Collision Earth (2011) Movie Script

Prepare Nautilus
for orbit capture.
Orbit capture trajectory confirmed.
Engage main thrusters.
Disengaging artificial gravity
for Mercury approach.
Someone forget
to secure their tablet?
Remind me to fire the maid.
Approaching coordinates.
- Awaiting manual override.
- All right, Natalie.
Manual flight
controls engaged.
We're going in.
Warning, solar event detected.
What's happening?
We have an electromagnetic
radiation spike, a big one.
- Are we within safe levels?
- So far.
- Lee, stay on course.
- Entering orbit in 20 seconds.
- radiation shields activated.
- What the hell was that?
Radiation levels
are spiking off the charts.
Abort orbit capture.
- Lee, get us out of here.
- Roger that.
Engaging artificial gravity.
- system failure.
- Everything is spiking.
- Heat, magnetics...
- Magnetics, that can't be.
- Are you sure?
- That's what I'm reading.
- Increase thrusters to maximum.
- Come on, darlin'.
Hang in there.
radiation levels at maximum.
My God.
Alarm, system failure.
Damage report!
System failures across the board.
I can't hold anything online.
Alarm, system failure.
- Losing power to engines.
- Victoria, check out backup systems.
I'm on it.
There's a fire in the comm.
engine power critical.
Come on.
Our universe...
is a dangerous place.
In our solar system,
there are over
a thousand asteroids
and comets
that are classified
as threatening to hit the earth.
But you should also know
that those are just the ones
we know about.
Just last year,
an asteroid
200 feet in diameter
passed within
40,000 miles of us.
Now in planetary terms,
that is like, uh...
it's like someone
shooting at you
and having a bullet
part your hair
without touching your skin.
Now, if it had hit us,
it would have exploded
with the force of a hydrogen bomb.
Do you know how much
advance warning we had?
Three days.
The good news is,
we have the technology
to deflect these objects.
It's called Project 7.
The most advanced,
most powerful,
most ambitious planetary
defense system
ever conceived.
It's equipped
with an energy field
that allows it to deflect objects
many times its size.
The bad news?
There's always bad news.
Our government pulled funding
from Project 7
just before it came online.
So right now
it floats dormant in space.
The earth's been struck before,
it'll be struck again.
The only question
is whether
we're gonna be ready.
Do your part
in protecting the planet.
Write to your congressman,
tell your friends.
Spread the word.
Our lives may depend on it.
We need Project 7.
You need Project 7.
Thank you very much.
Dr. Preston, Brad Walker.
Your liaison officer
with Mission Ops.
Can I speak with you
for a moment?
- Yeah.
- As you know, it is our policy
to, uh, notify
family members immediately
of any situation involving
the mission that may arise.
- I know the protocol.
- Now, I've been sent here
to make sure you don't hear
anything through the media
that may make you worry
Now, having said that, um,
early this morning, we did
lose contact with the Nautilus.
Dr. Preston.
Dr. Preston, wait.
Dr. Preston.
Come on, pick up.
We're sorry,
your call cannot
be completed as dialed.
Please check the number
and dial again...
- Damn it!
... or call your oper...
All right.
- Hello?
- Hey, it's James.
I can't talk to you.
I'm at work.
- If Edward finds out...
- I'm worried about Victoria.
Today was orbit capture.
They lost contact with the Nautilus.
I can't reach Mission Ops.
Do you know anything?
I don't, but Houston
doesn't call the military
every time they have a glitch.
You know that.
It's probably nothing.
I'm sure Victoria's fine.
I know you have eyes in the sky.
Just check it out for me, okay?
Call me back
if you find anything.
You know I can't talk to you
about this stuff.
Edward doesn't even like
that we're friends.
- What the hell?
- What?
Jennifer, did SPEAR
just activate Project 7?
What are you talking about?
It's dead.
It's been dead for three years.
Oh, uh, it's sending me data.
It's sending data to you?
If Edward finds out that
you've been monitoring it,
he'll throw you in jail so fast
that you won't know...
Okay, uh, something weird
is happening.
Project 7
is picking up a strange...
Oh, that's impossible.
- Status report.
- The EM wave knocked out
virtually every civilian satellite
and most government ones as well.
We're the only major agency
fully functioning right now.
- But that's not our only problem.
- Three sets of images,
all pulled from
the deep-sky orbital telescope
before it went down
These were all taken
only five minutes apart.
What's that spot?
That spot, sir,
- is Mercury.
- That can't be right.
- That would mean that...
- Mercury's on the move.
- How's that possible?
- We don't have all the data yet.
We still don't know.
Figure out where it's headed.
I want to know if that thing
is coming anywhere near us.
We're already on it.
Oh, thank God.
Check Lee.
Go, I'll take care of Lee.
Mercury will miss the Earth
by a distance of 500,000 miles.
Roughly twice as far away
as the moon.
- That's not good.
- Exactly.
Even at that distance,
its gravitational field
will wreak havoc.
Extreme tides,
electrical disturbances at a minimum.
Well, our primary concern at this point
has gotta be the political fallout.
Put our defense systems
on high alert.
I've also had Michelle working
to get in touch with the Nautilus,
but we haven't had
any success.
Nautilus is the least
of our concerns at this point.
But they were right there.
If the Nautilus
did manage to pull through,
they may be able
to fill in the blanks.
Fine, but you keep
James Preston out of it.
Yes, sir.
We are continuing
to receive some frantic reports
of massive power failures
around the world.
Global communications
continue to be affected,
as most satellites
seem to be off-line.
All air transportation
is being grounded until further notice.
We'll continue to bring you
details as they develop.
Oh man.
I've normalized our oxygen levels,
but most of our systems are damaged.
Communication is down,
as is navigation.
What the hell hit us?
It seemed like a solar flare,
but it was massive.
All of the energy readings
are wrong.
Well, we'll have to worry
about that later.
Right now we've got
bigger problems.
I've managed
to stabilize us.
Do what you can with communication.
I'll work on navigation.
We need to figure out
where the hell we are.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Check it out.
A little Sumatra blend.
You want some?
I need you to take a look
at this, okay?
It's about Victoria.
Something happened up there
and I need to know how
it's gonna affect the Nautilus.
Well, it was a massive solar flare
that hit us this morning.
Biggest one on record,
but the Nautilus should be prepared
- for that kind of event.
- It's not a solar flare.
Okay, look.
Its magnetic signature,
it's off the charts.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just a headache.
Any luck on the comm?
Well, we'll only be able
to transmit
and receive
on a very narrow band.
But they'll be able
to hear us?
If they're listening.
Power blackouts.
Communication failures.
Airplanes grounded.
The government wants you
to think it's a solar flare,
but we are here
to give you the truth.
Brooke Adamson's
"Conspiracy Report" is back on the air.
What's wrong?
No, it's just, uh,
getting some interference.
- It's not us.
- It's the Feds.
- It's not the Feds.
- It's the Feds.
This is
Victoria Preston of the USS Nautilus
making an emergency
distress call.
Can anybody read?
No way.
This is Victoria Preston
on the USS Nautilus. Come in.
Isn't the Nautilus the spacecraft
that's on the Mercury mission?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, it's gotta be a joke.
Well, we'll find out.
First we'll lock on her signal.
copy that, Nautilus.
You're breaking up.
- Do you read?
- Copy that.
This is Victoria Preston on
the Nautilus. We are in distress.
Before we proceed,
please encrypt
this transmission using
security protocol 27-46-32.
- What are you doing?
- If it's a hoax, they'll play along.
- How can you be so sure?
- Because that's what I would do.
There's no such protocol.
Who exactly am I speaking with?
Give me that.
This is Christopher Weaver
and Brooke Adamson.
We're seniors
at North Bay University.
You've managed to connect
with our pirate radio station.
Victoria, do you copy that?
Come in.
- What happened?
- We gotta get that signal back.
Let's go to the car.
We'll try new batteries.
Before my telescope went off-line,
I was able to pull these images.
Look at these sun-spots.
They're starting to disappear here,
and here, here, and here.
- What does that mean?
- Magnetism.
It all makes sense now.
For one brief millisecond,
our humble little sun
became a magnetar,
the most powerful source
of magnetic energy in the universe.
A magnetar?
Yeah, it's extremely rare,
but it's the only thing
that could explain it.
The sun-spots, the blackouts,
the magnetic wave, everything.
What was that?
This should not be happening.
There's no way our database
could have missed
this many meteors
approaching Earth.
either you're wrong
or that's not a meteor.
That impact site can't be
more than a mile or two, tops.
Let's take my car. I don't want
to have to ride on your handlebars.
Very funny.
- Get in the car.
- I enjoy riding my bike to work.
- It's something that I like to do.
- Get in the car.
Uh, this is not good.
Do you know
where we are yet?
But we're accelerating
without engine power.
Well, you check autopilot and see
if there's been any false commands
and I'll see what I can do.
Yes, ma'am.
Something's definitely wrong.
- There's still no signal.
- I don't know.
Do you think that
was really the Nautilus?
Yeah, I do.
I do.
- What the hell was that?
- I don't know,
but there's more coming.
Get in the car.
Get in the car!
Run. Run!
Get down!
Oh, boy.
Is it over?
I think so.
What the hell happened?
Navigation systems initializing.
Flight path compromised.
Marshall, I've checked everything.
I can't find anything wrong.
Get up here.
I need your help with navigation.
We need to figure out
where we're headed now.
- And we are back up.
Plotting Nautilus location.
Wait, this can't be right.
- What is it?
We're not where we should be.
Neither is Mercury.
How is that possible?
I don't know. It's out of orbit.
No. We're accelerating
towards the planet.
Mercury is dragging us in?
But we're not close enough
to be in its gravity.
Whatever it is,
I don't want to be any closer.
Reverse thrusters engaged.
Victoria, we need
to get a hold of Mission Ops.
Ground, do you copy?
Can you hear me?
Ground, this is Victoria.
Do you copy?
Thrusters are at 70%.
I don't like this.
Ground, this is Victoria. Do you copy?
- Yeah, Victoria. We're here.
- Oh, thank God.
I need you to get in touch
with Mission Control. It's urgent.
Well, if you're trying to warn us
about meteors,
- you're a little late for that.
- Christopher, the Nautilus
has been knocked off course.
I need Mission Ops to guide us.
Come on.
Mission Ops is in Houston.
We're in Oregon and the phones are down.
Oregon, okay.
I need you to get to a facility
south of Seattle called SPEAR.
SPEAR. I know that.
My cousin lives nearby.
Okay, great. When you get there,
ask for a person named Jennifer Kelly.
Tell her what I've told you,
that we need Mission Ops
to guide Nautilus, and give her
this frequency to get in touch.
And, please,
our lives depend on it.
We're on it.
Let's go.
It has an extremely high
iron content.
Way too high for
an ordinary piece of meteorite.
This might sound crazy,
but I think this is a piece of Mercury.
It's a magnetized piece
of Mercury.
If it was hit
by the magnetar wave,
that would explain
why it's magnetic.
Even so,
how are pieces of it
down here?
I don't know.
Thrusters are at maximum.
- We're still being pulled in.
- I can do a manual override
in the engine room
to boost the thrusters,
but it's a temporary fix at best.
- Do it!
- Got it!
This is weird.
You want to read me
those coordinates again?
Yeah. Uh...
- right ascension...
- Mm-hmm.
...13 hours...
- Mm-hmm.
...17 minutes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Declination...
- Yeah.
...negative-7 degrees...
- Yeah.
... 2 arcminutes.
It's not there.
What are you talking about?
- It's not there.
- Where is it?
I don't know.
It's just... it's gone.
- Do you mind?
- It's just gone.
They were right there.
Mercury was right...
they were right there.
All right, that...
that's impossible.
A planet doesn't just move.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna get some answers.
Marshall, I got you another 20%,
but that's the best I could do.
Let's hope it's enough.
There's not enough power
in the reverse thrusters.
I need to flip us around
and engage the main engine.
That's too risky.
We can't use the reverse thrusters
and turn the ship at the same time.
We'd be pulled in immediately.
- Not if we do it fast enough.
- We?
It's a two-man job, Victoria.
But I'm not a pilot.
Welcome to your promotion.
Victoria, reduce power by 20%
when I boost the main engines.
Copy that.
Reducing power.
We're being
pulled in sideways.
Maneuver successfully executed.
Okay, I need you
to take over for a while.
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
I think I might have got hit hard...
We need to see
Jennifer Kelly right away.
- And you are?
- We have an urgent message
from Victoria Preston
and the Nautilus spacecraft.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
- So if you could just please...
- Excuse me, sir,
the Nautilus is having
severe mechanical malfunctions
and they can't
get a hold of Mission Ops,
but they can
get a hold of my radio.
- We were sent here to see Jennifer...
- This is a secure facility.
No one gets in without
an appointment or a pass.
- Yeah, I understand that, but...
- That was me telling you nicely.
Don't make me tell you again.
Let's go.
- Great.
Let's go.
James, I know what must be
going through your head right now.
Then you'll stop
the small talk.
It's just we don't know
anything for sure yet.
There's a very good chance
that she's alive.
Mercury didn't disappear.
It was knocked out of orbit.
- I tracked its gravity...
- And my wife...
probably should be walking
on Mercury right now.
Now pieces of it
are landing on the Earth.
You understand?
They didn't believe us.
- The guard wouldn't even call Jennifer.
- Fascist.
What should we do now?
Find my husband,
Dr. James Preston.
He'll be at our home
in Pacific Grove.
433 Ocean Beach Drive.
Come on, James.
Look, I don't care if your facility's
on lockdown, okay?
Try her number again
'cause I need to talk to her.
- Sir, you need to calm down.
- Oh, I need to calm down?
I used to work here, okay?
I can't call her
because my phone doesn't work.
It's urgent.
Stand down.
James, you need to leave.
You know you can't be here.
I can't share
classified information with you.
What about Mercury?
Is that classified?
- Look, we know all about Mercury.
- Do you?
Do you also know
it's magnetized?
He's with me.
You, stay there.
- What the hell is he doing here?
- Show him.
Nice trick.
So what?
This thing,
this was attached to Mercury.
You have to recalculate
the planet's trajectory
based on magnetism.
What exactly
are you trying to tell me?
Massive magnetar wave
hit Mercury.
It is now
extremely magnetized.
If it's anywhere near Earth,
it'll lock on to our magnetic field...
it'll come straight for us.
Well, we've tracked its trajectory,
and while it is headed our way,
we're comfortably certain
that it will miss us.
You're not factoring in
the magnetism.
You have to recalculate.
Based on our new data,
the calculations show
the trajectory has changed.
Oh, my God.
Mercury's on
a collision course with Earth.
Look at the distance
it's covered.
- It's moving faster.
- It's locked on to us.
Earth's magnetic field
is drawing it in.
It's like two magnets
pulling it together.
This is beyond
an extinction level event.
- This is the end of the world.
- How long have we got?
Just over 18 hours.
Okay, people, this is why
we have a contingency plan.
Initiate Operation Recourse.
I wanna be online in 30 minutes.
Yes, sir.
Operation Recourse won't work.
Your missiles aren't strong enough
to stop a planet.
We are not trying
to stop Mercury.
We're gonna deflect it.
The missiles will cause
coordinated standoff explosions
in front of the planet
and drive it off course.
I already know
what your plan is.
You're assuming
that your guidance system
will withstand
a magnetic interference
and synchronize the blast.
They can go off course.
They could explode
before they get there.
Worse, they get sucked back
into the planet,
they blow it to fragments,
they wipe us out anyway!
Our missiles
are properly shielded.
Not against this.
Going ahead with this launch,
you're choosing suicide
over a firing squad.
Your sarcasm
is really better suited
to your community
college lectures.
You don't have a say
in what we do here.
We launch as soon as Mercury
is within our firing range.
Edward, Edward, listen.
What about Project 7?
This is exactly
what it was designed for.
The deflector never worked
in field testing, not once.
Without that,
it's just a big rock with engines.
We've been modifying the software,
we've been working out the bugs.
You pulled it so you
can give your contracts
to your rocket
manufacturing buddies.
Well, if that's the way you want to see
your failure, that's your business,
but, regardless,
we don't have time to dust it off now.
I can get
the deflector field to work.
I've been uploading
the software since I left.
I'm sorry.
You've been doing what?
- Hacking into a government weapon?
- That's my weapon.
It hasn't been your weapon
since I fired you three years ago.
I could have you thrown
in prison for this.
It'll work.
Just gotta let me
upload the fixes.
We don't have the time
or resources
to launch two programs.
We're only gonna get
one shot at this...
and I am not gonna risk
the fate of humanity
on your unproven technology.
I think you know
the way out.
- Which way?
- I don't know.
Is this North Coast Road?
I don't know.
There's no road signs.
Let's try this way.
And you're sure P-7 is the key
to stopping Mercury?
- Stake my life on it.
- Sounds like you'll be staking
- everyone's life on it, James.
- My software updates will work.
We just need to upload them
to get P-7 fully online.
- That sounds easy enough.
- We just need to go to my office,
get the software, then we need
a secure SPEAR computer.
Did you say we?
Mr. Preston?
- Hey, hey, keep the car straight.
- It's not me.
It's the ground that's moving.
Oh, my God.
- It's metal.
- What?
It's not trees,
it's not telephone poles.
Whatever that is,
it only affected metal.
This must all be
connected to Mercury.
It has to be.
That's not good.
That's not good at all.
We've just received report...
Seattle's been devastated
by a massive magnetic event.
- How far are we from launching?
- We've had to recalculate.
Mercury's speeding up and we're having
a hard time keeping a lock on it.
We have a very small window
to launch these missiles
and we're running
out of time.
What happened
to your security pass?
- Find Preston.
- Yes, sir.
Just follow me.
Oh, wait.
I read on the Internet somewhere
that you can open up any door
with a credit card.
I think, eh,
yeah, you just...
I don't know.
People never leave
these things locked.
Mr. Preston?
Is anyone home?
Hey, come here.
God, the phones
still aren't working.
There's nothing here.
Nothing useful anyways.
- What is that?
- I don't know.
Looks like some kind of weapon.
Whose car is that?
What kind of guy keeps plans
for a top secret weapon on his computer?
If he were here right now,
I'd give him a piece of my mind.
What the hell
are you doing in my house?
- Look, your wife sent us.
- What are you talking about?
We talked to her.
She's in trouble.
We can prove it.
- Yeah.
Well, it's just over there.
So I used
some of today's engineering
with yesterday's
analog technology
with a few experimental bits
here and there and voil.
It broadcasts and receives
farther than you can imagine.
Well, it's a work of art.
It's how we heard
Victoria's mayday.
- You wanna turn it on?
- Yeah, sorry.
Yeah, cool.
Vic, you there?
Ground, can you please repeat?
Vic, it's me.
- you safe?
- I'm alive,
but I'm the only one left.
What happened?
Are you okay?
Something crazy has happened
and I can't really explain it,
but I'm being pulled
into Mercury.
Oh, my God,
the magnetism.
Vic, there's been
a huge magnetic event.
Yes, I know.
We were right in the middle of it.
Mercury's been magnetized
and is being pushed out of its orbit.
Why didn't I think of this?
if I can recalculate,
if I can account
for the difference in force,
I might be able to break free
and come home.
Vic, there might not be a home
to come back to.
Mercury's on
a collision course with Earth.
Can you keep me posted on this
and just double-check these?
I just lost everything.
What is going on?
This facility should be impervious
to power surges.
Mercury's interference
is increasing.
It's becoming more
than our shielding can handle.
Get the emergency generators
back online.
The moment they stabilize,
I want those missiles in the air!
what if James is right?
Move aside.
Project 7 is the only thing
that can save us from Mercury.
You need to get the hell
out of there before we launch.
Okay, I've done everything I can
to recalculate
for the change in force.
I've tried to boost the engines
as much as possible,
but it's just not enough thrust.
Wait a minute.
What if I let it pull me in?
- What do you mean?
- A slingshot maneuver.
Yes, yes, yes.
She lets the planet pull her in,
accelerating around Mercury.
That will give her the extra momentum
she needs to break free.
That's a suicide mission.
- Magnetism is too unpredictable.
I've been trained for this.
Honey, honey.
You're not a pilot.
You've never done this before.
I have to try.
If I stay here, I'm dead.
It's my only chance.
No, no, no, no.
James, can you hear me?
Sorry, it's fragile.
It wasn't built
to be dragged around like this.
Can you hear me?
- Disengage autopilot.
Autopilot disengaged.
Here goes nothing.
She'll make it, she'll make it.
She's gonna make it.
She's gonna be all right.
What is that?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- What's wrong?
Project 7's guidance systems
are damaged.
- Can't you fix it?
- It's not a software problem,
it's hardware.
You can't fix it from the ground.
- So that's it?
- Um, the Nautilus.
The Nautilus has
an amazing guidance system.
If Victoria can pilot the ship
to Project 7,
tether onto its system,
we can then use it to manually guide
the asteroid straight into Mercury.
We still have to do
the software updates.
Without the energy field,
you won't have enough force
to knock Mercury off course.
- So send them.
- I can't do it from here.
Can monitor the systems,
but to change anything,
I need a computer
that has top-level
classified access.
And you need to fix that radio.
That's another power surge.
Come on.
Come on,
come on, come on.
Here we go,
here we go.
I got it.
Yes, Mr. President. Believe me,
we're doing everything we can.
No, sir. These are
limited range missiles.
The timing is crucial.
If we launch too early
the missiles will fall short,
too late, and Mercury won't be
knocked off course enough to miss Earth.
Mr. President, are you there?
Mr. President?
- I'm gonna need a new relay.
- There's an old airstrip.
One of the radio planes
might have what you need.
Right, I saw it on the way in.
Here, once we get the radio up
and running, we'll call you on it.
Okay. Is this even gonna work
with all the interference?
Trust me, we reached Mercury
with this thing. It'll work.
You gonna tell me
where we're going?
The fallback facility.
- Which is what exactly?
- Designed when I was working at SPEAR.
They should have access
to every weapon,
- including Project 7.
- Should have access?
The coordinates
are in records storage.
- We don't even know where it is?
- That's why we're hurrying.
Anybody here?
If we're gonna find
that relay switch,
- we better start looking for it.
- I don't know. This place is creepy.
- I don't like it.
- It's a creepy old airstrip.
What did you expect?
- Here, this looks like the hangar.
- Okay.
- I think this is the hangar.
- Okay.
- Let's check the yard here.
- Okay.
- Anything?
- No.
- Here.
- What exactly are we looking for?
We're looking for a radio
that's still intact.
No, these are all shells.
- We need to get to that hangar.
- Okay.
- Quick.
- What's happening?
- I don't know.
- Is it more meteors?
I don't think so.
It feels more like an earthquake.
- Earthquake?
- Worse, we're being hit by
massive waves
of electromagnetic energy.
We still can't risk
launching too early.
If this EM interference
you won't be able
to launch the missiles.
You can't fire
when the interference is spiking.
Okay, then calculate intervals
in between the wavelengths
- and we'll fire in between.
- Yes, sir.
- Is it over?
- I think so.
Okay, maybe this plane
will have what we need.
Let's find out.
Trajectory calculations complete.
collision course detected.
replotting trajectory.
Project 7.
What were
Projects 1 through 6?
I don't even want to know.
- Any luck?
- I think I got it.
We're in business.
Okay, let's get out of here.
Stop where you are
or I'll drop you where you stand.
What the hell are you doing
with my plane?
- Sir...
- Shut up!
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna drop that,
you're just gonna...
you're gonna slowly
put that down on the ground.
- Yeah.
- And you're gonna put
- your hands in the air.
- Right, okay.
Sir, we needed one part.
We've been communicating
with the spacecraft Nautilus.
Sure, you have.
Hands in the air now!
You don't understand.
This is a matter of life and death.
- We can't leave without that radio.
- You're gonna leave without the radio
because it's my radio.
You know what I mean?
It's my radio.
Go, go!
Say your prayers,
you little bastard!
How are we
supposed to get inside?
There's no way
to sneak around that guard.
- How'd you get that?
- I borrowed it.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Morning.
- Hi there.
stop right there.
Gonna need to see
that ID again, sir.
Yeah, here you go.
Here you go.
G- g-g-g-gun!
Get the gun!
Get the gun!
Help, help!
Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey.
- Ow!
- Back it up. Over there, over there.
Sorry about that.
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Over there, over there, over there.
What do we do?
What do we do now?
- Give me the gun.
- Okay, huh?
Just give me the gun.
Hey, hey, hey!
Back up!
Back up!
Okay, there's rope in the car.
Go get the rope.
- Keys.
- The car is open!
Whoa! Get down!
Get down,
get down!
Wait, can you just...
Come on,
let's go!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, he's reloading.
Come on, come on, let's go.
Go, go, go!
Oh, God.
We need to get out of here now.
- Brooke, come on!
- I'm coming!
Let's go, go, go!
I'm hurrying!
So, uh, where do we start?
Hang on, these... aren't file cabinets
supposed to have letters on them?
Secret codes, secret files,
they get bar codes.
So how are we supposed to
find the one we're looking for?
You take that side,
I'll take this side.
- Okay, all right.
- Just look for things
that have structures, buildings,
things grouped together.
- Stuff like that.
- Okay.
- Matthew?
- Yes.
- You don't have to be neat.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, well.
Just want to keep
some semblance of organization.
This took somebody
a long time.
Warning, planetary gravity
affecting course trajectory.
That's the plan, girl.
Initiating emergency autopilot
failsafe in five, four...
Override accepted.
Impact risk imminent.
I think I got it.
Down on the ground now!
Where's your buddy?
Oh, about time.
Where's the file?
Next time,
I'll tie him up.
I'm sorry, they don't teach you how
to tie people up in astronomy school.
I still saved your butt.
- Brooke?
Go ahead, James.
I have the location.
Where should we meet you?
Take Highway 37.
We'll meet you
at the junction at Highway 12.
- Oh, and I picked this up for later.
Figured we might need it.
- You want a hug?
- Yeah, yeah, I would.
I need those wave calculations.
We're approaching the launch window.
We're working on it.
We just got systems back up.
- We're running out of time.
- I know the time table!
Look, Jen,
get a team ready
and take them
over to the fallback facility.
We gotta cover our bases.
If the systems go down here,
I'm not gonna
be able to launch.
I need you over there
to launch from there.
I'll get you the launch codes.
Michelle, please stay
on those wavelengths.
Yes, sir.
Whoa, stop. Stop the car.
He looks like he's alive.
We don't have time for this.
- We can't just leave him here.
- Matthew, get back in the car.
- We can't leave him here.
Matthew, get back in the car!
It'll be fine.
- Oh, come on.
- Hey, buddy. You okay?
We gotta get you...
we gotta get you...
- Get up, nice and slow.
- Hey.
- Easy.
- Step away from the car!
- Step away from the car!
- Take it easy, man.
Just take it easy.
Don't do it, James!
Shut up!
You think I'm kidding around?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Huh?!
- Easy, easy.
- Get the hell away from the car!
- Buddy, I can't give you the keys.
- Shut up!
- I can't give you the keys!
- Don't be stupid, man!
- I'll cut his throat!
- I can't give you the car.
Oh, you're gonna
give me the car.
- Hey!
- What's this, huh?
What are you doing?
What's this, huh?
- Okay, okay, okay!
- The keys!
- I'm gonna give you the keys.
- Yeah, you will.
- I'll give you the keys.
- Give me the keys.
That's good.
- Don't move.
- Dude.
We need to call the kids.
The radio's in the car.
It's happening again.
Hang in there, girl.
impact risk ahead.
Multiple objects
We're almost there, girl!
Hold on!
heat shield breached.
Maximum pressure
capacity exceeded.
All systems critical.
Abort maneuver.
Repeat, abort maneuver.
Where's Matthew?
- You get the part?
- Yeah, but we haven't heard anything
from Victoria yet.
Let's hope she's in the middle
of the maneuver.
We gotta get out of here.
Hold it together
a little longer!
Trajectory compromised.
Change course immediately.
I have all
the wave patterns mapped
and the systems are all up,
and there's still a lot of interference.
Okay, get ready, everyone.
We launch the second
we have a clear shot.
Course trajectory complete.
Calculating Nautilus location.
We'll never get through here.
We gotta back up.
We gotta find another way.
All right.
- Damn it.
- You're kidding me.
Okay, we are go for launch.
Three, two...
Missiles are away.
Alternator's shot.
What are we gonna do?
How are we supposed to
get around this thing?
Guess we have to walk.
- What are you doing?
- What?
I've already been shot at
once today.
This thing goes on
for miles.
Yeah, James.
At this rate, I don't think
we're gonna make it on time.
Magnetism is increasing.
Mercury is forcing
the missiles off course.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's leaking gas.
- You gotta go across to the other side.
- Okay.
James, can you hear me?
- James.
- Okay, go.
- Hey, Vic.
- It's me.
- Thank God.
- Are you safe?
- I am,
and I'm heading away
from Mercury as fast as I can.
Have you launched P-7 yet?
We can't.
Guidance system's
been damaged.
Hey, honey?
I, uh...
I need you
to do something.
I don't want to ask you
to do this,
but I need you to take
the Nautilus to Project 7
and you have to guide it
to Mercury.
I guess I won't be going home
as fast as I thought.
It's the only chance
we have, honey.
I'll do it.
Now listen to me.
You have to tether in
the Nautilus guidance system to P-7's.
I understand, James.
Now we still have to
do the fixes to P-7.
We have to do that
at the facility.
There's really
not that much time.
I'll get there in time.
- I swear to you.
- I trust you.
Go, be safe.
Plot in coordinates
to asteroid 8-7-6-9-5-Z.
Plotting coordinates.
Warning, life-support systems failure.
Oxygen levels critical.
Estimated life support,
15 minutes.
There's a car coming.
Hey, hey!
- Hey, look.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, stop!
- Get out of the road.
- We need a ride.
Look, I'm not
gonna tell you again.
Listen, I need a ride
to fallback facility.
Edward Rex,
he gave me his ID as proof.
Just take a look...
just take a look at it.
This ID was stolen this morning.
Get on the ground, Dr. Preston.
Back off!
You heard me.
Thank you.
On the ground.
Estimated life support, 10 minutes.
Estimated life support,
five minutes.
We gotta go!
- Yup.
Estimated life support,
three minutes.
No pressure,
thank you.
Here we go.
Come on, Natalie.
Life-support systems back online.
We lost contact
with the contingency team.
It could just be
Magnetism is spiking.
Reports of magnetic storms
are coming in from all over.
Oh, my God.
Not again.
Look out!
Oh, my God.
Hang on!
Approaching destination.
Nautilus, prepare
for docking at Project 7.
- Everybody all right?
- Better than the car, I guess.
she's not breathing, man.
I'm sorry.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
Brooke, I'm so sorry.
Christopher, we gotta go.
- Christopher.
- Just wait!
I'm sorry.
SPEAR car.
It's Jennifer.
We're close.
We gotta get out of here.
Executing landing procedure.
Prepare to tether
Nautilus' navigation system
to Project 7 navigation system.
navigation system tether.
Engaging docking collar.
Docking collar engaged.
- Execute system tether.
- Stand by.
System tether executed.
James, can you hear me?
I don't see a facility. Are you sure
we got the right coordinates?
Yeah, we're here.
The dam is camouflage.
It's also the power source
for the facility.
James, can you hear me?
- Okay.
- Vic, are you all right?
- Yes,
and I'm tethered
to Project 7's systems.
As soon as I get the updates,
I'm ready to launch.
You have to check
the targeting systems.
It'll automatically be scanning
an impact threat the size of Mercury.
Oh, no.
- What's the launch window?
- If I don't get Project 7 moving,
I'll never close
the gap to Mercury.
Without the updates,
the shield won't work.
- Then you better hurry.
- We gotta go.
Engaging main engines.
Come on!
We gotta move!
We're almost there.
System error.
Energy field inactive.
Whoa, whoa!
Easy, easy.
- Where's the control room?
- It's directly underneath the dam.
It's the only place
safe enough.
Increase engines
to maximum.
What are we looking for?
There it is!
System error.
- Energy field inactive.
- Tell me something I don't know.
This is it.
Come on, James.
What can I do?
What do you need?
I'm gonna get
the system up and running.
- Get Victoria on the radio now.
- Right.
Victoria, do you copy?
Abort maneuver.
Repeat, abort maneuver.
Go ahead.
- Here, I got her.
Good boy.
Vic, it's updating right now.
James, it's too late.
Hey, don't give up on me!
Hang in there, okay?
We need to go!
- James, listen.
- We need to get out of here!
Go, go!
Listen to me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Software updates received.
Energy field initiating.
When the shield activates,
get the hell out of there!
- You hear me?!
- We need to go now!
Let's go!
Energy field activated.
Impact in 30 seconds.
Disengage docking collar.
docking collar malfunction.
This way, come on!
Hey, you okay?
Come on, get up.
We gotta go.
Get up.
Get up, now.
docking collar malfunction.
Time to go home.
Oh, my God.
James, you were right.
About everything.
Victoria knew
what she was doing.
If it wasn't for her,
we wouldn't be here, right?
None of us would.
Try her.
- What?
- Try her.
- Try her.
- Yeah.
Vic, you there?
Vic, it's James.
Vic, you copy?
James, do you read?
You made it.
Looks like the world did, too.
Why don't you come on down
and enjoy the view?
I'm already on my way.
And for the record,
the view up here
isn't so bad either.