Cold Moon (2016) Movie Script

Lunch is ready!
- Grandma.
- Hmm?
Can I go up to school
after lunch to help Mr. Perry?
That's fine.
Just be home before supper.
Yield's gonna
be lower this year.
It's too early to tell.
It's getting lower
every year.
- Hey, Mr. gieger.
- Hi, sweetheart.
Margaret left
on her wheel right after lunch.
Wish you wouldn't
call it a wheel, grandma.
Bicycle's got two wheels.
You make it sound like
it's just got one.
I just thought
she'd be back by now.
Margaret couldn't have made it
all the way over to Babylon
if she just had one wheel
to do it with.
Belinda hale.
Hey, Ms. Larkin.
Hey, Jerry.
Hey, belinda.
How are you?
Guess what?
I just got elected co-captain
of the cheerleaders.
That's real fine!
- That's good, belinda.
- Thanks, Jerry.
Oh, hey, how are the berries
gonna be this year?
Just fine.
We'll send you and your daddy
over a few pints
just as soon as boy scouts
and girl scouts start picking.
Oh, you have no idea how much
I'd be looking forward to that.
- Ms. Nina!
- Hey, Margaret.
You should come
by the house some time.
Pick all the blueberries
you like
before all the boy scouts
come and take them all.
Well, thank you, I will.
Ooh, you better go on now
before it gets bad.
- I will.
- Tell your grandma i said hi, now.
- All right, see ya!
- Hurry up, Margaret, hurry!
I brought you some things
to do up for me.
I probably found them
in the back of my closet,
lying there since like two years
and 15 pounds ago.
- So what do you think?
- Short.
- But they're so cute, though.
- You got a mark where you want them?
- No, ma'am.
- Hold that.
You didn't happen to see her
when you passed, did you?
Oh, no, I didn't see anybody
on my way over.
Well, expect Mr. geiger fishing,
but he was already packing up.
Thank you, Ms. Larkin.
Well, I best get back
to Babylon
so I can fix Mr. red
his dinner.
Oh, how is his neck anyway?
Oh, well, let's just say
if you was to stick
a loaded shotgun
at the back of his neck,
he wouldn't even be able
to turn around enough
to know it was you
who was doing it.
Be good to your grandma,
now, Jerry!
And when I see Margaret,
I'll give her a ride!
Please do!
You're late, miss pie.
How many times
have I told you?
Please do not call me that.
I'm fat and I know it,
but I would appreciate
you not drawing attention
to it.
What in the world
are you doing out here?
Nina brought me out here
before she left.
I was sure you'd show up
before the rain.
Don't do that!
I want to hear the rain!
I would appreciate
some thanks.
I just saved you
from your watery grave.
- Hey, daddy.
- What do you want?!
Nathan wanted to know
if belinda was here,
- and I see she is.
- What does Nathan want with belinda?
I don't know, something
to do with supper, I guess.
Well, that Nathan
can take care of himself.
Oh, why don't I just go see
what Nathan wants?
- Now come take care of your daddy until I get back.
- Take him with you.
I don't have anything
to say to him.
And he don't have nothing
to say to me!
Grandma, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just went out to check
the berries,
- had a look at the bridge.
- What about it?
Well, there's...
There's five planks gone.
- But I'll fix it in the morning.
- What about Margaret?
How's she gonna
get home tonight?
I already made the call.
Well... w-where is she?
Is she coming back?
I talked to Mr. Perry
over at the high school.
He said she left at 5:00.
I guess it makes sense
to talk to the sheriff now.
Where... is Margaret?
Oh, hey, hey, hey!
Down, maisy.
I'm sorry, Ted.
She just gets so excited.
You know you got
to have her on a leash, right?
- It's a new rule.
- Oh, I know, yeah.
Morning, sheriff.
Evelyn and Jerry Larkin
are here to see you.
If there had been
some kind of an accident,
it would've been reported.
She can't have gotten
very far on a bike.
Well, then where is she?
Jerry, I want you to take
Ms. Larkin home.
Ms. Larkin,
i want you to stay there.
No, I'm not gonna do that.
I'm gonna go find Margaret.
- Guess wha...
- Not now, honey.
We will find her.
Hey, we need to go the bank
while we're here.
How can you think like this
when Margaret's still missing?
I'm thinking
about things like this
because I know Margaret
will be back.
I want to do this now
while we're together.
I don't want you home alone.
How are you, Ms. Larkin?
How are you?
Well, I was hoping that you
would come in today
'cause I've been meaning
to talk to you about your loan.
Today's not a real good day
to talk about that.
I'm sorry, Ms. Larkin, I hate
to be the one to bring it up.
Now, you know that you've been
behind on your payments
- for eight months, right?
- Is there something wrong here, grandma?
Jerry, I take it you
were making a payment
on your overdue loan there.
We gotta wait until
the first berries sell.
I've been making little
installments on it, though, so.
Well, um...
Your little installments
haven't been amounting to much,
see, that's the problem.
Your daddy never used
to talk to us like this.
Your daddy never used to talk to
any of your customers like this.
- Ms. Larkin, my daddy's laid up...
- grandma, let's go, come on.
She was here yesterday
with Warren Perry.
She was helping him
record supplies.
My goodness, Evelyn must just
be going out of her mind.
Oh, she is, she is.
Well, I will check on her.
You know, Warren's
not here today.
- Hey, sheriff.
- Hey, Warren.
You found Margaret yet?
No, I haven't.
I want to speak
to you about her.
I can't imagine
what happened.
She was, um...
She worked with me
until about 5:00.
And then it looked like rain
and, uh...
And then I offered her
a ride home,
but she said she had
enough time to make it.
Hmm. What was she doing
helping you?
Helping me check in
text books.
No, i-i mean, uh...
Why was she helping you?
She liked to help,
i suppose.
Does she help other teachers?
No. Just me.
Look, sheriff,
i hate to run,
but I've gotta visit
my mom up north.
Okay, Warren.
Come see.
Come here! Now!
Come over here right now!
Is that...
- Don't come, grandma!
- What is it?
Go on back
to your house, now!
Oh, god.
Oh, Margaret!
- Grandma!
- I'll get help!
I don't imagine ed gieger's
gonna be fishing
that spot any longer.
Those are rope burns
on her wrists.
Let's get her out of here.
Ms. Larkin don't need
to see us stand around
staring at her like she's
some kind of dead rattler.
- Is she dead?
- Ms. Larkin...
Is Margaret dead?!
No, don't you put her
in that truck!
My Margaret!
I want Margaret!
Let me up!
Let me up!!
Now, don't you get up
till I tell you to,
all right, Ms. Larkin?
You get some rest.
I love my little girl.
We can't find Margaret.
Margaret's dead!
I know I'm dead.
You've been
behind on your payments.
Nathan redfield
killed my little girl.
I never seen nothing like this,
little girl tied
to her bike
and dumped in the river?
You have any idea who did it?
No, I don't.
We had a Saturday night
poker murder
north side of town
about a year ago.
But everybody knew
who did it
and nobody tried
to keep it a secret.
But I never seen nothing
like this.
16-year-old girl.
Well, you might want to have
a little chat with the father.
He's dead.
In fact, he died in the sticks,
too, about 13 years ago.
No, I mean the father
of the baby she's carrying.
This girl's about
four months pregnant.
i show you a mystery.
We shall not all sleep,
but we shall be changed
in a moment.
For the trumpet shall sound,
and the dead shall be raised
And we shall all be changed.
Jerry, can I talk to you
for a moment?
I'll be right there.
You tell him, Jerry!
You tell him!
Tell me what?
She thinks you're going
back into Babylon
to arrest a man
that killed Margaret.
Jury's gonna declare
him guilty in two days
and she's gonna pull
the switch on the chair.
Well, who's she
expect me to arrest?
She got anyone
particular in mind?
Nathan redfield.
You try to talk her
out of that?
'Cause you know
that's just crazy.
I know it.
That's what she believes.
- You want me to talk to her?
- Ain't no point in it.
So what'd you need
to talk to me about?
Did you know Margaret
was pregnant?
Why would you say that?
Coroner in pensacola
found out
when he examined her
Saturday night.
She was in her fourth month.
Just don't tell grandma,
I got to or else you got to.
It's gonna come out.
Does it have to?
What does that have to do
with Margaret getting killed?
Whoever got
a 16-year-old girl pregnant
is gonna be
in a lot of trouble.
And since Margaret didn't have
any enemies anybody knew about,
might've been the father
who killed her.
I was hoping
you knew about it.
Maybe your grandma
knows about it.
Maybe Margaret
confided in her.
I doubt it.
I just really doubt it.
You bit me all over.
Now I'm gonna go
and have to tell daddy
I got trapped under
a ten-girl pyramid.
Your daddy's never gonna see
all them bruises.
Somebody else might.
You better be making a joke.
If I find out that it's true,
headlines are gonna read
"cheerleader smothered to death
with her own pom-poms."
I was only kidding.
But now I won't
be able to wear
a bathing suit for the next
five days and four nights.
What time you suppose
it's getting to be?
I don't know.
I suppose... hey!
What is it?
Something dripped on me.
It's just water, I guess.
Damn it, belinda!
There is something
up in that tree.
There's no one in that tree.
There was someone up there.
Wait, what did he
look like then?
It looked like a woman.
There's nothing in that tree.
It's so dim in here,
that moss could look
like anything you want it to.
I don't care if you believe me
or not.
But I would appreciate it
to no end
if you'd put down
that bottle of bourbon
and get me out of here.
Just listen.
There's nothing there.
You just got scared.
Damn it, Nathan, you were
just as scared as I was!
No, I wasn't.
Now go on.
Go on, I'll be right behind you.
But don't start off until
i get in the scout
and get it started,
do you hear me?
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- What is it?
- God.
Nathan, that seat
is soaking wet!
Damn it, belinda.
What is it?
I don't know what it is.
Just put a blanket
down on it.
Go on, get out of here!
Nobody is forgetting
about Margaret, Ms. Larkin.
Just right now, we have no idea
who could've killed her.
Nathan redfield killed her!
I know Jerry told you
was gonna have a baby.
Now, do you think
it could've been Warren Perry?
If you'd just sit still
for five minutes,
you would know that it was
Nathan redfield that did this.
It's because Nathan
is your friend
and because he has
all the money in the world
that you don't want
to do anything about it.
Go! Go!!
If you could've brought me
some proof,
little piece of something
i can tag in a courtroom,
I might consider it,
but if I took this on now,
I'd be making a fool of you
and myself to boot.
He got to you first.
Ms. Larkin, I handle cp&m.
But Nathan, he don't even
speak to me on the street.
And how would he know you were
coming over here anyway?
- 'Cause Ted hale told you.
- Grandma.
Mr. darrish was real nice
in listening to us,
but he can't help.
And we are not to take up
any more of his time.
Thank you,
Mr. darrish.
I really appreciate you
listening to us.
I suspected
you wouldn't help us,
so I called a lawyer
in pensacola.
- Grandma!
- Really, who?
Warren Perry's cousin,
Henry harp.
He's taking us
to supper this evening.
You all right?
Yeah, let's go to my office.
Have a seat there.
I'm more than a little
surprised you asked me here.
We're family.
Joe, listen...
I've been having dealings
with some oil people
for the past year.
They've been after daddy to
drill on some land that we own,
but daddy's
been putting them off.
And it's starting to look like
that we're about
to be passed by.
Now, I was down there
in mobile having dinner
with a couple of these men,
and I had saw
where they had marked the land
of the most likely places.
Now, we own gosh knows
how many thousands of acres,
but the land
that they most interested in
was right along the sticks.
Have they gone
to the Larkins yet?
No. No.
I put them off that.
Evelyn Larkin is gonna lose
the farm right soon.
If not this summer,
the next.
And I want to make sure that
that land comes to the bank.
Evelyn Larkin came to me
this afternoon.
She wants me to prosecute you
for that murder.
Yeah, I know, hale told me.
But I don't take it personal.
I mean, god bless her,
she's under a lot of strain.
Which is all the more reason
that we gotta get her out.
We got to be
double careful here.
She's... she's off to see
a lawyer this evening
in pensacola, some relative
of Warren Perry's.
Warren Perry?
Of course.
He more likely killed that girl.
He's just trying to put
the attention off himself.
You know and I know
there's no lawyer
gonna find something
to put this on you.
But if this guy in pensacola,
he smells green blood in you,
he can make you some trouble.
When we get back...
We're gonna have the man
arrested that did this to you.
We're gonna lift you up
out of this grave...
And we're gonna stick
Nathan redfield in your place.
You're still afraid.
Stop it now!
I mean it!
They're coming to get you,
Stop it. You're ignorant...
The store's closing soon.
You want me to go?
'Cause you just finished
off the scotch
and there's no more bourbon.
No, I'll go.
Here he comes now.
I'm getting out of here...
I have to get out anyways.
Johnny! Help me! Help!
Ms. Larkin?
Welcome to pensacola.
It's not much to go on.
But I'll take you on.
Thank you.
I'll request the police
and coroner's reports,
depose the redfields and anyone
else I deem necessary.
Thank you, Mr. harp.
I can't tell you how much
that we really appreciate this.
But... we're gonna
have to talk about
- how much it's gonna cost us.
- This here's pro bono.
Thank you.
I left the lights on the scout.
Go turn them off.
Shut the door and lock it.
Now. Go now.
You see anything
out there?
Looks like you ran through
every mud puddle in town.
What happened?
Oh, there was this young girl
on the street throwing things.
Nathan, why don't...
Listen, I need you to help me
do something.
What is it?
Stay here.
Last time we ate out
was when Margaret
graduated eighth grade
and that waiter spilled
that red wine...
All over
my white shirt, yeah.
Oh, Margaret
laughed and laughed.
She got a kick out
of that for weeks.
It's okay, grandma.
I miss her, too.
Help! Help!
Please, help me!
I don't like this.
Who's out there?
Are you okay?
What are you doing out here?
Oh! Oh!
what are you doing?!
Christ, Nathan, I thought
we were just gonna scare 'em.
They was scared,
all right.
Don't you think?
Get her in the car
before somebody comes.
Nathan, why you want
to make me do this?
You're gonna help me
get her in the car
or I'm gonna get rid
of three bodies tonight
all by myself.
Come on, darlin',
get in there.
Oh, please, just don't
make me touch the head.
Watch out, boy,
it might bite ya!
Little help, boy.
One, two...
I don't like any of this.
You didn't tell me...
You can either stay in this car
or get out,
but I don't care,
'cause in ten seconds,
this car is going
off this bluff into the river.
Release the brake
and get out of the car.
And you come around back
and help me
push this thing
over the bluff.
- It's stuck.
- You gotta push.
- All right, ready?
- Go.
- Hold up.
- What?
I forgot the saber.
- What now?
- Nothin'.
Nobody's ever
gonna find that car.
You hear that?
Nobody knows.
They can't even figure out
who killed Margaret,
and that was just
a week ago.
You did kill her.
Didn't you?
Yeah, I did.
But nobody knows it.
And no one's ever gonna know it
unless you tell someone.
Why did you kill her?
How are we gonna get home?
I want to go home now.
Come on, boy.
- That's yours?
- Mm-hmm.
Where'd you get it?
The bank repossessed it.
Get in over there.
Ms. Larkin?
What are you
doing here, Warren?
I just came to see
how things went
with the Larkins
and my cousin.
He's a lawyer from pensacola
i set them up with.
I went to check out in the field
and was on my way back
to knock on the door
when I saw...
You see something?
I should really get going.
Wait till I get out, too.
If you see something, just...
Just honk twice, okay?
Well, well.
- Hey, Ted.
- Red.
Hope you're not coming over
here to take miss pie away.
I just come out to make sure
you're taking good care of her.
She doesn't get in trouble
when I keep her around me.
More than I can say
for other people in this town.
I hope you're not letting
miss pie
ride her wheel out toward
the styx river bridge.
Belinda don't ride a bicycle,
but if she did,
I wouldn't be letting her
be riding out that way.
- Hey, daddy.
- Hey, honey.
You couldn't do without
me for five minutes?
I just come out to see
Nathan for a minute.
Oh, what about?
I don't know.
He asked me to come by.
Hey, there you are.
Hey, come on in.
How are you?
What'd you want
to talk to me about?
Just wanted to talk to you
about belinda.
What about belinda?
It's not anything
directly about her.
It's just something you
may have not have known,
i just learned myself.
Uh-huh, what's that?
It's about Warren Perry.
Perry's been hanging
around the house.
He drives by.
I don't know if he thinks
we can't recognize
a blue rambler
when we seen one.
It's always
when belinda's here.
He's keeping an eye on her.
Oh, that don't sound
like much.
Yeah, you're right,
it doesn't sound like much.
But it's...
Yt's not all either.
You know, sometimes
in the evening,
we see him down here walking
along the little stream.
I'm not gonna prosecute
someone for trespassing.
I don't want to worry you,
but I just wanted you to know
so you can keep
an eye on him.
You know how much belinda
means to all of us,
and especially daddy.
Lord knows we couldn't go on
if anything ever happened to her
like what happened to that
little miss Margaret Larkin.
Anything else?
You know,
there was, uh...
One other little thing.
- Someone broke into our house.
- What?
They stole the sword
that hangs right there
underneath our great-great-
granddaddy's picture.
Somebody broke in, when?
Why didn't you tell me before?
We don't know
when it happened.
It was last night Ben saw
that the sword was gone.
I mean, it couldn't have been
too long ago.
B- but we can't say for sure
because truth be told,
- we just don't go looking at it that often.
- What else is gone?
There's nothing else gone
that we can think of.
That's the funny thing
about it.
I didn't report because
i didn't want to upset daddy,
telling him that there was
a robber in the house.
And truth be told, Ted,
i just...
I just don't care if I ever see
that sword again.
Let's not say anything
to anybody about this.
There's probably
nothing to it.
You don't think so, huh?
Don't think
there's much to it?
There's no need to go starting
no trouble for Warren.
Now, tell you what.
You got my word
I'll keep an eye on him.
Thanks for the drink.
Keep an eye on your
little girl for you.
She's here,
i take care of her for you, Ted.
Hey, want to go see
where she died?
- Where are we going, guys?
- To the bridge.
- To the bridge!
- Shh!
- I don't want to get my shoes wet.
- Then don't.
All I know is what you
just told me, sheriff.
I thought Jerry and Ms. Larkin
were in pensacola.
They were in the back
of their station wagon
under 12 feet of water.
Looks like that what took
that boy's head off, don't it?
I think you got a case.
Yes, I do.
It is sown in weakness.
It raised in power.
It is sown a natural body.
It raised a spiritual body.
Sunday drama is on
the outside grabs the early lead.
little miss blueberry heiress,
you want a ride home?
Will you drop me off
at the bend before the river
so my grandma won't see?
Of course I will.
You mind if we make
a little detour first?
- I'm pregnant.
- It's not mine.
There's no one else.
If you can get me pregnant,
you can provide for it.
Okay, just give a few days
to break the news to daddy.
I will do the right thing.
But do not tell a soul
until we make a plan,
you hear me?
I won't.
There you are. Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
What are you looking at?
Well, I've been keeping daddy
company all evening.
We've been watching television
and talking.
He kept asking me
what I wanted.
I just didn't feel like
being alone.
Why don't you come up
and sleep in my room
again tonight?
The rollaway bed's
still up there.
Well, all day I've been
half expecting Ted hale
to drive up with a pair
of handcuffs
in the rearview mirror.
Nobody came.
Nobody called.
Everything's gonna
be all right.
Warren Perry's in jail.
All the attention
focused on him.
They got no reason
to come look at us.
In another week,
you're gonna forget
what really happened.
You'll be like everybody else
in this town,
think it was Warren Perry
that murdered that old woman
and Jerry Larkin.
- You think so?
- Yeah, boy.
Picked these up
from your apartment.
Breakfast from the diner.
Thanks, sheriff.
You okay?
You're not gonna believe this.
I imagine it'd go easier,
quieter now that they're
not here anymore.
I just want to get another step
between you and me
and the dummy corporation
in mobile.
I also revised
the loan paperwork,
made sure that they missed their
payments for the last year.
You know,
Ginny and I are gonna be having
dinner tonight
at the white horse.
Why don't you and Ben come,
make it the four of us?
We're partners now in this,
and, I don't know,
maybe other things.
Feel like you and Ginny
ought to make it up between you.
You're right, Ginny and i
ought to make it up.
Though I can't think
of anything that much
that's been keeping us apart.
Nobody's gonna get hurt with
the deal you and i put together.
Ginny's gonna benefit
from it, too.
If their objective
were to steal corpses,
well, they got that.
So why take the time
to destroy the coffins
and spread them halfway
around the cemetery?
Grave robbers?
And what do they want
with the corpses?
Well, I just don't know what
we're gonna do with you, Ben.
You're a grown man and you just
don't do a thing in the world.
Nathan, you and I are gonna
have to put our heads together
and come up with something
that he's good at.
Well, what we need to do
is find someone to pay him
for lying in the sun 'cause he's
awfully good at that.
You're gonna take that
from him?
He's kinda right.
Strawberry shortcake and
supreme apple pie la mode.
Thank you, darlin'.
Well, it's only
a matter of time
before you
have to go to work.
Well, I guess so.
Nathan? You okay?
Is there anything
i can get you, sir?
Everything all right...
I'm sorry,
i think it's his medication.
We got to get
out of here.
Why did you throttle
that girl?
Ben, sit here.
Think you really
ought have it that hot?
Can't be good for you.
I gotta get rid of
the tenseness in my joints.
- What's wrong?
- What?
What's wrong?
- What are you talking about?
- What are you looking at?
Nothing, I'm not looking
at a blessed thing.
How you feel about
going to duval
for the rest of the summer?
Just you and me.
It's time to rest,
that's happened and all.
Think I'd like that.
What's daddy gonna say?
I've been calling.
Sheriff hale?
This is Derek
from mobile energy.
I know it's kinda of late,
but, uh, we've been offshore.
I received your message
and felt
it was kinda of an emergency,
so I figured I'd try you.
Yes, um...
I'm investing a murder
and, uh...
Was wondering when's the
last time you might've spoken
to Evelyn Larkin?
it's been some time now.
We've been dealing
with her representative.
And, uh,
who might that be?
A gentleman
named Nathan redfield.
I'm worried about Mr. red.
You got every right
in the world to be worried.
Wait, do you think he...
You are just telling me
this now?
I didn't have enough
to go on, Ginny.
Nathan just about ripped
that girl's shoulders
off her back in front
of 40 paying customers.
Looked like he was ready
to do worse.
So, yeah. Now.
He's splashing
me with water.
Daddy, we gotta talk
for a minute.
Y'all just get back?
Yeah, we gotta talk
to daddy for a bit.
But you can't stay 'cause
we gotta talk private.
What are you trying to say to me
that miss pie can't hear?
Daddy, we gotta talk
family stuff.
Don't really interest
belinda that much.
I never heard of such
secret goings-on.
But I'm gonna try
my new bathing suit.
Daddy, Ben and I are gonna
go to duval
for the rest of the summer.
You can't do it.
You're president
of the bank.
You begged me
to make you president,
and now you're coming
in here telling me
you're gonna take off?!
In the middle
of the yearly audit?
And the leave the place
to rack and ruin?!
The bank is not gonna go
to rack and ruin.
- Just so tired, daddy.
- You don't look tired.
You know what kind of tired
I'm talking about.
You mean you're about
to have a nervous breakdown,
and that's why you're
going to duval?
We just gotta get out
of here for a bit.
You up to something?
What's he up to, Ben?
Ben, why don't you go
check on belinda?
You go away to duval
or wherever it is
you're really going.
But I'm gonna appoint
a new president.
You won't ever set foot
in cpm again.
Now, you go off.
You will never see me again.
You will never see
a penny...
Of my money.
You understand?
I don't want you
to catch a chill, daddy.
"I have been sick
for the past two years",
and there's no hope
of me ever getting any better,
constantly tortured
with pain in my spine,
and it has become
I want to thank Nina
and belinda hale
for nursing me.
If it hadn't been for them,
I would've killed myself
a long time ago.
when you read this,
I want you to make
provisions for both of them
out of the money
i have left you.
Fix it so that Nina doesn't
ever have to work again,
and see to it that miss pie
"can go to any nursing school
that she wants."
Ginny's on the way over
right now
with Nina to get Mr. red
out of the house.
Nathan's got something
pressing on his brain.
So we just thought it best
to get Mr. red out of there.
If belinda's there,
does Ginny know enough
- to get her out, too?
- She'll get her out.
Oh, I don't like this.
Who's there?
Miss pie?
Shh! Mr. red, I got
to get you out of here.
- What are you...
- you think I ask you to come away with me
in the dark
if I just didn't have to?
- You need to hurry!
- What?
- Shh!
- Don't you worry about a thing.
We're gonna get you
right back here
just as soon as we can.
Miss pie.
Well, well.
Miss pie.
Nathan, what the hell
do you think you're doing?!
Damn it.
Damn it, Nathan.
You hurt me.
You st...
Y thought you were...
You thought what?
What, that I was a burglar?
How many burglars
do you see
wearing a two-piece
bathing suit?
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's go back out
by the pool.
We've been in for a while.
You can see why I need
a little vacation, huh?
Right here, that's them.
Where's belinda?
- You know what Nathan did?
- Did you bring belinda out with you?
She's over there
in the pool.
I couldn't get to her
without them seeing.
But I know that she's okay,
i know that she is.
You think I should go
check on Mr. red,
you know, make sure
he's doing all right?
Oh, he's probably asleep.
Besides he'd talk you into
sitting up there with him,
I want you all
to myself, darlin'.
Ben, why don't you go get me
and belinda a drink?
Get one for yourself,
too, bud.
- Want to see my new dive?
- What?
I'm sorry, but I just couldn't
live with myself
if I didn't do that.
I just had to get you back.
But I promise I'll be good to
you for the rest of the evening.
What's the matter,
you can't hold your breath?
I want you to go up
to the front door,
but I want you
to go real slow.
I'm gonna run around back.
Let's go.
Are you... okay, honey.
It's okay, honey.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
How's belinda?
Well, she's gonna need
some reconstructive surgery,
but she's gonna be all right.
You discharge Warren?
Yes, sir.
First thing this morning.
How in the hell did he get
in that position?
He's missing an ear.
Uh, sheriff?
Sheriff, you might wanna
look at this.