Cold Deck (2015) Movie Script

There's a common
saying in poker...
Play the player,
not the cards.
Read him,
bluff him,
Make him doubt
his strength.
The trick, Bobby,
Is knowing when the other
guy is doing the same.
Otherwise, the only person
you're bluffing, son...
Is yourself.
I call.
All right.
Had a feeling you were
chasing a straight.
All right.
I love my mom,
you know what?
Everybody loves your mom.
I loved her twice
last night.
You are a motherfucker.
Fucking guys.
You know...
Why is it always me?
Talk to your
sister lately?
Come on, let's
get some hot coins.
Tired of this fuckin'
same old shit,
Chasing straights.
Chasing straights,
that sounds, uh...
That's a little different
than your regular weekend, eh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wise guy.
All right, I call.
No, I'm out.
We need a fuckin'
chess clock pretty soon.
look who's complaining.
I gotta play with
these guys every night.
Fuckin' slowpoke!
You're just pissed because
this is the most action
You've seen in months.
See, Chips, this is
what I'm talking about.
Game is twice as long
'cause of assholes like this.
Fuckin' wasting time!
You know, just 'cause I don't
play the way your mouth moves
Doesn't make me
an asshole, okay?
What the fuck
does that mean?
Fast and stupid, fuck-face.
Fuck you, man.
Here, I call.
I'm all in.
I got nines full of sevens.
I'm sorry, Bobby.
Ho-ho, wow.
Let's go, Bobby!
Fuckin' river.
Hey, Bobby.
Listen, you broke your
face today, all right?
Happens to everybody.
No big deal.
Tomorrow's another night.
Hey, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
You're embarrassing.
No, I'm not.
You're a good kid.
I'll see ya tomorrow,
All right.
Say hi to your mother.
Are we playing poker
or are we fuckin' around?
No, we're playing poker.
That's it.
Got any bets tonight?
Uh, I got Atlanta at +150.
Have they even
won a game this year?
Hey, fuck you, man!
They're due to win.
Why can't it be tonight?
Can I get one of those
scratch-and-win tickets, too?
The twenty dollar one?
So, $76.53.
Cash or credit?
Yeah, I dunno,
it's been finicky lately.
Can you try it again?
Let me just grab some...
The ones I want, okay?
So that's gonna be $34.69
with the ticket.
Do you still want that?
Yeah, yeah.
I-I'll take it.
Hey, Kim.
Kim, you awake?
Can you get me my smokes?
Hear anything back yet?
Bastards didn't even
return my call.
They just don't know
who you are yet.
Come on, babe.
Something's gonna come up.
Hey, you're too pretty.
I didn't do it, your honour.
I swear he was dead
when I came home.
It hurts so much to know
I'll never be able to hold him
In my arms again.
Come on, I can tell
you're faking.
You're an asshole.
I'm just...
I'm just worried about you,
that's all.
I don't need to be saved,
You ever consider that?
I really like you.
I do.
It's just...
I can't do serious
right now.
How are the cards
treating you?
You seemed to be on
a winning streak last night.
It's all kicking my ass,
I just gotta find
the right game.
And we gotta get
you some acting classes
So you don't have
to fake it so much.
Robert, is that you?
Yeah, Mom, I'm home.
Hey, Mom.
How you feeling?
Did, uh, Nadine come yet?
You didn't come
home last night.
Yeah, I-I went for
a couple drinks with Ben.
You promised me...
When you moved
into this house,
You promised me,
Robert, you'd quit.
I get one Cheque a month,
and I count on that
To buy my food
and pay my rent.
Mom, come on, what do you think
I bought these beauties with?
You are just
like your father!
Mom, I-I don't know
what I'm doing wrong.
I know you're trying,
I know, I know
you're trying.
But you are in exactly
the same place
You were a year ago,
two years ago.
You know, you keep hanging
around Chips and that
Shithole Scruples of his,
You're gonna end up
just like your dad.
For better or for worse,
Don't worry, Mrs. Locke,
A little sleep and
you'll be good as new.
I'll be right back.
Everything's fine.
How is she?
It's okay.
I mean, that fall
didn't help her any.
Bobby, her arthritis
is getting worse,
And pretty soon she won't
be able to walk at all.
There's only so much we can
do on such a small budget.
Okay, I'll... I'll figure
something out.
I just don't...
Look, I said I'll figure
something out.
Hey, Mom.
Nadine said you're
doing a lot better.
What is it you want,
I, um...
I just need a little
to tide me over.
Um, I was thinking,
maybe you could, um...
How much?
Uh... 100?
Turn around.
All right, boys.
What have we got here?
Ship it, Bruno!
Ship what?
I got the fuckin' straight.
There is no straight,
you clown!
Can't even read the board.
Pino, come on.
Kim, can I get a drink?
Let's go again.
Bobby, I think
you should go home.
No, I'm just
getting started.
Come on,
I'll drive you home.
I'm off in a few minutes.
Get him a drink, Kim.
Chips, he's had enough.
I didn't ask you,
I told you.
Give him another drink.
Right, Bobby?
The night is young.
And you're so beautiful.
Thank you!
Thank you.
All right, what have
we got here?
To me, watch this.
All right.
Thank you.
Drink up, boy,
drink up.
I'm gonna raise.
Ah, fuck, I call.
Fuck you, Bobby.
I got a big hand, Pino.
It's okay, I like it
when you drink.
I got a huge hand.
Yeah, I got
a huge hand too.
Huge, huge.
You wanna see
my huge hand?
Not when you put it
that way!
Not where that hand
has been!
Have a couple
more drinks.
I thought maybe we could
have some breakfast together.
Can't, Mom.
I gotta go.
You know, that show
you like's on
And we could eat
in the living room.
Robert, about yesterday,
Yeah, I know things have been
kinda rough for you lately.
Yeah, no shit.
But, uh, I've been keeping
my ears open.
Perfect game and all that.
You know, Pino was running
his mouth off
About this private game
High stakes.
Yeah? How big?
250 K.
Bunch of oil and
real estate guys.
They don't know
shit about cards.
- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Ben, don't mess with me.
Yeah, tomorrow,
Are you kidding me?
This is the game!
I know!
This is it, this is it!
It's fucking crazy, right?
I know!
Did Pino tell you
where it is?
Yeah, oh, no, no,
he told me!
Everything's up here.
It's just...
You know, one part of it
is kinda sticky.
It's, uh...
The buy-in's 25 grand.
Okay, don't freak out
yet, okay?
Look, I got a plan.
So between the two of us,
I mean,
You're the better card player.
So we get you into the game,
you know,
You know, you crush
We'll split the pot.
That easy.
That... that's awesome.
I don't even have enough money
to buy groceries right now.
Don't worry about it.
I got ya.
You got me?
Yeah, I got ya.
You got 25 grand?
I didn't say that.
Come on.
Okay, so all we need to do
is find a good one,
And then we're set.
Right, I'm gonna use this thing
to pop the door open
And then I need about four
minutes to boost it,
So that's where
you come in.
You sure this is
gonna work?
Yeah, I've done it
tons of times.
Tons of times?
I don't know about
tons of times...
Like, a few times.
Couple times.
Like, one time for real
with a car, but...
Just watch my back,
all right?
Look at these
I know we should have gone
to the one on Elm.
Okay, what about this one?
What, are you
fucking kidding me?
There's nothin' else
in here, man.
All right, fuck it.
Would you just...?
Could you turn that
the fuck off?
All right, all right!
All right, I need, like,
four minutes, okay?
Come on, you little slut.
Ow, fuck!
Oh, shit!
We got trouble.
We gotta get outta here!
I'm gonna need a minute,
here, Bobby!
Come on, let's go!
Someone's coming!
Ah, I got this.
Step away from the car!
No, no, look, you're making
a mistake here.
Jimmy, I've got a 504 here,
possible 503.
Whoa, just calm down
for a second, hey!
504, 503, this guy's trying
to steal a car.
Come on, this is my car!
Okay, I lost the keys.
I won't even explain how.
It's just ridiculous.
Okay, a garage down the street
they gave me these tools
So I can get inside, just get
the spare out the front seat.
Show me your ID
and registration.
Yeah, no problem.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Ah, fuck!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Guys, I'm doing you a favour.
You're doing me a favour?
Yeah, you're doing me a favour
right in the fucking ass,
All right?
All right, listen,
I'll offer you 10,
But that's it.
Where you also gonna find a car
tonight to sell at that cost?
I gotta hold it.
What am I gonna do with it?
Oh, it's a favour that you got
me by the fucking balls.
Just go somewhere else.
You don't like it,
go somewhere else.
Talk to your guy
and figure it out.
Fuck, fine. Fuck.
What, what, what?
This fuckin' guy, Bobby!
Says the car's only
worth nine grand.
He's gonna give us 10
as "a favour. "
No, we'll take it
somewhere else.
You know someone else
who's gonna buy a stolen car
From us tonight?
Hell of a fucking evening,
anyway, right?
Just take the 10.
Take the 10.
I'll get the rest.
How the fuck are you
gonna do that?
Just take it, man.
Just take the 10.
All right, Bobby.
All right, fuck it.
Let's do it.
All right.
You okay, Bobby?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You ever even been
to this part of town before?
No, no.
Yeah, you know me,
I'm just rolling in money.
Holy shit,
look at this place.
Are you good?
Yeah, man.
All right, you got this.
I can feel it.
Yeah, I'm gonna mop the floor
with these guys.
'Atta boy.
Now go win us some money.
I'm here for the game.
There ain't no game here.
This way.
Talk to him.
Can I get in
on your game?
How'd you get in here?
Front door.
Sure, but how'd
you get in here?
I don't know
what you mean.
You're in my home.
I don't know you.
Who told you
about the game?
Pino told me
about the game.
Turk, come on.
Let's just leave the guy.
No, no, no, no.
Let him answer.
Who the fuck told you
about the game?
One thing, though,
friend of Pino,
What's to stop me
from taking your money
And throwing you in a hole
where no one will find you?
Who's gonna carry
me out of here?
This old guy?
Easy, Burt.
That's what they call me.
I'm Bobby Locke.
I don't know what you're
expecting, Bobby,
But, uh, we just play
for fun.
That's not what I heard.
What'd you hear?
I heard 250 K.
Doesn't that sound like fun
to you?
Sounds like a lot of fun.
So you're one of Chip's
friends, then?
I know Chips.
Think you can beat him?
Beat Chips with my
eyes closed.
That's a good story, Bobby.
Hey, baby, give me
a bullet, neat.
You here for some action?
Yeah, you here
for the drinks?
Oh, yeah, I get 'em
for nothin'.
No, I thought I'd
just play a few hands,
Bust out early, go to bed.
Guess it's my night, then.
Who can tell?
Makin' money?
The easy way.
All right.
Let's play poker.
I'm all in.
Any time, Al.
It's Alan.
Any time.
Sorry, just calculating
opportunity costs.
What is that?
I'm a banker.
It's economics.
Well, figure it out
and let's go already.
I wouldn't expect you
to understand this,
But it's not that easy.
No, take your time.
I mean, no, we wouldn't
get it, you know?
Only, if it takes you
that long to figure out
You got about a 32% chance
Of catching that open-ended
straight you're waiting for,
And that you're getting
3-to-1 pot odds,
You're probably not much
of a banker, Al.
I'm all in.
Bye-bye, Al.
Now the game
gets interesting.
Burt, wake up.
Get the case.
You gonna look
at your cards?
Stop fucking around.
Let's play like men,
not a couple of pussies,
All right?
What are you
talking about?
You either call
or you fold, Bobby.
You haven't even looked
at your cards yet.
I'm all in.
You serious?
Playing for 250 grand.
You're gonna keep fuckin'
stealing the blinds.
Moment of truth, Bobby.
Either step up and play
the game, or get out.
I thought you were
stronger than your father.
I thought you were willing
to take some risks.
But what I'm looking at
is a little boy
With his little pecker
in his hand talking big.
25 grand.
Make it 50.
I'm all in.
I'll call.
Flush beats trip kings
in any game, Bobby.
When it hits, it hits!
Fuck me!
I told you we have fun,
here, Bobby!
Did we win?
You've got ten minutes
to get out, Robert.
I don't even know
who you are anymore.
Mom, what are you
talking about?
You just took it all,
Gambled it away.
It was our only
safety net.
It was the only thing
we had.
I'm gonna pay that back.
I'm trying to
take care of you, Mom.
Don't you dare
use me
As an excuse
for your gambling.
Get out.
Oh, no, no, I'm not gonna
ask you again.
Get out.
What happened to you?
I'm fucked.
I'm officially fucked
for life.
So, let's celebrate.
Why are you here for real?
My mom kicked me out.
Come on, Kim,
I got nowhere else to go.
You gotta promise me
Yeah, anything.
Don't fuck me over.
Don't make me regret this.
You're not.
You're not gonna regret it.
I'll help you get back
on your feet.
I can even give you a little
money, but that's it.
Look, I can win it back,
I know I can.
I'll pay off my debts.
I'll... I'll take care of you.
I got a flush.
Yeah, fuck!
I'm out.
That ain't you.
You're only up,
like, 300 bucks!
That's 300 more
than I came with, Pino.
You're just fuckin' scared
After Chips mopped
the floor with you.
Fuckin' coward.
Goodnight, Pino.
Yeah, goodnight, Bobby.
Come on, let's play.
Hey, Chips.
Got a little something
for you this time.
Yeah, funny.
Hey, listen.
I know you're looking
at me in a funny way
Because of the other night.
But I have the biggest
opportunity in your life
To offer you.
Listen, whatever it is
you're offering,
I'm not interested.
Wanna bet?
Turk has got himself
a pretty good situation
Over there in his little
playroom, don't you think?
They meet there once a month,
you know that?
No, why would I know that?
But they got good security.
They got an old guy
who sleeps half the day.
Couple of guys could
go in there,
Take the whole bundle.
Not much trouble.
But you'd have to have
the IQ of a fucking squirrel.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, there's no way.
The new guy shows up
at the game,
All of a sudden
there's a robbery.
I'll be there.
I'll tell 'em
you were here all night.
Pino will vouch.
Chips, it's...
In and out
in five minutes.
I'll give you
100 grand.
I'm not doing it.
Two grand, expenses.
You know what, fuck you
and your expenses, Chips.
All right, you call me when
you've changed your mind.
Would you quit being
such a pussy?
I mean, it sounds pretty
straight-forward to me.
Believe me, I could use
the money.
But I'm not going to jail
for Chips.
They don't look like
revenge guys, Bobby.
Okay, they're soft.
They're a bunch of bankers,
Besides, Chips
will be there.
This is...
This is crazy.
I'm trying
to dig myself out,
I'm not trying
to dive back in again.
I got plans,
I got Kim.
See, now you just
sound stupid.
Okay, it's gonna
take you months
To pay back your mom.
And then you're gonna be
right back where you started.
Okay, and medical bills,
I mean, that shit ain't cheap.
You got meds and
treatments and nurses.
This is your way out.
You and Chips, you guys
only see what you wanna see.
This is messed up.
I'm not getting
mixed up in it.
Hey, Bobby.
Hey, what's up, Femi?
So, I put in a good word
for you in head office,
And I got great news.
Yeah, what?
You're gonna be our next
Employee of the Month.
Plaque on the wall,
lunch at home every Friday
For the next month.
That's... that's great,
There's one catch,
but it doesn't really matter.
Um, you're gonna be sharing it
with Arthur this month.
He's won it 14 times.
It's a company record.
Fourteen times
in 40 years.
That's dedication.
He's been here
for 40 years?
Amazing, right?
Ben, what's up?
Hey, Femi,
I'm just, um...
Yeah, carry on.
Go ahead, my victims.
Read 'em and weep.
It'll always come up
kings, Chip.
Ha, ha...
Maybe they did...
I don't wanna play
I mean, I do.
I mean...
Burt! Grab that.
Who the hell is...?
If I were you,
I wouldn't stay in this game.
I really wouldn't.
Could cost you too much.
I'll decide what's too much.
You're awful cute, honey,
but you're not gonna win.
Don't fucking move!
Oh, shit!
We need you to open
the fucking safe!
What the fuck?
He almost shot you.
Hey, stay down!
Fuck it.
It's already open!
There's nothin' in here!
Hey, sit your ass down!
I'm gonna need
your briefcase.
Just hand it over
and no one else gets hurt!
It would be a real shame
If something happened
to your little girl.
Ah, fuck!
Holy shit, Bobby!
Jesus Christ!
Fuck, Bobby!
You know, we could
take this down
To the roulette tables
right now
And put it all on red
and double it!
That's exactly what we should
do with all this money!
Yeah, yeah,
you mean it?
Yeah, no.
No, that's not what we
should do at all, you idiot.
You know, Bobby, sometimes
you can be really negative.
Just help me count
the money, okay?
Your eyes stop
bleeding yet?
Fuck, I got out
of there quick,
But I'm still
puking my guts out.
He came into my home,
Came into my fucking house
When my daughter's
fucking sleeping!
I'm just as fucking
furious as you are,
But I don't know
who these molodranes are.
I really don't.
Do you know?
Do you have any idea
who this could have been?
A guy came in last month.
The one you beat.
Bobby something.
I need his address.
That's the first guy
I thought of too,
But when I came in
my club last night,
He was drunk as skunk
sitting there.
I asked Pino, he said
he'd been there all night,
And I checked the video.
It's not him.
All right, maybe
it wasn't Bobby.
Whoever it was, I want
their fucking heads
On a fucking stick!
And you're gonna
fucking help me find him!
That's 100%.
Tear gas?
What the fuck
were you thinking,
The way you handle this?
Thinking that we roll in there
like a couple of bad-asses
And rob a card game.
Why don't you just
shut the fuck up?
Give him a break, okay?
You know...
A little heads-up
would have been nice.
"Ah, geez, Chips,
I love you like a father...
Wear some fucking
swimming goggles. "
Well, you know, Chips,
on the next job
We'll keep you fully
informed, okay?
If you never speak again,
you'd do the smartest
Fucking thing you
ever did in your life!
Don't spend it all
in one place.
I'm done with this shit,
I'm serious.
This was my last bet.
Yeah, sure, that's good.
I'll see you
tomorrow night.
Later, Chips.
The Giambrone brothers here.
One's stupider than the other.
There it is.
Every penny.
How'd you get
the money back, Bobby?
Gambling, right?
Mom, this is
the last time.
I swear to you,
I'm done.
Can I come home now?
Oh, honey.
Oh, Bobby.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I know.
Where'd you get
this money from?
Look, you can't
tell anyone.
I love secrets.
And first of all,
I've never done this before,
And I'm never
doing it again.
Got it.
Chips got us to rob
a card game.
He said if I did it,
I'd get 50 grand.
So I did.
Jesus, Bobby.
Babe, I just...
I needed a way out.
Okay, I-I just...
Just a boost to
start over again.
That's it.
No, and now Chips
has you by the balls
Because he can turn
you into the cops
Whenever he wants.
No, and if he does
I'll do the same to him.
We got each other
by the balls.
Trust me,
I'm done with Chips.
Is he done with you,
I mean, guys like that are
never out of your life, Bobby.
But I'm using this money
to start over.
You do something that
stupid again and I'm gone.
I got it.
Want some of this cake?
The fucking cake.
I'm gonna eat
the rest of it.
It's actually pretty good.
Turk, look,
it's 250...
It's not about
the fucking money.
I don't give a shit
about the money.
These creeps come into
my house and do this.
You... you don't need
to justify it, okay?
I just need to know what...
I'm not done.
If I want to invite
some colleagues into my home
And they want to play
some games, grab some ass,
I don't want them looking
over their shoulders
Wondering when some...
Some nut-job in a gas mask
Is gonna smack 'em
with a sledgehammer.
And then you add the fact
they threatened my daughter.
Turk, look, I understand,
it's very distressing.
I draw the line,
You do not fuck with me.
These fuckheads need
to understand this.
So what are you thinking of
in terms of this understanding?
This should help
smooth things out considerably.
How're you doing?
I'm good.
Where's Ben?
I-I actually
haven't seen him.
Call me if he
gets here.
Yeah, will do.
Are you serious?
Why aren't you at work?
What? No, I'm never going
back there again.
Goddammit, Bobby.
You're not?
What do you think,
you got 50 grand,
Now you think
you're rich?
You don't think Turk
is looking at everyone
Who is associated
to that game?
Oh, come on, Bobby,
you're being paranoid.
Hey, can't you see this is
goddamn Christmas for us?
Okay, I'm gonna get
a bag of weed,
10 cheeseburgers,
and an X-box.
That's gonna be my day.
Did... did you hear a word
I just said?
Get dressed.
We're going to work.
You know what, have fun
becoming Arthur, okay?
Your Employee of the Month
plaques are gonna look great
Growing old together.
Ben, if you're not
at fucking work tomorrow,
I swear to God I'm gonna come
here and drag you there myself.
I'm not getting fuckin'
clipped for you, Ben!
Fuckin' idiot.
Fuckin' id...
You're a...
Myself and one of the other
nurses will check in
Twice a day
to give you your medication
And to monitor
your condition.
We're also gonna get you
on a completely different diet
Which will make you
much more comfortable.
You also need to stop taking
the Methotrexate immediately.
Your son has paid for an
upgrade to the Tofacitinib.
You might be weak
for a few days
While we make
the transition.
And it's fairly new,
but you shouldn't worry
Because we'll be
checking in on you a lot.
Well, I check in on her
all the time, too.
Oh, and there's also
the matter of the billing.
Oh, I'll take that.
Just put that in my hand.
Sure thing.
You'll get your first
visit starting tomorrow.
Thank you.
You happy?
I don't know.
I-I don't know if
I can make it work,
If it's enough money
to get my mom back on her feet.
I can't get her to start
the new treatment
And then stop it.
Look, I'm sure between
both our jobs
We can swing it.
I don't know.
It's a lot of money,
Who's that?
It's nobody.
I'll call back.
It's Chips, right?
Just leave it.
You got nothing to say
to that asshole.
What, did he
Feel you up at work
or something?
Look, I wanted
to tell you this before,
But I thought
you'd be mad.
Look, Chips told me
that he and your dad
Bought into a huge
tournament together.
My dad?
And Chips won it,
but he refused
To split the money
with your dad.
Just straight screwed
him over.
Chips bought Scruples
and your dad never got a penny.
How do you know that?
Just remember that
I didn't judge you
After you told me
about the robbery.
All right.
When I started out
at Scruples,
Chips and I...
You fucked Chips.
Hey, you said
you wouldn't judge.
Don't pull this
shit with me!
You, Christ,
you fucked Chips?
It was a fling, Bobby.
It wasn't a big deal.
How is that not a big deal?
I see the way he leers at you!
Everybody fucking leers at me.
It's part of the job.
He feels responsible
for you.
He feels responsible
for me?
I was thinking this would be
my half of the office.
What the fuck?
Apparently I own half
this fucking shithole!
Pino, Bruno?
Come in, come in!
You guys work for me now!
You work for me now.
Ask him.
Ask him about Henry Locke!
I want paperwork tomorrow
Or I'm gonna burn this
fucking place to the ground.
Is it true?
Is it true
you fucked him over?
Your father
fucked himself over.
You let me believe
That he lost
all his fucking money here!
Your best friend.
My father!
Get him outta here.
Come on, come on.
Fuck you, Chips.
Take a hike.
Fuck off!
Go fuck yourself.
Let me talk to Turk.
Yeah, it's Chips.
I got one of your guys.
His name is...
His name is Ben Miller.
30332nd, yeah.
You too.
Ben Miller?
I'm gonna...
Please, please, please!
Jesus Christ!
No, let go!
Please don't hurt me!
Don't hurt me!
I had nothing to do
with it!
Hey, hey, hey,
calm down for a second!
Just listen to me!
I wasn't even there!
I had nothin' to do with...
Mom, you awake?
We can't find anything else.
I think that's all
that's here.
That's not even
a quarter of the money.
Funny thing...
He's made a lot of calls
to Bobby Locke.
It's time for a visit.
Robert, what are
you doing?
Playing Blackjack.
I found out, Mom.
About Chips taking money
from Dad.
You never told me?
You don't know what
you're talking about.
I know that Dad took a chance
and got screwed over.
So he figured I'd do
the same, right?
But you know what
pisses me off?
Is that you just rolled
over and took it.
Remember that time
in school, Ma?
We had to do that report.
They asked us
what we wanted to be.
And I said "tennis player. "
I wanted to be a professional
tennis player.
And you and Dad, you said,
"No Bobby, it's not realistic. "
Mom, who cares if it
wasn't realistic?
I was nine.
Every time I tried
to do something big
You guys pushed me down.
"No, Bobby, you're
just not tough enough. "
"No, Bobby, that's not
what people like us do. "
People like us, Mom?
Your dad and me, we...
We just wanted
to protect you.
Ah, Mom!
Mom, it smells in here!
It smells like Dad's
old work clothes!
It smells like the same
shitty coffee he drank
For 40 years!
We're gonna be
right here in 20 years
In the same house
doing the same things...
With this...
This fucking smell!
Is that what you want, Mom?
Can I help you?
Uh... Sure.
Do you live here?
No, I-I'm a nurse.
For Audrey?
I'm not at liberty to say.
I hear it's gotten
pretty bad.
I should go in.
Uh, sorry, no.
Will you put her
in the trunk, please?
Ow, ow!
Should we take out
the mother too?
Jesus, Bill, I'm not
an animal.
What if more
of these nurses come?
It's a big trunk.
Bobby, please come
to see me in the office.
Hey, what's going on?
I've got some bad news.
It's... it's Ben, right?
Look, things have been
really tough on him lately.
Just give him a break.
I'll make sure
he comes in, okay?
Ben's dead, Bobby.
Uh, I dunno, the police
just called, and, uh...
He's dead?
I'm so sorry.
Hello, Bobby.
Your mother won't be joining us
for coffee, unfortunately.
Where's my mom?
Where's Nadine?
Oh, they're fine...
I think.
My ideal version
of this,
You tell me where my money is,
and then...
We kill you.
Listen, this wasn't my idea,
I-I, yes, I robbed
your card game,
But I was paid to do it.
I don't have your money.
I'm not buying it.
Look, look,
I'm a nobody, man.
I've been a nobody
my whole fucking life.
I don't have your money.
You want it back,
go talk to Chips.
Is that the best you can do?
He was at the fucking game,
for Christ's sake.
What did he say to you
when you called him?
That I was at his club
all night?
He told you I was drunk,
Look, I can help you
get to him.
You got no idea how bad
I wanna help you get to him.
Why would I do that?
You think I can't
take Chips out myself?
What do you have to lose?
Trust me, just make sure
you show up at Scruples
Tonight at 8.
I'm a betting man.
Tonight at 8.
Mom, where are you?
Mom, please!
Oh, God!
Mom, I'm sorry!
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
It's Kim.
Leave me a message.
Kim, Kim, listen,
I fucked up.
I need your help.
My mom's in trouble.
Kim, listen,
I know I fucked up.
I need your help.
Ben's dead.
I need your help.
This is my fault.
I need you.
I have a plan.
Surprised to hear from you.
Well, Bobby's a jealous guy.
Couldn't be seen
getting friendly with you,
Whatever the reason.
He's not here?
Look, I was stupid,
and I was naive.
Bobby made me care for him
But he only wanted
a soft place to land
Whenever he fucked it
all up.
You were always nice to me.
It's time I returned
the favour.
Where is he?
Hey, I just got
your message.
How are you?
I'm okay.
Uh... Mom's not doing
so well.
Can you come over?
Maybe in a bit.
As soon as you can.
Hey, what's up?
I'm glad you came.
I didn't want to leave things
the way we did before.
Come in.
Hello, Bobby.
You made a mistake
this time.
You pissed off
the wrong broad.
Hell hath no fury,
That's for wrecking
my office, asshole.
Let me tell you something,
by the way,
About your history.
The whining about your family,
your mother and your father,
Things went sour between
me and your father,
But I never let it change
my feelings toward your mother
Or for you.
I don't wanna kill you,
but I may give you to Turk.
This is the last chance
you have to say anything.
Chips, it's me.
After my father died,
you looked after me.
He took care of me,
you helped out.
You paid for the funeral.
I'll never forget that.
I know I owe you.
Let me make things right.
You're gonna make things right?
Look, Chips, just,
just play me for it.
Play you for what?
You want Turk off your back,
I can do that for you.
What the fuck are you
talking about?
You win, I'll take the fall.
I win...
You won't win.
The least you can do
Is play me one final
fucking game of cards.
Take this fuck upstairs.
Come on.
Pino, hold a gun on him.
You, sit here.
Bruno, deal.
20 chips each, no limit.
Cocky fuck, aren't you?
Got it from my dad.
At least that's what
my mom tells me.
She really didn't like you.
Couldn't figure
out why till now.
What are you talking about?
I mean, I know she
fucking hated you
'Cause you fucked
my dad over, but...
There's something else,
Something I'm missing.
You don't know
what you're saying.
I know you loved her.
I know you couldn't stand
the fact
That my dad
was happy with her.
You shut your fucking mouth!
Am I wrong?
You didn't fuck him over
Because she picked him
over you?
Huh? Even with all
your fucking money,
She picked a loser.
She picked a fucking loser,
Maybe you don't care.
You don't care
that she's dead now.
That's right.
She couldn't get the medical
attention she needed,
'Cause Turk's men didn't let
the nurse come into our home.
Since you sent Turk
after Ben and me,
She's dead because of you.
She's dead?
I didn't send Turk
after you!
You made a bad bet, Chips.
I'm all in.
That wasn't supposed
to happen.
What did she say?
Did she say anything?
You wanna know what she said?
You go all in too.
And you get Turk's money
And you put that
on the fucking table!
Shut the fuck up.
You're not in charge here.
Where is it?
It's in the safe?
And that's where
it's gonna stay.
Deal a card.
I win.
Straight beats two pair,
Don't matter no more.
You all right?
My mom's not dead,
It's called bluffing.
You wanna finish him off?
Money's in the office.
It's all here, man.
All the money.
I'm still so fucking mad
about that fucking tear gas.
My lung have been
burning ever since.
Not to mention the kids'
I should kill you
for that.
And then I was thinking
you're not such a bad kid.
You got some smarts,
some creativity.
Maybe I should just
let you go
Knowing I'm out there,
waiting for you.
I could just kill you
whenever you want.
Turk, look, I don't know
what you're getting at,
But I-I...
I just don't know
if I can trust you, Bobby.
And where would be
without trust?
You know you can
trust me, right?
Hands off your weapon!
Oh my God, Bobby!
Are you okay?
What happened?
It's over.
That's all that matters.
What did you say
when you called?
I saw these men
go in with guns.
My boyfriend's in there.
Please, you have to help him.
I heard gunshots.
All right, I guess
you're better than I thought.
Your mom gonna be okay?
I missed you.