Collection (2021) Movie Script

[eerie music]
[phone rings]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Christina sobs]
Come on, come on.
[Gio] No!
[Gio] I don't wanna go!
Listen, listen, listen to me.
Come on, come on, come on.
[tense music]
[Gio cries]
[phone rings]
Come on, come on.
[tense music]
It's okay, baby.
It's okay, honey, it's okay.
[phone rings]
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Listen to my voice, baby.
[Christina prays in Spanish]
It's okay, it's okay.
[car honks]
[dramatic music]
[Lawyer] When was the
first time you were contacted
by this inspector?
A bout a year ago, I think?
I was at work when I got a call
from HR
asking why there was a man by
the name of Inspector Davis
attempting to confirm
my address of employment
so that he could serve me
judgment papers.
For the next four months,
he continued to call my
job, blow up my cell phone,
threaten to have me arrested.
He harassed my daughter
in Memphis, my ex-husband,
telling them that I was a
I lost weight, I couldn't
eat, I couldn't sleep,
I almost lost my job.
All of this for a 10 year old
For $453 and 12 cents.
Your witness, Counselor.
Ms. Reynolds, out of
how did you trace this Inspector
as an employee of my client?
I Googled the number
that kept showing up
on my caller ID,
that led to a consumer's forum
where there were plenty of other
receiving similar calls.
I traced that to AMG
Do you have any real proof,
recordings of conversations?
Well, no.
Verified witness statements?
Was that a no?
Surely your phone bill
will show proof of the calls.
Did you bring a copy of
that bill with you today?
I'm no longer with that phone
[Michael] 'Cause you
didn't pay your bill.
[Lawyer] Objection.
[Reynolds] I was a
few months behind, yes.
In fact, other than the phone
and this medical debt in
you've got quite a few
derogatory marks
on your credit for failure to
Isn't that correct?
[Michael] Three
repossessions, an eviction,
four credit cards currently
120 days past due.
I've fallen on hard times.
So hard that you're now suing
my client
for thousands of dollars
for allegedly collecting on
a debt that you lawfully owe.
How is that any different from
Come on, Mike, please.
[Michael] Withdrawn.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
[men chattering]
[Brandon] To another outright
what is that, four in a row,
This one's a little
too close for comfort
thanks to Inspector Davis over
Eat a bag of dicks.
Oh, I'm sorry, you must have
me confused
with your old cellmate.
[glass breaks]
What the fuck?
You motherfuckers need to start
taking this shit seriously.
There's no way you can
operate a business like this
on the defense.
Yeah, says the Jew.
I can't with this guy,
This guy is the driving
force behind AMG, Michael.
The type of paper we collect,
we're good at what we do
because we use alternative
methods of recovery.
Ever buying Saver Paper?
Where the fuck is the fun in
Look, I'm just trying to
protect what you've built.
The reality is, the climate's
they've all caught wind
of what's going on.
17 operations have gone
down in the past 6 months.
The number of FDCPA lawsuits
like this one
tripled last year.
It's a different animal.
Fine, I tried.
What is this?
It's porn.
Just that trainee shit that he's
Close, it's actually my bill.
Your E&O declined the insurance
claim on this lawsuit,
now you have to pay me directly.
So, do you want to cut me a
check now,
or send me a wire-
- Fucker.
All right.
- Come on, come on.
- Want me to cut you a check?
I'll cut you a fucking check
right now.
You piece of shit!
Come on, come on.
Get your fucking
wombat under control or-
- Hey, go fuck yourself!
I mean it!
[cell phone rings]
In through the nose,
out through the mouth.
Sit down.
Your blood pressure must be sky
You take your pill today?
[Ross] I'm good.
You remember in sophomore year
when you dropped like a
sack of shit, speech final?
Well, fuckin' Tommy Slate's
was the nurse that day.
Yeah, I was looking for an
to bask in those titties
for a few hours, you know?
[Brandon chuckles]
She did have a great pair of
Oh, God, did she.
You could never tell the
I mean, I was always more of
an ass man.
Clearly you never discriminated.
Missy Novak?
Dude, I mean her chin looked
two fuckin' testicles
hanging from her lower lip.
[Brandon laughs]
She had a dick face, bro, you
know it.
Yeah, but great ass.
Great ass.
Dick face, bro.
[Brandon chuckles]
You think maybe the Jew could
be on to something here?
[Brandon] What do you mean?
Paper quality.
I'm just saying, I think
that maybe we should
keep our options open here.
We got a stack of bullshit
sitting on your desk right now
that we gotta pay outta pocket
to defend.
So, maybe it can't hurt to
the portfolio a bit.
You're joking, right?
Look, we buy some repo
packages from Chase Auto,
we collect on the deficiency
We run some hard pulls.
Hell, if that doesn't work,
we file an action to collect,
It's all legit.
You know, we're good at what
we do.
That's what gives us seven
figure years.
And we're about to bet it all
on the biggest package
in receivables history,
so I need you focused.
We push the envelope.
And then it's fuck you
money, per quarter, for life.
Fuck you money.
Fuck, Brandon.
That's what it's all
about, nothing else.
Fine, but I'm not
going back inside, bro.
I'm not gonna let it happen
again, okay?
Tonight is the start of
transcendent for our
company, and I need you.
You're my brother.
[buzzer sounds]
[Officer] Yo, Moss!
It's time.
[dramatic music]
Watch it, puta.
[train honks]
Oh, hiya, how you doing?
I'm good.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
We haven't seen your wife
at the club for a while.
[tense music]
Well, it was nice to see you.
Thanks for all your years
of membership with us.
[tense music]
Ma, Dad.
I guess I didn't catch
you guys this morning.
Just figured there was some
kind of scheduling mix up.
Do you guys miss me?
I mean, hey, it's been
18 months with no visit.
Why don't we take this
conversation outside?
No, no, no, no, no, we can do
it here,
I mean, we're all
essentially family, right?
Come on outside, now.
No, here.
What the hell?
You've already destroyed the
family name.
Why not milk it?
I made a mistake, Dad.
You're a drug dealer, a felon.
What did you expect to
happen when you got out?
Sean's home, everybody!
Let's hit the links, party time.
Look at her.
Look what you did.
Your own mother.
All the Xanax and Klonopin in
the world
will never be able to fix this.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
We are well past the point of
What's it gonna take?
I'll cut you a check, right
now, just to disappear.
And then what, we're done?
20 grand?
Are you buying me off?
30 then?
You want to talk numbers,
let's talk numbers.
How about 15?
The numbers of years that you
this disgrace of a son
to market Maas Jewelers
to your community,
placed some pictures
of my three consecutive
All-Valley MVP awards on your
to justify insane markups.
Oh, that's a small price to
to ostracize the same kid
that changed your colostomy
bag daily for weeks on end
after your prostate removal.
How could we ever forget
that time when I was 14
and I read the eulogy at papa's
because you were too shit-faced
to get your act together
and be a rock for your own
family when we needed you most?
Stay the hell out of our lives,
you disgraceful piece of shit.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
Mid six-figures from old man
Fuck me.
I'm impressed.
You know, I played skins with
that cheap prick a few times.
There's a reason they
call him alligator arms,
you know what I'm saying?
Of course you know what I'm
you're his son, or were his son.
Here, take a look at this.
Get your act together and be
a rock for your whole family
when we needed you most!
What the fuck is this?
It's a job interview.
Yeah, okay, I'm a convicted
It's a pre-requisite in my
Which is what exactly?
[dramatic music]
Are you coming?
Are you kidding?
It's not gonna drive itself.
Got anywhere better to be?
[tense music]
I'm heading out, I'll be back
Love you, mama.
[tense music]
Who's the twink?
New blood.
[Ross] I'll sit in the fuckin'
[dramatic music]
Well, if it ain't the fuckin'
bizarro Robin Hood in the flesh.
How's the receivables
business treatin' you?
Well, hopefully you're about
to tell me.
Over 40K.
Average per six figures worth of
Some tasty asset cows,
we're talking potentially nine
And that's a shit ton of
[Announcer] Main stage,
give it up for Svetlana!
[man whistles]
["Paralized" by John & the
Our way back home, through
an endless loop tonight
It doesn't make sense, but
we look the same tonight
I'm late and I'm driving
I'm late and it's driving me
I'm a fake but I'm tryin' to
In this empty crowd
We're all faces
We're good.
[tense music]
You're light.
Well, considering
the amount of bad paper
you sold us last month,
I'd say we're heavier
than your mom's period.
What the fuck did you just...
[man groans]
Tell the glory hole to relax.
[Man] Relax!
Bad paper.
The majority.
Previously paid to another
or belonging to individuals
who have been deceased,
or filed for chapter 7.
If the packages are what
you say it is, then great,
we can resume business as usual.
It's legit.
It better be.
I'll meet you outside.
You should probably ice those.
She's cute.
Excuse me.
For the dance.
Oh, look, sorry, I don't
have time for a private.
I have to take my son home.
Is that your real name,
Do I like Russian to you?
Thank you.
[mysterious music]
["Night Burns" by Barrie-James
Last Saturday night
I was waiting on you
I waited all night, there
was nothing from you
Last Wednesday night,
I was begging on you
Last Saturday night,
I was waiting on you
My night was turning
My heart was burning
And who are you
Last Saturday night,
I was waiting on you
I waited all night, there
was nothing from you
Last Wednesday night,
I was begging on you
Last Saturday night,
I was waiting on you
My night was turning
[Ross pukes]
My heart was burning
And who are you
I knew
Oh, I knew
Oh, that's enough, enough
Oh, had enough, enough of you
Oh, that's enough, enough
Oh, that's enough, enough of
That's enough, enough, yeah
That's enough, enough, yeah
That's enough, enough, yeah
[dramatic music]
Hey, mijo.
Hey, mijo.
So, what is it, Halloween or
My uniform.
What are you, a stripper?
Are you fuckin' kidding me?
You told me you had a cashier
I did.
So between that and Edgar, you
- Edgar hasn't been by
the past three months.
Did you try both his cells?
I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
How exactly?
I have to get ahold of Edgar.
Did you not just hear me?
I'll figure it out, all right?
I'll find him.
Oh, from in here, huh?
With a sundial?
That's great.
In the meantime, my
phone's been blowing up
20 to 30 times a day from debt
because I can't pay our bills.
Hey, hey, you watch yourself.
These people are threatening
to sue me,
ruin my credit.
We've been evicted.
Then Uber or some shit
'til I figure it out.
With Gio in the car?
[man speaks in Spanish]
You promised you would take care
of us.
You promised.
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
[Ross whistles]
All right, everybody meet
the fuckin' new guy.
There we go.
And don't let his white bread
bougie appearance deceive you.
He's a piece of castaway
trash just like all of us.
All right?
So let's treat the kid with
a little bit of respect, huh?
I.e. no tampon strings
hanging out of his herbal tea,
Man, that shit was an
accident, Rossy baby.
Well, that accident cost us
and a workman's comp
settlement there, Aunt Jemima.
Don't make me get up out of
this chair,
I'll beat that ass.
Oh, you gonna beat that ass?
You mean eat that ass.
Can anybody guess what
this number represents?
The largest portfolio
in receivables history.
And as of late night, it belongs
to us.
[people clapping]
So, what does that mean?
Well, for starters, each and
every collector in this room
has the potential to clear
7 figures this quarter.
Think about that for a moment.
Think back to when most of you
were just getting out of
Turned down for job after job.
Competing with society for
they were never gonna give you,
for less than minimum
fuckin' wage, by the way.
Look how far each and
every one of you have come
working at this company.
Now, the bad news is,
even pennies on the the dollar,
I had to beg, borrow, and steal
just to finance this package.
So I drained the operating
account and the reserves,
meaning no guaranteed salaries.
If anybody has an issue with
there's the fuckin' door.
Let's get down to it then.
The portfolio is divided into
Each represents a cluster of
The bottom of the pyramid
consists of the low hanging fruit.
Primarily medical debts still
a 7 year credit reporting
Easy to collect, but
obviously lower in value.
The row above that gets more
The statute credit card
And above that is zombie
debts 10 years or older,
and so on and so on and so on
and so on.
You get the picture, right?
Each collector keeps 10
points on money received.
What you'll notice is the
number of boxes at the bottom
correlates directly to the
amount of people in this room.
What you also notice is the
second column from the bottom
consists of one less box.
Can anybody explain to me the
reason why?
Lowest total in the first
doesn't make the cut for the
So, what happens to
the last man standing?
Person, sorry.
He or she will have the
of competing with Ross for
the top of the pyramid.
A mid 7 figure account.
Winner of that splits
50/50 with me on the take.
Any questions?
When do we start?
30 fuckin' minutes ago.
You're over here, rook.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Cupcake, you don't get a chair.
You're over here.
Right here in the corner.
You gotta be kidding.
All right.
Don't fuck up.
[Sean chuckles]
Okay, Regina Becker, what you
[Regina] Hello?
Yeah, hi, can I please speak
with Regina Becker, please?
[Regina] Who is this?
This is Steve, from AMG
I'm calling about a $1,892 debt
you owe
to Roundtree Dermatology.
[Regina] No, I had insurance,
and I gave them my information.
Well, they said it wasn't
[Regina] I'm not paying them a
They almost burned my toe off
when they tried to freeze that
Albert, I really don't want to
see this
on your credit report,
so what if I can get the
to cut the bill in half, okay?
[Man] I have no money-
- But that's not my problem.
[Man] You listen to me,
you bloodsucking leech.
Okay, I'm listening.
My mother has been in
the hospital for 6 months.
She's got chronic gout.
I've got 3 kids to feed.
Are you even listening to me?
[Regina] No, you look.
This is a work number.
Don't call here again, I know my
It's not about rights...
[Man] I've still gotta
pay rent this month,
just not possible right now.
I could take a card over the
[Woman] I'm sorry, I
got no job right now,
I just can't do it.
I need a commitment from
you on this bill, sir.
I'm a female.
You just called me sir, ma'am.
Or I'm gonna have to mark your
as a refusal to pay.
I don't give a damn what you
just don't call here anymore.
Wait, wait, wait!
Hey, wait, wait!
Fuckin' shit!
Tu madre!
Fucking shit!
I'm only 10 days behind,
and I spoke to somebody
over there last week
telling them that I'd be a
little late.
I've made arrangements to pay
and you still take my car?
No, I understand that
it's not the first time,
but look, I am trying,
I'm doing my best.
I just need my car back, okay?
Come on.
[seductive dance music]
[cell phone rings]
[Ross] All right, so
halfway through round one
you got Juanita at first, Gerald
mixed bag for the rest.
What about the kid?
[Ross] I don't know, man.
Kid seems broken.
Well, put Humpty Dumpty
back together, okay?
[Ross] Since when do
you give a donkey's twat?
Just do me the solid.
Trust me, the kid's got
[Ross] Fine.
Wait, hold on, are you at
Daddy's Angels
at one in the friggin'
Goodbye, Ross.
[Ross] Wow!
[Brandon coughs]
Excuse me.
Is Svetlana working today?
[Woman] I haven't seen her.
Ooh, mamacita.
Where the hell have you been,
Mexico City for a while, jump
and all.
So you can't call, shoot me a
I had to ditch both burners.
Do you have any idea
what we've been through?
Judging from the looks of you,
I say you've been having muchas
[Edgar laughs]
This is funny to you?
Just relax.
What is this?
It's all I got.
Where's the rest of it?
Call it a finder's fee.
When Mario finds out about this,
[tense music]
[Gio] Let go of my mom!
[Christina screams]
He's stuck in a cell for the
rest of his miserable life.
You think about that, huh?
Fuck that, new leadership now.
Consider yourself lucky I even
came back
to give you anything, you
ungrateful puta.
You really want more money, huh?
Maybe you and me can work out
another arrangement, huh?
[dramatic music]
Baby, please.
I'm out of Xanax.
You were supposed to get me a
You need help.
You wanna help me?
Get me my fucking meds.
Baby, you're sick.
You haven't left the house in
Please, I need my wife.
Come on, when was the last time
that we went on a date night,
Oh, is that what this is
about, Bran?
You wanna get laid?
Come on, honey.
You wanna get fuckin' laid?
Stop it.
[Brandon] Come on, stop.
[Wife] You wanna fuck?
[Brandon] Stop it!
Let's fuck.
Is that what you want?
You wanna fuck me, Brandon?
Is that what you fuckin' want?
Huh, Bran?
Is that what you fucking want?
You want to have another fucking
is that what you fucking want?
You want another fuckin' baby?
So you can murder him too?
Is that what you want?
[Wife screams]
[dramatic music]
Wake the fuck up!
I've listened to most of the
and you're well on your way
to being the first man out.
I don't know what the
hell Brandon sees in you,
but he's my boy.
Oh, yeah, Regina Becker.
First little cunt that exposed
One shot deal here, cupcake.
Regina Becker.
[Regina] Yes, who is this?
Tom Ross with AMG Receivables.
Did I catch you at a bad time?
A bad time?
It's 7:30 on a Saturday morning,
plus I already disputed this
and I told you to stop calling
I know my rights.
Actually, you asked us to
stop calling you at work,
you never mentioned your cell
I want you to stop
calling me in general.
All phones, just stop, okay?
But I'm just going over
your credit report here,
and I see that you've
just applied for a refile
on your first mortgage, is that
[Regina] Yes, my
application's still pending.
Well, right now your
credit score is a 650,
which is marginal,
but if you force me to
report this debt to Experian
that's gonna drop you down to
Wait a second.
It's highly doubtful that
a lender's gonna approve
a refile on a credit score that
In fact, what's likely to happen
is that after your denial,
you're gonna lose your house.
And then your Visa card rates
will triple,
if they don't cancel them all
All because you were too
to live up to a medical
Insurance was supposed to
cover it.
And that may be the case, Miss
but that's between you
and Anthem Blue Cross.
If you would like to stay in
your home
for the foreseeable future,
how about you just give me your
debit card number right now,
and we can make this all go
You do your homework before
you pick up the phone.
Pull their credit reports,
scour their social media feed.
You learn as much about
the deadbeat as you can
so you can expose their
Achilles' heel,
that's when you hit them.
You threaten to take away the
one thing
that matters most to them.
You close every time.
[tense music]
[Sean] Thanks.
And just so we're clear,
if you tell anyone that
I did this for you,
I will rip your heart
out of your fucking chest
and wipe your vagina with it.
Buckle up, fellas.
We're about to get a serious
contact high
from all the coke and booze
seeping out of his pores.
How's my son doing at your
little house of extortion?
Well, why don't you call him
and you can find out?
I'm afraid that ship has
Don't judge me, Mr. Debt
One day, if and when you become
a father,
maybe you'll understand
why I did what I did.
How absolutely sick he
made me and my wife,
and the pain he caused our
[tense music]
You know, you and I,
we have more in common than you
You see, we both used to be
The difference is you gave up
that right
with one fell swoop of your
on a fucking checkbook.
See, my fatherhood was
ripped from my soul.
You don't know the meaning of
You disgust me.
And make sure you don't ever
fucking talk to me ever again.
What the fuck are you two
looking at?
[tense music]
Turn around.
[ominous music]
["Magic" by Tiny Deaths]
Where do we go
Where is our place
We opened our eyes
And it's the same
And no one knows, so it goes
So we go on and on
And if it's wrong, then it's
Living in the why not
Oh, and nothing ever happened
And we were never here
So we make magic 'til we
And nothing ever happened
And we were never here
So we make magic 'til we
Until we disappear
[tires screech]
[car honks]
[Gio] Come on!
You snore like a hog.
What are you playing?
Cuphead, the hardest game
You want to play?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, here.
[lighthearted acoustic music]
Over there!
Wait, watch out.
No, go over there!
[Brandon chuckles]
Here you go.
[lighthearted acoustic music]
Last night, um-
- Yeah.
I was afraid to put you in an
you could barely babble your
I can't remember anything, to
be honest.
I just hope I wasn't
saying anything too dumb.
I'm really sorry to hear about
your son.
I haven't talked about Sammy
in a very long time to anyone.
That kid was my best friend.
You know?
Yeah, I know.
Can we get dessert?
He always wants dessert.
We can get dessert.
[Christina] We don't have to.
No, it's fine.
Can I get the dessert menu?
[Waitress] Mhm.
Thank you.
Can I give you this?
Thank you so much.
[Christina] Look, buddy.
[Brandon] Here.
[Gio] Yes!
[cell phone buzzes]
Hello, Mr. Heller.
This is attorney Les
Marcus of How & Lindow
pre-litigation department.
I'm calling about your
Capital One credit card account.
Capital One?
I ain't use that card in years.
Well, that may be true,
but it appears you left
a significant balance
when you canceled the
card, which with interest,
has now accumulated to
$15,475 dollars and 85 cents.
You're out of your
mind, that's impossible.
I'm afraid it's not, Mr.
And unfortunately, Capital
One has instructed me
to initiate a lawsuit against
unless you can take care
of the balance today.
I can't afford that kind of
so go ahead and sue me.
Okay, that's fine.
We'll send a processed
server down to your diner
at approximately 4 p.m.
No, no, wait, wait, wait.
Don't come to my place of work.
I will get fired, and
I need this job, man.
[Sean] Well, I suggest you do
to take care of your
obligations, sir.
If not, we'll be forced to
serve you personally at your
We'll also get a judgment
against you
and garnish your wages.
Highly doubtful that your boss
will be
very appreciative of having
to deal with the sheriff
on that situation.
Please, man, I just can't
afford to pay that much.
[Sean] I'll check in with the
see if they can take a slight
reduction on the balance,
get you on a payment plan.
Sound good?
Okay, sure, yeah, whatever.
Thank you.
[lighthearted music]
[Sean laughs]
Cash money, baby.
Sorry, but I don't
think I can go that low
unless you give it to us in a
lump sum.
Well, I get it, but that's
just not my problem.
You're gonna have to do
better than that, Mrs. Force,
or I really don't want to
that tax refund you were
Uh huh, yeah.
That's all I need.
Have you thought about
taking out a payday loan
to cover this debt?
[Sean sniffs]
Sure you can.
Here, I'll tell you what,
I'll leave you the
offer open for 24 hours.
How's that sound?
Mr. Humphrey.
Yeah, we've got you at $1,647
That's not gonna cut it.
Okay, great.
Dancing with the devil
And you best be fast on your
[catchy music]
[Sean sniffs]
You always lose your sense of
By thinking that you're
Digging down your pocket blues
[Sean groans]
All the reasons why
Send them to your
Yes, sir, that's a deal.
I'm gonna transfer you over to
she can take down your
credit card info ASAP.
All right?
Thank you.
Everybody, listen up!
Next round, complete.
Daniel, get the fuck out.
["Pablo Picasso's Last
Ride" by The Palace Steps]
I rode the line
Temper to do something
But Jackson is still on my
I had a plan
To get my hands on it
To slip in from out of the
Time alone is fading
And I'm still out here waiting
Heaven knows
Some people say
That Pablo Picasso taught
All that he knows
What he knows
I'm getting tired
Of restaurants and Walmarts
And gas stations, I'm coming
Time alone is fading
And I'm still out here waiting
Heaven knows
If you suddenly come like you
You said you walk alone now
Yo, Brandon!
Where the fuck are you, bro?
Answer my calls!
[dramatic music]
Here you boys go.
The apex of the pyramid.
What do we know about it?
High profile mortgage debt,
virtually uncollectible.
We're gonna have to be
real creative on this one.
Well, you don't seem too
At the end of the
day we 10x'd our money,
we all made personal profit,
and we got cushion for
the next run, right?
I think they forgot the vodka.
Ay, ay, ay.
[wistful music]
We've been partners
for what, 16 years now?
Best friends for longer, right?
So, is there anything
you need to tell me?
What do you have in mind,
Oh, I don't know,
like did you have a
giant fucking brain tumor
or an organ eating amoeba,
or some kind of shit that
I need to know about?
Because you haven't been
in the office for weeks,
you're not returning phone
you're not returning texts.
The timing of it really sucks a
considering everything
that's at stake here.
Now, if Sean wasn't out
here slaying it for us,
who by the way, I taught to do
as a favor for you
while you were jerking
off in some titty bar,
but that's besides the point.
If Sean hadn't been out
there slaying it for us,
we would've lost our
investment and its portfolio.
If you stop worrying
about my personal life
and start worrying
about the hotshot, then-
- Are you fucking kidding me?
[tense music]
What are you doing here?
Business meeting.
I see.
Rough night?
It's none of your business.
You didn't deposit the check.
You know, maybe part of me
that there was a chance of
a reconciliation, who knows?
Who cares?
It's all history.
Your mother.
She's spiraling downward.
You should get in touch with
She's your family, Sean.
No, AMG Receivables is
my family, it's my life.
I found my calling, so give her
my best.
[tense music]
Fucking fuck!
[dramatic music]
Aw, shit.
[Ross groans]
Ah, shit.
[intense rock music]
[machine beeps]
[Sean sniffs]
[tense music]
[tense music]
Don't just fucking stand there
get your ass in here.
Oh, bless you child.
Take a seat there,
and watch out for Walter.
Fuck me.
You know, seeing you go to
town on that
half naked in your robe
really gives me the feels.
Yeah, well, go fuck yourself.
San Quentin doc diagnosed me
with an enlarged left ventricle
years ago.
I've just gotta get it under
My heart's too big.
[Ross chuckles]
How long did you serve?
Felony battery.
Tossed the starting
linebacker in high school
through a glass door.
His daddy was a high
powered attorney, go figure.
Made sure I did real
time despite the plea.
He just knocked the shit out of
I was steppin' in.
All 'cause this shitbag wouldn't
pony up
on his losses from a football
Bookie Brandon.
That makes sense, given
the current profession.
Oh, before his glamorous
Brandon Cazz was dirt poor.
Sophomore year in high school
his family immigrates from
leave all their money behind.
He moves into the duplex next
and I'm thinking oh, great,
another fuckin' beetle
eater in the slums, right?
[Sean chuckles]
But he was different.
I took him under my wing.
Actually, it turned
out to be the opposite.
Right out of the gate,
he comes up with this idea
to start taking bets in high
You know, he crunches, I
it was perfect pairing.
Worked out well for years
too, until that night.
Then you got out, and
the rest is history?
And now, here you sit,
looking to extort money out
of a drug cartel lieutenant.
From his wife.
So, why me?
I need help.
And from where I'm sitting,
it looks like you do too.
All right.
Let's hear it.
I'll come pick you up after
[Christina] At 3 in the
Yeah, I'll still be up.
Okay, I gotta go.
Someone's at my door.
Hi, Miss Salinas?
Agent Frida Lando with INS.
You might if I step inside?
I did not give you
permission to enter this house.
My husband is on his way home.
Well, I guess we'll
be waiting for a while.
How long was his sentence again?
64545 Homewood Circle.
10,750 square feet, 8 bedrooms,
indoor pool.
Racketball court, 7 car garage.
It's a hell of a property,
if I do say so myself.
[Ross chuckles]
Talk about life coming at
you like a fright train, huh?
Yes, I once lived a glamorous
and now my husband is locked up,
our house is foreclosed
upon, and we lost everything.
The American dream.
Are you here to rub salt on the
or does your visit serve a
I don't know if you
recall, Miss Salinas,
but when the DEA arrested Mario,
your house was seized
as a matter of right.
However, unbeknownst to us,
your husband had previously
refinanced his second mortgage,
freeing up almost 5
million dollars in cash,
which has seemingly disappeared.
Now, in order for us to take
possession of that property,
we had to pay off to lean on the
in order to get free and clear
I'm not following.
Essentially, you owe
us a very large debt.
I'm here to collect it.
I don't know if you noticed,
but I'm not exactly
swimming in cash right now.
Are you a U.S. citizen, Miss
Neither is your son, right?
I do not wish to speak with
or answer your questions,
I am exercising my
constitutional right
under the Fifth Amendment of
- Okay, look.
You may give off the
appearance of being destitute,
Miss Salinas, but I
happen to know for a fact
that your husband transferred
a very large sum of money
to an account in Mexico City
right before he went inside.
Now, if the U.S. government
is not in possession
of the full four and half
million dollars
within the next 7 days,
I've been instructed to come
back here
with half a dozen ICE agents
and throw your ass in jail,
and deport your son to Nicara-
- No, don't you dare take my
I'm sorry, Miss Salinas,
I have my marching orders.
And you have a week to come up
four and a half million dollars.
No, wait, no, please.
I don't know anything about this
Well then, I suggest
you familiarize yourself
with your husband's business
[tense music]
[Ross sighs]
We're in play.
What's next?
Now we wait.
[dramatic music]
You lied to me.
Oh, come on, don't
start this shit again.
I'm not talking about that,
I'm talking about all the debt.
The lines of credit you
took out on our homes,
the back taxes you owe the IRS.
That's on me, you don't have
to worry.
No, that's on us.
Specifically on Gio, your seed.
And they want it all back.
The U.S. government, the
IRS, the INS, who knows.
All I can say is that
they paid me a visit,
and if I don't deliver it,
ICE is gonna come knocking down
on my door
and take our son away.
You know what's been
happening at the border?
Children getting separated
from their families.
They're getting sick, they are
That can happen to Gio.
How much?
4.5 million.
They know about the accounts,
The money you hid from them,
from us.
Hey, we were supposed to be a
We're supposed to be partners.
It was an insurance
policy to keep you safe
until I got out.
Edgar was supposed to handle
Until you got out?
You're serving two
consecutive life sentences.
You saw how we've been living,
what I've been doing to myself
to keep this family above water.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry.
You have to make it up to me.
Cash out that policy.
[tense music]
Wake up.
You know, it's not every day
that your girlfriend stands you
Fuck that guy!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no.
Just wait, just wait, just wait.
Look, it's not a good time,
Can we talk about this later?
Not a good time?
I was up all night waiting for
Like, no drugs all night,
you could at least text me.
I said I was sorry.
Brandon, I need you to leave.
What are you not saying?
Brandon, leave, please.
You know, if you're in
- No!
I can help you.
Don't touch me.
It's a family issue, okay?
You're not my husband, I'm
not your responsibility.
Jesus Christ.
He's playing us.
It doesn't make sense.
I told you, he's off.
I'm not gonna let him dick us
[cell phone rings]
Agent Frida Lander.
[Christina] Enjoying the view?
How can I help you, Miss
You'll have your money by 4:30
Until then, give us one night of
Let's hope it's all
there, for your son's sake.
What about Brandon?
Fuck him.
He's my problem.
[dramatic music]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Brandon] Hey buddy, is that
Yeah, can't really talk right
Are you guys okay?
I'm worried about your mom.
Not sure.
She's been freaking out about my
What about him?
Something about how he
owes someone a lot of money.
[Brandon] Your dad.
Gio, we gotta go.
What's his name?
[Christina] Gio, baby, let's
[tense music]
Nice of you to finally show up
for work.
What was the play, huh?
I'm not following.
Once you collected,
what bullshit were you gonna
to hide that money from us?
Kinda funny that the mark
just happens to be your
You know, I think you need
to back down on this one.
Oh, I'm not gonna back down on
Brother, it's not about the
money, okay?
Not on this.
No, bullshit, it's about the
It's always about the fuckin'
that was our deal from the get
Back when we started taking
and muscling needs from
their daddy's allowance.
I sacrificed five years of
hard time for you, Brandon.
Five fucking years!
And this is how you pay me back?
You go and get pussy-whipped.
Bro, your head is so far
up her fuckin' vagina,
I can't even pull you out with a
and you're out of your damn mind
if you think for five seconds
that her kid's gonna replace
Shut the fuck up!
Ross, I'm sorry.
[men grunting]
Fuckin' stop!
Brandon, Brandon.
Hey buddy, hey.
Hey, man.
[dramatic music]
Pay the money and walk away.
[tense music]
Oh my God.
[dramatic music]
[cell phone rings]
Gio, come on, come on.
[Gio] No!
[Gio] I don't wanna go!
Listen, listen, listen to me.
Come on, come on.
Come on!
Baby, baby.
Go, go, baby.
Go, go, baby.
Go, go.
[tense music]
You walk in the streets
And you're knocking on doors
Blisters on feet and
you're sleeping on floors
And all in all
Is all
It's okay.
[Gio sobs]
It's okay, honey, it's okay.
Yes, times getting tough
With decisions to make
One of them could take you up
One of them could break you
It could break you
Pick up.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
You hold on too hard
You were told by your mother
Remember the days when
your father and brothers
Were proud
They were proud of you
Listen to my voice, baby.
[Christina prays in Spanish]
You're in the crossfire
You're down to the wire
Don't be scared
I know you're frightened
I know it's a burden
And darlin'
Don't be sad
It's a happy feeling
But soon I'll be smiling
You're in the crossfire
You're top of the wire
You're in the crossfire
You're in the crossfire
[tense music]
20,800 square feet,
fully connected to a high speed
T1 line.
Capacity for over 100 work
A real find in this space.
[Man] What was this before,
Something in finance, I
Quite the baller executive
suite, am I right?
[Man] What are they asking?
Didn't someone die in here?
Never heard that.
I'm sure they can work with
us on the rent, by the way.
[somber music]
[Christina sobs]
[shower runs]
[melancholic music]
When I look around me
These hearts are lonely
What have we become
Why do we run from broken love
Oh, time will tell
With whatever you believe
How will you wear your heart
In your mouth, or on your
I feel alive
Even if it doesn't show
You will find your strength
From the only place you know
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Well, you showed your darkness
Yeah, you really made a mess
What have you become
Why do you run from broken
Oh, time will tell
With whatever you believe
How will you wear your heart
In your mouth, or on your
I feel alive, even if it
doesn't show
You will find your strength
From the only place you know
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Little baby, if you think
that they are chasing you
They are miles away
They are miles away
Little baby