Cold Comes the Night (2013) Movie Script

I don't wanna go to school.
I said I don't wanna go to school.
Oh, is that what that was?
You can't stay here with me
all day, Sophia.
But I can help you. I know how
to pick up the phone when it rings.
You know how to do a lot of things.
You are very smart.
Smarter than me, definitely.
Then why do I have to go to school?
I'll make you a deal.
This weekend, I'll show you
how to use the washing machine.
I can help you fold the sheets?
Yes, you can.
Go finish getting ready for school.
Car pool will be here in a second.
You're listening to Greene
County Public Radio.
In today's weather,
it's gonna be cold and cloudy.
High temperature's gonna reach 30.
Overnight low's dipping down to 20.
Watch out tonight
on some of the roads.
Warming tomorrow,
but not too much, high around 40.
Gonna stay that way
for the rest of the week.
Lake Festival gets under way Saturday.
Hope you can join us.
We'll have a booth there...
Don't forget to brush your teeth.
We fell asleep.
Billy said it was fine.
Mom, I'm ready.
Come on down.
She said all right
She said all right
- Hi, Stella.
- Hi.
Okay, babe.
Let's get this off.
Mom, I forgot to feed Mr. Jones.
Oh, that's okay, baby. I'll do it.
- Denise will pick you up at 3.
I love you. - I love you too.
- Bye, Stella.
- Bye.
Thanks, Barb.
The last two times we spoke,
I told you a concern had been
raised about the suitability
of an environment like this
for a child as young as...
Her name is Sophia.
Given the high rate of turnover of a
mostly transient, mostly male population.
And the local girls.
We're leaving but the winters are
slow here. There's nothing I can do.
Unfortunately it is still unacceptable by
the legal standards enforced by the state.
What's that?
You have two weeks
to relocate Sophia
to a suitable location.
Failure to do so will
result in her being removed.
What do you mean?
This is a commercial property
with multiple reports of
drug use and prostitution.
Your choice to use it
as your place of residence cannot...
We're leaving, I told you that,
but I can't afford it.
There's always placement until
you get your feet back on the ground.
We have families who'd be
happy to take Sophia...
Could you stop it?
These are good families.
Would you stop it? Please.
It will only...
I'd rather be dead.
Then you have two weeks.
Was dating this chick,
and she's Russian, right?
And I understand every eighth
word, right? Ha-ha-ha.
Her dad bought her tits for her,
ever heard of something like that?
They're big and they're hard,
got them done back in the homeland.
It was, like,
fucking hilarious.
It's cold, right?
My stomach's been eating itself
for the last hour.
We should probably
fill up again anyways.
You never know when the next
gas station's gonna be out here.
That cool, right? Yeah?
All right, cool.
Stella Bradshaw says no one's
really supposed to live at a motel.
You're supposed to stay
one or two nights
and then leave and go
back to your real house.
Stella Bradshaw said that?
How many bathrooms do you think
Stella Bradshaw has at her house?
I don't know.
Maximum two.
You know how many bathrooms
you have? Twenty-two.
More than they have in Buckingham Palace.
You know what that makes you?
A princess.
Mom, you're crazy.
Crazy like a fox.
I love you, baby.
I love you too, Mom.
Close your eyes.
I wish someone were laying here
Here you go. Find everything you need?
Yeah, totally.
Got somebody to dream about
Got somebody to dream about
Mother-fuck, it's cold outside.
So listen,
the thing is, I've been driving
for 22 hours straight.
I could use a little shut-eye.
I have schedule to keep.
I know, I know.
They do not like to wait.
No, no.
But we're good.
We're real good on time.
We got a whole day for the
last couple hundred miles.
I can see a motel from here.
We check in separately.
We sleep for four hour, then drive.
Four hour.
Four hours, got it.
- Hello.
- Yes.
I would like quiet room
for one night, please.
Forty-four dollars, please,
and you'll need to fill...
one of these out.
Do you have pen?
Yeah, that one works
just fine right there.
Fill out your name, home address,
and your license plate
number, please.
I walk from diner.
Huh? Did you eat?
Did you eat?
It's good there.
Was it busy? I was hoping
for some of that run-off, you know?
All right. And I'll need
to xerox your ID, please, sir.
I will pay cash.
Yep, still need your ID.
I have a friend who's
a cop in town.
He's always going on
about me xeroxing IDs.
Well, everybody has job.
He was 15 minute late.
But I checked and
everything was there.
Yes, I will cross border
first thing in the morning.
Jacques, it is a pleasure to be
working for your father again.
Please thank him for the opp...
Give me that pipe.
Ow. Motherfucker.
Shut the fuck up.
You shut the fuck up.
- Come on, you dumb bitch.
- Ow.
Ow! What the...?
Get the fuck off me! Ow!
Get the fuck off me! Aah!
What the fuck's
going on up there?
What did you do?
No, get away!
- Get away from me!
- I'm sorry!
- Hey, everything all right?
- The fuck was that?
- Hey!
- I called the police.
Open up.
Somebody call 911.
John roughs up Gwen,
Gwen slashes John,
and John manages to shoot her
before bleeding out.
You wanna sit here and say, "No, forget
it. It couldn't happen." And then...
it happens.
That's some non-fiction
right there, you know?
I just saw Gwen this morning.
Mm. Hey, how's Sophia doing?
Is she okay?
Denise got her.
She didn't see anything, thank God.
That's great. Good.
Oh, no, no.
Floyd, shit for brains, the Jeep.
The Jeep.
Fucking idiot.
I'm sorry. What?
Billy, we have to stop letting
the girls use the rooms.
Yeah, I mean, you know, it's not like
this is ever gonna happen again, Chlo.
I mean...
Besides, you're not the only one
who relies on that cash.
I had a woman in from
social services today.
She told me I got two weeks
to get out of my place.
If she hears about this,
then Sophia's gone tomorrow.
Two weeks?
It doesn't matter.
Okay? Because you and I, we're
gonna get through this. Together.
I'm gonna help you, okay?
You and me, just like after Vincent
died. I'm gonna be there for you.
Yeah? Billy.
We have to stop letting the
girls use the rooms.
Okay. Okay. Yeah.
Thank you.
John Doe and
the girl were DOA.
Anyone else there?
As far as we can tell,
he was traveling alone.
I thought everybody had gone.
Ah... Yes, but I believe
these are yours, yes?
You could have left them
in the room, but thank you.
Yes, well, uh, sorry,
but with all the confusion...
Oh. Okay, I see.
Okay, one second, please.
Thank you.
Aah! Unh.
Make no sound.
Open this door. Open it!
There's a hundred bucks in the
register, have whatever you want.
Quiet. Where is cell phone?
I don't have... I don't have it.
Do not lie to me again.
Who else live here?
Just me and my daughter.
Where is she?
She's with a friend, they're
coming back here any minute.
The Jeep that was here last night,
where did they take it?
What Jeep?
The man who was killed by the whore.
The police towed his car.
Where did they take it?
- Do you feel that?
- Mom!
Give me your keys.
You let the little girl
and only the little girl in.
Or I shoot everyone dead.
Mom, Mom, the puppy
slept in the bed with me.
Oh. Was it cozy?
They're friends for
life, I'm sure of that.
And, hey, how you feeling, hon?
I'm okay. Denise, can you do me
a huge favor? Could you take her
- for a couple more hours?
- No, Mom. Please.
Come on.
Listen, I'm sorry, I...
I got a...
I got a double shift in an hour.
Then I got Randall coming over as he does
with about the frequency of a comet.
Never mind.
Any other day.
You know I'm good for it.
Get the key.
Ah. You look after your mom, okay?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Okay, baby, you go upstairs and watch
TV while I talk to this man, okay?
Who are you?
I am friend of your mother's.
Upstairs, now.
I ask once last time.
Where would police take Jeep?
If I find out,
will you go?
You will get me that Jeep, or I will
put bullet in your little girl's ear.
Hey, Rodney, it's Billy.
Okay, so look, I got a '95
white Jeep Cherokee.
Uh... Seventy-eight thousand miles,
give or take. And look...
Uh, sorry. Uh, look, man,
it's gonna be the same deal.
Okay. Wait two weeks,
things calm down,
they'll think it's
going to the heap.
I can't do anything less
than 1300 on this one.
Okay. But hey, man, look,
there's no radio.
I think somebody picked it
before we got to it, so...
Billy, it's Chloe again.
Will you please call me back?
Thank you.
He will call me back.
And he'll get the car to you
clean and easy, I swear it.
Where does this Billy live?
Ah. Little girl...
you have jacket?
Of course. Everyone has a jacket.
Of course. Please go get yours. Huh?
We are all going for drive.
Now, follow me.
You okay back there, baby?
Can't we play I Spy?
We can play later,
I promise, okay? I promise.
I spy with my little eye,
something white.
Here he is.
You won't hurt her?
That depend on you.
When you come back to car,
you come back alone.
And if it's Stephanie,
tell her to shut up
- about the goddamn...
- All right. Jesus. Relax.
The fuck are you doing here?
I need to talk to Billy.
What the fuck do you need
to talk to Billy for, huh, Chlo?
You two don't get enough
of each other at that motel?
And whatever it is
the fuck you do all day.
I need to talk to you.
So talk.
Amber, inside.
I'm not going anywhere.
Shut up and take this.
You asshole.
And pause it.
You can fucking rewind it.
What the fuck are you doing here?
The Jeep. The Cherokee.
One you picked up last night?
I know a guy who wants to buy it.
It's a good price. I'll take a
little cut. I need the cash, Billy.
What are you talking about?
We know about your deal with Rodney.
The guy doesn't just want the parts.
It's evidence in an investigation.
I can't give that to you.
Since when do you care?
It's evidence.
Soon it'll be paperwork,
then it'll be a cube of garbage.
Sound like you're on the television.
Whatever. I can't help you.
So why don't you just...? Just
get out, Chlo. You've done enough.
Maybe I'll just talk to
your chief about it then.
About what?
Maybe he wants to hear about your bait
and switch... Get your hands off me!
Goddamn it, Chloe.
You gotta be more careful.
What did he say?
He said no.
Do you see it?
There's a chain-link fence
and police everywhere.
Find a way.
It's blocked in.
I did not need to move it.
We need to get inside.
Behind stereo, inside,
is a package.
It will take you no more
than two minute of prying.
Take it.
Now, get out of the car.
The sound of the shot
will wake your little Sophia.
And she will look around
because she needs her mother.
And she will find her mother,
but she will be splattered
all over the window
and the fucking dashboard
and the steering wheel.
Now, I'm going to count to five.
Trust me when I tell you,
if you do not get out of the car,
you will not hear me say five.
Okay. All right. All right. I'll go.
I'm going. Okay.
Wake up, little girl.
Where's my mom?
That is a good question.
Do you see her out there?
What is she doing?
I tell you what.
Let us play the I Spy, huh?
You tell me what you spy.
That's not how you play.
It is how I play.
You can't just change
the rules like that.
Yes, I can.
Tell me what you see.
Looks like she's trying
to get inside a car.
Okay. Baby, put your headphones on.
It's gone. It's gone.
Whatever was in there, somebody
got to it before we did.
I'm not lying to you.
Take us back to motel.
I need to know what's gonna happen
next. You can at least tell me that.
Tomorrow morning,
you will talk to your friend Billy,
and you will find out
who worked on car.
What are you doing?
I'm guessing no one's
getting any sleep, right?
I need caffeine, so I'm making tea.
Is that all right with you?
What was in the package?
I was gonna see it anyway.
I'm not gonna sit in silence
for the next however many hours.
As long as you have a gun, I'll be nervous.
As long as I'm nervous, I'm gonna talk.
Was it drugs or money?
It's cash, isn't it?
It's a lot, I bet, huh?
So, what do they call someone
like you? It's a mule, right?
I collect packages...
and bring them to
where they belong.
You wanna know what I think?
I think your employers don't
know about your vision problem.
Maybe it wasn't so bad for a while,
but now you can't hardly see anything.
What are you gonna do, right?
I mean, there's not much demand
for a blind guy
whose only skill is killing people.
Very perceptive for a motel clerk
in this God-forsaken brothel.
What if I told you
I knew where the money was?
We both know where the money was.
I mean, where the money is.
It sounds to me like
you're already fucked.
So either you leave empty-handed,
wait for the people whose money it is
to come, do whatever they're gonna do,
which I'm guessing
is something really bad.
Or maybe...
you think about buying some time
and taking your half of the money.
I see.
And the other half, I presume,
you think is yours.
You have no idea
how in over your head you are.
And you have no idea
what it's like
to have a child to feed
and no place to go.
I have been on my own
since I was 15 years old,
scrambling for cash
and nobody gives a fuck.
And I'm not gonna do that again, and
I'm not gonna do that to my daughter.
Little girl,
you are being very reckless.
So we go tomorrow?
And what if I do not care to wait?
You can leave here empty-handed.
So, you got a name?
I wanna go lie down
with my daughter.
You were gonna let me use
the washing machine.
I know, baby.
We'll do it next week, okay?
Mommy's got something really
important to do today. I'm sorry.
Now, tell Denise I'm putting
your food in the back, okay?
The man in the pictures,
he is girl's father?
Since when have you been looking
at my pictures?
So he left you?
No, he did not leave me.
He was fixing a flat by the side of the
road and a truck hit him and didn't stop.
He was a good man.
I showed up with nothing.
Except the baby in your belly.
What about you, anyway?
You walk alone or something?
It's no big deal your partner got shot?
He was an idiot.
My sister's kid.
Good help is hard to find.
There he is.
He's got a TV, a big flat one.
Give me your phone.
It's a burner, isn't it?
Guy like you doesn't get a bill with
his name on it. Give me your phone.
Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go.
Come on. Get the fuck out of here.
I knew it.
What did he do? What did you say?
I said "I know you have the money."
He's turning. He's turning.
All right, are there
cars between you and him?
Uh, yeah. Two.
Okay, slow down.
Keep your distance.
But try not to make it look like
you are keeping your distance.
Well, what does that mean?
Don't look so nervous.
How do you know I look nervous?
Because I can hear it.
What is it?
What are you doing?
He's pulling a U-turn.
Did he see you?
I don't know.
Find place to turn around.
Get back on main street.
We will catch up to him.
It's him. What do I do?
Turn off your engine.
Turn off your engine.
Step out of the
goddamn vehicle, Chlo.
You let him come to us.
I will take care of it.
Step out of the goddamn car, Chlo.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Do not leave the car.
Stay in the goddamn car.
All right, stop right there.
Turn around, Chlo.
Turn the fuck around.
Good. Now, put your
hands on your head.
Now, back up slow.
Keep coming.
Keep coming. Come on.
Come on. Keep coming.
Now, get on your knees.
Drop to your fucking knees, Chloe!
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
What the fuck do you think you're doing
following me, Chlo, huh? Spread them.
What are you doing?
Shut the fuck up and spread your legs.
Guess what.
You're gonna tell me what's
going on, understand?
You're gonna tell me, or you'll make me
choke it out of you, you understand?
Huh? You fucking me?
You fucking...
You think you're fucking
shaking me down?
After every fucking thing
I did for you, Chlo. Huh?
- After every fuck...
- That is enough.
Okay. Okay.
Easy. Easy, now.
- Hey, easy, easy. Take it easy, man.
- Give me that.
Easy. It's okay. I mean, who the fuck
do we have here now, huh, Chlo?
Shut up. Put these on.
Mind telling me what
is going on here, Chlo? Huh?
I was trying to tell you, Billy.
He made me follow you.
He said that he would kill Sophia.
You gotta do what he says, Billy.
The guy is crazy.
- Okay, pal, look, we can just talk, okay?
- Shut fuck up.
Huh? Can I do
something for you?
Get up. Time we take drive, yes?
You are so fucked.
So, Mr. Billy,
I give you one last time.
Where is the money?
I have no idea
what you are talking about.
Hm. How much
was the television set?
"The television set"?
It was a nickel, pal. Okay?
About as much as it costs
to go to the movies. Heh.
You make joke...
because you are nervous.
And you should be.
A dumb cop like you.
You like to take it out and
feel it, so you keep it close.
Like in your bedroom?
Or maybe under your bed.
Am I close?
We go to his house.
- It's not gonna make any difference.
- Shut up.
This is it.
Is anyone inside?
Fuck you, old man.
He has a wife.
Is your wife home?
How am I supposed to know
what she does all day?
Let us find out.
You. Go. If you want your friend
to live, you bring money back.
What the fuck are you
doing in my house? Huh?
Fucking lost or something, honey?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Get out of fucking car.
Billy give you keys
to our fucking house?
So he can fuck you on our bed?
What...? What the fuck
did you do, Chlo?
Did you find the money?
I have it.
You fucking bitch!
What is it?
Why are we stopping?
Come on!
We need to go back to motel.
Policeman should have told
us she was inside.
You didn't have to kill her.
She was out of control.
Now, we need to get back
to motel to count it.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10,
11,12,13,14,15,16, 17, 18, 19, 20 bundles
including the one you're holding.
All hundreds. Not enough
for what just happened.
You take the cop's gun and you put
it where no one will ever find it.
Take it.
There's a car in the driveway.
Hey. What are you doing in my place?
Did you find it?
Yeah. Wasn't where you said
but we got it.
What's going on? What are you doing?
What does who do?
Hey. What, you deaf now too?
Half of that is mine.
Get your fucking hands off me.
Get your hands off.
- We're just working here.
- Topo!
- Get the fuck out of my way!
- Let's go.
Okay, so I say,
tomorrow, why don't you come
back over and sleep over, okay?
Call the police.
- Come with me.
- Mommy.
- What's the matter with Mommy?
- She's fine.
Just keep driving.
Heh. Dumb-asses.
How much was in jar?
Twenty-three hundred.
A little more, I think.
You think?
Twenty-three and change.
How much was off the package?
Two thousand exactly.
That's good.
You want me to count it again?
Not necessary.
The money has
already been counted.
That's a crazy-ass bitch
back there, huh?
Keep your mouth shut.
And slow down.
You are speeding.
Just going back.
You say the assailant forced you
into Officer Banks' home
to retrieve a package from Banks?
That's right.
Okay, and upon entering
Officer Banks' residence,
you were attacked by Banks' wife?
That's correct.
At which point, the assailant
fired one shot and killed her.
So in your opinion, was Officer
Banks known to your assailant?
Excuse me?
You think they knew each other?
How would they know each other?
Did Officer Banks say that?
Unfortunately we haven't been able
to locate Officer Banks.
We found the wife and the radiator
where you said he was handcuffed,
but by the time we
reached the crime scene,
he was gone.
Any thoughts, any ideas
where he might be?
No, I... No, I don't know
where Officer Banks could be.
Think there's a chance
he might show up here?
He apparently fled the scene
of his own wife's homicide,
he hasn't resurfaced
to make a report.
We honestly don't know what's
going through his mind right now.
Listen, just to be safe,
we'll post a cruiser out front of your
apartment all night long, all right?
Black Cadillac. Quebec plates.
How many are there?
Windows are tinted.
Maybe two.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah. There's two. I'm sure.
It looks like they want you
to come over to them.
You alone out here, holmes?
You know that I am, Jacques.
What's with the glasses?
No problems.
Besides you being two days late?
I took care of it.
Oh, you took care of it?
You been out of the game too long,
you forgot how to talk to your boss.
I am sure that if you ask your father...
No, dog.
I don't gotta ask nobody nothing.
Of course.
You are right.
It will not happen again.
Get in.
Because Alain is
going to count it.
The fuck's quoi ca?
The fuck's this supposed to be?
It is all there.
- We were 2000 short...
- Two short?
Motherfucker, you are way off.
I'm sorry?
Fuck you are.
This package is 50 light, holmes.
Check again.
I don't need to check again.
Where's the fucking rest?
Jacques, listen.
No, fuck that. I don't need that.
I listen all the fuck time.
Listen to my mama,
my girlfriend too, motherfucker.
To my old man who said I should use
Topo, that Topo could use the work.
And what is with
the fucking glasses?
I'm gonna count to five,
You tell me where
you put the rest.
One, two,
Hey, baby, how's Denise's?
Where are you, Mom?
I'm at home.
I'm just taking care
of a few things.
Is the man with the
glasses still there?
No, no, the man's gone.
Why is he gone?
Are you there?
Baby, I was thinking...
That maybe when I
pick you up tomorrow
from Denise's that...
instead of coming home,
maybe we'll...
We'll just move.
And just leave?
You know,
even if we move,
we'll still have each other, right?
But what about Mr. Jones?
Mr. Jones can come too.
All right, baby.
I love you.
I love you too.
Sleep tight.
Good night, Mom.
Greene County?
Yeah, I think there's been an accident
at the gas station on Route 23.
Thank you.
You know that I
did not come alone.
You have to leave.
There are police watching.
There ought to be.
But they are not.
You stole $50,000 from package.
I still have it upstairs, I can get it.
Imagine my surprise when
my employers found it out.
But you weren't supposed to take it back.
You were supposed to keep half.
Remember? The plan.
Before you knew I took 50 grand,
you wrecked my apartment,
and you took my money.
It was insurance.
I was gonna make it right when
we split it, and all's you had to do
was keep your side of the bargain,
but you didn't.
You did the wrong... I did the
wrong thing. I did the wrong thing.
You are afraid.
And when you are afraid,
you talk too much.
Goodbye, Chloe.
No, please, please.
Sophia doesn't have anyone.
Sophia doesn't have anyone.
Your half.
Why are you doing this?
Because good help
is hard to find.
Somebody left a bunch
of fucking money here!
Somebody very carelessly just
left a bunch of fucking money here!
I mean, some careless bitch
who was stupid enough to lie to me,
you just left a bunch
of your fucking money here!
Hey, hey! Put that
fucking phone down.
Put your hands up.
Put your fucking hands up, Chlo.
What the fuck is this, Chlo?
It's not what it looks like.
Well, hey, do me a fucking favor,
keep fucking lying to me.
Yeah, keep lying to me, I swear to God.
Keep doing it. I beg of you!
Huh? I mean, where the fu...? Where do
you fucking think you're going?
You think you're going
to fucking Hawaii, huh,
after your little boyfriend
fucking killed Amber?
You're not gonna shoot me.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Oh, see? Did you see it?
I shot the fuck out
of your fucking friends.
I mean, I was discharging my fucking
weapon all over the place, huh?
You see how I did that?
I didn't.
No? You didn't fucking see that?
You fuck.
You, you're a...
You're a ba...
You're a bad person, Chlo.
You're a bad person.
You are... You're a mother
and you're a bad person.
You're a fucking liar, an
accomplice, you're a murderer.
And you...
You could have been
Mrs. Billy Banks, huh?
Where are you fucking going,
Chlo? Huh?
I'm leaving.
Can I...?
Can I come?
Please. Just you and me.
I mean, all you have to do
is say yes, you know?
See what you...?
You see what you...?
You see what you fucking just did?
Why do you always fucking tease, you?
Why...? Why did you make love
to me all those fucking times
if you didn't even mean it?
Why did you do that?
Why did you fucking
do this to me, Chlo?
I'm fucking sorry, Billy!
I'm fucking sorry! I'm sorry!
Okay, well...
I know there's more money.
And I know that you know where it is
so tell me where the fuck the rest
of the money is right now, Chlo.
Come here. Come here, show me.
Show me. Yeah, come here, show me.
Don't fucking worry, Chlo. I'm not
gonna fucking touch you. Huh?
Is this it?
I should have seen it
coming, you know?
Using me just like...
Just like you used Vincent.
Yeah, just like you probably
used those two guys over there.
Why did you do it, Chlo?
Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
Stop. Stop.
Come on. Come on, Chlo.
Come on.
Why did you do this to us?
So you think Billy had been dealing
with these people for a while?
Yeah, yeah, I'd say that Officer
Banks got in way over his head.
Sure you don't want to come down
to the station, talk to someone?
I'm anxious to see my daughter.
Of course you are.
You two got a place
to go to, right?
We're okay.
Thank you.
Listen, one other thing.
We found this roll of cash.
It was $2300, mostly small bills,
5s, 10s, that kind of thing.
It didn't match the other money.
I thought it might be yours?
No, sir.
Oh, baby. Mm.
Oh, you washed your hair?
You okay?
I'm fine.
So, baby, you know
what I was thinking?
I was thinking about
what Stella Bradshaw said.
And I think maybe she's right.
Maybe people aren't
supposed to live in motels.
You're crazy.
I know.
You can travel all around
Or you can come away
With me
Walk the old way, way, way
Way, way, way, oh
Wrap me in your blankets
Dance me around
Take me back
To where my heart belongs
Qu'Appelle Valley
Oh, Saskatchewan
Wrap me in your blankets
Dance me around
Take me back
To where my heart belongs
Qu'Appelle Valley
Oh, Saskatchewan
Qu'Appelle Valley
Oh, Saskatchewan