Cold November (2017) Movie Script

[Florence crying]
[woman vocalizing]
[imitating police siren]
"Have you seen this girl?"
"No, we haven't, Officer Petey.
How long has she been missing?"
"Well, only since
last Friday,
but her parents
sure are worried.
Well, thanks, fellas."
[imitates engine starting
and police siren]
Ooh. Hi, honey.
Oh, this is great.
Is that a new building?
But it's really time
to get ready for bed, honey.
But, Grandma, Officer
Petey is on a mission.
Well, his mission is going
to be around tomorrow, too,
so why don't you... why don't you do
that stop time trick I taught you?
That's stupid, Grandma.
You can't stop time.
Oh, come on,
come on, come on.
Just give it a try.
Nobody's looking but me.
Okay, Grandma.
I'm ready.
All right.
Come on.
Nice job.
[woman vocalizing]
Hey. Did you brush
your teeth?
When is Mom coming home?
Well, she's working
late tonight
so that she can take time off
next week to hunt with us.
Now, you better get some sleep
because you're going to need it.
Good night, Grandma.
Oh, good night, honey.
Love you.
Turn out the light.
[Mr. Bill]
Now, if you passed...
your safety card
is attached to your test.
Congrats, kids,
and good luck
out there.
Be safe.
Be proud.
Bring me some venison.
[woman vocalizing]
What's wrong?
Why are people mean
to each other, Mom?
I don't know.
They just are.
It doesn't get any better
when you graduate either.
The world is...
just one big high school.
Why are you telling me this?
Sorry, baby.
I guess I had
a bad day, too.
[woman vocalizing]
That stew was really good, Mom.
Venison was perfectly cooked.
Well, that's what happens
when you follow a recipe, Mia.
You've got to cook it slow.
[Florence] Whose deer
was this one, Grandma?
Whose deer is this?
I'm not sure.
I-I lose track
after a while.
You know what? I think it
was mine from last year,
'cause I recognize my handwriting
on the freezer paper.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- [Georgia] I think you're right.
- Mm-hmm.
[Florence] Can I go play
out in the garage now?
[Amanda] You need to clean up first, Flor.
You know that.
[sighs] Okay.
[clears throat]
Who's that present for?
Hey there,
mind your own business.
That's just something
for one of my friends.
Oh. Well, you sure
it's not for me?
[Amanda] Well, that's a little
presumptuous, don't you think?
You're smiling.
[Mia] You know, I haven't heard
a peep from you about school,
and I heard that
someone might have gotten
their gun safety permit.
Yep, and got 100%
on the test, too.
- [Georgia] Ah, that's my girl.
- [doorbell rings]
No playing with
your cars tonight, Flor.
We got to celebrate.
[playing kazoo]
Look what the cat dragged in.
[all laugh]
- [balloon pops]
- [Georgia] Oh, God!
Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my gosh.
- [laughs] Surprise!
[Florence] Where have
you been, Uncle Craig?
I drove straight up
from work.
From the cities,
right after work.
[Georgia] I didn't think I was ever
going to see you again, honey.
- [Craig] Hey, Georgia.
- [Georgia] Oh!
[Craig] I'm here.
Rest assured.
Now, what did you do
with this face?
Oh, come on, now. This trend... you
don't like the lumberjack look, huh?
Well, I'm just trying
to stay warm for the winter.
[Mia] How was the drive?
Grow it if I got it, right?
It was good, it was good.
I almost whacked
a buck on 73.
But other than that,
it was good.
No party is complete
without a present.
- It is for me! I knew it.
- Yes. [laughs]
I can tell it's going
to be a good present
just because
I can feel it.
Oh, wow-wee, look at that!
Yeah! Whoo!
[Craig] Careful.
Don't scratch the table.
'Course not.
Never trying to.
Flor, Flor,
this is a 30-30.
But it's not
just any 30-30.
This belonged to your
[Amanda] I shot
my first deer with this gun,
and so did
your Auntie Mia.
[Mia] Yeah.
So did Sweeney.
[Craig] Yeah...
- [Georgia] Yeah.
- [clears throat]
It suits you, Flor.
Why don't you hold it up to your
shoulder, see how it feels?
[Mia] It's about
as big as...
Can you stay standing?
[all laugh]
Thanks, Mom.
Thanks, Grandma.
Thanks, Auntie Mia.
you're welcome.
[Amanda] All right, come on, I'm
going to show you how to clean it.
[Florence] Okay.
What is it, Sween?
[engine starts]
Well, hey, kiddo.
Good afternoon.
[sighs] Grandma,
it's still morning.
Your mom's inside.
Better get in there and tell
her you're here, honey.
[Florence] Okay.
[vacuum cleaner whirring]
Oh, my God, Flor.
- [whirring stops]
- You scared me.
What happens if the animal
doesn't die right away,
like, after I shoot it?
Well, then you
shoot it again
and hope you get it
killed right away.
Worst thing would be
for it to suffer.
You don't want that
to happen.
But, you know, just take aim
on your first shot
and hopefully you don't
get in that predicament.
But if you do, it's okay.
You're going to be fine.
I found 'em!
It's not easy to watch
an animal die,
but if they didn't die,
we couldn't eat their meat.
You understand that?
All right, why don't
you go sit down?
Hey, Mom?
Do you think
Sweeney suffered?
Boy, Flor. Um...
I don't know.
I mean,
I-I really don't know.
You know Sweeney.
She never did
anything half-assed.
When she went for it,
she really went for it.
So, I would guess
that she knew everything
that she was getting into.
She was a smart girl.
Yeah, she was.
- All right, you ready?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's do it.
Come here.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
All right, so what's
the first thing you check?
That the gun in unloaded.
- And did you do that?
- Yes.
And how do you tie it up?
So that the barrel
points to the ground.
Ah, thanks.
All right, good.
So once we get this tied up, why don't
you climb up and then pull it up?
- All right?
- Yep!
After you pull it up, why don't
you kick out all the leaves?
I think I'm going to go
head up over the ridge.
I'll be back
in about 20 minutes, okay?
When will you be back?
- Like 20 minutes.
- Oh, yeah.
- You're going to be fine.
- Pfft. You said that. All right.
[imitates engine revving]
[rustling, twig snaps]
[Florence] Okay, so it came up behind
me, and it, like, snuck up on me.
- [Amanda] Yeah?
- [Florence] It was like a deer ninja.
- [Amanda] Yeah? [chuckles]
- [Florence] And it, like...
It just came up.
And at first,
it didn't make a sound.
- [Amanda] Yeah?
- [Florence] It just creeped up and went in front of me.
And it just stood there and looked at me
like it wanted to be my friend or something.
Wow, that is so cool.
Wow, I don't...
I don't think I've had anything
like that happen to me before.
Holy shit, Mom,
you should have seen it.
Hey, did you
just say "shit?"
Sorry, Mom.
I'm just really excited.
Well, I guess I just have
never heard you say "shit"
in front of me
before, so...
You just said it twice.
Yeah, I guess I did.
You're taking this
very lightly.
Yeah, well, I guess
I'll take what I can get.
Just, hey, do not say that in
front of Grandmother, okay?
I'll give you a pass this time.
That's it.
Don't go drinking beer
or anything.
- [scoffs] Ew, Mom.
- [laughs]
Oh, heads up,
it's your uncle.
- Hey, I'm unarmed.
- No, you're not.
You're the only one
who is armed.
Here, go, go, go!
That doesn't shoot
pinecones, Craig.
Hey! [laughs]
Ow! Hey! Stop it!
What are you doing?
I'm protecting
my granddaughter.
Okay, truce, truce,
truce, truce.
[Mia] Hey, can someone
help me out here?
What are you doing?
I'm just cutting some cedar
for the deer.
They love this stuff.
It's like candy for them.
- But why do we have to cut it?
- Because they don't have thumbs.
What is that
suppose to mean?
Well, if they had thumbs they could climb
it and get it themselves, you know.
Craig, you're a weirdo.
Hey! I called truce!
- Truce, I'll give you truce.
- [laughs]
Hands not on
the trigger.
Good, good, okay.
- Got it aimed?
- Yep.
Okay, now remember, you want
to take a deep breath in...
and then slowly let it out
as you aim.
And then you'll slowly
squeeze the trigger.
Okay? So don't pull it,
just squeeze it.
So go ahead
when you're ready.
- Ooh!
- Did you get it?
- [laughs]
- Oh, I think I hit... I think I hit the bulls-eye!
You did.
You did hit the bullseye.
- Holy shit!
- You did!
Watch your language, Mia.
It's okay, Grandma. I hear
worse than that at school.
I'm saying it's awesome.
- I'm sure you do.
- How's your shoulder feel?
Good. It hurt a little
more in my neck.
- Oh, yeah? You okay?
- It's okay. I'm all good.
- That's our girl!
- You wanna check it out up close?
Yeah, I wanna
see it up close.
All right, let's look.
[Florence] Oh, man. Feels good
once you get it over with.
[Craig laughs]
I'll get used to it.
Thanks for giving me
some time.
I just...
I didn't know
who I was anymore.
[Georgia] You know, Flor, when I was
your age, I didn't have any choice.
We were hungry and, uh, nobody
had any work at that time.
The mines had just
laid everybody off.
And when... oh...
when we'd get a deer,
we'd cover all the windows
with blankets,
and then we'd sneak the deer
inside the house inside a sheet.
Because it wasn't
deer season?
And then we'd...
we'd all chip in
and we'd butcher that deer
as fast as we could,
because we knew that
when we had it in the ice box,
we were home free.
Oh. Oh, boy,
those were the days.
[Craig] It's crazy to think
about doing that now.
Well, Craig, it was crazy then,
too, but, you know, we were hungry.
We didn't have any choice.
We never... we never thought
we'd ever be in that position.
But you never know when things
are going to change
and you never know when you're going
to have to live off the land.
At least we've got
some land to live off of,
even though technically
it was against the law.
When you're hungry, you don't
care much about the law.
it's the way it was.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
- Whoo!
- Oh, my God!
- [screaming]
- Oh, holy shit! Oh, my God!
You're good, baby.
You're good.
You're good.
You're good.
- Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
[car door opens, closes]
Oh. [sniffles] Hey.
Hey. You okay?
I just thought I was gonna,
I don't know, lose it,
so I came out here
so I wouldn't wake anyone up.
I was just thinking
about... Sweeney.
About the time
she shot her first deer.
I always loved
coming out here.
She used to look forward
to it every year.
I really
do miss her, Flor.
I really miss her.
I know.
I do, too.
We all do.
But it's going to be okay.
I'm here with you
and I love you,
so it's going to be okay.
I know you do.
I'm happy to be out here
with you, believe me.
You know, I had a dream last night
and Sweeny came to me in it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
She used to come all the
time after she died,
but, um, ahem,
then it stopped.
But it came... she came back
again out of nowhere yesterday.
She told me that I was
ready to kill a deer
and that I was going
to do it tomorrow.
Well, heck, now,
isn't that cool?
That's really cool, Flor.
It's like she's
watching out for you,
guardian angel stylee.
She always loved
that word, "stylee."
[laughs, sighs]
- I am happy to be here.
- Yeah.
It's been
a really tough year and...
I think this is going to be
really good for all of us.
Auntie Mia?
Hmm? What's up?
I think I just got
my period.
Holy shit.
I put a pad on
in the outhouse.
I followed the directions.
Uh, did your undies
get messed up?
Um, a little bit.
Well, we just gotta get
a bowl of icy-cold water
to soak 'em in
with a little dish soap.
Got to do that right away
so the stain doesn't set.
That's one
of Grandma's tricks.
Other than that, sounds like you've
pretty much taken care of business.
You know, this could be
really good for you.
What do you mean?
Okay, so, um, I was reading
this blog, right,
uh, and they said that
the big bucks, you know,
they can't tell the difference
between human period blood
and doe period blood.
That's... oh, my gosh,
that's gross.
Well, so last year,
I put a tampon out by my stand
just to see what happened.
Mia, that's disgusting.
And sure enough, that's the year
I got one of my biggest bucks.
Oh, my God, I really
think I'm gonna barf.
Well, I am just trying to give
you some insider secrets here.
Why do you think I always get
bigger bucks than your uncle, huh?
You think that's gross?
Wait until you get
elbows deep inside a deer.
That's different.
Not that much.
Thank you, Flor.
Oh, we should get your undies
soaking before bed and...
Welcome to being a woman.
Mm. Okay.
[alarm beeping]
[alarm stops]
Well, look who's finally up.
Very funny.
You want some bacon?
[footsteps approaching]
[rain pattering]
[sighs] I don't like this.
I think they're bedded down
because of the weather.
I don't think they're going to move
unless something stirs them up.
I'm gonna go make
a loop around
and see if I can make
a push to you.
Sound good?
Uh, what if I see one
when you're not here?
Well, you shoot it.
I'm cold.
yeah, me, too.
But that is all
part of the process.
Here, use the heater.
Here you go.
Stay near that.
Keep the blanket
wrapped around you.
You should be able
to stay warm.
All right, here I go.
Hey, Mom?
Yeah, what's up?
I got my period
last night.
You... you did?
Well, why didn't
you tell me sooner?
Holy cow, Flor.
Are you okay?
I mean, do you have
any cramps?
No cramps.
Do you have
I mean, do you have
pads out here?
I'm fine, Mother.
Now, let's talk
about this later.
I need to focus.
All right,
well, I'll be...
I'll be gone for probably
about an hour or two.
If you... if you shoot a deer,
blow your whistle.
I know, Mom.
You need to let us all know.
Wonder who that was.
That sounds like it came
from your grandma's stand.
So it means there are
actually deer in these woods?
Yep, I guess so.
Are you sure
you don't need anything?
I'll be fine.
All right.
Good Luck, honey.
[birds chirping]
- Nothing?
- Nothing.
- [Craig] Oh, come on, guys.
- [Georgia] Craig!
- What?
- [Georgia] God!
Who's got the story?
- Okay, okay, okay.
- [Mia] She's always the lucky one.
Well, I was just... I was
just sitting in my stand
and I kept hearing
something moving behind me.
And I kept looking and looking,
and I-I couldn't see anything.
And then, out of nowhere,
this 8-point buck comes out!
He's 50 yards away from me,
standing broadside.
I-I was feeling
so much adrenalin,
I didn't think
I'd get a shot at him.
You know, I think I'm just
getting shakier, too.
Aren't you supposed to have
a glass of wine for that?
It's supposed to help
with the tremor.
- I am drinking the wine.
- Well, excuse the pee out of me!
[Amanda] Okay, shh. Let's hear the story!
Finish the story, Mom.
- [Georgia] Well...
- [Amanda] Yeah.
So, okay, well, uh,
- I, uh... I shot once.
- Yeah.
And then he jumped once,
and then he stopped,
and he looked right at me.
I guess I must have
missed him.
[sighs] Oh, no.
Second shot dropped him
in his tracks!
- Aw. I knew it, knew it.
- Boom!
- Boom! [laughs]
- [Amanda] That's great, Mom.
[Georgia] Yes,
he's hanging in the garage.
- Ah.
- We didn't see anything.
- No.
- [Georgia] Oh, come on.
That's okay, kiddo.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's only the first day.
- [Amanda] Yep. That's what I said. Yeah.
- Okay? Okay?
- Okay?! Okay!
- Okay.
So, come on.
You wanna see him?
- Yeah.
- [Mia] He is a beauty.
[Georgia] All right. Come on,
come on, come on, come on. Okay.
Auntie Mia and I have
already done most of the work.
Here you go, girl.
You call that most?
- There it is.
- [Mia] Hey!
Remember when I told you
that I hit it broadside?
Look right here.
Right there.
Right there.
- [laughs]
- You two muscled it up there.
Okay, we've got it
Auntie Mia and I have got it
started, sweetheart.
Yeah, we did
the hard part.
- Thank you. We did.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- All right, here we go.
[Mia] All right.
This is a small one, Flor.
- [Amanda] You're gonna do this now?
- Here you go, honey.
- [Amanda] It's ready?
- [Mia] Yeah.
We're ready.
Oh, here, Florence.
Let me get you a...
You're going to need this.
Here you go.
Here you go, Amanda.
[Amanda] There you go.
Oh, thank you.
- [Amanda] You guys want it to one side?
- Okay, ready?
Okay, now, look...
Okay, slow down, now.
Nice and slow.
This is where
we gutted the deer.
We had to cut the... cut a hole right
around the... right around the butthole.
Are you ready?
And then it got cut open.
- [Mia] Got it?
- [Amanda] Yep.
Now watch.
All right, now slowly.
You don't want
to cut the meat.
- [Georgia] Are you ready?
- [Mia] Yep.
Very, very slowly.
[Georgia] And pull.
- Okay.
- [Mia] Got it?
- [Amanda] Yep.
- You ready?
- [Mia] Whoa!
- [Amanda] Use your weight.
And pull.
Okay, your turn.
[Mia] That blood's
got to be good for something.
- [all laugh]
- [Mia] There you go.
Watch your fingers,
watch your fingers.
Nowhere near
your fingers, okay?
Very slowly.
Got it?
Okay, very slowly.
All right,
now let's pull.
Okay, you pull with me.
- Got it?
- Oh!
Okay, good girl.
- Oh, man!
- All right.
- It's kind of a big one.
- [Amanda] Oh, my goodness.
Big thing right there.
[Florence] Wow, guys,
I can see the b...
I can see
the bullet hole!
[Georgia] There it is, right there.
Put your finger in it.
- [Florence] Uh, no.
- [Georgia] Go ahead. Don't be afraid.
[Florence] No. I don't want to.
I don't want to.
[GEORGIA] See, look, it's hollow.
Put your finger in there.
[Florence] No, I don't want to.
It's okay.
[Amanda laughs]
[Florence] Come on, give
the new girl a break here.
[all laugh]
[Craig] How'd it go
in the garage?
[Florence] Well, um, it wasn't as
gross as I thought it would be.
- It was actually pretty cool.
- Awesome.
- Yeah.
- You're a natural, huh?
- [Amanda] Hey.
- Hey.
Here, put this
on your tummy.
How are you feeling?
Kinda gross, but I changed
everything before bed, so I'm fine.
I know you are, sweetie.
Just do yourself a favor
and take a hot sauna tomorrow
after you kill
your first deer, okay?
Are you saying that I shouldn't
bathe until I kill a deer?
No, silly.
I'm saying bleeding once a month
is just annoying enough as it is,
so you got to remember to try and
be as comfortable as you can.
I also have a feeling
about tomorrow.
I think
it's gonna be your day.
Good night, sweetie.
I'm gonna do an old trick
on the way out, here.
I don't know why this
happens, but sometimes
if you're walking
through the woods,
deer will follow you.
I know it sounds weird,
but it happens all the time.
So I'm going to walk up
on the top of the ridge
and around back here,
take the deer trail
past the stand.
Why don't you sit here
for 15 minutes?
Keep the heater
under the blanket.
And then if you
don't see anything,
hop down and follow me
back to the cabin, okay?
[breathing heavily]
Hey, sweet pea.
How you doing, honey?
I'm okay.
Where are you going?
Oh, I've gotta run
into town.
I'm helping the ladies
at church with the pasty bake.
- [panting]
- [car beeping]
I'm gonna spend the night
at the house.
They scheduled it on the
same weekend as hunting?
Why did they do that?
Hey, now.
I've already got my deer.
There's no sense
in me hogging them all.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you sit
in my stand tomorrow?
[engine starts]
Gotta run.
I'm late.
Be safe, honey.
Bye, Grandma.
[phone ringing]
Hi. Hold on a second.
Hi. What's up?
Yeah, okay.
[Florence] I thought you
wanted me to get a deer!
[Amanda] I do want that.
Then what's the point
of having a day off school
if I can't even
take advantage of it?!
Florence, I'm done
with this conversation.
This sucks!
[Florence groans]
She's pretty bummed, huh?
Well, I guess
I could take her.
You don't have
to do that, Mia.
I want to.
I thought you weren't going
to stay here much longer.
I mean, are you
holding up okay?
Yeah. Just gotta push
through this, Amanda.
It's been really good
being up here.
And Flor's right.
I mean, she's just going to sit
around the house all day tomorrow?
Craig wants to stay
a day or two anyway.
Maybe I want
to be here for it.
I do! I-I do want
to be here for it.
If I could take off work,
I would, but I...
- [door opens]
- ...I can't.
[Mia] Well, you do
what you gotta do,
but you don't
take that out on her.
Flor's smart and she can sit
in the stand by herself,
and I can walk her out there
and Craig and I can make a push.
What do you think, hon, you want to
stay out there for a day or two more?
I mean, I'd be crushed
if I were her.
[Craig] Sure you're okay
with this, Amanda?
Yeah, I guess.
Mia's got a point.
Yay, yay!
Thank you! Oh!
You spying on us?
Thank you, Mom.
I think you need to say thank
you to your aunt and uncle.
- [Florence] Thank you.
- [Craig] Oh, you're welcome!
- Yeah, yeah.
- [chuckles]
All right, we're losing light.
Get suited up!
Okay, so Uncle Craig
is gonna walk you out
to your stand
on the way to his,
and I'm gonna leave
in about half an hour or so
and make a push towards you
on the way to mine.
You listening?
- Yeah. Sorry.
- [laughs]
All right.
I got everything.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- You want that?
- Yeah. Oh.
- Yeah, I guess I need that.
- [laughs]
All right, I'll see you
in about an hour.
Okay. Bye.
How you doin'?
Haven't seen anything yet.
Yeah, me either.
I was thinking I was gonna
head on over to my stand.
- You holding up okay?
- Yep.
Well, just blow that whistle
if you need anything,
and we'll come out as soon
as we can, all right?
I know, Auntie Mia.
- [gunshot]
- [gasps]
[Amanda] Now remember, you want
to take a deep breath in,
and then...
[Mia] I was just thinking
about Sweeney.
[Mr. Bill]
Be safe. Be proud.
[Craig] I wasn't going
to miss your first hunt.
I shot once...
[Amanda] Don't be afraid
to shoot, Florence.
[gunshot echoes]
[deer crying out in pain]
Come on. Come on and die.
[deer crying out in pain]
[deer crying out in pain]
[deer crying out in pain]
[blows whistle]
[blows whistle]
[twig snaps]
Is that you?
[birds chirping]
[blows whistle]
[blows whistle]
[knuckles crack]
First the butthole,
then the chest,
ribs, windpipe,
pull out the rest.
First the butthole,
then the chest,
ribs, windpipe,
pull out the rest.
[flesh squelching]
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit!
Come on. Come on.
Aw, jeez.
Oh, my God.
Oh, thank God.
Where the hell are you?!
You said you'd come.
You said you'd come!
Sweeney, come out.
I need you right now.
I need you.
[continues crying]
- Hey, who is it? Who's there?
- [Craig] Flor, is that you?
It's us, it's Uncle Craig.
How you doing, kiddo?
- Why weren't you there?!
- [grunts]
Wait up. Careful!
I got a gun here!
I blew the whistle.
You didn't come!
- Where were you?!
- Settle down! Settle down!
- You know how hard it was?!
- Huh?
I was counting on you! I was counting
on you, and you weren't there!
We're sorry!
We're sorry!
Mia wounded a buck
and we had to track it.
We were tracking it
all afternoon, okay?
It's not true.
You're lying to me!
No, it is true, Flor.
I screwed up
and I wounded one!
I don't know what happened.
I couldn't shoot it right.
Come on, calm down!
Calm down.
What happened, huh?
You said you would come
if I blew the whistle.
You said you would come.
Yeah, I know, sweetheart.
- We're here now, okay?
- [Mia] What happened, sweetie?
going to be okay.
Sweeney's gone.
She didn't come
to help me.
We're here now.
We're here now.
[engine humming]
- [Craig] Wowee, look at that!
- [Mia] Yeah, nice one.
Holy cow, Flor!
- That's clean as whistle.
- [laughs]
Nice gut job.
Not bad for a first time.
[Mia grunts]
That's right.
[Craig] All right, I guess
you did enough work, huh.
[Mia chuckles]
[Craig] All right, here we go.
You got the legs?
- Yep.
- All right, I got these legs here. Okay.
One, two, three!
[both grunt]
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, put it down.
Put it down.
One, two,
almost there, three!
Oh, honey.
Come here.
[fire crackling]
Hey, kiddo.
How you holding up?
Okay, I guess.
You know it's not easy,
what you did today, Flor.
Shooting a deer
brings up a lot of emotions.
That must have sucked
to be doing that alone.
I'm glad you didn't
hold it in, though.
I'm sorry I wasn't there
sooner for you.
I killed two or three deer
before that feeling went away.
And even when I kill a deer now,
I still have it a little bit.
You know, I started doing
this thing that really helps.
After I shoot a deer,
I go up to it and I...
Oh... [chuckles]
I talk to it.
I-I say thanks
for letting me, you know,
take your life
and giving me a meal
and reminding me
that one day,
I'm going to be feeding
some creatures, too,
probably worms.
It's a big realization.
Really? After what you've
been through today?
You're grossed out
by worms?
I want to show you
See this?
I've been carrying this around
with me ever since she died.
It used to make me feel good
to look at it.
Now... it doesn't.
This reminds me of this story
my buddy told me.
He had just gotten back
from this thing where...
he went off
to this giant wooden temple
where people go to bring
memories that they want to leave
and get rid of.
He said the place is filled with all
these photos of people's friends
and family members
and lost loves,
and poems and stories,
and pictures,
and someone even left
their dissertation there once.
What's a dissertation?
It's like a book
people write
when they're finishing
their PhD in college.
That's a strange thing
to leave, isn't it?
I guess whoever
left it was, uh,
okay with never
seeing it again.
At least it felt good
to let it go.
You know what they do with
the building after a week?
They burn it down.
They burn down
the whole building?
And all of the memories
with it.
And everyone who left
something in the building
just stands in a big circle
and watches it as it burns.
Because I guess when there's
something out of your control,
it feels good to stand and watch
the past burn away together.
Makes you realize maybe you
all have something in common.
Maybe things aren't
as bad as they seem.
You okay, Uncle Craig?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Thanks, Flor.
I love you.
[no audible dialogue]