Cold War (2012) Movie Script

The police department's internal page
Login successful
Team management--team action
Last November
According to data from the observatory
Hong Kong experienced
the latest typhoon arrival event in a year.
Typhoon Coral brought over 200mm of rainfall to Hong Kong.
Wake up, Man. Thieves!
Wake up, Man. Thieves!
Shut up.
Answer your phone.
Van 71 calling.
Van 71, go ahead.
Container Port Road South in Kwai Chung,
near street light CC0381.
There's TADO (Traffic Accident Damage Only).
Hey, mister. Stand still!
Someone's hurt, looks conscious.
Wait for more detail.
Mister, you're hurt.
Do you need an ambulance?
You shut up! I can't understand Chinese. Piss off! Get the fuck out of here man!
You are suspected of dangerous and drunk driving.
Don' touch me. Don't touch me.
Shut up. Don't fucking touch me! All right.
Hey, watch your tongue. Quit the foul language.
Show me your ID card.
What ID card? No!
Do I need to carry an ID card?
If you don't show us, we'll take you to the police station right now.
Do you know who my uncle is?
Sit down! Sit down!
Shut up. Hey shup up.
Calm down. Sit still there.
Hello? Yeah! Uncle! Yeah, this is Brian.
These dumbass police won't let me go right now.
All right! You! Take the phone!
Hello, this is Emergency Unit Commander M.Y. Shum.
He's suspected of drunk driving.
What is his relationship to you?
Uncle, yeah! Can I go now?
Hello? A man crashed his car
and was suspected of drunk driving.
He said his uncle is a judge.
What? They're mad dogs.
I must go. I... have to go. Hello?
Arrest him!
We're cops, not mad dogs.
If you assault cops,
I could beat you to death!
Vincent, these are the documents you want.
Thank you.
Commissioner Tsang's flight
just arrived in Copenhagen.
His mobile is still off.
Headquarters Command Control Centre said,
apart from the Police Public Relations Branch
and Head quarters Command Control Centre,
At least three G4 tactical teams
took action 15 minutes ago.
Is it that serious?
There's more.
Twenty minutes ago, Deputy Police Commissioner Lee as Acting Commissioner
announced a Tier One Response.
Something's up.
The big show tonight is obviously against you.
Watch out.
Save the formality. Time is short.
Albert, let's start.
We called you all back so late
because of two things,
First, an hour and a half ago,
an explosive went off outside the Broadway Mongkok cinema.
So far no casualties have been reported.
Second, last night at 23.00,
an Emergency Unit van in New Territories South
hadn't reported to the Command Centre for 30 minutes.
At 23:19,
our report room received an anonymous phone call.
An Emergency Unit van
with five cops,
and all the equipment in the van.
What's it all worth?
The Emergency unit control centre confirmed that
No. 71
is still out of contact.
Regional Command records show
No. 71 was mid-shift
At 22:44, it had just dealt with a drunkard causing trouble.
They continued on with work and then went missing.
Not only the EU van,
but also the phones of the five officers went dead.
We all know GPS isn't exact.
Besides radio records,
we activated
the Major Incident Investigation and Disaster Support System
are locked down a 20 km radius.
New Territories South sent out two EU vans
and patrol cars to follow up.
Up to now...
Lau. Up to this point, what do you think?
Michael's deployment is right.
But I'd call in
everyone related to cases
handled earlier by No. 71
to assist in our investigation.
We've already done what you've just said.
Listen, on the face of it,
the Mongkok bomb and the hijacked van
can't be random incidents
as they happened around the same time.
23 minutes ago,
I activated the Emergency Response System
and this is the Provisional Command Centre.
To, you're the Director of IT.
I want you to explain
why this happened.
Lee, as the Supervisory Boad and computer section heads
aren't here,
let me answer for...
I am asking about the technical stuff
Can you five an answer?
Given today's technology and resources,
the hijackers can only block a channel,
Beyond our department,
no one knows what frequency we use.
It's simple. We'll check with the Broadcasting Authority
to see where TV and radio signals
in New Territories South had interference.
We can then locate where the hijacking took place.
Our budget was cut,
and $540 million was spent
over six years for
so-called state-of-the-art-technology.
The Commissioner is in Copenhagen right now
boasting about how safe Hongkong is,
how professional the police is.
How could we imagine this ridiculous system
would let a whole team and a police van
vanished without a trace?
I could draw conclusions now.
Two possibilities,
First, there's a mole in the force.
Second, there's a serious loophole in our communications system.
It's your department's responsibility, To.
Albert, carry on.
According to the armoury's records,
Van No. 71 was fully loaded.
Five officers were on board.
Drive Johnny Wong, 6911,
plainclothes detective Kelvin Chang,
Sergeant M.Y. Shum, 48457,
Communicator C.M. Leung
And sitting in the rear seat is
Joe Lee, 78633.
I'm treating this as a terrorist indicent.
Considering its gravity,
I've decided to take charge.
The operation code is Cold War.
Listen up, taking police officers hostage
is never tolerated in Hongkong.
Lau, my team is ready.
You have to watch To closely.
To make an EU van disappear,
you'd not just block the GPS in the van
and cut all uploads and downloads,
But also kill its radio.
80% of Hongkong's highways are equipped with cameras.
Even if they all fail, it doesn't matter.
What's best about
the third-generation communication system
is this:
every officer's radio has GPS.
Even if it's turned off,
we can switch it on via central computer.
How come I didn't know that?
It's the Cat. 2 setup.
Not even the legislature's Finance Committee knows.
You're an admin executive,
so of course you wouldn't know.
In other words, every policeman is wearing a bug?
Not a bug
a secret weapon!
Listen! The data shows the abducted officers
are being held at the shipyard on Tam Kon Shan Road in Tsing Yi.
Until now, our EU van
and its weapons
are still missing.
We have to speed up.
Because of his son,
Lee has made this whole department mess.
Time is so tight and
Criminal Intelligence Bureau isn't involved.
Our men will be put in danger.
do you think there's a mole in the force?
No, I don't.
Maybe there's something wrong with our communications system.
What's wrong is the operation code name.
You can get ready to open the window.
Lee, can we talk a while?
I understand Joe is on the hostage list.
But should you let Albert take charge of it?
I just saw the floor plans they're using
are three years old
and don't have Building Department's chop.
Since the position has been located,
shouldn't we plan everything first before storming in?
Don't go any further. It's dangerous outside.
Don't worry.
Fellow, this is M.B. Lee speaking.
Listen to my orders.
(In Urdu) I'm fine. How are you there?
Hey! Put the phone down.
Who are you? What are you here for?
Put the phone down now!
Cops! Get up!
Put it down! Or I'll fucking shoot you.
Put down your gun. Target lock, target lock. Shoot!
Stand still. Don't move.
Don't move.
Police! Don't move.
Team C, insert the optical fibres now.
Team C, approaching the hostages' suspected location.
Sir, we've found lots of mannequins
with radios and bombs.
I'm very confident that
I am very confident that
Hongkong remains the safest Asian city.
This reputation ...
Open the door
Sorry, sir.
Open the door.
We're afraid we can't, Sir.
If Albert is with Lee,
tell Albert that
I want to see him.
Tier One Response! How dare he?
What can I help you with?
I believe intelligence is key to
a successful operation.
If you can't read any information
because of your rank,
just let me know.
I suspect this hijacking case
is somehow linked to M.B. Lee and his son.
I want to see Lee's conduct report at the executive council meeting
and his background check.
I'll send you a copy
in an hour
Thank you.
Trust your own judgement.
Extreme times require
extreme measures.
I understand.
Come in.
Looking for me?
Come in. Coffee.
Thank you.
Sit down.
Did you get any leads from the questioning?
I passed by the room
but wasn't allowed in, even at my rank
Those South Asians were just being used.
Secretary Luk just came by,
You should have run into him
if the interrogation finished earlier.
Cut to the chase.
I understand how Lee feels.
But we're the top management of disciplined forces.
His role as a father can't override his role as a policeman
when he makes decision.
Police ... beyond the destiny of
I know Secretary Luk thinks highly of you.
He must have made a deal with you.
Yes, he did.
Can you tell me about it?
Just not now.
Ok. What you've just said,
I can't pass it on for you.
Please tell my boss directly.
Just disregard this visit.
I prefer latte.
An Emergency unit van
with five cops
and all the equipment in the van.
What's it all worth?
I don't have much time.
I'll contact you again before 3pm today.
Ignore him. Don't save us.
Has the Commissioner been informed?
Have you cheched the file's properties?
We tried.
But they have been overwritten.
It's almost 9.
We'd normally issue a press release now.
Lau, if I were you
I'd tell Lee about this video right away.
Lau, 20 minutes ago
a hijacker called 999 once with an unregistered mobile phone.
He asked if we'd finished the calculation.
I've set up another system in the conference room
to help your work.
A video from the hijacker.
Yes, call IT and forensics
to the Commissioner's room.
An Emergency unit van
with five cops,
and all the equipment in the van.
What's it all worth?
I don't have much time.
I'll contact you again before 3pm today.
Ignore him. Don't save us.
The total sum base on your estimate is on the last page.
The riddle is about an EU van,
five cops and all the equipment.
It's easy to calculate.
Probably net more than $ 45 million.
No, it can't be that simple.
There must be something left out.
When it comes to money, everyone wants more.
If this is the answer, they
underrate us too much.
Who are these people?
Daring to pull such a big stunt?
The former Commissioner taught me
the biggest enemy of the Police Force
is always from inside.
Vincent, I want a list of
all dismissed staff since the handover.
I can think of no more than five people
capable to taking down the Hongkong police.
What a coincidence. Part of puzzle
is the five cops being held.
May, call the Administartion Bureau.
Find out the death compensation for an officer's family.
Five policemen. Why could it cost so much?
Preparing for the worst.
It's assuming all five of them die.
Lau, the man has been confirmed.
He's the driver, Johnny Wong. The hijackers are animals!
How is he?
He was found unconscious.
Accident and Emergency suspected a heart attack.
CCTV captured the van dropping him off.
The van's plates have been confirmed as fake.
They're obviously testing our limits,
especially Lee's.
It's been more than 10 hours
since our EU van disappeared last night
Not long ago, the hijackers left
a seriously wounded officer
at a hospital Accident and Emergency entrance
This action is seriously
provoking the Police Force.
I'll inform the Security Bureau later
and sign the executive directive
Due to the increasing gravity of the case
I'm now activating
Tier Two Response.
All districts' morning duties
will be extended for two hours.
All front-line staff must cancel their leave.
Inform the Marine Police,
the airport and public transport.
I need two thirds of the Police Force
in the rescue operation
I want to dismiss Lee from duty.
If you want to take over from Lee,
according to the structure,
you need to dismiss him as Acting Commissioner.
You need to prove dereliction of duty
or his inability to handle duties
due to health reasons,
And the whole procedure
takes about two weeks.
Right. That's the normal procedure,
but not now.
Don't you remember what you told me last night
when I came back to headquarters?
Lee activated Tier One Response 20 minutes ago
in his capacity as Acting Commissioner.
Since last night,
as head of the Police Force,
Lee announced Tier One Response
without consulting management
He did it simply to
deploy the force easily.
He's already done
the most difficult part for us.
To apply state of emergency here,
you need at least
five votes from police officer management.
Currently, half of the members are in Copenhagen.
You don't have five votes.
Albert Kwong?
He's always been on Lee's side,
but still, he has the highest academic qualifications in management
and will have a Phd in law in six months.
He understands
the rule of law better than any of us
I just talked to him.
He's hesitating.
Thanks, Albert.
This time it's solely based on legal-system considerations.
If I discover that you have any trick in this
to harm my boss,
I'll do even worse to you in return.
I wont't let you down.
When should we take action?
In three minutes.
Gibe Phoenix some time.
She has two votes in hand.
Morning, Mr Lee.
Any breaking news I should follow up?
Take a look at the headlines.
If there's no problem,
I'll send you the Chinese and English versions.
Article 8B isn't right.
Operation Cold War is still going on.
I don't want to announce the emergency status to the public.
I don't get it.
I said it clear enough.
Do you need me to repeat it?
You just asked me to censor the news.
Lee, I don't think this is in the Commissioner's authority.
Wrong. I know the Police Ordinance better than you.
I absolutely have this authority.
I've served two commissioners before.
Neither of them ever made
such a request for our department.
That's because they didn't know how to.
Listen to my order now.
Without my approval,
don't release articles 8 to 10 to the public.
The operation is still going on.
I agree to coordinate with you.
But on the state of emergency,
I can't keep it confidential for you,
because every Hongkong citizen has the right to know
about the safety of where they live.
If you don't withdraw your request,
I won't go.
Which is more important?
The public's right to know of the safety of police officers?
News and safety are separate things.
If you want me to ignore established procedures and
follow your order,
this is rule by an individual, not rule by law, sir
Phoenix, are you implying that
I'm abusing my duty?
I don't mean that.
Do you know I can suspend your duty immediately?
I know.
The Commissioner and Acting Commissioner have such an authority.
What are you here for?
I want to discuss something with you.
Call all detectives with inspector rank or above to come over.
Have them bring their pistols. All of them.
What's it about?
I think it's too much.
That's why you call up so many constables to surpress me?
I don't mean that.
"I don't mean that"?
You two match each other.
I heard you used to date.
No wonder you spoke the same way.
The EU van belongs to New Territories South.
Their head should take charge.
This is headquarters.
You and I have our duties.
Normally, the Deputy Commissioners
and even the Acting Commissioner shouldn't be directly involved.
In other words, you also think
I'm abusing my power?
I understand how you feel
but I worry that your emotions affected your judgement.
I'm asking you. Yes or no?
Lee. The case is serious.
But objectively speaking, your reaction is over the top.
Sean Lau. You should know that
I don't need any reason
to suspend you from duty immediately.
I know.
But I have that power too.
With what you just said,
plus these few constables,
it's enough for me to charge you with insulting your supervisor.
Albert, go out with Lau.
take them away.
Pulling out a gun? What are you doing?
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Put down your gun. Stand at the back.
This has never happened before.
Not since I became a cop.
If this happened in the front line, it'd be a war.
I'm now the Acting Commissioner.
At 09.06, Sean Lau,
I officially suspend you from duty.
Lee, there are rules in the Police Force.
If a case involves a relative,
one should make a declaration.
I'm not commanding the operation because of my son.
You obviously failed to do so.
It proved that your judgement was in question.
It's not a matter of which region or department.
I question your ability.
Fairly speaking you should hand over your power. This'll be best for everyone.
This time the hijackers are exploiting our communication system's loopholes.
It's a terrorist attack sorry Deputy Commissioner M.B.Lee.
If you disagree, don't question my command!
-- I'll temporarily halt your duty under the Public Interest and Safety Ordinance
--Don't form any factions in front of me!
I won't be afraid of you even you have Security Bureau support.
Are you trying to seize power?
Do you have enough votes?
What is it?
The Commisioner's call
He's asking for the chief commander of Cold War
Is this the COmmissioner's idea?
are you in charge of Cold War now?
Is Lee around?
He's right here.
Vincent and Albert are around too.
I'll take the earliest flight back.
Lau and Lee,
don't let the situation get any worse
That's all. Keep in contact.
Yes, sir. Thank you sir.
Attention please.
Acting Commissioner M.B. Lee just surrendered power
in operation Cold War
for personal and health reasons.
In accordance with Police Ordinance Chapter 232 Section 16
gazette police officers and at least two deputy commissioners
have concurred that from now on,
At 09.12
Deputy Commissioner Sean Lau
will be Acting Commissioner
and chief commander of operation Cold War
Listen, you should all know that we are now
at a disadvantage in terms of time and situation.
We have to strike a balance
between maintaining Hongkong safety
and rescuing the hostages.
First, remove all emergency status warnings.
All departments, including PTU,
G-4 and SDU,
should resume normal duties.
We can't let the hijackers know
we made such a huge deployment because of them.
Second, considering this could be a long fight,
I now assign Senior Superintendents Vincent Tsui and Albert Kwong
as deputy commanders of operation Cold War.
Members in the provisional command centre
need to set up a duty roster:
two shifts for the command centre and
three for other departments,
to be in force until the case is closed
or Commissioner Tsang returns.
Go to work!
Who are you?
Why is my colleague's mobile in your hands?
Who are you?
My surname is Lau, Sean Lau.
There are three people in the Police Force with the same name.
One in the marine police,
one is a constable,
another is the Deputy Commissioner of Police.
I'm the Deputy Commissioner.
I'm asking you
why our colleagues's phone is in your hands
Watch you manner when you talk to me.
How will you release the hostages?
Don't talk to me before you're well prepared.
Remember, your cops are in my hands!
And, you're not Sean Lau.
Tell Sean Lau to answer my call in three minutes.
The phone signal started from Ting Kau Bridge northbound
towards Castle Peak Road.
Total duration 28 seconds.
The suspect should be in a vehicle.
Get video footage from Transport Department.
I want his psycho analysis
and risk assessment. What SIM card is he using?
Which mobile phone?
I want all this immediately.
Yes Sir.
Johnny Wong just died.
May, inform Phoenix
and the welfare section.
Tell them to send people to the hospital.
How much more time?
45 seconds
Commissioner Lau.
How should I call you?
Commissioner, are you well prepared?
$93.2 million.
I can only prepare it in Hongkong dollars.
Get it ready before 3:30.
I'll tell you how to hand it over.
How is it?
We shouldn't all stay and use up our energy here.
You sign off first
Let me go to the vault.
Mr Luk sent this to me.
He wanted me to hand it to you.
He said you know what it is.
Mr Tsui, I have a few words for you.
Do you have the cash with you, Commissioner?
Let me tell you. Your calculation is wrong.
I can't wait any longer.
I want $33.33 million in cash.
You have half an hour to prepare it.
Also don't bother to trace me.
I'm at Chung On Street in Tsuen Wan.
After deducting $33 million, around $60 million remains.
Lau, just a few words.
The vault's director William Ngai
reminded me before I left that
in case we don't us the whole sum,
we can return what's unused to the vault right away.
He doesn't want to get in trouble.
Use a dog van.
Got it.
Deliver the remaining sum back to the vault by dog van.
I will. Be careful.
What to do with this Lee guy?
His life is more valuable than these people together.
Don't let him die.
Change the location now.
The cash is ready. How to hand it over?
Come alone.
Do you drive?
Yes, I do.
I have deployed three teams to back you up.
What car do you drive?
BMW 5 Series, black.
Plate number?
Where are you now?
Leaving the car park.
Go to Arsenal Street, turn left into Harcourt Road.
Copy, Car 1 will wait at the Western Harbour Tunnel entrance.
I've changed my mind. Get out of the car at the block ahead.
Take the bridge and go to the Star Ferry pier
IFC is on Lau's left
Four Seasons Hotel in the front
Star Ferry pier on his right.
Vincent, counting on you now.
Car 2 and Car 3,
go to the Star Ferry.
Stand by from left and right
At your pace, you should almost be there.
What's your location?
Pier 7 is in front of me
Piers 2 and 6 to outflying islands on my left.
Turn left, go to pier 6.
Take the ferry to Lantau Island.
Turn around.
Take the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui.
Lau turned around.
We're exposed.
Counter-tailing tactic?
Let's take the Western Harbour Tunnel.
Car 1.
Slow down at the Kowloon exit and wait for me.
When did you last take a ferry, Commissioner Lau?
You keep talking to me.
Aren't you worried we'll trace you?
Then I'll call you back in five minutes.
But I go, a reminder for you:
Don't keep looking around.
Your shoe laces have come untied.
Albert, the phone signal
is very close to Lau's location.
Team across the harbour on standby.
Are you Mr. Lau?
Commissioner Lau,
Four minutes behind schedule.
Get in a taxi.
and go to the airport. Don't queue for a taxi.
Mister, my shift is over.
Take another one.
Police, start the car.
Received Lau's SMS.
Taxi plate number Mother Alpha 8714.
License No. 6618, Leo Hui.
Hey, wait a while. Coming soon.
I picked up a difficult one.
What can I do?
Set up the mahjong table and wait for me. Talk later.
Where are you now?
Route 5, West Kowloon Corridor
Don't go to the airport. Go up the flyover to Tai Kok Tsui.
Wait, driver. Turn right, take the flyover to Tai Kok Tsui.
First you said the airport and now its Tai Kok Tsui.
Are you having fun? Can you think clearly first, sir?
I guess both you and the money bag
are equipped with tracking devices, right?
Have you ever been in the force?
If you had,
you would've had a bright future.
I joined in 1988
Have we met before?
I have absolutely no interest in the job.
How are my colleagues with you?
I said stop the car
Stop the car!
Sir, my license can be revoked!
Stop the car!
Sir, my license can be revoked!
What can I do? We can't stop here.
What do you want?
Throw the money down from the flyover
You're following me.
Aren't you concerned about your fellows?
Don't you want to save them?
I'll count down from three,
and you'll throw the money down.
One, two, three
Police! Freeze.
Put down the money
Vincent! Come up to help me
How about my taxi, sir?
You just keep silent. What should I do?
Ah...My car! It hurts!
Lack of practice. Less nimble.
Albert, call an ambulance
Lau, we're trapped.
The money in the dog van was taken.
Call an ambulance!
Find where Lau is.
Send the ambulance.
Sorry sir
Sorry sir
You've worked so hard. Take a rest.
Thank you sir
How is it?
The Organised Crime team
is taking statements from colleagues.
Calm the colleagues first.
It's been a tough day for everyone.
Sorry sir
Make a statement after dealing with your wound.
It's tough. Where's Lau?
Over there.
Tell me!
Mrs Tsui.
Where is Vincent?
Bring Vincent to me!
The Commissioner's flight is delayed to tomorrow morning
Before he got on board, he only know there was one commander
for operation Cold War, you.
This key, you better return it
to him personally tomorrow.
Today was very hard and
Everyone apologised to me once
I arrived in the hospital.
I can accept their apologies,
but not yours.
Luckily, the four missing officers are back.
Vincent's case is unfortunate.
but we're not totally defeated.
If I were in charge
I don't know what would happen either.
The vault's director William Ngai
has taken half a month of annual leave
without saying where he'll go.
I'll check with Immigration Department tomorrow.
It's already 1 o'clock.
Let me drive you home.
Lau, we've arrived.
Go home to sleep. I'll pick you up tomorrow.
Excuse me, sir.
I have something confidential to report.
We received a document this morning
from a sender signed "Whistleblower".
It has some information against
current Deputy Police Commissioner Sean Lau
for allegedly accepting advantages
and perverting the course of justice.
The complaint refers to the Tai Kok Tsui
flyover gunfight seven days ago.
The trickiest thing about
it is that one of those in the EU van,
was the son of Deputy Commissioner M.B. Lee.
Police ranks of superintendent and above
must all pass integrity checking.
Billy, are you serious?
For a month up to yesterday.
at all the registered banks in Hong Kong
all the counters
received an amount of tracing paper
totalling $319,500.
I do not understand what you mean.
Mr. Chan.
What I'm saying is that
we as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
never thought tracing paper
prepared for law enforcement departments
would be of any use.
You make it sound like the money
was lost because of us.
Wait. Let me say something.
Tracing paper, so-called traceable banknotes.
hasn't worked well in tracking down criminals at all.
For the Monetary Authority to prepare
such money for us in future,
we'd need to do further re-assessment.
Sir, Independent Commission Against Corruption officers.
Mr. Sean Lau.
I'm ICAC Principal Investigation Officer Billy Cheung.
We suspect you violated
the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, section 4.
Please come with us to assist in investigations.
What do you mean?
Making an arrest at Police Headquarters,
and it's the Deputy Commissioner?
Mr Lau, please co-operate with us.
Don't you know any rules?
The people here are
the top management maintaning Hong Kong's safety.
If you want to invite Mr Lau to your office,
you must give at least half an hour's notice.
Also, with such a big issue,
did you inform your boss?
Half an hour? No problem.
It's OK.
Lee, I will go with them.
Sorry, Mr Lau. Kept you waiting for so long
This is my assistant, W.M. Kwok.
Be direct. Let's cut to the chase.
We received a complaint against you.
That's why we invited you here to
get more information.
The force has an operation named Cold War.
Judging by your experience
and instinct
how easy would it be
to hijack an EU van?
Didn't you just say to be direct?
Franky, given today's advanced technology
Making an EU van vanish
is almost impossible.
Unless it's an inside job.
Do you think there's mole
in the Police Force, Mr Lau?
After the Cold War operation,
our Internal Affairs section started the process
for integrity checking for each person in the van.
Before the report is completed,
I have no comment.
Before operation Cold War,
because the Commissioner was out of town,
M.B. Lee was initially
the Acting Commissioner
But when Cold War went into action,
you took over from him.
That means you weren't originally
the chief commander fo operation Cold War, right?
That's true
So may I know
what criteria the Police Force uses
to assign the chief commander for an operation?
And what are the criteria for
changing a chief commander?
Of course the role of Acting Commissioner
is very important.
What's the mechanism for assigning it?
The answers are all in the Police Force Ordinance
you can download it online and find out yourself.
This operation's report is
very different from the previous reports.
That's why we asked you to come here, Mr Lau.
Given that there's no record about
changing the operation commander,
it's already a big issue!
Do you know the difference between
a report and a log sheet?
As the hijackers requested,
the force took the ransom from the vault.
The hijackers requested a new number and
the total sum wasn't used up.
Under legal principles,
the remaining money should've been classed
as evidence and stored in the evidence room.
But why was it sent back to
the vault on the same day
with minimum security instead?
After Mr Lee surrendered his power
you wrote a cheque for $93.2 million
in the name of Acting Police Commissioner
Mr Lau, on December 8
you were actually the most powerful person
in Hong Kong
for two hours that afternoon
Your every decision could have affected
the security of Hong Kong.
Whatever my position is,
I always make the security of citizens
the top priority in every decision.
We're both in law enforcement.
Do you remember one lesson
in the criminology course
covered Stockholm Syndrome?
Since you said we're both
working for law enforcement,
Why do you keep beating around the bush?
Simply tell me,
what I've done wrong.
Mr. Lau, have you seen this document?
Regarding this document
we sent a letter to the Security Bureau
But they in turn asked us how we get it.
We found your fingerprints on
this document.
I need legal advice.
We received permission from
the Secretary of Justice to follow
all your phone calls,
we have sufficient criminal evidence on you.
You'd better tell me
Where's the $59 million.
in public money right now.
Tell me, Mr. Lau.
Do you have a computer in your office?
You said you have all the evidence.
Show it to me now!
If not, I'll give you time
to buy a computer.
Also, can I call my lawyer?
If you can talk now, cough once
May, go downstairs to
see Phoenix in the PR section.
Ask if she has looked up the person
I asked her to check.
Don't do it right now. You know what I mean.
-- Mr Ngai.
-- Mr Lau.
Sit down.
Sorry to ask you to meet in such a hurry,
Mr Ngai.
I followed the Hong Kong news and Australia too.
Never thought such a big incident
happened that day.
Can you do me a favour?
On December 8,
Did you ask my colleague Mr Tsui...
Mr Tsui? return money to the vault
as soon as possible if it wasn't used up?
No, I didn't.
Mr Ngai, if you don't mind
can my colleague go to your office
to take a statement from you tomorrow at noon?
No problem.
Thank you.
I'm Nicole. Ok.
Billy, the Kowloon Bay vault's director
William Ngai just died.
It's a car bomb.
Looking for me?
Colleagues are dealing with Vincent's funeral.
For me?
He lost a lot of money in the past half year.
His apartment was mortgaged to
the bank three months ago.
Did you eat?
-- Let me cook noodles for you.
-- Thank you.
I went to see Janet this afternoon.
How is she?
Vincent still has a lot of things to settle
I should go over to help her these days.
Have you ever been betrayed by your friend?
Billy, can you tell me
how you got hold of this CD-ROM?
I can't at the moment.
The contents are confidential to
the topmost level of the Police Force
This whistleblower
has this top secret file
with the highest confidentiality.
If the content inside is true.
It may be beyond our power
to investigate further.
But the whistleblower seems familiar
with the police,
the lCAC and the law.
We are now the only people
who can find out the mastermind behind Cold War.
We and the informer are in the same boat now.
We can't go back.
I know you always want to go back to
the accountability bureau, right?
Frankly, I have thought of it
But this case is too dangerous
This is the only chance
It could be the Watergate of our times.
Ok, I'll give you three days.
-- Three days.
-- Thank you, sir.
According to sources,
Lau, Deputy Police Commissioner Sean Lau
was arrested by the ICAC yesterday morning.
Hello, I...
Excuse me.
If you keep throwing in questions like this,
we won't answer any questions.
Please ask questions one by one
Mr. Luk, is Sean Lau being suspended now?
He is taking leave for personal reasons.
The opinion of the Police Force
is very low this year.
Now the Deputy Police Commissioner
is even arrested by the ICAC.
Should anyone in the accountability bureau
take responsibility?
This question
let me give you the answer next time.
Mr. Luk, you've not once said in public that
you support Sean Lau to be
the next Police Commissioner.
Did the ICAC operation
mess up your deployment?
Mr. Luk, what do you think about
a high-ranking police officer
being arrested by the ICAC?
Do you think Sean Lau is guilty of bribery?
Do you think you've picked the wrong person?
Would you take the blame and resign?
Mr. Luk, before taking action,
did the ICAC inform the Security Bureau?
I said it clearly: One at a time.
Thank you.
Let me answer your questions all together.
Deputy Commissioner Mr Lau
wasn't arrested by the ICAC.
He's taking leave on personal grounds.
I personally recognise
his integrity and capability very much.
Another thing I want to clarify again is that
Hong Kong is an advanced city
under common law jurisdiction.
The ICAC doesn't need to report to me
before taking action.
I understand.
Even though you're free to ask
any questions
please familiarise yourself with
Hong Kong law and the
spirit of the rule of law
before you ask.
Because this is the core value that made
Hong Kong an international financial centre
and Asia's safest city.
M.B. Lee was a constable.
Sean Lau rose from admin.
Mr. Lau, 44 years old.
is the youngest Deputy Commissioner
since the handover.
Lee will be turning 51 next week.
Commissioner Tsang will retire
in two and a half years.
But so far, no one knows
who will be the successor
even within the force.
Lee is hawkish
and has always been popular
among front-line officers
especially Criminal Investigation
Department detectives.
He could be the successor under normal practice.
But we were tipped off by
senior government sources that
their choice is actually Sean Lau.
Because under his management for four years
the force has been revamped very well.
If no criminal mistakes happen
in the force management
in these few months
M.B. Lee would probably be urged to stay
as Operations Deputy Police Commissioner
and then retire.
Then Sean Lau could become
Hong Kong's youngest Police Commissioner ever.
Billy, do you think Lee
wanted to strike out Sean Lau
in case Lau would threaten his prospects?
If you're making assumptions,
you might as well be bold.
Nicole, call the government laboratory.
Three days ago, I received critical info
from the whistleblower.
Mr. Mak has contacts in the Police Commissioner
and they actually believed
the information is reliable.
Tomorrow, we'll invite
Deputy Police Commissioner M.B. Lee here.
We heard Lee is far
more sophisticated than Sean Lau.
Mr Lee, we brought you here so early
so hopefully it wouldn't
scare you and your family.
Can you recall the names in this document?
An EU van
Not including players
there'd be a mole who knows the operation details.
an IT person who set up the whole system.
your contact person.
And of course a member in the EU van.
At least four people were needed
to extort the Hong Kong Police Force.
Even if you had an IT person as the fall guy
and made the lost guns surface,
the mole and the member in the EU van
would remain unknown
I totally don't know what you mean.
In 1995, a perfect undercover plan
successfully broke up a triad gang.
The head of the Organised Crime bureau
then was M.B. Lee.
After the job, due to safety
you vouched for the officers to join
the last batch in the colonial government's
Identity Renewal Programme
You were even allowed to change names legally
and obtained right of abode in South Africa
The file number of the program is ND157
You sound more like a cop
than an ICAC officer.
Even the vault's director was killed by you.
Your current and old subordinates
even helped you stage a big show
to clear Vincent Tsui
and kick out Sean Lau, right?
You brought me here so early
just to hear a story you made up.
If there;s nothing more, I have to go.
Mr. Lee, your planning capability
is really strong
Sean Lau has an impeccable resume
plus a strong support team
but all this was wiped out by
a so-called Cold War operation
According to records, your father Lee Shu-tang
was the highest-ranking
Chinese Police Superintendent
and your son Joe Lee, with a high IQ at 192.
graduated with the Silver Whistle Award
The Lee family has three honorable generations.
Congratulations, Mr Lee.
You must be the next Police Commissioner
Your imagination is too much.
It's nothing to do with imagination
Your old colleague Yeung Chi-on
is sitting in the next room
Do you want me to bring him here
for a reunion?
don't trick me
I can bet on my life that
there's no one except your boss in the next room.
Just based on such a biased analysis,
without any logical reasoning,
you dare to bring in the two
Deputy Police Commissioners
for questioning
and waste their valuable time.
Isn't it exciting?
Seize the hidden mastermind,
smash the big conspiracy in the Police Force.
Don't you feel proud?
When you've reached my position,
you would understand.
Even the Commissioner
would be amazed by my connections.
You thought you could find out
anything from questioning me, right?
You assumed that one of
the Deputy Commissioners is the mole.
Either Sean Lau wanted to take the ransom money
or I trapped him to get a promotion.
I've been serving in the force for 30 years.
have many friends
and have enemies too.
In these 30 years, I learned one thing
no matter what organisation,
department or position you're in,
you just need
to learn the rules of the game.
whether they're written or unspoken.
But many people failed to and died
before they learned them.
Do you know why?
Because they try to act smart.
Second step
find the boundary in the game
and don't overstep it.
Only then can you barely survive.
Can a city be run without the ICAC
or without the police?
you two are too green and lack experience.
Learn to protect yourselves,
and don't be tricked by people.
-- Mr Lee.
-- Mr. Mak
This is the first time
You've visited us after our relocation.
Why didn't you tell me you'd dropped by?
I was invited by the ICAC today
to help in an investigation.
According to Hong Kong law,
the ICAC can detain me for 48 hours.
Without completed evidence.
I decided to stay here for a night.
I'll give you two days
and hope you can
find sufficient evidence by all means
to allow you to question me again.
Don't be angry
You're the Deputy Police Commissioner.
We just want to helpthe force to
clean out the black marks.
Let's leave now.
You now know how to play the game, right?
Let's go. I'll walk with you.
Mr Lee, Mr Lau wants to see you.
Looking for me?
Winston Churchill said that all wars
are not necessary.
What do you mean?
The report from the government laboratory
come in
It's confirmed that the bomb in William Ngai's car
was made with black powder.
Sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate?
Those are the main ingredients for black powder.
Excuse me.
What is black powder?
Black powder is a low-level explosive
Used mainly in fireworks.
Don't take it lightly.
Within 4000 square feet
it can still kill people
They wanted to push the blame
onto Vincent and the vault's director
with their deaths
The hijacking's mastermind
is obviously from inside the force.
No matter whether any of us
continue investigating under Cold War.
they'd certainly know about it.
If they don't do anything
more or simply hide away,
We will never
crack the case
Mr. Mak, the ICAC is the only
law enforcement body
reporting directly to the Chief Executive.
Even the Security Bureau has no authority over it.
According to the structure,
the ICAC doesn't need to report to me
before their operations.
Trust your own judgment.
Extreme times require extreme measures
I think the whistleblower
wants to use the ICAC
To dig out the criminals.
Are you the whistleblower?
If Lau didn't ask us to help
he could be the one being kicked out.
44 buildings in Hong Kong can release fireworks.
But only 20 people hold black powder licenses.
They're responsible for the firework shows.
We checked all the firework technicians
at these 44 buildings
and have targeted three of them.
If we can find the bomber,
we can then find the hijackers.
The autopsy report for Johnny Wong said
His whole body, including hair and nails,
showed ferric oxide residues,
plus soil from the environment.
According to statements from
the other four EU van members,
all said they'd been kept at a scrap yard.
This matched with the report.
But I still have some reservations.
Three days ago,
I asked the government laboratory
to conduct further comparison for
the other four officers' clothing.
Among the four van officers,
three of them only had
one type of environmental element.
But one of them had more than one.
The only explanation is that
this person had been to
the same place more than once.
Do you remember there was a typhoon
in Hong Kong last month?
Wind and rain diluted the soil.
Nature became
our time witness.
The more careful a person is,
the more preparation he'd carry out.
The hijack video needed to be recorded in advance
to have enough time to make sure
all the background information
could be cleared.
Although he has been very careful.
the fact are always
the most precise.
According to sources,
when a firework is assembled on a roof
It's as dangerous an as explosives depot.
Be careful everybody!
Killing the vault's director
and leaving traces of black powder
the clue is too obvious
The only logical explanation is that
the mole who hijacked the EU van
started to clear away witnesses
with outside help
He'd rather betray outsiders who helped him,
and not colleagues inside the force.
Bun, see you in the gondola.
It's Team B. We've arrived at the south roof.
Are you Albert Kwong?
I am Chan Bun, ex-Organised Crime
and Triad Bureau officer.
I want to be a witness in return for immunity.
See me on the roof now.
Ok, wait for me.
Michael ... Michael ...
Michael ...
Get Michael and tell him to answer me.
Go, go, go ...
I'm Albert.
Long time no see. You'd been doing very well,
Superintendent Kwong.
How long have you been back?
I only want to know who else is involved.
I'll only tell you
if the policement downstairs back off.
Calm down and
put down the gun.
How many are hurt below us?
You tell me to put the gun down?
Give me some time.
I'll be able to settle it.
I can ensure your safety.
Why did you betray me?
Michael, Why did you betray me?
Go to hell.
It's so late. Why aren't you asleep yet?
Lau has something for you.
What an oversight
Actually, many seniors are on your side.
Not only me but many people
beyond your imagination
They've been helping me all along.
How about Vincent? Johnny Wong?
They are policemen too. They have families.
The first day in the academy,
the instructor helped clear my mind.
He said my work would add
a degree of danger to my life.
This is part of the cost of fighting for
our rights and interests.
I do not see any problems with it.
Have you forgotten
what I've been teaching you all along?
I haven't forgotten what you taught me,
But times have changed.
No one acknowledges you for helping people.
If you let other people get promoted,
even God won't help you.
I never knew you'd already gone so far.
Let me ask you:
if you were me, what would you do?
I ..
I won't turn myself in.
I won't go to jail.
If I were you,
I'd let your son go!
Why are you so confident about it?
Because I'm your only son.
Since Sean Lau is in charge
all he knows is how to reduce expenses
to make the accounts
look nice and please the bosses.
You know how low morale is at the front line?
The present Commissioner is disappointing us.
I won't let Lau take the Commissioner post.
many colleagues support you.
We'll have hope only if you take the position.
How many are with you?
More than you could imagine.
I've decided, if anything goes wrong,
I'll sacrifice a few colleagues first.
In a few days, I will let the lost guns
and the ransom surface,
and you're the one who'll solve the case.
Dad, just one step left.
I did so much.
Just the final step for you to take.
Joe, you'd better answer
my earlier question first.
If I were you,
I wouldn't find so many excuses
to do so many wrong things.
I love you, Dad.
I wanted to see how much he'd changed
and how much of the old him is left
If he didn't pick up the gun,
he would still have hope.
But he picked up the gun.
Since then he is no longer my son
His future, dead or alive,
has nothing to do with me.
I've been wrongly tipped off all along.
How could others say Lee
is far more sophisticated than you?
Mr. Lau, you're incredible!
Have you ever thought
of joining me in the force?
Call me.
Come in.
Sit down.
Commissioner Tsang
I have a question.
I know what you're going to ask.
It's because both Lee and
I have applied for early retirement.
Lau, I can't do much more
The future of the Police Force depends on you.
Rule number one: As a boss
you never run out
to look for your subordinates.
Only the opposite should happen.
Sorry sir.
I should be the one who says that
You have no practical operations experience,
But this became your advantage
You can look at a case from a wider perspective
Without violating the law or abusing power,
every department in the force,
the ICAC and even the Security Bureau
became your tools to solve the case
I doubted your capability all along.
I was too subjective.
Thank you, sir.
But you were wrong about something.
In World War II,
when US President Roosevelt asked
UK Prime Minister Churchill how to describe the war,
Churchil said
It was an unnecessary war that
could have been avoided
He never said all wars are unnecessary.
The Gathering Storm
The last paragraph on the first page,
I shouldn't have shown off
in front of you.
Operation Cold War was identified
as both as success and a failure
in government Internal review records.
The records said management
at the Hong Kong police and the ICAC,
could remain neutral and they could stick to their positions
in a crisis threatening Hong Kong law and order.
They could uphold the law
while exercising mutual restraint.
It is an excellent model for cities
following the common law system.
The review document released
a number of improvement measures.
However, after internal assessment by the government,
all records are classified as confidential
and cannot be made public
due to public safety considerations.
May I know who want to speak to Mr Lau?
Please hold on.
Commissioner Lau,
do you still remember me?
Yes, I remember.
Your wife is Michelle Chan,
the person in charge at Sunflower Florist
your daughter is 5 years old.
Sunshine Flower Kindergarten
grade 3, Josie Lau.
What do you want?
I want you to release someone