Code of Silence (1985) Movie Script

Have a shot, kid. A little nerve tonic.
I'm not nervous, Cragie.
I just gotta take a leak.
Then do it now.
- On some poor bastard's grave?
- What do you care?
If someone was smart, they'd rip out
these graves and plant tomatoes.
These people are no good. They're dead.
Say, hey, hey, hey, Cub fans.
I sure hope to hell you all are down there,
cos we got the big game today.
Today is our day, baby...
Dig this, man.
You cats on the home team, listen up.
Spider's gettin' ready for the big play.
If you mothers drop that ball, Spider's...
- What's happenin', Doc?
- There you are, man.
- You take too fuckin' long.
- We ain't got far to go.
Get your ass in the car.
Fuck the cigarette smokin'.
- I got everything we need.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
They'll be waitin', man.
- Home team, ready in the bull pen.
- Copy, shortstop. Double play.
Break out the nuts.
Centre's in.
- Where's Cragie?
- Talk, left field.
Dammit... Ready, sir.
Left field is in position.
OK, guys. Runner on first base.
- Double play. You got 'em in sight?
- Yeah. He's headin' for the alley.
(Doc) What is this? This guy's got
my nose in his pocket 6.30 in the morning.
Funky fuckin' neighbourhoods.
I'm sick of it. I've been waiting three days.
I'm glad to get out though,
to tell you the truth, man.
You can't tell nobody about this stress.
How's somebody gonna relate to it?
Here we go.
Nice and easy, nice and easy.
Leave a space for the good guys.
I ain't never lettin' the car out of my sight.
This is lovely. Look at this. Zaro
and Abere went to Brazil with 12 people.
This is my vacation. Ain't this nice?
I'm tellin' ya, Spider, this ain't my style.
I can dig it, baby. It's too much
like real work even for me.
You'll have everything you want
in two hours. All the action you need.
Trick or treat, smell my feet.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby. Do your thing.
Man, we're clean.
You think we're goddamn fools?
- Watch it, baby.
- Don't you know these guys, Spider?
- We oughta get married.
- Just wanna do some business.
This guy is nervous.
Does he speak English?
B Fuck, man.
B I can't believe this guy.
You do this every fuckin' time.
That one should have taken a Valium.
- Found you a present.
- Man, these things test your head.
These people trust me.
I trust you too,
but I want something out of it.
You're gonna get what you want, man.
B Hola. Cmo est, amigo? Soy yo.
B Abre la puerta. se es mi amigo.
- Tengo una cosa para ti.
- Catido, come here.
I don't like the way it sounds. Where's
that money? That's mine until it's yours.
These guys ordering me up the hallway.
He's got a gun up my ass.
I don't like people
that don't wanna shake my hand.
- I don't care where they come from...
- Shh.
I don't dig motherfuckers
that don't shake my hand.
Qu pasa?
Come on, Eenie. Move your ass.
What the hell are those guys up to?
They're going to work. What do you think?
- At this hour?
- Don't worry about it. Let it roll.
They got a hard-ass for a boss. Like us.
I just wanna get outta here real quick.
This is my deal.
I wanna find out
what's going on here today.
Oh, Christ.
- Told you this was the right place.
- Scares me shitless.
Amor, vyase al otro cuarto.
Tell him I think that's a nice decoration.
Watch it. Cool it, man.
You're looking at that man's old lady.
- Comachos'll shoot your ass.
- Gimme a break.
- Man, Victor's got the best.
- The best!
You Comacho dudes are too much.
I can't believe you guys.
Parece que el hombre est contento.
This really looks right.
I feel some rocks up in there.
- This looks good.
- Damn right it's good.
By the numbers.
They got a good reputation. Tell him I'm
doing this because my people expect it.
I'm not insulting the guy.
El hombre como que tiene
un problema de diarrea de la boca.
Said you got
diarrhoea of the mouth, baby.
Tell him it's too bad. I thought
he had more class than that.
That's the colour I need. Let's go.
(Spider) How's that?
OK, everybody. Get ready.
Right field's clear.
The painters are out of the way.
- What are you talking about?
- A crew of painters went in next door.
They're gonna wreck that building.
Call 'em in.
Jump street. Let's move, move!
Like I told you, Vic,
you can always depend on the Spider.
The door, Cragie. Get the door.
Come on, get the board.
Move it, move it, move it.
Come on! Let's go. Let's go.
(child speaks Spanish)
Give me the bag!
Check the door. Come on.
Come on. Hurry!
Forget it, Eenie! We're outta here!
- Get around to the hallway.
- Up against the wall. Let's go.
I'm going around to the front.
Go, go, go.
Motherfuckin' son of a bitch!
Rosa, dnde ests, mi vida?
(woman) No salgas de ah.
Cragie! Cragie?
It's OK. I got the son of a bitch.
Cover the stairs.
Citywide units, we have an officer shot -
Request for additional ambulances.
Several gunshot victims.
Use caution. Plain-clothes units
on the scene. Zone three radio.
(Cragie) Told you to stay in there.
- Take it easy, Kopalas.
- Sarge...
The kid didn't dust him. I did.
Him or me, sarge.
The kid saw the whole thing.
Tell him, Nick.
Yeah, that's what happened.
Stay here, Cragie.
I want this kept clear.
Don't do that. Do you have any idea
how much these things cost?
Eddie, listen to this.
A bait shop. We get
some worms, some minnows.
We don't even have to get real worms.
We'll get those rubber ones.
Ow! You goddamn Dr Jekyll!
He's a butcher.
Sarge, I don't think these guys
know who their friends are.
I'm gettin' tired of this shit.
Efren, what's gonna happen to you when
big, bad Luis comes in from Bogot?
I'll tell you. Your ass is gonna be
freeze-dried. Your goose is cooked.
You gotta know who did it!
Who'd you fuck over lately?
- Luis ain't gonna like this.
- Cllate.
You want a tune-up, fuckface?
Sarge, you know why
a Comacho's like a cue ball?
Cos the harder you hit 'em,
the better their English gets.
You wanna play pool?
Save it, Brennan.
Book 'em.
Come on, come on. Talk to me.
What do you know about it?
- They got Vito and Eenie.
- Keep your eyes closed. Come on.
Ready? Now open.
- Happy birthday, Mama.
- I'm so glad you're here.
- Happy birthday, Molly.
- Molly!
Molly, come here. Come on!
I want you to pack me a bag for the lake.
- Come on! I'm in a hurry.
- But why?
Now move. Do what I tell you.
- Don't do it, Mama.
- Hey!
None of your lip today.
I cannot believe you. Nothing's changed.
Today's Mom's birthday.
She deserves better than this
and so do we.
Hey, Tony! Sorry I'm late.
Got stuck in traffic.
Picked up something nice.
Fuckin' Victor Comacho's alive.
Vito and Eenie are dead.
Jesus Christ! You pulled that hit?
- Don't go, Diana.
- I can't stay here, Grandma.
You put somebody on the house,
and you look after her.
You gone crazy? You're starting a war.
You're putting the outfit on the line.
- They'll probably try to starch your uncle.
- Keep your mouth shut!
What Mr Scalese don't know
won't hurt him.
Happy birthday.
Cragie, you're assigned
to headquarters until the hearing.
Who called for a hearing? That goddamn
little punk tried to shoot me in the back.
Sit down.
- Lucy Partida.
- That commie piece of shit?
Shut up, Cragie.
Partida's demanded a formal hearing.
You'll be under oath. The department
will provide you with a lawyer.
The citizens-review-board member
is waitin' to talk to you.
Doesn't sound like
you got anything to worry about.
Kopalas, you work with Cusack
until this is over.
Yes, sir.
That'll be all.
Thank you, sir.
- Where'd they take Dorato?
- County. He'll be OK.
Listen, I don't have time to nursemaid
a rookie. I don't need a partner.
That's right. You don't need a partner.
You need a goddamn keeper!
Jesus Christ!
How do I explain this one downtown?
We gave you 600 man-hours.
You took a month to plan it,
and what have you got to show for it?
Eight bodies, one dead informant, one
of my best men shot, for Christ's sake.
You'll have me back on the beat,
bustin' perverts in the park.
We've got a bigger problem.
This Luis Comacho's crazy.
He's not gonna take this lying down.
That's all I need. A goddamn war.
- What about this business with Cragie?
- You know what I think of Cragie.
All right, I'll deal with downtown.
You find out who burned
the Comachos before they do.
Eddie, you had a good setup.
Too bad it went to hell.
Los Comachos sabemos
quines fueron, Luis.
Luis, a war does no good for any of us.
It can only make what's bad... worse.
Get them out of here and fix them up.
I want them beautiful for their mother.
My brothers, I promise you
blood for blood.
How you doin', sarge?
se es el polica hijo de puta
que est involucrado...
Hey! I'd like to talk to you.
One day I would like to give you a gift...
of a Colombian necktie.
Very special. You slit the throat,
pull out the tongue,
and on you... it would look beautiful.
Why don't you give it to me right now?
Come. We're running late.
Hey, Eddie, you'd better grow
eyes in the back of your head.
Come on. Good shot again, Eddie.
Keep going. Keep it up.
Good combination. Come on, Eddie.
Come on, again.
Come on, he's running.
Shit! Oh, man.
Out of my way, you side of beef.
Hey, partner!
I'm all right, man.
- How's the foot?
- Swinging. Listen to this.
We open up a beef-and-sausage stand
just outside of Wrigley Field.
You dish out the beef, I take in the cash.
Free games.
I happen to have a contact downtown.
How are we gonna watch the games
if we're hawkin' hot dogs?
I never thought of that.
Davis, I want a word with you, man.
Amano, when you're through
playing with that, I wanna talk to you.
Dooey, I want you to help me get some
signatures on this petition for Cragie.
I figure down the 14th -
we can get somebody down there.
I think we'll find
someone who'll collaborate.
Gus, put that thing down and sit up.
I want you to sign this. It's for Cragie.
(PA) Attention all senior personnel.
There'll be a demonstration of the Prowler
tactical assist robot at 1600 hours.
Your attendance is required.
Cusack! How about taking the gloves off
long enough to sign this for Cragie?
- About the hearing?
- You betcha.
- I pass.
- What the fuck's the matter with you?
He's burned out, Brennan,
and you know it.
Get off your high horse!
He made a couple of mistakes, OK?
The man was a hero.
What do civilians know about
coming up some shithouse staircase
scared out of your shorts?
They only know
we're supposed to protect 'em.
Cragie's gonna kill somebody else,
or he's gonna get somebody killed.
Maybe even you, Brennan.
Thanks a lot, sarge. You're a real prince.
Good shot. One more time. Come on.
The Prowler's standard
weapons complement
includes one MB40 recoilless rifle,
two Mark 19 grenade launchers,
and twin HB.50Bcalibre machine guns.
I have sufficient firepower to neutralise
a wide variety of security threats.
As you can see, this lightweight
handBheld control unit
enables you to direct my movements
while simultaneously operating
the various weapons systems,
either in manual or full automatic mode.
In full automatic mode, my infrared
heat sensors and Doppler radar
mean that I can acquire
moving targets at night
without assistance from the operator.
That concludes
the programmed demonstration.
Now our factory representative
will discuss the features of the simplified
Mark 2 handBheld control system.
After the gyros are locked,
any movement of the hand controller
is duplicated by the Prowler.
This simple control system means that
even semiskilled employees can operate...
He's talking about you, Cusack,
so pay attention.
You've all got to qualify on this.
It's the future.
As they say, even a child can operate it.
You're looking at the perfect cop.
- Damn thing follows orders.
- Another gun without a brain.
Twin 50mm machine guns can be linked
to the laser range and guidance system.
If you pick someone
to try to elude Prowler,
I'll show you
our target acquisition system.
Halt. Police. Throw down your weapon.
We will not harm you. Please place
your hands above your head.
- Drop it.
- You are under arrest.
Please do not resist.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Eenie Verona's the gentleman's name.
Looks like you did
a hell of a job on him. Know him?
- He's just a punk thief.
- Looks like he graduated.
(Kopalas) He sure flunked house painting.
He had an uncle. Served time together.
What the hell's his name?
- Gagleoni?
- Gamiani.
I think we should get to know him better.
This Gamiani is a real swinger.
Take it easy, baby.
I'll be back real quick.
Here we go.
(Diana) He's the most active one of all.
He's got great eyes, doesn't he?
What about the lion?
Look at that one.
He's standing up over by the cage.
He's trying to figure out what we're doing.
His pretty white breast - isn't that pretty?
Is that a leopard?
Well, that's good. And, uh...
- I'll be back in a second.
- OK.
Kinda young for that old guy,
don't you think?
What the hell's going on?
Eddie, this isn't panning out.
Why don't you watch, kid?
Learn something.
- What are you doing here?
- Your papa worries about you.
Get outta here, Lou, and leave me alone.
We're gonna go see the ducks.
- I don't wanna see the ducks.
- What's wrong with ducks?
Yeah, come on.
- Hey, Jenna!
- Hi!
(woman) Diana, thanks again!
What's so funny?
Enough already.
We're following them,
they're following her,
and nobody knows nothin'.
Let's find out something.
Stay here.
- Congratulations.
- I'm glad you could make it.
Excuse me. This is Mrs Wilson.
Mrs Wilson, this is my friend Diana.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
This must be a breakthrough.
It is. In fact I just sold
my first piece to Mrs Wilson.
Terrific. I really like your new stuff a lot,
especially the dead dog series. It's great.
- I wanna see some of the other stuff. Bye.
- Thanks a lot for stopping by.
He is really a character.
Maybe we should set up a date
and I can help you hang it.
I'd be delighted.
Excuse me.
Who was that girl you were talking to
in the black slacks? I think I know her.
Diana Luna.
- Understand it?
- Sure. Don't you?
I'm Eddie Cusack.
I make it Eddie the cop.
That obvious, huh?
I don't know where my father is,
and frankly I don't give a damn.
I have nothing to do
with my father's business,
Uncle Scalese's business, or any of it.
So why don't you just leave me alone?
It was nice meeting you.
Whoa! I thought I was feeling good, but...
Happy? Whoo!
- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah. Right over there.
Kobas, this is Sergeant Cusack.
I want a team to cover a house
on the Southwest Side.
Luna. L-u-n-a. Anthony.
Yeah, "Crazy Tony" Luna.
I don't know if he's around.
But if he shows up, bring him in.
Catch you later.
That's a very nice choice.
Oh, yeah.
Hey! You comfortable?
They're wastin' the show.
Tony's not even in town.
He'll get the word.
(woman) Mrs Luna,
come away from the window.
- How about yourself?
- Don't worry about me.
I'll take care of him.
Wait here.
- Eddie, I can back you up.
- Stay by the radio.
- Felix, you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Get me yesterday's numbers on Phoenix.
What the hell are you doin' here?
Off, asshole.
The modern age's answer
to the crystal ball.
Marvellous, if you know how to read it.
If you got some extra cash, buy oranges.
The price is low and I can promise you
there's gonna be a trucking strike.
That a bribe, Mr Scalese?
It's a prediction.
No. I wouldn't try to bribe Eddie Cusack.
They tell me you're incorruptible,
I hear they call you
"stainless steel" on the street.
Me, I think you're a pain in the ass.
I'm looking for one of your nephews.
- Tony Luna.
- Goodbye, Mr Cusack.
There's a shitstorm coming, old man.
You can stop it.
Goodbye, Mr Cusack.
- Nobody talks, right?
- That's right, Sergeant.
Just like the cops.
Just like the Comachos.
Nobody talks.
B Omert.
B (car horn)
I'm gonna find Tony Luna.
I'm gonna nail his ass, and anyone else
connected to him. You got that?
Why, you punk! Nobody threatens me.
It's not a threat, Mr Scalese.
It's a prediction.
(man) Roger, Homicide.
At the Lincoln Park Conservatory.
The victim is male Caucasian.
Multiple knife wounds.
The coroner's on the scene.
Request for laboratory backup.
Tony Luna's bagman.
They call that a Colombian necktie.
The manager of Tony's restaurant
was hanging from a meat hook.
Someone tried to carve
a canoe out of him.
Tony's used-car lot on Ashland
is burning as we speak.
Head salesman is fried zucchini.
Oh, Jesus. It's startin'.
Let's go.
- Good morning, Mrs Luna.
- Good morning.
Don't the eggplants look wonderful?
They're all over the place. In the house
and in the street. Looks like a war zone.
- How many victims, 1021?
- Five so far.
Four adult females, one adult male.
This is Cusack. Was there a girl?
Late teens, brownish hair?
Negative. We got four adult females pretty
chewed up. The youngest looks about 40.
What kind of people are these guys?
What's it about? I'm not going.
I don't have to go.
Your mother got killed.
Take it easy. Just put your jacket on.
Let's get out of here.
Stick with me.
Stay here.
- Cut the chica.
- Angel!
Let her go.
Take out your weapons. Left hand.
Up against the wall. Move it!
You heard me, Angel.
Diana, come here.
Angelo, llvatela. Vete, eh?
Angel, let her go!
Come on!
One more step... I'll cut her head off!
Give it up!
Get your ass up.
Is it true?
Keep your goddamn pants on.
Eddie, what the hell's goin' on?
Come on in.
Fred Pirelli... Diana Luna.
Hiya, kid.
She won't go into protective custody
and I couldn't leave her out there alone.
I hate putting you on the spot like this.
I spent 30 years on the spot.
Can you put her up
until I find her old man?
Whatever you need.
Brennan, I heard you're gonna retire
when you sober up.
In that case, I'll never retire.
Dorato, you only gotta buy one boot now.
You're gettin' off cheap.
I'm sick about it.
These boots were handmade in Italy.
$17.50 they cost me.
That was with the police discount.
Hey, Eddie.
Yeah, it's me.
Why don't you come by and tip a few?
Come on. Have a few beers with me.
It'll do you good.
Do I know it's late? I know it's late.
Eddie... I gotta talk to you.
Yeah. At Mike's.
All right, great. Thanks, pal.
What the fuck are you doin'?
Would you try and relax... Flash?
This is gonna be a slide, man.
Easy in, easy out.
- Piece of cake, man. Nothing to it.
- German fuckin' chocolate cake.
- You sure you checked it out, man?
- Trust me.
- Man, you know the drill.
- I go to the back.
- You go to the bar. You order a drink.
- Right.
- What you gonna order?
- What's it matter?
- You got to know what you gonna order!
- You're making me nervous.
- Relax, will you? Have a toothpick.
- Fuck that. Let's go get some money.
Hey, Nick! You oughta crash, babe.
You had a heck of a day.
- How you doing?
- Nicky, how are you?
Hurry up.
- It's a piece of art.
- It's a piece of shit. Hurry up.
You're talking to a ballerina.
What's happenin'?
How you doing?
Give me a Black Russian
and a Courvoisier.
Straight up.
Where's the dancing girls?
Shaving their legs?
All right!
Get your hands up, motherfuckers!
Which of you two guys
is the brains of the outfit?
You stupid motherfucker.
Dumb cocksucker.
Bring that piece of shit over here.
Worm-brain motherfucker, you!
Kiss the bar.
My old lady told me
he was fucked up in the head.
"Piece of cake, man. Nothing to it, man."
I should have listened to my old lady.
Screw your old lady. Everybody else has.
Cuff 'em and get 'em outta here.
- Gimme your paw.
- They get dumber every day.
(Eddie) Let her get some sleep.
That's what I need too, real bad.
- Get some, and take care.
- I'll call you from the hearing tomorrow.
- Here's some tea.
- Thanks.
What if you...
What do you do
if you don't have someone?
You find someone.
Will you hold me?
You'll be fine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- You talk big when my hands are cuffed.
- I'd kick your ass, handcuffed or not.
Shoot me so I don't have to
listen to his mouth any more.
Are you John Wayne?
I'll make you Jane Wayne
unless you shut the fuck up.
- Hey, sarge.
- Hi, sarge.
- What's this?
- These morons tried to stick us up.
We called the station 45 minutes ago
for a wagon. They didn't believe us.
Eddie, partner, come here.
Eddie, I want you to meet
a couple of friends.
This is Ruthie.
She's a dental hygienist. Very oral.
This is Marlene. She works for a
proctologist. Don't turn your back on her.
- Eddie, have a drink. I got a proposition.
- Later.
Just let me plant two words in your brain -
alligator farming.
- Alligator farming.
- Yeah.
It'll work.
- How's the girl?
- She's fine.
That fucker. What's he doing down here?
Want a beer? Val, give me another
Southern Comfort, will you?
I really wanna be a good cop, Eddie.
Sometimes I get so scared, you know.
- Only a fool doesn't get scared.
- It's so easy for you.
Like you got all the answers.
But for me, I don't...
I don't know.
Cragie planted the gun on that kid.
He just wasted him. Blew him away.
And I went right along with it.
My partner.
Now I don't know what I'm gonna do
about that hearing tomorrow.
Tell the truth.
See? You make it sound so easy.
I got a wife, I got a kid,
and you're telling me to commit suicide.
How the fuck do I live with these guys
if I sell out my own partner?
And if you don't?
Cragie gets away with it.
And the chance to do it again.
It was a mistake. It was a fuckin' accident.
- And a kid was killed.
- I know. Don't you think I fuckin' know...
I see that boy's face
every time I close my eyes, Eddie.
Tell it like it is, Nick.
I'll back you up.
- See you guys later.
- OK, Eddie.
- Look what's here.
- Nice to see you out with the boys.
They tell me my sergeant wouldn't
sign for me. Wanna tell me why?
- You know why.
- No. Tell me.
You don't belong on the streets any more.
Fuck you. Where do you get off?
Right about here.
Good night, sarge.
If it was dark, Officer,
how were you sure Vega had a gun?
We got lucky. There was a glint of light,
a reflection off the barrel of the weapon.
Officer Cragie, you have heard
Mrs Murillio's testimony.
Yes, ma'am.
You heard her tell this panel that she saw
you lay the gun in her grandson's hand.
I'm not saying the woman
would make this up,
but there's no way she could have seen
anything from where she was standing.
Like you said,
she's the boy's grandmother.
Young lady, you are about to have
the specialty of the house - eggs Pirelli.
You got your protein, your carbohydrates,
vitamin D, vitamin C.
Good for you. Strength. Eat now.
Right after you heard Officer Cragie's gun
discharge, what did you do then?
I immediately advanced down the hall.
What did you see?
The deceased - Vega - lying on the floor.
Officer Cragie was
checking his vital signs.
What happened then?
We recovered a.25-calibre automatic
from the teenager's right hand.
Did you see that weapon in Vega's hand
before Officer Cragie fired?
Yes, ma'am.
No more questions.
You made that uniform look good.
That guy next to me -
handsome devil, huh?
That's Eddie's dad.
Better than a good cop.
He was killed in the line of duty. '71.
An accident.
- What do you want?
- Gas company.
How you doing?
I can't comment on that.
It was over before I got there.
You are his superior officer, are you not?
Cragie's in my unit, yes.
Did you request that
Officer Cragie be in your TAC team?
I did not.
Sergeant, I have a department document
dated 24 September of last year.
It is a request by you to have
Officer Cragie transferred to another unit.
- Are you familiar with this document?
- I am.
Why did you request this transfer?
Maybe 30 years is too long for anyone
to look at the city's guts, Miss Partida.
Are you saying Officer Cragie
is not fit to work the streets of Chicago?
That's what I'm saying.
Come on, lady. Give the guy a break.
- Fuck him? No, fuck you.
- Why are you arguing with him?
He took me off of tactical.
He didn't want me on tactical.
Operator, can you check
The man's got his tongue
stuck to his asshole.
That don't bother him.
He's the fuckin' white knight.
Sorry, sir. The number's out of service.
I'll report it...
Wanna take on the whole world by
yourself? Now's your chance, Cusack.
We just got here, sarge.
- He was a friend of yours, wasn't he?
- More than a friend.
- Where's the girl?
- There was nobody else.
Squad, this is 1462. I need backup.
Have 64 and 63 from TAC 4 meet me at
the billiard parlour on 18th near Halsted.
Ten-four, 1462.
Come in, 1463.
- 1463, come in.
- Come on, Brennan. Chowtime!
Meet him at the pool hall,
Unit 1463 here. We can't respond on that.
We got a drug purchase in progress.
Reassign that.
Anybody got an assist car? We got a
oneBman TAC team going into a pool hall.
from zone 10 for a backup.
Tactical Sergeant 1462 needs assistance
at the pool hall at 18th and Halsted.
- He's a one-man unit.
- 5447.
We got a dead dog blocking traffic.
We're waiting for Animal Control.
southbound on 12th.
Jack, do you have a backup
for 18th and Halsted?
You heard what happened.
Who's gonna back him up?
You're playing games, Brennan.
If you wanna respond, take a cab. This car
ain't going noplace for that son of a bitch.
Zone 10, we're not getting
any help for car 62.
Can somebody assist car 62? He's alone.
B Go, 20.
B You're breaking up.
We're going in for a radio check.
You don't wanna be in here.
If I want your opinion,
I'll beat it out of you.
Where is he?
- I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- I want Luis, you fucking punk.
You better get your ass outta here.
Talk, asshole.
He's... he's on his way.
Who wants the first one?
You, amigo?
How about you?
Gun, cabrn.
Take him apart.
Grab his legs. Grab his legs!
Save him.
When the sun comes up,
you give me Luna
or the girl dies...
Este seor no comprende, eh?
You don't understand, Eddie? Told you,
man, don't fuck with the Comachos.
Eddie? Eddie?
Where the fuck is he?
Hey, Eddie.
- Jesus Christ! Are you all right?
- I'll live.
Eddie, I'd have been here,
but those guys kept it from me.
I talked to a friend of mine, Maggie.
Works at the Federal Building.
- You're gonna die.
- They've got Diana Luna.
She got a wire that Tony Luna's been
laying his head down in Wisconsin,
and he's comin' in town tonight
at the Union Station at 10 o'clock.
Hey, Eddie!
Hello, Uncle Felix.
You're a bad boy, Tony.
I told you, leave it alone.
But no, you had to start this.
You were always that way.
You're like a kid.
You see something, you grab it.
- Give it to me.
- For what?
I'm only here to cooperate.
There's someone with us, boss.
Move it.
Son of a bitch is crazy.
Get rid of him.
- Don't fuck with me, old man.
- Tony! We won't hurt you.
You tell Luis... I've got Tony Luna.
I want a time and a place.
Got it.
Cusack! Where are you going
with my car?
Hello, my angel.
Have you had a nice night?
I have wonderful news for you.
Look at me.
Look at the man, huh?
Daddy's on his way.
Pow! Pow! He's dead.
(man) Beautiful job.
See the way it came across?
Keep an eye on that.
Watch - it'll be a pass to the right.
Hi, Eddie. How are you?
Eddie's a heck of a guy.
You gotta learn about football. To learn
about me, you gotta learn about football.
I want not one, but two guys up there.
- How many guys you put up front?
- I got two up there.
Make it four.
We're gonna be prepared for anything.
I don't trust this son of a bitch.
- Victor, take the girl back.
- OK.
Got a present for Luna.
- I got two more guys up the middle.
- That's great.
Efren, come with me.
Victor, when this is over,
Luna goes back to Bogot with me.
Donde me quieras, Luis. Estar contigo.
I don't know.
I was watchin' films with my girl.
Next thing I know,
he locked the door, took the truck.
- I don't know what happened.
- What's going on?
- Cusack took a truckload of armour.
- He's a fuckin' one-man army now.
The son of a bitch is crazy.
OK, everybody, no more games.
Where's Cusack?
He's savin' the world.
Eddie's by himself and you guys
are gonna let him die? Fuck all of you.
- Hey, kid, cool it.
- Cool it?
No, no. You fuckin' cool it.
I ain't gonna lie for you any more.
He laid a gun on that kid.
I saw the whole...
You fuckin' little bastard!
- Cragie! Kopalas!
- Break it up!
What's this for, partner?
Your next fuck-up?
You'd better be straight, Kopalas.
Your badge is on the line.
If I can't do this right, you can have it.
Get someone in the air.
We're gonna find Cusack.
Get out there.
This is Kates. We got a TAC sergeant
in a green SWAT wagon.
We're lookin' for him. Who's in the air?
(woman) Citywide.
Calumet Skyway. 130...
Go get him!
Move it!
Get the girl!
(machineBgun fire)
This concludes our demonstration.
If you have further questions, our factory
representative will answer them.
Vmonos p'arriba.
Get up, you son of a bitch.
Get the fuck up!
Come on, Eddie.
We told you we'd get you.
Come on, asshole!
Come on, Pompas. We got him.
Come on out, you chickenshit.
Come on, you bastard!
Come on, Luis. We got him.
Cusack, you just killed that girl!
You know where to find me.
Hey, Eddie.
Hey, partner. I got a great idea.
Mail-order Christmas trees.
Think about it.
See you tomorrow?