Colkatay Columbus (2016) Movie Script

^Come with me.
Didn't you want to watch shooting?
Come with me.
Look at that!
That's a small shooting floor
in Tollygunge.
And the movie's name is
Easily Available Bathroom.
Give me Rs. 100, go in and pay Re 1.
You may meet Mr. Uttam Kumar inside.
He is a gentleman.
Don't forget to see his royal sword.
Ms. Suchitra Sen is shooting
on the right side.
But you won't be able
to meet her now.
Didn't I say that Ms. Sen
would refuse to meet anyone?
That's the reason
the woman is crying.
She is crying! Just look!
But don't you worry about her.
I will help you see Uttam Kumar
from up close if possible.
Where are you going, sir?
Why are you looking at that boy?
Meet Mr. Uttam Kumar!
What are you doing?
Do you want to see Shukno Lanka?
That won't be possible.
Mr. Mithun Chakraborty has worked in it.
Do you know a good math tutor?
Will he come home to teach?
I've checked out at least 20 jobs per day,
for the last 30 days.
I've appeared for interviews
and filled up forms.
Everyone teases me now.
Everyone manages to get a job,
but not me.
The beautiful city of Kolkata.
It's the city of friends and fun.
It's the city of joy,
victory and defeat.
Cell phones in this city
become Pandora's box!
Whenever you switch them on,
your life is surrounded by problems.
Ego problem.
Mails, some unsent messages
dating, homework,
meetings, appointments
and if you get a chance,
a few pictures of Sunny Leone.
That's really unbearable, just like me.
The watch says it's 7:10 a.m.
I am Mirchi Sam. You are listening
to Radio Mirchi. It's hot!
We are bringing you traffic update
and back to back songs.
I'll return after
3 minutes and 20 seconds.
Keep listening to Hi, Kolkata.
I'm calling from
Lalbazar Traffic Control.
Right now, the traffic
in Kolkata is quite normal.
I don't have any information
regarding disturbances.
There will be a march around 1 p.m.
from College Street to CR Avenue.
Between 800-1000 people
will participate in it.
But we hope that won't
affect the traffic.
Soumik Gupta, alias Sam.
He changed from Soumik to Sam
for the sake of image.
He keeps his surname a secret.
After his dad threw
him out of his house
he came to Kolkata from Birbhum.
After working hard for eight years,
Sam has become self-dependent.
Sam lives in the house
of his friend's uncle with him.
He doesn't have to pay rent there.
Sam may use a cell phone
worth Rs. 14,000
but he has never called his family
in the last eight years.
And he is trying to record
a music album of his own.
Monalisa won't do.
And what about Shakira?
What do you see in her?
She has so many colors
in her hair! Disgusting!
I'm more interested in her dad.
He owns a fuel station.
He spends hundreds of thousands
at dance bars. What does that mean?
That means, he is a music lover
and I want to make a music album.
Don't you think that
the bond will be strong?
I saw the messages
that she sent to you.
What are you wearing?
What does that mean?
Why would my clothes
make a difference to my music?
That's nonsense. Ignore all that.
Listen. I'm sure your album
will be released.
What's the hurry?
- Shakira is calling me.
Won't you eat?
Do what you like.
- Okay. Yes, tell me.
Your dad wants to have bitter gourd!
Okay. I can't bring it today, darling.
May I do it tomorrow?
Okay! Bye! See you!
The girl who just left is Sneha.
Had she not been with me,
I wouldn't have become an RJ.
I share things with her.
Just a couple of hours before my show
Sneha goes on-air on the same channel
with Sharada Is Still Alive.
No, that isn't what I meant.
That's her show's name.
And Shakira..
Her dad wants to have bitter gourd.
I will have to provide that.
Brilliant, isn't it?
Fantastic! Bitter gourd and music..
I'll post this picture on Instagram.
So, you need to give me a word
that I'll use as a caption.
You have to say it within 10 seconds.
That's the game, okay?
I'll count to 10. Look!
Take a close look.
Ten, nine.. Say something.
Eight, seven.. Come on, be quick!
Six, five..
You're wasting time!
Four, three, two..
Say something! One! Loser!
Ma'am, will you give me a hike?
I can't manage with the same salary.
82 likes already! When did I post
the picture? 5 minutes ago, right?
Hello? Aunt, listen to me.
We can't give it back.
Keep that with you and let me know
which color you need.
Who asked you to worry about everything?
Stop talking!
Let me know which color you want.
I'll buy you the shirt online.
Yes. I'll hang up now.
Balahori Roy.
He is an orphan.
He was raised by his aunt and uncle,
who didn't have children.
This house belongs to his uncle.
He lives here with his friend.
Corporate employee and disciplined,
Roy is dedicated to his work.
He was really stubborn,
so he has made a lot of progress.
But he wants to do better.
'Although, his boss' yelling
aren't letting him do so.
Roy doesn't waste time.
He can't afford to.
Yes, that's it..
Forgot to tell you one more thing.
Roy writes amazing short stories.
He wants to publish those stories
in the form of a book.
He can be like Chetan Bhagat
while working in the corporate sector.
He clicks nice pictures.
Good enough for social network uploads.
This boss will never appreciate me.
- Right! Absolutely right!
But you know..
- Oh! You are still here!
It's almost 4 p.m. You don't really
need to work, do you? Very good!
Why do you need two hours to have lunch?
Do you eat stones?
Sir, please join us.
I am a little busy today.
Some other day.
My friend has invited me today.
Don't you have time
to have coffee with me?
What are you saying?
- Please!
I must join you if you want so.
I told you so.
That's great!
- I'm sorry, sir.
Forget it! - Tell me, Rupali.
- You know, you're actually right.
What you were saying..
I saw..
Respected sir.
I spit on you!
Respected sir, I spit on you!
That's the shortest resignation
letter in the world. I'll write it.
This is about your career, Roy.
Don't be a fool.
How long have I worked
in the same designation?
Neither did I get a salary hike,
nor promotion. You won't get it!
What does he say if you take
longer breaks? Are you disturbed?
And if I take longer, he says..
Do you eat stones for lunch?
I finish my work by 7 p.m.
But I stay in office till 10. Why?
Because my respected boss wants so.
I feel like I am a security guard.
You leave every evening smiling.
And all I do is stare at you all.
Good night. See you tomorrow.
If I don't make him stay at work
till 11 p.m., I won't relax.
Pallabi is my junior. We gave our
rank promotion interview together.
She got the promotion
for the same reason, but I didn't.
What was that reason?
First two buttons of her shirt were open.
So, I was rejected.
I'll see what I can do.
- That same dialogue!
If you ask a politician
why exam results weren't declared
or if you ask a plumber
why the toilet is choked
they'll say the same thing.
I'll see what I can do.
Good night.
- Wait a minute.
You'll see what you can do, right?
Be careful. He isn't a good man.
I would've dropped you but if I do so,
I may not get a promotion.
My car won't stop, by the way.
Take care.
- Same reason.
First two buttons of her shirt was open.
She got it, I didn't.
See what you can do.
WB-3J 139294
You could've bought
some pointed gourds.
I didn't buy them intentionally.
Green vegetables can be harmful.
Take them.
^"This darkness won't stay forever."
^"It doesn't matter how bland
life may seem today."
^"The night will be over.
Before you realize, it'll be a new day."
^"This darkness won't stay forever."
^"This darkness won't stay forever."
^"It doesn't matter
how bland life may seem today."
^"The night will be over.
Before you realize, it'll be a new day."
^"This darkness won't stay forever."
^"I know one day everyone
has to reach the destination."
^"The mice will get the cheese."
^"I know one day
everyone has to reach the destination."
^"The mice will get the cheese."
^"The caged birds will fly away.
We won't give up till then."
^"This darkness won't stay forever."
Let's go out this weekend.
Yes, let's go. I don't like anything.
I need change.
It won't be a political change,
it would be a mental change.
Once we return,
we'll chase success again.
Don't chase success.
Just do your work.
Success will chase you, finally.
When someone becomes famous,
his simple statements become quotes.
Let's go out.
I can't deal with this anymore.
Who has said that?
What will you have for dinner?
^Give me some.
^Do you want to smoke? - No.
I'll just look at it and then throw away.
^Here you go.
^I'm going on a vacation
after a long time.
^A young boy was on his
way back from office
^and he utilized all his leaves
from his working life and retired.
^So, he went to check if he had
received pension. New short story.
^I see.
So many times, I wanted to touch you
but stopped myself.
Only God knows it.
^Is that your line?
^Nirmalendu Goon.
Sneha gave me the book.
^Sneha gave you Nirmalendu Goon's book.
^You can make her your priority sometimes.
^I don't remember
when I last slept peacefully.
^And love..
^Wow! Whose poem is that?
^Why should you care?
You've been baiting all day.
^You have 10,000-12,000 followers
on Facebook, including female fans.
^You're doing great.
^Listen to me.
^Yusuf Pathan was auctioned
for Rs. 15 million
^yet he spends half the season
in the reserve.
^You won't understand.
^I think you should quit your job.
^I can't. I just can't.
^Tomorrow, we'll be back
to square one, right?
^My album will be released.
Mark my words.
^I want to know
^if you'll have to let the
fuel station owner sing in the album.
^I don't know.
Actually, her father's fuel station
has made me weak.
Probably, this is called
main point, weak point.
^I don't believe
in taking right decisions.
^I take decisions and then
make them right. - Make them right.
^Who said that?
- Wait a minute.
^I see. Ratan Tata!
^He couldn't build the factory.
^Politics is good,
but not when you're drunk.
^It sounds very romantic.
^What is that?
^Who is he?
- Who is he?
^Roll down.
^Where are you going?
^I don't know.
^Who are you?
^Christopher Columbus.
^Do you know me?
^He is Columbus!
Ismail, give us another beer.
Soon, he'll show us his tattoo
and say, he is Popeye, the Sailor man.
If you're drinking beer,
please share one with me.
Will you have beer?
You aren't surprised when policemen
and politicians want bribe.
But you're surprised that I,
Columbus, want a beer?
What's wrong with you?
My head..
What's wrong with him? Lift him.
What's wrong?
- Nothing is wrong.
Let's go towards Kolkata.
We'll drop him at a hospital.
What nonsense is this?
Where do we take him?
Put him in the backseat.
We won't take him home.
- Exactly. - We'll drop him at a hospital.
Get in, Mr. Columbus!
Please get in.
- Be careful.
We'll drop him at a hospital.
We won't take him home.
Get in, mister.
Come on.
Get in.
Let's go, Ismail.
Columbus, indeed!
Let's go.
What is your problem?
Is it about me or my discovery?
What do you want to know?
When I think about my children,
I recall Diego and Fernando.
And if you ask about my wives
and my poetry from childhood
I won't be able to recall anything.
But think about it.
Wikipedia says that Columbus died
on May 20, 1506.
- Yes.
Would you have believed this
had you been in our place?
The fact is about a person
who is travelling with you in this car
and yet you don't believe him!
No, but 1506..
Does that tell you
about each night in my life?
Does that tell you how many times
I've lost my way due to a cyclone?
Do they know anything about my
competition with Bartolomeu Dias?
Does the world know about it?
I explored a lot.
But that says.. - It just gives you
a list of what I've found.
1506. Do you get that?
It has been more than 500 years.
Isn't that too much?
Subhash Chandra Bose may return.
But you don't like it
when Columbus returns.
That's true.
Subhash Chandra Bose..
A slim possibility..
- This isn't possible.
Do you think so?
What will make it possible?
My first voyage in 1492?
My second voyage in 1493?
Or should I tell you about 1498?
Which of my discoveries
will make you believe me?
San Salvador Island?
North coast of Cuba?
Dominican Republic?
Singur? Nandigram?
Singur, Nandigram..
- You discovered these places?
No, I couldn't become
such a great explorer.
My list includes Montserrat
Antigua, Redonda, Nevis..
I said those names
because I heard about them.
Memorizing the Wikipedia
is a status symbol these days. I know.
I don't need to memorize Wikipedia.
They try to memorize me.
They don't know the joy
of finding new routes.
Since they don't understand,
they can't explain it either.
The man who is writing an article
on Sunny Leone's boyfriend
will never be able to feel what
Sunny Leone's boyfriend does, right?
He won't.
Why did you come to Kolkata after so long?
Do you have a Green Card?
No! I don't believe in limitations
of place and time.
I have a letter of permission
from the King of Spain. I can show that.
No need!
- It's okay.
How did you learn Bengali?
I have a deep connection with Bengali.
You won't know that.
My mother has a distant connection
with this city.
Your mother.. - I told you.
You won't find that in Wikipedia.
Okay, fine.
How will you go back? On a flight?
On my ship.
I left my ship at the dock
and came out for a walk.
I can't find my way back.
This compass isn't working either.
I can't find any direction correctly.
People in Kolkata are really ill-mannered.
A man showed me a public toilet
and said Uttam Kumar was shooting.
Should I explore success for them?
Should I find new routes for them?
Why do Bengalis use so much sugar?
- I told you.
What do you think?
He has learnt History.
He knows everything.
Facts say that finding
new ways, discoveries
and solutions are nothing for him.
- So, he'll do that for us easily.
Just for the sake of argument,
what if this man isn't Columbus?
So what if he isn't?
At least, he is like Columbus.
He knows the way to success.
That's all we need.
Take Anand Bazar for example.
They aren't in the Government.
But like Government, they can do a lot.
- Do you think it will work?
It will.
- Shall we take him home?
He may go anywhere later.
I mean, we'll drop him if needed.
No, wait!
What if he is a con artist?
So what?
At the most, he will fool us.
Nothing can be worse
than the situation we are already in.
That's true.
Listen, Ismail.
What are you thinking?
What is so bad about our situation, right?
I know that we do well
even without what we don't have.
But what can we do?
We want this.
Had you been a rickshaw driver,
you'd have known that despite having
a 100 rupee note,
one needs change too.
Let's see.
- Uncle!
- Uncle!
Will you live in our house?
Yes. I can do that.
Since you're insisting
I will go to your house.
I'll try to explore Kolkata more.
No one knows whose failure
would result in
whose success. I'll stay here.
- Come with me.
Christopher Columbus is in my car!
- Don't tell anyone.
I won't! I swear by Allah!
- Let's go!
You are in a lot of problem
because of me.
Actually, I'm from history.
When past is mixed with the present,
things become murky.
That won't be a problem.
Don't say Columbus to anyone.
Just say you are Christopher.
From tomorrow..
I mean, from now on
you are Roy's uncle who used to live
abroad and who is a businessman.
- Yes.
Fine. Uncle, you need a makeover.
Right! A makeover.
- We'll take care of it. - Right.
Hold on.
Try this.
- Let me see.
What is this?
- Glasses.
Does this suit him? Nice!
Wait! What is this?
Let me see this! Try this!
- Doesn't this look nice?
Wait, I'll try more.
- What's going on? - Look here!
I can't find a pen.
Columbus! Christopher Columbus!
I am a traveler, not some clown.
Give me my bag.
May I draw your sketch?
Initially, we were suspicious of him.
But things are fine now.
We went for outings with Columbus.
Columbus looked quite amazing
after his make-up.
He looked quite smart.
I mean, it worked in Kolkata.
When Sneha was with us,
she didn't pay attention to Christopher.
She didn't think he was real.
And Christopher was strange.
Whenever he would see Sneha
he would fake a chest pain
or would say he was missing his wife.
He used to leave from there.
For Sneha, Columbus was Roy's uncle.
Do you know, why we say cheers?
Saying anything more before drinking
is just a waste of time.
Kings used to drink in wooden mugs.
They didn't trust each other at all.
They used to hit the mugs together so that
the wine from one mug would spill
into other mugs, even if a little.
That would make the poison spread
among everyone present there.
- That means, jealousy is not new.
How do you know something so old?
Uncle was abroad.
- He was abroad for a long time.
If you want me to believe,
only one of you should speak.
Give me one more drink.
- Hello, good evening.
Are you also from Kolkata?
I am Christopher.
May I share your chips? Thank you.
- Have some. It's delicious.
He is a foreign power.
I need to obey him.
Okay, bye. See you.
Should you have paid the bill?
It's okay.
I'd promised to treat him to lunch.
Why do you invest in a place
where you won't get any profit?
Learn to judge people.
Relationships and friendships
are just like business.
Terms and conditions always apply.
She is standing away from me.
Shall I take her on a ride, on Metro?
- No!
Rich parents' beautiful daughters
don't like to travel on Metro.
It hurts their pride.
Order a cab on internet.
- Okay.
Don't sit in opposite directions.
The wind might be strong
near the windows.
Let's go. I'll have to go to office
after dropping you home.
I want to discuss something
after I come home.
How could he ask such a silly question?
How is my hair? Isn't it nice?
I knew you'd like it.
You know, it took me three hours to
get ready today. Can you imagine?
No, I can't.
- Shut up! Just listen!
I opened my wardrobe,
but I couldn't decide what to wear.
I had worn all the dresses and
uploaded their picture on Facebook.
I found this top somehow.
But guess what?
- I couldn't find matching hot pants.
Then I had to look really hard
to find this one.
But finally, I look nice.
Don't I?
I've already got 38 likes.
Isn't it nice?
- You could've worn anything.
Things aren't really visible.
Boss is really upset
because I keep praising you.
Be alert.
The pressure may increase.
So, you have been able to
increase the pressure on me.
Come on.
- Fantastic!
I'm trying, Roy.
- If you wanted, you could've helped.
A promotion or a salary hike
is nothing for you.
You may enjoy your time for now,
then the boss will drop you.
Come on! Trust me.
You may keep this for now.
This will look nice with your dress.
It's new.
I'll go and plan everything.
I'll have to sit and..
Success, the way out of this,
- I'm going.
A plan?
Enough! Now give that to me.
Give it to me.
- Oh, no! - Come on!
I've been knitting this monkey cap
for you for the last month. Take a look!
It goes with your skin color so well.
I'm knitting it.
She helps me sometimes. Isn't it nice?
I forgot to introduce you to her.
He is Sam.
Sam, she is the maid.
Aunt, didn't I show you
his photos the other day?
He is handsome and cute.
- What are you doing?
Isn't he? - What are you doing?
She is still here. Don't do that.
It's just her.
You know
Sam sings really well.
He sounds just like Anupam Roy.
- Anupam Roy?
She loves music.
You like rockstar
Manna De's songs, right?
Sing rockstar Manna De's songs for her.
- No, I won't sing now.
Why are you doing this?
You know,
Sam wants to launch a music album.
But he needs a lot of money for that.
I thought he wouldn't have money.
So, I'll ask dad..
"You are like a dewdrop."
Rockstar Manna De!
- Manna De wasn't a rockstar.
"On my beautiful lotuses."
"If I don't think about.."
Talk to your dad, okay?
"Your beauty"
"makes me forget everything."
"You are my.."
If you do this, I'll lose my temper.
I am getting a little angry.
He has a good voice, doesn't he?
So sweet!
You know, he can sing more songs.
He knows many more rocking songs.
He loves me and I love you.
That means, he loves you too.
So, sing a song for her.
You tell him.
Which song do you want to hear?
Tell him another song by Manna De.
Tell him. Say something.
Will you increase my salary, ma'am?
"O my dear Lolita!"
"Ask her to leave today."
"Ask her to leave today."
"If you want to fetch water.."
He should've stayed in touch
with his family.
I support Sam.
^If he doesn't want to do something
^he shouldn't do it.
^In fact, explorers shouldn't be homesick.
^Do you think I could do this?
^And if I had a Bengali family,
it wouldn't have been possible.
^Think about it.
What if Columbus had a Bengali wife?
^Think about it.
^Columbus is about to leave home
to explore the world
^his wife asks..
Where are you going?
^Why are you going?
When will you return?
^What would you bring for me?
Get 200 potatoes and 500 tomatoes.
^Can't you do this from home?
^My wife would've asked me
to explore from home.
^That's a very common WhatsApp joke on me.
Haven't you read it?
^Just because you could, everyone can't.
^He hasn't gone home for eight years.
- You don't understand my problem.
^My relationship with Shakira..
^I'm really confused about it.
^I don't really love her.
^Her dad's fuel station..
Sneha isn't happy regarding this.
^Let her not be happy.
^You may love your colleagues
^but don't share everything with them.
That's an old saying.
^Why would I love Sneha?
^She is my friend. I like her.
^Sometimes, I tease her.
^I joke with her. That's all.
^Why would I love her?
^I don't believe it.
Sneha is perfect for Sam.
^Shut up!
^Why do you lose this attitude at work?
You start mumbling there
^as if you are some fugitive.
^That wouldn't bother me.
^You don't know my boss.
He wants to hear me begging.
^Don't pay attention to Agarwal.
^As far as I understood,
he doesn't know anything.
^Challenge him.
Don't go to work for a few days.
^Keep important files out of his reach.
^Shrewd merchant, company
of a woman, God fearing, sharp tongue.
^What does Shakira do?
She just likes to cling on to me.
^It's so irritating!
^When her father wants to eat
bitter gourds, I have to buy it.
^I have to sing rockstar Manna's songs
if her maid wants so.
^I applied nail paint on her toes
just a few days ago.
^She makes me do these things.
How do I tell you?
^Have you ever done that?
^Forget it. You won't understand.
^We did a lot of things like that
during our voyages.
^In fact, Kolkata is not
a place like that.
^Forget it! If you are so irritated,
why don't you break up with her?
^Actually, her that owns that..
- What?
^I mean, her father owns a fuel station.
^The other day, I was singing
and she said
^that I was a very good singer.
^She said that she'd ask her father
to produce my album.
^I mean, she can do it.
There is a chance.
^I wonder what all
I'll have to do for that.
^Her father owns a fuel station.
- Yes.
^She is his only daughter?
- Yes.
^Shakira will place
the proposal to produce
^your music album
in front of her father.
^He won't agree in the beginning.
He is a businessman, after all.
^He understands everything
about profit and loss.
^But then, if his only daughter will
^cling on to him and request,
he'll agree.
^So, if Shakira, her father
and the fuel station are lined up
^why do you try other streams?
^In search of a better option.
^As far as I know you
^you are impossible with women.
^You can't even speak properly.
^Then what do you do with them?
^Do you discuss weather and poetry?
My dad is a miser.
Honeymoons cost a lot.
So, he left mom and went alone.
We are seven sisters and five brothers.
I see. What does your dad do?
You have guessed it right.
- How dare you talk about my dad?
Get me water. - I have many dads.
Which one should I tell you about?
Please! What nonsense!
My dad is a rich man.
But he is a coward.
His father is a policeman.
^"You are a beautiful bride"
^"and we are in love with you."
- What happened?
^A vintage song like this
will be a part of my album, remixed.
^I hope she isn't lying
about the fuel station.
^Who? Shakira?
- Yes.
^Shakira's lips don't lie.
- I see.
^Are you going to have
these kind of songs in your album?
^No, there will be an array of songs.
There will be Rabindra Sangeet too.
^Why Rabindra Sangeet?
- This will be like a prayer tray.
^There will be different singers' songs.
^But Bengalis would love to hear
Rabindra Sangeet.
^But music albums aren't doing well.
^I mean, they aren't sold.
- At least, one piece will be sold.
^Won't the singer buy his album?
^He doesn't buy it either.
He also downloads music.
^Excuse me. What should I do now?
^Right now?
- Yes.
^Sam, right now you'll make Shakira feel
^that her money, her father's
fuel station mean nothing to you.
^You just love her.
And that's why you're with her.
^That will add to your honor
and responsibility.
^Will that work?
Roy! Come here.
- What is this?
- Pay attention to your performance.
Send that later.
Is this English?
This has no head or tail.
I don't know what to say.
I can't speak in English
as smoothly as you do.
Whenever I try to speak..
We should fix up..
We have to set up a meeting with..
- That is not the problem.
I start stammering.
I can't do anything about that.
Indian constitution says that
I can submit any document
in Bengali. Our office doesn't
allow it. Is that my fault?
I'll try to adjust with you,
if I get another chance..
I'll see what can be done.
- I know.
Concentrate on your performance.
Focus on your presentation.
By the way, your birthday is next month.
What do you want?
How long does it take for you
to reach home in the boss' car?
40 minutes maximum.
It may take 10 minutes extra
at the most, in my used car.
You may come with me someday.
Can you tell me
when that gentleman would leave?
Who are you talking about?
- Uncle.
He is helping us a lot. Believe me.
How to talk to Shakira..
I mean, Shakira's dad.
How to convince her father..
He's giving us some tips.
He had more than one girlfriend.
Hari's uncle is an immoral man!
Why would Hari's uncle be immoral?
More than one girlfriend?
Hari's uncle..
Don't call him immoral.
Rich people often behave that way.
They believe in sharing.
Do you get it?
I haven't eaten yoghurt and banana
for a long time.
- I've got it today. Will you have it?
You've brought it today.
- Yes.
Silly woman! I have a lot of work today.
I have to talk to people.
I'll have to speak in a manner
that I'm not exposed.
I'll have to be smart.
I'm going. I have a meeting in office.
- You are in office.
Get yoghurt and banana tomorrow.
I'm going now. Bye.
See, my darling is here.
Have a seat.
You are always late.
I had been waiting for you.
Look, I have worked so hard!
I've applied a new nail paint.
- I've clicked 27 selfies too.
I've posted them
on Instagram and Facebook too.
I'll click a selfie with you.
Smile! Candid!
^Now I'll fold these clothes now.
^I didn't let my aunt do that. I'll do it
on my own. I think.. - I'm saying..
^I think we should eat
something healthy. - Yes.
^Shall I peel grapes for you?
^It doesn't matter if you peel
grapes or not, I like you.
^No, I mean..
I want to say
^that I love you a lot.
I love you a lot.
This will add to my
responsibilities and honor.
^She is so happy!
^Didn't I tell you that he loves me a lot?
^You know I dress up for you every day.
^I get minimum 408 likes
on every picture. - 408.
^Last week, I had 1200 likes.
You don't pay attention towards me.
^Who said that? Look!
Here, I'm paying attention.
Guess what I am holding!
- What?
You are never excited. Guess what it is.
- Okay.
Oh, no! I'm excited.
Organic lipstick. It's organic.
Even if gets in your system
you won't fall ill.
It's a healthy lipstick.
What would I do with this?
You will apply this on your lips.
Look! Pout!
Dab! Apply it on your lips.
Do I have to apply this on my lips?
If you love me,
can't you do this much for me?
^Aren't you the one who loves me?
^I can do anything for you.
I need to apply it, right?
^Cutie! I'll get fruits.
- Cutie!
Come on!
Thank God, I don't live
with my parents.
I would not have been able
to show my face to them otherwise.
So, are you alright?
Tell me something.
Does her father really have
a fuel station?
Is her father really
a fuel station owner?
Tell me. Do you know?
Answer me.
What is this?
Alright, you need not say a thing.
No! What's the matter?
I have a request.
Will you ask Ms. Shakira
to give me a pay hike?
Good night. Bye.
Call me.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Take care.
^This is what a post-party mess
looks like!
^This matter is quite managed now.
Do you get it?
^Columbus has managed everything.
^Uncle Christopher!
^Will you show me what you've shot?
^"I've been looking for a morning
ever since I woke up."
^"I'm writing letters on the sky."
^"I can never find.
Everything seems scattered."
^"I don't know when I'll find you."
^"The school is quite colorful.
I run to it every day."
^"I wonder when you'll join me
for a class."
^"I can never find.
Everything seems scattered."
^"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I wonder when I'll have that day back!"
"I want to run away from this crowd."
"I wonder when I'll have that day back!"
"One song is all that I have."
"I'm writing letters on the sky."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I'm writing letters on the sky."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I've been looking for a morning
ever since I woke up."
"I'm writing letters on the sky."
"I can never find.
Everything seems scattered."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
You did the right thing
by settling abroad.
I told Roy
^that we don't have anything
in West Bengal.
As soon as middle-class Indians
meet anyone from abroad
they start criticizing our country.
^There is no development.
There are no jobs.
^I wanted to settle abroad.
I'm glad that we met.
All because of Roy.
If you come there, you won't
have to worry about accommodation.
I stay there alone.
Besides, if you join me,
you'll cook Bengali dishes for me.
It'll be my pleasure.
^Just help Roy reach a nice position.
^It's my earnest request.
^I'll do something.
The lift-man in office
had accidentally touched her once.
She started cursing him.
Didn't she say she'd do something?
Let's see further.
^By the way, nice earrings.
They're nice.
- I'm sorry.
I left my camera here.
- Sure.
Your timing is always very bad.
Now play ahead.
"When will that prince arrive"
"to take me away on his horse?"
"I'm painting beautiful pictures."
"I want to forward everything."
"My boat is sailing in scarce water."
"I don't know when I'll find you
next to me."
"My boat is sailing in scarce water."
"I don't know when I'll find you
next to me."
"My childhood is over.
I seem to be on a foreign land."
"I try to find rains every month."
"I've been looking for my
mother's scolding for a long time."
"I don't know when I'll find it."
"The school is quite colorful.
I run to it every day."
"I wonder when you'll join me
for a class."
"I can never find.
This place seems a strange land."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
^"I don't know when I'll find you."
Since all this happened back then,
does it have to be repeated?
What would common people do?
Where will they go?
^Listen! There are a lot of mistakes
in your presentation.
^Why do you always cooperate so much?
^You need to dominate.
Is there a technical mistake?
I didn't say that.
I'm a technical man, there are no
technical mistakes. That's it.
Where's the problem?
^The problem is that the sail
of your boat is torn.
^And you don't even have a life-jacket.
^What do you mean?
^If you don't believe in something
^present it with double the confidence,
and it'll seem like the truth.
When you present a data or a unit,
present it in fraction number.
For example, if anything is 76%
don't say it's 76%.
You present it as 75.876%.
Even if it's wrong
they'll think it's perfect.
^It'll make them feel that you have
studied the subject in depth.
^It'll make you seem authentic.
^Answer in numeric, as much as you can.
That won't expose
that you don't know English.
There is another small trick
that's really effective.
^Whenever the topic ends,
press the enter button hard on your laptop.
^That will cover up
for your lack of confidence.
^Before your flaws get exposed
^take your hands behind your back
and switch to another topic
^very smoothly.
^Oh, no!
I had made an open challenge
at the Spanish king's court
and had earned sponsorship
for my voyage.
You may trust me, even if a little.
What about my short stories?
If I post them on Facebook
hardly 12 people like it
and one of them is mine.
What about when I go to sleep?
Why don't you say it? You open
my profile and like it on my behalf.
All the famous foreign writers' names
you hear in West Bengal..
Their books are sold well and they
have a good international market.
But I know several better writers,
whom no one knows.
Their PR is weak,
so no one knows them.
I'll give you some ideas
from their books.
You won't have copyright problems.
I'll take care of it.
This is much better than your South.
Have you heard about Uttam Kumar?
Have you heard about Deb?
Who is he?
His PR is weak,
so he couldn't reach there.
I am 87.978% hungry.
I'm moving ahead in that format.
Let's go.
- Why are you going that way?
Uncle! - Uncle!
You go and stop him, I'm hungry.
Will you have dinner? Come with us!
"I've got the job, Bela.
Are you listening to me?"
"No one can stop us now."
"You can call off your wedding this time."
"Tell your mother
you aren't marrying that boy."
^Actually, it's the turning point.
A tough time.
^Do you know a good vocalist?
Add another name here.
Christopher Columbus.
No! What would I look for?
Who is he?
Are you crazy?
You can see coal around.
Don't you know what coal is?
I'm looking for the screw
because the oil is spilling.
What are you looking for?
- I'm looking for a game.
Don't look for it.
It's my job to explore things.
Do you know me?
My name is Columbus.
When you grow up
you'll read about me
in your history books.
You'll have to write about me
in your exams.
You will only write that Columbus
discovered America.
Full stop!
Again, I won.
Just like those history books.
My music album is being released.
What are you saying?
That's amazing!
You got what you wanted.
- Yes.
I mean, uncle!
Uncle met Shakira and went
to her house yesterday.
He met her father.
- What are you saying?
Yes! Her father called me just a while ago.
- What did he say?
He asked me to meet next Thursday!
He'll discuss the album.
I'm really.. I hope you understand.
- Of course.
Let's hang up for now.
We'll celebrate after I return.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Boss is really happy with the USP
of your presentation.
I told him that you are quite focused now.
Finally, you did something for me.
Better late than never.
One more thing, I missed your
uncle's phone number yesterday.
Uncle doesn't use a phone.
Go home and have him to talk to me.
Yes, sure. Rather, I should.
One more thing. The GM of our company
is arriving this weekend.
You will make the presentation
of the new project.
I've convinced boss, only for you.
I know. The boss..
Amrapali, won't you go home?
Roy, all the best!
I'm really pleased.
I will drop her.
One more thing, ma'am.
Since I am heading the project
I don't want anyone to be late
at the presentation.
No one!
Good night, sir.
Good night.
- Good night.
Second hand, but not bad.
You don't need to stay in touch with her
after your album releases.
Who? Shakira? No!
I wouldn't have stayed
in touch with her anyway.
I was under pressure when she told me
about her father's fuel station.
Once that man leaves,
everything will be fine.
I don't think he is a nice man.
Besides, after you cut an album
you won't need a producer, will you?
Will you have to?
- No! Listen.
My first song will be..
I was on a train
when I saw two old ladies
at the platform of a small station.
I called you and sang the song to you.
- Yes.
You asked me to return home safely.
Guitar won't work with this song.
"Time comes to a standstill
and conversations flow"
"when two old friends come face to face."
"After a long time"
"today I have time to walk down"
"the memory lane."
Piano will sound better.
Let me try this.
"Time comes to a standstill
and conversations flow"
"when two old friends
come face to face."
"After a long time"
"today I have time to walk down"
"the memory lane."
"All the words that I have kept hidden"
"all my songs that are hidden in me"
"they should break all the barriers today."
"I should forget all my weaknesses."
"All the tears and smiles
stay next to each other."
"Let's share everything with each other."
"My childhood friends
aren't with me anymore."
"The time has changed a lot."
"All the words that I have kept hidden"
"all my songs that are hidden in me"
"they should break all the barriers today."
"I should forget all my weaknesses."
"All of us are travelers,
moving day and night."
"We are moving towards
an unknown destination."
"At the turn of every street"
"hidden are the stories"
"that I wanted to share with you."
"When will you arrive
and we'll start chatting?"
"The time will come to a standstill then."
"All the words that I have kept hidden"
"all my songs that are hidden in me"
"they should break all the barriers today."
"I should forget all my weaknesses."
"Time comes to a standstill
and conversations flow"
"when two old friends come face to face."
"After a long time"
"today I have time to walk down"
"the memory lane."
"All the words that I have kept hidden"
"all my songs that are hidden in me"
"they should break all the barriers today."
"I should forget all my weaknesses."
I don't know where to drop him.
Let me ask him.
- Listen!
He is out of his mind.
He can't tell me where he wants to go.
He doesn't have money.
But he is saying many things about America.
Wait! I'll go and ask him.
You are going! Wait!
Sir, listen to me.
Where is your home?
- Italy. America is my second home.
Not a home, I had a castle.
In fact, I had another castle too.
San Salvador Islands.
I've discovered that place.
You must've heard the name.
The king of England, John I,
didn't pay attention to me.
My friend, Bartolomeu Dias
was satisfied after finding
a way to South Africa.
I got desperate.
So, I went to meet Ferdinand II
on Iberian Peninsula.
Isabella I..
- Hey!
Okay. Would you like to hear about
my voyages?
- No, it's okay.
Where do you want to go?
Why did you participate in that protest?
- Quiet.
I went to urinate.
There I saw a fistfight.
It was so chaotic!
Then your men came and just
chained me up! Nonsense!
Too much studies often drive people crazy.
Don't you watch news on TV?
Haven't you heard people
trying to speak over others?
Then you can't hear any of them!
I've heard that even they're quite educated.
I see. Intellectuals!
- Right!
What did you say?
We use that word to abuse people
that we don't like.
Do you do the same thing?
- Yes.
- We do the same thing.
Come on. He will drop you
to the main road. Hop on.
Shall I tell him the rest?
- Yes.
Come with me.
- Listen..
Shall I start my compass?
- No, you won't need it.
A motorcycle! Drive carefully.
Did you have dinner?
It's my pleasure.
Are you alright?
You aren't used to travelling
in a second hand car.
Uncle will be home late.
I'll ask him to call when he returns.
Okay, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Bye, good night.
That woman is really stealthy.
She can move quite faster.
She swallows as soon as she finds a prey.
Isn't that so?
I don't say that
but people in my office do.
She would've swallowed you too.
Columbus saved you.
One thing is proved.
You can't do anything without Columbus.
Great! Am I the only one?
Think about yourself.
Giving importance to Shakira
^not to talk like an idiot..
Aren't you dependent on Columbus?
^What will we do
if someone else abducts Columbus?
If you want to earn money
this won't help you.
You need to do something great.
I've understood that after coming here.
That's the law.
But baby, uncle is missing.
He hasn't returned home.
You don't understand that, do you?
Darling, you shouldn't get so upset!
You know, I've asked dad
to buy red wine for you.
Get some marijuana for me.
I've asked my dad to buy me a dog.
I will name it Sam.
The dog will stay with me forever.
- Right.
You may do that.
Name a dog, a camel or a giraffe.
May I talk to you later?
I'll call you later, baby.
- Okay. - Okay.
Thank you. Bye.
Hello, Sneha!
- What's the matter?
Uncle is missing.
- What do you mean?
I don't know what will happen.
My album, project, plan, Roy..
I have no idea.
Sam, are you alright?
Christopher Columbus.
- Sam!
Listen, I want to talk to you.
Christopher Columbus,
do you know me?
I can stay with you.
Wasted in Engineering.
A story of India's youth.
I want that book.
How much discount?
Will you give me some marijuana?
What is that in your hand?
People perform prayers.
They throw things here.
We take away the bangles
we find here
and give them to our father.
Dad sells them at the temple.
I see. Got it!
My new invention to process.
You may see under water clearly with this.
Then you'll be able to find many nice things
from under water.
I can give this to you.
But whatever you find under water using this
you will have to give half of it to me.
Are you ready to do that?
Do you think we are fools?
Do you know about America?
A foreign country!
When? How? Why didn't you tell me?
Did you lodge an FIR?
Do you have his picture?
I'll look for him.
Sign and then leave.
We will inform you if we find him.
I badly need Columbus.
I saw how rude Amrapali can be
without Columbus.
It's a huge meeting.
I can't handle it without Columbus.
What can I say?
I am in the same condition.
Shakira's dad asked me to send him
the brief of the music album project.
I never worked on education projects
in my school by myself.
I can't even talk to anyone.
- That's a problem.
Oh, no! I told Sneha.
You are going to fall into a trap.
Sam, don't go any further
than you have already.
- I don't like to hear this anymore.
You don't understand.
I have been struggling for so long.
I have spent my life struggling.
I've been roaming around in this city
without anyone to help.
My life wasn't stable then and..
You are stable now.
- At least, I have a chance.
I don't want to lose something I wanted
all my life.
I agree.
Chennai.. Client!
It's a huge meeting.
Ms. Amrapali.
I am..
I can't do anything without Columbus.
Hey! Can you give me a biscuit?
Overacting worked.
No matter how much we argue
you can't ignore your family.
Go and check who it is.
- Who could it be at this time?
Is this Balahori Roy
and Soumik Gupta's house?
Yes. Why do you ask?
- Is Columbus here?
I've brought his swing.
He is used to living on a ship.
He can't sleep until he rocks.
What are you talking about?
No one named Columbus lives here.
Hey! He gave me
the address of this place.
I am his friend, Bartolomeu Dias.
Columbus has a less known history.
He shouldn't know
that I told you about it.
He is excellent in studying
different subjects.
He is great in navigation too.
He is great!
We weren't moving
in the wrong direction, then.
You've moved?
Be careful.
Sir, excuse me.
Hello? Yes, tell me.
Invention again!
If I say I invented this as a hobby
people will praise me.
But if I say it will help me earn money,
same people will say..
That's an invention!
Golden rule of acceptance!
You know, that's what his problem is.
He is envious of my success.
He wants to be alone
in the field of exploration.
Tell me. Is that possible?
It's too wide an activity!
If he finds anyone looking for anything
he thinks that person
must be his competitor.
Poor him! He is quite insecure.
Poor thing!
I've been running around
all day to study!
I have nine subjects to study,
but eleven tuition classes.
I don't have the time for self-study.
Can you tell me when the holidays will begin?
Don't smoke marijuana so much.
You forgot after dialing!
- I got a call from the police.
They said that he was dropped
somewhere near Lalbazar.
I don't get it.
Why would policemen
arrest him?
Nothing is impossible.
Columbus has a basketful of records
of unlawful activities.
I don't know what he does now,
but he has killed many people in the past.
He has set villages ablaze.
He indulged in slavery.
He made dogs kill humans.
The concept of colonialism started from him.
- I see.
He raped many women.
But at the end of the day,
he is a nice man.
Many people in here are worse..
- Shut up! He said, he was nice.
He looked like an immoral man.
Sneha, please! I am afraid
that some harm has befallen him.
- I don't think you need to worry about it.
He will find a way.
My concern is that he asked me to meet him
today, but he himself didn't arrive.
How irresponsible can one be!
Where did he go?
Shall I check this?
Go ahead.
Do you want to cross the road?
You are standing on the divider right now.
Cars are moving
on both sides.
Now, tell me.
Shall I leave you alone here?
Or will you tell me
what you are looking for?
I've heard
that the city is full of lights now.
Can you show me, at least, a few?
His assumptions were quite wrong.
He reached El Salvador instead of Japan.
Instead of reaching India,
he reached America.
But where can he be now?
Where could he go exactly?
As far as I know him
he likes the South-West direction.
He preferred the South-West.
All his discoveries, explorations
and success were related
to South-West direction.
Great! Looks like he is a religious man.
He follows astronomy.
That means, that will be
the direction of his discoveries.
Ms. Amrapali..
- Shakira.
Shakira's dad
the fuel station
and the music album.
The success lies in that direction.
Why don't you come with us?
What's the need?
- Shut up! You may be able to help us.
No. I can't go.
My flight is booked.
I came with the IPL team.
Jacques Kallis!
I live in South Africa now.
I've learnt to give up greed and envy.
I've changed my mind
after I lived with Mr. Gandhi.
Mr. Gandhi!
- Yes.
Mr. Gandhi is in South Africa right now.
Here, his photo is used around
robberies, rapes and rioting.
Had he arrived here,
I wonder what would've happened.
After fighting for his country all his life,
Gandhiji is abroad now!
History repeats itself.
Columbus has gone South-West.
Best of luck.
- Thank you.
Best of luck!
- Yes.
Okay, guys! Explore it!
But don't exploit it.
Hey! Why do you add so much sugar
in my milkshake?
You know I like the dark chocolate flavor.
You have it.
I'm worried because
Sam isn't answering my calls.
Tell me something.
Does he love me?
He does love me.
Then why isn't he calling?
At least, he could text me or something!
Why doesn't he call me?
When will he call me?
I can't find him.
He didn't call or see me.
When will he call me?
Will he call me or not?
I am saying that my salary..
Nonsense! What's the use of saying it?
Oh, no! Silly me!
I haven't changed my Facebook status
stating that Sam is missing.
Ismail on one hand
and the picture with a cross on another.
Basically, Columbus is a theophobic man.
He once tried to convert people
into Christianity.
That's why he chased Ismail away, right?
- Exactly!
Didn't you see his crosses on your
parents' and Goddess Kali's photos?
Why are you sitting outside, son?
Come in.
God listens to everyone. Come in.
Okay. As you wish.
Islam doesn't say anything
about forcing anyone.
Come in whenever you want to.
What kind of a song is that?
This song?
That's a call for God.
This is the music of life.
A song of peace.
This soothes all the pain one holds within.
Come in when your soul permits you.
Temples and churches close their doors
at nights.
But we don't.
You may arrive any time you wish.
Any time you wish!
Why should I care
even if he is a theophobic?
I am worried about my work.
I need a shortcut.
So, I want him.
Ultimately, he is an explorer.
Success will be the end of story.
Have a look at the third link.
He was really brutal.
Columbian period is known as
the black chapter in American history.
If you see success in future
they call the past dark.
That's a status symbol of the successful.
Why do you read Wikipedia all the time?
Your life rotates around this.
He went to the islands for business.
Then he captured them.
A lot like British invasion in India.
Isn't it?
All the colonies have similar stories.
My compass says, the sea is this way.
But there is no path in this direction.
Are you crazy?
Did you take
the London case seriously?
Why are you looking for the sea
in the middle of the city?
There is no sea here yet.
You may find it later.
What are you doing here?
My daughter
went to a protest march
a few years ago, with a flag in her hand.
I've found the flag.
But I'm looking for my daughter now.
I never imagined that I'd have to find
my way back to home.
Shakira calling!
Will you talk to her?
No, disconnect the call
and switch the phone off.
I don't like it.
I don't care what he did.
He is an explorer, after all.
But being a Casanova is too much!
Ms. Amrapali talks about him
all the time.
Do you feel really bad?
I'm really very happy
I could do something for you.
I'm a little nervous.
It's a huge client deal.
I don't know.
You have to convince them
with your presentation.
Everything depends on you.
No, I'll try my best.
What is your uncle's name?
He is really very nice.
I loved talking to him.
I get it.
So, had my uncle not been there,
you wouldn't have
done anything for me.
- Not at all!
Your uncle is cool!
But I'm doing all this for you.
Will you have another cup of tea?
Then we could talk for another
6 minutes and 12 seconds.
Then buy a huge pack of biscuit
along with it.
Good one!
You mean..
6 minutes and 32 seconds.
Columbus is supposedly a good man.
He felt bad that we called him
Christopher all the time.
I see.
He was quite fake.
Spanish king's wife, Isabella,
never liked him.
Yes, I've read it. That's why
the Spanish king stopped funding him.
Women always dominate governments.
Do you get it now?
He would've helped us with everything.
Nowadays, you serve the man
who helps you get everything.
You are running after an idea,
like fools!
You can't call a living man an idea!
- You're dependent on him!
Besides, he either killed all his opponents
or made compromises with them.
Sneha, one needs to do such things
to succeed in life. - Yes!
That's rubbish colonial psychology!
That won't happen!
That would never happen.
You need to make that longer.
Forget it!
If you can touch the nose,
I will give you
this entire water body.
Hey! Do you think I am crazy?
I've been doing this for a long time.
Now you try it.
And if you succeed,
all those huge houses
cars, factories, roads..
I'll write everything
in your name.
No! I won't let you have Kolkata.
You scoundrel! Get lost!
Go away from here!
He didn't discover America!
What do you mean?
- Read this for yourself. - What!
What do you mean? What does it say?
- Wait!
Columbus didn't discover America.
He never set foot in North America.
What are you saying?
You may also remember
that it is believed
that Norse explorer, Leif Erikson
reached Canada
perhaps, 500 years before
Columbus was born!
How is it possible?
The father of explorers..
No! Forget all this!
That man helped us find success.
Isn't it so?
- Didn't he?
That's right.
- Success isn't a place.
He can't take you there. You need to earn it.
- Oh!
Everyone is searching,
but no one finds anything.
Sir, please help me
become successful.
Just like him!
I can't do this anymore.
But I want to meet Roy and Sam
just before leaving.
They must have found success.
Otherwise, they would have looked for me.
Sneha reached.
Why is she late?
Was there a jam?
- There was a march, I think.
Ms. Amrapali called me 28 times.
Why didn't you answer?
Had I answered once,
I would've missed the others.
Wow! That sounded quite amazing!
How far has your short story reached?
I've read the books Columbus gave me.
I haven't written anything.
My phone was switched off.
My album project is..
What do you mean?
If I give my album project
to Shakira's dad without Columbus
he will roll it and put it back up my..
But we must move on!
Will you let me read the sport's page?
That's a bad habit I've seen here.
People are interested in others' wives
and newspapers equally.
They act so greedy!
That's the problem!
Nothing is left for me!
Go back, Columbus!
We can reach our destiny by ourselves.
We don't need you!
Go back!
Go back!
- Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back!
- Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
When I arrived, I thought
Kolkata was stagnant.
Everyone in this city seemed lost.
They can't find their way.
I was wrong.
Everyone here is searching!
All of them are explorers!
Go back, Columbus!
Go back, Columbus!
We searched all day and now..
What nonsense!
- I am in trouble again.
Don't create a scene outside.
I'll manage.
I don't know what I'd say.
Ma'am, hello!
Hi! It's so nice to see you!
I saw your missed calls
but I couldn't call you back.
Any problems?
I hope I didn't cause any problems.
I've spoken to uncle and he said
he went out for a few days. - I see.
An outing. He'll be back soon.
- He was talking about you.
What about Shakira?
He was talking about her too.
He was talking about you too.
Sneha, who?
- Who is Sneha?
Don't you know Sneha?
Sachin never had such a great timing
in the last ten years.
Sneha has told us almost everything.
I just want to know why,
for my dad's sake.
I told my dad about you.
Then why did you do this?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I used to dress up for you.
What haven't I done for you?
I peeled grapes for you.
I knitted a cap for you.
I didn't let my maid do anything for me.
What did I not do? Tell me.
How could you do this to me?
You lied to me all the while.
I never lied to you.
Whenever I posted our pictures on Facebook
and wrote hash tag love
and hash tag together. I really meant it.
But you didn't mean anything.
I know you're not like me,
I know you're different.
But that doesn't mean, there was no love!
Why did you do this to me?
Columbus asked me to do so.
I needed this album.
Believe me.
Actually, Columbus helped me a lot.
I mean, my uncle, Christopher.
Prepare yourself for the client deal.
In the beginning,
I thought I should kill you.
But now I feel really relieved.
Thank you.
Sneha, thanks.
Two packets of Biryani are kept here.
You have dinner, too,
or the food will turn cold.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
One more thing.
We don't chase answers.
We try to find some good questions.
^Please help me..
- Shut up!
^Which direction will you go into?
^Are you looking for a new route?
^Or have you lost your way? Go away!
^Do you want more water?
^As soon as you left
^everyone found out everything.
^Do you know what we've been through
in the last few days?
^Everyone is searching!
^I have a lot of competition.
You have
a client meeting.
^He has a music album.
^You're searching too.
^It will work!
You need to switch to
^the next topic smoothly.
^I have a request.
^If you two aren't very busy
^will you drop me?
^I can't find my way here.
^Columbus has lost!
^Go back!
^Go back!
"When will that prince arrive"
"to take me away on his horse?"
"I'm painting beautiful pictures."
"I want to forward everything."
"My boat is sailing in scarce water."
"I don't know when I'll find you
next to me."
"My boat is sailing in scarce water."
"I don't know when I'll find you
next to me."
"My childhood is over.
I seem to be on a foreign land."
"I try to find rains every month."
"I've been looking for my mother's scolding
for a long time."
"I don't know when I'll find it."
"The school is quite colorful.
I run to it everyday."
"I wonder when you'll join me
for a class."
"I can never find.
This place seems a strange land."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
"I don't know when I'll find you."
Christopher Columbus.
Do you know me now?
My ship is quite close by.
My colleagues are waiting for me.
May I go now?
Take care.
The situation here makes me say
only one thing.
Explore by any means! Just explore!
Do whatever you like, but just explore!
Explore! Explore!
Columbus leaves Kolkata.
A few months after that..
That's really amazing!
He was scared.
He didn't know I could say
such an accurate figure.
When is your book being launched?
I'm not sure.
Let's see.
It will be launched at the right time.
It's no use worrying.
Now that my album is out,
I need to keep the guitar along.
I've seen everyone does so.
By the way, the album
was co-produced by
Shakira's dad and the rest..
My mom.
My mom sold her wedding jewelry.
I've understood something.
Finding Columbus was a temporary success.
And losing him was permanent.
What did he say?
If you join me, that'll be great.
You may cook Bengali dishes for me.
The story ends here.
But can I find a job
where I'd get more salary?
Episode - 2.
Now the leaders watch the games
and decide if I can play
in first division or not.
Playing games can still save you.
When I knock at doors and say that I have
books of Ramkrishna and Sharada
they bang the door in my face!
Ramkrishna still works.
But Sharada doesn't
and people get scared.
Let's go.
But we are all deprived
because of this social structure.
- Today..
^What if we catch a taxi to go home today?
^A taxi?
- Yes.
^Sir, can I pick another passenger?
- Go ahead.
^Where do you want to go?
^Where do you want to go?
^Where will you go?
^I don't know.
^Actually, my motorcycle is a bit..
^Will you drop me?
^Who are you?
^Che Guevara!
^If I lose, it will not mean
^that it was impossible to win.
^Che Guevara.
^"We've reached a new country."
^"People came to me."
^"I'm a tired sailor,
looking for a place."
^"I am Columbus, do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"I am really bored."
^"There is nothing to find anymore."
^"Now I'll leave the city."
^"I'll go to a new city."
^"The ship is my home."
^"Will I find the sea in this direction?"
^Did you take the
London case seriously?
^One, two, three, four!
^"I crossed seven seas
and thirteen rivers!"
^"My compass stopped working."
^"I'm a tired sailor,
looking for a place."
^"I am Columbus, do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
^"Do you know me?"
Christopher Columbus.
^Do you know me now?