Cold Meat (2023) Movie Script

When I was a child,
my mother told me that
humans are capable
of the best and the worst.
She was wrong.
Some are
only capable of the worst.
The natives have a legend
about those people:
a legend as old as the mountains
of this region.
They say that in time of famine,
an evil spirit comes out
of the woods to possess
those who had cannibalised
the flesh of their peers.
It appears first in the dreams,
but it's already
too late for them.
They're damned,
condemned to become like it:
a wandering soul seeking
human flesh.
Always insatiable.
Never satisfied.
Our top story this hour is
still the weather outside
being not just frightful,
but downright deadly.
50 below zero range,
temperatures below minus 20,
and whether you're being
naughty or nice,
frostbite and hypothermia
are all on the list.
With no relief sight
until Friday,
even Santa Claus may not be
coming to town.
More on this at 10:41.
More coffee, John?
- Ah, you bet.
- No good today?
Yeah. Looks like he bit
off more than he can chew.
I'm actually watching my weight
right now.
-I'm on a diet.
It's cold out there.
You gotta build up your energy.
If you wanna drive that
snowplough one day
like your old man,
you'd better eat up.
I don't wanna drive a
snowplough. It's boring.
What do you wanna
be when you grow up?
Something around
video games, I guess.
Video games. Kids.
I'll get a doggy bag.
What's so wrong
with video games?
You can't raise a family
on video games.
Billy. Billy!
Wrap this to go, will ya?
-It's already done.
-You can leave after that.
- Pleasure as ever.
- See you after the storm.
Yeah. Thanks Ana.
Be careful.
It's slippery out there!
See you after the storm.
What can I get you?
I could kill
for a hot cup of coffee.
I can fix that.
And a rare steak and some
potatoes would be perfect.
Sorry, the cook just left
because of the incoming storm.
I can get you a piece of
our world famous cherry pie.
World famous, huh?
Well, some people's worlds
are a lot smaller than others,
Look, if I can have a hot
coffee to go
and a slice of that pie,
I'll be on my way.
Here you go.
-Thank you.
-And careful, the coffee's hot.
The sugar's right
there if you need any.
Oh shit.
You fucking bitch.
Can't you read? It's closed.
Why are you dodging my calls?
I have nothing to say to you
and you have nothing to say
to me I want to hear.
Now get the hell out of here
before I call the cops.
Hey. I wanna see my daughter.
Our daughter! And she doesn't
want see you. She hates you.
because of all the bullshit
-you keep feeding her about me.
No, because of this!
This is who she sees now!
A drunk fuck!
Listen, you and that
asshole judge can't stop me
from seeing her,
you hear me? Do you hear me?
You do one stupid thing
and your ass is going straight
back to jail.
Now get the hell out of here!
I'm not done talking to you.
I am not done talking!
Though I wish you were.
I'm sorry,
what did you say?
Say it again.
Well, come on pal.
Say it again.
Eat it.
-Vince, please...
-Shut up!
Eat it.
I get it.
You're angry.
I heard that a judge won't let
you see your daughter anymore,
probably because of the
excessive alcohol,
substance abuse,
which also explains how easily
you just grabbed Ana there.
You guys knew each other.
You're fucking her.
I'm just a customer, pal.
She has a nametag.
Listen though, Vincent, right?
The way I see it,
you have two options.
Option one:
you'll notice there aren't
any surveillance cameras
in this place, but there's Ana
and there's me.
And if you touch either of us
with any semblance
of aggression again,
we'll have each other to say
that it was you.
And then you're looking at never
seeing your daughter again.
Option two:
much better option, you'll see.
You leave here right now.
You realise
you have the opportunity
to wake up in the morning sober
and start being the father
your daughter deserves.
And with time and a little
or lot of rehab,
you can go back
to that asshole judge
and convince him you deserve
to see your daughter.
That's all you have,
two choices.
So, the real question:
how much do you love
your daughter, Vincent?
You're lucky
I'm in a good mood tonight.
I'll be seeing you again.
Vince... Sober up
and we'll talk. I promise.
I'm sorry about that.
Don't be sorry.
Okay, thanks.
You know he wasn't
always like that.
You know, he was a good person
when I married him.
It's hard to believe, I know.
He got fired and then
started to drink.
Or maybe it
was the other way around.
Anyway, it's gotten worse
and worse since.
Well, they say you only
really know
someone when
they become your enemy.
Yeah. You married?
I'm David, by the way.
Guess you're
not gonna finish that.
World famous cherry pie, right?
How would you like your steak?
Err... Rare.
I'll take the cookie, err,
$20 on pump two and 20'
you know, 40 Holmes Menthol.
Yeah, I'm a couple
of bucks short.
Err, I'll leave
the cookies, thanks.
We take credit cards.
I-- I just remembered
that my wife has it,
which is never a good thing.
- Do you want something?
- No thanks.
I don't know how
you can that shit.
What can I say?
Since I quit smoking,
I compensate.
-Sir, that needs to be fixed.
You can't drive
with that taped up.
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
As soon as I get to a garage,
it'll be fixed, I promise.
Drive safely, Sir.
Fucking shit!
Oh shit.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Oh shit.
God damn.
Don't go anywhere.
One wrong move
and I'll slit your throat.
I should kill you right now.
-Is that my hat?
-You speak once spoken to!
Now, I have some questions,
and you answer them and maybe--
maybe I'll keep you alive
long enough for the police
to take you.
Where are we?
I have no idea.
I got lost in the storm.
Somewhere in the
Black Mountains.
Where's my phone?
Tossed it.
-And yours?
-In my pocket.
If you untie me a little,
I can get it out for you
-if you'd like.
-Do I look fucking stupid?
As nice as that feels,
inside pocket.
You fuck with me?
Pin code.
It's a dead zone.
Oh shit.
Sucks, doesn't it?
You can never trust the coverage
maps in those commercials.
I'm surprised the cold
didn't kill you back there.
You're a tough one.
My mom must have noticed.
I'm not back yet.
She's probably already
called the cops.
she thinks you're with Vince
-trying to patch things up.
I sent a little
message from your phone.
I used your fingerprint.
You son of a bitch.
You planned this all along, huh?
Almost all.
Is that a habit of yours
to kidnap women
and put them in your trunk?
Answer me!
I don't know
what came over me.
I've never done anything
like this before.
Someone driving around
with a hunter's knife,
duct tape
and a bottle of chloroform
looks pretty prepared to me.
Common misconception.
Everybody thinks chloroform.
I mean, people watch movies,
they read books and they think
chloroform's the way to go.
By people you mean
murderers like you?
Well, right now
I'm just a kidnapper.
I haven't murdered you, yet.
Stop whining.
I barely touched you.
-It's my leg.
-What's wrong with your leg?
It's fucked!
Bone's sticking out.
-Does it hurt?
-What the fuck do you think?
I hope it gets worse.
I bet you didn't expect this
to be used against you, huh?
Pretty effective stuff,
I have to admit.
What is it?
You wanna
know my trade secret?
There are so many
options from desflurane
to sevoflurane isoflurane.
Basically, my recipe ends
in 'flurane', if that helps.
Keep that to yourself.
I'm sure the cops
will be thrilled to hear that.
I tried chloroform at the start.
I thought
you never did this before.
But chloroform,
you can take up
to five minutes for someone
to pass out from inhaling
that shit.
Do you know
how long five minutes is?
Five minutes.
And in that time, they--
they kick, they punch,
they grab...
tear at your hair,
and you have no control over
how much they're inhaling
because it's all
based on their breathing.
And if they're panicked they
breathe too deeply, too quickly,
you know what happens?
They die,
right there in your arms.
Kind of takes the fun out of it.
So, no chloroform.
I like to keep control.
You're no longer in control,
A knife doesn't put you
in control
unless you're prepared
to use it.
Don't tempt me.
At least I'm free.
-Free? Really?
You can choose between
dying slowly in here
or quickly outside.
That's the only
freedom you have.
So, tell me, why the hell
are you still inside then?
Oh, I get it.
You've already tried.
I'm just imagining you escaping
from the trunk back there,
getting outside
and then realising
there's nowhere to go
and you'd have to get back
into the car.
Oh, that's brutal!
It's just funny that you swapped
one cage for another.
Only this time the
shark's inside with you.
A shark with no teeth.
So, what now?
What do you plan to do
with me, Annie Wilkes?
I don't give
a shit about you.
As soon as things calm down,
I'll take my chances outside.
Oh, good luck then.
How far do you think
you'll get in this blizzard?
500 yards?
A mile?
It's minus four degrees outside.
-I'll make it.
-No, you won't.
I climbed up that hill
and nearly died in ten minutes.
You're not equipped
to make it through this storm.
Even with my hat and my gloves.
Many factors can keep
you alive during the storm.
The body will work overtime
to protect its vitals,
the head and the organs.
It doesn't care
about extremities.
So, I intend to walk away
from here with everything
I have intact.
On the other hand,
many factors can
accelerate hypothermia:
body fat, age,
alcohol consumption,
injury- sorry- and wetness.
Your clothes are soaked.
They'll freeze pretty fast.
I'm not sure you'll make it.
-Fuck me.
Waitress with
a medical degree.
I don't need one.
I grew up in the cold.
Your best chance of survival
is to stay in here with me.
That'd be the smartest choice,
given the circumstances.
-Trust me.
-Trust you?
You know, you and I
got off on the wrong foot.
There's no 'you and I', asshole.
whether you like it or not,
we're both in the same shit now.
Not for long.
You know
what I'll do before I go.
I'll make damn sure that you are
attached and strapped
down to this chair,
and then I'll leave the car
doors wide open
and with some luck,
we'll find your frozen body
by the end of the winter.
Unless of course
the wild animals have taken care
of you first.
How long have I been out?
Not long enough.
Listen, if you wanna survive,
we've got to start saving
on the fuel and on the battery.
We can only use the heat
for a couple of minutes
every day or else
we won't last long.
I don't intend
to stay here long.
You don't know if we have
to stay here two hours,
two days or two weeks.
We can survive without
food, but without heat.
The cold's gonna kill
us in a couple of hours.
Hypothermia, remember?
Turn it off.
Turn it off!
You move one muscle.
You are not from around here,
are you?
I like to travel.
David Herman Petersen.
That name.
Is that your real name at least?
It's not important.
To me you're just
Fucked Up Motherfucker.
You don't mind if I call
you that, do you,
Fucked Up Motherfucker?
Seems like nobody
knows who you really are.
I'm a shy guy.
And I'm guessing you
don't have a kid either.
Oh, you're a smart girl.
That must be where Ella gets her
brain's from,
'cause it ain't from Vince.
How do you know
my daughter's name?
Oh, I know a lot about you Ana,
and you know shit about me.
I know more than
enough about you.
And don't you ever bring up
my daughter's name again.
Those fucking seats
are expensive.
You're gonna pay for that.
My bonds are too tight.
They're cutting into my wrists.
Don't worry about it.
After a while, you won't even
feel your hands anymore.
Why didn't you kill me?
I made up my own theory
back in the trunk.
Wanna hear it?
Superiority complex.
You got sloppy.
-I'm never sloppy.
-You were overconfident.
You still are.
You should have killed
me when you could.
If I wanted to just kill
you, you'd be dead by now.
You had other
plans for me, right?
Sick motherfucker.
Why didn't you kill me?
It would've been so easy
when I was out cold.
Because I'm not like you.
I'm not a monster.
Oh, in the right circumstances,
we can all be cruel.
Even you.
Just imagine.
Someone hurting little Ella.
Don't you ever mention
my daughter's name again.
You see?
It's just about circumstance.
First time's never easy.
But after time,
you get used to it.
Who knows?
Ana, you could even enjoy it.
Oh, I could teach
you some things.
Shut up!
You got anything to eat?
What's so funny?
I nearly bought a pack of
cookies back at the gas station.
I didn't wanna use
my credit card.
They can trace you so easily
with a credit card.
I only had enough cash
for gas and cigarettes.
My doc always said
the smokes will kill me.
I'm gonna take a little nap.
You should try
and get some sleep too.
I don't intend to sleep.
Oh, you'll sleep.
The cold will make you.
It's inevitable.
In that case.
You fucking bitch!
You fucking...
Bad dream?
I wonder what nightmares
like yours look like.
Mine like all normal people
are crowded
with twisted fucks like you,
but yours,
I mean, what
do they look like?
What scares you?
Being caught by the police?
Being executed?
Maybe they're about normal
people, happiness, family.
You know,
everything you'll never have.
There's a bottle
back there somewhere.
Go ahead.
I don't mind sharing.
I won't look, I promise.
Don't go anywhere.
Fucking open.
Open this door!
I'd love to help
but my hands are tied.
You fucking bitch.
What the fuck?
Ah! I'll fucking kill you!
Finish snooping?
How long have
you been following me?
Long enough.
Like I said, I know
a lot about you.
Why me?
Always the same question.
What do you want me to say?
You're special.
You're the one?
I saw... an opportunity.
You're single.
You live alone with your kid.
You have no friends.
Your mother's family.
Just another ordinary immigrant
that no-one really cares about.
It was easy.
Except for Vince.
I didn't plan on that idiot.
He nearly fucked everything up.
Is that how you do it?
You help damsels in distress
to gain their trust
and then you kidnap them?
Is that what you did
with Ashley Mitchell?
-Ashley Mitchell!
How many women have you killed?
I've never counted.
I'm sure you have.
That's what all twisted
fucks like you do.
And that's why you
have all these IDs.
How many?
Well, it's
difficult to answer.
There was one who only
I discovered was pregnant.
Now, does that count as two?
Oh, and there was this very
cute brunette I really liked.
She looked a bit like you,
but she talked a lot
fucking less.
What was her name?
Maria, Mia.
Well, she choked on her
own vomit under my gag.
Now, is that murder or
is that an accident?
You asked.
All those lives ended
because they were in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
Because they crossed
path with a psycho.
You're going to listen
to the names
of all of these women.
Amanda Walker, Maddie Parker.
Elizabeth Guzman.
Look at them.
Open your eyes!
Cassie Beckerman.
Your son of a bitch.
Look at her.
Oh, Cassie.
I remember her.
She was my first.
We never forget
our first, do we?
A total mess.
I did everything wrong.
I-- I didn't even know
I was hunting that day.
I just was going out to pick up
chicks and see
if I could drop them off.
I was testing myself.
I learned so much about
the female psychology back then.
Some women were
always suspicious.
They see a single
guy in his car alone.
I wanted to change
the situation
so they wanted
to get into the car.
It was a game.
Each time I was testing myself,
seeing how far I would go.
I didn't want to get caught.
But there I was,
driving for hours and hours
and then suddenly...
I got lucky.
Um, I have to go to Lakeside.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm- I'm going to Columbia
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- I didn't say
- I was going to Lakeside
or offerto take her
straight away.
That would've been too
much of a coincidence.
Much too eager.
I mean,
I guess I could swing around,
get you closer to Lakeside,
if that helps.
I looked at my watch
as if to say,
do I really have time?
You'd be surprised how effective
something like that is.
Her mother must have told her
not to get into a stranger's car
on her own.
Then she looked at me.
You could see she was
like, yeah, he's a dork.
-He wouldn't hurt a fly.
-Um, okay.
- And then.
- Sure, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Yeah. She got in.
She should have trusted her gut.
She had these
incredible brown eyes,
long blonde hair
and these bouncing breasts
that were just driving me wild.
So, do you like music?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
- I like music.
- Play music you want.
See if there's anything on.
- I love this song.
- Yeah?
I do, yes.
She laughed at things I said
that even I knew weren't funny.
I let her think
she was in control.
Going to see your boyfriend,
No, I don't actually
have a boyfriend.
- No?
- No.
I'm just gonna
visit some friends.
She started playing a game.
Not quite teasing me,
but you know,
these games men and women play.
I had this craving,
this awful, raging feeling.
It was consuming my insides.
Hey, I think you just
missed the turn actually.
This, this isn't the right way,
This road's much faster.
I know this road so well.
Oh! Okay.
She knew something was wrong.
You know, it's-- honestly,
you could totally just pull over
right here
and I could just jump out,
get another ride.
It's all-- It's okay.
No need to stress, it's fine.
Can you please pull over
and just let me out?
You can just let
me out right here.
I was trying
to buy myself time,
but at this point
she was completely hysterical.
Okay. Seriously,
if you don't let me out right
now, I'm gonna call the cops.
Would you-- Don't even.
-What is wrong with you?
Let me out!
I tried to keep her quiet,
but she just wouldn't shut
the fuck up.
Unlock this fucking door!
And that's when I lost it.
Unlock this fucking door!
I really fucked up.
That's enough!
That's enough!
Suddenly I was just
standing there and I.
I couldn't believe it.
I-- I fucking did it.
I fucking did it.
She didn't die instantly
like she was supposed to.
Like in the movies.
It doesn't happen like that.
When you stab someone,
they bleed out slowly.
They lose blood pressure
and you have to stab them again
and again and again and again.
These things take time.
I could have stabbed her
in the heart, but...
I couldn't bring myself
to damage those breasts.
She ended up getting
her throat slit.
I dumped what was left of her
body under a pile of wood
and that's where she was
found two days later.
The cops were all over it.
Local news picked it up.
Cassie was the daughter
of a judge.
So, fucking stupid.
I had to hide for weeks waiting
for everything to die down.
She made me change
my whole game.
From then on,
I was very careful.
The next one
was an immigrant.
Cassie was still in the news.
But with this low class chick,
I hadn't anticipated the lack
of effort in finding
the murderer of a poor woman,
low-lives or immigrants.
It's even convenient for some.
It opened up a whole
new world to me.
I've got bad
news for you, David.
Your winning streak
ends right here.
The next time they talk
of your exploits,
it'll be as they walk you
to Death Row.
I feel pity for you.
Fuck you and your pity.
Your life must be miserable.
No friends, no wife,
no-one to talk to.
No-one to confide in.
You and I have
so much in common.
We have nothing in common.
I wonder how you
became what you are.
Why you're so afraid of women?
Because that's what
it's all about, right?
Women scare the shit out of you.
Are you incapable
of getting a hard-on?
Oh, come on...
Did they laugh at you?
I wanna know.
Tell me, what is it?
Is it because of your mom?
Don't you dare talk about my
mother, you fucking whore!
Oh, mama's little murderer
has a sensitive spot.
What did you mean when you said
what was left of the body?
Do you ever stop asking
fucking questions?
What did you do with them?
Well, were dead anyway.
The world is gonna be
a better place
when you get the needle.
Yesterday at the caf,
there was something between
you and me.
An electricity. I saw it.
Go on. Admit it.
Keep on dreaming.
Go on.
That's all you have left.
Oh, when I saved you
from your abusive husband,
that made you hot.
That turns you on.
It's okay. You can admit it.
You're delusional.
- Really?
- Nice guys get me hot.
Not psychos.
Well, why did you marry Vince?
He's pretty violent.
Not really a nice guy.
He was drinking.
He... he was depressed,
he lost his job.
Excuses, excuses, excuses.
What about the guy before Vince?
There was one before him, right?
Was he violent too?
Would he beat you
and then give you flowers
that you couldn't smell
through your broken nose?
And did you make
excuses for him?
Yeah. Drinking, depression.
Lost his job. Bang.
Oh, I'm sorry. Flowers.
Drinking, depression,
lost his job.
Oh, bang. Oh, I'm sorry.
Here's some flowers.
Drinking, depression,
lost his job.
Bang! Oh, I'm sorry...
I'm sick of hearing you.
I think it's gone...
Wait, what?
What was that?
I don't know.
Whatever it was,
it must've been attracted
to the car by the scent
of your piss.
Could've been your blood.
Let's turn the heat on.
We have to be sparing, remember?
-Just a few minutes come on.
I'm freezing my ass off here,
Well, you should've thought
about that before you made me
smash that fucking window!
15 minutes.
That's it.
I need to use the boy's room.
Seriously, I need to go.
You're optimistic.
Well, at least give me a hand.
Don't make me piss myself.
I ain't setting you free.
You see?
I told you you were capable
of being cruel.
At least it'll keep you warm
for a while.
What now?
My leg.
Skin has turned black.
If the storm keeps going
like this, I'm gonna lose it.
If the storm goes on like this,
it'll be the least
of your worries.
Looks like we're in the middle
of a reservation.
Here, the natives have a legend.
Talks of a spirit living
in the forest
which comes to hunt people
like you.
Those who have committed
the worst of atrocities.
Those who have ceased
to act like civilised men.
They say it first appears
in dreams.
When their time has come,
it comes to get them,
and they become it.
A soul condemned
to wander in the woods.
You believe that bullshit?
The natives do.
Oh shit.
Battery just died.
Now we're fucked.
Don't forget I have a knife.
We fall asleep this time,
we won't wake up.
We won't.
The storm's gonna stop.
I'm trying to remember the
last time a woman touched me.
I mean,
really wanted to touch me.
I'm not touching you.
I'm taking your body
heat to keep me alive.
I wish I was a better person.
It's a little late
to feel guilty.
I don't expect you
to have sympathy for me.
But life hasn't been kind.
My dad, the piece of shit...
he ran out on us
when I was nine.
Never saw him again.
My mother was already a drinker.
One of the only two
things they had in common.
The other one was me.
But when he left,
all she did is drink.
She was much more
violent than my father.
After he left, I got scared
and I pissed the bed.
When she found out,
she beat me.
And every night
I pissed the bed.
Every night.
I grew up in an orphanage.
At nine, I got lucky and I
was adopted by a nice couple.
The mother was affectionate.
The father was attentive.
But not long after I arrived,
the attention became
more than I wanted.
Than any child wants.
Things happen in... in silence
until I was 15.
And then I started
getting into trouble.
Sound familiar?
And then I finally spoke up
and my father went to jail.
And then came the drink,
the drugs, the violence, jail.
Then... then I became a mother.
And I've only given
Ella love and kindness.
even though life
wasn't kind to me.
And the truth is,
you're looking for excuses,
but you don't have any.
They won't bring back
the lives you took.
It has nothing to
do with your mother.
It doesn't matter now anyway.
In a couple of hours,
the cold will take us.
That solves everything.
It was one advantage to the cold
that I didn't expect.
I can't feel the pain
in my leg anymore.
There's one other thing
that really surprises me.
The cold makes everything
so fragile.
Including this tape.
Oh, you should've killed me,
instead of talking on
and on like my
bitch of a mother.
I killed her ten years ago.
I ripped out her fucking
throat to shut her up.
Oh, oh, oh Ana,
I'm gonna do something
so special with you.
Because we're pals now.
I'm really gonna enjoy the
moment with a friend,
and when I get outta here,
the first place I'm gonna go...
I'm gonna go play
with little Ella.
Fall asleep.
I won't fall asleep.
I promise.
I won't fall asleep.
I won't fall asleep, I promise.
Oh shit.