Coffee & Cabbage (2017) Movie Script

I heard someone say
Just the other day
That thought is
the cause of it all
You better check
what's in your brain
Causing so much pain
And like a cloudy mirror
driving you insane
Within those cloudy mirrors
The image that you see
Is it really your reflection
Or some crazy fantasy
Oh clouded mirrors
Tell lies sometimes
That's the second time this
week you woke me up, man.
Okay okay, sorry.
Next time, I'm
gonna kick your ass.
Oh shit, I'm late.
Misery love company
Baby girl baby girl
why you callin' me
Misery love company
Baby girl baby girl
why you callin' me
I am Detroit living
This is what I give 'em
All heads for feds but
not no food for children
It's a new religion
They just look and listen
If you blink and just believe
it or you just forget it
Brash as fuck flow aqueduct
Don't know about these
niggas they just acting dumb
Rappers actually
actors acting tough
Whole team on the track
but they don't run up
Half time we just kill 'em
with we know with we know
Tight I can feel
'em in the room
Headlight I can
feel it on the glow
Headlines then they
put us on the boat
On the boat oh
I'll be damned
where can niggas go
Where can niggas go
Everywhere it's like
they tellin' niggas no
Niggas got no love
for the blacker skin
Took our clothes
off our backs
Then they backed this in
They got rich off the richer
Listen I don't
need your tips
They too typical
When I look up in the mirror
See the mirror cool
These days all these
niggas think they spiritual
Okay, who wants to go first?
Okay Kenny, come on.
I'm happy, because I
went to church yesterday,
and I talked to God
and he listened to me
and I said thank you Lord for
Thank you Lord.
That's good, thanks.
Thanks Kenny, that's great see?
It's the small things.
You know, god, all the
shit that brought us here,
we don't think about that
because we just, we just
think about the small things.
Okay, Shakes.
Well I got a new bag.
Again, a bag.
Makes you happy right?
Just be happy.
You look down, you
go to the urinal,
you look down it's
the small things.
That's what makes you happy.
Bitches just jealous.
MAN: A bag.
I just wanted to say
thank you for having me.
I know as a new guy you guys
might be a little intimidated.
Might think it's
weird, but yeah,
thanks for having me.
I appreciate you all,
thank you thank you.
Good, welcome, welcome.
Okay you're welcome here,
just don't be alone.
That's the thing, don't
be alone, goddamnit.
Hey everybody!
Sorry I'm late, but
I came bearing gifts.
Got some bread from the
bakery they gave it free.
Who wants some, who
wants some, get some!
Hey Tai, come on.
Sit down will you?
The world don't care
for your excuses.
Don't interrupt the
session like that.
Hey I told you, just sit down.
Andy, meet Tai, Tai meet Andy.
Tai, that's a cool name.
I've been helping
Andy to get used to
this newly unemployed
phase, right?
Showing him that God, it
doesn't matter how dark it gets,
light can always be found.
I used to be a loan
officer for a private bank,
but the market shit the bed
and you know how
that goes, right?
Here I am, you know?
Andy wants to improve himself,
find some new
meaning in his life,
maybe even find a job
that you can enjoy.
Right, so I'm here to
help him to reach that,
just like I have
been doing with you.
If you don't
mind me asking man,
what exactly has Miles
been helping you with?
I came out here four years ago
to play basketball at UCLA.
Everything was going perfect
until I tore my ACL my first
game of my sophomore year.
After that I just
kind of lost my way.
Miles here been helping me
get back on the right path.
Now what?
You two gonna kiss?
Is he always like this?
With your Hallmark moment.
Go on.
Ebony and ivory
Now, we all want to get
off the streets don't we?
We all want to hang
onto our dreams.
Don't let 'em go.
You let your dreams
go, and they've gone,
like Tai, the comic book thing.
He has the comic book thing.
He's gonna hang onto that.
Don't waver, don't
waver, just keep focused,
and Shake, you've got the,
well you've got the
vodka thing okay?
Hang onto the vodka.
Okay Kenny, you'll get
a green card, okay?
You will, you will,
just hang in there.
So 'til next week
I guess, right?
Same place, 9:30
Thursday, whatever.
My goal I just want
to say is you know,
I want to get off the street
and get back at a bank,
so I know this is
kind of crazy to say,
but I'm gonna help you guys.
I feel I can help you, you know?
It's only a matter of weeks
before I get a good job offer,
and so you know, if you
have some creative ideas
or companies you want to start,
I'm gonna be able to come back,
because what you
guys did for me,
I'm not gonna forget
that all right?
So just remember that
I said that today,
and you know when the time
is right, you'll find me.
So let's get out of
here before the cops come.
Okay, thanks guys.
Excuse me miss, can
I give you a ride?
I don't know, are
you a good driver?
Driving is what I do best.
All right.
Get in.
- So where to Mrs....
- It's Miss.
And the name is Natasha.
And your name is?
Oh you're African huh?
Yes indeed.
So where are we going?
Oh I know a place.
Tell me what you would do to me
if you were my man.
TAIYE: First I
would blindfold you.
Like this?
TAIYE: Just like that.
Then I would handcuff
you to the bed.
- Oh really?
- Yeah.
Go on.
Now I would
massage every body part of you.
I would kiss you
from head to toe.
And then I would,
I would pitch my comic
book idea to your father.
Damn it Taiye!
You selfish ass!
I'm sorry.
That's it, it's over.
I can't believe I gave
you another chance!
What do you mean?
I figured we would do
some role playing today.
You would tie me up, slap me
around a little like I like,
but you had to make it
all about Taiye, again.
You know what?
I cared for you.
And I still care for you.
Let's just start
over, let's just...
No no that's my
last straw with you.
I can't do this anymore.
Could you please just
get your stuff and leave?
If that's what you want.
Hey, you think you can
give me some gas money?
Taiye speaking.
Ah I'm good, I'm good.
How are you doing?
Yes I absolutely can.
I'm driving right now,
but I can send it over
to you immediately.
I certainly will,
thank you so much.
Stop, stop!
WOMAN: Don't touch me!
Do you think
that you could just
take my car and
get away with it?
- You gave it to me!
- No you listen to me.
Don't touch me!
You're nothing but a young,
dumb, cum-swallowing stripper
who's good for one thing only,
making me money.
Don't you ever call
me a dumb stripper.
I am an entertainer!
You think you can touch me?
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Girl, girl what did you just do?
TAIYE: Yo, you good?
What the?
what the hell is going on?
Oh my god!
Oh my god.
I'm good.
WOMAN: Are you okay?
Fuckin' bitch, she's dead.
Oh babe, babe...
That bitch is dead.
We gotta get out
of here, oh my god.
I just took a fling
with your girlfriend
I been kickin' shit
with your girlfriend
I just smoked a blunt
with your girlfriend
Running through
the city like
You know that she admit it
She been trying
to get it with me
So I had to get it with her
She is better after 11
You're the chick that
was fighting with that guy.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey I didn't get the name!
It's Doll, call me Doll.
I'm Taiye.
Just call me Taiye.
Jesus Christ Taiye,
can you keep it down?
I dig it.
You will be disqualified
One two three four
Six seven
Mr. Extraordinary, wanna go?
Can't stop Mr. Extraordinary.
Boom you're dead!
You can't kill me
with a lightning bolt.
I'm Mr. Extraordinary.
You can't make up
a fake superhero.
What do you mean fake?
Don't make me use my
real powers on you, punk.
You two,
throw me that ball.
You call your brother a punk?
Let's get one thing straight.
I'm the only one that can
call names up in here,
and I don't even use that term.
He said I couldn't kill
him with a lightning bolt.
So you two are superheroes.
Well Jordan, since you so bad,
strike me with a
lightning bolt right now.
And you Taiye, what's
all this commotion
about some monkey
junk comic books?
When you should be focusing
on your coffee and cabbage.
What's your
coffee and cabbage?
Your coffee is your stimulus.
A little dab here
and there is okay,
but if you abuse it,
you'll just be
another drunk junkie.
Now your cabbage,
that's your necessity.
It's your air.
It's your water.
It's the way you survive
in this godforsaken world.
Know the difference.
Skull and crossbones
are my design
I wrote this with the
crossroads in mind
For the lost
souls to survive
If you seek you shall find
I'll be your guide
Your street sign
Cruising like
regular green light
Can't tell me about
this bean life
I'll show you
what it bes like
You must climb
the sweet vine
To get honey
from the beehive
She got me high
Throwing three stripes
Now everybody
rocking premium white
In the be light
Tricks and book it
Book nine put the
piece down good lookin'
Apologize for my past crimes
It's always the last time
In the hallway
with a flashlight
Every hustler should
have a stash sign
But you're strapped
for an appetite
Gifting that to my fright
Hold my ave at night
Hurting man to a changed man
MAN: Security!
- Caveman to the scene
- Huh?
Wait a minute, here I come!
This isn't a laundromat.
Get your stuff and go.
My bad.
MAN: Let's go!
I want that one!
I want that one.
Wait right here.
Can I have a dollar?
Hi, how old are you?
- I'm 10 years old.
- 10?
- Oh you're so cute, hi!
- Hi.
- How old are you?
- I'm 10.
You guys are big.
You guys are almost
bigger than me.
Aww, what grade you guys in?
I'm in fifth grade.
DOLL: Fifth, you
doing good in school?
What do you want to
be when you get older?
I want to be a makeup
artist, singer, and an actress.
I need a makeup artist.
Oh my god you guys are so cute.
Can you guys do me a favor?
- Yeah.
- Sure!
Never ever forget your dreams.
Okay I won't.
And you never let anyone
treat you like an object.
You're more than that okay?
Since you guys doing
good in school,
I'mma give you that dollar okay?
But you have to share it.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- Are you stalking me?
- What?
Don't flatter yourself.
I've been coming here
for the past two years.
I'm thinking you're
starting to follow me.
Ha, never.
It's Doll right?
I could never forget
a name like that.
Aw that's funny.
I already forgot yours.
What's with the attitude?
How about a cup of
coffee or hot water?
Hot water, seriously?
Is that a thing?
I'm just trying
to warm you up.
Where you going?
I got things to do.
I'll see you around.
How much is this?
This is 50 cents.
Would you take 43 cents?
Uh no?
All right.
Excuse me.
Can I ask you something?
What do you think about
the name Mr. Extraordinary,
like a comic book hero?
Sounds badass man.
What's the background story?
Mr. Extraordinary
he's like this
ordinary human being with
extraordinary powers.
He uses the gift of words,
and he can write 'em
on a sheet of paper.
He extracts them off the page,
and he uses booming voice
to inflict his victims.
That sounds cool, man.
I would read that.
It's a work in
progress, but I think I'm,
I'm almost there.
I like the drawing.
You're doing, it sounds like
you're tearing it up man.
TAIYE: Seriously?
I would really like to
see the finished product.
- Taiye.
- Taiye?
Nice to meet you.
All right now, be careful.
Hey Pops, do you have
any more books to read?
What you think
this is, a library?
What you got there?
Oh, more of that fantasy
mess, Henry Potter.
You want to read
about a real hero?
Read about Willie Mays.
Willie Mays!
He's one of the greatest
baseball players that ever lived.
- Thanks.
- You welcome.
JORDAN: Now what
are you reading?
Did you know that Superman
can burn down buildings
with his eyes?
How's Mr. Extraordinary
gonna beat that?
Oh he will.
He is gonna have all
sorts of cool powers.
I just haven't
figured them out yet.
Okay, good luck with that.
Here we go
Round and round again
On this merry go
Here we go
Round and round again
On this merry go
If I broadcast my love would
you give me the air time
Would you give
me the air time
If I broadcast my love
Would you give
me the air time
Would you give
me the air time
'Cause she don't
hear me though
mailbox is full.
I cannot accept any
messages at this time.
In stereo
Here we go round
and round again
On this merry go
Here we go round
and round again
On this merry go
Lover put you some
strange things
Hate the same things
That all the pain brings
Only want to change things
Your flashlight.
Oh shit, thank you.
I just bought new batteries.
You saved me money.
Can I get one?
You serious?
Yeah, I want to be.
So what's your deal,
are you homeless?
What's your deal, you
hooking or something?
Oh okay.
I guess I deserved that.
You ever heard the saying
just a bottle, not the contents?
You think someone like me
would go out with
someone like you?
I mean you're cute, but
you live in a PT Cruiser.
Well I mean, cute is a start.
So Taiye.
Yes hold on, one
hot water for you.
Thank you.
One for me.
What's the origin of Taiye?
I absolutely do not know.
I don't know, my pops gave
it to me when I was a kid.
- Really?
- Really.
So what about you?
Well I love kids, so I want to
own my own daycare
center one day.
That's cool.
Yeah, so what's
your next move?
First things first is
get off these streets.
Ha, hot water cheers to that.
Why are you shaking
your head at us, huh?
You're the one who needs
to get your shit together.
Fuck this comic bookstore
you're always talking about.
Find something more realistic.
I'm supposed to listen to you?
You have as much credibility
as a toothless dentist.
What's that mean?
It means you've been
out here 12 years.
And you shot one bad short film.
It was pretty unwatchable.
Fuck you!
It was an exploration,
a visual exploration
of feelings.
Terrence Malick
would have loved it.
Just because
your dreams flopped
don't mean you
have to crush mine.
Don't mind him, Tai.
You know how he gets.
What happens to
a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like
a raisin in the sun?
Langston Hughes.
I'm surprised an old drunk
like yourself knows that.
Hey Tai, wait up.
Tai, I,
we need a really
big favor from you.
What is it?
This is wrong
on so many levels.
I promise we only need to
stay at your place for one week.
The shelters are always full
by the time we get there,
and this cold snap
is killing us.
Shakes and I promise we'll
have a place by Friday.
Two days tops.
Thanks Tai, good man.
I'm only doing
this because of you.
Hey where you going?
I can't sleep with that
loud ass snoring in the back.
I figure I'll go for a walk.
Hopefully it'll make me tired.
I know that it was
you who drank my booze
because you are a
liar and a degenerate!
I ain't steal
nothing, I buy my own!
I wouldn't drink after you
even if my life depended on it!
You're a liar, because I found
my bottle empty, next to you!
So I know that you are
the one who evaporated it.
Now you try to tell
me that it was drunk
by what, some hooch fairy?
I told you I didn't do it!
- Hey hey hey.
- You want to dance?
Let's dance, sucker!
I've robbed men twice your
size, and just as ugly!
How dare you?
I was a child model!
Chill chill, hey hey Miles!
I need backup.
You just try to go ahead,
because I am Mr.
Extraordinary, me!
'Cause you are nothing but
a homeless piece of shit!
You're homeless too, asshole!
I am a director.
Well it'll be wise
for you to say cut!
Hey enough,
enough enough guys!
Enough, enough, enough enough.
Go that way, go that way.
Take your ass that way.
Wait you wait!
Wait 'til you go to sleep!
Run, run Nancy boy!
Run Nancy, run Nancy!
Chill chill Shakes.
Do you think Aquaman
fucks the fish,
or the fish fuck Aquaman?
Uh I think that's super dumb.
No I mean because he
clearly fucks dolphins.
I knew I could find you here.
Jordan, wow.
Good to see you
man, where you been?
No one's heard from
you in so long.
No one wanted to.
I thought you'd be
excited to see your brother.
Foster brother.
Oh, so family means
nothing to you now huh?
That's because
I don't have one.
When are you gonna stop
letting the past haunt you man?
Where you working these days?
Oh I'm self-employed.
How's that working out?
The benefits are unreal!
You should come
into my office,
let me take you to lunch.
Who are you again?
You show up out the
blue, out of nowhere,
and you expect me to open
my arms up with an embrace
and bow down and have a
big old family reunion?
Sorry bro, I don't
need your charity.
Okay, God bless then, bro.
Since when did you
start going to church?
I don't.
I go to the bank.
You're a talent agent?
I'll be in touch.
Here we are again.
Who's counting?
I just want to apologize how
things went down last time.
How's work?
They say I'll take over
the company one day.
I think you'll make
a perfect partner.
Thank you.
How are things in your world?
The streets are the streets.
If you'll throw a dog
a bone or something...
Taiye, you know
I can't do that,
and my father wouldn't approve
of this relationship anyway.
I'm sorry.
Remember Jordan?
Your foster brother?
Yeah, what's he been up to?
Ah, serendipity.
If only I was an actor.
Who says you can't be one now?
These are my dreams.
Your dreams only like
you when you're sleeping.
What do you mean?
I think you know what I mean.
Little vodka spritzer
never hurt no one.
So how do you like my place?
Not bad, not bad at all.
But I thought we were
meeting at your office?
Office, who needs an office?
Plus, this is a much more
intimate setting, anyway.
You said you had
some business for me.
Yeah I'm glad you called.
I could really
use you right now.
I think it may be
the other way around.
Look buddy, you
want to play the part,
you need to look it.
Well what...
Hold that thought.
$2,500 Prada suit.
Put it on.
I never really
wore a suit before.
Welcome to my world, bro.
Here's a little cherry on top.
The key to my extra sports car.
Let's go put this thing on you.
Jesus was a Blood
Devil was a Crip
We done lost a million
angels on this Hollywood
With skull and
crossbones are my design
I wrote this with the
crossroads in mind
For the lost
souls to survive
If you seek you shall find
I'll be your guide
your street sign
Cruising like regular green
Can't tell me
bout this be life
I'll show you
what it bes like
You must climb
the sweet vine
To get honey
from the beehive
She got me high
Throwing three stripes
Now everybody
rocking premium white
And when the be life
Tricks and broken
Per the line put them
pieces to done good looking
Apologize for my past crime
It's always the last time
Hey, got the good stuff?
All right.
Give your gat to my fright
Only have at night
Running man to a changed man
A caveman to a saved man
Oh sweet.
Get it and go man.
Oh man.
You're doing the lord's work.
Later man.
I'm a young dog
Devil was a Crip
Jesus was a Blood
Devil was a Crip
We done lost a million angels
on this Hollywood strip
Oh my god what happened?
Some college fucks
threw change at me
at the fucking main stage.
And what'd you do afterwards?
I mean money's
money girl, right?
Oh fuck.
Do you want some aspirin?
Do you have anything
stronger than that?
You know I do.
Thank god.
Damn it.
Thank god, thanks.
Oh shots too?
Oh girl, I love you.
Love you too.
BOTH: Cheers.
Oh god I needed that.
You know that Walter's
gonna come for you.
Yeah I know.
What are you gonna do?
I guess I'm gonna
have to hit him
in the balls a little
harder next time.
You're trouble.
Oh my gosh girl, I love you but
I need to go make that money.
And I'm getting coin
thrown at me, so all right.
All right.
Fuck my life.
Oh gosh it was
a madhouse today.
Oh really?
Yes, I'm glad we're
sitting down finally.
A little quiet time.
I'll be right
back with dinner.
Here you are.
Don't you feel like you're
just taking up space?
Excuse me?
I don't think I
understand what you mean.
Just existing, living lavishly
while half the world is dying.
Doesn't that bother you?
It should bother
them more than me.
Haven't they been given
the freedom of choice?
Choice, no.
I think homelessness,
chaos, and disease
don't leave much
freedom for choice.
Then do something
about it then, Jen.
Don't place the pain of
the world on my shoulders
because of what I've earned,
and don't think for one minute
that some halfhearted guilt trip
is gonna change the fundamental
foundation of this planet,
because it won't.
And for the record,
every morning I get up to you
and I've proven
time and time again
that I'm in this for
more than the money.
Evidently you don't
feel the same.
Evidently not.
And it's like burgundy.
It's kind of like
Tristan's but...
Tristan's a lawyer.
Oh there he is, my big cash cow.
More like a jackass.
See you found someone taller
and more handsome, I see.
Asher, meet my brother Taiye.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet ya.
Taiye can I talk
to you please?
How fucking easy was that?
The fuck bro?
Dude, it's a casual thing.
Think of it like a
business investment.
The more I do, the
more money we make!
This ain't the kind of
business I had in mind.
You know what?
Take your damn cash.
I want nothing to do with you,
this overpriced ass suit...
What are you doing?
Stay the fuck
away from me, man.
Come on man, you never even
asked what was in the bags.
I shouldn't have to!
Taiye don't mess this up.
You really changed, man.
I'm keeping this money.
You almost got me busted.
You better watch your
back, I run this town!
Fuck you.
Ain't got shit today.
I know, I don't
know how you do it
walking around with
all those bottles?
I mean Jesus.
Well, look who's
decided to join us.
Mr. Extraordinary.
I'm not in the mood.
Aw, that time of month?
Suck it.
Oh you couldn't pay me to.
Why are you so chipper?
I'm still jonesing off those
coffee packets you gave me.
Not bad huh?
No booze, not
much of a choice.
Caffeine is a drug too.
You're telling me, wowza.
I spent the entire night
walking around Hollywood.
Couldn't find one
brother with a joint.
Ain't that some bullshit?
Maybe it's a sign.
A sign?
Oh look who's getting all
philosophical with me.
Oh don't be doing that.
I am old enough
to be your father.
Miles, Miles, you hear this boy?
All I hear is you.
Those are crazy man,
those guys are just
off their rocker man.
Get off my branch.
Get your ass up off my
tree, get off my tree!
You are such a petty
motherfucker, I tell ya.
- Jesus, I'm going.
- Walking!
What's that for?
You and Miles can
get something to eat.
Booze, buzz, whatever
I don't care.
Just don't ask me
for nothing later.
Thanks Tai.
What, come again?
You heard me.
Hey hey hey.
In a gangster world
What's up?
I don't never see you no more.
Nah I been busy working.
Refusing to pay while
he holding that pearl
He boozin' he cruisin'
he out of control
Only time he beat 'em up
Got you working in the
cubicle in a cold world
When you gonna learn
Yeah when you gonna learn
So can I come see you?
Yeah you can come.
You know where I'm at right?
I know where you at.
Then come through.
TAIYE: Doll, what's up?
What's up?
Nigga don't you see us talking?
MAN: Yeah nigga.
Cat got this nigga tongue.
You want a dollar nigga, what?
What's up?
Hey where the fuck
you think you're going?
Come here.
You cats gonna be
another stereotype man?
Oh Martin Luther King ass nigga.
Hey who do you think you
are, Malcolm X nigga?
You brothers need the change,
get the fuck outta
here nigga, for real.
Hey, we ain't done
talking to your girl.
So you can leave little homie.
We done with your stupid ass,
and get a motherfucking
haircut nigga, goddamn.
MAN: We wasn't
done talking to her.
MAN: Take that
boy, that's yours.
MAN: Bye.
- Here.
- Bye.
- Fuck on outta here.
- Hurry up nigga.
Get back in your mama's car,
before we shoot that bitch up.
Scared of us?
Aren't you gonna have
a glass of wine with me?
Oh no babe, I've
got an early morning.
I've got Sunday clients to meet.
I've got to be out
of here by five.
You go ahead.
Ah ah ah ah ah, no
flipping, no flipping.
You'll fall and break your neck.
- No!
- No!
I said no flipping.
You never let us have any fun.
I hate this house.
I hate this house too, Pops!
You ought to be thankful.
- Hungry?
- Starving.
I tried to call you
last night but...
I know, I'm sorry I
didn't call you back.
You sure know how to
smooth over ruffled feathers.
Don't speak too soon.
Have you got some bad
news after the night I had?
That's the last
thing I want to hear.
That all depends
on your perspective.
Okay, let me have it.
I'm married.
I'm so sorry.
The trees, the
leaves, the wind.
They've been here for so long.
They let me know that I belong.
The nature is so powerful,
it holds me from within.
I cannot help, I must give in.
Hey man.
You okay?
I was just reciting
some poetry over there.
Are you into that?
Looks like you could use some.
Are you into poetry man?
You look like you could
use poetry in your life.
Poetry is innately in all of us.
It's an art form, where one
could express themselves
and their life experiences.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
You can be random and strange,
and you can write the weirdest,
most deepest
feelings from within.
Trust me, you don't want to
express the way I'm feeling.
Come on.
We've all had tragic
and magic moments
and feelings that
we can't explain.
But poetry,
poetry allows the waves of life
to manifest
through the spoken word.
Don't let life bring you down.
Articulate, and you will see
how positive your life becomes.
Come to the poetry slam.
What is this?
Send your headshot or
picture to that email.
We can't wait to
see what you got.
On my jeans
Cuff no crease
Dang, thank god this
place has showers.
When you gonna
get an apartment?
Man, way these assholes tip
it's gonna take at
least three months.
- Three months?
- Mhmm.
Well what happened with
that guy that you were,
that homeless guy
you were dating?
Man, he's still
living in a PT Cruiser.
Oh sweetie, I'm only
20 years older than you.
Mama's gotta find a new
way to make some money,
so anyways girl, gonna
go get my ass out there.
All right, break a leg.
I wrote this back in the day
under the golden
corners on a Sunday.
A girl flit flutters wide,
splutters obscenities
checking my pockets for gold.
My suicide dies crossed lines
within the passage of time
and yet still I walk, still
I talk, still I breathe,
and it does seem a
trifle slow blow to blow.
Where's the golden
joke I was promised?
The eternal road to laughter?
I met a girl she seemed
so nice, so still,
but she talks more frills
like it's a game,
like it's all about a name.
I think friends is the word
she used, but now abuse.
I think that fits her better.
Stolen away stolen tongues
using dreams to escape our hate.
Search an easier...
Well, you're a sight
for sore eyes brother.
All right how you doing man?
Good to see you man.
All right, I got a little
something for you here.
Oh you know I like that.
Oh yeah.
Damn, what's up with
all these kids, Leo?
Oh man, the foster plan
is the plan indeed, brother.
I see!
Now the big ones are 400 each,
and the little ones 350 each.
So what that one hitting
on for right there?
Can I get that one?
I'm a little short
on taxes this year.
No way man, I don't sell 'em
I just watch 'em.
The government's
paying me to watch 'em.
Okay I got plenty
of room at the house.
I can watch 'em too.
No we ain't in
no pedophiles yet.
I just wanna make
some money you know?
Whoa whoa slow
your roll, baby.
Pedophilia, what what?
What you talking
about taking my babies?
I'm trying to eat.
Who's that boy over there
that come up in here with you?
Oh is that, oh.
Now go on ahead,
what was you saying?
Well, you come over
here taking my womens.
I don't know what to say.
Where my pistol at?
What you gonna
get your pistol for?
You ain't gonna do nothing
but get beat with it.
You know we don't shoot
and beat each other.
Not at all,
'cause if I kill ya
then no one would talk to you.
The same sense of
humor, thank you.
That's right, go and
get you some of that.
Yeah that's some good stuff.
I thought about you
when I bought it today.
- I appreciate that.
- Absolutely.
You thirsty hon?
Good looking out.
I didn't drop it.
I'm fast when it comes
to catching my whiskey.
Nah 'cause if you'd
have dropped it,
then I would have
really used that pistol.
DOLL: Excuse me sir,
you can't post that here.
Oh shit, she's alive.
Wow, you look good.
Thank you!
I guess that's what 30
days of clean living does.
- Wow amazing, amazing.
- Thank you.
- I'm proud.
- What about you?
Check this out.
I took these today.
Nice, lookin' good!
Thanks, thanks.
I posted these in about
10 different blocks.
Not expecting a ton of people,
but if one or two show
up, I'll be happy.
What's the matter?
Nothin', it's just funny.
Sometimes the things we
don't say mean the most.
Let me show you something.
What's this?
Mr. Extraordinary.
I found his angle,
like his thing.
He's a poet by day and he's
a crime fighter by night.
Like he uses his words to invoke
change, to inspire people.
To help them find they purpose.
To be great.
You don't like it do you?
It's extraordinary.
Come on, come help me
hang up some of these.
Get a couple.
You gonna have to use
your thumb though.
DOLL: Give me my own.
You, fancy lady.
Take a flyer.
A flyer, there's a show later.
- It's a show.
- Okay.
All right, keep it moving.
You, one leg effervescence, you.
Fancy lady, take a flyer.
There's a show, it's free.
Hey you toddlers, you, come on!
- No thank you.
- Olsen twins, Rico Suave,
take a flyer!
Five words are
what I long to hear.
Five words have never
been held so dear.
Five words are all it takes
and those same five words
will deliver me from
the deceitful snake,
but before those
five words are said
I must say five words myself.
Forgive me, forgive me,
forgive me of my sins
are my five words, and
saying these five words
makes me eligible to
receive his grace,
and by grace ye are saved.
By grace ye are saved.
- What's going on Jordan?
How you doing baby?
Ooh I know you.
What you got for me?
- I got some new stuff.
- Yeah?
Everybody's likin' it man.
Feels a little
light here, you sure?
What, pick it up again.
It's good stuff man.
- 100% proven.
- I'll see it.
- This one?
- He's got jokes.
Come and get it.
What you got,
you gonna give me,
get my gay mafia on ya.
Hey man when are you
gonna call me in for a part?
You know what, I think we got
a casting coming up
for some Fox thing.
I'm telling you,
I'm great man.
I could do anything.
Yeah I'll let you know.
- All right.
- All right man.
- See you later.
- Have fun, be safe.
Oh, let me see your hand.
A gift from me to you.
Don't spend that in
more than one place.
Aw, I'll try not to.
You want to go dancing?
Right now?
Right now.
All right.
Come on.
Fully expose me, thank you.
- So sweet.
- Mhmm.
Oh that was fun.
Hold on I got something here.
Aw, thank you.
You had fun right?
I did, I had a great time.
But you told me you could dance.
- Hater!
No, I'm not a hater I'm just...
You don't like those moves?
- Mm mm, gettin'...
- No.
Please never ever
show me those moves.
So, should I walk you home?
About that.
Yeah, about that.
Let me make it up to you.
Wakey wakey my friend.
How long you been up?
About an hour.
Oh don't worry, I turned
the flashlight off.
I started reading
when the sun came up.
Didn't know you had an
interest in comic books.
No neither did I.
Yeah well, you just
keep reading those.
I'm sure it will lead
us to a place to live.
Oh we have a place to live.
Yeah right, what Taiye's car?
No, the world.
Well, it is my playground.
Don't limit yourself.
Whoever said you had
to put a price tag
on something that we
didn't own to begin with?
The Joneses.
Fuck the Joneses.
Hey, get up.
So, fellas.
Will I be seeing
you guys tonight?
Wouldn't miss
it for the world.
All right.
What's wrong?
It's my brother.
I didn't know you had a brother.
Yeah, neither did I.
Keep flyering.
I'll be right back
in about an hour.
I want to go with you.
It's a family matter.
Where's Jordan?
He's gone.
What do you mean gone?
It's your fault.
What happened?
If you would've
never bought the coke,
he would still fucking be here.
What part of that
don't you understand?
I was picking it up.
I was trying to help him.
You couldn't have thought
what you were doing
was on the up and up.
He's a fucking agent.
I thought I was
doing something good.
He's my brother for god's sake.
Foster brother, right?
I hadn't seen him in years.
It never crossed my mind.
See that's the problem,
where have you been?
Had you been here,
you'd fucking know.
You were right there
doing it with him.
You know,
he said that
I would be the death of him.
Everything I want in the world,
and I still couldn't
get that right.
It's not your fault.
You know all this shit's fake.
It's all a facade.
Yo Jordan lost his job at
the agency like two years ago
and we've just been
doing what we can
to keep up this
Hollywood lifestyle.
Funeral is on
Monday in Pasadena.
Thought you should know.
I really like his belt.
I'm actually almost
finished with it.
Wow that took you a long time.
Taiye, what'd I tell you
about that comic
book monkey junk?
I just finished, what no!
Just draw another one.
JORDAN: Look it's
perfectly fine, see?
Like it?
Yeah, thanks.
Come on, it's perfectly fine.
He's just a mean,
grumpy old man.
Too much to drink.
It's gonna be fine.
I hate it.
It's all ripped.
I think it looks nice.
Still has the cool belt.
I'm sitting at
my kitchen table
Got treasures on video
Let's me know
Beautiful day isn't it?
Welcome to Los Angeles.
I'm not sure it'd be
quite as beautiful
if you weren't here.
LA is filled with
beautiful women.
MAN: Where you headed?
None of your business.
Come on, Doll.
Get in.
I don't think so.
Why don't you keep driving?
MAN: You've got eyes on you.
Welcome to the jungle where
they don't feed the lions
Team behind bars
for squeezing iron
The politicians
keep on lyin'
And they're so deep
They're probably
spying this as we speak
Poetry, poetry today!
Fresh poetry!
Poetry today.
- All right I'll check it out.
- See poetry.
MAN: I'll check
it out, thanks.
Poetry, anybody else?
Come come come, come on.
Walter, I found her.
Hi everybody!
Thank you for coming in
today to Poetry in the Park.
We have a newbie today.
He's extremely
talented, a lot of heart
and a lot to say,
so I want to give
a warm welcome to Taiye Daniels!
Thank you thank you,
I'm a bit nervous.
My first time doing this.
I see a couple familiar
faces out here.
Shakes, Miles.
Here we go.
All I have is a pen,
a pad, and a voice.
We're left with many options,
but ultimately to
make the right choice.
Fear is a factor that
hinders us in life.
Life is about choices.
It's about weighing
out the differences.
- No!
- Come on Doll.
- Come on!
- Get off me!
- Come on.
- Don't worry Doll, relax!
DOLL: Let me go!
- Over here, calm down.
- Fuck you Walter!
Relax, up against it, come on.
When you feel inadequate,
when you feel weary,
when you feel afraid,
to find out which one
was the right one,
the jack or the spade.
- Get off of me!
- Give me that!
The choices in life, the
girlfriend or the wife?
The brother from another mother,
the one who made
the bad choices.
Then you start to realize that
you are the people's choices.
I don't know which one is wrong
and which one is right, but
I know I have to make a choice,
because all I have is a
pen, a paper, and a voice.
Sometimes I feel like quitting,
but that's the easy option.
I'm the type of man
that make 1,000 fails
just to have one win.
What's wrong?
Oh what?
He did what?
All right, all
right say no more.
And to start
over and start over
and start over and
then I win again.
I realize all I have is a
pen, a paper, and a voice.
- Yeah Tai!
- Yeah.
TAIYE: Thank you.
It's good to see you.
You came a long way since
where we were right?
Did you see this coming?
A mile away.
Where did it all come from?
From within.
Yo you Walter?
The fuck wants to know?
You Walter?
Brother you inspire me.
Work with it.
You're doing good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, Taiye.
Who's it going to be tonight?
The lawyer,
or the stripper?
I feel like Jennifer
she's my coffee,
and Doll she's my cabbage.
What's coffee and cabbage?
What the fuck is that?
Well see like Papa
Leo used to say,
coffee is your stimulus.
Dabble here and there
is all you need,
but it's so addictive.
But cabbage?
That's your necessity,
it's your everything.
Your water, your
air, your breath.
Oh really?
Well they both
give me the shits.
Oh Taiye let's get a drink.
You know that was a good one.
Hey guys!
Hey can I sleep in
the car tonight?
No you're dead.
Wait a minute.
- What are you doing?
- Haven't you had enough?
Come on.
I know when I've
had enough, I'm fine.
Come on.
You let go of the bottle.
This is the second bottle.
I'm a grown woman!
You stop it.
I'm a grown woman with needs.
And this is gonna
fulfill your needs?
All you need to do is
initialize section 13,
15, and sign it and
you're good to go my man.
Ah man, feel like
a dream come true.
You said right here
and right here?
Yeah yeah, section 16 too.
Did I tell you
that I would do it
if it came down to it?
I told you when time
was gonna be shining
I was gonna get
it through for ya.
You came through,
so initial right here?
Yeah right there and
section six please.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
And sign?
Sign right at the
bottom, yeah yeah.
Now I want to say something.
The reason I'm doing this man
is because I believe in you.
I don't do this for anybody.
I told you when I first met you,
I said listen, one day
I'm gonna pay it back
because the way that you
and the boys brought me in,
I'm not one to judge anybody,
and I believe that you're gonna
take this comic book
store to the next level.
The corporate arena's
gonna take you far, man.
Andy, you're really
a man of your word man.
Well listen, I want
an autographed version
of Mr. Extraordinary when
you hit it big, all right?
You get two.
All right, give me
about like Tuesday
to push this through.
Yeah you can keep the pen.
I got about 65 of
'em in my office.
- Bigshot.
- Yeah right.
Mr. Andy himself.
Not even, not even.
Good luck man.
All right, take care.
ANDY: All right buddy.
Here we go round
and round again
On this merry go
Here we go
Round and round again
On this merry go
If I broadcast my love would
you give me the air time
Would you give
me the air time
If I broadcast my love would
you give me the air time
Would you give
me the air time
'Cause she don't
hear me though
Unless it's in the studio
She don't hear me though
Unless it's in the studio
Here we go round
and round again
On this merry go
Here we go round
and round again
On this merry go
Lover put you through
some strange things
Hate to say things
That all the pain brings
Only want to change things
You're my number