Coffin (2011) Movie Script

Tick, tock, tick, tock
tick, tock, tick, tock...
Oh, God
I'm here, I'm here
Where are we?
I don't know
It feels like a box of some kind.
Oh, my God! Help!
What do you remember?
That guy at the house last night
He just came out of
the shadows at me.
I tried to get away Sean
I did, but couldn't...
He said he was gonna kill us
Oh, my God!
Help! What's happening?
Help us!
Wait, I feel something
What? What is it?
It feels like a lighter
Hold on, hold on.
Okay, I got it
Oh, my God, no!
Help us!
Help us! Anyone!
This thing isn't moving
Rona, listen to me
Help us!
Come on, come on
I don't think anyone
can hear us, okay?
I can't breathe
Here, Sweetie,
look at me I can't breathe.
We've got to save our energy, okay?
Just stay calm, stay calm
What is that?
Oh, my God...
Is that a video camera?
That sick bastard is
videotaping us.
There's a box here, there's a box.
I got it. Okay.
Oh, thank God
All right, wait
Oh, my God
We've got flashlights
Oh, my God, oh, my God!
There's a phone
There's a phone!
I think it's blocked
We can't call out
Oh, no
Oh, my God, oh, my God
"By the time you're reading this
the clock will already be ticking.
The estimation is that
you probably only have
75 more minutes before your
oxygen runs out
It says, "As you've already discovered
there's no escape from your coffin.
Your only hope of survival
depends on the actions of one man.
Only he can save you
His name
His name is Jack Samms
Oh, my.
Sean? Sean?
I'm here. I'm here
Where are Ive?
I don't know
It feels...
Like a box of some kind
Oh, my God! Help!
What do you remember?
That guy at the house last night
Hello, Jack
How the hell did you get in here?
That's not really important
What is this?
Who are you?
The question, Jack
is what are you prepared to do?
Yes, go for the knives, Jack
Where is my wife?
But if you're the smart man
I think you are,
you'll listen to what
I have to say.
How do you know my name?
Word gets around
Is this about money?
If this is about money, I can pay.
Let's just talk this through
and we'll be fine.
Your wife, Rona
She's a beautiful woman
Do you love her?
What are you
Answer the question, Jack
What are you..
Do you love her?
Of course I love my wife
Because I hear
sometimes one can fall out of love.
You two have been married for
what... Five years?
Just tell me where she is
I won't tell the cops
I swear.
Humor me, Jack
How long have you been married?
Six years, next month
Now please!
Does she still do it
in the bedroom for you?
Just tell me what this is about
You break into my home
you start asking me questions
that make no sense.
I have money, I can pay!
Please just tell me
where my wife is!
You will learn to answer
all my questions,
or today will be very,
very bad for you
So answer the question
Like with any marriage
it might be getting a little routine.
When was the last time you
had sex?
Come on!
I will not warn you again!
I don't even know
It's been weeks, maybe months
I don't know, okay?
I guess that's why you slept
with that cocktail waitress.
A man does have his needs
Pay attention, class
That is a live feed
from a video camera
that I've placed in your
wife's coffin
I provided them with flashlights
so they could see their surroundings
Who are you?
You can call me... Trick
Obviously it's not my real name...
I just kind of like it
Where is she?
How can I get her back?
I think you've already lost
her, Jack.
It's a test
What kind of a test?
A test to see if your wife
and her lover
can last in that box
more than 75 minutes
before their oxygen runs out
Tell me where she is!
Have you ever seen anyone
die of suffocation, Jack?
That look of sheer primal terror
as the respiration arrests.
You know, and then
and then that sudden last twitch
and then something so sublime
so calm, so still...
And then nothing
as if you can see the life
just lift off the body like,
like a ghost.
It's quite beautiful, really.
You tell me where she is
you sick son of a bitch!
Do it if you want, Jack
but you will still be
the only suspect.
You see, I'm a man who puts
people in situations,
and it's how they react
to that situation that's key!
And this is your situation
Your wife has been having
an affair, and you know it!
Now she and her lover are trapped
in that wooden tomb underground
and they're losing air by the second!
So, yeah, you can try to
clip me out of this picture
and try to find her on your own.
Or you can go to the cops
and try to find her,
hopefully in 75 minutes!
But the fact remains, man,
there's only one person who
really knows where she is,
and you're looking at him!
So going to the cops
will definitely make you
Suspect Number One!
So what do I do?
What do you do?
Come here!
You have less than 75 minutes
to do exactly what I tell you
to do
and save your wife
Or you can try to beat
the murder rap
and let them die
and do this all on your own!
The choice is yours
You want money, don't you?
Well, money is a driving
factor, yes
But you know what?
I just find it kind of fun
watching people like you squirm
Why me?
Why her?
Why not?
Let's go for a drive shall we?
We're gonna die in here
Hey, don't say that
We have time to figure this out
You know, he wouldn't be videotaping us
if he wasn't coming back for us
Because he wants
to watch us suffocate, Sean
I'll find a way out, okay?
I'll find a way out
Mind putting these on for me, Sport?
I thought you said you were
gonna cut him off back there
Well, Epperson, tonight I thought
you could use a little exercise
Out of breath?
Well, you look like an
insurance agent
Let's get that down
Out here, this means something
You've got to let them see it
Let's go, kid
All right, let's just take him
down for the lineup...
No, no, no
I'm sorry.
That is a huge waste of time
What are you doing?
Don't do this.
Watch and learn
Let's go, jackass
Are you kidding me?
You are
You are not taking this kid
Into that woman's apartment
Scott. Scott!
Miss Franks?
Detectives Scott and Epperson here
We need a suspect ID from you, please.
Come on back
Stay right here
Miss Franks?
Yeah, come on in
Miss Fran
Sorry for what?
Did you catch the perv or what?
Yeah, we think so
Then you shouldn't be sorry.
Miss Franks,
perhaps it would be best if you...
Call me Frankie
Miss Franks makes me sound
like my mother or something.
Frankie, what I was saying is
perhaps it would be best
if you get some clothes on
and let's get this show
on the road.
Want a cigarette?
I don't smoke
You can look at me, Detective
I'm sure a man like you has seen
way more than this before.
Yeah, I have
Now get your clothes on
and let's go make an ID
What are you lookin' at, shithead?
You like climbin' trees
and lookin' in people's
windows, huh?
Well, it finally got you caught
I might have slipped
on my way down to the floor
Shut up, idiot
Is that the peeper?
Yeah, that's him.
Get him out of here
Get him in the car.
So, uh
Miss Franks, I was thinking
If you wouldn't walk around
here with the blinds open
Wearing... What it is
you're wearing,
we wouldn't have to come out
here and do this sort of thing.
I'm gonna take that into consideration.
Thank you
Please do
Good evening
See you soon
We could have driven my car
I won't be going back
to your house, Jack.
I'd rather you be the one
to hail the cab ride home
If you're a good boy,
I might even pay the fare
Where are we going?
You know where we're going
The bank is closed
I'm sure you'll think of something.
I just had some investments
go south recently.
I can get my hands on some money.
How much do you want?
How much is she worth?
Wait, let me rephrase
How much do you think your
life of freedom is worth?
You can't ask me that
You're not very good
at answering questions
are you, Jack?
You can't put a price on lives,
that's all I'm saying
I can only get my hands
on so much in the next hour
You better hurry up!
Time is ticking!
You ever consider a nicotine patch?
Yeah, I've considered it
I'm wearin' one
It doesn't work
Gum doesn't work
Acupuncture is crap
Quittin' cold turkey is pretty
much out of the question
so I started my own system
Put it in my mouth don't
light it.
It's workin
Yeah, it's workin' like gang-busters
So, you guys get a lot
of peeping toms around here?
Well, no more than
any other place, I guess
That's the most action
you're ever gonna see out here
I do miss the East Side
How long you been out here?
Four boring-ass years
You shoot one scumbag
drug dealer, unarmed...
Media makes a huge deal about it
the department wants to
make a lesson out of you
so they transfer you
You know what I should do?
I should shoot somebody out here
and see if they transfer me back
Yeah? Scott here
Hold on a second
All right, go ahead
The address?
Yeah, we'll do a drive-by.
Well, what was that about?
Some guy didn't show up for work,
like, two days
and now his landlady
is sayin' somebody
messed with the locks on his door.
All right, well, let's get going
We will...
As soon as I finish my dinner
Hey, every minute counts
Epperson, is it always
gonna be like this with you?
Because I have worked the beat.
You haven't
And for the record,
my last partner was a woman
and she didn't nag one bit
Hey, good call on this
turkey whole-wheat thing
It sucks
Let's just, uh
cover every seam
where the boards meet
If we can get a little separation
maybe we can get some
leverage to pry it open.
If we go through the floor
we're just gonna hit all that dirt.
I think, I think it's sand
so maybe we can just dig
our way through, you know?
We'll start with the floor first
and work our way to the walls
Yeah, but I don't
It's something, Rona!
At least we have to try something!
I mean, if you have a better idea,
just tell me now
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Here, give me your light
Put it right here, okay?
Right there
All right, we should save the batteries.
All right. Okay.
Can you do one more thing for me?
I'll try.
All right
We need to breathe shallow
and just force yourself to relax
We should be able to buy ourselves
some extra time in here
maybe enough time until he
comes back for us
We can do this
Start with the floor
All right
How are you doing, Sweetheart?
Are you the apartment manager
who called earlier?
Yes, Sir
They said they'd be
sending someone right over
I've been waiting
Yes, I apologize
Something came up, police business,
you understand
I need to get to my
other rental property.
Okay, this will only take
a couple of minutes,
just a few questions real quick.
Epperson, would you mind...
Takin' a couple notes for us?
Thank you
Uh, first question, Sweetheart
your name?
Penelope Grant
Uh, Penelope
Do you mind if I call you Penelope?
Thank you
Uh, Penelope, when you saw
that the lock had been broken
and the door was partially open
did you enter the premises?
No, I called Mr. Sean
and he didn't answer.
He hasn't been around here
for a couple of days,
so, I called the police on my cellphone.
How long have you been renting
to, uh, Mr. Sean Justice?
Six, maybe seven months
Has anything like this
ever happened before...
The broken lock
any unusual people around the property?
No. Never
Well, that's good enough for me
Uh, Epperson here will
get your information
and we'll call you
if we need anything
Excuse me one second
Do you think we should maybe
schedule a formal statement?
You kill me!
That's funny, that's really funny.
Penelope, a pleasure
How's this looking?
I just called Crime Scene
They are en route
but they got a little hung up, so
Is there a "Law & Order"
marathon on cable tonight?
You know what?
I am a good detective for the record.
Epperson, all I know is
you've been pushin' pencils
your entire career.
Now they suddenly have you
riding shotgun in my car.
I don't give a shit
if you're a good detective
just don't try and change
the way I do things.
It looks like you got this
under control
Ill go check out the bedroom
Now you're talking
like a good detective
Up yours, Burnout
There's nothing, Sean
Okay, come on
We're gonna work the walls, okay?
Work the walls
We shouldn't have done what
we did.
What do you mean?
I cheated on my husband with you,
now we're being punished
We're not being punished
Yes, we are
Why else would that psycho
have mentioned Jack's name?
He knows about us
No, there's no way.
Yes, he does.
How else would Jack be involved?
Come on, you're overreacting
I'm not overreacting!
He's gonna kill us for what
we did.
God, it was so stupid!
Don't say that
It was us...
It wasn't stupid
If anything, this is Jack's doing
Jack is not even capable
for something like this.
He is a good person
A good person?
Come on
You can't... Take back the
things you told me about him
just because we're in this now
You two aren't even in
a marriage and you know it
Don't start blaming yourself
for this now.
I'm not blaming myself
So, so you're blaming me?
Are you blaming me?
I didn't say that
Just, just, just stop
We have to breathe shallow
I'm sorry.
I'm just scared
Now this is what I want
Why haven't they call me?
Think, Jack
Would I put a phone in there
where they could make outgoing calls?
By now you should know me
much better than that.
That phone can only
receive phone calls.
I want to talk to her
And what are you gonna tell her?
That you're on your way?
That you're her knight
in shining armor?
Come on, man, you already
failed her in marriage.
What makes you think your voice
is gonna be any comfort to her?
I want to say I'm sorry.
You're already planning on failing.
God, it must be miserable
to be such a loser in life.
Just let me talk to her!
The plan stands
You do as I say, or she dies,
plain and simple
Tick, tock, tick, tock
I would have called,
but you destroyed my phone
Then I guess you better
find a pay phone.
What'd you get?
Well, nothing to write home about
Uh, no keys, but the car was gone
so either he drove himself
or whoever broke in took the car.
I did find some receipts
on his dresser
from the last couple of days
Thursday, 46 on gas
Um, looks like he dropped
It's not itemized, so we don't
know what he got.
Right, right
Uh, let's see what else we
got here
Dinner at Mambo's
Now this is interesting
He spent $180 at Mambo's
so unless he ordered,
like three bottles of wine
He had someone with him
Or someones
You know, it's probably nothing
but if you could find out,
by running his credit card
what he got,
I don't know, it might lead
to something.
I'm on it
Now this is interesting
Looks like he was quite enamored.
Hmm... Pretty girl
Yeah. Nice
It came with those
He can take pictures
That's my, uh, that's my favorite
Here we go.
Nice composition there
Wait a second
Why does she look familiar?
See, I was thinking the same thing.
I can't place it, though
She's on, uh, on TV or something?
Hey, hey.
That, uh, no, that commercial
Uh, Dave's Corn Chips
The one with the dog
and she's chasing him
Ran during football season
You'll be sworn
Dave's Corn..
Right, right, right
Country Barbeque... Best ever
Um, same girl different hair.
Its definitely her
You know what?
Try to get her name
Talk to her and see what she knows.
Well, he was definitely grabbed
on the couch, I would say.
Knocked over the table
crushed the lamp...
Wine glass, yeah but then...
Doesn't make sense, does it?
Unless... There were two attacks
Either that, or maybe Sean Justice
wasn't taken from here at all
Maybe whoever did it
took him from somewhere else
and came back here
just to make it look like
they took him from here
Yeah, but why would they do that?
We've got to figure that out
Maybe you're not such
a burnout after all.
Cheers, Bud
On second thought
What's going on?
I can't talk here.
Let's just get inside
Come on
I'll tell you all about this
later on
I can't talk right now, all right?
You're gonna have to give me something
I know.
I could lose my job
I get it. I understand
I don't want you to lose your job.
Hey, I think I've got
something here.
What is it?
There's a knot in the wood here
but it's loose
Oh, my God
If I just keep chippin' away.
What about the sand?
One problem at a time, okay?
All right
Hold on...
Where's my flashlight?
There it is. Okay.
Here we go
Oh, God, I need to make it bigger
If I could just get it in there
I could break the wood.
Burn it!
Burn it.
Just use the lighter
and burn around the edges
If this thing catches fire
we'll burn alive
Just enough to get
the flashlight through
Come on, Sean!
We are running out of time
Your headband
Give me your headband
Come on.
Oh, my God
There, see?
It's loose, it's loose
Look at that.
Oh, my God!
Garrison, I can't talk about
it, okay?
Im almost out of time
Whatever you can do
I appreciate it.
See what you can do
Jack, you're gonna have
to give me something.
We're friends,
but I can lose my job over this
I understand
I just need your help, okay?
I'm in a jam...
I promise to clear all this up.
Just tell me what you can do
for me, okay?
He's gonna let me know
how much I can get.
Ten minutes
Stay here
I have to make a phone call
Is that your man?
How much can I get?
It's a process
with CDs that large, Jack
and it's after hours
I mean, if you hadn't burned out
your savings we could..
How much?
What is going on?
Please! How much?
But it's not gonna hit until morning.
I need it now, Garrison!
I can't! I can't!
My hands are tied
Give me a minute
He can get me $550,000 by morning
This is Jack's doing.
Looks like you're
running out of time, Jack
I can get you proof that
you'll have your funds.
Please, just tell me where
she is.
I've already told you, Jack
Once I have the money in my hands,
then I will tell you
where your wife is
and the man she's been
cheating on you with.
I'll be right back
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
Is there somebody in there?
Garrison, listen to me
I need that money,
and I need it right now
I can't.
I told you, I can't
Loan it to me!
Loan me the money.
You know I'm good for it
I could have you apply for a loan,
but you know how long
that's gonna take.
No, you loan it to me.
I know you have the funds
You can withdraw the money,
you can give me the cash.
I'll give you the money back
when I cash out the CDs.
I'm not gonna do this
unless you tell me
what the hell is going on
I have a wife and a family.
I can't get mixed up in something.
I can't
But I need that money right now
How long have we known each other?
Oh, don't play that with me
All right
All right, I'll get you 500,000
But I have to have it back in
the morning
Thank you
How long?
Thirty minutes
Why don't you come inside...
No, no
I'll stay out here, okay?
I'll stay out here.
Just keep this quiet, okay?
It's very important.
I need to keep this quiet
Can you do something else for me?
I need to know who rented this
car with this matching number.
Can you do that for me?
I'm a banker.
Please? It's very important
All right, okay.
All right?
Fine, fine
Get back
He's gonna loan me $500,000.
I'm gonna pay him back tomorrow
You'll have your money
in thirty minutes.
Very good
What about the other 50?
What other 50?
You said I could get 550,000
I want the other 50
But I can't get it until tomorrow.
You never gave me a price.
You said whatever I could get
I know, but 550,000
sounds so much better than 500,000.
And now you have my heart
set on 550,000.
It looks like you're gonna
have to find another 50,000
Thirty minutes?
Let's get a drink
You really should have let us
in the house first, Scott.
Is that what they teach
you in science class, Pops?
You could have tainted the evidence
Not my first rodeo, nerds
All right, we've got
some information here
Uh, the lovely lady from
the pictures is Rona Samms
done a bunch of 'B' movies
the commercial thing
Uh, the waitress from Mambos
who was working Thursday night
uh, is supposed to be
in later this evening.
Now, I left my cellphone
She'll call
Hopefully we'll get lucky there
And then Sean Justice's work
said everything seemed normal
until a couple of days ago when
he didn't show up for work,
and no one's heard from him since
has not returned any phone calls.
What's next?
Well, I am going to
die of boredom here
I say we cruise on over to Rona Samms,
give her a talk, see what she knows
Please tell me you have an address
Right here
Perfect. Let's roll
See you later, Sweetheart
Is this an emergency?
No, it's not an emergency,
but could you connect me with
the police department, please?
You didn't think I was gonna
wear that thing all night,
did you?
What are you drinking?
I'm not really in the mood
I said, what are you drinking?
Whiskey, rocks
Make it two
What's up, man?
Two whiskeys, rocks
You got it
Come on, come on!
Damn it. Okay, hold on
I got an idea.
What are you doing?
There we go.
All right, watch this
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God
What is it?
Looks like, I can see the moon
Oh my God!
We're not buried deep
Oh, my God
We got air, Baby!
Oh, my God!
We've got air.
We can breathe
Oh, we got air
See how it's just a...
A little bit of sand on top?
We're not buried all the way down.
Oh, my God
Oh, we can breathe
So we can breathe
We can breathe.
We can breathe
Screw you, buddy!
Screw you!
We can breathe
I don't want to be here
when he gets back.
Me neither
To a successful business transaction
Where are you getting
my final 50,000 from?
I don't envy you, Jack
being stuck in a situation
like this
You put me in this situation
Correction, you put yourself
in this situation.
Never let issues between
A man and a woman fester
That's what my old man
used to tell me.
Of course that was after
my mother dumped him.
What's stopping me?
From telling these people
Youre holding me hostage?
Holding you hostage?
Don't go anywhere, hostage
We'll find a way out, okay?
I promise you,
we'll find a way out
Son of a bitch
Excuse me, buddy?
My name's Larry.
That's Larry.
I just saw you take one
of those pills and...
I'm not one of those drug heads
if that's what you're getting at!
That's not what I meant
I just wanted to see if I could
borrow some of those pills.
Ive got a headache
These pills help you go to sleep.
I only take one because of
the booze
I thought it would help me relax
and sleep this headache off
Buy me a drink
He said buy him a drink
I got it, man!
I'm Mitch
What are you drinkin'?
Bud for my friend
Thanks, Larry.
Hey, what the hell?
The beer buys you two
sleeping pills,
not the whole bottle
How much for the whole bottle?
Those are pricey pills
But I've got a tab going
Put Larry's tab on this
I'm impressed
With what?
Most people try to run
You're playin' this smart, Jack
So you've done this
sort of thing before, huh?
I've been around
Yeah, okay, got it
Yeah, we know the place
We're headed there now
Okay, thanks
Shit's goin' down, Epperson
Guy from the bank just called in,
said he got a request
for a lot of money
to be taken out tonight
The guy was also
suspicious and spooked
The guy's name... Jack Samms
Rona Samms husband?
Sounds like it
So then Samms asked him to
look up who rented a rental car
Here's the number
Let me guess... You want me
to call the rental car company.
I drive, you make the calls
that was the deal.
You hear that?
Is that water?
Oh, my God!
Are we in water?
I think it's the ocean
Oh, my God, oh, my God
Hey, hey!
No, no, no, no.
Its okay, it's okay.
You know, the sand, right?
He's probably buried us near
the shoreline or something.
We're not in the water, okay?
Its okay, Baby.
But I can hear the water
Shh... It's okay.
It's okay.
We'll be fine
I'm already drunk!
Should I do this?
I'm making a fool of myself/
Mmm, I love drunk women
Because they don't realize
you're trying to disguise yourself
Which begs the question, Trick
Why the disguise?
If you really thought this
out so well
why not show me who you
really are?
There are rules
But the rules just changed
didn't they, Trick?
I saw the video
They're not underground
I saw the light coming
through the roof
which means they can breathe
which means you don't have
dick to stand on!
Maybe they will, uh,
live past the deadline
but I'm still the only one
who knows exactly where they are.
You're willing to wait me out, Jack?
You boys feel like dancing?
Actually, we're kind of in the
middle of something right now
I'm Camille
And this other hot chick is Heather.
Come on...
You know you want to
Ladies, I'm
Dance with them
No, no! Wait!
Dance with them
Come on
I'm gonna turn you on
like you've never been
turned on before.
Who knows
You might even like it
I'll go get another for you
You're sexy.
Are you married?
We're fine, we're fine
It's just water.
Sean! What?
No, no, no.
We're okay, we're okay.
It's not gonna fill up
Help us!
No one can hear us!
We don't know!
We're not underground!
We have to try.
Well, he wouldn't bury us
where someone could find us
We don't know!
Help us! Help us!
Help! Help!
Anyone! Help us!
Help us!
He asked me if I could
loan him 500,000, and I agreed
He said he'd pay me back with, uh
his CDs that he'd
cash out in the morning
So he's coming back
for the money soon?
Yeah, he'll be back in a few minutes.
Mr. Garrison, how much
money exactly can he cash out?
Well, he has a few hundred
thousand in the CDs.
I mean, some of his
investments went south
but, you know, I'm really
not at liberty to say.
Mr. Garrison, I can come
back in here with a warrant
and do a can opener on your computer.
This is a minor detail
in a preliminary investigation
What harm could it do
to tell us how much cash
he has access to?
He has, uh, 550,000
and some change in his CD
Uh-oh... It looks like
they're having drinks
Yeah, the credit card it's just...
His credit card, Mr. Garrison?
Uh, you know
Mr. Garrison, you're really
starting to piss me off.
Somebody just ran their
credit card.
It's at Casa Cabral
It's about five minutes from here.
I know right where that is
Is this your cell number?
What should I do with the money?
We'll call you
Damn it, the water's
still comin' in.
Oh, my God
How much longer
can this go on, Sean?
We will drown!
No, we will not!
We'll take turns plugging the hole
It's still coming in
It's coming in through the cracks
It is coming in!
Oh, my God!
Help us!
Do you have a car here?
I need some help over here!
Oh, my God, Camille!
Are you okay?
Camille, wake up, Honey.
What did you do?
Camille? Camille!
She just had too much to drink
Did she drink that stuff
you put in that drink?
Mitch, you've had
too much to drink yourself
Let's go
Did you 'Spike' her drink?
What the hell, man?
Call her an ambulance
Dude, this is my bar
If you put something
in that girl's drink,
I'm calling more than an ambulance
No, I saw him
He smashed up all of Larry's pills
and put them in that drink.
You are sick!
Mitch! Call the cops
Do it, Mitch!
Everybody stay cool
No one's callin' the cops
Hey, man, relax, all right?
You don't want to hurt her
Everybody on the floor
You too, Larry.
Looks like Sean Justice
is blackmailing the Samms
or working with them.
But what?
That's what we're gonna find out
Not a good idea, Jack.
You're running out of time
They have air, you son of a bitch!
Oh, thank God
No! Down!
Behind the bar?
No. wait
I saw it on the camera
when you were on the phone
I'll take my chances with the cops...
Air is not their problem!
The whole time you were
trying to drug me in the bar
your poor wife was trying
to keep her head above water
Bad boy, Jack, bad boy!
Your name?
Anyone else here?
There were two guys that just left.
One had a laptop
Did you run a credit card on one?
She's breathing
All right, people!
Did they say where they were going?
He also put a fork
to this lady's throat
and said he'd kill her
if we tried to stop him
Stop him from what?
I was gonna call the cops
The guy freaked out.
He put some pills
in the hot chicks' drinks
I saw him
She has a really weak pulse
but she's gonna be okay.
We have to get her to a hospital.
In the meantime we have to
induce vomiting
I'll let you handle that
This is about to get really messy.
All right, everyone sit tight
Help's on the way.
You're leaving?
Where are you going?
This is Detective Epperson
I need medical assistance...
Garrison, we're coming back
to you.
What do I do?
He's coming back for the money.
Get him the money but stall him.
Were on our way.
What's... Goin' on here?
You mind switchin' places
for a second?
All right, there you go
Take the flashlight.
Leave it there a second
It's still coming in.
I know. We can slow it down!
Help us!
Help us!
Come on!
Here, Babe.
Maybe if we both try.
Oh, no
Come on
I know the water's
gonna keep comin' in
It's okay...
We have to try. Come on!
Okay. Once.
Yes, just once
You've got to turn around
and put your back
up against the top.
Push off with your arms
and legs, okay?
Go, go, go, go!
2, 3, go, go
Come on! God!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault
Yeah, I don't know what
what else to try.
It's just gonna keep comin' in
Don't say it!
Don't you give up on me, Sean!
Don't give up on us
Don't give up.
I got it. I got it
Oh, dear God
I'll be right back
Where is it?
Where is it?
The money!
You know what.
Where is it?
I'm cashing it out now
I need the money!
This is as fast as it goes
It's a process...
The police are on their way.
What did you do?
I had to tell them, Jack
Obviously you're in
some sort of trouble
You come here asking for money.
I said no police!
They can help you!
What can I do?
You can help me by getting
the money.
I need it now!
I need the money!
All right
I'll meet you in the parking lot
three minutes.
I'll be there.
You look stressed, Jack
The cops are on their way.
What have I said about cops?
My banker called them.
I didn't tell him anything
You're losing control
of this thing, padre!
Put that thing away!
I've done everything you've asked!
I've played by the rules!
What would you have done
if you had drugged me, Jack?
You never would have
found them on your own!
I'll be right back
All there?
I'll explain everything later
I promise.
Let's go
Look, it's my money!
Whatever is going on
I'm coming with you!
Garrison, you're crazy!
What are you doing here?
Get out of here!
What is this guy doin' in this car?
Do you remember when we first met?
I hated you
I remember thinking
Lady Luck must be smiling
down on me
because why else would a
women like you
hang out with a joker like me
Are you afraid to die?
I thought I would be
Me too
I don't know, I just didn't
feel 'On' tonight at all...
You did pretty good
I just think you need
to do a better job
finding your moments
Hey. Great job
Hey, thanks.
Catch a drink next week?
Will do.
See you guys
Great work tonight
Good night.
See you guys next week
Next week.
You guys, um, stickin' around?
Can you lock up for me?
Uh, we can, we can lock up
Great job tonight. Thanks
So, I just realized we've, uh
Never done it in the studio.
We haven't.
You realize that?
Oh, hey! What's up?
I didn't know you were there
Uh, I'll walk you to your car.
Yeah. Thanks
Say that name again
You're certain?
No, I'm gonna call you back
In ten minutes. Thank you.
I guess he met him
off-site with the money.
They couldn't have gone too far.
No, his car's still here
I just got off the phone
with the rental car company
that Samms mentioned to Garrison
Guess whose name is on the,
uh, rental?
You want me to say it?
Sean Justice
Yesterday morning
What the hell's goin' on here, Epperson?
I can't figure it out
Maybe somebody nabbed Justice
then stole the car,
or they stole the credit card
rented the car.
That doesn't make any sense
The database shows that Sean Justice
has a car in his name,
so why would he need a rental?
You talked to his work?
Uh, office drone
Well liked, never caused problems
They said he is, uh an actor,
takes acting classes at night
Which classes?
I don't know. I'll find out
Do it.
Get out!
Jack, do not slow down!
Get out, now!
I promise you at the count of
three I will pull this trigger!
Do as he says, Garrison!
How do I get out?
Get out of the car, Garrison!
He's got a gun pointed at
your head! Go!
Get out of the car!
Garrison's not answering
Get out of the car!
I told you!
Get out!
What are you doing, Jack?
Get out! Get out!
Garrison, stay away!
I'm sorry!
Garrison, Scott
Oh! Thank God!
Yeah, I was just
thrown out of the car
I was almost killed
Are they still in sight?
Jack pushed the guy
with the gun out of the car
and then he took off
He left me here.
Is the gunman still there?
Yeah, uh, he's still here
Jack clocked him
He's just, not moving
It's like...
What's your twenty?
We're gonna come to you
What's a twenty?
Yes, Garrison, your location,
your twenty.
Uh, I think it's around
We'll be right there
Oh, shit. Oh, shit
Hey, it's me
No, no, wait. Stop!
Something went wrong
No, look, he's got the money.
He's got my car.
He's got my cell,
he's got everything!
I don't know!
It just happened, all right?
We'll fix this!
Come on, gentle, My Lord
Sleek o'er your rugged looks
Be bright and jovial
among your guests tonight
So shall I, love
and so I pray, be you
Let your remembrance apply to Banquo.
Present him eminence,
both with eye and tongue
Unsafe the while
that we must leave our honors
In these pleasant streams...
And make our faces
towards to our hearts
disguising what they are
You must leave this
Good job
That is exactly what
we've been working towards
You have to play the unraveling
of the individual characters,
yet you have a responsibility
to work together
to bring their love to life
Breathe life into it
Wonderful. Excellent
This is Jack Samms
Who is this?
Mr. Samms, hi.
My name is Sean
Where is my wife?
Is she there?
Let me talk to her
Hold on
Rona! Where are you?
Help us!
We're running out of time
Jack, there's water everywhere
and we can't stop it.
Did you get the money he wants?
I have the money,
but I got away from him
Jack, give him the money.
He knows where we are!
Rona, Sweetheart
What's around?
What do you remember?
There's water everywhere!
I'm gonna drown!
Jack, listen, okay?
He buried us near the ocean
He buried us in the sand,
and we're in a wooden box
Punched a hole in the top of it.
I know, I saw it
I saw it on the video in the computer.
How much time do we have?
I don't know.
Maybe minutes
Just give him the money okay?
I'll pay you back.
Whatever it takes
It's too late...
We're running out of time
What do you remember?
I don't know.
He drugged us, I think.
We were at my place
This box, it's big
It's got to be somewhere
where people can't find it
Just give him the money!
I told you, we're out of time
I'm on my way to the beach
Stay on the phone
Just give him the money!
Where'd he go?
Look, pal I have had a bad day
I have been punched in my face
so you just
Listen, you finish that sentence,
I'll leave your ass right here
with a brand new ass-kicking
Which way did he go?
Uh, down a side alley, there
He has my cellphone
All right, all right
Settle down.
Did you get a good look at him?
Well, he was wearing...
Sunglasses and a hood
The son of a bitch
is wearing a disguise
How long ago we talking?
Five, ten minutes
Cell phone trace
There we go, Epperson,
that's good detective work
Last number called in
get a trace on it.
Let's find this asshole
find out what the hell
is going on!
He's got my cellphone
We'll take it from here
What about me?
You want a ride back to the bank?
I don't think so
Bus stop, two blocks up
I kind of agree with him
So, you think the phone's dead?
Come on, gentle, My Lord
Sleek o'er your rugged looks
Be bright and jovial
among your guests tonight
So shall I, love
And so I pray.
Pick up, pick up, pick up!
Come on! Pick up!
Let your remembrance apply to Banquo.
Present him eminence,
both with eye and tongue
Unsafe the while
that we must
that we must leave our honors
in these pleasant streams,
and make our faces
towards to our hearts
disguising what they are
You must leave this
I think both of you are ready.
Ready for what?
I have an idea for the
ultimate performance
one that will serve
a valuable purpose
a purpose for your... Situation
What situation?
Maybe I shouldn't say situation
It's more like your position
Yes, you see, I know that
you two have been doing...
For lack of better words
adult things.
Yet one of you is married...
To a man with money, correct?
And I think both of you
are fantastic at pretending
So just think of this as an exercise
with the highest of stakes
yet at the finish line
we stand to make a bit of money.
Who's up for a little fun?
Guys, it will be
the performance of a lifetime
plus you will get what you want.
We can disappear together
The pre-nup will give you
nothing if you leave him.
We could use the money to get started.
If your husband is the
business man you say he is
he'll pay.
I'm confident he'll pay.
You'll be perfectly safe
the entire time.
I will be in control of the situation.
I write the script
We rehearse it perfectly.
What do you say?
Hey Jack
By now you realize what has happened
I'm not a killer
and this is nothing personal
I see opportunities
and I take them.
Your wife, she wanted another life,
and I could sense that
It took some convincing,
I have to admit,
but once Sean was on board
he was very helpful in getting
Rona to go along with it.
She's doing well, Jack, so if
you have any love for her...
Well, then that should
make you happy.
The money's getting her
started in her new life,
and I did take
a little fee for my services
Hey it was all a performance, Jack,
and you played your part well.
I'm proud of you for that
You almost broke my nose
but I won't hold it against you
I did put you in a situation
and you responded.
You see, that's what I do, man
I put people in situations
Good bye, Jack
It was nice knowing you for a day.
But I called them
I talked to her
There was water
All an act
Hold on
Your wife, Sean Justice
Jack, they were waiting
for your call.
We're assuming they knew
the timing of the whole deal
just in case that phone rang
But the video?
Timed perfectly.
This guy is
He's a... Real pro
We did some digging
He's done this sort of thing before
Chicago, Atlanta, Milwaukee
All different cons
with his signature on it
He profiles people
in Sean and Rona's situation
And Rona went along with it
Just give him the money!
Jack, I know that's tough to hear
The marriage was already over
The upside is that Mr. Garrison
expressed that he
will not press charges
Jack, here's what we've done
We put an APB out
on your wife and Sean Justice
Here's what we're assuming
They're on the road, okay?
They've got to be using fake names
fake IDs, the whole deal
Listen to me
We will get them, Jack
So, the ringmaster?
Who knows?
We'll be in touch
Thank you, Mr. Samms
So that's that, right?
Why not?
Or maybe I could pay it back
That's true.
That's a good point
Hello, Rona
Have a seat
Or should I say Candace Burnett
Don't worry.
This isn't about the money.
This is about putting two people
in a certain situation
to see how they react
Isnt that right, Sean?
Oh, I'm sorry... Mark
Jack, this wasn't...
Wasn't our idea, okay?
It was an experiment
That's all it was, you know?
It was acting
You guys, your marriage
was over, you know?
Rona needed the money
You think this is all
making me feel better?
Or even feel sorry for you?
How did you find us?
I made some friends
Guys that wanted to find you too.
Let me get to the point because
the clock is already ticking.
In one minute,
I'm going to make a phone call
The person on the other end
of the line...
Is going to beg you
to save his life.
If you save his life,
you in turn save yours
If you don't make it
to him in time,
you will be blamed for his murder.
I've already planted the evidence
Except this time...
It's real evidence
The guys I'm working with
will gladly hold it against you
along with your other charges,
of course
Jack, please
Why should we believe you?
I guess you just have
to take your chances.
Tick, tock, tick, tock
tick, tock, tick, tock...
No! No! No! No! No!
No! No! No! No! No!