Cold Pressed (2018) Movie Script

- I would like to thank you all.
I would like to
I would like to thank you
all for coming tonight.
It means a lot to me to have you here.
Through my struggles
and triumphs.
It hasn't been easy.
But through sleepless nights.
But through sleepless nights.
Road blocks.
Back breaking work!
Endless red tape!
Let me introduce you to
"Come Semini, Cosi Raccogli."
This 100 percent extra virgin olive oil
will soon, very soon, be distributed
throughout the west coast
and the entire country.
As you reap,
so shall you sow.
- Good morning, America.
I'm Keith White.
And first off...
Olive oil fraud is a
major international racket
worth 300 million dollars a year.
Dishonest oil traders and producers
buy soybean and sunflower oil,
cover them with chlorophyll
and beta-carotene
and sell them as extra virgin olive oil.
But how do you know that
what's on the payload
is what you're actually getting?
The FDA admits that
because of a lack of funds
and higher priority items,
it simply does not have
the time or resources
to check olive oil.
If you have the third largest
and one of the fastest
growing markets in the world
and nobody is checking the
quality of the olive oil,
it's an open invitation for fraud.
- Pronto?
- It's Katherina.
Yes, ma'am.
- I want
you to come to California.
- I'm sorry but my
situation here in Rome
is very difficult now.
- I have confirmation
that the shipment from
Calitri is on its way here.
- Respectfully ma'am,
I don't think that is possible.
We raided his plant in Sicily yesterday.
- Think for a moment.
Calitri supplies his olive oil to at least
five major international brands.
You think he has only one plant?
Calitri's guy is about to
sign a major distribution deal
and he must be stopped immediately.
- I just don't have time
for another wild goose chase.
I'm under a lot of pressure
from my chief, here,
to stop Calitri.
Someone in California
is distributing adulterated olive oil
and my niece is now suffering
in an ICU because of that!
- I see.
Yes, I'm very sorry about your niece.
What does Mr. Samson have
to say about this?
- Don't worry about
what my father has to say.
I'm now in charge and I'm telling you,
you give me the Californian
contact and you'll get Calitri.
- Miguel!
Make that quick
Where's your guy?
How're we supposed to move
all this oil now?
You know how to work a forklift?
I don't know how to work a forklift!
Just go inside.
Just go inside and get the shit moving.
Yeah, I'm trying to reach Rossi.
None of your fucking business.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, okay, listen.
He owes me some money.
Call me when he gets to the club, alright?
Can we make this snappy?
We got a lot to do before tonight!
- She's not responding to the treatments.
It's possible that she has
other unrecorded allergies.
- Is it one of ours?
- Can't tell.
- You tell that doctor
that from this moment on
that young girl is his highest priority,
sparing no expenses.
- Papa, he is doing all he can.
- Bullshit, Katherina!
You know more can be done!
- Hello?
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, I understand.
I'm very sorry to hear about
your niece's condition.
You really think that George's
oil could make her sick?
I just didn't think he had
that kind of capability.
Yes, yes.
Katherina, he's a bottom-feeder.
Yes, I understand.
I will look into it.
you tell your father that
he has my deepest regards.
- Come on, Miguel, be a little careful!
You're spilling money
on the floor right now!
- Didn't Calitri send you a letter
about getting us an assembly line?
- Calitri, yeah.
Calitri sends me a
letter every fucking day.
Conflicts with the letter
he sent me the day before.
He doesn't know what the fuck he wants.
I don't know why he
doesn't shoot me an email
or give me a call.
It would be a lot cleaner.
- Yeah, probably the best
way to avoid the Feds.
- Would be if I destroyed
the letters he sent me.
Never know when them
puppies might come in handy.
- Yeah, if you ever
decide to go that route,
getting an assembly line,
I can get us some workers.
- Yeah.
I bet you can.
Like that fucking forklift driver, right?
No thank you.
- Hey, hand me
that bucket over there.
- Yeah?
Rossi? Rossi?
He's at the Blue Bar now?
Let's go.
Rossi's at the Blue Bar, let's go get him.
- That's it. That's the end of olive oil.
We don't have any more, man.
- Let's go! We can get back to this!
Come on!
- Fuck.
- Hey.
Come here.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- What happened to you again?
- Nothing.
- No, this doesn't look like nothing.
- I told you yesterday
I was running up the
stairs outside my building.
Just, you know, fell.
You'd look great in short hair.
I'm freaking serious.
- Yeah?
- You're fucking sexy.
- No.
We need to get ready.
I need to go.
I need to go.
- This is nice.
When did you make this?
- I've been working on it for awhile.
I'm really hoping that
some gallery picks it up.
- I have a better idea.
You should bring that to
the restaurant tonight.
- No.
- We can present it at the meeting.
- No! No!
I don't want to.
- Babe,
it's a great opportunity
for you. And for us.
- It's not that simple.
- But it could be.
- Hey, hey, hey!
Stay here!
I can handle this.
- I'll have some of that.
- You'll have some of this, here?
- Yeah.
Come here.
Right there.
Snort it all.
- Rossi!
- Goddamn it.
What do you want?
- Where's my money from Calitri?
- Can't you see I'm busy?
- I got a lot of orders coming in
and I need that cash, Rossi.
Supposed to give it to me three days ago.
Why're you giving me a hard time?
It's not even your money.
- Miguel.
Get off! Get off, bitch!
Come on!
Come on!
I still have no idea what
Calitri sees in you, George.
But I know what a fucking pussy you are.
- I told you to stay in the truck!
I can handle Rossi!
What, I gotta speak Mexican to you?
Miguel, I've got about another hour
before my meeting with Nandini.
You make sure everything is
set by the time I get there,
all right?
All right?
All right?!
- All right!
- Answer me!
I can't hear the rocks
rolling around in your head
when you're nodding.
- Everyday is such torture.
- Hang in there, babe.
Just a few more days.
- Can't we just leave now?
- So everything's set
for the meeting tonight.
Nandini is gonna be there.
- Nandini?
- Have you been listening
to what I'm saying?
She's the head of
acquisition for Donazetti,
the grocery distributor.
If we get her to sign,
game over.
- Yeah, I just didn't know she was Indian.
- Don't worry, she's not my type.
- Well, what about the money?
Do you think it will be enough?
- It's enough money.
The royalties, the commission.
We won't be filthy rich
but we'll be comfortable.
- What if something goes wrong?
I have this awful feeling.
He's not the most likable person.
What if Nandini changes her mind?
- She won't.
She's got strict instructions
from her astrologer.
- You mean your father.
- Yeah.
If she wants to make VP,
she needs to seal the deal
before the start of the Rohini,
Uttara star
or something like that.
- You know I don't think that's funny.
what if he finds out,
which he eventually will?
- It's a four year deal.
What's he gonna do?
Go to court?
He's not gonna want that.
- No, I guess not.
I just can't wait to get on with it.
- All right.
Love you, babe.
- George,
you are a good worker.
I want you to run the
business in California.
Here's some money.
I want you to open up a restaurant
and we will keep the oil
money flowing through there.
- Mr. Calitri, I will
call you if I need your help.
- Don't ever call me!
We will communicate through letters.
Make sure you destroy them after reading.
Leave no trace.
- Thank you for
the opportunity, Mr. Calitri.
I will not let you down.
- Don't screw up.
I will be watching you.
- You ready?
Let's see how good of a cook you can be.
- Chef.
Money well spent.
- The Bertola plant got raided last night.
- What about our supply line?
- I haven't heard.
I aint gonna worry about it.
Calitri's got the
necessary men on payroll.
he supplies about thirty labels worldwide.
Can't be checking them all, can they?
- What about Everly?
- Our friend from customs
will be here soon.
He better get here before
Nandini starts barking
that bitch is driving me crazy.
What's that?
- What?
- That!
- Cooking oil.
- Is that ours?
- George, you don't
expect me to use that--
- Why are you not using my oil?
- You can't use that at high
heat, George, it smokes.
- Well maybe it's not clear.
The selling point of my restaurant
is to promote my olive oil.
If you do use other products,
make sure they're not out in the open
for God and everyone else to see.
- Yeah!
- I'm glad we understand each other.
- Our chef specialty.
- Mr. Leggierie, pleasantries aside,
I have a matter to discuss with you.
We are still interested in
doing business with you.
However, I'm curious as to the reason why
on the eve of the contract signing
you would want to pump up the royalty fees
by another three percent.
- I beg your pardon?
- Your broker suggested this
to me just a few hours ago.
I flat out said no.
- I agree.
15 percent is a very generous offer.
- I'm glad we're in agreement on that
because I have to be honest,
I was a little upset
with Mohana this morning.
- Yeah, I understand.
You don't shake on something
and then make changes
at the last moment.
- Hey.
- Mohana, we were
just talking about you.
- You guys weren't talking
business without me, were you?
- No.
It was more of a general conversation.
Since you're just the money guy,
we didn't think you'd mind.
- Excuse me, Nandini,
I just remembered I had
something for you in the kitchen.
- No, George, I'm not interested
in sampling your menu.
- No, no, no, no,
it's not that.
I'll be right back.
- Everything good?
- Mr. Everly!
How are things in the wonderful world
of government regulations?
- George Leggierie.
- So glad you could make it
after last week's fiasco.
Who would have thought that olive oil
could get so political?
Things calm down?
- Nothing's calmed down.
- At least you're here.
Maybe you could relax.
I'll have someone bring you a cocktail.
- No.
Listen, I can't just
validate your authenticity.
- And how was your all
expense paid trip to Rome?
Take in the sights?
Your wife enjoyed the
masseuse at the Grand Hotel?
- It's not that easy.
- I'm prepared to make
things very easy for you
in your everyday life.
- I don't think that's gonna cut it.
I need something else.
- What exactly do you have in mind?
- Just what I'm owed.
- You'll get what you're owed.
I'm a man of my word.
- Maybe a little extra?
- He's a fantastic chef.
I'm sure you've already come to find out.
Would you like to meet him?
- Well.
- Miguel.
Mr. Everly, have I introduced
you to my head chef, Miguel?
- I don't believe you did.
Bob Everly.
- Pleasure is all mine.
- Miguel has immense dining experience.
Of course, we're expecting a
rather tough crowd tonight.
He's made wonders of limited resources.
- My goodness.
- Glad I got him at
such a reasonable rate.
- A man of many talents, I'm sure.
- Miguel is no doubt a
reliable, handy asset.
As for that matter, I will look into it
and see what can be done.
Maybe Miguel can give you
a tour of the restaurant.
See to it that Mr. Everly has
everything he would ever want
or need.
He's very important to us.
- I have the certificate right here.
It just needs my signature.
- Damn it.
- You can do whatever you want.
Just be honest.
If he's blindsided by this then
he's dumber than I thought.
- Mohana is coming tonight too.
- All right, I finally get
to meet your mystery man.
- No.
He doesn't really know we've
talked and he doesn't...
It's just not a good time.
- That is the same tune
that you've been singing
for the past three months.
Don't move a muscle.
- So what exactly happens out here?
I see.
Keep it all hush, hush.
That's good.
My family thinks I quit years ago.
Not all vices are meant to go away.
- Mr. Everly.
- Bobby.
Call me Bobby.
- I'm running a business here, Bobby.
Miguel, how long have we been waiting
for Bobby to do his job?
- Too long.
- It's only been two weeks.
- That's a long time in this business.
- Okay.
- And now,
Come Semini
is an extra virgin olive oil
product imported from Italy.
As for that...
Well, we'll have no more of that.
- Thats's fine, whatever you want.
- Thank you, Miguel.
We're not dealing cocaine here, Bobby.
No one needs to get hurt.
- No.
- Mr. Everly.
Enjoy the rest of your night.
- Thank God you're here, Angela.
I don't know how I'm gonna
handle this crowd out there.
- Well you can't stay in here forever.
Mohana will be here with
you on his arm, no doubt.
- Yes and that woman he's
trying so hard to impress.
- I know I'm your best friend
and I'm supposed to support
you in everything that you do,
but you've gotta come clean.
I don't know anything about this Mohana,
but I know he puts a smile
on that pretty face of yours
and that's good enough for me.
- Thanks.
- Hey, George,
welcome to the lady's room.
- Don't you have some work to do?
- All right, I get it.
I'll go pick on some underlings.
- I've been trying to call you all day.
- Yeah, I left my phone at home.
- That's not all.
What did you do to your hair?
Is this the best that you can do?
- This is my style, George.
- Nandini is here from Donazetti.
- I get it.
- Donazetti is the biggest--
- I get it! I don't need a briefing.
- Then you know how
important this is to me.
- Yes, I know.
- Yeah, she's an amazing artist.
In fact, this could be
a design for the bottle
and we could make it part of the deal.
What do you say?
- What is the status of
the certificate, Mohana?
- I'm sure George has it under control.
It's in the works.
- What do you mean, it's in the works?
The customs officer
should've issued the document
the moment the cargo arrived
on the docks, correct?
Mohana, if we do not
have the certification,
there will be no deal.
- Listen, this deal is just as
good for you as it is for us.
I mean, we can always find a better bid.
- I don't think you will.
There are hundreds of such
products on the market.
Your father's reading better be accurate
because I'm really sticking
my neck out for this one.
- Nandini
Meet my wife, Susanna.
Every bit as good at
hiding as she is gorgeous.
- It's nice to meet you.
I've heard so much about you.
- I'm sure you have.
I'm the one who is giving your husband
the great benefit of the doubt.
- And I'm ecstatic that you are.
Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
- At the present moment I'm not.
- There's insider talk
that Donazetti is moving
into the major markets in Canada.
Is that right?
- I cannot admit or deny that.
- Always trying to evolve?
- Well, we do need to
do things differently.
This restaurant, is it your idea?
- No, it's all George.
- Well, I personally would've
gone for a food truck.
You know, they have taken the
traditional restaurant model
and brought it almost
directly to the customer.
- Well, progression and evolution
can't always go hand-in-hand.
Besides, the traditional dining experience
will always be sought after.
Perhaps the food truck is what's
the fad, Mrs. Subramaniam.
- Is that why you're still
importing Italian olive oil?
Because Californian
olive oil is just a fad?
What will you do when
Californian olive oil
surpasses the old world
stock like it did with wine?
- Well it's true that
they're growing decent olives
in Morocco, Australia and in South Africa
but people don't pay for good olive oil.
They pay for authentic olive oil.
The history, the region,
the taste,
the elegance of it all.
California oil is never
gonna have that allure.
- Well it is a cruel world out there.
You need to be aggressive.
- Thanks for the tip.
- Of course, our products
are more about quality
than convenience.
And it just so happens we have some
excellent ravioli in the buffet.
Nandini, I would love
for you to sample some.
See what we're made of, so-to-speak.
- I really like your artwork.
Where did you go to school?
- Susanna didn't go to art school,
she actually majored in IT.
Surprise, surprise.
- I can speak for myself.
- Of course you can, darling.
She was inspired by a painting
that I brought back from
Italy several years ago.
- Which part?
- Perugia.
Spent a few semesters there in college.
That's where it happened.
That's where I fell in love with
the mystic of the gold liquid.
- Mrs Leggierie, we must be boring you.
- No, I'm fine, thanks.
Just talking too much.
Excuse me.
I need to get some fresh air.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
- I need to get back to my party
but I look forward to seeing you
tomorrow morning at our offices.
- I wouldn't miss it for the world.
- I'll see Nandini out.
- Why are you making
changes to the contract?
- I'm doing my job.
- You should be consulting me.
Clearly she doesn't appreciate it.
- I know what I'm doing, George.
- What you're doing it
not what I want, Moh.
- Okay.
Hey, we got this.
- So you are George's wife?
- You're here for the party,
you're a tad early, aren't you?
- Not for the party.
Somebody not excited about the crowd?
- Please, my husband's
business associates?
I'd rather have jury duty.
- I see now where the stress comes from.
- I'm sorry, do you work with my husband?
- No, no, no.
We've just merely spoken.
- That's a first.
I was under the impression that George
knew everyone in this city.
- You have a point.
Your husband,
he seems to have done well for himself.
- He's done well for himself.
As long as he takes his
pills and stays calm.
- His nervousness is recent?
- Nervousness?
That's rich.
Yeah, it's more like paranoia.
Started after his last trip to Italy.
- In Italy?
Wasn't Perugia was it?
- I don't know.
George doesn't tell me anything.
Other than who to
schmooze and how to dress.
- You'll have to excuse me.
- You know, I think it was actually.
- Was what?
- Perugia.
What does it mean if it was?
- Just a guess really,
but I seem to have heard a lot about
business men returning from
Perugia with nervousness.
- He's not a bad man, you know.
- When a woman like you,
she speaks so well of her husband,
I have no choice but to
take your word for it.
Have good night.
- Goodnight.
- No, his wife knows
nothing of this, Katherina.
I don't approve of the way you handled
the last two suppliers.
Well, your father
his method was much more humane.
All right, I will bring
him to you tomorrow.
But I don't see how he
will get me Calitri.
And don't forget, Calitri
is the reason why I'm here.
- So I calculated
that if we only use five percent olive oil
instead of the 10 we're using now,
we can increase our output by
about 50 or 60 cases.
- In business, there is no around.
It's 55 cases.
- No one will be able to
tell the difference, George.
- You know what,
why don't you just leave
the thinking to me?
This is obviously well
above your mental capacity.
- It's pretty light.
- It will get better in a couple months.
- After that business with Everly?
It better be sooner than later.
- Not my problem right now, Miguel.
In our mutual interest,
the restaurant costs come first.
- You wanted this restaurant, not me.
Quite frankly,
I'd be more comfortable
operating a food truck.
- Comfortable?
What is it with you people?
This is America.
I didn't come back here to sit around,
soak up the California sun, pay
my taxes and be comfortable.
I came here to be extraordinary!
You know damn well there
are sacrifices to be made
as a partner in this restaurant!
If you can't handle it, Miguel,
I'm sure there are plenty of kitchens
looking for a Mexican cook in this town.
You either accept your fair
share or find the door.
I would like to thank you all.
I would like...
It means a lot to me to have you here.
It means a lot.
It means a lot.
I've worked my whole life for this.
And this is just the start of my empire.
My empire.
My empire?
My empire!
This 100 percent extra virgin olive oil
will soon, very soon, be distributed
throughout the west coast
and the entire country.
Thanks in partnership with Donazetti.
Through my struggles and my triumphs,
there has been one by my side.
I know where I get all my luck.
Having you by my side to
keep me standing tall.
And so here is a toast
to the success of my business.
The success of my life.
The love of my life.
To my...
Our future.
George Leggierie!
- Who the fuck are you?
- No, please, don't be alarmed.
I mean you no harm.
- George.
I didn't catch your name
when we met earlier.
- Rook.
My name's Rook.
- Well Mr. Rook, my husband
is suspicious of everyone.
- I have something that may interest you.
- No, I'm not buying.
- No, this is a business proposition
which will free you of all obligations.
- Look, I don't have
time for this right now.
You wanna drop me an email,
find me at the office next week.
- That won't do, Mr. Leggierie.
See, my client, he wishes
an immediate acquisition.
- Who exactly is your client?
- Mr. Samson.
- J.P. Samson?
Samson Olives?
Isn't he retired?
- This is what I need
to speak to you about.
Let me cut to the meat of
the matter, as they say.
It's true, Mr. Samson,
he is looking for way
back into the business.
And in you,
he sees a golden opportunity.
He has brought me here
to see if he can acquire
the "Come Semini" label.
In fact, he has made
a very generous offer.
25 thousand dollars to begin
the negotiations proper.
- Very generous indeed.
But I am in the middle of
another acquisition deal
and I am someone who honors his word.
- Honoring your word
is something very important,
I understand.
You are aware that Samson Oil
has a very wide international appeal.
- Used to.
If only your boss knew how
to handle his business.
- So Donazetti,
he knows how to handle your business?
- What do you know about Donazetti?
- Mr Leggierie
We have friends in very high places.
- I can imagine.
- Between you and I,
I would like to sew this deal up quickly.
I would like to catch a
flight tomorrow evening.
- Beginning to sound like a power grab.
A move to acquire any and all competition
that may pose even the slightest threat.
- I don't understand the logic.
This deal will be very
mutually beneficial for both.
- How so?
- Donazetti,
he's offering only the
Californian grocery stores, no?
I can tell you that, my friend,
that is nothing but crumbs.
Through Mr. Samson's connections,
Come Semini Oil will be
integrated into the food
delivery system.
Your oil, George, will
be a major ingredient
in salad dressings, frozen foods, breads.
The list goes on and on.
Think of it, George,
we are talking millions of gallons of oil.
Not a few cases here and there.
This is a global market.
Mr. Samson,
he's offering you a way out.
- Why exactly do I need a way out
of a rising business I have built myself?
- Well, I'm sure you're aware
of the recent allegations
about Italian olive oil?
Do you know what they
printed upon their label?
California olive oil.
This is a problem.
I know you will need to speak
with your boss in Italy.
If you can introduce me to him,
then I can make the
negotiations from there.
- Don't I look like the boss?
Don't I look like someone
who's handling his business?
- Of course you do, George.
But think about it.
All my client wants from
you is to acquire the label.
The oil will be coming from Samson.
For this you will get 15 percent.
- 15?
15 percent?
- 15 percent of millions is
no laughing matter, George.
- It's very hard to get
out of a downward spiral.
But I am on the up.
You tell your boss that.
- We'll speak again, then.
- George.
- Susanna.
- Really, I need to talk to you.
- It's late, Sus.
- Did you mean what you said
earlier, in your office?
- Well, yeah.
I've been working really hard on this.
- No, I mean about us.
- What about us?
- Did you meant it,
what you said about us moving forward
and me being the love of your life?
- It's late, Sus.
Can we talk about this tomorrow?
- I'm talking about it now.
And either you join the conversation
or you let your silence
say what you won't.
- What is it that I'm not saying?
That I love you.
Look around.
All of this is for you.
- For me?
I never said I wanted any of this, George.
An empty house
An absent husband
whose only use for me is to be
a beautiful face on his arm.
- What role is it you see
yourself playing, exactly?
- I don't know what
role I'm meant to play!
I don't know!
But it would be nice to have
some support from my husband.
Some concern.
Some genuine interest.
- There's no room at the top
for someone who simply doesn't know.
I have no interest in
playing the waiting game.
You're tired.
I'm tired.
- Yeah, I'm tired!
I'm tired of your lies.
- I don't wanna talk right now! It's late!
- I'm tired of your venom!
- What do you wanna talk about?
- No!
- What?! What?!
- Do you know that your words hurt?
Do you know how much your actions
Do you know?
Because I wish I could just!
- What? Hit me, right?
You wanna hit me?
- What are you doing?
- Hit me! Hit me!
- Stop it!
- Come on, hit me!
Come on!
- Stop it!
You are fucking crazy!
You are not the man that I married.
I am done!
- Goddamn you!
- Hey, boss, you're
not allowed back here.
- Shouldn't have the oil
so close to the flame.
It will spoil.
- My kitchen.
I'll make those calls.
If you'd like to lodge a complaint,
the manager's office is right there.
- So?
Let's celebrate.
One second.
Let's celebrate in style.
So what did he say?
- What's the matter? I'm here aren't I?
- Yes, you are.
- Is your oil pure?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
100 percent extra virgin olive oil.
From Italy.
- Can I have a taste?
- Sure.
- It doesn't look real to me.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Wanna talk about what happened?
- It was time.
It was just time for me
to take a stand and
walk toward what I want.
Hopefully he got the hint.
- If he didn't, he certainly
will know tomorrow,
when we're long gone.
That must be Nandini
with good news.
This is Mohana speaking.
How can I help you?
Good morning, Nandini.
Yes, tell me.
Wait, what?
No, that's not possible.
He didn't tell me anything.
I don't know why.
Wait, Nandini, hold on.
I can go talk to him right
now and figure it out.
I'll go talk to...
Nandini, don't hang up.
- What happened?
- Goddamn it!
- Mohana, what happened?
- Goddamn it!
- What happened?!
- The deal is off.
- What?
- George!
It was all wrapped up!
- A better deal came along.
Just business.
- Whoa, a better deal?
You can't cut me out like that, okay?
We have a contract.
- We had a contract.
That's all you need to know.
I'm cutting you loose.
- I can't lose this commission, George.
We made an agreement, right?
We made an agreement!
- It is nothing personal, Mohana.
You're a good guy.
A little on the petulant side.
Maybe I can recommend you to someone
a little more forgiving.
- You gave me your word!
George, you gave me your word!
- Miguel!
Show Mohana back to his car.
- George!
- You'll get your expense
check in the mail, Mohana.
Now, Miguel--
- Get the fuck off me!
You no what? Fuck it!
I'm done with these fucking games!
I give you Donazetti fucking gift wrapped
and you throw it away?
Fuck you!
You limp dick, pussy ass cocksucker.
What're you looking at?
- Get the fuck out of here!
- This is fucking bullshit!
- What's going on?
- I don't like explaining myself.
- I don't like being kept in the dark!
- I got a note from Calitri.
The Italian police are all over the mills.
They are shutting down production.
- Fuck!
For how long?
What about Donazetti?
Does Nandini know?
- Fuck Nandini!
I killed the deal with Donazetti.
- You what?
- Without Calitri
we'd never be able to
handle their supplies.
So I made a deal with Mr. Samson.
- Who the fuck is Mr. Samson?
- Keep that tone down.
God is watching out for me.
Mr. Samson wants to acquire
the Come Semini label
and it couldn't have happened
at a more perfect time.
I will sell it all to him
and it will be his problem.
- Yeah, Rook,
I'm ready.
- Shouldn't I have a say in all this?
We're partners, remember?
- What do you want to say, Miguel? Go on.
- You claim we're partners, right?
Yet you're making all these decisions
without consulting me.
- I made a decision that
was outside of your scope
because you are narrow-minded,
and you are comfortable!
- That's it, I'm done.
- You gotta see the big
picture here, amigo.
- I'm not your amigo!
You know what?
I wonder how long it will take for Rossi,
and all those countless
other people you strong-armed
to come take a poke at
you without me around.
- You strong-armed them, Miguel.
- Yeah.
You standing behind me.
You know what?
I fucking quit.
- You quit.
You fucking quitter!
Go on!
All these fucking years I put
this together and you quit!
Fuck you!
- Mr. Samson.
This is George Leggierie we spoke of.
- Very pleased to meet you, Mr. Samson.
You've made quite a beautiful place here.
- Thank you.
This grove has been in my
family for generations.
A gift from those who came before.
- I hope to have a legacy,
myself, that I can pass down.
- I will take care of
the business we spoke.
- Do you have children, Mr. Leggierie?
- Please, George.
And no, no children yet.
This business occupies most of my time.
- Perhaps I could help
you build your legacy.
- Musky.
With a hint of intensity.
Intensity levels well above average.
- Whatever.
Now try this.
This abomination has been
cut with soybean oil.
It's gone rancid.
Not good for those with allergies.
Like all fakes and phonies,
it appears legitimate.
In time it will show its flavors
and its true colors.
- Shall we talk about
the reason I am here?
My business.
- Business?
You may be aware I've
handed all business dealings
to my daughter.
- Your broker failed to
mention anything about this.
- George, my daughter, Katherina.
- Hello, Mr. Leggierie.
- I totally agree with you.
We must make sure the authentic oil
be exclusively available
to those who can afford it.
- I find that word repulsive.
What gives us the right to deny something?
It is, after all, God's gift to mankind.
Remember the story of Noah?
It was a branch of an olive
tree to show his forgiveness.
Not just to Noah but for all of mankind.
It hurts me to see something
so pure at its current state.
- It is a shame.
As long as the respective
government agencies
are doing their job,
I'm sure the consumer is safe.
- I'm glad you brought that up.
Corruption, Mr. Leggierie,
seeping into the purity.
- People have their choices.
- Lest of course, their choices
are barred by exclusivity.
- I just import the stuff,
I don't have much time for the politics.
- You remind me of my father.
You see, he too thought
he could run a business
without paying much
attention to the politics.
But it was his mismanagement that
almost cost us this grove.
I'd hate to see the same happen to you.
That's why I'm offering, Mr. Leggierie,
to buy your business.
Make you a rich man as you stand here now.
To free up your time
and relieve you of the burden of politics.
Rook spoke to you have my
philosophy, did he not?
- Not at all.
- It's what the crass
call a "loyalty program."
You pay me in loyalty,
I reward you in cash
and other intangibles.
Someday, you may even
have a place like this,
where you can stop and watch the horizon
for dark clouds, knowing that
they will never reach you.
That is what I call an empire.
- What proof of loyalty are you asking?
- Sundry favors.
Nothing that will get you into trouble.
And complete,
I cannot stress this enough,
complete honesty.
This man accepts bribes
to pass off cheap oil.
Dangerous toxic products
as the purest gold.
- I don't want any part of this.
- How many have suffered
at his unconscious hand?
How many have died not
knowing the true cause?
This is what happens when you
hold little regard for purity.
And now, if George doesn't mind,
I will be sending you to
get a bottle of his oil.
- Why do you want it?
- Be sure it is what you say it is, George
100 percent extra virgin olive oil.
- Caveat Emptor, George.
- I don't have any supplies here.
They're still in Italy.
- Now, now, George.
What're you trying to say?
You know how I feel
about liars, don't you?
- I need some fresh air.
- Miguel.
Pick up the fucking phone!
Pick up the fucking phone.
Throw away whatever oil we have left.
Burn it, flush it down the toilet.
Do something, it's a fucking emergency.
- I can't believe he fucked us like that.
Babe, you have to talk to him.
- He's not gonna listen to me.
He never takes my advice on anything.
I'm not going back to him.
- So what're we gonna do?
- I have some money.
I have same savings.
- How much? How much do you have?
- Just a few thousand.
I mean, we don't need that much.
It's enough to get started.
- Shit.
Go to the bedroom.
- Why?
- I'll explain later.
- Why? Who is it?
- Don't say a word.
- Hey Jose, it's not
a good time right now.
Come back later?
Listen, man.
- You have something for me today, amigo?
- Well.
- Well?
- I'll have it soon.
- That's no way to answer
an important question.
- I'll have it soon.
- It was due today.
- I know today,
there was a deal, it was closed.
It fell through, man.
- That's not good, amigo.
- I know, I'm sorry, I don't have it.
Give me another.
- Mohana.
- Fuck.
- I don't think you
understand the situation here.
You owe a lot of people a lot of money.
- I know.
- If you don't come clean on your debt,
you know I'm gonna be--
- Leave him alone!
- Whoa! Hello!
A little fiery one.
You should keep your little girl in check.
- I am nobody's girl!
- Just calm down.
Calm down.
I'll get you the money, all right?
I'll get you all of it.
Just give me a few days.
A few more days.
- You have 24 hours.
And that's better than you deserve.
- Thank you man, you're right.
Thank you.
- What the hell was that?
Mohana, explain to me.
What is going on?
- Why did you do that to Everly?!
- We told you why.
- But why you?!
You work for Samson!
Samson would've never done that!
- I don't work for Samson.
I work for Katherina.
Mr. Samson and I, we share common goals
and a common hatred for
con-no that's too kind
charlatans like Everly.
- I don't understand
why you wanted me there.
- To cement your loyalty to us, George.
Miss Samson, she wants to
be sure that you adhere
to a strict ideals.
Which you already do, don't you?
- Of course I do!
- Well, that's good.
- This is blackmail.
- No, you are the one who was
willing to shake down Everly
at your own party.
- I never.
- She did the next logical thing.
She did you a favor.
- No!
I would've never.
- Sympathy for the devil, George?
Maybe you should be a
little more careful about
who you associate with.
- Babe, let me explain.
- What're you going to tell me about this?
- There's no need for you to know.
- When we started this,
you promised me no more secrets.
You are just like George.
If George hadn't fucked us with the deal--
- Stop it!
I don't wanna hear anything
about deals or agreements
or sneaking around.
I just wanted the truth.
Now I see it.
- Listen, we can leave
just as we planned to.
No one will ever find out.
- Are you crazy?
You can't just run away
and think everything is
just gonna disappear.
- Listen.
You'll be fine, okay?
- I thought you were different.
- Let's talk about this.
- There's nothing to discuss!
Just leave me alone!
- Listen to me!
- Don't touch me!
I don't even know who you are.
Stop it!
- Listen to me.
Listen to me, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
I fucked up real bad, I'm sorry.
Look at me.
Just trying to do this for us.
Look at me.
I'm not George.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
- Low on stock.
Soybean oil George.
You know I have to compliment you
on your little operation's efficiency.
Buy the oil wholesale,
bring in a few gallons of soybean oil,
cut it maybe 90/10 in favor of the soy.
Bring in a few gallons of soybean oil.
Add a little beta carotene.
Make it a little more solid.
Smooth and bold.
Then maybe,
a little chlorophyll for the color.
You know one thing, George.
I have to say, you,
I must say,
you are very, very smart.
Very clever because I
take my hat off to this!
You say, "Our oil ends
with a peppery finish."
Just like rancid soy oil!
- I don't know nothing about this shit!
I'm not a chemist!
I'm a business man!
I'm a respectable, honest business man.
My partner, Miguel.
It's Miguel.
It's his kitchen, it's his oil!
- You will bring him to me.
- He ain't returning my calls.
He and I had a little falling out.
- Call him.
I think this call is for you.
- Come on, bro.
- So,
who's bright idea is this?
Couldn't be George's, no.
He's a man of morality.
It must be you.
- No, stop!
Stop! Miguel doesn't know a thing, man!
It's my game, he doesn't know a thing.
- Get him up.
Is this true?
Is it true?
You can go.
But if you ever
work with George, or
a man like him, again.
Now get out!
Katherina, you know, she's...
on a little bit of a roll.
You're the third distributor
she's taken down so far.
- Now what?
- Now what!
Now what!
What are you, stupid?!
The deal is off
and you know what happens next.
- What do you mean the deal is off?
Why go through all of this?
- I have what I need
and you are through.
you come with me to Katherina.
So, George, now it is you
who gets to see Katherina
in light of these recent revelations?
- I ain't bringing in no more oil, man!
I can't!
My guy says the Italian
police are all over the mills.
No more oil, okay?!
Listen, I'll give you my guy.
I'll give you everything I got, man.
His suppliers, the milling station.
You could have it all.
You could be a big hero.
- Your smalltime suppliers
are no concern to me.
- Bullshit.
Calitri ain't no American supplier, man.
- Antonio Calitri.
He is your supplier?
- Yeah.
I will speak with Katherina. Maybe
maybe, George, she will let you go.
But I will need something from you
to bargain with.
- I got it, man.
I got letters, I got correspondence, man.
You can have it all.
You can nail him to the ground with it.
Just don't bury me along side Everly.
- You give me these documents
but I'll make no guarantee for you.
Now you get in this car.
- George?
- Is he here?
- No, he's not.
I'm gonna pack and get
some things. Be right back.
- Quick.
- Okay.
Babe, someone's here.
- Shit.
Go upstairs!
Go! Go!
Go to the room to the right.
- You done good here, George.
Very good.
everybody makes mistakes.
It's appreciating and acknowledging
for benefit of everybody.
That's what makes a man.
- So can we just forget the whole thing?
- Shit.
- Hurry up!
Let's go.
Hurry up!
- Let's go!
- George!
- What the fuck?!
George! George!
Stop it!
George, stop!
Stop it!
- Susanna, give me the gun!
- Let's keep to the plan.
- Give me the fucking money!
- George.
- Fuck.
- No! No!
No! No!
- Get off me!
- George.
- Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
I finally got my man.
In Barcelona.
I will have to
call you for more information.