Collision (2022) Movie Script

-[suspenseful instrumental music plays]
-[woman panting]
[continues panting]
-[muffled thudding]
-[woman cries out inside]
[muffled sobbing]
[woman screaming from trunk]
[woman screams] Help!
[gasps] You okay?
[exhales heavily]
It's fucking him.
Stay in the car.
[suspenseful music continues]
[woman in trunk whimpering]
[muffled] Help!
[music fades out]
[mid-tempo percussive music plays]
[radio announcer]
We are two days away from Freedom Day,
but the question is, are we really uhuru?
-Stay tuned to ZFM.
-[child shouts]
[man] to secure exclusive
drone aviation licensing.
I will be meeting
with members of government
to secure
exclusive drone aviation licensing,
which will give Elevate Security Company
I've been working I've been
I've been working with members
of government to secure exclusive
drone aviation licensing.
I look forward to joining
members of the board at the table
as your next CFO.
Thank you.
-[hip-hop music plays through wall]
-Thank you.
[hip-hop music continues distantly]
[camera shutter clicking]
[text whooshes]
Bra Sol.
[Bra Sol sighs]
Come on. Come on, boy.
-Bra Sol! Bra Sol! Bra Sol! Bra Sol!
-[Bra Sol groans]
Any issues?
Good. Good.
-Why are you not at school?
-It was canceled for today.
Boy, you know I built that school,
so I have a say on when it closes.
See, the key to being
a good gangster, Akin,
is knowing that honesty
is what keeps you in the game.
Look at me.
Give me your gangster look.
[Bra Sol laughs]
Ah, here.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you not forgetting something?
[grunts softly]
-[engine turns over]
-Soon as I get all this money
I might just get myself
A brand-new Ferrari
Tripping so hard like Bushiri
I might just get myself a new Maserati
Dripping in this Ferragami
It's so hard to tell
That I come from the valley
I'm from another dimension
Flow that I spit, man, is like a tsunami
Soon as I get all this money
I might just get myself
A brand-new Ferrari
Tripping so hard like Bushiri
I might just get myself
[upbeat music playing nearby]
-We're leaving in 15.
-Can't you knock?
-Nicki, what are you doing?
-Getting ready for school.
And haven't you started packing yet?
-And my flight's tomorrow.
I have tons of time
before I have to start packing.
No, Nicki, you need to start packing.
Otherwise, no more phone.
[music continues nearby, muffled]
[text whooshes]
It's like clockwork every day.
Seven o'clock and she starts up
with the township music.
-Shh. Johan, she'll hear you.
-I like this song.
It reminds me
what your people did to this country.
Last time I checked, you were my people.
So today, eh?
[sighs] Fingers crossed.
[mother grunts]
See you later, Nicks.
Good luck. And remember dinner tonight.
Sunette and Kobus.
Can't wait.
Nicki, get packing.
You now have 12 minutes.
[upbeat music plays more loudly]
[in Afrikaans] Good morning, sir.
-[in English] You see my wallet anywhere?
-Wallet. Did you check the other drawers?
Never mind.
[vehicle unlocks]
[gates creaking]
[Bra Sol groans]
What are you doing?
I hear our friend left your company.
Just wanted to make sure
it doesn't affect our arrangement.
Graham's taking early retirement,
and that changes nothing.
But you really shouldn't be here.
[Bra Sol] Oh, come on, Johan.
You really should be nice to me.
You know that? [inhales]
Just the other day,
you invited me in for a drink.
That was different.
We had business to discuss.
Oh, I see.
A darkie like me is not good enough
to come into your house.
Only when he's
making money for you, right?
You got a beautiful family, Johan.
[suspenseful notes play]
-[softly] Watch it.
-No, you watch it, you fuck!
Don't you even think about
screwing me over.
We both know that jail won't be
a nice place for that pale ass of yours.
You need to calm down.
-The CEO is my sister-in-law.
-Is everything okay?
Just perfect.
[suspenseful instrumentals continue]
Let's keep it that way, Johan.
All right?
Drive safe.
[knocking on door]
Morning, loves.
-Hey, how you doing?
-[woman] I'm good. How are you?
-Can you please take care of T for me?
-Uh, yeah, sure. Come in, sweetie.
[T] Thanks.
-I'll come pick her up later today, okay?
-[woman] No problem.
-All right, bye.
-[woman] Bye.
[in Tswana] Don't ask me anything.
Don't ask me nothing.
[scoffs, in Zulu]
Boy, I don't want to hear anything.
[snaps fingers]
-[elevator bell dings]
[in Tswana] Mom, I left
Thandeka with Minata.
[in English] Hi. Okay, okay, okay, boy.
[in Tswana] Uh, I'll be late tonight.
Don't forget to pick her up.
Don't worry. Why do you worry so much?
[in English]
Thando, you always let me down.
-[scoffs] Ma--
-I mean it.
[in Tswana] Bring her home by six, period.
-[in Zulu] Hey, dawg, let's try there.
-It's a waste of time, man.
-Let's go.
[laughs, in Sotho] Oh, this child.
I'm telling you, my child.
-[in Zulu] Good morning, sir.
-Yes, my boy.
I'm looking for a job.
[chuckles, in Sotho] There is nothing here.
[in Zulu] Those boxes over there
[in English] I'm strong
and good with my hands.
[in Sotho] I'm sorry.
[hesitates, in Zulu] I can even mop,
and I'm pretty good.
[in English] By the time I'm done, you'll
be able to see your reflection on it.
[in Zulu] I'm only asking for three hours.
[in Sotho] The job you're asking about,
she will do it.
[in Zulu] But, Dad, it's only three hours.
Besides, I need a break.
[in Sotho] You know what? That's nonsense.
-[in Zulu] Check this out, guys.
This is the best local group.
This group has over
100,000 views on YouTube.
Leave us alone
with your stupid 100,000 views group.
Now get lost.
We don't want to buy your shit.
This is the new shit. His name is Cecil.
Remember that name. Now, piss off!
Damn it. Do you see why
we have to release your music?
-Look at this guy selling bootlegs.
[in English]
Thando, stop rushing the process, dawg.
[in Zulu] No, man. What do you mean,
''Stop rushing the process"?
When you say "rush the process,"
what do you mean?
-Forget you're in Johannesburg?
-[cell phone beeps]
-You hustle. Otherwise, you'll starve.
Is that what you want?
Ah, yeah. You're still texting this whore?
-Give it back.
-I'm talking.
-Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!
-I'm talking!
[Nicki in English] Here's fine.
-[Nicki] Yeah.
What, do I embarrass you now?
Ooh-hoo, you got me there.
[mother clears throat]
[sighs] Well, you'll be happy to know
I can't fetch you today.
That's okay. I'm going over
to Cindy's house anyways after school.
[mother] Just don't be late for dinner.
Is that my big
going away party for tonight?
Come on, Nicki,
it's a big day for your dad.
Yeah, but when is it
ever a big day for me?
It'll be fun for all of us.
-Eight o'clock.
[knock on door]
I thought it only started at ten.
Oh, we're ahead of schedule for a change,
and I want you to get seen
before the other candidate arrives.
She's one of the board's recommendations.
It's It's just a formality.
Last thing
I wanna be accused of is nepotism.
Nicki must be very excited
going on her first overseas trip.
I don't think so. [scoffs]
So, this other candidate is what,
one of the board's BEE prospects?
Black Economic Empowerment
benefits everyone here.
It boosts our ratings
and is crucial to our corporate strategy.
I get it.
[hip-hop music playing]
[in Zulu] Hush now, my sister
It's going to be fine, my sister
We're way closer now, my sister
Hush now, my sister
-[laughing] Yeah, man.
-[laughing] My boy.
-[in English] That's it.
-Yeah, let me post this shit.
[in Zulu] That's the one.
[in English] Wait. The subscribers
need to check it out.Relax.
[in Zulu] I'll tell you one thing, man,
this is your best song ever. Trust me.
This is very hot. It reminds me
of Mashayabhuqe KaMamba.
Or new age Ringo.
Ah, dawg, do you know where I see myself?
With the likes of Big Zulu,
Sjava, Zikode, Mnqobi Yazo.
This will make us money though.
I'm posting it now. We need money.
[in English]
That's the thing you don't get.
-What, dawg?
-It's not about the money.
-What's it about?
-This country needs a voice, dawg.
[in Zulu]
My boy, this country needs money.
Look at me right now. I'm stressed.
I can't look after my mom and my sister.
[in English] What we need is money.
That's what this country needs. Money.
[in Zulu] This is why you'll end up
selling crystal meth.
What else can I do? [inhales]
I'll be supplying the whole world.
We'll be rich.
We'll be making money. You'll see.
Weed, boy.
When you sell weed
[in English]
that shit doesn't fuck with your mind.
And then, you don't end up in jail, man.
Makes you lethargic though.
[in Zulu] And that's bullshit.
I just want real energy.
-Go on and sing.
-[hip-hop rhythm playing]
-Hush now, my sister
It's going to be fine, my sister
[in English] We've witnessed
the explosionof drone technology
on the global playing field.
Sales are already totaling
hundreds of millions
and projected to increasefive-fold.
And this type of security can save lives
and effectively curb the theft that
is costing tens of millions each month.
I'm currently working
with members of government
to secure exclusive
drone aviation licensing,
which will give Elevate Security
Corporation the head start we need
to leave our competitors
choking on our dust.
The current laws are
very fickle about flying drones.
Are you confident that you'll be able
to keep your word, Mr. Greser?
After spending the last 12 years
as this company's head of security, yes.
I am confident.
I believe my experience,
coupled with my years
of tactical leadership in the military,
will only work to the company's advantage.
And I look forward
to joining you all at this table
as your next chief financial officer.
One last question.
Did you know anything about
the previous CFO's transgressions?
I didn't.
[somber instrumental music playing]
[phone vibrates]
-Oh. Hey, beautiful.
-Hi, I couldn't wait until tonight.
'Sup, Thando?
So you nervous for your show tonight?
Um, you know I was born for this.
-You're gonna kill it.
-You know this.
-[Thando clears throat]
-[in Zulu] What's your problem?
[in English] You gonna forget
the guy that put this all together?
-Okay, Thando. You put it all together.
-Mmm. Mmm.
-Just do me one favor.
Don't get too close to Bra Sol.
Yo, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Yeah, dawg,
but you can dance with the devil,
but you don't have to burn
in hell for it, dawg. Knowwhat I mean?
[Thando] Hmm.
-[Thando grunts]
Yo, what's your ass-licking, cock-sucking,
sperm-lotion face looking at my girl for?
[Nicki chuckles]
-[in Zulu] What are you saying?
-It's not a strip club, Thando.
But look at your girl all naked.
What do you want me to do?
I'm warning you.
I'm just kidding, man.
[Nicki in English] Check out what I found.
Oh, baby. Mm-mmm!
You are so fucking hot.
-Mm! You know I am.
[Cecil in Zulu] Here.
[doctor in English] So, you've been
stressed a lot lately,haven't you?
-Cut the bullshit, Marius. Just tell me.
Your blood pressure's through the roof.
And it's complicating your old wounds.
[sighs] Your body's not handling
the shrapnel like it used to.
What does that actually mean?
You need surgery, Johan.
And you need it, like, yesterday already.
-But I thought you said--
-The risk wasn't worth taking then.
And now?
We've run out of options.
I'm sorry.
[cell phone vibrating]
Larry, my brother, gimme some good news.
[Larry in Zulu] There's no reason
to worry about the box.
Everyone kept their word.
[in English]
No, we gave them no reason not to.
[in Zulu] True, but the higher-ups
had to pulla few more favors than usual.
You know your package is huge.
[in English] What's the damage?
Half a million.
[in Zulu] Or they shut down
the construction of the school.
[in English] Which one?
[in Zulu] You know which one.
[Bra Sol in English] Damnit!
Do theyknow how difficult it is
to move that kind of product?
[in Zulu] What can I say?
It's a big package.
[in English]
I'll work around it. Talk later.
[in Zulu]
Jeez. What's making you smile like this?
-Oh, it's nothing.
-What is it?
Is it Given?
[father muttering]
[woman sighs, muttering softly]
[father sighs]
[in English] Ah, come on, pops.
This is good.
Oh, shit, 50 bucks!
[chuckles] They're the finest
in the city, Bra Sol.
The finest?
I get these for 30 bucks in the streets.
If you don't want it,
leave itand get out of my store.
[in Zulu] Dad, please calm down.
[in English] Tell you what.
I'm gonna get two
on the house.
What's up, baby girl?
[father clears throat]
Thank you.
[in Zulu] How much did we make?
[slides drawer shut]
Um, it's going to be fine, Dad.
Don't worry.
You know what? We should go home.
I'll fix you that pasta dish
Mom used to make.
[laughs] Now you're talking.
With that tasty cream sauce?
[laughs] Let's get the keys
and leave, my girl.
-[in Sotho] It's going to work out.
Everything works out.
This right here is the perfect place.
[in Zulu] Dad, we have our own place.
And we're barely making rent.
[in Sotho] The problem is
that you have no vision.
This place will help this entire block.
[in Zulu] Since when did you start
thinking about expanding? Dad.
[father] Hmm.
[chuckles, in Sotho] Ah, this has been
my dream for you.
It's going to become a reality. Hmm.
[hip-hop music playing nearby]
[laughter, chatter nearby]
[indistinct murmurs]
[father chuckling]
[in English] I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Hey, uh, Mr. Dinoko, how are you?
-Palesa, it's good to see you again.
-Hi, Adze.
[in Zulu] Palesa, what did I say to you
about mixing with these people?
Please don't start with that.
These people are not the same.
Look at how our stores are suffering.
Because of these people
who are selling stolen goods for cheap.
These people are worse
than what white people did to us.
That's what they said about you
[in English] not 30 years ago.
[upbeat music plays softly over speakers]
[cell phone vibrating]
-[mother] Hello.
-This is Mrs. Olen,
the principal from Wendywood High.
Hi, Mrs. Olen. Everything all right?
Are you aware that your daughter
didn't show up at school today?
Excuse me?
It's the third time this week.
You know, Mrs. Olen [chuckles]
I'm so sorry
we haven't kept you in the loop.
The thing is,Nicki's feeling
quite anxious ahead of her trip to the US,
and we just thought
it's bestfor her to, you know,
stay home and just relax and focus.
Hmm. I see.
-Thank you very much for your concern.
-I understand.
-Okay, bye. Thanks.
Nicki, it's Mom.
I know what you're up to. Call me. Now.
-[hip-hop plays softly over speakers]
-[cell phone chimes]
[both moan softly]
My mom's called, like, five times today.
-[Cecil] Hmm.
-[Cecil sighs]
-[Thando mutters]
There you go.
Thando, is that it?
I thought I gave you 500 rand.
Um, no, he said
he's gonna bring more later.
-Hmm. Okay, cool.
-[Thando] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's, let's, let's, let's,
let's, let's, let's, let's
-Here you go.
-[hip-hop continues playing]
-[Nicki giggles]
[exhales, laughs]
I smoke my ganja, hey!
I smoke my ganja
I smoke my ganja, I smoke my ganja, hey!
I smoke my stuff
I smoke my stuff, I smoke my ganja, hey!
[knock on door]
I thought you would've left already.
Just finishing up. [exhales]
-So how'd the other candidate do?
-She's experienced.
You know, I intend to make us
the number one service provider
on this continent.
-The investors need more diversity.
And I need to implement
the decisions made by the board.
And a Black woman sweetens the deal.
-Johan, my hands are tied.
-The hell they are.
You knew it was gonna go this way
all along, didn't you?
It's just business.
Don't take it so personally.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sure Diane's gone
to a lot of trouble for tonight, so
[inhales] let's not
make this uncomfortable, okay?
[somber piano notes playing]
[man in Zulu]
This is what I'm talking about.
This is how it should be.
The men need to be strong.
[murmurs softly]
[in English] Councilmen.
-[sighs] Sol.
Have a seat.
I would rather have a chat
with you alone.[sighs]
Gentlemen, can we have a moment, please?
So, you're tracking me now?
Oh, you're a man of habit. [exhales]
[mayor] And you're the man of many words.
I've got some choice ones for you.
No never mind, my brother.
It's just business.
You wanted to clean your money.
I did that. Even more.
The idea was to make both of us
look good.
You know, Sol,
I will look so very much stupid
if anything goes wrong with this project.
So that is why I think it's so fair
for the trade that I've made for you.
it's rather a big box, from what I hear.
Or a big school also.
Don't shut down the construction.
You know the figures.
I can even let you name it.
You can name it whatever.
What the fuck is your first name?
I'll have it by tomorrow. [sighs]
[Given in Zulu] Ah, hey there, girl.
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not avoiding you, Given.
Yes, you are.
Look, I can take care of you
and your family.
I'm serious.
I can make your problems disappear
and all the stress you might have.
You know I don't want
to get married, right? To anyone.
[in English] Damn the Nigerians.
To hell, man.
-[in Zulu] What's the matter, Dad?
-Please get out.
I need to speak to Given.
-No, what's the matter?
-[Dinoko] Get out!
Get out!
[in English] Okay.
Hey, do you think Thando's okay?
Yeah, I think he's okay.
[sighs] It's just that sometimes
he really gets out of it, you know?
What's wrong? What's going on?
I don't wanna go on this stupid trip.
I hate them.
[chuckles] What do you mean, babe?
This is, like,
the perfect opportunity for you.
You sound just like my dad now.
But you wouldn't get it.
They don't care about me or what I want.
Okay, look at it this way.
It's only for one month.
And, I mean, it's LA.
It's the City of Angels.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind
having one more angel there.
You know, I would kill
for an opportunity like that.
So, what, you don't want me here to,
like, you know, stay with you, then?
No, of course I do.
Just like how you always say,
-"If not for this one moment"
-Okay, this moment is pretty perfect.
[clicks tongue]
-Do you wanna capture it?
-Yeah, let's do that.
[Nicki] Yeah?
-Maybe somewhere like that, maybe?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[camera shutter clicks]
[in Tswana] Hello, Mother.
Do you see it? I made it for you.
Oh, wow.
-Is it an elephant?
-An elephant?
-Have you seen an elephant like that?
[mother] Stop being an idiot.
[gasps] Tell me.
I hear rumors all over this place
that my son, who I raised with respect
and dignity, is killing people.
No, Mother, don't worry about rumors.
You must always remember that
there's no man
who is an island in this world.
Yes, I hear you, Mother.
You've always been a good boy
who has respect.
Now I'm begging you, my son.
Please be smart.
[chuckles] Aw, I will keep it right here.
It's going to keep me safe.
-[Bra Sol in English] Cross my heart
and hope to die.
[in Tswana] It's okay.
Tell me, are you going to
come and see me tomorrow?
[in English] Of course, Mama.
[in Tswana] I'll come and see you.
[cell phone chimes]
[upbeat music playing over speakers]
[man in English]
It's Freedom Day on Monday.
Personally, I remember that victorious
moment with such fond memories
[scoffs] You call this freedom?
[radio clicks off]
[suspenseful instrumentals intensify]
[classical music plays softly
over speakers]
[in Afrikaans] The duck is delicious.
[in English] Mmm! It is.
Don't worry, sis. He's probably
just catching up on paperwork
or stuck in traffic somewhere.
Shame. Are you two
[in Afrikaans] still battling?
[Diane in English] Oh, for heaven's sake!
[in Afrikaans]
I hope it's not like the last two weeks.
[in English] Johan said with the new
battery backups your company installed,
this shouldn't be happening.
[Sunette] Let's not talk about work.
It's so boring.
How's my niece?
I was hoping to see her
before her big day.
She called to say she'll spend
the night at a friend. [scoffs]
Yeah, well, you can't blame her
for wanting to spend time with friends.
She must be so excited.
Your niece doesn't realize
how lucky she is.
Johan spent all our savings on this trip.
[inhales] Thank goodness
for this promotion.
[chuckles] Otherwise we'd be
on the streetin three weeks.
At least she had the decency to call.
Oh. [scoffs]
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
[line rings, clicks]
[in Zulu] Hey, the truck is ready.
The ball's in your court.
[in English] Hey. Do you need a hand?
Yeah, of course. Yeah.
What's the matter?
Oh, um,
I think my father called the landlord
about getting a lease on this place.
Let's just say he's pretty angry.
-Yeah, I can talk to him if you want.
No, no, no,
that will only aggravate him even more.
So sorry, Palesa.
Oh, don't worry about it.
He'll find somewhere else.
[in Zulu] Hey, Wiseman. It's Given.
Tell me,
how long has Palesa
been seeing that fool Adze?
[Dinoko, in Sotho] What are you saying?
I saw her together with that idiot.
[chuckles, in Sotho] You know what?
To hell with both of them.
[in Zulu] All right, Wiseman.
[breath trembling]
-["Good Time" playing]
-[singing in Zulu]
[in English] Imma have you
Butt naked then
[sings in Zulu]
[in English] I'm scared that
I'll break them if you set the rules
[sings in Zulu]
[in English] I got you right here
I don't need the booze
We gonna get it on [sings in Zulu]
[in English] You with a winner
I don't plan to lose
Nobody knows what we on
Night at my place
Imma take you back home in the morning
Look who's been calling my phone
[sings in Zulu]
[in English] Imma text 'em right back
In the morning
-No lie, we gonna have us a good time
-No lie!
-Good time, yeah-yeah!
You're amazing! Oh, my God.
-So cute! Mm!
-Thank you.
Hmm. She's right.
Why don't you pop in next weekend
and, uh, make a little money for yourself?
-[Thando laughs]
Are you calling me a liar?
Are you fucking calling me a liar?
-No, I-I just thought maybe--
-After all I've done for you?
[chuckles] I'm just kidding, boy.
You were good, okay?
-You were good.
[in Tswana] Thando, follow me to my office.
[in English] Okay.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
-Hey, you just did amazing.
-You like that?
-Yeah? [chuckles]
[in Tswana] Your friend has gotten himself
a nice job here in my club.
Oh, thank you, Bra Sol.
-[in English] Thank you so much.
-[Bra Sol laughs]
[in Tswana] I almost didn't.
[in English] But now,
we have a mutual friend.
[sighs] Who convinced me otherwise.
[drinks, sighs]
[in Tswana]
So, what are you going to do for me?
Anything you want me to do,
Bra Sol, I will do it. [laughs]
[in English] Trust.
[in Tswana]
I only work with people I can trust.
[exhales, in English] Not a problem.
[in Tswana] You can trust me.
Just give me a chance
and let me show you that you can trust me.
[in English] Okay.
[in Tswana] That white girl you came with
She's really sexy.
She is
She's my friend's girlfriend.
[in English] All right. Okay.
[in Tswana] I need girls like her
in my club.Sexy girls.
[in English] Nothing illegal.
Or at least, not illegal in South Africa.
[in Tswana] Do you think you'll be able
to help me with that?
As you know, one hand washes the other.
No, I don't know about that, Bra Sol.
[Bra Sol in English] Come on now, Thando.
[inhales sharply, in Tswana]
White people took everything from you.
They took your father from you.
Do you remember?
You'll make yourself some money.
Okay, Bra Sol.
I won't disappoint you.
[Bra Sol] I know you won't let me down.
[grunts] Go and have fun in the club.
So long, Bra Sol.
[gates creaking]
[somber instrumental music playing]
[cell phone vibrates]
[in English] How'd it go?
I got stuck in traffic. [sighs]
Power outage.
I'm sorry.
-Nick's gone to bed?
-She's at a friend.
Why didn't you call?
Which friend?
-Casey or Karen, I can't remember.
-You don't know?
This is our daughter.
What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
Johan, where were you tonight?
-It's too late for her to be out.
-Her phone's off.
-That doesn't worry you?
-Of course it worries me!
[scoffs] You're so busy
trying to save the world
you don't even know
where your own daughter is.
You're right. I'm a kak parent.
I don't have a handle on my own kid.
Is this what you wanna hear?
-[in Sotho] Hello, neighbors.
I just spoke to the landlord.
He said he has rented out
that place already.
He gave it to that Nigerian, Adze.
He says he gave him an offer
he couldn't refuse.
-The guy who stays by your apartment?
-That's my shop, man.
It doesn't belong to anybody else.
Listen, I'm sure he used drug money.
Right now, he's busy unpacking.
[in Zulu] This is ridiculous. We're
being undermined in our own neighborhood.
[pounds fist] Guys, these foreigners
aren't here to play.
They're here to make us starve.
They are bringing in expired food,
and they're selling it at half price.
They're making our people sick.
[in Sotho] Next thing,
they'll be selling drugs to our kids.
[in English] Yeah!
[in Zulu]
They'll sell them as prostitutes.
-[overlapping shouts]
-[in Sotho] Listen up, guys!
I'm saying, Nigerians and Zimbabweans
are all the same.
They're full of shit.
[in Zulu] They are all the same.
That's why we need to show them who's who.
Do you get me?
These people must go back
to wherever they came from.
[overlapping shouts]
They must go back!
They must go!
["Never Going Broke" by Blvd96 playing]
[in English] You're just
Trying to shut me down
[Thando] Hola!
[in Zulu] This is Bra Sol's stuff, man.
-[in English] Easy.
-Should we try it?
-Yeah, okay.
-[snorts, sniffles]
Some good shit, ain't it?
-[Thando] Yeah. Let's go, my brother.
[Nicki laughs]
[Cecil snorts]
-[Nicki laughs]
-Oh, man.
Shots! Let's have more shots, guys. Yeah?
-[Nicki] Yeah?
-To friendship!Three, two, one
Yeah! [exhales]
-[Cecil groans]
-[Nicki laughs]
We do the most
My team will now do a toast
Living the life that we wanna
We're not going broke
All of my niggas are broke
We got 'em choking on smoke
Rollin' that dope
Woke up today
And I'm glad that we're not going broke
[music fades out]
Yep, yep, that's the one.
-[laughs] Don't fall. Hold on.
-Yay! Ooh! Ooh! [laughs]
-Hold on, hold on, hold on, okay.
Yeah, yeah. Let's Let's Let's go.
-[Nicki hums]
-[Cecil] Yeah!
[both laugh]
-[Cecil whoops]
-[Nicki laughs]
-Oop. Hi.
[in Zulu] We can go.
[grim instrumental music plays]
[door squeaks]
[melancholic instrumentals playing]
I really like the way you look at me.
No one's ever made me feel special before.
[chuckles] You inspire me.
-I mean, it's the least I could do.
Oh, shit. I didn't realize how late it is.
Oh, shit. I need to go.
I'll be in so much trouble.
-[sighs] Yeah, my mom. Where's my phone?
[exhales] So many missed calls
from my mom.
Please don't go.
I wish I could stay. Love you.
[car approaches]
-Why didn't you answer your bloody phone?
-My battery died.
We've been out of our minds.
We thought you were dead in the gutter.
Obviously, I'm not.
-Where the hell were you?
-I was at Cindy's house. I told Mom.
I phoned Cindy's mom.
Then I was at a club in Hillbrow
with some friends.
Is this where you're hanging out now?
With drug dealers and gangsters?
Give me your phone.
Unlock it.
[sighs] What have I told you about
mixing with these kinds of people?
Open your eyes, Dad!
The future's changing.
Hey, I'm not finished talking to you.
Come back here!
Hillbrow! Nicki!
Do you understand
what could have happened to you?
-Since when do you care?
-Did you do drugs?
-Johan, please.
Oh, look at her.
She's high as a kite, man.
I've been killing myself at work
to pay for your trip to America.
For my trip? I never wanted
to go on a trip. It was all your idea.
-Go to your room.
-[sobs] Thank God, finally!
You're not meant to be drinking.
I didn't get the promotion.
What happened? Why didn't Sunette tell me?
-She needs to save her own ass.
This fucking country.
[gulps, slams down glass]
I'm just so tired.
Of what?
[retreating footsteps]
[birds twittering outside]
-[rapping indistinctly]
-[audience cheering]
-[music continues playing]
-[door opens]
Nicks [sighs]
I just wanted to, uh
For last night.
-[music continues]
-That's a cool track.
[chuckles] I like it.
Oh, so you're an expert now?
I'll see you later.
We leave for the airport around seven.
[music continues on phone]
-Hi, um, it's me.
-[car door slams]
-Thanks for last night.
-[car engine starts]
Oh, no, thank you.
-But is everything okay?
-Yeah, it's all right.
Um, my parents obviously
freaked outcompletely last night
when I came home so late.
[chuckles] I mean, that's expected.
Yeah, fair enough.
Listen, do you think you could come
pick me up in a little while from now?
I mean, I don't wanna
make them any more angry.
-And I don't wanna get you in trouble--
-Cecil, are you coming or not?
If you really love me, you'll come
and fetch me from this hellhole.
-Otherwise I might have to hurt myself.
-Okay, whoa, hold on, hold on.
All right, I'll be there.
[tense instrumental music plays]
[Bra Sol] Akin.
What's going on?
[Akin] We got robbed again.
My dad don't want to worry about people
attacking us because we're foreigners.
So, we're leaving.
Going back home.
'Cause he knows it's gonna get bloody.
I should go.
-[hip-hop music plays over speakers]
-[Cecil scoffs]
-[in Zulu] Where's your Uber, man?
-Relax, it's coming.
[in English]
What do you think you're doing?
-[in Zulu] Couldn't you call us an Uber?
-[Thando] Yes, Uber.
Let's go.
[tense instrumental music plays]
[in English] Dawg, what is all of that?
[in Zulu] I got this stuff from Bra Sol.
I'm going to sell this car to him.
[in English] What did I tell you
about Bra Sol, dawg?
-Sure, sure.
-[engine turns over]
Yeah, baby!
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[horn honks]
[Diane] Nicki? Nicki!
Where the hell are you going?
-[engine revs]
-[tires screech]
Shit, guys, this is,
like, a really cool car.
Whose car is it?
It's fine. Don't tell me, then.
[cell phone vibrates]
So, um, Bra Sol just texted me.
He's with a music producer,
and he wants to meet you today.
-[Nicki laughs]
-What? Are you serious?
Yeah, bro.
-So, what do you guys say?
-[chuckles] Yeah, let's go.
-[in Zulu] Step on it, bro!
-[all laughing]
-[Nicki in English] Wow, babe. Yes!
[upbeat music continues]
Okay, this is really good.
It really is. Where did you buy it?
[chuckles] What do you mean "buy it"?
-I made it.
What? No, you're lying.
-[laughs] You're lying.
-For real?
-For real.
It's jollof rice. It's a simple recipe.
Okay. A man who can cook.
-That's impressive.
It actually helps
that I am a qualified chef.
So you should be having,
like, your own restaurant, right?
It's been a nightmare
to find a job here in Joburg.
Well, then, why aren't you
selling your meals here?
Locals have no desire for Nigerian food.
-[poignant melody plays]
-Your people hate us.
Well, then,
this is how you make them to not hate you.
You come up with something
new and beautiful.
Okay. Well, you can start off
by making traditional South African meals,
and then you slowly
introduce us to Nigerian food.
This is how you'll make
the peace that you seek.
You actually just, uh,
spoke about an idea that
I have been having for years.
You know what? I'll help you.
I love to cook. Cooking is my passion.
[Cecil grunts]
[Thando] Ooh.
Yeah, um, hmm.
Dawg, what type of place is this?
Relax. I got this, okay? Yeah, yeah.
[grunts, coughs]
-Ladies first.
[in Zulu] Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
-[suspenseful music plays]
-[in English] What the fuck, dawg?
[Nicki screaming]
Nicki! Open this door!
-[Nicki] Cecil!
[Nicki] Cecil, help!
[Nicki screams]
[Cecil] Nicki!
[Nicki screams in distance]
[in Zulu] What's going on, man?
Thando, let's go!
[in English] What going on?
Honest, I-I don't know.
What do you mean?
I've seen you in that car.
-[in Zulu] Where are they taking my girl?
You're taking me for a fool.
-You're taking me for a fool, man!
Where's my girlfriend?
[shouts] Wait, man!
That man promised me a lot of money.
Who do you think?
Fuck, I told you
to stay away from that man.
[in English] Fuck!
[in Zulu] You hit me hard, man.
[hesitates] He said he wants your girl
to work at the club.
[in English] Nothing illegal.
[in Zulu] Where is she now?
I don't know.
-I don't know.
-Give me her dad's number.
[Thando] Huh?
[in English]
Give me her dad's number, dawg!
[Thando] Unh-unh. Mm-mm.
-Okay, fine!
[pills rattle]
[door opens, closes in hallway]
-[woman sighs] Ooh.
-[Johan] Hi.
-So, you're our new token CFO.
Excuse me?
I'm just curious as to how it feels
knowing you're gonna be making money
for work that someone else is doing.
Well, I have been CFO
for three major corporations.
What about you?
Johan Greser, right?
-[Johan] Hmm.
I know all about you.
[woman sighs]
Now, these affirmative action postings
have one thing in common.
After a few months, they always
call me in to clean up your mess.
When are you apartheid-era dinosaurs
gonna stop using the victim card
and just get on with business?
It's embarrassing.
Feel free to call me when
you realize you're in over your head.
[clicks tongue] Okay.
I understand.
You're upsetabout how things worked out.
Tough shit.
-Take it up with Sunette.
-[cell phone vibrates]
[engine turns over]
[Johan] Yeah?
[suspenseful music playing]
You're gonna have to slow down.
I can't hear you.
Who is this?
It's me.
If you heard from Nicki
or you know where she is, call me.
It's urgent.
-[Palesa in Zulu] Oh, hi, Dad.
-I see what you're up to.
You chose him after they stole from us.
-Unh-unh. Dad, no.
-Don't "Dad" me!
I saw you with that Nigerian.
[scoffs] Are you not ashamed?
Dad, Adze didn't steal anything from you.
[in English] You didn't act fast enough.
[in Zulu] Hey, don't you dare.
You're telling me
that I was not fast enough?
After you just broke up with Given?
Now you're with a Nigerian?
You know what?
I never thought that one day
my daughter would be
the prostitute of this place.
[in English] Okay.
[Dinoko in Zulu] Where are you going?
I want you here tonight!
Hey, if I see you again
with that foreigner
Palesa! Palesa!
[in English] We've raised
a record amount this year,
uh, which means that we're able
to sendan extra two girls to the US,
uh, whose families would
not have been able to afford it.
So, a huge congratulations to everyone.
Um, I think we can all agree
that the variety concert
and the walkathon and the
Personally, I You know, the
-[panting] Where's Nicks?
-Where did she go?
-She's out with friends.
-Johan, you're scaring me.
-She's not. I've spoken to her friend.
She's been taken.
Taken? What, do you mean kidnapped?
Have you phoned the police?
-No police. I can handle it.
Diane, what's going on?
-It's Nicki. She's been taken.
Don't you have security cameras
all over the city?
We don't need her help.
Just look at the mess
you've got your family in.
Sooner or later,
it was gonna catch up with you.
-Excuse me?
Did you honestly think we didn't know
what you've been up to all this time?
This is how things
get done in this country.
Someone's gotta do it.
Your fucking company
is number one because of me.
I got my hands dirty,
and you reap the benefits.
I didn't ask you to bribe anyone.
You just asked me
to do whateverthe fuck it took.
I told you he wasn't good enough for you.
And look how
your daughter's turned out now.
Get fucked,Sunette!
I-I'm sorry, everyone.
Um, the party's over.
That includes you.
Please, everyone, just leave.
It's best if you don't bother
coming in to the office on Tuesday.
I'm doing you a favor here.
[grim instrumental music playing]
You stay here in case
she finds her way back.
-I'm coming with you.
-No, it's too dangerous.
It's not up for discussion.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
[lock clanging]
Get in.
-[tense music playing]
-[door opens, slams shut]
Where the hell is our daughter?
-I-I don't know where they took her.
-Don't lie to me!
-[Cecil] What the fuck?
-Johan, watch the road!
[tires screech]
You best start talking, boy.
[gasps] I'm not your boy.
I don't know. I-I think
I think I-I know where we can go.
[tires squealing]
[line rings]
[voice mail]
This is Bra Sol. Leave a message.
[line beeps]
It's Johan. Call me.
How do you know this person?
It's part of my job.
[in Zulu] It's okay.
Payment's in, man.
Your million rand for those 50 girls
and then my 400,000 rand.
[in English] Jeez, jeez, Larry,
that barely covers the bribe.
[exhales, in Zulu] I told you that
your stupid school idea was a bad one.
It's too close to home.
[Bra Sol sighs]
[in English] What if I throw her in?
[in Zulu] Bring it here. Let's see.
Oh. She's really pretty.
How much?
[in English] Two hundred?
[sighs, in Zulu] You are a trusted man.
[sighs] Let's close it off
at 100,000 rand.
[in English] Done.
[in Zulu] This country is so rotten.
[in English]
It is a fucked-up country, Larry,
but, uh, we're making
a killing out of it,are we not? [exhales]
[in Zulu] I hear you, man.
[exhales] Look after your boys.
I will give you all your money
after I get that whore.
Yeah. [clicks tongue]
[in English] My brother.
[in Zulu] So long, man.
[dance music playing]
-[in English] It's Johan. Call me.
-[knock on door]
-[in Tswana] Come in.
-Thando, what brings you here?
My money for Nicki.
You'll get it
when those girls get shipped off.
Get shipped off? To where?
Bra Sol, you didn't mention that to me.
Hey, I don't have to tell you shit.
[groans, in Tswana]
You're screwing me over now, Bra Sol.
-Did you tell someone?
[in English] What the fuck
happened to your face?
[in Tswana] I know you're lying.
[in English] Sit your ass down.
[in Tswana] I hope for your little
sister's sake you're not lying to me.
I make a lot of money with little girls.
Do you get me?
Bra Sol, I can't betray my friend.
I'm sure there's another way
we can make money.
Yeah, actually,
there is something we can do.
We need to call her father
and ask for a ransom.
[in English] Half a mil.
[in Tswana]
You collect that money and bring it to me.
Then you get the girl back.
[groans] It won't work.
[Bra Sol]
The shipment is departing in two hours.
[in English] Tick
Tick tock.
-[dance music plays inside]
-[people chattering]
[crowd clamoring]
Thando, I hope you're
not fucking with me, boy.
[dance music playing]
-Where's Bra Sol?
-He He just left now. He just left now!
And my daughter, where's she?
Where the fuck is Nicki?
Wait, Johan, I know him! I know him!
Johan. Johan.
I know you. You're Agnes' son.
[breath shuddering]
-[Diane] You've been to our house.
[Diane] Thando.
Thando, please.
Please, you have to help us.
[in Zulu] Tell them the truth!
[in English] He said
[gasps] He said he's gonna ship her off
if if you don't give him
half half a million.
-Oh, you're a fucking dead man.
-[Thando] I swear! I swear!
Look, I'm not I'm not lying.
I'm not lying, okay?
Look, I knew he was a gangster,
but I didn't know he trafficks people.
Where? Where, Thando?
Think. Where could she be?
I-I heard him mention
a couple of places. I
I-I think it was the Ilanga Hotel.
Call us if you hear anything.
[crowd chattering, laughing]
[Johan sighs]
Call the police. [exhales]
This is your fault.
And I don't give a shit about
your involvement with that gangster.
Phone the police now.
You do it.
[engine turns over]
[line ringing]
[man] Police department.
What's your emergency?
[somber instrumental music playing]
How long have you known?
The nightclubs,
the drugs, the Black boyfriend?
No, no, you're not gonna
turn this around on me. I've had enough.
Enough of what?
It's a simple question. How long?
Johan, I don't know
what's going on with you,
but you're not the only one who's tired.
I can't do this anymore.
[somber music continues]
[inaudible dialogue]
[in Zulu] What are they saying?
[in English] Just drive, Thando.
[in Zulu] Step on it, Thando!
Our mother
Our mother
Our mother
[singing continues]
GET LOSOur mother
Our mother
Our mother
-Hush, don't cry
-Our mother
-Wipe your tears
-Our mother
Our mother
Our mother
Our mother
[woman in English] Rioters
are targeting foreign-owned businesses,
and shops are being looted,
most of them claiming that
these buildings belong to South Africans.
The owner of a shop,
a Nigerian businessman, was beaten
and later pronounced dead
upon arrival at hospital.
-His son is between life and--
I'm sorry, Adze.
It's not your fault.
There's no need to apologize.
You know what hurts is that South Africans
think all foreigners are here illegally.
I got my papers sorted.
I'm here to create jobs,
to make things better for everyone.
-[in Zulu] Our mother
Our mother
-Listen up, soldiers.
We are here now, right?
[in English] You have to understand,
people are still chained to the old ways.
They can't help it.
These people tolerate white foreigners,
more so than they do their own countrymen.
-[in Zulu] To hell with the foreigners!
-[all] To hell!
-Salute to the soldiers!
-[all] Salute!
[in English] You have to see it
from our perspective.
You know, many refugees come here
without the best of intentions.
Some of them have good intentions.
I'm not defending them.
I'm not defending anyone.
You are defending them, Palesa.
-[in Zulu] To hell with foreigners!
-[all] To hell!
[in English] Everything you have been
saying now sounds like defending.
Adze, I'm sorry. No, I
I didn't mean to frustrate you.
[overlapping shouts]
-Do you see her?
Yeah, we're the Gresers.
We the ones who reported this.
We just want our daughter.
-[officer] We just found those girls.
-Have you checked inside?
-It's clean. I'm sorry.
-[Diane panting]
Hello. Hi.
Was Was there a white girl?
Tall, brown hair.
She looks like her father.
This girl here. Here.
That girl?
You haven't seen her?
[hesitates] This girl here. You seen her?
[man on radio] xenophobic attacks
in and around Johannesburg
targeting Nigerians
and other African immigrants,
have left at least ten people dead so far.
[cell phone vibrating,ringing]
[tense music playing]
[voicemail dings]
I'm at the Ilanga Hotel with the police.
They've got your girls.
You are dead if I don't get Nicki back.
You hear me?
[line clicks]
[door opens, hinges creaking]
You all right?
Yeah, I'm all right.
What'd my parents say?
Ah, stressing.
[chuckles] Good. About time
somebody taught them a lesson, right?
[Bra Sol] Yeah.
Listen, thanks for doing this for me.
You are a proper savage
for a little rich bitch. You know that.
Biggest savage of them all, my friend.
You know,
I knew that you were the man for the job.
And, uh, what kind of a man am I?
The kind who'd do anything for money.
And that's a good thing.
I mean, I get that.
This money is gonna help
Cecil and I finally both go to LA.
And you've seen him perform.
His music's amazing.
He's gonna get there. He's gonna blow up.
I'm gonna be independent from my parents.
So, it's a win-win.
I took a big risk for you, you know.
Yeah, but your half of the 100K's
gonna carry that anyways.
Bra Sol, how much did you ask for?
-Uh, half a mil.
-Half a mil?
-My family doesn't have that.
-I don't give a fuck!
You fucked with the wrong man.
Your father took a shit on my business.
I've got costs to cover.
So if he wants to see
his little girl again,
he better pay up.
That's not gonna work.
How are they gonna pay you?
He better pay, or your ass is off with
the other girls on the next shipment.
-[cries out]
[whimpers, shouts]
[body thuds]
[tense instrumental music playing]
[in Zulu] Listen up,
some of you must take this corner.
You others take this side
and lock them inside.
-Salute, soldiers. Let's go!
[in English] I don't think it's safe here
anymore. I think we need to leave.
Listen to me.
Don't worry. No one knows we are here.
They are just going to pass us. Okay?
[overlapping shouts]
[slow-tempo music playing]
[shouting continues]
[in Zulu] Guys, this idiot is inside.
We need to show him who we truly are.
I want you to box him in from that side.
Let's show them
who's the boss here.Right?
[music continues]
[in English] Apparently, you can dance.
But where did you get the money from?
[in Zulu] Let's go. Lock him in.
We don't have time for this.
[overlapping shouts]
[suspenseful music playing]
-[muffled shouts outside]
[bangs continue]
-[in English] What was that?
-Shh, shh.
[suspenseful music continues]
[shouting continues]
[engine turns over]
[in Zulu] What do you say?
Should we do this?
[in English] Let's do it, dawg.
[cell phone vibrating,ringing]
[clears throat, in Tswana] Hi, Bra Sol.
It's me, Thando.
[Bra Sol in English]
Uh, is the deal still on?
[in Tswana]Yes, the deal is on now.
[in English] All of it?
[in Tswana] Yes, he's bringing
the whole half a million.
[in English] Sure, yeah.
Jeez, how'd they manage
to getthat kind of money so late?
[in Tswana] You know that guy
I'm good at my job,
so I got there and told him
that I need the money right now.
Plus, my mom told me
that they have a safe.
I told him that
if he doesn't pay up the half a million,
we're killing his daughter. No joke.
[in English] Ah, yeah, now,
I knewI could count on you, boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[in Tswana] I will never let you down.
Can we meet at Rand Club?
Say in 20 minutes.
Yeah, cool.
[in English] See you later.
[in English] Hi, Johan, it's Cecil.
Nicki wasn't at the hotel.
Yes, I-I know.
Um, we found Bra Sol and [sighs]
he's with her.
And so, what next? Where do we go?
We saidyou're gonna
bring the ransom money with you.
Good. Where and when?
At the Rand Club,
and we said we'd be there in 20 minutes.
I'm on my way.
The boys came through after all.
Oh, thank God.
[engine revving]
[tense instrumental music playing]
[cell phone vibrating, ringing]
[mother in Tswana]
Where are you, my child? You're late.
I was just held up at work, Mom.
Remember that in this family,
we are trustworthy.
I'm still keeping my word.
I'll see you later.
That's fine.
[overlapping shouts]
[Palesa] Adze.
-[in English] We need to get out of here.
-It's locked.
-What do you mean? What do you mean?
Somebody help!
[shouts] Oh, God! Oh, God!
[line rings, beeps]
[whimpering sobs]
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on.
-[cell phone ringing]
[in Zulu]Wiseman.
[in Sotho] It's done.
It's done now.
[in Zulu] We're going to show
this stupid foreigner
-who we truly are in this neighborhood.
He deserves it.
Just hold on a bit.
[in English] Wait.
[in Sotho]Palesa is inside. Palesa!
[Palesa screaming]
-Palesa. Palesa!
[in Zulu] Please, guys
[tense instrumental music continues]
[tires screech]
-[Palesa screaming]
[Palesa screaming, sobbing]
Wait, wait!
Palesa! Palesa! Palesa!
[Palesa] Please open up, Dad.
[in English] Shit, Thando.
[in Zulu] The cops. Slow down.
[Thando in English] Thanks.
[siren wailing]
[in Zulu] Maybe they can help us.
Have you forgotten that we stole this car?
Stop being an idiot.
[slow-tempo melancholic song playing]
[Diane in English] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Okay. Johan, please slow down.
Please, please, please, please.
Baby, please.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna fix this.
[siren wailing]
Thando, Thando, Thando!
Come on, come on, come on!
Slow down! We're gonna die, dawg.
-[tires screech]
-[engine revs]
Enjoy the ride, motherfucker! [laughs]
-[in Zulu] No, man.
-No, man. Out.
-[in English] Damn it!
[tires screech]
-[screams continue]
[gulps, panting]
-[siren wailing]
-[Cecil grunts]
[horn honking]
[tires screech]
-[horn honks]
Johan, please. Please slow
Please slow down. You're gonna
-[engine revving]
-[gasps] Johan.
-[Palesa shouting]
-[Dinoko] Palesa! Palesa.
[Palesa] Oh, my God! [screams]
[Palesa shouting]
[Dinoko] Palesa! Palesa!
-[men shouting]
-[Palesa screaming]
[slow-tempo melancholic song continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[electricity sizzling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[tires screech]
[siren wailing]
[Cecil panting]
[in Zulu] We lost them.
[Nicki screams]
[tires screech]
[all screaming]
-Thando! Thando!
-[Thando in English] Fuck!
[brakes squeal]
-[glass shatters]
[tires screech]
Johan, slow down!Slow down! Johan!
[tires screech]
-[tense music playing]
-[Nicki sobbing]
[steam hissing]
[Nicki screaming]
[screaming continues]
[grunts, sobs]
-[Nicki screaming]
-[Cecil in Zulu] Isn't that Bra Sol?
It's him.
[in English] Fuck, that's him, dawg.
So where the fuck is Nicki, dawg?
Don't really know, dawg.
[gasps] You okay?
[tense music continues]
It's fucking him.
Stay in the car.
[Nicki whimpering]
Help! [sobs]
-Get the fuck out! Come on, come on.
[Nicki sobbing]
-No, no, no, don't do it! Wait.
-I'm going.
[sobs continue]
Where's my fucking money,Johan?
-Where's my money?
-Let her go.
Stop right there,Johan.
I'm gonna blow her brains out.
Drop the gun!
-[Bra Sol panting]
-[Nicki] Dad! No, no!
[whimpering sobs]
-[Bra Sol] Put it down and kick it away.
[in Zulu] What?
-[in English] Get your phone, record it.
-What do you mean?
Just do it, dawg.
No, no, no, no, no, no, don't. Don't!
[Bra Sol] What are you doing here?
[exhales] I'm just here to get my girl.
[Bra Sol]
Cecil, I will blow her brains out.
-Cecil, get the fuck out of the way.
-[Cecil] Please, Bra Sol.
Just let her go.
-[Nicki whimpers]
Cecil! Cecil![sobs]
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[sniffles, sobs]
[Diane] Johan! No!
Oh, no. [sobbing]
[blubbering] It's all my fault.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
-It's okay.
I'm okay.
[siren approaching in distance]
[slow-tempo melody plays]