Collider (2018) Movie Script

- People often
romanticize time travel.
To get a second
chance seems so easy.
- I need your help, please.
Forgive me Samantha.
- Maya Eckels!
- Curfew
is now in effect.
Please return to
your dormitories.
Curfew is now in effect.
Please return to
your dormitories.
- Please,
you gotta help me.
- Just take a deep breath.
It's going to be
okay, I promise.
- Excuse us.
- Of course.
- Who are you?
- Hello, Maya.
I'm here to investigate
the incident tonight.
- You're with the police?
- Ah, no, this situation
will be handled internally.
- A murderer breaks into my
building and tries to kill me,
only to be shot dead on
my doorstep and no police?
- Oh, well that's
not true at all.
The man that attacked
you is not dead.
- What are you talking about?
- It's been an eventful night.
You must be mistaken.
I just came from the hospital,
and the doctors
have stabilized him.
He will be arrested once
he has been released.
Now, I'm going to need to
ask you some questions,
and I need you to
be honest with me.
I am here to figure out
why this has happened
and secure your safety
and the safety of
everyone at this facility.
Question, have you seen
this man before today?
- Samantha!
- No.
- Good.
Second question, what
did he say to you?
- Who said he
said anything to me?
- Let's make one
thing perfectly clear.
I know everything
about this place.
Every crack, every secret.
Now, I am here looking out
for everyone's best interest,
so you would do well
not to lie to me again.
What did this man say to you
before my team saved your life?
Let's go.
- What are you doing here?
- Get this thing off of me!
Get it off, get it off!
- You can't
just show up like this.
- I know I just
really need your help.
- This is how we get caught,
you're too impulsive.
- Says the guy who's
asking me to steal for him?
Besides, when I tell you
what happened to me tonight.
Just give me two minutes.
I promise you'll
want to hear this.
- Two minutes and you're gone.
- Certainly your
records have been doctored.
- Do you see the name
Samantha anywhere?
- Just once, Samantha Reed
born October 15th, 2015
at 12:03am, Denver, Colorado.
And that's as far as they got.
Must have been an auto
save file they missed
when they wiped the records.
- My name's Samantha?
Does it say anything about
how I got to St. George's?
- There's definitely a gap
in your geneline though.
No mother on record.
This could be your father.
- That's the guy.
- Hey, what's up stumbles?
- Have we met?
- Are you kidding?
We hung out all day, you
still owe me money too.
So since you're still here
I'm assuming the
surprise visit went well?
- What?
- With your dad?
- You mean Barry?
- Who?
- Montgomery.
- Yeah, it went well?
- Yeah, I guess.
Where does he live?
- So you're clumsy
and forgetful now.
- Would you just tell me
where he lives please?
- Yeah, alright, it's
around the corner.
Last house on the hill.
- Thanks.
- What?
Who do you work for?
- I don't work for--
- Took you long
enough to find me!
- What?
- You can tell them
this is the last time
you will be able
to track me down.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
I just, I want to talk
to you for a moment.
It's about the resistance.
- Ah, the resistance.
I knew it, get out of my way!
- No wait, wait, wait, wait.
Come on, come on.
Come on!
I'm not moving until
you talk to me.
- I will run you over!
- I know your real
name is Barry Reed!
- Gotcha.
Ah, dammit.
- What happened?
- Fail safe.
They're watching these files.
- Who are they?
Was that my father?
What the hell is going on?
- CID.
- What?
Tell me what's going on.
- Okay, this isn't
really an orphanage.
It's a facade, a fake.
A better word to describe
it would be a farm.
- A farm?
- This whole place is owned,
operated, and populated
by a secret branch of the
Majora Corporation called C.I.D.
Now, CID is in charge
of the regulation
and control of time travel.
- So, you're telling me
there's a secret organization
of time cops who are
policing time travel?
- CID is afraid of
what might happen
if somebody changes the
past, so they police it.
Everybody in this place is
here because CID put them here.
- So, my parents they
were killed by CID?
- At least your father wasn't.
CID doesn't generally kill.
They sort of reconstitute.
Wipe your memories and
replace them with new ones
or send you to a
research facility in
the middle of nowhere
until they can figure
out what to do with you.
- So, you're saying that
CID was behind my father
trying to assassinate
me tonight.
- Likely, yes.
- And you didn't
tell me this because?
- Because it's not
for you to know.
It's not for anyone to know.
- So, we're all just part
of some stupid experiment!
Chaos theory is just a theory.
- Look, this is a lot
bigger than just you.
Just forget about it.
- Are you okay?
What the hell?
- This girl was harassing me
and trespassing on
my property, alright?
- She was harassing you, huh?
Stay right there honey.
I saw the whole thing,
I'm calling my sheriff.
- No, no, don't do that.
- This is bullshit, alright!
She ran right out
in front of me.
This is a crock of shit,
you're an idiot, you know that?
She's trespassing,
and I get arrested?
This is bullshit!
- You sure you don't
want to press charges?
- No, it was just
a misunderstanding.
Please don't do that.
- Well, to tell you
the truth, this is not
the first run in
we've had with him.
We're gonna hold
onto him for a while.
At least until he cools off.
Get home safe miss.
She's not gonna press charges.
We'll just hold
him for the night.
- Chaos theory says that if
I were to go back in time
and step on a butterfly
the whole world could
explode or whatever.
But The Novikov
self-consistency principle says
that whatever you do in the
past, you've already done.
But how could CID
know which is right?
- You've been studying
the material I see.
- So, they must be
using the Eloi Gas
as some type of
molecule accelerator.
You're building a time machine.
- And this is why you
shouldn't know these things.
You're too damn smart.
- That's it.
You can send me back in time,
and I can find my parents
and figure out why
I'm in this shit hole.
- No, we're not doing that.
- So, you do have
a time machine?
- It doesn't matter.
Even if we could safely land
you in the past, to what point?
We have nothing to go on.
And this whole
situation has escalated
because of your father.
- The man who tried
to kill me tonight.
- Yes.
Barry Reed is a very
famous man in some circles.
He used to work for CID.
He figured out what they were
doing and started the movement
against the organization
almost 20 years ago.
He did amazing things
for the resistance.
- So, what happened to him?
- Gone, disappeared.
Until tonight.
- Well then, maybe you
could send me back,
and I can figure out
why this happened.
I can find him and maybe
warn him about the future,
or maybe he knows
stuff about CID,
and I can bring him back to you.
- No, I can't!
- Why can't you?
- If you were to go back and
prevent him from attacking you
tonight, then you never
would have ended up here.
Anything you do will
create a paradox--
- No, no, no, don't pull
that paradox crap with me.
You're the one who showed me
the many worlds interpretation--
- It's just a theory.
- No, it's not just a theory.
- The answer is no!
You should go.
They'll notice you went
blind any moment now.
- Well, you could at least
show me how it works.
- This is starting to become
a routine stop for you Eckels.
- Curfew
is now in effect.
Please return to
your dormitories.
- Help me.
- Forget about it.
- Not dead.
- Time travel.
- This man.
- Your father.
- Forgive me.
- CID put them here.
- Saved your life.
- The resistance.
So, when the Eloi
gas is heated up,
it accelerates the
surrounding molecules,
which then in turn creates--
- Micro black holes, I know.
- So, I deconstruct the
subjects DNA, map it,
and then reconstruct it on the
other side of the wormhole.
- So, basically you
break down the person
before the wormhole can.
- Right.
So, the rule is, if
I send someone back,
their time moves in
unison with ours.
Tick for tock.
- So, how do you
choose where to go?
- That's the easy part.
Basic coordinates, and.
- What is that?
- This is the device.
- It's a watch.
- It's a lot more than that.
I call it the VM.
- That's the time machine?
- Think of it more
like a remote.
This controls the time machine.
You squeeze these spikes as
hard as you can into your palm.
The dial fills with blood,
and the device emits
a short concussion blast that
temporarily stops your heart.
That, along with the cold water,
will help to prevent
any transmodification
that might take place
during the bi-temporal
reconstruction process.
I don't know if
any of this works.
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
Did you even stop to think
about where you're going?
What about how you're
going to get back, huh?
What are you gonna do
if someone catches you?
- I was just gonna
figure it out.
I used the coordinates
from your map.
I need this.
I need to try.
All I'm asking for is one day.
Don't you want to
see if it works too?
- One day.
We can't risk having
somebody see you land,
so I'm gonna put you down
right at the outskirts
of the town he was last seen in.
He's probably living
under an alias,
so try Montgomery or Leonard.
If you can't figure it
out in one day, that's it.
You can't go skipping
around with this thing.
Try to find out what you can,
but don't tell him who you are.
Try to make as little of
an impression as possible.
They say Barry was
devising a plan.
A plan that could cripple
CID's Infrastructure.
But then something happened,
something went wrong.
He never used them.
Get me those plans,
bury it where you land
and I'll dig them up
on the other side.
We can finish what he started.
- We got another one?
- Find
me that location.
- Narrowing it down now.
Good news.
- Where is it?
- It's coming from St. George.
- You've met with a
terrible fate, haven't you?
I'm just kidding, I
saw what happened.
You want to talk about it?
- No.
- Well, at least it looks like
you're feeling a little better.
- What?
- Your hand, it's better.
- No it still hurts.
- Yeah, well, the other one is.
- Okay, I don't know what
you're talking about.
Can you just leave me alone?
- Alright, seriously,
what's going on?
- I gotta go.
- Okay, whatever the
joke is, I don't get it.
- Just leave me alone, okay.
- You can't figure
it out in a day, that's it.
You can't go skipping
around with this thing.
- How's the tricks, Angie?
- Where did you send them, John?
- He talk?
- Not a word.
- Well, good news.
We've got a target date.
But there's no telling how
accurate his machine was.
Especially if he
was really using
a bathtub as an insulator.
- It was accurate.
Tell me where they went.
- Vista, Colorado, 16 years ago.
- Get your team
ready, we jump soon.
- Daddy hi!
Hi there, I am your daughter.
Excuse me.
Hey can I talk to one of you?
- Hey, what can I help you with?
- Ah, I'm sorry, not you, you.
- Hey, what's going on?
- Can I talk to you
for a sec, alone?
- Sure how about over here?
- I don't know why I'm here.
I just, I saw you and...
Do we know each other?
- I guess we do now.
First up, my name's Tyler.
And yours is?
- Ah, I'm Maya.
- Maya, nice to meet you.
So, is there something
I can do for you?
- No I'm from out of town.
- Oh, cool.
Well, I can be your ambassador
to the wonderful town
of Vista, Colorado,
population not very many.
What brings you here?
- I'm visiting someone.
Family, I guess.
I mean, I was visiting him.
- Who?
- Barry?
- I don't know a Barry.
- Oh, he also goes
by Montgomery.
- Oh, that guy.
- You know him?
- Not really.
Mostly keeps to himself,
not too active around here.
You're related how?
- He's my dad.
But, I don't think
he wants to know, so.
- Since you're here
today, you wanna hang out?
We can help you take
your mind off things.
- No, sorry I don't have time.
- Ah, come on.
- Oh, I just hurt my
hands when I was--
- No need to explain.
Some people are just
clumsier than others I guess.
- I'm not clumsy.
- I'm not judging, can
I call you stumbles?
Hey, what's up stumbles?
- Shut up.
- Come on.
It's not just them.
There's some girls coming too.
I'll introduce you to everybody.
- I don't know.
- Hey, come on, I
promise, it'll be fun.
- I guess I could use a break.
- Hey there.
- Tyler, I need your help.
- But after that it
was, like constant.
- What's up guys?
This is Maya, she's new in town.
- What's going on?
- It's a race to the top.
Loser fetches the booze.
- What?
- Straight to the top,
just stick with me.
- Alright, is everybody ready?
You ready?
On your marks, get set--
- Unit 2, report.
Potential target
has been identified.
- Set!
- Hey!
- Location, north of
town, Glacier lake.
- Think you can keep up?
- I guess I win.
- Everybody, this is Maya.
- What can I say, I'm more
of a lover than a fighter.
- Yeah, right.
- How do you cheat and lose?
You definitely fetch--
- No, I did last time.
- And you'll go again.
- No, screw that.
Make the new girl do it.
- No guys, c'mon.
- Yeah, why not?
Let's see what she's got.
- I just, I don't know.
- No, I'll do it.
- See there ya go, perfect!
- What is it?
- It's this place
we stash our shit.
The alcohol.
It's an old purple suitcase
about 100 yards that way.
- Okay, what's the big deal?
- Awhile back, a group of
kids went missing in there.
Some people think it's
haunted or something.
- It's ghosts, man.
- Shut up, Dylan.
- No, I'm serious, I've seen it.
- You know, I'm not scared.
How do I get there?
What's this for?
- It's for the bears.
- Okay, which way is it again?
- It shouldn't be
that hard to find.
Underneath the fallen tree,
should spot it right away.
So, ah, grab as much
back as you can,
after that make sure
to cover it back up.
The rule is, we have
to wait 10 minutes
until we can come get you,
but we'll have someone waiting
right at the tree line
in case you need help.
Just give us a holler out
and we'll be right there.
Listen, if you don't want to
do this, you don't have to.
- See ya soon.
Okay, not so bad.
- You okay?
- I'm just fine!
- Eyes on target,
do I make a move?
- Do not engage.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
- I saw someone.
- What?
- Someone is here.
- What are you talking about?
- What are you doing here?
- I heard a loud bang.
I just wanted to make
sure you were okay.
- I had things under control.
- Clearly.
Look, everything's fine.
There's no one
here, it was a joke.
We were just messin' with you.
At least you found it okay.
You let Dylan scare you.
- No, I saw someone.
- Alright, help me grab these.
- Did you see him?
- No, Dylan, is that you?
Stop messin' around, man.
- It's not Dylan.
- Let's just get out of here.
- I told you someone was there.
You were scared, huh?
- No, I was protecting you.
- Oh my god, the new
girl made it back alive!
Did you see any ghosts?
- Nah, it was easy.
- So?
- The one in the middle.
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
- Notice what?
- It's the same girl
from St. George's.
- Yes.
- Why not give us
that information?
- Because that information
is above your rank.
- Fine, this is a good
place to take her.
Are we ready to make our move?
- No.
We wait.
- You okay over there?
- Yeah, I've never had
that much fun before.
I like your friends.
- They like you too.
They loved you actually.
- It's like a family.
- Yeah, it is.
So, when do you leave?
- Hey, wait, stop!
Can I, maybe, borrow $20?
- Ah, yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
- So, why can't you tell
me where we're going?
- It's just something
I have to do okay?
- Okay, but why?
- Because I kind of already did.
- Anybody ever tell you
you're kind of a strange girl?
- Okay, here it is.
Here, quick, give me the shoes.
Okay, that's it.
- You're just gonna
leave this all here,
and I paid good money for this?
- I know, it's weird.
I'll make it up to you, okay?
I promise.
- Yeah, it's right here.
- Come on, I'll walk
you to the door.
- Wait, this isn't right.
He didn't know me.
I need to get inside.
- Well, ya know most people
would just knock
in this situation--
- I can't.
I have to get in
without him seeing me.
- You wanna break in?
- It's not breaking
in, he's family.
I need to know more about him
before I can approach him.
- I don't think
breaking and entering
will make the best impression.
- Please are you
gonna help me or not?
- That guy's crazy,
I'm thinking not.
- Don't be scared, just help me.
- Have a good night.
- You hear that?
There's no way out
now, I will find you.
You listening, huh?
You god damn bastards,
leave us out of this!
- Hello?
- Samantha!
- 87?
What is this junk?
- Give the order, Angelica!
If she gets away, we
can't let that happen.
When they ask, this
will be in my report.
Fine, I'll go get her myself.
- Just stop!
Just stop for one
second, please.
- Angie what's going on?
- I don't know!
There's something
different about this op.
This whole thing, it
doesn't feel right.
What are we doing here?
This girl had a family.
She was just trying
to find them.
How do we know what we're
doing is even right?
I mean, what if CID is wrong
about this whole thing?
- Do you really think what
we've been doing is wrong?
We're not the bad guys.
- We're not?
How do you know they
haven't done this to you?
What if we just, what if
we just let this one go?
CID will do anything
to stop Colliders.
But should we?
- You should get some sleep.
- I need to figure this out.
I just need a little more time.
- It's too risky.
If CID finds out, look, I don't
want to lose you over this.
It's time, we take the girl now.
- One more day.
I won't let anything
get out of hand.
Leo, please.
Everything will be fine.
Trust me.
- What?
- What the hell?
Wait, please!
Just talk to me
for a second, okay?
I'm not here to hurt you.
- Said the girl with a
shotgun pointed at me.
- Will you just
talk to me, please?
- There's nothing you could
say that I'd want to hear,
so you've got about
five seconds before--
- Your daughter was
born today at 12:03 AM!
Her name is Samantha--
- Okay, okay.
I'll listen to you.
I will fucking kill you.
Don't say her name,
don't even think it.
I will kill everyone of you
that tries to get to them.
Do you hear me?
With every breath in my body,
I will protect them from you.
Do you hear me?
Who are you?
You work for CID, I know you do.
You work for CID, don't you?
I know you do.
You work for CID.
How do you know about
Samantha, tell me.
- No, please.
- Don't lie to me god dammit.
- No, please.
I am Samantha.
- What?
- I am Samantha
Reed, your daughter.
The child you abandon today,
grows up to turn into me.
Why couldn't you
just be there for me?
They got me living
in some shit hole
St. George's all my life.
- How is that possible?
- I know you worked for CID.
So, when I say I came
back from the future,
to come and find you,
you know it's possible.
- Samantha Reed is
my granddaughter.
My son, Roger had a
daughter last night.
- Your son, his daughter's
name is Samantha?
So that means, you're
my grandfather.
- But if you're Samantha,
then why did you come here?
- You came and tried--
You were the most
recent family member
attached to my records.
- You.
You're the Collider.
God damn it.
- Collider?
Like my parents too, right?
- Have you noticed
anyone following you?
Anyone watching you
since you got here?
- I'm new to this town,
everyone looks at me funny.
- Shit.
Come on, come on, come on.
Don't ask questions,
just listen.
These guys are snatchers.
If they catch you, they
will wipe your memory
and send you back
to St. George's.
They're here to stop you
from changing your past.
You should have never come here.
You caused all of this.
They're going to take
everyone because of you.
Everyone you talked to, everyone
you came in contact with.
They're gonna make it
so no one will ever know
that you were even here.
Take this.
Get to them before CID does.
I'll draw these guys away.
Once I'm gone, you need to
find a way to warn them.
Whatever it takes.
You did this, so
find a way to fix it.
Look .
I didn't think I'd ever
get the chance to meet you.
You are more beautiful than
I ever could have imagined.
I was just trying
to protect you.
Protect all of you.
You want me, I'm right here!
Come and get me!
- Get that
patched, I got the girl.
- Don't be scared,
it's like a family.
- Hey there.
- Tyler, I need your help.
- Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
- I don't have time to explain.
I need you to drive
me to the city.
- The city?
It's getting kind of late.
- I know, I know, Tyler.
I just need your help, okay?
- Alright, okay.
Let me get a jacket.
- We need to hurry.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Sit-rep?
- Ah, Leo's gone.
He ran into the
woods after the girl.
- Is that it?
- And the old man got away.
- The girl is on the
move with one of the locals.
Come get me, we
need to stop her.
- Copy.
- Tyler, I'm sorry
about the other night.
- Nah, ya know, it's alright.
I know it's hard when
you're in a new place.
So, will you please
tell me what's going on?
I'm not going anywhere until
you tell me what's going on.
- I don't know!
I don't know, okay!
I think I'm being followed.
- Followed, why?
- I think my family's in danger.
- From who?
- I can't tell you
until we get closer.
- Okay, listen, whatever
it is, I want to help.
- Okay, first off,
my name isn't Maya.
- Okay, so you lied
about your name.
- I lied about everything!
The truth is, you wouldn't
believe me if I told you.
I mean, I know I wouldn't.
- Okay, well, why don't you
let me decide that for myself,
if you don't mind.
- I'm from the future.
- What?
- I knew you
wouldn't believe me!
- Yeah, but I didn't think
you were going to say that.
I mean, come on!
Okay, what, so now some-some
faceless evil corporation
is after you for your
time travel secrets.
Is that what's going on?
- Basically.
They want to stop me
from changing the future.
- Wow, this is, it's like
I've read this in a comic book
or something, this
is incredible.
So, who are we going to see,
or maybe I should ask
when are we going?
- My parents.
- Oh, your parents
from the past.
- Yes.
- Okay, so if you're
being followed,
why would you lead the bad
guys right to your parents?
- I'm going to warn them.
- So, you're going to
show up on the doorstep
of your future, or past,
or whatever parents
and tell them that story?
- Well, what would you do?
- Well, you know, first,
I would probably set my
photon phaser to kill.
- You know what, fine.
Don't believe me!
Can we go?
- Yeah.
- What the hell happened?
- He was ready for us.
He got the jump on us.
- Of course, he was
ready, he's trained to be!
Any word from Leo?
- Maya, Maya wait!
I didn't mean to upset you.
It's just the way it sounds.
Look, I don't know
what's going on,
and the truth is, I
don't really care.
Alright, okay, so you're
from the future, fine!
You could be from the future
or Mars, it doesn't matter.
All that matters is
that, is that you're here
and that you're safe,
and that you'll stay.
What's wrong?
Maya, what are you doing?
- Hello?
May I help you?
- Ah, yes, are you Roger Reed?
- Yeah, can I help you?
- You just had a baby
girl last night, right?
- Well, my wife did most of
the work, but yeah, I did.
- Well, congratulations!
I'm from the hospital, and
you've won a special prize.
I apologize for the
unplanned visit.
May I come in to
talk to you about it?
It's just a little cold.
It'll only take a second.
- Ah, yeah, yeah, I guess.
Yeah, sure, come on.
Honey, there's a girl
here from the hospital.
She says we've won something.
Come on in, sit down.
What was your name again?
- Maya.
- Honey, this is Maya,
she's from St. Joseph's.
- Hello.
- You guys have a
beautiful family.
- Thank you.
I'm Emma, and this is Samantha.
- This is Alpha calling two.
Report, two!
Come in, two!
- So, do we proceed?
- Report two!
Come in, two!
- So, you work at the
hospital as a nurse?
- No, um, I'm in administration.
- And they have you out working
this late on a Thursday?
- I know, I thought it
was on the way home.
I just got lost.
I'm sorry for
showing up so late.
You know, I just didn't
want to disappoint anyone.
But I wanted to come.
I wanted to be the one
to give you the big news.
- It's been 45 minutes
since he last checked in.
- I'm well aware.
- I'm just stating that
the standard CID protocol
is to abandon an operative,
that deviates from
his direct objective.
- I know the protocol.
- So, we move without him.
The target's confirmed, inside!
- You don't have orders
until I give them.
Grab the kid first, quietly,
and bring him back here.
We don't want to tip her off.
Then we will take the house.
- I need you to step
out of the vehicle.
- Okay, is something wrong?
- Why don't you just
step out of the vehicle.
- Ah, shit!
- She said she wanted lemonade
with chocolate syrup in it!
- What?
I wanted something
sour then sweet!
Why is that so crazy?
- I mean, whatever gets
you through it, right?
- Exactly, I'm the one
doing all the work.
All he had to do is watch.
- Which, to be fair, isn't easy.
- You better go get that,
'cause you know you're
gonna lose this one.
- Oh, okay.
- No, don't go.
- What?
- Don't answer it, please.
- Why?
It's no problem.
I'll just be a minute.
- Hello?
Please just take me, okay.
Is anybody listening?
- Good
morning Ms. Eckels.
We are glad to hear you
will finally be cooperating.
- Please, just leave
my friends alone, okay.
I'll do whatever you want.
Don't do this!
- I'm sorry Maya,
I'm afraid I can't do that.
- Where are my
mother and father?
Where's Tyler?
You can't do this!
- We are putting
them to the best possible use.
- No don't do this, okay!
You got me, that's
what you wanted right?
I'll go back to St. Georges.
Why are you doing this to us?
- Excuse me?
- Why are you doing this?
- Don't you get it?
That is what we do.
This is the way it's
always been done.
We just make sure the cards
fall where they are supposed to.
We maintain this reality.
- Where's my family?
- Well, thanks to you, they
all now happily work here,
and they're none the wiser
to this whole fiasco.
- I didn't mean to.
I just wanted to find my family.
- Your family?
They were never your family.
You with your
pissing and moaning.
Poor me.
I need to know why.
Why doesn't anyone love me?
You did this to us!
Have you ever wanted
to take something back?
Something that you
did a long time ago?
You just dwell and
dwell, if I had just done
this one thing different, my
entire life would be better.
One decision can change
everything about you.
Or maybe, it changes
nothing at all.
Just a continuous loop that
you're forced to relive
over and over again.
Terrible and endless.
No end.
No way to stop it.
Well, unfortunately,
or, well fortunately,
we make sure everything
goes according to the plan.
What if you already
know the plan?
Does that mean
you can change it?
- What are you talking about?
- We don't know all the
effects of time travel,
but we do know the side effects.
You can't change
the past, Samantha.
But, maybe.