Cold Case (2021) Movie Script

Expressing our gratitude
to Covid-19 frontline workers,
an imaginary story after we've overcome
the pandemic, when there are no masks.
'O Goddess Kali'
[Hindu exorcism chants]
I won't leave this body.
[Chants continue]
[Chants continue]
'O Lord Shiva'
[Continues chanting]
Leave this body!
Why are you troubling her?
Why are you troubling her?
Leave this body!
No. I won't leave this body!
I won't leave this body!
[Islamic exorcism chants]
[Chants continue]
[Chants continue]
Who is in this body?
- I am Alikkutty!
- Allah!
This is my husband's voice!
This is my house!
How did you die?
He killed me!
I know him!
Though it may seem unbelievable,
an incident in which the spirit of the
deceased was invoked to solve a case,
has been documented
in police records.
Probably, the child
was talking about...
... the suspicions he had
in his sub-conscious mind.
Yet, that case remains
in our case files,
despite being
quite unbelievable.
Freeze here, at this point.
Place sir's visuals over here.
- Okay.
Don't forget to give the footage
I told you about earlier.
- No!
[Phone rings]
Yes, sir. I'm leaving
from office now.
I'll reach in 20 minutes, sir.
You'll be there, right?
Okay sir.
I told you that I'm looking
for a house on rent, right?
The house-owner called just now.
He has been waiting there
for a long time now.
I'll go check out the house.
- Keep this episode packed by then.
And yeah, do I look like have
the hangover of a night-shift?
Yeah, right!
You look really fresh!
Get going.
- Okay.
By the way...
The 'tiger' isn't here, right?
- No. He has not come.
He has gone to Singapore
to receive an award, right?
But the lady tiger has
come out from the den.
THE Roshni Madam!
She reached early in the morning.
Why does she keep coming
here all the time,
just because she's the
Programme Head's wife?
And she intervenes in everything!
And sometimes I just...
She's the director board
member's daughter as well, right?
So shouldn't she show that responsibility?
- That's enough! Please!
Hey! This is not how you do it.
You should change it, okay?
Medha Padmaja!
How's your show going?
I heard that the rating
has dropped down a bit?
Can't find any new ghost stories?
If not, you should create your own stories,
and make the show better.
Got it?
If the rating and ad revenue goes down,
everything will be in vain, right?
I'll try.
I have to go out urgently.
Is your shift over, Medha?
Well, I was just asking.
If it's something related to work,
it's okay.
Come back soon!
Yeah, right!
As if I'm going
to come back now!
[Car unlocks]
[Phone rings]
This is Vasudha, dear.
- What's the matter?
Did Ajay call you?
No. No one called me.
I know that he won't call
you without my knowledge.
I called now...
.. to tell you something else.
After the divorce,
you'll be free, Medha.
In between your busy schedules,
you may not be able to pay
proper attention to Chinnu.
Especially once you get married again.
Chinnu shouldn't suffer then.
I can't agree to my son's daughter...
... having someone else
in her father's position.
I have no such plans now.
You may have such plans
in the future, right?
I'll let you know when I plan.
I'm busy right now.
Param Guruji always says that...
... anger will make us
lose several things.
Think about it with a calm mind.
The well-being of your own child,
is what makes every
mother happy, right?
Please don't call me
again to talk about this.
Out, out!
[Phone rings]
Call for you, Mom!
Yes, sir.
I haven't seen it, sir.
I'll check and get
back to you, sir.
Sir, okay.
Fisherman Mariyadasan found a cover
from a lake within the city limits.
He got shocked seeing a skull inside
a cover which got trapped in his net,
and informed the people
nearby immediately,
and they reported it to
the nearest police station.
Since it is Home Minister Aalathur
Raghuthaman's constituency,
he has called the police
directly to enquire the details.
Moreover, the
renovated boat club
which the Minister is set
to inaugurate in a few days,
is only a few metres away from the
spot where the skull was found.
There are speculations that the
inauguration might be postponed,
under this special circumstance.
As the Home Minister has been
embroiled in controversies lately,
solving this case
at the earliest,
will be a huge challenge
for the Government.
This is a well with a great history.
We used to pluck
mangoes from this tree,
and mix it with coconut
oil, salt and pepper.
And then, when we chase it down with
the pure water from this well...
it's wonderful!
I haven't left this house
vacant for a long time.
These are my ancestors' photos.
Let them remain there.
This is my ancestral house.
I got this as my share.
I don't really need the rent
from this place to live my life.
[Sound of door opening]
And yeah, this room has an AC.
[Sound of door opening]
TV, fridge, gas connection...
This house has all
the facilities.
If you need anything more,
let me know.
Sir, shall we file it under section 302?
Calm down, Sathish.
We can decide the section later.
The section will be a problem, sir.
there are some rumours in this area,
connected to our Home Minister's son.
What's that?
- Well, sir...
A case of a girl who went
missing two years back.
That girl was in love with our
Minister Alathur Raghuthaman sir's son.
But he dumped her.
The girl didn't admit defeat.
Even after the Minister went to her house
and threatened her, she didn't stop.
And after a few days,
that girl went missing.
Though there was a routine
complaint and investigation...
there was no evidence.
Well, how come you
have such a doubt now?
Sir, the old boat club here is the hideout
of the Minister's son and his friends.
You know what I mean?
[Police Wireless Messages : The
Forensic department has arrived]
[The examination is in progress]
[Police wireless messages continue]
Dragging the family members of
Ministers into every controversy,
can only be called as the political
bankruptcy of certain people.
As I am handling
the Home Ministry,
when there's such an allegation,
I have instructed the police
to form a special team,
and complete the
investigation at the earliest.
The best team of the police
department will investigate this case.
The truth will come out very soon.
Anand, the skull was found just
200 metres from the boat club.
No other remains were
located in the...
Even the National media
is covering this news.
Sir, I spoke to the SHO.
Someone clicked some photos
and posted it on social media,
before the police
reached the spot.
That's how it spread.
Now the scene has been guarded.
And the Single Digit Bureau
and the Forensic team
have arrived at the crime scene.
Anyhow, the DG had called me.
There's immense pressure from
the Home Minister's office.
The instruction is to assign
a special team immediately.
I suggest ACP Sathyajith and team.
Where are you, Mom?
I had gone to meet the
astrologer with your horoscope.
I thought I'll ask
him about your future.
Why are you doing this for every
silly thing that happens, Mom?
Even if we think
about it or not...
If you don't believe it,
let it be.
And yeah, I saw the
photos you sent me.
That house is not bad.
That's why I sent it immediately.
I liked it.
If you liked it, pay
an advance and fix it.
Chinnu has already
packed her bags.
Right, dear?
- Yes.
I'm getting a call, Mom.
I'll call you later.
Tell Chinnu that I'll
call her at night.
[indistinct reportage by the media]
Hey! Hey!
Move away!
Sir! Sir! Please!
- Later! Later!
Sir, any information....
- Stop it.
Rajeev, fill me in.
Sir, apart from the skull, we've got some
hair and tissue remnants and blood clots,
from the bag.
But since they are in a
highly putrefied state,
DNA extraction
will be difficult.
We can say something only
after a lab analysis now.
Give me that file.
Sir, please.
Don't push.
Move back.
Sir, this is Neela Madam.
She's the new IPS probationer.
DC had told me about you, Neela.
We'll get to know each
other in detail soon.
It's time to get started.
A human skull covered
in a garbage bag.
That's all we know right now.
This is SHO Rajprakash.
He'll share the details.
Sir, there has been no official response on
this case so far. What do you have to say?
We can't share any
inferences as yet.
We've found an old and
mutilated human skull
covered in a garbage
bag, from the lake.
So obviously,
this isn't a natural death.
We're searching if there's something
similar in the lake and surroundings.
And we haven't received any reports
of similar body parts being found,
at any of our stations.
So, we've just begun the investigation.
We'll inform you when there
are further developments.
Well, even if we
don't inform you,
you'll solve this case yourselves in
tonight's prime-time debate, right?
Excuse me.
- Move away.
Make way, please.
The MO should reach the court on time.
- Okay.
Keep following up things with the FSL.
- Sir.
You collect all the details
and you can leave.
I'll join you later.
- Okay sir.
Come on.
See, the jawbone of women will be
slightly straighter, compared to men.
It will be a little
more broader for men.
Upon the basis of an
initial observation,
through skull morphology,
what I can say now is that...
... the victim is a female.
Aged between 25 and 30.
And, this skull is
more than a year old.
That means, the death has happened,
in 2019 September or October.
After checking the
DNA report as well,
I'll share the report.
our first task...
... is to identify the dead person.
Anyway, it won't
be an easy task.
Let's see.
Thank you, doctor.
So, Neela...
Here's your first assignment.
- Yes, sir.
Get the details of all the missing cases,
which have been reported in
our state, in the past 2 years.
Especially that of women.
Including the girl who went missing
in the Minister's son's case.
And from that,
make a list of all the girls
aged between 20 and 30.
Okay sir.
I'll do it.
Usually, it's the
alcoholism of the husbands,
or regular fights
and domestic violence.
Or else,
relationship with other women.
These are the usual
reasons for a divorce.
But he's a very well-mannered
and obedient man.
Then why do you need
this divorce, dear?
He has a little too much
obedience, Chandrika Chechi.
Everyone should love
and obey their mothers.
But how can he say that there's
nothing beyond what his mother says?
Forget that.
Should he show his obedience by making
his mother decide things for his wife?
Eat this too.
- Really?
Isn't she a sweet lady?
Yeah, right!
She just has a mask
of spirituality.
Her actual face is different.
But you could have adjusted
a little more, dear.
Don't speak to me like a
conservative lady, Mom!
What more should I adjust?
I can't wear that,
I shouldn't do this...
If I go for work, I have
to be back home by 6 PM.
And she has a lot of
Demi-Gods as well.
I have to fall at
their feet too.
Forget that Ajay doesn't
have his own opinions.
If I say something to him,
he doesn't say anything.
What did Ajay say when you
told him about your decision?
He didn't say anything.
He just kept looking
at his laptop.
Then he asked me to tell his mom.
What a great husband!
It's been two months...
... since he called,
at least to talk to Chinnu.
Don't take that doll, dear.
I'll buy a new one for you.
I want this Kunjootty doll!
My aunt bought this for me!
Mrs. Padmaja,
are you sure that you're
not coming along with us?
It hasn't been even a year
since your sister died, dear.
How can I come?
She's still somewhere
around here.
Don't be so sentimental, Mom!
You should send us off happily, right?
- Okay.
Get going before the
inauspicious time begins.
You should be really careful in everything.
Your time is not so great.
But your time is great, right?
A happy life with your temple-visits,
nursery and tuition classes.
I'll be coming after
leaving all this.
I won't remember so many things if I keep
myself engaged like this. That's why.
When I come for the next meeting,
I'll come to your new house.
Welcome, welcome.
Chinnu, give a kiss to grandma!
That's enough!
You can send the rest on WhatsApp.
Shall I leave, Mom?
Bye, Chinnu.
We haven't found any other body parts
from the lake and surroundings, sir.
Had we found
something like that,
it would have been
supportive for our case.
I don't see such a possibility.
Based on a probable modus operandi
of the killer in this case,
the remaining body parts might have
been disposed at different places.
We got the head from here.
The remaining body parts
will be at different places.
Sir, by different places, you mean?
Places which might not be
noticed by many people.
If it is a railway track
or something like that,
bodies which are not claimed,
are usually cremated
at Government expense.
As Dr. Sana said,
if this is a death that
happened in September 2019,
since we haven't found
any other body parts,
it won't be so easy to
identify the victim.
Usually, we'd know who
the dead person is.
And it will be difficult
to find the killer.
Here we have to find
out who died first!
As a natural guardian,
they can also claim
Chinnu's custody.
And, since this is
not a mutual divorce,
there are some
complications, as well.
There's no change in
my decision, Haritha.
And about Chinnu...
My daughter should
stay with me, right?
That might be okay, emotionally.
But... legally?
Let's see.
I'm ready to go to any extent.
Anyway, good that you
brought Chinmayi here.
She was having a blast with your
mom back in your hometown, right?
Don't be fooled by
her demeanour now.
She's a wholesale
dealer of mischief.
Dear, can you give me that doll?
She's not going to give it!
Her aunt bought it for her.
It will always be with her.
I wanted to ask you about that.
Your sister had studied
psychology, right?
Then why did she do this?
Her interest was
in parapsychology.
She came back after going
for her research somewhere,
got home and closed
the door to freshen up.
After a while, when
mom went to check...
... at the edge of her stole...
Had we known at least
her reason to do it,
it wouldn't have been
so difficult to cope with.
Leave it.
So you've joined a new school here
and became a city girl, right Chinmayi?
Then ask your mother
to buy a house here!
Hey Advocate!
Don't try to canvass me
for your villa project.
I'm still a small town girl at heart.
Okay. Shall we leave then?
- Okay.
Chinnu, say bye to aunt Haritha.
- Bye.
- Bye, dear.
- Bye, dear.
- Bye.
Among the reported missing cases,
how many are women?
1434 women, Sir.
How many of them
have been found?
627 women were found.
Sir, the dead bodies of 579
women among them were found.
Suicide cases.
Among these 228 women,
how many are in the age
bracket between 25 to 30?
37 women.
Get the full details and
photographs of these 37 women.
If there are photos among them which match
the anatomical data of the skull we found,
get reference samples and
send them for DNA tests.
Yes, Sir.
Chinnu, don't get
your uniform wet.
Chechi, is the tiffin ready?
- Yes.
Here you go.
Hey! Give me a kiss!
- Bye.
- Bye, bye!
[Dog barks]
Go away!
Skull superimposition is
an outdated technique.
But since we have no
further clues in this case,
we will give it a try.
We'll hope for the best.
Sure, Sir.
Chinnu, dear!
By the time you take
bath and get ready,
I'll keep the milk
ready for you.
Chinnu, why are you
peeping into the well?
I want to see
myself in the water!
Come here!
This is what happens if
kids aren't raised properly.
You better stay here!
I'm getting milk for you, Chinnu.
I don't want milk.
I'll have a juice with some ice.
If you have cold drinks
and catch a cold,
your mom will scold me!
I want juice with ice!
'Kunjootti, my dear Kunjootti'
- You can have your juice then!
[Phone rings]
Yes, Mahesh.
Sorry, Sir.
No hope.
Our victim is none among them.
All are mismatches.
What do we do now?
- Well...
With the help of a
forensic anthropologist,
shall we try to digitally
reconstruct the face of this skull?
Since it's not a
common procedure,
it will take some time.
Go ahead.
- Let's try that then.
- Okay, Sir.
I am Chinnootty!
Hello! Hello!
I am Chinnootty!
Enough with your games.
Stop it!
You know what time it is?
Just two minutes.
- No! That's enough!
Give it to me.
Give it!
Go to sleep.
Come on.
- Mom, I'm not feeling cold!
AC is at 19 degrees.
If you're not feeling cold,
don't use the blanket.
[Sound of water flowing]
What is it, dear?
What are you doing here, Chechi?
I was fast asleep, dear.
Suddenly I felt like someone
sprinkled water over me.
When I looked,
I didn't see anyone.
And then I heard
someone weeping loudly,
and when I paid attention,
it was a girl who was weeping.
You and your mad
stories at midnight!
No, dear.
I really heard it.
From that kitchen!
There's something wrong
with this house, dear.
We'll decide who has the
problem tomorrow morning.
- Well..
- Don't say anything.
Clean that room and go to sleep.
Check the list of missing cases,
once again.
We have checked it, Sir.
No such case has
been reported so far.
Yet, I've asked the
SHO's to double-check...
... whether we've
missed out on any case.
And I had double-checked the list of dead
people and the people we traced, Sir.
What if our victim...
... is not from Kerala?
There are chances
for that too, Sir.
Because so many people from other
states are in Kerala now, right?
Sir, someone is here to see you.
Haven't I told you
not to allow visitors?
I told him that he
can't see you now.
But he said he knows you and will
leave only after meeting you.
He seems a little drunk.
He said his name was
Chandrabhanu or something.
Long back, poet Ayyappan sang this
at a lodge in Aristo Junction,
'I can't share my heart
with you, my love'
'Half of it was stolen by
birds of intoxication'
Do you know who this is?
The only human in this world,
with whom I have a bond of blood.
My nephew!
Come, my nephew.
Sit down.
- This is not happening!
I've warned you several times,
to stop taking my name when you get
drunk and create a ruckus somewhere.
Can I take anyone's name
other than yours in this world?
I'm your only blood-relative
in this world, right son?
I am on a spiritual trip.
A journey in search of my identity.
I had a revelation while
sitting in the bar,
to come and meet you before
embarking on my next journey.
Can you give me
3000 Rupees, son?
And then, you'll take that money
and head straight to a bar.
You'll get sloshed there
and end up in some ditch.
That'll be the spiritual journey
you spoke about earlier, right?
No, son. I swear!
I'm on the path of spirituality.
But I can't give up on
my inebriation, right?
I was charged with a petty case.
I have to pay the fine.
Give me money.
Enquire about me once
in a while, okay?
Even if I die
somewhere on the road,
you're the only one left in
this world to identify me.
Why should I face the infamy of
being an unidentified corpse in vain?
'No one to wait for me'
'Nothing to remember'
'A broken glass vessel,
with pain and sorrow'
This missing case of our victim...
What if it has
not been reported?
How's that possible?
if someone goes missing,
that person should have
relatives or friends,
or someone like that,
to register a complaint, right?
What if it's someone who has no
one, even to register a complaint?
You know,
... an orphan!
Is that the place to
keep the doll, dear?
- Keep it in the showcase.
- My Kunjootty needs to feel cold.
If I keep her in the showcase,
she'll feel breathless.
Right, Kunjootty?
You and your Kunjootty!
'Kunjootty, my dear'
'Kunjootty, who travels
all around the world'
'Come running to me, Kunjootty'
So, right now we're clueless.
We've made a list of
missing cases, Ma'am.
My intuition says that...
when this person went missing,
it wasn't reported
anywhere in our system,
and didn't create any particular
impact in our society,
and was forgotten quickly.
at many instances, such intuitions
come to the rescue of us police officers.
May your intuition
help us in this case.
Another interesting observation,
is something we found
on that skull, Ma'am.
All its teeth had fallen out,
... except one tooth.
Like there was some specialty
for that one tooth alone.
Usually, if it lies in
the water for a long time,
all the teeth will fall off,
after a while.
And the teeth that
don't fall off,
might be prosthetic teeth.
To know more details,
shall we try forensic odontology?
There's a possibility.
Madam, I know an odontologist
who could help us.
An academician from Chennai.
Dr. Aadhavan Padmanabhan.
We can connect with
him immediately.
Ma'am, I think it's better that
I go and meet him in person.
That's better.
we're going to open
a Pandora's box.
A Pandora's box of a mysterious,
cold-blooded homicide,
which no one is aware of.
I won't buy anymore crayons for you,
if you do this again, Chinnu.
[News on TV]
[The case in which a skull was found
covered in a garbage bag from the lake,
is now being investigated
by a special police team]
Don't play around, Chinnu.
You're always so hot-headed, Mom!
So I just made you cool down.
You little rascal.
ACP Sathyajith is leading
the investigation team.
From the initial investigation,
they've arrived at an inference that...
the skull belongs to a girl
who was around 30 years old.
As part of collecting
further scientific evidence,
they will seek the help of
forensic experts, as well.
Deputy Commissioner Malini Aravind
said this in a press-conference.
I examined the skull.
You know..,
just like fingerprints,
each person's dental pattern
is also extremely unique.
I saw something in a study published in
European Journal of Internal Medicine.
Adolf Hitler is not dead.
Hitler and his girlfriend...
... escaped to Argentina
in a submarine.
There was such a
conspiracy theory.
It was proved scientifically that
the dead person was Hitler himself,
many years later,
through forensic odontology.
The dental records of each person are
collected and preserved like this,
in many countries.
And they prove to be helpful
in many cases, as well.
Like... you can
identify a dead body...
or you can find the who the culprit is,
through bite marks...
But as you know,
we don't have a proper system
of dental records here.
do we have any hope
in this case now?
Definitely, yes!
Like you have guessed,
that one tooth which didn't get
detached from this skull, is our hope.
This tooth which is in the front
portion of this dental structure,
might have been decayed, broken
or became shapeless earlier.
If people with such anomalies,
bite on a fruit,
we can even find out the
differences in those impressions.
a few months before
his or her death,
this victim has done
a dental transplant.
Only because it was
screwed to the bone,
this artificial tooth
alone didn't come off,
even after lying in
the water for so long.
if we check the records
at dental hospitals...?
But... we don't need the entire data.
The materials used in this,
and its dimensions,
the shade value to match
the colour of the teeth...
We can narrow down on that
person using all these.
So, if you are able to
find the combination...
... customized for this
particular person,
that'll make your job easier.
'Sleep, my dear'
'Sleep, my dear'
Chinnu, how many
times have I told you,
not to bite something and
keep it back in the fridge?
I didn't bite it!
You're always scolding me, Mom!
27 dental hospitals...
... and 13 dental labs which supply
prosthetic materials to those hospitals.
From those labs,
you should get the details of a prosthetic
tooth, in this particular combination.
Yes, Sir.
Contact each and every person
on the patient list.
[Phone rings]
That list will have...
... someone who's not alive
to answer our call today.
The victim.
Have you ever...
... felt the presence of psychic powers,
beyond our sensorial perception?
You mean, something like a
ghost, spirit or a demon?
I'm not sure what it is.
But I feel such an invisible presence
in the house where I'm staying now.
You're just imagining all this,
after doing such TV programmes.
Look! You know that I don't
believe in all this, right?
But certain incidents appear right
before us, with a mic pointed at us,
with many questions
which don't have answers.
Have some chicken!
We can refer to such incidents
as illogical or cooked-up stories,
until they happen to us.
But when we start
experiencing them personally,
we lose the balance of our
logic and intelligence!
There's a woman who stays
near the beach, right?
Someone who communicates
with spirits and stuff?
We tried for her interview and it
didn't happen. Do you remember?
Is it Zara Zaccai?
Yes, she's the one!
Shall we go there?
She does something to find the
presence of spirits at haunted places,
to communicate with them, right?
Yes, scrying.
That's it.
Hi Sir.
I am Medha.
This is Asif.
- Hi. Hello.
We had called earlier.
Please come.
Zara hasn't been
meeting anyone lately.
... when you called,
she somehow said okay.
You wait here for a moment.
She is upstairs.
This is the radio used by
people who are into DXing.
What's that?
DXing means... distant listening.
The process of tuning and listening
to distant radio frequencies.
It's a popular hobby abroad.
Great! We don't even have time
to listen to what we have here!
You are the one who came...
... asking for an interview,
sometime back, right?
Yes, Ma'am.
But you haven't come for
an interview now, right?
It's for something else.
Something personal.
I need your help.
How can I help you?
So you think there's an invisible
presence in your place, right?
An invisible,
unknown power?
I don't know how logical
those thoughts are.
But... there is something.
In this universe, illogical
thoughts are more in number, Medha.
There are questions
that have no answers,
and undiscovered secrets,
as vast as the sea.
But why don't such incidents
happen to everyone?
Why does certain people feel
this presence at certain places,
during certain
points of time alone?
Is this becoming an interview?
- No, Ma'am.
Just out of curiosity.
Many waves which we cannot see,
are around us.
Like these radio waves.
When they hit the correct bandwidth,
they start making sounds.
The messages will become clear.
The spirits around us,
are also like that.
When the wavelength matches,
even they will start speaking.
We can call it a spiritual contact.
Is there a particular
time for that?
Spiritual encounters normally happen,
mostly between 3 AM and
4 AM in the morning,
during the 'Spiritual Hour'
or 'Connection Hour'.
If we feel a disturbance in your
sleep regularly during that time,
the spirits might be trying
to connect with us then.
If there's something
like that in my house,
I'd like to know about it.
If you have a real concern,
we can try a scrying session
at your house this weekend.
- Sure, Ma'am.
Thank you.
I think she knows the solution to
that mysterious puzzle in my house.
So by this weekend, we'll
know what it is, right?
And that Chandrika Chechi is hell
bent on going back to our hometown.
- In a way, it's good that she leaves.
Start the car.
Send her off today itself then.
That's better.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Didn't I tell you about...
.. a strange sound that has
been haunting me lately?
I have a feeling it's
trying to reveal something.
Dude, my phone's battery is almost dead.
How come you're standing away,
talking on the phone?
My phone got switched off, Ma'am.
Any important call?
- No, no.
There's a get-together of
my old college-mates today.
I have to go there after this.
Oh! So that will go
on till morning, huh?
everyone from the department
who's attending this reception,
wants to know about
the status of our case.
We haven't been able to reach a solid
inference about the victim's identity yet.
But we are trying.
Didn't I tell you, Ma'am?
We're collecting details from
the records of dental hospitals.
Hopefully, in a day or two,
we should have a breakthrough.
So we've almost arrived at
the victim's name, right?
- We can't confirm that yet.
Because, like another
suspicion of ours,
if this is an outsider,
who's not from Kerala...
then we are back to square one.
Let's hope for the best, Sathya.
And I must say,
you are doing a good job.
Hope we get a
positive news soon.
Do the best!
- Thank you, Ma'am.
[Door bell rings]
- Hi Medha.
It's a doll.
That's my daughter's doll.
[Phone chimes]
[Sir, I can't reach your phone.
It's switched off]
Sir, from the dental
hospital's patient list,
we haven't been able to reach one number
alone, despite trying several times.
I've collected the details of
that patient from the hospital,
and mailed it to you, Sir.
Okay, sir.
The smell of raw flesh!
I feel a presence!
Spiritual and electrical energies are
very similar vibrational energies.
Switch off everything!
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Mirror black,
dark as night....
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Grant me vision,
give me sight.
Who are you?
Chinnootty, dear...
Oh no!
My dear...
My dear...
My dear...
Oh no! My Kunjootty!
Mom, my Kunjootty's
eye is broken!
You and your Kunjootty!
Good morning, Sir.
This is Medha.
I know.
Tell me.
Is there any problem?
Well, there's no problem.
I wanted to ask you if you
could take this fridge back.
What happened?
It's a good fridge, right?
Well, I was planning
to buy a new fridge.
So it will become
congested here, right?
Where can I keep it now?
Sir, please.
let me see if I can get
someone to take it from there.
Thank you, sir.
I'll check it.
What's happening?
Sit down.
Did you get any information from
the Unique Identification Authority?
Sir, with the address
and name we gave them,
they've sent a copy
of the Aadhaar card.
Download it then.
Okay sir.
So she's the one!
We can't confirm it yet.
Ask our digital team
to enlarge this photo.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Mahesh.
Sir, we have digitally
reconstructed the victim's face.
You can check it if
you come to the lab.
Oh great!
We're on our way.
It's Mahesh from FSL.
They have digitally
reconstructed the victim's face.
If that matches with this one,
we can confirm it.
- Okay, Sir.
It's a match!
1 k.m.]
What sort of a
question is that, sir?
Who doesn't know Philip sir here!
Kaarichal family is
really famous here.
After sir's demise,
everything went to
different people.
What about his family?
They left this place long back.
In Philip sir's will,
the house and
property at Kaarichal,
was written in the name of his
daughter from his first wife.
Daughter of his first wife?
First wife!
The daughter he had with
Mary Chechi, Eva Maria.
So, this Philip has another family?
That's a long story, Sir.
Before Eva turned one year old,
Mary Chechi passed away.
And Sir brought a distant relative
home, to look after the child.
She's quite something!
Gradually, she started
living with Philip sir.
Finally, Lissie who came
to look after the child,
had two children
with Philip sir.
Lissie always hated Eva.
And when the discomfort
became really strong,
Philip sir admitted Eva
to a convent school.
After that, she lived
and studied over there.
She had no contact
with the people here.
Exactly one year
after Philip sir died,
she came here and sold everything she
got through his will and went back.
Here comes the detective!
Sir, this is Kuncheriya.
He's a famous broker here.
Even if a dry leaf moves here,
Kuncheriya will get a
message on his phone.
Is that so?
Please come, Kuncheriya.
- What is it, sir?
Let's talk.
This is Kaarichal house, sir.
Change those two tiles as well.
He's the one who
bought this house.
How are you?
The old owners of this house?
- Yes.
He has come to
enquire about them.
I don't have any
connection with them.
I bought this through
an agency from Ernakulam.
I haven't seen them
after the sale either.
Philip sir had written this
property also in Eva's name.
It's almost 4-5 acres.
I had some great buyers
for this property.
But she sold it to some outsiders,
without my knowledge.
I came to know that it was sold,
only when the buyers told me.
What about Lissie?
- She's still alive.
Philip sir had given her a
house at Malamoottil, long back.
They stay there now.
What about Lissie's children?
- Two children.
One is a girl with short hair.
She's a nurse.
Then, a wayward boy.
That girl's wedding
was held at Karangulam.
It happened recently. I was
the one who arranged it.
Okay then, Sir.
I have to show a property to a buyer.
This is my number.
Vehicles, properties and alliances.
For all this,
Kuncheriya is here.
You can call me anytime.
I'll call you.
How do I go to the house
where Lissie is staying now?
What is it?
Is the acid for
the rubber ready?
Get the remaining
sheets as well.
Look at you!
Is this how you chop the lamb?
Learn how to chop
good pieces, Paily.
Philip Kaarichal's?
Yes. I am his wife.
What's the matter?
My daughter and son-in-law
are coming here for lunch.
So I'm busy with the
preparations for that.
Where are you from?
- We're from the police.
We need to know certain things.
What is it, sir? Did he
create some trouble again?
We want to know about...
... Eva Maria.
My dear sirs....
I don't have anything to say
about that wretched girl,
and I don't want to
know anything either.
Stop gaping and chop
it quickly, Paily.
If you can't talk now,
we'll call you to the station.
We can sit and talk
in detail over there.
When did Philip die?
In January 2019.
Before he died,
did he say anything
about Eva Maria to you?
I've never tried to enquire about
her or keep in touch with her.
a few months before he died,
she fell in love with a North
Indian and got married to him.
She informed her father only
registering the marriage
at some registrar office
in Thiruvananthapuram.
Even then, he took some money and
gold which belonged to her mother,
and went to meet his dear
daughter and son-in-law.
And he came back only after celebrating
Easter with them, on that Sunday.
And he left us, without waiting
to celebrate the next Easter.
When she came for
her father's funeral,
did Eva come with her husband?
She came alone.
She came and left immediately
after the funeral.
I haven't seen her after that.
She didn't even let us know when
she sold that house and property.
Let her be damned!
That wretched female is the
reason for my family's suffering.
- Well...
Why are you enquiring
about her now, Sir?
It's just a routine verification.
It will take a really long
time to cook this, right?
Some raw papaya pieces
will do the trick, Sir.
It will get cooked quickly.
Which route will
we take next, sir?
From the sub-registrar
offices in Thiruvananthapuram,
get the details of weddings that
happened before Easter 2018,
that is, during the
months of March or April.
That will lead us to the
route we have to take next.
The route to Eva Maria's husband.
Though scrying was
interrupted half-way,
there were some messages that
Eva Maria's spirit conveyed.
I wanted to meet you, to
inform you about them.
But how can a girl's spirit possess
an electronic device like a fridge?
If spirits are able to possess human
minds which are extremely complicated,
why can't they possess a
lifeless electronic device?
That old fridge in your house...
... has some connection
to Eva Maria.
But why is that girl's spirit
trying to communicate to me alone?
Eva Maria's spirit
may have a goal
which she can attain
only through you, Medha.
I didn't get you.
Every spirit that leaves this earth,
leaves behind some
untold secrets...
and some untold truths.
To bring them to light,
they might need the help of
people like us, who are alive.
Here, Eva Maria is
seeking your help, Medha.
But... how can I help her?
The mystery behind
Eva Maria's death...
What if you are the only
one who can solve it, Medha?
She won't leave you then.
But I have a child
to take care of.
I don't want to help
anyone like that.
She will come to you again, Medha.
Just think about it.
About the secrets...
.... which were left untold by many people.
Secrets we badly wanted to know.
Medha, if you are ready,
she will lead you
to those secrets.
Eva Maria!
Every spirit that leaves this earth,
leaves behind some
untold secrets...
and some untold truths.
Hello sir.
- My dear...
I'm looking for someone to
take that fridge from there.
I can't find anyone.
No. Let that fridge remain here.
Oh! I'm so relieved.
Don't have a change of
heart tomorrow morning,
and ask me to take it again.
No, sir.
And one more thing.
Can you tell me where you
bought that fridge from?
Where was it?
Keep it straight.
We have items that come through exchange
offers in shops, online purchases,
and then, the items which
some agents bring here.
If you ask me where the fridge is from,
and who was the owner,
I don't know all that.
This is the fridge
I'm talking about.
It's difficult, Madam.
It's been a long time
since we sold it.
How can I get those details
if you ask me now?
No way!
[Door bell rings]
Sir, these are Eva
Maria's phone details.
Her number is not active now.
And there aren't many
calls on the CDR either.
The last active location was
at a tower near Varanasi.
But that was in April 2020, sir.
That means, last year.
That's where there's a mismatch.
According to the
doctor's report,
Eva was killed in
September 2019, right?
But the phone was switched
off at the last location,
in April 2020.
Do you want a drink?
No, sir.
My son will be waiting for me.
I can't go home
after drinking now.
- And, sir...
I have a doubt.
I mean...
... what if someone left Eva's
phone behind in a bus or train?
Like we saw in the
movie 'Drishyam'?
But it wasn't left behind
just like that, Siyad.
For around 7 months
after Eva's death,
someone had charged and
used this phone, right?
Someone who felt it
was necessary that
this world shouldn't know
that Eva Maria is no more.
You may go, Siyad.
Good night.
- Okay, sir. Good night.
[Sound of door closing]
The number you're calling is either
switched off or not reachable...
... at the moment.
Please try...
New beginnings are often disguised...
[Cartoon show playing on TV]
[TV show gets stuck]
[Phone rings]
- Hello?
Hi Medha!
I've asked my staff to
draft the notice for Ajay.
I'll send it tomorrow, okay?
It's not that. I called you
to ask about something else.
Oh! What's the matter?
Hey! Do you know a
girl called Eva Maria?
When I checked her profile on Facebook,
I saw you as a mutual friend.
That's why I called.
I'm not so active on
Facebook these days.
It's a familiar name.
Must be one of my clients.
Shall I tell you tomorrow?
- Yes, that's fine.
But don't forget.
- No!
I won't forget.
I'll definitely call you.
- Okay, bye.
On March 29th, 2018,
Eva's marriage was registered here.
I've verified the address as well.
It's a match.
What about her
husband's details?
His name and details
are in this file, Sir.
[Phone rings]
Yes, Haritha.
Tell me.
The girl you asked
me about yesterday?
Her name is Eva Maria, right?
Yes. Do you know her?
I know her.
She was a client of mine.
A divorce case,
just like yours.
She got divorced in 2019.
Do you have any more details?
I have her address and stuff.
How come you're reviving old cases?
Have you found
something exciting?
I'll tell you in person.
And, from what I remember, her ex-husband
used to work at some TV channel.
I have a doubt if
it was your channel.
My channel?
What's his name?
His name is Darshan Dev.
Darshan Dev.
Yes, Jyothy.
- Sir, you have a visitor.
Jyothy, I'm in the middle
of a meeting right now.
Sir, it's Assistant
Commissioner Sathyajith sir.
Assistant Commissioner?
- Yes, sir.
Yeah. Please send him in.
- Okay sir.
Please, sir.
Please come.
Get the signatures of the others as well.
- Okay sir.
Darshan Dev.
- Sathyajith.
Please have a seat.
The cases you handle are like
hot cakes for us media people.
I've been wanting to
meet you for a while now.
because of the workload..
You know how it is!
Tell me.
How can I help you?
What can we do for you?
You need any news-related help?
No. This is...
... regarding something personal.
Ask me.
What do you want to know?
About Eva Maria.
See, that's a closed chapter for me.
I don't know anything
about Eva now.
I'm not asking about what
you know about Eva now.
My questions are about Eva Maria,
when she was Darshan Dev's wife.
I don't think I can
help you right now...
because I have something
urgent to finish off and...
to be frank,
I don't think this is a good place
to talk about all these things.
I mean, you can understand me.
If we can meet
somewhere outside,
you can name the place.
I'll come there.
I mean, it's a request.
If that's more
comfortable for you,
let's do that.
- Where do you stay, Darshan?
I stay behind the Collectorate.
How about there?
I'll come home.
Sounds fine.
I'll see you.
You've known him only for
the past six months, right?
THE Darshan Dev of today!
His entry here, was as a programme
producer of an outsourced programme.
He doesn't have a great
financial background.
But he was much in demand
even back then,
with a lot of fresh ideas, after
finishing his PG from Pondicherry.
He fell in love with a girl
who was his junior in college,
and married her.
When he came here,
our director board member Pillai sir
was really impressed by his new ideas.
Pillai sir's daughter
was impressed even more.
Then what?
He got a divorce
from his first wife,
got married to Roshni S Pillai...
Let's sit here.
And now he's living a royal life,
as our programming head.
That's how one should be born.
I wonder where the pen that wrote
his horoscope is, right now.
Do you know any details
about his ex-wife?
I don't know her personally.
But she was working in a BPO nearby
back then, with a friend of mine.
I don't know any other details.
like the research for a story
with many twists and turns,
we should collect those details.
That was an immature
Eva was my junior in college.
We married due to an infatuation
we had for each other back then.
But we were late
to realize that...
we cannot take our lives forward
with that infatuation alone.
And I wasn't interested...
... to spoil my life and career,
living a life of adjustment.
And then, Eva was the one
who made the first move.
She filed for a divorce!
When you were married to Eva,
between the two of you...?
No. I knew Roshni
even before that.
We were really good friends.
Did you have any other
problems with Eva?
If you ask me so...
I had borrowed some of Eva's cash to
start a production house long back.
To be frank, I raised the funds by
pledging some of Eva's gold and properties.
But after we got separated,
she created an issue saying she
wants it all back immediately.
And my business had
flopped big time then.
I didn't have so much
cash in hand then.
By cash, you mean...
How much was it?
It was around...
2.5 Crores!
2.5 Crores!
And then, Roshni's father...
I mean, my current
He was the one who helped
me settle all that.
After the divorce,
you never enquired
about Eva Maria?
Recently, one of our
mutual friends had told me...
... that she had embarked
on a spiritual path or something.
I don't know.
I didn't ask anything further.
When you were married to Eva,
where did you guys stay?
There's a house called Kabani House,
behind General Hospital.
We were staying on
its first floor.
Thanks for your time, Mr. Darshan.
Thank you.
Well, sir...
You didn't tell me what
this questioning was for.
Don't worry.
This is not an investigation
based on a complaint.
And Eva is not going to give
such a complaint anymore.
She's dead.
Hi Sathya!
I am Aadhavan Padmanabhan here.
Morning, sir.
I had tried to call
you the other day.
I couldn't reach you.
I wanted to thank you.
I was busy then.
It's a new case.
Anyway, thank you.
We arrived at the identity of the
victim, from the lead that you gave us.
I'm happy to hear that.
I've called now to
give you another lead.
It might prove
helpful for your case.
Tell me, sir.
I noticed that while taking
reference for a case yesterday.
It's a news from a while ago.
From a place near Thuckalay
in Kanyakumari district,
in October 2019,
a garbage bag was found.
Very, very similar to your case.
But it wasn't a skull
inside that bag.
It was the chopped
hand of a girl.
Sir, this is a vital lead.
Thuckalay is not far from here.
It's hardly about 60 kilometers.
I am very much aware of that.
That's the reason I called.
The samples and reports
will be at Tamil Nadu FSL.
So you should proceed officially,
through the court.
They will hand it over to you.
Sure, sir.
Thank you once again.
Okay, Sathya.
- Okay.
You don't look like there's
something wrong with you.
I know that you'll mock me.
I'm not arguing, Advocate.
And yeah, tell me more
details about Eva Maria.
I tried recollecting details about her,
after you called me.
She was a depressed type,
even back then.
This Darshan and Eva
Maria had a love marriage.
A campus love story.
Who took the decision
to get separated?
It was Eva Maria who
filed for divorce.
When Darshan went after a new
life and a new relationship,
I felt that Eva moved on herself,
from what I know
of her character.
And yeah,
she had an inclination towards
spirituality back then itself.
You know that Guruji?
The one who gives
spiritual talks and stuff?
You mean Param Guruji?
Listening to his talks,
she was in the mood to embark
on a spiritual journey.
Even this divorce was an option to
get detached from her present life.
What if Eva Maria is on
the path of spirituality,
as a completely
different person now?
Or else,
like your intuition,
something dangerous must
have happened to her.
This is like a trampled
puzzle now, right?
I want to solve that puzzle.
That's my priority.
But I'm sure about one thing.
Something bad has
happened to her.
this investigative journalist
will be busy for a while, right?
Go ahead with your investigation.
- I've started it already.
we're at a crucial point
in our investigation now.
We've found some vital clues, as well.
These are the reports.
These are hair strands, Madam.
Sir, this is Mr. Amrithraj
from Tamil Nadu Police.
Hi Amrithraj.
Sir, this is the forensic report.
Sir, these are the hair strands
which the victim had held in hand.
This is the trace evidence, sir.
These are short hair strands, sir.
I think this must be
the hair of the killer.
- Yes, sir.
Thanks, Amrithraj.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, like that officer said, if these
hair strands belong to the killer,
Eva would have pulled the killer's hair
while struggling to survive, right?
Neela, have you heard of
'Principle of Locard'?
Every contact will leave a trace.
Like you said,
this hair might
belong to the killer.
An evidence that the killer
left behind, unknowingly.
Eva was a very
reserved kind of girl.
And since she was in my team,
apart from communicating
when it was necessary,
I don't know much about
her personal details.
Do you remember when you met
Eva for the last time, Rafeequa?
The day before Eva
left from here.
Actually, Eva already had
a plan to quit from here.
She had given her
resignation as well.
But even before her
notice period was over,
one fine morning,
she left from here.
She left without saying
anything to anyone here.
Did you call Eva
anytime after that?
I tried calling and
messaging her several times.
But there wasn't any
response from her side.
There's a working women's hostel
called 'Sakhi' here, right?
Eva used to stay
there back then.
When I enquired there,
I came to know that..
she left without saying anything
to anyone there, as well.
You didn't contact
her after that?
After that...
When was it?
I had sent a WhatsApp message to
her to invite her for my wedding.
Oh! Did you get a reply then?
Yes, she replied.
What was her reply?
She congratulated me.
She said she was on a journey.
And she can't come for the wedding.
That's all she said.
When I asked her where she was,
there were no more replies.
When did you send
this invitation?
I got married in January 2020.
So, this might be 2019
December 2nd week or 3rd week.
Anyway, please send me Eva's number.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Phone rings]
Hello, Ma'am.
There's a good news.
The DNA results show that
the skull that we found,
and the hand found
from Thuckalay,
belong to the same person.
Eva Maria.
I expected this, Ma'am.
Now if we test those
hair strands as well..
Don't do that now.
Until the suspects
are shortlisted,
we'll put the hair
strands test on hold.
Well, but Ma'am...
Okay, Sathya.
Call you later.
We decided to rent out the first floor,
since only the two of us were staying here.
It was Darshan who came
to rent the place.
Their wedding happened after that.
Then the two of them
started staying here.
Do you know if there were
any problems between them?
Though we live in
the same house,
we've never interfered
in their personal lives.
Their families will have a problem
with such a wedding, right?
When her father came here once,
I thought everything
became smooth.
I don't know what
happened after that.
When I heard that they
applied for divorce,
I couldn't believe it,
to be frank.
That boy was in a relationship
with some other girl.
When did Eva shift from here?
When her husband
stopped coming here,
she became all alone.
She was here for a couple
more months after that.
Then she shifted to a
hostel near her office.
You've never seen
Eva Maria after that?
No. I haven't seen her
after she left from here.
Thank you.
We'll leave.
Eva forgot this in her room.
I don't know if she left
it behind deliberately.
Didn't we see her after that?
Where did we see her?
While coming back after getting
discharged from the hospital..
The year before last,
in September.
It was raining heavily that day.
While we were stuck
in a traffic block,
I saw Eva sitting in a car.
I tried calling her,
but she didn't hear me.
Was there someone else in that car,
apart from Eva?
Eva was not driving.
It was another lady.
A lady with cropped hair.
Thanks for your help.
- Okay sir.
- Sir!
We have to go to the forensic lab.
Right away.
- Okay sir.
To detect the gender
from hair strands,
there are certain tests
like mtDNA and FISH test.
But we didn't do it because
Malini Ma'am instructed us
not to initiate
further procedures,
until the suspects are
narrowed down in this case.
But if you give an official
request, we will do it.
Okay Mahesh.
- I'll proceed with it.
Don't be shocked, dear.
It's me.
Grandma's Chinnootty!
Come here!
Grandma is here to see you, Chinnootty!
Open the door, dear.
Let's sit inside.
Come, Chinnu.
It's a really nice house, dear.
I came here to attend
a talk by Param Guruji.
I felt like meeting you.
I had gone to your old
hostel looking for you.
And they told me that
you're staying here now.
So I came here.
We need to freshen
up and go out.
Just ten minutes.
I need to talk to you and take
decisions regarding certain things.
About Chinnu's custody, right?
The court will decide that.
We have to discuss and take decisions
regarding certain other things as well.
I don't have to
think about anything,
and I don't want to talk either.
Even if you don't talk to me,
you can give me some tea.
Get me some tea, dear.
Without sugar!
Come with grandma!
I'll buy plenty of toys
and chocolates for you.
My Chinnootty is a
beautiful little girl.
Shall we click a selfie
to show your Daddy?
Your suspicion was right.
The hair belongs to a female.
It might be the hair of a woman
who has cut her hair short.
Thanks, Mahesh.
- You're most welcome.
Where is she?
- I don't know.
We just have a vague idea, Ma'am.
a short-haired female was
involved in this crime.
I'll keep you in the loop.
Yes, Ma'am.
'In your eyes, which you have lined
with the colour of rain-clouds'
'In your smile which disappears
due to your never ending tears'
'At the shores where
moonlight shines, all over'
'Whom are you searching for, without
letting even your shadow know?'
'Are you travelling through
the path of ember, all alone?'
'Are you rowing through all the
seven seas on a boat, all alone?'
'In your eyes, which you have lined
with the colour of rain-clouds'
'You searched for the meaning of life,
crossing the path of darkness'
'You searched for shade,
flying away from the branches of sunlight'
'The silent city is flowing
like a river, never overflowing'
'The burning lone star is leaving,
without telling you'
'The silent city is flowing
like a river, never overflowing'
'The burning lone star is leaving,
without telling you'
'In your eyes, which you have lined
with the colour of rain-clouds'
'In your smile which disappears
due to your never ending tears'
'Are you travelling through
the path of ember, all alone?'
'Are you rowing through all the
seven seas on a boat, all alone?'
'At the shores where
moonlight shines, all over'
'Whom are you searching for, without
letting even your shadow know?'
'In your eyes, which you have lined
with the colour of rain-clouds'
'In your smile which disappears
due to your never ending tears'
Working Women's Hostel]
She left one fine day,
without telling us anything.
She didn't even take the bags or
clothes which were in her room.
So didn't you call her to check?
Yes, I had called her.
Since she didn't pick
up any of my calls,
I sent her a
message on WhatsApp.
I got a reply then.
What was her reply?
'I'm not continuing here anymore.
I'm going on a journey'.
That's what she replied.
Did Eva live alone
in her room here?
No. She had a roommate called Rekha,
who was working as an accountant.
When she misappropriated
some funds in her office,
and it became a police case,
we asked her to leave this hostel.
Didn't you say that Eva's
bag and belongings are here?
No. I had asked her about the
bag when she messaged that day.
She said a friend of hers
will come and collect it.
After 2-3 days, her friend came
and took those bags and belongings.
So, you can identify
that friend, right?
Oh no!
That day...
Sorry, Madam.
I wasn't here that day.
It was Rekha who gave the bags to
her friend, when I informed her.
Collect Rekha's details.
Okay sir.
- Thank you.
And yeah...
A lady had come here to enquire
about Eva, the other day.
And what did she ask?
The same things
you asked me now.
She took my number as well,
saying that she'll call me.
If she calls or
comes here again,
inform us immediately.
- Okay sir.
Neela will share our number.
- Okay sir.
At the address we got from the
hostel, there's nobody called Rekha.
In Eva Maria's
Facebook friends list,
check whether there's
a name called Rekha.
Yes, sir.
There's one profile with
the name Rekha, sir.
Will this be...
... the Rekha who hasn't
left any trace behind?
Just open Eva's profile.
The last photo which was
posted on this profile,
is from April 12, 2020.
All are random shots of Varanasi.
The person who took the photos,
the person who was handling this profile,
posing as Eva Maria,
has made sure that his or her
face is not seen in the photos.
Yes, sir.
Go to the previous photo.
This one?
- No, the previous one.
Okay sir.
Zoom in!
What are those people
in the background doing?
I think they are volunteers
who are distributing masks.
- Sir.
Call the team for a quick meeting.
Right now.
- Okay.
Even after her death,
Eva's phone and Facebook
profile were active.
Varanasi lost one life.
So please stay safe.
The first COVID-19 death
in Varanasi was reported...
... on 4th of April, 2020.
So, she has posted a photo which
she clicked on one of those days,
on April 12.
The very next day
after she posted this photo,
that is, on April 13th,
Eva's phone got switched off.
Which means,
the criminal we're looking for,
abandoned the identity of Eva Maria,
which she was using for around 6 months,
at Varanasi.
are you saying that this criminal
must have come back to Kerala, sir?
That's our last best chance.
During that period when the entire country
was in the first phase of lockdown,
a list of people who came
to Kerala from other states,
will be in the databases of the
Health Department and LSGD.
Sir, I was on surveillance duty,
during the pandemic period.
Around a thousand south-Indian
pilgrims who were stuck at Varanasi,
were sent to their own respective
states in different buses.
I think it was during
one of these days.
Some of them were Malayalis too.
Then we have to source that list.
Give it.
- Sir.
Sir, this is the complete list
of the people who came to Kerala,
in the special bus that started
from Varanasi on April 13th,
Here it is.
Eva Maria.
So our criminal...
... had to travel back in the same name
which she used while going there.
This Chandrabhanu is me.
I'm here because I
understood that, right?
I need to know about
another person on that list.
Eva Maria.
Do you know each other?
We came back here together from
Varanasi in the same bus, right?
We had a few
arguments initially.
Later, I went and spoke to
her and we became friends.
Uncle, the Eva Maria
you're talking about..
... is her, right?
Who is this?
This is Eva Maria.
Even Eva Maria has a duplicate now?
Hey! I had met her
very recently too.
Where was it? It was in our city,
somewhere in this area.
... I can't remember where exactly.
This is for the purpose of
an extremely important case.
If you remember anything at all,
you should call me, Uncle.
This is enough to remind me!
- Has the briefing started?
- No. It will start now.
- Where's the chief?
- He's over there.
- He had asked for you.
- Damn!
I had received some random WhatsApp
messages from your phone in the morning.
When I called back,
your phone was switched off.
Oh no, sir.
That was my son, playing with my phone.
He sends messages on WhatsApp,
and switches the phone off.
That's his latest game.
You're not supposed to
let kids play with phones.
Even if it's your son
who's sending the messages,
for those receiving it,
it's your message, Siyad.
Sorry sir.
I'd like to start with the
elements of circumstances.
There are six questions which every
investigator repeatedly asks himself,
during an investigation.
Let's start with them.
The first question.
Who is the victim?
We usually start counting
from 'One', right?
But in this case,
we had to start counting,
from 'Zero'.
The answer to the question,
'Who was killed?',
led us to a name.
Eva Maria.
Question number 2.
When did Eva Maria die?
And we found the answer to that,
When we confirmed that Eva
died in September 2019,
the next question before us was...
How was Eva Maria killed?
Eva Maria's body was not
found in a state in which,
the murder could have
happened by accident.
Eva Maria was killed as
part of a clear cut plan,
her body was
chopped into pieces,
and those body parts were
dumped at different places.
From that, what we got...
... was a skull alone.
And when we got the palm which
was found from Thuckalay,
which is not far from here,
we confirmed it.
This was a case of cold-blooded homicide.
And the killer...
... is still somewhere around us.
What I'm going to say now...
... are merely my inferences.
So let's ask ourselves...
What was the intention...
.. that led this killer to
commit such a brutal crime?
What's your deduction, Sathyajith?
It is said that the deductions made
during an investigative journey,
are sign-posts to
the truth, right?
But sometimes, those
paths may go wrong too.
I'll say this,
prepared to walk back
in case I go wrong, Ma'am.
The motive of the
killer in this case...
... is plain and simple.
A financial motive?
Yes, sir.
Though she didn't have
anyone to call her own,
Eva had assets
worth Crores of Rupees.
I have another reason to suspect that
the killer's motive was money indeed.
The sale of 4.5 acres of
property including a house,
which Eva Maria's father Philip Kaarichal
wrote in her name in his will,
happened several months
after Eva was killed.
You mean, an impersonation?
Yes, Ma'am.
This killer didn't just
take Eva's life alone,
but the name 'Eva Maria'
and her identity, as well.
Even the mobile
phone in Eva's name,
was used for several
months after her death...
to be precise,
for around seven months,
by this killer.
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
If someone else is
using our phone,
won't people who know us,
realize that?
A phone is not just used
for phone calls, right?
You can send messages,
or receive them.
For example,
if our kids or someone else at home sends
a WhatsApp to someone from our phone,
without our knowledge,
whom will the receiver
think the message is from?
From us!
That's it!
To make at least a few
people who were close to Eva...
... believe that Eva is still alive,
someone cleverly used the WhatsApp
messages from Eva's phone.
The WhatsApp DP of
Eva's unlocked phone,
and the photos
uploaded on her Facebook,
were created to make it seem like Eva is
leading a spiritual life, somewhere else.
That criminal who acquired
Eva's wealth through an identity theft,
after murdering her...
Very intelligent!
Yes, Ma'am.
This criminal who obtained Eva's assets,
which are beyond our calculations...
... is a woman.
- Is it?
- Yes, Sir.
Someone who's really crooked,
and all the more creative.
A brilliant, female criminal.
Any information about her?
The most crucial turning
point in this case;
a photograph which we can suspect
to be that of the prime suspect...
Without informing
even my team members,
it was collected by a
local broker Kuncheriya this morning,
from Chelappara Sub-Registrar office,
and he sent it to me,
just before this meeting.
The house and property which Eva
got through her father's will,
was sold via a real estate
agency from Kochi, in March 2020.
As per records,
Eva Maria reached the
Sub-Registrar's office in person,
to conduct the sale.
But the photo on the seller's ID which
she submitted to the Sub-Registrar,
was not the actual
Eva Maria's photo.
It was another woman's photo.
A short-haired woman,
who reached there on that day,
in Eva Maria's name.
Sir, why don't we put out a
look-out notice with that photo?
A look-out notice without
even a name on it.
For a criminal who is capable of executing
such a brilliant crime so thoroughly,
it will be just a warning to escape.
Sir, my heart says that...
... we're not far from nabbing
Eva Maria's killer.
72 hours.
Give me 72 hours,
and we'll have this case cracked.
Keep this file on my table.
Just a minute.
Sir, it's the hostel warden.
She has an important
- Hello?
- Hello sir?
That lady who came here
enquiring about Eva Maria?
Yeah. I saw her on
TV right now, sir.
- On TV?
- Yes, right now.
Okay sir.
Hot debates are happening
about powers beyond sensorial perception.
But we are yet to find the answers
for several psychological questions.
Psychology and para-psychology
are trying to solve those questions.
And debates are happening
actively on social media, as well.
I... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
To believe all that you just said,
this juice won't
be enough, Medha.
I don't have any proof to
make you believe it, Sir.
Whatever I told you, are incidents which
happened in my life, in the past few days.
Eva Maria's spirit wishes to reveal some
kind of truth to the world, through me.
Only because I realized that,
I decided to go after it,
overcoming all these problems.
these horror stories apart...
What are the findings from this
parallel investigation of yours, Medha?
I've made a file with
the details of Eva Maria,
who came to this city,
after falling in love with Darshan.
Along with that,
some of my thoughts about
how Eva Maria went missing.
My plan was to compile all this and
present it as an investigative story.
That's when I got a call from you,
Though I had confirmed
that Eva Maria was dead,
I came to know about the
rest of the details only now.
And Sir, I've got an important clue.
My friend Haritha was
Eva Maria's divorce advocate.
Haritha told me that...
... when they met
for the last time,
Eva was really scared that
someone was going to harm her.
That too, a woman.
That's interesting.
Even our assumptions....
... have led us to a woman now.
This friend of yours?
She might be able to help us.
Will I be able to meet her?
Sure, Sir.
I can contact her now.
[Phone rings]
- Hello?
- Got it!
Now I remember!
That Eva Maria
you told me about?
Sir, I contacted Haritha.
She's willing to help.
That's great!
By the way,
I have the photo of the person
whom we suspect to be Eva's killer.
To identify that person,
I might need your help.
Sure, Sir.
I'll show you the photo.
And this...
... is that person!
Someone who has to answer all the
questions both of us have in our minds.
How about we meet her together?
Everything in that
bag belongs to you.
Though you're not interested in it,
for getting you all this
after struggling so much,
the lawyer's fee
won't be enough.
Darshan has already moved on,
looking for a better life.
You have a long life ahead of you, Eva!
Let's move on!
I can't get over
my grief so easily.
Only after I met Darshan,
I learned how to
laugh and be happy.
And now...
Eva, there are many things
here to feel sad or cry about.
You're feeling sad,
despite having money in hand!
And me...?
Just the opposite!
Do you know, Eva?
For the villa project by
MB Properties started by my father,
we took money from 37 clients.
The date of completion and handing over
the keys to the clients got delayed.
Suddenly one day,
Daddy was no more!
And I couldn't complete it.
If I don't hand over the
keys within one month,
I don't know what will happen.
Who knows?
I may even be arrested!
Madam, if the work has to progress,
we need to get fresh materials.
The shop owner said that
he can't give it on credit.
And now, the rains
have begun too.
If we get the materials now,
we can finish the work by
the time the rains are over.
the payments for the
workers are pending.
So you must do something
immediately, Madam.
I'll sort everything
out within 3-4 days.
I'm trying to source some funds.
I've kept all the tools and
machinery in your house.
I'll take it when
the work resumes.
- Okay.
- Here's the key.
And Madam,
don't forget about me, Madam!
I won't forget you, Johnson!
Okay Madam.
Look! I'm in so much tension!
And am I crying?
Then what?
we'll stay over
at my house today,
change your mood,
and you can leave tomorrow.
Isn't that Eva?
Those who are in grief and
are suffering from losses,
will always have darkness
ahead of them.
Can we get happiness
if we pay money?
If so,
there are Crores of
Rupees in this bag.
And plenty of gold too.
I'm ready to give
everything I have.
But can someone give me
some happiness in return?
You're right.
You can't buy happiness.
But you can buy whiskey.
Let all the darkness disappear.
If you can't find
happiness even after that,
we'll try something else.
I need to go to my
hometown tomorrow itself.
I need to meet Aunt
Lissie and her children.
I want to give them
everything that Papa gave me.
Then they might just...
... smile at me
for the first time.
I need to go on a
journey after that.
A journey just like how the Kaitha
river flows from the top of Chelappara.
To somewhere far away.
Far, far away.
[Music plays]
So how did you suddenly
arrive at Haritha now, Sir?
I already had a suspicion that
the criminal is someone,
who is very well versed in
law and legal procedures.
When you told me about
your Advocate friend,
who gives you
information about Eva,
that suspicion became
stronger, Medha.
And then, the phone call
I received some time back.
Got it!
Now I remember!
That Eva Maria
you told me about?
I saw her...
... in...
... front of the District Court.
She was wearing an
Advocate's gown that day.
That phone call...
... confirmed it.
33 km]
After murdering Eva Maria, whom she was
sure no one was going to enquire about,
she dumps her body parts at
different places somehow,
she gets hold of...
the money, jewellery and the title
deed that Darshan had pledged,
which Eva got
through that settlement.
her greed wasn't over yet.
To obtain the remaining
assets in Eva's name as well,
Haritha creates a plan.
Without changing the details or anything
else on Eva Maria's Aadhaar card,
pasting her own
photo over Eva's,
Haritha creates a fake ID proof.
And then, using that ID proof,
Haritha opens a
new bank account.
Advocate Haritha, who's well
aware of the legal complications,
and the loopholes in our system,
without leaving room
for any doubt for anyone,
re-sells the house and property
Eva got, through her father's will.
And she accepts a major share
of that amount, as cash.
After depositing the
rest in that new account,
she withdraws it intermittently.
To convince at least some people
that Eva Maria is still alive,
during this time period,
she messages different
people from different places,
through Eva's WhatsApp.
When she realized that she has
achieved whatever she wanted,
she decides to abandon
Eva Maria's identity.
For that,
to make it seem like Eva
embarked on a spiritual journey,
she goes on a trip herself...
... to Varanasi.
She posts the photos taken
during the trip, on Facebook.
To convince everyone that Eva
won't be on social media anymore,
she abandons that phone
after the last post.
While she was getting ready to permanently
abandon Eva Maria's identity as well,
something which was not part
of Haritha's plan until then...
In fact,
something which was not
part of any of our plans...
the pandemic called COVID-19
broke out right then!
Haritha, who got stuck at
Varanasi during that lockdown,
is forced to come
back to Kerala,
in a special bus,
in Eva Maria's name itself.
And even today,
even now,
with the full confidence
that she will not get caught,
she lives amongst us.
Rest of the talking,
can only be done by the
evidence, and Haritha herself.
She will be in a hurry to
destroy that evidence now.
[Knocking sound]
The city woke up today to
the news of a gruesome death.
Advocate Haritha Moncy Manaykkal, who was
a lawyer and the owner of MB properties,
died in a refrigerator blast,
at her friend's house.
The initial deduction says that she died
by breathing the Freon gas from the fridge.
In an accident referred to as
'refrigerator killing'
which has happened very
rarely in our state...
Do you believe whatever I told
you yesterday, at least now?
this conflict between
logic and faith,
will always exist.
I'm a police officer.
So I...
... can only stand by logic,
in this case.
Though it is extraordinary,
it's a death caused by
a refrigerator blast.
As of now, I'd like to believe,
that was what happened here.
There are some more formalities.
I'll call you.
'My Kunjootti!'
'Kunjootti, who travels
all around the world'
'Kunjootti, my dear'
- It's nice.
'Kunjootti, my dear'
'Kunjootti, who travels
all around the world'
'Come running to me, Kunjootti'
'Kunjootti, my dear'
'Kunjootti, my dear'
Look! My Kunjootti's
eye has been fixed!
Is it?
Smart girl!
'Kunjootti, my dear'
'Kunjootti, who travels
all around the world'
'Come running to me, Kunjootti'
'I'll give you milk'
'Come, come!'
'I'll give you honey'
'Come, come'
'I'll give you milk'
'I'll give you honey'
'I'll give you a kiss
on your pearly lips'
'I'll give you a kiss
on your pearly lips'
'Bury all your lies
Down beneath the sky'
'Let it rot alive'
'Hidden and disguised'
'Tear it out
Let it bleed the sky'
'Far beyond the lines'
'Confession is the crime'
'See the demon
Burn you alive, Your sins are purified'
'Be the demon
Burn them alive, Their sins you purify'
'Free your shadow..'
'Feel your sins below the skin'
'Bury all your lies
Down beneath the sky'
'Let it rot alive'
'Hidden and disguised'
'Tear it out
Let it bleed the sky'