Cold Cross (2023) Movie Script

- They're here.
Three men.
- Good, gentlemen.
Come on.
All right, gentlemen, we got
a small window to do this.
There's three of them and all of
Quick and honest work.
We get Floyd and we get the
hell out of here, you got it?
You got it?
- Yeah, I've got it.
- We've got it.
- All right, let's move.
- Let's go.
- We gotta go do a job.
You stay in the woods, okay?
We'll be back.
- Yes, Ma.
- Next time, Junior.
- Hey, go easy on that swine,
I'd prefer he still be
breathing when he hangs.
- Apology, Sheriff, just
showing this trash it's
an eye for an eye around here.
- It's damn near impossible
to get anybody back in alive
these days.
- I reckon you'd just prefer
to bring them in dead, old man.
- Old age will do that to you,
You'll be lazy one of these
days, too.
You can bet on that.
- I reckon it'd take a
dead man
to match your laziness.
- Agree to disagree with
you on that, Felix, boy.
One thing be true,
neither you nor me are as
lazy as that brother of yours.
He's probably drunk himself
into a stupor by mid morning.
- Yeah, with Fennec, that I'm
- This ain't gonna end
well for you, boy, my men
have probably had eyes
on us for miles now.
Any last words, son?
Well said.
- We get back to town, I want
you to fetch your brother.
Him and me have to have
a little conversation.
It's about time he took-
- You all right?
Where are they?
Where are you sons of bitches?
- And watch the treeline.
- Hey, come on!
- Oh, for Christ's sake.
- Hang on, Pa, hang on.
Whoa! Dad?
- Floyd, you all right?
- He's breathing.
- About goddamn time.
- Somebody done got that son of
a bitch.
- Hey, come on,
now, leave him alone.
- One Shot Ricketts, my ass.
- That title don't apply
to a man wearing chains.
- Shackles or not, I reckon
that title don't apply
to you at all, friend.
- I'll show you one
- Shit.
- Hey, shut the hell up.
- Just like you left
her, brother.
- Appreciate that.
- Did you see me
shoot that son of a bitch?
I killed him.
- No, you didn't.
- Ah, hell, I shot him.
- No, you did not.
- I killed him, I killed him.
- No, you didn't, no.
- Goddammit.
- I shot that son of a bitch.
- Go back to the ,
- Did you see that son of a
bitch's face?
You shot that man.
- All right, gentlemen.
I'll meet you back at camp.
Split up and make sure
you're not followed.
I'll stick back here
and cover your asses.
Dumb son of bitches.
- You're coming with
me, you son of a bitch.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
I think I'll just kill you in
cold blood,
like you did my dear Pa here.
- You ain't
fast enough, drop it.
- Why don't you go on and
kick that over here, son.
You're lucky the boys ain't
otherwise they would have just
shot you.
But me and the missus here, nah.
We ain't bad people,
just desperate is all.
I reckon we'll let you live.
You could tell your friends,
your family.
You could tell the rest of the
goddamn law, for all I care.
Won't make no difference.
- You'll never be free.
- Freedom, is that what you
call this, friend, freedom?
Every day you take more
and more freedoms from us.
I learned the hard way, if
you truly want to be free,
you have to fight for it.
And that's why, sir,
I will be more free
even in death than you.
- I'll set you free.
- Now, look, partner,
I don't want to kill you,
but folks seem to be
a lot more cooperative
when they have a gun
pointed at their head,
hence the gun I got pointed at
your head.
Now, pardon me.
I have neglected to introduce
I'm William McCarthy.
And you are?
- John Louis.
- John Louis, you the,
uh, deputy of this town, John?
- Senior deputy, actually,
only good one, I might add.
- Senior deputy, so
you must be well-acquainted
with the infamous Sheriff
- You could say that.
- Very good, now, is
he in town?
- Look around, William McCarthy.
No, he ain't here, went hunting
with a couple of buddies a day
or two ago.
So why don't I take a message
for you?
- Obliged.
Now tell me, John, have you ever
of the tale of Wild Charlie
- Can't say I have.
- Really?
That surprises me.
I can tell you, if you like.
Very well then.
Oh, shit, that hit the spot.
Now, Wild Charlie Douglas was an
like myself, but not just any
He was known to be one of
the most accurate shots
on the entire frontier.
Now, sure, he was good at
robbing banks
and stagecoaches and whatnot,
but he was most known for his
attuned eye
when it came to killing folk.
Now, if you ever stumbled
upon some poor son of a bitch
who'd fallen victim to the
hand of Charlie Douglas,
well, you'd know it was him.
Do you want to know how?
Every one of 'em had a
hole right in the center
of their head left by
a 36 caliber revolver,
and just below it, a cross
carved right into their skin.
He was a religious man, you see.
Now, I reckon you're gonna
have the exact same hole
in your head if'n you reach
for that pistol again.
Now, I can see you're getting
so I'll just ask, where's
- He headed east to a
town called Cold Creek.
Heard from some folk there
was good hunting there.
That is all I know, I
- There, was that so
- I hope it's worth it, son,
because it won't bring back your
- Why don't you go
fetch us
some fish out the water?
- Yes, Ma.
- And you keep
your nose to yourself.
Talk to no one, you understand?
- Hello, son, got a question for
Have you seen these people,
- Yeah, that's my mom and pa.
- You know where I might find
- Yeah, they're
back at our camp, that way.
- Bye now.
- Pa, Pa!
Ma, Pa!
Hello, Sheriff Danberry.
- Yeah, you know,
you're just like him,
stupid, fighting for a lost
But there's no room in this
world for outlaws anymore, kid.
You could say I did society a
- You find something?
- Here we go.
- Hello, Sheriff
- That's a good way to get shot,
What the hell do you want?
- I was nine years old.
You took everything from me.
I've come for you, Danberry.
Henry and Elizabeth McCarthy,
the man and woman you shot
and killed 12 years ago,
those were my parents.
- Your parents were
killers, boy, and thieves.
They got what they deserved.
- No, they didn't, but you will.
- I saved you, boy.
- We all have our choices,
You made yours, and now I've
made mine.
- Son of a bitch, you
know you're gonna die.
Crazy bitch, I'll kill you for
- Hello, Sheriff
- I saved you, boy.
- You took everything
from me.
- Brothers and sisters,
we're gathered here today
to mourn and remember
Sheriff Felix Danberry.
- Sheriff Danberry gave
his life
to the Sheriff's Department.
I want to remember him for who
he was
and for what he gave.
- The Lord is my
shepherd, I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie
down in green pastures.
He leadeth me beside still
He restores my strength, he
leads me beside the right paths,
bringing him honor to his name.
Even though I walk through
the valley of death,
I shall fear no evil, for
he is close beside me.
You honor me by anointing
my head with oil.
My cup overflows with blessings.
Surely your goodness
and unfailing love will follow
me all the rest of my days.
I will live in the house
of the Lord forever, amen.
- My condolences for your loss,
He was a good man,
and I know how close the two
of your were, I can't rightly-
- Spare me the
condolences, John.
You know who he is?
- William McCarthy, son of
Henry and Elizabeth McCarthy,
and the founders of the
notorious McCarthy Gang.
Felix shot Henry and Elizabeth
and William hunted him for 12
He shot and killed old Felix,
left him dead in Cold Creek.
Took a couple of former
McCarthy Gang members down
with him, as well, on
account of them selling out
his parents in exchange for
their amnesty.
- Any idea of
where he's headed next?
- I guess, well,
I reckon it's possible he'll
be hunting down the last
of the gang members for
selling out his folks.
The last I heard, three of them
settled up
in a town called Cold Cross,
about a three days' ride north
of here.
I'll have my best men
on the lookout, I swear.
You take care now, Fennec.
And don't make me hunt you
down just like McCarthy.
- You know, I spent my life
regretting my decisions,
little deputy,
but don't you worry.
I won't regret a single
moment of what's to come!
- You stupid man.
I thought you were dead.
- I didn't mean to make
you worry for so long.
Look at me.
I missed you, Jude.
- I suppose I may have
missed you, as well.
- Oh, there we go.
If you had a choice
to be anything you wanted to be,
what would you do?
- I always did
fancy being a lawyer.
- What?
- Mm-hmm, but too much
liberal arts for my liking.
- That's a bit odd, I have
always despised lawyers.
- But I suppose being your
wife is a close second.
- Yeah.
I reckon you're
about the best thing in this
world, Jude.
- You ain't gotta tell me that.
- What have you done to me?
- Saved you.
- There ain't no saving me.
- Well, at least I've tried.
- That you did.
Where's Danberry?
- Headed east, a
town called Cold Creek.
I heard from some folk there
was good hunting there.
That is all I know, I
- There, was that so
I suppose since you've been so
with this matter that I can take
my leave.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
- You know, I don't too much
care for Danberry neither,
kid, but he ain't the only
your folks are pushing up
- What the
hell are you on about?
- Danberry would have never
known where to find them
if it hadn't been for your
daddy's trusted associates.
- Trusted associates?
Now, that's a damn lie.
- Every single one of
them sang like a canary.
Now they're walking free.
- Next time, Junior.
- Really, now?
- Henry.
- How could they do this to us?
13 years.
13 years we've been running with
and this is how they treat us?
They sell us like pigs for
- It's the law, it was bound
to catch up with us sometime.
- Well, then,
now, Deputy, prove it.
- I don't reckon I-
- Now, I don't
reckon anything coming out
of your mouth means a damn thing
without a shred of evidence, so
prove it.
- We gave them everything,
we gave them shelter,
gave 'em purpose, we gave 'em
and this is what they do?
- There's no use getting hung up
on it.
It's over, we can't keep
- Why not, we've been
doing it our whole lives.
Why stop now?
- Your son, we've gotta think
about what's best for him.
- Elizabeth.
How about we head west?
At least 'til the heat dies
We just can't let them get us,
or else that boy will be made
an orphan.
- You know
where I might find them?
- Yeah, they're
back at our camp, that way.
- You know
where I might find them?
- Yeah, they're
back at our camp, that way.
Pa, Pa!
Pa, Pa!
- Danberry would have
never known
where to find 'em if it hadn't
for your daddy's trusted
Every single one of
'em sang like a canary.
- Butch Lester.
- Next time, Junior.
- Clive Carmine.
Floyd Ricketts.
Oh, you're all gonna pay.
Every last one of you.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, of course.
Why do you ask?
- You just seem distracted is
- Well, how could I not be
distracted with
this sitting underneath the
- Hey, a girl's gotta defend
especially when her man
is off chasing lawmen.
- Oh, I suppose I can't argue
with that.
- Talk to me.
- I've been having nightmares.
- Nightmares about what?
- The same ones I've
always had, I suppose.
- I thought you were over
all that.
- That's not something
you just get over, Jude.
- You know that's not
what I meant.
- No?
What do you mean?
- I'm not saying forget
about them, William,
but you can't keep living that
one moment.
- I was nine years old.
You do realize I hardly have
any other memory of them?
- You know that's not true.
- You don't know what
you're talking about.
- I'm just trying to help
- I don't need your help,
It's just,
it ain't just Danberry, okay?
It's more than that.
It's those sons of bitches
that we called family,
and that they went and sold us
almost like they never even gave
a shit.
These are the ones that
my parents keep talking
about in this damn dream I keep
I'm tired of feeling guilty
every single day!
And I know it ain't gonna stop
'til I make things right.
- Make things right?
So you're just gonna risk
our life we built here,
our family, for what?
Revenge has already been met.
- You know, I'm not asking
your permission, Jude.
I'm doing this.
- Are you goddamn cruel!
I swear to Jesus, if you leave,
don't expect me to be waiting
for you when you get back.
- You listen to me.
Now, I knew you weren't
gonna be okay with this.
But I'm just asking that you
understand, I have to do this.
And I don't have a choice.
- What exactly are you
trying to accomplish, Fennec?
He's gone and you know damn well
that man ain't gonna bring him
- Don't be foolish, Bonnie.
It's not about bringing him
back, it's about justice!
- Foolish-
- Oh, look at you,
all about justice now.
Killing this man ain't
justice, Fennec, it's murder.
- Frontier justice is still
justice, Lana.
Either way, that son of
a bitch ends up dead.
Better by my hand than that
shoddy excuse for a sheriff!
- That's their job, Fennec.
Why not just let them do their
- You know what?
I done thought about it,
but the more I continue
to discuss it with you, the
more I want to see it firsthand,
my bullet tearing
through his stupid skull.
So to answer your question,
doing it myself and watching
that son of a bitch suck
his last goddamn breath,
oh, that's gonna give
me great satisfaction.
- You're beyond sinful, Fennec.
What you speak of is evil.
Folk get damned to Hell
for this sort of thing.
- Oh, believe me, I do look
to my dance with the devil.
Anything less and I'd feel
I'd been sold a false bill of
Now, if you'll excuse me.
- Oh my God.
- Bonnie, if you don't shut up,
I swear I'm gonna put a
bullet in my own goddamn head.
- Fennec!
- What?
I can barely hear myself
think with your mouth running.
- You're a goddamn pig, you know
- Where's my goddamn
- Oh, sure, go drink yourself to
Godforsaken drunk.
- You two always did look
so much alike, so much so
that your own damn mother
couldn't tell you apart at
- Hello, Mama.
You come to try to stop me from
doing the right thing, too?
- You know I ain't gonna stand
and tell you I think what
you're doing is right.
Have a seat.
You know your brother
always was a kind soul,
a bit abrasive at times,
but kind nonetheless.
When your father was killed,
it drove your brother mad,
watching his father die
right in front of him.
Felix knew you had demons
and he knew you'd been
fighting them a long time,
even before your father died.
Your brother righteously
killed those two outlaws,
but when he came back
with blood on his hands,
he said revenge was a fool's
A mother shouldn't have
to watch her whole family die,
- You ain't gonna watch
nobody else die now, you hear?
There's nothing I wouldn't
do for this family,
and that includes taking
the life of another man.
You understand?
- Make him pay, my son, make him
- Whoa.
- Yes, can I help you?
- Well, I certainly
hope so.
- You've got a lot
of nerve showing your face
around this town, friend.
You know, my deputies are
looking for you.
- Where are they?
- Cold Cross, three
days' ride north of here.
- All of them?
- Yes.
- Don't you dare lie to me.
- I swear, I swear.
- If I don't find them
there, I will be back.
You don't want me coming back,
- Now, I implore you,
just forget it.
Go on home.
You got what you want.
- Good day, John.
This is a good a spot as any.
You'll be safe here, boy.
Don't worry, I'll be back.
I'll be back.
- Get on with it!
- Go on, hang him!
- Come on, Sheriff!
- I'm here for a hanging!
- Come on, Sheriff!
- Set him free!
- Yeah, we're
not electing you again.
Let's go!
- Silence, people, Cold Cross.
This poor soul that you see here
before you had the
misfortune of crossing paths
with US Marshal Cody just east
of here.
US Marshal Cody was kind enough
to drop him off to us on his way
- Come on, come on, pull the
- Come on, let's go!
- All right, all right, all
Simmer down, now, simmer down.
- Simmer down, now,
simmer down.
- Now, Ned Preston Henry,
you have been tried
and found guilty of crimes
against your fellow man,
and you are hereby sentenced to
by the neck until dead, dead,
- Until dead, dead, dead.
- Do you mind?
- Sorry, boss.
- Now, Ned, do you have any
final words for these folks?
- I'm sorry for my sins,
and the people that I hurt,
and I forgive those who hurt me
But I beg all of you,
please don't seek revenge.
It's not worth it.
- All right, seeing as how our
dear reverend is unavailable
at the moment, we're
gonna ask the deputy here
to say a few words.
- Make it quick,
- Charles!
- God, please have mercy
on poor old Ned's soul.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Now get on with it!
I got chores to do!
- Come on!
- About time.
- Come on.
- Hang him.
- Guilty, go on and hang him.
- Break his damn neck.
- All right, I
guess that about does it.
Deputy, please proceed.
- Wait, you mean the?
- Yeah, the-
- Pull it!
- Pull the damn lever.
- Come on, pull the lever!
- No, pull the damn
- Drink.
- I just don't think y'all
are taking this too serious.
- He's just one man.
- I hear you, all I'm
saying is last I heard,
he's heading this way.
Now, you boys know I ain't
one to run from a fight,
but I also ain't the bastard
to answer the door when
death comes a-knocking,
and I figure, all we'll needs a
few days
and he'll have passed through.
- What makes you think this
man's coming after us, anyways?
- The bodies will be stacking
He's already shot two men
that rode with the McCarthy
In case you two dullards forgot,
we was in the McCarthy Gang.
- All right, now, hold on,
'cause last I heard, the
law, they're supposed
to have taken all the
bounties off all members
of the McCarthy Gang
after they found out
Elizabeth and Henry was killed
'cause old Danberry
promised us our freedom.
- Oh, you ain't heard.
Old Danberry went hunting up by
Cold Creek
with Terry Boy and Crouch.
Ain't nobody seen or heard from
him since.
You know what to know what I
I think that bastard shot
Danberry and them other boys.
- This man, he's a, what, a
bounty hunter or something?
- That's just it.
This one ain't the law,
and he ain't no bounty hunter,
Last I heard, it's Henry's boy.
- If it's true, there ain't
no use in running, boys.
- What the hell are you
talking about, Clive?
Do you not hear a damn
word I just told you?
If we don't leave, boys,
we're better off hanging.
- Well, I heard you, Floyd.
We did a bad thing,
boys, we did a bad thing
to people we cared about, our
Now, the devil, he's missing
some souls,
and he's gonna go looking for
until he gets what's his due,
and it don't matter where we go.
He's not gonna stop until he
finds 'em.
- Shut the hell up with all
that preaching shit, Clive.
Don't nobody at this table
want to hear none of that.
- Whisky,
please, strongest you got.
- Might want to be careful
with this stuff, pal.
Will knock you deader
than an angry rattlesnake.
- I'll keep that in mind, thank
- Goddamn spitting image.
- Excuse me, partner.
You're not from around here, are
What brings you to Cold Cross,
- Just meeting
with some old friends is all.
- If it's friends you're looking
you won't find them here,
unless it's a drunk gunslinger,
a thief, or a soiled dove.
- A soiled dove, huh?
- Them's sporting women, kid.
- Well, I am a married man,
so I express no interest
in sporting women.
- Only folk who ain't interested
in sporting women ain't
never spent a night
with a sporting woman.
- I'll keep that in mind,
- What did you say your name was
- I didn't.
- Well,
what's your name, friend?
- Look, buddy, you seem
like a nice guy, the best.
It's been a long day
and I haven't been sleeping
much lately, and quite frankly,
I just don't feel like talking
no more.
So it would go a long
way if you would allow me
to finish my drink in peace.
- That's a mighty fine
compass you've got there.
Mind if I hold it?
- I'm warning you, buddy.
You best leave me be.
- Well, come on, now,
I just want to hold it.
Damn well need it to find
my way home to my family.
- If you ever want to
see your family again,
I suggest you get the hell out
of my face.
- Listen here,
you son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch.
- Sorry for the mess, partner.
- Butch!
Over here, dumb ass.
- Floyd.
- Come here.
- What the hell are you still
doing here?
- Yeah, I could
ask you the same question.
- I'm heading back to my room
and I'm packing up my stuff now
and I'm getting the hell out of
here now.
- Well, I'd do the same, but
he's probably just waiting
for us to make a run for it so
he can shoot us in the back.
- You idiot, you realize if we
stick around here long enough
that's bound to happen anyways.
- Yeah, well, what the
hell's on your head?
- What, my hat?
- Yes, your goddamn hat.
- Well, what's wrong with it?
- Shit's bigger
than a pregnant heifer.
- I figured he wouldn't notice
me in it.
- Won't notice?
- All right, I get it.
Look, I'm getting out of here
Are you coming or not?
- No, you fall victim to
his little game, then.
I'm going to lie low for
a while, keep real quiet,
then when the coast is
clear, I'll grab what I need
from the general store and I'm
- All right.
Well, you do that, I'm
getting out of here now.
Best of luck to you.
- Hey, boy, you watch
yourself out there, partner,
and I'll see your ass and that
stupid hat on the other side.
- About now is your chance,
back turned to you and all.
All right, come on, let's
get this over with then, huh?
- No, I ain't no vindictive
bastard like you, Butch.
I don't shoot or stab folk
in they back like you did my
- I didn't have a choice.
- Bullshit.
There's always a choice.
You just chose wrong.
Now it's time to atone for your
Look at me!
- Your parents was fools, son.
- Don't you dare call me son.
- If it wasn't them, it
would have been all of us
who ended up dead, and that
includes you, twinkle toes.
- At least we would have
died with loyalty, Butch,
as a family.
- Your folks, they was
Now, that includes all of us
that ran with them, yeah, but
We was a gang of low
down killers, that's it.
- Now, that might be how you
saw it, being who you are.
My folks and I, we saw it
- I don't give a shit how they
saw it.
It was what it was, nothing
- You know, I never did like
you, Butch.
But you've made this thing a
hell of a lot easier for me.
- Well-
- No.
No need for any last words,
'cause there ain't a
damn thing you can say
that's gonna change what's
coming, and mark my words,
I'm gonna enjoy it, and
it'll be over quick.
- Well, that's.
Where you going, huh?
Where, where you going,
where you going, huh?
Here, you son of a.
- Son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch.
- Charles, get over here.
Why don't you see
if you can't scrounge up
something good and quick.
We can't afford to leave here
empty handed, you got it?
- Good day, gentlemen.
- Hey, sorry, friend, this
here's official law business.
I'm gonna have to ask
you to kindly move on.
Well, of course, Sheriff, I
wouldn't want to interrupt
such a well-conducted
investigation as this.
However, my brother was a
a might good one, I might say,
and I would often tag along with
on many of his investigations.
I could be of service to you.
- But, you know,
we couldn't have the town folk
finding out
I got a civilian working
on official law business.
- Consider me a hired bounty
hunter, Sheriff, if they ask.
Otherwise, my lips are sealed.
- Normally, folk would turn tail
and run
at seeing a sight like this.
Why are you so interested?
- Because, Sheriff, the man
who killed Butch Lester here,
he also killed my brother.
- Instead, let us rejoice
in the name of salvation.
Let us rejoice in the blood
that has washed all of us clean,
for no matter how dark the deed,
our hands are dirty no more.
- Amen.
- Tortured, beaten, and
nailed to the cross,
the crucifixion of Christ was
payment for all of our sins.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us not
be fools.
Do not let the blood of Christ
become a symbol for immortality.
If we ask for forgiveness of
our sins, God shall grant it.
But they that dig a pit
shall surely fall into it.
And they that roll a stone shall
surely have it fall back upon
Do not be deceived, God cannot
be mocked.
A man reaps what he sows.
"Do not drag me away with the
with those who do evil,
who speak cordially
with their neighbors, but
harbor malice in their hearts.
Repay them for their deeds
and for their evil work.
Repay them for what their hands
have done
and bring back on them what they
Let us pray.
Our Father who art in
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom and the
and the glory forever, amen.
- Amen.
- Go in peace.
Looks like you've been busy,
- Old Butch did put up a fight.
I never did like him much.
- No.
- Those were beautiful words,
I reckon it's gonna take a lot
than those words to save you
now, though.
- I can't take back what I done,
- We were family.
Do those folks out there
know what you really are?
Say something, you son of a
- It's okay.
It's okay.
And now all my lies are proven
and I must face the men
that I slew.
- I see you
helped yourself, then.
- No, that money's sitting
- Well, you're gonna need
a whole 'nother bottle
of that shit when you hear
what I gotta tell you.
Someone went and shot our dear
I swear that man has been
but a saint ever since he came
Cold Cross.
Well, fuck you too, then.
- We don't offer baths here,
but from the looks of it,
maybe you just need a whisky.
- No, no whisky.
I just need some ammo for my 36
- I take it this weren't yours,
- Why so many damn questions,
- All right, all right,
I don't mean to pry,
good sir, I mean sir.
- Just get the ammo.
- Sheriff.
- Fennec.
Hey, some of the town folk are
they saw your man
conveniently sneaking out
of the church right after
the gunshot was fired
when our poor reverend
here met his early demise.
Now, it must have been
right before we got here,
so he couldn't have got far.
Charles and I, we're gonna
ride the perimeter of town,
see if we can catch him
trying to make a break for it.
- Where's Floyd Ricketts?
- Why, I don't care to know,
and if'n he was a smart man,
halfway to Kansas by now, I
- Our customers typically clean
a little better, that's all.
- Obliged.
- Say, you wouldn't mind
to wait here while I ride
the perimeter with Charles
and keep an eye on the church?
Make sure the town folk don't
come around
and try to get a sneak peek
It's still a real mess in there.
- Sure, I can do that.
- Ah, thank you, friend.
This is turning into a real
- A goddamn bloodbath.
- Charles, what did I tell
you about repeating me?
You're gonna be the
death of me someday, son.
And where in tarnation did
you get that ridiculous hat?
- How much for the scatter
gun on the wall there?
- That's not for sale, friend.
That's, that there's my
if'n someone tries to rob me.
My pa gave me this when
I was 12 years old.
It's a beauty, ain't she?
Yeah, she's got my ass out
of a couple delicate
- Okay.
- Nobody messes with Clem
Davis when she's around.
I can't tell you the last
time that somebody tried.
- What?
- You two fellas know
each other?
- Son of a bitch.
- Hey!
St. Peter my door,
- Hey!
- Get out, clean out!
Go, go, go!
- Floyd!
- William McCarthy.
You look like hell, boy.
- Shut up and draw,
- You know, they used to
call me One Shot Ricketts.
You sure you want to do this?
- I've seen you shoot.
It was some time ago,
granted, but I ain't scared.
- You always were a brave little
but maybe a few bullets
shy of a full cylinder,
just like your daddy.
- God's waiting, Floyd, draw.
- McCarthy!
- I'll always come back to you.
- I ain't going nowhere.
- Look.
Now, once you pull this hammer
this gun's ready to fire.
This has the power to take a
It's the one thing in this world
you can't undo, you understand?
Okay, come here.
Grip it real tight and
keep both eyes open.
Focus that there sight
right on your target
and when you're ready,
you pull that hammer back.
Now, take a deep breath,
and always fire on empty lungs.
We might make a gunslinger out
of you yet.
- I think you're right.
- William!
Where are you, you son of a
You're a fine horse.
That murderous bastard
doesn't deserve you.
- Nice and easy.
- Just be calm, okay?
- Hold him!
- William.
- Jude.
- Well, would you looky
This whole time,
we've been trailing the
infamous William McCarthy,
son of the late Henry and
This day just couldn't get any
- Can't get no sweeter
than the-
- Shut it, Charles.
Now, the way I figure it,
we put a couple of
bullets in you,
dirty up your clothes a little
and them idiots ain't
gonna be none the wiser.
- Sounds like a damn good plan,
- Damn right, it does.
Listen, you're gonna have
to take off that stupid hat
or I'm gonna shoot you instead.
- Boss!
- Listen, you look like
an idiot.
Just 'cause it's a big hat,
don't mean it's a nice hat.
- Will you two shut up?
- You shut up!
Get him on his feet.
Come on, get him up.
Listen here, you want to play
You'd better be prepared to die
like an outlaw, you hear me?
- Indeed.
- Fennec.
We got this situation under
control here,
so I'm gonna have to insist you
just keep riding, all right?
- You thief!
- This man
killed my brother, and
I intend to say my peace
before it's all said and
done, just a few words,
and then you'll never
see me again, Sheriff.
- Well, I guess that
wouldn't hurt nothing,
but you make it quick, you hear?
All right there.
- You sure do got a way
with words, William.
Such a sad letter to your
wife you left behind.
Almost brought me to tears, all
pain you put her through.
Don't you worry, now.
I'm gonna,
I'm gonna
return your horse to her.
She deserves that much, at
Don't keep us waiting.
Godspeed, William McCarthy.
- Kind of nice how he
offered to return your horse,
wouldn't you say?
Let's finish this, go
ahead, take care of him.
- Huh?
- Shoot the damn idiot.
- Why me?
- Because I said so.
- I don't think I like
this plan no more, boss.
- Charles, you don't have to
like it.
You just gotta do what
I say, you understand?
Now go on.
- Just don't seem fair, boss.
- Just a few minutes ago,
you were talking about
putting a bullet in him.
What's that supposed to be,
horse shit?
- All right, all right, I'll do
- Fine.
Shoot him!
Shit, he's getting away!
No, don't, Charles, no!
- Boss, boss!
Boss, boss.
Don't leave me here.
Please, don't leave me.
- I reckon you're
about the best thing in this
world, Jude.
- Hey, a girl's
gotta defend herself.
- What have you done
to me?
- Saved you.
- There ain't no
saving me.
- No!
- Coming.
Can I help you?
- Um, Jude
- Yes, that's right.
- Well, pardon my intrusion,
I'm with the local post here,
and, well, I've got a letter
here for you.
It's from a William McCarthy.
That'd be your father, I
- My husband.
I normally pick up my mail
at the Post Office myself.
Why have they got you delivering
it out here like this?
- Well, that's a fair question,
and one that deserves an
answer, but, you know,
they've been running me
like a work horse all day
without a moment's
rest, and, well,
I'm colder than a grave digger's
Might I trouble you for a warm
cup of tea?
- Um, uh, is coffee all right?
- Even better.
- Come on in.
- Oh my God, Jude, what
have they done to you?
- Behind you!
- Drop your pistol, you son of a
or I kill you and your
whore with one bullet.
- Jude, Jude, look at
- Shut up and drop the goddamn
- Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Drop it!
- It's okay.
- And quiet, both of
- Okay, here, here,
it's down.
- I'm taking that one home with
Oh, does that hurt?
Get your back against that
table, now!
Get over here!
Keep your hands up, hands up!
I was wondering if you were
gonna show.
I'll admit, I was a little
with you being wounded and all.
- If you're gonna kill me,
go on and do it already,
but you leave her out of
this, you understand me?
- I'm afraid I can't do that,
I need you to feel like what
it's like
to have something you love
ruthlessly taken away from you.
- Please, please no.
- And I figure
she's about the only thing
you love in this world, hmm?
- Don't do this, please.
- You'll never get away with
you wicked son of a bitch.
- You son of a bitch!
I'll kill you, you bastard.
- Get your back
up against that table.
- You touch her again-
- Get back!
- I'll kill you, I swear!
- You don't think I'll do it,
you don't think I will?
Try me, now get on your
fucking knees, on your knees!
On your knees, son.
all you do is corrupt!
- Please stop pointing
that gun.
- Your bastard father,
he killed my father right
in front of my brother.
- I had no idea-
- You know what that did to him,
And then you, you son of a
You killed my brother, you shot
and you left him to die in
that river full of blood.
And then you killed a bunch of
that your parents led astray,
why, why?
For following their example?
- Please stop pointing that gun
at her.
She didn't do anything.
Please, you son of a bitch,
put down the damn gun!
- Shut your goddamn mouth or
I'll pull the trigger, I swear!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, all
I never meant, I never
meant for anyone else
to get caught up in my mess.
If I could take back what I
I'd do it in a heartbeat, I
This ain't gonna help you.
I promise, it ain't gonna help
I know better than anyone,
revenge is a fool's game.
- Indeed.
I reckon it's
a bit necessary to be foolish.
- Oh, please, don't.
Don't do this.
- William.
- I love you, you know that?