Cold War II (2016) Movie Script

(In response to the mysterious disappearance
of police EU van last year, )
(Hong Kong Police top brass
launched Operation Cold War.)
(Deputy Police Commissioner Sean Lau
worked covertly with ICAC)
(to uncover the mastermind
behind the disappearance)
(the son of fellow
Deputy Commissioner, M.B. Lee.)
(After learning the truth, Lee surrendered
his son and applied for early retirement.)
(Based on Security Bureau recommendations)
(Sean Lau was appointed
the new Police Commissioner.)
(But, the EU van is still missing.)
Funeral services were held today to honor SSP
Albert Kwong, killed in the line of duty
during Operation Cold War.
Police top brass were all present.
HKSAR Government broke protocol
to allow the procession
to pass police headquarters
where Kwong's colleagues
bid their final farewells.
(M.B. Lee, Ex-Deputy
Commissioner, Operation)
We are public servants.
And public trust forms
the very bedrock of our authority.
The moment we take up
the mantle of law enforcement,
our duty is to serve the community.
As police officers, we are committed
to protect citizens with courage,
to defend the vulnerable with compassion,
and to uphold justice
without fear or favour.
Standing now before our fallen colleagues,
(Sean Lau, Commissioner of Police)
we have but one choice:
to honor their sacrifice
(Phoenix Leung, )
with respect and righteousness,
(Senior Assistant Commissioner, DMS)
with respect and righteousness,
(Alan Au, Deputy Commissioner, Management)
with integrity and selfless devotion.
(David Mok, )
with integrity and selfless devotion.
(Senior Assistant Commissioner, DC&S)
with integrity and selfless devotion.
(Stephen Han, Deputy
Commissioner, Operation)
May peace be found in our hero's
undying souls.
May I know who's calling?
Please hold.
Commissioner Lau, remember me?
Yes, I do.
Your wife Michelle Chan
owns the Sunshine Flower Shop.
Your 5-year-old daughter attends
Sunnyside Kindergarten.
Her name, Josie Lau.
What do you want'?
I want you to release someone.
Officer Ken Wong from G4.
Rachel Ma
We're here for your protection.
We've picked up your daughter from school.
She's safe.
But we haven't located your wife.
Alan, call the Secretary of Justice
and Correctional Services.
I need Joe Lee transferred to headquarters.
No need.
You're challenging the HKPD.
I'm not challenging the HKPD.
I only kidnapped your wife.
I'm challenging you.
Don't interrupt your boss.
Whatever you do to me, I'll do to her.
I repeat, 5100-1075.
Make the video call in 10 minutes.
Someone will tell you what to do.
Let me talk to him?
What will it take
for you people to stop?
You know,
the HKPD doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Sean Lau is not like you.
Family is his top priority.
As long as I'm alive,
I won't let you get away with this.
You just spent 350 seconds in this room.
By the time I finish this sentence,
Sean Lau will have wasted 6 minutes.
You are no longer
in charge.
(Video call connecting...)
Commissioner Lau, listen carefully.
Come alone with Joe Lee for the exchange.
You have 20 minutes to prepare.
Don't do this yourself.
You're the Commissioner.
If criminals can boss our Chief around,
the force will be compromised.
You can't put yourself at risk.
Their goal is to free Joe Lee.
I'll handle the rescue operation.
Sorry, sir.
I must remind you all that
we've already broken protocol by
bringing Joe Lee here.
The media, politicians and internet
have their eyes on us.
One false move,
it'll blow up into a scandal.
If we can't even protect our families,
what's the point of law enforcement?
Even if the hostage was a fellow officer,
I'd do the same.
I'll escort Joe Lee myself.
Sir, we understand how you feel, but
I take full responsibility!
I hereby enact emergency measures.
serve as witness and Acting Deputy.
you're now the Acting Commissioner.
take charge of the Cyber Crime Bureau.
One more thing,
next time listen carefully to what I say.
I want advice,
not comment.
Man To,
They keep switching IPs.
We're still tracking.
our 3rd Generation Command,
control & Communication (C3) System
is equipped with invisible tracking devices
I suggest that you and Joe Lee
wear two identical sets.
(Man To, Director of
Information Technology)
Yes, sir.
The last time
I brought Joe to justice,
I wanted him alive.
He deserved punishment,
not death.
If something goes wrong,
will you spare his life?
I promise you.
He'll get a fair trial.
I take that as a yes.
Do you mind
if I stay hereto keep an eye on him?
Team 1, we are behind the Commissioner.
Team 2, situation normal.
Morning sir.
Sir, all five units are ready.
Everyone, I'm now at the
Cyber Crime Bureau.
The 2 sets of tracking devices are active.
The blue dot is the Commissioner.
The red is Joe Lee.
Commissioner Lau,
you have multiple vehicles with you.
Lose them
or your wife loses an arm.
The caller has a counter-tracking device.
Keep trying-
Team 1 breaking off.
Team 2 taking over.
You've got some balls.
You asked for it!
The Commissioner changed lanes.
He's on Johnston Road now.
Well done, Commissioner.
Now, head to Ship Street.
Team 1 to 3, new location: Ship Street.
Standby on Lun Fat, Tai Wong West
and Tai Wong East.
Team 4 and 5, head to Queen's Road East.
Mr. Lau,
I have yet to receive
the file you promised.
What do you mean?
The security detail for the Chief
Executive, 3 Department Secretaries and
'13 Bureau Directors
over the next 6 months.
You promised to send it
when you received the $50M two weeks ago.
Just tell me.
How much more do you want?
$50M wasn't enough?
Mr. Lau, don't get greedy.
Mr. Au, morale is crucial.
Joe Lee wanted to
sidetrack our investigation.
Don't get distracted, stay focused.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir!
Stop the car.
Go to the black SUV with
the flashing lights.
The bomb
is to protect you and your wife.
The next stop is Sai Ying Pun MTR Station,
Platform 1.
How long before the bomb squad arrives?
I'll find out.
Notify MTR officials
to enact emergency measures
at Sai Ying Pun Station.
Yes, sir.
No, ii can't be a bomb.
They must know killing the Commissioner
comes with serious consequences.
Their sole purpose is to create chaos.
Mr. Lee,
we must be prepared for the worst.
the bomb squad needs 10 minutes.
Seal off the station.
Enforce crowd control measures.
If chaos erupts at the platform,
we can still control the exits.
Crowd control measures could
lead to higher casualties.
I object.
I've given my advice.
You're the commander. You decide.
The train to Chai Wan is arriving.
Please lei passengers exit first.
There's a bomb!
A bomb!
Joe Lee escaped! After him!
Evacuate the platform!
- Thai way! Hurry!
- Keep moving!
What happened?
Fugitive heading to A1 exit.
All passengers, please stay calm.
Our staff will direct you
to the nearest exit.
Stand back!
You'd better leave.
Go out of here!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Over here!
Don't panic!
Team 1, proceed to East Platform.
Team 2, proceed to West Platform.
Team 3, guard the two concourse elevators.
Police! Move over!
Stay calm.
After sending you to hospital,
I'll bring Josie over, okay?
A bomb explosion took
place last night at 7:45
at Sai Ying Pun MTR Station.
A bomb disposal expert was
injured during the incident.
Convict Joe Lee escaped custody
during the chaos.
The operation last night was
under my direct command.
For causing unnecessary
distress to the public,
I take full responsibility
for the operation.
What concrete action will you
take beyond an apology?
How has MTR management responded?
Did the police violate any protocol during
the operation last night?
Was the Security Bureau
informed prior to the operation?
This is M.B. Lee.
Connect me to Crime Unit's SP Yang.
(Peter Choi, Former Police Commissioner)
Yang, I'll call you back.
Joe has been working for me.
I've been wondering who Joe
has been working with.
I never guessed it was you.
I'm a good judge of character.
Your son is just like you.
Out of all the operation code names that
I set up while I was in office,
you picked "Cold War".
Interesting indeed.
Sir, we go back a long way.
Let's skip the small talk.
We won't tolerate anyone
who will thwart our plans for
succession in the police force.
We have always wanted you
to succeed the Commissioner.
Joe was our top pick
for the position in the future.
But he became a fugitive
in order to help you succeed.
What do you mean "we"?
Sean Lau is the confidant
of the Secretary for Security.
He's not one of "us".
Technically speaking,
you're still on pre-retirement leave.
Once Lau is eliminated,
I can ask the Secretary of Justice along
with other powerful officials
to support your reinstatement.
Mr. Choi
I doubt that you and your backers
have the power to appoint
the new Commissioner.
We don't, but
we can push forward candidates.
As long as it's one of our own,
whoever gets appointed makes no difference.
Think it over.
You've been wearing the
same glasses for years.
It's time for a change.
Operation Cold War had
many issues to begin with.
When the entire legislature plans
to impeach the Commissioner,
he's even lei a convict
loose during custody!
Since the founding of this city,
we've never had such a
ridiculous police chief.
If we don't hold him accountable,
how can we answer to the
people of Hong Kong?
(Isabel Au, Barrister)
Hi, John.
Who's in the study?
(Edward Lai, Secretary of Justice)
When Father Kwan passed away,
you asked for nothing but this plaque.
This is no ordinary model.
Monochrome camera
with 0.95 lens.
(Oswald Kan, Legislator, Senior Counselor)
Perfect match.
It's wasted on me,
but you like B&W photography.
Something bothering you?
Operation Cold War has
created lots of problems.
Many councilman have lost faith
in the police force.
What's your decision on
the P&P inquiry committee?
You come all the way here
for my advice on Council matters?
I hope you join the committee.
With you on board, I could ask
the Secretary for Security
to fully cooperate with the investigation.
For the common good, we must all
make compromises sometimes.
You are trying lo override
the legal system with judicial power.
is the art of negotiation.
Those words
are embarrassing even
for a first year law student.
Among all of my juniors,
you were the brightest
and most promising.
Head and shoulders above the rest.
What more do you want?
But real politics
has many unspoken rules.
Had I followed the "rules",
you would never have become
the Secretary of Justice.
"Digital" photography has its charms.
But my passion lies in "analogue".
No, thanks.
Your flight leaves tonight at 9:15.
Go home and reflect on you actions.
- Go.
- Thank you.
Master, you had promised Edward Lai?
They sent the Secretary
of Justice to lobby me.
It's a last ditch effort by the government.
Things may shift in the future.
If I don't step in, I may regret it.
Master, the sign up deadline is 5pm today.
Call them at 4:45pm.
By a majority vote, the Legislative Council
passed Security Panel Chair,
Chaplin Ma's motion
to invoke the Powers and
Privileges Ordinance
to investigate Police Commissioner
of Police, Sean Lau
for ethics violations during
Operation Cold War.
This is the first time since 1993
Legislative Council invoked the ordinance
to investigate a top government official.
We just received the inquiry schedule.
Lydia Wong will serve as committee chair.
Chaplin Ma is the vice-chair.
Other members include Alan Tam,
Emily Ng and Oswald Kan,
all top legal experts.
The first witness is
Mr. Lee, M.B. Lee.
Sir, in view of the P&P inquiries
over the last decade,
if Operation Cold War
fails to yield results,
I predict the Council will conclude
the inquiry with words such as "regret",
"denounce" and even "condemn".
You not only stand to lose your pension,
you may even face criminal charges.
All we can do now
is to publicize all the facts on
the Commissioner's behalf,
to gain public sympathy.
Instead of relying on the police force
for help, think about
how you can help the force.
(Billy Cheung, Principal Investigator)
(Independent Commission
Against Corruption (ICAC))
I've spoken with Mr. Mak.
How can I help you?
The rooftop firework incident
and the MTR explosion
both involved black market explosives.
But so far,
we have no suspects.
I don't have a single lead.
I may have been kept
in the dark from the beginning.
Does MB. Lee still have
an influence on the force?
Don't just focus on the police force.
I want you to do a sand table exercise.
Expand your scope.
I want to form a clean team on the outside.
I want you to take the lead.
Happy birthday!
That's enough!
I promised to quit.
Just one drink once a year?
You know what I mean.
When I was 20, you said
it was the last time.
Then you'd let the past go
and stop mourning my dad.
You're becoming more like him.
Cantankerous, stubborn.
Back then we were poor.
Your dad and I often drank this swill.
Now I'm slowly discovering
how good cheap booze tastes.
That's enough!
Stop it.
If I was the one driving that day
I don't quite remember his face.
That's why cameras were invented.
Guess who I saw in my dreams last night?
Your father?
But his name was Oswald, not Oliver.
Promise, stop drinking so much, okay?
Madam Chairman
The last paragraph of the Operation
Cold War police internal report reads:
"This operation upheld
the core values of Hong Kong,
(First Hearing)
"setting a good precedent
for other common law jurisdictions.
"The Internal Review Committee
deems this operation
"the most successful failure
"since the handover."
First of all, Madam Chairman,
what do they mean by 'most
successful failure'?
The oxymoronic language is preposterous.
I completely disagree with
the findings of this internal report.
What about you, Mr. Lee?
Madam Chairman,
I did read the report,
but I was neither involved nor
had any input into it.
Mr. Lee.
According to the internal report's
attachment B2, page 17, Section B,
Sean Lau, then Deputy Commissioner
anonymously leaked a substantial amount
of classified information
in the interest of solving the case.
Were you informed of
this action beforehand?
I wasn't informed beforehand.
But Clause 6.01.22 of Police General Order
clearly stipulates that
"Police officers shall not send anonymous
correspondence as such action
"may be seen as conduct to the prejudice
of good order and discipline."
Mr. Lee,
do you think Mr. Lau
broke the law knowingly?
Mr. "Counselor".
Regulations are set in stone, not people.
I suppose we lawmen are out of your league
when it comes to dancing around the law.
Madam Chairman,
let's go back to page 57
of the police internal report.
On the evening of December 26 last year,
the following incident took place
at your residence, Mr. Lee.
Lau had got evidence to prove your son
of engaging in criminal activity.
It's admirable to uphold justice
at the expense of your own
family relations.
I want to ask Mr. Lee.
Did you ever question Sean Lau's integrity
and leadership ability'?
Madam Chairman
With respect to Commissioner
Lau's integrity,
I had no doubt.
But on the day of
the Sai Ying Pun Station incident
something else happened.
Commissioner Lau and Joe Lee had
a conversation inside a bugged vehicle.
Joe Lee hinted
that the missing EU van,
firearms and equipment
had not resurfaced because Commissioner Lau
refused to deliver on his promise.
Mr. Lee,
how did you learn of this information?
I was at the police headquarters.
I heard the conversation as it happened.
During that conversation,
did Joe Lee specify what Commissioner
Lau had promised him?
Joe Lee said
They agreed on $50M.
Commissioner Lau promised
to deliver the security detail
of the Chief Executive, the 3 Secretaries
and 13 Bureau Directors
over the next 6 months.
But Commissioner Lau was greedy.
He wanted more.
- Chairman!
- Chairman!
Mr. Lee.
Are you aware you're making
serious allegations?
You're suggesting to the chair
and all P&P committee members
that the Police Commissioner was
conspiring with Joe Lee and his cohorts
and threatened the safety of
Hong Kong's top-level government officials.
As a police officer for over 30 years,
I've learned
not to rule out any possibilities
until a case is solved.
Questions and answers in
previous P&P hearings
were all rehearsed.
M.B. Lee didn't follow the script ai all.
Don't you think Lee
had ulterior motives from the start?
What he said today was meant
to divide the police force.
Now that Sean Lau is so vulnerable,
what's wrong with putting him
out of misery once and for all?
Old school cops value honor.
Lee knew very well what he said
today was enough to ruin
the reputation that the force
built over the years.
We can't trust this man.
He can't be doing this just
to go after Sean Lau.
If Lee had other reasons,
who or what could convince
such a cunning old man?
He sacrificed his own
son to uphold justice.
What makes a person change suddenly,
almost always comes down to a few reasons.
Power, Money, Personal or Family.
To convince Lee to switch sides
requires someone with influence and power.
We can skip this.
With power comes money.
This person might have made Lee an offer
he couldn't resist.
Even though Lee still has
influence within the force,
my guess is that both father and son
are merely pawns in a bigger game
There must be
someone else behind this.
If someone is using me
to get rid of the Commissioner,
I would like to know who it is.
They're using every means
to force me to step down.
If I stepped down,
who would benefit the most?
Expect more contact between Lee
and the man behind this.
But it will be hard to trace.
Lee's every move from now on will
directly impact the rest of the hearings.
Find out what Mr. Luk thinks.
He's been too quiet. It's unlike him.
Alan, put Lee under surveillance.
All of you,
let go of your identities as lawyers,
serve as the senior assistants
of "Councilman" Kan.
Our battlefield is inside the Council,
not the courtroom.
I hate being used as a pawn.
Since when did Oswald Kan start running
a surveillance business?
You drove a blue BMW, plate no. 6960.
You followed me here from my home.
What do you want to know?
Retired or not
no other high-level
official has ever publicly
betrayed his own people.
I have not.
Who did you meet before the hearing?
What did they offer you?
You know best.
What's your name?
Ms. Au, I'll answer you now.
On the 2nd day of my retirement,
the Big Four Developers
already sent negotiators.
They asked me to work for them.
They would pay any price.
I turned them down.
Anyone may try running
before learning to walk.
The question is, do you have the talent?
If not, take one step at a time.
You don't look like a corrupt cop.
The force has both good and bad cops.
Stick around for ten years, you'll see.
Please tell Mr. Kan
to mind his own business
and stop sending kids to follow me.
If he wants to know
something, just call me.
My number is the same.
I'll even make a personal visit.
Mr. Lee, thank you for coming.
Skip the formality.
Call me M.B.
Sit down.
Chaplin, Gilbert, Lydia
You've met.
But we don't know each other that well.
Mr. Lee, I hope we'll work well together.
Everyone is here tonight.
Perhaps I'll be privy to inside secrets'?
Secretary Lai decided to
run for Chief Executive.
Here are the key players
in the next administration:
Chief Secretary
Financial Secretary
Secretary of Justice
Hung Kong's future is sitting right here.
So you were playing kingmaker all along.
Mr. Choi lobbied most of
the political and economic: elite.
Still, the current government needs
a complete overhaul.
Secretary for Security Philip Luk
is the most likely contender
in the Chief Executive race.
However, once Sean Lau is eliminated,
it will be easy to remove
Philip Luk from office.
As Mr. Choi suggested,
Mr. Lee will serve as
interim Police Commissioner.
Once elected,
I'll get approval
to appoint Stephen as the Commissioner,
and you'll be promoted to
Secretary for Security.
Mr. Lee can handle any of your brushes with
either side of the law.
If all goes to plan,
I'll announce my candidacy by year-end.
Expect chaos and confusion
in the months ahead.
Some people will need to be consoled.
Others, I implore each
of you to make an effort
to keep them quiet.
there is no tougher job than
being Chief Executive.
You must have some powerful support.
Regardless of the changes
ahead for Hung Kong,
with everyone here on board,
we can only expect even greater
rewards in the future.
A former coworker who now works
at the Legislative Council
told me that Oswald Kan
didn't plan to join the committee at first,
but signed up just 15 minutes
before the deadline.
Are you sure about this?
Oswald Kan and Secretary
of Justice Edward Lai
both are alumni of Lincoln's Inn.
Both have chaired
the Hong Kong Bar Association.
Lai has publicly stated on
more than one occasion that
the police force needs reform.
You suspect Oswald Kan, Edward Lai
and M.B. Lee of working together?
Is the setup here capable
of bugging someone 24/7'?
We have the software but
lack the expertise.
I'll transfer someone here.
Mr. Mak will not agree
to putting Lai under surveillance.
Leave Secretary Lai for now.
Focus on Lee
and Kan.
No need to apologize.
At least we now know
we're on the same page.
With the police also watching him,
M.B. Lee will be extra careful.
You won't gain much
from tailing him.
But you won't stop me?
Would you listen if I asked you to stop?
Now that you suspect Lee,
will you change tactics dealing
with Sean Lau tomorrow?
I want to find out how much Lau knows
or if he's been left in the dark.
Very good.
(Second Hearing)
A crooked stick has a crooked shadow.
If the Commissioner breaks the rules,
how can we expect the 33,300 men under
you to enforce the law,
Commissioner Lau?
Madam Chairman.
Counselor Kan.
Extreme times
call for extreme measures.
But only those in power
decide what constitutes extreme times.
That's why
the law prohibits extreme measures
to be employed at all times!
You're at the Legislative Council,
Please answer the question!
Madam Chairman.
Breaking convention
and breaking the law
are two different matters.
Joe Lee was captured
because ICAC was involved
in Operation Cold War
Did I hear wrong?
Was Joe Lee recaptured?
do you have selective amnesia?
Please rephrase your answer.
Joe Lee may be at large at the moment,
but he can't escape
the long arm of law forever.
I already stated publicly
that I assume full responsibility
for the MTR Station incident.
In the last hearing,
Mr. M.B. Lee testified that
while you were escorting Joe Lee,
Joe Lee said the following
Counselor Kan!
I don't believe this
Council Chamber is the place
to bring forth unfounded
allegations against me
from a proven criminal.
Commissioner Lau.
Why do you have so many enemies?
I believe
it's because my appointment
jeopardized certain vested interests.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to state the following
Hong Kong,
is not a place where
they can have free rein.
He parked outside Fung
Shing Auto Body Shop.
Please take over.
Tin Man?
Sorry, sir.
That's strange.
M.B. Lee's phone was quiet all day.
Ken's protg has been
hanging around Tsuen Wan.
One EU van, five officers,
plus the equipment,
what's it worth?
How much will it cost
to make an EU van disappear?
Jammer included,
at least $20M.
$8M, if you gave me the job.
After leaving office, Mr. Choi has been
the network security consultant
for the US, South African
and Israeli governments.
Sean Lau overestimated his intelligence.
The 3rd Generation Police C3 System
was worth $540M.
He gave the contract to
8 independent suppliers in the end.
But the world of IT security is small.
No matter who he picked.
I can make them mine eventually.
You're saying it won't matter
whatever system the police uses.
Technology is just hardware.
What matters is the people.
Gary, when did you get back?
3 months ago.
You guys took the fall for me back in 1995.
I still haven't thanked you properly.
Don't say that, Sir.
You and Mr. Choi have taken good care
of us all these years.
We all want to serve with you again.
Dad, just one more step,
you will rewrite history.
Sean Lau won't win in the hearing.
A sinking ship is not worth bothering with.
Your tenure as Police Commissioner
starts now!
Mr. Choi arranged for me
to leave by sea tonight.
Go as far away as possible.
Don't let anyone know your whereabouts,
including me.
Take care.
It's time to go.
Stay far, far away from these people.
If possible,
start a new life.
I love you, Dad.
Master, I just saw M.B.
Lee meeting his son.
I'm tailing Joe Lee now.
Bella, come back now, we'll talk later.
I must find out who else is in his car.
Isabel Au just called Oswald Kan.
She's tailing Joe Lee's car,
southbound along Sun Tin Highway.
I'll get the model and
plate of her car now.
Inform Alan and ask for backup.
Mr. Choi, there's a car following you.
Yes, sir.
Police! Move over!
Ms. Au.
Ms. Au.
Ms. Au.
Boss, get in!
Au's phone and camera have been examined.
It seems like nothing can be recovered.
There were 3 shooters in the tunnel.
The suspect with the shotgun
was blocked by the minibus.
CCTV didn't capture a clear shot.
The other one escaped
left fingerprints on his car.
We may ID him.
The 7-seater?
A same model car was discovered
at Cafe Old Beach half an hour ago,
completely torched.
Joe Lee?
Sean Lau!
- Sir!
- What did you promise me?
- How dare you act outside the law!
- Every one of my decisions
- You think you're king'?
- Was in the interest of the force.
- Did you ask him what he did?
I begged you to spare him!
- I never said I'd let Joe Lee go.
- He didn't deserve to die!
- He was hell-bent on killing me!
- Now that you're losing your job,
- you made him take the fall for you!
- I fired back in self-defense.
You call yourself a
Police Commissioner?
If he wasn't your son,
would you react so strongly?
Mr. Lee, don't do it!
All of you listen carefully!
If Sean Lau is allowed
to continue being your boss,
I'll fucking change my name!
Are you two crazy?
The former Deputy used an illegal firearm.
The incumbent Commissioner,
guilty of obstruction of justice.
Sean Lau.
You know well that wiretapping requires
authorization from Customs,
Immigration, ICAC and the Supreme Court.
But you don't even have one permit.
Not one!
M.B. Lee.
I'm devoting the rest of my life,
to taking care of you.
Be my guest.
According to our records, the second gunman
is deceased.
His name is Roy Ho,
a former CID investigator.
He left the force in 1993
with a clean record,
and died in 1995 in a car accident.
The CID Director then
was M.B. Lee.
Do you suspect the gunman works for Lee?
Something else happened that year.
Special Branch was dissolved.
I always suspected
the Special Branch immigration program
for covert agents was misused.
Faking their deaths was just
part of the protocol.
Even after these agents left Hong Kong,
they remained on police
payroll as informants.
If your suspicions are correct,
Lee will strike back.
do you know why I asked you here today?
Because you're a sensible person.
How can I help you?
I've decided to return to the force.
But before that,
I need you to remove Sean Lau from office.
We have the power to
legally remove Mr. Lau.
As for your reinstatement,
No need not worry about that.
Technically speaking,
I'm on pre-retirement leave.
Once Lau is removed,
Stephen will be appointed
Acting Commissioner,
I'll take care of the rest.
I'm not the only Senior Officer vested
with the power to co-sign
the petition for his removal.
Alan is too close to Mr. Lau.
He can't be objective.
Everyone knows that
Chan never got along with Mr. Lee.
He won't agree to sign.
Phoenix used to work under you.
She'll do whatever you say.
If we pull this off,
I'll make you Deputy Commissioner.
My decision will have nothing
to do with your offer.
Let me repeat one last time:
You're a sensible person.
Mr. Han, I have loads of paperwork.
Please get to the point.
Phoenix, have a seat.
With respect to the shootout
at Shing Mun Tunnel,
we've received over a hundred complaints.
In the past two days, every newspaper
and radio phone-in program
is critical of police for
not following standard procedure.
But Commissioner Lau captured Joe Lee.
Shouldn't we all adopt a fairer view?
A fairer view?
We're still unable to rule out
if any of the victims were hit by
Mr. Lau's bullets.
At least four of them
are filing lawsuits
against the Commissioner.
Everyone here wants what's best
for the police force
and the Commissioner.
But if we must
choose between the two,
I'm sure you know which side to choose.
Starling with Joe Lee's
removal from prison,
Mr. Lau has stated repeatedly that
he assumes all responsibility.
I want you to deliver this document
to Mr. Lau yourself.
You two decide
if the removal of the incumbent
Police Commissioner will come into effect.
I won't sign it.
I don't have the slightest
bias against Mr. Lau.
I'm doing this
to save the force.
I never guessed that
Mr. Mok would take the lead.
Neither Stephen nor Mok is at fault.
I forced Lee to surrender his authority
using the exact same means.
That's how they keep me in check as well.
It's a necessary mechanism
for preventing top officials
from abusing their authority.
If you don't sign it,
no one in the force
will listen to you again.
According to sources close
to the police management,
Commissioner of Police
Sean Lau has requested
a leave of absence for heath reasons.
- Deputy Stephen Han
- You're back.
Will serve as interim Commissioner.
Where is she'?
Staying here might not be safe.
Take the earliest flight tomorrow?
Take Josie to mother.
My home is where you are.
We're not leaving.
I'm already.
To me and our child,
you'll always be the Police Commissioner.
CCB found evidence that
the 3rd Generation C3 System
may have been compromised.
Stop using police tech
for our investigation.
- Sir.
- The clean team will follow the case.
From now on, keep your distance.
You must not be implicated.
Mr. Kan.
My protg left this for me.
How did you
Cloud storage.
Bella was very meticulous,
always prepared for the worst.
I never guessed that it was Peter Choi.
The Cold War inquiry gave me my first clue,
and Bella's death further
corroborated my theory.
Someone is exploiting
the power of the legislature
to purge political opponents.
Even though I disagree with your methods,
I believe you have the ability to
bring these people to justice.
But it's not yet time
to make a clean sweep.
Senior Officers may petition
the removal of the Commissioner
for dereliction of duties.
But I've never declared
a city-wide tactical alert.
According to the Police Protocol,
I have 2 weeks before the handover.
Let's locate the missing EU van
before the deadline.
Tie everything up by then
for any chance of winning.
Mr. Kan sent Wilson to help us
on the condition that
we share our findings.
The traffic camera videos revealed
that prior to her accident,
Ms. Au was parked on Wang Lung St.
M.B. Lee's car was also there
for more than 30 minutes.
According to the photo's file properties,
it was taken at 18:45.
Lee made a return trip to the body shop
within 30 minutes.
How far could he travel?
Sir, I don't think I follow.
Regardless of who the new Commissioner is,
the search for the missing EU van
must continue.
I formed a clean team outside the force.
For security reasons,
they change locations periodically.
Right now, they work from
the HKU Cavern Reservoir.
I ask that you ensure their safety.
In case I lose,
the future of the police
force depends on you.
- We found nothing.
- Let's go.
Nicole, fly higher.
Don't let them see us.
Set up a stakeout outside the junkyard.
We've confirmed the identities
of the men in the junkyard.
They all worked under M.B. Lee.
All had death certificates issued.
(One day prior to the transfer of power)
We confirmed your suspicions
about the C3 System suppliers.
We've found a lead,
but we need more time.
We may not be fully confident.
But tomorrow,
let's show them our hand.
officers are expecting you
at the conference room.
please proceed.
this meeting is held in response
to the joint petition
made two weeks ago by five Senior
Mok, please hold on.
Today's meeting
should be chaired by me.
There're still 4 hours left
before I step down.
I have one last mission
to complete before leaving.
Of course,
I hope to have your support,
especially yours,
Mr. Lee.
4 hours will go by quickly.
Who would dare defy Commissioner's orders?
I received a reliable tip
on the location of
the missing EU van.
These are Joe Lee's accomplices.
Someone here should be
able to recognize them.
This operation concerns
the honor of the force.
In terms of ability and experience,
the best man to command this operation
is Mr. Lee.
On one condition
I decide who to take with me.
Of course.
But I have a request.
When you brief your team,
do not disclose any
details of the operation,
until the moment you take action.
Too much is at stake, you understand.
you assist me.
Set up 3 teams with SDU and Crime Unit.
Everyone must have served with me before.
exclude anyone who joined
the force after 2005.
Mr. Lee.
I'll send Alan to back you up.
Phoenix, you come with me.
Mr. Lee, it's against protocol.
You're not in charge of this mission.
Alan, Mr. Lau, I'll go.
Mr. Lau,
no activity detected.
Do we just monitor these
5 Senior Officers' mobile devices?
M.B. Lee didn't disclose
any operation details during briefing.
Anyone who leaks any intel
will be implicated.
(Once we get out, inform Mr. Choi
to warn our men)
Sir, all units are moving to the target.
activity detected on Stephen Han's phone.
30 sec.
it's Stephen Han.
Han sent a message to a ghost phone.
The location is Ice House Street.
Ice House Street.
Be careful.
Attention all SDU present.
Updated intel:
The missing EU van
is located at the target junkyard.
Suspects may include former officers,
believed to be heavily armed.
Stay alert!
(Mr. Lee is about to raid the junkyard.
Warn our men now!)
Mr. Choi.
All units in position.
Fellow officers,
this is M.B. Lee.
On my command,
Code Red! Code red!
Bravo-one-zero, suspects in sight.
Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
Bravo-one-zero, site booby-Mapped
with explosives!
Attack failed! Attack failed!
Attack failed. Over.
Alpha-one-zero, Charlie-one-zero,
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Casualties. Report casualties.
Report. Bravo team down.
Sniper team to Zero
Suspects in sight, moving, moving
Zero to Drone One,
6 suspects are moving to the vehicles.
Drone-Z reporting,
the suspects are headed north.
Sir, they'll pass Kam Tin Town Centre.
Drone-1 to Zero,
Large explosion reported
at the main structure.
Sniper team to Zero,
one suspect down. One suspect down.
Sniper team to Zero,
two suspects down. Two suspects down.
Let's go!
Backup team to Command.
Two suspects exited their vehicle,
fleeing northbound on foot.
Green to shoot.
Backup team to Command
The two suspects have
taken a woman hostage.
Repeat. The two suspects have
taken a woman hostage.
- Mr, Lee.
- You stay right here!
Finish today's report!
Ben, help her!
Back off!
Suspect is taking the woman hostage
into the convenience store.
Hold this!
Don't be afraid.
No! No!
Stay there!
My name is Cindy. I just want to help.
I don't want the situation to escalate.
My colleague will deliver
a cell phone lo you.
You can tell me what you want directly.
This is M.B. Lee speaking.
All units, hold your fire.
Sir, two suspects
armed with a Browning handgun.
One suspect is wounded.
There are at least 5 hostages inside,
including an infant.
I just gave them a throw phone.
Report to Zero. All suspects down.
Repeat. All suspects down.
Sir, congratulations!
Last time,
I told the four SACPs the same thing
that I formed a clean
team outside the force,
so that I could find the mole.
But this time I told only you
about the Cavern Reservoir.
Mr. Mok.
You said you wanted to
save the police force.
I think,
you'd better save yourself first.
Ceci, call the driver?
Yes, sir.
I'm fine.
Mr. Choi, this way.
He's in the VIP lounge.
Mr. Choi.
Mr. Lau.
I came to see you off.
I've forgotten,
did you ever serve under me?
I was lucky.
How rude!
We've both served as Commissioner.
Being too polite is a form of
Mr. Choi.
Take a look at what's inside.
Why don't you just tell me?
I've got good evidences to show that
the 3rd Generation C3
System used by the HKPD
is actually owned by you.
This is a photograph
of Mr. Lee, his son
and you.
You've come all this way.
That can't be all that you have.
Before I came here,
the Secretary for Security consulted
with the Chief Executive.
I was instructed to grant you leniency
due to the fact to stabilize the society
and to protect reputation
of the Hong Kong Police.
So here's the deal.
One: M.B. Lee continues
with his retirement.
Two: You must divest all your shares in
those system suppliers within a month.
Three: Don't ever return to Hung Kong.
If you can do all that,
the HKSAR government will
suspend its indictment of you.
Are you using me and Lee
as bargaining chips?
Do you think you can
keep your post this way?
I don't care what plans you
and your backers set in place.
This is my final order to you.
and get out!
You don't have what it takes to fight us.
Take one more step.
I'll declare war.
The rule of law is the foundation
for Hong Kong's success
as a global financial center.
As the head of Hong Kong's
finest disciplinary force, the HKPD,
I must ensure that
the decisions we make are never influenced
by the rich and powerful
for political gain.
It is my hope that each of us
will continue to defend
our values and beliefs.
God bless our homeland.