I wanna be your eyes
and your ears.
I wanna be your new cyber guy.

- Why would I do that?
- 'Cause I can
give you Banshee.
Let's make this deal.

- You give me Banshee,
you give me Caleb.
But if you try and fuck me,
son, I'll find ya.

[tense music fades]
- Is your mom a painter?
- Was.
She's dead.
- Nancy got diagnosed
with cancer four years ago.
She--she died a few months
before we moved here.
- I'm sorry.
- [softly]
- If she's your friend,
then how does
she not know about Mom?
- Well, we--we--we weren't
that close, actually.
- Are you kidding?
- [sighs]
- What are you guys
talking about?
- Your dad and my dad were
very close,
so we grew up together.
- Was your dad in construction?
- We worked into--
in construction together.
- Yep, well,
there was a time...
we'd be in some kind of
danger spots and--
- Yeah, like when we had
to build skyscrapers
and had to have
each other's backs.
- What does any of that have to
do with not knowing about Mom?
- Well--it's been a long time,
Hailey, really.
- Well, she knows where we are.
Does she know about the mob?
- Hailey, enough.
Don't you have
some homework to do
or a show to watch
on television?
- Fine.
- Good.
- I'll go upstairs.
- Thank you.
[plates slam on counter]
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm--okay. All right.
- Good night.
[Caleb sighs]
[insects droning]
- [chuckles]
Construction worker?
- [chuckles]
Out of all the options
that you had,
you went with
construction worker?
- Yeah.
Construction sites
in big cities
can get tangled
with dirty people,
giving me a reason
to move to a small town.
So construction.
- Ah, so you're
hiding from the mob?
[soft dramatic music]
Makes sense, why she
said hello at gunpoint.

Oh, and you're training her
to fight the mob.

Well, it's interesting
because it's very similar
to how you trained me.
- [softly]
So you wanted
to talk about Anthony.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Was he there that night
with you and my father?
- No, no, no, no.
We're done with my past, eh?
We're talking about Anthony.
- This isn't about your past.
You are--
you were such
an amazing mentor for me.
And I need you.
I really do.
I need your help.

- You know, all your questions
are for Anthony.

Yeah, he was there.

- Was he alone?
Did he bring anyone?
- Does it matter?

- No.

- So you're gonna
fight Stalin Jr.?
- No.
- Oh.
- We are going
to fight him together.

Don't you wanna stop hiding?
- Can't change the past.

I am fine.
I'm fine right here.

- What happened to you?

- You know, I--
I wish your father was here
as much as you do.
I know what it feels like
to be alone.

There is more to life than
just contract killing.

I'm happy now.
Right here, right now, yes.

- Well, I'm happy
for your happiness.
- Thank you.

But, um...
I am not gonna be your bait.
- [sighs]
- Hey, it was a good move.

- Well, you taught me well.

- [sighs]
Hold on.
The files on your dad
are two in back.
- [sighs]
- Good night, Banshee.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

[soft tense music]

- Malia, this is Mr. Navvaro.
He's a friend of myself
and our organization.

- Uh...
Miss Malia, I--I understand,
uh, your father is,
uh, is a powerful man.
- You know who he is.
- I do.
I would like
to know who you are.

And I also would like to know
what do you get out
of this whole thing?

- Protection.
All I want is protection.
- But, yeah.
But you don't get protection
just because your father
is a billionaire.
You know I can't grant it.

[plastic clatters]
- On that drive
is just a taste.
Customers, transactions,
but most important,
blueprints to weapons
most governments
don't even know about.
The government, with all
the secrets he's stolen,
takes a leap forward
by ten years.
- Right.

- It's all there.
- I'm sure it is.

Or it's all fake
and you're just, uh,
setting us up.
- I don't care what
you suits think.
I get you the names
of all his buyers
and the locations
of all his weapons,
and I get protection.
[Malia sighs and huffs]
He's a monster,
and I need you to hide me as
far away from him as you can.

- Right.

I'll make some calls, yeah.

[Caleb sighs]
Good morning.
- [sighs]
- [sighs]
- So that's what happened.
I knew it.
I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it.
I fucking knew it.
Where's my dad?
- Move on.
You know nothing has changed.
- They didn't recover his body.
He could still be out there.
- Banshee, I saw him go down.
- But they didn't find him.
He could still be out there.
- You know, I-I-I told you
yesterday, that's, uh--
- That's a question
for Anthony.
- Good morning.
- Am I interrupting something?
- Uh, no.
Just, uh,
having a cup of coffee.
Speaking of which, uh,
I should be going.
D, call the tavern
if anything comes up.
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[soft ominous music]
- The pub has a front
and a back door
that leads to a parking lot.
It's pretty straightforward.
- There's nothing
straightforward about Caleb.
What about the house?

- Dead-end streets
surrounded by woods.
- Banshee's probably there.
That means Caleb knows
that you're coming.
- We're coming?
Are you not going?
- Oh, Jesus Christ,
you know what?
You want to question me again?
Do I need to find
another assistant?

How long?
- Um, six hours or so.
- [sighs]
Call the Philly team.
- What are you thinking?
- Two teams.
One takes the house,
one takes the tavern.
They can be there
within the hour.

And tell the team that
goes to the Old Well,
you know, be subtle, be quiet.
Caleb is smart.
It may all be for not.
Tell them to text me when
they're in position.
- Got it.
- And remind them
I want him alive.
Alive and kicking
'cause he's mine.
You got it?
- Got it.
- So make the damn call.
[ominous music]
You, find me a take-away.
I'm starving.
[ominous music fades]
[birds singing]
[dramatic music]
- All right,
so we head out at 1500.
No sooner, no later.
Stay off the main road
at all cost.
We wouldn't want any uninvited
guest during the party.
Now, when we reach the
outskirts of town, we hit dirt.
Now, all off-road until
we find an old packing house
about seven clicks out.
There, the handoff
to the CIA happens.
Male and female agents,
they will take Malia and her
drives into protective custody.
All right, so get some coffee,
take a nap, and be ready.

- Jeremy, wait.
- What is it?
- This all sounds great,
Mr. Navvaro.
- But?
- But there's no Plan B.
- This is a routine op.
We have done it hundreds
of times,
and I trust my men, believe me.
- Seems as though
you've taken every precaution
against my father's men,
who are definitely out there
hunting for me right now.
But you've taken no precautions
against your own men.
- [chuckles]
- Malia, if I may,
it is normal to be
a little nervous
or even paranoid as
we get closer to the handoff.
- Is it..
- But--
- More rational to be paranoid
or careless?
I am risking everything
being here.
You have no idea what he'll
do to me if he catches me.
I've held up my end
of the bargain,
and I expect you
to do the same.
- We are.
- [scoffs]
Have you met the agents
I'm being handed off to?
- Of course.
They are CIA agents
with top clearance.
- The CIA's always been the
most trustworthy organization.
- Let us do our job, Malia.
In six months, you will be
living wherever you want
and doing whatever
the fuck you want.

Trust me, okay?

- Hey, it's okay.

- [blows air]
[soft dramatic music]

- Used to be one
of my favorites.
- Used to?
- Memories suck when
you know how they end.

So what's your deal?
- My deal?
- You came here
to get my dad's help,
but you haven't done anything
but eat and stare at photos
of my family.

Were you lovers or something?
- [chuckles]
I've known him
since I was seven.
- Is he in danger?

Look, I know he's
in danger with the mob.
I looked at your file
on the table.
Are you with the
government or something?
- You shouldn't have done that.
- I'm sorry.
I couldn't help it.
I feel like he's in danger,
and he is all I have left.
Hey, if he's in danger,
I need to know,
because I will not
let anything--
- Stop!
I'm here to help you.
Now, tell me
everything that you know.

[hinges creak and bells ring]
[soft tense music]

- Tough, but quiet bar owner.
Love it.
Let's start with,
uh, three beers.
- Sure.
All right.
- And some menus.
- Oh, I'm sorry, but, uh,
the cook is sick.
- That's fine then.
We're celebrating, actually.
- All right.
- Yep,
my son's getting married.
- Oh, wow.
Well, nothing says wedding
destination like Wellburg.
- Ah!
- [chuckles]
- He grew up here.
- [chuckling] Yeah.
- It's like one last bit
of nostalgia
before he takes that
next big step in life.
- Hey, you know, you seem
happier about it than he is.

- Ah, what can I say?
Guess he knows what
he's getting himself into.
- Yeah, it's true.
Excuse me, gentlemen.

- They're in position.
- Good.
Give them the go.
And tell the other team
to hit the house.
And make sure they find
anything they may have on me,
and to keep him alive
until I get there.

[birds singing]
- I didn't read much of it.
I just saw pictures of bodies
and buzz words
like nuclear codes.

Are people coming here?
- Yes.
- What are we gonna do?

[phone buzzing]
It's my dad.
[phone chimes]
- Hey, Baby.
You see,
I forgot to tell you
that the repairman
is coming by.
- They're here.

[dramatic music]

- Yeah, I'll be there
as soon as I can, yeah.
Uh, yeah, give a kiss
to the baby for me.
- I will.
- Thank you. Bye.

- Get your gun.

- Honestly...
I have seen worse.
I mean, you were very good,
very good.
But these two?
[clicks tongue]
They preform like wet towels.



- Three entrances.
Any others?
- Basement entrance
comes out down the hall.
- Hailey,
I want you to go upstairs,
lock yourself in your room.
And do not come out
until I say it's clear.
- I'm not leaving you alone.
[loud thump on door]
- Hailey, go!
[thumping on door continuing]

[moan and thud]

[engine revving]

[Hailey shouting upstairs]

[Hailey screaming]

- Let me go!

[Caleb groans]
[Hailey screaming]

- Get off!
Get up!

[Caleb grunting]

- Don't worry.
I'll take care of your girl
when you're gone.

[Caleb panting]

[bad guy screams]

[bad guy groaning]

[body thuds]
[labored breathing]
- Hey.
Hey, baby.
[soft dramatic music]

she needs to know the truth...
before she hears lies.

- Yes.

- I'm so sorry
I didn't tell you this before.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
- Hmm, yeah?
I, you know,
I have trained you.
And you have to listen to--
to D now, all right?
You understand me?
- I understand.
- You understand what
I'm trying--good, good.

Hide her.
- I will.

- You know they want her,
- Yes.

- Hey, Baby, you're...
you're the best thing
that ever happened to me.

[ominous orchestral music]

[rain pattering]
[windshield wipers squeaking]
- What's the word on the team
that had the house?
- Not a thing.
- Okay, they're dead.
- I mean, maybe
they're just waiting--
- Nah, they're dead.
What about the spotters?
- They're in position now.
Caleb's car's there,
but no sign of him or Banshee.
- So they're holed up
in the house waiting for us.
What're you hearing?
- Our three are dead
inside the tavern.
- And is there anything
to link them back to us?
- Cops think it was
a robbery gone wrong.
They're trying
to find the owner.
- [sighs] How long before
we get some backup?
- There's another team
coming from the city now.
They'll be here in three hours.
- Ugh, make sure they hustle.
I want these assholes.
- What if they run?
- Where?
There's only one way
out of town.
The spotters will see them.
So now, we just sit back
and we play the waiting game.
[rain pattering]
[birds singing]
- What was it
he wanted me to know?
- The truth about who he was.
[soft ominous music]

The CIA sent a man
named Anthony to kill them.
They said that
they were traitors
selling witnesses' intel
to the Russians.
[engine turns over]
- Why would the CIA do that?

- They were getting old.
They were too powerful,
and they knew too much.


[slow orchestral music]

- Fuck!

- Caleb went into hiding.
My father had been shot.
And Anthony's brother
had been killed.
[soft dramatic music]

- So Anthony will come here?
- I fucking hope so.
- Good.
Do you have a plan?
- I'm working on one.
- Come with me.
Will this help?

- He kept all these?
- He had trust issues.
- [chuckles]
Lucky me.

We should take the upstairs.
It'll be to our advantage.
- My dad said if you aren't
mobile, you're dead.
- Normally, that's true.
But if we go anywhere,
they'll find us.
This house is our territory.
It's advantageous to us.
- Won't they just burn us out?
- No way.
They need Caleb's body
as proof of kill.
I have a price on my head,
so they'll wanna
collect that too.

[soft tense music]

- How many you got?
- Enough.

- Send them in.

[tense music fades]
- What was he really like?
- What?
- My dad.
What was he really like?
- I think
you probably knew him best.
You just knew a
different version of him.
[soft dramatic music]
- Which version did you know?

- [chuckles softly]
I knew the big, strong,
I'm-a-bad-ass Caleb.

He had a hard shell, but...
he had a soft spot
for a few people.

- What was it like when
you lost your parents?

- It was hard.
I was angry.
But I just kept my head down,
focused on the work,
and eye on the prize.

- So he really
never mentioned us?
- No.

Which means he loved
you more than anything.
He was protecting your safety
even from the ones
that he trusted the most.

- So you guess
it's just us now?
- Yes.
- That's fine.
Kinda like you.
- Kinda like you too.
[engine revving outside]
[ominous music]

- Why are they not getting out?

[drone whirring]

- Come here.
[drone whirring]

- What are you doing?
- They're using thermal.
We need to register as one.

- Looks like the front door
is boarded up.

- Walkie.
Go around the back.
Make sure it's the same.
- Roger that.

[drone whirring]

- Two guys across the yard.

- Back door's boarded up too.
- Did they just
board it up and leave?

[drone whirring]

- All I'm seeing
is one thermal image,
so what the fuck are
you talking about?
- Is there any sign
of life downstairs?
- Negative.
I'll go around back.
- Sir, what if it's a trap?
- Of course it's a trap.
But I need to know who
the second person is.
Use this to find out
before Caleb's on.

It's time.
[drone whirring]
[insects droning]

[dramatic music]
- Hey, Banshee!

Little bitch!
Little bitch!
Time to play!
Come on, Banshee.

I know you're in there.

- D, don't worry about me!
Kill this bastard!

- Banshee...
are you really going
to let your boy die?

- Do something.
- I can't.
Anthony's the only one
who knows about my father.
[insects droning]
- Oh!
[dramatic music]

Three more in the back.

- Three going around back!
They're coming in!

[suspenseful music]

[grenade pin clicks]
[grenade clatters]
[dramatic music]

[muffled gunfire]

- [gagging]
- Oh, fucking Christ!

Rush the house!
Rush the house!
[continuous gunfire]

- How's it going?
- Not great!

[Hailey panting]

[suspenseful music]
[distant gunfire]

[body thuds]

[grenade pin clicks]
- [grunts]

Fucking useless.

They keep kicking them
before they go off!
- Cook 'em.
- What?
- Cook 'the grenades.
- I don't know what that means!
- Hold them for a few seconds
before you throw them.

[grenade pin clicks]
- One, two, three...
[dramatic music]

- You got a gun?

[gun clinks]

You do now.

Come on.

[suspenseful music]

[continuous gunfire]
[dramatic music]

- Five or six coming in!
- Eyes on Anthony?
- I don't know!
They're all wearing masks!
- Fucker's trying
to wear us down.

[all panting and straining]

[dramatic music stops]

Go upstairs now.



[suspenseful music]

- Go.
Go, go, go, go!

- Finally.
- Fuck off.

Do you got any men left alive?
- I don't know.
I think they're all dead.
- [sighs]
- No, I can't do this.
- Of course you can.
Listen to me.
Who we find in that building,
I want them alive.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious.
Until I put them in body bags,
I'm very serious.

- [softly]
- Whoa!
[tense music]
Look at you, girl.

Good job.

Where's Caleb?

Go, go, go!

[Hailey grunts]

- [sighs]
Where's Caleb?
- I have an idea.
How about you get your
fucking dudes off the girl?
I'll tell you where Caleb is,
you tell me where my father is,
everybody's fucking happy.
[indistinct commotion upstairs]
- I don't recall where
your father is.
- You're a liar.
- [chuckles]
You know what? You're right.
I do recall.
The last time I seen him,
there was a couple of guys
beating the shit out of him.
And he was lying
in a pool of blood.
[gun taps]
Silly me.

[both straining]
[glass shatters]
[both straining]

- Get the fuck in here!
- Feels like a little much
for a teenage girl!

- They never found a body.

- Or because your father's
a traitor, and he ran away.
- Wrong.
Get them off the fucking girl!

- Where's Caleb?
- Buried in the back yard.
- Now you're upsetting me
because I know you're lying!
'Cause after Caleb shot my men,
I know he came back here.
Where the fuck is he?

- Oh, you're feeling tough?

Let's do this old school.

[dramatic music]
[both straining]

[grandfather clock clangs]

- Shoot her!

Shoot her!


[wet crunch]

[Anthony snarls]
[D yelping and groaning]

- Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.

the fuck...
- You punch like
a little fucking bitch.
- Hey, asshole.
Fuck you.

- Fuck.

- [panting]
[soft dramatic music]

- Are there more?
- I hope not.

- I got shot today.
- I got shot too.
- No.
I got shot.
In the shoulder.

- It's a flesh wound.
You'll be okay.

- What's next?
Are more people
gonna shoot at us?
[soft dramatic music fades]
- Probably.
[dramatic music]
It just depends on where we go
and who we go after.

But for now,
let's just get a cocktail
and a steak in a hotel room.
- There's nothing
I'd rather do.

- I have no home
I have nowhere to be
I'm a wanderer
That's me
And I don't care
how you judge me

I don't care what
you think of me


There is darkness
And the rain
is pouring down
There is violence
all around
And I don't need you
to hold me

I don't need you
to take care of me

So what do you want?

What do you want
from me now?
You can't hurt me, no
And you can't help me out
And I will scream
like a banshee

I will scream
like a banshee

So what do you want?
What do you want
from me now?
You can't change me, no
And you can't
chain me down
I will scream
like a banshee

I will scream
like a banshee

I will fight,
you can't block me

I have no fear,
you won't stop me

I will win,
you can't beat me