College Pranks (2018) Movie Script

- [Thad] Oh, my god, Sebastian,
is it on?
- [Sebastian] Dude, I go
to film school; it's on,
- Right, okay, so we got
the new pledges
in the back of the truck,
We're gonna prank 'em, alright?
We rigged it up earlier so the
nooses are gonna break away,
But they have to
prove their trust
into brothers,
- Yeah,
- So they're gonna jump,
nooses are gonna fall off,
- Hey, and remember, they
don't jump, they don't get in,
- That's right,
- Alright, let's do this,
- Woo-hoo-hoo!
- Let's do this,
[cheering and laughing]
Get up, get up, let's go!
- Out of the truck!
- Let's go, let's go!
- Let's go!
- C'mon, c'mon!
Get your Sally-asses out, c'mon,
- We're gonna have some fun,
[cheering & whooping]
C'mon, c'mon!
Let's go get 'em,
Do you wanna be here?
- [Pledge] Yes, brother,
- [Sebastian] What
is this about?
- [Pledges] Trust,
- [Sebastian] What?
- [Pledges] Trust,
- [Sebastian] Lift your hoods,
Now get up there and put
those around your neck,
- Step up,
Nooses on,
Nooses on,
This is about trust,
- Put down your hoods
Put 'em down,
- Tie their hands,
Tie their hands,
Pledges, you are here
for one purpose,
That is to show trust
in your new brothers,
When we tell you to,
you will jump,
If you do not jump,
Thad, what will happen?
- If you do not jump, you
will not get in,
- You will not get in,
On the count of three,
- Two,
[branch cracks]
- [Sebastian] Who's that?
- [Thad] What?
- Who's that?
What are you doing here?
- [Thad] What the hell?
- This is a private ceremony!
Sebastian, who is this guy?
Is the one of our brothers?
[groans] Oh, shit!
[ominous orchestral music]
[ax thwacks]
- [Sebastian] Oh, man, no!
Don't, don't, don't!
[ax thwacking]
Don't, don't!
Don't kill me!
[ax thwacking]
[screams] Ah, no!
- [Pledge] What's going
on out there?
Say something!
[dull thuds]
[ax thwacking]
[pledges gasping and groaning]
[grunting and groaning]
[blood trickling]
[hard rock music]
- What the hell?
Gonna light my house on fire,
[hard rock music]
- Okay, at least have some
breakfast before you go,
- I'll grab a granola bar,
- That's not breakfast,
[car door clatters]
[dramatic instrumental music]
Did you hear me, honey?
I said, drive carefully,
- I'll call you,
- Um, are you coming
home next weekend?
- Ah, I'll probably be
busy the next few weekends,
but I'll try,
Don't forget to a
refill on your meds,
I put some cash on the counter,
You need it,
- I love you my,
big, grown-up college girl,
- I love you, too, mom,
[engine turns]
[hard rock music]
- [DJ] Yo, yo, yo!
DJ Skizza here, bringin' you
the tunes on college radio!
Gonna bring up some jams next,
But before I do,
wanna remind y'all
to make sure you're login'
on to www,collegepranks,us,
That's right,
Submit your prank videos
for the chance to win 25 K!
[hard rock music]
[upbeat rock music]
[books clattering]
- Hey, Sarah, what's up?
Yep, just got to our place,
Okay, yeah, can you give
me like, 15 minutes?
I'll just meet you at
the coffee shop,
Alright, bye!
[ominous instrumental music]
[door clatters and squeaks]
[ominous instrumental music]
[door clatters]
[phone buzzing]
I'm on my way,
[phone beeps]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[upbeat percussive music]
- Check this out!
Blow that stuff, do it!
This is a party now,
What up, girls?
College Pranks, what up?
What up, girl?
25K, I know you want it,
Check it out, upload your vid,
The top four are winners,
The top four winners
are gonna make their way
to the final mountain
College Pranks Showdown!
- [Sarah] Jenn [cheers]!
You look awesome!
- Thank you, it's a start,
- [Sarah] Oh gosh!
I have so much to tell
you about my summer,
- Okay, wait, just let
me get a latte first,
and then we'll talk,
- Get this, to you
remember Alice Drexler
from poly sci last year?
- [Jenn] Yeah, why?
- She was totally supposed
to be on that train
that crashed at the
beginning of summer,
She got sick and
missed her trip,
- I remember that,
- [Sarah] She told me
she was totally
gonna change her life,
then a week later,
boom, died in a
head-on car crash!
- No way!
- Yeah,
Who knows when the grim
reaper is gonna tell you:
Party is over!
Anyway, the first half
of my summer,
I worked as an unpaid
intern at an ad agency,
I got to go to all
these photo shoots
with cute, half-naked guys,
It was totally hot!
Until I got laid off,
- Only you would find a
way to get fired
from an unpaid internship,
- It is a gift,
But then I got to spend
the second half
of my summer in Italy,
I met this hottie named Vito,
We rode across the
countryside on his scooter,
drank wine, made love,
- Sounds like a romance novel,
- It was,
Girl, we need to work
on finding you a man,
Or at least get you laid,
- I do not need to get laid,
- Getting laid never hurts,
Oh, check out those Moby
Dicks across the street,
- I bet you haven't even
read that book,
- Nobody does,
Let's go,
- Everyone does,
You're supposed to,
It's a part of school!
[water trickling]
[ominous instrumental music]
[car rumbles]
[hood clatters]
- It's got problems with
the alternator,
battery, radiator hose,
serpentine belt,
Crack in the engine block,
- Is that all?
- I can fix what's
absolutely necessary
for about 800 bucks,
- Would you take a check?
Or, and a credit card?
[tools clattering]
- Here, let me take care of it,
- No, I'm a big girl now,
I can handle it,
- Are you sure?
Okay, then let me at least
pay for dinner,
- Deal,
- Okay,
- [screams] What the?
What the fuck?
- It wasn't--
[groans] It wasn't me!
There's been these two tool
sheds picking on me lately,
He just got off work,
This is their way home,
It's time to get even,
Let your speakers blow
[upbeat hip hop music]
- I cannot believe you
dragged me here!
- Oh, I didn't have to
try that hard,
- I look like an idiot,
- No, you look great,
Really, you look amazing!
- Hate you right now,
- And I love you,
So let's have fun; let's party!
- Baby, baby, baby!
Donka, donka, donkey!
Now that's sexy, that's sexy,
Lookin' good, baby,
Give it a smack right here,
Mm, gonna make one of
these jealous,
Hello, ladies,
You must be Italian,
I like it,
Oh yeah, do your walk,
What the?
Dude, man!
Come on, this place
is off the hook
with drop-dead gorgeous chicks,
and you look like you're
picking up fabrics,
- Dude, I am done with
these mall princesses,
Same makeup, hair, attitude,
- So what?
This is college, bro!
Come on,
substance is optional,
[upbeat rap music]
- Yeah, whatever,
- Oh, come on, man,
What happened to Cam, my
wing man, huh?
You still thinking
about the website?
Or your dad?
The super surgeon?
- Oh, do not go there,
- Dammit!
Where the hell's Cameron?
- Who the fuck's Cameron?
Who the fuck are you?
- The guy that owns this place,
- Lookit, look,
there's no flow
being all casual,
But we can turn this
thing around,
Come on, man!
- Alright, I know,
- [Father] Where's Cameron?
[upbeat rap music]
- Alright, I got
something wicked, right?
- For shizzle, you got this,
Bring the sexy, you
know how we do it,
There you go,
Let's keep it going,
- Cameron!
- Woo, shit,
- What the hell is
going on here?
- Dad, what are you doing here?
- What am I doing here?
The question is: What
the hell are you doing
throwing a party in my house?
- Look, I didn't know
there'd be so many people,
I'm sorry,
- Stop!
Okay, just stop,
You know, I've been
calling you for days now,
And now you've got the balls
to throw a kegger in my house?
- Dad!
Can we just go to my room
to talk, please?
- Dammit, go!
- Okay, so, it's $100
just to touch 'em,
Thank you,
- Awesome!
[woman gasps]
- Listen, Cameron,
If you wanted to
throw a pool party
you could have just asked me,
But this?
This is ridiculous,
- I'm sorry,
Look, I know I shoulda
returned your calls,
What do you think of
the website?
- What's your perspective
operating costs?
What's the ROI?
- I mean, we're still
tinkering with it,
- Tinkering, my ass!
Do you even have a
business plan?
- Yeah, my friend john
is writing one,
- You know what, John?
I mean, if Tim were
doing this thing,
he'd have every bit of this--
- I'm not Tim!
- I understand you're not Tim,
That's the damn reason
I'm talking about this--
- Dad!
Why do you always compare?
Forget it,
- Sorry,
Have you talked to Tim lately?
- Why?
- [Dad] You know he's
forgiven you,
- I doubt that,
- [Dad] Well, you'll find
out in a couple of days
at the family reunion,
Oh, and your cousin
Shelby's gonna be there,
I know you always
love seeing her,
- Yeah,
Don't count on me being there,
- Hey, yo, Cam!
Hey, what happened?
- Whoa!
You got a problem, bro?
- Whoa,
- I asked you a fucking
question, tough guy,
- Party foul, friend,
shit happens,
- You're goddamn right it does,
- Look,
tell me how you want
this to end,
Do you assholes even go
to school here?
- You know what, fuck him up,
[punches thwacking]
- [Onlooker] Oh shit, oh!
[punch thwacks]
[water splashes]
- Jesus, man, you're
fucking crazy,
- You know where the door is;
use it,
- Damn, brother, that was
some dark shit,
Hey, you just got knocked
the fuck out, baby! [laughs]
[mellow party music]
[crickets chirping]
- [laughs] Got ya!
- Sarah, what the hell?
- Oh yes, I got it all on tape,
You are going to be famous,
- What are you talking about?
- College Pranks contest,
I decided to enter,
Haven't you checked it out yet?
- Not yet,
- Come on, I mean, it's
full of stupid pranks,
but the winner gets 25 Gs!
- 25 grand?
- Yes,
And you are my ticket
to a mountain getaway,
- Thanks a lot,
- Come on!
You should think about entering,
I mean, who could use
the money more than you?
- I just, I don't
have enough time,
With school and--
- Oh please, Miss Brainiac,
No excuses,
Hey, Jenn, Jenn,
Jenn, Jenn, Jenn,
check out this Cameron guy,
He's from Pi Beta
down the street,
And woof!
- [Jenn] Isn't he the guy
that we saw last night?
He's alright,
- Alright?
Oh, my gosh, Jenn, look!
My video's up,
[water trickling]
- [Jenn] Sarah?
Is that you?
[door clatters]
[ominous instrumental music]
[water squeaking]
[crickets chirping]
- Alright, okay, this is
our buddy Tyler's room,
And he's about to get a
wake-up call!
- [Camera Operator] Yeah, baby!
- Yeah, baby!
Alright [shushing],
- [Camera Operator]
[laughs] He is gonna shit,
- He's dead asleep,
Come on,
let's go, let's go,
He has no idea,
Yeah, baby,
[horn wails]
Go, go, go, come on!
- [Tyler] Fuck you guys!
- Alright, remember, I'm
that's the wake-up prank,
So you better vote for me,
[bird chirping]
- Hi, Father, need a hand?
- Nah!
I'm moving one box at a time,
I could use the exercise,
Besides, it'll be awhile
before the orphanage
moves into a smaller space,
- [Jeff] How much are you
behind on rent?
- $20,000,
It's okay, though,
God works in mysterious ways,
Maybe this way, each orphan
will get more attention,
- Mysterious ways?
Funny, I just thought
He was deaf,
- You have to have faith,
my son,
- I've given faith a try before,
[sighs] What can you tell
me about faith?
- Let's talk,
- [Jeff] Whoa, you okay there?
- Yeah, you know, maybe
I could use a little help
with some of the heavier boxes,
- Of course,
[phone beeps]
[call-back tone ringing]
[phone rings]
- [Jenn] Christy?
- Hi, baby sis,
How you doin'?
- Hey, do you have
access to the net?
- Yeah, why?
- Go to www,collegepranks,us,
I'm thinking about entering,
- It says here, the game's
gonna be played
in the mountains and
you'll be camping,
You didn't join the Girl Scouts
because you're terrified
of the outdoors,
- No, I was terrified of
your camp-side ghost stories,
Besides, I really
need the money,
It's not just me,
Mom, and--
- Look, I gotta go, okay?
I can't deal with
mom's problems,
You know?
- No,
Of course not,
- I'll be following you online,
I hope you get in, I really do,
- Great,
- I love you,
- [Jenn] Love you too,
[water trickling]
[ominous instrumental music]
[door clatters]
- Oh, how dare you!
[Jenn laughing]
- Payback's a bitch,
- Dammit, get out!
Get out!
- What, I took your advice,
25 grand, all mine!
- Get out!
Get out!
Fuck you!
[Jenn laughing]
[hammer thwacks]
[pieces clatter]
- [Peter] Every fucking time,
every fucking time you
pull this shit,
- You know what, Peter,
why are you ignoring me?
- No, I'm not fucking
ignoring you!
- Why can't you answer
the fucking--
- Every goddamn time, I've
answered every fucking question
that you've asked--
- I'm walking out,
- Oh yeah, pull that shit,
No, this is bullshit,
You're not gonna be doing this,
Bullshit, no, no!
Every fucking time, you
pull this shit!
I'm trying to work through it,
- Work through?
- You have no patience,
- You are such a fucking liar,
- Bullshit,
- I'm done,
- I'm the fucking liar?
- I'm done,
[computer beeps]
- Oh, my god,
- [Sarah] Hey, I need to
borrow some facial cream, hun,
- I'm in,
- [Sarah] What?
- The final prank,
I'm in,
- Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh, the contest
is gonna take place
this weekend in the
Colorado mountains,
where a sole winner
will be awarded $25,000!
Oh, my gosh, it sounds
like spy stuff,
College Pranks cannot
guarantee your personal safety,
Precaution advised,
- Precaution advised?
- You're going down
those train tracks
just like Alice
Drexler [laughs],
We're almost here,
- [Jenn] This is stupid,
I don't even know
where I'm going,
- Dude, don't worry,
My friend Katie knows this girl,
who heard from somebody
that they've set all
all sorts of safety precautions,
You're totally safe!
- [sighs] Great, I feel
so much better
because Nicky's anonymous
friend says it's okay,
- You, you're gonna film it all,
- They said not to
bring anything,
- Jenn, break the rules
every now and then,
Don't worry, I brought my
camera, and you can borrow it,
- Thanks,
- [laughs] You're welcome,
Now, go have fun,
This is your first time
getting away from it all,
- You're right,
- I'm so jealous,
- You're gonna watch,
online, all weekend, right?
- Yes,
I will watch online all weekend,
Get out of my car,
Love you!
- Love you,
[locker clatters]
Oh, my god,
We have
our mace,
Spaceman head cam thing,
Train ticket, check on the card
with a bear, fantastic, good,
Exactly what I was hoping for,
we have a map,
We're getting close,
[train whistle blows]
[ominous instrumental music]
Hi, excuse me, sir,
Could you tell me how
to get to this location?
- Yeah, well, let's have
a look-see here,
Now, well, you wanna go there?
- I think so,
- Well, I'm headed
that way myself,
Would you like to hitch a ride?
- Ah,
yeah, sure, if it's not
too much trouble,
- Well, sure, come on,
Just climb right in and I'll
take you right up there,
[engine rumbling]
So, what brings you
to these parts?
- I'm here to play a game,
- [laughs] What kind of
a game is it?
- I don't know really,
- You know, nobody goes up
there where you're going
no more,
- Why not?
- Well, it's just that some
college kids from the city
went up there a few
years back to camp out,
and [laughs] well, they
called it a game,
but it was a game of death,
They each one made a
hangman's noose,
And then they threw the
ropes over the tree limb
and stood on a platform,
Each one of 'em put his
head into the noose,
Well, it was like these
geniuses wanted
to play the hangman's
game for real,
And they just should've
fallen a few inches,
But something happened,
- You think someone killed them?
- Well, they never
caught no one,
Police finally just said it
was a college prank gone bad,
[chuckles] Well, they
always say that
so the tourists don't
get scared off,
But rumor has it,
the killer's still out
there somewhere,
waiting for his next victim,
[brakes squeal]
- Why are we stopping?
- We're here,
- We're here?
- You see that trail over there?
You just follow that trail
and it'll take you right
up to where you wanna go,
- Of course, a deserted trail,
- Give you a ride back to town?
- No, thank you for the ride,
- Any time,
I wouldn't mind getting
to know you better!
[laughing maniacally]
[birds chirping and singing]
[ominous instrumental music]
[liquid trickling]
- Oh, sorry to interrupt!
- You must be Jennifer?
I saw your picture on the
College Pranks website,
- Oh, you can just call me Jenn,
- Cameron,
I'm sorry, ah, my
friends call me Cam,
- You're crazy,
- [Cam] I've seen you around,
Do you go to the
coffee house a lot?
- [Jenn] Yeah, sometimes,
- Alright,
Well, what do you think
they're gonna have us be doing?
Do you think it's gonna be like,
one of those survivalist shows?
You know, with pranks?
You know, last man?
Or woman standing,
- I bet they're just
gonna have us eat like,
bugs and grubs and--
- Well, that's not bad,
As long as there's no
pigs feet or cow brains,
- [laughs] I vote we
just survive the elements
and then deal with whatever
pranks they throw at us,
- Well, if we do have to
vote people off,
you wanna get an alliance?
- I'll get back to you on that,
- Hey, wait up!
[panting] I'm Jeff,
- Good lord, did you
swim up here, bro?
- I need to get in shape,
- Ah, yeah, I'd say so,
- I think the rules say we're
supposed to have cameras on,
- Oh, God, Mr, Rules
and Regulations,
- I didn't make the rules,
I just think we were supposed
to record our first meeting,
- He's right,
- [Cam] Alright, fine,
- I'm dying here,
Oh, I'm gonna puke,
- [Cam] Just take some
deep breaths,
You'll be alright,
- Fine,
- Hey, everybody, I'm Cameron,
You know me,
I'm the guy that's
gonna win the 25 K,
- Oh, that's my boy,
That's my boy, okay,
- [Jenn] Keep dreaming,
- Please,
- Hey, I'm Jeff,
I'm a Pisces,
- Who's this Jeff geek?
[Jeff sighs]
[ominous instrumental music]
- It is so beautiful!
Those have to be 13
years or 14 years--
- Oh, look at that!
Okay, look,
- Look at that,
- I cannot believe, he's
looking at her boot,
He's looking at that booty,
- That is some great scenery,
- There it is!
- You better hurry up,
we're only halfway there,
- They got us hooked up,
- Or something,
- Alright, cool,
Nice, what's that?
- Welcome to the College
Pranks campsite,
The game begins
tomorrow morning,
Get your rest, you'll need it,
- Cool,
- Hey, don't you think
it's kinda weird
that no one from the game
came here to meet us?
- What, like some type
of game host or what?
- I don't know,
- Well, maybe we'll
meet 'em tomorrow,
Mystery guest,
- You know what you're doing?
- Yeah, I did grow up
in the Outback,
- Australia?
- Ah, yes a diggery do,
Good day, mate, throw
another Sheila on the barbie!
These are lame,
- Let's just get back to work,
- You want me to show you
how to do this?
- No, that's okay,
My talent is winning the 25 K,
- Wow, I guess that is
a good survival skill,
- [gasps] Let me know if you
find a tank of oxygen in there,
- Well, you made it, so relax,
Take a load off,
I guess we'll get
firewood in a bit,
- How about you two
honeymooners take that tent?
And I'll take this one,
- [laughs] Wait,
You never know, by the end
of the night you might--
- Not gonna happen,
- Well, that hangman
character you mentioned,
he could still be lurking
around these woods,
- Well, that's why God
invented pepper spray,
- Alright, alright, well played,
Just make sure you get
the hangman and not me,
[eerie instrumental music]
[Jenn gasps]
- [Cam] Hey!
Who the fuck are you?
- Whoa!
Chill, I'm Trevor,
- [Cam] Yeah, who?
- [Jenn] The fourth player,
- You can just call me
the Wild Card,
- You even go to
Penderton College?
I've never seen you on campus,
- [sighs] Nope,
- Huh, well?
- Well what?
- Where do
you go
to school?
- Worton College, down South,
- Well, welcome to the game,
I mean, Wild Card,
I'm Jenn, and this is Cameron,
and Jeff,
- Come on, Jenn, let's
go get firewood,
We'll go together,
- Who made you queen
of the jungle?
Oh, my god!
That Jenn girl is one
fine piece of ass!
[ominous instrumental music]
- Come on, he's okay,
- Yeah, famous last words
from the Hangman's victim,
- I never should of told you
that crazy old man's story,
- Let's get wood,
[ominous instrumental music]
- [Cam] Jenn, help!
Jenn, over here!
- Oh, my god!
Are you okay?
- Now this is what I
call a prank!
- [Jenn] Hold on a second,
- Oh yeah,
[Cam thuds and groans]
- [Jenn] Sorry!
- Thanks for letting me down,
- You would of done
the same for me,
- Well, I'd do you,
I mean, I would of done
the same for you,
- You can let go of me now,
[crickets chirping]
[fire crackling]
[owl hoots]
- What took you guys so long?
- Cameron got pranked,
- [laughs] Really?
- What was it?
- Rope snare strung him up,
- [Cam] Yep,
- So, you gonna make us dinner?
- Do I look like room service?
- Thanks,
- My man!
- You guys hungry?
- Thanks,
- There you go, here,
So, Jenn, what is your major?
- Psych,
- Oh nice, what year?
- Last of undergrad, you?
- Cool, second year, Biz-Ad,
Psych, huh?
So does that mean you're
gonna be analyzing all of us?
- [laughs] I might have
seen a picture
of the three of you in
my Abnormal Psych book,
- [Cam] What about you, Trevor?
- Software engineering,
- [Jenn] No offense, but--
- You would of never guessed?
I know,
Jeff, what about you?
- Undeclared, third,
- Dude, you can't be,
You have to be declared by
the end of your second year,
- I know, I just transferred in
from a school from the Springs,
- Now this is how you
cook a hotdog, children,
- Yeah, if you're a
sexual offender,
- [Trevor] Like
you're an expert?
- Look, I know how to survive
in the wild, Sasquatch!
- Like, in Australia?
- Yeah, that,
And an African safari
with my brother and pops,
A month long expedition
through the jungles
in South America,
- [scoffs] Yeah right,
Here come the war stories,
Remember, she's a psych major,
She'll know if you're lying,
- Alright,
A couple years back we were
trekking through Venezuela,
right along the Orinoco river,
And we had to cross with 70
pounds of gear on our back
and water up to our necks,
And we got about three
quarters of the way across,
and the water,
it looked like it was trembling,
- [Jenn] What?
- Piranhas,
- That's when I bumped
my brother Tim,
and he just plunged right
under the water,
Finally I was able to
pull him to shore,
But it was sheer willpower
that got us out of there,
Willpower, that's why
I'm alive today,
- Or, you weren't meant to die,
- What, you mean like,
God's plan?
I disagree,
We saved ourselves out there,
- So, Dr, Jenn, is he
telling the truth?
- I'm not a psychic,
- We all have our scars,
I grew up fending for myself,
And when things got rough,
I found comfort in drugs,
But the more I took,
I did terrible things,
- Like what kind of
terrible things?
[branch breaks]
- Did you hear that?
- Oh, it's gotta be
the pranksters,
- Are we gonna go after
every little sound we hear?
- There are animals
in the woods,
You know, wild animals?
- Come on, let's go
check it out!
Look, Jeff,
I've got protection, come on!
- I got protection, too,
but it's lubricated,
And I'm talking to myself,
[ominous instrumental music]
You miss me yet?
Hey, what was that?
- [Jenn] I didn't hear Anything,
- [Trevor] Come on,
take my hand,
- That's disgusting,
- Looks like pig guts,
- [Jenn] What, a wild pig?
What would even cause that?
- No, it's gotta be a prank,
Otherwise this would be an
all-you-can-eat bear buffet,
- Pig guts?
That's weak, I can do
better than that,
- Weak, he's right,
It could attract bears,
- Well, Tarzan, maybe you
could swing down a rope
onto a bear's back, stab
it in the neck,
and drink the blood out
of a boar's tusk,
- Hey!
There's something over there,
Come on, Trevor, let's
check it out,
- I don't have anything,
My hero,
- Will you wait here
while I go find a bush?
- No problem,
Stay within shouting distance,
[Jenn laughs]
[ominous instrumental music]
- Jeff, Jeff!
Where are you?
This better not be a prank,
you guys!
[ominous instrumental music]
[gasping] Jeff, Jeff!
Trevor, anyone?
Anyone, please!
Cam, where are you?
- [Cam] Jenn!
Jenn wait, I see you,
Just wait there,
[Jenn gasping]
Hey, are you alright?
- Yeah,
Where's Trevor?
- Shopping for balls,
What was that noise?
- I don't know,
I found the rest of the
pig in a tree,
It's not what I would
call a funny prank,
- Creepy,
Come on,
- [Jeff] Guys!
I went to go to the bathroom,
- Man, let the pranks begin,
I wonder if we'll get any
sleep tonight,
- Can you please let me down
before Niagara Falls
pours all over my face?
[fire crackling]
- Whoa!
We have now entered
- The pranks are getting better,
I'm still not impressed,
- Seems like they're
playing heavy
into this whole Hangman theory,
- They're just trying to
scare us to make us think
we'll end up like those
other dead college kids,
I choose to focus on
the winning,
The rest is just
window dressing,
- What if fate has something
else in store for you,
you jerk off?
- How do you know what your
fate's gonna be tomorrow?
- All I know is our actions
determine what we get
and what we deserve: Free will,
- I believe we all follow a
path that's laid out for us,
- Nobody cares what you believe,
- If a good person dies
young, is that free will?
- I don't know,
I believe what I believe,
- Look, it's getting late, and
we're gonna need all the rest
we can get for tomorrow,
God, I didn't drink that
much, but I am feeling it,
- Good night,
[zipper buzzes]
Yeah, well,
you two can have that tent,
Good night,
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I don't think that fate
has been decided yet,
- Yeah, maybe not in your mind,
- How about we flip for it?
- How about we wrestle for it?
- [Trevor] You're not the
one I'd like to wrestle with,
- [Jenn] Who is it?
- The other tent's full,
And besides, I don't
think it's safe
for you to sleep alone tonight,
[zipper buzzes]
- [Jenn] You can keep the
other side of the tent safe,
[zipper buzzes]
- Well, that's cool,
I'll just wait out here and
wait for the fire to die out,
- Good night,
- Good night,
[fire crackling]
You remind me of my
cousin Shelby,
- Is she a kissing cousin?
I'm kidding, she must
be really cool,
- Yeah, she is,
And I was supposed to
see here this weekend
at my parents' family reunion,
but instead I'm here with you,
- But you got stuck with me,
- Things could be worse,
- So, what does a guy like you
need 25 grand to play with?
- You think I'm an elitist,
No, no, it's alright, a
lot of people do,
I don't want my dad's money,
I want his acceptance,
I don't wanna live in my
brother's shadow anymore,
With my dad, though,
[scoffs] it's complicated,
- Trust me, I know complicated,
Almost lost it back there
when my flashlight died,
- Yeah, but, you're alright now,
- Yeah, thanks to your
mad cave man skills,
- Yeah, well, I do everything
except for the grunting,
[Jenn laughs]
No, I know how
to handle myself in
the outdoors,
But I have trouble with
other things,
- Like what?
I can't imagine you have
any problem with girls,
- Just meeting the right one,
Well, have you given any
more thought to our alliance?
- Well, I know you and
Trevor won't be allies,
- What? Me and Trevor?
I love the guy,
like a fungus or something,
- Yeah, okay,
I could go for an alliance,
But the 25 K is all mine,
- Okay, shake on it,
[lips smacking]
- Or kiss,
Either way we'll seal the deal,
- I'd really like to see you
when we get back at school,
- Yeah,
I'd like that,
- Oh wow,
It's the beers, they're
really kicking in,
I'm tired,
- Well, good luck tomorrow,
At least enough to
come in second,
- Yeah, good luck to you,
- Night!
- Good night,
[peaceful instrumental music]
[zipper buzzes]
- Who took my stuff?
- Relax, you've never gotten
drunk and been markered before?
- There's no way I was
that drunk last night,
- I think we were drugged,
You guys remember
feeling groggy?
- So they could go
through our stuff,
- [Trevor] Yup, upping
up the ante now,
Cell phones are all gone, too,
- And they took my clothes,
what the hell!
- Oh, and we got this;
Coordinates to our
first challenge,
Says we gotta go that way,
- Let me see it,
- Hey, that's mine!
- Relax!
No, we gotta go that way,
[ominous instrumental music]
- [Jeff] Hey, watch out!
- Those are my clothes,
This isn't funny,
This isn't funny anymore!
Do you hear me?
[ominous instrumental music]
Is anyone here?
- This is definitely it,
- I am not going in there,
- What, giving up on the 25 G?
- I'm already over these pranks,
- Hey, check it out,
Welcome to the first challenge,
Pick two players to
enter the Cave of Doom!
- [Jeff] That sounds ominous,
- Looks like they're
gonna lock us in,
- Yeah, I'm staying out here,
- [Jeff] I'll go,
- Alright, we got our
first volunteer,
I'll go with you,
- Hey, don't I get a vote?
You trying to steal
my prize money?
- Cam, enough!
- Why don't you just stay out
here and keep Jenn company?
Can you do that?
- You know what?
That sounds like a good idea,
[bag thuds]
- Let's go,
- You know, I coulda taken him,
Lucky for him, my index
finger's my Achilles Heel,
[ominous instrumental music]
So, Jenn, what brought you here?
- What else, the money,
And I wanted to
challenge myself,
- What, living a life
of quiet desperation?
- Aren't we all?
- And we all have a story,
What's yours?
- When my dad died, my mom
got very protective of us,
She made us take walkie-talkies
to the grocery store
which was only two blocks away,
And we'd have to hold hands
and talk to her the whole time,
It was so embarrassing,
- Well, at least your mom cared,
- She does,
It's just time to move on,
So why are you here?
- The cheese,
I'm tired of eating Ramen
noodles and cat food all day,
At least, I think it
was cat food,
- [laughs] Well, at
least you have two
of the four food groups,
[ominous instrumental music]
[gate clatters]
- What, you scared?
It's just bamboo,
Well, move along, my
fellow spelunker,
[ominous instrumental music]
- That's it; dead end,
- [Cam] Now look, what's that?
Should I push the button?
- [Jeff] Well, I mean, I
guess it's part of the game,
- [Cam] Right?
- [Jeff] Wait, wait! [gasps]
- The gate,
- So, when this thing wraps
up, how 'bout you and I
connect for a drink later?
- I'm busy [sighs],
I knew this would happen,
- [Trevor] It's
probably nothing,
Maybe it's an elimination round,
- [Jeff] What's it
counting down to?
- Hopefully opening the gate,
- What the hell does boom mean?
- Boom, a bomb,
Like a stink bomb, like
in junior high,
Like, a liquid fart,
Let's just get out of here
'cause I don't wanna smell
like ass in front of Jenn,
- Before the countdown
reaches one minute,
the button must be
pressed and held
or the bomb explodes,
- Bomb, see, like a stink bomb,
Let's just figure out a
way to get out of here,
It's probably gotta be like
one of those room escape games,
you know, you play online?
- At 30 seconds, the
gate will open
allowing one player free,
[timer beeping]
The C4 will detonate at
the end of the countdown,
- C4?
Like, I mean, well,
that's gotta be a prank,
- [Jeff] Thanks for
playing, College Prank Team,
- What the hell kind of
prank is that?
- I don't know, but we have
less than three minutes,
- Well, somebody's gotta
push the button then,
- You pressed it, not me,
- No, we both
decided to push it,
- On what planet?
I said, wait,
Both of us don't have to die,
- [Cam] Fuck, fuck!
Ah, fuck!
Alright, what do we do,
what do we do?
Oh man,
- It's not depressing the
button enough; it's too big,
And these aren't heavy enough,
- [Cam] Alright, alright,
Look, okay,
you should push the button,
I mean, you've already done
terrible things, right?
You admitted it,
- Who gave you the
right to play God?
- If you look at it from
a utilitarian standpoint,
who's got more to offer society,
- That's bullshit!
You had everything
handed to you,
- [Cam] That doesn't
change the facts,
- What facts?
If I'd of been in
the same place,
I would've done the
same or more!
- Well, that's not really
the issue now, is it?
- Every Saint has a past,
And every sinner has a future,
You're still no Saint,
- What?
Look, we got one minute to push
this button or we both die,
- I deserve to live!
- [Cam] Why's that?
- Because I believe in
God and you don't!
- I never said I don't
believe in God,
I just think we choose
our own fate,
- How do you choose
your fate now?
- I don't know,
Look, I don't know, I can't
decide this on my own,
Look, whoever set up
this death trap
wants one of us to decide
the fate for both of us,
- [Jeff] So much for your
free will theory, huh?
- Look, we got 30 seconds
to push a button, huh?
Or we both die,
Who's it gonna be?
- [Trevor] So, if you and
I were the last two people
on earth because of a
natural disaster,
what would you think would
happen to the human race?
- [Jenn] Humanity
probably wouldn't survive,
[gate clicks]
[timer beeping]
- [Cam] Get out of the way!
Get down!
[explosion booms]
- [laughs] What the fuck?
- Whoa, what the?
What just happened, dude?
- Is that a fucking bomb,
or what? [explosion booms]
- Where's Jeff?
- This isn't a game anymore,
That was a real bomb in there,
- Trevor!
Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
I don't get it; why are
they trying to kill us?
- I don't know, okay?
Alright, we gotta get him
to the hospital,
And then we gotta call the
police, Come on, help him up,
[ominous instrumental music]
- We have to get him
down the mountain,
- Yeah, but he's gotta be able
to walk; I can't carry him,
- Shit!
We are not playing anymore,
you fuckers!
- Alright, okay, it says there's
a marker right over there,
Wait here, alright?
Wait with Trevor, I'll
be right back,
- Shit, shit, shit, shit!
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay,
- Here,
[ominous instrumental music]
- Mom?
- Jenny!
Jenny, you have to
finish the game!
If you don't continue,
they're gonna kill me!
Jenny, help me!
- Why are they doing this?
- [Jenny's Mom] Help me!
[Jenny's Mom screaming]
- Okay, I don't know,
This is way off the reservation,
- We need to get help,
The cameras, the cameras,
I got on the train at
Union Station,
And I got off at--
[static crackles]
- Man, I don't know what the
fuck is going on right now,
I don't know, man,
[camera beeping]
- Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Our coordinates are different,
That means they want
us to split up,
Hey, Trevor?
Can you hear me?
You there?
- What happened, where's Jeff?
- He's dead,
- [Trevor] And the money?
- No--
- [Trevor] I knew it,
- Look, buddy,
we gotta leave you here
for a little bit, alright?
Alright, stop, it's not
too much further
till we gotta split up,
- My dad's picture,
It's gone!
- [Cam] It's just a picture,
- No, it's,
Trevor, I had it when we
were with Trevor,
- Okay, alright, look,
calm down!
We haven't gone very
far, let's just go back,
- [Jenn] Fine,
- I don't know, man,
Cops say they're trying to
track the website feeds,
but they keep bouncing all
over the globe,
I don't know what the
fuck is going on, man,
- Where's Trevor?
- I don't know,
[ominous instrumental music]
[thunder rumbles]
I've never seen so much blood,
I couldn't even make
anything out,
- Trevor?
Look at this,
Let's get out of here,
What happened in the
cave with you and Jeff?
- He let me go,
- He gave his life for you,
- Yeah,
I can't explain why,
- Mine say to go this way,
- Look, I don't think we
should split up,
- We have to,
We have to follow the rules,
for my mom,
- Be careful,
[ominous instrumental music]
[insects chirping]
[ominous instrumental music]
Cam, what are you doing?
It's you!
Why are you doing this?
- No, Jenn, no,
Jenn, I found the knife in
a box where they sent me,
They're watching us,
What did you find?
[box clatters]
Inside you'll find two
syringes filled with rohypnol,
What's rohypnol?
- They want us knocked out,
- Are you kidding me?
I'm not fucking injecting
myself with that shit,
- Keep reading,
- You have five minutes
to inject each other,
If you're still awake
after that time,
your mother dies,
Do you really think,
if we inject ourselves,
then we get to walk out
of this alive?
- I don't know,
But what choice do we have?
- We've all got choices,
Life is a game of choices,
and we're playing the
game right now,
Look, I say we go to
the bottom of the hill,
we get the cops, we come
back up here--
- No, time is running out
for my mother,
- Okay,
I said I would be here for
you and your mom, remember?
- I have to follow the rules,
- What you have to do
is decide what's right,
And I can help you with that,
You gotta trust me, Jenn,
We're on the same team,
- We both have to do it;
we don't have a choice,
[branch breaks]
Just do it,
- You know I could take
that from you in one second?
- Please!
[ominous instrumental music]
[syringe clatters]
[ominous instrumental music]
- You have no patience!
- You are such a fucking liar!
- I'm a fucking liar?
- We're done,
[dull thud]
[ominous instrumental music]
- No!
- [Cam] Jen, Jen, where are you?
- Cam? [gasping]
I'm in a coffin; they
buried my alive,
- Same,
- Cam, I saw him,
I saw the Hangman,
- [Hangman] Good evening,
Welcome to the last stage
of the game: Final Prank,
It's my honor to facilitate
such an exciting finale,
So here are the rules:
Both of you have 10
minutes of air,
Both of you are six
feet underground,
You must answer three questions
right to survive the game,
A correct answer takes
away two minutes
away from your opponent,
- I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- [Hangman] Better
save your breath,
Because the
countdown begins now,
First question, let's
see how well
you know your fellow players,
Not everybody comes from money
like daddy's boy, Cameron,
Some of us didn't get the choice
of the best possible college,
What college did Trevor attend?
- Fuck you!
Fuck you, what kind of
question is that?
- Why are you doing this to us?
- [Hangman] Take your time,
What little you have,
- Worton, he went to
Worton College,
- [Hangman] Excellent,
Cam, you are correct,
Next question:
Which one of your fellow
players is a true murderer?
- You're the only murderer here!
- [Hangman] Now, now, Jenn,
be truthful,
I've read your diary,
- [Cam] Jenn, what's he
talking about?
- How long have you
been following us?
- [Hangman] Tick-tock,
time's a wasting,
Who is the real killer here?
- You are, Trevor, you are!
So give it up already,
you hear me?
- I am,
I'm the murderer,
- [Cam] Jenn, what
are you saying?
- [Hangman] Points for honesty,
And Cam loses two
minutes of oxygen,
And we're tied going into
the last stage of the game,
As a bonus, I'm gonna
take away three minutes
from the loser,
- You worthless piece of shit!
I hope you rot in hell!
- [Hangman] Final question:
Which one of you
deserves to live?
- Damn you! [sobbing]
- Jenn,
Jenn does,
- Cam, no!
- [Hangman] I
underestimated you, Cameron,
That's very noble of you,
- Cam, you shouldn't have,
- [sobs] Jenn,
Jeff saved me earlier, and now,
you got a lot more to lose,
Jenn, take good care of
your mom, okay?
- [Hangman] Loved ones,
your fate has been sealed by
the passing of your loved ones,
I'm sure you'd like
an explanation,
But I'd rather you die
wondering why,
And Cam, think about
how you got here,
Who's choice really was it?
I bid you adieu,
- [Cam] Fuck you, just
let me out of here
for one fucking minute,
- No, no, Cam, don't,
Save your air, you don't
have a lot of time [sobbing],
- Mother fucker!
You know,
I shoulda gone to my
family reunion instead,
- Yeah,
so you could be with your
cousin, Shelby,
- And my dad,
he really goes all out
for these things,
You should come next time,
- Yeah, I'd like that,
And I'll bring my mom,
- I hope she likes Italian,
- She loves it,
- We'll have a really good time,
- Cam?
- I feel like I'm under water,
- Cam?
[sobbing] Cam?
No, no! [sobbing]
[air hissing]
- This is how it's gonna be,
This is how it's gonna
fucking be, okay,
every goddamn time,
- Fucking liar!
- Every fucking time,
Every time you pull this shit,
[Mother shrieking]
No, I'm fucking over this,
I'm fucking over this,
[engine revs]
- [Mother] Really, you're
such a fucking liar,
[ominous instrumental music]
- Oh, my God!
[crickets chirping]
[ominous instrumental music]
- [Hangman] Good evening, Jenn,
Welcome to the final good bye,
- [gasping] Who are you?
- [Hangman] Your fate,
or destiny,
Whatever you'd like to call me,
- And Jeff?
And Trevor?
What did you do to them?
[ominous instrumental music]
I thought you were--
- A martyr?
A fool?
An orphan?
I wasn't always,
You see, my mother,
she had a social worker
who helped her find a job,
Your father, Peter Maddux,
He helped her,
More than he should have,
They started having an affair,
But you already know that part,
Your diary was very
I just though he'd hit
her that night
and left her die on the
side of the road
like some wild animal!
But now we know better,
- Cameron, you killed Trevor
and him because of me?
- Don't flatter yourself,
Fate decided to intervene
in more than one way,
was my half brother,
- You're crazy!
- Doubt if you knew it,
but Conrad,
our father,
he did,
he doesn't even know my name!
And Cam had the life
I shoulda had,
- Why kill your brother?
- So my father would know
the heartbreak and torture
of losing part of his family!
- Well maybe if your mother
wasn't sleeping around with--
- Don't you
speak of her like that,
- My mom,
- Simple:
You took my mother,
I took yours,
Eye for an eye,
And as you can see,
she makes a great stand in,
[Jenn sobbing]
Choices have their consequences,
Not to say I didn't
lead you a bit,
You and Cam,
The writings on the
mirror, the car trouble,
He was just as money hungry,
And Trevor, what about him?
Lo and behold, who's face
popped up on our website,
other than our good friend,
Talk about predetermination,
When I was in middle
school he used to carry
a double-sided quarter,
both heads,
And he'd say, "I'm
giving you a choice
"by flipping this coin,"
But he'd choose heads first,
every time,
So I gave him a
choice I never had:
A true blue, 50/50,
and he chose heads, like always,
He chose poorly,
[knife squishes]
[ominous instrumental music]
I had more plans for Trevor,
but after he got hurt
outside of the cave--
- You are a coward
and a hypocrite,
- Agreed,
- You think you can play
with other peoples' lives?
- What's done is done,
Our paths are set,
I'm in God's hands now,
- No,
You're in mine,
- Very appropriate,
Indeed, you're finally
learning how to play the game,
I'll tell you what,
I'll make it easy,
Looks like God has
the final prank,
[gun firing]
[dramatic instrumental music]
- [Maggie] That's a crazy story,
- Right?
- So, some kid created a
fake reality show
just to get these guys
up here that he hated,
so he could kill them?
- Yes!
- There's no way that's true,
- [Maggie] It's ridiculous,
- What the fuck?
- Come on, man, what is
this? Did you set this up?
- No,
[ominous instrumental music]
- Maggie, you must
have set this up?
- No, I didn't, I swear,
- Alright then,
I'm just gonna go kick his ass,
- Come on, don't go out there,
Just turn around,
- Jack, get back in the car!
[door clatters]
- [Maggie] Jack!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
- Holy shit!
Maggie, get in the back seat!
- Oh, my God, oh, my God!
Oh, my God!