Cold Fish (2001) Movie Script

(dramatic electronic music)
(sirens wailing)
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Here we are.
(garbled speaking on police radio)
- Put the gun down.
Put it down!
Put down the gun!
Get back!
(gun fires)
(rock music)
Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay baby baby
Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay baby baby
Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay baby baby
Super sexy razor happy
Super sexy razor happy
Super sexy razor happy
Super sexy razor happy
- Nice one.
Thanks girls.
- Yeah yeah, I've got three
pluggers onto it already mate.
Look, yeah all the locals, yeah, yeah.
Eh, lunch tomorrow?
Ass free?
Yeah, that'll be fine.
See you later man, alright, ta-ta.
Did you get what you want then?
- Yeah.
It's gonna be good Jake.
I can edit it in couple of weeks?
- A week?
That's not a problem, is it Alex?
- Uh no no no no, no problem.
I almost forgot.
- What's this?
You're having a laugh mate,
this is way over the top.
We're on a tight budget here.
- I thought we had a deal!
- Well this is a new deal.
You bring me the edit
next week, I approve it,
the record company approves
it, and then and only then
you might get half of this.
I'm the one doing you a favor, alright?
- You know what I like about you, Jake?
- What?
- Nothing.
But that's business, right?
How about some expense money?
- Yeah, sure.
That's for the beer.
Go easy.
(dramatic music)
- Hello, I'm Sylvia King,
Welcome to Media Scope.
Our weekly look at the arts.
This week we focus on
Jon and Marta Henley,
enfant terrible of the art world.
The Henleys' return to Britain this month
will certainly raise questions
(guns firing)
as to the media's view
of modern art today.
Is it becoming the rock
and roll of tomorrow?
The audience who flocked
to the Henley show
in Berlin last year seemed to think so
where they had the kind of reception
normally reserved for pop stars.
More importantly, the
Henleys' theater of shock
will further fuel the debate
over censorship in the media.
Viewers may find some of the
following images disturbing.
- Guess who.
- Hmm.
Tough one.
The new Steven Spielberg?
Or could it be the bloke who
was supposed to have done
a dozen copies of this tape the afternoon?
(sirens wailing)
- Philistine.
- Get back!
- Oh so it was you who had it then.
- Yeah, I borrowed it for a while.
Steinman thinks he sent it out to be fixed
so if he asks, that's the story.
- [Reporter] Who ever
resisted the invaders met--
- Okay.
So what is it this time?
Fly on the wall documentary,
cheapo horror flick?
Titanic two, the sequel?
- Pop promo.
I mean this could really
put me on the map.
- Well I won't hold me breath.
Anyway, I'm telling you, you
should watch your step, mate.
I can't keep covering
for you all the time.
We could both end up in the shit.
- Yeah, you've got a wife, child, and oh,
Stanford Bridge season tickets to support.
- Speaking of which,
they're playing tonight.
You coming?
- Oh sorry Baz, I've gotta be somewhere.
Shit I'm late.
- Hang on!
How did you get that out of
stores in the first place?
- [Alex] My flexible friend.
- A dozen copies, remember?
- [Alex] See ya.
(gun firing)
- Provocative and direct
it may be, but is it art?
(gentle music)
- Isn't he cute?
Can you flirt with the camera?
Look into the camera.
Look into the camera.
Anyway, I'd just like to thank
everyone for their support,
especially Paul.
But there's one other person
above all I have to thank,
and that's my partner, Alex.
I wouldn't exactly call him Mr. Reliable,
but I don't know where I'd
be now if it wasn't for him.
I'm taking it one day at a time
and today I'm one year clean.
- Yes!
- Well done.
- Congratulations eh.
- Well done babe!
- What time do you call this?
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Alex.
On time as usual, I see.
Goodnight Jo, and well done.
(tense music)
- I'm getting the bloody bus.
- Jo.
Jo, wait a minute.
(engine rumbles)
- Once, just once you coulda
made an effort to be on time.
You know what Paul says.
- [Alex] Oh, Saint Paul.
- For god's sake Alex, can't you just make
the tiniest effort to get along with him?
He's only trying to help me.
At least he's not stuck in
some bloody studio all hours.
What are we doing here anyway?
- Look at the monitors, babe.
- Very clever.
- Oh, you don't like Barbados?
Okay, try this.
Alright, try this one.
- Have you heard a single word I've said?
- How about Paris in the spring?
Sometimes it rains in Paris
so you might need this.
- What's that for?
- Open it.
- Isn't that supposed to be bad luck?
- Come on.
(soft music)
- Oh, this is beautiful!
- Well done darling.
One year clean.
- You bastard.
You let me go on all that time.
- Well no point stopping
you full flow, is there?
- You don't have to take all
this shit from me, do you?
- Ms. Henley!
- Ms. Henley!
- [Reporter] What's it
like to be back in Britain?
- Welcome home Marta, lovely as usual.
Shall we?
- Why do you glorify violence?
Is it true that your show might be banned?
(crowd gasping)
- How dare you touch me?
- What a bitch!
- Ladies and gentlemen,
as you can appreciate
Mr. and Mrs. Henley have had a very long
and tiring journey.
My office will issue a
press release in due course.
- Yes, yes.
Gas main blew.
Right, casualties?
There's a crew on the way.
We should have a feed in 20 minutes.
What are you still doing here?
You should be halfway
to FarrinDton by now.
- Problem.
- Sorry boss, I slipped.
- What?
- On a pie at the match last night.
- Oh christ, that's all I need.
So get someone else.
- That's the problem.
Everyone else is out.
- I can handle it.
- Oh yeah, he could handle it.
- Haggled into your practice, have we?
- Morris, I'm a professional.
Surely you don't expect me to work
with some jumped-up teapot, do you?
- Oh come on Morris, give us a break.
- Okay.
Well I haven't got time to piss about.
Get going and Watson, don't screw up.
- What sort of pie was it then?
- Steak and kidney.
- Move it!
(dramatic music)
- Welcome to Media Scope.
We're live at the
Farringdon gas explosion.
- You coming, Alex?
- No, I'll catch you up.
Jon, Marta.
Hi, how are you?
- I don't believe we've had the pleasure.
- Alex, Alex Watson.
Of the Berlin show, absolutely stunning.
So how's the new show coming?
- If you don't mind my
asking, who the hell are you?
- I'm with Metro News 24.
You might have heard of our
arts program, Media Scope?
- [Jon] I might have guess.
A reporter.
- [Alex] How about some
background on your new work?
- [Jon] No comment.
- Just a few words.
Free publicity.
- Do I have to repeat myself?
No comment.
Is that clear?
- Can I quote you on that?
(haunting music)
(sirens wailing)
This place is getting more
like Sarajevo every day.
- This place is nothing like Sarajevo.
- Oh yeah, you were out
there in '95, weren't you?
Preparing for the war exhibition?
- '96, actually.
You have an interest in our work?
- I keep up with the arts.
Have to.
Goes with the territory.
- [Marta] Ah yes, you are in television.
- Sounds like you don't approve.
- I should approve of
the jackals in the media
who misrepresent us?
Call us monsters?
Malign our art?
- So why not set the record straight?
I can see it now, a
forum dedicated to you.
Jon and Marta Henley, a special--
- We don't give interviews.
- Why not?
- We like to keep our distance.
Our art speaks for itself.
It has its own integrity.
Unlike most people in your business.
- You know what I think?
I think you're scared.
Scared of people finding out
what you're really all about.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Well prove it then.
Say yes.
Say you'll do an interview with me.
- You are very direct.
Most English people are more oblique.
(mysterious music)
I think that we are
very similar, you and I.
We see something we want, and we take it.
You must understand our position, Alex.
We are very particular about the people
that we do business with.
But if we were to even consider
getting involved with you
we would have to come to
some kind of understanding.
- Let's stop--
- Control.
- [Man] These are the things
the Russians will never forget.
(rhythmic motioning)
Never forget.
Never forget.
- Stop here.
My agent is having a party
on this Saturday night
at eight p.m.
Be there.
- [Cabbie] Where to now then, loverboy?
- Alex, are you in?
(mellow jazz music)
You smell good.
- Not now babe.
- Who's a shy boy?
Oh, are they working you too hard?
God you're all knotted up.
You just sit there and relax,
I'll put the kettle on.
Anyway cheer up, Barnaby called.
He's invited us over
for dinner on Saturday.
- Saturday?
Can't make it, I've got a meeting.
- Another dodgy promo?
On a Saturday?
Can't it wait?
- Well it's not exactly a meeting.
- What is it then?
- A party or more a soiree.
I mean, it's an art thing.
Probably be blindingly dull.
- A party's a party.
Who invited you?
- Jon and Marta Henley, the video artists.
- How on earth did you manage that?
- Well I ran into them
today, purely by chance.
I sort of told them I
was a reporter at Metro.
- Alex, you're not a reporter!
- Yeah but they don't know that, do they?
- The press have been after an exclusive
on those two for years.
You might just be looking
at the man who'll get it.
- You'll never pull it off.
- Yeah but if you don't try you don't get.
- Well then I better come.
Moral support.
- Uh yeah, you'll get bored babe.
I mean, I'll just be talking business.
- That's okay.
You talk business and I'll socialize.
(electronic funk music)
Business party, huh?
- How was I to know?
- Hello gorgeous.
You wanna taste the spiral?
- No thanks, had to give it up.
- Alex, you know I shouldn't
be at a place like this.
- Relax.
I'll get the business
sorted and then we can go.
- So where are your famous Henleys then?
- Alex.
Glad you could come.
And who is this?
- This is my girlfriend, Jo.
Jo, Marta Henley.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- I'm afraid I will have
to steal your boyfriend
for a moment.
I have someone he should meet.
You enjoy the party.
- Marta.
(exaggerated kissing)
Oh have you found me a new friend?
- He is not for you.
He is my new guest.
Alex Watson.
- Pleased to meet you Mr.--
- You may call me Ronan.
Good to have a new face around.
So where did our Marta find you?
- Actually we met at the
Farringdon gas explosion.
- Marta, you do find your friends
in the most extraordinary places.
I much prefer nightclubs myself.
- Alex is a reporter.
- A reporter!
I deny everything!
It was a tissue of lies!
- Well don't worry, my lips are sealed.
- Mmm, pity.
- Quite valuable, I believe.
- Looks like shit to me.
- A true connoisseur.
I think you may find it grows on you.
Jon Henley.
And you are?
- Jo.
Jo Davis.
- Alex works for Metro News.
Quite the rising star, apparently.
He is hoping to film an
interview with Jon and I.
- I wish you luck dear boy.
I've been trying to get these
two to talk to the press
for years.
- Well we feel that now may be the time.
We feel that we have been
hiding away from the public
for too long.
- I'm here with my boyfriend.
He's talking to your wife.
- Star reporter.
Well then, while they talk business
why don't I show you some
of the real atrocities
dear Roland has so wisely invested in.
And you will tell me all about yourself.
- Why not?
(mellow music)
- Alex, Alex Watson?
- Patrick.
Shifting a lot of gear tonight.
- One must make a living.
What brings you here?
Did somebody order a pizza?
- I'm a guest of the
Henleys, as it happens.
- How thrilling for you.
How's Jane, is it?
- Jo.
She's clean.
So stay away.
- Must go, duty calls.
- You missed some.
- Ah, waste not, want not.
- Asshole.
- Patrick.
Have you been overdoing things again?
- Your guest Alex Watson
thinks he's a bloody comedian.
He always was a little shit.
- Alex?
You know him?
Tell me more.
Jo, I thought I would find you here.
Enjoying the party?
- It's okay.
- Your Alex seems to be entering
into the spirit of things.
- Yeah, he knows how to have a good time.
- Yes, he does.
He's a good fuck, isn't he?
- Excuse me?
- Your Alex.
I can see how he has caught
a pretty girl like you.
He's so virile.
I like that in a man.
- Your sense of humor is as
sick as your so-called art.
- Who is joking?
- Alex.
- Excuse me for a moment.
What's up?
- You and that bitch Marta, that's what.
- Poor thing, must be
the time of the month.
- Did you fuck her?
You bastard.
- Jo, you've got it all wrong!
- Let go!
- Your girlfriend seems a little upset.
- What did you say to her?
- We were just talking.
Perhaps she took something
I said the wrong way.
(dramatic music)
- Jo, Jo!
You've got it all wrong!
I mean there's nothing going on!
- Nothing going on?
It was written all over your
face, you lying bastard!
So tell me nothing happened, Alex.
You can't, can you?
- Look!
She came onto me.
That was it!
Look I don't give a shit about the woman!
It's just business.
- Business?
- Yeah I mean if I get in with these two
it could put me in the big...
We'll be made for life.
This is for us, babe.
- Us or just you?
So all this is just
some career move, right?
- Yeah!
That's as far as it goes.
- It's already gone far enough, Alex!
- Jo!
- Taxi!
Take me to Tooting.
- Where's your bracelet?
- It must have come off at the party.
I don't want it anyway.
Why don't you give it to your girlfriend?
- Come on Jo!
- You can send him in now
please, Beryl, thank you.
Well, the Henleys in their infinite wisdom
have decided to grant you an interview.
It appears they see a quality in you
that seems to have escaped the rest of us.
Sign at the bottom of
the last page please.
- What's this then?
- It's the standard
agreement giving my clients
editorial control over
your work, right of veto,
that sort of thing.
- Shouldn't I be the one
to have editorial control?
- You're a very lucky boy.
Quite frankly I'm not in
wholehearted agreement
with this, but mine is not to reason why.
I only act as instructed.
Take it or leave it, dear boy.
- Ah, what the hell.
- Good.
Well you're expected at
Benson Station, Oxfordshire.
Saturday afternoon, four o'clock sharp.
There are all the details.
That's it, you can go now,
stop cluttering up my office!
Go on, shoo!
(punk rock music)
Super sexy razor happy
- Hey, Orson Welles.
Give us a hand with this, will ya?
- That's the final version mate.
Super sexy razor happy
- You ready for the big weekend?
- Just about.
- The Henleys return--
- Jo giving you a hard time about it?
- She's hardly spoken
to me since the party.
She's convinced I've got
something going with Marta Henley.
- And of course that's the
last thing on your mind.
- Oh no, not you too.
This is a big chance for me.
I just wish Jo could understand that.
- So what was the taxi
wank all about then?
And what if she wants a rematch?
- Oh do me a favor Baz.
I don't even fancy the woman.
I just get in, do the
interview, and get out.
Job done.
- If you say so.
- Well what would you do?
I mean, if you had the
chance of a lifetime.
- You're asking me for my advice?
There's a first.
Well I would have to ask
myself, do I really want this?
I mean come on Alex, you have a new scheme
every time the sun comes up.
Now what's so different this time?
- I just wanna make my mark.
- Well then, there's your answer.
(suspenseful music)
- I'm a little surprised to see you.
I thought your girlfriend
might stop you from coming.
- Jo?
I told her this was strictly business.
This is strictly business, right?
- Whatever you say.
- Do you might if we didn't talk about Jo?
I mean, it's a bit delicate at the moment.
- You are very protective, aren't you?
You worry too much, Alex.
Just enjoy the weekend.
- Christ, look out!
(dramatic music)
Are you okay mate?
(breathing heavily)
Don't try to move.
He's in a bad way.
- He shouldn't have been
in the middle of the road!
- - [Alex] Have you got a mobile?
I mean, he needs an ambulance fast.
- [Marta] I think there is a
payphone further down the road.
- [Alex] Right, see what you can do.
- [Marta] I am not a nurse.
- Just do what you can!
(tense music)
What are you doing?
- He died shortly after you left.
There was nothing I could do for him.
- You're filming him?
- I want to immortalize the poor man.
Look at him!
Such a strong image.
Death is a part of nature, Alex.
It has its own kind of beauty.
- Better put that away.
(sirens wailing)
(dramatic music)
- You alright, my darling?
That must have been quite an experience.
- I feel terrible.
That poor man.
- So it's our star reporter.
Quite a start to the weekend, eh?
I must apologize for being
somewhat frosty to you
in our first meeting.
One has to deal with so many undesirables.
- I understand.
- My wife has convinced me
that you're the right man
for the job.
I trust her intuition completely.
We'll do the interview tomorrow afternoon.
You've made quite an
impression on her, you know.
(tense music)
(dramatic music)
- [Announcer] Pictures of the bombardment
preceding the landings
(mumbles) and Borneo
bring us back to the war with a crash.
There's Borneo going up in smoke.
Borneo was one of the Japs'
major sources of supplies.
- In my younger days I was
considered rather a bad lot.
Drinking, gambling, womanizing.
You know the sort of thing.
I was what they used to call a rake.
Inherited wealth can be
a lot of fun, you know.
- [Announcer] General MacArthur in command
says if those guns jar
him, what are they doing
to the Japs?
- Then I met Marta, of course.
And things changed.
Marta was 17.
A waif.
And a political refugee.
Her father was, well.
Marta was the only member
of her family to escape.
Between us we found a focus.
For her anger, my energy, and our appetite
for new experience.
- [Announcer] Well the
Japs asked for trouble
and they're getting it.
Atomic bombs included.
Meanwhile they got this at
(speaking foreign language).
A horrifying picture,
yes, but the atomic bomb
is more terrible still
and the Japs must take it
or surrender.
- Do you enjoy your notoriety?
- The public perception of Jonathan and I
seems to be colored by the
subject matter of our work.
People accuse us of
being cynical and corrupt
when in fact the reverse is true.
We are merely passive
recorders of the world.
A mirror to society,
(dramatic music)
reflecting the basic
brutishness of the human spirit.
- Do you see any of the
redeeming qualities of mankind?
- We're artists.
We merely record what we see
and present it in intensified form.
- Some people call it a vision of hell.
If that is so, then it a
hell of our own making.
- So you see yourselves as visionaries?
- All I know is that I
do what I have to do.
Nothing is more important.
- The tape, if you please.
- Jonathan, you must
come and see the footage
I shot yesterday.
- Goodnight, Alex.
(haunting music)
- We'll see about editorial control.
- Alex, are you alright?
- Couldn't sleep.
Do you mind?
Well I better get my head down.
- What's your hurry?
Don't feel uncomfortable.
We are not exactly strangers.
- Look, this is not a good idea.
- Oh don't worry about Jonathan.
He sleeps like a baby.
- Marta, this is not part of the deal.
- Oh yes it is, Alex.
(sultry music)
- No, no.
- Come on Alex, relax.
Let yourself go.
(gun cocks)
- Hold it.
Right there.
Taking advantage of the
hospitality, aren't we Alex?
I think you need a lesson manners.
- Look, there's no need for that.
I'm sure we can discuss this rationally.
- What is there to discuss?
You're invited into my house
and then I find you in
flagrante delicto with my wife.
How do you propose to
discuss that rationally?
How was he?
- He gets a little tense.
I think it affects his performance.
- You need to loosen up.
Stress is a great killer, you know.
But don't think for a minute
that I get jealous over
my wife's picadillos.
We like to experiment.
Don't we, my dear?
- But then why the gun?
- Can't have you getting too cocky.
Need to keep you on your toes.
(gun clicks)
Well I think we should all retire.
Long day tomorrow.
Sweet dreams.
(gun firing)
(haunting music)
(horn honks)
- No appetite today?
- Not very hungry.
- Don't be petulant, Alex.
Doesn't suit you.
- [Jon] And how does
our reporter feel today?
- Fine.
- Steak tartare.
Want to try some?
- Alex doesn't seem to have
much of an appetite today.
- Not like last night, eh?
- I thought we could shoot
some footage outside today.
- Did you?
Well I thought we could all
have a nice little chat.
Get to know you better.
Though you and Marta seem
to have a head start on me.
So, how did you enjoy fucking my wife?
Simple question, Alex.
- Perhaps Alex is too much the gentleman.
- Let the boy answer for himself, Marta.
- I think you've got the
wrong idea about me, really.
I'm just here to do my job.
- Ah yes, your job.
Of course, I should have realized
what a dedicated hack you are.
I suppose last night's little episode
comes under the heading
of research, does it?
A nice juicy little story
to sell off to the tabloids?
- That's not my style.
- Is it not?
Then you're a very rare specimen indeed.
A reporter with integrity?
- I thought that was why you asked me here
in the first place.
- My wife invited you.
She seems to believe in you.
I myself have one or two reservations.
Call me skeptical if you
like, but I like to test
a man's mettle before
I put my faith in him.
In fact, I have a marvelous idea.
A little game.
Let's see what you're made of.
- What are you doing?
- You filmed us, now I film you.
- This game is called reaction.
(gun clicks)
- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- Fun, isn't it?
Your turn?
- You've gotta be fucking joking.
- Come on Alex.
Play the game.
- This isn't funny, this is ridiculous!
I get it.
This is a wind up, right?
- I might have guessed.
No balls.
- Alright then.
(gun cocks)
(gun fires)
(haunting music)
- He is dead.
You killed him, Alex!
- What are we gonna do?
- We?
You shot him!
(intense music)
- Game, set, and match.
Or should I say hook, line, and sinker.
Lost for words?
That's not like you, Alex.
A squib.
A cinematic prop.
- What the fuck is this?
You knew, you knew all the time.
- Yes.
And you were perfect.
- Perfect for what?
- Call it an artistic experiment
designed to capture that precise moment
of shock and horror when one realizes
one has taken another's life.
It is something we very
much wanted to pursue
for the new show.
It was wonderful.
I cannot wait to see the footage.
- [Alex] And the interview?
- You didn't honestly think
that we would allow ourselves
to be interviewed by the
likes of you, did you?
A cheap little hustler going nowhere?
Oh yes, we know all about you.
The party's over, Alex.
Piss off back to your dead end job
and your junkie girlfriend.
You know the way out.
I assure you that you will
very much regret that.
- Jonathan.
- Pack your bags and leave now.
- She'll be back mate.
You've just gotta give her time.
(phone ringing)
- I'm not so sure.
How could I be so fucking stupid?
- You've just got to show her
how much she means to you.
Come on Alex.
- Excuse me for interrupting
your bonding session boys,
but Mr. Steinman would like
to see you in his office.
Sorry Alex.
And next time, leave it
to the professionals.
I really am sorry.
- Well, if it isn't the
station's new reporter.
So new I didn't even know myself.
Don't sit down.
I had a phone call this
morning from Jonathan Henley.
Does that name ring a bell?
- Ah.
- You may well say ah.
It appears you spent
the weekend at his house
posing as a reporter from this station.
- I can explain--
- Let me finish.
When you film to execute,
whatever helpful scheme
you had in mind you then
proceeded to assault Mr. Henley
in front of his wife!
He was talking about suing the station!
I had to talk very fast
to get him off my back.
So Alex.
Entertain me.
Convince me this is all a big mistake.
- What he's saying is mostly bullshit.
- Are you saying you
didn't assault him then?
- It wasn't like that, I--
- I don't really care what it was like!
You are a total liability to the station
and to yourself.
You've got five minutes
to clear your office--
- But--
- Then I want you out of here.
And don't think you're
just gonna waltz into
another job in this business.
You're on the shit list!
(suspenseful music)
- Filming me again, are you?
Do you really think I'm
gonna take this shit?
How do you like this game?
Or this one?
Do your worst, see if I care.
- The art!
- Of course it can be covered
by the insurance but--
- Insurance?
There is more to this than
glass and metal, you know.
- We open as planned.
Whatever the cost.
- At least we got him on camera.
I'll get this down to
the police right away.
- I don't think we need to
involve the authorities.
I'd rather deal with this personally.
(crowd shouting)
(doorbell ringing)
- Think I might have done
something incredibly stupid.
- You'd better come in.
Well if I were you I'd get
on the next plane to Rio.
- Baz, this is fucking serious.
- Big time!
Let's just hope the Henleys
don't decide to press charges.
Look the most important
thing now is to find Jo.
- Yeah, I know, but it could
be easier said than done.
- Where do you think
she might possibly be?
- Dixon.
- Yes!
- Do your worst, see if I care.
Do your worst.
- I know what you care about, Alex.
(quiet murmuring)
- Evening, Paul.
Have you seen Jo?
- She was here.
And in a pretty sorry
state, she'd been drinking.
Do you know what that means?
A year's work, down the drain.
- Oh come on.
- No you listen to me!
Jo doesn't know if she's
coming or going at the moment.
And she doesn't need you
screwing up her life anymore.
- Where is she?
- Not that it's any of your
business but she's staying
with me for the time being.
- Oh yeah?
You sure this is just
a professional concern?
- How dare you ask me that?
You've messed Jo about.
Don't make the mistake of imagining
that you can do the same thing
with me because you can't.
If she wants to speak to you,
and I emphasize if,
she knows where to find you.
Until then,
stay away!
(tense music)
(phone ringing)
- The overhand pull--
- Hello?
- It's Alex.
Don't hang up.
- And tuck.
And tuck.
- We gotta talk.
- Let me see it.
- Jo, look.
I know I've messed things up,
but you've got to give
me a chance to explain.
- Paul said I shouldn't have
any contact with you right now.
It'll just make things worse.
- This is between you and me.
I can come over.
Let's sort this out, please.
(doorbell rings)
- Alex, do you remember you promised
you'd always look after me?
You'd never do anything to hurt me?
- And I meant it!
- You lied!
You bloody lied!
I don't know you Alex, I really don't.
(doorbell rings)
- Jo.
- Goodbye, Alex.
- Jo.
- [Instructor] Back to the waist.
Three, two, three, two.
- Hello Jo.
I think this is yours, isn't it?
I was just passing by so I thought, well.
May I come in?
- Thank you but you needn't have bothered.
- It's not the only reason I came.
- Alex.
- Your errant boyfriend, yes.
I need to resolve a
situation that's developed.
- [Instructor] The
overhand pull and freeze.
- My wife seems somewhat
obsessed with him.
- How nice for her.
- Well.
I can't afford to have that.
We have our opening soon.
Marta doesn't need any distractions.
- Get to the point, Mr. Henley.
- I need to know if you
still have feelings for Alex.
- Don't see how that's
any of your business.
- [Instructor] And tuck, how we doing?
- Do you still love him?
- What do you want?
- [Instructor] In, out, in--
- You're not being very
cooperative, are you?
- Damn right I'm not!
I think you should leave.
(doorbell rings)
That'll be Paul, he'll
have you out of here
faster than you can blink.
Get off, get off!
- [Instructor] Three, two,
three, four, five, six...
- Come on Marta, get on with it.
- Just hold her still.
- [Instructor] One, two, three, four--
(crying and screaming)
It's forward and back.
Forward and back.
Forward and back.
Double up.
Push, good.
Step into the side, right side curve.
- There there, that's much better, yes.
- [Instructor] Now foot
behind, ready to heel.
The other hand pulls, back straight.
Kneel down and tuck.
And tuck, let me see it.
(ominous music)
Good, hold it there.
In, out.
- We don't have time for this.
Come on.
(speaking foreign language)
- Alex.
You've got some bloody front.
- Well I'm here now.
Least you could ask if she'll see me.
- Alright.
But if she doesn't want to
know you're out of here.
Oh my god.
- What happened?
- Have a guess, Alex.
(dramatic music)
(machines beeping)
- Stand clear.
Charge again and increase.
Stand clear.
360, charge again.
- 360.
- Stand clear.
- Ready.
- Fire.
Okay, we have sinus rhythm.
Good job everybody.
Now let's get a tube in.
(pensive music)
- Alex.
Alex, wake up.
Make yourself scarce, come on.
- What are you doing here?
Haven't you done enough to my Jo already?
- Mrs. Davis--
- You gotta leave.
Come on.
(dramatic music)
- Such a lovely girl.
So full of life.
- Thank you, Mr. Henley.
It's very good of you to take the time.
- Not at all.
Now try not to worry.
I have a feeling there'll
be a change in her condition
very soon.
- Do you really think so?
- I'm sure of it.
(suspenseful music)
Please keep me informed
as to her progress.
If there's any change, call me.
Anytime, day or night.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- I heard the news about poor Josephine
and just had to come and pay my respects.
It's such a tragedy,
the innocent are always
the ones to suffer.
- This is down to you.
Jo wouldn't have done it by herself.
It must have been you!
How else could she have got this?
When I take it to the police they'll--
- They'll what?
Listen to you?
And what exactly will you tell them?
Picture's clear for all to see.
A junkie takes the easy way out
after some sordid domestic
tiff, end of story.
That proves nothing.
You should have left well alone, Alex.
And your little performance at the gallery
doesn't do much for
your credibility either.
Does it?
Goodbye, Alex.
I don't think we'll meet again.
(elevator dings)
- Oh that one's been broken.
I'm sure that one won't matter, will it?
Getting all self-conscious now Alex.
(intense music)
(static buzzing)
(sultry music)
(phone ringing)
- Somebody's breaking into the house.
- What?
Who is it?
- It's your little friend, Alex.
(suspenseful music)
Wait here.
(sirens wailing)
- Look at this!
- Boy just doesn't know when to stop.
- What are we going to do about him?
- It's high time we put the little bastard
out of the picture once and for all.
(sultry music)
- Screaming orgasm, please.
- Right madam.
- Have you had a rough day, love?
- Excuse me?
- Well if you don't mind me saying so,
you look like you've been dragged
through a hedge backwards.
- Close.
- Oh don't get me wrong.
Rough and ready gets me every time.
- Yeah?
Maybe I'll go get meself cleaned up then.
- I'll keep your stool warm for you, love.
- I bet you will.
- On our report from
the world of the media.
Jon and Marta Henley, the
notorious video artists,
join the unfortunate ranks of celebrities
who have attracted the
attentions of a stalker.
In a Metro News 24 exclusive,
we have security footage
of the stalker causing severe damage
to the Henleys' video
installation last week.
The man was apparently a
model for their forthcoming
show, Witness, and seems
to have become completely
obsessed by the Henleys.
Events came to a head
tonight when the man broke in
to the Henleys' luxury country retreat,
vandalized the house,
and attacked Marta Henley
who was fortunate to escape
with bruising to the face.
The man identified as
Alex Watson, unemployed,
is still at large, and
police warn that he should
be considered dangerous and
should not be approached.
Ironically, the Henleys have
been strongly criticized
for their provocative
use of violent imagery.
Sounds like a case of life imitating art.
Wouldn't you say so, Doug?
- Can you get me the police, quickly?
- 6.50 please.
- Aren't you going to have your drink?
- Oh, oh yes, of course.
- How is it, madam?
- Lovely, thank you.
Thank you.
(phone ringing)
- [Bartender] Call for you, Alex.
- Hello?
I'll call you back.
(suspenseful music)
- Have you seen tonight's news?
- What's up?
- You're all over it.
They're saying you've
attacked the Henleys!
- What?
- You're in big trouble, mate.
They've even shown some
vid of you having a fit!
- Alex, oi!
Mate it's me!
I've been looking for you everywhere!
About the video.
- Yeah I'm really sorry about that.
- What do you mean sorry?
It's great, I love it, the band loves it,
even the record company loves it.
- Just something I threw together.
- Ah, you're so modest!
It's brill, it's the dog's bollocks.
I gotta say--
- Yeah yeah great, thanks Jake.
- Whoa, Alex, hey hang on, look!
They've approved your
fee, I've got your check!
- God, you look like shit.
- I don't like bacon, Baz.
Any news on Jo?
- No change mate, sorry.
Looks like you finally made your mark.
Well, are you gonna tell me
what the hell is going on?
This is serious, Alex!
- You don't wanna believe
everything you read in the papers.
- Oh, so what am I
supposed to believe then?
I had the old blue 'round
my place last night
looking for you.
And now you've got me creeping 'round
like some bloody thief in the night!
Just what the hell's going on?
- I need your help, Baz.
- You need my help?
You need a bloody shrink.
Look, I've bailed you out in
the past Alex, no problem.
But this is different.
I know you're cut up about
Jo but that's no reason
to go off on whatever
some kind of half-baked
conspiracy theory!
- Hang on.
How long have you known me?
Long enough to know when
I'm not bullshitting.
So you gotta trust me when I tell you
I've been stitched up.
And what's more I can prove to you
exactly what kind of
people the Henleys are.
- You can?
- Get me into Metro.
(dramatic music)
- What do we do now?
- We go to work.
- Welcome to Witness.
It's opening night for
the latest extravaganza
from the freaky and fertile
minds of Jon and Marta Henley.
The Henleys are no strangers
to the headlines this week
as their stalker is still at large.
- Morris Steinman.
I'm afraid I've mislaid my ticket
but I am on the guest list.
- Sorry mate, according to
this you're already inside.
- What?
(suspenseful music)
- Five minutes.
Great image.
- Well well well.
What a pleasant surprise.
Look who's here, Marta.
- Hello Alex.
- Hello Marta.
I knew you wouldn't mind me coming.
After all I am the star of the show.
- More like the skeleton at the feast.
I do hope you're not going
to turn violent again.
It's been such an
enjoyable evening so far.
- In front of all these people?
Bit heavy on the blusher, Marta.
- Hurt your hand, Alex?
- Actually, I'm here
to play a little game.
A specialty of yours I recall.
- [Roland] I think we
should fetch the police.
- Stop fussing, Roland.
Let's hear what the
little shit has to say.
It might be amusing.
- I think it'll give
everyone a really good laugh.
This game is called Reaction.
- Philip, the control room.
- Hold it!
Break the door down.
(intense music)
- Come on Baz!
- Come on, come on.
- Come on!
- I got him!
Oh yes!
- Yes, it's real.
Look at this.
Is this shocking enough for you?
Do you like it?
Let's all go to the Henley
show, sip a little champagne,
watch a little murder.
I mean, it's art, isn't it?
Anything goes.
(laughs nervously)
Think it's funny to you?
I bet that poor bastard didn't.
How would you like your neck broken
because somebody thought you
looked better dead than alive?
'Cause somebody thought
it'd make a great image.
You've all got blood on your hands.
- Jon, what the hell is going on here?
- I have no explanation.
I can't believe what I've just seen.
What is it, Marta?
- Jonathan.
- Ladies and gentlemen.
I am as shocked and
bewildered as you must be.
I have never seen this footage before.
I think you need to explain yourself.
(intensifying music)
(speaking foreign language)
- Leave this to me.
(horn honks)
- Liar!
Stay away from me!
- Marta.
- Don't come any closer!
- Calm down, darling.
Everything's going to be fine.
- How could you?
How could you?
You betrayed me!
You betrayed us!
- It's alright.
Everything's going to be alright.
Trust me.
Have you ever known me to lose control?
- Control?
Jon it's over!
(suspenseful music)
No don't Jon.
Don't Jon.
- Alex.
You really are determined to
ruin my evening aren't you?
(tense music)
Full marks for initiative.
I think we should discuss this
somewhere more comfortable.
- You're going to offer me
an obscene amount of money
for this tape.
- I am a very wealthy man.
Think about it.
I could change your life.
- You already have.
Fuck you.
- Give me the camera.
- No!
(shouting and struggling)
- Come on Alex.
Your girlfriend put up a better fight.
(shouting and struggling)
- [Marta] Jonathan!
(dramatic music)
- Marta!
(sirens wailing)
Another little game you
don't know how to play, Alex.
- [Cop] Put it down.
Put down the gun.
(gun fires)
("Apple Blossom Time")
I'll be with you in apple blossom time
I'll be with you to
change your name to mine
And one day in May
You'll come and say
Happy the bride
That the sun shines on today
What a wonderful wedding that will be
What a wonderful day for you and me
Church bells will chime
And you will be mine
In apple blossom time
What a wonderful wedding there will be
And what a wonderful
day for you and me
Church bells will chime
And you will be mine
In apple blossom time
(dramatic electronic music)