Collective: Unconscious (2016) Movie Script

The core principal of
hypnosis is that all hypnosis
is self-hypnosis.
And we can see this most
clearly by examining
the common and everyday trances
that occur in our lives.
For instance, when
we look at our phones
or when we look at computers.
Screens of most any sort,
in the way that they flash
their colors and lights,
will usually create at least
some kind of low-grade trance
that is completely natural.
For instance, right now if
you're watching this on a screen,
which I imagine you are,
there may be a little
bit of it occurring.
And that's absolutely fine.
You can let this happen.
In a movie theater,
a very powerful trance
state is simulated,
in that all other
stimuli is blocked out,
and our senses are assaulted
with light and sound.
The subdominant
hemisphere of the brain
cannot tell the difference
between real or imagined.
The same thing
occurs during dreams.
Going into trance is easy.
It's naturally occurring.
All you need to do
is let your gaze
rest softly somewhere
on the screen.
Pick a spot.
And just take a deep,
cleansing breath.
And just continue to watch.
Notice the colors.
Notice the light,
notice the shadows.
And let another deep breath
easily and naturally occur,
just rising in the body,
and feeling the exhalation.
And take one more now.
Inhaling again.
And maybe exhaling
twice as long,
letting all of the
air out of the lungs,
and just imagining
what it might feel like
if a wave of relaxation were
to move over your body now,
noticing how it feels,
just how relaxed the big
toe in your left foot is.
Or just how relaxed the pinky
finger in your right hand is.
Noticing the feeling of
the clothing and the skin.
The sound and tone of my voice.
Listening to my voice as
if you were listening
to music play.
Notice that if you listen
to it with that quality,
you still understand every word.
The subconscious mind
understands every word.
So feel free to listen
to this whole experience
as if you were
listening to music play.
All hypnosis being
it's something that
we allow to occur.
Take a deep cleansing breath.
And go ahead and take another.
I'd like you to imagine
that you're sitting
in the audience of
a movie theater.
Nobody else there, just you
looking up at the screen.
And let me know when you
can see the screen there.
I can see it.
One sheep.
Two Sheep.
Three Sheep.
Four Sheep.
Five Sheep.
Six Sheep.
Seven Sheep.
Eight Sheep.
Nine Sheep.
Ten Sheep.
Eleven Sheep.
Twelve Sheep.
24 sheep.
25 sheep.
26 sheep.
54 sheep.
55 sheep.
56 sheep.
57 sheep.
58 sheep.
59 sheep.
60 sheep.
61 sheep.
It's okay, it's okay.
You okay?
42 sheep.
43 sheep.
44 sheep.
45 sheep.
46 sheep.
That was beautiful.
47 sheep.
48 sheep.
49 sheep.
50 sheep.
51 sheep.
52 sheep.
53 sheep.
Thank you.
54 sheep.
55 sheep.
56 sheep.
66 sheep.
67 sheep.
68 sheep.
69 sheep.
70 sheep.
You okay?
Okay, okay, okay.
49 sheep.
50 sheep.
75 sheep.
76 sheep.
77 sheep.
78 sheep.
79 sheep.
80 sheep.
81 sheep.
82 sheep.
83 sheep.
84 sheep.
72 sheep.
73 sheep.
74 sheep.
75 sheep.
76 sheep.
Sweet dreams.
66 sheep.
67 sheep.
85 sheep.
86 sheep.
87 sheep.
88 sheep.
89 sheep.
90 sheep.
91 sheep.
92 sheep.
93 sheep.
94 sheep.
95 sheep.
96 sheep.
97 sheep.
98 sheep.
99 sheep.
100 sheep.
Two sheep.
Three sheep.
Four sheep.
Five sheep.
Six sheep.
Seven sheep.
Eight sheep.
Nine sheep.
10 sheep.
11 sheep.
12 sheep.
13 sheep.
14 sheep.
15 sheep.
16 sheep.
17 sheep.
18 sheep.
19 sheep.
20 sheep.
21 sheep.
22 sheep.
23 sheep, 24.
Six sheep.
Seven sheep.
12 sheep.
64 sheep.
60 sheep.
17 sheep.
65 sheep.
41 sheep.
I'd like you to visualize
on this movie screen now
a possible future where
you're going for a walk
in your neighborhood,
and you can tell just
by looking at yourself,
the non-verbal body language,
as you walk through your
neighborhood on a day
some time, maybe this fall.
And whenever you're ready,
allow your awareness
to move into the screen
and experience
that first-person.
How does that feel?
When I first came home,
I thought I was in the future.
You know why?
Every, the whole style
was different now.
When I was home,
this, they, they,
people wasn't dressing like
this, like all this, all that.
Everybody was like, it
was, it wasn't as fitted,
it was like a little bit loose.
Yo, everybody looking like
a rap star, everybody.
You don't see not one
person without a roly.
Or a shiny chain.
You know what I'm saying,
everybody is just fly now.
I'm like, yo.
And the technology.
I first, the first
time I used a phone,
I was using it upside-down.
I didn't even know.
That happened
to me a couple times.
I was using it upside-down.
I'm like, how do you use this?
My man gave me an iPhone.
He, how do you use this?
I don't know how to use this.
I started pressin' buttons
and stuff, I'm like,
when you come home, it's a
whole different level, man.
It's like you just, like,
your mom givin' birth again.
Oh boy, I ain't gon' lie, bro.
I'm like, three weeks,
finally gonna get
some cheeks, bro.
I had the same night.
Like what the fu?
You know what's
crazy, I came home,
didn't get no yeeks for
like three weeks bro, right?
Listen to this bullshit.
Then I finally got
some, some yeeks.
I pop some bottle, right?
I pop some bottle
and get stupid drunk.
I tried, and it
wasn't working, bro.
I was drunk, I was too drunk!
It happens sometimes.
I know one
thing that I'm about
to start doin' a lot.
I'm about to start asking
females for they IDs.
These, these females is lookin',
lookin' crazy right now.
They lookin' wild, older, like
they lookin' like they my age.
It's, it's crazy now.
I don't know what's
in the water.
I don't know what's
in that water.
You feel what I'm sayin'?
There's somethin' in that water.
Some hormone growths
and all that, you know,
'cause, I'm not trying
to go back to jail.
They denied my, they denied
my first address from jail.
Before I came home
they denied my address.
I came home, they sent me
to a three-quarter house.
I was sick.
Whoa, lemme tell ya.
Just like a house for the
dopeheads and crackheads
and people that got nowhere,
that they don't got shit.
I mean, I, I got shit.
A bunch of dope-heads,
crack-heads, dirty.
My heart was beatin', you know,
and I'm just lookin' around,
and it's all new because
everything that I've seen
I seen out the window.
Whoa, man, my first
night in prison
was like the last day on earth.
When you were
standing in front of the judge,
did you have a funny
feeling in your stomach?
When I stepped in
front of that judge up there,
I had a beautiful job.
I had a beautiful kids'
mother, my children,
had a nice house,
and she told me to
come to the glass
and I came to the
glass and I said,
listen, um, can I
get a decent bail
because I have a good job?
She told me to
forget about my job,
forget about my house,
forget about my family,
forget about everything,
and just worry about this
time that she's gonna give me.
What about the
person who was standing
in the courtroom with you?
Do you think that they had a
funny feeling in their stomach?
I think in that
particular case, Mr. Money,
I think they would.
They care about you,
that's why they're here.
Oh, I'm talking
about your family.
I'm not talking about the judge,
I'm talking about your family.
Anybody who was in
the courtroom with you
who cared about you,
do you think that they
had a funny feeling,
and, when they were waiting
for the judge to give you
your type of sentence, that
they were kind of holding,
like please don't
give him too much?
Do you think that they
felt uncomfortable?
What about you Richard?
I was uncomfortable myself.
A lot of dudes come
home and get violated
before the year's, before,
they don't really get a year
in, they come right back.
So that's probably one thing
a lot of people think about.
Not tryin' to get violated.
36 months.
I had a job in Poughkeepsie,
it's like an hour
and a half away,
doin' metal fabrication.
I was makin' $52 an hour,
and my parole officer,
like, she tried to,
she didn't just say she didn't
want me to have the job,
so she tried to,
you know, like, wave
around it and say
that amount of money,
for me, in my pocket,
would remind me of
the criminal lifestyle
that I lived before
I went to prison,
and I don't, because, when
I got the job, my car,
it was, you know, like
a luxury exotic car,
BMW or somethin', so she's
seen me drivin' the car,
and that was, Oh, you're
tryin' to play catch-up.
She seen me with nice
clothes, nice sneakers,
so she said I look like
I'm committin' crimes again
when I'm actually
doin' it legit.
But she doesn't want
me to be reminded
of what, the way I used to live,
so I couldn't go
to that, that job.
And then she basically
summed it up and said,
you gotta stay in
the five boroughs.
You make more money than them?
They don't like that.
Weeks before, I counted down,
20 days, 10 days,
and finally got to
that one mornin',
and it's like, I
just sat by the door,
just waitin'.
Got off the bus at 42nd Street.
I had, I think, maybe $60
that I saved up from working
for pennies in there,
so it's like a bunch of people,
it's nice outside, it's sunny.
I'm just, I'm
stuck, for a while,
like I really stood in the
same spot for like 20 minutes.
Just lookin' up
at the buildings.
I felt like a tourist again.
It was just like, you
know, your heart is racin',
and it's like, wow, but
it's not a scary feeling.
It's like, just an excitin',
like goin' on a roller-coaster
or somethin' like.
Wild deep breaths.
I was takin' wild deep
breaths, I was like,
this feels so wonderful.
It smells way different.
Even though it smells
more nasty, it smells,
the smell is way
more nasty than,
but it's like, it's
like a freedom,
a freedom, you've
got that freedom air.
You could, you could you
could just keep walkin'.
You don't gotta...
It's the way that you remember
that you was free
too, that's it.
It's a, no, it's that,
even if it's dirty, it's
that once you smell it,
it's gonna hit you back like,
oh yeah there was
the time I was...
It's that you keep walkin'
and you don't have
to run into a gate.
You know what
made me feel hype, though?
What made me happy
when I came home?
I came home in the summer, too.
You come home,
you hear music blastin'
from people's cribs,
cars goin' by, trunk open,
Dominican dudes blastin'
they music dumb loud.
That's how you know
you in the town.
Like, yeah I'm back
in the city, New York!
That'd be a good
name for the thing.
When you come
home, that feelin'.
Yo, really?
Yo, so you're tryin' to tell
me you first come home, right?
You got a little
feelin' you got.
Yeah, but you don't
believe, even,
I'm talkin' about even if
you notice it at that moment,
I'm talking about you
notice it like months later,
and you really think
like that moment in time,
how'd that moment feel like,
you probably never gonna
feel like that again, right?
If you have
good, you have evil.
If you don't have one
you don't have the other.
- Opposites.
- Opposites.
But I think
there's so much in-between.
morning, St. Helens High.
Today marks the 35th anniversary
of our great volcanic eruption.
Please rise for the
pledge of allegiance.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
Beemus had a 10-foot penis.
He showed it to
the lady next door.
She thought it was a snake
so she hit it with a rake,
so now it's only five foot four.
Mr. Beemus had a 10-foot penis.
He showed it to the lady next.
I have a question for you.
How long do you plan on
goin' on like this?
Uh, I don't know.
I don't feel comfortable
showering with the girls.
Or the guys.
You're in PE class for a reason.
And that reason
is to connect your mind
and your body
with my daily regimens.
You understand?
Each and every one
of us has a calling.
This is yours.
What is?
To wrestle with yourself.
And soon, sooner than you think,
you're gonna find out what
wrestling actually is.
But don't be afraid.
I have prepared you.
You don't need to be ready.
Just willing.
You know the drill.
Drills are for strength!
Strength is power!
Strength is power!
Enjoy the pain!
Enjoy the pain!
Mind over matter!
Mind over matter.
Hey, hey, hey, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up, back up.
What are you tryin' to do here?
When you fall down,
do you think the people
who you call your friends
are gonna come over and just
help you out every time?
Do you think they're
gonna come over
and help you any time really?
Do you think you
can rely on that
when you're down on the ground,
you got a boot in your face.
I need you to think,
I need you to be here.
Do you understand?
All right, well,
since she's decided
to take the class over,
why don't we all get
down on the ground?
Crab walks.
Circle up!
Hey, don't blame me.
She's the one who
has taken over here.
Down, down, down, down,
down, down, down, down down!
Forward, go!
Torsos up.
Torsos up!
That is the point
of the crab walk!
To have the torso up in the air!
No lazy torsos!
No lazy torsos, backwards!
Do I need to show you?
Do I need to show
you how it's done?
Torsos up in the air!
Torsos up in the air!
Up in the air!
How many times do
I have to tell you?
You must be prepared!
I am the only one, the only one
who is telling you what
you need to prepare!
Repeat after me!
Enjoy the struggle!
Enjoy the struggle!
Your body is your shield!
Your body is your shield!
All right, agility ladders.
You may think you
know why you're here.
You may think that
there's not a reason
for you to be here.
There is!
I promise you there is a
reason for you to be here.
You just don't know it yet.
But you will when
the time is right.
You do not get to decide
when the time is right.
That time will decide for you.
Where is the sternum?
You are all here
in this gymnasium
because you have been chosen.
Where is the fibula?
Right here.
You are here because
you have the opportunity
to do something very special.
You have the opportunity
to push yourself
more than you've ever
been pushed before,
to know what your limit is,
and to go beyond your limit.
Where is the scapula?
Heads up, heads up, heads up!
Where's the pelvis?
Are you dumb?
Are you gonna prove me wrong?
Emergency evacuation.
This is not a drill.
Please proceed calmly
to the nearest exit.
We repeat, please remain calm.
Do not panic.
Please proceed to
the nearest exit.
This is not a test.
We repeat, this is not a test.
Mr. Beemus, we
have to go outside,
like we practiced for
the, uh, fire drill.
Emergency evacuation.
Children, today is the day.
Today, we separate the
strong from the weak.
The hard from the soft.
Do not panic.
- The men from the boys.
- Proceed to the nearest exit.
Don't be afraid.
Your bodies will protect you.
I've prepared you
for this moment.
We have to go to
the showers, come on!
Come on, follow me, come on!
Come on!
St. Helens cheerleaders.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
St. Helens cheerleaders.
Beemus, Beemus, you're the best!
You put our bodies to the test!
Beemus, Beemus, you're the best!
Class is over, now we rest!
There's still
something burning inside.
Go on.
In myself or in the room?
There's a dark
corner of the room.
Ah, shall we shed
some light on it?
From Death's antechamber,
welcome to Everybody Dies,
your portal to the afterlife.
Thursdays at 8:30
am, 7:30 central.
Watch as your host
Ripa the Reaper
ushers the newly dead
into their new home.
And now, the star
of Everybody Dies,
Ripa the Reaper.
Kids, you know
that you all die
No matter how hard you try
You can't squeal
or whine or pray
Everybody dies one day
I'm your last and only friend
'Cause this is
where your story ends
Take my hand
Walk through the door
And you'll live in this world
No more
There, there, kids.
There, there.
Everybody dies.
You might not be
ready, but I'm ready
for you.
You might slip in the shower,
you might get hit by a car,
you might get sick
and die slowly.
The Murder Map.
You might be running
from the police.
You might be running
from a stranger
who thinks he's the police.
You might be playing
with a toy gun.
You might be not
selling cigarettes.
Everybody dies it's true
Him and her and you and you
Kids beware when they attack
Especially if you are black
It's time for the
Little Lemming Limbo.
Oh, you're gonna lay down.
Will you hold it like that?
Oh, she gonna show me somethin'.
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Help me! Help!
That's how ya whack a soul.
Lethal Letters!
Where we read letters from
our most dedicated fans.
I turned 14 last week
but no adult seems interested.
There's no kids in
prison, there's no hope.
Don't let me turn 15...
Oh, I'm afraid
it's not your turn yet.
Police chase.
Seven small children dead.
Questioning why officers.
And, now,
let's welcome our guests.
You two are lost.
You want the third door
down the hall on the left.
They are cookies in there.
Yay, cookies!
All right, kids,
it's time to play
What's the Right Answer?
I'm gonna pass the mic,
and you tell me
the right answer.
Go on.
New Jersey.
Oh, kids, those were
the wrong answers.
Death is the right answer
because Everybody Dies.
Well, folks, that's all
for this week's episode
of Everybody Dies.
Tune in next week when
we'll be welcoming
Tonisha McKinnis, an
unarmed black woman
who will be shot
at for trespassing
as she tries to get
to her own apartment.
She died of hyperthermia.
Missing children
numbers 81, 100, and 73.
Ripa the Reaper
will be there to guide the way.
That's all for
this week's episode
of Everybody Dies.
Tune in next week, when
we'll start all over again.
This episode was brought to
you by Newport cigarettes,
enjoy a menthol, that's.
That's all for
this week's episode
of Everybody Dies.
Tune in next week when
we'll start all over again.
This episode was brought to
you by Newport cigarettes,
enjoy a menthol
that's Newport cool.
Kids you know that you all die
No matter how hard you try
You can't squeal
or whine or pray
Everybody dies one day
And now, the star
of Everybody Dies,
Ripa the Reaper.
Soft and lots of
sideways movement.
Air, just,
it's just like sadness,
a little sadness.
It's like a, like
a volcano thrust
from the back out and around.
Fucking hate, I just
fucking hate it.
I just fuckin'.
Do you sense anything else
that we need to do at this time?
No, I'm already doing it.
So take a deep breath now.
And I'd like you to
bring your awareness
back out to the audience
of the movie theater.
Looking up at the screen now,
I would like you to see yourself
engaged in one of the activities
that you know you'll be doing
over the course of
the next couple days.
- I'm cold.
- She okay?
Yeah, she's good.
So I was thinking
maybe we could get,
make some shish kabobs,
But I wanted to do
something special.
And what are we going
to serve the kids?
I figured just
burgers and dogs.
See, maybe we can get just,
like, some regular yellow
and then...
Can you get some milk?
Can you actually
hold her for a sec?
Hey, hey, buddy, hey, baby.
Do you wanna do chicken
on the shish kabob?
Yeah, but I don't want it
to get too stiff and dry.
I feel like, I don't
know, I feel like...
- We can do...
- Can you do your spicy rub?
Um, yeah, and
I'll make burgers.
You think we should?
You gettin' sick?
I'm fine, there's just
something in my throat.
Are we good?
Can you not do?
You always, she doesn't
like it when you kiss me.
Come on.
Nah, babe.
What, what is it, baby?
I think, I think she's hungry.
I think she wants to feed.
What are you doin' up?
What's for breakfast?
Honey, I think
she wants your milk.
I can't stand
her sucking on me.
Don't look at me like that.
You bit me.
No, I didn't.
You know Mama loves you, baby.
You know I love you.
You taste different.
Are you okay?
What are you doin'?
Do you feel ready?
And gently bringing the
attention back to the senses.
Just feeling the
feet on the ground.
The clothing on the skin.
The play of air in the room.
Preparing the eyes to
receive light and shadow.
Shape, form, and depth.
And just bringing the
awareness back to the body
in the present.
Ready for whatever happens next.
Leaving this activity
behind completely.
And we'll conclude
our session there.