Cold Brook (2018) Movie Script

Oh, come on, come on,
come on. Come on.
You know I got ya'.
Shots fired!
Shots fired!
He's right there.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's game boys!
Okay. Okay.
You gonna turn yours off, Ted?
Hey, Dickness,
where is this shot?
- Huh, huh?
- Oh, shit.
Does this look
below the neck? Huh?
- No it does not.
- No it does not.
Freakin' face shot.
You... 20 bucks.
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
- Twenty Bucks!
- Absolutely.
You should have a sip
of the homemade.
- Yeah.
- Twenty bucks.
Yeah, okay, but that...
that was kinda' worth it.
Oh, wow.
You know,
people have lost eyes.
Oh, kiss my ass.
- Oh, come on, Sunkist!
- Ted, Ted, Ted!
- Look at the bright side.
- Don't run away.
I think we found your color.
Orange looks terrific on you!
You could go to a rave
right now.
You can't do that!
You always do that!
No, you nimrod!
It's poker!
It's not whatever
you want it to be!
You could set your clock
by those two.
Here they go.
Junior, back me up!
That's it. I'm out.
- Night, big daddy.
- Night, Junior.
I'm good!
Ah, I love this place.
It's the Brook.
- Come on.
- All right.
- Come on. You referee.
- Ah, nah. Here we go.
- Come on. Do it.
- Boxing glove.
Ah, shit.
You okay over there?
Oh yeah, babe.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, hey Cody!
Time for school.
I'll get him.
Hey, hey Dude, Come on.
- Come on, you gotta go.
- You like this song, dad?
Yeah, sure. Come on.
That's very unconvincing, dad.
It's a great song.
All right, ya' wanna' know
another great song?
It's called "I didn't miss
the school bus."
Let's go.
Wait a minute, come here.
No, no, it's...
don't make my hair like yours.
I'm not. It's sticking up.
You know what,
it's-it's my hair.
- Okay?
- Yep.
Oh, could you turn that off?
Remember dad,
I need twenty bucks
- for the field trip.
- Wha...
Oh, right.
Twenty. Okay.
- Okay.
- Thanks, dad!
- Wrong daughter.
- What?
- Dad, I need the money!
- You?
Yeah, well that's...
hey, hey, hey, hey.
- No.
- Really?
It's only fair, dad.
Dani, bring me the change.
There's no change
on a field trip.
- Bye, mom!
- Bye!
Hey, hey, hey,
how about a kiss for dad?
Give your father a kiss,
it's the only one
he's getting all day.
- Bye, daddy. Bye, mom!
- Bye, bye.
- Bye!
- Bye, girls.
Wait, what?
Do you have to give me
a hard time for?
- Unbelievable.
- What?
You, are gonna need
a time out
- You're so...
- Yep. Time out, time out.
You're the naughty one.
That was loud.
Are we tight?
No, Ted, we're married.
We got a teenage son.
We're not tight.
'Cause I thought
we were tight.
I really did.
How old are you?
What? Oh, come on.
It was just a little paintball
at the Brook.
I think you just
made my point.
Hey, Junior.
Hey, where's your better half?
Ted. Come here.
What's up?
Got a six pointer.
It's not deer season.
We'll talk.
Order up!
Heard you got tagged
pretty good out there, Teddy.
Yeah, Ted.
I heard ya' took a header, huh?
Hey, Frank.
How's it hangin'?
Hey, gravity, Hilde.
Gravity always wins,
you know that.
- I'm feelin' hash and eggs.
- Yeah?
Load 'em up, darlin'.
Do you look like
the only people in here?
Hey, gorgeous.
Any day.
Don't touch anything.
Watch your backpacks.
Okay, kids, come on in.
Let's gather around this one.
Come on over.
I want to tell you
about this exhibit here,
which is the Bernadine.
Now aboard the Bernadine,
these passengers left
the Port of New Orleans,
headed for New York City.
Now, these men and women,
they had no idea
that they were doomed.
But what makes this exhibit
so special
is the phenomenal condition
of the historical pieces
that belonged to these people,
collected from this
one ship wreck.
And together they create
a perfect snapshot
of life in America,
just before Civil War
would tear it apart.
Now remember
what we learned last week;
the Civil War started
in April of 1861.
That was one year
after Abraham Lincoln
was elected President.
When seven states
in the deep south
that supported
slavery seceded,
forming a new nation.
What the heck is that?
That's job security.
Are you really?
Still working on that?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
All right.
How's that workin' out
for you?
I swear to God
I'm gonna hit you with this.
I just keep catching
Blue Gill,
I wanna get
the Large Mouth Bass.
Well, what kind of fisherman
do you want to be?
Because when I say fisherman,
it's "man",
what kind of man
do you wanna be?
- You know?
- Yeah, I know.
Excuse me
ladies and gentlemen,
the exhibit will be closing
in ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes from now.
The conditions,
the sediment on the sea floor,
it's incredible, isn't it?
Must be the pressure.
Hey guys,
I don't know if you heard,
but we close in ten minutes.
This exhibit is wonderful.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
- We have ten minutes.
- Okay.
- Well, actually nine.
- Let's go over here.
I'm sorry.
We have eight minutes.
It's all worms, Wendall.
No need for down-riggers,
no need to troll, no lures,
or the highly overrated chub.
- You don't have a chub, do you?
- No.
If you have a chub...
I will karate chop you.
- No, I don't.
- Okay.
It's worms.
Fish take the worm every time.
What do you have
in your backyard?
Go home,
look in your backyard.
Under that little pool.
You have worms.
You know what? You take off.
I'll lock it down.
I-I can go?
- Yeah man, go.
- Ah thanks, Chip.
Yeah, sure, sure.
My locker,
on top, July 02.
Bongo bass.
You take it home.
Wow, really?
Nah, it was an
all you can eat seafood bar.
He sat down
and he ate shrimp cocktail
for like an hour and a half.
Wait a minute.
You're telling me
Junior got comp'd?
Yeah. Soup to nuts
at the Onondaga.
- How does he do that?
- Well, you know Junior.
He can hang with anybody.
The museum's closed now.
You can come back tomorrow.
The exit's
just right this way.
How did Chip miss that?
I don't know.
Yeah, right-right
this way, sir.
Right this way.
We have contact.
Ah, hey, Twinkle Toes.
Thanks for the spot?
What? You're fine.
Anyway, you're done.
Come on. Get down.
It's time to go home.
Let's go, let's go.
That's good, Hilde.
Hey, I forgot my lunch box.
I got it!
All right, all right.
Did you see Chip's
new Mega Flashlight?
He says it doubles as a club.
How did he get back in here?
Call it in.
Oh, hey,
this is George Hildebrandt,
over here at the, uh,
Museum of Art.
Put me through
to the Campus Police, please.
I'm sorry, Mister,
I thought we made it clear
the exhibit was closed.
Wait a minute...
Hey, you can't go down there!
- It's... come on, come on.
- I gotta go, gotta go.
Thank you, send someone.
- Son of a...
- God damn it.
Where's he goin'?
Where's he goin'?
I have no idea.
That's a dead end.
Hey, mister.
we don't want any trouble, okay?
What the...
Oh, sorry, kids.
Didn't mean to scare you.
Did you see a man
running out that door?
- Running, running?
- No.
- Where the hell did he go?
- Come on, he was just here.
What's happening?
Is he...
did he steal something?
- What? Uh... I don't know.
- Ted, I'm going this way.
Okay, I'll meet you out front.
- Do you think he's dangerous?
- Dange... no.
I don't think that...
do you live on campus?
You all together? Come on.
Let's go up the stairs this way.
Come on. Come on.
Ah, head back to your dorm.
If you see anybody
along the way
just call security, okay?
You want me to walk you home?
Okay, all right,
just, um, head back.
Head back, keep an eye out.
All right, thank you. Thanks.
Where is he?
Hey. Who opened that?
- No idea.
- Oh, boy.
- Ted.
- Huh?
Go there.
Holy shit.
- Seriously? Seriously?!
- Yep.
I-I just don't...
this actually...
So, Ted and Hilde,
you're goin' after this guy,
who goes out through
the basement
you give chase,
then you find
the front door compromised,
and you come back
into the exhibit.
- That's right, Chief.
- Yep, yep.
And Chip...
you do not see the man,
but yet,
somehow you shatter the glass.
Am I getting this right?
Yes, that's right, Chief.
I broke the glass.
Okay. Uh, in my 35 years
in Law Enforcement,
if there's one thing
I've learned
it's that people
don't just disappear.
Come on now,
let's go find this guy.
- Call it in.
- Okay, Chief.
Consider it done,
as soon as I do it.
All units,
we have an adult,
black male,
African-American suspect.
I repeat.
An adult, black male.
African-American suspect.
- Was that Cantonese?
- Yeah, um...
- Hey...
- I'll clean this.
- Yeah, we'll get this, Chief.
- We'll get this, Chief.
- Thank you.
- All right, see you later.
- Thanks.
- Thanks a lot, Chief.
- What did he say?
- I have no idea.
- That's whacked.
- Hey, you're the guys!
Whoa, whoa.
Did you know
that you went viral?
- We went what?
- Viral?
You did.
You-you went viral.
You already have 2,300 views.
Did you see a man running
- out that door?
- Running, running?
- No.
- Where the hell did he go?
- He was right here.
- What's happening?
Hey, that's a...
Can you describe the suspect?
Um, uh, and, and you are...
Oh, my name is Harold Klebold.
Freelance reporter
of the on-line Campus Times.
Listen, I don't think
we're at liberty to...
The suspect was black.
Uh, oh...
It's probably best
if you ask the Chief.
Can I get your names?
- Yeah, uh, Ted Markham.
- George...
- Ted Markham.
- ...Hildebrandt.
with a "D".
Oh, my God!
Look what the sewer backed up.
They let you ladies out
on a school night?
You got the Red Bomb out?
Come on, gimme' some of that.
I thought you quit?
Hey, Chip.
Come have a beer with us.
Ah, no that's,
that's a negative.
That kinda' crosses that line.
What line is that?
The line between, uh,
who I protect and, uh,
who I drink with.
Hey, Chip,
it's just a beer. Come on.
Yeah, yeah.
You can protect us
while you're having a drink
with us.
Nah, I-I got...
I gotta... I gotta take off.
- Chip...
- Come on, Chip, it's okay.
Okay, wait.
Now wait.
Is-is it me?
'Cause that-that guy's
getting weirder
by the day, right?
Nah, he just had a bad night.
That's all.
Yeah, what a night.
You're not gonna believe
what happened.
- I mean...
- Ted, whad'ya say? Two?
- Minimum.
- It's appropriate.
- Come on, let's do it.
- Lightweights. Let's go.
I like your hands.
You like my hands?
I noticed them.
Oh, um...
when did that happen?
I'm Andie.
Thanks for looking out for us.
Here ya' go, bud.
Thanks, Butch.
Did all that just
freakin' happen tonight?
Was that weird or what?
Somethin' else.
Goodnight, bro.
Yeah. Night, Hilde.
And that makes for some
very interesting news.
In Cortland last night
a break in
at a major exhibition
at the college goes viral.
Hey Vickie, turn it up!
- Quiet everybody!
- Ah, it's probably best to...
why, do you live in the dorms?
- Yeah.
- Probably best to just
head back home
and stick together.
If you see anything unusual
call security or somethin',
All right, good.
Do you want me to walk you?
- No.
- Okay, good.
You guys should take off.
All right, bye!
A couple of
maintenance workers
turned crime stoppers,
making these two men
our Heroes of the Week.
Brave stuff.
Well in other news,
the Onandagan...
Here they... here they come!
...will vote tonight along
with the Syracuse City Council
of whether or not...
- Junior.
- Junior!
Get those boys some coffee,
Already on the table.
Over-easy, Teddy?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Comin' right up!
Okay, Teddy,
this is for you.
Hey, hey, hey,
Vic, Vic, Vic, Vic?
You forget somethin'?
What? What is it?
And this... for your co-worker.
Listen to this.
"The maintenance men
gave perilous chase...
- Ow.
- ..."comma",
putting school and student body
ahead of their own safety."
I read the article.
I mean, perilous?
Ted, Ted, would you call that
perilous chase?
I mean, this paper sucks.
And you even told the guy
how to spell your name
with a "D".
Oh, I will slap you so hard.
I look good in that thing.
Look at that.
Oh, hi.
- Oh, hi Ted.
- She around?
I think she's in
with the Dean. I'll check.
I saw you on the internet.
That was great what you did.
What are you doing up here?
I don't know.
Just thought I'd stop by.
I didn't see you this morning.
Oh, I had an early meeting
with the Dean.
I would've told you last night,
but you were out.
Yeah, we, um...
did you hear what happened?
No. What happened?
Thank you for this, Mary Ann.
Will I see you
at the trustee's meeting?
I'll be right down.
- Good to see you, Ted.
- Yep, yep, see you.
You know what, you're busy.
I'll, uh,
I'll check back with you later.
- Ted?
- Yep?
Very handsome.
Dean Stoddard's office.
You can do
whatever you wanna do.
Roller derby.
Roller derby!
And I saw him out there,
and he just,
he just gone. Just...
I run up, I reach,
I grab him, pull him in.
And I was...
shakin' and this...
and I saw his daddy comin'
and then he...
and I walk over.
I walk him over
and he snatch him up.
The boy's soppin' wet
in his arms.
Coughing up water.
He look at me and he said,
"You will have a piece
of your own."
"Keep it in da' box, boy.
Hear me.
You keep it in da' box.
Don't let nobody touch it.
You keep it safe."
That's what he said.
Well you was...
ah and then-then you...
you was there.
What're you guys doin'?
the guy who broke in.
Yeah? What about him?
The-the guy.
- The-the guy.
- Him.
Okay him-him who? Who? Who?
Chip, him.
You know what,
you guys are acting
really freakin' weird.
And I don't know
what game it is,
but I'm not playing it.
We are under
a Orange Level Alert.
And it's not funny.
It's just...
How the frick'
do we tell who about this?
I don't know if we do.
What're gonna say?
I don't know.
He was standing right there.
And Chip didn't see him.
Nope. He did not.
He did not.
Ted, he didn't see him.
I-I just said that.
He did not.
Who else doesn't see him?
Did ya' have fun last night?
- I think so.
- You know,
you left your gate open.
I left the gate open, okay.
You know, I really don't mind
you being out late with Hilde.
Unscheduled boys night out,
But, it would be really nice
if you could keep that pretty
good rhythm thing goin'?
You know, that thing
that we've been doing forever?
That little thing
where you wake up early
and make the coffee,
your part of the day?
Since I gotta be at work
three hours before you do?
Are you gonna answer me?
You didn't really ask me
a question.
One short.
Yep. Comin' up.
One short.
Oh, good. Nice.
Excuse me.
Are you Mr. Hildebrandt?
Oh, then you must be
Mr. Markham?
Yeah, yeah I'm Ted Markham.
You have been...
What's he want, Ted?
Hold on, hold on.
You've been cordially invited
to the Dean's Dinner
and Cocktail Reception.
They sent a messenger?
Hey, we got invited.
Hear catch! Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Didn't mean to sneak up on you.
Are you nervous?
No, no.
You look nice.
You think?
Yeah. I do.
I think
you're comin' on to me.
We have ten minutes.
We have ten minutes for what?
We have to leave
in ten minutes.
Come on.
that's 22 bones for you,
Thank you. Drive safe.
Dani! Sam!
Thanks, dad!
I'll get the plates.
Please put some pants on.
Oh, I'm fine.
I'll grab the pop.
Timmy, relax.
You and I are not
at the conversation
place yet.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You forget something?
Shhh, shhh. Hey, listen.
You know that, that,
that kid Timmy?
- Yeah.
- You know him?
- Um, hmm.
- Does he have to come over
tonight of all nights?
What're ya' gonna do?
Come on, we gotta go.
- Yeah, I know. Hey...
- Come on.
Don't do that.
...don't start somethin'
if you can't finish it.
- I didn't do it.
- You did it.
- You started it.
- You started it.
- I shoulda' listened to my mom.
- No, no, yeah.
She told me
to stay away from you.
Let's blow this pop stand
and go to a motel room?
It's not Prom night.
Did we ever make it
to the Prom?
I love you.
Thank you, Dean Harver.
Thank you.
Thank you for your words...
Thank you for your words
that always inspire
and also make us laugh.
And now,
it is a privilege
to introduce two men
who have become local heroes.
It is rare
when curiosity and courage
conquer fear,
to truly serve and protect
the college and the community.
Thank you.
Thank you for watching over
and maintaining the foundation
of our beloved campus.
And you keep the lights on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
if you would please join me
in acknowledging
Ted Markham
and his co-worker
George Hildebrandt.
We are in your debt.
stand and take a bow.
Oh, yeah, babe.
Plus I got a little somethin'
to show you.
Where the hell
did you get this?
- Junior.
- Ah, boy.
- Alright, you ready?
- Yeah.
Alright, here goes.
I give!
I give!
Oh, that was epic.
Where the hell does Junior
get that snake from?!
Of course he did.
Holy shitsky!
Did anyone lose a limb?
Come on, let's get a beer.
I can't...
I'm kinda' freaked out
right now.
How can we help you?
There was this old dog
on the farm.
He used to chase 'dis chicken
around every day.
Would not stop chasin'
that chicken.
Then one day...
that old dog
chased the chicken clear
into this chicken coop,
with all them chickens and...
I don't know what happened
in there to that old dog,
but he ain't never chased them
chickens no more.
Were you waiting for us?
Yes, sir.
I'm not sure I understand.
Le Deux.
Gil Le Deux is me.
Here you go, buddy.
108 people died on that ship.
That's a lot of people.
What's that,
a program from upstairs?
You think he's upstairs again?
What'd you say?
No, no.
The man, Gil.
You think he's upstairs again?
"This Exhibit contains
a Passenger Manifest
with a complete list
of the Bernadine's passengers
and crew,
boarded at the Port
of New Orleans
on February 23rd, 1857".
Hey. There he is.
Oh hey, Chip.
We have leads.
We have some
very interesting leads.
Oh, well...
That's great.
He's gone.
Let's go.
You don't think
there's an alarm
attached to this thing,
do ya?
Oh, good time to ask.
Be careful.
No. Not there.
- Come on, turn the page.
- Okay.
Bernard Macon.
Coralee Devant.
Wanna go to the Brook?
That's what
I'm thinkin' about.
Me, too.
What'cha lookin' at, Mom?
Oh, nothin', I just...
I thought I saw your dad
coming home.
Do you remember?
Yes, sir I...
Now I, I remember
I was on the deck,
and-and a wind
come in with so much rain
that even,
even the ocean couldn't hold it.
And then, then the waves come.
The water was...
was filling up
all over the place.
And it was so dark,
and it push against you so hard.
I just couldn't reach it, I...
Reach what?
I saved his boy.
- Yeah...
- Who's boy?
I-I did.
Couldn't swim a lick, that boy,
and then,
and I wasn't going to
let him hit no bottom.
No sir, I wasn't gonna let that
happen to him.
I remember
I, I grabbed him,
pulled him on out and I,
and when I got him out
I could see Master Ribeaux
running across the field,
and he just grab him
out of my arms,
just take him
and squeeze him up,
he wet and cryin', and then...
and then the Master look,
he look right at me.
He said, "Thank you, Gil"
Master said, "Thank you, Gil."
And then...
then he told me, he said...
"Listen here, boy.
I can't free you...
Not here."
And so he give me
a piece of my own.
He-he give me a place
for me and my Coralee.
Coralee? Coralee.
Yes sir, that's my wife.
She was on the boat, too.
She was.
Do you know that
you died on that boat?
That what I did?
Over here.
What are you doin' over there?
Just sittin'.
You comin' to bed?
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, you can ask me anything.
What's going on, Hilde?
What's going on with what?
Come on, I know my husband.
Don't Rach me.
I've 30 years with you,
we've never had a secret.
I haven't had any.
You're my best friend.
Best friends share everything.
I miss mine.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
You out already?
Yeah. I, uh...
I got bagels, coffee's on.
- I gotta go.
- Do, um...
See you later.
Uh, hmm.
What's up? Why so early?
I think it's a deed.
What's a deed?
I went to the Museum
last night.
Here, you drive.
Wait, wait,
you went where when?
You know that display case?
The one with the box,
the one that Gil was talking to?
In that box,
- is the deed to his land.
- Wait, slow down.
What box? What land?
Remember how Gil
was saying something
about his master
giving him what was his?
- A piece of his own?
- Yeah.
Yeah, well the deed to his own
is in that box.
Come on, I'll tell you.
Um, it-it appears
to be a legal document.
It's got a seal.
It says New York.
I figured if anyone knew
it would be the County Clerk.
And-and these numbers
right here.
All those numbers right there
were on it.
And, uh, the name Gil Le Deux.
Gotta be a record of it
somewhere, right?
Well, there might be.
Just maybe not here.
Like I said,
it's really difficult
without having the actual deed
in hand.
Not a lot of information here.
It's like asking me
to identify an octopus...
without it's legs.
I... I'm sorry.
I can't find a match,
with this information.
Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.
Just-just follow me on this,
maybe it wasn't recorded,
maybe the transfer of the land,
or the legal whatever,
never took place.
I mean, think about it.
He never got there.
Somebody's gotta' own it, right?
Well, that's what I'm say...
Holy shit.
What's he doin' there?
Look who it is,
the dynamic duo.
Where you been?
Holy Mother and Saints,
if it ain't
the disappearing act.
Hey guys.
they got your good side.
That's pretty good.
Come on, beers later!
No can do, but soon, right?
You just play Keith and Mick.
Leave me here with the drummer.
Hey, Gil.
What're you looking at?
Do you know that's my wife?
Grab me!
Grab me!
- Please!
- Help!
Yep, okay.
Uh, hmm.
Alright, yeah, yeah.
I'll-I'll be right there.
Who was that?
So late?
Something at the uh...
Art Museum.
I don't know.
Want me to come with you?
No, I got it.
I got it.
Come on,
it'd be like back
before Cody was born.
Was there ever a time
before Cody?
There was.
I gotta go.
- Ted?
- Yep?
Did you see me
in the Tea Shop?
I did.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy is right.
Never saw lights
do that before.
Holy cow.
What are you doin' here?
Um, I got a call.
You got a call?
Yeah, they-they called Ted.
What time...
what time did they...
What time did they...
did they call?
A little while ago.
We should check the
main breaker. Right?
- Okay. Yeah.
- Yeah, we really...
we're gonna check
the main breaker.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- See ya' later.
- Yeah.
You know what we're gonna' do?
We're gonna lock this
place down.
We're gonna sweep it.
We got a 482.
- We got a what?
- We got...
Give me the mic.
Base, we've got a 482.
We got a what?
We got an electrical incident.
Who is this?
This is Senior Sergeant
What're you doin' there, Chip?
I was... I was...
I heard the call
and I was available.
Uh, oh, okay.
so we are securing the area
and we will advise.
And we are out.
Thanks, Chip.
Okay, so we're, we're gonna...
Everyone, freeze!
We are locking this area down!
And we are gonna sweep
this area!
We are?
I am.
I am.
Hey, Cody, come on!
Time for breakfast!
Oh, well, I already ate.
No, no, no, come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go!
Jeez, dad, what's the rush?
Cody, grab your lunch,
I'm gonna drive you to school
this morning.
Nate was gonna drive me.
with his learner's permit?
That's not gonna happen.
Ah, come on.
Get you stuff.
You're gonna be late.
Worst day of my life.
And many more to come, dear.
Would you come here
for a second?
I gotta show you something.
What is happening with him?
Oh, man, I don't know.
He's just in that funny place
right now.
Yeah. I guess he is.
I just...
He's 15.
How about us do you think?
What place are we in?
We're just right here.
Just you and me.
Oh, don't...
Ah, yeah.
You weren't
supposed to see that.
You showed up
with five friends.
Hey, I showed.
And we were all so high.
And I looked over at you
and you were wearing
that sweater that I knitted.
And-and it wasn't perfect.
Which was kinda' perfect.
I gotta go.
- Go.
- Okay.
- Go.
- Okay.
Right there.
Oh, wow.
That's where he was.
I'm lookin' at him and he's...
I don't know what he's doing,
he looked back at me
- for a second.
- I know. I bet, I bet.
I don't know what to...
Y'all know where home is.
Look, she would join me, she...
she would look at me like...
like I musta' done
somethin' wrong
and then...
then she smiles...
She'd smile...
I know she'd do that.
But I don't know where that is.
How she gonna find me...
if I ain't there?
Gil I-I don't know
how to help you.
I wants home.
Did you hear what he said,
He was talking about his wife.
I know, I know.
It's-it's like he's aimlessly
walking the earth. I...
Wait a minute.
What if it's not aimless?
Oh, man.
- What?
- Oh man, Ted,
what if he doesn't leave?
What if Gil just stays
right here, right?
I mean, we just saw him
in the backyard, right?
Where-where we gonna find him
Like, hanging out
in the kids' room?
No, no I don't want him
in the kid's room.
Ah man,
this is really happening.
All of it.
And I'm feelin' all this stuff
that we can't really share
with anybody.
I mean, it's incredible.
And it makes me feel
like we're special,
in some way, or crazy.
But whatever it is,
it's just you and me.
And we don't even know why.
He needs to go home.
Are we just gonna take it?
Like, we're gonna steal it?
No, we're gonna borrow it.
The clerk said to have
the actual deed in hand.
So, let's do that, right?
Let's give him that.
I don't think
he meant it literally.
Oh, shoot.
What're you doin'?
Who is that?
I can't tell.
Is that Chip?
Oh, shit.
Oh, boy.
You sure about this?
No, I am not.
Hey, Ted.
What if we run into someone,
or somebody sees us?
If they do, we're just fixing
the electrical.
I'm not sure needing an alibi
is a good thing.
Oh, look at that baby.
Hello! Get the...
Don't touch him. You don't know
what kind of spider that is.
Is it clear?
Yeah, yeah. Come on, come on.
- Really? Really?
- I know, I know.
Come on.
I can't make the guy out,
but he's still standing there.
Well, still keep looking
at him, okay?
Okay. Hurry up.
- Hilde.
- Yeah.
Come here. You gotta see this.
Look. For Gil.
That's his land.
Next time we do this,
make more noise.
I know.
I'm telling you,
no one is gonna know
that that deed
is not in that pouch.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- What?
Did we leave our light on?
I come back here tonight,
'cause I figure that if,
you know...
something could go wrong,
and it did,
and maybe it could happen again,
and I wanted to go
that extra mile.
For the job.
For the sake of making sure
that everything
is gonna be all right.
I mean, he may be out there...
but he's not gonna be in here.
No sirree, no Bob, no.
Not on my watch.
So, I post one of my guys
outside the front door.
And guess what I saw.
I saw our local heroes.
Which makes me wonder.
Did you get another call?
Was there another
"electrical incident"
and so they called you guys?
- Chip...
- You guys are maintenance.
You maintain things.
I'm supposed to be security,
but apparently
I don't secure much of anything.
I thought you guys
were taking it to 11...
but really...
all you were really doing
was taking.
Wait. Chip.
It's just an old a deed,
to a piece of land,
and we just need to borrow it
for a short time.
That's it. And then we're gonna
put it back.
But what does it have
to do with you?
You know what? Listen.
I don't know what you guys
are gonna do with that thing,
you know what,
I don't wanna know.
But I'm gonna give you one day.
That's it. 24 hours.
And then you're gonna bring
it back to me.
- You're gonna give it to me.
- You got it.
Me only, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yep.
- Oh. Hey, Sweetie.
- Hey.
I can't believe
you slept there all night.
- I tried to wake you up.
- I know.
You didn't wake up.
- Hi.
- You didn't wake up
when the girls left.
Oh no, I know.
- Hey, Rach.
- Oh, God.
- I thought you were downstairs.
- Sorry, uh...
I just, uh, need to take
those papers to work.
- Didn't want to forget 'em.
- What is this?
Uh, it's an old map.
Um, can I have it?
Don't, but, don't-don't-
don't bend it like that, Rach.
It's a hundred
and fifty years old.
What are you doing
with it then?
Just give it to me?
Okay. The man?
That we were chasing
in the Museum that night?
That's him.
- What's him? Who's him?
- The-the black guy.
- That everyone's looking for.
- But you just said
it's a hundred
and fifty years old.
I know it's crazy.
I just want to help him
get back home,
and then I'll take it
back to the museum.
You took this from the museum?
From the college where you work?
Do you know what's gonna happen
when they find this missing?
- You'll lose your job.
- I'm not gonna lose my job.
You would put this family,
this place,
everything we eek out
for a living at risk?
Nothing's gonna be at risk.
You sure about that?
Where's your girlfriend going
so early?
can you help me clean up
a little bit? I gotta...
What'd you have in mind
for that?
I was gonna put it back.
Did you tell Rachel?
Ah, no.
Is it worth it, Ted?
Is it worth it?
I don't know, Hilde,
but I'll tell you somethin'.
If it doesn't work out,
or we don't find Gil
or his land by tonight...
we're gonna bring that back,
we're gonna give it to Chip,
the exhibit reopens,
nobody's the wiser,
and nobody...
is gonna get hurt by it.
If we get caught,
we lose our jobs.
If we get caught,
we're goin' to jail.
Oh, come on.
You think this is funny?
No. No, I...
I don't.
I do not think that Chip
is gonna tell anybody.
We're the closest thing
he has to friends.
I know that sounds pathetic,
but it's true.
We've got to do this.
I don't know.
But when's the last time
you felt like this?
I just can't shake
this sense I have
that he's here, right now.
Not just because he's lost.
Yeah, but I really think
he is lost.
Yeah, but we ain't.
Everything was fine, Ted.
And then Gil shows up
and everything is different
with Rachel.
And I guess everything
is different with me,
I mean, I don't know.
I don't know if I'm ready
to be different.
That was good.
- Stop it.
- It was.
- It's not funny.
- Hey, I'm serious. It was good.
Are we really gonna do this?
Dean Stoddard's office.
Hey, Mary Ann, it's Rachel.
Hey, Rach, what's up?
Hey, do you know
what's going on with the boys?
Um, I can't say that I do, no.
About what they took
from the Museum?
I'm sorry, what?
Excuse me.
Um, are you open yet?
We don't open
for another 15 minutes.
Um, I don't know
if you remember us or not?
I do.
We got the deed.
Yeah, the one
that you asked for.
This is highly unusual, but...
And that's the end
of lesson three.
Please be very careful
with it.
Oh, my. This is a...
beautiful, beautiful document.
Let me see.
Where did you get this?
Uh, it's a family thing.
You have French heritage
from New Orleans?
Mother's side.
That's interesting.
it really should be in a museum.
Can you tell
by looking at it, um,
who might own this property now?
Let me...
look at something.
I may have it here.
It should be right here
but it's not, um...
if it was unclaimed property,
then the Transfer of Ownership
may have never taken place.
What were the names
associated with this?
Ribeux and, uh, Gil Le Deux.
Here. Here it is.
- Wow, oh wow.
- Right here.
He found it, he found it.
"Ribeux" owned it
for a very short time.
And apparently,
this Gil Le Deux fellow
never claimed his land.
And the County sold it
at auction
in 1878 to a...
Theodore Maxwell Markham.
- That's why he's here.
- That's why it's us.
Not here.
Nope. Come on.
- Gil!
- Hey, Gil!
- What?
- Hilde, come here. Come here.
Right there. See the rock?
Right there?
- Yeah, I do.
- Right there, look.
oh, that's...
- it's right here.
- It's right here.
It's right here.
- It's right here.
- It's right here, Ted.
Oh, my...
It's right there.
- It's right there!
- We gotta find him.
Where do you think he is,
the Museum?
I don't know.
Yeah, yeah, good place to start.
Oh, boy,
what the hell's goin' on now?
Oh, Chip, you didn't.
Yeah. It sure looks like
he did.
Son of a bitch.
Well, we either go inside
the hall
and face whatever it is
or we what, what?
What do we do, Ted?
Where's the last place
we saw Gil?
Come on, Gil. Where are you?
Come on. Let's go.
Ted, your house.
Ted? Is that you?
Uh, yeah, yeah, it's me, Mare.
Ted, I'm gonna check
the basement.
What's goin' on, Ted?
I just got a call
from Chief Baumgartner.
Did you tell her?
Did she tell you about the man?
- About the...
- Yeah. I told her.
Okay, okay.
he's here.
What are you saying?
What are you telling me?
I'm telling you
that he's here,
right now, in the house.
He wasn't down there, Ted.
He's not down...
- oh.
- Oh, for God sakes,
you see him, too?
It's okay, Rach.
What do you see, Ted?
He's sitting
on the bottom step.
Mare, someday soon
I'm gonna be able
to tell you about everything.
And I can't wait.
But until that day,
what I can tell you
is that he's real.
And he wants...
no, he needs to go home.
And we just found out
where that is.
What do you gotta do?
I need to take him home.
Then take him.
Hey Gil, are you ready?
We're almost home.
Let's do it.
Chip. Come on.
So, this guy knows
what he's looking for?
Yeah, apparently.
He's the expert.
He set this whole show up.
I'm sorry to have to say this,
but the artifact in question
is definitely not here.
Oh, damn it.
Put out an APB.
Round 'em up.
Got it.
This your land.
No, this was your land first.
Gil. Look.
There it is.
"For Gil."
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Up top this hill,
drop down to a nice field,
where spring rains find a home.
Da' land spill out and...
over and into a brook where a...
cabin waits for food, fire...
for you.
'Tis a nice place, my Coralee.
Yeah, 'tis a nice place
to finally see.
Hey, Ted.
The deed is gone.
Local police are now looking
for these two men
wanted in an apparent,
and I might add,
rather strange robbery.
According to Sergeant
Chip Ostrowski
of the Woodbury College
Campus Police,
there was never
an African-American man
breaking into that exhibit
at the Art Museum on campus.
Why do you think they did it?
Well, who really understands
criminal behavior?
A demented cry for attention?
It's sad really.
We're just gonna have to face
the music.
- I know.
- It's gonna be okay.
I mean, other than the fact
Rach is gonna kill me.
It's a major embarrassment
for Mary Ann and the college.
That's never good.
But hey, we got our pension.
Yeah, buddy, I'm not so sure
about that pension.
If you could back up
the clock,
would you change a thing?
No. I would not.
Okay then.
Hey, Ted.
I love it. I don't get it.
I mean,
you already got married once.
Well, it's like, you know,
it's symbolic.
Can't imagine wantin'
to symbolize that twice.
Come on.
You're crazy about Rachel.
Yes I am, Butch.
And I married her once.
All right, you're ready.
- I look good, don't I?
- Really good.
I know. That's what I said.
Don't hurt him.
- Almost finished.
- Okay.
You know what? It's perfect.
- Let me see.
- Yeah.
Oh, I love it.
Rach, look.
Oh, boy, we'd better hurry up.
They're about to marry
each other.
Hey, hey.
You look great.