Code Red (2013) Movie Script

The Second World War
was in its decisive phase.
The Battle of Stalingrad
was crucial.
The Germans had barricaded
themselves in
all over the city.
If they had taken Stalingrad,
they would have taken control
the Russian oil fields,
and Stalin would have
lost his advantage.
So he put his sick genius mind
into action
into winning the battle
at all costs.
Over 2 million people died
during that battle.
[screaming continues]
[yelling in German]
[machine gun fire]
[man humming]
[continues humming]
- [gunfire]
- [screams]
[flicks lighter]
We have no account as to how
this man Hans survived.
This is his diary.
I got it from a friend of mine
I grew up with in Scotland,
who's now with MI6.
The last entry is August 1944.
Couple of days later,
he allegedly killed himself
in a German psych ward.
- How is your German?
- Serviceable.
Okay, so why do we give a shit
about some lunatic's journal?
This is not some search
for the boogeyman, soldier.
This is about
biochemical genocide.
[heavy breathing]
Stalin was always
one step ahead of Hitler,
trying to create
a race of super warriors.
Fortunately his experiments
were all destroyed
before the end of the war.
Some high-ranking officials
think the Russians
stumbled upon something
much more sinister.
- The gas in the story?
- Yes.
You know,
I learned a lot about the Battle
of Stalingrad in training,
when they burned that city
halfway down to the ground.
Never heard anything about
poisonous gas though.
That's because forces
napalmed the south side.
Burnt it all.
It was the only way
to control the infection.
[heavy breathing]
That's funny, sir. Is that
the new official ghost story
to scare the recruits?
I wish.
Very few people
knew about the gas.
They destroyed
all records of it.
Nobody wanted to admit
any atrocities occurred.
So there's no evidence of this.
You're holding the evidence.
That's all we ever got.
Why are you telling me
about this big secret now?
The last 24 hours,
reports come out of Bulgaria
reporting an incident
that matches
what's written about
in that diary.
There's a base.
On the base,
there's a munitions warehouse.
This warehouse goes
8 floors deep
and holds 80 years' worth
of weapons.
With the Russians
and Bulgarians alliance
after the Second World War,
we think there's a good chance
that that gas
is somewhere inside
that warehouse.
So have one of our contacts
check it out.
We don't think the Bulgarians
have any idea
what they are sitting on.
We need to find it,
secure it at any cost.
So how are you getting me in?
There have been a string
of arms thefts
at several military bases
throughout Eastern Europe.
Your cover will be as
Captain John McGahey,
arsenal inspector.
You'll be investigating
a robbery in the warehouse
at the same base.
Your job is to get into
this warehouse
and report back
anything you find.
Your contact will be
military doctor Ana Bennett.
Anything with this insignia,
you report back to me
and only me.
Captain John McGahey.
- At ease, sir.
- Welcome to Bulgaria, sir.
Pvt. Harold Miller at your
service. Let me take your bag.
How long is the drive?
- It's a couple hours, sir.
- Perfect.
- Wake me up when we get close.
- Yes, sir.
Most of the locals here
work for the base.
It's the biggest employer.
Yeah, looks like
they're thriving.
Don't worry, private.
We were all young once.
We have an hour for lunch
before we're meeting
with the Bulgarian
commander Borov.
I can have it brought
to your room or--
I'll be skipping lunch.
I need you to take me
to this address.
Sir, I don't have
authorization to--
- I just gave you authorization.
- Yes, sir.
- Who let you in?
- Oh, hi.
- We're here from--
- Don't sass me!
You and your rowdy friends
better get out of here
before I call Virgil!
We'll only be a second, ma'am.
Charming woman.
Hi. Is Dr. Bennett here?
Mommy told me not to
talk to strangers.
Oh, uh, my name is John.
What's yours?
Hi, Miriam. See?
Now we're not strangers.
Is your mommy home?
She's asleep.
Oh. I have some really important
questions to ask her.
You think we come in
for a bit?
Mommy told me not to let
strangers inside.
That's a really good rule.
How about you go get your mommy,
and we will wait here?
Maybe you should come inside.
My Aunt Koina
might try to get you.
Sounds good.
You look pretty.
I made you coffee.
Can I help you?
Hi. I'm Captain John McGahey.
I'm here regarding
that report you filed.
Would you like
coffee or milk?
No, thank you, sweetie.
Is there someplace a little bit
more private we can speak?
We can talk through there.
Hey, Miriam,
would you mind showing Pvt.
Miller here some of your toys?
Thank you.
Okay, who do you got here?
This is Mr. Bunny.
So I was looking over
your file and, uh,
is it true you were
put on temporary leave?
More like
indefinite suspension.
Who suspended you?
Bulgarian commanding officer,
Colonel Borov.
He claimed my report
was grossly negligent,
and I was liable
for what happened.
What did happen?
You won't believe me
if I told you.
Trust me.
If nobody believed you,
they wouldn't have sent me.
I was on duty last week.
And lift up.
Thank you, private.
You can get dressed now.
- We might be able to save it.
- Might?
You can start by
staying away from brothels.
Dr. Bennett,
chemical emergency!
So what have we got?
They say a stack of barrels
in the munitions warehouse
collapsed on him.
Punctured lungs,
a few broken bones in his face.
He was down on minus eight.
[steady beeping]
Dr. Bennett, he's gone.
He's brain dead.
His heart stopped.
The respirator is the only thing
that's keeping him alive.
Time of death, 6:05 p.m.
And the next thing I saw
was him standing up
and attacking my nurse.
What happened to the body?
- I heard they cremated it.
- Great.
Colonel Borov said
he'd take care of the report.
He wrote that the patient
was hallucinating
and wanted me to sign off on it.
It's bullshit.
It wasn't drugs.
The patient went ballistic
after he was dead.
I insisted on revising it.
He got furious,
accused me of being incompetent
and responsible for both deaths,
then suspended me.
That's when I sent in
my complaint.
Is there any evidence
of this?
Photos, videos, anything?
Whatever we had
was confiscated by Borov.
What caused this?
A biochemical substance
we believe is here on-site.
Now what floor did you say
your patient was injured on?
Lowest floor, level 8.
With the U.S. taking over,
most of the major duties
are split between both armies.
How's that working out?
Well, Bulgarians are upset
about losing control.
And the Americans hate
that the Bulgarians
are slowing down
the transition so much.
Sounds like
one big happy family.
Welcome to Bulgaria,
Captain McGahey.
Thank you, Colonel.
Bulgarian army has always been
respected throughout the world.
It is a shame they are giving
this base over to foreigners.
Maybe the Americans boys will
teach you guys a thing or two.
[shouts in Bulgarian]
Colonel, I'm gonna need access
to all your warehouses
and munitions'
storage facilities.
I'm sorry, Captain.
Those warehouses are only opened
in the event of war.
Why would such a respected army
want to fight
with weapons from World War II?
With the string of robberies
you've been having
in the past year,
the international authorities
would like a more updated record
of your inventory.
And since the base will be
turned over to Major Stone soon,
that shouldn't be a problem,
should it, Colonel?
The base, yes,
but not the warehouses.
Those will still be
in my responsibility.
Listen, Colonel, if you want
to keep your position here,
I suggest you find a way
to make this happen,
otherwise you may be
replaced a little bit sooner
than you expect,
do you understand?
Have a nice day.
What does he want?
To be a pain.
Tell Vladi we need to meet.
[children laugh]
Thought you could sneak by me?
You little brat!
There you go.
- Mom.
- Mm-hmm?
I don't even like that cheese.
Well, you know what
shopping's like on this island.
I hate this island.
So how was your
school carnival today?
I don't want
to go anymore.
Why not?
They make fun of me.
Because you're
smarter and prettier
than all the other kids?
No. 'Cause I'm American.
They hate us.
Not everybody hates Americans.
They fired you for no reason.
come here.
You don't need to worry.
Mommy's just taking
a little break.
And next year you're gonna have
loads more American friends,
and you are gonna have
a much better time.
Can I stay home till then?
But you can practice
your Bulgarian
and make lots of new friends.
I'll never be friends with Ivan.
You don't have to. You can be
friends with everybody else.
And then Ivan
will leave you alone.
In drive, baby
Drive you to pleasure
I can't stand it down here
It starts to burn
The heat inside me
can't be measured
Embrace me
Have one with me, sugar.
Sorry. I have to save the drinks
for the customers.
- Come on.
- [giggles]
No way, baby.
Katiusha, get out of here.
Such a gorgeous woman.
We have a new brunette
that will blow your mind.
I'll meet her later.
I have something
specially for you.
On half price.
Now to business.
We're gonna take a little break.
Is this because of that
contaminated soldier?
I don't know
what are you talking about.
Hey, Colonel,
if they're sending an American
to investigate
your little accident,
you better believe
Vladi knows about it, huh?
Okay, okay, so two
or three weeks delay?
We're done for good.
Done done?
No, no, I have customers.
They have already paid.
They are waiting on shipments.
They're gonna be pissed.
If this American finds
hundreds of weapons are gone,
you'll spend the rest
of your life in jail.
No. There's got to be
another way.
I've made you a very rich man.
Shut it down
and find another hobby.
Now bring me that brunette.
Here for little pleasure?
- No, Colonel.
- Is everything set?
Yes. I've got the detonators.
Gochev and Dimov
are on duty now.
Good. Now, what is this
about your wife and child
trying to leave town, hmm?
Are you an idiot or what?
Why don't you just tell
the American you are in this?
Who knows what contaminated
weapons are down there.
I can't let my wife,
my daughter--
Those fireworks will make
all our problems vanish.
You saw what happened to Yanko.
Whatever infected him
is in that warehouse.
That's just an STD.
His girlfriend's a slut.
I've always done
as you ordered,
so please...
let them leave.
Nobody will notice.
Your family stays...
or else your wife
may receive
a few photos of you
and your lady friends.
Good boy.
- Is everything in order?
- Yes, sir.
Let's get this taken care of.
Take him away.
Then... finish this.
You haven't left anything
that can incriminate us?
No, sir.
[engine starts]
Miriam, you gotta get up!
You've gotta get up!
Listen to Mommy.
Come on! Quick!
Miriam, can you hurry up!
Quickly! Come on!
Hurry up!
P.A.: [speaking in Bulgarian]
Attention, attention.
This is an emergency
civil defense alert.
Please follow the instructions
of the authorized personnel.
[alarm blaring]
P.A.: [speaking in Bulgarian]
Come on, go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Go, go!
- No! Baby!
- Mommy!
- Mommy!
- No!
Mommy! Mommy!
[screaming continues]
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Mommy!
[shouting continues]
My baby!
Have you seen my daughter?
A little girl.
My baby?
I'm sorry.
Have you seen my daughter?
Little girl?
She's got long curly hair.
Dr. Bennett, Dr. Bennett.
Private, have you seen
my daughter Miriam?
No, I haven't, but I promise
I'll help you look.
We were walking through.
We completely got separated.
It was like a flood of people
coming through.
Dr. Bennett, breathe. Slower.
And I couldn't hold her.
She just completely--
- Dr. Bennett!
- She's out of here--
Dr. Bennett, we're gonna
find her. Don't worry.
- But how do you know?
- I know.
Listen to me. There are
two entrances to the bunker.
- One's there, one's over there.
- She could be locked outside!
- She isn't!
- But she might be!
No, she's not! Nobody's gonna
leave a child outside
in these conditions!
No one!
She's probably in the bunker.
I'm sure of it.
- Sure?
- I promise you, okay?
- And I'll help you find her.
- Please.
First you have to help
these people, okay?
She's a kid. She's cut.
Okay, let me take a look.
How did this happen?
We were running, and then I got
shoved against something.
I thought it was just a scratch,
but it won't stop bleeding.
It looks like a deep scratch.
I can have it patched up,
and you'll be fine, okay?
Maybe you should look away,
Do your parents live on base?
No. My brother
is a soldier here,
so we stayed with him
last night.
We were going to head up
the coast today.
For a nice romantic weekend.
When we will be able
to go home?
Not for a while yet.
But you'll be safe in here.
Don't worry.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
No. No, sir.
Just some live drills today
to keep the troops sharp.
Yeah, yeah, we informed
all the news agencies.
[door closes]
Let me call you back.
You're late.
Do you know
what you've done?
All hell has broken loose.
We have to declare
a state of emergency.
What are you babbling about?
You haven't seen anything yet,
have you?
My daughter did this to me.
My own daughter.
Call Sofia.
I did.
Everyone thinks this is
part of our annual drills.
You a goddamn war criminal.
Cut the bullshit.
Go get that checked.
Help me.
Help me!
General, we have a problem.
Yes, sir, I know what I said,
but this is not a drill.
We have to issue
a code red alert.
[distant alarm blaring]
have you found Miriam?
I'm sorry. I looked everywhere.
She's not in the bunker.
I'm sorry.
- Everywhere?
- Yeah.
Don't worry. Once we can go out,
I'll help you find her.
Ana, what is it?
There are infected people
in here, Harold.
What do you mean?
We have to get out
of the bunker now.
No. We're not allowed.
Look-- Look at their eyes.
We have to go.
We're not allowed to open the
bunker at any circumstances.
- We're gonna find Miriam.
- It's not about Miriam!
Harold, hurry up!
- Why was the bunker opened?
- Move!
[engine starts]
Sorry, private.
Nothing to be sorry about.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
We're going to the bridge.
Stop! Stop the jeep!
[tires skid]
What do you think
you're doing? Wait!
- I'm going to find my daughter!
- No, you're not! Stay here!
Get off of me, Harold!
That's suicide,
and you know that!
If she is out there,
I will find her!
You know the odds.
Okay, but I guess
I'm coming with you.
I want to stay with you.
- Are you sure?
- We'll be safer with you.
- What do you think?
- Okay, so let's go!
[distant gunfire]
Hey, Miriam, is that you?
Hey, don't be scared.
I'm your friend, remember?
Look, it's me.
It's John.
I'm your friend, remember?
Can you help me?
Are-- Are you a criminal?
No, no, no.
No, I am your friend.
Look, I need you
to help me out, okay?
Then why did they lock you up?
Some mean people
were picking on me.
Ivan picks on me, too.
I know Ivan picks on you.
Find the policeman.
He has the keys to this door.
I need you to find him and
get them to unlock the door.
Hurry up.
No, I don't want to.
You're a big girl now.
If you find the keys
and get me out of here,
I can protect you
from all the bad guys
who were chasing you, okay?
You need to do it fast.
I need you to hurry.
Go on. Come on.
Come on, sweetie.
You can do it. Hurry up.
Did you find him yet?
Stand back!
Come on, sweetie.
You killed the bad guys?
Yeah. You and your rabbit
are safe.
His name is Mr. Bunny.
So why are you out here
all alone?
Where's your mom?
I lost her on the way
to the bunker.
Hey, don't cry.
Listen to me.
I'm gonna get you back
to your mom, okay?
I promise.
Let's go.
[horn honks]
Soldier, open the barrier!
- Sorry, sir, we can't.
- Do you know who I am?
Yes, Colonel Borov, but we
have strict orders not to.
I'm the one who issued
that order!
- Let me through, soldier!
- Yes, sir!
Please! Take my baby!
Save him!
Get back! Get back!
So is this what Captain McGahey
talked to you about?
And what did he tell you?
He said that there were
some unstable weapons
in the warehouses.
He was investigating it.
He didn't tell me much.
Go straight down,
turn right!
They're not dying!
Boss! Boss!
Take it easy, you sluts!
Who did this?
Anton, this is Italian leather!
Bring her to the bathroom,
clean her up!
I will take care of this punk!
Nobody touches my girls!
Fucking kook!
Man, I just saw
the most fucked-up thing!
She's dead.
I thought you said
she was dead.
[line ringing]
Borov, what the hell
is going on?
[indistinct dialogue]
I just had craziest thing
ever happened.
The whole town
is going to shit!
Mainland? Why?
Code red?
Borov, why didn't you tell me?
What is code red?
She's been here.
We gotta leave now.
No. We have to look around.
Those footprints,
they're not hers.
[fire crackling]
What are those?
Those are my dog tags.
You're not a dog.
Soldiers wear these, too.
These were my dad's.
- This is my school.
- Oh, yeah?
Do you have any kids?
A little girl just like you.
What's her name?
Where is she?
She's in heaven right now
with her mommy.
- [screeching]
- Get down!
Miss Sarac?
Miss Sarac?
- [whimpering]
- Hey, Miriam, Miriam.
Come here to me.
It's okay, sweetie. Come on.
Come here. Okay.
- [sobbing]
- Shh...
Oh, I got you.
I got you. You're okay.
They're gone, they're gone.
Hey, look who I got.
Mr. Bunny.
Here you go, baby.
Let's go.
- Look!
- Hey!
We're saved!
- Hey!
- No! Villi! Dimo! Stop!
Get in! Get in!
It's a code red.
Miriam, come on.
Up here.
Here. Get down.
Get down.
Down, down, down.
They cremating people?
No, sweetie.
Down, down.
I think they're staring
to move away.
It's okay.
Don't cry, okay?
All right?
How's Mr. Bunny doing?
Is he doing all right?
Is he scared?
A bit.
You'll see your mommy soon.
Smile. It's okay.
We're pretty close
to the bunker.
You can rest when you see
your mommy. How about that?
Five more minutes?
I'm hungry.
All right, sweetie.
Let's get you some grub.
- Eww.
- [chuckles]
Miriam... hang on!
Freeze! On your knees!
- There's infected coming!
- [gunfire]
On your knees or we'll shoot!
I said there's infected coming!
Come on! Get down!
We're clean. Let us in.
We're not allowed
to take anyone.
Come on.
You know you can do it.
We can't take anyone alive.
- At least take the child.
- No!
Miriam, it's okay.
Look, you'll be safe with them.
No! I wanna stay with you.
A code red is in effect.
We're giving you a privilege.
A privilege? Take the girl.
A privilege
that won't last long.
Move along while you
still have the chance.
Come on, Miriam.
It's okay.
[engine failing]
Ana, that's it.
We have to head
to the bridge now.
- We've got to keep on going.
- Ana, I'm sorry!
The chances
of a small child surviving
in these circumstances
for this long are not good.
If she's out there,
I'm gonna find her.
Where are you going?
Where are you gonna go?
I don't know!
- Stop!
- Get off me!
Listen to me!
Miriam's a smart kid.
Think about it.
If she's out there,
I'm sure she's with someone
who's taking her
to the goddamn bridge.
Okay? It's her best option.
We gotta go.
- And we gotta go now.
- Okay.
If anyone tries to cross,
shoot without warning.
We've lost contact
with two more patrols,
and another patrol
ran out of gas.
Most of their men
were killed by--
Shut down every grid,
Code 227.
Nobody can leave the town.
Put the planes on alert.
We'll strike
at first sunlight.
But this code was used last
during the Second World War.
Yes, sir!
We need backup.
I repeat, we need backup!
Down, Miriam.
Shh! Okay.
Miriam, we're gonna play
a little game, all right?
What game?
I need you to close your eyes
and count to ten real slow.
- Okay? Can you do that for me.
- Yeah, okay.
Whatever you do,
whatever you hear,
no matter what,
don't peek, okay?
I have two small kids.
But you're fine with
shooting and burning
other people's children, right?
Here's your privilege.
Die human.
- [gunshot]
- ...ten.
Good job, sweetie.
Good job.
Come on, let's go.
- What's your name?
- Alex, sir.
Take us to the bridge
and live, Alex.
Watch your head, Miriam.
- Got her?
- Yup.
Drive! Move this thing.
Relax, Alex.
I'm American special forces.
I need you to take the girl
and me to the bridge.
- Can you do that?
- Of course.
But we are running out of gas.
We can drive less than a mile.
We have to go
to a gas station.
Well, find one.
You cold, sweetie?
There you go. All right. Shh.
Don't think about it.
Back to sleep.
- Harold?
- Yeah.
We need to take some water.
Then we've gotta
carry on moving.
I'm gonna go through the door
on the right.
All right, I'll cover you.
[gate rattles]
Come on.
Thank you, God!
Can you get us
close to the pump?
Uh, no, this is it.
All right.
Miriam, wait here.
You're kidding me.
It's too short.
Go inside. Find something
to put gas in it.
Drop it.
Don't even think to shout.
Put down your weapon!
Now! Do it!
Don't make me ask you again!
Mommy? Mommy!
- Dr. Bennett?
- Miriam?
- Thank you. Thank you so much!
- Mommy!
- John saved me.
- Good to see you again, John.
Harold, get in there!
Find something
to put this gas in now!
Double time! Move it!
- Mommy!
- My sweet peanut!
- Oh, baby!
- Mommy!
I thought I'd lost you.
Thank you so much
for saving her.
Let's go! Come on!
You two, come on!
Come on, guys, hurry up!
Let's go, move!
One in the warehouse.
I'll go and get it.
Make it quick.
- I'm on it.
- Hurry up.
Harold, come on!
Get down!
Go on.
Get out of here.
Go without me. I'm done.
Alex, get them out of here!
- John?
- You need to go.
- Let me see!
- No!
Stay up there.
It's too late.
- Come with us!
- No, I can't, sweetie.
- You need to go now.
- Please!
Ana, put her in there. I don't
want her to see me like this.
- Wait for me inside.
- No! John!
- Baby, listen--
- Come with us!
Give her these.
And, Ana...
don't let me leave the world
like one of these things.
That was it.
We can't go any further.
I love you.
I love you, Mommy.
I love you, I love you.
Okay, we're gonna
have to get out,
and you need
to stay by my side.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'm Dr. Ana Bennett!
In charge of the biochemical
division on base!
I'm aware of the infection!
I know what caused it!
What should we do?
Code red is in effect.
No one can be released.
I want her brought in alive.
Who the hell are you?
U.S. General Kenneth Owens.
You have no clue what
you're dealing with here.
I'm in charge now.
Bring her in!
Baby, come on.
Good girl.
Don't look down.
Come on.
No, I don't wanna die.
- Mr. Bunny! Mr. Bunny!
- Shh! Baby!
It's okay! Shh!
- [whimpering]
- Shh...
Something cut my hand!
Something cut my hand!
Something cut my hand!
In drive, baby
Drive you to pleasure
I can't stand it down here
It starts to burn
The heat inside me
can't be measured
Embrace me, erect me
You're my obsession
My blueberry pie
Reject me
I like it
Just let me dance you dizzy
Grind us in drive
Drive, drive, drive, drive
Rewind, rewind, rewind
Rewind, rewind, rewind
In drive, baby
Drive you to pleasure
I can't stand it down here
It starts to burn
The heat inside me
can't be measured
Embrace me, erect me
You're my obsession
My blueberry pie
Reject me
I like it
Just let me dance you dizzy
Grind us in drive
Rewind, rewind, rewind
Embrace me, erect me
You're my obsession
My blueberry pie
Reject me
I like it
Just let me dance you dizzy
Grind us in drive
Embrace me, erect me
You're my obsession
My blueberry pie
Reject me
I like it
Just let me dance you dizzy
Grind us in drive