Cold Blood Legacy (2019) Movie Script

All units respond.
This is all he had on him.
And has it been
returned to the family?
Well, not yet.
Anything else?
Yeah, the slugs were
made from a frozen polymer.
It melts just after impact,
so you can forget ballistics.
The scene of the crime was wet
and steamy, so no fingerprints.
Then, obviously, a rookie.
Yeah, no shit.
Katy buy you a new suit?
Discount days at Macy's.
Yeah, that's nice.
The blue was an option.
Fuck you.
According to the
manual, the killer
should be present at
the victim's funeral.
According to the manual...
you've been watching
too much Netflix.
I love "True Detective."
Ah, forget it.
Nothing happens here.
We're too close to Canada.
They have that in New York?
What's that, funerals?
Oh, believe me, man.
New York homicide, you
don't need Netflix.
So tell me, how come a guy
who's worth $200 million
comes to live in a lost
fucking town like this?
He was born here.
In this town, everything
belongs to him.
Well, we followed the manual...
came to see if the killer
turned up to the funeral.
He didn't know the manual.
Oh, he didn't know the manual.
Got it.
That's why he
didn't come here.
Come on.
Mr. Brigleur.
I know this may sound
like a stupid question,
but did Mr. Kessler
have a lot of enemies?
An industrialist of his
stature only has enemies.
It's a mark of importance.
You hear that, Davies?
He must be very important.
No shit, right?
You haven't asked
me any more question.
So you're the executor
of Mr. Kessler's
last will and testament
as well as his properties.
I already know that.
What do you know, that
you're the number-one suspect?
Are you not going to answer?
Nothing to say?
That was not a question
but a supposition
with an affirmative tone.
OK, well, consider
it a question.
Mr. Kessler has a descendant
by the name of Charlie Kessler.
If the heir should
die, the Kessler Group
would be broken up, its
division sold off separately,
exactly which most of their
opponents had been hoping for.
So you lose your job, right?
Therefore, I have no interest
in the disappearance of Iver.
Do I remain at the top
of your list of suspects?
Just the one wife?
Just one, confined to a
mental home over 10 years ago.
She has lost all memory and
is, therefore, incapable
ever suffering any
sense of loss, so...
So if I wanted to meet
this Charlie Kessler?
His address is secret.
Inside, you will find the
proof that Charlie was in Paris
at the time of the murder.
Second time today.
Hey, I'm sorry.
It happens a lot.
May I leave now?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, I'll show you out.
No need.
Got a good memory,
and I know your office
only has a single corridor.
Fighting broke out
overnight between
rival factions along
the Israeli-Syrian border.
The initial reports
claim Israeli...
I need to go here.
...jet fighters
bombed a guerrilla base,
killing at least 40 soldiers...
That's far.
...and 13 civilians.
Damage to the base
is said to be heavy,
and the Israeli
jets are reported
to have made it back to...
Can we talk?
This is not a secure line.
You the snowmobile rental man?
Where you going?
To the Pacific.
I'm not a travel agency.
Trust me.
A plane is less risky.
Planes scare me.
Hey, uh, there's
no daily special?
A daily special?
- No.
- OK.
All right, I'll do the
cheese and no pickles.
Never been any.
Oh, good.
A Bud?
Oh, you got something else?
Some tea, maybe?
Same as this?
Oh, a Bud then.
This place is the
back end of nowhere.
Yeah, no shit.
They got Bud.
What the hell
are we doing here?
Well, they found an old sea
plane about five years ago,
Maybe the pilot is on the side.
I don't fucking know.
a little bit.
Yeah, no worse
than this coffee.
That was quick.
Oh, great.
They have a saying
here that says,
once you learn how
to walk, they're
going to have to shoot you.
That's nice.
I was already fascinated
that a guy from New York
asked to be transferred here.
Been a long time since
anyone fascinated me, buddy.
Oh, Kiki told me, if I
leave you alone too long,
you're going to get lost.
Yeah, well, maybe
I want to get lost.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
There's no problem.
There's nothing for 60 miles.
I know.
I manage an inn an hour
away from here if you want.
You're welcome.
There are five more
that needs to be removed.
No, no.
The more you tense your
muscles, the more it will hurt.
No, no, no.
Ah, ah, ah!
Since I fear
you'll leave me behind
on the
Learning ,,
learning your smile
when you come my way.
You know, it's pretty
cool you can smoke here.
Oh, here you have a choice.
You do your dying
to colds or cancer.
This place is like
a time machine, man.
You sure this is legal?
You see any other officers?
Good point.
Thanks, Mary.
Ice cream, really?
I can't get enough.
Well, I suppose it
reduces the risk of thermal
shock when the.
You don't mind, right?
I'm going to go pay.
Looking for
once a better time to love.
Forget her.
It'll be good for you to
move on to something else.
I think that's what
God said to Jesus, right?
What are you waiting
for, her coming back?
I'm not waiting for
anything, not anymore.
Hey, guys, listen.
The music's pretty good tonight,
so I'm going to stick around.
And it was lovely to see you.
Well, take care.
Thanks for dinner.
No problem.
Did you tell him?
Not tonight, honey.
The more you wait, the
harder it's gonna get.
Oh, I know.
I know,
I can't leave it outside.
Before sunrise, the wolves
would strip it to the bone.
Food is rare this time of year.
You'll need plenty of protein.
If you don't relax,
your bones won't heal.
And in six weeks, there'll
be no more ice on the roads.
You'll need a boat.
Have a good night.
Hey, you received this.
Yeah, what is it?
It's from Kessler.
It's the ballistic report
you requested at the time.
And what did it say?
It's about the ice bullet.
They say not many people
can use that, such a weapon.
It includes a list too.
Thank you.
Um, my name is Melody.
And I don't know
what I would have
done if you hadn't found me.
What are you doing here?
I had an accident
on my snowmobile.
I followed the slope
when I saw smoke.
What were you doing on
the snowmobile around here?
I'm crossing the Rockies.
I've been planning
to do it for a year.
All by yourself?
I live all year in buildings,
and this is a real luxury.
I purposely came here not
to be bothered by people.
I... well, I'm sorry.
And I'll leave as soon as I can.
I don't know, uh...
by road?
There are no roads
here, only the frozen ice
that forms in winter.
Give me a good
reason to help you,
or you leave tomorrow
by foot, and they
fish you out with the
salmon when the snow melts.
Your clothes are clean and dry.
You should put them on.
some time
to look at the list.
Two names don't
make a list, Captain.
The first person has been
locked up for five years.
I looked him up.
The second is a sniper
for elite special forces.
That's pretty hot shit.
Tropical, even, especially
after he was in Iraq
during the time of the murder.
Yeah, well, Iraq's the
Middle East, Captain.
It's not the tropics.
Who gives a damn?
He's not our man.
Hey, we still need
to find the address
of the guy who made him, OK?
Those two names are just
the tip of the iceberg.
It's been 10 months.
You're wasting your time.
You got something else to do?
Yeah, right.
Who cares?
- What did Kessler do to you?
- Nothing.
I just like to finish
what I started.
You know what I mean.
Hey, Bob, can you
check these names?
They made calls
during the funeral.
Check them against
Brigleur's contact list.
See if any of them match, OK?
Check them all?
Yeah, check them all.
Hey, why the face?
I received my transfer.
Well, congratulations.
You received notice
for my transfer...
Uh, yeah.
...three weeks ago, and you
didn't bother opening it.
It's an old habit of mine.
Oh, I already
knew a month, but I
couldn't just face telling you.
I put in a request
for my replacement.
You're going to get promoted.
You'll need to
fill out some papers.
And I'm going to have
to call you Sheriff now.
Go fuck yourself.
I'm not the sheriff.
Listen, I just don't
know how to say goodbye.
It's easy.
How long was I sleeping?
You must start
training tomorrow.
What training?
You'll have to
walk far and quickly.
Well, what about
my snowmobile?
I don't know.
I'll bring it back if I can.
I haven't done
anything to you.
I found you, fed
you, cared for you.
It is up to you to do
what is necessary to leave
this house as soon as possible.
Am I making myself clear?
Crystal clear.
There is water
are on the table.
If you want a drink, you
will have to stand up.
What caused the accident?
If an animal had
crossed your path,
there would have been traces.
I don't know.
Maybe I just fell asleep.
In this cold?
I... I lost control.
I need to understand.
There's nothing to understand.
Is it so important?
I had a stand-off
with a wolf earlier,
and he has tasted human blood...
Is that serious?
A wolf never forget
the taste of blood.
It won't give up
searching for it.
Sooner or later, I'll
have to kill him.
Hey, Sheriff.
I found two matching
numbers on the list.
Good night, Sheriff.
Sheriff... sheriff, my ass.
Brigleur didn't want to
talk to you, Malcolm?
Here is your bag.
What are you doing?
You still have a piece
of wood under the skin.
If I don't remove it, you
won't stand no chance.
It's going to be painful.
It already is.
Hi, there.
Um, I'm looking for her.
Are you the police?
Does it make a difference?
Did she leave an
address, a destination?
Yeah, Pacific Ocean.
And just in case something
went wrong, is there
a way to find her or what?
There is a satellite
beep under the seat
in case of emergency,
but it must be activated.
Otherwise, it
drains the battery.
I need a snowmobile
and cans of gasoline.
What name do I put on the bill?
There are no bills,
much less a name.
But if that beeper
emits anything,
send a message to this
number immediately.
Am I dying?
You could have.
But you're fine now.
You should eat now.
Thank you.
I'm not used to saving people.
I've the
stuff that was inside.
There are no cell
phone in your bag.
You don't want anyone
to find you, do you?
It's just a week
away from my phone.
That's the deal.
My name is Henry.
Here you are.
Yeah, I took your advice.
You've changed your clothes.
What, do you have eyes
in the back of your head?
I sense washing powder.
You can smell that from there?
I enjoy the same smells
every minute of the day here.
Anything new gets
noted very quickly.
I don't know how
you stand it out here.
You mean like in the cities?
Yeah, but there's
nothing here.
Well, if nothing means no
noise, no pollution, no cars,
no Starbucks, then,
yes, there is nothing
here, at least nothing useless.
But if you look closely, you'll
find everything you need.
In a couple of days' time, we
will be walking for long hours.
Or I'll just drop you
off where there is no danger.
What danger?
Where you can survive.
Is that why you were so
mad when I first got here?
"The Art of War?"
Did your wife take the rest of
the books when she left you?
I had no other books...
nor wife, for the matter.
I can be nosy at times.
At times?
Such a man's book.
The ultimate aim
of war is not to win
costly victories but to
prepare long-lasting peace.
Sun Tzu was a philosopher.
Um, war is not an art.
You want to know
something funny?
You don't laugh.
Rarely when cutting logs.
What's so funny?
I was just asking
myself, is it
necessary for a mountaineer
to be so serious
when he chops wood?
I'm not a mountaineer,
but I have adapted.
Don't move.
What is this?
Hold still.
The plant containing the most
silica, perfect for fractures.
It strengthen both the
bones and the cartilage.
Well, why didn't
you use it sooner?
Because putting a splint
or a cast on a hematoma,
it is useless.
It would be like if I
was trying to chalk you.
Oh, yeah?
You were never tempted?
Now you can use your arm.
Ribs are just a matter of time.
Well, for someone who's
not used to saving people,
you seem to know
what you're doing.
I've been through a lot.
I do my best not to be
dependent upon anybody.
And you say that
for my benefit.
You still haven't told me
what you were doing here.
high and just missed it in.
Pulls back out on the
the puck.
Penalty is over...
I guess you want a coffee?
You have any vacancies?
Well, we won't put you
out in this time of night.
It's going to hit tonight.
Well, here, the
cold, it hurts.
And in the
end zone the play.
field has been
in the end zone,
and that's a touchdown.
It's intercepted.
It's picked off.
and this one is underway.
And the kick into the end zone,
being run out for 4 yards.
And Cooper still
on his feet gets
extra yards down the sideline.
Ferrell trying to
out-race the Jaguars...
Captain, how's life?
Oh, you know, not too much
going on for me these days,
just trying to keep busy.
I'm about to give Kessler's
watch back to his wife.
Look, I'm heading in right now.
I'll call you later, OK?
All right, bye.
Nice place.
- Follow me.
- Nice.
Not more than 15 minutes.
No contact.
She could panic.
Speak slowly, and do
not contradict her.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
You don't know me.
But, um...
It's a long time
since I've known anyone.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Look, I, uh...
I don't want to stir up any
painful memories for you.
In my state, a memory could
be miraculous and never painful.
And you don't find it
unsettling, the forgetting?
Young man, that question
is as naive as a description.
How can we know what
we've already forgotten?
My only fear is losing
what I still know.
I cling to it each and
every day, like a lifeline.
But what has gone is gone and
can no longer cause suffering.
Don't take this badly.
But tomorrow, I
won't remember you.
I only remember
things from long ago.
Perhaps it's not even
the first time we've met.
No, no.
It is.
I would have told you otherwise.
Ah, but you see, I would
have already forgotten.
Please, the chair.
Do you remember your husband?
Not really, just a vague
idea of his existence.
But I couldn't put a
face to any feeling.
I understand.
Is he doing OK?
Well, actually, that's
hard to say right now.
Whether he's alive or dead,
it makes no difference to me.
Unfortunately, he's
just a stranger.
Was I happy when I was with him?
Honestly, I don't know.
I just came to give
you his watch back.
If you leave it here,
I'll forget it when you go.
If you give it to me, I'll
be asking myself where
it came from by this evening.
If you keep it, at least
one person will think of it.
I thank you for your time.
I won't bother you much longer.
And I'll make sure your son,
Charlie, gets the watch.
I may have lost my memory,
but I still know I bore a child.
And whatever else
it might have been,
it most certainly was not a boy.
No breath.
Now I know why you're here.
Jerry, this is Bob.
Now you will receive
all the
communications on your phone.
Thanks, Bob.
I'm going to do it tomorrow.
Yeah, you've been
saying that for days now.
Are you sitting down?
Yeah, come on.
What is it?
arrived in the US a month ago.
You're sure?
same passport number,
the same airline as the funeral.
However, not a
trace of credit card
use... no Visa or Amex, zilch.
She must be paying
everything in cash.
We can't get any lead on her.
Well, when's the
return schedule for?
There's no return planned.
That means she's found him.
How could anyone
track down a killer like him?
When what's needed to be
done to find him is done.
I don't get it.
Look, he's deliberately
leaving a trail.
Is he that stupid?
I don't think so.
Look, when you want someone
to retrace your steps,
you sign-post it, right?
And that's exactly
what he's done.
Because he's
expecting other, OK?
But only just like us, he's
expecting to find a son.
Excuse me, Kappa.
- But I'm still a bit lost here.
- No.
Listen to me.
He's waiting for his prey
to make the first move.
I thought you would
hesitate at least for a second.
The weight will be
so intensely crushing
that, eventually, you'll
find the strength to move.
We don't really know
our own bodies till we
push them to the limits.
Right now, you're just making
acquaintance with yours.
So you're a torture expert.
That's an insult after
the way I've nursed you.
Who are you?
If your legs are
squashed for too long,
your veins will
become irreparable.
If you stay like that
for another minute,
you limp for the
rest of your life.
After 10, you won't walk again.
I'll say it again.
Who are you?
I know who you are.
I know what you do for a living.
And I came here to kill you.
When I take off the
log, the pain will
be more acute than it is now.
After, you'll feel better.
Ah, ah, ah!
There you go.
Are you leaving?
The storm is too strong.
- Even wolves don't come out.
- Great.
That's funny.
I saw her about a
week ago, maybe more.
She's fearless.
An hour away from here.
She was going east.
But if I were you,
I'd wait a bit.
It'll blow hard.
And unfortunately, we
don't have French toast.
I don't remember his face.
He knew yours by heart.
You were not
paid to know that.
The absence of parents can
cause emotional immaturity.
I will classify this as a
provocation in this category.
I spent every Christmas
with you, but not with him.
It's your father
who bought your gifts.
That's not true, Brigleur.
When I was 14, I
followed you into a store
when you bought me the flute.
And you broke it
the minute you unpacked it.
I thought I'd get a
slap or something,
but you didn't even move.
That's why I knew you'd never
be anything but an employee.
He missed my birth.
I missed his death.
I did everything to be like him.
I dressed like him.
I studied what he studied.
I wrote him a
letter every week so
that he would know everything
about me, like a real father.
Every Saturday, I'd run and
hide at the boarding school
so that I could see him
arrive to pick me up.
And then when he dropped
me off, I'd run and hide
so I could see him leave.
If you only knew the things I
do behind your back, Brigleur.
Malcolm is much
less naive than I am.
You're going to have to become
accustomed to his presence.
It's stipulated in the
insurance contract.
I liked it
better when we were kids.
Me too.
The Ski-Doo's not
working anymore.
If you want to go away,
the path is clear.
You don't have the
balls to kill me.
And you're going to
let nature do it?
You killed my father, and
now you're toying with me.
Tell me why I'm still alive.
The art of war is...
Oh, for fuck's sake.
I'm going to die here,
and you're fucking quoting
your stupid fucking book.
Fuck off with that shit.
I need to understand.
When did you figure it all out?
The weight of your empty bag.
The overly sharp
swerve of your handlebar.
Falling asleep driving makes
you veer off gradually.
No cell phone, no ID.
Doubting is my nature.
Did you look at him
before you killed him?
Did you look at his face?
Did he say anything,
like a name?
Avenging your father
doesn't make you his daughter.
He didn't even want a girl.
That's why he called me Charlie.
So you're going to kill me.
You're the second
part of the contract.
You don't think that it
was fully your decision
to come here, do you?
Who wants me dead?
Give me a name.
There is no name,
just a phone number.
Give it to me.
I'll take outside.
You've got to be kidding me.
Come on.
Hey, Davies, listen.
It's me.
The power's out, and I need
an internet connection.
At 2 o'clock?
Yeah, at 2:00 in the morning.
Come on.
I'll go to my computer.
OK, listen.
I think I found it.
Obviously, there's no credit
card transaction history
because she doesn't have one.
- What?
- Yeah.
Brigleur organizes it,
takes care of all of it.
It's Brigleur who pays.
So if we find Brigleur's
account details,
then we'll find signs
of the daughter.
Right now?
Please, do it for me, OK?
All right.
Oh, you're kidding me.
Wait a second.
Lieutenant, to what do I
owe this nocturnal pleasure?
Where is she?
You understand
that I cannot answer you.
I don't give a shit.
Tell me where she is.
- I
- don't have the right.
Well, who's going to
stop you, your boss?
He's dead.
I am
paid to respect my contracts.
I don't have the right to say.
Listen to me.
She's going to be dead
in a couple of hours
if she's not dead already.
You understand?
No matter what her training is,
it doesn't make a difference.
This guy is more
than a professional.
Do you have any
other questions?
good night, Mr. Kappa.
I've got it.
He paid for the ticket to
Washington state a month ago.
When I talked to him, he
said he stayed in Europe.
What about the second
number on Bob's list?
he didn't pick up.
Do you think it's
Charlie's number?
He, she, whatever, I mean,
they would've picked up.
40 miles north of Oroville.
Oroville, where the
hell is Oroville?
Oroville, Oroville,
Bob, you're a genius.
You asked for the
weather report...
like I said.
Captain, listen.
Call me when you
get to Oroville, OK?
I've got the exact location.
Meet me there.
we've got no warrant.
No, listen.
We're not going to
go and arrest anyone.
We're going to go and save her
before he does anything, OK?
Sometimes I
forget that you killed him,
and I hate myself for that.
I need to remember
why I came here.
Aw, no, no.
What's the price
for a girl like me?
What do you think?
Ah, ah, ah!
Did you find what
you were looking for?
You need to know that if
I hesitated even slightly,
this would have been impossible.
Close your eyes.
They never forget the
taste of blood, like me.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
That's enough.