Collective Invention (2015) Movie Script

There was a man.
He came out of nowhere
and pushed our society into chaos.
He was...
My name is Gu, Park Gu.
Could you... sit down?
On the chair.
Right, I'm sorry.
Go on.
A mutant.
Make way!
It's been 5 years, since he was last seen,
and we still don't know much about him.
"Revolutionary Evolution,
or Scientific Curse?"
To some, he was a hero,
to others, he was a con man.
He was someone's friend,
someone's celebrity,
someone's god...
Wipe out commies!
And someone's devil.
He made us laugh
and cry.
The story of a man,
who was also a fish...
begins here.
That stupid idiot...
See this?
"No smoking"
I'm fed up telling you
not to smoke while editing!
Still not over this shit?
Is the sting ray diner segment done?
What's there to edit? It's a diner.
Cut some reaction shots together.
Watch what you're saying.
Buddy, even making
one cut requires philosophy!
I was there, the uptown joint.
They taste like shit, know that?
Look, we're pro all here, don't be a baby.
How much bribe have you taken, dammit!
Was it me alone? Really?
Company dinners, extra cash,
they all came from somewhere!
I'm looking out for your own good,
please stop watching this.
Aside from you, no one cares about him!
Are you done?
You got a guest, asshole!
Been a while.
You're a big shot now, saw you on TV.
You left something out, didn't you?
You didn't know?
What is this? So random.
Do you still work on it? The documentary?
It's all over...
Too busy making ends meet.
Or not?
Got a light?
Don't give up.
It'd be a shame, you're his last hope.
I first met Jin 5 years ago.
"5 years ago, ABS Station"
I wish to represent the people
and uncover the truth,
report the injustice in our society...
Report the injustice in our society,
protect the weak,
and become a...
I... really want to be a real reporter.
I wish to represent the people
and uncover the truth,
report the injustice in our society...
Community college?
Any skills?
I can do everything well,
if you give me a chance.
Can you get us an interview?
Not a hard assignment.
So am I hired?
We came upon a strange girl.
"Full Account of the Fish Man"
She claims her boyfriend turned into a fish.
Messed up, right?
Shit! Fish Man is REAL!"
There's a big flame war online,
debating the veracity of the story.
But she won't ever back down,
she's a prickly one.
Go and get her interview.
It'd be good if you find out
why she's making stuff up.
You're not hired yet, so no mention of ABS.
Don't go too deep.
Because of the strike here,
I got no one to assign this to.
Let's see how you work, then I'll decide.
Do your best.
"Fucking bitch"
Anyone home?
Is Ms. Violent Monster here?
Violent Monster! Are you in?
Who are you?
Clinical trial?
Yeah, $300 in 2 days for taking a pill.
$300? That much?
My body felt weird a day into it.
Then they did weird tests, but I escaped.
So what?
You can't show up out of the blue.
You may've misunderstood our relationship.
That night...
we were both drunk.
I got nowhere to go.
They know where I live.
Those bastards.
"Ganmi Medical Hotline 031-521-1865"
Do you want...
more tea?
Your room...
is really nice.
I was too drunk to notice it before.
Girl rooms are nice.
This is Ganmi Medical.
- You got an escape...
- To inquire about...
- Hello? Hello?
- Press 2 for product info...
I wanted to...
Press 4 for recruitment...
- Press 5 for A/S
- Ask you about something.
Press 6 for public relations,
press 7 for manufacturing...
- Are you listening?
- What?
Press 8 for research programs.
Yeah, of course.
The thing about us...
- Press 0 for an operator.
- Operator!
This is Ganmi Medical.
How much will you pay...
Are we?
To have your escapee back?
Say what?
I sold him.
That cheap bastard.
You said you two were an item.
So what?
Why can't I? It's a capitalistic society.
And we weren't really dating.
A one-night stand.
One-night stand?
The thing is,
I met him when I worked as an extra,
I was Palace Maid 3.
And Eunuch was really coming onto me.
I was really popular on the set.
But I didn't really like him.
He felt so phony.
Always hitting on me, asking me to go drinking.
He was so persistent, so I set up a date.
To screw him over.
So I took other maids with me.
Then he took us all to a super fancy place.
He went overboard.
But I thought he was a bit cute,
thinking that he really liked me,
and I was a bit drunk.
So we hooked up.
- With the Eunuch?
- Yes.
Is that wrong? We're all young.
Of course, nothing wrong.
So how did the Eunuch become the fish man?
No, he was the Horse.
He played the Horse.
- It's not a real horse?
- No! You didn't know?
But how?
Anyway! Gossip went around the following day,
the Eunuch got in a fight with the Prince.
I was actually dating the Prince at the time.
- The Prince?
- Yes.
But the Eunuch...
I was really popular!
- Right.
- Anyway, during the fight,
the Prince got hurt.
So it became a big deal,
cause he couldn't work.
You know what's funny?
The boss called me the next day,
and asked me to quit the job!
That's the problem with Korea!
Turns out,
that Maid 4 bitch bad-mouthed me.
We are our worst enemy!
"Maid 4 is a bitch!"
Okay, I'm really confused right now.
So when you were Maid 3,
you were dating the Prince,
and slept with the Eunuch,
and also with...
the Horse, but...
he became a fish...
You don't believe me, right?
How can I? Nothing makes sense.
I can overlook other details,
but how can a man become a fish?
Let's do it this way!
- What way?
- Come with me.
I'll show you!
The fish man.
"Ganmi Medical"
Chinese delivery.
- Which room?
- What?
Delivery for which room?
- 201
- 201?
- PR?
- Yeah, that's it.
This way.
Why did they order so much food?
- Well, um...
- I know.
My arms are numb.
Return it on your way out,
and get the dishes quickly.
Of course!
One second.
Buddy boy.
Are you sick? You look pale.
No... no...
He's just weak.
Are you an idiot? We almost got caught!
What? I was so natural.
Don't even open your mouth.
Did someone order?
I'm sorry.
"Research Development"
Please try again
Please try again
It's not working!
Should we leave?
Are you nuts? We came so far!
Are you sure he's in there? Are you really?
If we don't find him, this won't end well!
- You're doing it, right?
- Just hold still!
Stop moving around so much!
Why is it taking so long?
Fire detected, this is not a drill.
Fire detected, this is not a drill.
Please exit the building in orderly fashion.
Please exit the building in orderly fashion.
See? There's nothing here.
Let's just leave.
Come on!
Wait a moment.
Who are you?
Bastards... You're intruders!
Holy shit!
Walking Dead, Cutie87, do you see? Shitheads!
It's an unbelievable revelation.
A young man who participated in
a clinical trial for a new drug
has become a fish.
Ganmi Medical imprisoned him,
and continued their experiments.
We have the exclusive story of
this harsh violation of human rights.
Intimidating medical supplies and drugs.
Secret room behind curtains.
Images of human experiments in Auschwitz
are conjured up.
The victim's 4 limbs were tied up,
and was forced to participate in
terrifying experiments.
He couldn't be anesthetized.
We had to find out how far
the nerves were connected.
It was hard for us! We're humans too.
Under the pretense of medical advancement,
human rights were violated,
ABS' Kim Gwang-bin reporting.
Do you know why people call me 'Ghost Eyes'?
I recognize amazing talent.
"ABS Reporter Seo Sang-won"
You'll be a full-timer soon.
A temp spot for now.
Thank you!
I'll do my best!
It'll be an important period.
Once the strike ends, not everyone will return.
They're more qualified, right?
You got a lot of catching up,
work faster and harder.
It's your job to find everything
about the fish man.
Does anyone know you're an ABS reporter?
No, you said not to tell.
Then keep it that way,
let's not kick up a storm.
Where is he now?
The fish man. Where is he?
- My home...
- Your home?
He had nowhere else to go...
Good boy.
This is your chance, seize it!
"Video Album"
Park Gu, 29 years old.
Raised by a salary man father
and a housewife mother,
he had a normal childhood.
"Be healthy"
Normal height, normal physique,
normal face, normal personality.
I don't remember that name.
I was class rep,
so I know everyone in the class.
"Park Gu"
He does look a bit familiar...
My memory is usually good.
I was the class rep too.
Have I mentioned I was the class rep?
"Dormitory" Being so ordinary,
he never got a job after college,
and on his father's advice,
he began prepping for civil exam.
Do you remember anything
on the clinical trial release form?
Something about Omega 3,
something was written about Omega 3 for sure.
I didn't read it properly.
Why did you participate in a clinical trial,
without reading the fine prints?
I'm sorry...
No, no need to be apologize.
Father, I...
Father! Wait!
Father! Please!
It's a documentary.
It could be used when you choose to sue...
Don't get any funny ideas.
No one asked you to make ends meet!
I sent you to Seoul to study,
so why didn't you?
Who are you?
Me? A friend.
- Yes!
- No.
College student?
No, I gave up school.
Why? What for?
It wasn't right for me.
Wasn't right?
No such a thing!
You get used to it if you keep at it,
then it becomes right!
Youngsters nowadays got no persistence.
- I'm sorry!
- For what!
Just... about everything...
Looks like you're not all that young,
just stick to it and become a civil servant!
That's being filial!
- Mister!
- Sir.
Should we... start again?
Wasn't right?
- Let's begin.
- Okay.
Ganmi Medical and my team'd like to
formally apologize for the fish man incident.
By conducting protein QR42clinical trial,
we discovered that enzyme used to
attach methyl to EZH2,
can disassemble...
This is Dr. Byun's experiment in a nutshell.
Nucleus from tuna and salmon are extracted,
and spliced with embryonic stem cell
to create a self-replicating protein.
Taking a cue from astronauts' meals in space,
this protein provides limitless energy
to the body,
thereby creating a chance to end
world hunger forever.
During early experiments,
this protein was found to
suppress cancer growth in a subject's body,
and brought global attention to Dr. Byun,
and became a partner of Ganmi Medical,
and conducted clinical trial,
in preparation for mass production.
When attached to ROR Alpha enzyme...
Excuse me, doctor!
So you're saying this is consumable?
QR42, the protein we developed,
is turned into ubiquitin
during self-replicating...
In layman's terms please?
This is as easy as it gets...
Basically, this single pill will expand
inside the body?
To be specific, it's self-replicating.
- This is...
- One moment.
So one can get by without food for 3 days?
And prevent cancer too?
So wait,
this'll not only end world hunger,
but extend human life...
Isn't this Nobel Prize-worthy?
Nobel Prize? Really?
First for a Korean?
No, there was another.
So, Nobel Prize in Medicine?
It's a first in Medicine.
I tried everything possible to meet him,
but he made excuses
and declined interview requests.
I really wanted to meet him and hear his story.
You're too young to be fixated on money!
'You're young, so take a pay cut, '
'you lack experience, so take a pay cut, '
'you're passionate, so take a pay cut!'
That's your logic?
Goddamn trash.
Okay, okay, fine! I'll give you $400.
I can't go any higher.
You know I'm poor!
And I'm busy, you know that.
You just have to stay by my side.
Why isn't this geezer showing up already?
You know what?
I don't like him.
I know.
You knew?
He really likes you, don't hurt him.
He's already pitiful.
Don't you think he's lonely?
He's not a person,
nor a fish either.
He's like me.
Look, he's here! He's here!
Don't be so violent, okay?
You got a violent tendency.
Here we go!
Get off first.
What now!
Okay, fine! $500!
Dr. Byun?
Doctor! Doctor!
I have a few questions!
Why do you deny interview requests?
Do you have something to hide?
Did you know about the side effects?
- Before experiments...
- Over here!
Where're you off to?
Look out, a car!
You stupid rat...
You can't fool me...
Are you fucking nuts?
A woman?
Does she have shit in her eyes?
- Get out!
- I'm so sorry!
- What the heck happened?
- Ma'am, are you rich?
I'll kick the shit out of you!
Come out.
Last chance.
Life went on,
and the public infatuation
for Gu never stopped.
Wait a moment!
Participating in clinical trials for money...
Ganmi Medical was criticized
for unethical practices...
Job is hard to come by,
and what little income...
People sympathized with these students
who had to risk their life for a petty sum.
As grotesquely mutated Gu
became a symbol for youths,
who are filled with despair,
people became obsessed with him.
Gu became a social cause that
everyone got behind.
We reflected our problems through Gu.
Youth unemployment is at 11.1%...
Competition for civil exam is
the highest at 93:1
Debate over chronic social problems
that gave birth to Gu,
raged on endlessly.
And finally...
One comment please!
"District Court Verdict"
Did you expect a guilty verdict?
"Ganmi Medical receives 9-month suspension"
"Dr. Byun receives 4-year sentence"
This verdict... represents how judicial justice
can still prevail in our country.
I am... deeply moved.
Dr. Byun's 4-year sentence,
Ganmi's 9-month suspension,
did you expect this outcome?
How about civil lawsuit?
- What?
- It looked like Ganmi will appeal.
We knew this was going to be a long fight.
Do you expect to win the appeal?
This is where attorney Kim Tae-gon
comes in to play.
Abrogate temp positions!
The Judicial Civil Law School grad is
a notable human rights attorney
who led many strikes,
and protected rights of the minorities.
Rest easy, everyone!
I'll be back!
I'll be back to punish them!
"Screaming Cabbage Head"
No one can turn a deaf ear to us farmers!
Agriculture is the basis of Korean economy!
He was known for his work in
human rights movement,
and volunteered to work
our case completely pro bono.
Yes, we'll win!
Just wait and see.
One more comment please!
The real fight begins now.
All right!
Public perception is crucial
at this point in time.
- Perception?
- Yes, that's right.
This will ultimately be a media battle.
Even the judge is human, and a case like this
is influenced by the media.
We were successful at establishing
the fact that you're the victim here.
Are you listening?
Very good.
So whenever you meet people from now on,
try to smile widely as much as possible, okay?
Go on, try it.
Try smiling.
It's all right, smile.
Oh... okay.
Some water?
Bring him some water!
And about your hand.
How about wearing gloves?
And that face...
can't be helped.
Mr. Kim.
Landlord's back again.
Not gonna pay the rent?
I'm with my clients.
- What about my salary?
- Go away.
- Mr. Kim?
- Yes?
Could I ask you a question?
Sure, go ahead.
You know that thing.
Once the trial ends,
how much compensation...
Are you really his father?
How could you talk about compensation now?
What, did I say something I shouldn't?
How can he live like a human?
How will he get by?
He'll need support to continue living his life!
And nothing for yourself?
What? What did you say?
Why? Guilty as charged?
Why you little!
Were you about to hit me?
Did you see that? He was gonna hit me.
Yeah, I was gonna, what can you do?
Go on! Hit me!
You little piece of shit!
Sir, please calm down.
Say it again to my face!
Always barking back at adults!
Come on! What! Screw you!
I'll be the better man!
No need!
Excuse me!
Some water...
Meanwhile, Gu's transformation was
picking up speed,
and no one knew how to stop it or slow it down.
Those who examined him,
offered dismal diagnosis...
And no one came up with a viable treatment.
This is the x-ray of Mr. Park at the time.
The body has transformed almost completely.
There was nothing that we could do.
Couldn't even figure out the cause.
As quickly as the doctors gave up on him,
more sprung up to offer their expertise...
but as their efforts failed,
we were getting exhausted.
Must we resort to this?
He was confident that he could help.
Nothing will change.
We're not a freak show.
You got other options? Feel free to share.
That little shit...
Let's clutch any straws.
Yeah, let's think positive.
We'll get delicious dinner afterwards.
This is absolutely nuts.
Please accept our earnest prayers.
Cleanse our bodies of evil
and release our guilt!
Allow him to stand back up
and walk towards you,
Lord please help us!
Oh Lord!
Hallelujah everyone!
Holy Spirit!
Evil! Be gone!
Holy! Spirit!
Accept my authority!
Perverted bastard!
Stupid idiot...
You had to date a bimbo like her?
What did you just say?
What? What about?
What did you say?
Are you nuts?
How dare you swear at an elderly!
Is that how your parents taught you?
I don't have parents to teach me shit!
Don't bark at me!
Why're you all like this?
Please calm down, she was just trying.
She was just trying?
That bitch's looking out only for herself!
Since he's getting media attention,
she thinks she's a celeb or something,
always thinking about how to use him!
Turn that off.
And you? Are you even
interested in his treatment?
Do you care if your son's a fish or not?
What did you say?
You think we're clueless?
You want to pocket as much money as possible!
Jin, please be respectful.
Sir, where are you going?
Don't touch me!
- Sir.
- What are you?
Are you my son's lover?
Why are you here?
What if I am, what if it's love?
Then will you marry him?
Even if he's a fish?
He's barely a man, can you handle that?
Get out.
They're not here for you, get out.
That's much too harsh. You shouldn't say that.
This is good.
Gu, think carefully now.
If you get off, I'll never see you!
Last chance!
You really won't get off, asshole?
It's settled.
Love, my ass.
I refuse to drive with her.
Come with me, or stay with her!
Come on, sir.
You too...
What a mess...
What to do...
Get in.
How can we leave her here?
Just get in.
Not coming?
It was strange.
As if on cue, the media began
defending Dr. Byun.
They wrote about the importance of his work,
and attacked Gu's supporters
with baseless arguments.
This will become food of the future.
But it doesn't look very appetizing.
No, it may not look like much,
but it's quite delicious.
What I have here is meat flavored.
We're developing cream cheese,
tomato sauce and others too.
The outcome of your experiment is astonishing,
but wasn't there a mutant as result of it?
That's right.
Of the thousand or so clinical trial subjects,
only Mr. Park Gu developed a mutation.
This is a problem we must solve.
Time's running out.
What do you mean?
Scientists from USA, Japan,
Russia, and other countries
are conducting similar experiments.
But as we were diverted by the lawsuit,
other teams began catching up at a rapid speed.
Korea had the chance to be
the future energy industry leader
but we're losing it all.
A scientist's dream to end world hunger.
What are your thoughts?
Foreign press compares Dr. Byun's work
to a new sun given to humanity...
In order to protect one man's rights,
are we giving away our chance
to become a global powerhouse...
They still don't know you're a reporter, right?
No, not yet.
- Let's give it up.
- What?
No more of this.
Then what about all the work so far?
I'll secure your job, so gather all tapes,
and pull yourself out of there.
Why? Something happen?
Don't ask questions...
Just do what I say.
And one huge blow that turned the tide...
"Park Gu's violation"
As you see, Mr. Park's hand is on his crotch.
"Of clinical trial rules"
As you see, Mr. Park's hand is on his crotch.
As you can see,
his hand moves vertically about 15cm.
Take a look.
Which goes like this.
But 2 photos alone...
don't prove your case.
Is there a video?
When I took those photos,
I was repulsed by it.
I was so shocked that
I couldn't even think about
switching to video mode.
But I saw it with my own eyes!
I can't believe he did that
while looking at me.
After seeing this photo, I can't get any sleep.
Whenever I dream, I get raped by a fish!
According to article 7.3 in the release form
for the clinical trial,
During the trial period of 3 days,
he must not engage in
any sexual activities...
- Is Mr. Park inside?
- You'll break your hand!
"Fish Man Sexually Molested Nurse"
Why didn't you tell me?
The thing is...
Do you understand the gravity
of this situation?
What's so big deal about a guy jerking off?
Do you know what's going on?
Do you?
Ogwang is involved! Ogwang!
"Ogwang and Ganmi in merger talks"
Ogwang bought Ganmi!
M&A! You see this?
They'll build factories,
and invest heavily in Dr. Byun!
Why'd a big corporation do this?
Got a whiff of the money, goddammit...
Those damn capitalist pigs...
So what do we do now?
I need to get rid of
those pesky reporters first,
so take this seriously!
Why did you have to jerk off there?
- Is Park Gu inside?
- Is this true?
I'll explain everything, please follow me.
Follow me, please! Let's go downstairs!
Follow me!
"Chief Kim: Still there? Wanna get fired?"
didn't do it.
I didn't jerk off.
Are you for real?
...that Korea must have global presence
in the field of medicine,
and that his government
will support and nurture
pharmaceutical companies.
Export rate has hit a wall
and maintained that level
- for some time now.
- Yes, it's been 3 years.
5- day old Vatsim had nothing to eat today.
Their desperate lives...
For a brief moment of gratification,
men are throwing away God-given seeds...
He was depressed.
He looked unkept somehow.
I remember clearly,
I was the 6th grade class rep.
"Appeals Court Verdict"
"Ganmi Medical not guilty,
Gu must continue experiments"
Here they come! Over there!
What's your reaction to the verdict?
Will you appeal?
Do you acknowledge the masturbation?
There isn't much to say.
Move! out of my way!
You're a damn commie!
Pro-North Koreans! Go jerk off in the north!
I am a patriot!
- You can't do that!
- Let go!
Give us a statement!
You know what happened next.
People raged over the irrational verdict,
and immediately began a candlelight vigil.
From college students to housewives,
they all began to march.
Wipe out the fish man!
Wipe out! Wipe out!
But the critics' voices became even louder.
Inflicted by the riot police,
the vigil has turned violent...
The candlelight vigil has become aggressive...
The police used water cannons and tasers... that the vigil has a mastermind...
backed by supporters of North Korea...
In a world divided,
2 completely different mutants
came to a clash...
You're here early.
Mr. Kim requested an early meeting.
"I'm sorry. I'll just disappear. "
You bastard, where are you?
We're driving around to look for him.
Why are you still there?
How can I stop here?
Snap out of it.
And he didn't do anything wrong.
Why is that important?
Then what is?
Why are you so selfish?
You're not the only one fucked
if you're discovered!
Get the footages,
and everything else, and hurry back!
If you return now, I'll make you a full-timer.
You understand? I'll wait.
$4.90 please.
It was around then...
when unsolvable questions sprang up.
Looks like he was here.
Where could he have gone?
Where could he be now?
Wanna go watch a movie?
What did I really know about him?
What was he...
thinking then?
Mr. Seo Sang-won?
ABS tempreporter Seo Sang-won?
It's him, take his picture.
What's going on?
Do you know what you're doing?
Backstabbing those who are in the union?
Call yourself a man?
What's the matter with you!
Strike's not ending
because of douches like you.
You got the wrong guy!
Shame on you!
What's going on!
Don't look so clueless.
What's this? Check it out.
It's the fish man data.
He was the mole.
So you were the one?
No wonder the news is
all messed up, you douche.
Thinks he's a reporter.
Fuck that, he's a community college grad.
Reporting is not for everyone.
Know your place.
Take the photo.
Got everything? Hurry.
We got everything.
What should do with him?
Let's go.
Let's move.
What should I do then?
From a community college,
and no network whatsoever.
What should I do then?
Get with the program.
What! What! What!
Holy crap...
I wonder if this will work.
What happened to you?
I had nowhere to go.
I thought hard...
but I came up with empty.
I just...
I was wandering,
and a few middle school kids recognized me.
They started beating me,
calling me a mutant, and that I'm bad luck.
During the beatdown, I started laughing.
they weren't wrong.
Okay, I got it,
so let's just rest, okay?
Could you do me a favor?
I've only seen it once
during my high school field trip.
Isn't it funny?
I never saw it afterwards.
I could've just gone.
But like an idiot, I never did.
The ocean...
Anything else you want to say?
No, that's all.
That's your only favor?
Filming you say that was your only favor?
What's your dream?
I just wanted...
to be a normal person.
Get a job like a normal person,
get married, have kids...
An ordinary man.
wanted to be a reporter.
I wanted to represent the people
and uncover the truth,
and be a man of justice, who report injustice,
the one protected the weak...
But it didn't happen.
I'll prep your bed, come on out.
just stay here.
This feels more comfortable now.
"8 Missed Calls: Chief Kim"
I wanted to be a real reporter.
Where's Mr. Kim?
He's out to meet a client.
Park Gu!
Come on!
What the hell!
Not like this!
Come on!
You can't do this!
Tell me, what happened?
It's not life threatening.
He hung his gills, not his neck.
Who the hell are you?
What's your game?
What's Wrong?
Plenty! You're an ABS reporter!
I saw it all online, asshole!
Sir, he's an ABS reporter!
Documentarian? What a load of bull crap!
You followed us around, and reported every move
back to your station!
And you, sir?
Making shady deals with Dr. Byun?
Thought no one'd find out?
I saw you meeting with him in secrecy!
You've been doing it for a while.
I have the evidence too.
Yeah, I met him.
Yes, I did.
I've been a lawyer for 15 years,
and we have to try everything.
So I met up with him.
The thing is...
we can never...
win this case...
How much will they pay?
Enough for him to live like a man,
that much?
What are you saying?
Whether he dies now or later,
it's all the same.
No! Absolutely not!
You know what they are!
Aren't you with them?
please stop...
You got a knack for startling people.
"Civil Service Exam"
Why are you here? For what?
I wanted to apologize.
I am sorry.
Get your shit together!
Do you know who sold you off to Ganmi?
It was me, idiot!
I used you.
This is me.
I'm selfish and a bitch.
Know that?
I troll random online forums,
and pick random fights
and being arrogant is all I know!
I'm a nobody in real world!
I wanted to do something for you,
but didn't know what.
I'm an idiot, right?
I never once liked you!
I know.
I'm in front of Ganmi Medical.
Park Gu's car is approaching the building.
It's difficult for it to pass through
so many people near the gate.
In his current half-man, half-fish condition,
it may be difficult for him to sustain life.
This may have been the deciding factor for him.
Park Gu! Park Gu!
And that was...
the last time I ever saw him.
N.S.E. test, take 7,
360V 25A.
Ow! It hurts!
Hold him down! Pin him down!
Come here, over here!
Lie down, lie down!
Did something go wrong?
What's with him?
What's wrong?
That's weird.
Passing out at only 35cc?
Not 95cc?
No, it was 35cc.
Wrong dosage.
Do it right, asshole! He could've been fucked!
Almost fucked...
I thought he was trying to swim.
What's this?
We were conduction a CH3CHO reaction test.
He displayed symptoms of seizure at 35cc.
- It could've been bad.
- Yes.
Be respectful.
He's a human too.
Yes, sir.
Thanks to his sacrifice,
Vector9 had a big launch,
but Dr. Byun's dream never came true.
That's it for today.
I missed out on so many things in my life.
So many fun things in the world.
Mr. Chairman.
Vector9 was designed to end world hunger.
At such high price, the product is meaningless.
Go see for yourself.
Vector9 is nothing more than
a luxury item for the top 1%.
My life and my work are being insulted!
Why do you bother me with that?
I'm just a...
humble salesman.
The price isn't set by people like myself.
It is set by ambition.
Blame people's ambition, not me.
I've been a fool.
I am so sorry.
And not long afterwards...
Gu's unpredictable life came to an end.
It was only then, that I saw his real face.
Get anything?
Give me the recorder.
Yo, community college!
What's up with him?
Get the recorder.
Son of a bitch!
How can we be so cruel?
It's all busted, dammit.
What was thought to be over,
Gu's story took a surprising turn
with Mr. Kim's announcement.
Vector9's creator Dr. Byun is...
nothing more than a swindler.
That Dr. Byun had the means
to turn Gu back to his human form.
A new trial was quickly set,
and for his negligence,
he received 7-year sentence.
A hero became a con man,
and a con man became a hero.
Dr. Byun is still behind bars...
Good to see you!
Mr. Kim became a politician.
It was rumored that he took bribes from Ogwang.
Gu's father is dedicating his retirement
to volunteer work for the country...
And Jin became a typical civil servant.
She found her calling.
The time passed rapidly.
I became a full-timer.
But not a real reporter.
Unable to adjust to the life of a reporter,
I followed the chief to the culture bureau.
Salivating and going wild,
those are the money shots!
Work is... work.
And... yesterday
Don't give up.
It'd be a shame, you're his last hope.
The day we spread Gu's ashes,
this was taken by chance.
Look at the bottom right.
Gu is not dead.
He came to see us that day.
Please tell me.
Where does the lie end and truth begin?
It's a secret.
But there's no secret in the world.
Did you tell him?
That there was a treatment?
He already knew.
I'm so sorry.
I could've turned you back since the beginning.
But I was blinded.
I'm so sorry.
If I knew then what I know now...
But I could still...
He wanted to live as a fish.
As a fish?
I looked into his eyes for a long time.
He meant it.
I didn't understand, but I wanted to help.
It was my only way
to beg for his forgiveness.
Seeing him walk into the ocean,
I was envious.
Lastly, he asked for one final favor.
In a slim chance,
very, very slim chance,
if you were to come and ask for the truth,
he wanted me to tell you everything.
I asked him that too.
What for?
Wanting the truth,
is the job of a real reporter.
Yo Mr. Documentary!
I forgot something.
What is it?
You're still clueless.
What do you think?
Hey, Jin!
Why do you keep bringing me stuff?
What do you expect me to do?
I thought you could do something with it.
Something that I can't...
Bastard, smoking again?
That's weird, a smoke-free day.
The air's nice and clean!
Isn't it nice when you don't smoke?
What's this?
I'm quitting smoking.
What's got into you?
And I'm not editing sting ray segment.
They fucking suck.
Are you nuts?
I got real work, gotta finish the doc.
You feeling okay today?
Fire me if you wish, you have my blessing.
Seo Sang-won! Hey!
And this!
Take it from my severance.
There was a man.
He came out of nowhere
and pushed our society into chaos.
He made us laugh and cry.
The story of a man, who was also a fish...
begins here.