Cold Day in Hell, A (2011) Movie Script

Sierra Nevada mountains
You must be Rivers.
- That is correct.
Scarsdale said you would come.
This is Jacobs.
Maybe he wants to participate.
These days you can earn a lot
If you participate with Scarsdale's men.
That's right.
For us they keep a spot Fri
Why do not you come along?
- There is another way, friend.
And what way is that?
- A more secure than yours.
I see you in Paradise Junction.
Your hands where I can see you, son.
The money. Now.
- I do not have much money.
This is a trading post.
We usually exchange.
Listen, kid. you only
one second before I shoot.
I suggest you my friend
give all the money that you do have ...
otherwise he is capable of you
to shoot.
If you kill that guy ...
it means that I am the mountain
it needs to buy my goods.
I do not want to.
I know you from somewhere?
The legend of William Drayton.
The longest shot.
Paradise Junction
Elevation: 1,450 meters
The gallows is effective.
Crude, but effective.
- Yes, coarse.
Mr. Scarsdale, do you think
What if the authorities heard of ...
- I am the authority.
And I intend this
young man as an example ...
to the rest of my men
to clarify ...
that disobedience
not be tolerated.
The sheriff will be there?
Mr. Scarsdale,
may I ask you something?
What's so important
that train?
Are you kidding me?
That train is everything.
You'll see that though Payton is here.
- What did that all by themselves?
Rails and bars, enough for
to proceed with construction.
Plus plenty of drinks for the boys.
Maybe even that glass I
I ordered the window of my bank.
You have planned well, huh?
- You bet.
He's just a boy.
Somebody help him.
He's just a boy.
Do this, please, do not.
Let it be known that this man
will hang until death follows it.
No, he's just a boy.
Somebody help him.
Take me in his place.
Please, someone help him.
It's about time.
I'm sorry. Please let me know
if you still need something.
I will.
You have to do something for me, Jack.
I want you to
Scardale's men added.
I need to know what they're up to.
That's a tough group.
How far do you want me to go?
What do you mean that?
What if they enter the village
and mow down people in cold blood.
Would you think I participate?
View from moment to moment.
Of course, when it comes to women
and children, then ...
- Yes.
And what if they were not involved?
Do I murder innocent people?
Of course not.
Try to avoid bloodshed.
And, in any case, do not let anyone
you know that the law represents.
Because if that happens,
it's done to you.
You told me all that
would not be easy.
I have told you.
I changed my mind.
Yes, sir?
Give me a beer.
- No problem.
I am tired of the law.
So I have my own marshall
hired in my area.
What do you owners
of new taxes?
They accept it,
but they are not happy.
Shut up a minute.
Rivers, come here.
This is my law, Mayor.
May I propose Mr. Rivers.
Are you here?
- No.
Before 3000.
That was the deal.
Businessman. I like that.
Come to my office about ten minutes.
I get a drink from you,
Mr. Mayor?
Where are the men I hear
to perform?
You're crazy, boy.
Did you all crazy?
How about here?
They are.
All right.
I'm leaving.
I walk out of here.
- Get out.
Tell me, why did you let him live?
He's my brother.
Did you hear, Miss Sophie?
- What then?
The Glutters have gold again
found in the mountains.
How many this time?
- Not so much. It is the third time this week.
That they keep to themselves but
whether they are overrun by prospectors.
Can you people?
Katie, go get fast Claude.
- Yes, ma'am.
It's time you leave.
We've already told you.
We accept Scardale's proposal.
Things are good enough
as they are now.
Madam, this is not a peace offering.
and it is certainly not a request.
We're done talking.
What was that all about?
- Do not worry about it.
You know what to do.
Okay, guys,
time for your money.
This does not look good.
Madam, I have told you often said,
it is clear that you do not understand
how much danger you are.
You must get out or die.
Do you just not hear me?
We accept your bid.
You're not welcome here.
Madam, these guys are serious.
What are you doing?
Murder us all?
You come with us.
Afternoon, madam.
They killed everyone.
- What?
The boy tells what happens
if you're not listening.
You have to leave.
Cal help me him inside
and then to bring ...
Sheriff All you have to
tell what you saw here.
Yes, ma'am.
Quiet, boy.
Take a deep breath.
Why are you so excited?
Miss Savannah told me that
I had to tell ...
just a guy with her
dumped and he was severely wounded.
What do you mean that?
There came a man, kicked him
from his horse and went away.
Who does a guy thing on?
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Can I help you?
A few weeks ago, Mr. Scarsdale
you a generous proposal.
We were close and we get
for your answer.
"Gul" is not the word that
You describe this proposal.
Regardless, this city ...
- Is not for sale.
You see, we own this country.
Whose is it?
- From God.
The Almighty.
We have nothing but rangers.
What my friend is trying to say
Sweetwater is that we ...
Scardale's not interested in
proposal, whether good or bad.
I told you this would happen.
Hey, preacher,
you know what is the Apocalypse?
Say pastor,
You believe that God is everywhere?
Yeah, sure.
We tried.
He's not here when I return.
That's what comes at you, minister.
The Apocalypse.
What does it mean the Apocalypse?
That is, they come back.
What exactly is your problem?
My problem?
Your methods.
For God's sake.
First ...
everyone knows you do not
will fight with those guys.
But everyone knows
who they pay.
Stallings, I am always
been for you and McHenry.
You deserve at least, as much
and with that job as marshal.
That's the point.
You're only half the story.
Sometimes this little thing here,
the other half.
That is the answer to the equation.
Remember that.
You worry too much.
The resistance is limited
and it is weaker by the day.
By the end of the year,
it's all of us.
Of us?
- Yes, of us.
I always care for my employees.
You know, Stallings.
So you're the accountant, right?
- Right.
I hope you are good at your job.
- My finances are my business, Stallings.
You name it, partner.
Boy, tell me about the men
who have done this.
Wait a minute.
Boy, I'm a preacher.
Wait. It is no surprise that
neither of you has children.
Honey, are you?
You want something to eat?
A lot were just hit ...
murder people.
Whatever they were doing,
it did not matter.
They just shot them down.
I was the only one alive
could escape.
What did you just say?
Yes, I'm a bit hungry, ma'am.
We need to find out what we
here to do.
The first thing to do
send a telegram ...
and let people know that ...
Can I help you, miss?
- Yes, my name is Elizabeth Drayton.
I am looking for my father,
William Drayton.
There was a kind of appointment that
the government had with the Indians.
They took me away from the trunk and brought
me to an orphanage in Kansas City.
But I was happier
the Indians.
Elizabeth, you know that your father
You searched for long?
I know.
I'm not here because I'm angry.
When I found a book in Kansas City,
I knew it was about him.
Just all the way
The story was told.
So I went to all the places
which were mentioned in the book,
such as High Pines Farm.
But they were all deserted.
I know it's a lot to ask,
do you want me, please, help
my parents to find.
I do not know how you have to say it.
Your mother is deceased.
tell me that my father
is dead.
Please, I'm
half the country and traveled ...
After twelve years ...
Elizabeth, we're not
say that your father is dead.
We have your father
a long time not seen.
It has none.
He disappeared after the men
had killed your mother was murdered.
We will help your father
to search.
What we should do,
We will find him.
What has happened in Saddle Mountain?
I was not there.
You told me I should not participate
the bloodshed, remember?
Okay, wise guy.
What have you heard
On Saddle Mountain?
That they killed everyone.
Next time you keep only
better, because I have a witness.
Got it?
Why should I insinuations
and rumors?
I have a witness.
There will be some actions are needed
if you want to keep this issue.
I can not if the death penalty
continues to carry out for minor offenses.
You could.
Do you get it?
If you are the only people scared enough
makes them do anything you want.
How else do you think I
gotten the job?
So you're not always been.
I was honored when you asked me
if I wanted to be mayor,
but I have to handle things
as I think it's good.
You're doing great.
You're just a little too ...
Fearful, Tether.
You're too afraid.
- Payton Timmons, on the train.
Let him.
Good to see you again.
Allow me to introduce you to
a good friend and the mayor here.
The Honourable Josiah Tether.
Tether, this is Payton Timmons
of the Central Pacific railroad.
Use this table it and let
I see what you have.
This is called 'The Beast'.
Tell me about 'The Beast'.
She is a slope of four percent
on or off the unit ...
with a load of 110%.
The brake horsepower and are
unique in this world.
The boiler is double riveted
to the greater pressure to be.
This is the key to our
plans into reality.
We are already ten years
to a locomotive ...
and this is the best we
ever had.
- I must speak Scarsdale.
He's busy.
Gentlemen, this is the gateway to California ...
and it is here for your eyes.
Chancellor who wants to see you.
Gentlemen, do yourself at home. I must
briefly to talk with these gentlemen.
What is it?
- Saddle Mountain is destroyed.
I knew I could count on you.
Money talks.
- Now we're on the subject ...
Yes, yes.
I expect the delivery
the locomotive of one week.
I guess that is enough time
to convince people of Sweetwater?
This will be the same
and Saddle Mountain.
Payment in advance ...
and afterwards.
Whatever it takes.
This sounds like a great train.
- Is it well.
But this is no ordinary machine.
We estimate that in two weeks
can drive from coast to coast.
What can we achieve?
- Everything you want.
I get the feeling that Scarsdale
our underpaid.
I hope not.
For his good.
I do not know.
He gave me $ 500.
I know what you think.
He spend money just like that,
but he knows that he finally
five times as much deserves.
I've known these ladies for a long time.
They can perhaps help us.
You look lost out.
Madam, I am Thomas Kincaid,
the Sheriff of Sweetwater.
We look for a friend of ours
who may live in the mountains.
Friend who has a name?
- Yes, ma'am, William Drayton.
Does not sound familiar. You know him?
- No.
It is said that he is good
with a gun.
Actually, very good with a gun.
- Living high in the mountains.
He's a great shooter.
It is known that he appears
when people are in trouble.
Hopefully they do not intend
to scroll to ride.
You can leave those horses are better, unless
They trained for a mountain to climb.
I take care of them.
Then we have to walk.
Madam, this should be enough
for the horses to care.
Travis, wait. Are you sure
you know where you're going?
Come on, Sheriff. I have 2400 km
traveled. We are close.
So's the spirit.
Something is wrong.
- Come on, Travis.
I hear something.
My friends that would
not really appreciate.
I am pastor.
I'm unarmed.
Go ahead, law minister.
Put the gun from its holster.
Give it here.
We follow you for a while.
Trying to get close enough.
And be sure. This is a very
beautiful girl who accompanies you.
What do you want?
I think that you two
no longer need
but we take her along.
You stay, at least, life.
That's him.
What the hell are you doing here?
We are looking for you.
I love you, Lizzie.
Why did you two years
ago so suddenly?
I had gone, Tom.
Bad memories.
Where have you gone?
I lived a while in the mountains.
Lived in a while
the Blackfoot tribe.
I tried to find a place
where the past I could not find.
The past remains with us, Will.
I know.
So I came home.
Why did you find us
when you came back?
The unexpected gift
who gives us life.
I've never been so happy
I saw someone else.
Will, Scarsdale has the whole
area were taken.
This is no surprise.
He could always smell the money already.
Will, he does not
in a good way.
He takes over the villages.
Lift heavy loads ...
and kills those who
There will not want to settle.
He is not the type of a murderer.
- He's not the one who kills.
He has an army together
he called "The Company Men 'calls.
They kill for him.
Not long ago,
they went to Saddle Mountain.
They killed everyone,
except one boy.
Daddy, I want to stay with you
and handle this.
Of course you stay with me ...
but I said nothing
on this deal.
Will you not help?
You need help.
You're William Drayton.
Those days are over.
I just want a normal
Tell me, please ...
you're not my daughter
brought to you here ...
so that I can engage in here
and her life is threatened.
No, they ...
- No, I have visited them.
Because I had found.
Where did you get that?
I found it, I ...
It gave me new hope and ...
I knew I'd find you
After I had found.
Your mother ...
she made me promise
we just ...
would remember the times
we had with you.
I could not keep that promise.
I had to keep looking.
I made up stories about
stray calves.
I was sometimes days.
And when I came back told
I had something about wolves.
God rest her soul.
We did not even calves.
I knew in my heart ...
you were there somewhere.
I learned a lot
while I was away.
And I still do everything
Mom taught me and what you have.
And I know that the reason
Why I am still alive ...
and why I'm here.
And that's why we have these people
should help. You know that.
What should we do?
I want moms grave.
We do.
We do.
If you came to arrest me,
Now you had already shot.
I think that I was hoping you
you and your brother had forgotten.
I have no hope.
For a long time anymore.
I was hoping you
I hear that you are the
who is busy.
How's your brother?
He's dead.
Shot in cold blood.
Why I doubt now?
Who makes me happy?
A man named William Drayton.
Is that so?
As you may have one bitter
feeling left over.
Marshall, you start to irritate me.
I have things to do.
Your face is on wanted posters
from here to San Fancisco.
Whatever you do come here,
that can not erase.
I think not.
Good day, marshal.
Have you found who you're looking for?
Yes, this is the father of Elizabeth,
William Drayton.
Pleasant, madam.
You may call me Will.
I have a couple of rooms as
what you want to refresh.
Then we finished eating.
And this is my newest occupant,
Daddy, I'm going to wash, okay?
That's what I do.
That sounds good.
Will Hunter is the only
survivor of Saddle Mountain.
You're a brave boy.
We'll see you later at dinner.
Thank you.
Excuse me,
I have some towels for you.
Does not matter.
Thank you.
And thanks for the room.
I can pay for it.
Need not, Mr. Drayton.
My name is Will.
I must warn you. He is strong.
Even this morning.
Be warned.
Sorry, he's really strong. I know.
- No, it's nice.
I put a new pot.
- No, it's a good thing.
Justin, what did I tell you
about that gun?
Go feed the animals
before dark. Now.
I'm sorry.
Would you murder me sometimes, woman?
Excuse me, sir.
- Hey, banker guest.
I'm late for a meeting, sir.
- You owe me a fight.
What did you say?
Two years ago, probably me
in two shot with a shotgun.
It's time for revenge.
I am not what you'd call
a gunfighter. I'm unarmed.
I challenge you to a duel.
How it works.
We are back to back,
We put every ten steps,
turn around and shoot.
One, two, three, four ...
five, six, seven, eight, nine ...
You're lucky but, banker,
that we are on the same side.
I can, at any time, shoot.
Come inside.
Honey, that you can discard.
I'm here
and I'm not going anywhere.
I know.
I was reading about Mom.
We go to her house.
- I'm ready.
I do not know ...
It's okay, Daddy.
You have nothing to say.
I wish Travis was here. He was
always been better at this sort of thing.
In this regard, we have
been more than patient.
Tom, what's the problem?
Check it out.
William Drayton if this is not.
Did I not tell you
had to find another job?
That's what I did.
Same train, different track.
Apparently we have a reunion.
- Yes, it is long ago.
We know you?
I remember seeing a couple of years
ago, you have helped you in battle.
Maybe that was wrong.
Your memory is better than mine,
but I drink a lot.
In any case, you have these people
tell them to leave.
They have no idea
what's coming.
Tom, what do you do?
I think we should do what
good for these people ...
and admit
these bastards.
You pulled rather slowly.
- Did I?
That was your last chance.
I remember you were pretty quickly
with that weapon.
Is also delayed by the drink?
- There you'll find only one way back.
The men are back in Scarsdale.
You have to collect the children.
I must go to Tom.
Why do you use the shotgun?
You have one shot and what do you
do next? Throw it to him?
I can shoot with two
a shot. What can I do with that?
Six, one for each bullet.
I try to keep you alive.
I have no use for a dead deputy.
Tom, I know I do this
not to say.
But collect as many weapons
and ammo if you can find.
Remove the people from the street.
You take this side,
I the other.
And Tom ...
let me begin.
Do not use them unless
you can not otherwise.
How do I know when this happens?
- That you know.
Until you firing the first shot,
they will not know you're here.
Remember what I taught you?
- Yes.
Whatever happens,
do not let them come out.
Apparently they become smart.
Where do you think you're going?
They're going to need me.
They are all of us need.
No, Mr. Drayton gave you those weapons
to defend the fort.
This is the fort.
You stay here.
How is it that when I
you work together, I is full of holes?
I go to the cabin.
I need to see how
with Elizabeth.
Are you sure it
William Drayton was?
Most definitely.
The same William Drayton
two, three years ago?
That's what they say.
We regroup
and still fall once.
The train the day after.
All they did was some time
and bought a lot of problems.
Okay, listen all.
I have $ 3,000 cash ...
for those I Will Drayton's
shooting finger brings.
$ 3,000.
I want you to tell me everything
what you know about that William Drayton.
Drayton is mine.
I give you the finger or
when I'm done.
I received a message
you wanted to see me. Is that correct?
I want to make clear, Marshall.
I reject the methods of Mr. Scarsdale
not good.
Is that so?
Yes, it is.
I've heard that Will Drayton
is back.
That's right.
I've also heard that he was not
on your side.
That's right.
There like you do not really
concerned about.
Will Drayton is a man.
We collect an army.
Tether, You have too much confidence ...
that suggest that peasants
You've put together for.
Gentlemen, your drinks.
Thank you.
Why do not you step on your horse
and do not you get out of this town?
That train is coming.
I want to finish.
That is honorable.
Something honorable ...
You do not for a long time.
Kyle, how are
my deputy?
He was twice in the chest
hit, sheriff.
He's dead.
Never thought that the West
still wild.
This is a war ...
to decent,
hardworking people ...
by Horace Scarsdale.
A few years ago I had
the feeling that I would see him.
I'm just glad your mom
not here to see this.
I'm afraid we men
will still look back.
I know.
They come back.
And more.
Then we can not stop.
- What will we do?
We fight.
We do more than that.
We attack.
- Attacks? With what?
With everything we have.
That's the last thing they expect.
You have no ammo
for the gun?
Yes, and I'm almost through
my .45 back.
Will, I do not much ammunition.
- No problem.
I can use Vetterli,
I suppose.
It uses a weird caliber
and it takes one day to make to come.
.41? I think I still
two boxes from me.
That's about 100 bullets.
It's worth the trip.
Most men of Scarsdale
are farmers.
Not many of them have
slain for their livelihood.
Wade and that arrogant Chancellor ...
do not follow them.
Leave them to me.
Five or six years ago ...
I helped some miners buried
who had died looking for gold.
The dynamite they used,
is still in the mine.
About 50 to 60 each.
Quite old.
So, less than 100 bullets ...
Maybe 50 bars of what is now
Pure nitroglycerin is probably ...
And fear.
Scarsdale's men will not now
so much more to William Drayton record.
I doubt it.
May I ask why you're so happy?
We have many flowers are needed.
That was charming, darling.
Think you a bouquet of flowers
can hit from about 150 meters far?
- Good.
Travis, as usual
Today you do not fight it.
Thou shalt not ...
- I know the story.
You have for me
go to Paradise Junction.
On exploration.
Pay attention to
how the village was built.
I can do.
Lizzie and I go back
to the log cabin ...
and get the Vetterli.
We come here tomorrow afternoon
back together.
Good morning, gentlemen.
How are you today?
The parish has sent me.
I had to see how
The construction of the church.
Become our new pastor?
- Maybe.
How long before it is ready?
- Maybe two weeks.
The Lord would give people
in the first place to come.
Is that Mr. Scarsdale?
- Yes.
Another good day, gentlemen.
An eagle's nest.
Do you feel good about
those men who have hired you?
Yes. Is there a problem?
What is your goal?
- I do not follow.
I am mercenary.
I have worked for men
who were worse off than you.
But I do not get you informed.
The people I used to
've worked for, had a motive.
But you, however ...
From you I get no height.
Is that a problem?
- Not at all.
I'll see how it
the recruitment goes.
Miss Savannah?
There's someone here for you
- Who?
The law.
So you stay here, huh?
I have not come within hearing,
It's a long, long ago,
That was another life.
Yeah, I think so.
Where is Drayton?
He's not there.
Are you working for Scarsdale,
like the rest?
I try to keep quiet.
Keep the peace.
That's what I do.
I make peace.
His father gave me this piece of tin.
It's good to see you.
Are there good at that?
I did not like
me sneaks so.
This is Parker. Who was with us
during the attack on Saddle Mountain.
- That we should keep.
Any of these idiots
can shoot a shotgun.
Remember that.
Find out who he is loyal.
Will, there's a front man
who is looking for you.
It's not good.
What the hell do you want?
Scarsdale gives $ 3,000 to the man
finger brings you shoot back.
That will not work.
I know that you assume
the best marksman in his ...
but how good are you when you
face to face with another?
If Scarsdale want to fight,
You can go back and tell him ...
I will come.
There will be more to come.
Take it a better offer
on that horse.
$ 50.
- Is that your best offer?
I'm out.
I have nothing.
And you?
- Three Kings.
If I were you, I might mention
near the redhead continued.
Who has herpes.
- Nice.
Do you speak from experience?
- Yes.
So, you're worried
of Scarsdale, huh?
It's not good.
- Come on. He pays us.
That is much better than
all my previous jobs.
He's right.
He pays us.
We have become involved
to what we can.
I do not know. Maybe it's
Now you will not moment.
Say it.
What's bothering you?
The man has a fortune.
Forget those farmers that we
have recruited.
Perhaps it is time
we pay our own collection.
Yeah, I got you through.
If I did not know better ...
I would think you
about the mutiny have.
I'll get another bottle.
Scarsdale is a bit behind us.
I am not here to kill.
I have previously done.
Me it's the money.
Horace Scarsdale is smart.
He must have foreseen
that we were going to do.
You would not say otherwise.
A man like Scarsdale
is dangerous.
It's a beautiful night.
I heard your man
cavalryman was.
That's right.
He died a few years ago.
During the Indian wars.
We have purchased
just before he left.
He had found it for us.
When he'd be back,
we would operate together.
When he'd be back,
and so we found a family.
But he never came back.
Will Drayton, I remember you
not so long but ...
Do something for me, please.
Of course.
- Come back tomorrow, really.
You and Elizabeth.
Justin, I just thought that I
You have given no birthday present.
Let not your mother.
Wait, do you have someone
kill them?
No, it's pure.
Will he talk to you?
No, not really.
I better go.
Thanks for the food.
It was fun.
I also found.
I see you again soon?
The gun is in the closet.
It had a visor on.
This I leave High Pines.
It has not helped much.
It is heavy.
See you on the back
of the church. Forwards.
Goddamn, why did
No one woke me up?
Tom, what did you do? You can
hardly move, let alone shoot.
It is also my fight.
Will is not alone.
He said you had to stay
in case these men back.
He said it just me
keep out of trouble.
Travis, you said last night no ...
you saw
they recruit more men?
Go to my office
and get some guns and ammunition.
Yes, sir, but we're with you.
- Now.
Tom, what are you doing?
- We go to Paradise Junction.
Sheriff, there is already a child
involved in this mess.
I know and I'll do anything
what I can to protect her.
This is a good place.
It is out of the way.
As Travis said,
these people do not care ...
the construction of the church.
Well, I'm going to Scarsdale
Do you have the gun?
So I know my girl.
Okay, come right back to here.
I will.
- Yes?
I want to speak with Mr. Scarsdale,
He's busy.
He comes back immediately.
You are about that reality
to see where I told you about.
Nothing can stop us, Tether.
The engineers hooks all wagons
down there ...
and bring the locomotive
come here for the party.
That sounds great,
Mr. Scarsdale.
A young lady wants to see you.
Mr. Scarsdale,
My father works for you
Hello, Miss.
I have a great idea how
The village can brighten up for the party.
What might that be?
I would like to have the buildings in
a bouquet of flowers up the main street.
Excuse me?
I picked them myself.
How much will it cost me?
- Nothing at all.
It has cost me nothing.
And do not worry. I do everything myself.
Okay, good.
Thank you.
How old are you, miss?
- 21, huh?
A young lady with your assets ...
a great money
In one of my saloon.
When you feel good opdirkt,
who knows.
Then I might
myself to see you.
Quite a charmer, is not it?
Yeah, sorry that he
the wrong side.
Otherwise we had such good friends
can be.
Justin, come on.
I got some chores
in the village to do.
Come on.
A little faster.
Come on.
Have you had enough of
to cover all the dynamite?
You should be.
Most importantly,
The dynamite is secure.
If it is not ...
then slide it along
down the pole ...
and this party started
for all the guests arrive.
No problem, I can.
They are beautiful.
Okay, there are about eleven.
What should I do?
But I can help.
You've already helped.
Go back to Sweetwater.
Savannah say that they have a great time
ready. I will be going hungry.
I love you.
- Take care.
Chancellot, come on.
It's Drayton.
Gentlemen ...
I give you this one chance ...
to leave the city.
I expected that answer.
Come on, damn it.
Listen ...
Scarsdale is not killed.
I know you want it.
I know he deserves.
But if you kill him,
I can not help you.
Do you understand?
Still enjoy the rest
of your afternoon.
Not a good move.
William, what are you doing?
Do you think your problems are over
if you kill me?
Hear that?
That's the sound progress, Drayton.
The future.
Men like you
have settled.
No longer needed.
I can murder you,
but not.
Shelter from the company men
15 km from Paradise Junction
Have you seen Rivers?
- No, not lately.
I have heard that he
been shot.
And Wade?
No, but I think he took off
with that woman whom he associated.
Gentlemen, come here.
I thought you guys wanted to know.
I just sent a telegram
to the U.S. marshal office in Sacramento.
I will be there on
a few days ...
signing warrants
for William Drayton,
and the young lady
who helped him.
That was no lady.
That's the legal side.
On the other side of the equation ...
I increase my reward
Drayton to $ 25,000.
$ 25,000?
I've never heard of such a
high rewards heard.
We take Drayton. Maybe
We still need 100 more men,
but he will be stopped.
You drive us all killed.
If you are not silent,
I make it yourself.
The reward ...
Dead or alive?
Why would I want him in hell
want to live?
Keep your money.
I grab Drayton.
You are here for hours.
Someone is injured.
They are too long.
I had another dream last night.
Oh, Lord.
Tell me.
It's ...
I do not want ...
All right.
What did you dream?
I dreamed I wandered around.
I had no home.
Walked from place to place.
And all around me were like.
Then, on the hill.
On the back,
I saw the man above
was responsible.
It was William Drayton.
Where are Tom and the boys?
These provide for the horses.
You came back.